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Vol. 145 - No. 34

Career Showcase


May 22, 2011

City Council extends marijuana moratorium Christie Bleck

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Mason OKs another 180-day extension

Above: Brandon Parker, left, of Leslie and Tony Mejia of Haslett, culinary arts students at Mason’s Capital Area Career Center (CACC), whip up pasta dshes at the May 12 CACC Showcase. At right: Auto technology students test a Corvette in a demonstration. For



MASON — The Mason City Council will continue its temporary medical-marijuana moratorium for another 180 days. The City Council on May 16 voted 7-0 to extend the moratorium on issuing licenses for primary caregiver operations and dispensaries in the city. The Council on Dec. 20, 2010 originally declared a moratorium for 180 days, which runs through June 20. However, it revisited the issue at the April 18 Council meeting, talking about the legal complications of the law and how other municipalities are handling the issue. The Council made no decision at that meeting, but Mayor Leon Clark noted at the time, “Keep in mind the clock’s ticking.” During the discussion at the April 18 meeting, the Mason City Attorney’s Office recommended the moratorium’s extension because of evolving case law and further study of the law. With no discussion, the Council unanimously voted to extend the moratorium last Monday.

Moratoriums common

The Council is not the only one to have extended a moratorium. The Leslie City Council, for example, on April 12 extended its 180-day moratorium until the end of the year. On Oct. 5, 2010, the Council passed the first moratorium, with City Manager Brian Reed explaining at the time that the city wasn’t yet prepared to understand how the

law fits into local zoning. The Williamston City Council’s second 180-day moratorium is set to expire on Aug. 23. The city is considering an ordinance that would restrict caregivers to three industrial zone areas. The draft ordinance is on hold while a committee reviews developments regarding the issue. In a May 17 public hearing, the Williamstown Township Planning Commission unveiled draft rules that would allow registered caregivers to operate either from their homes or from storefronts along the Grand River Avenue corridor. It plans to discuss the draft rules at its June meeting and will send its recommendations to the Township Board.

Law unclear

In 2008 state residents passed an initiative, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, which authorized patients to obtain the plant by creating and allowing primary caregivers to grow, possess and deliver limited amounts to patients. Dispensaries have been established in some areas from which medical marijuana can be sold, delivered and dispensed to patients. However, dispensaries currently are in violation of federal law, which is contributing to municipalities’ confusion on how to regulate them. The resolution the Council passed 7-0 on Monday regarding the extension listed several concerns regarding the act. They include the fact that the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has resulted in primary caregivers combining to form dispensaries in adjacent municipalities in which multiple registered caregivers operate from a single building. This creates situations in which amounts of marijuana greater than the Act would otherwise allow for a single caregiver are being possessed and stored on single lots and properties.

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May 22, 2011

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MASON POLICE REPORT Between May 10-16, Mason police investigated 51 reported incidents involving a variety of activities — both criminal and noncriminal. These are some of those incidents.

or in Madrid, Spain. The officer tracked the telephone number given to the complainant to a land line in Montreal, Canada.

Misconduct alleged

May 12: An officer was dispatched to an area school where it was reported that a stuMay 10: A Mason resident turned over two dent’s irate parent had been disrupting school hypodermic needles that had been found float- business but had just left. The complainant ing in the Laylin Park pond by her children. stated an incident had occurred between two The complainant stated this was the second students after one had argued with the other’s time such items had been found, and the boyfriend, during which the offended girlkids had retrieved the needles in their fishing friend — fueled by the boyfriend reporting the nets. The needles were secured and will be argument to her — approached and struck the destroyed. other student in the face. While the assailant was being escorted to an office area, the assailant’s parent showed up Contents rearranged and demanded the other girl also be brought May 10: A suspicious situation was reported in, stating, “Let’s go get her.” The officer later on Okemos Street where the complainant located the suspect who admitted to being alleged an unknown person or persons entered in the school, stating he was suspicious his his vehicle while it was in his garage and daughter was about to start a problem after moved things about. Most notable were cigars dropping her off and went inside to stop it. taken from a refrigerator and placed inside the A copy of the report will be sent to the city vehicle. The only item noted missing was some attorney for review of charges for disrupting incense. school activity, and the student’s conduct will be dealt with by school administration.

Needles in nets

Aggravated assault

May 11: Officers responded to a domestic assault where the victim was waiting outside the home while the suspect remained inside. The victim accused the suspect of infidelity, stating that she has to chauffeur him about, and he forces her to drive him to another woman’s house for visits. The victim stated this angers her and when she confronted him with it, he grabbed her around the neck and threw her onto the bed. The victim also claimed at one point the suspect removed his pants and tried to force her to have intimate relations with him, which she refused; but the suspect restrained her by the hair, pushing her about, so that she struck a door jamb and a kitchen counter. She added that when he released her, he struck her in the mouth. Having familiarity with the suspect’s assaultive behavior, and because of past encounters, two officers, two deputies and two troopers went to the residence, where the suspect surrendered peacefully. He was arrested and lodged in the Ingham County Jail. The Ingham County prosecutor has issued charges of aggravated domestic assault and battery.

Of Canadian origin May 11: An officer received an attempted fraud complaint from a Mason resident who reported receiving a phone call from a purported attorney in Spain, claiming to represent her grandson who was in a Madrid jail on drug charges. The complainant stated another man came onto the phone who claimed to be her grandson, was crying and reported needing $3,600 for bail money. Before withdrawing any money to send for the requested bail, the complainant called her son who reported the grandson was not in jail

Tots make escape

May 12: Officers were notified of two 2-yearold children found playing in the backyard of a residence on Maple Run, one of whom was naked from the waist down. Investigation located the mother at a nearby residence where the officer noticed a window screen pushed out from an open bedroom window. The mother was unaware the children where not in their room and was quickly reunited with the exploring duo.

Harassment by hose

May 12: An officer responded to an assault complainant where a parent reported her child was assaulted by a neighbor child. The parent reported her child was threatening to spray the other child with water from the garden house when the other child struck him. The other child stated she was tired of constant harassment by the hose wielder and didn’t want to be sprayed — especially at the risk of getting her cell phone wet — so she hit him. The parent of the second child explained this was part of an ongoing pattern of harassment by the alleged victim’s family and she was trying to move her family from the area but couldn’t for financial reasons. She agreed to have her daughter stay away from the other child to avoid problems. The complainant thought any request for her son to keep away the alleged assailant and cease his actions was unreasonable. She wanted to prosecute and if needed, she would “turn (her son) loose” if the girl kept this up. The officer recounted an ongoing series of complaints involving the two, which originated in assault allegations naming the hose holder as the suspect, and the girl as the victim. The matter is closed.

Many citations given May 12: An officer stopped a car on Cedar Street for an equipment violation. As the stop was made, the officer quickly ascertained it was following another vehicle that was in front of it. That vehicle also stopped. Contact with the suspected offender found he was driving while suspended and the car was owned by the driver of the vehicle he was following, who also was suspended and wanted by the Lansing Police Department. The officer was informed the pair was on their way to a prearranged meeting point where they could make a visitation with the child they shared. The first driver was released after being issued citations for driving while suspended, improper display of a registration plate and no proof of insurance. The second driver was cited for driving while suspended and was arrested and turned over to Lansing Police officers on the warrant. A licensed driver was called to take possession of both vehicles.

Garden by flashlight

May 12: Suspicious activity was reported in the Community Garden on N. Jefferson St. A witness reported seeing a man in the garden after dark using a flashlight and accompanied by a small dog. The officer found nothing obviously out of place but did notify the appropriate responsible party at City Hall about the incident.

Bicycle missing

May 13: The theft of a bicycle was reported in the 800 block of Eaton Drive. The victim stated he left his bicycle at his friend’s house after forgetting it and when he went to retrieve it, it was gone. The missing bike is a red 20-inch BMX Mongoose with a black Schwinn bag attached. The victim has no suspects.

No assault prosecution

May 13: Officers responded to a domestic where the complainant reported her former boyfriend was on the front porch and wouldn’t leave. Officers found the pair arguing on the porch and immediately saw the trespassing suspect had blood from apparent scratches on his face and a cut and swollen lip. The pair agreed the argument was over alleged infidelity and that the complainant had struck the suspect as a result. As is the procedure in domestic violence cases, the complainant was arrested for domestic assault, taken to the Ingham County Jail and lodged. The following day the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office denied the warrant, citing the victim’s unwillingness to prosecute.

Fraud alleged

May 13: A Mason resident came into the police department to report an attempted fraud. The complainant stated she responded to a Craig’s List posting advertising for a care worker. However, she became suspicious when See MASON POLICE REPORT, Page 4


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Ingham County Community News

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May 22, 2011



Ingham County Community News


MASON POLICE REPORT Continued from Page 2

the person responsible for the posting could not answer her questions about the needs of the person needing care. She became convinced this was an attempt to induce her into a fraud when the poster stated he was sending her a check to cash, some of which she was to keep, and the majority balance she was to send to a woman in Colorado. The complainant reported she severed ties with the suspect, but the check still arrived, registered mail, as promised. Instead of following directions, though, she brought the check and turned it over to the investigating officer. The matter remains open.

had been consuming the nice cold beer found on the floor behind her seat, claimed ownership of the marijuana joint the driver had in her pocket, was not a medical marijuana user and was wanted for multiple fail to appear warrants in Gratiot County. The driver was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs, and a search warrant was executed for blood samples. The passenger was arrested on the multiple warrants and cited for open intoxicants. Both were taken to the Ingham County Jail and lodged.

Attempted theft reported

May 16: An officer received an attempted theft by fraud complaint from a Mason resident. The complain-

Assault charge issued

May 14: Officers were dispatched to a domestic assault in progress after a neighbor reported seeing a male drag a female into a house. Officers located the pair at their home and investigated, finding a large bruise on the victim’s upper arm. It turned out the couple argued because the suspect was trying to exit the relationship and leave. The victim ran out of house and the suspect followed her, forcing her to return. Although the apparent injury was supposedly inflicted four days prior during another assault by the suspect, the victim reported that this date she was grabbed by the arms and dragged into the house by the suspect. The officers found more injuries on the victim to substantiate her allegations, and the suspect was arrested for the domestic assault. The following day the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office issued a charge of domestic assault.

Stop yields arrests

May 15: While patrolling late in the evening, an officer came upon a car stopped at an intersection, waiting for a yellow flashing light. The officer stopped behind it, and after a short time had passed, the car and driver continued on. The officer then pulled it over. Contact with the driver found she was the designated driver for the intoxicated passenger, even though she did not have, nor had she ever had, an operator’s license. In addition, the officer found that although the driver had not consumed alcohol, she had been consuming marijuana, still had one joint she claimed belonged to the passenger and was not a medical marijuana user. The officer also discovered the intoxicated passenger

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May 22, 2011

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ant reported receiving an inquiry, by telephone, from a person claiming to be coming to Mason from Georgia and needing to lodge a horse at the complainant’s business. The complainant added that the suspect sent a check to cover the lodging fee and enough balance ($2,000) to forward to the hauler to cover costs of transporting the horse. Suspecting it for what it was, the complainant came to report the attempted theft to the police. If anyone has any questions or comments regarding this report or any other police matter, contact the Mason Police Department at (517) 676-2458 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays, or email

youngsters ages 9 and 10. The team has had a good season so far, opening on the road against Dansville and Holt with two wins, including a no-hitter versus Dansville. On May 17, the Bat Busters earned Christie Bleck its third win of the season with a 7-1 blowout over East Lansing. They turned in a four-run fourth inning, ALAIEDON TWP. — PONY League with pitchers also contributing to the baseball games typically aren’t the win with 12 strikeouts that stranded scenes of historical “firsts.” 11 East Lansing runners. Yet the May 17 match-up between the Mason Bulldog Bat Busters and Appearance helpful the East Lansing Phillies at the AlaieHayden Kuch, 10, plays catcher. don Township Ball Park was just During the Phillies game, Hayden that. explained why he enjoys playing that Mayor Leon Clark threw out the baseball position. first pitch to start the game. Clark and “I like playing catcher because you Bat Busters head coach Ken Friend get most of the pitches, and it’s really, said they believe Clark’s appearance really fun,” he said. marked the first time a Mason mayor The coaches, according to Friend, tossed the ceremonial first pitch at an said they feel a responsibility to take under 10 game. play to the next level, and having Mason Mayor Leon Clark throws the “It all comes down to ‘you never Clark show up at the game is the type ceremonial first pitch at the Mason know until you ask,’” Friend said. Bat Busters’ first home game of the of experience that will help. Clark said before he took to the Friend also said he wanted the season. CHRISTIE BLECK/LCN mound, “I hope I can just get it to players to know the mayor. home plate.” “It’s a memory that will last a lifeTo follow the Bat Busters’ season, The Bat Busters consist of Mason time,” he said. visit

Mason mayor throws pitch at home opener



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May 22, 2011



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Thank you, Mason, for your great support of the 2011 Mason State Bank 5K Run/Walk. More than 870 hardy runners competed in the Mason State Bank 5K Run/Walk, one-mile run and 100-yard dash. The race committee thanks our sponsors: Mason State Bank, Mason Public Schools Foundation, Mason Area Chamber of Commerce, Playmakers, Great Harvest Bread, Showtime Rental, Spartan Barricading, Action Printing, Dart Container Corporation, Lansing-Mason Area Ambulance, Wendy’s of Mason, T-shirt Design by Mitch, Healthy & Fit Magazine, TechSmith, Courthouse Pub, Biggby’s, Consumer Services, Inc., Hair Express, Kiwanis International, The Daily Scoop, ReFocus, LLC and MIentertainment Radio. Mason State Bank, Mason Public Schools Foundation, Mason Public Schools and the Mason Police Department provided support and volunteers

that make this community-wide event great fun. Lynne Mark of the Mason Police Department and Jim Duthie from the city of Mason deserve special thanks for their efforts in making this a great community event. And thank you, Mason, residents for allowing us access to your neighborhood street during the race. A total of 100 percent of the net proceeds benefit Mason Public Schools. The Mason Public Schools Foundation has partnered with the district to help fund their Mason Technology Infusion Project. We have pledged to donate $30,000 annually for the next five years in support of their campaign to purchase Smart Boards, Data projectors and other technology for every classroom in the district.

