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Ingham County

Community News Your very own newspaper serving Mason, Leslie and Onondaga

Vol. 145 - No. 27

April 3, 2011

Firefighters hurt in Leslie blaze By SCOTT DAVIS


2010 Census Mason: 8,252 (up from 7,173 in 2000) Leslie: 1,851 (down from 2,044 in 2000)

See Census/page 4

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Census: Mason way up

MASON — The 2010 census produced good results for the city of Mason: a population increase of 15 percent in 10 years. The recent census showed Mason had 8,252 residents, up from 7,173 in 2000. City Administrator Marty Colburn mentioned a few reasons behind the big increase, including investments of industry, commercial developments and services from city staff. “The city services are maintained at a high quality and we are proactive to the changing needs,” Colburn said. Colburn listed Rayner Ponds, Summerwood, Coventry Woods, Riverwalk and the Green Acres assisted living community as examples of quality developments. Also, Colburn pointed out that through many discussions city staff has had with developments and residents,


Christie Bleck

Max VanWormer plays with the felines in the Kitty Kingdom at the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter, part of the Community-Based Instruction program at the high school.

In the ‘real world’


MASON — Sometimes kids have to get out of the classroom to learn real independence. That’s the purpose behind the CommunityBased Instruction (CBI) program at Mason High School. Students age 15 up to 26 learn traditional language skills in the classroom. However, they also learn how to vacuum a rug and use an oven. They too venture out into the community to get

a taste of the business world. After all, living independently at home and at work are important components of anyone’s life. So, it helps if the school district and the community help those with special needs who will be faced at some point with making it on their own. “Businesses have been kind enough to open up their doors to us,” said Ruth Tatara, a CBI paraprofessional who works with the students. However, they are based at Mason High School, with the program

funded by Mason Public Schools. “We’re in a class of our own,” Tatara said. Tatara helps in the classroom in a unique setting divided into two parts: the classroom and an “apartment.” The apartment section includes a washer and dryer, which gives students a hands-on way to learn how to clean their clothes. In the Home Living class, Tatara said, students learn how to cook using and oven and a stove and how to make a bed. See

CBI/page 3

LESLIE — Leslie Fire Chief Bruce Howe says five firefighters who fell through a roof while fighting a downtown building blaze on March 26 are lucky to be alive. The firefighters — among 10 firefighters injured Saturday during the fire at Moo’s Bar & Grill — were trapped in the burning building for roughly 30 minutes until a rescue team pulled them from the structure, officials said. “Thank God we didn’t have any fatalities out of that. It’s a blessing,” said Eric Weber, an engineer with the Lansing Fire Department,

which helped staff the 12-member rescue team sent to the scene. Nine of the 10 firefighters injured — as well as an apartment dweller — were released from Sparrow Hospital after treatment for minor injuries, including smoke inhalation, Howe said. A firefighter from the Onondaga Township Fire Department was admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation, Howe said. The firefighter was reported in stable condition, he said. Other firefighters injured were from the Delhi Township, Leslie and Dansville/ Ingham Township fire deSee

Fire/page 4

Michael Keith

Firefighters battle a March 26 blaze at Moo’s Bar & Grill in Leslie.

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April 3, 2011

Mason police report

Community News


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Between March 22-28, Mason police investi- Code complaints gated 55 reported incidents involving a variety March 24: The code enforcement officer reof activities. These are some of those incidents worth ceived a complaint reporting a hazardous condition on Middlebury Lane where dead or dying noting. trees were falling into a neighboring property. There was fear that some might fall onto the Suspect gets away neighboring property owner’s residence. The March 22: Officers received a suspicious code enforcement officer has been able to conperson call in the 500 block of Hull Road. The tact a representative of the trees’ property owner complainant reported seeing the suspect run and has begun the steps to abate the nuisance. from the premises without paying for his merA junk vehicle complaint was initiated for chandise. Store personnel reported that the a residence on Coventry Lane. When the code man had been acting in a suspicious manner enforcement officer went to examine the aland had approached an employee with many leged nuisance, he found it had already been inquiries, but stated the exit alarms did not partially abated. Follow-up with the resident sound when he left the building. Officers of the property is planned. checked the premises, inside and out, but did not locate the suspect. Opposing sides

Spitting mad

signs of impairment from marijuana use.

Reunion quieted down

March 27: An officer was dispatched to a residence where a loud party was alleged to be in progress. The officer arrived and found four females outside the residence who reported they had been outdoors smoking during a reunion of former high school chums. They apologized for being too loud and went in for the night. The matter is closed.

Thud yields mess

March 27: A Lansing St. resident suffered vandalism after an egg was thrown at and broken against a front window of his home at about 10:30 p.m. The complaint reported hearing a thud outside the residence and, upon looking out, witnessing two white males walkMarch 25: The department received a com- ing southbound on the sidewalk, but did not plaint from a purported assault victim who al- discover the mess until the following mornleged, while embroiled in an argument at the ing. 55th District Court, he was pushed by an opposing attorney. The complaint stated he was the Bushes begone plaintiff in a civil suit and as he was talking to March 27: An area landlord reported a theft the defendant’s attorney, that attorney threw his after a former tenant — who had been evicted papers to the floor. The complainant stated he — returned to the property and uprooted and then picked the papers up and challenged the at- removed some bushes. The complainant, when torney on his actions. That was when, the com- asked who bought and planted the bushes, plainant claimed, the attorney pushed him in stated he thought the former tenant had. The the shoulder, causing him to loose balance, officer referred the landlord to the civil court back stepping, but not falling over. Further in- process, and the matter is closed. terviews are pending.

March 22: A domestic assault was reported after it occurred in a parking lot in the 500 block of Hull Road, a location the two parties involved use for child-custody exchanges. The victim reported, supported by his female companion, that upon seeing the companion sitting in his car, his soon-to-be ex became vocally threatening, eventually lunging at the open door of the car to get at the other female. He stated he barred the door with his arm to keep his ex from attacking the companion, after which the ex spit in his right eye and left. A cellphone picture was produced as evidence. The suspect was located and denied Man in black trying to attack the companion, alleging her March 26: An officer responded to a bursoon-to-be ex was trying to intimidate her during the exchange. She did admit to the spitting. glary-in-progress complaint on McRoberts. The The report will be sent to the Ingham County complainant reported being home alone and hearing the back door open and shut. Thinking it prosecutor for review of charges. was his brother, the complainant called out but got no response, and about then the dog began Misused loan? to bark. The complainant started back to investiMarch 23: The department investigator re- gate and again heard the back door swing shut. ceived a larceny-by-false-pretense complaint As he looked out the window; he reported from a victim who had made a loan to a work seeing a male dressed in a black “hoodie” and associate. The victim reported having a trusting black pants jump off the porch and run eastworking relationship with the suspect who had bound. A canine unit picked up a track and folasked to borrow money to use as a down pay- lowed it to Oak and Jefferson streets, where ment for the purchase of supplies for his part- it was lost. Nothing was reported missing and time business. The victim did loan the money, the matter remains open. and shortly after that the suspect left their place of mutual employment. Driver cited Since that time the suspect had stonewalled March 27: An officer patrolling the area of the victim about repayment of the loan until Kipp and Hull roads noticed two occupied cars recently when the victim found the suspect in a parking lot, positioned so the occupants had used the money to pay fines and costs for could speak from the driver’s windows. Both a criminal conviction and was now securely cars were running. When the officer approached lodged in another county’s jail. The investiga- the vehicles and contacted the occupants, a male tion remains open. and a female, the evidence was ample — one had been consuming alcohol, and the other, marijuaFraud alleged na. The marijuana user, however, had a medical March 24: A resident reported a credit card fraud after discovering four unauthorized marijuana card and an amount in her possescharges on her account statement. The victim sion below the prescribed amount. The other stated the card had never been used online and subject was under 21 and had a breath-alcohad never been out of her possession. Three of hol level of .10 percent. Both cars were legally the four charges have been credited back with parked and, although running, were not in mocomplaints to the companies purchased from, tion. The officer opted to cite the male with miand the fourth will also be if a police report is nor in possession by consumption and allowed him to leave with the female, who showed no made. The investigation remains open.

Cemetery parking

March 28: An officer, who was dispatched to the Maple Grove Cemetery on a report of two people having sexual relations in a vehicle, found two teenagers kissing. They were both fully clothed, with no crime committed.

Shed damaged

March 28: An officer responded to a report of an attempted burglary on Temple St. The complainant stated that sometime between March 19-26 an unknown person(s) attempted to break into his shed. No entry was gained, but the shed was damaged during the attempt. The case remains open. Crash reports: Six on-street accidents and one private property accident. Alarms: One alarm activation. From the code enforcement officer: Trash receptacles are required to be removed from the street by 9 p.m. the day of trash pick-up. Granger will pick up yard waste/brush from the city on Friday, April 8 and each Friday thereafter. Visit www.mason.mi.usee or call (517) 676-2458, ext. 231, non from noon-5 p.m. weekdays. Do not rake leaves to the curb. The Department of Public Works does not pick leaves up in the spring. Reminder: Pursuant to City of Mason Ordinance 78-6, parking is prohibited on all city streets between 2-6 a.m. Nov. 1-May 1. To contact Mason police, call (517) 676-2458 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays, or email — From the Mason Police Department

CBI: Progam helps area A community effort

However, they also get out in the world for a true working experience. At the local Goodwill store, for example, the students have helped with inventory. At the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter on March 29, Brandon Smith, 21, and Max VanWormer, 16, spent part of the day shredding paper for staff and working in the Kitty Kingdom, where adoptable cats are kept in a comfortable, playful setting. Tatara said eventually the students will be able to perform the “customer service” themselves, talking with potential adopters. VanWormer enjoys throwing a table-tennis ball at the cats and stroking them gently. “I like the cats and the dogs over there,” he said, talking about the shelter animals. Even playing with cats has its challenges. Last trimester (the students rotate duties between trimesters), a student with Attention Deficit Syndrome who worked

at the Kitty Kingdom talked too loudly in the facility. Tatara’s job was to convince him that if he talked more softly, the cats would come to him. Smith has spent CBI time at Darrell’s Market and Hardware, and has even put it in an application to work there. Smith said working in the community makes him feel good about contributing. “This is new for me,” he said. Tatara said the students receive stipends for their jobs, which are kept in a bank account in class. “Everything is encompassed in the classroom,” she said. It’s not all work and no play, though. Fridays, Tatara said, are reserved for recreation and leisure such as bowling and going to a movie. Even then, the students have to continue being in the “real world.” “They have to pay their own ticket,” Tatara said. Cathy McCormick, CBI program instructor, said, “It is a really cool program, giving special-needs students lots of hands-on experience, which research has proven to help students retain skills and learn skills faster.”

Ingham County Community News

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Michael Keith

Double duty The Eaton Rapids Township Fire Department responds to a grass fire that broke out shortly after 12:40 p.m. March 29 at 5959 Curtice Road in Aurelius Township. The one-acre fire was quickly contained. The property’s resident suffered a medical emergency on the scene and was aided by firefighters until an ambulance arrived.

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Ingham County Community News


Fire: Moo’s Bar & Grill site of March 26 Leslie blaze Continued from page 1

The Lansing Technical Team, a rescue unit made of the Lansing, East Lansing, Meridian Township and Delta Township fire departments, was dispatched to help extricate the partments. Howe said he witnessed the five firefighters — two of firefighters from the rubble. But Weber said firefighters at the scene were able to get them from the Leslie Fire Department — fall through the patio-type roof atop the building’s first floor after the fire their colleagues out with equipment already there. Howe said there was a blazing fire in a second story broke out at about 7 a.m.

apartment when he arrived at the scene. Several area fire departments helped battle the blaze until they brought it under control. Howe said the two-story brick building is a total loss and will have to be torn down. He added the cause of the fire is unclear and is under investigation.

