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Community News Your very own newspaper serving Mason, Leslie and Onondaga

Vol. 145 - No. 37

June 12, 2011

City eyes new art commission Christie Bleck

Christie Bleck

See BUDGET, Page 2

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Leslie OKs budget

LESLIE — The Leslie operating millage will remain the same — 16.6 mills — under a 2011-12 budget passed by the City Council on June 7. The general fund (city operating) budget is $1,165,112, with the overall budget at $2,714,644. City Manager Brian Reed said the city remains in good financial condition, with staff aggressively managing its budget for the future. “We were able to balance the budget this year without major cuts, but it is getting more and more challenging to do that,” Reed said. One reason the budget was balanced, he said, is that the city has operated without key staff for significant periods of time. For example, it has been operating without a Department of Public Works director and also has pushed back maintenance and repairs. However, Reed mentioned some points of concern: • The city will lose about $50,000 in property tax revenue because of falling property values.


Mason Board of Education trustee Tom Cochran visits with retiring North Aurelius Principal Gina Stanley at a June 7 reception for her. CHRISTIE BLECK/LCN

Stanley bids farewell Retiring prinicpal honored by school

Christie Bleck

AURELIUS TWP. — Numerous snack bags of potato chips lined the tops of the bookshelves at the North Aurelius Elementary library on June 7. Chips are one of the favorite snacks of retiring North Aurelius Principal Gina Stanley, who was honored by staff and the community at a crowded reception. “That’s a big joke,” Stanley said, referring to the chips. In fact, on Bosses Day, she said, her Potato chips are a love of North Aurelius’s Gina Stanley. CHRISTIE BLECK/LCN See STANLEY, Page 3

MASON -— The city of Mason has focused on many areas of growth in recent years, with housing redevelopment, a new city hall/ police station and street improvement being just a few. Although there has been some emphasis placed on culture, that realm might be the next focus. The City Council on June 6 discussed the possibility of creating an Arts and Culture Commission. City Administrator Marty Colburn acknowledged that some arts-related activities have been undertaken in the city, including the Thursday Night Live! concerts at Courthouse Square, the Sundried Music Festival and the placing of a bust of Mason’s first governor, Stevens T. Mason, at city hall. Colburn said the Mason Area Historical Museum and the library have been involved in cultural efforts as well. There also has been talk of having an old-fashioned mural painted on one building in the downtown area and the American Legion creating multiple statues representing veterans of various wars. However, these efforts have not been concentrated

This bust of Stevens T. Mason graces the entrance to the new city hall. CHRISTIE BLECK/LCN

into one commission, and that’s what the city is considering. How it would be handled and who it would involve, though, is unclear. “I’m not suggesting the city go create a commission to create more workload,” Colburn said. Colburn said the city needs “workhorses” who understand culture. The city, he pointed out, doesn’t have the staff to concentrate on this area, so people such as artists and historians could be the ones spearheading the effort.

An ‘asset’

That’s an asset the Michigan Municipal League is promoting as a desirable part of a community, Colburn said. Councilwoman Barb Tornholm said the League See ART, Page 4

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June 12, 2011

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MASON POLICE REPORT Between May 31-June 6, Mason police investigated 74 reported incidents involving a variety of activities. These are some of those incidents. For a full report, visit

Unlocked truck taken

May 31: An officer responded to the 500 block of Hull Road for an automobile theft report. The victim stated he left his pickup parked in the lot with the doors unlocked and the keys sitting on the center console. When he returned one half hour later, the pickup was gone. The victim reported walking the entire lot and not finding it. The vehicle has been identified as stolen in the state- wide data base, and the investigation remains open.

Tree threat removed

May 31: Officers responded to a dangerous situation on N. Rogers St. where a large tree, damaged by the storm, was an imminent threat to fall onto a house, endangering all those inside. The supervisor on the scene noticed the tree splitting down the trunk as he watched and determined the residents, including two dogs and a pet bird, needed to be evacuated from the home before crews would even consider removing the tree. Evacuation was completed, and the work initiated.

Protest unsuccessful

May 31: An officer responded to the skate park after a report of a male riding his bicycle inside the skate bowl, a violation of park rules and city ordinance. The offender was discovered and identified as a repeat offender. Although he denied committing the act, the eyewitness was on the phone with the officer and in sight of the interview. When he received the citation, the suspect reacted by yelling protests and slamming his bicycle onto the sidewalk, causing it to tumble. It did no good, as the officer did not take the ticket back. The department will begin the procedure to attempt banning the suspect from the skate park, as is its practice in dealing with repeat offenders.

their baby for no apparent reason, punched holes in the walls and threw things around. The male stated he was angry because his girlfriend came home two hours late, her sister is living with them and the sister is very disrespectful to him. He added that on this date his girlfriend threw an alarm clock at him. The sister stated she did not see an assault, and the officers did not see any evidence indication that an assault had taken place. The male left for the night and both parties were advised of recourses they might pursue. or confirmation later.

Essay assignment

June 1: While patrolling near Bond Park, an officer witnessed a male juvenile riding a bicycle inside the skate bowl, a violation of park rules. Upon seeing the officer, the cyclist tried to flee but did not get far. During the interview, the officer was told a variety of reasons for the juvenile’s actions, but it finally came down to the young man knew the rules, which was why he fled at seeing the officer, but admitted never reading them and he was not truthful with his explanations of ignorance to the officer. The offender was given two options as consequences for his actions: to receive a $50 ticket or to write and submit a one-page essay explaining why he should be truthful with the police. The young man, who reported being a good student, opted for the essay. The officer released the youth with a due date of June 6 to submit the paper and a promise his parents would be notified of the incident.

Sibling spat

June 2: Officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute between brother and sister. They found the purported victim outside, stumbling around in the street, with a cut on his face and a scraped elbow. The alleged suspect reported her brother got drunk and became argumentative. She added that when she threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave her alone, the purported victim said he would report she assaulted him and then began striking himself in the face several times. Three adults a crowd The victim was also found to have a breathJune 1: Officers were dispatched to a domes- alcohol level of .32 percent and medical assistic dispute at a Mason home. The female stated tance was summoned. No arrests were made her live-in boyfriend was yelling at her and and the report will be referred to the Ingham

Budget Continued from Page 1

The city also lost $87,000 in state revenue sharing, although part of that amount may be restored if Leslie can meet state mandates. • Both major and local street money declined due to shrinking gas tax revenue and the city population loss. • The special fire station debt millage will increase from 0.6 mills to 0.99 mills because of declining property values.

Overall, general fund expenditures are budgeted to fall by about 14 percent, Reed said. But it will cost the city nearly 44 percent more to operate the swimming pool, he said. The pool was set to open June 10. According to the recent city newsletter, the pool needs substantial repairs, and the city applied for a grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Land and Water Trust Fund to overhaul the facility. The city likely will find out about the grant in August. It costs nearly $70,000 every year to operate and maintain the pool, with annual revenue of $20,000 coming from memberships,

County prosecutor for review of charges. The victim was left under medical supervision for treatment of injuries and detoxification.

Moving-day theft

June 3: A resident reported a theft of a computer hard drive and a bicycle seat from the front porch of his residence. He stated the computer and a bicycle were on the front porch as he drove back and forth during moving day and while the property was unattended, someone took the seat off the bike and removed the hard drive from the computer tower. The victim was more concerned about identity theft than the loss of the hardware. The matter remains open.

Road rage erupts

June 6: Officers and Ingham County deputies responded to a road rage complaint that occurred along Cedar Street from Ash to Buhl. The complainant had pulled into a parking lot to await police and the suspect was last seen northbound on U.S. 127. The complainant reported driving northbound, approaching Ash on Cedar, and having the green light when the suspect turned off of westbound Ash in front of him onto northbound Cedar. The complainant stated that he had to brake abruptly and swerve into the left lane as he passed Ash, to avoid a collision. He added that as they both headed north, the suspect pulled into the left lane proceeding north in front of him. The complainant admitted to gesturing his dissatisfaction to the suspect driver and eventually changed lanes, noting the suspect had been on the phone the whole time. With this, the suspect then changed lanes in front of the complainant and spiked his brakes, causing the complainant to suffer another near miss. The complainant went on to report the suspect then held up a handgun in a holster and put it down, and then held up the handgun again, without the holster, in plain sight for the complainant to see. The complainant stated it was at that time he decided to pull over, park and call the police. Deputies caught up with the suspect on U.S. 127 near Jolly Road. After a brief interview, the suspect surrendered his firearm, reported he was a concealed pistol license holder and Continued on page 5

daily passes and contributions. The bulk comes from the general fund. Rates for this year are: single resident, $60; single non-resident, $70; resident with one or two children, $100; non-resident with one or two children, $130; resident with three or more children, $150; and non-resident with three or more children, $180. Water and sewer funds are in good condition as the city prepares for major capital improvements, Reed said. “We have continued to manage our resources very conservatively,” he said. “But it does eventually have an impact that our residents will see as we continue to try to do more with less.”

Continued from Page 1

office is filled with them. A “potato chip tower” at the event even came with the sign, “Your leadership ‘chip’ and friend ‘chip’ will never be forgotten.” Stanley spent 34 years with Mason Public Schools, teaching at Alaiedon Elementary and the former Cedar Elementary before becoming principal at North Aurelius in 2002. “Thirty-four years,” Stanley said. “It’s time for the next adventure.” Stanley said she will miss the kids and “all the funny little things they do.” Their enthusiasm made an impression on Stanley — “When they walk in the door every day, smiling, happy to be here,” she said.

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3 Ingham County Community News


Stanley said she is proud of the systems put in place in her tenure for students who need support, such as the Success Learning Center and Response to Intervention. Her students will miss her too. Second-grader Hayden Cheney said he will miss “her smile.” Karis Foster, another second-grader, said, “I like that she’s kind and loving to us and cares about us.” Classroom composite photographs, gifts and handmade table coverings signed by students all attested to Stanley’s popularity. Said one note, “Thank you for helping us learn and grow.” Mike Prelesnik, currently assistant principal at Mason Middle School, will take over North Aurelius principal duties next school year.

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Ingham County Community News


Arts Continued from Page 1

is calling for arts and culture to attract industry to communities. “They’re looking for cities to be doing that type of thing,” she said. Councilman Jon Droscha said Hastings, for example, has been promoting history and the humanities. “It’s been very, very successful in Hastings, which is

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Missing treasure

similar to Mason and size and scope,” Droscha said. Mayor Pro Tem Michael Waltz, though, cautioned the city not to rush into creating an Arts and Culture Commission as city staff is “maxed out” on duties. As someone who was involved in bringing the Mason bust to city hall, Waltz said that effort required a lot of administrative legwork. Droscha said that he believed the Thornapple Arts Council, involved with Hastings, is a self-funded group and a separate entity. According to its Website, the Thornapple Arts Council of Barry County was as an all-volunteer organization until 1998 when a part-time managing director was hired. It now has a full-time executive director and a part-time program coordinator. “It’s all a balancing act, I realize,” Droscha said, “but it’s a positive thing to be considered, I think.” Tornholm said regarding bringing together the city

Your Community online

I only hope that the person(s) responsible for taking a small stool off of the property at 912 S. Lansing St. on June 2 are enjoying it as much as we did. It was a treasured family possession and cannot be replaced with another one. It’s a shame an individual cannot feel comfortable and safe on his or her own property. How can individuals do something like this and still feel good about themselves? Find local coverage of Mason, Leslie, Onondaga




Shirley Wilcox Mason

NEWS IN BRIEF Singers wanted for community choir


June 12, 2011

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

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Singers interested in a multi-generational community choir are wanted to sing at a community church service at noon Sept. 25 under the direction of Rebecca Scofield, Leslie High School choral director, singing an arrangement of “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” as well as one other familiar hymn. Practices will be from 3-4:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11 and 18 at Congregational United Church of Christ, 116 W. Bellevue, across from the gazebo. To register or for information, contact Rebecca Scofield,, (517) 589-5751 or Linda Bowen,, (517) 589-8722.

and such commissions, “These organizations can be structured to be cooperative with each other and not be exclusive.” Mayor Leon Clark also had some reservations, explaining the city is having a hard time filling other commissions now. “I’ve heard people talk, but I haven’t felt that ‘swell’ yet,” Clark said of the possible arts and culture group. Colburn, however, said efforts should be placed on capturing the “gifts of the community.” “The real key here,” Colburn said, “is to just get the discussions going.” In a June 7 telephone interview, Shirley Renwick, program chair of the Mason Art Guild, said infusing more arts into the community would be great. “Certainly we could talk about it,” Renwick said. Renwick said local residents love the Thursday Night Live! concerts. “It feels good to have the town doing stuff like that,” she said.

