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Vol. 61 - No. 43

October 24, 2010

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Charlotte Shopping Guide


Shopping Guide Your very own newspaper

Olivet, Bellevue, Vermontville and Potterville for 61 years © 2010 Lansing Community Newspapers

Vol. 61 - No. 43

October 24, 2010

EATRAN seeks Voters get second look at bond to expand services Measure By ALAN MILLER


CHARLOTTE — Public transportation systems supported by tax levies face a dilemma: While somewhere around 10 percent of citizens actually ride the buses, they must find support from more than 50 percent to levy the tax. If a system seeks to change an existing tax levy to serve future riders, the calculations become more complicated. In less than two weeks, the Eaton County Transportation Authority (EATRAN) will either be making plans to implement an expanded public transit system, or else they will be in survival mode, making plans for a special election to allow them to keep their doors open. See EATRAN/page 6

Alan Miller

October 24, 2010

serving Charlotte,


Hundreds of signs across Eaton County urge votes for or against a proposed property tax levy to support the Eaton County Transportation Authority (EATRAN). If the proposal passes, the current quarter mill property tax levy, which expires Dec. 2011, would be replaced with a three-quarter mill levy beginning in Dec. 2012.

would extend mills, pay for building upgrades, equipment By RACHEL GRECO

CHARLOTTE — Residents will get a second look Nov. 2 at a $23.6 million bond proposal to be used for facility improvements at Charlotte Public Schools. The bond, which failed to garner enough support at the polls in May, would not raise the millage rate that the district levies currently, at 7.59 mills, but would extend the existing rate for 11 years. If passed, the proposal would pay for what administrators say are “needs” within the district. A new heating system for the 220,000-square-foot Charlotte High School would account for 25 percent of the bond funds, at a cost of $6.5 million. Associate Superintendent for Operations Mark Rosekrans said the heating system is 47 years old and rapidly deteriorating, so much so, that maintenance staff often have to fabricate parts that can’t be purchased any longer. Parts of the high school, say staff, are often chilly

Courtesy photo

Terry Braden, Charlotte Public Schools’ Maintenance Coordinator, stands in front of some aging heating equipment at Charlotte High School. The 47-yearold system would be totally replaced under a proposed $23.6 million bond issue. It will go before a vote of residents Nov. 2. in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer, thanks to the inefficient system. Rosekrans said officials believe the district will save $150,000 a year in energy costs if it is replaced. Other projects within the proposal include the reconfiguration of building entries to ensure visitors are seen by office staff, an improved parent and bus drop off/pick-up area at Charlotte Middle School and technology upgrades in the classroom to the tune of $3 million.

The right time? If voters approve the school bond, they will see a significant tax break shortly after the millage extends. That’s thanks to federal “Build America” and “Recovery Zone” bond programs that Charlotte school qualify for through the end of this year. The $16.1 million interest savings would reduce the mills being levied from 7.59 mills to 5.81 mills in 2032. Further reductions in the millage rate would continue through 2039.

Charlotte schools District Superintendent Dr. Nancy Hipskind calls the interest savings a “one-shot opportunity for us.” “This is our last opportunity before the Dec. 31 deadline,” she said.

An investment Rosekrans said support for the bond is an investment in the community’s greatest asset. He believes improvement to school facilities has a “ripple effect” See Bond/page 6

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Charlotte Shopping Guide

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October 24, 2010

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Charlotte Shopping Guide


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News in brief

Charlotte Shopping Guide Dress a doll for

866 / 226-1812

in the process of preparing an application for funding. For more information, or to participate, contact Denise Dunn at Housing Services for Eaton County, (517) 541-1180.

Christmas Kiddies Program If you would like to dress a doll for the Charlotte Christmas Kiddies Program, contact Lee Falik at (517) 543-6729. Patterns and fabric are provided. The program is sponsored by the Charlotte Fire Department. Donations are accepted and may be mailed to P.O. Box 218, Charlotte, MI 48813.

Funeral home to offer grief support group

’Seeing is Believing’ program to be Oct. 29 “Seeing is Believing: Art and Artists in Contemporary Literature,” the second of a three-part series, will be presented Friday, Oct. 29, 7-8:30 p.m. in the community room of the Charlotte Community Library. Professor Becky Schwarz will discuss how fiction about art and artists can provide a fascinating window into the world of materpieces of art and into the lives of artists themselves.

’Snowbird’ picnic scheduled The annual Eaton County “Snowbird” picnic is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011. It will be held as in the past at the Palmetto Mobile Home Park, 1201 8th Ave. (U.S. 41), Palmetto, Fla. Social hour starts at 11 a.m. and the potluck/dish to pass luncheon will begin at noon. Bring your own table service.

ER Senior Center dance

Courtesy photo

Physics students get help from fire dept

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candy and snacks will be featured.

Join Peace Lutheran Church, 830 N. Cochan Ave., Charlotte, for Trick or Trunk Sunday, Oct. 31, 6-8 p.m. in the parking lot of the church. Hosted by families of the Peace congregation. For more information, call (517) 543-1503.

The Eaton Rapids Senior Center, Christmas dinner for 201 Grand, is hosting the First Saturday Dance, Nov. 6 from 7-10 p.m. Fea- military families Dec. 4 A Christmas party and dinner for tured entertainment will be Jerry Hoag and Harvey Klassen. Recommended military families will be held Saturdonation $3 per person, $5 couple. In- day, Dec. 4 at 2 p.m. at the VFW Post 2406, 695 Lansing Road, Charlotte, MI formation call (517) 663-2335. 48813. Santa will be in attendance. Adult choirs to RSVP by Nov. 6. Include age and sex of children attending for gift perform at CPAC Oct. 23 purposes. For questions, contact GayThree adult choirs will perform at le or Mike Smith at (517) 543-0172 the Charlotte Performing Arts Center or Mike at (517) 896-7111 or on Saturday, Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. The concert is sponsred by the Lakewood Area Choral Society, who is celebrat- Trick or treat at ing 25 years of singing. Also participating is the Voca Lyrica of Big Rapids the VFW Oct. 30 The VFW Post 2406, 695 Lansing and the Chancel Choir of St. Pauls Episcopal Church in Lansing. Tickets Road, Charlotte, will host a safe alterare $5 if purchased in advance or $10 native to trick or treating Oct. 30, 2-4 at the auditorium and are available at p.m. Admission: $2 donations to go Allegra Printing and Evelyn Bay Cof- to the junior girls for their programs. Costume contests, coloring, games, fee Shop in Charlotte.

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Email:


ONLINE www.Charlotte

Crossroads Church in need of craft vendors

Charlotte High School’s Mr. Robinson’s physics class, with the assistance of the Charlotte Fire Department, investigated the effect of wind resistance on falling objects. The 73-foot ladder truck was used to help the class determine the terminal velocities for various objects such as a medicine ball, basketball, golf ball and a ping pong ball.

Peace Lutheran to hold Trick or Trunk Oct. 31

PAGEby PAGE editions voiceYOUR OPINION ONLINE extras breakingNEWS

SIREN to hold annual holiday tea Nov. 7

Palmer, Bush & Jensen Family Funeral Homes is offering a five-week grief support group on Wedneday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Holt Delhi Chapel (5035 Holt Road) Oct. 27 and Nov. 3 and Nov 10. The group is free of charge, but limited in size so register by calling (517) 268-1000.

The Crossroads Church Missions Team is looking for vendors of homemade crafts for Nov. 5 and 6 at 813 E. Shepherd St., Charlotte. For more information, call (517) 543-0167. All money raised goes to missions.

Report prevented wheat plantings by Nov. 4 Producers with preventing winter wheat plantings must report those acres to the FSA office within 15 days of the crop insurance final planting date of Oct. 20. That would make the final date to report prevented plantings of winter wheat Nov. 4. Late filed reports will be accepted, but a $46 fee will be assessed for a field visit to verify field conditions for prevented planting reports. Contact the Farm Service Agency Office at (517) 543-1512 with questions.

SIREN’s Annual Holiday Tea will be held on Sunday, Nov. 7, at 2 p.m. at St. Mary’s Parish Hall in Charlotte. The tea includes a table decorating competition, a wide variety of delicious finger food, viewing of the tables, and a silent auction. Tickets are $10 each, or $80 for a table of eight. To make the tea a success, SIREN needs guests, volunteers, financial sponsors, auction items, and Register for youth donated finger food. To find out how you can help, call SIREN at (517) wrestling Nov. 4 543-0748 and speak with Janet WashRegister for Charlotte Youth Wresburn. tling (ages K-8) Thursday, Nov. 4 at 6 p.m. in the high school wrestling room (park in front of the high school Agencies prepare and go through the front doors). A proposal for funding birth certificate copy is needed. Late Agencies interested in obtaining registrations are accepted throughout federal funding to serve the home- the season, Tuesdays and Thursdays. less in Eaton County are invited to Cost: $50 (includes a t-shirt and contact the Eaton County Continuum club card). Practice begins Tuesday, of Care, a coalition of agencies that Nov. 16, 6-7:30 p.m., and will be serve the homeless in our community. held every Tuesday and Thursday The U.S. Department of Housing and when school is in session. For more Urban Development recently invited information, go to: proposals for services to the home- less to be submitted by Nov. 18. The home. For tournament schedule inforEaton County Continuum of Care is mation, go to


E-MAIL deadline WED. noon


THINGSTODO Browse online or Add your own event with the online form


515 Lansing Rd. (in the Charlotte Plaza) Charlotte, MI


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Charlotte Shopping Guide


EATRAN: Millage would expand bus service Continued from page 2

A ballot proposal on the Nov. 2 ballot would replace a quarter mill tax levy, which expires after the Dec. 2011 tax collections, with a three-quarter mill levy to be collected for five years, beginning in Dec. 2012. “The impact of this election will be felt for many years by citizens whether they ride the bus or not,” said EATRAN General Manager Donna Webb. The current levy, which costs the owner of a $100,000 house approximately $12.50 per year, yields $860,000 per year for the EATRAN system, and covers 34 percent of its operating expenses. The proposed levy, which would cost the

same homeowner approximately $37.50 per year, would produce an estimated $2.55 million per year, and allow the system to expand its services by adding fixed routes in addition to the current demand service. Webb said the addition of fixed routes will allow the system to be more efficient than the current model of relying entirely on curb-to-curb service. This planned expansion troubles Charlene Wagner, a leader of the “Friends of the Taxpayer” committee, which seeks to defeat the proposal. Wagner said she is not opposed to EATRAN, but believes this is not the time for expanded services, with record foreclosure numbers and many taxpayers strug-

Bond: Voters to decide on Nov. 2 Continued from page 2

on the local economy as well. “It’s all kind of inter-connected, whether people realize it or not.” Don Sovey, the district’s associate superintendent for business, said 90 percent of the district’s operational funding comes from the state.

gling. “I think EATRAN has some needs, and they have their struggles, but I don’t think this is the right plan,” she said. “I feel that even if you do need extended hours, you should find a better way, asking less from the taxpayer.” Bob Robinson, spokesperson for the “Friends of EATRAN” committee, feels this is exactly the time to expand public transportation. “We can talk green economy, and most people have pictures of solar panels and windmills. But public transit is a part of the green economy,” he said. “It has probably a bigger return on investment than any other investment in infrastructure.” Neil Rohrs, another opponent

of the proposal, believes the system should demonstrate more efficiency in using current resources before they get larger. “When you look at the ridership, how can you justify expanding this with so few riders on those large buses?” he said. “I’d like to see them a little more efficient in their current 12 hours a day.” The EATRAN board is counting on the increased revenue to finance the transportation improvement plan, which they say will allow them to improve efficiency. The plan is available on the web at w w w. f r i e n d s o f e a t r a n . o r g / i m a g e s / EATRANPlan.pdf


That, he says, has been an unstable and declining source of funding for several years. “This is something that is not accommodated for by the state funding source for schools,” he said. If voters approve the bond some work will be done next year, with the majority of the project being completed in the 2013-2014 school year.


“I did my homework and shopped around.

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Jewelry Doctor does pay more. I love those guys.”

Adults & Children

Private Consultations available.

Four Convenient Locations:

Just give us a call

October 24, 2010


EAST LANSING 612 W. Lake Lansing Rd., Suite 200 CHARLOTTE

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ICMH Specialty Clinic 550 E. Washington St.


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7 Charlotte Shopping Guide

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October 24, 2010




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Submissions to the calendar are encouraged. Deadline is 10 a.m. Monday. Go to for more listings or to add your event.

Calendar Submissions to the calendar are encouraged. Deadline is 10 a.m. Monday. Go to for more listings.

E-mail: Fax: (517) 543-3677 Mail: 239 S. Cochran Ave. Charlotte, MI 48813


Call for coats for “Share the Warmth”, Baryames Cleaners, Any of the 18 Baryames locations, 1518 W Grand River Ave, East Lansing, through Oct. 26. New or like-new coats are needed for the guests of the City Rescue Mission. Coats can be dropped off at any of the Baryames Cleaners locations through Oct. 26. Info: 485-0145, Cost: donations accepted. Call for mentors, Lansing area, Lansing, Oct. 24. Menotr former prisoners. Looking for volunteers to help one to two hours per week with the New Life Mentorship Program. Call for more information. Info: 882-6870 x. 230.

information. Info: 488-9915. Cost: $10 per class, $5 for Big Brothers Big Sisters members.

Stress: Beyond Coping Seminar, Seventh-Day Adventist School, 1516 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Oct. 12-Nov. 16. Info: 541-3636.


Hampton Place, Okemos, call for times and classes, ongoing. Classes held Mondays through Thursdays 11 a.m. and 5:30 pm. Call to register. Info: 347-3000. Cost: $25.

Family Planning Services, Eaton County Health Dept, 1033 Healthcare Dr., Charlotte, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays. Low-cost women’s health services are available. Info: 541-2630. Immunization clinic, Belding United Methodist Church, 301 Pleasant St, Belding, third Mondays of the month. Info: 616-794-1244. Medical Weight Loss Clinic Helps Fight Childhood Obesity, Medical Weight Loss Clinic, 1754 Central Park Drive, #E, Okemos, through Nov. 20. Medical Weight Loss Clinic is offering its medically supervised “Pro-Teen Plan” at no cost to youths aged 10-17 as part of its continuing efforts to help fight childhood obesity. During the next eight weeks, the first 25 youths who qualify at each of its 34 locations throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio, can benefit from this offer. Info:

Across The Square Quilters, First Congregational Church, large meeting room of the annex, 106 S. Bostwick St., Charlotte, 7-9 p.m. Thursdays. Quilters welcome to join. Info: 543-1227. Charlotte Yoga Club, Dance Conservatory, 121 W. Lawrence St., Charlotte, 6:30-7:30 p.m. Sundays . Club practices various styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa. Go online or call 543-6177 or 541-0090 or e-mail for more information and a schedule. Info: Philathropic Educational CHILDREN’S Organization Founder’s ACTIVITIES Day Celebration, Plymouth Congregational Church, 2001 E. Motor Development , Grand River Ave., Lansing, 3-5 p.m. HOLIDAY Lawrence Avenue United Oct. 24. Women’s organization that 6th Annual Almost Methodist, 210 E. Lawrence Ave., raises money to support Charlotte, 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Fridays Midnight Madness, scholarships and educational through May 13. For ages 2 1/2 Downtown Charlotte, 6 p.m. opportunities for young women. An to 5 years old with their caregiver. Oct. 25. Parade and trick-or-treating afternoon tea will be served. Call for Songs, fingerplays, snack, art, story at the downtown businesses. " more information. Info: 337-2676. and motor skills exercises. Info: Boo at the Zoo, Potter Cost: $3 will secure a reservation. 543-4670. Park Zoological Garden, 1301 S T.O.P.S. MI 433 (Take Off Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, noon CLASSES Pounds Sensibly), Eaton Oct. 24 through 4 p.m. Oct. 25. Birthing From Within Rapids Medical Center, conference Little ghouls and boys will enjoy childbirth classes, ASK ME room in the basement, 1500 S. two days of spooktacular fun. See House, 1027 Seymour Ave., Lansing, Main St., Eaton Rapids, weigh-in website for more details. Info: 7-9 p.m. Thursdays, Oct. 21-Dec. at 6-6:45 p.m., meeting at 7 483-4222, 2. Childbirth preparation. Info: p.m. Tuesdays. Previous members, Cost: $10, $2 for all children ages 676-1671, visitors or anyone that wants to 3-16, $4 for Ingham County Adult join are welcome. Info: 543-0786 or Residents, $3 for Ingham County Cost: enroll online. 663-1841. Senior Residents. Irish Dance Classes, Haunted Cider Mill, Country FUNDRAISERS Stoneking Irish Step-Dancing, Holt, Mill Orchard, 4648 Otto Rd., MSU Crew Club Rent-aMI, 2573 Winterberry Road, Holt, Charlotte, night hours: 7-11 p.m. Rower, Lansing, Lansing, Oct. 3, classes start Aug. 4, run through Fridays and Saturdays; day hours: 23 and 24. Help support the men’s December. The class is offered to 1-5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, and women’s crew club by hiring children ages 5-13 and does not Oct. 1-Nov. 1. Haunted house, their athletes to do general labor require any prior experience. This hay rides, train rides, corn maze, around your home. Minimum of is an informal dance group that haunted house, and play area for two rowers per job at $10 per hour performs in parades and festivals. kids, along with u-pick apples, per rower for a four hour minimum, All proceeds benefit Capital Area cider, pumpkin patch, and petting for a minimum total of $80. Big Brothers Big Sisters. The zoo. See website for more details. E-mail or phone work requests to classes are fun, laid-back and a Halloween attraction. Info: Trisha Hash at way for kids of all backgrounds 543-1061, or (734) 478-9186, or Todd Kruse to learn about the Irish heritage. at or (734) Students can join at anytime. There 476-2901. Cost: $80 minimum. Ripley’s Haunted Acres, is room for six more dancers. Call Ripley’s Haunted Acres, 9580 488-9915 or e-mail HEALTH Carlisle Highway, Vermontville, 9 for a.m. to midnight Fridays and Dr. Aajay Shah Friends Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Family CPR classes, Sundays, Wednesdays and Mid-Michigan Heart Group, 2134

Thursdays by reservation through Oct. 24. Haunted barn, professionally designed corn maze, concessions, pumpkins and gourds, bonfires, corn cannon, pig races, goat walk, pumpkin train rides and hamster challenges. Bring your camera. No pets. May cancel due to bad weather, call ahead to find out. Info: 726-0187, Cost: $8 for the haunted barn, $7 for the corn maze, $10 for the haunted woods, $20 for the combo, discounted rates for children ages 4-11, free for children ages 3 and younger.


Astrophotography, Fox Park Public Observatory, 3979 E. Gresham Highway, Potterville, 8-11:59 p.m. Oct. 30. At a time to be decided. Bring your camera and work with experiences photographers to capture photos of the night sky. To register or for more information, e-mail Jason Blashka at Info: 627-7351, Cost: $5 per person.

Browse calendars online at Add your own event with the online form

Sock Hop, Eaton Area Senior Center, 804 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, 5-10 p.m. Oct. 26. Open to the public. Featuring The Ezy Street Band. Info: 541-2934. "

SHOWS AND SALES Bellevue Farmers Market, Washington Park, North Main St., Bellevue, 4-7 p.m. Thursdays, June 3-Oct. 28. Vendor requirements are being a local producer; vendors of all sizes are welcome to apply, including small scale and home gardeners. Call Bridgette Leach at (269) 746-4648 or Jan Lawson at (269) 968-3448.


ongoing. Held seven days a week. Visit the website for meeting times. Info: 543-5429,

DivorceCare, GriefShare and Celebrate Recovery, Charlotte Assembly of God, 1100 E Clinton Trl, Charlotte, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Sept. 7-Nov. 30. All groups are non-denominational and feature Biblical teachings designed for adults. Divorcecare, Griefshare and Celebrate Recovery are offered for those who are going through the pain of divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, or struggling with life controlling issues. DivorceCare is available for kids ages 5-12 whose parents are separated or divorced. Call or visit the website for more information and to register. Info: 543-0649, Nar-Anon meeting, Charlotte Fellowship Hall, 202 S. Cochran, Charlotte, 6 p.m. Saturdays. For family members of relatives and friends who are concerned about the addiction or drug problem of another. Info: 543-5429, Narcotics Anonymous, Lansing, MI, daytime and evening meetings held daily. Support group recovery meetings held throughout mid-Michigan. Call the helpline or visit the website for meeting times and locations. Info: 371-8606,

Friday Night Live Sewing and Crafting Party, Union Street Center, 501 Union St., Eaton Rapids, 7 p.m.-midnight Fridays. Join us every Friday and bring your craft of choice to work on. There are sitter services available on-site within the building through Guardian Angel Daycare Center, call Jennifer at: 663-4257. Info: 663-5946, Cost: $7 each week or $20 per month. SENIORS “Diana, a Celebration” at Halloween Party, Lexington Frederik Meijer Garden, Lansing Hotel, 925 S. Creyts Road, Eaton Area Senior Center, 804 S. Lansing, 7-9 p.m. Oct. 26. Show Cochran Ave., Charlotte, Dec. 9. Call off your costumes at this fun to reserve a spot. Info: 541-2934. family Halloween dance. DJ, treats, Cost: $99 per person. refreshments, raffle drawings and more. Sponsored by Delta " Cornwell’s “It’s a Township Parks and Recreation Wonderful Life”, Eaton Area Narcotics Anonymous and the Bretton Woods Lions Senior Center, 804 S. Cochran meeting, Charlotte Fellowship Club. Pre-registration and preAve., Charlotte, Dec. 2. Buffet and Hall, 202 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, payment required. Info: 323-8555, show. Call to reserve a spot. Info: 6 p.m. Mondays, open; 8 p.m. Cost: $20 541-2934. Cost: $32 per person. Thursdays, closed; 7:30 p.m. per family for up to 5 people, $5 for Fridays, closed; 6 p.m. and midnight Euchre, Eaton Rapids Senior each person beyond the initial 5. Saturdays, open. For those who Center, 201 Grand St., Eaton Rapids, suffer from addiction and want Scarecrow Contest, Potter 12:30 p.m. Mondays. Info: help living a life free from active Park Zoological Garden, 1301 S 663-2335. addiction. Info: 543-5429, Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, through Hot Lunch Program, Eaton Oct. 31. Members of the public Rapids Senior Center, 201 Grand are encouraged to join in the zoo’s Nicotine Anonymous, St., Eaton Rapids, noon Oct. 26. fall festivities by creating animalSparrow Hospital, St. Lawrence The center hosts a hot lunch themed scarecrows to be displayed campus, Doctor’s Dining Room, and program on Tuesdays and at the zoo through Oct. 31. See 1210 W. Saginaw St., Lansing, 6 Thursdays of each week. Contact website for more details. Info: p.m. Mondays. A group of men and the center a day ahead to make 483-4222, women helping each other to quit reservations or to get additional smoking and live their lives free of information on programs and SUPPORT nicotine. Info: 627-9606. Cost: free activities. Info: 663-2335. Cost: $3 or $1 donation. GROUPS suggested donation. Al-Anon meeting, Charlotte Pedro and Pinochle, Eaton Fellowship Hall, 202 S. Cochran, Rapids Senior Center, 201 Grand St., Charlotte, 6 p.m. Mondays. Family Eaton Rapids, 9 a.m. Mondays. Info: members of relatives who have 663-2335. an alcoholic in their family and Pinochle, Delta Township seek support. Info: 543-5429, -4<9:1/> +534;: Enrichment Center, 4538 Elizabeth Road, Lansing, noon-3:30 p.m. ")&,(%$* #&'(+* Alcoholics Anonymous Tuesdays. Play and meet new Early Bird - 5:45 p.m. meetings, Charlotte Fellowship Regular – 6:00 p.m. people. No partner required. Info: Hall, 202 S. Cochran, Charlotte, 484-5600. Cost: $1.50. 1000 W. Lawrence, Charlotte



October 24, 2010

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ELECTION 2010: Eaton County Probate Judge w Party: No party w Age: 57 w City of residence: Dimondale w Occupation: Eaton County pro-

bate judge w Education: BBA,business man-

agement, Western Michigan University J.D., University of Toledo College of Law w Political experience: Eaton County Probate Judge, appointed April 23, 2010. w Family: Married, four children, five grandchildren w Campaign website: What makes you qualified for this position? Before assuming the Probate Court bench by appointment of the governor, I practiced law for over 30 years in the state of Michigan, including: Assistant prosecuting attorney in Cass and Berrien Counties, where I handled cases of child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency and criminal prosecutions of adults; I served as county attorney, advising elected officials of their legal responsibilities and litigating cases where the county was a party; I served 10 years at the State Bar of Michigan, where I was ethics counsel for lawyers and judges throughout the state; and I engaged in the private practice of law, which included estate planning and litigation of all types. Many sitting judges and practicing attorneys have endorsed me as the most qualified person to be Eaton County Probate Court. These endorsements may be found at All areas of government are under pressure to improve efficiency. What are your suggestions for improving the efficiency of this court? Since being appointed to the bench, I have learned that my predecessor recently reorganized staffing levels and programs to improve efficiency and cut costs to the taxpayer. Even though I have served as judge for only a few weeks, I am also discovering that additional efficiencies in personnel costs and operating expenses can be gained to better serve the public. I will be working with the court administrator to incorporate those additional changes as the new court budget is prepared. Do you believe that the court is providing timely and quality service? If so, elaborate on

details. If not, what do you propose to improve? I have been fortunate to assume a highly competent and professional staff at the Eaton County Probate Court and at the juvenile facility. The staff has been dedicated to provide timely and quality service to families, juveniles, attorneys and others who become involved in the probate court process. I am very proud of the dedicated employees of the court, but the quality and timeliness of service can always be improved even further. My management philosophy is to reject the “top down” approach, unless necessary, and allow the individuals who are performing the tasks every day to suggest ways for improvements in quality and timeliness. That will take place soon. Do you accept political contributions from attorneys or law firms that appear before you? Is this a conflict of interest? Please explain. The Code of Judicial Conduct, adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court, applies to all judges and judicial candidates and cannot be disregarded. Those rules provide that lawyers may be asked to contribute to a judicial campaign, but the lawyer may not be asked to give more than $100 per election cycle. The theory of the rule is that lawyers have a right to be a part of the political process and have a right to contribute to campaigns of judicial candidates. By setting a $100 limit for solicitations, however, it is presumed that no judge would be prejudiced by a contribution of that level. I strictly follow the Code of Judicial Conduct and accept lawyer contributions within the limit imposed by law.