Census: City of Mason up 15 percent in latest count Continued from page 1

“It is very unfortunate because I think the census num“At this point,” Reed said, “this will affect how much bers overstate the decline for the city of Leslie,” City Man- money we get from different revenue streams that use census data in order to distribute money. it was discovered about a third of residents have moved ager Brian Reed said. The city has added housing units since 2000, and al“We need every bit of help that we can right now.” from one house to another within the community. This though currently there are many vacant homes, Reed said Reed said staff must analyze the data further to detercame through upgrading, downsizing or another method. mine how it will affect the city. Another third, according to Colburn, was a regional con- he “intuitively” believes a 10-percent drop is too high. tingent who moved to Mason for personal reasons, such as proximity to family and work. The last third, he said, was from outside the region or state. Again, proximity of work and quality of life were reasons for the moves, Colburn said. “Many like that we have a community with an identity, a historic downtown, great school system and proximity to the state capital and MSU,” he said. Residential & Commercial

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Leslie down in numbers

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Leslie was down from 2,044 to 1,851, a drop of about 10 percent.

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April 3, 2011

Tickets and showtimes available at both

Master Gardener Elaine Ferris will describe tips for planting a bountiful summer vegetable garden. All experience levels are welcome. Registration required by calling the library. MASON LIBRARY 145 W. Ash Street (517) 676-9088


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Made in the Mitten Tuesday, April 12 2 pm

Dianna Stampfler presents a program focusing on foods made in Michigan and the history of companies that manufacture them. Samples included!


1939 S. Aurelius Road, Mason (517) 628-3743 LJ-0100082605

MASON — New crafter applications are still being accepted for the 28th annual Spring Fling Courthouse Show in Mason scheduled for 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. May 7.

The show is an outdoor show around the Ingham County Courthouse in downtown Mason and is held rain or shine. The show features a mix of arts and

crafts, flea market, food vendors and community group booths. Forms are available at Call the Mason Area Cham-

ber of Commerce office at (517) 676-1046 from 9 a.m..-3 p.m. on Monday through Friday, for more information. The 131 lawn and 18 street spaces are 10 feet by


well. “We got all these cupcakes,” Pam, his daughterin-law, said. “We’re trying to figure out the colors now.” Glenn’s son, Charles, said his dad was an area farmer plus kept a real estate office in addition to performing appraisals. Pam said Glenn even kept up with technology, learning how to use computers in the 1980s for his work. Glenn probably doesn’t surf the Web much now. In fact, when asked what he likes to do, he answered, “Sit here,” referring to his favorite chair brought from his former home. Also decorating his tidy living space at Green Acres are paintings by his late wife, Luceil, to whom he was married for 75 years. A

commemorative wall hanging signifying that diamond anniversary also hangs in Glenn’s room. Pam said her father-in-law reads the Lansing State Journal over and over, and isn’t much into bridge or Bingo. He also gets plenty of visits from family and staff. “The nurses come down and spend a lot of time with

him,” she said. Many well-wishers probably will show up April 9 to spend time with Glenn for his personal centennial, even though his 100th birthday doesn’t appear to enter his mind much. “Never thought much about it,” he said. However, Pam pointed out, “And now we’re making such a big deal of it.”

Oesterle notes 100th birthday

MASON — Come Thursday, April 7, Glenn Oesterle will be one of the few people on the planet to mark a certain milestone: a 100th birthday. An open house for Oesterle, will take place from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, April 9, at his home, the Green Acres assisted living community, 1025 E. Ash St.. If you ask Glenn, though, about his upcoming celebration, he might answer, “That’s what they tell me.” However, that Saturday will give Glenn a chance to visit with family from as far away as Florida and Washington, D.C. Friends are invited as

10 feet and the fee is $60 per space. Exhibitors may set up any time after 6 a.m. May 7. The show is non-juried and applications are accepted on a first-come, firstserve basis until all booth spaces are reserved. Electricity is not available. No carpeting or flooring is permitted on lawn spaces. Daylong parking for vendors must be off-street, but several municipal lots are available. This year, organizers are again moving toward having three main sections in the show: “Artisan’s Row” for arts and crafts, “Community Corner” for local groups and “East Market” for flea market and manufactured

items. Only one vendor for certain manufactured items is allowed (i.e., Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc.) in “East Market.” There is also an area entertainment stage and an area called “Kid’s Korral,” which has activities for youngsters. Michelle Davis of the Shopping Guide and chair of the event said, “Our estimates are that upwards of 4,000 to 6,000 people attend the show each year, depending on the weather.” Davis said it a good response is anticipated this year based on current interest and last year’s sold-out success. — From the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce

Ingham County Community News

Plans under way for May 7 Mason Spring Fling


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April 3, 2011



Ingham County Community News


Dansville Library celebrates Library Week April 10-16 is National Library Week! Introduced in 1958, National Library Week is an annual celebration of the contributions of libraries and librarians, sponsored by the American Library Association and libraries across the country. All types of libraries parAt the ticipate — public, school, library academic and specialty. That’s because libraries Thais are places for new beRousseau ginnings, whether you are learning to read, getting your first library card, learning new computer skills, looking for a job, planning a trip or exploring a place that exists only in the world of imagina-

tion. The Dansville Library will celebrate National Library Week with two very special events. Along with the rest of the Capital Area District Library (CADL), we are participating in a week-long event called Food for Fines. Starting on April 10, patrons may bring nonperishable, packaged food items to their local CADL branch and receive one dollar off their current overdue fines for each item donated, up to five items. The items must be brought to the desk and only during open hours. Donated goods will go to local food banks, helping Ingham County residents in need. The last day to participate is Saturday, April 16. Find details at your library or The second component of our Library Week celebration is a program called Extreme Couponing.

These days it seems that everyone is looking for creative ways to save money. Come in at 6 p.m. Monday, April 11 to hear from an expert about people who have taken their food and household supply budget from over $500 to around $100 per month. Registration is required for this program, which is already garnering a lot of interest. Call the library at (517) 623-6511 to reserve your spot. The Dansville Library, a Capital Area District Library, is located at 1379 E. Mason St. For information about our hours, programs or services, call (517) 623-6511 or visit Find a complete list of library events at Thais Rousseau is the head librarian at the Dansville Library.

News in brief Women’s Club to hold luncheon, fashion show

The Mason Women’s Club has a luncheon at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in the Meridian Mall in Okemos and a fashion show at the K2 Boutique, 1929 W. Grand River Ave., Okemos, planned for the Tuesday, April 12, meeting. The luncheon will be at 11 a.m. and the fashion show will be held at 12:15 p.m. Car-poolers can meet at the First United Methodist Church, 201 E. Ash St., Mason, to leave from there at 10:45 a.m. Members are asked to bring personal hygiene products to donate to Capital Area Community Services for distribution. For more information or to make reservations, call Cheryl Howe at (517) 676-4689.

online at the-gardenproject/169-sign-up-now-the-garden-project.html and get free seeds and plants from The Garden Project of Lansing or contact Eden Church at (517) 676-1376 or or Kathy at The garden is on Barnes Road, a half-mile east of U.S. 127.

Lott elected to milk Advisory Committee

David Lott of Mason has been elected as an Advisory Committee member of District 4 of the Michigan Milk Producers Association, based in Novi. Apples to be topic of MAHS meeting April 4 Members serve as liaisons between the membership The history of apples will be the topic of the Monday, and the board of directors and management.

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Eden Church to provide garden space

Eden Church is providing garden space for anyone who would like to grow their own produce. The plots are 30 feet by 30 feet for a $10 donation per plot. Register

April 4 meeting of the Mason Area Historical Society. Jim Mulvany, retired MSU extension agent, will be the speaker. The society meets at 7 p.m. at the historical museum, 200 E. Oak St., Mason. The public is invited.

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April 3, 2011

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MASON — Peter Kubacki, president and CEO of The Dart Bank, has announced the retirement of Barb Titus. Titus has been with the bank for nearly 25 years. She started her career in 1986 as assistant head teller, taking over the head teller role in 1991. In 2004, she moved to an administra-

AURELIUS TWP. — Learning the fine points of fine arts can begin with primary colors. Making color wheels, Styrofoam prints, masks and maracas — and learning about mosaics, foil relief and paper weaving, among other topics — were the focus of many stations visited by students at North Aurelius Elementary School during the March 25 Enrichment Day. “We just pick a different theme every year,” Principal Gina Stanley said, “to give the kids a fun thing to do.” Fine arts was this year’s theme. Indeed, the day was popular among the kids, giving them a break from traditional subject matter. For example, when firstgrader Ashton Bonner was asked his favorite part of making a color wheel, he said, “Mixing this,” and pointed to several piles of edible frosting in primary colors used to make new colors. Reading teacher Kristin Grattan helped at the color wheel session in which colorful squares were placed on

tive assistant position. Over the years, Titus has been involved with Relay for Life, Mason Cares and as a victim advocate for the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office. Her retirement was celebrated with a party on April 1. — From The Dart Bank

Allegiance Family Medicine – Mason

Ingham County Community News

Students enrich via arts Dart Bank’s Titus retires


Christie Bleck

North Aurelius first-grader Justice Mataya enjoys creating a color wheel during Enrichment Day. For more photos, visit www.InghamCounty a white paper with a black square, requiring the youngsters to put the colors in the right order. They also mixed frosting in a wheel shape as another part of this activity. “To see the way they make it with frosting is really fun,” Grattan said. A little discipline also had to be mixed into the activity as Grattan asked the students what senses (sight, smell) they use with their

lands on their laps. “You can’t touch, though, can you?” Grattan noted. Students were to visit other stations, whose titles included, “Pointillism,” “Movement” and “Dulcimers.” The day was to end with an afternoon assembly, “Rich Eddy’s Rocking Oldies.” Grattan said, “It’s such a cool, wonderful way to learn.”

Allegiance Family Medicine is excited to introduce the team providing quality health care for the Mason community. Lab work, X-rays and physical rehabilitation services are also available on-site.

The Ingham County treasurer announces a series de-

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Vida Klott, MPAS, PA-C

Dana Carl, MSN, C-FNP

Welcoming new patients.


Treasurer to host community forums

Wanda Iza, MD

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April 3, 2011

The Biggest Counter People in Mason

Mason MEAP results good MASON — Bruce Barbour, executive director of curriculum for Mason Public Schools, said he was pleased with the recent results on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program MEAP) test. “Congratulations are in order for Gina Stanley, principal of North Aurelius Elementary, and her staff and students where 100 percent of the building’s third- and fourth-graders were deemed proficient on the mathematics portion of the assessment,” Barbour said. Also, 75 percent of Steele St. Elementary’s fourth-grade students were proficient on the newly reinstated

writing assessment compared to the state average of only 47 percent. Steele Principal Kathy Dean attributed the students’ success to the implementation by her staff of the Lucy Calkins writing program, which has been taught to Steele’s third-graders longer than at any other of Mason’s elementary buildings. Mason plans to launch this program district-wide in grades 3-6 next fall. Other highlights of Mason’s results: • Fourth-, fifth- and seventh-grade students scored higher than last year in both reading and math.