The Mason State Bank Race 5 K Run/Walk Committee

Band aid

The Ingham County Community News recently published an article about the school board

proposal to cut the Mason band program from two full time band directors to one and a half. Band parents, students and other supporters have spoken at the last two Mason Board of Education meetings to support retaining two full time directors. The reasons are myriad, from higher overall test scores in school, particularly in math, to the long and distinguished tradition the Mason band program contributes to the students and to the community. High school director Beth Bousfield and middle school director Amber McRay routinely begin their days at 6 a.m. This isn’t when they get up; this is when they unlock the doors and prepare to teach jazz band, an activity that is not part of the academic day. Fifty students arrive at McRay’s band room to begin tuning up at 6:30. Fifty. They are committed to an extra-curricular activity before school because there are so many competing priorities after school. There are also 50 “chauffeurs”

up and out the door to get their musicians to rehearsal on time. Students participating in the high school jazz band were so numerous that Bousfield had to split them into morning and afternoon groups. These women direct the symphonic, concert and marching bands, the eighthgrade Bulldog band, the two seventh-grade bands and the sixth-grade bands, often coteaching to maximize performance, not to mention time spent preparing for district and state solo and ensemble festivals. Losing “one half” of McRay would severely hinder the progress these programs have made. That the high school jazz band performed at the Mason School Foundation fundraiser speaks to their caliber. The symphonic band was so good that they earned division one ratings at the district level. This doesn’t happen by accident. I am convinced that if they competed at state, there would be a sign at our city limits stating “Mason High School Symphonic Band,

State of Michigan Division I, 2011,” as there are for sports teams that have made great achievements. But because the program is so accommodating to other extracurriculars, particularly sports, the band was not able to travel to state competition. Imagine just one day without music. No movie soundtracks, no suspenseful music on your favorite TV shows, no radio stations, no iPods. Imagine a football season or a holiday parade without a good marching band. And what about “Thursday Night Live” performances? I work at MSU, and universities too face deep budget cuts, but can you imagine a Spartan football game with a mediocre Spartan Marching Band? We realize the school board has a difficult task, but why cut something that contributes to the overall quality of life in “Hometown America?” We support the Mason bands — it takes two.

Ingham County Community News

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Retirement party for principal to be held

Schools for 34 years as a teacher and prin- a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, May 21. cipal.

The North Aurelius Elementary School staff invites the community to a retirement party for Gina Stanley from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday, June 7 in the school library. Stanley has worked for Mason Public

St. James Church to hold rummage sale

Presbyterian pies

Aspire Scholars to be inducted May 31

Youth Sports Event to be held June 11

The Mason Optimist Club 2011 Youth Sports Event will be held from 9 a.m.-4 New Leslie Aspire Scholars will be p.m. Saturday, June 11 at Burchfield St. James Catholic Church, 1010 S. Lan- inducted in a ceremony at 7 p.m. Tuesday, County Park in Holt for ages 4-16. sing St., will hold a rummage sale from 9 May 31 in the Leslie Middle School cafeteRegistration is from 8-9 a.m. Free ria. The program consists of three major lunch will be served to all participants. components: college assistance, mentoring and success training.

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Members of the Mason Promise Scholarship Board arrive at the Mason Presbyterian Church on May 6 to purchase their Mother’s Day pies and thank the ladies for their past support of the program. The board was surprised to receive another donation from the pie sales, which support other projects of the Mason Presbyterian Church Women, including Relay for Life. Pictured are, from left: board member and Police Chief John Stressman; Presbyterian Women Kay Allison and Mary Lou French; board member Shireen Luther; and Gladys Welker of the Presbyterian Women. COURTESY PHOTO

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Ingham County Community News


Craft a duct tape creation To help us kick off this year’s Summer Reading Program, we have a special duct tape craft workshop scheduled for teens and tweens in grades 4-12. At 3 p.m. Monday, June 13, they’ll learn how to make items like a wallet, purse or cell phone holder entirely out of duct tape! Pizza, pop and ice cream sundaes will be provided. Registration is required, so call the library at (517) 628-3743. For preschoolers, we start things off with a special storytime based on our multicultural theme, “One World, Many Stories.” Bring your child in at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 8. Then come back for our first family show of the summer-the Acting Up Theatre Company’s performance of “One Woof, Many Stories” at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 15. After that, we’ll have special summer events and

AT THE LIBRARY Jennifer DeGroat performers at 10:30 a.m. every Wednesday through Aug. 17. On Thursdays from June 16-Aug. 11, we’ll show family movies at 2 p.m. Free popcorn, too! While you’re here for any of these events, be sure to have the kids and teens sign up for our Summer Reading Program. They’ll earn fun prizes just by keeping track of their reading time. Computer instruction classes for adults will continue during the summer. Call (517) 628-3743 to register for Computer Basics from 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, June 7. No computer experience necessary. To show you how to

access our eBook collection books to take on vacation this summer, we have a drop-in time scheduled with our Capital Area District Library (CADL) training specialist on Tuesday, June 14. He will explain how to download books to an eReader, MP3 player or other compatible device. Feel free to bring your laptop and/or compatible device for personalized help. Drop in anytime between 3-6 p.m. No appointment needed. The Aurelius Library is located at 1939 Aurelius Road in Mason. Call (517) 628-3743 or visit All CADL branches will be closed for the Memorial Day weekend on May 28-30. Regular hours will resume on May 31. \ Jennifer DeGroat is the head librarian at the Aurelius Library.


Let the professionals at Schafer’s help you create a backyard oasis with landscaping DELIVERY ONLY that your family will enjoy all summer!

$35.00!! We carry camp Fire Rings! 36-inch Camp Fire Ring $53.20 30-inch Camp Fire Ring $42.00

One to Ten Yards at a time. Local only.

Block Kits also available for your Camp Fire Ring! Choose from a variety of colors. Build your own or we will do it for you!

“Bringing Beauty to Your Community” 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU!

May 22, 2011


6025 Aurelius 517-393-SAND (7263)


10488 Hartel Rd 517-622-DIRT (3478)


4205 W Columbia Rd 517-393-SAND (7263)

Pick up or Delivery Available • LJ-0100094303 0100019401

Doolittle circus goes on

DANSVILLE – Two Dansville High School seniors who attended the Eaton Intermediate School District (EISD) Career Preparation Center at Lansing Community College on May 6 were inducted into the EISD Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Amber Adams is in the Zoo &

Aquarium Science class. She plans to attend LCC for two years, and then transfer to Michigan State to earn a degree in animal science. She a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA), the equestrian team, Color Guard, band and Dansville Compassion in Action, and is president of her 4-H horse club and vice president

of her 4-H rabbit club. Ellen Chelf also is in the Zoo & Aquarium Science class. She also plans to attend LCC and then transfer to a four-year university to major in biology. Chelf is a member of FFA and Color Guard, and has participated in basketball, softball, track and the equestrian team.

Caring Animal Hospital Dr. Bethany Steele 3rd Annual

Pet Appreciation Day ay Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Time: 4pm to 7pm We will be having: Location: Caring Animal Hospital • Capital Area Humane Society Adopt-A-Thon 2162 N. Aurelius Rd., Holt, MI 48842

(517) 694-6766



• Senior Class Salutatorian • 4 year starter in goal • Overall Record – 35-24-5 including trip to district finals last year • Record so far this year – 9-5-0 • 20 lifetime shutouts including 8 so far this season • 1 lifetime goal, sophomore season tri-MVP

From the coach: Katie is the silent warrior on our team. She has made huge saves in games that allowed her team to stay competitive. She leads by example and has proved herself a worthy competitor as the starter in goal over her 4 season career. Katie is also an excellent student receiving class Salutatorian honors this year. Her shoes will be big ones to fill next year. Proudly sponsored by Trinesha Goebel, Your Local State Farm Agent. 517-676-4500 |

FREE WEIGHT LOSS SEMINAR Everything you need to know about Bariatric Surgery How it can change your life • Where your insurance fits in How it can improve your health • If it’s right for you Learn the benefits of gastric bypass and Lap-band©


Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Sparrow Health Sciences Pavilion 2900 Hannah Blvd, East Lansing Wimbledon Room 6:00-7:30 PM MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED


Division of Mid-Michigan Physicians To reserve your spot, go to: or call: (517) 913-4010


May 22, 2011

Now Offering Walk-In hours Wed 2-4:30pm. Bethany Steele Caring Animal Hospital

• Food • FREE Raffle • Dental Care Demonstrations • Invisible Fence Company • Tours of the Hospital • Behavioral Demonstrations • Silent Auction, Proceeds go to Capital Area Humane Society

Girls Soccer Leslie High School Blackhawks


Dansville students inducted into Society


Ingham County Community News

MASON — Mason Public School’s Early Learning class is carried on a great tradition in late April by performing a circus, a program performed by many Mason kindergarten and Early Learning students for more than 20 years. Sue Cousins’ Early Learning students have been honored to host the circus since the retirement seven years ago of the late Margaret Brown Doolittle from Mason Public Schools. Doolittle had been actively involved in helping with the circus since her retirement, but this was the first circus without her. Doolittle passed away her memory. The circus honor of the dedication she enjoyed performing it and this winter, but the circus has been renamed “Doolit- had given to the circus and the parents who watched. tradition continues on in tle’s BIG TOP Circus” in all the students who have — From Mason Public Schools



Ingham County Community News


The following students were named to the Leslie High School 2nd Trimester Honor Roll 2010-2011 (* denotes all A’s). Freshmen: Joshua Babin*, John Baughan, Emily Bean, Nicole Bliven*, Macayla Bogart, Tyriek Bugbee, Makayla Clemens, Faith Craft*, Jessica Croel*, Divin Cunningham, Tyler Dack, Gary Dekett*, Lindsey Denison, Lauren Doane*, Virginia Gilton*, Mackenzie Glassford*, Kayla Gorman, Kristi Grieb, Steffanie Hampton, Britany Hanes*, Kandra Harper*, Karen Haught, Joshua Hayes*, Gabriel Herrick, Kyle Howland, Savannah Hubbard, Noah Jansen, Kody Jessup, Justin


Keller*, Austin Latter*, Chase Leonard, Johnathan Lindstrom, Mikayla Matthews, Thomas McHugh, Haleigh Moore, Katherine Navarro*, Stephanie Neff*, Adam Olfier, Trevor Olfier, Mavis Orrick, Rebecca Orrin*, Vanisa Patel, Kelsey Phelan, Guy Procopio, Lucas Rakieten, Caleb Rice*, Carson Riehl, Mackenzie Rudd, Austin Seavolt*, Elizabeth Shuster, Sierra Smith, Emerly Starnes*, Zehlin Storr*, Casey Swan*, Casandra Swift*, Carla Thomas*, Stephen Tremaine*, Ashley Vanous, Kendra Weeks, Aaron Wilton, Steven Wiltse and Alyssa Zalewski*. Sophomores: Trevor Alleman*, Mckayla Arnett, Paige Babin, Tiffany Back, Aaron Beson, Haley Blake*,

Jansen*, Courtney KitchinRamsay, Jamie Klinger, Alec Kruscke, Jordan Lorencen-Garman, Carolyn Manning, Collin Martin, Kayla Martin, Kenisaw Millikin, Rachelle Motes, Taylor Murphy, Manny Pennell, Jenna Piper, Brooke Prieskorn*, Micaela Procopio, Austin Rhoades, Ashleigh Rickman, Ryan Sibson, Brendon Smith, Desiera Soebiakto, Rachel Sonnenberg, Joshua Steckelberg*, Audrey Tremaine, Hailey Willett and Kayla Wulff. Seniors: Osa Abendroth*, Trace Alumbaugh, Ryan Armstrong, Federico Avila, Autumn Barratt*, Vivian Bauer*, Maximilian Benning, Ashley Blanchard, Derrek Butcher, Sarah Charles, Victoria Cowan, Zachary Culver, Dallas Dunsmore, Meaghan Farley,


Apply Today!

517.393.7710 or Toll Free 1.888.393.7716 7:$3 '@#%<1' 46963@!!> %<'$369 &: @& !6@'& ,*)+(+++ @<9 =@;"69 => &06 4$!! 4@%&0 @<9 ;369%& :4 &06 A<%&69 -&@&6' .:#63<?6<&


5@&%:<@! 2369%& A<%:< 89?%<%'&3@&%:<( @ A/-/ .:#63<?6<& 816<;>

340 S. Cedar, Mason • 676-4900

Federally Insured by the NCUA

*Annual Percentage Rate. This rate, based on terms up to 48 60 months, is lowest available based on credit worthiness and includes a 0.25% APR reduction available when you sign up for automatic payment of your auto loan from a CASE account. All rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Your rate and terms will be disclosed at the time of closing. Our service. Your success. Ask the credit union for details. Not all applicants will qualify. CASE membership required. $1 membership fee.


Breakfast Special

Coney Dog


2 Eggs Any Style, Hash Browns, Sausage or Bacon,Toast Convenient Pick-up Points Every


• 9:00 am at Meijer on Lake Lansing Rd. Return at 4:40 pm • 9:20 am Value City Furniture on Waverly/St. Joseph Return at 4:15 pm

For only $20

FireKeepers Casino will give you




which can be redeemed for meals, merchandise or free slot play!


May 22, 2011


— From Leslie Public Schools

3.50% APR*. Get into the driver’s seat!

Chain Saw Sharpening

Motorcoach to

Get in on all the FUN

Giovanna Frisselli, Jacob Gould, Tiffany Hardin, Trevor Hood, Ya Hsieh, Garrett Kanik, Emily Kennedy, Amanda Knauff, Olexiy Kryvych*, Christian Kunkel, Jeremy Kunze, Shelby Locke, Victoria Malkowski, Megan Martin, Caitlin McVay*, Ly Nguyen*, Taylor Oliver, Abigail Orrick, Aimee Rickerd, Dakota Riehl, Kelsey Ries, Jenna Roark, Mariah Rudd, Eva Schreiber, Aleesha Schultz, Elnaz Shahrokhi, Feng Shihan*, Kayla Smith, Youngtae Song, Victoria Stetler, Audrey Stoner, Rebecca Swab, Luca Topp, Sydney Tremaine, Chase Tropf, Taylor Ward, Jessica Warner-Glynn, Kaitlyn Weinstein, Samantha Welhusen*, Marlee Wetzel, Katherine Wilson* and Kaitlyn Wixson.