Ryan Wilson w Party: No party w Age: 52 w City of residence: Lansing w Occupation: Attorney and naval

officer w Education: BBA, with distinction,

University of Michigan; JD, cum laude, University of Minnesota Law School w Political experience: None w Family: Married, 3 children, and 3 dogs w Campaign website: http:// What makes you qualified for this position? Over my 26-year career as an attorney, I have dem-

onstrated that I am an advocate for families, children and the elderly. I firmly believe that children and teens learn what they experience and live. I am deeply committed to family values and will protect our children and elderly. This will be my first priority. I have dedicated the past 21 years concentrating my law practice in the area of probate law earning the highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards by a leading peer review organization. I have received a Certificate of Completion in the areas of probate and estate planning issued by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan. I have been a member of the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the State Bar of Michigan for over 20 years. I am the co-chair of the Probate and Trust Section of the Ingham County Bar Association, and am a long-standing member of the Greater Lansing Estate Planning Council. I write a regular monthly column, entitled “Estate Strategies”, in the Ingham County Legal News, and am recognized as an attorney with probate and estate planning expertise within the local legal community. I have a second career as a U.S. Naval officer. After completing 3 years of active duty in 1988, I have spent the past 22 years in the U.S. Navy Reserves in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. I am a Captain and currently assigned as the Staff Judge Advocate for the Navy Region Midwest, Reserve Component Command, Great Lakes, Illinois. My legal and military experiences have prepared me to be an effective leader and probate judge. All areas of government are under pressure to improve efficiency. What are your suggestions for improving the efficiency of this court? As a Naval officer with over 25 years of military experience, my courtroom will be run with discipline and efficiency. I also have a strong background as an executive and leader. I was the President of the largest Eaton County law firm for 7 years and managed an annual budget in excess of $2,000,000, including 20 employees. In addition, I have served as a Commanding Officer for 2 separate naval reserve units. With total responsibility for the men and women under my command and the allocated budgets, I demonstrated a high level of competency for management and administrative matters. On 2 separate occasions, I was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal for my outstanding performance as a Commanding Officer.










October 24, 2010

Enjoy an awesome dinner while being entertained with great country oldies. We will be serving great Prime Rib with garlic mashed potatoes, 2 vegetables, roll, at least 3 choices of salads, and a variety of deserts.


With regard to particular suggestions, I would strive to make mediation a regular tool of the probate court. Mediation with a focus on collaboration is a good process for disputed probate cases. Issues can arise in several probate matters that may be mediated, including but not limited to estates, trust, guardianships and conservatorships. Do you believe that the court is providing timely and quality service? If so, elaborate on details. If not, what do you propose to improve? Judge Michael Skinner was an outstanding probate judge, and he was providing timely and quality service to the citizens of Eaton County. I would like to continue his legacy. Judge Skinner was a strong supporter of the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) organization and the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council. I would continue that support. I believe that each person deserves his or her day in court, and I will work diligently to improve any backlog of cases. The Friend of the Court (FOC) Division needs to be reviewed and evaluated. I have heard several complaints about the FOC’s processing time and the inconsistency in its rulings. I will do my best to ensure that the FOC does its job and follows the law. I also believe there are ample opportunities to refer contested matters to mediation, pursuant to a recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling. This process could save families time and money if it is done in the appropriate circumstances. Do you accept political contributions from attorneys or law firms that appear before you? Is this a conflict of interest? Please explain. My campaign committee is following the Canons set forth in the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct. My committee has accepted donations from individual attorneys, and this is not considered a conflict of interest under the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct. Contributions cannot be accepted from law firms. Whether someone (including attorneys and other private citizens) contributed to my campaign will not be a factor in any ruling. As a judge, my rulings will be confined to the law and facts of the case. The Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a candidate for judicial office from personally soliciting donations. A candidate may establish a committee to secure and manage contributions. A campaign committee is prohibited from soliciting contributions in excess of $100 per attorney.

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Thomas Byerley (i)


Village ready for Halloween BELLEVUE — The village of Bellevue will be celebrating Halloween on Sunday, Oct. 31. While the village does not set hours for trick or treaters, the generally accepted times are from five p.m. until dusk.

Parents are encouraged to walk with your children. The streets are busy during trick or treat hours and this is an exciting time for young children. They do not always remember to watch for vehicles before crossing the


street. Drivers, keep in mind that there are several small children walking our community on Halloween evening. Pay special attention to keep the youth of our community safe. — From the Village of Bellevue

Eaton County residents needed for an all-day focus group in Lansing on Sunday, November 7, 2010

Current events, social/political discussions Absolutely NO Sales/NO personal information solicited

$120 per day Participants are paid at the end of the day

Police report people fighting in the background. Officers located the home and made contact with the female caller. She advised she was assaulted by her boyfriend and he ran out the back door. Officers observed the man also damaged the victim’s property and had two outstanding warrants. Officers located the man in the bathroom and he was arrested. The 29-year old man was lodged at the Eaton County Jail for Domestic Violence, interrupting communications line, and two warrants from two different counties.

Hit and run • Oct. 14 - Charlotte police were dispatched to a business parking lot in the 500 block of Lansing St. for a truck that crashed into a parked vehicle then quickly left the scene. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle

in the area. The suspect vehicle was described as a newer orange Chevy or GMC Colorado/Canyon Crew cab with four doors. The driver was described as a white male in his 20’s. The vehicle should have damage to the front end with possible white paint transfer from crashing into a white car. Anyone with any information on the suspect, please contact the Charlotte Police Department at 543-1552. • Oct. 16 - Charlotte police were called to a local restaurant in the 200 block of Lansing St. for $400 stolen from a bank bag. The employee left a money bag in the play area and left it overnight on mistake. The bag was located in the morning, but all of the cash was stolen. Anyone with any information, contact the Charlotte Police Department. — From the Charlotte Police Department

Find it on the

Please call 586-486-4708 or go to our website

Free refills on all sizes of pop and popcorn! Tickets and showtimes available at both and 316-9100

Located at US 127 @ Lake Lansing Road Lansing Ophthalmology is now in Williamston Lansing Ophthalmology and Dr. Lee Lemon working together to provide the best in eye care.

•Quality Eye Care •Eyeglasses


appointment please call

October 24, 2010

THURSDAY NIGHT FAMILY NIGHT (SAVE $2) Haunted Hayride: Haunted House: Admission: $10 Admission: $7 3 & Under: free


•Caring Staff

To schedule an

7 - 11 PM

Hayride & Haunted House Admission: $15 12 & Under: $12

•Contact Lenses

517.655-2037 or visit us online at

Group Rates Available

SUNDANCE RIDING STABLES 9250 Nixon rd grand ledge, mi 48837 517-627-5500 W W W . S U N D A N C E R I D I N G S TA B L ES . C O M


Lee Lemon, O.D. 425 W. Grand Rive Ave., Williamston LJ-0100041315


CHARLOTTE — Charlotte Police handled over 200 incidents the week of Oct. 11 to 17. Here are just a few of those incidents: • Oct. 12 - Around 1:42 a.m., Charlotte police attempted to stop a vehicle and the vehicle quickly pulled into a parking lot in the 100 block of Lansing St. The driver jumped out of the vehicle and hid from the officers as they pulled up behind the vehicle. The passenger remained in the vehicle and told officers the driver ran. Officers searched around a dumpster and located the driver hiding. The driver was found to be intoxicated. The 24-year old man was lodged at the Eaton County Jail for Operating While Intoxicated. • Oct. 13 - Charlotte police were dispatched to the 600 block of W. Henry St. for an open line on 9-1-1 with


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11 Charlotte Shopping Guide

Get all your Medicare answers. ALL IN ONE PLACE. DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T MISS OUR FREE SEMINAR. CALL 1-888-483-0354. TTY USERS, CALL 1-800-481-8704. Get all your questions answered and learn more about our three new PPO plans and our new HMO plan with Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. Registration is required, so call today to reserve your spot. Let us know if you have special needs or if you have any questions. Call us anytime from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. Plus, watch your mailbox for free Medicare information.

LOCATIONS ALL OVER MICHIGAN Alpena 2 p.m., Nov. 18 Alpena Library, 211 N. 1st Street Brighton 2 p.m., Nov. 23; 11 a.m., Dec. 14; 11 a.m., Dec. 29 Brighton Library, 100 Library Drive Clarkston 2 p.m., Nov. 8 Independence Library 6495 Clarkston Road

Kalamazoo 10:30 a.m., Nov. 3, Nov. 18, Dec. 1 and Dec. 16 Kalamazoo Public Library, Oshtemo Branch, 7265 W. Main Street Lake Orion 10 a.m., Nov. 8; 2 p.m., Nov. 30 Orion Township Library, 825 Joslyn

Clinton Township 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Nov. 4 Clinton Macomb Library 40900 Romeo Plank Road Dearborn 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., Nov. 17, Nov. 30 and Dec. 15 Henry Ford Centennial Library 16301 Michigan Avenue Grand Blanc 10 a.m., Nov. 15 Grand Blanc McFarlan Library 515 Perry Grosse Pointe Shores 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., Nov. 11, Nov. 23, Dec. 7 and Dec. 21 Edsel and Eleanor Ford House 1100 Lake Shore Road Hamburg 10 a.m., Nov. 8 Hamburg Library 10411 Merrill Road

Jackson 10:30 a.m., Nov. 8, Nov. 29 and Dec. 20, Jackson District Library Carnegie Branch Auditorium 244 W. Michigan Avenue

Lansing 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., Nov. 1, Nov. 22 and Dec. 13 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Auditorium, 1403 Creyts Road Metamora 2 p.m., Nov. 3 Metamora Library, 4018 Oak Muskegon 11 a.m., Nov. 5, Dec. 8 and Dec. 22 Tanglewood Park, 560 Seminole Road Niles 11 a.m., Nov. 19 Niles District Library 620 E. Main Street Port Huron 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Nov. 1 and Dec. 6 Thomas Edison Inn 500 Thomas Edison Parkway

Saline 10 a.m., Nov. 1, Nov. 29 and Dec. 16 Saline District Library 555 N. Maple Road Southgate 10:30 a.m., Oct. 27, Nov. 10, Nov. 24, Dec. 8 and Dec. 22 Southgate Veterans Memorial Library 14680 Dix-Toledo Road Traverse City 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Nov. 15 and Dec. 13 Traverse Area District Library 610 Woodmere Avenue Troy 10 a.m., Nov. 16; 2 p.m., Nov. 29 Troy Community Center 3179 Livernois Waterford 2 p.m., Nov. 18; 10 a.m., Nov. 30; 2 p.m., Dec. 10; 10 a.m., Dec. 21 Waterford Library 5168 Civic Center Drive Wyoming 11 a.m., Nov. 11, Dec. 2 and Dec. 28 Wyoming Public Library 3350 Michael S.W. Ypsilanti 10 a.m., Nov. 22 and Dec. 15 Ypsilanti Library 5577 Whittaker

A salesperson will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call 1-888-483-0354. TTY users call 1-800-481-8704. Medicare Plus Blue PPO Prescription Blue PDP a Medicare contract.

is a health plan with a Medicare contract.

is a stand-alone prescription drug plan with

BCN Advantage HMO-POS


is a health plan with a Medicare contract.

Y0074_S_Seminarad File & use 10112010 LJ-0100046464

Leading Michigan to a healthier future.


October 24, 2010



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ELECTION 2010: State Senator, 24th State Senate District

Jones now in coasting mode for Senate bid Dem. opponent not campaigning in GOP district By SCOTT DAVIS

State Rep. Rick Jones is hard at work campaigning door to door and handing out brochures. But the Grand Ledge Republican is knocking on doors for someone else. Roughly two weeks before the Nov. 2 election, Jones is clearly in coasting mode in his bid for the 24th Senate District seat. These days, he is spending much of his time trying to help fellow Republicans - state Reps. Tonya Schuitmaker of Lawton and Goeff Hansen of Hart - in close races.

“I’ve done everything I can in this race (in the 24th District that includes Eaton, Allegan and Barry counties.),” Jones said. “I’ve spent a great deal of time in Allegan and Barry counties.” Jones, 57, said he is not too worried about being elected to the seat in the Republican district, partly because his Democratic opponent, Michelle DiSano of Potterville, has not actively campaigned for the post and has ignored invitations to appear at forums.

No comment Contacted by the Lansing State Journal, Disano, a deputy clerk with the 54A District Court Probation Department, declined to answer questions about her positions on issues facing the state.

Rick Jones

Michelle DiSano

w Party: Republi-

w Party: Democrat

can w Occupation: State representative 71st District, former Jones Eaton County sheriff w Political experience: Eaton County sheriff, 2000-04; Michigan House of Representatives, District 71 (includes most of Eaton County), 2004-current w Address: Grand Ledge w Age: 57

w Occupation: Deputy clerk with

A former sheriff and fiscal conservative who has served six years in the House, Jones said he realizes Michigan faces tough budget decisions ahead but hopes Republican

Clock Repair p

Repair for Your Cherished Antique and Modern Mod Clocks

J. Bruce Weeks

counting gimmicks and using federal money to plug the gap instead of making real reforms.” Jones said he is confident Republican lawmakers would unite around Snyder, although some have criticized him as a moderate.

the 54A District Court Probation Department w Political experience: Did not respond w Address: Potterville w Age: Did not respond

Waiting to see

Rick Snyder, if elected as governor, will put the state on a path of financial stability. “The Republicans have been waiting for eight years to have a governor that we can work with,” said Jones, referring to the two terms of Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. “There have been too many one-time fixes, ac-

Nevertheless, Jones said he remains undecided about one of Snyder’s key proposals - replacing the Michigan Business Tax with a 6 percent corporate income tax. Jones, who now just supports eliminating the MBT’s surcharge, said he wants to hear feedback from business groups on Snyder’s proposal before backing it. Jones, who spent much of last year battling the state’s leasing of new headquarters for the Michigan State Po-

lice, said the state will have to get serious about reigning in spending because of an anticipated $1.5 billion budget shortfall next year.

Ideas for savings Jones has proposed saving $330 million annually by eliminating a tax credit for low-income people and $30 million annually by commuting sentences of some dying inmates. He said much money can be saved by consolidating administrative functions of the Michigan Department of Corrections. “I don’t think there is any choice. The only two choices we have are massive tax increases, or we make the cuts,” Jones said. “We can’t print money like the federal government.”

Call the Professionals for All Your Heating & Cooling Needs!

3378 Carlisle Hwy. • Charlotte, MI 48813 13




Sharing...Life’s Journey.

$20 OFF Any Repair Over $100

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October 24, 2010

Tax Credit

For qualifying customers & equipment. Tax credit expires 12/31/10.

• 24 Hour Care & Supervision • Medications Administrations • Nurse On Call 24 Hours • Personalized Care Based On Individual Need 3145 W. Mt. Hope Avenue • Lansing, MI 48911 • 517-485-5966

Expires 10.30.10

$150 OFF

95%Efficient Gas Furnace from Carrier Coupon cannot be combined with other offers.

LSJ 3610 Old Lansing Road



Expires 10.30.10


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OLIVET — After extensive review of a pool of prestigious candidates from around the country, Olivet College’s presidential search culminated last week with a vote by its board of trustees to elect Steven M. Corey, Ph.D., as the college’s 27th president. His appointment is effective Dec. 13, 2010. Corey has served as executive vice president of Prescott College in Prescott, Ariz., since 2001. His appointment to succeed Donald Tuski, Ph.D., who resigned in March to become president of Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, comes on the heels of a national search conducted by a 22-member committee consisting of facSteven ulty, staff, students, alumni Corey and trustees. “We have been overwhelmed by the number and quality of applicants from all over the nation,” said David Hayhow, chair of the college’s board of trustees. “Dr. Corey is an experienced professional in small, private college administration who brings a broad vision of 21st-century higher education to Olivet Col-

lege. We are delighted we were able to at- beyond, where we optimize our ability to help students achieve their personal aspiratract him to Michigan.” tions and go out into their communities to Solid experience make a positive difference in the world. “The college’s values-based mission of During his tenure at Prescott, Corey was responsible for directing all aspects of Education for Individual and Social Responthe college’s administrative and operational sibility, combined with the Olivet Compact, policies, objectives and initiatives. He also is distinctive and is at the forefront of what managed the college’s overall financial poli- higher education needs to be doing in this nation and around the world,” he said. “Stucies as chief financial officer. Corey’s duties have included direct re- dents can come to Olivet College to achieve sponsibilities in areas such as board rela- not only self fulfillment, but to also develtions and development, fundraising, finance, op the skills and experiences necessary to organizational leadership, enrollment man- go out and make a positive impact. That’s agement, campus development, curriculum what we need in the world today, and Olivand faculty, and public policy and legisla- et College can and needs to be one of the tive affairs. In addition, he has served as nation’s leaders in this approach to educaan associate Ph.D. faculty member and ad- tion. There’s tremendous potential to not junct faculty member for higher education only strengthen our role and place within finance, higher education organization and the state of Michigan, but we can also administration, nonprofit management and reach out beyond the state to the region other business management-related areas. and nation. In doing so, we can increase “I’m excited to join the Olivet College our ability to engage with students of more community,” said Corey. “Olivet’s passion diverse backgrounds and experiences, enand excitement for the future of the college riching the breadth of education at Olivet.” is strong and clear, and we have a bright future ahead of us. I look forward to joining Distinguished resume Prior to Prescott, Corey served as felthe community to set a course for 2020 and

low for administrative collaboratives for the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association. He also spent 10 years at Cumberland University of Tennessee, where he held the positions of vice president for administration, vice president for athletics and director of sports medicine, and was a member of the faculty. In 2006, Corey was appointed by Governor Janet Napolitano to serve on the Arizona State Commission for Postsecondary Education. He has also been an active member in the Prescott community, where he has served on several boards. Corey earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Finance from the University of Arizona in 2007; a Master of Business Administration from Cumberland University in 1998; a Master of Science from Arizona State University in 1990; and a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Fresno in 1988. He also completed post-graduate study from Middle Tennessee State University in 1993. A native of Clovis, Calif., Corey’s family includes wife, Traci, and daughter, Karli. — From Olivet College

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Corey steps in as president at Olivet College


Letter to the editor Walberg deserves votes I support Tim Walberg because he wants intrusive government and confiscatory taxes out of the way. Our American tradition requires personal initiative and taking responsibility for ourselves, our families, neighbors and businesses. Mark Schauer wants bigger government. He voted for programs filled waste and fraud, such as Health Care Takeover, which 72 percent of Americans opposed and the Stimulus Package granting money, even to dead people. His voting record has increased the federal debt astronomically. The government is spending 68 percent more than it is receiving. How can we trust Mark Schauer with our money in Washington? George H. Greanias Charlotte

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October 24, 2010


Choose a combination meal including Enchiladas,Burritos, and Quesadillas.

ELECTION 2010: Eaton County Commissioner, 1st District

Charlotte Shopping Guide

14 Karen Hathon w Party: Republican w Age: 67 w City of residence: Mulliken

w Occupation: Legal Secretray, Admistrative Assis-

tant w Education: Durand High School Graduate w Political experience: None w Family: Married 47 years, 4 grown children, 1 grand-

2. Taxes. No increases. Property taxes should be based on current values, not those of yesteryear. 3. Project labor agreements. What county services do you consider vital and least eligible for cuts? Public safety is vital to the community, and needs to be funded appropriately.

Lansing Labor Council, UAW Region 1-C, State Handicappers Association of Professional Employees (SHAPE), Leo and Phyllis Trumble, Duane and Kim Eldred, Darwin and Diann Benjamin, John and Sandy Fisher, Wayne and Sandy Simpson Charlene Pearson, and Delbert and Earl Arnold. w Family: Married with two children. w Campaign website: none

Michael Hosey (i)

What makes you most qualified to hold this office? I have 30 years in public service including three years in which I have proven my ability to lead, balance a complex budget and forge a vision for the future of Eaton County. I have been recognized as a leader in state government as well as county government. I helped re-write the policies and procedures for disabled employees working in state government. I have met with citizen organizations, business leaders and individuals and I have a clear understanding of their needs. I am a fourth generation District 1 resident. Having lived here almost all of my life I have experience with the issues impacting District 1 county residents. What are the three most important issues facing the county and how would you address

w Party: Democrat

son w Campaign website:

What makes you most qualified to hold this office? I have a strong desire to serve the folks in my district. I'm a common sense conservative woman with strong family values and I care deeply about my community. What are the three most important issues facing the county and how would you address them? 1. Non essential spending. If you don't have it, don't spend it. In this current economy, is it prudent to pursue acquiring the gravel pit on M-50 having in mind to transform it into a park?

w Age: 53 w City of residence: Charlotte w Occupation: Labor relations specialist with Michi-

gan Department of Corrections. w Education: MA in corrections public Administration

from Western Michigan University. BS in employment relations from Michigan State University. w Political experience: Three years as Eaton County commissioner representing District 1. I have been endorsed by the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 512, the UAW CAP Council, the Michigan Education Association, the Greater




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Staff represented by UAW Local 2256

6500 Centurion Drive, Suite 230 • Lansing, MI 48917

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them? Public safety, the budget given that we are faced with shrinking revenue streams and the economic environment. I have always placed the well being of our citizens over any other issue. I will continue to support our local police and sheriff. I will work to insure police remain on the streets. However, I will demand a high quality of training and competence in their dealings with citizens. I will continue to balance the budget and hold firm in not raising taxes. We need to "live within our means" while providing the services which make Eaton County a quality environment in which to live. I will continue to support business and find ways to strengthen our economy. What county services do you consider vital and least eligible for cuts? Public safety, community health and infrastructure. However, it is my job to scrutinize these programs to insure they are operating effectively and efficiently. The fact that they are vital does not mean these programs are exempt from being examined to insure they are streamlined and using every tax dollar in a responsible manner. Safe and healthy citizens who have access to transportation and good roads is the bedrock of an excellent community.