EAST LANSING -- Mason’s track teams began their season indoors at the MSU Invitational at Jenison Field House on March 29. Both the boys and girls finished sixth in the event, which included 14 girls teams and 15 boys’ teams. The teams combined for 15 top-5 finishes, and won two of them. Cassidy Hass took first place for the Bulldog girls in the 3,200-meter run, posting a time of 11:42.00, 15 seconds ahead of the field of 27 runners. Hass also took second place in the 1,600 when she was edged out of a second win by about a quarter of a second. On the boys’ side, Sean Wren won the 60-meter hurdles, posting a time of 8.32 seconds. Mason took three of the top five places on the boys’ 3,200-meter run, led by Tan-

ner Hinkle, who finished second with a time of 9.33.1, just .1 of a second behind East Lansing’s Robbie Glew. Mason VanDyke finished fourth and Joe Cecil finished fifth in the race, with times of 9:51.0 and 9:58.0, respectively. Three Bulldog pole vaulters finished in the top five, led by Trey Hornberger, who cleared 12 feet, 6 inches to finish second. Tim Conn’s jump of 12 feet placed fourth. On the girls’ side, Emily Reader’s vault of 9 feet placed third out of 18 competitors. Mason’s girls’ head coach Dave Jones was pleased with what he saw at the indoor meet. “For not filling in all events the other night, I thought our girls had a very strong start to the season,” Jones said. “Most of our distance runners have been working hard all winter, and

Scott Yoshonis

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April 3, 2011

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• Sixth- and eighth-grade students’ reading scores were at about the same levels as last year, but students averaged a three-year high in social studies (sixth), science (eighth) and math. • The percent of Mason students deemed proficient was higher than both the state and Ingham County averages in 17 of the 18 areas of assessment on the 2010 MEAP, with seventh-grade writing being the exception. A total of 43 percent of seventh-graders were proficient on the writing portion, which matched the county average while the state average was 48 percent, Barbour said. — From Mason Public Schools

Mason track teams sixth at MSU By SCOTT YOSHONIS



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Send entry form and check to: Heart of Michigan, 3780 Santa Fe Trail, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Make checks payable to Heart of Michigan.



April 3, 2011

Parent or Guardian signature if under 18:_________________________________________________________________________________________

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ONE DAY TOURS Courtesy photo

The Mason Community Garden on Jefferson Street is expanding this year.

Community Garden grows MASON — The Mason Community Garden, 301 N. Jefferson St., is expanding this year. On April 1, new gardener registration began, and for a $10 plot fee, participants can plan, plot and reap the benefits of a 15-by-15 garden. Plots will be available on a firstcome, first-served basis and are expected to fill rapidly. Registration can be downloaded and submitted to Dave

Furniture Restoration

Haywood, Mason City Hall, 201 W. Ash St., or call (517) 676-9155. The Donation Garden is also seeking volunteers. There are several different ways to contribute your time and skills. Contact Kelli Green via email at mason For more details, visit the Facebook page, Mason Community Garden. — From the Mason Community Garden

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April 3, 2011

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“Some Couples May” at Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea............. April 30 SOLD OUT A Prairie Home Companion at Fox Theater-Detroit....................... May 7 Holland Tulip - Time Festival ....................................................... May 11 “Married Alive” at Turkeyville........................................................ June 7 Mackinac Island Lilac Festival ....................................................... June 9 Taste of Michigan - Leelanau Peninsula ....................................... June 24 Detroit Tigers vs Nw Yourk Mets ................................................ June 30 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox ............................................ July 17 Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles Angels ............................................ July 28 Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers ................................................. August 4 “Consider the Oyster” at Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea ......... August 13 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox ....................................September 2 Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk.........................................September 5 “The Marvelous Wonderettes” at Turkeyville...........................October 18 “Murder Mystery” at Turkeyville.............................................October 29 Kellogg Manor-Luncheon & Tour-Gull Lake ...................... December 12 “Grandma Got Run Over by a What?” at Turkeyville.......... December 13


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Track: Bulldogs begin


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the rest of the team has been great to work with thus far.” The Lady Bulldogs are the defending league champions, and Jones believes they have every chance to repeat as top ‘Dogs in the CAAC Red. “We have at least some strength in every event, from distance to sprints to field

Mason High School’s Mona Hinamanu jumps long at the first varsity track meet of the season, the MSU Tru-Team Invitational, held at Jenison Field House.

events,” he said. “It’s possibly my largest team ever at 43 girls, with a senior group that has compiled a 16-2 dual meet record over the last three years. Our toughest test, however, is right after spring break, when we head to Waverly, so our chances at a repeat may be determined early in the season.” That meet at Waverly, which also includes Sexton, will take place on April 12.

Ingham County Community News

new season at Jenison

Scott Yoshonis

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April 3, 2011

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Mason blanks Charlotte

MASON — Mason began what could be a special girls soccer season the right way, with a 6-0 home win over Charlotte on March 28. Abby Meirndorf and Kali Barry each scored twice for the Bulldogs and Dani McNeilly and Jordan Young had one each in a game that could have been decided sooner via mercy rule but for some rusty finishing. Mason forced 17 saves from the Charlotte keeper, including one on a penalty kick in the second half. Mason head coach Christie Hursey said that her team played better than they scored. “We scored some goals but we obviously have to work on that,” Hursey said. “Our transition, our passing and our connecting with each other was really well played today.” The Bulldogs started quickly, as McNeilly got the opening goal of the season less than three minutes into it, curling a 20-yard blast into

the upper corner to give Mason a 1-0 lead. Barry scored the first of her two goals four minutes later, running onto a through ball from McNeilly and slotting it home from 10 yards out to make the score 2-0 with 33:27 left in the first half. Barry was the provider on Mason’s third goal, taking yet another through ball, this one from Brooke Dippel, and tapping it to Young, who blasted it home for her first career varsity goal with 19:41 left in the half. Meirndorf made it 4-0 just before halftime, curling a shot from near the left-wing corner of the penalty area into the upper corner of the far post with 22.2 seconds left on the clock. Mason’s fifth goal came 3:20 into the second half, when Meirndorf scored her second by putting a corner kick into the upper corner of the par post, the classic “Golazo Olimpico” making the score 5-0. Young then returned the favor from her first-half goal, stealing a Charlotte goal kick

COME UNIVERSITY LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA) A residential and campus ministry

1020 South Harrison Road, E. L. (Between Breslin Center and Trowbridge Rd.)

Worship with Holy Communion:


Childcare Sun/Wed evenings

April 3, 2011



Sunday Worship 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. Education Hour for all ages 9:40-10:30 a.m. Wednesday Evening Worship 7:00 p.m.

Right: Mason’s Abby Meirndorf (7) looks to take the ball from Charlotte’s Sierra Sisco (5) during the Bulldogs’ 6-0 win in the girls soccer season opener on March 28.


1000 E. Columbia Rd. (Next to Mason Middle School.)

Everyone is WELCOME!

9:30 & 11:00 a.m. every Sunday 6:30 p.m. every Saturday Worship Service and Sonquest (Children 3 yrs. & older) Nursery available too Steve Malson, Pastor

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Alan Holben





and slotting a perfect pass to Barry, whose shot went through the Oriole keeper’s hands and made the score 6-0. Emily Bartlett and Amber Denomme combined for the shutout in goal for the Bulldogs, but both were largely spectators in the game. Charlotte had its one and only shot on goal with 6:50 left in the game, a free kick from 30 yards out that Denomme saved easily. Hursey said that it was a good game in which to tweak the tactics. “We have some formation things we needed to look at and work through, and see where the players did their best,” she said. “In the early games you’re just trying to get on the same page so that you can start improving throughout the year.”

1317 Mason St., P.O. Box 175 Dansville, MI 48819

Sunday Worship: 9:15 am Rev. Donald Fry 623-6591 Church 623-6594 Parsonage

EDEN UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH 1938 Eden Rd, Mason (1/4 mi north of Barnes Rd.)


Sunday Service

201 E. Ash St., • Mason, MI 48854 • (517) 676-9449 Email: Web site:

Sunday school - ages 2 yrs thru adults - 9:30 am Nursery available infants thru 2 yrs during Sunday School and Worship Service

Sunday Morning:

Worship: 9:30 am Christian Education (for all ages from September through May) 11:00 am

Half Time Fellowship - 10:30 am Worship Service - 11:00 am Children’s Church - 11:00 am Wednesday Activities

5:45 pm Dinner, 6:30 pm Classes 7:00 pm Bell Choir Rehearsal 8:00 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal

Youth Ministries Opportunities Available for 6-12 grades

Dwayne Bagley, Pastor Erin Guthrie, Children’s Ministries Ruben Droscha, Music Ministries

Wednesday Night:

Prayer Gathering - 6:30pm, Choir Practice - 7:30pm

Pastoral Staff:

Lead Pastor, Dan Bentz • Mark Anderson, Youth LJ-0000908034-01 Phone: 676-1376




Ingham County Community News


Mason Christian Child Care Center Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 517-676-6588


1030 W. South St, Mason, 676-4415

Sunday Morning:

Praise & Teaching Service: 10 am (Expository teaching of God’s Word)

Children’s Church during message (Primary, Intermediate, & Juniors) Nursery provided

Sunday Evening:

Senior/Jr. High Youth Group Word of Life Club Donn Kenyon Pastor 676-9886 Jeff Haynes Associate Pastor 610-1978 LJ-0000908031-01

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Roberts Auction Service …AUCTIONS WITH INTEGRITY!

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April 3, 2011

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April 03, 2011

Animals Lost

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Planning an Auction?

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Garage Sales Lansing BLOOMQUIST ESTATE SERVICES SALE. 1436 WELLINGTON, LANSING. Fri. & Sat. Apr. 8 & 9. 9 to 2 daily. Off W. Mt. Hope take Boston Blvd N. to Wellington then W. to sale. Baker estate. Nice Victorian fancy parlor chairs & marble top table, antique one drawer stands, folding rocker, sofas inc. sofabed, wingbacks, uphol. chairs, Henredon Heritage dining set, large oak archtop china cab., Henredon buffet & side tables, dinette set, teacarts, king & dbl. beds, vintage oak desk, lamps, wall art, elec. banjo clock, brass Seth Thomas Helmsman clock, stereo, some linens, antique quilts, scenic tapestry, silverplate, glass & china, lots of candlewick, Syracuse china set, stemware, Hull vase, chintz pitcher, sm. ivory figure, kitchenwares, KitchenAid mixer, micro, Elna sewing mach., books, stereoviewer & cards, Nikon EM 35mm, uke, advent speakers, ship model, rollaway beds, files, comp. desk, printer, Airdyne exer. bike, wicker planter, outdoor bench, Weber grill, sm. safe, vac, tools, Toro wheelhorse 825 riding mower, storage cabs., old stove & frig. plus. Our April/May schedule is now posted at: www.bloomquistestateser Numbers at 8 Fri. Sale at 9. Next week we’re at Winans Lake near Brighton. Detail list & pictures at:

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LOST MALTESE Great Reward. Family pet, little girl misses her dog, needs medicine, in Portland by Parkers Dr. 517-974-0431 or 517-663-2019. LOST - REWARD! B l a c k male Great Dane, blue collar, "Matrix’’, missing Miller/Waverly area. Call 394-5252, 202-8848



In Person: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 239 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, MI 48813 120E. Lenawee, Lansing, MI48919 Classified Liner Ad Deadline – Thursday, 5pm Classified Display Ad Deadline – Tuesday, 5pm