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MASON POLICE REPORT agreed to return to the Mason Police Department for an interview. The suspect was later released, but his pistol and concealed pistol license (CPL) were seized. A copy of the police report will be submitted to the Ingham County prosecutor for review of charges and to the Concealed Weapons Board for review of and possible revocation of the CPL. FRAUD ALERT: The department has been notified that some Internet scam perpetrators, who direct their victims to Wal-Mart to conduct money transfers, now provide guidance regarding countermeasures to Wal-Mart’s anti-fraud tactics. The target victims of these financial scams are instructed to send money by wire transfer from Wal-Mart stores, with the false promise of receiving significantly larger sums of money in return. WalMart trains its employees to ask money-wire customers

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Ingham County Community News

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Ingham County Community News

June 12, 2011




Ingham County Community News

Leslie church sets roast pork dinner for June 23


church at (517) 628-2085.

Father’s Day Country

Leslie United Methodist Church is having a roast pork dinner from 5-7 p.m. Breakfast set for June 19 The Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Thursday, June 23 at 401 S. Main St. Takeouts; free-will offering. Call (517) Foreign Wars Post 7309, 1243 Hull Road, Mason, is hosting the annual Father’s Day 589-9342. Country Breakfast from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Saturday, June 19. Aurelius Baptist Church The menu will include scrambled eggs, to hold VBS on July 11-15 link sausage, biscuits, sausage gravy, potaThe Aurelius Baptist Church will hold toes, french toast, applesauce, coffee and Vacation Bible School July 11-15 at the juice. church, 4419 W. Barnes Road, Mason. Cost: $7 for adults, $6 for seniors, $5 for Sessions are 9-11:30 a.m. for children children 6-12 and free for 5 and under. toddler-age through sixth grade. The VFW post is having karaoke at 8 The theme is “Beach Blast.” Call the p.m. Saturdays. Call (517) 676-3181.

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Native American Arts & Crafts Council

Players receive an additional 18 holes of golf, compliments of the Eldorado Golf Course to be used any time this season following the tournament.

YES I want to help the Lions with their projects:

Honoring the Generations

June 17, 18 & 19, 2011

Louis Adado Riverfront Park • Lansing

Public Invited • Free Admission

10 am Vendors Open Saturday Grand Entries 1 pm & 7 pm Saturday Evening Auction 5:30 pm Sunday Grand Entry 12 pm

Sponsors include: Lansing Community College, City of Lansing, Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, Ingham County Hotel/Motel Fund

!53+46355) $6'/ ,58

“WE SERVE” Registration due with payment by July 9


Vendor information contact Roy Cole Jr. Ph: 517.543.3744 Email:

License # 2102194008

Fee includes one-half cart, light breakfast, hot dog at the turn and dinner following play with prizes awarded and raffle drawings. Proceeds help provide glasses and assistance to those in need, Leader Dogs, Michigan Eye Bank and other charities in the local area first, then others around the world. Soft spikes or flat soled shoes only!


For more info., contact Robin or Eva Ph: 517.393.7236 Email:

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3750 West Howell Road, Mason, Michigan 48854 SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2011 - 9:00 A.M. (Shot Gun Start) Just $65 per person

Sparrow Health Sciences Pavilion 2900 Hannah Blvd, East Lansing Wimbledon Room 6:00-7:30 PM

12 pm Some Vendors Open Exhibition Dancing 4:00 pm Vendors Open 5 pm Community Potluck 6:30 pm Open Drum Social

FREE ESTIMATES 100% Financing available, as low as $55 per month*

The LIONS of DIMONDALE AND EATON RAPIDS Invite you to their 9th Annual Golf Outing at the Eldorado Golf Course

Wednesday, July 14, 2011

Native American Dancing Drumming & Singing Arts & Crafts Native American Food Free Children’s Activities Auction Saturday 5:30 pm Raffles throughout the Day

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Eaton Rapids or Dimondale Lions Club (circle one)


Thank you for being a HOLE SPONSOR

A hole sponsorship is $100 with 100% of the proceeds going to local Lions Clubs to aid the sight handicapped, diabetes awareness, and other local projects as determined by the clubs. Your name will appear at one hole on the course during play, and will also be included in the envelope each golfer receives on the day of the event. This top portion is your receipt along with your canceled check. As a hole sponsor, we believe this to be a donation for tax purposes, but please check with your tax advisor regarding credit on your tax form. Amount and Check #_________________ on Date_____________________. Checks are to be made to the Dimondale (or Eaton Rapids) Lions Club, with a note on the check that it is for a hole sponsorship in the 2011 Golf Outing. Checks may be made payable to either the Dimondale or the Eaton Rapids Lions Club. Place a note on the check indicating it is for a hole sponsorship for the 2011 golf outing. Amount and Check #_________________________________________________. Sponsor Name______________________________________________________. Name/Address/Phone of Contact_______________________________________. Address and Phone # of Contact Person_________________________, E-mail address____________________________________.

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Allegiance Balance Center (517) 817-7589 Allegiance Pain Management Center (517) 788-4841 1201 E. Michigan Avenue Jackson, Michigan

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Allegiance Balance Center

Allegiance Pain Management Center

An estimated 9.1 million American adults report a chronic problem with balance or dizziness. Allegiance Balance Center has specially-trained staff who will skillfully diagnose and offer treatment options for balance concerns and improvement in quality of life.

There are ten trillion nerves in the human body. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why the compassionate team of specialists at the Allegiance Pain Management Center offer a collaborative approach to create a treatment plan that meets individual needs.

June 12, 2011



Bulldog soccer team loses in regional semi

It was a different story in the regional semifinal. The Bulldogs seemed a step slow from the start of the


June 12, 2011


Ladywood box and found Harrison open on the left side. Her left-footed blast just missed the far post. The Bulldogs had their best chance of the half on a free kick from about 40 yards out on the left side. Brooke Dippel sent a long ball into the box, and found Abby Meirndorf at the far post, but her volley forced Blazer goalkeeper Madeline Reed to make a diving save at the base of the post. With the Bulldogs pressed forward for the set piece, Ladywood scored on the counterattack, when DeYana Walker took a pass from Kelly Capoccia just inside the 18, teed it up for

her left foot and gave Mason keeper Emily Bartlett no chance, tucking the ball inside the left post to make the score 1-0 with 15:39 left in the first half. The Blazers scored again less than four minutes into the second half on a ball sent over the top of the Mason back line. As calls for offside went unheeded, Capoccia gathered the pass all alone, and again Bartlett was left helpless on the calm finish that made the score 2-0. Amber Denomme replaced Bartlett in the Bulldog goal with about 18 minutes left in the game, and was immediately victimized by Ladywood’s third

goal, on a diagonal pass that carved open the Bulldog defense and was put home by Walker for her second of the game, that made the score 3-0 and effectively ended it with 14:48 left on the clock. After winning its first district title in six years, Hursey hopes that her team can build on its success next season. “I think everyone can see the level that we have achieved, and I really hope that they strive for more next year,” she said. “I think it’s possible (to advance past regionals) and I think they’re capable, but not if they play this way.”

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Coach frustrated



game, and were never really in it, having trouble getting out of their own half for the duration of the contest. Hursey said she was frustrated with her team’s effort in the game. “We did not play our best soccer tonight,” Hursey said. “We turned the ball over too much, we played too sloppy and they beat us to every ball. We were a little bit of heart short tonight.” Mason resisted wave after wave of Ladywood attacks before finally putting a spell of possession together in the attacking third halfway through the first half, when Lound found some space at the top of the

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CHELSEA – Mason ended its girls soccer season with a record of 18-4-1, after falling 3-0 to Livonia Ladywood (15-3-6) in the Division 2 regional semifinal at Chelsea on June 8. Previously, Mason won its first girls soccer district title since 2005 with an impressive 3-1 win over East Lansing in the tournament championship game on June 3. Christine Harrison scored two goals, Kali Barry had a goal and an assist and Sam Houchlei had two assists in the district final for the Bulldogs, who defeated East Lansing twice during the regular season and controlled possession for virtually the entire contest. Mason was forced to come from behind, however, as the Trojans opened the scoring when, against the run of play, Maddie Hulse found some space on the right-wing side of the Mason box and blasted a right-footed shot just inside the far post to give the Trojans a 1-0 lead, which they held at the half. Mason again took the play to East Lansing after the break, and the Trojan defense held fast until

Barry found some space on the left wing. Barry’s cross found Harrison at the near post, and she made no mistake with a first-time finish that tied the game 1-1 with 27:02 left in the game. Mason took the lead when Houchlei placed a perfect pass on the ground in the Trojan box to a wideopen Harrison, whose easy far-post tap-in gave Mason a 2-1 lead with 9:48 left in the game. Lound and Houchlei started the play that resulted in Mason’s third goal, a nifty 1-2 on the right wing that sprung Houchlei toward the goal. Her cross to the far post was chested in by Barry with 6:27 left in the contest to make the final score 3-1. Mason head coach Christie Hursey came just short of saying that this was as well as her team can play. “You always want to think that they can play better,” she said, “but I thought we had a really good game, and I’m encouraged as we head into regionals. We haven’t played great soccer this week, but we really brought it tonight.”

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District champs


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June 12, 2011

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Optimist Club honors students

The Mason Optimist Club on May 25 presents an annual Youth Appreciation Event honoring sixth- through 12th-grade students who represent the Optimist Creed. The club honors them with a framed certificate, while the city presents each student with a proclamation. Honored this year were: Jared Chrome, Olivia Hanover, Rachel Miller, Fernando Carretero, Ruby Schneider, Alethea Bauer, Hannah Reutter, Dana Winkler, Ethan Spitzley, Tristan Brunst, Sarah Mussell, Melanie Turner, Abraham Schon, Mariah Newman, Rebecca Brunner, Dalton Piper-Harris, Liam Bagley, Amber Denomme, Rebekah Bentz, Josh McCarty, Mike Schon, Jon Geer and Bethany Verbl. The master of ceremonies and chair of this event for the Mason Optimist Club was Dave Cheney and guest speaker was Mason Public Schools Superintendent Mark Dillingham. Mason Mayor Leon Clark presented the proclamations. COURTESY PHOTO


al O f fic i leted Contest”, p m o ith a c -Alike long w “Bono Look 9 a o t o 91 our ph Media MI 48 Mail y rm to: LSJ , Lansing, Fo St Entry t Lenawee s a E 120 N ame


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s s:

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t a t e, Z

June 12, 2011

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Librarian new Rotarian

The Kiwanis Club of Mason inducts its newest member, Sheryl Bass, head librarian at the Mason Library. From left are Bass (holding the Kiwanis Spirit Torch); Jamie Robinson, Sheryl’s sponsor; and club President Elaine Ferris. COURTESY PHOTO

Now accepting new patients

Every morning my arthritis tells me to stay in bed.

Fortunately, I’m in charge. Is arthritis keeping you from living the life you want? Then take charge with moderate physical activity. Sure, it’s not easy, but studies show that getting your heart rate up and keeping it up, at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, helps reduce the pain and stiffness from arthritis. It also improves your mood. But it’s more than just staying busy, so pick an activity like walking,

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June 12, 2011


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Youth tennis to begin soon

UNIVERSITY LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA) A residential and campus ministry

1020 South Harrison Road, E. L.

(Between Breslin Center and Trowbridge Rd.)

Worship with Holy Communion:


Childcare Sun/Wed evenings

June 12, 2011



Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. Wednesday Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.


1000 E. Columbia Rd. (Next to Mason Middle School.)

Everyone is WELCOME!

9:30 & 11:00 a.m. every Sunday 6:30 p.m. every Saturday Worship Service and Sonquest (Children 3 yrs. & older) Nursery available too Steve Malson, Pastor

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ts Great Gif & for Grads Dads!

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— From Sam Chrome

Weekly Specials

1317 Mason St., P.O. Box 175 Dansville, MI 48819

Sunday Worship: 9:15 am Rev. Donald Fry 623-6591 Church 623-6594 Parsonage

EDEN UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH 1938 Eden Rd, Mason (1/4 mi north of Barnes Rd.)