ELECTION 2010: Charlotte School Board


Garrett Bensinger

Andrew Hazel

w Party: Republican

w Party: Independent

w Party: No party

w Party: Republican

w Age: 47

w Age: 28

w Age: 38

w Age: Did not respond.

w City of residence: Charlotte

w City of residence: Charlotte

w City of residence: Charlotte

w Occupation: Assistant Vice Presi-

w Occupation: Strategic Planning,

w Occupation: State of Michigan-

Accident Fund Insurance Company w Education: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Bachelor of Science, Mathematics (minor - finance) w Political experience: None. w Family: Married, four children. What are your qualifications to serve on the school board? My wife and I are raising our four children (ages 4 to 12) in the Charlotte community. The quality of the education is very important to us, including both academics as wells as a broader experience that empowers our kids to be life long learners, to discover their unique gifts, and to be productive citizens wherever they go. What are the three biggest challenges facing your school district and how would you address them? 1) Navigate the financial crisis - everyone is under the pressure of this economy and there are still tough decisions to be made that I have the knowledge and perspective to help make these decisions. 2) Build transparency and trust with the community and engage them to be a part of the success. 2) Losing site of our long term success - we are so focused on the financial crisis, it feels like we've lost our way. Before this economic crisis, we were talking about opportunities for our kids and the need to perform at the highest standards so our kids could compete regionally, nationally, and globally. Companies that live from budget to budget and solve problems by continually cutting and slashing budgets usually do not survive. Schools have faced severe cuts in recent years. If more cuts become needed, what programs would you cut and why? Our schools system does not have a long list of programs to cut. This heavy handed approach to balancing the budget is largely outdated. Fresh ideas and approaches are needed to maintain a quality educational experience without taking sides between different sport programs, band, and enrichment courses. Would you support closing school buildings as a means of balancing the district's budget? I commit to considering all reasonable options in tough economic times and will always keeping an eye to the long term implications. It is important to me that schools, especially our elementary schools, remain within the community and not move to a "big school complex". Would you support consolidation with another school district to save money or preserve quality of programs? I will keep an open mind to options that best serve our community and our kids; however, I don't view consolidation as an viable option or a solution that would have lasting value for the Charlotte Community.

Department of Agriculture Program Manager - April 2007 to Present. Section Manager - March 1996 to June 2004. Deputy Director of EAB Operations - June 2004 to April 2007. w Education: 1991 M.S. Public Administration, 1988 B.S. Business Administration 1982 A.S. Horticulture/Science/Art w Political experience: 2010 School Information Committee - Citizen Advisor 2010 School Bond Committee - Chairman 2008 School Physical Facilities Evaluation Committee - Citizen Advisor w Family: Married, four children, one grandchild. What are your qualifications to serve on the school board? I have eighteen years of grant writing experience, contracting and managing budgets for two State Division programs exceeding $21 million; and I currently manage a family business. What are the three biggest challenges facing your school district and how would you address them? 1. School districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s budget - With a decline in revenue and an increase in cost we must: a) monitor how school funds are being spent and invest in what has the greatest impact on our childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s education, b) insure we are taking advantage of the Sate and Federal revenue sources available to us, c) maintain facilities that will attract families to live in our community and d) attract quality teachers and staff with a competitive wage and benefit package. 2. Communication between the school administration and the community 3. Condition of the physical facilities - Since 2008 I have served as a citizen advisor reviewing the physical facilities of the school district. A number of facilities are in need of repair or replacement. Schools have faced severe cuts in recent years. If more cuts become needed, what programs would you cut and why? As a member of the school board, all of the programs would have to be considered. I would recommend we keep the programs that develop well educated youth and prepare them to be productive citizens. Would you support closing school buildings as a means of balancing the district's budget? As a member of the school board, I would only recommend closing school buildings as a last resort to balancing the district's budget. Would you support consolidation with another school district to save money or preserve quality of programs? I would consider consolidation only under the condition that it preserved the quality of programs for Charlotte Public School students and staff.

dent, Treasury Management, Independent Bank Corp. Grand Valley State University; CPCU, American Instiw Education: Charlotte Public schools- 1996-2000 tute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters; CIC, Certified Insurance Counselor, Society of Certi- Alma College 2000-2004 fied Insurance Counselors Bacholer's degree in Business Administration/Finance w Political experience: Four years as a school board w Political experience: Nonetrustee for Charlotte Public Schools/finance subw Family: Married, two children. committee and building & grounds subcommittee What are your qualifications to serve on the w Family: Married, 2 children school board? What are your qualifications to serve on the I feel my biggest qualification is my financial expeschool board? rience. I have worked with municipalities/ schools & I'm committed to continuing the strong fiscal corporations of all sizes. responsibility that has been the history at Charlotte What are the three biggest challenges facing Public Schools. My integrity and commitment to doing your school district and how would you address the right thing will ensure that the district continues to move in the right direction. I have a strong business them? 1.Financial Crisis- All districts are facing this issuebackground with 24 years in the insurance business. while the solution to fixing this issue is much bigger This allows me to view the operation of the district then what I can do as a board member for CPS. I will from a business perspective. work to address and adapt as this financial climate What are the three biggest challenges facing changes. The most obvious way is to continue to look your school district and how would you address for ways to cut or reduce cost- which I support, howthem? ever at a certain point the cuts begin to affect the The current system of funding public schools is ability for our students to learn and be competitive. broken and remains the biggest challenge to date. 2.Teacher contracts- this is another issue that will We need to encourage state leadership to work with need to be addressed over the next couple years. administration and school boards to come up with 3.Increased Competition/ Standards- Last but snot answers to fund the schools in lieu of placing a bandleast is the issue of how do we better prepare and aid on the problem. Public employee pensions are teach our students so that they are competitive. also an issue which need to be addressed sooner Schools have faced severe cuts in recent years. rather than later as these costs continue to take If more cuts become needed, what programs away resources from the classroom. Local control of schools also is an issue. The federal and state govern- would you cut and why? ments continue to extend far-reaching authority stripAgain, I would first look to see what things we ping away the ability to govern locally. could cut or reduce that would have little or no impact Schools have faced severe cuts in recent years. to the students. Upon diminishing options here, I believe the board, district and community would need If more cuts become needed, what programs to begin to prioritize what things would have the least would you cut and why? amount of impact on the students and their abilities to Stating the obvious is that public schools exist to educate children. Period. If we are forced to go to the learn and be competitive. Would you support closing school buildings as well again with cuts, I believe we do have to take a means of balancing the district's budget? a hard look at all extra-curricular activities that take away valuable resources from the classroom. We also As a last resort- the following would have to occur have to make sure that we continue to remain as to justify this. efficient as possible starting at the top of the district. 1. enrollment within the district has diminished to Would you support closing school buildings as a point where we can comfortably consolidate classes a means of balancing the district's budget? and avoid overcrowding within other buildings In the last 18 months, we have redesignated a local 2. We have a detailed logical plan and have done elementary building for child care. If finances remain the research to understand where students can be an issue, that topic will continue to be on the table. allocated to ensure that the level of learning will not Would you support consolidation with another be affected. school district to save money or preserve quality Would you support consolidation with another of programs? school district to save money or preserve quality of programs? Given the number of districts that are in trouble financially, this is an issue that has to be on the table Yes, I believe there are some efficiencies that could for discussion and we need to listen to the communi- be taken advantage of. While complete consolidation ty's input on this very sensitive topic. may not make sense at this time- there are things that can be done in the areas of streamlining technologies, business/finance efficiencies, insurance and benefits, w Education: BBA, General Business/Marketing,

October 24, 2010

w City of residence: Charlotte w Occupation: Field Manager, Frankenmuth Insurance

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Gary King

Edward Allen (i)

Student honor continues

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Cheerleaders volunteer The Charlotte High School Varsity Cheerleaders took time out of their busy practice and game schedule to volunteer at the Foster Appreciation Event at Bennett Park. They helped with games and spent time with the foster families. The event was a great success and a great experience for the cheerleaders. The Varsity Cheerleaders hope to be able to volunteer next year. The Charlotte Varsity Cheerleaders are coached by Yvonne Ridge and Lisa Love-Smith.

Courtesy photo

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte High School will continue honoring its students this year with the “Student Appreciation Award.” Each mid-term, students will be nominated by their teachers for excellence. Students can be nominated for being helpful within the classroom, stepping up as a leader, setting a positive example, providing outstanding effort, demonstrating improvement, or involvement in the school and club or athletic activities. Each of the nominated students will receive a form explaining which teacher wishes to recognize them for the characteristics or actions they exemplify. Every week, students will be randomly selected to be featured in the Charlotte Shopping Guide. This week’s featured student is Aleia McKessy, a senior, who has been nominated by her Advanced Placement instructor, Mrs.

Becker-Utess. According to Mrs. Becker-Utess, Aleia is one of the most academically gifted students she has taught. That fact is backed up by Aleia’s class polite and respectful behavior, in-class participation, tests, and homework. Aleia commented that AP Government is her favorite class and that normally she favors math courses. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Milarch, who taught her English 11 and Advanced Composition classes. As president of Teens Take Time to Care (4TC), Aleia is a leader among her fellow students in contributing to the local community and played a key role in bringing the International Generosity Summit to Charlotte earlier this month. She is also a member of the bowling team, Freshman Mentoring Program, and a tap dancer at both the Conservatory for Dance Arts and Campbell Dance Studio.

Courtesy photo

This week’s featured student is Aleia McKessy, a Charlotte High School senior, who has been nominated by her Advanced Placement instructor, Mrs. BeckerUtess. Aleia hopes to attend the college of her choice next year and to pursue higher education with the goal of eventually receiving a doctorate in psychology. — From Charlotte High School

1068 Carlisle Highway • Charlotte 517-541-5740 • 517-541-5746/activity line Check out our Web site at

Hours: Come Join Tigershark’s Swim Club! See Aquatic Center for Details. ails.. NEW

October 24, 2010

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Master plan meeting is set munity development issues. Through the text and maps, the Master Plan illustrates the desires of the county with regard to future growth and development. Further, the Master Plan promotes continuity in development policy as members of the Planning Commission change over the years. The draft Master Plan is available for review at the Eaton County Community Development Department. This meeting will be an opportunity for you to provide your feedback

on the draft Eaton County Master Plan and future land use maps. The Eaton County Planning Commission has planning and zoning jurisdiction in the townships of Benton, Brookfield, Carmel, Chester, Eaton, Eaton Rapids, Kalamo, Hamlin, Roxand, Sunfield, Vermontville and Walton. For questions, call the Eaton County Community Development Department, (517) 543-3689. — From the Eaton County Community Development Department


Students support cancer awareness

Halloween will arrive early in downtown Charlotte on Monday, October 25th at 6:00 p.m. The Charlotte High School Band will lead the Sixth Annual Almost Midnight Madness. Following the way will be young goblins, ghosts, princesses and pumpkins with the Charlotte City and Rural Fire Department truck at the end.

CHARLOTTE - October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the volleyball girls at Charlotte High School wanted to get involved. They hosted a Dig Pink volleyball game at Charlotte on Sept. 28. Pink jer-

Lineup begins at 5:30 p.m. on the lawns of 1885 Courthouse. Main street will be closed as more than 400-500 kids and parents parade in costume through downtown.

seys, pink high socks, and pink ribbons were worn during the game by both teams to show support. The freshman, JV and varsity teams managed to raise over $500 to go towards the cause. Money was raised by having friends

or family members place a bid on a player for each ace or kill they made during each match. Although none of the Charlotte teams managed to beat Haslett, it was still an inspiring night to be at Charlotte High School.

For more Important Charlotte Public School Bond Related Information Visit: or call: (517) 541-5100 LJ-0100048713


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To reserve your spot, go to: or call: (517) 913-4010

“Treat” yourself to this free informational session to take the fear out of planning for your financial future on October 28, 2010 at the Eaton Area Senior Center. Topics will include: How not to outlive your money; Providing for heirs, not “Uncle Sam;” and information about helping the charitable causes you care about. Presenters include: Chuck Archer, Kathleen Cook, Marty Latchaw, Joe Stachnik, and Paul Tomasek. Thursday, October 28, 2010, 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. with lunch provided OR Thursday, October 28, 2010, 5:45 - 7:45 p.m. “No Tricks, Just Treats” will be provided RSVP by Friday, October 22nd to : Julia Oliver at 543-1050 ext. 1676 or Sponsors for the event include Charitable Assets Pillar of CAN DO!, Charlotte Estate Planning Council, and Eaton Area Senior Center. LJ-0100047103

October 24, 2010





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8741 W. Saginaw, Lansing Ste. J, Broadbent Crossings 517-627-9900 Mon-Friday 10-8 • Sat 10-5

Please note: The official City Halloween will be Sunday, October 31 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


How it can change your life

Half-Off Event In Progress

Most stores will be open to pass out candy and treats to the masses. The Charlotte Jaycees will be on on hand to pass out Halloween goodie bags to participants. There will also be cider and donuts, provided by Dr. Lisa Knowles, dentist, and her staff at the corner of S. Cochran and Lovett St.


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CHARLOTTE — The Eaton County Planning Commission has scheduled a special meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 6 p.m. to be held in the Eaton County Board of Commissioner’s Room located in the Eaton County Courthouse, 1045 Independence Blvd., Charlotte. The Eaton County Planning Commission is presently developing a draft Master Plan. The Master Plan is the official policy guide to be used by county officials to resolve existing and anticipated com-


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SUPER CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Smash letters 4 __-de-lance 7 Valhalla villain 11 Ruined 16 Greenish yellow 18 Make like 19 Fathered a foal 20 Navy builder 21 Film directed by George Cukor 23 Opera by George Gershwin 25 “Aida” composer 26 Entire range 28 Turn about 29 Congeal 30 Always 32 Art deco designer 34 “__ Lee” (‘59 hit) 37 Engineering feat by George Goethals 40 Scent 41 Petty or Poston 42 Funnyman Philips 43 Cry of concern 46 Nightingale prop 49 Tune 52 Strait 56 TV’s “Family __” 58 Folklore figure 59 Active types 60 ‘68 Bee Gees hit 62 Spanish shout 63 Sheltered, at sea 65 Tiers 67 Producer Prince 68 Fiber source


69 Novel by George Orwell 73 Song by George Harrison 76 Lonely fish? 77 Max __ Sydow 78 Bailiwick 80 Hautboy 81 Sapporo sash 82 Gaggle gals 84 “The Creation” composer 86 Writer Runyon 90 Tongues of fire 92 Sign a check 94 Bronze feature 95 Paradise 96 Role for Liz 97 Wonderment 99 Eat in the evening 100 Rock’s David Lee __ 102 Role played by George Clooney 108 Bayreuth’s locale 111 Scandinavian seaport 112 Drench 113 West ender? 114 Swenson of “Benson” 116 Data 118 Kinshasa’s country 122 Play by George Bernard Shaw 126 Comic strip by George Herriman 128 Wagner heroine 129 Designer Perry

130 Sundown, to Shelley 131 Splinter group 132 Heavy blows 133 “Sad __” (‘79 hit) 134 Wily 135 “I told you so!” DOWN 1 Eastern European 2 Take a taxi 3 Actor Sharif 4 Remote 5 Bit of wit 6 Melodious McEntire 7 Ray of “GoodFellas” 8 Rink legend 9 Beer barrels 10 Pastoral poems 11 “The Burning __” (‘84 film) 12 Research site 13 Corpulent 14 North Sea feeder 15 Heron’s home 17 German port 19 Rebuff 20 “Slammin’ Sam” 22 Parvati’s spouse 24 Mustangs and Pintos 27 “__ culpa” 31 Part of EMT 33 Panache 35 Drives and drives? 36 “__ Spee” 37 Use a ewer

38 Snowballs, sometimes 39 Designer Chanel 41 Explosive initials 44 Author Wallace 45 Honolulu hello 47 Native New Zealander 48 Damascus dish 50 Censure 51 Grasso or Wilcox 53 Munich mister 54 Luncheonette lure 55 Australian st. 56 Wing it 57 Descartes or Levesque 59 Crusoe’s creator 61 Boca __, FL 64 Sprites 66 Vow 68 It’s heard in a herd 69 Beginning on 70 Clavell’s “__ House” 71 Ancient epic 72 Photographer Adams 74 Robert of “Airplane!” 75 Fountain order 79 Sweater letter 82 Doge city? 83 Chemical ending 85 Bargain 87 Pine for 88 Burden 89 Short snooze 91 TV tycoon Griffin 93 Extinct bird

94 Cuban currency 96 Audrey Meadows’ birthplace 98 Spendthrift 101 Clan 103 Egyptian deity

110 Think alike 113 Send out 115 With skill 117 Luau instruments 119 Turner and Pappas 120 Marathon

121 Kitchen addition? 123 Vintage 124 Sts. 125 Barley beverage 127 __ which way (carelessly)


Puzzle Page

104 Arm bones 105 Political abbr. 106 Make fun of 107 Approves 108 Reckless 109 Type of pear

October 24, 2010


To advertise in this space contact Jeana Rohrs 517-377-1078 or Jessica Banister 517-377-1258

• Southwest: Monday, Nov. 1 Each section will begin on a Monday. The pickup will BELLEVUE — The time for the village leaf pickup pro• Northeast: Monday, Nov. 15 begin on Monday, Oct. 25. It will begin in the southeast secgram has arrived. Complete rules for leaf pickup can be picked up at the The village will be divided into four sections with the tion. They will then proceed clockwise to the other secvillage hall or if you have questions, call the village hall at tions. The schedule for each section is as follows. dividing lines being Main St. and Capital Ave. (269) 763-9571. • Southeast: Monday, Oct. 25 These sections will be the northeast, southeast, south— From the Village of Bellevue • Northwest: Monday, Nov. 8 west and northwest.

Local church ready for ‘trunk-or-treat’ event CHARLOTTE — On Sunday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m., come join the fun at Peace Lutheran Church, 830 N. Cochran, Charlotte, for Trick or Trunk. Trick or Trunk is a fun evening of special trick or treating in our parking lot, hosted by families of the Peace Lutheran congregation. Cars line the parking lot out front with their decorated trunks open, displaying Halloween pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, webs and candy.

Owners of the various decorated trunks dress in costumes for the event and prizes are awarded for the best ones. Karen Jorgensen serves a co-chair of the event with Colleen Auer, both members of the church. “A safe haven for the community’s children” is the way Karen Jorensen describes the event. And, this is a way to involve people of Peace Lutheran in its community and in-

Charlotte Shopping Guide

Bellevue village leaf pick-up now underway


vite community members to get to know the church. In addition to the treats from the open trunks in the parking lot, trick or treaters will have the opportunity to go into the church to warm up and enjoy cider and cookies. Come and join the fun. For more information, call the Peace Lutheran Church office at (517) 543-1503. — From Peace Lutheran Church

Hospital offers AL!VE presentations to public • Fridays: 2 to 3 p.m. CHARLOTTE — Now that ground has been broken and Oct. 29 at the following times. Presentations take place at 800 W. Lawrence in the There is no need to call ahead to participate in a tour. construction has begun for the new AL!VE health park in For more information, call HGB at (517) 541-5913. Charlotte, Hayes Green Beach (HGB) is offering free pub- southeast (front) corner of the building: • Tuesdays: 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. lic presentations for those wanting to learn more about • Thursdays: 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. — From Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital what the future facility will look like and what it will offer to the Charlotte community and greater Lansing area. Located at the former Felpausch grocery store and CVS Pharmacy at 800 W. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte, AL!VE will ECH THRIFT SHOP be a new kind of community collaboration focused on imMany items to choose from including Furniture, Large & Small Appliances, Household Items, Clothing, etc. proving the health and well-being of thousands of resiDONATIONS ALWAYS WELCOME SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! dents. 2675 S. Cochran | 517-543-5310 | Tours, in addition to video presentations highlighting TUES & WED 9AM-4PM | THUR & FRI 9AM-8PM | SAT 9AM-4PM the facility’s design and layout, will be offered now through (CLOSED SUN & MON) •


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co C ns om m ulta pli en ti m tio on en n w tar th he y is n ad yo ! u


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October 24, 2010

*Prices per person and including round-trip airfare from LAN (unless otherwise stated) on SunCountry Airlines or other US certified air carriers, round-trip airport/hotel transfers, hotel taxes and baggage handling, fuel surcharges and the services of an Apple Representative. Hotel accommodations are based on double occupancy unless otherwise stated. Prices do not include $2.50 per segment September 11 Security Fee, other governmental taxes/fees ($100.95-$148 per person). In some instances, pricing may specifically apply to one of multiple flights on select departure days. Checked bag fees from the air carrier may apply, ranging from $10-$100 per bag. Please see the individual air carriers website for a full detailed description of baggage charges. “ALL-INCLUSIVE” and “Unlimited-Luxury®” resorts include all meals, drinks, non-motorized watersports and more. For bookings within 14 days of departure, add $10 per person. Prices apply to select departure dates within a specified range. Restrictions/blackout dates and surcharges may apply. Prices based on the lowest fare class available and are subject to availability and change without notice. Promotional pricing may only be available for a limited time. Apple Vacations not responsible for errors or omissions. See the Fair Trade Contract ©2010.


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Can Do! to hold evening meeting on Oct. 27 CHARLOTTE — For those who laugh when they hear that Can Do! meetings are at 7 a.m., the October meeting will be a golden opportunity. It will be a rare evening event. One of the many remarkable things about Can Do! is that more than 40 people participate every month in these early morning sessions. So what is all of the excitement about? What drives people to give up extra sleep and come together at this early hour, to imagine and then realize a greater future for our community? On Oct. 27, there will be an easy way to find out. Can Do! will cancel its usual morning time in October to hold a family-friendly networking meeting. Dubbed the Fall Festival, the event takes place at the Eaton Area Senior Center from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 27. All Can Do! participants are urged to attend and to bring

family members, friends, colleagues. There will be activities for children to enjoy throughout the duration of the event. This will be a great time to learn about Can Do!, which is a unique and effective organization that has made an impact on people around the region and on visitors from far beyond. Leanne Kaiser Carlson was struck by the collaboration of our community and Can Do!, when she visited several times from Colorado. Most recently, our visitors from Africa decided to model some of their efforts to build community in their country after our Can Do! practices. Can Do! is a completely free and open organization. It moves forward upon 12 years of progress and demonstrated collaboration among business, education, government, nonprofit organizations, the faith community, and local citizens.

Its four pillars of Leadership, Entrepreneurism, Youth, and Charitable Assets provide a framework through which discussions take place. The committees of marketing, Charlotte Step by Step, and the new Experience Art and the Charlotte Area Time Bank provide a wealth of community-building projects, enthusiasm, and meaningful dialogue. The Can Do! identity statement sums it up best: “Can Do! believes that, in our community, anything is possible. Its diverse, welcoming membership creates an environment that awakens the imagination and invigorates a spirit of collaboration and generosity among community members, youth, entrepreneurs and leaders to transform the wonder of small town possibilities into realities.” For more information, you can find Can Do! on Facebook or you can e-mail — From Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital

Hospital to offer women’s health fair in Olivet CHARLOTTE — As part of Hayes Green Beach (HGB) Memorial Hospital’s ongoing commitment to offer more comprehensive, community-focused women’s health services, the hospital will offer its first-ever women’s health fair. A Women’s Health Experience will be Saturday, Nov. 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Olivet Middle School Auditorium at 255 First St., Olivet. It is open to the public and free to attend, although registration is required. The event will feature more than a dozen booths with information about women’s health issues and topics, along with a children’s activity center. In addition, two interactive panel discussions will focus on healthy lifestyles and the latest health issues facing women today. Panelists in-

clude: • Seneca Storm, M.D., HGB Physiatrist • Erica Magers, M.D., Family Practice Physician with HGB’s Charlotte Medical Group • Melanie Shehan, MS, RD, HGB Clinical Dietician • Patrick Sustrich, MS, HGB’s Director of Health and Wellness Services • Grace Gibbs, D.O., FACOOG, OB/GYN with Charlotte Women’s Health • Robert Seiler, D.O., OB/GYN with Charlotte Women’s Health • Anthony Marl, D.O., Internal Medicine Physician with HGB’s Charlotte Medical Group. HGB offers comprehensive women’s health services,

including mammography, obstetrics, weight management, hormone therapies, exercise and wellness, incontinence therapy, plus much more. “We are looking forward to a successful event,” states Maureen Sheppard, chief nursing officer at HGB. “We truly want to offer the women in the community an opportunity to learn more about themselves and their health, and to make better lifestyle choices. In the end, it’s all about inspiring and creating vitality in individuals and the community in general.” To learn more and pre-register, visit or call HGB at (517) 543-1050 ext. 1207. — From Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital

Join Us for an Energy Saving Geothermal Seminar

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Thursday October 28th Where: Brookshire Inn 204 W. Church Williamston 48895 Time: 6:30-8:00p.m.