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Matt King birthday bash to be June 4

Matt King’s birthday bash with Matt King as Elvis Presley and featuring rockabilly/country/rock band North of Memphis will be held June 4 at the Leslie Event Center, 169 S. Main St. Tickets are $20; call (517) 676-1721.

Emily Boller, Brianna Bradley, Jonathon Brown, Lorene Butski, Chanler Carmer, Robert Chesney, Cody Davis*, Gregg Davis, Michael Dolbee*, Aron Dollarhite, Shannon Duffey, Kaleb Dunn*, Marcus Fields*, Randall Fields, Rebecca Gould*, Bruce Hall*, Zane Hampton, Olivia Hanson*, Kayla Harrell, Kaleb Hartman, Rodger Hector, Abby Herman, Jacob Howard, Sydney Kandell, Aaron Kanik, Jacob Kibler, Victoria Kinney, Joseph Kobus, Chelsey Larock*, Arrianna Levario, Jessica Lindsay, Deanna Madewell, Kelsi Martin*, Dylan Melvin, Bailey Miller, Kayley Monroe, Harvey Morrell, Julian Olds, Samantha Olney, Nicole Orrin, Cate-

lyn Preston, Shannon Przygocki*, Connor Rosier*, Zachary Schiller*, Huei Sears*, Colin Skromme, Rickie Stierley, Wyatt Streeter, Sarah Subject*, Nathaniel Swab, Jay Tropf*, Hannah Vogt*, Morgan Ward, Kara Weinstein*, Kelsie Willsey, Nickole Wixson, Samantha Wood and Jessica Zeitz. Juniors: Andrew Arras, Marissa Aydelotte, Christopher Brown, Kyle Bryson, Emma Bunker*, Richard Bushey, Lewis Carlson, Kelsey Carroll, Jacob Chaban*, Raquel Ciucci, Rachel Conine, Christopher Coppernoll, Rebecca Cousineau, Jason Cox, Gregory Culver, Justin Dunlap, Madison Every, Tucker Hanson, Brian Hollingshead*, Erica Howland*, Danielle Isham*, Brooke James, Nicholas

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A&W Restaurant



Call Indian Trails TODAY for reservations




A&W Grand Ledge 525 W. Saginaw 517-627-7800

A&W Mason 628 N. Cedar 517-676-4344

MASON — Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to downtown Mason on Thursday evening, May 26, and enjoy the sounds of the Mason Middle School and Mason High School Jazz Bands on the Ingham County Courthouse lawn. The two bands, under the direction of Amber McRay, will play beginning at 6 p.m. in a free concert, hosted by the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) and sponsored by Ware’s Pharmacy. That evening, the MACC will kick off its seventh season of “Thursday Night Live!,” (TNL) a summer series of live musical entertainment presented by Independent Bank on eight select Thursdays. The free outdoor concerts take place at 6 p.m. on the

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Expertly Restored

woods Band will have the stage — back for their seventh year with Mason Mayor Leon Clark. For the Aug. 25 concert, sponsored by the Dart Container, the series will feature the second new addition to this years TNL series line up, with Twilight Memories Big Band, as a 17-piece community big band. The entertainment series concludes with the Mason High School Band on Sept. 15, led by Beth Bousfield, Mason High School band director. The Mason High School Cheer Squad will join in the program sponsored by CP Federal Credit Union. This last concert will also mark the beginning of Mason’s “Down Home Days” weekend.


1- 800 - CAR - ANGE L


Weekly Specials



$ 14


Ingham County Courthouse lawn in downtown Mason on May 26, June 9 and 23, July 7 and 21, Aug. 11 and 25 and Sept. 15, weather permitting. The Mason Optimist Club will sell hot dogs, chips and pop nearby. Two weeks after the first concert, the Mason Orchestral Society will perform on Thursday, June 9, sponsored by CP Federal Credit Union. The June 23 concert will feature the Sea Cruisers, a popular oldies band, sponsored by Mason’s Downtown Development Authority. The Clarksons will play on July 7. They will be followed by Faith 4, a local Christian rock band that will perform for the first time in the TNL series on July 21. On Aug. 11, sponsored by Mason State Bank, the Back-

sponsored by boat angel outreach centers


what’s for



May 23 – May 27, 2011

Discount Code:522R56



Chicken Poppers/Dip OR Hamburger/Dill Chips

• Golden Potato Rounds • Fresh Apple Slices • Bread/Butter


Tasty Tacos/Trimmings OR Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich

• Mexican Rice • Pineapple Chunks • Fun Fruits


Mozzarella Crazy Bread OR PB&J Sandwich

• Sliced Green Beans • Fruit Jello/Topping • Frosted Cake Square


Homemade Spaghetti/Meat Sauce OR Pork Barbeque on Bun

• Tossed Lettuce Salad • Chilled Peach Slices • Garlic Toast


Pepperoni Pizza Square OR Fish Sandwich, Chips

• Niblet Corn • Chilled Applesauce • Chex Mix


Chicken Poppers/Dip OR Hamburger on Bun, Dill Chips

• • • •


Tasty Tacos/Trimmings OR Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich

• Mexican Rice • Chilled Fruit Cup • Bread/Butter


Mozzarella Crazy Bread OR PB&J Sandwich

• • • •

Sliced Green Beans Baby Carrots/DIp Fruit Jello/Topping Cookie


Homemade Spaghetti/Meat Sauce OR Pork Barbeque on Bun

• • • •

Tossed Lettuce Salad Broccoli Cuts Chilled Peach Slices Garlic Toast

Pepperoni Pizza Square OR Fish Sandwich, Chips

• • • •

Niblet Corn Oven Baked Beans Chilled Applesauce Chex Mix

Post these School lunch menus in a handy place MASON HIGH SCHOOL


Chicken Fingers OR Cheeseburger Deluxe OR Pepperoni Pizza Wedge OR Sandwich Selection

• Sandwich Selection • Twisty Fries • Sliced Green Beans • Fresh Fruit • Asst. Chilled Fruit Cups • Bread/Butter


Spaghetti/Meat Sauce OR Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich OR Cheese Pizza Square OR Cold Sandwich Selection

• Baby Carrots • Peas • Fresh Fruit • Asst. Chilled Fruit Cup • Garlic Toast


• Oven Fries • Frozen Mixed Vegetables • Fresh Fruit • Asst. Chilled Fruit Cup • Bread/Butter


Oven Baked Chicken OR BLT Croissant, Chips OR Pepperoni Pizza Square OR Cold Sandwich Selection Chili/Cheese Fries OR Hot or Spicy Chicken Sandwich OR Stuffed Crust Pizza Wedge OR Cold Sandwich Selection

• Whipped Potatoes • Peas • Fresh Fruit • Asst. Chilled Fruit Cup • Dinner Rolls

• Oven Baked Beans • Broccoli Cuts • Fresh Fruit • Asst. Chilled Fruit Cup • Bread/Butter

Build-Your-Own Bar Offered Daily Taco, Deli, Salad and Specialty Bar Milk and Juice Served Daily Menu subject to change due to availability of product.


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for a value size fry with any purchase

MASON MIDDLE SCHOOL Golden Tater Tots Tender Peas Fresh Apple Slices Bread/Butter

Good at Wendy’s 439 N. Cedar Mason, MI Expires 6/30/11

Limit one coupon per visit Not valid with any other discounts, coupons or special offers.

May 22, 2011


Nachos Supreme OR Veggie Wrap OR Fiestada OR Cold Sandwich Selection


13 Ingham County Community News

Thursday Night Live! concerts to begin soon

Ingham County Community News


Scouts, Speedway partner MASON — Boy Scout Troop 141 has partnered with Spartan Speedway in Delhi Township to raise money for troop activities. The troop is selling discounted general admission tickets for the June 24 race at Spartan Speedway for $10, $2 off the normal admission price. The troop will receive $5 for every ticket sold. “Due to the generosity of Spartan Speedway, the boys can benefit from the ticket sales and race fans can save a couple of dollars,” Scoutmaster Craig Barnes said. “We try and maintain a pretty active outing schedule that naturally takes its toll on tents and other equipment. We appreciate the community’s support of our fundraising efforts. “In return, we try and be as

active as possible in our community service efforts.” To obtain tickets, send a check payable to Boy Scout Troop 141 to: Boy Scouts, 2776 Eden Road, Leslie, MI 49251 or call fundraising Chair John Hazewinkle at (517) 231-0666, emaili or contact Assistant Scoutmaster Michael Crooks at (517) 589-0008. Troop 141 is chartered by the St. James Catholic Church, 1010 S. Lansing St. Meetings are held from 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesdays at the church. For more information, e-mail or call Barnes at (517) 244-9414 or committee Chair Jim Pnacek at (517) 244-0719.

3750 W. Howell Road – Mason, Michigan 48854

— From Troop 141

REAL ESTATE Marketplace

Your Full Service Real Estate Company: Auctioneers, REALTORS®, Appraisers

May 22, 2011

Bill Sheridan, CAI, AARE

Doug Sheridan, CAI, ATS

740 South Cedar St, Mason LJ-0100093088

Dave Trout, Agent

Sharon Davis, Agent

(517) 676-9800

FFor more iinformation f ti callll or visit i it our webb site it 517-676-2854 |



SENIOR SPECIAL Monday - Thursday before noon All day Friday 9 holes with cart $16.00 - 18 holes with cart $22.00 27 holes with cart - $28.00 2011 ELDORADO JUNIOR PROGRAM Ages 6 to 17 - Monday, June 20th through August 8th $95.00 - Includes 6 weeks of lessons, golf and prizes Sign up deadline is June 15th MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL Friday, May 27th - Sunday, May 29th All The Golf You Can Play In A Day Before Noon $39.00 - After Noon $32.00 $1.00 Draft Special - $1.00 Large Fountain Beverage - Lunch specials

MAY 2011


Sponsored by:

New Homes Open June 2-5 and 9-12 • Remodeled Projects Open June 9-12 Weekends 1–6 p.m. and Weeknights 6–9 p.m. NEW HOMES Motz Homes PARADE HOME 1 3555 Venice Drive, DeWitt Schroeder Homes PARADE HOME 2 1201 Lobelia Lane, DeWitt

Allen Edwin Homes PARADE HOME 8 670 Worthington, Lansing

Schroeder Homes PARADE HOME 15 4236 Rain Forest Circle, Okemos

Allen Edwin Homes PARADE HOME 22 107 Lake Ridge Drive, Mason

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 9 627 Virginia Avenue, East Lansing

Giguere Homes PARADE HOME 16 2691 Sophiea Parkway, Okemos

James Edward Builders, Inc. PARADE HOME 23 460 Raindrop Court, Mason

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 17 3846 Zaharas Lane, Okemos


Allen Edwin Homes PARADE HOME 4 7606 Madrid Drive, Lansing

HDI Builders PARADE HOME 11 16787 Cedarbrook, Haslett

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 5 6819 Mulberry Lane, Grand Ledge

Sierra Homes of Michigan PARADE HOME 12 5146 Giesboro, Okemos

Eastbrook Homes PARADE HOME 6 7492 Roxborough, Grand Ledge Granger Group PARADE HOME 7 253 Barrington Circle, Lansing

Eastbrook Homes PARADE HOME 13 5124 Twinging, Okemos Allen Edwin Homes PARADE HOME 14 1611 Columbus Avenue, Okemos

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 18 2723 Carnoustie Drive, Okemos

Key Builders REMODELED PROJECT A 13210 Kenyon Road, Grand Ledge

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 19 2710 Tapestry Drive, Okemos

Magnotta Builders & Remodelers, LLC REMODELED PROJECT B 7232 Glen Terra, Lansing

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 20 2611 Lupine Court, Okemos

James Edward Builders, Inc. REMODELED PROJECT C 4705 Chippewa, Okemos

Mayberry Homes PARADE HOME 21 3940 Sunshine Peak Drive, Holt

Go to for more details!






Eastbrook Homes PARADE HOME 3 1365 Sanborn, DeWitt

Jerry Fedewa Homes PARADE HOME 10 2194 Sacramento Way, East Lansing




Stay Comfortable All Year Long With...

Adult $10 (ages 12 and up) • Child $5 (under age 12) • Family Pass $25 (2 adults and up to 4 children) Proceeds to support local charities.