Sunday Service

201 E. Ash St., • Mason, MI 48854 • (517) 676-9449 Email: Web site:

Sunday school - ages 2 yrs thru adults - 9:30 am Nursery available infants thru 2 yrs during Sunday School and Worship Service

Sunday Morning:

Worship: 9:30 am Christian Education (for all ages from September through May) 11:00 am

Half Time Fellowship - 10:30 am Worship Service - 11:00 am Children’s Church - 11:00 am Wednesday Activities

5:45 pm Dinner, 6:30 pm Classes 7:00 pm Bell Choir Rehearsal 8:00 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Youth Ministries Opportunities Available for 6-12 grades

Dwayne Bagley, Pastor Erin Guthrie, Children’s Ministries Ruben Droscha, Music Ministries

Wednesday Night:

Prayer Gathering - 6:30pm, Choir Practice - 7:30pm

Pastoral Staff:

Lead Pastor, Dan Bentz • Mark Anderson, Youth LJ-0000926829-01

Phone: 676-1376



session. • Ages 8-12, Tuesday and Thursday, 6:15-7:15 p.m. The Junior Pros will continue to develop rally skills, swing patterns and enjoy friendly competition. Cost is $68 for fourweek session. • Middle- school and high-school players, Tuesday and Thursday, 7:15-8:15 p.m. Stroke development drills and point situations will be the emphasis for this group. These players will focus on preparing for high school tennis. Players with limited experience in this age group are encouraged to attend to develop their game. Cost is $68 for a four-week session. Tennis classes will run through Aug. 4. Instructors are: • Sam Chrome, former head pro at Court One Athletic Club. • Bruce Perkins, current pro at Michigan Athletic Club. • Janelle Prisner, current No. 1 singles player at Eastern Illinois University. For more information or to register, contact Perkins at (517) 525-2779;, or Chrome at (517) 755-6506;



MASON — A youth tennis program will take place at the Mason High School tennis courts for players ages 5-18 starting Tuesday, June 14. Classes are structured to encourage stroke development and fun. The older players will focus and point situations and stroke development. Classes will focus on players developing their style of play and learning strategy based on their style. The younger players will use special nets and tennis balls geared for the younger players so they can rally more quickly and start playing points earlier. The program will use the QuickStart Tennis curriculum developed by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), which uses lower compression balls. The low compression balls bounce lower and more slowly, which allows younger players more time to get to the ball and develop swing patters. Schedule: • Ages 4-7, Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-6:15 p.m. This age group will have two classes. The Junior Stars are players relatively new to tennis. The Junior Hitters have a little more experience and will focus more on rally skills. Cost is $50 for a four-week


Ingham County Community News


Mason Christian Child Care Center Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 517-676-6588


1030 W. South St, Mason, 676-4415

Sunday Morning:

Praise & Teaching Service: 10 am (Expository teaching of God’s Word)

Children’s Church during message (Primary, Intermediate, & Juniors) Nursery provided

Sunday Evening:

Senior/Jr. High Youth Group Word of Life Club Donn Kenyon Pastor 676-9886 Jeff Haynes Associate Pastor 610-1978 LJ-0000926826-01

To have your Church Listed, Call Suzi Smith at 517-377-1172

Phone (517) 726-0181 Fax (517) 726-0060


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Selling all types of personal property and real estate at auctions throughout Michigan and the United States. LJ-0100098403

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June 12, 2011

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Students help prom-goers go glam MASON — Students from the Capital Area Career Center’s Cosmetology program recently helped students from several schools prepare for their proms and formal dances. On April 29, students from Lansing’s Beekman Center were treated to manicures and hairstyling. The following Friday, May 6, students from Heartwood School in Mason were treated to the same for their “Fancy Dance.” On May 13, students from Mason High School’s Community-Based Instruction program were dolled up. “It is so rewarding for our students to be able to assist these students

in preparing for their proms and dances,” said Trisha Wilson, cosmetology instructor. “The students who are getting their hair and nails done are so excited when they are complete.” Kathy Cochran, cosmetology instructor, said, “We really try to make it a big deal for those coming in. We serve refreshments and set up stations they can go to.” Students in this two-year program can earn the 1,500 state-mandated hours needed to take their state exam to be a licensed cosmetologist. The course prepares students for areas of specialty, including stylist, instructor, sales represen-


The following students have been named to the Baker College Winter 2011 Part-Time Dean’s List: Nichole Burch, Debbie Gallaway, Bobby Johnson, Amanda Leach, Luke Papendick, Erin Rosier and Kathy Ward, all of Leslie; Jordan Anders, Amanda Eifert, Samantha Felton, Terisa King, Justin Meade, Courtney Morgan, Sheila Perrault, Trista Soliz and Jessica Sparagowski, all of Mason; Eric Fehrenbach, Lissa Fehrenbach, Brandon Norman and Kristin Taylor, all of Onondaga; Jennifer Flores, Ashlyn Mancini, Tina Moomey, Bradley Roberts, Kelsey Sawyer and Nicole Winkle, all of Stock-

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Lindsay Hunt, a cosmetology student at the Capital Area Career Center, prepares a student’s hair for her dance. COURTESY PHOTO

tative, manicurist, aesthetician, color specialist, platform artist or even salon owner.

Visit cacc.inghamisd .org.

— From the Ingham Intermediate School District

COLLEGE NEWS Baker College


bridge. The following students have been named to the Baker College Winter 2011 Full-Time Dean’s List: Theresa Babin, Sheri Conaty, Chelsea Cox, Jennifer Cromwell, Richard Gregory, Johanna Johnson and Rose Miller, all of Leslie; Joanna Arnold and Miranda Mannino, both of Mason; and Jennifer Bliss of Stockbridge. The following students have been named to the Baker College Winter 2011 President’s List: Scott Babin and Kerry Lohr, both of Leslie; Sarah Lalonde of Mason; and Kathleen Kammer-Sibray, Rebekkah Kusky, Jeanne Samons and Carly Sharland, all of Stockbridge.


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June 12, 2011


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Lisa , Mom

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June 12, 2011

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Ingham County Community News


Watching wildlife frugal — and worth it

Taking the Marshland Wildlife Drive to view Northern flora and fauna, I admit, was not the most demanding wilderness trek I could have made while visiting the Seney National Wildlife Refuge recently. Still, all I need to enhance my hobby of wildlife watching is a good set of eyes (which I complement with a really sweet pair of binoculars). This time of year (late spring/early summer,

depending on whether you go strictly by the equinox/ solstice thing or the human thing of considering June the start of summer) I step up my wild observations. Birds are migrating back from warmer regions, not tanned but in bright plumage (the males shamelessly use their gaudier feathers to attract susceptible females for mating). Wildflowers and grasses are growing, and soon I should see bats dart around at dusk,

This is a pair of trumpeter swans at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula. Their heads are stained from dipping them into the water. CHRISTIE BLECK/LCN

$20 Off

CHRISTIE’S CHRONICLES Christie Bleck decreasing the local insect population. What I like about wildlife watching is that it’s relatively inexpensive and can be accomplished anywhere. While enjoying a cookout last year with the Mason Sycamore Creek Garden Club at Laylin Park, I noticed a green heron lurking by one of the ponds. If you’ve ever seen a green heron, you’ll understand what I mean when I say lurk. It seems to have a hunched-over, sinister appearance, although I’m sure I was out of danger, not being a fish. This sighting was not expected; I had come to the cookout to learn what the Garden Club had accomplished and to score some really good homemade food (success on both counts). I’ve gone on more hard-

core wildlife trips before, the journeys that require good hiking shoes and preferably head netting and a pith helmet (OK, that helmet’s sort of just for show). But with time a factor a few weeks ago, the sevenmile Marshland Wildlife Drive was a fairly easy way of covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time. It did not disappoint. Trumpeter swans are fairly common there — so common, in fact, that I was starting to get blase’ whenever I saw one (“ho hum, another trumpeter”). My traveling companion and I also saw what turned out to be the source of much of our conversation: beavers. Dave snapped a few photos of the suspected beavers, one of which I passed on to a naturalist-friend, who confirmed the blocky, swimming head was indeed indicative of a beaver-like presence. So what’s to see this time of year in the non-wilderness environment of Lansing, East Lansing, Mason and the surrounding areas? Tiger swallowtails are

always spectacular — large, yellow butterflies that sometimes stop to unknowingly pose for me. Soon the fragrant common milkweed will flower. The victim of an unfortunate moniker, the milkweed has a white, milky substances that oozes from its stems when pressed (I’m guessing that’s where the name comes from). But that’s not what impresses me the most. The pinkish flowers are so fragrant I’ve often wondered my perfume makers haven’t caught on to the

scent and found a way to bottle it. There are just a few examples of the local flora and fauna making themselves more known now. So, I highly recommend a trip along the Hayhoe Riverwalk, or even your own backyard, to see some really cool natural stuff. It shouldn’t cost much. Wear a pith helmet if it adds to the experience. Christie Bleck is editor of the Ingham County Community News. She awaits her first 2011 sighting of a hummingbird moth.

Cherishing the Special Moments in Life!

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June 12, 2011

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708 S. Cedar Street, Mason, MI 48854 Bus: 517-676-4500 LJ-0100097512

Congratulations to Michelle Ward of Holt. She has lived independently in her home for 20 years. Thank you to all those involved that made it happen and to those that have been very supportive over the years. Michelle is truly a pioneer. You are loved deeply and you are an inspiration for many. With much love ...your family xoxo. LJ-0000929090-01

June 12, 2011

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Lost Items LOST CAMERA Possibly at Community Lake on graduation day, has graduation pictures on it. Would just like the chip returned. $100 reward. If found, please call 517-242-2721. SUNGLASSES- PRESCRIP TION Black with gold trim in round silver case. Lost 6/6, Lansing, E. Lansing, Okemos area. REWARD. 517-347-1127.

Bulletin Board DIVORCE $350* COVERS children, etc. only one signature required! *Excludes govt. fees. 1-800-522-6000 Extn. 950. Locally Owned and Operated. Established 1977. Baylor & Associates, Inc. MM

Garage Sales East Lansing


Garage Sales Lansing

Garage Sales Suburb

Garage Sales Suburb WESTWIND SUBD., OFF AIRPORT RD. in DeWitt. 4164 Westwind Dr. Fri. June 17 & Sat. June 18, 9-5. Large quantity of infantchildrens size 4 clothing & shoes, misc. household, couch & chair.


A BETTER DESIGNER TOY BREED PUP, Maltipoos, Morkies, Hava-poos Vet WILLOW PONDS COMMUN checked. $450-$650 ITY GARAGE/YARD SALES Sat. June 18, 10-4. 517-404-3045 7500 Yellow Wood Ln. Lansing. ACA MINIATURE PINSCHERS 6 wks old. Ready to go. $350. Call 517-726-0786, 517-726-0706

Household Estate Sales

ADORABLE PUPPIES!! Chiapom, AKC Maltese, ESTATE SALE 1153 W. TerriCKC Teacup Poodles, torial, Rives Junction. June Pompoo, Schnauzers, 16, 17 & 18, 9am-6pm. Schnoodles, Shorkie, Tools including wood Teddybears, AKC Teacup planes & draw knife, hand Yorkies, Yoshons. operated corn sheller, an$200-$1,000. tique furniture, antique OB motor, old beekeeping 517-404-1028. equip., fishing gear, glassware, china, old quilt tops, AKC FEMALE YORKIE pups, & linens, clocks, Bear parents on site. $550. 517857-3916 or 517-630-1062 Recurve hunting bow & arrows, Craftsman 10’’ radial AKC SHIH TZU PUPPIES 2 arm saw, tap & dye set, males, price reduced $300 John Deere rototiller, ea. Current shots & wormCWTW lamp, lots of misc. ing Ready to go. 517-5895255. REPEAT ESTATE SALE Place setting for 8 Arzburg chi- AMERICAN ESKIMO PUPna. Coalport misc., antique PIES Minis & Toys, shots & wood furnishings incl. wormed, $150-$300. Call 1900’s secretary & small 517-543-2119. wares. 926 S. Dexter Dr., Lansing. June 17 & 18, AWESOME GOLDEN9am-5pm. DOODLES 3 blacks, $500up. Shots, wormed, Vet@ 989-763-7202.



BEAGLE PUPS AKC reg. 2 tan & white males, born on 2/14, $150. Also, 1 yr old black & white Beagle male, AKC, started on rabbits, $300. 517-574-8890 lv msg. BLACK TOY POODLE Male, 6 mos. old, $175. Call 989875-4319.

Online-O Only Auction Thur, June 23rd 1,428±sf 3BR, 2BA on 1.72± Ac. 65+ LOTS

Axes (Different Types & Sizes)

60+ LOTS

Household & Garage items & Tools!