October 24, 2010

Dinner Provided Please RSVP @ 800-377-2272

Costume Contest Monday, October 25

Stop by in costume (adults & kids) between 2:30-5:30 and get your picture taken for the

Fitness Classes

Two 45 minute classes are offered each night. One class is $5 or take both classes that night for only $8. Space is limited so e-mail your reservation soon. Instructor is Susan Bracamonte, Christian Personal Trainer,

Pennies for Parkinsons Fundraiser Voting will take place the rest of the week at the BHCC by voting with your pennies for your favorite costume then head down to

Charlotte’s 6th Annual Almost Midnight Madness

Wed Oct 27 Tae Bo at 6:15 Pilates at 7:15

(bring a mat or beach towel)

Wed Nov 17 Zumba at 6:15 Stretch & Relax at 7:15 (bring a mat or beach towel)

• 710 W. Lawrence Ave., • BC/BS, BCN Messa, PHP & Most Major Carriers Accepted

(517) 543-6360 LJ-0100040219


Heidi Hansen, D.C.

I’m a hard sell when it comes to supporting a millage. In the last year the value of my home here in Charlotte has dropped, my taxes Carpe have risen and water diem and sewer rates have Rachel Greco jumped up — twice. T h e n there’s the issue of a stagnant income. As a family, we are paying more for nearly everything. Yet, in the last two years I’ve received just one increase in pay, due to a year-long wage freeze, and have been furloughed a week here and there, losing pay, both this year and last. It’s been tough. It’s been worse for many others. It makes me very inclined to tell any entity “no” at the polls. Make due with what you have, because it’s what I’m doing.

right now? Nope. But the millage rate we’re paying now will continue for 11 years longer if it passes. It’s an increase. Just not one we will notice. I’m voting for this proposal for several really good reasons though. First, if it passes the district can take advantage of a $16 million break in interest, thanks to a government subsidy. In truth, when I first heard about it, I had no clue what it really meant - for me. I have since sat down with school officials and now, I get it. Simply put, if we pass this bond now, in 2032, when the 11-year extension kicks in, our millage rate will drop, from 7.59 to 5.81. The next year it will scale back to 1.25 mills and it will keep dropping for several more. What does this mean for a taxpayer? It means we will have bought this community $23.6 million worth of improvements to its school district — and our taxes will still decrease, in spite of it.

It makes sense

Take a look at this proposal. Everything being asked for is important. Charlotte High School’s heating system is 47 years old. It’s inefficient and faltering. We need a new one. Our youth deserve adequate heat in the winter and proper ventilation in the summer. Speaking of the high school, ever walked in the front doors of this building? Want to know what greets you? Nothing. Two stair cases, one leading up and another heading down. And even if a visitor heads up the stairs, where the office

But this Nov. 2, I will vote “yes” on the Charlotte School District’s request to extend mills levied 11 years — in exchange for, what I believe, are much needed projects at the facilities. And before you ask, my support doesn’t stem from the fact that this millage “won’t mean an increase in taxes.” I’ve heard that one A LOT, from district officials and from supporters of the proposal. Here’s how I see it. Is it a tax increase

What we’re getting

is located, they can still turn right — completely avoiding the staff. As a parent, does that make you feel safe if your child is in the building? Let’s take a look at the middle school parking lot. Ever been there in the morning or just after school when the bell rings? I have. Word to the wise, if you’re planning on experiencing this soon — plan on getting stuck, for a long while.

“...they’re asking us to support a proposal that will give us a great deal of longevity without hurting a household budget.”

Charlotte Shopping Guide

Even a hard sell can support school bond


The schools matter I live here. I’m raising a little girl and next fall she will start kindergarten at Charlotte Public Schools. I’m a little nervous - but not because I doubt the quality of the education she will get there. I cover the schools and I’ve been impressed by the staff and programs for five years. But I’m nervous because public education in this state is struggling. Funding from the state is unpredictable and inadequate. I don’t want my child taking classes in aging buildings that have not been maintained. This is my chance to make sure it doesn’t happen - and financially I won’t even notice the cost. This school district, according to the Michigan Department of Education, has ranked in the top two percent within the state when it comes to managing efficien-

cies. They rank number one in Eaton County right now. School officials have cut back, found ways to save money without asking us for more. And now they’re asking us to support a proposal that will give us a great deal of longevity without hurting a household budget. I’m going to support that effort - for my daughter, for my community, for my school district. I urge you to do the same. Nothing makes more sense. If you’re going to support one millage - this should be the one. Take it from the hard sell.

Rachel Greco is the editor of the Charlotte Shopping Guide. She can be reached via e-mail at .


Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair Eaton Rapids Public School Community Education is sponsoring an arts and crafts fair on Saturday, November 20 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Union Street Center Still have space for Crafters!

Union Street Center, 501 Union Street, Eaton Rapids, MI 48827 LJ-0100049248

October 24, 2010

Contact Brenda at 663-1144.

Letters to the editor

Charlotte Shopping Guide

We hope all Eaton County area voters had a chance to read reporter Alan Miller’s excellent investigative news story entitled “Negative Flyers and Robo Calls Attack Abed” (Community Newspapers, Oct. 10, 2010). In case you missed it, he researched the allegations made against Theresa Abed in the flyers (from the Michigan Republican Party) and the anonymous robo phone calls. He concluded that they were negative and “misleading at best” and went on to objectively relate the facts. Commissioner Abed has never had anything to anything to do with federal programs, such as health care reform. She does not receive paid health insurance or any lifetime benefits from the county. As an educator, she has devoted her whole life to children and families. As a county commissioner, she has not raised taxes. She voted for a five percent decrease in commissioners’ pay, to reduce county expenditures and has balanced budgets on time. She serves on the Tri-County Office on Aging board and advocates for senior citizens. Theresa is honest and hard-working. She listens to and understands the concerns of area residents on a variety of topics. She will be a strong advocate for Eaton County families. Her campaign has been about issues, not personal attacks and innuendo. We respect her for running a clean campaign on her own merits and what she has to offer. Please join us in voting for Theresa Abed for 71st district state representative on Nov. 2. William and Helen Schneider Charlotte

517 543-2920 432 N.Cochran Ave.,Charlotte

722 N. Creyts Rd. Ste C, Lansing, MI

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Charlene Shumaker Photography will be at Paws and Claws on November 6th from 10-2 taking your pet’s holiday picture

true it a o for ke t Ma y pho il fam 2010

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Pet Photos just in time for the holidays




Complete Oil Change


Cedar Street Family Medicine, P.C.

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office of

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Now Accepting Patients Most Insurances Accepted

Standard Brake Service Front or Rear

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Most vehicles. Must provide a coupon. Valid through 11/30/10.




October 24, 2010

Auto & Work Injuries • Family Wellness Care • MassageTherapy

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District bond needs support The Charlotte Public Schools have identified a number of NEEDS for our school system. Please keep in mind that this is not just a “wish list” that has been randomly put together; these items are essential and it will benefit our students. When we take a look at the whole picture, we have an opportunity to save over $16 million in interest, this is a one time occurrence, and can we really afford to turn down a savings like this? The energy efficiency upgrades alone will save $4.5 million in energy costs over the term of the bond. I believe in our school system and appreciate that this has been structured so our taxes will not go up; this is not a mileage increase. I believe that now is the time to step up and support this proposal. A part of wisdom is seeing and responding to situations from a perspective that goes beyond and above our current circumstances. Let’s be wise, please join me and vote yes. Thank you. Dee Smith, Mayor City of Charlotte

Davis Chiropractic Center, P.C.

Paula S. Gregory McCroskey Law

Abed an honest bet

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October 24, 2010


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Letters to the editor

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Luna is a leader When a group of City of Charlotte officials tried to thwart the will of the people, by attempting to put a tire burning incinerator within the city limits, Art Luna was there to help

School needs are critical

Hoffman has support I’m urging readers to vote for Sue Hoffman for Eaton County Commissioner. With money drying up, county revenue sharing funds face further tough cuts. We need serious minded, experienced individuals with integrity. Sue has demonstrated this through her decades of experience. Sue was Chairman of the Eaton County Social Services Board and her leadership helped build the Eaton County Medical Care Facility on time and on budget. Sue has proven she can handle big jobs, while conservatively protecting tax payer dollars. Sue Hoffman’s is the clear and only choice so please vote! Cheryl Krapf-Haddock Grand Ledge

November 4–21 MSU’s Wharton Center Tickets on sale now: Log on to or call 1-800-WHARTON

Mary Poppins Word Jumble Contest Make as many words out of the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” as you can using each letter only once! Enter your words for a chance to win a gift basket PLUS a family 4-pack of tickets to see the opening night performance of “Mary Poppins”, Wednesday November 4, 2010 at Wharton Center for Perfoming Arts on the campus of Michigan State. Enter online at or by mail using this entry form attached with your words and addressed to: LSJ Media, 120 E. Lenawee St., Lansing, MI 48919, Attn: “Mary Poppins Word Jumble Contest”

Name: Address:

October 24, 2010

Voters in Charlotte are facing a crucial vote on Nov. 2. We all know how declining state revenues are reducing payments to our schools. Despite these declining revenues, we have a well managed school system that educates our children and serves our community well. Our schools now need to improve facilities by replacing a 47 year old heating system in our high school and outdated and defective single pane windows at our elementary schools. Even Parkview, our newest elementary school, is 41 years old. These needs and additional security measures are addressed by the upcoming bond vote. By simply continuing our present millage rate we can provide these to our children. A yes vote will extend the present millage 11 years. It will not increase the present expense for any homeowner during our current recessionary times. I was an elementary school teacher for 31 years and realize how critical having safe and comfortable classrooms are to achieve proper learning. Please join me in voting YES on Nov. 2. Charlotte Carolyn Maier Charlotte

organize people to oppose it and defeat it. Breathe easy Charlotte. When the Ku Klux Klan tried to hold a rally saying that Charlotte was a model community for their values, Art Luna was there to help organize people to oppose it and held a counter rally to demonstrate that the people in Charlotte embrace diversity and stand up for all citizens. Rest easy Charlotte. When the school system had a crumbling junior high school and outdated facilities Art Luna was there on the Charlotte Board of Education to rally the public to invest in the future of our students and the future of Charlotte. The future is bright, Charlotte. Art Luna is now on the Eaton County Commission working for the community he loves during these difficult times. A man of principle, a man of action, a man who cares and a leader who listens. Vote to reelect Art Luna for Eaton County Commissioner! John Moran






Full contest rules at LJ-0100044835



Letters to the editor In her career as a social worker in the education profession, she has demonstrated her ability to listen thoughtfully, and understands the process of resolving conflicts. I have no doubt Theresa will use these skills as our sate representative to negotiate long term solutions to move our state forward towards a more stable economy. Nancy Meddaugh Charlotte

Charlotte Shopping Guide

This is a representative committed to a heart and your commonsense. If not, you socialist agenda. I don’t need him, we don’t may be soon hearing again “Ah yes, here If you listen to Mr. Schauer and his group need him. Let’s send him home now. drink the cool-aid.” you would envision Mark riding into town Tom Forte Steve France on his white horse, sword in hand ready to Charlotte Bellevue fight for Michigan jobs and protecting the way of life fought for and granted to us by Use common sense at the polls Abed is my choice our country’s founding fathers. Theresa Abed is my choice for 71st DisAfter reading the Letter to the Editor I was at several town hall meetings this about the government health care plan, trict State Representative. I have worked last summer and I didn’t see Mark or his what kept coming up in my heart was “Ah with Theresa for over 20 years. She is a perwhite horse at any of them. I did see Tim yes, drink the cool-aid”. son of honesty, integrity, and commitment. Walberg there, listening to the concerns of This is of course referring to the Jim us citizens regarding the direction our state Jones incident in Jonestown in 1978, when and country is heading. If you are waiting 909 people were killed by getting them or for, or expecting Mark on his white horse to making them “drink the cool-aid” that had save the day, you are wasting your time and been laced with poison. your vote. This representative voted for the At first taste the cool-aid tastes and Energy (Cap and Trade) Bill. Which will in- seems okay and even good. But later on, crease everyone’s electricity cost, makes all when it’s too late, it’s real purpose and U.S. industry less competitive with foreign agenda are obvious. You see, it’s really not manufactures and, you and I along with about us, or even for us. It’s about more taxall U.S. citizens will be required to have ation and control. The way you take over a a federal inspector, inspect our homes for country against it’s will is either with guns “Green Compliance” before we would be al- and weapons or through laws, taxation and lowed to sell it. This could cost a home sell- bankruptcies. What are we seeing? What er thousands of dollars. If you think home is our commonsense trying to tell us? We foreclosures are a problem now, wait until need to trust our eyes and common sense this becomes law. This is a representative more than the empty words and promises. who voted for the Healthcare Bill. Which Do your homework, do the research to according to Constitutional Attorney Mi- find out the truth. Sir Edmund Burke said chael Connelly is in direct violation of the over 100 years ago, “All it takes for evil to 3rd, 4th, 9th and 10th Amendments to the prevail, is for good people to do nothing.” U.S. Constitution. On Nov. 2 please do something, get out Look them up. and let your voice be heard, vote with your

Schauer has socialist agenda

Ryan and his wife Lori have been married for 24 years and live in Delta Township, where they are parishioners at St. Gerard Church. Ryan and Lori are proud of their three children- Rachel, Nathan and Aaron, and fond of the family’s dogs- Dante, Marco (rescued greyhound) and Caleb(rescuedstray). PaidforwithregulatedfundsbyRyanWilsonforProbateJudgePOBox80942,Lansing,MI48908


October 24, 2010


“I can make a difference as your Eaton County Probate Judge. My decades of experience in probate law, 25 years of military service and conservative judicial philosophy will make me a strong voice for our families. I am running against Governor Granholm’s recently appointed judge and I respectfully ask for your vote.” – Ryan Wilson

Letters to the editor Abed is strong leader Theresa Abed has been listening and responding to the concerns of Eaton County residents for over 20 years as a school social worker, community leader, and county commissioner. Here are just a few examples: In the schools: • Served our children and families in schools from preschool through high

school • Developed and implemented a schoolwide anti-bullying program In the community: • Involved in the research, development, and implementation of the Y.E.S. House (Teen Center) • Served on the Grand Ledge Alliance For A Quality Community • A member of the Michigan Safe Schools Initiative LJ-0100048557

Family Shooter’s Corral, Inc. NSIGHT-IN OW Shooter’s Safety ! Educational Center

• NRA Certified Instructors •

• Sporting Clay Range • Picnic Area • Gun Cleaning • Sight-In Specialist • Rifle Range 300, 200, & 100 Yards, & Pistol Range 25 Yards

l ed Pisto Conceal Class License ber 20th Novem ber 5th y a d r u t a S m ay Dece or Sund 4516 Bellevue Hwy. Eaton Rapids



If you would like to place your business card in this paper...

TEA & VINTAGE TREASURES Fall is here and a hot cuppa tea tastes mighty good! Delicious new tea arrivals are: Decaf Irish Breakfast Tea, Peach Black Tea, Decaf English Breakfast Tea, Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea Chai Green Tea Apple Spice Black Tea Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea

Contact Tammy Beson @ 517-377-1005


To Benefit the American Legion Auxiliary #48 THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st Benefits to go to the General Fund

Charity Poker/Poker City, LLC 7050 S. State Rd. Ionia (Corner of M66 & Grand River Ave.) Call John: 517-819-3570 or Julie: 517-388-1721 LJ-0100048560

• Held regular coffee meetings to hear citizen concerns Theresa Abed is an experienced leader who is running an honest campaign with integrity. Please join me in voting for Theresa Abed for state representative; qualified and ready to serve the residents of the 71st district. Pat Williams Grand Ledge

As a county commissioner: • Balanced the county budget each year she served while maintaining essential services • Changed board meetings to the evening to make the meetings more accessible • Created the first Communications Committee which developed innovative programs such as the Citizen’s University and established a collaboration with the State Film Office

Weekly Poker Thursday thru Sunday Tournaments Nightly • Live Cash Game ATM Available • Vending Machines


Charlotte Shopping Guide


Tea & Vintage Treasures, LLC 141 S. Cochran, Charlotte, MI (517) 543-6160 • Hrs: 10a-5p Tues-Sat.

The Truth About the EATRAN Transportation Millage

October 24, 2010

Nathan uses a wheelchair and he’s furious. Nathan takes EATRAN to work four days each week, Photo of Nathan earning his pay at Walmart. Without EATRAN he wouldn’t be able to work, pay taxes, or spend money at all. So Nathan would like to see the EATRAN millage (to increase operating hours on weeknights, bring back weekends, and establish efficient new bus routes) pass in November. That way his freedom and mobility can include weekends and weeknights throughout the entire county, and our region would benefit from the increased economic activity. Everyone knows that public transportation is good for the economy. But a small group of opponents want to prevent Nathan from that reality, saying that EATRAN isn’t “efficient” and that providing transportation LJ-0100044228

to Nathan, seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities, those in poverty, and other citizens is too costly. They have even gone so far as to spread rumors that EATRAN is running a deficit, exaggerating about a tax increase, and blaming the millage proposal on “tax-and-spend liberals.” They’re dead wrong. These opponents don’t understand that:

So we ask these naysayers: Before spreading rumors about the essential services that will be provided by the EATRAN millage, could you please learn the facts? Life for Nathan, persons with disabilities, seniors, low-income folks, students and others doesn’t stop weeknights or weekends. Keep EATRAN moving...

1. EATRAN is a local, state, and federally funded public service, not a profit business. EATRAN does not operate on a deficit or lose money. 2. The millage proposal put on the ballot for November 2 was approved by bipartisan vote of 11 out of 14 Eaton County commissioners, and has significant bipartisan support. 3. The millage will only cost the average Eaton County family $1.20 – the cost of a cup of coffee – each week.



Tuesday, November 2 For more information about the increased service hours and new efficient bus routes proposed by the millage, and to see a complete list of endorsements, go to: Paid for by Friends of EATRAN (PAC) PO Box 477, Charlotte, MI 48813

Pro Racing Weekly Update

27 Charlotte Shopping Guide

Oct. 23 - 24, 2010

6th Race of the Chase: Tums Fast Relief 500

Driver’s Bio


Jamie McMurray

Through Oct. 17, 2010

Martinsville Speedway

2010 Chase for the Cup Driver 1) Jimmie Johnson 2) Denny Hamlin 3) Kevin Harvick 4) Jeff Gordon 5) Kyle Busch 6) Tony Stewart 7) Carl Edwards 8) Greg Biffle 9) Kurt Busch 10) Jeff Burton 11) Matt Kenseth 12) Clint Bowyer

Race Information & Records Last Year’s Winner: Denny Hamlin Qualifying Record: Tony Stewart 95.371 - 2000 Race Record: Jeff Gordon 82.223 - 1996 Race Time: 1 pm ET, Oct. 24th

Track Statistics & History

Points 5843 5802 5766 5658 5666 5666 5643 5618 5606 5604 5587 5543

2010 Nationwide Series

Location: Martinsville, Va. Turns / Straights: 12º / 0º Distance: 0.526 miles Shape: Oval Martinsville Speedway’s 2010 season is the track’s 63rd year of operation and is its 62nd year as a NASCAR-sanctioned facility. The first race was run on September 7, 1947 and Robert “Red” Bryon won $500 out of a $2,000 purse. NASCAR was formed in 1948 and Martinsville Speedway ran its first NASCAR race on July 4th of that year. At slightly more than half a mile, Martinsville Speedway is the shortest track on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Circuit but it has 800foot straights, turns banked at only 12 degrees and has been called “two drag strips with a turnaround on each end.” The demanding layout consistently produces some of the wildest fender scrubbing, push and shove racing on the tour. Richard Petty remains the track’s leading winner with 15 victories.

Driver 1) Brad Keselowski 2) Carl Edwards 3) Kyle Busch 4) Justin Allgaier 5) Paul Menard 6) Kevin Harvick 7) Joey Logano 8) Trevor Bayne 9) Jason Leffler 10) Steve Wallace

Points 4954 4504 4439 4103 3929 3902 3557 3503 3433 3427

Born: June 3, 1976 Sponsor: Crown Royal Crew Chief: Donnie Wingo Car: Ford

Biography: In 2001 and 2002, McMurray competed full-time in the Busch Series, driving for Brewco Motorsports. The latter year turned out better for McMurray, as he won two races and finished sixth in the overall points standings. In 2002, in just his second career Cup Series start, McMurray won the UAW-GM Quality 500 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, setting the record for the fastest first time winner in NASCAR history. In 2004, McMurray finished 11th in the points standings and missed the Chase for the Cup by 15 points. In 2005, McMurray joined Roush Fenway Racing. His contract with Roush Fenway Racing was one of the richest in NASCAR history with a guaranteed salary of $20 million dollars per year plus bonuses. In 2006, McMurray’s best finish was at Dover where he finished 2nd. In 2007, he won the Pepsi 400, but failed to qualify for the Chase. In 2008, McMurray had three third place finishes and finished the year 16th in the standings. Last year, McMurray won the Amp Energy 500, but failed to qualify for the Chase for the Cup.

Racing News NASCAR will move from unleaded fuel to an ethanol blend in all three of its national series beginning next season. NASCAR is continuing its partnership with Sunoco for the use of “Sunoco Green E15,” a fuel mix comprised of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline. “With Sunoco Green E15, we are leading by example, showing that this renewable fuel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, works in the most demanding racing environment in the world,” said Mike Lynch, managing director of the Green Innovation division for NASCAR. Proponents of ethanol fuel say that it burns cleaner than gasoline, but critics oppose the taxpayer-funded subsidizing of corn production for ethanol and say the fuel is less energy-dense and efficient than gasoline.

Last Week’s Race: Bank of America 500 Finish 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Points/Bonus 190/5 180/10 170/5 165/5 160/5 155/5 151/5 147/5 138/0 134/0

Jamie McMurray won his sixth career race and third this year, when he took the checkered flag in the Bank of America 500 on Saturday night. McMurray finished 1.866 seconds ahead of Kyle Busch, who led 165 of the 334 laps. Chase leader Jimmie Johnson and second-place Denny Hamlin both found trouble but rallied to finish third and fourth, respectively, to set up a showdown on Oct. 24th at Martinsville. After the race Jamie said, “We had a better car than Kyle at the end. He was better at certain stages during the race but at the end of the race, we had the best car.” Looking ahead Jimmie Johnson added, “Martinsville is such a fun race track. Hamlin is good at Martinsville, and we are.”

Race Trivia How many tracks use restrictor plates in the Sprint Cup Series? a) 0 b) 1

c)2 d)3

Answer: c) 2. NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series currently uses restrictor plates at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.