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Mason (517) 676-3661 Holt/S Lansing (517) 694-5083 Grad Ledge (517) 622-3278



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er R iv



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E.H. Ward 415 W. Mt Hope Ave., Lansing



Sponsored by:

s you tour the new homes in the Parade, you will see volunteers at each new home selling tickets and welcoming guests. These individuals are non-profit organizations that have agreed to staff the homes. The Greater Lansing Home Builders & Remodelers Association sincerely appreciates the hard work of these groups. These organizations receive a majority of the total ticket sales for their efforts and participation. Volunteer organizations in the 2011 Parade of Homes include:





American Sewing Guild Lansing Clippers Bath Township Lions Club Bretton Woods Lioness Club Chapter BS P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter EO Grand Ledge, P.E.O. Sisterhood Coalition of Labor Union Women Delta Waverly Rotary Club DeWitt Kiwanis First Christian Church – Disciples of Christ Hope Lutheran Church – DeWitt Kiwanis Club of Okemos Lansing Area Golden K Kiwanis Club Lansing Chapter National Society of the American Revolution Lansing Sail & Power Squadron Lioness Club of DeWitt National Association of Women in Construction Pioneer Civitan Club St. Andrew Orthodox Church St. Gerard School St. Michaels Episcopal Church Union Missionary Baptist Church United Voices of Harmony Water Wonderland Sweet Adeline Chorus – Okemos

NORTH STAR TRADER 3036 S. Bagley (US-27) • Ithaca • 5 Miles North of M-57 on US-27

989-875-4341 Open 5 Days a Week - 11am to 5pm • Closed Wednesdays & Sundays




Professional Roof Cleaning Services, LLC

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May 22, 2011

Eco-Friendly process safely improves The look and property value of your home

MAY 2011

Timely Tips for Hiring Remodelers Red Flags For Identifying the Unprofessional Remodeler Doesn’t have a license or insurance. All remodelers should be able to demonstrate evidence of both. Doesn’t write contracts. Without a clear written plan, it’s difficult to know what work you are both agreeing to complete. Expectations should be agreed to in writing. Requires payment in full prior to starting the job. It’s reasonable for your contractor to ask for payment up front to purchase materials for your job. Shady contractors demand full payment and may leave with the money. Vastly underbids other contractors. If a bid is way lower than everyone else’s it may indicate inexperience or a method of cutting costs that severely affects quality. Cannot provide references. Professional remodelers will always be able to provide the names and phone numbers of past customers. How to Evaluate A Home Remodeler’s References


Before you sign a contract with a home remodeler, ask them to share with you the names and phone numbers of customers they have worked with in the past. Here are several questions to ask the previous customers: ( .,=6+ 2,= @>#) ?@>! -,0?#4-?,# 4"4>0/ ( '>+ ?@) #)3,+)6)# 34>0?4>0 4 0)4? 40+ -6)40 ;,1 !>?)/ .4! 466 +)1#>! @4=6)+ 4842 >0 4 ?>3)62 $4!@>,0/ ( '>+ ?@) -,0?#4-?,# 9))& 641,# 40+ 34?)#>46 +)642! ?, 4 3>0>3=3 !, ?@4? 2,=# ;,1 84! !?4#?)+ 40+ -,3&6)?)+ ,0 ?>3) 40+ 8>?@>0 1=+")?/ ( .)#) ?@)2 )4!2 ?, 8,#9 8>?@/ '>+ ?@)2 9))& 2,= >0$,#3)+ 4! ?@) ;,1 &#,"#)!!)+/ ( '>+ ?@) #)3,+)6)# !=&&62 2,= 8>?@ &4&)#8,#9 ,0 4 ?>3)62 14!>!/ ( 7,8 8)66 +>+ ?@) -,0?#4-?,# 8,#9 8>?@ 2,= ,0 &#,16)3! ?@4? 4#,!)/



Final Questions to ask yourself before you make the decision: ( ( ( ( ( (


', 2,= $))6 -,3$,#?416) 40+ -,0$>+)0? ?@4? ?@>! -,3&402 8>66 +, ?@) 8,#9 4--,#+>0" ?, ?@) &640 40+ 1=+")?/ *3 5 !4?>!$>)+ 8>?@ ?@) 8#>??)0 )!?>34?) 14!)+ ,0 ?@) &640! 40+ !&)->$>-4?>,0!/ ', 5 @4:) 4 ?@,#,="@ =0+)#!?40+>0" ,$ ?@) 8,#9 ?, 1) -,3&6)?)+/ 5$ 5 @4:) !):)#46 )!?>34?)! +, 5 =0+)#!?40+ ?@) +>$$)#)0-)! 1)?8))0 )4-@ ,$ ?@)3/ 74! ?@) <)3,+)6)# &#,:>+)+ 4 8#>??)0 -,0?#4-?/ 74:) 5 #)4+ >? 40+ =0+)#!?40+ >?/ 74:) 5 ",??)0 466 ,$ 32 %=)!?>,0! 40!8)#)+ ?, 32 !4?>!$4-?>,0/

19 Ingham County Community News

Mason junior Katie Smith lets a shot fly during the Bulldogs’ 3-0 win over Battle Creek Lakeview in the girls soccer regular-season finale on May 16. ALAN HOLBEN/FOR LCN

Mason on win streak Scott Yoshonis

MASON — Mason has fin-

into the open net to make the final score 3-0. Previously, Mason wrapped up the CAAC Red title with two wildly dissimilar wins, a tough 1-0 win at Jackson Lumen Christi, in what was the de facto league championship game on May 10, and a formality of a league finale, 12-0 over Sexton at home on May 12. “It was awesome to win the league,” Hursey said. “It was great for our seniors. We’ll cherish that, and then head on to the Cup and look forward to the tournament in a few weeks.” The CAAC Gold Cup tournament began with the Bulldogs facing East Lansing on May 19, after this paper went to press. The winner of that game will play either Williamston or Holt in the Cup semifinal on Tuesday, May 24, for the right to face either Okemos, DeWitt, Eaton Rapids or Lumen Christi in the CAAC Gold Cup final on Thursday, May 26.

Living with arthritis pain? Time to show it who’s boss. Studies show that moderate physical activity — the kind that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up like walking, biking, or swimming — can actually reduce pain and stiffness, and improve your mood. But it’s more than just keeping busy, you need to get up and get active at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day. You can even do it for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. In just 4 to 6 weeks you’ll notice a difference. Get physically active and show arthritis who’s in charge.

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Physical Activity. The Arthritis Pain Reliever.


May 22, 2011

ished its girls soccer season with a record of 14-2-1, and on a six-game winning streak, the last of which was a 3-0 win over Battle Creek Lakeview on May 16. Kaleigh Lound scored twice and Sam Houchlei had the other Bulldog tally in a game that was never really in doubt. Mason head coach Christy Hursey said that she liked what she saw, as her team prepares for the CAAC Gold Cup. “I thought we played really well today,” Hursey said. “I thought we connected a lot better, we finished a lot better, but we still have some things to improve before the Cup next week.” Mason dominated possession from the outset, but didn’t create many good scoring chances until the last 15 minutes of the first half, when Abby Meirn-

dorf sent an inch-perfect through ball into the path of Houchlei on the left wing. Houchlei deftly pulled it back to her right foot and blasted the ball inside the far post to make the score 1-0. The two almost combined for a second goal three minutes later, when a Meirndorf corner kick was blasted off the near post by Houchlei, but Mason did get the second goal soon after. Lound ran on to a long ball, turning on the afterburners to race past a helpless Lakeview defender, putting it past the onrushing keeper with one touch and slotting it home with the second, making the score 2-0 with 6:28 left in the half. Lound finished off the scoring with 16:48 left in the game, when Jordan Young sent her into the Lakeview penalty area with a diagonal ball. Lound again beat the keeper to it, and rolled it

Every day is anopportunity to show arthritis who’s boss.

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May 22, 2011


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Scott Yoshonis

MASON — Mason went into its Division 3 girls tennis regional with a bit of momentum, after winning its third CAAC Red championship in the past four years, and their second consecutive outright title. The Bulldogs swept the league dual matches, and tied with Jackson Lumen Christi atop the league tournament, which Lumen hosted on May 12. Mason won all four singles flights, with Emily Hall, Jessica Swanson and Stephanie Norgaard taking flights two through four, respectively. Seniors Brianna Fassezke and Huntar Martin won the second doubles title and Jessi Blask and Alanna Kulhanek took first-place points in third doubles for the Bulldogs. The team will also go in as underdogs to win the regional, behind the tournament host, Haslett, according to Mason coach Jim D’Angelo. “They’re the favorites going into the regional.

his team an idea of what they needed to do to beat Haslett, possibly the best team in the area this season. “It was important, because we wanted to see where we stood against them,” he said. “We knew that they’re very, very good, we knew that the depth of their singles is better than the depth of our singles overall. “Our singles are good, but their singles is unbelievable.” The regional was held on May 19, after this paper went to press. On paper, the Bulldogs were favored to finish in the top two in the tournament and qualify for the state finals, but D’Angelo is careful not to take anything for granted. “I wouldn’t say that we feel comfortable,” he said. “You just never know. “If you have an off day things can go wrong and you can lose some matches you think that you might have won on paper. “You still have to make it happen.” If Mason did finish in the top two, they will play in the state finals at Kalamazoo College on June 3-4.

As a four-year varsity letter winner, Emily has helped her teammates to a 22-2 dual meet record over the past four years. She is the girl’s track team’s top pole vaulter and 400 runner, and she anchors the mile relay team. At the Bay City Western Invitational, Emily topped her own school record in the pole vault, making a height of 10 feet. She is also a team leader and very versatile, having competed in half of the available events in track and field at various times.


Emily has also earned 8 varsity letters in Sideline and Competitive Cheerleading. She has been awarded MVP and Coaches awards. She was on the state qualifying Competitive Cheer team and has been All League and All District. She plans on attending Olivet and studying business and physical therapy.

Proudly Sponsored by:


103 E. Kipp Road, Mason (800) 554-7101

May 22, 2011


“I don’t see why they wouldn’t be,” D’Angelo said of the ninthranked Vikings. “For us to beat them in any of the flight, we’ll have to play very, very well, because they’re the real deal.” This is despite winning six of the eight flights at the CAAC Red tournament, led by freshman phenom Abby Perkins. Perkins breezed by Lumen’s Aimee Griffin in the top singles flight, 6-0, 6-1 in the flight championship match. D’Angelo said that his team’s experience, and not just the talent of newcomer Perkins, is the key to their success this year. “All the other girls have worked hard for the last couple of years, even if they’re not quote-unquote USTA players, to try and improve,” he said. “The effort and work to improve by the juniors and seniors has made our depth really good all year.” Mason also has the extra motivation of having lost to Haslett in a non-league dual match, 3-5, on May 9. D’Angelo said that match gave

Mason High School's Athlete of the Month

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Mason tennis wins CAAC Red

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Dansville Sculpture a ‘Welcome’ addition honored Recipients of the 2011 Education Excellence Award include Dansville Schools. Winners will move on to round two judging to determine recipients of a cash prize. Dansville High School staff found that traditional grading and assessment practices have a negative effect on student learning and motivation. Students now take summative assessments in all core classes that are worth 90 percent of their grade, and may retake them. Students also selfassess their academic and behavioral progress. ACT scores have increased in both math and science over the past two years.



— From the Michigan Association of School Boards

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Local agent. Local service. Local savings. Dennis Greenman Jeffrey Bohl of Mason stands with the sculpture “Welcome,” part of his exhibit of sculptures made entirely with his home bronze foundry. The exhibit, Daydream Characters, will be at the Lansing Art Gallery, 119 N. Washington Square, Lansing, through June 2. Bohl is principal at the Capital Area Career Center. BARB MODRACK/LCN

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May 22, 2011

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5K4TJ Run/Walk set Mason swept by Titans countless friends donating, a call was sent out for a $20,000 research grant. Dr. Wade of Australia was given the money to perform brain research and to find medication to help. Susan Barry, a retired teacher from Mason, is writing a book to tell her son’s story to help prevent what she and her family endured. Register at —click on the monthly calendar on the left, go to June, click on June 4.

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Thank you Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and Letter Carriers who helped out during the Annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive on May 14, 2011. Due to the generosity of the community, approximately 119,000 pounds of food were collected in the Lansing area. This effort will help fight hunger right here in our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— From the Committee for the 5K4TJ


COME UNIVERSITY LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA) A residential and campus ministry

1020 South Harrison Road, E. L. (Between Breslin Center and Trowbridge Rd.)

Worship with Holy Communion:


Childcare Sun/Wed evenings



1000 E. Columbia Rd. (Next to Mason Middle School.)

Everyone is WELCOME!

9:30 & 11:00 a.m. every Sunday 6:30 p.m. every Saturday Worship Service and Sonquest (Children 3 yrs. & older) Nursery available too Steve Malson, Pastor

Phone: (517) 676-5322

1317 Mason St., P.O. Box 175 Dansville, MI 48819

Sunday Worship: 9:15 am Rev. Donald Fry 623-6591 Church 623-6594 Parsonage

EDEN UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH 1938 Eden Rd, Mason (1/4 mi north of Barnes Rd.)


Sunday Service

201 E. Ash St., • Mason, MI 48854 • (517) 676-9449 Email: Web site:

Sunday school - ages 2 yrs thru adults - 9:30 am Nursery available infants thru 2 yrs during Sunday School and Worship Service

Sunday Morning:

Worship: 9:30 am Christian Education (for all ages from September through May) 11:00 am

Half Time Fellowship - 10:30 am Worship Service - 11:00 am Children’s Church - 11:00 am Wednesday Activities

5:45 pm Dinner, 6:30 pm Classes 7:00 pm Bell Choir Rehearsal 8:00 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Youth Ministries Opportunities Available for 6-12 grades

Dwayne Bagley, Pastor Erin Guthrie, Children’s Ministries Ruben Droscha, Music Ministries

Wednesday Night:

Prayer Gathering - 6:30pm, Choir Practice - 7:30pm

Pastoral Staff:

Lead Pastor, Dan Bentz • Mark Anderson, Youth LJ-0000917605-01

Phone: 676-1376

Mason Christian Child Care Center Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 517-676-6588


1030 W. South St, Mason, 676-4415

Sunday Morning:

Praise & Teaching Service: 10 am (Expository teaching of God’s Word)

Children’s Church during message (Primary, Intermediate, & Juniors) Nursery provided

Sunday Evening:

Senior/Jr. High Youth Group Word of Life Club Donn Kenyon Pastor 676-9886 Jeff Haynes Associate Pastor 610-1978 LJ-0000917601-01

To have your Church Listed, Call Suzi Smith at 517-377-1172

May 22, 2011



Sunday Worship 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. Education Hour for all ages 9:40-10:30 a.m. Wednesday Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.





Mason pitcher Cody Lopez delivers to the plate during the Bulldogs’ 12-5 loss to Jackson Lumen Christi in the second game of a CAAC Red doubleheader on May 16. That loss completed a sweep by Lumen after its 11-0 win over Mason in the first game. The two losses dropped the Bulldogs to 11-10 overall, and 4-5 in league play. SCOTT YOSHONIS/LCN


GRAND RAPIDS — Mason alumna Mollie Lounds has been awarded Aquinas College’s Sister Helen Louise Brogger award for outstanding performance on and off the playing field. A 2007 graduate of Mason and four-year volley-

ball standout for the Saints, Lounds has also been named the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference Player of the Week, and named to the all-conference first team and the all-academic team. Lounds was a team captain as a senior and the school’s all-time leader in kills (1,326).