5217 Bull Run Rd, Gregory Real Estate bidding ends at 1pm Axe Collection bidding ends at 2pm Personal Property bidding ends at 3pm

Open Houses:

June 16th & June 22nd (10am-12pm)

(517) 676-9800 BID ONLINE at

Ingham County Community News 19

PREGNANT? CONSIDER AD O PT I O N — A loving alternative. Wonderful couples to choose from. Call for pics/information and choose your baby’s family and future. Expenses paid. 1-866-236-7638. 24/7. MM

Garage Sales Suburb

Garage Sales

ADOPTION IS LOVE. 1st time mom & dad promise your baby a secure, happy life. Expenses paid. Theresa & Evan, 1-866-6641213.MC

Garage Sales Suburb

Classified Liner Ad Deadline – Thursday, 5pm Classified Display Ad Deadline – Tuesday, 5pm

4197 WINDWARD DR., June DEWITT-3159 GRANVIEW HUGE 2 FAMILY YARD SALE PORTLAND, 12041 Char ****ALL HOME 17-19 10am - 4pm books, Salt & Pepper shakers, holLANE, Thurs, 6/16, 8-4 anlotte Hwy., Fri & Sat June AEI DISH NETWORK. Paying LO ANS**** Purchase or collectibles, electronics, iday decorations, flower tiques, appliances, books, 17-18 9-5 Lots of baby too much for TV? Call us to Refinance! Mortgage and women’s clothing, TANpots, Tupperware, men & clothing and accessories, stuff, crib, baby swing, compare. Local channels Land Contract payoffs. NING BED, signed cartoon womens golf clubs, lot collectibles, costume jewhigh chair, stroller plus 60+ favorites only Cash for Improvements, artwork, scrapbook supmore treasures. 1414 elry, electronics, furniture, w/infant carseat, bouncy $24.99. 250+ channels Debt-Consolidation, Taxes, plies, 1940’s china, flatTonawanda Dr., Haslett. games, glassware, handyseat, exersaucer, lots of $49.99. FREE Showtime. etc. Private Funds Availaware, handbags and acThurs.-Sat. June 16-18, 9-5. man tools, kitchen items, baby clothes, blankets, FREE DVR. FREE HD. FREE ble! FHA and Rural Develcessories men’s clothing, women’s computer games, kitchen Installation and equipopment Loans, Loans for clothing, Vintage Kayak, KDEWITT-13875 SCHAVEY items, mens & womens ment. Up to 6 TVs. Next LEWTON-RICH ANNUAL RD. June 17 & 18, 9-5p.m. Houses/Mobiles/Modular’ vanity, TV,end tables, clothing and much more day install. We’ll pay you NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE Baby accessories including s. 1-800-246-8100 lamps $50 CASH FOR SIGNING sale! Sat. June 18, 8amhigh chair/pack -n- play UP! Call local dealer toll PORTLAND - 435 Carl St., 3pm. Street perimeters are DEWITT -6020 W. Chadwick etc., toys, books, holiday MM free 1-877-367-6988 menThurs. June 16, 6:30pmMt. Hope Ave., Pleasant decor, household items Rd., June 17-18, 9-5. Fishing tion code MPC0111. MC 8p.m. Fri. June 17, 8-4. Grove Rd., Victor Ave., and much more. DRDANIELSANDSON.COM equip., tools, knives, WinHousehold, clothes, toys, Bedford St. and Lewton CASH REAL ESTATE field wood patterns, HOMEOWNERS WANTED!!! Little Tikes, car seats, Place. Signs posted. LOANS We Buy Land Conbooks, porcelain dolls, ba- LESLIE-IN RED POLE BARN 3465 Wright Road. June 17 KAYAK Pools is looking for swing, elec. & more! tracts. $10,000-$500,000 by & boys clothes, ceiling & 18, 8:30-5p.m. HouseMOVING SALE demo homesites to display Prifan, resin round table w/4 hold, antiques, baby items 15965 ELMIRA ST. Sunday, our maintenance-free vate Money, Fast! Deal chairs, household items & PORTLAND-MULTI FAMILY & clothing to toddlers. June 19, 8-3. Appliances, Kayak pools. Save thouwith Decision Maker. lots more! SALE, 1029 Divine Hwy. Wedding reception items. furniture, yard items, sands of $$$ with our preMichigan Licensed June 16, 17 & 18, 8-5p.m. Some guy stuff. All like kitchen items, tools, & season SALE! CALL NOW! NMLS#138110 800-837Furniture, tools, kids clothnew, NO junk. much more. Cash only 8 0 0 - 3 1 5 - 2 9 2 5 6166 or 248-335-6166 ing, upright freezer and please. much more!!! LESLIE, MI. 1992 PLAINS RD. Discount Code: 522L15. MM Thurs. & Fri. June 16-17, 8 MC PORTLAND MULTI FAMILY DIMONDALE 6 FAMILY a.m.-6 p.m. Lawn chairs, SALE 9194 MarSalle Rd., SALE. RIVER ROCK LANDloveseat, end tables, Curio 1/4 mi. off Divine Hwy. ING SUBD. Sat. June 18, 8cabinet, lamps, small tv, tv MEDICAL MARIJUANA June 17, 9-6p.m. & June 18, 4. Vermontville & Smith trays, set of dishes, misc. CERTIFICATION Only $100. 2753 N LOWELL St Johns, 9-2p.m. 17’ Tri-Haul boat. Rds. Household items, furkitchen and household Local Clinics Available June 17 & 18 9am-7pm Clothing, household items, niture, Kayak, snow shoes, items. now! antiques, appliances, crafts, toys & lots of misc. lawn equipment, electronNO MEDICAL RECORDS – collectibles, electronics, MASON MOVING SALE ics, baby clothes, accessoNO PROBLEM Call a local ST. JOHNS-ALL MUST GO, furniture, kitchen items, 2930 Rolfe Rd., E. off Tutries, & more. clinic. Perennials, Stove, toys, Books-paperback & tle, June 17 & 18, 9-5p.m. N.W. 231-881-7420 microwave/hood fan, collectibles, Player piano, GARAGE SALE 802 N. MEAD Furniture, tools, mink N.E. 989-525-5700 freezer, furniture, crafts, No-clothes 1 3/4 mile north ST., ST. JOHNS. Thurs. June coats, CDs, some U.P. 906-361-6100 lamps, canning, east of 27, of M21 16 & Fri. June 17, 8-5. Girls collectibles and much DELTA TWP 1024 N. Creyts Midwest 616-666-2000 west of Scott Rd. 1358 Kin& adult clothing, girl’s more!! Something for evRd., 2 blocks north of Sagi- 7520 Mideast 248-990-1234 CLARKSVILLE RD, ley Rd., June 17th, 8-6 bikes, toys, books, piceryone. naw. June 16, 17, 18, Thurs 6/16-Sat 6/18 9-5p tures, Xmas, & household 5pm. Huge sale. 50 years Main Office: 231-753-2300 ST. JOHNS JUNE 17 & 18, Pack n Play,Car MASON - PARKWIDE YARD goods. of accumulation. Med-Line: 231-818-0420 9AM. 4224 S. US-27, 1/4 mi. Seat,Stroller,Jogging SALES, 15+ FAMILIES, 1470 S. of Taft Rd. Grill, 3-in-1 Stroller,Child Bike Harper Rd. June 17 & 18, 9PORTLAND: JUNE 16, 17, HEALTH CAREERS TRAIN GRAND LEDGE- 3 FAMILY game table, small air conS e a t , W e b e r 6p.m. Too much to list! 8am-5pm, Sat. June 18, ING. Start at the Blue HerSALE, 607 Park St., June ditioner, household, kidsChar.Grill,Port.Fire Something for everyone. 8am-noon. Estate sale. on Academy-Medical Mas17 & 18, 8-? Dept. 56 adult clothes & more. Pit,Antique Xmas RAIN DATES: June 24 & 25. Many household items, sage, Medical Assisting, houses, Boyd’s bears, Dishes,Outdoor clothes, china, Phlebotomy, Personal name brand clothing MULTI FAMILY SALE - Fri.- ST JOHNS June 17, 9-6; June Fold.Chairs,Pampered Tupperware, Home Interi18, 9-12. Clover Ridge Training 888-285-9989 and much more!! Chef Items,Coolers,Ficus Sat. June 17-18, 9-6. Houseors, antiques, crocks, jugs, Condos-US 27 N. to E. Gibb Trees,Couch,Loveseat & hold, kitchen, linens, copper collection, furniSt. to 1020 Randy Lane. MM Oversize Chair,Bar GRAND LEDGE - 631 Church books, indoor/outdoor furture and many more Clean adult & kids clothStools,Name Brand Kids & niture, screened tent, St., June 16,17,18 9-5. Anticollectibles. 5724 Ionia Rd. ing, collectibles, silk flowIF YOU OR A LOVED ONE Adult Clothes,Outdoor camping, lawn equip., ques, women’s clothing, ers, new items, houseU S E D the Prescription ST. JOHNS: THURS. June 16 Kids toys and much much tools, treadmill, ping pong 14k rings, mink coat, comwares, scrubs, toys, multiDrug Darvon or Darvocet more. Clarksville Rd Bethru Sat. June 18, 8amtable, much more. 11333 pound bow, gun cases, ple sales. and suffered heart attack, tween Kent St.& Keefer 4pm. BIG SALE. Antiques, Risner Ln., Eaton Rapids. kitchen wares, home destroke or death you may Hwy collectibles, household Eastside M-99, S of Colum- ST. JOHNS-MULTI FAMILY cor, tires, windows, full be entitled to compensaand much more. 2843 Loobia. No checks. mount coyote and much SALE, 4855 W. Maple Raption. Call Attorney Charles mis Rd. (Lansing St.) bemore. No early birds. ids Rd., June 17 & 18, 8Johnson 1-800-535-5727 tween Townsend Rd. and Bridge St. past fire station, MULTI-FAMILY SALE Lots of 7p.m. Antiques, Christmas MM baby gear, baby clothes, Parks Rd. right on Orchard to sale. decor, clothing for all snowboard, trailer, furniages, household items, IF YOU USED THE ANTIBI ture, electronics, ANNUAL COMMUNITY GRAND LEDGE- A N N U A L power wheel chair exc. OTIC DRUG LEVAQUIN PartyLite, home décor & STONEYBROOK FARMS YARD SALE Sat. June 18, 9cond. and more!!! And Suffered A Tendon much more! Sat. only, 8aSUBD. SALE Sat. June 18, 84. Rain date June 19. WindRupture, you may be enti3p, no pre-sales. 10208 3. Corner of St. Joe & Nixmill Trailer Park, Eifert Rd. tled to compensation. Call PARK LAKE & H A S L E T T Woodland Acres Dr., Grand ST. JOHNS-ST. JOSEPH on. Furniture, kitchen apin Holt. Old, new, collectiAttorney Charles Johnson Ledge off Mt. Hope ½ mile CATHOLIC CHURCH ANpliances, etc. ble. ROADS, HASLETT. June 18 1-800-535-5727 west of Nixon. NUAL RUMMAGE SALE, & 19 201 E. Cass St. (in the CHARLOTTE 3 FAMILY GRAND LEDGE, CANDLE - MULTI FAMILY SALE Thurs. Sat. - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. WOOD SUBD. 817 Bristol gym). June 22 & 23, 9Sale 2712 Nye Hwy. June Sun. - 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. East June 16, 9-4. 7565 Friend Cr. Fri. June 17, 8-5 & Sat. 8p.m. & June 24, 916-18 8-4 furniture, End Neighborhood Garage Rd., Portland. WoodworkJune 18, 8-1. Kids clothes & Noon. $2/bag day beexcerize equip., 27 in color Sale. One block south of ing tools, band saw, table toys, furniture, bike, & gins on Thursday the tv, and much more Business 69 (Saginaw Rd) saw, planer & more, many houseware items. 23rd. Something for evand Park Lake, East Lans- CHARLOTTE - MULTI FAMIhousehold items, lots wall eryone! ing area. decor, Vera Bradley items, **ALL HOME LOANS** PurLY SALE, 1214 Otto Rd., GRAND LEDGE - M U L T I womans clothing, toys, too FAMILY SALE, 115 W. chase or Refinance. Land June 17th, 8-4p.m. & June SUBDIVISION GARAGE much to list. South St. June 18, 8-6p.m. Contract and Mortgage 18th, 9-12p.m. Bedding, SALES June 17 (9-6pm), Something for everyone. Payoffs. Cash for Improvedishes, toys, kids & plus OKEMOS June 18 (9-1pm). Win-Mil ments, Debtsize clothing and more!! Huge 3 family garage sale, HASLETT-MULTI FAMILY Farms. US-27, St. Johns beConsolidation, Property 3874 Breckinridge Dr. June SALE, 703 Piper Rd., tween Taft & Parks. Boys CHARLOTTE Taxes. Private Funds Avail- 3523 COOLEY DR Fri. 6/17 & 17 9-4; & June 18, 9-2, Haslett Rd. E, to VanAtta 1 0-6, girls 0-8, Misses Sat 6/18, 9-5. Boys clothes SEVERAL GARAGE SALES able! FHA and Rural DevelFurn., antiques, sports blk., June 17 &18, 9-4p.m. namebrands 7-8, houseup to 12 yrs, toddler toys, Sat. June 18, 9-4. Emerald opment Loans! Loans for memorabilia, home decor, Appliances, furniture, kids hold, holiday, furniture, toddler power quad, full Isle Condo Community. S. Houses/Mobiles/Modulars CDs, lots of household & adult toys & much more. John Deere mower. size keyboard piano, Cochran to Terrill, W. on . 1-800-246-8100. United misc., etc. Weider home gym, 21 cu. Terrill to Emerald Dr. Mortgage Services. HOLT 1561 GROOMBRIDGE THE COUNTRY GARAGE freezer, books, household OLIVETMOVING SALE, Dr., Fri/Sat June 17, 18 9:00 SALE June 17-18. Country GRAND LEDGE-MULTI FAMitems & much more MC 1370 Bellevue Hwy., June - 4:00 books, furniture, paintings, barnwood bird I L Y SALE-1109 & 1115 17, 18 & 19, 9-5p.m. Furniglassware, jewelry, womhouses, vintage jewelry, & INDOOR: 6907 W. Grand DeGroff, June 17 & 18, 9-? ture, tools, sporting goods, en’s clothing, misc. housejunk. Mulliken, 1 mi. North, River, June 16-18 9-5 baby Dorm-room items, air antiques, household items hold items Eifert to 1/4 mi. West on Eaton items, books, shoes, hockey table, scrubs, It’s not too late to find a and more!! Hadden Hall Hwy. Darlene 517-649-8698 boy/girl clothing, electronsuper-single waterbed. Anbuyer for your camping gear. ics, games, toys, bikes, tiques, preschool curricuEmail the Lansing Community Email the Lansing Community Email the Lansing Community See store fixtires, VHS, lights, lum, arts/crafts supplies, Newspapers 24/7 at: Newspapers 24/7 at: Newspapers 24/7 at: twin stroller, heaters clothes teen-adult, Avon, or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL MORE toys, furn. & much more.