Points 27 6 10 23 22 17 12 24 16 26


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October 24, 2010

Driver Jamie McMurray Kyle Busch Jimmie Johnson Denny Hamlin Greg Biffle Matt Kenseth Joey Logano Kevin Harvick David Reutimann David Ragan

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Sports briefs Charlotte 49, Corunna 48 (OT) CHARLOTTE—Sophomore quarterback Ryan Bartolacci threw for 295 yards and four touchdowns, including the game-winner in overtime to Brett Thomas in the Orioles nonleague win over Corunna (1-7). Thomas had 11 receptions for 191 yards and three touchdowns for Charlotte (2-6). The Cavaliers, who trailed 42-21 in the fourth quarter, were led by Ryan Butcher who had 168 yards rushing and three touchdowns.

Olivet 14, Schoolcraft 7 SCHOOLCRAFT -- Tanner McCarn’s 62-yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter gave Olivet a playoff berth and a Kalamazoo Valley Association victory over Schoolcraft (6-2). Jay Cousineau was 9 for 15 in passing for 112 yards and threw a 30-yard touchdown to Colin Spencer for the Eagles (6-2). Zach Place had 16 tackles for Olivet and Cody Cowell added 12.

Potterville 39, Portland St. Patrick 0 POTTERVILLE -- Senior quarterback Nate Kushion went 13 for 17 for 142 yards and three touchdowns through the air and also rushed for 72 yards in Potterville’s CMAC victory over Portland St. Patrick. Senior running back Michael Mehney had 19 carries for 88 yards as Potterville (2-6) had a total of 435 yards of offense to just 54 for Portland St. Patrick (0-8).

October 24, 2010

Parchment 40, Maple Valley 20 VERMONTVILLE -- Parchment (3-5) had 401 yards rushing in their KVA win over the Lions. Junior running back Michael Caldwell paced the Maple Valley (1-7) offense with 150 yards rushing and a touchdown

Sports Oriole soccer team wins 4-3 By SCOTT YOSHONIS

CHARLOTTE -- Jake Barnett scored three goals to help Charlotte begin their 2010 boys’ soccer postseason with a memorable 4-3 win over Battle Creek Harper Creek on Oct. 19. Zack Rickerd scored the winning goal for the Orioles, who had to battle back virtually from the opening whistle. Harper Creek scored the first of its three goals, all due to poor clearing attempts by the Charlotte defense, just over four minutes into the contest when a cross from the left wing bounced around the Oriole goal mouth before falling to Harper Creek’s Abram Metzgar, who gave Charlotte keeper Alex Falsetta no chance and made the score 1-0. Charlotte head coach Ryan Sisco said that the sloppiness in the back is unusual for this team. “It hasn’t been a situation throughout the season, so maybe it’s a onegame thing” Sisco said. “We’ll look at it tomorrow, we’ll definitely work on that, and clean some things up.” The Orioles were back on their heels for most of the first ten minutes after that, having a hard time getting out of their own half, until striking back on a quick counterattack. Rickerd led a three-man break down the right wing and crossed the ball along the ground into the box. Chance Rice’s dummy at the penalty spot drew the Braver defenders, leaving Barnett alone at the far post. His first-time leftfooter tied the score at 1-1 with 26:40 left in the first half. Charlotte thought they had a chance to take the lead with about 20 minutes left in the half when Levi Sleight made a run down the left wing and cut into the Harper Creek box. Sleight was taken down in the box, but the Oriole protests for a penalty kick went unheard. But Charlotte did get a penalty awarded with 5:17 left in the half, when Rice broke in on the Beaver goal, and was taken down by Devin Sheperd. The referee did not hesitate pointing to the spot, nor in giving Sheperd a yellow card, and Barnett placed the ball into the lower corner to give his team a 2-1 lead. That lead would be short lived, after another defensive mistake by the Orioles led to another open Harper Creek shot and goal, this time by Alec Fisher, with 2:59 left in the half, and the score was tied 2-2 at the break. Just as in the first half, Charlotte fell

Prep schedule Monday, Oct. 25 MV @ Barry Co. Meet @ Lakewood 5 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 26 Girls Swimming CHS @ Grand Ledge 6 p.m. Girls Volleyball CHS vs Ionia 5 p.m. Olivet vs MV 7 p.m

Thursday, Oct. 28 Girls Swimming CHS @ Williamston 6 p.m. Girls Volleyball CHS vs Fowlerville 5 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 30 Cross Country CHS @ Regionals 10 a.m. Girls Volleyball Photo by Scott Yoshonis CHS @ Fowlerville Invt’l 8:30 a.m. Charlotte midfielder Jake Barnett (right) shields the ball from a Harper Olivet @ KVA League meet 9 a.m. Creek defender during the Orioles’ 4-3 win in the first round of the boys’ soccer districts on Oct. 19. behind early in the second, when the Orioles failed to clear a Harper Creek corner kick. Zach Bassler was the beneficiary, and the Beavers took the lead 3-2 with 31:41 left in the contest.But again, Barnett tied the game, after being sent in with a sweet through ball by Rice and another calm finish that made the score 3-3 with 27:56 remaining. The Orioles very nearly fell behind again five minutes later, when Falsetta came off his line and to the edge of the area to clear away a long ball. The Harper Creek attacker got by Falsetta, however, and launched a shot that Rickerd cleared off the line to save the day. Jared Arras created the winning goal against the pushed-up Beaver defense, sending Rickerd in on a 40-yard breakaway. Rickerd made no mistake, giving his team a 4-3 lead with 9:10 left on the clock. Harper Creek very nearly tied the game again with about five minutes left in the game, on yet another defensive lapse by the Orioles, who could not clear a long throw-in from their

own penalty area. This time, the resulting open shot hit the underside of the crossbar and fell to a grateful Falsetta, and Charlotte ran out with the thrilling 4-3 win. Sisco said that the key to the victory was his team’s resilience. “They didn’t give up,” Sisco said. “Things went against them, they had heart, they had determination, and that’s what they need. They just kept fighting back.” The win improved the Orioles to 8-7 for the season, with a district semifinal date with CAAC Gold rivals Eaton Rapids on the horizon. That game was played on Oct. 21, after this paper went to press, with the district final on Oct. 23. After a season full of severe ups and downs, Sisco said that Charlotte has the potential to extend the season past just this win, and make a deep run in the state tournament. “The team has it within them,” he said. “They have the skill, when they have the will and the drive to along with that, this team can go as far as they want to.”

FOOTBALL STANDINGS As of October 17, 2010 Conference All games CAAC GOLD DeWitt 5 0 8 0 Fowlerville 4 1 5 3 Haslett 3 2 4 4 Ionia 2 3 2 6 Charlotte 1 4 2 6 Eaton Rapids 0 5 0 8 CMAC Fowler Saranac Pewamo-Westphalia Laingsburg Fulton Bath Carson City-Crystal Dansville Potterville Portland St. Patrick

8 6 6 5 4 3 3 2 2 0

0 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 6 8

8 6 6 5 4 4 3 2 2 0

0 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 6 8

KVA Constantine Battle Creek Pennfield Olivet Schoolcraft Kalamazoo Christian Parchment Kalamazoo Hackett Delton Kellogg Maple Valley Galesburg-Augusta

8 7 6 6 4 3 3 2 1 0

0 1 2 2 4 5 5 6 7 8

8 7 6 6 4 3 3 2 1 0

0 1 2 2 4 5 5 6 7 8


Girls cross country GREATER LANSING CHAMPIONSHIPS Team scores–(see page 10D) Ionia–8. Amanda Brewer 19:38, 13. Brianna Wiles 19:52, 24. Julia Kessler 20:02, 31. Morgan Miller 20:10, 46. Jenna Koelsch 20:36 East Lansing–16. Carla Jones 19:54, 19. Mado Glew 19:55, 23. Alex Trecha 20:01, 35. Jacqui Lane 20:19, 49. Carly Hagan 20:41 Leslie–2. Audrey Tremaine 19:16, 14. Brooke Prieskorn 19:52, 25. Sydney Tremaine 20:02, 45. Kayla Smith 20:35, 95. Sarah Subject 21:46 Okemos–26. Paige McKeon 20:03, 30. Connor LaPres 20:09, 38. Roxanne Raven 20:22, 42. Annie Bartkowski 20:34, 48. Stacey Li 20:38 DeWitt–4. Kayla Hanses 19:20, 10. Emily Murdoch 19:42, 34. Jessica D’Haene 20:11, 63. Lauren Rademacher 21:08, 106. Molly Benton 21:55 Grand Ledge–12. Krista Magness 19:51, 15. Allison Dible 19:53, 40. Jaclyn Magness 20:28, 74. Danielle Snelgrove 21:17, 81. Colleen Burkhardt 21:29 St. Johns–17. Rebecca Peacock 19:54, 37. Libby Salemi 20:19, 53. Kayla Kraft 20:50, 64. Kimberly Catlin 21:08, 75. Nichole Leasher 21:18 Stockbridge–32. Jacqueline Fillmore 20:10, 33. Kristen Fillmore 20:10, 41. Lindsey Poll 20:30, 67. Kellie Rizzolo 21:10, 114. Julia Snider 22:00 Williamston–7. Hannah Grischke 19:32, 36. Erica Halm 20:19, 57. Andrea Krantz 20:56, 83. Katie Bollman 21:30, 110. Angela Maurer 21:58 Lansing Catholic–1. Megan Heeder 18:37, 27. Emma Frost 20:05, 78 . Catherine Swiderski 21:24, 129. Faith Krogulecki 22:23, 131. Allie Brown 22:24 Bath–22. Kwyn Trevino 19:59, 60. Gabi Labioda 21:02, 80. Tonisty Dugan 21:28, 91. Maggie Hammond 21:43, 118. Jackie Micheaux 22:06 Fowler–3. Brianne Feldpausch 19:19, 28. Kieren Becker 20:06, 123. Brooke VanElls 22:12, 153. Liz Thelen 23:02 156. Rebecca Thelen 23:05 Eaton Rapids–39. Kate Laverty 20:27, 88. Kaitlin Truman 21:39, 92. Molly Dassance 21:44, 117. Amy Stillman 22:05, 130. Stephanie Mason 22:24 Mason–6. Cassidy Hass 19:31, 85. Ashley Yallup 21:36, 93. Nadia Riggs 21:44, 116. Emily Potter 22:04, 167. Sophie Ryal 23:17 Portland–47. Victoria Sochor 20:37, 59. Ellee Eldridge 21:02, 90. Sarah White 21:42, 99. Meagan Manzini 21:50, 175. Erica Davids 23:31 Holt–51. Sally Carrasco 20:44, 73. Autumn Baker 21:16, 107. T’Lonie Babcock 21:57, 121. Brooke Smythe 22:07, 126. Karina Drachman 22:18 Haslett–72. Mariah Beebe 21:13, 100. Jordan Strickler 21:51, 103. Tara Mahon 21:53, 108. Ellen Corder 21:57, 109. Morgan Robinson 21:57 Potterville–43. Moriah Hill-Green 20:34, 44. Danielle Koepke 20:34, 102. Morgan West 21:52, 164. Lauren Coffman 23:13, 180. Paige Groom 23:46 Waverly–21. Kelli Broessel 19:57, 69. Chante Roberts 21:11, 161. Amanda Herley 23:08, 162. Kara Moore 23:10, 187. Kelly Mosher

24:08 Charlotte–70. Hannah Garn 21:12, 96. Kaitlin Stults 21:47, 141. Andrea Garza 22:42, 143. Lucy Sare 22:44, 174. Alana Retzer 23:30 Ovid-Elsie–20. Jenny Frantz 19:57, 77. Jessica Frantz 21:23, 151. Kaitlyn Stevens 23:00, 181. Austeen Freeman 23:52, 221. Leah Lupu 27:09 Olivet–66. Kayla Case 21:10, 159. Hayley Walkowski 23:07, 160 . Taylor Jungle 23:07, 166. Caitlyn Hines 23:16, 182. Olivia Johnson 23:52 Lansing Christian–89. Miriah Hagy 21:41, 115. Elizabeth Perkins 22:02, 147. Erin Hoeft 22:47, 206. Christina Garza 25:51, 230. Melanie Burkholder 28:29 Maple Valley–54. Jessica Rushford 20:51, 155. Pantera Rider 23:03, 186. Jenna Williams 24:08, 198. Megan Shoemaker 24:59, 208. Lynzie Trumble 25:58 Pewamo-Westphalia–142. Monica Klein 22:43, 148. Joanna Klein 22:48, 184. Alexa Pline 24:00, 188. Erica Nurenberg 24:11, 234. Allison Jegla 29:56 Fulton–5. Taylor Bolinger 19:26, 179. Megan Graham 23:42, 220. Lainey Kupiec 26:55 CAAC GOLD FINAL JAMBOREE (at Charlotte) Team scores–Ionia 24, DeWitt 56, Haslett 88, Eaton Rapids 93, Charlotte 132, Fowlerville 148 Ionia–2. Amanda Brewer 19:27, 4. Julia Kessler 19:44, 5. Emily Morlock 19:47, 6. Brianna Wiles 19:51, 7. Jenna Koelsch 20:18 DeWitt–1. Kayla Hanses 19:14, 3. Emily Murdoch 19:40, 9. Jessica D’Haene 20:19, 21. Kaila Black 21:27, 23. Claire Pabst 21:28 Haslett–11. Mariah Beebe 20:32, 15. Tara Mahon 21:08, 20. Ellen Corder 21:24, 21. Morgan Robinson 21:25, 24. Catie Szedlak 21:28 Eaton Rapids–13. Kaitlin Truman 20:45, 14. Molly Dassance 20:59, 28. Stephanie Mason 21:42, 32. Allison St. Aubin 21:58, 35. Amy Stillman 22:02 Charlotte–16. Hannah Garn 21:09, 19. Kaitlin Stults 21:16, 34. Michaela Miller 22:02, 37. Lucy Sare 22:14, 45. Andrea Garza 22:37, 48. Jen Hansen 23:02

Volleyball DEWITT D. CHARLOTTE (25-16, 25-9, 26-24) Aces–Kirkham (C) 4, Bell (D) 5. Assists– Kirkham (C) 9, VanderMaas (D) 21. Kills–Madison (C) 4, Griffiths (D) 10. Blocks– Kirkham, Masters, Wilson (C) 1, Griffiths (D) 6. Digs–Miller (C) 5, Wegenke (D) 18. Records–Charlotte 7-13 (1-6), DeWitt 19-6 (7-0). BATH D. POTTERVILLE (25-21, 25-20, 25-19) Aces–Garrity (B) 5, Ritchey (P) 2. Assists– Micheaux (B) 25, Ritchey (P) 27. Kills–Garrity (B) 10, Whipple (P) 12. Blocks–Wahrer, Brown, Garrity (B) 2, Whipple (P) 7. Digs– Bleech (B) 15, Roe (P) 15. Records–Bath 24-6-2 (7-0), Potterville 13-16-5 (3-4). MAPLE VALLEY d. KALAMAZOO HACKETT CATHOLIC 26-24, 17-25, 25-15, 25-17 Aces–Hurosky (M) 1, Petersen (M) 1, Allwardt (M) 1, Mudge (M) 1, Ancincova (M) 1. Assists–Mater (M) 25. Kills–Ancincova (M) 17. Blocks–Ancincova (M) 5. Digs–Allwardt (M) 17. Record–Maple Valley 21-11-4 MAPLE VALLEY d. HASTINGS BARRY COUNTY CHRISTIAN 15-17, 15-16, 15-16 Aces–Mater 2. Assists–Mater 13. Kills–Joppie 5. Blocks–Siple, Petersen 1. Digs–Lesage 3. Record–Maple Valley 22-11-4 EATON RAPIDS D.CHARLOTTE 25-14,13-25,21-25, 25-23, 15-5 Aces–Coats (ER) 3, Kirkham (C) 2. Assists– Coats (ER) 16, Kirkham (C) 29. Kills–Darrow (ER) 10, Goeman (C) 11, Earl (C) 11. Blocks–Darrow (ER) 2, Goeman (C) 5. Digs– Schaeffer (ER) 23, Wolever (C) 19. Records– Eaton Rapids 4-12-2, 1-6, Charlotte 7-14-2, 1-6. PARMA WESTERN D. STOCKBRIDGE 25-21, 25-22, 25-21 Aces–Diedrich (S) 4. Assists–Frazzini (S) 16. Kills–Knepley (S) 17. Blocks–Knepley

(S) 2. Digs–Crockett (S) 9. Records–Stockbridge 9-19-4, 4-6 PARCHMENT d. MAPLE VALLEY 25-17, 25-17, 21-25, 25-18 Maple Valley stats: aces–Allwardt 1. Assists–Mater 21.Kills–Petersen,Mudge 8.Blocks–Olthof,Mudge 1. Digs–Petersen 10. Record–Maple Valley 21-12-4 Ganguly, Greenhills d. #2 Cody Liverence-Graham Preston, North Muskegon, 6-2 6-0; #1 Keith Gingras-Stephen Siddall, TC St. Francis d. #3 Alec Petitpren-Patrick Thomas, Liggett, 5-7 6-3 7-6(1); #1 Sean Saint-Matteo Todisco, Greenhills d. Paul Bandrowski-

CHS harriers wind down their season By SCOTT YOSHONIS

Boys soccer EVERETT 7, CHARLOTTE 0 Goals–Wilson-Santos 2, Emini 2, Wilson, Pohkrel, Ntigahera. Assists–Wilson-Santos 2, Moreno 2, Wilson, Ntigahera, Mussa. In goal–Dawsey (E) 1 saves, Falsetta (C) 14 saves. Records–Everett 14-2-4, Charlotte 7-10.

Swimming EATON RAPIDS 86, WAVERLY 86 200 medley relay–Eaton Rapids (Boomer, Beemer, Rock, Kineman) 2:09.40 200 freestyle–Oleniczak (W) 2:16.42 200 ind. medley–Withers (W) 2:33.71 50 freestyle–Kineman (ER) 26:23 Diving–Wilson (ER) 109.90 100 butterfly–Kineman (ER) 1:11.32 100 freestyle–Love (W) 1:03.95 500 freestyle–Fairless (W) 5:50.59 200 freestyle relay–Waverly (Oleniczak, Love, Withers, Fairless) 1:53.73 100 backstroke–Fairless (W) 1:10.37 100 breaststroke–Withers (W) 1:17.56 400 freestyle relay–Waverly (Hagen, Iyengar, Isaac, Oleniczak) 4:42.73 ST. JOHNS 99, DEWITT 87 200 medley relay–St. Johns (Cook, Ely, Schroeder, Bellant) 2:13.14 200 freestyle–Wright (SJ) 2:11.57 200 ind. medley–Yockey (D) 2:23.88 50 freestyle–Travis (D) 27:17 Diving–Bellant (SJ) 186.75 100 butterfly–Foote (SJ) 1:06.12 100 freestyle–LaBar (SJ) 58:78 500 freestyle–Wright (SJ) 5:54.85 200 freestyle relay–DeWitt (Yockey, Bridgford, Schroeder, Travis) 1:49.40 100 backstroke–LaBar (SJ) 1:05.13 100 breaststroke–Ely (SJ) 1:16.98 400 freestyle relay–St. Johns (Wright,Voisin, Foote, LaBar) 4:05.29

Honor roll 200 MEDLEY RELAY Okemos–Grace Kao (9), Madison Batchelor (12), Kylie Holden (12), Katherine Dudley (9).. 1:53.16 DeWitt ........................................... 2:00.52 Alma.............................................. 2:00.88 East Lansing .................................. 2:01.62 St. Johns ........................................ 2:03.02 Haslett........................................... 2:03.13 Ionia .............................................. 2:03.23 Grand Ledge .................................. 2:05.26 Williamston/Lansing Christian ........ 2:09.08 Eaton Rapids/Charlotte.................. 2:09.40 50 FREESTYLE Katherine Dudley (9), Okemos........... 25.80 Grace Kao (9), Okemos..................... 25.95 Kylie Holden (12), Okemos................ 26.12 Abby Cleary (9), Holt......................... 26.15 Maizie Kineman (12), E. Rapids/Charlotte.. 26.23 Lillian Vandemark (10), Alma............. 26.25 Madison Batchelor (12), Okemos ...... 26.42 Ashton Wentworth (10), Alma ............ 26.47 Kaleigh Kovac (9), Alma .................... 26.54 Kate Steinfield (11), Haslett .............. 26.65 100 FREESTYLE Katherine Dudley (9), Okemos........... 55.66 Kylie Holden (12), Okemos................ 56.31 Madison Batchelor (12), Okemos ...... 56.77 Lillian Vandemark (10), Alma............. 57.59 Abby Cleary (9), Holt......................... 57.70 Jennifer Wheeler (11), Alma............... 57.86 Victoria Bishop (11), Haslett ............. 57.92 Maizie Kineman (12), E. Rapids/Charlotte.. 57.97 Ashton Wentworth (10), Alma ............ 58.06 Laura Kruger (12), Okemos ............... 58.12 4:10.77

CHARLOTTE -- Charlotte’s cross country teams fared well in two of their biggest meets of the season last week, the Greater Lansing Invitational on Oct. 16 and the final CAAC Gold jamboree of the year, which the Orioles hosted on Oct. 19. The boys’ team finished 14th in the 32-team field at the Greater Lansing Invitational, while the girls placed 24th out of 37 schools competing. CAAC Gold rivals Ionia, the top-ranked boys’ team and the sixth-ranked girls’ team in the state, won both GLI titles. Junior Matt Garn led the way for the Charlotte boys, running the five-kilometer course at Grand Ledge’s Ledge Meadows Golf Course in a time of 17:11, which was good for 34th place overall in the field of 179 runners. James Brinker, another junior, was the second Oriole across the finish line, in 17:47, senior Logan Lindsay, who has been hampered by injury, placed third among the Orioles in 17:50, sophomore Ryan Saloma posted a time of 18:05 and senior Cameron Hoffman rounded out the scorers for Charlotte in 18:08. On the girls’ side, freshmen grabbed the first four places for the Orioles, led by Hannah Garn, whose time of 21:12 was 70th-best overall out of 245 competitors. Kaitlin Stults was the second Charlotte runner to finish, in 21:47, Andrea Garza posted a time of 22:42, Lucy Sare ran a 22:44 and senior Alana Retzer was the final scorer with a time of 23:30. Charlotte head coach Jay Gowell said that he was pleased with his team’s showing at the meet. “We ran pretty good,”

Gowell said. “We had a few personal bests that day, and most of them ran close to it. Our top runner is battling injuries, so that held him back quite a bit.” Next up was the final league jamboree of the season, in which the Oriole boys placed fourth, to clinch third place overall in the final CAAC Gold standings. Garn again paced Charlotte, finishing in 15th place out of 104 runners with a time of 17:25, followed in order by Brinker (17:37), Saloma (17:43), Hoffman (18:22) and Christian Ritzler (18:52. The young Oriole girls finished fifth in the league meet, and fifth overall, led by Stults’s time of 21:16. Michaela Miller was the second Oriole girl to finish the league meet, in a time of 22:02, followed by Sare in 22:14, Retzler in 22:36 and Garza in 22:37. With the regionals looming, Gowell said that he’s happy with his boys’ team’s progress this season. “We had a lot of improvement,” he said. “The boys have had a great year, they won five trophies early in the year. We’ve won a lot of hardware this year, we’re pretty happy about that.” Gowell also liked what he saw from his girls, who have a bright future ahead of them. “The girls have been a lot of fun,” he said. They won a trophy during the year at the Eaton Rapids meet, and that helped us get the combined boys’ and girls’ trophy. We have four freshmen who came out, and they ended up being four of our top five runners. That’s very promising for us.” Charlotte will compete in the Division 2 regional meet at Carson City-Crystal on Saturday, Oct. 30, with the top three teams advancing to the State Finals on Nov. 6.