Mason grad gains volleyball honors

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OKEMOS — The 5K4TJ Run/Walk to raise money for eating disorder research and to honor a Mason woman’s son will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 4, at Kinawa Middle School. TJ Warschefsky, an Okemos High School student-athlete, died doing situps in his apartment at dental school after battling anorexia for more than eight years. Warschefky’s dental student friends sent his mother a $1,000 check to start an annual 5K4TJ. Last year, because of this race, a golf outing and


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May 22, 2011

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Bearing down

Spring into SAVINGS! Mason pitcher Danni Service delivers to the plate during the Bulldogs’ 10-2 loss to Jackson Lumen Christi in the first game of a CAAC Red softball doubleheader on May 16. Mason nearly salvaged a split in the second game, as a seven-run rally in the seventh inning fell just short in a 12-11 loss. The sweep dropped the Bulldogs’ record to 8-12 overall and 3-7 in CAAC Red play. SCOTT YOSHONIS/LCN

Student welders place

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Students Brandon Kibbey (left), Tyler Roberts (center) and Max Godinez (will represent Michigan in the National SkillsUSA competition held June 20-25 in Kansas City, Mo. LARAINE ROBERTS/FOR LCN

then build their cart proj- lege level following graduation in June from their ect. The students pursue respective schools. — From Laraine Roberts welding careers at the col-

Find it on the


May 22, 2011

ital Area Career Center (CACC) senior welding students took first place in the state welding competition at the SkillsUSA Awards ceremony held on April 17 in Lansing. Students Brandon Kibbey of Leslie, Tyler Roberts of Mason and Max Godinez of Holt will represent Michigan in the National SkillsUSA competition held June 20-25 in Kansas City, Mo. They are the first CACC welding students to ever capture the state title. The three-person team built a welding cart testing their blueprint reading ability, measuring, reading of welding symbols, fabricating and welding skills. For the national competition, they must design their own blueprints and

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May 22, 2011

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OKEMOS- SHOALS NEIGH - FISH FOR SPRING STOCKING ALGAE and weed conBORHOOD GARAGE SALE trol, aeration systems, Thurs.-Sat. May 26-28, 9-4. windmill aerators, pond 4080 Cornell, 48864. Many consultation, equipment houses. Maps available. installation. Free Catalog. Harrietta Hills Trout Farm PORTLAND, 10716 BARNES 1-877-389-2514 or Rd, Friday, May 27th 1pm MC Saturday, May 28th 9am1pm baby items, children’s clothing, high chair, crib, FISH FOR STOCKING: Most changing table, car seats, varieties. Ponds & Lakes. toys, misc. items. Laggis’ Fish Farm.269-6282056Days269-624-6215Eves PORTLAND- HUGE GARAGE SALE 326 CANAL ST. Giftware samples, furniture, antiques, lawn & garden. Thurs. May 26, Fri. May 27, 9am-5pm. 5 MONTH OLD Australian Shepherd, female, up to date with shots, $75. 419 PORTLAND- MULTI FAMILY 434-0328. SALE Lots of big items. 2 tractors, 2 freezers, refrigerator, boat motor, brand ADORABLE BICHON & TEDDY BEAR PUPPIES 8 wks new Christmas items, old, Vet chkd., 1st shots, crafts, home & garden, & $300. 517-468-3986. much much more. Rain or shine. May 27-30, 9-4. 1108 JAMES ST. ADORABLE PUPPIES Cavachons, Pompoo, Pom-Chi, Poodles, teddy bears, ST. JOHNS-1440 E. JASON $300-$650. Rd. May 27-28 9:00 to 5:00 517-404-1028. books, boots and shoes, games, kitchen items, men’s clothing, sporting ADORABLE TEACUP TO goods, toys, women’s TOY breed pups-Yorkieclothing, Children’s Poo’s, Morkies, Shorkies. clothes in excellent condiAll vet checked, shots & tion sizes 6,8,10,12,14,&16. wormed. $400-$650. 3 Motorcycles - 1-50CC & 2-80CC’s. Garden 517-861-7086/517-404-3045 Rototiller. Boys 20inch Bike. Lots of Miscellane- BASSETT HOUND PUPPIES ous. 1/4 mile East on Ja7 wks. old, 1st shots & son Rd. off of old US 27. dewormed, variety of colors. $275. 989-291-5028. ST JOHNS 4674 & 4704 S. Krepps Rd. (between Taft BEAGLE PUPS 3 litters, & Centerline) FRI. May purebred, shots & 27th & SAT. May 28th, 9wormed. Have parents 5 5pm. & SUN. May 29th, 12wks old-8 mos old, $1505p.m. Garage & Perennial $200. Alma. 989-463-4286. sale. Men’s scrub size 2X & X-tra lg., tools, collectibles, music, CDs & BEAGLE PUPS AKC 2 white & tan males, born on 2/14. DVDs. Remington 30/6 & $150. Call 517-574-8890 Marlan Lever action 22. leave message. WILLIAMSTON PINE BICHON FRISE PUPPIES! MEADOW Condos. Fri. May Perfect family pet! 27, 9-3 p.m. & Sat. May 28, No shedding or odor. 9-3pm. S. Putnam to WalCKC, Health guaranteed. lace, 3 blks to Pine Mead517-663-2256. ow. Good stuff, household goods, furniture, antiques, clothes & collectibles.


Animals Lost LOST Welsh Terrier, blk & tan, 20#, Sun. May 15 eve., Wacousta/ Eaton Hwy area. Very friendly, dearly missed. Ph. 517-285-1057

BIEWERS - YORKIES MALTESE Show-Pet pups & adults, raised TLC, Vet referral $495 up 269-671-5390 BOXER PUPPIES, 3 females, fawn, 8 wks old, tails, dewclawed, 1st shots, wormed, $350/bo 517-6678028



CAVALIER KING CHARLES GREAT DANE PUPPIES Puppies 12 wks & 9 wks, Blacks, Merles, and AKC Registered, Champion Merlequin. Born April lines, Health guaranteed, 27th,ready June 10th. shots/wormed, show qualBeautiful coat and markity, vet checked, breed & ings, Dew claws, Experiworking titled parents. enced breeder, Good $1000-$1500. (517)628-2885 guard dog, Good with dren, Health guaranteed, parents on site, pure bred, CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES parecords, shots, vet rents on site, 1 Female and checked, wormed, View 2 males $200.00. (517)214puppy & parent pics on 2408 Facebook ’Boone Doo’or contact (517-262-1180) COCKAPOO PUPS Shots & $400 & $800 wormed. $400 cash, each. 989-236-7634/989-289-3849 COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES! Good colors. $300 & up. Shots, wormed 989-426-3866 Karen. DACHSHUND PUG MIX & D ACHSHUND PUPPIES Shots & wormed, ready to go. $125 ea. 989-235-3020. DASCHUND long haired miniatures. 2 females. HAVANESE: BLACK-BLACK $275. Call 517-643-5974 AND White -Chocolate and white, AKC Registered, Beautiful coat and markings, Champion lines, Experienced breeder, Health guaranteed, parents on site, vet checked, Champion Sired. Well socialized $1,200. (517)327-8202 ( 5 1 7 ) 2 3 0 - 1 6 3 1 ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES, AKC, Vet Checked, 2 JACK RUSSELL SHIH TZU PUPPIES $50. Call 517-589Males, 3 Females, $1500. 9403. (231)821-2312 KITS/CATS, RESCUED; ALL FEMALE SHIH TZU Puppies ages; some declawed; 2 blk&wht & 2brn&wht, www.trinityacresrescue. 6wks will be ready in; includes 2wks, Beautiful coat and neuter/basic medical $45markings, loveable, pa$135. (517)410-0074 rents on site, pure bred, shots, vet checked, $350.00. (517)339-0730 KITTENS - Litter trained, 6-8 wks., black, yellow & torte. $10. 517-626-6071. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES AKC, both parents on LAB CHOCOLATE, 9 weeks, AKC Beautiful coat and site. Call 269-967-3055. markings, Excellent hunter, Good guard dog, Good GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPwith children, lovable, paPIES Born 3/26. 1st shots rents on site, pure bred, & wormed, vet checked. records, shots, vet Parents on site. Dad, 110 checked, wormed, $400.00. lbs. $350. 517 482-0036 989-682-4063/989-640-4202 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. AKC. Ready now. Vet chkd., parents on site, LAB PUP AKC black male Shots & wormed. $450. 517-908-0171. 269-998-0925 GERMAN SHORTHAIR Puppies AKC. Born 3/28/11. LAB PUPPIES YELLOW, first Parents are close working shots, wormed. $250. 517and natural retrievers. 404-1028. $350.00. (989)981-6695 LAB PUPS AKC, fox red, GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES 4 hips, elbows OFA, eyes are males. Shots & wormed, CERF, champion blood$300. Call 517-857-2187. lines, 2 females $850; 2 males $750. Ready in June. GOLDENDOODLE PUPS OFA. Taking deposits now. CKC. Box, bell trained, 5 Wormed, dews removed, colors, health guar., shots, 1st shots, microchipped. ready for good homes 616Call Joan 517-231-1812. 459-8544.

BOXER PUPS Males & females. shots & wormed. OKEMOS 2958 DOBIE Rd. PUPPIES Beautiful pups! 269-998- GREAT DANE PUPPIES AKC MORKIE (Okemos Rd to Sandhill, E MALTESE/YORKIE cross. 2 0925 wormed & shots 7 boys, 7 to Dobie) FRI 27th, ONLY, males, non shedding. 1st SMALL DOG FOUND in Lansgirls, $650 each. 989-6669am-3pm. GYMBOREE Nut shots, dewormed, ready ing (Colonial Village) on GOLDEN DOODLE 9 months, 7527 having her annual sale! now. $375. 989 291-3989 5/14/11. (517)281-8138 Tons of like new girls shots, spayed, Very nice clothes. Kid’s toys, games dog, Crate trained. Great MALTESE PUPPIES Email the Lansing Community Email the Lansing Community & books. Lawn Furniture, AKC registered, shots, family dog. 5/8 golden, Newspapers 24/7 at: Newspapers 24/7 at: coffee tables, and other males $500 & females, 3/8 poodle. $150. (517) misc. $750. 517-749-0255. 3023

Animals Found



Business-Office Equipment

SHELTIE PUPS AKC Copper HAY FOR SALE 1st cutting Bar lines, shots, wormed, $2.50; 2nd cutting, $3.50; wonderful personality & Round bales $15. 517-543confirmation, pets $5001047. $650. 989-725-6885.

Flowers-Plants Nursery Stock


Wanted to Buy

Schools and Training


MANAGEMENT POLE BARNS MICHIGAN’S CASH FOR ANTIQUE furn., MEDICAL POSITION AVAILABLE for CAREERS start here-Get Largest Pole Barn Compamobile home property toys, slot machines, connected online. Attend ny (Built Best Barns) Best manager in Michigan. clocks, jewelry, sterling college on your own time. Quality, Best Service, Best Must have a minimum of silver, old coins, artwork, Job placement assistance. Price. This Week’s Specials 2+ years property manetc. 517-202-2570. Computer available. FinanErected 24’x32’x10’agement experience, must cial Aid if qualified. Call $6995.00 30’x40’x10’- CASH FOR GUNS , Art, Antibe able to relocate, re8 0 0 - 4 8 1 - 9 4 0 9 $8995.00 30’x48’x12’quired to live on site in ques, Jewelry, musical $12,495.00 60’x120’x14’company provided housstruments, Valuables. Call MC $ 5 5 , 9 6 5 . 0 0 ing; base salary + bonus 517-204-2004/517-663-3931 Licensed/Insured 1-877package, benefits after 90ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE 802-9591 MM days. Email resume to CASH PAID D iabet ic test from Home. *Medical strips. Area’s original, old*Business *Paralegal, COMPLETE MATERIAL REFERENCE BOX LA or fax est buyer. Friendly & fair. *Accounting, *Criminal POLE BUILDING Package to 574-389-7205. 517-505-2726, 888-639-6179 Justice. Job placement as24’x32’x8’-$3899.00 sistance. Computer availa30’x40’x10’-$5799.00 CASH PAID ble. Financial Aid if quali32’x48’x10’-$6999.00 Steel Up to $20 per 100. fied. Call 877-895-1828 roof, doors included, other Call 517-292-0991 sizes available MC DENTAL ASSISTANTS Call Standale Post Frame AIRLINES ARE HIRING MICHIGAN Com m uni t y Buildings Toll Free 1-800Train for high paying AviaDental Clinics has a part968-8201 tion Career. FAA approved time with benefits Dental MM program. Financial aid if Assistant position in Charqualified - Job placement lotte. If you are a positive BUILDING MATERIALS WANTED ATV’S BUYING assistance. Call Aviation self-starter with great FOR SALE: Metal Roofing used abused ATV’S Golf Institute of Maintenance people skills who would and Siding. Buy Factory DiCarts Motorcycles and (877) 891-2281. MC like to be part of a team rect and Save. NO Middle More call:517-605-7621 $0that delivers excellent Man. Lifetime Warranty 1000 care, we would like to talk $2.27, 45 yr. $2.12, 30 yr. to you. Please visit us at $1.92. Site Delivery. Call WANTED: PRO-FORM 730 or for an 260-585-4794 larger treadmill ALSO Speapplication and return it to MM cialized Expedition 20" or fax cycle. 517-647-6860 to 231-437-4772 or mail to PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS One Water Street, Suite Free Estimates. Licensed CERTIFIED 200, Boyne City, MI 49712. and Insured. 2x6 Trusses. Please specify the location 45 Year Warranty, PUBLIC as Charlotte on your appliGalvalume Steel—19 Colcation. MCDC is an EOE. ors. Since 1976 #1 in MichACCOUNTANT/ igan. Call Today 1-800-292- NEW & USED windows & 0679 MM ATTORNEY doors. All sizes, vinal sidCPA and/or attorney ing, Make offer, low prices. HUSKY METAL ROOFS with tax background 517-204-4949. Standing Seam. Metal wanted for growing tax Shingles/Slate. All in resolution firm with 1000 ENVELOPES = $5,000 Stock. Energy Star Quali- PIONEER POLE BUILDINGSoffices in Lansing, FREE ESTIMATES-Licensed Receive $3-$7 for every Enfied. $1000 Tax Rebate. Grand Rapids, and insured-2x6 Trussesvelope processed with our Largest Inventory in MichiKalamazoo, Flint, 45 Year Warranty sales material. GUARANgan. Company Installers. Southfield and Ann Galvalume Steel-19 ColorsTEED! Free information, 24 Free Estimates. Since Arbor to represent Since 1976-#1 in MichiganHR recording: 800-471-9524 1975! 800-380-2379. MM clients before IRS and Call Today 1-800-292-0679. MM State of Michigan. MC ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE Current position is in $1,380 WEEKLY GUARAN from Home. *Medical, our Lansing office. TEED. Stuff envelopes at *Business, *Paralegal, Excellent opportunity home. FT/PT. No experi*Accounting, *Criminal and competitive ence necessary. Deposit Justice. Job placement ascompensation package. required-refundable. 1sistance. Computer availaEmail resume with 888-206-2616 ble. Financial Aid if quali- CHEVELLE /LAGUNA 1973cover letter to: MM fied. Call 877-895-1828 Mr. Jesse Lothamer 1977 front clip, doors, Lothamer Tax tras, take all $1000 obo CDL DRIVERS- Relocate for MM Resolution 517-589-5666 Tons of Great Paying Texas Frac Work! Great Visit us on the web at: WANTED: UNWANTED company/Paid benefits! appliances, air conditionMust have bulk pneumatic ers, cars, trucks, vans, trailer experience. Call tofarm machinery, lawn day! 800-397-2672 mowers, campers, hot MM water tanks, aluminum or steel boats, aluminum winEARN UP TO $2.00/ MI LE dows or doors, aluminum SAVE UP TO 32 toppers, any types of aluCENTS/GALLON with our minum or steel siding, Fuel Discount Network! 4 wheelers, go carts, trailSmall Fleet Owners or ers, batteries. Owner Operators needed All picked up for Free. for OTR Flatbed. 866-970Call 517-628-2818 2778. MC