Garage Sales Rural


Garage Sales Suburb

In Person: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 239 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, MI 48813 120E. Lenawee, Lansing, MI48919


OR 1-877-475-SELL(7355)

By Phone: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Toll Free 877-475-SELL or 877-391-SELL By Email: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week By Fax: 24 hours a day 7 days a week 517-482-5476

Ingham County Community News 20


Lawn and Garden

HealthcareHospital Equip.

Building Materials -Supplies

MY DISABILITY HAS ended POWER WHEELCHAIR Good PIONEER POLE BUILDINGSFREE ESTIMATES-Licensed my lawn mowing. I have 2 condition, like new, $1900 and insured-2x6 TrussesCraftsman lawn mowers, 1 or best offer. 517-894-3283. 45 Year Warranty rotary, 2 yrs old, $80. 1 Galvalume Steel-19 Colorsself-propelled, 1 mo. old, Since 1976-#1 in Michigan$200. 517-332-3718. Call Today 1-800-292-0679. SNAPPER RIDING MOWER MC rear engine, bag att. included. Stored inside. BACKYARD SHEDS & MORE 989-834-2028 $1200/best. 517-482-3479



Business Opport. Self Employment

Waterfront Homes

SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS BY LAKE OVER 18? A CAN’T MISS HOME We’ll train you to be the MARGRETHE, GRAYLING. LIMITED OPPORTUNITY TO best School Bus Driver for $229K. 989-348-9726 or TRAVEL with a successful Special Needs Students. 989-390-2418. young business group. $11.91/hr after 90days, Paid training. split shift required, beneTransportation/lodging LOOKING FOR A summer place access to lake & fits partially paid with seprovided. Unlimited inswimming on Crystal Lake, niority, CDL required or come potential. Call 1-877Crystal, MI? Mobile home will train. Must have ex646-5050. MC with large sunporch & cellent driving history, deck. $4000. 989-875-4319. pass FBI background OWNER OPERATORS & check and remain drug FLEET OWNERS: TIRED OF free. We look forward to HIGH FUEL COSTS?! Avermeeting you in person age Fuel Network savings Mon-Fri at the following of 43 cents per gallon. Earn Dean Transportation locaover $2.00/mile! 877-277tions: 8756 4812 Aurelius Road, CLINTON COUNTYMC Lansing, MI 48910 7.5 acres on Island Rd. Will perk. $20,000 firm. SAWMILLS 307 Packard Hwy, 517-622-0801 leave BAND/CHAINSAW-SPRING Charlotte, MI 48813. message. SALE-Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. MAKE 4179 S. US 27 Hwy, MONEY and SAVE MONEY St. Johns, MI 48879 in stock ready to ship. Starting at $995.00 m/300N 1-800-578-1363 Ext. 300N. MC MASON/DANSVILLE COUN TRY LOTS 3.3 acres in scenic area. Potential walk-outs. Great country MERCY HOME living, yet close to towns & CARE/MERCY HOSPICE expressway. Columbia & CADILLAC FULL TIME Hanna Rds. 517-525-1131. PHYSICAL THERAPISTWanted physical therapists that desire: Independent and flexible schedule, ability to see results in patients/in their environment, rewarding career with premium wagNEED A CHANGE es! Candidate will have a Physical Therapist license OF SCENERY ? with the State of Michigan We will pay to relocate and references. Reliable your home to our transportation and the community! ability to act upon client *$8,500 for double wide needs without direct su*$5,500 for single wide pervision is a must. Willing *$199 Starting Site to travel in our geographic Rent! region. Minimum of one *Holt School District! year experience in rehabil*Pet Friendly itation and chronic disabilNO APPLICATION FEES! ities. Excellent Benefits. Contact: New grads welcome to apKensington Meadows ply! Apply online at: today as sites are limited! m or call Brenda for infor1-888-605-2237 mation 231-920-6607 cell. Mercy Home Care is comExpires 6/30/2011 EHO mitted to the Mission and Values as set forth by Trinity Health. Mercy Home Care is committed to achieving workforce diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. MC


CHIHUAHUA PUPS LONG HAIR, 7 wks., 1st shots & wormed. Have parents. $300-$350. 517-484-0722. CKC REG. MALTESE PUPPIES Males, $350. 517-5078628.

COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES! Good colors. $200 & up. Shots, wormed 989-426-3866 Karen. DACHSHUNDS 2 FEMALES, longhaired miniatures, $200. Call 517-643-5974.

ENGLISH BULLDOG FEMALE 1 yr old, white in color, housebroke, $900. Call 517899-7066. ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANI E L PUPS AKC, 8 wks. Black & white, $400. Call 517-812-3599, 517-812-3601 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUP. AKC. Sable male. Vet checked. 1st shot, wormed Parents on site, dad 120 lbs. $400. 517-908-0171. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES 1st shots, dewormed, 9 wks old, black & tan, & sables. $275. 989-291-5028.


BEAGLE PUPS PUREBRED- 8 LAB, AKC, CHOCOLATE fewks. old, 1st shots, male puppy, 1st shots, wormed. Exc. hunting dews, parents, $400. 517stock. Have parents. $100285-8250. $125. 989-640-2175 LAB PUPS AKC Black feBOSTON TERRIER MINIA males. English. shots, TURE PINSCHER CROSS 7 wormed, kid friendly. Pawks old. Ready to go. Very rents. $275. 989-386-9034. cute. $300. 517-726-0786 or PUG PUPS- FAWN & Silver LABRADOR PUPS 517-726-0706. Shots Dewormed CUTE! 2 females, fox red, cham$350/up (810)496-3697 BULLDOG PUPS 8 wks., 4 pion bloodlines, $800 ea. males, 2 females, parents Call Joan 517-231-3104 TERRIER PUPS $100 AND full blood. $600. Call 616cocker spaniel pup $250 794-3208. 1st shots, wormed. Great personalities! No Sunday CAVALIER KING CHARLES calls. 989-584-6192. & MALTESE MIX puppies 8 wks old, 1st shots & YORKIE PUPPIES wormed, absolutely gor8 weeks old, 1st shots & geous, $500. 989-427-3205 wormed, will be small. $500. 989-427-3205 CAVAPOOS, COCKALIER Vet checked. $250-$600 517-861-7086


GERMAN WIREHAIRED POINTER PUPPIES Roan & Liver, 4 males & 4 females, 6 weeks, Beautiful coat and markings, Champion lines, Excellent hunter, Good with children, Health guaranteed, loveable, dam on site, pure bred, records, shots, show quality, wormed, AKC & NAVHDA Registered, vet checkedincludes first shots, wormed, dew claws & docked tails. Well socialized, love to hunt in the field and water, very versatile. $800.00, ready for homes June 12th. Call anyt ime ,(517) 204-3600 ( 5 1 7 ) 2 8 2 - 3 3 8 2 , GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES 10 wks., 3 males. Shots & wormed, $200. Call 517857-2187. GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS AKC Vet checked, shots & wormed, $400-$450. Call 517-223-9239

GREAT DANE PUP Female, 3 mos., $500. 810-449-2729. GREAT DANE PUPPIES AKC wormed & shots 7 boys, 7 girls, $550 each. 989-6667527 HUSKY PUPPY BEAUTIFUL purebred, female, 10 wks. old, 1st shots, $300. Call 517-894-3200.

June 12, 2011


Firewood C H E R R Y , MAPLE & O A K Seasoned firewood. Delivered & STACKED. 4’x8’x16" 517-651-5214.


POLE BARNS MICHIGAN’S Largest Pole Barn Company (Built Best Barns) Best Quality, Best Service, Best Price. This Week’s Specials Erected 24’x32’x10’$6995.00 30’x40’x10’$8995.00 30’x48’x12’$12,495.00 60’x120’x14’$ 5 5 , 9 6 5 . 0 0 Licensed/Insured 1-877802-9591 MM

CASH 4 OLD beer/soda/oil cans/bottles, radios, poison/medicine bottles, steel signs, coffee/tobacco tins, tokens/coins, steel banks/toys, glass, sales- PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS Free Estimates. Licensed man samples, doll & war and Insured. 2x6 Trusses. items. Price Varies by 45 Year Warranty, item. (248)561-5013 YORKIES $500 YORKI-POOS Galvalume Steel—19 ColLOVABLE SENIOR CITIZEN & Shorkies NonShed Toys ors. Since 1976 #1 in MichIrish Setter Seeking Retire$375/up 989.225.1367 igan. Call Today 1-800-292ment Home. My name is 0679 MM Copper. I’m 13 yrs old, but with a fun-loving teenHUSKY METAL ROOFS ager’s spirit. GE WHITE, ELEC. RANGE Standing Seam. Metal w/smooth, radiant top. Shingles/Slate. All in I’ve a bit of arthritis, & Self-cleaning, incl. white Stock. Energy Star Qualiglaucoma, but all-in-all HOGS FOR SALE Call 517Kenmore vent fan. $200. 896-2032. fied. $1000 Tax Rebate. good for my age. I’m 517-641-4224 Largest Inventory in Michineutered, up to date on gan. Company Installers. shots, etc. KENMORE 2 yrs old, black Free Estimates. Since Refrigerator. Frigidaire, 1975! 800-380-2379. MM I’m a typical Irish Setter black gas stove. Smoker, 2 devoted, lovable, sweet, alum ext. ladders, POLE BARNS, BUILT BEST heart of gold. Samsonite wardrobe lugMINIATURE HORSES VARI B A R N S , Building Pole gage. 517-930-4300 OUS colors & ages. ALSO Barns Since 1963. Family I’m house-trained, & used Tobiano paint mare. 517Owned, Licensed and Into living with men, women, 726-0012/517-726-0350 sured. Spring Specials on and cats. ALL Buildings. 40 year NICE HORSES, SOME show Warranty. 1-877-802-0967 I like to ride in cars, go on qual. Ages 3 and up. Have MM road trips, stay in hotels, been worked with & had etc. training. $400 and up. 989HP DC7600 DESKTOP COMATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE 772-7911 or 989-330-5298 PUTER c3.4GHz 1GB RAM from Home. *Medical, My DogMom is willing to 80GB HDD DVD Burner *Business, *Paralegal, be of financial support, TACK HOUSE HOLDS 4 sadWindows XP Pro FREE An*Accounting, *Criminal should I have any medical dles & several things. $600. tivirus, Office FAST! $120 Justice. Job placement asissues during my last Call 517-626-1176. 517.614.8880 sistance. Computer availayears . Her commitment to ble. Financial Aid if qualimy well-being extends to fied. Call 877-895-1828 the end of my life - even if it is not spent with her. MM If you have a spot in your home where a senior citizen would be welcome, please send me an email, or phone, & I’d be most happy to answer any quesPOOL ACCESSORIES IN- NEW UNFIRED S&W X-Bolt, tions. (517)993-5331 30-06, match grade barrell, GROUND corner pool steps adj. trigger, $350; SAVAGE HUHN STRAWBERRY $300. 10’diving board $250. MODEL 10, fair condition, FARMS 20’x40’ solar cover and MALCHI PUPS-10 WKS. $225. 989-834-6137 Grand Ledge/Eagle areas, 20’aluminum reel with Wormed. $250/each. 517NOW PICKING!!! stands $300. 20’x40’ pool 993-2327 For info: 517-626-6608 leaf net $25. Cordless WINCHESTER MODEL 12 & Model 42. Call 989-634I-96 W., exit 84. Follow MALE BOSTON TERRIERrechargeable pool vacuum 9826. M-100 N. detour. 8yr old. In need of loving $50. 3 step stainless steel family and $25 to the right ONONDAGA BERRY FARM pool ladder $50. 1 hp pool home. Good with children, pump $75. Sand filter with Strawberries, U-pick & house broken, neutered, selection valving $50. 40’ ready picked. 2590 Gale pure bred. (517)647-2775 vacuum hose with manual Rd., Eaton Rapids, MI. 517or (517)647-4284 sweeper head and exten667-6517 or 517-391-0884. sion pole $20. $1000 for all A AARDVARK ANTIQUER paying cash for guns, (517)626-6856 (517)420jewlery, furniture, art & 0698 unusual & bizarre items. 517-819-8700 ALFALFA GRASS-EXCELLENT Hay $3 & up. Can deliver. ALL BOAT MOTORS WANT517-641-6034 ED Running or not. Please call 517-331-3826. AMISH LOG HEADBOARD MALTESE $500 MALTE- FRESH GREEN HAY F O R A AND Queen Pillow Top YOUR HORSE Alfalfa, Grass POOS & Morkies NoShed FOR ANTIQUE Mattress Set. Brand new- CASH or Mix. HOLT $3.50 Toys $375/up 989.225.1367 jewlery, clocks, art work, never used, sell all for (517)927-4503 musical instruments, light$275. 989-923-1278. MALTESE PUPPIES ing, advertising, Call John AKC reg., tiny, beautiful, 517-202-2570. A BED QUEEN PILLOWTOP non-shedding, shots, mattress set, new in plasmales $500. 517-749-0255. tic, $200. Call 517-410-4921. CASH FOR GUNS , Art, Antiques, Jewelry, musical inCan deliver. POMERANIAN PUPPIES CARESSING BREEZE, struments, Valuables. Call $350 females, $300 males. DAYLILY AND IRIS Garden. 517-204-2004/517-663-3931 A TEMPERPADIC/STYLE Call 517-455-2927. 3053 Willoughby Rd., MaMEMORY FOAM MATson 517 203-4050. CASH PAID TRESS SET Queen, newPOMERANIAN PUPPIES Up to $20 per 100. never used, as seen on TV, 9 weeks old, shots, dew- THINNING GARDEN NumerCall 517-292-0991 with warranty. Cost ous perrenial flowers & ormed, $275. $1,800, Sell $695. Can Deshrubbery. Save 90% some Ph. 517-212-5231 liver 989-832-2401. are free! 517-622-2866. $$$ WANTED ATVS & golf POMERANIAN PUPPY MALE carts, 3 & 4 wheelers, runLA-Z-BOY WING BACK AKC, red sable, black face, ning, non running, any reclyner, navy, like new. shots, $300. Call 269-763condition 517-857-2998 $$$ $195. 517-582-7987. 2102.