October 24, 2010

GREATER LANSING CHAMPIONSHIPS Team scores–(see page 10D) Ionia–2. Connor Montgomery 16:13, 3. Don Blight 16:14, 13. Nick Wharry 16:35, 18. Brandon Winter 16:41, 19. Tyler Ellis 16:47 Mason–5. Alex Whitmer 16:23, 8. Tanner Hinkle 16:28, Mason VanDyke 16:28, 17. Joe Cecil 16:40, 28. Jacob Hanson 17:00 Haslett–12. Alex VanCamp 16:32, 14. Travis Stirewalt 16:38, 22. Ryan Beyea 16:53, 27. Ian McCabe 16:59, 56. Andrew Taylor 17:32 Okemos–11. Carson Schaefer 16:30, 20. Jordan Johnson 16:49, 25. Tyler Fisk 16:57, 33. Seph Dabrowski 17:11, 57. David McKinley 17:32 East Lansing–1. Robbie Glew 16:11, 31. Alex Townsend 17:07, 38. Daniel Richardson12 17:13, 54. Dietrich Hittner 17:29, 59 Joseph Norwood 17:35 Lansing Catholic–4. Jimmy Hicks 16:18, 16. Zach Zingsheim 16:39, 40. Austin Winter 17:16, 53. Joe Marrah 17:28, 94. Spencer Lebel 18:06 Grand Ledge–21. Chase Skinner 16:52, 30. Josh Vaillancourt 17:05, 47. Austin Rios 17:25, 110. Dylan Wedley 18:22, 111. Curtis Brownell 18:23 Potterville–23.Andrew Dilernia 16:54, 63. Nathan LaDuke 17:38, 75. Tyler Larson 17:52, 85. Norman Emineth 18:02, 92. Kevin Scharer 18:06 St. Johns–24. Drew Hyatt 16:55, 48. Tyler Howard 17:25, 55. Spencer Shellberg 17:29, 77. Kyler VanWormer 17:57, 135. Johnny Snyder 18:59 Holt–45. Matt Snay 17:22, 52. Andrew Middleton 17:27, 61. Zach Hodgman 17:36, 83. David Batterson 18:01, 103. Miles Ranke 18:11 Charlotte–34. Matt Garn 17:11, 68. James Brinker 17:47, 72. Logan Lindsay 17:50, 89. Ryan Saloma 18:05, 98. Cameron Hoffman 18:08 Eaton Rapids–6. Kenny Wherry 16:23, 36. Andrew Benkovsky 17:12, 90. Kraig Whitmyer 18:05, 112. Brad St. Aubin 18:24, 133. Andrei Lange 18:57 Williamston–51. Greg Lutzke 17:26, 81. Connor Coscarelli 17:58, 100. Grant Smith 18:09, 116. Ben Thoenes 18:26, 122. Justin Gehringer 18:34 Waverly–58. Jonathan Baker 17:34, 67. Tyler Wise 17:46, 91.Alex Marlin 18:06, 97. Frank Mobley 18:07, 157. Dorian Bennett 19:37 Pewamo-Westphalia–44. Greg Trierweiler 17:22, 96. Blake Thelen 18:07, 104. Tanner Droste 18:11, 106. Joel Pennell 18:14, 146. Kevin Wohlfert 19:10 Stockbridge–39.Alec Armstrong 17:13, 109. David Campbell 18:21, 118. Tyler Carpenter 18:28, 120. Anthony Rickle 18:31, 130. Evan Upshur 18:50 DeWitt–35. Josh D’Haene 17:12, 82. Nate Kimble 18:00, 137. Joe Wojciechowski 19:01, 138. Phillip McCauley 19:03, 142. Patrick Donovan 19:05 Leslie–26. Tyler Harrison 16:58, 102. Matt Subject 18:10, 126. Chase Tropf 18:41, 152. Justin Gibbs 19:29, 153. Steven Wiltse 19:30 Ovid-Elsie–73. Luke Hurst 17:51, 101. Marques Horak 18:10, 107. Tyler Jensen 18:18, 129. Trenton Garlock 18:47, 168. Dylan Heeney 19:56 Bath–66. Drew Brown 17:43, 87. Dustin Sulcer 18:03, 119. Travis Vaillancourt 18:29, 162. Nick Thomas 19:41, 167. Brett Rosekrans 19:51 Olivet–49. Tyler Sobleskey 17:25, 165. Matt Corliss 19:47, 190. Hayden Spoelstra 21:03, 195. Nathan VanSlyke 21:28, 209. Quinton Harris 25:38 Maple Valley–124. Joe Benedict 18:39, 160. Tyler Brumm 19:39, 173. Micah Bromley 20:01, 176. Sam Benedict 20:14, 193. Darius France 21:17 Portland St. Patrick–132. Josh Schneider 18:56, 154. Ryan Wilcox 19:30, 202. Joe Pung 22:48, 203. Ben Lawless 22:49, 210. Devin Ryan 26:49 Portland–57. Jared Krausz 17:30, 78. Alex Pung 17:54, 124. Ralph Warfield 18:28 Fowler–107. Grant Feldpausch 18:11, 110. Josh Klein 18:12, 182. Brice Thelen 19:58 Fulton–196. Dylan Guernsey 20:30 Lansing Christian–212. Paul Childress 21:34

CAAC GOLD FINAL JAMBOREE (at Charlotte) Team scores–Ionia 28, Haslett 39, Eaton Rapids 88, Charlotte 107, DeWitt 121, Fowlerville 186 Ionia–3. Nick Wharry 16:37, 4. Connor Montgomery 16:43, 5. Don Blight 16:44, 7. Tyler Ellis 16:47, 9. Brandon Winter 16:53 Haslett–1. Alex VanCamp 16:24, 6. Ryan Beyea 16:47, 8. Travis Stirewalt 16:51, 11. Luke Corder 17:12, 13. Ian McCabe 17:17 Eaton Rapids–2. Kenny Wherry 16:26, 17. Andrew Benkovsky 17:32, 25. Brad St. Aubinn 18:08, 27. Robert Baker 18:16 Charlotte–15. Matt Garn 17:24, 18. James Brinker 17:36, 23. Ryan Saloma 17:43, 30. Cameron Hoffman 18:22, 38. Christian Ritzler 18:51 DeWitt–12. Josh D’Haene 17:13, 19. Nate Kimble 17:39, 40. Patrick Donovan 18:55, 42. Phillip McCauley 18:58, 43. Joe Wojciechowski 18:58

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Letters to the editor Do you remember when a no was a no? When my boys wanted to date at 14, the answer was no, when your 16, yes. No, whining won’t help you, no, the answer from your mother is also no. Just deal with it, talk to me two years from now. No, the name calling won’t change my mind and the answer is still no. Maybe the house policy needs to become the millage policy, any millage. Times are tough so the tough get creative. You can have two items from the dollar menu, not three. Dad doesn’t have the extra dollar but I will spend an extra 20 minutes with you playing your favorite game so we can both be winners. Let’s get creative together and look for new ways a “no” can spark new ideas You now, sometimes a no is the better Bond support is important way in the long run. As Charlotte residents we have been givJohn Hulinek Charlotte en an invaluable opportunity to save over $16 million in interest payments by taking We need integrity advantage of federal dollars that will only Michigan’s high unemployment, annual be available if bonds are issued by the end budget deficit, at risk schools and other of 2010. For the past 30 years there has been problems need serious and responsible more research done in the field of eduleaders to fix them. Unfortunately instead of solutions, the cation than ever before. We have actually Republican Party on behalf of Deb Shaugh- known for a long time that one of the sevnessy are acting incredulously using ro- en characteristics of an effective school, a bo-calls and mail to spread rumors about school where all students can learn, is havTheresa Abed. They are flat out lying about ing a safe and orderly environment. In fact, in the late 1980’s, Charlotte Public her record! For example, stating that she “voted to provide free lifetime health insur- Schools was one of five school districts that ance to career politicians in Eaton Coun- worked personally with Dr. Larry Lezotte in ty.” Eaton County politicians provide their the effective school movement. The six othown health insurance 100 percent. We need er characteristics of effective schools are in a responsible person with integrity dealing place. The Charlotte Public School District has with the issues. That’s why my vote will be a clear and focused mission, instructional for Theresa Abed for state representative. MaryBeth Wiechert leadership, a climate of high expectations, Charlotte frequent monitoring of student progress, and positive home-school relations. Now is the time to make certain the learning enHosey is hard worker This year I am proud to cast my vote for vironment is safe and orderly. Now is the time to support the bond issue so that idenEaton County Commissioner Mike Hosey. Mike has worked hard to balance the tified facility needs can be addressed. Now budget every year. He has a perfect atten- is the time to insure that the students and dance record for county commission meet- instructional staff in the Charlotte Public ings and always returns the calls of his School District are guaranteed an environconstituents. He cares about our commu- ment that is truly conducive to teaching and nity and does everything he can to serve learning. The Charlotte Public School District us as our representative. He has knocked needs your yes vote on Nov. 2. Please supmy door three times in the last four years to hear my concerns and I know he has port the bond proposal. Norma L. Curtis knocked all the doors in District 1 as well. Dean of Assessment and Graduate Please vote Mike Hosey on Nov. 2! Study George W. Lewis Jr. Chair of Education Vermontville Olivet College

Bond preserves a community investment

October 24, 2010

munity support for schools reflects a pride in the learning environment for our kids. Third, we need to maintain a vibrant community. In my 20 years in the real estate business, I’ve found that most home buyers look carefully at the quality of schools when they choose a place to live. The law of supply and demand is at work, and we’re in competition with other communities. By preserving our community’s investment in our most precious resource, our kids, we’re protecting the investment that we’ve made in our homes. I urge a “yes” vote for CPS on Nov. 2 Fred Fry Co-Chair, Believe in Charlotte Citizen Committee, Charlotte

Here’s why I support the continuation bond request for the Charlotte Public Schools (CPS). First, just like any homeowner or any car owner, we have a duty to protect our investment in our schools. To do otherwise would be pennywise and pound foolish. Second, our kids are our future. Com-

Support the schools I believe that Charlotte schools are good. That’s not good enough. I want them to be great. On Tuesday, Nov. 2, every voter has the chance to take the first step in that process by voting yes on the Charlotte bond proposal. Voting yes is the fiscally prudent choice. By voting “yes” now, we will save the district $16.1 million in interest. This proposal will not increase your tax rate.

It’s time to think of our children. It’s time This proposal is about needs, not wants. The capital improvements needed for our to think of THEIR future. It’s time to make facilities are critical. This is not about IF our Charlotte schools great. Vote yes for our heating system will fail, it’s about WHEN. kids on Nov. 2. Kelly Cool Without a solid infrastructure, our schools Charlotte will not thrive.

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Saying ‘no’ may be answer


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Letters to the editor The voters of the Village of Bellevue will be voting to fill a two year term on the village council in the upcoming election. I would strongly urge that they vote for Hannah Coy to fill the two year position. A vote for Hannah is a vote for common sense, honesty, credibility and integrity. Lee Coltson Bellevue

Ridge is the right choice Over the past several years, one thing has been clear: We need different leadership on the Eaton County Board of Commissioners. One of the best opportunities we have to restore good sense to the commission is in the 11th district, comprised of Carmel and Kalamo townships, and the southwest corner of Charlotte. In stark contrast to his opponent, Wayne Ridge is a common sense, conservative candidate who will work to lower taxes and reduce wasteful spending. Ridge has lots of experience fighting rampant consumption as chairman of Spartan Motor’s “War on Waste” program since 2002. His uncompromising standards guarantee that Ridge will be a steadfast voice in the face of corruption. Please join me in voting for Wayne Ridge in District 11 to empower a return of common sense to the Eaton County Commission. Jonathan Potter Carmel Twp.

years. Garrett Bensinger has grown up in Charlotte and is a 2000 graduate of Charlotte High School. Garrett was a team captain in my first season as head football coach here at Charlotte High School. Since that time, Garrett has gone on to get his degree in business administration from Alma College. He now works for Independent Bank and lives in Charlotte with his wife Nicki and their two children Tim and Cora. I think Garrett Bensinger would be a great addition to the Charlotte Board of Education. He is committed to open communication, collaboration, and to building a bridge between the community and our school system. Garrett is a person with tremendous character who shows balance in the way he lives. What really distinguishes Garrett is his life long connection to Charlotte and his desire to help make our schools be the very best they can be. In a time of financial crisis in our state and within public education, we need school board members who have a vision for our schools, who show the ability to hear all sides of every issue, and who seek to build a consensus within the community. Knowing Garrett, as I do, it is my belief that, if elected, he will represent the needs of all staff, parents and students in Charlotte. Please vote for Garrett Bensinger on Nov. 2. Eddie Ostipow, Teacher/head football coach Charlotte High School

Abed is consensus builder

Abed sticks to the issues

Theresa Abed is my choice for District 71 State Representative. I serve on the Eaton County Board of Commissioners with Abed and she is a consensus builder, which is more important now than ever, at the state house. Term limits, like them or not, have created a divisiveness between the two parties and it benefits no one for the two sides to push their own agendas, rather than listening to each other and coming to a compromise and a resolution of issues. There are budgets to be created, debated, and passed, and Abed has the experience and cooperative nature to get budgets done, and on time. I have witnessed her listen carefully to public comment. When she has an opportunity to address what she has heard, she will thank citizens for taking the time to address a particular issue and for giving her further insight into the issue. Theresa Abed weighs all sides of an issue and will make thoughtful and reasonable decisions for you — her constituents — when she becomes your state representative. Linda Keefe Dimondale

I turned eighteen this October and as a first-time voter in November I will be voting for Theresa Abed for State Representative. I am appalled by the negative and untrue attacks from the Republicans. My family has received countless mailings and robo calls defaming Ms. Abed while she has conducted her campaign with dignity and respect. Ms. Abed sticks to the issues while the Republicans are running dirty campaigns. Vote Abed on Nov. 2! Whitney Williams Grand Ledge

Jacquelyn Tennis the United States (3,699,000 of them in Olivet Michigan). Under the Affordable Care Act, some 6,732,000 small businesses (205,900 in MichDemocrats have done good igan) became eligible for health care tax Over a period of eight years, Republicans credits, and insurance companies can no stood by as our economy headed for col- longer deny coverage to 5,615,000 Amerilapse. While increasing the deficit by initiat- cans (141,8700 in Michigan) with pre-existing two wars, they still supported tax cuts ing conditions. The Recovery Act has so far created or for the wealthy. They left Wall Street uncontrolled and allowed companies to take their saved 3,051,000 American jobs (102,000 in Michigan). tax breaks and jobs overseas. Republican policies created the worst Inheriting an economy on the precipice, in just two years Democrats (despite ob- economy since the Great Depression. How struction by Republicans) have started us can anyone consider putting them back in onto a path to recovery. They provided tax charge? cuts through the Recovery Act to those Darrell Tennis who buy goods and help businesses stay Olivet afloat: 111,399,000 middle-class families in

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Coy has common sense


Abed is needed

Coaches, get recognition for your team now. Contact to learn more.


October 24, 2010

As a social worker for Grand Ledge schools, Theresa Abed helped create a successful anti-bullying program. As Eaton County commissioner, Theresa continued making innovations by helping change meetings from mornings to evenings so working men and women could bring concerns before the commission, by supporting efforts to bring a dental clinic into the county, and by encouraging numerous other new proposals to help Eaton County. We need this type of creative thinker Bensinger committed to schools at our state Capitol. Theresa listens carefulThis letter is to support Garrett Bensing- ly and is not afraid to take on large tasks er for the Charlotte Board of Education. which benefit her constituents. Vote for I have known Garrett for more than 10 Theresa, we need her in Lansing.

For church changes please contact Jeana Rohrs at 377-1078

or POTTERVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 102 E. Pearl St., Potterville. Rev. Glen Neal (517) 645-2497. Sun. school 10am, worship 11am, evenings 6-7pm, Wed. midweek prayer 7-8pm, Everyone welcome

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POTTERVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 105 N. Church St. Potterville, 645-7701, Pastor Rebecca Morrison. Morning worship 9:15am & 11am Sun. School 9:15am, Fellowship hour is 10:30am ABUNDANT LIFE FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY An oasis of God’s Love “Where Everyone is Someone Special” A spirit filled church meeting at the Maple Leaf Grange, Highway M-66. S. of Assyria Rd., Nashville. Sun: Praise & Worship: 10:30am & 6pm; Tues: Gap Standers Prayer Meeting 6:30pm; Wed: 6:30 Jesus Club for 4-12 year olds. For information call: Pastors David or Rose MacDonald (269)731-5194 Or Elder Fred Bell (517)852-1806

CHESTER GOSPEL CHURCH, 3744 W. Vermontville Hwy., Charlotte (corner of Vermontville & Chester). Pastor Marc Livingston. S.S. 9:45am Sun. morning worship 11am, evening worship 6pm, Wed. Family Night Service 6:45pm

AINGER BIBLE CHURCH, 5484 S. Ainger Rd., Pastor Scott Brood, 749-9321. S.S. 10am, worship service 11am, evening service 6pm, Midweek service and AWANA, Youth Bible Study, Thurs. 7pm

CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS (The Mormons) Charlotte Branch, 200 N. Bostwick in Charlotte. Branch President John Coakley (517) 622-1415. Charlotte missionaries (517)588-8144. Sacrament service 10-11am; Primary 11am-1pm; Sun. School 11am to noon; Relief Society, Priesthood, Young Women noon-1pm

BELLEVUE CHURCH OF CHRIST 22980 13 Mile Rd., Bellevue. (269)763-0190. Services Bible Class Sun. 10am & Wed. 6:30pm, Worship & Communion Sun. 11am & 6:30pm, Teens Fri. 7pm BELLEVUE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 122 W. Capitol, Virgina Heller, Pastor. 763-9421. Morning Church School 9:45am, morning worship 11am, Bible study Thurs. 10am BRIGHT HOPE BIBLE CHURCH 500 E. Lansing Rd., Potterville. Pastor Terry LaDuke 645-4060. Sun. service 10:30am and 6pm, Wed. 6:30 men’s and ladies prayer and Bible study, youth group (7th-12th grade), kids adventure klub (pre-k - 6th grade) BROOKFIELD-EATON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, corner of Bellevue Hwy. and Brookfield Rd., Pastor Irene Vittoz. Church: 543-4225, Sun. morning worship & church school 10:30am, Bible Study 10-11:30am Wed.

October 24, 2010

CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, 825 N. Cochran, Charlotte, 543-4028. S.S. 9:45am, morning worship 11am, evening worship 6pm.; Wed. Awana 6:30pm, prayer meeting 7pm; Reformers Unanimous Fri. 7pm CHARLOTTE ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 1100 E. Clinton Trail, 543-0649. Pastor Mark Woodbury. Sun. School 9:50 & 10:50am, morning worship 9am & 11am, evening service 6pm, Wed. family night 7pm, adults, youth service, Missionettes, Royal Rangers CHARLOTTE CHRISTIAN REFORMED, 421 State St., Charlotte, 543-4721, Pastor, Rev. Bret McAtee, 543-0751, cell 588-9129. Sun. worship 10am & 6pm;

CHURCH OF CHRIST, 1825 S. Cochran, Charlotte, John Bailey, Pastor. Bible school 9:30am, worship and communion, 10:30am, junior church at 10:30am, Wed. Bible study and youth groups 7pm, 541-9930

COMMUNITY OF CHRIST, 223 S. Washington, next to Charlotte IGA, 543-0003. Pastor Elder Mel Crowley 543-3247. Sun. School 9:30am, Worship Service 11am, Prayer Service Wed. 6:30pm CROSSROADS CHURCH of The United Brethren Church, 813 E. Shepherd, Charlotte, 543-0167, Mike Arnold, pastor. SUNDAY: Early Prayer Service 9am, Sun. School for Kids 9:45am, Adult Discovery Classes 9:45am, Worship Celebration 11am WEDNESDAY MIDWEEK: Hour of Power Prayer 10am, Kid’s Korner 7pm, Youth Extraordinaire 7pm, Praise Team & Drama Team 7pm DELTA PRESBYTERIAN, Delta Twp., 6100 W. Michigan (between Creyts Rd. & Mall Dr.) 321-3569, Sun. worship service 10am, Children’s S.S. 10:15am, Adult Ed. 11:15am DIMONDALE PRESBYTERIAN, 162 Bridge St., 646-6183 Rev. Sharon Zurakowski. Worship 10am, Sun. School 11am DIMONDALE UNITED METHODIST, 646-0641 6801 Creyts Rd., Dimondale, Rev. Joseph Huston. Sun. Morning Worship 9:15am

FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 4767 W. Butterfield, Olivet. Rev. Doug Hammond. S.S. 9:30am, Sun. worship 10:30am & 6pm (616)749-9663

GRESHAM UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 5055 Mulliken Rd., Charlotte. Pastor Kathy Smith. Sun. School 9:30am, Worship 11am

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 1110 S. Cochran, Charlotte. Robin Crouch, Pastor; Becky Crouch, worship and music; Ryan Manning, Youth Pastor. Traditional Sun. worship 8:30am; Sun. school 9:45am; Contemporary worship 11am; For Sun. night opportunities call the church at 543-6900. Wed. 6:30pm preschool, elementary, junior high, and adult programs.

HERITAGE HILLS BIBLE CHURCH, 13015 M-66 at Assyria Center, Bellevue, Pastor Aaron Sommers. Sun. school 9:45am, morning worship 10:45am, evening worship 6pm; Wed. evening: Word of Life for all youth 7pm, prayer meeting and Bible study for adults 7pm

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 122 S. Main St., Bellevue, (269)763-9247. Pastor: Don Francis. Sundays: Traditional Worship 8:30am; Bible Study 9:45am; Contemporary Worship 11am; Evening Service 7pm FIRST CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, corner of Lawrence & Bostwick, 543-1310. Rev. Philip Hobson and Rev. Tom Jones. Sun. worship & church school 10am FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF VERMONTVILLE, 110 S. Main St., 726-0258, Pastor Izzy Young. Sun.: Service 10am, Children’s Church 10:15am, Youth Group 6:30pm; Wed. Night: Pioneer Club 5:30-7:15pm FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH (L.C.M.S.), 550 E. Shepherd St., 543-4360. Rev. Tim Olson. Sun. worship services at 8:30 & 11am; Sun. school 9:45am; Nursery Available; Kingdom Quest for Ages 4 through 5th grade Wed. 6:15pm. Several adult Bible classes offered. Please call for more information. FIVE CORNERS CHURCH, 3 mi. south of Charlotte on US-27. Sun. school & worship 11am, Sun. evening 6pm; Wed. 7-8pm Bible Study & God’s Kids. Pastor Marty Saunders

EVANGEL CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 1848 S. Cochran, 543-8775. S.S. 9:30am. & Worship 11am, Wed. Bible study 7pm. Pastor William Tate

FREE METHODIST CHURCH, Corner of Cherry and M-78, across from Charlotte High School. Pastor Rob Schneider; 543-0910 or 543-1915; Sun. School for all ages 9:45am; Sun. Worship 10:45am; Ladies’ Bible Study Tues. 7pm; Children, Youth and Adults Wed. 6:30pm

FAITH ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 9800 S. Cochran Rd., 543-2719, 10 miles south of Charlotte. S.S. 10am, worship 11am, praise gathering 6pm, Wed. family night, adult Bible study, youth, Royal Rangers, Missionettes 7pm

GOODNEWS CHURCH PENTECOSTAL CHURCH, 610 Jefferson St., Charlotte 543-0131 Rev. Elbern Householder. Sun. school 10am, Sun. worship 11am, evening service 6pm, Wed. Bible Study 7pm

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, M-79 and N. Chester; Sun. morning public talk 10am, Watchtower study 11am, Thurs. Theocratic Ministry school 7:30pm, service meeting 8:30pm KALAMO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Ionia Rd. in Kalamo. (517)652-1580 Pastor Bryce Feighner, Morning worship 9am & 10:30am, Sun. school at 10:30am LAWRENCE AVENUE UNITED METHODIST, 210 E. Lawrence Ave., Charlotte, 543-4670. Rev. Terry Fisher, Jeanne Hudson, Children’s Ministry Director; Sun. contemporary service 9am; Sun. School for all ages 10am; Traditional service 11am. Visit web site at LAUMC.US for information about our church.