PUPS AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVER GIANT SCHNOODLE 16 mo. OLDE BULLDOG old, Good with children, Males & females, 10 wks. PUPPIES Ready to go, 2 yr house broken, loveable, ALSO retired adult spayed guaranteed, parents OFA neutered, shots, Mother female, $300 to approved excellent, females, $500. Giant Schnauzer, father home. Vet checked, shots 989-725-9793. Standard Poodle. $800. UTD. $500. Reg. additional ( 5 1 7 ) 2 7 7 - 1 0 1 0 cost. 517-763-7324 AKC YORKIE PUPPIES black & gold, 2 males, $500 each. PUG 1 YR old neutered 517-852-9979 male, housebroke, friendwww.kellystoylandkennels GOLDEN-DOODLE PUPPIES Blacks & apricots. Vet ly, great with kids, $275 checked, shots & wormed. cash. 989-781-1467. $500. 989-763-7202. QA SPRING PUPPY SALE Q PUGGLE PUP Toy breeds, non shedding, GOLDENDOODLE PUPS 1 black female. Adorable! vet checked. Teddy-Bears, READY NOW. HYPO ALShots & wormed. $175. Pom-Tees, Toy Poodles & LERGENIC, dewclaws, paCall 989-235-3020. more. pers, Vet @. 616-459-8544. 517-404-3045 PUGGLE PUPPIES 8 wks old, 1st shots & AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD GOLDEN RETRIEVER LIGHT, Dark and Golden, 7 weeks, wormed, $250. 989-427(TOY) Black Tri -Male, 10 AKC Registered, Dew 3205. weeks, shots, wormed, claws, Experienced breed$250.00. (269)274-8790 er, Good with children, parents on site, shots, vet SHELTIE PUP AKC, (1) 4 mo. old female. ALSO COLLIE BEAGLE PUPS PUREBRED, 5 checked, wormed, Home PUPS AKC, 2 females, 3 wks. old, 15", tri colored, grown with tender lovin’ males. 517-398-1766. shots & wormed. $150. care. Soooo calm and lova810-686-1020. Clyle, MI. ble. Mom and Dad are here too, and would love to SMALL BREED PUPS - ShiPoo, Papillon, Pom-A-Poo, BICHON FRISE show off the kids! $300. Yorkie/Pom teacup, Males, shots, wormed. ( 9 8 9 ) 2 7 7 - 0 9 1 1 Yorkie-Poo, Shih$300-$350. Tzu/Papillon. All gorgeous 517-861-7086 pups. $395+. 734-646-4007, GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUP 810-599-4317 AKC, 1st shots & wormed, BICHON FRISE PUPPIES! parents on site, handled Perfect family pet! by children daily, $400. TOY POODLE PUPS AKC, No shedding or odor. Black, 8 wks. old. Wormed. 517-749-0682. CKC, Health guaranteed. $350-$450. 517-647-6573 517-663-2256. KITS/CATS RESCUED: Many declawed; www.trinityacresres- TOY POODLES Many colors, BOSTON TERRIER PUP AKC cue.; includes Yorkie, tiny, Vet checked. male, 7 wks. 1 blue eye. neuter/basic medical $45$450-$650. 517-861-7086. Black & white brindle. Vet $135. 517-410-0074 checked, wormed, 1st shots, dews. $700. YORKIE BLACK AND Tan, 11 517-663-1312 weeks, Beautiful coat and markings, Experienced breeder, lovable, pure CHIHUAHUA PUPPIE WHITE bred, shots, Three Yorkie and brown, 8 weeks, Beaumales. $500 each. Call aftiful coat and markings, ter 3 p.m. or weekends. loveable, parents on site, ( 5 1 7 ) 5 9 9 - 0 1 1 3 pure bred, $200.00. call Kristina at (517)420-2303

MARCH 21, A 4 mo Springer Spaniel puppy escaped from my fenced yard in DeWitt (Airport RdHerbison Rd) Hidden Lakes Subd. FEMALE "JJ" is black & white, dark-faced and weighs 15 lbs. I hope she was picked up in this neighborhood and is being cared for by someone, BUT she has a broken-hearted family that desperately WANTS HER BACK! If you have any information PLEASE call me. 517- CHIHUAHUA PUPS 7 wks., 1st shots & wormed. Very 974-9061. REWARD small & cute. $250. 989-427-3205


By Phone: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Toll Free 877-475-SELL or 877-391-SELL By Email: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week By Fax: 24 hours a day 7 days a week 517-482-5476

YORKIE-MINI SCHNAUZER PUPS "Schnorkies", 1st shots, tails & dewclaws done, Vet chkd, blk & tan, absolutely adorable, 1 male $350. 517-321-7098, 517-977-6338

Miscellaneous Farm Equipment -Supplies

BACKYARD STORAGE SHEDS Quality material & workmanship 989-834-2028

POLE BARNS MICHIGAN’S Largest Pole Barn Company (Built Best Barns) Best Quality, Best Service, Best Price. This Week’s Specials Erected 24’x32’x10’$6995.00 30’x40’x10’$8995.00 30’x48’x12’$12,495.00 60’x120’x14’$ 5 5 , 9 6 5 . 0 0 Licensed/Insured 1-877ALFALFA GRASS-EXCELLENT 802-9591 MM Hay $3 & up. Can deliver. 517-641-6034 PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS Free Estimates. Licensed and Insured. 2x6 Trusses. GRASS HAY $3.00 per bale. 45 Year Warranty, Delivery available. 517Galvalume Steel—19 Col645-2313 ors. Since 1976 #1 in Michigan. Call Today 1-800-292HAY 1st & 2nd cutting, sq. or 0679 MM round. Also wheat or oat straw, sq. or round. Eagle HUSKY METAL ROOFS area. 517-202-2371 Standing Seam. Metal Shingles/Slate. All in HAY FOR SALE 1st cutting Stock. Energy Star Quali$3; 2nd cutting, $4; Round fied. $1000 Tax Rebate. bales available. 517-543Largest Inventory in Michi1047 gan. Company Installers. Free Estimates. Since 1975! 800-380-2379. MM 1994 KUBOTA L2900 1100 hrs., front bucket, $10,000 or best offer. 517-256-0421.



C H E R R Y , MAPLE & O A K Seasoned firewood. Delivered & STACKED. 4’x8’x16" $65. 517-651-5214. WOOD PELLETS Nice & dry! $150/ton (+ tax) also have 40 lb. bags available. CASH ONLY. 517-623-6622.

Computers HP NC6400 LAPTOPS Intel Core Duo 2Ghz 2GB 80GB DVDRW Wi-Fi WIN XP Pro Widescreen FREE Antivirus Office $239 517.614.8880

COMPLETE MATERIAL POLE BUILDING Package 24’x32’x8’-$3899.00 30’x40’x10’-$5799.00 32’x48’x10’-$6999.00 Steel roof, doors included, other sizes available Call Standale Post Frame Buildings Toll Free 1-800968-8201 MM ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 877-895-1828 MM


COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES! LAB PUPPIES AKC, WANTED: UNWANTED Good colors. CH lines, Dews, Exc. appliances, air condition$300 & up. Shots, wormed Temperment, Superior ers, cars, trucks, vans, FISH FOR SPRING STOCKYORKIE POO PUPPIES 989-426-3866 Karen. Gundog pedigree from farm machinery, lawn ING ALGAE and weed con9 wks., 1st shots, wormed. A AMISH LOG HEADBOARD ESTATE SALE Hunt Test Titled parents. mowers, campers, hot trol, aeration systems, AND Queen Pillow Top Little dolls! $350. Filming for HGTV’s Health guaranteed, shots/ water tanks, aluminum or windmill aerators, pond COCKER SPANIEL PUPS, 1 Mattress Set. Brand new989-427-3205 Cash & Cari! Chocolate male, a little shy vet/ dewormed, OFA steel boats, aluminum winconsultation, equipment never used, sell all for Great finds! but very loveable. Also hips/elbows CERF. $800 dows or doors, aluminum installation. Free Catalog. $275. 989-923-1278. 3575 Sorority Lane YORKIE PUPS AKC 2 males. taking deposits on pups 517-420-3597 517-655-1538 toppers, any types of aluHarrietta Hills Trout Farm Holt, MI. 48842 1st shots & wormed. Paready to go early April. All minum or steel siding, 1-877-389-2514 or April 8-9; 10-5pm A BED QUEEN PILLOWTOP rents 3-5 lbs. $475. 517pups wormed & shots, 4 wheelers, go carts, mattress set, new in plas628-3456 $200-350. (517)745-5689 ers, batteries. MC 248.719.8332 LAB PUPPIES AKC Chocotic, $200. Call 517-410-4921. All picked up for Free. late, 1 Black male, shots & Can deliver. Call 517-628-2818 FISH FOR STOCKING: Most wormed, $350. 517-625varieties. Ponds & Lakes. 3428. A TEMPERPADIC/STYLE ESTATE SALE Laggis’ Fish Farm.269-628MEMORY FOAM MATTO O much to list. Grand 2056Days269-624-6215Eves LAB PUPS AKC Black and TRESS SET Queen, newRiver Conservation Club. Chocolate, shots, vet never used, as seen on TV, 7345 Lyons Rd., Portland. checked, wormed, $250. with warranty. Cost April 8, 9, & 10. 9 a.m.-5 ( 5 1 7 ) 2 4 2 - 0 6 7 7 $1,800, Sell $695. Can De- BEAUTIFUL CONSOLE piano p.m. liver 989-832-2401. MM & bench. Needs inside work. $300. 517-243-0997 CORGI/DASHUND PUPPIES LAB PUPS AKC Chocolate. YORKIES $500 YORKI-POOS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT CENTER & Malte-Poos $375/up Toy ENTERTAINMENT CASH $250.00. (517)541Shots & wormed. $400 HAVANESE, Teddy bears. SOLID cherry by Knob Size Shots Nonshed Kid 8271 each. 989-277-6494. Vet chkd. $500-$650. Creek 57"H x 59"W x 22"D Socialized 989.225.1367 Please call or visit: Holds TV and stereo. SacriDALMATIAN PUPPIES AKC 517-404-3045 fice for $800 or make offer. YORKIES AKC V et chkd, registered 9 wks. 1 male, 2 Paid $3000. Call after 5PM shots, tails, dewclaws female. $700 517-223-1809 or (517)332-6545 done, ready to go Apr. 4. GOLF CLUBS WOMENS, 517-819-6461 ADORABLE PUPPIES AKC $700-$800. 517-652-9287. complete set, incls bag & MALTESE AKC PUPPIES Yorkies, Pom’s, Porkie’s & ETHAN ALLEN FURNITURE head covers, $150. Also DOBERMAN MALE 2 yrs old, Shots, wormed, $600. Call Teddy Bears. $350- $550. Grandfather clock - Olde size 7 golf shoes, $5.00, friendly, housebroke, $175 517-627-6418. Tavern Pine collection. Selling an Item? like new. 669-3640. cash. 989-781-1467. 517-404-1028. Maple dresser mirror, heirSee loom collection. (2) cusMINIATURE PINSCHER LOST FEMALE WHITE SHIH Email the Lansing Community or Call LCN Toll Free tom room units. Upper PUPS different ages & colTZU wearing red harness AKC MALTESE PUPPIES GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS Newspapers 24/7 at: bookcase. Chest of drawors, $200 cash only. & collar, Waverly-Verndale Male & female, $500-$800. 1st shots, wormed. Ready 877.475.SELL ers. $75-$850. 517-484-1563 517-857-3036 area. Reward 517-282-7647 Will be tiny. 517-974-0431. to go! $275. 989-261-3144


Musical Instruments

Sporting Goods

Animals Lost

A AARDVARK ANTIQUER paying cash for guns, jewlery, furniture, art & unusual & bizarre items. 517-819-8700 ALWAYS BUYING old costume jewelry, estate jewelry, and other nice old things. Linda 517331-1181 BUYING ANTIQUES... furniture, jewelry, clocks, silver, artwork, other nice things. 1800-1960’s. 517202-2570.