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FLOOR RUG NEW Beautiful designer style, 8x10, $400/best. Was $1,200. 517-574-4820.



Manufactured Homes




Exercise-Fitness Equipment



Wanted to Buy



Flowers-Plants Nursery Stock

Garden Machinery

KITS/CATS RESCUED; LIV. ROOM FURN: ( 2 ) WANTED: OLD AMERICAN PUGGLE PUPPIES 2002 JOHN DEERE 4510, MANY adults declawed; MOTORCYCLES AND recliners, couch, lamps, 7 wks old, 1st shots & 4WD, 40 HP, lots of attachwww.trinityacresrescue. PARTS, old brass pictures, carpet, exc. cond. wormed, $250. 989-427ments available, asking; includes carburetors. Top dollar Best offer. 517-321-3218 3205. $4400 email me for details neuter/basic medical $45paid. Call Mark / 734$135. (517)410-0074 9633. MC SHIH-TZU BLACK & 732-4513. white,born 4/8, pure KITTY - Walter is such a WANTED OLD STYLE PICbred,1st shots, vet special boy! He arrived NIC TABLE will pay extra checked, wormed, $300. 2 last Fall, scared & starving, Planning an Auction? to have delivered. 517-281males left ready for a lovnow he is happy, loving & ENGAGEM ENT/ W E DDI NG 0434 ing home! (517)285-7195 chubby & ready to find his RING, 1 carat, princess cut See forever home. He’s 1-2 yrs, center stone, w/many Email the Lansing Community Email the Lansing Community or Call LCN Toll Free black & white, neutered, baguettes & other small Newspapers 24/7 at: Newspapers 24/7 at: shots. Call Annie at 349dimonds. 6 mo. old. $2,500. 877.475.SELL 5580 to find out more! $20. 517-231-5574

Gold, Silver Jewelry

Schools and Training AIRLINES ARE HIRING— Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified—Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-891-2281. MM HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FROM HOME. 6-8 weeks. Accredited. Get a Diploma. Get a Job! FREE Brochure. 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 6 4 - 8 3 3 0 www.diplomafromhome.c om MM DRIVERS-NO EXPERIENCENO PROBLEM. 100% paid CDL training. Immediate benefits. 20/10 program. Trainers earn up to 49 cents per mile! CRST VAN EXPEDITED 800-326-2778 MC ALLIED HEALTH CAREER TRAINING - Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-481-9409 MC ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical *Business *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 877-895-1828 MC AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877) 891-2281. MC


Day-Eve-wkend Classes Job Placement Assistance Class B Training (1 day) (517) 887-1600 Train Local Save Hassle

Selling an Item? See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL

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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Z Z 0 HOLT 1 Z Z 2 bdrm., $1,000 Little work needed. Z Z Financing available. Z Z 866-694-0821 Z Z ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

$2,000 MONTHLY Possible Growing Gourmet MushWINDSOR ESTATES 1974 rooms For Us. Year Round Windsor, 2 bdrm., 2 full Income. Markets Estabbaths, tip out living area, lished. Call-Write For Free FREE FORECLOSURE LIST A/C, $3000. 337 Wellington Information. Midwest AsINGS Over 400,000 properDr., Dimondale. 517-525sociates, Box 69, ties nationwide. Low down 0514, 517-655-3274. Fredericktown, OH 43019 payment. Call now. 8001-740-694-0565 880-2517 MM MM

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DRIVE THE BIG RIGS! Truck Driver Training. PreHire program, Tuition Reimbursement, No Employment Contracts. Big Bucks driving Big Trucks! HRCD 1 - 8 8 8 - 7 5 0 - 6 2 0 0 MM $1,380 WEEKLY GUARAN TEED. Stuff envelopes at home. FT/PT. No experience necessary. Deposit required-refundable. 1888-206-2616 MM NOW HIRING: Companies Desperately Need Employees to Assemble Products at Home. Electronics, CD Stands, Hair Barrettes, Many More. No Selling, Any Hours. 1-985-646-1700 Dept. MI-1530 MM

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2 SPACE GRAVES in the Power of Prayer at Eastlawn Memorial Gardens, today valued at $4,000, will sell for $1,950. 517-589-8776.

REAL ESTATE AUCTION DEEPDALE CEMETERY- 2 Saturday, June 18, 2:00 PM lots in Garden of Love #2. 1005 E. Sturgis St, St. Johns Asking $1,000 each or best. (2 blocks east of Bus. 127 Valued above $1,300 each. on Sturgis) 517-889-5637 1540 Sq Ft., 3 bdrm., Built in 1972. Corner lot, full EASTLAWN MEMORY GARbsmnt., new furnace. Sold DENS Okemos- Garden of to the highest bidder. InCommandments, 2 lots, spect on Sunday, June 5th Lot 105B 1 & 2. Asking & 12th @ 2:00-4:00 PM, $1,200 for both. Current Tuesday June 7 @ 6:00 PMprice: $1295/each. Call: 8:00 PM. Terms: Cash, new 616-516-9758 mortgage. Sale to be closed within 30 days. $10,000 non-refundable deposit day of sale. Mel White, Auctioneer Lansing,MI 800-229-6092

Holt-Dimondale LAND CONTRACT 10% down 1247 WILDFLOWER Mason schools. 1523 Sq. ft. new build. 3 BR, 2.5 bath, 2 car gar., hardwood & ceramic flrs, AC, realtors welcome. $144,900. 517-290-4829. Aurelius S. of Holt left on Gateway

Apartments For Rent 1225 WILLOW STREET, Grand Ledge. Newly renovated 2 bedroom unit now available. Close to town and shopping. $495 + Utilities. Call 517-243-1225 Wills Property Management, LLC 1 & 2 bdrm. apts. starting at $425. Utilities included. 645 E. Jolly Rd., Lansing. 517-372-6250

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ACCORD PROPERTIES Studios, 1 & 2 Bdrms. Lansing /E. Lansing Area. 517-337-7900

WAVERLY & WILLOW Spacious 1 & 2 bdrms. Free heat & water. Quiet building. 517-303-6680 ~ Great Apartment ~

BELLEVUE: 1 BDRM. W/ATTACHED garage, all utilities paid, yardwork & driveway plowed by landlord. 1/2 mile off I-69 on Butterfield Hwy. $600/mo. 517 202-7968.

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SOUTHEAST LANSING 3 1712½ NEW York St. Lansing Nice 2 bdrm. Washer bdrm., 2 baths, loft, bsmt., Dryer hookup in bsmt. air, deck, quiet neighborNew flooring in bathroom hood. No pets. $765 + de& kitchen. $550 + util. posit. 517-393-8970 Tim. 517-372-8129

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2011 HOMES!

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Homes For Rent DEWITT

3001 W. Jason Rd. 2 bdrm., 1 bath, ½ michigan basement, detached 2 car garage, 744 sq ft, propane fuel. $675+ dep. Consumers Energy avail. after 6/15/11 517-575-2668 517-622-6059 www.sundancefamilyhomecenter .com

LOCATION LOCATION LO- HOUGHTON LAKE- 2 bdrm CATION 126 N. Hayford. cottages, clean & comCute 2 BR, near fortable, use of rowboat. MSU/downtown, hdwd $375 wk. Call 517-468-3672 flrs, 1.5 bath, W/D, great OR 517-648-9802 storage, $850 mo. No pets, no smoking. 517-372-4964.

2007 28’ JAYCO travel trailer, w/slider, air, sleeps 6. Like new. $12K. 517-8191444. FIFTH WHEEL 2001 COACHMEN 28’ Loaded w/slideout. Never smoked in or pets. Super clean. Must see! $10,000. 517-8828296.

Roommates Wanted

NEW CONSTRUCTION 1247 Wildflower, Holt. 3 LESLIE-JACKSON-LANSING bdrm., 2 1/2 bath. Lease AREA R e n t $320, he a t , with option to purchase. elect., gas, 2 big screen $1500 per mo. 517-290tv’s, DishNetwork pkg., 4829. W/D, all incld in rent, internet avail. 517-230-2920.


310 Mechanic,

3 bedroom, 2 bath, ranch ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| home on 1.5+ acres. AWESOME 2002 26’

Holts Best Value

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LANSING W Michigan Ave. First floor 2 bdrm., living rm., kitch., laundry facility. $675 + electric. Call 517-482-8771 or 517-719-5600

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HASLETT & OKEMOS $0 deposit Large 2 bdrms. from $525. Ph. 337-1133 HOUSING DISCRIMINATION? Call The Fair Housing Center at: 1-877-979-FAIR.

Move in for $199 when you sign a 12 mo. lease! Forest View Apts, Haslett * Cozy 1 bdrm apts $560 * PET WELCOME * Single level bldg w/ private entries * Washer/Dryer hook ups in utility room * Vaulted ceiling in living room * Storage access * Lovely wooded setting * Close to everything Expires June 15, 2011 Call today for info and tour! 517-803-2648 Conditions apply.

Computer Sales -Service


6/12/11 ICCN-929092

OUTBOARD MOTORSU S E D 2 through 25HP, some longshaft, some elec. start, 2 line pressure tanks, 517-663-0576


CABINS FOR RENT IN CANADA-Walleyes, Perch, Northerns, Birds, Wildlife, Pristine Nature. Boats, Mo- 2008 HONDA SHADOW 750 Beautiful silver gray tors, Gas Included. Call w/extras, 4,600 mi. incldg Hugh at 800-426-2550 for factory warranty for 1 1/2 free brochure. yrs, Senior owned. $5,200. Ph. 517-393-2995. MM Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:


COMPUTER REVIVER: Upgrades, internet repair, virus, spyware removal, data rec. 30 day wrnty. Erik 517-484-6364. Housecalls.