REAL LIFE CHURCH, 228 S. Cochran, Charlotte. Pastor Andy Shaver. 10am Sun. uplifting relevant praise service and children’s church. Casual atmosphere, donuts and coffee, small group studies during the week. or call (517)541-LIFE(5433) SAINT ANN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, 312 S. Main, Bellevue (269)763-9372. Sun. Mass 9am, Religious Education Classes Sept. thru May following Liturgy. Holiday Masses 7pm SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH, 1516 S. Cochran, Charlotte (517)543-0445, Pastor Jeff Dowell (269)726-0795. Sat. services: Sabbath school 9:30am, worship service 10:50am. Bible Study Wed. 6pm. SOUTH COCHRAN CHURCH OF GOD, 2470 S. Cochran, Charlotte, 543-3293. Pastor Perry Purcell. Sun. School 9:45am, Morning Worship 10:45am, Bible Study Wed. evening 6pm SOUTH KALAMO CHURCH, corner of Kalamo Hwy. & Ionia Rd., Pastor Jeff Swift 852-9154. Sun. morning service 10:30am, evening service 6pm, Wed. Bible study 7pm

OLIVET CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, corner of East St. and College St., Olivet. Sun. School 9:30am, Worship 10:30am, Rev. Jack Brown (269)749-2631

ST. JOHN’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 201 W. Shepherd, Charlotte, (517)543-4430. The Rev. Dr. Carol A. Spangenberg, Rector. Sun. 8am Holy Eucharist and 10:30am Holy Eucharist, Nursery and Sun. School; Wed. 6:30pm Holy Eucharist. Christian Education on Wed. 3-5pm. Entire building is handicap accessible ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, 807 St. Mary’s Blvd., 543-4319. Pastor: Rev. Francis Mossholder. Mass Schedule: Sat. 4:30pm, Sun. Mass 8:30am & 11am; Sat. Confessions: 3:30-4pm or by appointment SUNTKEN HIS WORD MINISTRIES, Keeping Jesus Real to the Great Commissions, Pastor Courtney Suntken (517)977-4472, 125 E. Stoddard St., Charlotte (517)541-2731 Sun. service 10:30am; Prayer: Tues. 7pm, Thurs. 9am; New Beginnings Recovery Wed. 7pm; Bible Reading Thurs. 7pm; Men’s Ministry Mountain Movers every 1st & 3rd Sat. 10:30am; Women’s Ministry Ruth Walk every 2nd & 4th Sat. 1:30pm

PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA), 830 N. Cochran, Charlotte, 543-1503. Sarah Friesen-Carper. Sun. Worship 9:30am, Sun. School 11am; New website

TC HOPE CENTER OF POTTERVILLE, holds a Spiritfilled service every Fri. at 7pm at 223 W. Main Street in downtown Potterville (formerly the location of Christian Renewal Full Gospel

LIBERTY CHURCH OF CHARLOTTE, Sun. Services 2pm at 202 E. Lovett St., Charlotte. (517)980-3086 MULLIKEN UNITED METHODIST, 400 Charlotte Hwy., 1/2 block N. of blinker light. (517)649-8382. Pastor Judy Scholten. Children’s Sun. School during worship, Sun. Worship 10:45am; Wed. Adult Bible Class 7pm; ALL WELCOME - NURSERY FACILITIES NEEDMORE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST, 319 W. Needmore Hwy., Pastor David Iseminger 541-0908. Sun. school 10am, Sun. worship 11am & 6pm, Wed. Bible Study 7pm. NEW HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH, 436 W. Harris, Pastor Randy Royston. Morning service 10:30am, Sun. School 9:30am, Wed. Night Service 7pm

For church changes please contact Jeana Rohrs at 517-377-1078 or Fellowship). All public is invited. Start your weekend off right. Come worship with the live praise team from Lansing Teen Challenge, hear the message presented by Rev. Jeffrey Turner, and enjoy fellowship with other Christians at the end of the work week. Light refreshments provided. (517)484-6050 VERMONTVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 108 N. Main St., Vermontville. Pastor Kathy Smith. Sun. School 9:30am, Worship 11am. WEST BENTON CHURCH (nondenominational) Sun. School 9am, Sun. worship 10am The corner of Benton Road and Vermontville Hwy. Pastor Robert Homan, (269)763-3120 WEST CARMEL CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Ainger and Carlisle Hwy. Rev. Darwin Kuhl, minister. Sun. school/church 11am 763-3112 WHEATON ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST, corner of Wheaton Rd. and M-50. Sun. time of assembly 10am-noon, evening service w-1 6-7pm, Wed. evening 7-8pm WEST WINDSOR UNITED BRETHREN, 7275 West Windsor Hwy., 646-6812, Pastor Dr. Paul Wall; Sun. morning worship 10am, Sun. school 11:15am, Sun. evening worship 5:30pm, No midweek service YAHWEH’S HOUSE OF PRAYER, We recently started sharing with the Church of the Bretheren. 2 miles S. of Sunfield on Sunfield Hwy. Services Sat. 11am. All are welcome. Bill McDiarmid, Pastor

Family Serving Families Since 1923

(517) 543-2950 401 W. Seminary in Charlotte

Across from Oak Park LJ-0100047075

Letters to the editor

33 be addressed, safety improvements done, classroom technologies enhanced and saving 16.1 million dollars in interest for all district residents. Please join me in voting yes on Nov. 2. I support our schools and community. Vera Bruce Charlotte

Bond passage would better community Attracting new families to our community, and keeping the best and brightest of our young people, is vital to the future of our great town. Ask any realtor and they will confirm that the number one question young parents have is; “How good is the local school system?” The answer to that question depends on many factors including the quality of our buildings and the teaching/ learning areas they host. From the outside, our school buildings look fine, but on the inside there are numerous infrastructure improvements that need to be addressed now. The upcoming school bond will result in critical improvements including replacing the 47 year old high school heating system, plumbing, and other mechanical upgrades essential to maintaining the quality of our schools and the education of our children. All this can be done without increasing our local tax rate. And although this bond will add 11 years to our school debt, the timing coincides with record low interest rates, federal “Stimulus Funds,” and improved energy efficiency that can yield our district an estimated $20 million dollars in savings over that time, but only if the bond is approved this fall! Please vote yes on Nov. 2. By doing so you will insure the exceptional quality of Charlotte Public Schools and help local Realtors promote Charlotte as “A great place to live, work and go to school!” Eric Crandall, Realtor Charlotte

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now is not the time to raise taxes. Let’s vote “no” one more Abed doesn’t deserve attacks time. The negative political ads so prevalent today are disJune Johncock heartening – it seems there is no room for civility. Olivet Deb Shaughnessy has either authorized the use of negative attacks against her opponent, or she has no control Walberg a better choice over her own campaign. Moreover, those attacks are unIt must be close to Halloween. Mark Schauer is out true. In a negative ad mailed to the voters of Eaton County, to scare seniors regarding social security. What is really Shaughnessy’s camp warns: “If career politicians are get- scary is his voting record. He spends trillions like there is ting under your skin, vote no on Theresa Abed.” no tomorrow. He is convinced that government must take Theresa Abed has been an Eaton County Commissioner charge of health care. His votes will be a heavy burden on for four years – enough time to prove her effectiveness as a my grandchildren. He doesn’t listen or even read the bills public servant, but hardly enough to call her a career poli- he votes on. I will be voting for Tim Walberg because of his tician! Contrast her four years of working hard for Eaton common sense conservative approach to government. County citizens with Deb Shaughnessy’s 15 years in poliCoy K. Morton tics (documented on Shaughnessy’s own web site). Who Operating Engineers Local 324 is the career politician?? These are desperate attempts to Member in Good Standing turn voters against a hard-working and trustworthy candiCharlotte date who I am proud to support – Theresa Abed. Patricia Roost Vote ‘yes’ for schools Delta Township The Charlotte Public Schools are the fabric of our community. It starts when a kindergarten child first enters their Turn down EATRAN request again school and classroom for the first time. It transitions to After the voters of Eaton County defeated the proposal middle school students competing in an athletic event. It to raise taxes and increase service of EATRAN into Ingham culminates with a high school upper classmen performing County on the August primary ballot, the commission held on the stage. At each and every one of these moments a meeting to overrule the people’s voices by voting to put in time, parents, relatives and community members are inthis same proposal on the Nov. 2 ballot. Many citizens at- volved and all are part of the school community. The distended this meeting, voicing appreciation for this service, trict facilities are our community assets. The conditions but often giving the impression that EATRAN would disap- created at our facilities are for everyone here in Charlotte. pear without this tax increase and expansion. Yard signs Support by the community for our schools has been shown read “Keep EATRAN.” The truth is the taxes do not expire. in the past, clearly evidenced by the middle school, perEATRAN will continue. With Michigan experiencing 17 per- forming arts center, athletic complex and aquatic center. cent unemployment, empty houses or “for sale” signs in Now is the time to protect our school, community investour neighborhoods and many giving up looking for jobs, ments and move them into the future. Critical needs will

Luncheon Menu & Schedule of Events DISTRICT CALENDAR AVAILABLE ON LINE:

MEAP MAKE-UP SCIENCE OR SOCIAL STUDIES – Grade 3-9 WEDNESDAY, OCT. 27 ELEMENTARY – A) Nachos B) Ham & Cheese Sub SIDES: Broccoli, Peaches, Milk MIDDLE SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Double Dogs OR Burger Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Broccoli, Peaches, Push-Up HIGH SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: BBQ Chicken on Flatbread OR Burger Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Broccoli Rice Casserole, Mexican Rice, Fresh Fruit Gatewood Picture Re-Takes MEAP MAKE-UP ANY SUBJECT, AS NEEDED Grade 3 – 9 THURSDAY, OCT. 28 ELEMENTARY – A) Cheesy Bread Sticks B) Pizza Casserole SIDES: Whole Kernel Corn, Fresh Fruit, Milk MIDDLE SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Pizza Casserole OR Nacho Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Sweet Potatoes, Tropical Fruit, Corn

HIGH SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Pizza Casserole OR Taco Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Pears Galewood Science Day Galewood Science Day Play 6:30 pm – 8:00 pmFRIDAY, OCT. 29 ELEMENTARY – HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A) Twin Bat Burgers B) Ghoul-ash SIDEDS: Tator Tot of Newton, Freaky Mixed Fruit, Halloween Cake MIDDLE SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Goulash OR Breakfast Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: California Blend Vegetables, Pineapple, Rice Krispie Treat HIGH SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Goulash OR Breakfast Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: French Fries, California Blend Vegetables, Tropical Fruit SATURDAY, OCT. 30 MS State Honors Band 8:00 am – 9:00 am SUNDAY, OCT. 31 MS State Honors Band 8:00 am – 9:00 am

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for a value size fry with any y purchase pu

Good at Wendy’s 310 Lansing Street Charlotte, MI 48813-1653 (517) 543-7438 Expires 6/30/11 Limit one coupon per visit LJ-0100047109

October 24, 2010

MONDAY, OCT. 25 ELEMENTARY – A) Soft Chicken Taco B) Tuna Salad Sandwich SIDES: Green Beans, Apple, Milk MIDDLE SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Cheesy Bread Sticks OR Salad Bar with Soup CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Green Beans, Peaches, HIGH SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Double Dogs OR Salad Bar with Soup CHOOSE 2 SIDES: French Fries, Mexican Rice, Peaches MEAP MAKE-UP ELA PART 2 – Grade 3-9 MS PTO – Media Center 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm TUESDAY, OCT. 26 ELEMENTARY – A) Pancakes & Sausages B) Turkey Sandwich SIDES: Orange Wedges, Applesauce, Milk MIDDLE SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: BBQ Pork Sandwich OR Nacho Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Carrots, Baked Beans, French Fries HIGH SCHOOL – CHOOSE ONE ENTRÉE: Chicken Legs OR Taco Bar CHOOSE 2 SIDES: Baked Beans, Carrots, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

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County briefs Library has ‘Potterville News’ from 1926-64 The Potterville Benton Township District Library has some exciting news for individuals interested in the history of the Potterville community and surrounding areas. The library has the “Potterville News” newspapers dated from 1926 through 1964 on DVD. Schedule a time to stop into the library to find out more about your ancestors and your community. Call (517) 645-2989 for more details.

EC Dems to hold County Convention The Eaton County Democratic Party will hold its County Convention for the purpose of electing the Statutory Executive Committee on Monday, Nov. 22, at the Charlotte Public Library, 226 S. Bostwick St., Charlotte. The convention will commence at 6 p.m. with the regular meeting to follow.

50/50’s. Bring non-perishable food items for local food pan- for December, when they’ll meet on the second Tuesday). Childcare will be provided. If for any reason Maple Valley try for admission. schools are closed on the scheduled day, the MOPS meetCrafters wanted for craft show Nov. 27 ing will be canceled for that month. For more information, contact the church at (517) Applications for crafters are now being taken for the 15th Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Show for Saturday, 726-0647 or Nov. 27 at the Charlotte Middle School. Cost of a 10’ x 10’ booth is $40, with ample free paved parking, easy un- Volunteers needed at EC Meals on Wheels Volunteers are needed at Eaton County Meals on Wheels cloading areas, electricity and tables available, handicap accessible. For reservation forms or more information, call to deliver meals to local homebound elderly citizens in Ea(517) 543-4240 days or (517) 543-4590 evenings or e-mail ton County. Approximately one hour is required to complete deliveries. Volunteers must be 18 years of age, have a car and valid driver’s license, or partner with someone who MOPS to meet on third Tuesdays of month has these requirements Volunteers are also needed in the kitchen, in Charlotte Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) will meet at Vermontville Bible Church, 250 N. Main St., Vermontville, on the to help pack meals, for about two hours once a month. For third Tuesday of each month from 9-11:30 a.m. (except more information, call Keri Jo Papranec at (517) 541-2330.

Donate Christmas treats to VFW Nov. 20 The Charlotte VFW Support the Troops Committee is packing Christmas goodies for the men and women overseas on Nov. 20 starting at noon at VFW Post 2406, 695 Lansing Road, Charlotte. Items needed are cookies, Christmas candies, etc. They need to be dropped off by Nov. 19. For questions, contact Gayle or Mike Smith at (517) 543-0172 or Mike at (517) 896-7111.

VFW to host Halloween party Oct. 23 The VFW Post 2406, 695 Lansing Road, Charlotte, will hold a Halloween party for adults Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. There will be a costume contest, food, DJ, dancing, drawings and

Births Oberlin Dave and Angela Oberlin of Charlotte announce the birth of their daughter Aubrey Joy. She as born Oct. 6 at Ingham Regional Medical Center and weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. Grandparents are Daniel and Janis Fourman and Brad and Sue Johnson.

Smalley Loren Smalley Jr. and Patricia Tygre of Potterville announce the birth of their son Jayden Quincy. He was born Oct. 6 at Ingham Regional Medical Center and weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces. Grandparents are Marcia DuBois, Hank Wanamaker, Loren Fineout and the late Maurine Smalley.

Shilling Matt and Kiley Shilling of Charlotte announce the birth of their sons Austin Matthew and Brayden Michael. They were born Aug. 12 at Sparrow Hospital and weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces each. Grandparents are Mike Watson, Diana Bosworth, and Mike and Linda Shilling.


October 24, 2010

Meggin Stambaugh of Potterville announces the birth of her son Noah James. He was born Oct. 13 at Ingham Regional Medical Center and weighed 6 pounds 0.2 ounces. Grandparents are Randy and Lisa Schaub, Sherry Schaub, Angela Bryan, and Rusty Stambaugh.

Garvie Allison Garvie, along with her parents Jessica and Jason, would like to announce the birth of her brother Aaron Michael. He was born May 25, at Oaklawn Hospital and weighed 7 pounds. Grandparents are Harold and Valerie Peck, Sandra Garvie, and Lynn Garvie. Great-grandparents are Phyllis Miller, Harold Peck Sr. and Roberta and Ellis Cook.

Eugene (Gene) Francis Dudley Eugene (G ene) Francis D udley , 82, died October 9, 2010, in Sar asota, FL af ter a long battle with cancer. G ene is survived by his wife of 61 years, Maryellen Koch, his daught ers Th ais Mishler (D ennis,) Laurie D udley (P eter Cronin,) Julie Wils on (D enny), and a son D oug (Mary Lou.) Eight grandchildr en incl ude Joel Mishler (Judy,) Mara Braegelma nn (Jason,) Mich ael Mishler , Kaitl yn Curtin (Tommy,) S ean D udley (Margaret,) Brendan D udley , Jake Wils on and Jenna Wils on and nine great-grandchildr en and a sister, Eileen Horn of Fremont, Ohio. He is pre-deceased by his parents, Cl arence and Corrine D udley , sisters Mary Louise and Irma (Haaser) and brother , Leonard "Mose" D udley. He and Maryellen spent many years caring for her parents, Virgie and Pau l Roberts. P rior to liv ing in Sar asota, G ene was a long time resident of Ch arlotte, Michiga n and the owner/operator of Maeward Inc. in Oliv et. G ene enjoyed great success as a key member of the 194445 Bellevue, Ohio state ch ampion high school basketball team. Th at group of "Whiz Kids" finis hed a perfec t 25-0. D udley was named A l-O hio for his efforts. He went on to star at Bowling G reen S tate University wher e he went to the NIT tournament twice and still holds the BGSU school record for the most games pla yed. He was inducted into the Bellevue High School Hall of Fame in 2005. G ene served in the A rmy during WW II but was not deploy ed overseas. While in the service he pla yed quarterback, basketball and baseball for the 9th Infa ntry Regiment. G ene was an avid golfer h aving spent many years as a member of the Ch arlotte Country Cl ub and continued to pla y regul arl y in Flor ida. He "shot his age" earlier this year and pla yed as recentl y as A ugust. G ene was appreciated by his f amily and f riends as a kind, f un and generous gentlema n. He will be dearl y remembered and missed by all. Visitation is at P ray Funeral Home, Ch arlotte, MI, S unday, October 31, 2010 f rom 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. The f uneral Mass will be 11:00 a.m. Monday, November 1, 2010 at G ene’s home parish for 28 years, S t Mary Catholic Church, Charlotte, MI with Reverend Father D ougla s Osborn. Interment will be at Maple Hill Cemetery, Ch arlotte, MI. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to Maple Hill Cemetery, Ch arlotte, MI. Online condolenc es may be sent to www.prayf uneral .com. A rrangements by P ray Funeral Home, Ch arlotte, MI.

Doris E. (Lynd) Masters Charlotte D oris E. (Lynd) Masters age 79, died Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010 at the Oakla wn Hospital in Marsh all. D oris was born Nov. 19, 1930 in Ch arlotte, the daught er of Willia m and Ethel (G reen) Lynd and h ad been a lifelong Eaton County resident. S he was mainly a homema ker but h ad worked at Oliv et College for a short time many years ago. S urviving are: th ree childr en, Dav id Masters of Hudson, FL, S hir ley (Thoma s) Rinckey of Ch arlotte and Larry (Kathleen) Masters of Ch arlotte ; 5 grandchildr en, Patri cia Cain, Laura Masters, Eric Masters, Sar ah Wyatt and Taryn Rinckey; 2 great-grandchildr en, Kristen Hydon and Lily Wyatt; 1 sister, Pau line D ies of Whit more Lake and 2 sistersin-la w, D elor es Carlet on of Oliv et and Betty Masters of Ch arlotte . S he was preceded in death by her h usband, Robert F. Masters on A pril 25, 2009. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m. Saturd ay, Oct. 16, 2010 at the Burkhead-G reen Funeral Home, Charlotte with Pasto r Winfor d Collins offic iating. Visitation will be held on Friday f rom 6-8 p.m. at the Funeral Home. Memorial contributions may go to the A l zheimers A ssociation. Envelopes available at the Funeral Home. www.burkhead-greenfu neralhome. com

Don C opela nd On A ugust 11, 2010, our 1st born son, D on Copela nd, went home to be with his Lord af ter a courageous fight with cancer. Born Jul y 24, 1968, he was the oldest son of Hershel and Connie Copela nd and Ch ris and Linda Wilkes. He is survived by his one true lov e, Misti Begeman, her childr en, Brielle and Richele, whom he thou ght of as his own; his fiv e brothers, Sco tt (Cher ise), Mike (Missy), Joe (Daw n), Jesse and Cody. A l so surviving are numerous aunts, uncles , nieces and nephews. Waiting for D onnie in his eternal home are his grandparents, Wal ter and A vene Copela nd, A l bert D uell and Mr. and Mrs. Hoadley. For thos e of you th at know D onnie, he h ad a passion for bowling whic h was proven by h aving (2) "300" games. He al so lov ed anything to do with computers and would help anyone who needed his expertise. He will be dearl y missed by all of his f amily and f riends. S ervices for D on have al ready been held.

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CLASSIFIEDS – CALL 1-877-391-SELL(7355) OR 1-877-475-SELL(7355) Public Notices HERNIA REPAIR? DID you receive a C omposix Kugel Mesh Patch between 19992007? If the patch was removed d ue to complications of bowel perfor ation, abdomina l wall tears, puncture of abdomina l organs or intestinal fistul ae, you may be entitled to compensation. Attorney C harles Johnson 1-800-53 55727. MC


Adoption ADOPTION: LOVING COU PLE with open hearts will provide warm, secure home to a child. Help make our lives complete. E xpenses paid. Call Ben/Jodie 1-800- 654-5162.MC N O T E : All ad vertisers in this category are working with a licensed adopt ion agency. MM P R E G N A N T ? C onsid er Adopt ion—A loving alternative. Wonder f ul couples to choose f rom. Call for pics/infor mation and choose your baby’s f amily and f uture. E xpenses paid. 1-866- 236-7638 MM

AUCTION Frida y, October 29, 10:00 AM, 119 E . S outh S t, Williamston, MI 489 8 5 (2 blocks south of Grand River on Putnam to S outh S t). Ass’t hand, power & air tools, Large assortment of used lawn tractor parts to include 15 tractors (difer ent stages of disrepa ir), dec ks, blades , engines, engine parts, seats, attachments, Push mower parts. Rototillers, Rebuilt 10hp Kohler engine, 1 Ton of black sand for sandb laster. Home made sand blaster, Home made tandem axle utility trailer. Many bolts & ass’t hard ware, C hampion spark plug cleaner, S park plug tester. Work benches, cabinets, stands . S teel welding bench. S tarter/ generators. Landa G S eries power washer (needs repair). Gas line trimmers. Home made engine lift . 300 Gallon f uel barrel. Ass’t tractor tires & wheels. Lots of scrap iron. Misc household items. Terms cash, check, credit card s. All items are sold as is. The seller nor the auctioneer will be responsible for personal inj ury while attending the sale or items af ter sold. Milo Jefrf ey, seller.