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| Lawn and Garden




"THIS END UP", CLASSIC white pine, twin bunk bed suite. Incl. 5 drawer dresser & 2 cubbie shelves, mattresses & bunkie boards. $1,500. 517-676-9789.

RAT TERRIER PUPS U K C $200. Also, 4 yr old male, outdoor dog $50. All good with kids. (989)640-5038 ROTTWEILER AKC MALE PUPPY, big, bold beauty. Call 517-663-1657.


ROTTWEILER PUPS CHAM PION LINES Health guar., ALFALFA GRASS-EXCELLENT shots, wormed. 5 mos. Hay $3 & up. Can deliver. $475-$575. 517-596-3215. 517-641-6034

Looking for extra money



Miscellaneous BACKYARD SHEDS & MORE 989-834-2028

Newspaper Routes Available


Delivering Newspapers is a great way to bring in additional income without disrupting your daily schedule.

“Routes available in the following cities. For more information please contact the manager for your area” -Lansing: Shawn Withers 377-1045 -Nashville: Linda Simon 377-1272 -Bellevue: Linda Simon 377-1272 -St. Johns: Dustin Spenski 377-1033 -Eaton Rapids: Matt Meehleder 377-1159 -Dewitt: Wayne Schuette 377-1288 -East Lansing: Karen Warner 377-1177

LANSING STATE JOURNAL $$ EARN EXTRA $$ NORTH LANSING AREA $700.00-$900.00 PER MONTH The Lansing State Journal is accepting applications for an established city routes in the north Lansing area. The delivery times average only 1 1/2 hours daily and 2 1/2 hours Sunday between the hours of 3:00 am and 7:00 am. You must live in the north Lansing area. If you would like more information, please contact Shawn Withers at (517) 377-1045 or swithers2


Building Materials -Supplies

Business Opport. Self Employment

Auto Parts


WINDOW AIR CONDITIONER 12,600 BTU w/remote, reg 110, $150. Small Flat screen tv $45. 517-543-2105


Musical Instruments

Day-Eve-wkend Classes Job Placement Assistance Class B Training (1 day) (517) 887-1600 Train Local Save Hassle

ALTO SAX-YAMAHA YAS23 Excellent condition, lots of extras. Great for student! $450/best. 269-569-5383.

General Help Wanted

GunsAccessories GERMAN LUGER WWII Dad’s gun. Complete set, never separated. Holster, 2 clips, key, history, service manual, german flag. All perfect shape. Certificate of customs declaration, Sept. 21st, 1945. # on barrel 1940 #Toggle-joint 42, $5000 firm. 517-281-5234


37 Summer Openings

Schools and Training AIRLINES ARE HIRING— Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified—Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-891-2281. MM

SMITH & WESSON Young American Safety Hammer. 32 S&W CTGE, 1920’s woman’s purse gun, 1 1/2’’ long barrel, chrome w/black handles, $500. Permit required. 517-281- HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 5234. FROM HOME. 6-8 weeks. Accredited. Get a Diploma. Get a job! FREE Brochure. 1-800-264-8330. MM

Wanted to Buy

A AARDVARK ANTIQUER paying cash for guns, jewlery, furniture, art & unusual & bizarre items. 517-819-8700

Selling an Item? See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL

14.25 base-appt All majors, we train visit: Or call 517-489-5354

FOREMEN TO LEAD UTILITY FIELD CREWS. Outdoor physical work, many positions, paid training, $17/hr. plus weekly performance bonuses after promotion, living allowance when traveling, company truck and benefits. Must have strong leadership skills, good driving history, and able to travel in Michigan and nearby States. Email resume to or apply online at EOE M/F/D/V MC

Planning an Auction?

See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL

RV DELIVERY NEEDED. Deliver RVs, boats and other trailers to the 48 states and Canada. For details log on to MC LANSING STATE JOURNAL $$ EARN EXTRA $$ Lansing Approximately $700.00 PER MONTH The Lansing State Journal is accepting applications for an established City route in the Lansing City area. The delivery times average only 1 1/2 hours daily and 2 hours Sunday between the hours of 3:00 am and 7:00 am. You must live in the L a n s i n g area. If you would like more information, please contact. Shawn Withers at 517377-1045 or Swithers2

Homes For Sale 1427 EASTBURY - Grand Ledge schools, Delta Twp. tax rate. 3 bdrm., 2 bath, 1492 sq. ft. ranch. Brick/vinyl ext. FP, deck & all appliances. 2000 build. $146K. 517-648-4189 FREE FORECLOSURE LIST INGS Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now. 800880-2517 MM LAKEFRONT - 3 bdrm. home on Jordan Lake. 1.5 baths, 2.5 car attached garage. 4 seasons enclosed deck. Large lot, sandy beach. $249K. 616-374-1667

Holt-Dimondale LAND CONTRACT


877-475-SELL Classified Section

10% down 1247 WILDFLOWER Mason schools. 1523 Sq. ft. new build. 3 BR, 2.5 bath, 2 car gar., hardwood & ceramic flrs, AC, realtors welcome. $144,900. 517-290-4829. Aurelius S. of Holt left on Gateway Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Ingham County Community News 27

Deliver the Lansing State Journal • Profits range from $500-$1000 per month depending on route. • Average 1 1/2 hours daily 3 hours Sunday • Delivery time 2:00 am to 6:00 am daily (7 am Sunday)


Selling an item

Business Opport. Self Employment

HEAVY DUTY PALLET Racks & Forklift for sale. Large HAY FOR SALE SHIH TZU PUPPY female, 12 qty. of pallet racks. 36" $2/bale. wks. Purebred. Shots, uprights in various N. of St Johns. wormed. $300 Ready for heights. 8’ beams 4" & 5". Call 989-847-2331 LHASA APSO BLONDE Aprinew homes. (517)896-5158 Forklift 3000# capacity. cot, 10 weeks, AKC RegisAvailable locally. Call Tom tered, Beautiful coat and at 517-694-4200 or Ted at markings, Experienced SHIH-TZU PUPS 269-925-0629 for more inToy size, non shed, shots, breeder, Good with chilformation. Email wormed, home raised. dren, Health guaranteed, $250-$300. 517-669-9418 loveable, parents on site, THINNING GARDEN Numerpure bred, shots, vet ous perrenial flowers & checked, wormed, Littered SIAMESE/HIMALAYAN KITshrubbery. Save 90% some trained 90% $400-$350. TENS, Blue point, 8 wks. are free! 517-622-2866. ( 5 1 7 ) 4 2 5 - 2 7 0 2 $150. 989-773-1757. HP NC6400 LAPTOPS Intel ST. BERNARD PUPS AKC, Dual Core 2GHz 2GB 80GB dewclaws, shots, wormed, DVDRW Wi-fI WIN XP Pro microchipped, $500. Call Widescreen FREE Antivirus 989-252-6970. Office $225 517.614.8880 44’’ ZERO TURN Simplicity TERRIER PUPS - 1st shots, mower. 187 hours of use. wormed. Great personaliImmaculate cond. $2000. ties! No Sunday calls. 989517-623-6631 584-6192. MALTESE, MALTEPOOS & A AMISH LOG HEADBOARD Morkies $350/up ToySize TOY POODLE PUP CKC AND Queen Pillow Top 1 Apricot male. Shots, Shots NoShed 989.225.1367 Mattress Set. Brand newwormed. Have parents. never used, sell all for $200. 517-223-3819. $275. 989-923-1278. SPLIT HARDWOOD MULTIPOO PUPPIES - 8 $ 5 0 / Face cord, 95 for 2 WESTHIGHLAND TERRI wks. Hypoallergenic, 4lbs face cord. You pick up. De- A BED QUEEN PILLOWTOP ERS 2 males, $500 mother grown. $350.00 (517)589livery extra. 517-589-0257 mattress set, new in plas& father on site. 1st shot & 5768 or (517)488-2248 tic, $200. Call 517-410-4921. dewormed family raised. Can deliver. 989-224-8138 PEKINESE/SHIH-TZU CROSS PUPS Adorable, ARMOIRE WALNUT 6 drawloving sweeties. $300-$350. er, triple dresser, mirror. $375 (517)372-6355 517-861-7086/517-404-3045 A TEMPERPADIC/STYLE PITBULL, 1 YEAR old male, MEMORY FOAM MAThousebroke, friendly. $100. TRESS SET Queen, newBlua color. 517 614-0740. never used, as seen on TV, with warranty. Cost $1,800, Sell $695. Can DePOMERANIAN PUPPIES 1 YORKIE PUPS $500 Toysize MICHIGAN ANTIQUE FESYorkie-Poos & Shorkies liver 989-832-2401. female AKC, $500. 1 male, TIVAL Midland, Michigan. $350/up NoShed Shots $350. 1st shots, wormed. June 4-5 Midland County Raised w/kids 989.225.1367 269-763-2102. Fairgrounds. Over 1,000 LG. TRUSSEL TABLE w/2 leaves & 6 arm chairs; 1 Dealers. 80 Acres of treasroll top desk; lg. computer YORKSHIRE, small, AKC ures and memories. 989PUGGLE PUPPIES cabinet; davenport; 2 armregistered, available 6/13, 687-9001, 6905 Eastman, 7 wks old, 1st shots & chairs. All in good cond. house raised, shots $625Midland, MI 48642, wormed, $250. 989-427For details: 517-627-7155 $725 517-669-2033 3205.


May 22, 2011


LANSING - 2306 Belaire. Beautiful 4 bdrm., 2.5 bath brick ranch. Walkout fin. bsmnt. 2 car garage. 2 fireplaces, central air, appliances, new roof coming! $104,900/best. Call 517321-8658

Manufactured Homes NEED A CHANGE OF SCENERY ?

We will pay to relocate your home to our community! *$8,500 for double wide *$5,500 for single wide *$199 Starting Site Rent! *Holt School District! *Pet Friendly NO APPLICATION FEES! Contact: Kensington Meadows today as sites are limited! 1-888-605-2237 Expires 6/30/2011 EHO

Apartments Suburbs COME EXPERIENCE Living at Lansing Manor "A Quiet and Caring Senior Community" Located directly behind the Lansing Mall, Lansing Manor offers 1 Bedroom residences for Persons 62 years of age or disabled. Rents are income based Pets are welcome. Call today for your personal tour of this lovely community. 517.321.5058 TTY (800) 662-1220 Lansing Manor does not Discriminate on the basis of

Duplexes For Rent DEWITT- NICE 3 bdrm., 2 bath, air, finished bsmt., garage, appliances. Located at 1104½ Chimney Hill. Available June 15. $775 +. Call 517-669-9820. DIMONDALE 2 BDRM., air, garage, bsmt., appliances, deck. $800 + utilities. 517646-0789. No pets.