Schools and Training

Business Opport. Self Employment


DRIVERS-NO EXPERIENCE- DO YOU EARN $800.00 IN A NO PROBLEM. 100% Paid DAY? Your own local canLAND CONTRACT CDL Training. Immediate dy route 25 machines and Benefits. 20/10 program. candy all for $9995.00. All 10% down Trainers Earn up to 49 major credit cards accept1247 WILDFLOWER cents per mile! CRST Van ed 877-915-8222 Vend 3. Mason schools. 1523 Expedited 800-326-2778 MC Sq. ft. new build. 3 BR, MC 2.5 bath, 2 car gar., A COKE & M&M VENDING hardwood & ceramic ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE ROUTE available! Big $$ flrs, AC, realtors from Home. *Medical Locations. 100% Financing. welcome. $144,900. *Business *Paralegal, Do You Earn $2K/Wk? 1517-599-2408 Aurelius *Accounting, *Criminal 800-367-2106 x6706. MC S. of Holt left on Justice. Job placement asGateway sistance. Computer availaFOREMOST TRANSPORT, ble. Financial Aid if qualiINC. needs 4 CDL ownerfied. Call 877-895-1828 operators to haul ized trailers delivering RVs MC and other wheeled freight. Income potential of $110,000 annually. Call 1DIMONDALE 2.1 A C R E S 866-764-1601 MM PRICE REDUCED. 9 mins. from Lansing & 7 mins. NOW HIRING: Companies from GM Delta Plant. PriDesperately Need EmployCDL-A DRIVERS vate, trees, wild life. Conees to Assemble Products NOW HIRING ventional perk. Land Conat Home. Electronics, CD Local company in the tract. 517-645-7476 or 517Stands, Hair Barrettes, Webberville, MI area 712-1372. Many More. No Selling, increasing operations. Any Hours. 1-985-646-1700 Looking for EXPERIENCED Dept. MI-1530 CDL Drivers MUST SELL – Lender OREO MM for Local and OTR. Liquidation Sale- ALL OF(888) 521-3513 FERS CONSIDERED: Commercial/Res 80 ac/ Lotz/Lotzford Rd. Canton, MI. 3 ac. Commercial Ann NEED CDL DRIVERS A & B Arbor, MI. Condo sites; 50 with 2 yrs recent commerac. raw land Ionia, MI. cial experience to transfer motor homes, straight trucks, and tractors. Www.mamotransportation .com 1-800-501-3783. MC

Land For Sale

Florida Property For Sale LAKEFRONT MOBILE HOME on beautiful Lake Haines, FL. 55 & over. Furnished w/ Florida rm & carport, park like setting. $12,000. 863-956-5200.

Mobile Homes For Sale ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Z Z 0 HOLT 1 Z Z 2 bdrm., $1,800. Little work needed. Z Z Financing available. Z Z 866-694-0821 Z Z ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Apartments For Rent

NOW AVAILABLE AT CAPITOL VIEW- 420 W. OtRIVERWIND APTS. 1 & 2 bdrm., includes wa- tawa. Lg 1 BR, clean, safe. ter, sewer, trash & heat. Air, choice oak flrng or Rent based on income for fully carptd. Lndry, 1 blk qualified applicants. Sec. Capitol. Heat-wtr pd. $525 dep req’d. Call 517-974- 517 896-2455/517 322-2456 3756 or you may pickup app at 300 Riverwind Dr., DOWNTOWN LOFT DeWitt. TDD# 800-649-3777 1 bdrm. loft, 1000 sq.ft., This instutition is an Equal wood floors, stainless apOpportunity Provider & pliances, laundry, secured Employer. garage parking. $900/mo. 517-482-8771 or 517-719∫ 5600. ST.JOHNS-INCOME BASED 2 BDRM. TOWNHOMES. Beautiful Park setting. Close to schools & shopping. Laundry hookup. SUNTREE APARTMENTS 1100 Sunview Dr. 989-224-8919 EHO

Apartments Suburbs

Apartments Suburbs

Apartments Lansing

HIGH RISE LIVING With Great Views RENTS YOU CAN AFFORD include: Heat, Water, AC, Garage Parking Lansing Towers Apartments Corner of Ottawa & Pine 517-482-8838 or LansingTowers@comcast.

FIRST MONTH FREE and $200 security dep. when you sign a 12 mo. lease! Forest View Apts, Haslett * Cozy 1 bdrm apts $560 * PET WELCOME * Single level bldg w/ private entries * Washer/Dryer hook ups in utility room * Vaulted ceiling in living room * Storage access * Lovely wooded setting * Close to everything Expires April 15, 2011 Call today for info and tour! 517-803-2648 Conditions apply.

Old Orchard Apts.

Holts Best Value

$100 moves you in! "0" application fee & "0" sec. deposit

April 03, 2011

Wanted to Buy

1 or 2 bdrms Apts.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| IMMEDIATE POSSESSION HASLETT LAKEFRONT ON Drivers-

CASH PAID Up to $15 per 100. Call 517-292-0991 WANTED: ARCADE GAMES & pinball machines or anything coin op, need not work. Greg 517-719-6631

Building Materials -Supplies PIONEER POLE BUILDINGSFREE ESTIMATES-Licensed and insured-2x6 Trusses45 Year Warranty Galvalume Steel-19 ColorsSince 1976-#1 in MichiganCall Today 1-800-292-0679. MC



MASON/DANSVILLE COUN TRY LOTS 3.3 acres in scenic area. Potential walk-outs. Great country living, yet close to towns & expressway. Columbia & Hanna Rds. 517-525-1131.

Day-Eve-wkend Classes Job Placement Assistance Class B Training (1 day) (517) 887-1600 Train Local Save Hassle

MUST SELL – Lender OREO Liquidation Sale- ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED: 32 lot sub. w/all utilities Belleville, MI. 37 res. lots w/utilities Uptown Village Milan, MI. 53 lot incomplete sub. Fenton, MI. 41 res. lots w/utilities Cross Creek Sub. Burton, MI.

General Help Wanted HVAC PLUMBING TECHS T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors seeks applicants for qualified HVAC and Plumbing Service Technicians. Interested applicants please forward resume to Chad Green at, or fax: (517) 484-1699. EOE

It’s not too late to find a buyer for your camping gear. See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL

PORTLAND- 1990 SCHULTZ. 14’x72’ 3 bdrm., 2 bath, in small secluded park near school & close to downtown. Central air. Newer steel skirting, roof, evestroughs & decks. $16K. 517-647-2464

Apartments MSU-LCC-Cooley APT 1-3 BED NEWLY REMODELED 50 FEET FROM LCC, from $545 517-204-5550

Commercial Warehouse


Apartments For Rent

ACCORD PROPERTIES Studios, 1 & 2 Bdrms. Lansing /E. Lansing Area. 517-337-7900 OLD TOWN - LCC - Lansing Twp. Beautiful clean 1 & 2 bdrms., hardwood floors, $525-$625, heat included. 517-896-8732

Homes For Sale

Schools and Training AIRLINES ARE HIRING— Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified—Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-891-2281. MM HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA FROM HOME. 6-8 weeks. Accredited. Get a Diploma. Get a job! FREE Brochure. 1-800-264-8330. MM


Darb’s Tavern & Eatery in Mason is now hiring for Waitstaff and Cooks. Full or part time shifts available with great wages. Please apply in person at 117 S Cedar, Mason.

Medical Medical Billing Trainees Needed!

Hospitals & Insurance Companies Now Hiring!

ONLY $29,900

Ç 3 Bed/ 2 Bath Ç Over 1700 Sq. ft. Ç Newly Remodeled Ç All Appliances Ç Washer & Dryer Ç Central Air NO APP FEES! All Credit Considered & Financing Available Call Sun Homes at Kensington Meadows (888)-262-1683 Must close by 3-31-11! EHO

No experience? Need Training?

Local Training and Job Placement

Selling an item



Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:




One (1) Highway Worker Class 7 -Mechanic classification position. Requirements for this position include performing maintenance and repairs on equipment from minor service to major engine repair, performing welding and fabrication of materials to make necessary repairs, analyzing breakdowns, changing tires and/or blades, and other duties as assigned. Four years of experience in the truck mechanic trade, ability to perform complete diagnosis of any mechanical, electrical or other breakdown, or failure to motorized equipment, ability to perform disassembly, overhaul, repair and re-assembly of engines, transmissions, differentials, clutches, brakes, electrical systems, fuel systems to motorized equipment or related equipment, use of all tools of the trade including precision instruments, welding equipment, shop machines and power tools. Must have a valid Michigan driver’s license and a valid Commercial Driver License, Group N endorsement. Wage range: $19.22-$21.35/hr. One (1) Highway Worker Class 4 - Truck Driver position. Requirements for this position include the ability to operate multi-axle trucks, truck tractors, self propelled gutter broom, self propelled belt loader, backhoes, articulated boom mower, spray patchers and other such work as may be assigned from time to time. Must have a valid Michigan driver’s license and a valid Commercial Driver License, Group N endorsement. Wage range: $17.64-$20.28/hour. The Ingham County Road Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Ingham County Road Commission offers a comprehensive salary and benefit package. Applications will be available beginning March 28, 2011, and ending April 29, 2011, at the Ingham County Road Commission, 301 N. Bush Street, Mason, Michigan 48854, or on the Road Commission’s web site at Applications will also be available through the Ingham County Employment office, 5303 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, Michigan. Applications can be mailed to the Ingham County Road Commission at P.O. Box 38, Mason, Michigan 48854, and must be postmarked no later than Saturday, April 30, 2011. EOE M/F


Egress windows, sumps & crocks. For all your basement waterproofing needs call the pros.

Licensed & Insured Call 517-896-5692

Cleaning Service CLEANING SERVICES Commercial & Residential. Free Estimates. 517-648-0664

Computer Sales -Service COMPUTER REVIVER: Upgrades, internet repair, virus, spyware removal, data rec. 30 day wrnty. Erik 517-484-6364. Housecalls.

Concrete Work GOT MUD? Call TomCo Asphalt for crushed asphalt or concrete placed & compacted. 517-676-5600. Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Gary’s Drywall Finishing "Hang, Finish and Repair" 517-927-3853

TRASH, BRUSH, APPL. hauled Yard & build. clean up, trees & bushes trimmed. Low Prices! Mike 393-4664

e Best Pric Around




Mowing - Trimming Senior Discounts Best Prices!


DONE RIGHT FENCE & SKID LOADER SERVICE Fence for all occasions, light excavating, holes augered, bucket & pallet fork work. We clean up scrap metal for free.

For Free Estimate Call 517-669-8066

Floor Services

• • • • • • • •

Appliances Brush Carpet Furniture Metal Wood Concrete Shingles

Senior Discount

Mr. Natural’s Wood Floors • Refinishing • Repairs • Installation

Lawn and Tree Service



FREE Estimates 393-0660 or 490-8696 Since 1988

Hauling-Trucking 517.322.4131 Trash removal Appliances, brush, carpet, wood, etc. Senior disc. Eavestrough Cleaning.


Masonry MASONRY RESTORATION Res/comm., historic. Repair brick, block & stone. Fndn/chimney repair/new. Lic. & Ins. 517-647-5380

Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Landscaping POND SUPPLIES:

Live gamefish for stocking, large selection of pond supplies. Call for free catalog (888)448-3873. Products distributed locally by Hammond Farms Landscape Supply.

Painting-Papering -Plastering PAINTING PERFECTIONS. Int & ext. Quality work. References, free est. (517)332-3281 or 290-4187.