JoAnne Kean Township Clerk 6/12/11


HONDA GOLDWING 1996, Trike conversion. 64,700 actual mi. 2 tone white, extras. $16,000. 517-393-2606.





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Fence for all occasions, light excavating, holes augered, bucket & pallet fork work. We clean up scrap metal for free.

We do all the work & leave it clean! Small building Tear Downs

For Free Estimate Call 517-669-8066

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Mr. Natural’s Wood Floors • Refinishing • Repairs • Installation

FREE Estimates 393-0660 or 490-8696 Since 1988

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TRASH, BRUSH, APPL. hauled Yard & build. clean up, trees & bushes trimmed. Low Prices! Mike 393-4664



ALL SEASONS PROPERTY CARE Residential mowing & trimming. Spring cleanups, landscaping, bush trimming, gutter cleaning. Call for our Spring Mulch specials! Free estimate. We offer no contracts, our services are our contract. Lic. & Ins. 517-303-4259

• Appliances • Brush • Carpet • Furniture • Metal • Wood • Concrete • Shingles

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MASONRY RESTORATION Res/comm., historic. Repair brick, block & stone. Fndn/chimney repair/new. Lic. & Ins. 517-647-5380

Landscaping Live gamefish for stocking, large selection of pond supplies. Call for free catalog (888)448-3873. Products distributed locally by Hammond Farms Landscape Supply.

Stump Removel BENJAMIN STUMP REMOVAL (Formerly Bill’s Stump Removal). Prompt service, free estimates. Insured. 517 285-7831, 517 625-5652

Tree Service Tree Removal Services




David Dan (the AOwner@) having failed to pay assessments required under the terms and conditions of the Bylaws of Brentwood Park Condominiums Association (the ALien Claimant@), a condominium project as established by the Master Deed, recorded in Liber 2999, page 61, as amended, Ingham County Records, as evidenced by a Statement of Lien dated February 24, 2010, and recorded February 25, 2010 in Liber 3373, Page 311, Ingham County Records. As of the date hereof, there is outstanding and unpaid on account of said assessment the sum of Three Thousand Two Hundred Forty and 00/100 Dollars ($3,240.00), which sum is exclusive of interest, costs, attorney fees, expenses of collection, and future assessments. Under the power of foreclo-


We Beat All Prices! TOP $$ PAID VEHICLES & SCRAP




e Best Pric Around


For more information or to reserve space call

EAVESTROUGH CLEANING 517.322.4131 Trash removal Appliances, brush, carpet, & minor repair. Also Power wood, etc. Senior disc. Washing. Free estimates. Eavestrough Cleaning. Call (517) 322-4131


Gary’s Drywall Finishing "Hang, Finish and Repair" 517-927-3853

Starcraft Toy Hauler! Sway Bar, electric brakes newer tires and stabilizer included. Sleeps 6. Full bed, table breaks down to full, couch folds down. Stove, sink, fridge-freezer and microwave. Toilet and shower. Central Air. 2 four wheelers fit side-by-side. $8000 obo (517)775-8097.


Total Tree Care Since 1980

(517) 857-2333 Expert Trimming & Removals Thinning, Elevating, *Fully Insured* Dead Limbing & Shaping *Free Advice* 60 ft. AERIAL WORK TRUCK Kyran VanSickle / IBEW Certified Arborist QUALITY WORK EXCELLENT REFERENCES

WINDS OF CHANGE Tree Service. Mark Beutler Lic. & Ins. Free Estimates 517-214-0364

TAYLOR’S ROOFING Roofs, decks & siding, no job too small. Contact 482-9988.

Reliable Construction

42 years experience • Vinyl siding • Vinyl windows • Shingled roofs Free Estimates Licensed & Insured

517-646-9945 1-800-887-1795



Ingham County Community News 21

CHARLOTTE LUXURY APARTMENTS Saddleback Ranch. 2 bdrm., 2 full baths. Pet friendly. For more information call: 517-2721000 or visit:

CottagesResorts For Rent

1989 20 FT. Cuddy Cabin, Full camper, 175 h.p, 4.3 V6 chevy motor, EZ load trailer $5300. 517-819-2431.

Get The Job Done Right


FREE HEAT & WATER. Auto Owners/Waverly. Quiet desirable neighborhood. Lg. clean 1 & 2 bdrm. No pets. From $550. 517-7124915, 202-3234, 323-1153

ST. JOHNS Handyman Homes Now Available!!! 2 FREE ones and a $500 3 bed/2 bath home!! Contact us for Details The Meadows of St. Johns (989)224-7707

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$650. 517-575-2668 517-622-6059 or www.sundancefamilyhomecenter. com


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3 BDRMS., FRESHLY paintWe are currently ed, newer carpeting, pre-leasing brand new range, refrigerator, gahomes that will be DIMONDALE NICE 2 bdrm., rage. $650 mo. 6 month available by the end of on country setting, air, galease. 517-930-7104 leave July! HOLT rage, bsmt., appliances, EATON RAPIDS - 2 bdrm, 1 message. • 3 Bed/2 Bath, 1 & 2 bdrm, air, appliandeck. $775+ utilities. 517bath, newly remodeled, • Over 1000 sq. ft. ces, carpeting. Heat pd. 646-0789. No pets. country home. Central air. • All Appliances, WD $450-545 mo. Call 517-3331 car attached garage. 501 W BARNES, Lansing. • Central Air 1250 or 517-694-8988. $800 + util. & dep. 5173 bdrm., full bsmt., 1.5 • Pet Friendly H A S L E T T : 2 B D R M S , 1.5 663-1891 Leave message. car garage, fenced • Holt School District baths, air, washer/dryer yard, $775/mo. Payments starting as deck. On Golf Course/lake, HOLT SPACIOUS 1 bdrm Call 517-749-3890. low as $729! available now. $800/mo. apt. Immediate occupancy. GRAND LEDGE NO APPLICATION FEES! includes trash & water. Stay rest of June for free. 6332 ½ Saginaw Hwy. Contact us today to 517-663-1287 Free heat, free water. No 1 bdrm., 1 bath, E. LANSING- NICE, Quiet 2 reserve your new home! pets. $500 security, around 1300 square bdrm., newly painted, fire1-888-235-6948 $510/mo. Please call 517feet. $425 a month place. Newer kitchen appl. 927-5776. 517-575-2668 Energy eff. furnace, air, EHO517-646-8331 517-622-6059 ceiling fans. Storage. No pets. 1622 Parkvale. $695+ SPARROW NEAR: JEROME util., ref. & dep. 517-337- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ST. 1315 remodeled large 3 Z 1007. S. WASHINGTON Z Z 6214 Z bdrm. 1st floor, hardwood, Z HASLETT- 3 BDRM., 2 bath AVE. 2 bdrm home at- Z Old Orchard Apts. new windows, $750 water Z Z ranch home. Attached 2 tached garage, applian- Z Z & electric included. Also HOLT Z Z car garage, partially fin. ces, including WD. 1306 Jerome house for Z Z Nice 2 bdrm. duplex bsmnt. Fenced backyard Z Z $750mo.+dep. 989-640rent, 4 bdrm, $850 plus Nice yard. Central air, $595 Z Z with storage shed. $1050 1406/989-224-3532. util. & dep. 517-372-4504 Z Z & 575 water & sewer inplus util. & deposit. 517ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ cluded. 517-694-1899. 332-7709. $100 moves you in! BEAUTIFUL 3 BDRM., LansST.JOHNS-INCOME BASED "0" application fee & ing, Averill Woods. Recent2 BDRM. TOWNHOMES. OKEMOS SCHOOLS/ MAly remodeled, natural Beautiful Park setting. "0" sec. deposit SON Minutes from MSU. 2 LANSI NG - 2, 3 & 5 bdrm woodwork, all appliances, Close to schools & shopbdrm., 1.5 bath, completehouses, 2 bdrm duplexes & dishwasher, 2 car garage, ping. Laundry hookup. ly remodeled, on 2 acres. 2 bdrm. apts. $600-$825. 1 or 2 bdrms Apts. mower, full bsmt. 15 mins. SUNTREE APARTMENTS Att’d 1 car garage. 1685 Local owner cell 989-550to downtown or MSU. Qui1100 Sunview Dr. Stillman. $775+ util. Sec1181. et. $870. 1-877-885-9781. 989-224-8919 EHO tion 8 welcome. For more info. 517-930-1575 DANSVILLE SCHOOLS WAVERLY AREA Williamston address. 5 mi. Duplexes from I-96, 30 min. com- LANSING HOME FOR rent Starting at $750. mute to Lansing or Howell. neat & clean, new paint. Pet friendly. 1 bath, 2 lg bdrms., 1 den, Call us today! 3-4 bdrm. $750-$795mo. For details 517-272-1000 or quiet country home w/lg 517-694-8975 Call Terry at: 517-641visit: backyard, smoke free, conditions apply 1027 HICKORY ST., Lansing 7271 OR Tom at: $750 mo. 517-231-1902. 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1 car 7648. garage, Basement. Lg. fenced yard. $850. Pets MASON welcome for small fee. 810-577-1102 5717½ Nichols Rd. 3 brm., 1.5 bath, lower walkBEECHFIELD Efficiency thru out basement apt. Elec. in2 bedroom, $325-$560. cluded, propane heat. GRAND LEDGE 1218 PARKVIEW - 2+ Utilities included. Taylor Tenant responsible for 1 bdrm., bsmt., garage, bdrms., washer/dryer, Realty 517-272-1512. trash, no garage. laundry, gas forced air & stove, refrigerator. $525 1 car garage. FRANDOR NEAR. Rent starts central air. $575+ util. 517-575-2668 $600 no deposit. at $550 utils incld. Save 719-5600 or 482-8771. 517-622-6059 517-645-7044 your gas. Beautiful deluxe apts. 1 blk to bus. Everything you need to buy right here. 517-482-8196.

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Lake Waterfront For Rent

June 12, 2011

Apartments For Rent

Ingham County Community News 22




May 20, 2011, 3422, Page 844, Ingham County Records; on which Mortgage there is claimed to be due and unpaid, as of the date of this Notice, the sum of Ninety Thousand Three Hundred Seventy-One and 58/100 Dollars ($90,371.58); and no suit or proceeding at law or in equity having been instituted to recover the debt or any part thereof secured by said Mortgage, and the power of sale in said Mortgage having become operative by reason of such default; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse, 313 W. Kalamazoo, Lansing, Michigan, that being one of the places for holding the Circuit Court for Ingham County, there will be offered for sale and sold to the highest bidder or bidders at public auction or venue for purposes of satisfying the amounts due and unpaid on said Mortgage, together with all allowable costs of sale and includable attorney fees, the lands and premises in said Mortgage mentioned and described as follows: SITUATED IN THE CITY OF LANSING, COUNTY OF INGHAM, STATE OF MICHIGAN: The East 78 feet of Lot 1, Block 63, Original Plat, City of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, as recorded in Liber 7 of Deeds, Page 593,

Deeds, Page 593, Ingham County Records, subject to joint driveway rights, as set forth in the instrument recorded August 16, 1957 in Liber 738, Page 501, Ingham County Records, and subject to any and all other restrictions and easements of record. Commonly known as: 205 W. Saginaw, Lansing, Michigan. Tax Parcel No.: 33-01-01-16127-121 The period within which the above premises may be redeemed shall expire six (6) months from the date of sale.


power sure described in said Bylaws and the statute in such case made and provided, notice is hereby given that lien of the Lien Claimant will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises at public venue on the third floor of the Ingham County Circuit Courthouse in Lansing, Michigan at 10:00 a.m. on June 23, 2011. The premises are located in the City of East Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan and are described as: Unit No. 13, 338 W. Saginaw #13, East Lansing, Michigan 48823, a unit in Brentwood Park Condominium as established by Master Deed in Liber 2999, Page 61, as amended, Ingham County Records, subject to, in accordance with, and together with all rights, privileges, duties and restrictions imposed, reserved or granted in said Master Deed, and also subject to easements and restrictions of record. The redemption period shall be six (6) months from the date of such sale, unless the property is determined abandoned in accordance with MCLA ’600.3241a, in which case the redemption period shall be thirty (30) days from the date of sale.

Dated: May 18, 2011 By: Wendy S. Hardt, P45493 Attorney for Lien Claimant 4265 Okemos Road, Suite G Okemos, Michigan 48864 (517) 349-7610


Legals Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse, 313 W. Kalamazoo, Lansing, Michigan, that being one of the places for holding the Circuit Court for Ingham County, there will be offered for sale and sold to the highest bidder or bidders at public auction or venue for purposes of satisfying the amounts due and unpaid on said Mortgage, together with all allowable costs of sale and includable attorney fees, the lands and premises in said Mortgage mentioned and described as follows: SITUATED IN THE CITY OF LANSING, COUNTY OF INGHAM, STATE OF MICHIGAN: Lot 98, Poxson Park No. 2, City of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, according to the recorded plat thereof as recorded in Liber 14 of Plats, Page 13, Ingham County Records Commonly known as: 926 S. Dexter Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48910. The period within which the above premises may be redeemed shall expire six (6) months from the date of sale, unless determined abandoned in accordance with M.C.L.A. Sec. 600.3241a, in which case the redemption period shall be 30 days from the time of such sale.