Homes For Rent HOMES FOR RENT! 3 bed/ 2 bath homes. Over 1200 Sq. Ft. *Payments start as low as $599. • All Appliances • Washer/Dryer • Central Air • Outside storage shed • Pet Friendly • Holt Schools All Credit Considered! NO APPLICATION FEES Reduced sec. deposit Contact us today! Inventory Limited! 1-888-258-2412 Offer Expires 4-30-11 EHO, *WAC


CABINS FOR RENT IN CANADA-Walleyes, Perch, Northerns, Birds, Wildlife, Pristine Nature. Boats, Motors, Gas Included. Call 2008 YAMAHA TTR125. Hugh at 800-426-2550 for Electric Start. Excellent free brochure. condition. Less than 10 hours. Garage stored. Son NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE MM no longer rides. $1350 SALE (517)675-5108 (517)2145686 David Dan (the AOwner@) having failed to pay assessHARLEY SPORTSTER, ’96 ments required under the 883/1200 XL, Low mi., new terms and conditions of the tires incl. accessories. Bylaws of Brentwood Park Condominiums Association $5,000/best. 517-712-3274 (the ALien Claimant@), a project as esHONDA GOLDWING GL1800 condominium by the Master 2003 Like New,Illusion tablished recorded in Liber Blue,1 Owner,Only 5,500 Deed, 2999, page 61, amended, Miles! $12,500.00 (517)881- Ingham Countyas Records, as 5413 2008- 20’ SUN CHASER PONevidenced by a Statement of TOON BOAT & trailer. 50hp Lien dated February 24, motor. $8900. 517-882-2571 2010, and recorded February 25, 2010 in Liber 3373, Page 311, Ingham County ReOUTBOARD MOTORScords. U S E D 2 through 25HP, As of the date hereof, there some longshaft, some 1998 COLEMAN 12’ POP-UP. is outstanding and unpaid King beds, slide-out dielec. start, 2 line presnette. Excellent cond. on account of said assesssure tanks, 517-663-0576 ment the sum of Three $3200/best. 517-323-7527 Thousand Two Hundred Forty and 00/100 Dollars SMOKERCRAFT RESORTER 2002 JAYCO EAGLE 2 7 ’ ($3,240.00), which sum is ex1990 4 5 H P Slideout, excellent clusive of interest, costs, atMerc,Shorelander trl, condition, access. incld. torney fees, expenses of colradio,fish finder,many ex$10,000. 517-699-8006 lection, and future assesstras $3100 (517)332-2048 ments. ’96 COLEMAN Pop up Under the power of foreclot camper. Sleeps 7, fridge, sure described in said stove. Heated. Well maint. Bylaws and the statute in such case made and provid$2500/best. 517-763-7013 ed, notice is hereby given COLEMAN ROANOKE ’91 that lien of the Lien Claimpop-up. Excellent cond. ant will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises at pub$1,500. 517-402-3200 2008 YAMAHA 250XT DUAL lic venue on the third floor SPORT, UNDER 10,000 MI., of the Ingham County Cir$2800/OBO. 517-582-1065 cuit Courthouse in Lansing, AFTER 5 P.M. Michigan at 10:00 a.m. on June 23, 2011. The premises are located in HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1200 the City of East Lansing, SPORTSTER 2009 less than Ingham County, Michigan 4k miles, windshield, and are described as: SEE SOURCEADS.COM crashbar, lots of chrome, Unit No. 13, 338 W. Saginaw wt & silver $8000 (517)371- OR CALL LCN TOLL FREE #13, East Lansing, Michigan 3991


Waterfront Homes

Mobile Homes For Sale

OPEN HOUSE LAKEFRONT Lake Odessa, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1520 Virginia Street, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Sat May 21, 1-3 and Sun Z Z 0 HOLT 1 May 22 1-3. 517-204-2081. Z Z 2 bdrm., $1,000 Little work needed. Z Z Financing available. Z Z 866-694-0821 Z Z

Land For Sale


∫ Disability


223 N. Bridge St., 1 bdrm., 1 bath, apt. $450, util. included. 517-575-2668 517-622-6059 sundancefamilyhomecenter .com

EATON RAPIDS Immediate occupancy 3 bdrm duplex, 2 bdrms up, 1 down, newer carpeting, freshly painted, includes stove, refrigerator & garage. $650 mo., ref. & deposit req’d., 6 mo. lease. 517-930-7104 lv msg. GRAND LEDGE - 4/plex. EXCELLENT NEIGHBORHOOD, walk to downtown shops & parks. Lg. fenced yard, no pets. 1 bdrm. $425 incldg all utilities, except elect. Dennis: 517-348-6124. HOLT Nice 2 bdrm. duplex Nice yard. Central air, $595 & 575 water & sewer included. 517-694-1899.

LANSING - 2&3 bdrm houses, 2 bdrm duplexes. $600$850. Local owner cell 989550-1181.

Homes For Rent


8 ACRE WOODED LOT at end of private street, W. of Lansing. Near St. Joseph Hwy. & Broadbent Rd. Underground utils. $70,000. Buyer must extend Pine Ridge Dr. & join neighborhood assoc. 517-627-7972. MASON/DANSVILLE COUN TRY LOTS 3.3 acres in scenic area. Potential walk-outs. Great country living, yet close to towns & expressway. Columbia & Hanna Rds. 517-525-1131. WOODED LOTS FOR SALE High, dry, natural gas, perked, paved road. Red Bud Dr. Haslett area. $29,900. 517-339-0524.

Northern MI Property for Sale 50 ACRES HUNTING PROPERTY for sale. Westbranch, MI area. NW of Hwy 33 & 55. 989-345-1508.


Beautiful Pre-owned Home! At an incredible price! 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath! Over 1,600 Sq. Ft.! All Appliances Incl! New Furnace Upgraded Galvenized Steel Skirting Holt School District Pet Friendly No application fees Contact us today to view this home! 1-888-262-1683 *Fin.amt. $25,850 at 11.25% APR, 15 yr. term. inc. disc. site rent w/fixed increases in years 2&3. Financing arranged through Sun Home Services. NMLS #333675 Exp. 5-31-11. EHO.WAC. Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Apartments For Rent ACCORD PROPERTIES Studios, 1 & 2 Bdrms. Lansing /E. Lansing Area. 517-337-7900 OLD TOWN - LCC - Lansing Twp. Beautiful clean 1 & 2 bdrms., hardwood floors, $525-$625, heat included. 517-896-8732 ST.JOHNS-INCOME BASED 2 BDRM. TOWNHOMES. Beautiful Park setting. Close to schools & shopping. Laundry hookup. SUNTREE APARTMENTS 1100 Sunview Dr. 989-224-8919 EHO


Duplexes Starting at $750. Pet friendly. For details 517-272-1000 or visit:

-----------------MASON 2 & 3 bdrm. fireplace, central air, washer/ dryer. From $750. 517-282-9669 517-349-8000 ------------------

Move in for $199 when you sign a 12 mo. lease! Forest View Apts, Haslett * Cozy 1 bdrm apts $560 * PET WELCOME * Single level bldg w/ private entries * Washer/Dryer hook ups in utility room * Vaulted ceiling in living room * Storage access * Lovely wooded setting * Close to everything Expires June 15, 2011 Call today for info and tour! 517-803-2648 Conditions apply.

Old Orchard Apts.

Holts Best Value

$100 moves you in! "0" application fee & "0" sec. deposit 1 or 2 bdrms Apts.

Apartments Lansing CARY APTS. S. LANSING. 1 & 2 bdrms., $470-$570 mo., heat, water, sewer & trash included. 517-202-3964. HOUSING DISCRIMINATION? Call The Fair Housing Center at: 1-877-979-FAIR. LUXURY APARTMENT CENTER of Lansing. Save Your Gas. Lg flower patio & grill. Utilities Paid. 517-482-8196

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#13, Lansing, Michigan 48823, a unit in Brentwood Park Condominium as established by Master Deed in Liber 2999, Page 61, as amended, Ingham County Records, subject to, in accordance with, and together with all rights, privileges, duties and restrictions imposed, reserved or granted in said Master Deed, and also subject to easements and restrictions of record. The redemption period shall be six (6) months from the date of such sale, unless the property is determined abandoned in accordance with MCLA ’600.3241a, in which case the redemption period shall be thirty (30) days from the date of sale.

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Dated: May 18, 2011 By: Wendy S. Hardt, P45493 Attorney for Lien Claimant 4265 Okemos Road, Suite G Okemos, Michigan 48864 (517) 349-7610 ICCN-924068 5/22, 29/11-6/5, 12, 19/11 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE FOSTER, SWIFT, COLLINS & SMITH, P.C. IS ATTEMPT ING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. PLEASE CONTACT OUR OF FICE AT THE NUMBER BE LOW IF MORTGAGOR IS IN ACTIVE MILITARY DUTY. DEFAULT having been made in the conditions of a certain Mortgage made on March 18, 2004, by Ellen C. Reibeling, a single woman, as Mortgagor, given







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ST. JOHNS NICE R A N C H HOUSE on quiet dead end street, new carpet, new windows, 1/2 acre lot, 3 bed, 2 bath, partial finished basement, For sale by owner 517-282-9823

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BEAUTIFUL CLEARED LOT 2 OKEMOS SCHOOLS/ MA- LANSING-3104 MILDRED 1/2 acres, 174’ lakefront SON Minutes from MSU. 2 ST., Newly remodeled in property. W. of St. Ignace. bdrm., 1.5 bath, complete- & out, 2 BR, 1 ba in nice N. With buildings, good well ly remodeled, on 2 acres. Lansing neighborhood, GRAND LEDGE Lg 2 bdrm, & septic. Will sell for 50% Att’d 1 car garage. 1685 fenced in backyard. $600 w/full bsmt., gar., bath & or less than appraised val- CHAPEL HILL PLOTS availaStillman. $775+ util. Sec- mo. + utils. 517-930-0627 ble. Garden of the Good half, $700 mo. + gas, elecue. 906-430-1074 or 1-800tion 8 welcome. For more Shepherd. Valued at $1300. tric & trash. Application 448-6285. info. 517-930-1575 Make offer. 517-485-3370. fee req’d. 517-626-6545. MASON A GREAT PLACE TO DIMONDALE 2.1 A C R E S L I V E . 223 W. Cherry. 2 PRICE REDUCED. 9 mins. DEEPDALE CEMETERY- 3 bdrm ranch, quiet, C/A, from Lansing & 7 mins. lots in Garden of Love. Valbsmt., deck, yard care. No from GM Delta Plant. PriHASLETT & OKEMOS ue: $1295-$3495. Make ofpets. $675mo. 517-676-5666 vate, trees, wild life. Con$0 deposit fer. 517-889-5637 1, 2, 3 & 4 bdrms., Lansing, ventional perk. Land ConLarge 2 bdrms. newly remodeled homes. tract. 517-645-7476 or 517from $495. Nice, quiet neighborhoods. EASTLAWN MEMORY PLEASANT LAKE- LG 3 bdrm 712-1372. Ph. 337-1133 New high efficiency furnaGARDENS-OKEMOS 2 lots 1 full, 2 ½ ba., central air, ces & water heaters. Pets in Garden of Miracles. 2 car att. garage. Lake acokay. $550-850/mo. + util$1,500/both. 269-381-0039 cess w/ dock. $950/mo.+ ities. 517-712-5238 517-676-3185

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Legals Mortgage, together allowable costs of sale and includable attorney fees, the lands and premises in said Mortgage mentioned and described as follows:



day January, 2005, in the Office of the Register of Deeds for said County of Ingham, as document 2005-003718, and WHEREAS, the amount claimed to be due on said mortgage as of the date of this notice is the sum of Fifty-four thousand three hundred forty-two dollars ($54,342.53) for principal and interest and, WHEREAS, no suit or proceedings at law or in equity have been instituted to recover the debt secured by said mortgage or any part thereof, and default having been made whereby the power of sale contained in said mortgage has become operative. NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and pursuant to the statute of the State of Michigan in such case made and provided, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on THURSDAY the 23rd day of June, 2011, at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, local time, said mortgage will be foreclosed at a sale at public auction to the highest bidder at the first floor of the Courthouse, downtown Mason, County of Ingham and State of Michigan (that being the place of holding Circuit Court in said County), of the premises de-

County), premises scribed in said mortgage, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the amount due, as aforesaid, on said mortgage with the interest thereon at Seven and one half percent (7.5%) per annum and all legal costs, charges and expenses, including the attorney fee allowed by law, and also any sums which may be paid by the undersigned, necessary to protect its interest in the premises. The premises described in said mortgage are as follows: Property situated in the City of Leslie, County of Ingham, State of Michigan, to wit: Lot 7, Block 12, original plat of the City of Leslie, Ingham County, Michigan, according to the recorded plat thereof as recorded in liber 37 of deeds, page 504, Ingham County Records Commonly known as: 116 Covert, Leslie, MI 49251 The redemption period shall be 6 months from the date of such sale, unless determined abandoned in accordance with MCL 600.3241a in which case the redemption period shall be 30 days from the date of such sale, or upon the expiration of the notice required by MCL 600.3241a(c), whichever is later.

Legals Attorneys Mortgagee 313 S. Washington Square Lansing, MI 48933 (517) 371-8100

MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION SITUATED IN THE CITY OF of East Lansing, Michigan, LANSING, COUNTY OF Mortgagee INGHAM, STATE OF MICHIGAN: ICCN-916237 4/24/11-5/1, 8, 15, 22/11 The Southeasterly 5.0 feet in width of Lot 149, and Lot 148, Village Green SubdiviNOTICE OF MORTGAGE sion No. 2, City of Lansing, SALE Ingham County, Michigan, as recorded in Liber 28 of WHEREAS, default has Plats, Page 18, Ingham been made in the terms and County Records. conditions of a certain mortgage made by Brent W. Commonly known as: 1310 Vickers, a single man MortW. Northrup St., Lansing, gagor, to Michigan ResidenMichigan 48911. tial Mortgage Services, Inc., a Michigan corporation, The period Mortgagee, dated the 30th within which the above day of July, A.D., 2001, and premises may be redeemed recorded in the Office of the shall expire six (6) months Register of Deeds for the from the date of sale, unless County of Ingham and State determined abandoned in of Michigan, on the 8th day accordance with M.C.L.A. of August, A.D., 2001, in Sec. 600.3241a, in which Liber 2910 on Page 828 case the redemption period (document 2001-040903), shall be 30 days from the which after mesne assigntime of such sale. ment said mortgage was thereafter on, to wit: the 1st Dated: April 22, 2010 day of January, A.D., 2005, assigned to the AmeriHome FOSTER, SWIFT, COLLINS & Mortgage Corporation, a SMITH, P.C. Michigan corporation, and Benjamin J. Price said assignment was reAttorneys for Mortgagee corded on the 17th day of

Legals LESLIE TOWNSHIP 4279 Oak St. Leslie, MI 49251

Dated: May 15, 2011. AmeriHome Mortgage Corporation, assignee of mortgage. CHARLES A. FORREST, JR. Attorney for AmeriHome Mortgage Corporation 703 E. Court St., Flint, MI 48503 Telephone: (810) 238-4030 THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE

May 22, 2011

Legals woman, Mortgagor, given by her to Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, of 600 East Crescent Road, East Lansing, Michigan 48823, as Mortgagee, and recorded on April 19, 2004, in the office of the Register of Deeds for Ingham County, Michigan, in Liber 3103, Page 224; on which Mortgage there is claimed to be due and unpaid, as of the date of this Notice, the sum of SeventyFour Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine and 72/100 Dollars ($74,999.72); and no suit or proceeding at law or in equity having been instituted to recover the debt or any part thereof secured by said Mortgage, and the power of sale in said Mortgage having become operative by reason of such default;

BOARD OF TRUSTEES SYNOPSIS OF PROPOSED MINUTES Regular meeting, May 11, 2011, 6:00 p.m.