Stump Removel BENJAMIN STUMP REMOVAL (Formerly Bill’s Stump Removal). Prompt service, free estimates. Insured. 517 285-7831, 517 625-5652

Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Ingham County Community News 15

INDUSTRIAL MAINTE NANCE / Forklift Techs Looking for experienced Operating Engineers with strong electrical background and experienced Forklift Repair Techs with electric truck background. Please send your resume in confidence to: FREE FORECLOSURE LIST INGS Over 400,000 ties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now. 800880-2517 MM

Duplex East Lansing





Duplexes For Rent

The Ingham County Road Commission is accepting applications for the following positions:

Flex sched. Customer sales /service. no exp. nec. all ages 18+. Conditions apply. call 517-489-5354 or apply @

Condominiums For Rent

OLD TOWN-(3)-1 bedroom Q Q Q Apts. $485-590. Small to ex- Q 2 & 3MASON fireplace, Q tra large. (1)-2 Bedroom Q centralbdrm. air, washer/ Q with sunroom, $675 All ap- Q Q dryer. From $750. pliances and U T I L I T I E S Q Q Q HOUSING 517-282-9669 Q 2 BDRM APT. Lansing area. PAID. Quiet nice neighbor- Q DISCRIMINATION? 517-349-8000 Q Q DELTA TWP. VACANT 5 Utilities included $650 mo. hood. 517-202-6035. Call The Fair Housing QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ acres. REDUCED. Heavy inEFFICIENCY APT., Lansing Center at: 1-877-979-FAIR. dustrial, great location. area, utils. included, $400 Sale or lease. Land Conmo. Call 517-719-5329. MERIDIAN MALL, MARSH tract available. $134,900. RD. $550 mo. 1 bdrm., liv. 2600 Snow Rd. 586-772rm., kitchen w/dshwshr, BEECHFIELD Efficiency thru 2759 or 810-772-6561. din. rm., walkout balcony, 2 bedroom, $325-$560. covered parking, secure Utilities included. Taylor storage, pool. Call 517-303- 517/519 W. SHIAWASSEE Realty 517-272-1512. WALK to State Complex, 4372. Cooley, LCC. ALL NEW DOWNTOWN 408 W. IONIA. paint,carpet,kitchen & SEE SOURCEADS.COM Studio ($460) & room bath. Second floor W/D Email the Lansing Community OR CALL LCN TOLL FREE ($335). Utilities included. hookup. BIG 2 bdrm. Newspapers 24/7 at: Close to LCC & Cooley. $600/mo. plus utilities. 517-749-3890. 517-322-4027

Apartments Lansing


Part Time Work $14.25 base-appt.

LANSING W Michigan. 1 bdrm., living rm., kitch., bath. $525 + electric. Call 517-482-8771 or 517-719-5600

Call us today! Lake Lansing with dock, 517-694-8975 gazebo, beautiful lake conditions apply view, luxury executive apt. Updated lg. upper 2 BR., W/D, fireplace, deck, new maple kitchen, black stainless appliances, carpet, granite, $940. ALSO, smaller lower 1 bdrm., w/office & patio, $650. Includes EAST LANSING: 2.5 bdrm, snow, trash, lawn. No big 1.5 bath, fireplace, air, dogs. 517-853-6307. bsmt, carport, $725. 351-9321 or 333-1250

WE PAY CASH for your home gaming system, PS3s, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. Call Greg 517-719-6631

1988 Schultz 14x70 2 bdrm. 1 bath, semi furn., appliances, washer, dryer, new shed, located lot 73, Parkview Estates, Portland, MI. $9200/best. 989-831-4952


CASH PAID D iabet ic test strips. Area’s original, oldest buyer. Friendly & fair. 517-505-2726, 888-639-6179



CASH FOR GUNS , Art, Antiques, Jewelry, musical instruments, Valuables. Call 517-204-2004/517-663-3931

Ingham County Community News 16 April 03, 2011

Substances Control Act, as amended, 15 U.S.C. ’’2601 et seq.; fire, for the real property on which the fire occurred, or for the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, as the object which was damaged amended, 42 U.S.C. ’’6901 et seq.; the Federal Hazardous Mate- or destroyed by the fire and the heirs, estates, assigns or sucrial Transportation Act, as amended; the Federal Clean Air Act, cessor to any such entity. (5) In connection with a Water Rescue Attempt, ResponsiAN ORDINANCE ADOPTED PURSUANT TO MICHIGAN PUBLIC as amended; the Federal ACT 33 OF 1951, AS AMENDED (MCL 41.801 ET SEQ) AND OTH- Water Pollution Control Act, as amended; or any similar or suc- ble Party means: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| ER APPLICABLE PROVISIONS OF THE MICHIGAN STATUTES TO cessor statute or law, or rules and regulations of the EPA, or Any individual, firm, corporation, association, partnership, ALLOW INGHAM TOWNSHIP TO RECOVER COSTS INCURRED any other state or federal department, board, or agency, or commercial entity, BY THE TOWNSHIP IN CONNECTION WITH THE PROVISION OF any other agency or governmental board or entity having juris- consortium, joint venture, government entity or any other leCERTAIN FIRE EMERGENCY SERVICES, AND TO PROVIDE FOR diction (collectively, the "Environmental Laws"). Hazardous gal entity that is responsible, THE ENFORCEMENT OF THIS ORDINANCE AND CERTAIN AD- Materials specifically include without limitation petroleum in whole or in part, for the situation which necessitated the products, automotive anti-freeze, polychlorinated biphenyls Water Rescue Attempt; and MINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS. and asbestos. the heirs, estates, assigns or successors to any such entity. (d) Motor Vehicle: Any self-propelled or towed vehicle de(g) Structure: Anything constructed or erected which has a THE TOWNSHIP OF INGHAM, COUNTY OF INGHAM, STATE OF signed or used on the permanent location on the MICHIGAN ORDAINS: Section 1. Purpose: Ingham Township hereby finds that per- public highways to transport passengers or property as de- ground or is attached to something having such location. fined in Section 90 of Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as (h) Utility Lines: Any transmission or service line, cable, sons in, and traveling amended, being MCL 257.79, which is required to be registered conduit, pipeline, wire, through, the Township historically have needed, caused, or contributed to the need for certain public safety and fire for use upon the public streets and highways of this State un- main or the like used in any way to provide, collect or transemergency services, which needs and situations have nega- der Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, being port water, sewage, electricity, liquid hydrocarbons, natural tively affected the health, environment, and welfare of some MCL 257.1 to MCL 257.923. For the purposes of this Ordinance, gas, or communication or electronic signals (including but not Township residents and real property located within the "Motor Vehicle" includes any and all trailers or appurtenances limited to telephone, computer, cable television and stereo signals or electronic impulses). Township. In addition, the Township has found that it has in- to any Motor Vehicle. (e) Release: Any actual or threatened spilling, leaking, (i) Water Rescue Attempt: Any emergency response by curred costs associated with the provision of these certain pumping, pouring, emitting, Township personnel in public safety and fire emergency services. As a result of these determinations, the Township has adopted this Ordi- emptying, discharging, injecting, leaching, dumping, or connection with any emergency or perceived emergency, on, near or caused by a body of water naturally open to the atnance to allow the Township to recover costs incurred by the disposing into the environment Township in connection with the provisions of these certain including, but not limited to, the air, soil, ground water and sur- mosphere. For purposes of this definition, "body of water" inface water. cludes without limitation rivers, lakes, streams, impoundpublic safety and fire (f) Responsible Party: ments, estuaries, springs, wells, or other collectors of water, emergency services. (1) In connection with a Release of Hazardous Materials, including a Wetland, as defined by the Michigan GoemaereSection 2. Definitions: For the purpose of their use in this OrdiResponsible Party Anderson Wetland Protection Act, as amended, and including nance, the following words and terms are defined. Any word or term not so de- means: Any individual, firm, corporation, association, partner- an Inland Lake or Stream as defined in the Michigan Inland Lakes and Streams Act, as amended. fined shall be considered to be defined in accordance with its ship, commercial entity, consortium, joint venture, government entity or any other leSection 3. Assessment of Costs: common or standard definition. (a) All Assessable Costs associated with any of the actions (a) Township: Ingham Township, Ingham County, Michigan. gal entity that is responsible, in whole or in part, for a Release of Hazardous Materials, eior services described in (b) Assessable Costs: The costs incurred by the Township, ther actual or threatened; or subsections (1) through (7) below may be jointly and severalincluding but not limited to, the actual labor, equipment and material costs to the that is an owner, tenant, occupant, or party in control of prop- ly assessed to any or all Responsible Parties: (1) Assessable Costs incurred to halt, abate, remediate Township, whether or not such services are provided by the erty, real or personal, onto Township or by a third party independent contractor on be- which or from which there is a Release of Hazardous Materi- or remedy any Release of any Hazardous Materials and any liabilities resulting half of the Township, service charges or interest, attorneys’ als; and the heirs, estates, therefrom; fees, litigation costs, and any costs, charges, fines, or penal- assigns or successors to any such entity. (2) In connection with a failure of a Utility Line, Responsi(2) Assessable Costs incurred to extinguish or fight a ties to the Township imposed by any local, state, or federal fire at any structure, any demolition costs if the structure governmental entities. The actual labor, equipment and mate- ble Party means: rial costs to the Township include without limitation employ- Any individual, firm, corporation, association, partnership, must be demolished to protect the public safety following the fire, and any liabilities resulting therefrom; ee wages, Workers" Compensation benefits, overtime, fringe commercial entity, (3) Assessable Costs incurred in connection with a Utilibenefits, administrative overhead, and costs of equipment op- consortium, joint venture, government entity or any other legal entity that is responsible, ty Line failure and any eration, materials excavation, transportation, and disposal, costs of any contracted labor or materials; and any and all in whole or in part, for the maintenance or failure of the Utility liabilities resulting therefrom; (4) Assessable Costs incurred in connection with any other labor and material costs, all of which shall be as estab- Line; and the heirs, Water Rescue Attempt lished by Resolution of the Ingham Township Board of Trust- estates, assigns or successors to any such entity. (3) In connection with a Motor Vehicle Accident or Motor and any liabilities resulting therefrom; ees, and as adjusted from time to time by Resolution. Vehicle Fire, (5) Assessable Costs associated with a Motor Vehicle Ac(c) Hazardous Materials: Those elements, substances, Responsible Party means: The registered owner; the operator cident or Motor wastes, or their byproducts, Vehicle Fire and any liabilities resulting therefrom; which are contained in the list of hazardous substances adopt- of the Motor Vehicle at the time of the Motor Vehicle Accident or Motor Vehicle Fire if dif(b) Any Assessable Costs which become known to the ed by the United States Township following the Environmental Protection Agency (the "EPA"); or which are ferent from the registered owner of the Motor Vehicle; any individual, firm, corporation, transmittal of a statement to the Responsible Party pursuant contained in the list of toxic to this Ordinance shall be billed in the same manner on a subpollutants designated by Congress or the EPA; or which are association, partnership, commercial entity, consortium, joint venture, government entisequent statement to the Responsible Party. defined as hazardous, toxic, (c) The Township Treasurer or his/her designee shall certipollutant, infectious, flammable, combustible, explosive, or ra- ty or any other legal entity dioactive by any other Federal, State, or local statute, law, or- that is responsible, in whole or in part, for the Motor Vehicle fy to the Township Supervisor or his/her designee the total Assessable Costs indinance, code, rule, regulation, order, or decree regulating, re- Accident or the Motor lating to, or imposing liability or standards of conduct con- Vehicle Fire; and the heirs, estates, assigns or successor to curred by the Township. The Township Supervisor or his/her designee shall then decide cerning any hazardous, toxic, or dangerous waste substance any such owner, operator or whether to assess any, all, or part of the costs against any of or material, as now or at any time hereafter in effect. Specifi- entity. (4) In connection with a fire, Responsible Party means: the Responsible Parties. In deciding whether to assess any, cally included without limitation as Federal and State laws, all, or part of the costs against any of the Responsible Parties, rules and regulations are Act No. 307 of the Public Acts of Any individual, firm, 1982, as amended, MCL 299.601 et seq.; the Federal Compre- corporation, association, partnership, commercial entity, con- the Township Supervisor or his/her designee shall consider the following factors: hensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability sortium, joint venture, continued on next page Act, as amended, 42 U.S.C. ’’9601 et seq.; the Federal Toxic government entity or any other legal entity that is responsible, in whole or in part, for the