May 25,

probate Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSI- MI 48933 and the TY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION named/proposed personal of East Lansing, Michigan, representative within 4 Mortgagee months after the date of publication of this notice. FOSTER, SWIFT, COLLINS & SMITH, P.C. Dated: 6-7-11 Benjamin J. Price Attorneys for Mortgagee Gary N Peraino 313 S. Washington Square 564 Pacific Pky Lansing, MI 48933 Lansing, MI48910 (517) 371-8100 517-290-5775

Street, Lansing, MI 48933 and the named/proposed personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice. Dated:

Carol A Mackenzie P37275 ICCN-924068 121 1/2 W Michigan Avenue ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| 5/22, 29/11-6/5, 12, 19/11 Marshall, MI 49063



DEFAULT having been made in the conditions of a certain Mortgage made on November 7, 2005, by KALLMAN BUILDING, a Michigan general partnership, as Mortgagor, given by it to Jenny S. Hinkle, recorded on November 15, 2005, in the office of the Register of Deeds for Ingham County, Michigan, in Liber 3193, Page 475, which mortgage was assigned to Jerolyn Mayes, the Successor TrustPARK ee of the Jenny S. Hinkle Trust dated November 19, 2002, as amended, as Mortgagee, recorded on May 20, 2011, in Liber 3422,

DEFAULT having been made in the conditions of a certain Mortgage made on February 22, 2002, by Robert R. Budd, a single man, as Dated: June 7, 2011 Mortgagor, given by him to Michigan State University JEROLYN MAYES, SUCCES- Federal Credit Union, of 600 SOR TRUSTEE, Mortgagee East Crescent Road, East Lansing, Michigan 48823, as FOSTER, SWIFT, COLLINS & Mortgagee, and recorded on SMITH, P.C. April 22, 2002, in the office of the Register of Deeds for Benjamin J. Price Ingham County, Michigan, in Attorneys for Mortgagee Liber 2952, Page 1215; on 313 S. Washington Square which Mortgage there is Lansing, MI 48933 claimed to be due and un(517) 371-8100 paid, as of the date of this Notice, the sum of FiftyICCN-928952 Three Thousand Six Hun6/12, 19, 26/11-7/3, 10/11 dred Thirty-Five and 52/100 Dollars ($53,635.52); and no suit or proceeding at law or in equity having been instituted to recover the debt or Planning an Auction? any part thereof secured by See said Mortgage, and the power of sale in said Mortgage or Call LCN Toll Free having become operative by reason of such default; 877.475.SELL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Dated: May 25, 2011 that on Thursday, July 7,

ICCN-926786 6/5, 12, 19, 26/11-7/3/11

ICCN-929574 6/12/11


Arthur H Indish 16594 Monticello Clinton Twp., MI 48038 ICCN-929119 6/12/11






FILE NO. 11-1487-DE

FILE NO. 2011-1481-DH


Estate of Filippa (Phyllis) Peraino Deceased Date of birth: 5/7/19 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Filippa (Phyllis) Peraino, who lived at 25141 Muerland Rd., Southfield, Michigan died 89-10 Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Gary N Peraino, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both the probate court at 313 W.

Estate of KIMBERLY VALE INDISH Date of birth: 7/15/1959 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Kimberly Vale Indish, who lived at 6321 Sun Hollow Lane, Haslett, Michigan died 6/3/2009 Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Arthur H Indish, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both the probate court at 313 W Kalamazoo Street, Lansing,

FILE NO. 11-1045-DE Estate of Dorothy M Silk, Deceased Date of birth: 5/9/1920 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Dorothy M Silk, who lived at 946 Rosewood Avenue, East Lansing, Michigan died 1/3/2011 Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to James J Silk, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both


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Hetherington Franchino, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both court at 313 W Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MI 48933 and the named/proposed personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice.

pre sented to Jack C Davis, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both tht eprobate court at 313 W,. Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, and the named/proposed personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice.

DeWitt, MI 48820 517-214-8684


Notice of Public Hearing


Please Take Notice that on Tuesday, June 14, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. at 400 South Cedar Street, Mason, Michigan the Board of Education of Mason Public Schools will hold the first of two public hearings to consider revisions to the reproductive Dated: June 2, 2011 health curriculum. Peter S Sheldon P20332 The Board of Education may not adopt any proposed revi215 S Washington Sq., Suite Dated: June 2, 2011 sions until after the second public hearing, which will be held 200 June 6, 2011 Lansing, MI 48933-1816 Lowe Law Firm, P.C. on Monday, July 18, 2011. 517-371-1730 Richard C Lowe P31543 James F Anderton V P67628 2375 Woodlake Drive, Suite 124 W. Allegan, Suite 700 A copy of the proposed revisions is available for public inJames J Silk 380 Lansing, Michigan 48933 88 Woodfield Road Okemos, MI 48864 (517) 482-2400 SHERYL FEAZEL spection during normal business hours at the James C. HarWoodbridge, CT 06525 (517) 908-0909 203-432-1729 Jack C Davis ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| LESLIE TOWNSHIP CLERK vey Education Center, 400 South Cedar Street, Mason, MichiPhyllis J Hetherington and 124 W. Allegan ICCN-929106 Lois A Franchino Suite 700 gan. 6/12/11 8251 W Cutler Lansing, MI 48933 STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF INGHAM NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate FILE No. 11-770-DE

STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF INGHAM NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate FILE NO. 11-763-DE Estate of Paul John Jakubiak Date of birth: 5-3-36 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Paul John Jakubiak, who lived at 4340 Courtside Drive, 4-11-11. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless pre-


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VEVAY TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES 780 S. Eden Road Mason, MI 48854 Synopsis of Proposed Minutes

*next regular meeting - Thursday, 7/7/11 - 7:00 p.m. Please note day change to Thursday. WOOD FOR SALE: The Township is accepting sealed bids for firewood located in the Township’s parking lot. Sealed bids will be accepted until 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 6/21/11. 6/12/11



CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF DELHI Community Services Center 2074 Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI 48842 (517) 694-2135 NOTICE OF ORDINANCE POSTING / PUBLICATION PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that proposed Ordinance No. 120 which has as its purpose: TO RE-ESTABLISH AND CONFIRM THE DELHI CHARTER TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION PURSUANT TO THE MICHIGAN PLANNING ENABLING ACT, PA 2008 NO. 33 (MCL 125.3801 et seq) AND THE MICHIGAN ZONING ENABLING ACT, PA 2006 NO. 110 (MCL 125.3101 et seq); TO ORGANIZE AND CONTINUE SAID PLANNING COMMISSION; TO DESCRIBE ITS POWERS AND DUTIES; TO ESTABLISH ITS MEMBERSHIP, TERMS OF OFFICE AND REMOVAL FROM OFFICE OF SAID MEMBERS; TO PROVIDE FOR CERTAIN ADMINISTRATIVE AND PROCEDURAL MATTERS, BYLAWS, COMPENSATION; TO PROVIDE FOR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT AND MASTER PLANS, DUTIES WITH REFERENCE TO SUBDIVISIONS OF LAND AND ZONING; TO REPEAL PRIOR RESOLUTIONS AND/OR ORDINANCES INCONSISTENT HEREWITH; AND TO PROVIDE AN EFFECTIVE DATE HEREOF was introduced for consideration and adoption before the Township Board on the 7th day of June, 2011. A true copy of that proposed Ordinance may be viewed and inspected at the following locations: Holt-Delhi Community Library (Capital Area District Library), 2078 Aurelius Rd. (Community Services Center Building), Holt; Holt Public Schools Board of Education, 5780 W. Holt Rd., Holt High School 9th Grade Campus, Holt; Delhi Twp. Public Service Dept., Maintenance Division, 1492 Aurelius Rd. ; Rich’s Country Store, 6237 Bishop Rd., Lansing; Delhi Downtown Development Authority, 2045 Cedar Street Ste. 2, Holt; and at the office of the Township Clerk located at 2074 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan 48842 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This proposed ordinance is also available for review on the Township’s website located at It is anticipated that the final adoption of said ordinance will take place at a regular meeting of the Township Board to be held on the 21st day of June 2011 in the Multipurpose Room at the Delhi Charter Township Community Services Center at 2074 Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI 48842 or such other place or time as the Board may deem appropriate. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the Delhi Charter Township Clerk in person or by phone at (517) 694-2135 for confirmation of time and place where adoption may occur.

The Delhi Charter Township Planning Commission has received a request to amend the existing Special Use Permit for the Kroger Store located at 2495 Cedar Street to permit expansion and renovation of the building totaling more than 50,000 sq. ft. in the C-2: General Business District, pursuant to Section 5.10.4(6) of the Delhi Charter Township Zoning Ordinance. The property is legally described as: BEG @N 1/4 COR SEC 15, TH S88°24’10" E 104.91 FT ALONG N LN SEC 15, TH S36°55’30" E 277.66 FT ALONG W’LY RW OF CEDAR ST, TH S53°13’44" W 216.84 FT, TH 212.49 FT ALONG A CURVE TO THE LEFT HAVING A RADIUS OF 232.67, CENTRAL ANGLE OF 52°19’33" AND CHORD BEARING S26°48’28" W 205.18 FT, TH S0°38’29" W 126.96 FT, TH 53.90 FT ALONG A CURVE TO THE RIGHT HAVING A RADIUS OF 42.16 FT, CENTRAL ANGLE OF 73°15’07" AND CHORD BEARING S37°16’03" W 50.30 FT, TH S73°58’05" W 334.50 FT, TH 77.88 FT ALONG A CURVE TO THE RIGHT HAVING A RADIUS OF 91.53 FT, CENTRAL ANGLE OF 48°45’00" AND CHORD BEARING N81°39’25"W 75.54 FT, TH N57°16’55" W 251.56 FT, TH N36°56’12" W 376.13 FT, TH N01°15’30" E 223.58 FT, TH S88°44’30" E 461.93 FT, TH N01°15’30" E 344.67 FT, TH S88°44’30" E 390.96 FT TO POB 11.59 A M/L. which includes the following street address: 2495 Cedar Street, Holt, MI 48842. The Township, the Special Use Permit applicant, an owner of assessed real property or any occupant of a structure on real property located within 300 feet of the subject property may request that a formal public hearing be held before a discretionary decision is made on the special use request, by forwarding a request to the Delhi Charter Township Department of Community Development, 2074 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan 48842. Said request must be received by the Township no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 20, 2011 to be valid. If no formal public hearing is requested, the Planning Commission will still receive and consider input from the public at the time that the Special Use Permit is considered, which is scheduled to occur on Monday, June 27, 2011 at 7:00 p.m., unless a request is made for a public hearing. A copy of the proposed Special Use Permit Application is available for public inspection at the Township Offices during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Written comments will be considered and may be forwarded to the Delhi Charter Township Offices until 5:00 p.m. the day of the Planning Commission meeting. Please call (517) 694-8281 for further information. Elizabeth Zietlow, Chair Delhi Charter Township Planning Commission







Ingham County Community News 23

Regular Meeting of 6/6/2011. Members present: Weesies, Kean, Sherwood & Ruttan. Members absent: Doug Shaw. Adopted Consent Agenda. Approved 5/2/11 Public Hearing/Regular Meeting Minutes. Received Treasurer’s Report on fund balances. Approved disbursements in the amount of $46,701.59. Received misc correspondence. Received Zoning Report. Approved continuation of Special Land Use Permits No. 10, 16.01, 35.01, 72 & 104. Scheduled Public Hearing for 7-7-11 for an Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption for Capital Steel & Wire at 805 Hull Road, Mason. Authorized expense for Michigan Townships Association annual dues and legal defense discretionary assessment. Postponed the start date for recycling services until further information can be received. Adopted an ordinance to Re-Establish and Confirm the Planning Commission. Authorized maintenance on Ives Road between M-36 and Columbia Road and the low area between Plains and Barnes Roads. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. JoAnne Kean, Clerk



ICCN-928797 6/12/11

Estate of Richard Franchino Date of birth: June 27, 1916 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Ricahrd Franchino, who lived at 910 Dryer Farm, Lansing Township, MI died April 12, 2011 Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the trust described below will be forever barred unless presented to Phyllis J Hetherington and Lois A

ICCN-928803 6/12/11


June 12, 2011

Legals representative, the probate court at 313 W. Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MI 48933 and the named/proposed personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice.

Ingham County Community News


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