Members present: Vickers, Henney, Pallottini and Feazel ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}|

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate/Trust Estate/trust of Barbara A Carlson, Deceased. Date of birth:July 20, 1942 NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Barbara A Carlson, who lived at 6330 Pine Hollow Drive, East Lansing, MI 48823 died April 28, 2011. Creditors of the decedent




Sheryl Feazel, Clerk






611 Hagadorn Road Mason, Michigan 48854


Ingham Intermediate School District 2630 W. Howell Road Mason, Michigan 48854


Hobbs+Black Associates, Inc. 117 E. Allegan St. Lansing, Michigan 48933 Sealed bids from General Contractors for the Project must be received by Owner at Capital Area Career Center, Room 605, 611 Hagadorn Road, Mason Michigan 48854 by June 7, 2011 at 2:00 p.m., where they will be publicly opened and read aloud. Bids received after this time will not be considered or accepted. Bids must be accompanied by a sworn and notarized Familial Disclosure Statement disclosing any familial relationship between the Owner or any employee of the Bidder and any member of the District’s Board of Education or Superintendent. The project consists of approximately 107,000 sq. ft. of roof replacement. This project requires Federal Wage Rates per the Davis-Bacon Act. Complete Project details, contact information, drawings, specifications and addenda may be obtained on or about May 16, 2011 from A Non-Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at the Project site at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, May 26, 2011. ICCN-923343

5/22, 29/11



CITY OF MASON ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Mason Zoning Board of Appeals will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, at 5:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the second floor training room at City Hall, 201 West Ash Street, Mason, MI. The purpose of the hearing is to take public comment on a request for multiple variances regarding property located at 402 North Street to allow the demolition and reconstruction of the existing Avery Oil and Propane Inc. offices. The applicant is requesting a variance of 30 feet from the 60-foot front yard setback, a variance of 17.85 feet from the 20-foot side yard setback, and a variance from the maximum lot coverage allowed (50 percent) to be permitted to cover approximately 89.7 percent of the lot. The setback and lot coverage requirements are listed in Section 94-121(c)(1)a and Table 100-1 of the Zoning Ordinance. The property is legally described as the following: Commencing on the North line of North Street at a point 100.3’ West of the centerline of the main track of the Saginaw Branch of the Michigan Central Railroad (now known as the Chessie System), said point being further described as being 52 2/3 rods east of the N/S 1/4 line, of Section 5, T2N, R1W; thence N18d57’W 105.2’; thence N89d11’W 114.87’; thence North 132.8’; thence East 70.6’ Deed, 68.80’ Measured; thence N13d08’W, 15.0’; thence N89d42’W, 3.0’; thence N0d21’W, 109.0’; thence N62d32’E 16.1’ to a point 39.65’ from the centerline of said main track of said Railroad; thence S18d57’E parallel with the centerline of said main track 368.0’ Deed, 386.1’ Measured to the North line of said North street; thence West on said North line of North Street, 58.5’ to the point of beginning. Contains 0.66 acres, more or less, and subject to all easements and restrictions of record. The application may be publicly inspected Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Zoning & Development Department at City Hall, 201 W. Ash Street, Mason, MI 48854. The Zoning & Development Department may be reached at (517) 676-9155. Written comments will also be received at City Hall. Deborah J. Cwiertniewicz, City Clerk ICCN-923551


Ingham County Community News 29

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the following proposed Ordinance No. 32.1 was introduced for consideration and adoption before the Township Board on the 17th day of May, 2011. PREAMBLE AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE DELHI CHARTER TOWNSHIP CODE AND SPECIFICALLY SECTION 10-118 AND DELHI CHARTER TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE NUMBER 32 ARTICLE II, SECTION 2.1 THEREOF RELATING TO DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS, WEAPONS AND DEVICES IN CERTAIN AREAS OF THE TOWNSHIP; TO PROVIDE PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION OF SAID SECTION; AND TO PROVIDE AN EFFECTIVE DATE HEREOF. The Charter Township of Delhi, Ingham County, Michigan, ordains: SECTION I. AMENDMENT OF CODE SECTION 10-118 ENTITLED "DISCHARGE, POSSESSION OF WEAPONS BY MINORS" AND ORDINANCE NO. 32, ARTICLE II, SECTION 2.1. Code Section 10-118 entitled "Discharge, Possession of Weapons by Minors," and Ordinance No. 32, Article II, Section 2.1, shall be and are hereby amended to read as follows: Discharge of Firearms and Other Weapons and Devices. a. No person shall fire or discharge any firearm, including B-B or pellet guns, slings, slingshots, or bows and arrows (including cross-bows) within or into any residential platted area of the Township, residential condominium development, property zoned or used for multiple residential use, school property, and parks or other public property which are located north of the Urban Service Boundary as presented on the official Future Land Use Map which is a part of the Delhi Township Master Plan. The foregoing prohibition shall not apply to any law enforcement official, persons discharging such devices in self-defense, or any supervised recreational program conducted by a certified instructor. Violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to Five Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($500.00), imprisonment for up to ninety-three (93) days, or both such fine and imprisonment, plus costs as determined by the Court. The Township Board will hear proposed Ordinance No. 32.1 for adoption on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room, Community Services Center, 2074 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan. Evan Hope, Township Clerk HCN/ICCN-923515


Members absent: Wade Approved 04/13/11 & 04/20/11 minutes Received Treasurers report on fund balances as of 4/30/11 Approved disbursements in the amount of $25,039.53 Adopted Resolution 10-11-9 - Supervisor salary (no change) Adopted Resolution 10-11-10 - Clerk Salary (no change) Adopted Resolution 10-11-11 - Treasurer Salary (no change) Adopted Resolution 10-11-12 - Trustee Salary (no change) Adopted Ordinance 11.5-1 - Floodplain Management Made budget amendments Received reports Adjourned 6:55 p.m.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse, 313 W. Kalamazoo, Lansing, Michigan, that being one of the places for holding the Circuit Court for Ingham County, there will be offered for sale and sold to the highest bidder or bidders at public auction or venue for purposes of satisfying the amounts due and unpaid on said Mortgage, together with all

ICCN-921138 5/15, 22, 29/11-6/5/11

Ingham County Community News 30

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Legals notice.




May 22, 2011


are notified that all claims STATE OF MICHIGAN against the estate/trust will PROBATE COURT be forever barred unless COUNTY OF Ingham presented to the Trustee of the Barbara A Carlson Trust NOTICE TO CREDITORS dated January 12, 2004 as Decedent’s Trust amended and restated at 14286 Peninsula Drive, FILE NO Galesburg, MI 49053 within 4 months after the date of Trust of ETHEL M BUCHNER, publication of this notice. Deceased Date of birth: March 18, 1928 Dated: May 16, 2011 TO ALL CREDITORS: NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The Foster Swift Collins & Smith decedent, ETHEL M PC BUCHNER, Deceased who Charles A Janssen P30453 lived at 319 LISA LANE, 313 S Washington Square WILLIAMSTON Michigan Lansing, MI 48933 died APRIL 1, 2011 517-371-8262 Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims Wayne R Carlson Trustee against the estate will be 14286 Peninsula Drive forever barred unless preGalesburg, MI 49053 sented to SHERRI L. 269-746-2178 DEMARCO, Trustee, 2632 DONNA DRIVE, ICCN-923640 WILLIAMSTON, MI 48895, 5/22/11 within 4 months after the date of publication of this


Think Green:


TAKE NOTICE THAT the Township Board of the Charter Township of Delhi, Ingham County, Michigan (the "Town-

ICCN-923635 5/22/11

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| ship"), intends to authorize the issuance of NOT TO EXCEED Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($5,500,000) Selling an item SEE SOURCEADS.COM OR CALL LCN TOLL FREE



Leslie Township

Date Passed:

Officer Name:

Dallas Henney




Witness Name:

Sheryl Feazel





May 11, 2011

Leslie Township Supervisor Date:

May 11, 2011

Dated: May 17, 2011

Leslie Township Clerk Date:

May 11, 2011 5/22/11


Evan Hope, Township Clerk Charter Township of Delhi 5/22/11

Ingham County Community News 31

An ordinance to designate an enforcing agency to discharge the responsibility of the Township of Leslie located in Ingham County, and to designate regulated flood hazard areas under the provisions of the State Construction Code Act, Act No. 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended. The Township of Leslie ordains: Section 1. AGENCY DESIGNATED. Pursuant to the provisions of the state construction code, in accordance with Section 8b(6) of Act 230, of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, the Building Official of the Township of Leslie is hereby designated as the enforcing agency to discharge the responsibility of the Township of Leslie under Act 230, of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, State of Michigan. The Township of Leslie assumes responsibility for the administration and enforcement of said Act through out the corporate limits of the community adopting this ordinance. Section 2. CODE APPENDIX ENFORCED. Pursuant to the provisions of the state construction code, in accordance with Section 8b(6) of Act 230, of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, Appendix G of the Michigan Building Code shall be enforced by the enforcing agency within the Township of Leslie. Section 3. DESIGNATION OF REGULATED FLOOD PRONE HAZARD AREAS. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Entitled "Ingham County, Michigan" and dated 8/16/11 and the Flood Insurance Rate Map(s) (FIRMS) panel number(s) of 26065C; 0265D, 0270D, 0300D, 0375D, and 0400D and dated 8/16/11 are adopted by reference for the purposes of administration of the Michigan Construction Code, and declared to be a part of Section 1612.3 of the Michigan Building Code, and to provide the content of the "Flood Hazards" section of Table R301.2(1) of the Michigan Residential Code. Section 4. REPEALS. All ordinances inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed. Section 5. PUBLICATION. This ordinance shall be effective after legal publication and in accordance with the provisions of the Act governing same. Adopted this 11th day of May, 2011. This ordinance duly adopted on May 11, 2011 at a regular meeting of the Leslie Township Board of Trustees and will become effective May 22, 2011.


Charter Township of Delhi Sanitary Sewer System Revenue Bonds (the "Bonds") pursuant to the Revenue Bond Act, Act 94, Public Acts of Michigan, 1933, as amended, for the purpose of defraying all or a portion of the cost of acquiring, constructing and installing certain improvements to the Township’s sanitary sewer system, including, but not limited to, the construction of facilities to dewater and dry the Township’s sludge to reduce transportation and disposal costs related to sanitary sewage disposal, as well as all other necessary and related improvements, the acquisition of necessary rights in land, and engineering, bond issuance and financing costs. The Bonds may be issued by the Township in one or more series, the aggregate principal amount of which will not exceed $5,500,000. The Bonds will be payable primarily from revenues derived from rates and charges received from users and customers of the Township’s public sanitary sewer system, and will be payable in not more than thirty (30) annual installments at an effective rate of interest to be determined upon sale of the Bonds not to exceed six percent (6.0%) per annum, payable on the unpaid principal balance from time to time remaining outstanding on the Bonds. The total cost of the sanitary sewer system improvement project is estimated to be $5,500,000, all or a portion of which cost is to be paid from the proceeds of the Bonds. The project may be constructed in one or more phases. SOURCE OF FUNDING The State of Michigan, through its Department of Environmental Quality, makes funds available for municipal water supply and sewer disposal system improvement projects at a below-market interest rate (currently 2.50% per annum) through a Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund administered through the Michigan Finance Authority. The Township will seek to finance all or a portion of the entire project cost through bonds issued through said Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund. SOURCE OF PAYMENT OF BONDS THE PRINCIPAL OF AND INTEREST ON THE BONDS shall be payable primarily or solely from the net revenues derived from the operation of the Township’s public sanitary sewer system remaining after payment of operation and maintenance expenses. Said revenues consist of rates and charges for services, including connection fees, which rates and charges are required to be maintained and increased from time to time in order to provide sufficient revenues to meet expenses for operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer system, anticipated principal of and interest on bonds, and to provide reserves for payment thereof. A schedule of the rates and charges is on file in the office of the Township Manager of the Charter Township of Delhi, 2704 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan 48842 (phone 517-694-2137). ADDITIONAL SECURITY - FULL FAITH AND CREDIT PLEDGE In the event the Bonds are sold to the Michigan Finance Authority, and/or in the event certain state or federal financing is received for the project costs, the Township is authorized pursuant to the Revenue Bond Act to pledge its full faith and credit for the repayment of the Bonds. In this event, the Township would be authorized within its charter tax rate limitations to levy such taxes or advance such funds from the general funds of the Township as might be necessary to prevent or cure any default in the repayment of the Bonds resulting from an insufficiency of revenue derived from the operation of the Township’s public sanitary sewer system. Although it is not anticipated that the Township will ever be required to advance funds, the Township would, in the event of an advance, be entitled to be repaid from the next sanitary sewer system revenues available after correction of any deficiency or default. NOTICE OF RIGHT OF REFERENDUM THIS NOTICE is given pursuant to the requirements of Section 33 of the Revenue Bond Act, Act 94, Public Acts of Michigan, 1933, as amended. If within forty-five (45) days from the publication of this NOTICE OF INTENT to issue Bonds a PETITION signed by not less than TEN PERCENT (10%) OF THE REGISTERED ELECTORS residing within the limits of the Charter Township of Delhi shall have been filed with the Township Clerk requesting a REFERENDUM on the question of the issuance of the Bonds, then the same shall not be issued until approved by the vote of the majority of the electors of the Township qualified to vote and voting thereon at a general or special election. The current number of registered electors in the Township is 17,759. Further information regarding the public sanitary sewer system improvement project and the Bonds described herein is available at the office of the Township Manager of the Charter Township of Delhi, 2704 Aurelius Road, Holt, Michigan 48842 (phone 517-694-2137).

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