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by first class United States Mail, with postage prepaid, to the last known address of the Responsible Party. The assessed costs shall be due and payable 30 days from the date of that statement. If the Responsible Party fails to pay the assessed costs within those 30 days, the Township shall have available to it all remedies available under Section 5 below. Section 5. Failure to Pay, Procedure to Recover: Any Responsible Party who fails to timely pay the costs assessed pursuant to this Ordinance shall be considered in default. In the case of default, the Township Board may commence a civil action to recover the costs, plus a late payment penalty of one percent per month or part of a month during which the costs remain unpaid, together with any attorneys’ fees and any other costs allowed by law. Section 6. Severability and Captions: This Ordinance and its various parts, sections, subsections, sentences, phrases and clauses are declared to be severable. If any part, section, subsection, sentence, phrase, or clause is adjudged unconstitutional or invalid, the remainder of this Ordinance shall not be affected. The captions included at the beginning of each section are for convenience only and shall not be considered a part of this Ordinance. Section 7. Administrative Liability: No officer, agent, employee or member of the Township Board shall be personally liable for any damage that may accrue to any person as a result of any act or decision performed in the discharge of duties and responsibilities pursuant to this Ordinance. Section 8. Repeal: Ordinance No. 10 and any other ordinances or resolutions in conflict in whole or in part with any provision of this Ordinance are hereby repealed. Section 9. Effective Date: This shall be effective 30 days after publication. CERTIFICATE I, Marie Parsons, Ingham Township Clerk, Ingham County, Michigan, do hereby certify that the foregoing Cost Recovery Ordinance was adopted at a regular meeting of the Township Board held on March 21st, 2011. The following members of the Township Board Members were present at the meeting: Trustee Braman, Trustee Elliott, Treasurer Speck, Clerk Parsons, and Supervisor Kinne Publication date: April 3, 2011 ICCN-909454


Ingham County Community News 17

er charge. " P.I. ACCIDENTS $250.00 per hour and assessed in ½ hour increments after 1st hour with a minimum charge of $250.00, not including manpower charge. (g) If the Township Supervisor or his/her designee or the Township Board decides not to assess all or part of its costs against any Responsible Party, such decision shall not in any way extinguish or limit a Responsible Person’s liability to other parties for any costs or damages of any kind arising from the Release. Section 4. Notice and Right to Appear Provisions: (a) Any Responsible Party who receives a statement of costs assessed pursuant to this Ordinance shall be given the opportunity to appear before the Township Board to request a modification of the assessed costs. Any Responsible Party who desires to appear before the Township Board shall file a written request with the Township Clerk within 14 calendar days of the date of the statement of assessed costs. The Responsible Party will be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled or special Township Board meeting which is at least 14 calendar days after the date on which the Responsible Party files with the Township Clerk a request to appear. Any filed request to appear shall specifically identify and explain all reasons why the Responsible Party believes the costs assessed pursuant to this Ordinance should be modified. Any reason, basis or argument for a modification of the assessed costs not set forth in the written request to appear shall be deemed waived by the Responsible Party. Failure to file a written request to appear within 14 days of the date of the statement of assessed costs shall constitute a waiver of the Responsible Party’s right to appear before the Township Board and the Responsible Party’s agreement to pay the assessed costs, which payment must be made within 30 days of the date of the statement sent to the Responsible Party. (b) At the Township Board meeting, the Responsible Party shall have the opportunity to address the Township Board regarding the written request that the Township Board modify the assessed costs. The Responsible Party shall be limited, in addressing the Township Board, to those reasons and bases set forth in that Responsible Party’s written request to appear. The Township Supervisor shall have the opportunity to address the Township Board to explain the process by which the assessed costs were determined and allocated. The Township Board, after hearing the Responsible Party and the Township Supervisor, shall review the assessed costs and make a final determination regarding the costs assessed to the Responsible Party. The Township Board shall pass a resolution detailing its final determination regarding the assessed costs. The Township Clerk shall then send a statement of assessed costs to the Responsible Party,

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(1) The total costs incurred by the Township, including but not limited to materials, equipment, manpower, administration, assistance from other sources, etc.; (2) The risks to the Township, its residents, their property, or any other people or property which result from the situation which caused the Township to incur Assessable Costs; (3) Any injuries or damage to people or property which resulted from a situation which caused the Township to incur Assessable Costs; (4) Whether the situation which caused the Township to incur Assessable Costs necessitated an evacuation; (5) Whether the situation which caused the Township to incur Assessable Costs resulted in any damage to the environment; and (6) Any other factors deemed relevant by the Township Supervisor. (d) The Township Supervisor or his/her designee may, after consideration of the factors listed in subsection 3(c) above, allocate the costs among and between the Responsible Parties. Any costs not allocated among or between Responsible Parties shall be a joint and several liability of each Responsible Party assessed costs pursuant to Section 3(c), regardless of whether that Responsible Party has any other legal liability apart from this Ordinance, and regardless of whether such person is at fault. (e) The Township Supervisor or his/her designee shall direct the Fire Chief to send a report to either the Township Clerk or a third party as designated by a Township Board Resolution. The Township Clerk or third party will be responsible for disbursement of claims pursuant to this Ordinance to all Responsible Parties so assessed. A claim statement shall be dated and sent First Class United States Mail, postage prepaid, to the last known address of each responsible Party. (f) The Township may charge any costs assessed pursuant to this Ordinance to the insurer of any Responsible Party. The submission of an invoice for the assessed costs to an insurer does not in any way limit or extinguish the liability of a Responsible Party for the costs assessed pursuant to this Ordinance until such time as the assessed costs are paid in full. " FIRE RUNS $400.00 per hour and assessed in ½ hour increments after 1st hour with a minimum charge of $400.00, not including manpower charge. " MANPOWER $10.00 per hour, per responder and assessed in ½ hour increments after 1st half hour with a minimum charge of $10.00 per responder. " MEDICAL RUNS $125.00 flat charge not including manpow-

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Ingham County Parcel Id No: 33-01-01-33405-152 Property address reference: 4516 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48910 The redemption period shall be six months from the date of said sale, unless determined abandoned in accordance with MCLS 600.3241(a), in which case the redemption period shall be thirty days from the date of said sale.

Ingham County, Michigan, according to the recorded Plat thereof, as recorded in Liber 11 of Plats, Page 6, Ingham County Records. Parcel Id No: 33-01-01-33405-152 Property address reference: 4516 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48910 The redemption period shall be six months from the date of said sale, unless determined abandoned in accordance with MCLS 600.3241(a), in which case the redemption period shall be thirty days from the date of said sale.


March 1, 2011

SSBBank, Mortgagee



days date of publication. If you fail to do so a default judgment may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint filed in this case. A copy of this order shall be published once each week in Ingham County Community news for three consecutive weeks and proof of publication shall be filed in this court. A copy of this order shall be sent to Linda S Johnson at the last known address by registered mail return receipt requested before the date of the last publication and the affidavit of mailing shall be filed with this court.




against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Karl L Gotting, Trustee, within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice.


March 30, 2011

FILE NO. 11-402-DE Estate of WILLIAM J HARDY SR Date of birth: 4/6/1920 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, William J Hardy, Sr, who lived at 322 Oakridge Lot 322, Mason, Michigan died 3/1/2011. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Sandra K Graves c/o William H. Archer, Attorney at Law, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both the probate court at 313 W. Kalamazoo, Lansing, MI 48933 and the named/proposed personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice.

FOR INFORMATION, PLEASE Dated: March 1, 2011 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| CALL: 517-676-2002, George

Legals MORTGAGE SALE This firm is a debt col lector attempting to col lect a debt, and any infor mation obtained will be used for that purpose.

Date: March 22, 2011 Joseph B. Backus, attorney for mortgage holder P.O. Box 794, East Lansing, MI 48826 517-337-1617 ICCN-908894 3/27/11-4/3, 10, 17/11 Notice of Mortgage Fore closure Sale By order of the Ingham County Circuit Court in the matter of Rose Acceptance, Inc. v Stephen B. Wallace, file no. 10-1103-CH, the sheriff or a deputy sheriff of Ingham County will conduct a sale of real estate at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at the place of the Circuit Court, Lansing, Michigan. The property to be sold is located in the City of Lans-

THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COL LECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY IN FORMATION WE OBTAIN WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. DEFAULT having been made in the conditions of a certain Mortgage dated October 6, 2008 made by Peter J. Daly and Patricia M. Daly, husband and wife, 1110 Hawks Ridge, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 to SSBBank, a Michigan Banking Company, of 122 West Main Street, P.O. Box 427, Stockbridge, Michigan 49285, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for the County of Ingham, State of Michigan, on October 23, 2008, in Book 3323, Page 675, on which Mortgage there is claimed to be due at the date of this notice, for principal and interest, the sum of FIFTY THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NINETY-SEVEN DOLLARS AND 94/100 ($50,997.94), and no proceedings having been instituted to recover the debt now remaining secured by said Mortgage, or any part thereof, whereby the power of sale contained in said Mortgage has become operative; NOW THEREFORE, Notice is Hereby Given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided, the said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein described or so much thereof as may be necessary, at public auction, to the highest bidder, in the lobby of the Ingham County Courthouse, Veteran’s Memorial Courthouse, 313 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, Michigan, that being the place of holding the Circuit Court in and for said County, on 14th day of April, 2011 at 10 a.m. in the forenoon of said day, and said premises will be sold to pay the amount so as aforesaid then due on said Mortgage together with 6.45 percent interest, legal costs, attorneys’ fees and also any taxes and insurance that said Mortgagee, SSBBank, does pay on or prior to the date of said sale; which said premises are described in said Mortgage as follows to wit: Lot 62, Supervisor’s Plat of Everett-Dale No. 1, a Subdivision of a part of the Northwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼ of Section 33, Town 4 North, Range 2 West, Township (now City) of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, according to the recorded Plat thereof as recorded in Liber 12 Plats, Page 29, Ingham County Records, also Lots 1 and 2 and the North 8 feet of Lot 3, Everett-Dale, a part of the West ½ of the Southeast ¼ of Section 33, Town 4 North, Range 2 West, Township (now City) of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, according to the recorded Plat thereof, as recorded in Liber 11 of Plats, Page 6, Ingham County Records.

NOTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COL LECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY IN FORMATION WE OBTAIN WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. DEFAULT having been made in the conditions of a certain Mortgage dated July 20, 2005 made by Peter J. Daly and Patricia M. Daly, husband and wife, 1110 Hawks Ridge, Grand Ledge, Michigan 48837 to SSBBank, a Michigan Banking Company, of 122 West Main Street, P.O. Box 427, Stockbridge, Michigan 49285, and recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for the County of Ingham, State of Michigan, on August 3, 2005, in Book 3176, Page 652, on which Mortgage there is claimed to be due at the date of this notice, for principal and interest, the sum of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTYSIX DOLLARS AND 22/100 ($200,156.22), and no proceedings having been instituted to recover the debt now remaining secured by said Mortgage, or any part thereof, whereby the power of sale contained in said Mortgage has become operative; NOW THEREFORE, Notice is Hereby Given that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided, the said Mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises therein described or so much thereof as may be necessary, at public auction, to the highest bidder, in the lobby of the Ingham County Courthouse, Veteran’s Memorial Courthouse, 313 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, Michigan, that being the place of holding the Circuit Court in and for said County, on 14th day of April, 2011 at 10 a.m. in the forenoon of said day, and said premises will be sold to pay the amount so as aforesaid then due on said Mortgage together with 6.45 percent interest, legal costs, attorneys’ fees and also any taxes and insurance that said Mortgagee, SSBBank, does pay on or prior to the date of said sale; which said premises are described in said Mortgage as follows to wit: Lot 62, Supervisor’s Plat of Everett-Dale No. 1, a Subdivision of a part of the Northwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼ of Section 33, Town 4 North, Range 2 West, Township (now City) of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan, according to the recorded Plat thereof as recorded in Liber 12 Plats, Page 29, Ingham County Records, also Lots 1 and 2 and the North 8 feet of Lot 3, Everett-Dale, a part of the West ½ of the Southeast ¼ of Section 33, Town 4 North, Range 2 West, Township (now City) of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan,

ICCN-903758 3/6, 13, 20, 27/11-4/3/11 STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF INGHAM NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate FILE NO. 11-166-DE Estate of Charles Joseph Rinehart, Deceased Date of birth: 10/26/1962 TO ALL CREDITORS:* NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Charles Joseph Rinehart, who lived at 2009 Greenwich Court, Lansing, Michigan died 1/23/2011. Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to Josephine A Rinehart, named personal representative or proposed personal representative, or to both the probate court at 313 W. Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, MI 48933 and the named/proposed personal representative within 4 months after the date of publication of this notice. Dated: 3/28/2011 Peter S. Sheldon (p20332) 215 S. Washington Square, Ste 200 Lansing, MI 48933-1816 Telephone (517) 371-1730 Josephine A Rinehart PO Box 633 Mackinaw City, MI 49701 231-436-8131 ICCN-910814 4/3/11

A hearing regarding Permanent Wardship Supplement Petition (#1) and (#10-2005NA) will be conducted by the court on TUES., APRIL 26, 2011 at 9:00 A.M. WED, APRIL 27, 2011 at 9:00 am TUES, MAY 3, 2011 at 9:00 am and WED., MAY 4, 2011 at 9:00 am in the 30th Judicial Circuit Court, 313 W Kalamazoo Street, 2nd Floor, Courtroom #1, Lansing, MI 48933 before JUDGE R GEORGE ECONOMY IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the parents, Mary Anderson and Matthew Worden personally appear before the court at the time and place stated above. This hearing may result in the termination of your parental rights.

3/9/11 Richard J Garcia Judge of Probate ICCN-907226 3/20, 27/11-4/3/11 STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF INGHAM

Karl L Gotting 124 W Allegan Suite 700 Lansing, MI 48933 517-482-2400 ICCN-911126 4/3/11 STATE OF MICHIGAN PROBATE COURT COUNTY OF INGHAM NOTICE TO CREDITORS Decedent’s Estate FILE NO. 11-384-DE

Estate of GERALDINE F SNELL, Deceased Date of birth:03/29/1925 TO ALL CREDITORS: NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Geraldine F Wiliam H. Archer P38166 FILE NO. Snell, deceased, who lived 700 West Ash, Ste A 11-000357-DE-P33 at 6181 Rutherford Avenue, Mason, MI 48854 East Lansing, Michigan died Estate of Irene R Quimby (517) 244-1122 2/3/2011 Date of birth: 9/15/28 Creditors of the decedent Sandra K Graves c/o William TO ALL CREDITORS:* are notified that all claims Attorney at Law NOTICE TO CREDITORS: H. Archer, against the estate will be S Aurelius Road The decedent, Irene R 150 forever barred unless preQuimby who lived at 3321 Mason, MI 48854 sented to Jacob A Snell, Jr. HCN/ICCN-910797 Creston Ave., Lansing, Mich- 517-490-7771 named personal representa4/3/11 igan died 3/12/11. tive or proposed personal ICCN-911129 Creditors of the decedent representative, or to both STATE OF MICHIGAN are notified that all claims 4/3/11 the probate court at 313 W JUDICIAL DISTRICT against the estate will be Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, JUDICIAL CIRCUIT forever barred unless preSTATE OF MICHIGAN and the named/proposed 30TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT sented to Terry L Quimby, PROBATE COURT personal representative COUNTY PROBATE named personal representaCOUNTY OF INGHAM within 4 months after the tive or proposed personal date of publication of this ORDER FOR SERVICE BY representative, or to both NOTICE TO CREDITORS notice. PUBLICATION / POSTING the probate court at 313 W. Decedent’s Estate AND NOTICE OF ACTION Kalamazoo Street, Lansing, Dated: 3/29/2011 MI 48933 and the FILE NO. CASE NO named/proposed personal Nancy L Little P43113 11-014-DO representative within 4 Trust of Quentin A Ewert 2400 Lake Lansing Road months after the date of Date of birth: August 19, Suite F 313 W Kalamazoo St., PO publication of this notice. 1915 Lansing, Michigan 48912 Box 40771, Lansing, MI 48901 TO ALL CREDITORS:* (517) 371-5361 517-483-6500 Dated: 3/23/11 NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent, Quentin A Jacob A Snell Jr David S Johnson Terry L Quimby Ewert, who lived at 16747 5109 Plains Road 1398 Adams 6136 E Price Rd Thorngate Road, East Lans- Onondaga, MI 49264 Dansville,MI 48819 St Johns, MI 48879 ing, Michigan died March 19, 517-628-8054 Dated: April 3, 2011 2011. George A Sullivan P21139 ICCN-911273 Creditors of the decedent ICCN-910821 AmeriHome Mortgage Cor- 160 E Ash 4/3/11 are notified that all claims 4/3/11 poration PO Box 147 By: Charles A. Forrest, Jr. Mason, MI 48854-0147 (P13576) 517-676-2002 703 E. Court Street Flint, MI 48503 V (810) 238-4030 THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COL- Linda S Johnson LECTOR Address: Unknown Bunkerhill Township is accepting bids for the mowing of ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. Bunkerhill Cemetery, Holt Cemetery and the Township hall. TO: Linda S Johnson ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL Bids are to include costs for mowing and cleanup of branchIT IS ORDERED: BE USED FOR THAT PUR- You are being sued in this POSE court by the plaintiff to ob- es and debris from the cemeteries. For more information tain a judgment of Divorce. ICCN-910942 You must file your answer please call the township hall during office hours, Tues 1-4:00 4/3/11 or take other action permit- and Friday from 9-Noon or email . ted by law in this court at the court address above on Sealed bids are to be returned to Bunkerhill Township, 871 or before 28 days from last

Your community. From the people who live here.


Dated: March 29, 2011

Requesting Bids for Mowing

Decamp Rd., Stockbridge, MI 49285 by April 18, 2011. Carrie Zeitz Bunkerhill Township Clerk ICCN-910500


NOTICE AURELIUS TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS The Aurelius Township Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed township budget for fiscal year April 1, 2011 March 31, 2012 at the Aurelius Township Hall, 1939 S. Aurelius Road on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 6:45 P.M. The property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget will be a subject of this meeting. A copy of the proposed budget is available for public inspection at the Township Hall after April 1, 2011. Office hours are: Tuesday thru Friday, 10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Aurelius Township Board Shelly Heaviland, Clerk ERCN/ICCN-910801


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Default has occurred in a mortgage made by Ronald C. Fitzgerald, single man, to First National Bank of America, dated June 5, 2000 and recorded on June 26, 2000 in liber 2855 page 1084, Ingham County records. The mortgage holder has begun no proceedings to recover any part of the debt, which is now $264,794.37. The mortgage will be foreclosed by a public sale of the property on April 28, 2011 at 10:00 a.m., at the place of the Circuit Court in Ingham County, Michigan. The property will be sold to pay the amount then due on the mortgage, together with interest at 8.75 per cent, foreclosure costs, attorney fees, and also any taxes and insurance that the mortgage holder pays before the sale. The property is located in Locke Township, Ingham County, Michigan, and is described in the mortgage as: The Northeast 1/4 of the Northeast 1/4 of Section 14, Town 4 North, Range 2 East. Also: The Northwest 1/4 of the Northeast 1/4 of Section 14, excepting: beginning at the Northwest corner; thence South 500 feet; thence East 761.8 feet; thence North 500 feet, thence West, 761.8 feet to the place of beginning. Also excepting beginning on the North-South 1/4 line at a point South 04 degrees 51 minutes East 500 feet from the North 1/4 corner; thence East 794.85 feet parallel with the North section line; thence South 04 degrees 51 minutes East, 814.22 feet to the South line of said North 1/2 of the Northeast 1/4; thence South 89 degrees 53 minutes West 794.85 feet; thence North 04 degrees 51 minutes West 812.6 feet to the place of beginning. The redemption period will be one year from the date of sale; but if the property is abandoned, the redemption period will be one month from the date of sale.

A. Sullivan, Attorney for SSBBank, Mortgagee Mortgagee, 160 E. Ash St., P.O. Box 147, Mason, MI FOR INFORMATION, PLEASE Joseph B. Backus 48854 CALL: 517-676-2002, George Attorney for plaintiff A. Sullivan, Attorney for P.O. Box 794, East Lansing, THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COL- Mortgagee, 160 E. Ash St., MI 48826 LECTOR ATTEMPTING TO P.O. Box 147, Mason, MI 517-337-1617 COLLECT A DEBT. ANY IN- 48854 FORMATION WE OBTAIN ICCN-906732 WILL BE USED FOR THAT THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COL3/20, 27/11-4/3, 10, 17, 24/11 PURPOSE. LECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INICCN-903759 FORMATION WE OBTAIN NOTICE OF MORTGAGE 3/6, 13, 20, 27/11-4/3/11 WILL BE USED FOR THAT SALE PURPOSE.

Catherine A Jacobs P32996 124 W. Allegan, Suite 700 Lansing, Michigan 48933 (517) 482-2400

TO: Brent W. Vickers (borrower) Property: 116 Covert Street, Leslie, MI 49251 TAKE NOTICE that you, the borrower, have the right to request a meeting with the mortgage holder/mortgage servicer, AmeriHome Mortgage Corporation, for the purpose of participating in negotiations to attempt to work out a modification of your mortgage loan to avoid foreclosure. TAKE NOTICE that you have the following rights: (a) You have the right to contact a housing counselor by visiting the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s website or by calling the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Their website address and telephone number are as follows: W e b s i t e : hda Telephone: (517) 373-8370 (b) You have the right to contact an attorney. The telephone number of the State Bar of Michigan Lawyer Service is as follows: (800) 968-0738 In the event you request such a meeting or contact a housing counselor within 14 days of the day the notice containing this information was sent to you, i.e. 14 days from March 28, 2011, foreclosure proceedings will not be commenced until 90 days after the date the notice is mailed to you. If the borrower and the designated contact person reach an agreement to modify the mortgage loan, the mortgage will not be foreclosed if the borrower abides by the terms of the agreement. The undersigned is the contact person (agent) having the authority to make agreements pursuant to the statute, specifically Sections 3205b and 3205c.



April 03, 2011

Boats and Motors

Legals City ing, Ingham County, Michigan, and is described as: Lots 18 and 19, Orchard Gardens Subdivision, City of Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan (commonly known as 540 E. Cavanaugh Rd., Lansing, MI ) The property will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder to pay the amount due under a judgment of foreclosure entered in favor of Rose Acceptance, Inc. on March 1, 2011, plus interest at 12.5% and costs of sale accruing since that date. The amount due under the judgment on that date is $34,866.40. The redemption period will be six months from the date of sale.

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