LOST DIGITAL CAMERA at Sam ’s C lub E dgew ood store on Oct. 5th. If fou nd please return. S im card s left w/camera. It will be greatly appreciated. Please mail to E . Drake, 5200 Pleasant Grove Rd. Lansing MI 48911.

repairs around the home - and you need them fast - check the service directory in LCN Classifieds See or Call LCN Monday-Friday, 8-5 1.877.475.SELL

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RUTH KEUSCH ESTATE MARIJUANA FOR MEDI AUCTION CAL USE! Michigan law alSat ., October 30, 12:00 PM lows people with certain 5 8 0 Lyons Rd, condit ions to qualify . We Portland, MI 487 8 5 help Michigan residents, Directions: I96 to the Live in Michigan? We can Portland exit #77, NW on help, Grand River 1 mile to N. www.TheMed icalMarij uan Water S t/Lyons Rd, N. on aClinic .com 517-78 7-1206, Water S t to the sale. 616-947-1206, 734-667-5960 NOTE: No parking on MM Lyons Rd, park ½ block N. in the school parking lot. Pink Depression glassware, Heywood Wakefield solid maple dinette set w/table, leaves, 6 chairs. Wicker & oak plant stand, Oak commode, Mission BEST HOME LOANS! ** Land oak arm chair, 2 Wicker C ontract and Mortgage arm chairs. Brickwede maPayoffs , Homehogany dining table, 5 Improvements, Debtchairs, china hutch. WaterC onsolida tion, Property f all ceda r chest. 10 Gallon Taxes. Foreclosures. PURmilk can (clean), 1847 RogC ASES H TOO! Includes ers E ternally Yours plated Houses/Mobiles/Mod ulars fla tware set. C oleman Good/ Bad /U gly C redit ! 200A195 red lantern. ’No 1-800- 246-8100 Anytime! Parking Police Order" metU nited Mortgage S ervices. al sign, Porthole mirror, Vizio 42" HD fla t screen MC TV, Broyhill loveseat & hide-a -bed couch, La-Z- CASH NOW! GET cash o f r Boy rocker/recliner. S mall your structured settlement appliances. Large curio or annuity payments. High cabinet w/etched glass. payouts. Call J.G. Ass’t crystal & glassware Wentworth. 1-8662 La-Z-boy swivel SETTLEMENT (1-866- 738rocker/recliners, Berne so8536). Rated A+ by the f a. Towels & bedding, Dixie Better Business Bureau. 3 pc bedr oom set MC w/d resser, chest, dou ble bed. E lgin Regulator 31 d ay wall clock. S tearns & Foster hide-a -bed couch. Many other items. Terms: Cas h, check, credit card s. All items are sold as is. The seller nor the auction****BEST HOME eer will be responsible for LOANS ****Refina nce for personal injury while atany reason: Mortgage and tending the sale or items Land C ontract payofsf , af ter sold. Robert Keusch, deb t-consolida tion, home Administra tor improvements, property taxes, for eclosures. Purchases too! Includes Houses/ Mobiles/ Modu lars. Cas h Available for good/ bad /ugly credit ! 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 4 6 - 8 1 0 0 MM


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ADOPTION-Love, security, warmth and absolute devotion await your child. Let us help each other. Call S LED EA BID AUCTION to be S uzanne (anytime), 1-88held Nov 5th @ noon. 8 03-183 8 . E xpenses Paid. Main’s Mini S torage 13894 MM Hartel Gr Ledge. U nits rented by M Welch, S ADOPTION: Loving couple Ostrander , M Ad ams, J with open hearts will proS hooltz & R C ortright convide warm, secure home tain f urniture & misc to a child. Help make our household. lives complete. E xpenses paid. Call Ben/Jodie 1-800654-5162 When you need

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ANTIQ U E -C O LLE C TIB LE S HOW at the Jackson C o. Fairgrounds , 200 W. Ganson, Jackson, MI on October 29 & 30 (10am–5pm). Free Parking *Unique Antiques to Flea Market Finds *Food C oncession on S ite. Adm: $3 (valid both d ays). Call 517784-775 0. MM

Household Estate Sales ESTATE SALE BY E ILE E N BURNS & AS S OC . LLC. Fri.Sat . 10/29-30, 9-5 or until sold out. 1285 Lawrence Hwy., C harlotte. Household: green & brown Lazy boy recliners, loveseat, pullout sofa , 5 d rawer d resser, pine dining rm set, pecan din. rm set w/6 chairs, matching lighted china hutch, several nice coffee tables & end tables, Kenmore sewing machine, newer GE washer & d ryer, wonder f ul Bisklavier piano, pr of wooden glider benches, newer Kenmore gas grill delux, redw ood f urniture, 6x10 trailer w/ramp, e d hu midifier , d bl lawn swing, lots of nice bedding, linens, 4 good tv’s, several stereos, glass & china items, nice moon ida l granda f ther clock, cadenc e walking machine, Vernonware, early walnut d ropleaf table, lots of good kitchen items & cast iron, tea cart, f ans, pictures, old oil lamps, oil paintings, lawn chairs, lots of good garden items, ornate wrght iron chairs, lg cement fis hing boy, cement bird bath fou ntain + others, glass/wi patio set, lots of nice usefu l items. Record collection, newer white f ull size edger , Wertz chipper, John Deere rototiller & spreader , Gold S eries yard machine snow blower, Fimin pull behind sprayer, quality Husque yard lawn sweeper, Troy Bilt 22’’ string trimmer, lrg air compressor, air pig, 8.5 hp white f ront mower, lawn roller, tons more. 2002 S ignature S eries Lincoln Town Car , clean load ed. No Ear ly Sales .

Animals Lost

DRDANIE LS ANDS ON.C OM CASH REAL ESTATE LOANS We Buy Land C on- BLACK & WHITE DSH, 3 yr. tracts. $10,000-$500,000 old, fema le cat lost in DrDanielsAndS PriS toney Brook S ub., Grand vate Money, Fast! Deal Ledge. "Kira". 517-627with Decision Maker. 168 6.REWARD upon return. Michigan Licensed NMLS#13 8110 8 00-837ALL WHITE TERRIER & 6166 or 248-335-6 166 SMBlack beagle. Lost 10/18 Allan@DrDanielsAnd S on.c near C lark Rd. in DeWitt. om 517-668-2327 MM

Birds-Fish PARROT SUN CONURE 2 yrs old, tame & f riendly , has cage & play stand. $500/obo. 517-202-5610.

By Phone: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Toll Free 877-475-SELL or 877-391-SELL By Email: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week By Fax: 24 hours a day 7 days a week 517-482-5476 Dogs-Cats-Pets

In Person: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 239 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, MI 48813 120E. Lenawee, Lansing, MI48919 Classified Liner Ad Deadline – Thursday, 5pm Classified Display Ad Deadline – Tuesday, 5pm


AKC MALAMUTE PUPPIE.S O C K C R E P S ANIEL PUPPIES! $500 black and white, $700 Good colors. 989-426- 38 66 red and white, limited regor 989-2 46-0658 Karen. istration, males, read y to go. 269-275-8766, COCKER SPANIEL PUPS males, wormed, shots, parnets on site $200-250. AKC REG BEAGLES (517)745-5689 field champion bloodlines , born 8 /5. 1st & 2nd shots, DACHSHUND MALE $300. dew ormed, 2 males, 1 fePomeranian males $250, male. $200. Beagle pups fema les $350. Maltese feborn on 8 /10, $100. 6 yr. male $800. All AKC pupold running fema le $200. pies. 231-924-5090. Call 517-391-82 8 ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD NKC, 3 males, 1 fema le, PUPPIES Reg. Parents on f amily raised, Pics at site, $400. 616-891-10 58. www.8 Call 513-314-6738. BEAGLE PUPS 4 litters, 4 wks. old & up. 1st shots & ENGLISH BULLDOGS wormed. Great hunters/ WHITE/ FAWN, AKC Regispets. $1250-$200 Call 989tered, only 2 left 1M & 1F 560-6143. $1200. (517)896 -0403 ronbrayj BEAGLE PUPS AKC, 7 wks old, good hunting stock, GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES 9 great pets! Wormed, wks. old, 3 males, 1 feshots, $100. 517-651-7377. males, shots & wormed, S t. Johns $300. Call 517-857 -2187 . BICHON FRISE PUPS - AKC GOLDEN DOODLE PUPS5 Family raised, health mos., 2 fema les. $600. guar., nonhypoallergenic, www.goldendoodles Vet checked & alread y 269-503-0636/269-489-53 18 trained. $550. 989-6 40-2766 GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUP BICHON- POM PUPS , 1 male, PIE S AKC/ OFA, 1st shots, 1 fema le. White. Read y to wormed, vet checked, go! Pure Pom, male, $300 read y 11/22. Males $500, to $450. 269-763-2102 fema les $550. 989-725-97 93

Dogs-Cats-Pets OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG puppies. Papered, 3 females, 2 males, $18002200. 517-899-1853 , John

Farm Equipment -Supplies

PEK-E A-POO PUPPIES AKC parents. Very tiny, no MF 45 HP 3 pt. Hyd. Recent shed. $295. 517-896 -0302 overhaul. Runs great. W/3 bottom plow & blade, PIT BULL PUPPIES 7 wks. brushhog. $4400. 651-628 6. old. 1st shots. $100/each. 517-455-3374

Farm Produce

PUGGLE PUPPIES 7 wks old, 1st shots & wormed, small & loveable. $250. 989-427- 3205. PUMPKINS - Thousand s of Jack O Lantern pumpkins. From 50¢ to $5.00. Morgan PUG PUPSSMALL $300. Farms, 7721 E . C linton Tr. PUGGLE PUPS FAWN(M-50) between Eat on $250. 517-719-1199 Rapids & C harlotte. PUPPIES, HOME RAISED 1 Goldendoodle, 1 Labradoodle, 3 C ockapoos, $200 cash each. 989-3 8 6-6927.

Hay-Grain-Seed ALFALFA GRAS-S EXCELLENT Hay $4 & up. Can deliv er. 517-641-6034

HAY 1ST CUTTING INS IDE DRY $3.00 bale. Delivery available. Call 517-6523125.

SHELTIE PUPPIES AKC, $350-$450. 989-6 81-2054

SHIH TZU PUPPIES BLUE BOSTON T E R R I E R GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS $325-$350. PUPPIES AKC 1 fema le AKC reg., vet checked, $1200, 3 males $1000 ea. shots & wormed, $500517-58 9-5844 Also, 1 white male French $550. a C ll 517-223-9239 Bulldog puppy $1000. 1 S IH TZU PUPPY One male brindle fema le $900. 517- HIMALAYAN/RAGDOLL KIT- H born 8 /12/10, tri-color, 852 -9979. TENS 13 wks., f ull shots, first shots, mother on site. $125/each. Call: 517-316$300/best. 517-819-7 479. BOXER PUPPIES AKC, 7 wks 7429 old, brindle & f aun. 3 SIAMESE KITTENS 8 wks males, 3 fema les. Dew KITS/ CATS; NICE RE;SCUE old, 3 males, $75 each. 1 claws removed, tails www.trinityacresrescue.p fema le, 7 mos. $50. Please doc ked, shots, wormed & etfinder .com; many deleave msg 517-490-1595. vet checked. $400. 517clawed; incl.neuter/med. 525-0608 (Mason area) $45- $135. (517)410-0074 TEDDY BEAR PUPPIES 1st shots, wormed, non shedBOXER PUPPIES PUREBRED KITTENS - Litter trained, 11 ding, hypoallergenic, $350. Born 9/3, read y to go. Vet wks, black & white, 4 Call 517-468-3 986 . checked, tails & dews. askmales & 1 fema le, $10. ing $450. 517-321-6562 517-626-6071. WESTIES BOXERS AKC REGISTERED KITTENS To a good home. 1 How to Recognize a puppies, 6 fema les. $400. light gray, 1 d ark gray, 1 RESPONSIBLE Call 517-702-9573. black & white. Call 517BREEDER 230-4696. www.WestieE d CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES $150 or 734-455-9239 & up. Many colors. Call LAB PUPS Black, 7 wks old, for our Westies 101 231-267-9049. shots, wormed, nice big handout. pups. $175. Call www.puppybuyerinfo.c om 517-490-6260 H C IHUAHUA PUPS 6 blue & tri colored. Read y to go to there new homes wormed LAB PUPS YELLOW and red, YORKIE 3/4 teacup size, tican be CKC. Call S arah 7 wks, AKC Registered, ny, 1st shot & wormed, $275-$325 (517)455-6852 Good with childr en, home raised, $350. Call loveable, pure bred, shots, 517-669-9418 wormed, $375.00. (517)231CHIHUAHUA PUPS - Long1744 haired males. S hots & YORKIE PUPS AKC shots, wormed. C ute & cuddly . wormed, vet checked, lit$300. 517-490-2655 MALE BRITTANY W/O, 11 ter trained $500. months, field trial bred, (517)256-5208 f amily raised $500. CHIHUAHUA RARE BRIN (989)770-4632 DLE, tan and black, tan, 7 YORKSHIRE TERRIER PU PS week, Beautifu l coat and AKC some tiny, shots, markings, Good with chil- MALTESE PUPPIES AKC worming & nails clipped. d ren, loveable, pure bred, shots, wormed. $350. Call Call 517-726-0451. vet checked, wormed, 517-627-6418, 517-614-9564 $300. (517)348-4567

HAY 2010 SQUARE bales. 1st & 3rd cuttings. Good horse hay. FREE storage. 517-852 -0069/517-652-9985 HAY MIX 1st & 2nd. S quare bales. No rain. 40-60# avg. $3.50/bale. Fowlerville area 517-223-8473. HOPEWELL YEAR FROM C ertified S eed Wheat. E levator cleaned. 517-5434048 or 269-967-6967.

Lawn and Garden KUBOTA GARDEN TRACTOR 1989, B100 Diesel, mower dec k, snow blower, rototiller & back blade w/f ull cab, 910 hrs., like new. 517819-2 145. $38 00 fir m.

Firewood A1 ALL ASH, OAK & Maple Delivered. $60/per f ace cord. 5 C ord S pecials. 517-525-5510. ACKERSON FIREWOOD S easoned hard wood, $60 per f ace cord, deliv ered. 517-281-93 8 3. CHERRY, MAPLE, OAK SEASONED FIREWOOD $70 f ace cord, split, deliv ered & stacked. 517-651-5214.

KNEE REPLACEMENT? Approximately $100,000 For RUBY’ S FIREWOOD 4X8X16, Work Wear & Tear or Work $65 f ace cord, hard wood. Injury. Call 1-800-562- 0954 Call 517-391-0914. Free Infor mation—Delay Redu ces Money. Rettig, Rademacher , C lark & Gray, A LAWSONS A ES O S NED HARDWOOD LIQUIDATIONS P.C . $65 per f ace cord. E state sale will be con16"X4’X8 ’. Free Delivery. PUPS AKC Tiny, d ucted at 7849 Walker Rd., 18 MO. OLD P U R E B R E D C H I H U A H U A / T E R R I E R MALTESE Volume id s counts. HARLE I U Q N GRE A T DANE PUPS 10 wks, socialized, Ovid/ E lsie. Oct. 28-30, 10-6. 517-663-1006 fema le, $700. Call 517-694shots, wormed, health 517-974-0431 Numbers at 9 a.m. For a It’s not too late to find a 7329. cert. $150. 517-490-6260. complete listing, photos & TE N NE E S WALKE R 15.2. buyer for your camping gear. dir ections please visit our MINI DACHSHUND PUPPY Black gelding, stocky, easy SEASONED HARDWOODS See website at ADBA BLUE AKC, 1 male, brindle going. Good trail horse. 4 PUPPIES S hots, 4X8X16, $65 f ace cord. NOSE PITBU LL COCKAPOO www.lawsonsliquid or w/unique markings, 9 wks. wormed, $400 cash. 989clinics, lots of training. 14 PUPS $300-$350. Call 517C hunks & logs. a C ll 517or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL 236-7634 or 989-2 89-3 4 8 9. 1st shot $400. 517-371-5769 call 989-725-57 96 993-4648. yrs. old. $2K. 517-281-6 991 505-1983 .

Household Estate Sales



SEASONED SPLIT MIXED HARDWOOD - Maple, Oak , Apple. $45/f ace cord + delivery. 517-819-897 8 .

SPECIAL DEAL on seasoned hard wood if r ewood $65 f a c e cord. Guarantee price all winter! Offer ends Oct. 31. Jeff 517-7191281; Car ol 517-507-7093. chantlands 20th year selling fir ewood!

Absolutely Free PICKP U bagged sticks Ledge/

YOUR PLASTIC tied leaves for f ree. No or stones, Grand Delta. 517-627-7965.

AntiquesCollectibles LARGE PORCELAIN FINISH ED "Western Auto" sign, 1.5"x33"hx20’L. C omes in 3 pieces. $300. For det ails call: 517-655-6099.

Appliances EMPIRE FLOOR HEATER LP gas, 8 0K btu. E xcellent condit ion. $125. 517-676811

Furniture A AMISH LOG HEAD BOARD AND Q ueen Pillow Top Mattress S et. Brand new-never used, sell all for $275. 989-772-1517 . MM A BED QUEN PILLOWTOP mattress set, new in plastic, $200. Call 517-410-4921. Can deliv er. ART VAN ente rt ainm ent center w/32’’ TV & DVD player, all for $350. Call 517-543-4930. A

TEMPERPADIC/ STYLE MEMORY FOAM MATTRES SET Q ueen, newnever used, as seen on TV, with warranty. C ost $1,800, S ell $695. Can Deliver 989-832- 2401. MM




AIRLINES ARE HIRING— BODY SHOP MANAGER Train for high paying AviaS tate of the art shop, extion Maintenance Car eer. cellent pay and benefits. FAA approved program. FiMust be very customer fo nancial aid if cused. Mail resumes to qualified—H ousing availaBox # 859 M, Lansing S tate ble. Call Aviation Institute Journal, 120 E . Lenawee S t. of Maintenance Lansing, MI 48919 8 77-891-2281. MM

S V E N E S 12 PUMP $175. BRAUN VANGATER II- T Glen. 22 $100. Marlin .35 Wheelchair lift for d rop-flr . lever w/scope, $300. Win. van, $1,000. You remove, 410 single, 3’’ $275. Rem. have manual. 1 8 0 -327-6405 30-06 w/scope $400. S tevens 12 sxs, $375. S tevens LITEWAY NEW power 16 sxs, $375. S tevens 20 scooter f rom S parrow, sxs, $400. Ph. 517-204-2004 used less than 3 mo. $995. 517-627-7714 WANTED: Gun reloading equipment, old guns, bulWALK IN BATHTUB As lets, gun parts, more. seen on TV. New still in Call 517-623-0416 box, has j acuzzi, warranty, f ree deliv ery, paid WINCHESTER 94 30-30 CAR $9500; sacrific e for BINE . Mf g 1956, vg to exc. $3500. 517-579-408 2 S ome ammo. $375. Also, cash for your Lugers. Doug 517-285-17 14 anytime

AIRLINES ARE HIRING Train for high paying Aviation Car eer. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance.. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877) 891-2281. MC


WINCHESTER MODEL 70 30.6, new cond. 6x18 Tasco verible power scope, $625. AMISH LOG BED,S DRES Ruger 1022 w/Bushnel 3x9 E R S , Rustic Table and scope $180 . 517-388-2 192. C hairs, Mattresses for Cabin or Home. Lowest price in Michigan! d and m 989-923-1278 MM A AARDVARK ANTIQUER PIONEER POLE BUILD paying cash for guns, INGS Free E stimates. Lijew lery, f urniture, art & censed and Insured. 2x6 unusual & bizarre items. Trusses. 45 Year Warrant517-819-8700 ed Galvalume S teel. 19 colors. S ince 1976 #1 in Michigan. Call Toda y 1-800- 292ANTIQUE BUYER paying 0679 cash for jew elry, musical MM instruments, sterling silver, vintage stereo equipPOLE BARNS Michigan’s ment, f urniture & old stuff. Largest Pole Barn C ompaCall John 517-886 -9795. ny (Best Built Barns) Best Q uality, Best S ervice, Best CASH FOR GUNS , Art, AntiPrice. This Week’s S pecials ques, Jewelry, musical inE rected 24’x24’x8 ’-$5495.00 struments, Valuables. Call 24’x40’x10’-$7995.00 517-204-2004/517-663-3931 30’x40’x10’-$8 995.00 30’x48 ’x12’-$10,995.00 CASH PAID DAILY Licensed/ Insured 1-877for diabe tic test strips. 8 02-9591 $15 per 100 strips. MM Ph. 517-292-0991 COMPLETE MATERIAL CASH PAID D iabet ic test POLE BUILDING PACKAGE strips. Area’s original, old 24’x32’x8 ’-$3499.00, est buyer. Friendly & f air. 30’x40’x10’-$5299.00 517-505-2726, 8-639-6 179 32’X48’ X10’-$6449.00 S teel roof, doors included, other sizes available. www.stand Call S tanda le Post Frame Buildings Toll Free 1-800968-2 8 01 DIABETIC TEST STRIPS MM WANTED Most Brands $515 per box (517)712-6357 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE f rom Home. *Medical, WANTED TO BUY *Business, *Paralegal, E states, antiques, books, *Accounting, *Cr iminal epheria, toys, and more. Justice. Job placement as517-623-0416. sistance. C omputer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 8 77-895-182 8 www.C MM

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE f rom Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Cr iminal Justice. Job placement assistance. C omputer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 8 77-895-182 8 www.C MC

Wanted to Buy

Building Materials -Supplies

A BRAND NAME KING NEW NORWOOD SIZE PILLOW TOP MATS WMILLSA LumberMateTRES SET in Original Pro handles logs 34" dia mPlastic. Includes Deluxe eter, mills board s 28 " Frame. C ost $1,499, S ell for wide. Automated quick$475. 989-631-228 0. cycle-sawing increases effic iency up to 40%! www.Norwood S BACKYARD STORAGE m/300N 1-800- 661-7746 E xt S HE DS Q uality material & 300N MC workmanship 989-83 4-2028 PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS WANTED: UNWANTED Free E stimates-Licensed appliances, air condit ionand Insured-2 x 6 Trussesers, cars, trucks, vans, 45 Year Warranted f arm machinery, lawn Galvalume S teel-19 C olorsmowers, campers, hot S ince 1976#1 in water tanks, aluminum or Michigan- a C ll Toda y steel boats, aluminum win1-800- 292-0679.MC dows or doors, aluminum toppers, any types of alu$2,000 IN tax incenminum or steel siding, SAVE tives and rebates. HUSKY 4 wheelers, go carts, trailMETAL ROOFS, S tanding ers, batteries. S eam, Metal shingles/Tile, All picked up for Free. 18 colors, C ompany Call 517-628-2 818 installers, f ree estimates. S ince 1975. 8 00-38 0-2379 MC


Accessories PartTires



BARN ROOF We put steel roofs on high barns. Ask for John 616-527-3635.

Builders-ContractorsRemodelers RENOVATIONS


Interior & E xterior


10 to 15 to choose f rom, Various S izes, Call to Reserve S ource #1GN 8 66-609-4321


Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:





Trainco Truck Driving School

µPossession of water. wastewater licenses a PLU.S

offer ing Day-E ve-wkend C lasses Job Placement Assistance (517) 87 -1600 Please Join U s Thursd ay, Oct. 28 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m. at Michigan Works! 2110 S . C eda r S t. Lansing

µNight, weekend oncall availability req’d. µS elf starter – take on tasks without dir ect supervision. e-mail resumes to scott.devries @, or call Vonnie, (517) 655-2221

Fence for all occasions, light excavating, holes augered, bucket & pallet for k work. We clean up scrap metal for f ree.

For Free E stimate Call 517-669-8066

Gary’s Drywall Finishing "U -Hang, We-Finish" 517-927-3853 garysd rywallfinis Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Mr. Natural’s Wood Floors • Refinishing • Repairs • Installation

FREE Estimates 393-0660 or 490-8696 Since 1988


• Master Shields Gutter Protecion • Windows & Siding



Day-E ve-wkend C lasses Job Placement Assistance C lass B Training (1 d ay) (517) 887-1600 Train Local Sav e Hassle


For more information or to reserve space call

Lawn and Tree Service


WILL DO YARD cleanup, raking & hauling. Call 517663-4923 or 517-663-6284


1-800-992-9917 Handyman

• Appliances • Brush • Carpet • Furniture • Metal • Wood • Concrete • Shingles

Senior Discount


MASONRY RET S ORATION Res/comm., historic. Repair brick, block & stone. Fndn/ chimney repair/new. Lic. & Ins. 517-647-538 0

Home ImprovementRepairs

SMALL CONSTRUCTIONS HOME RENOVATIONS DECK,S S iding, Remodel Home remodeling & Haning, Repairs, Painting. No d yman services. Free est. job too small. 517-86 1-9129 Licensed. Call 517-862- 6374






e Best Pric Around

EAVESTROUGH CLEANING & minor repair. Also Power TRASH, BRUSH, APPL. haulWashing. Free estimates. ed Yard & build. clean up, Call (517) 322-4131 trees & bushes trimmed. Low Prices! Mike 393-4664

r Fully Insured r E xperienced r Dependable

The Lansing S tate Journal is now accepting applications for an established Motor Route in the Dimond ale/Potterville area. Delivery times are approximately 3 hours per morning between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. seven d ays a week. This is an excellent opportunity for a supplementary income. You m u s t live in the Dimond ale/Potterville area; have a valid d river’s license, and a dependable/ insured vehicle with a back-up. If you are interested, please contact Linda S imon by phone at 517377-1272 or by e-mail at lijs imon@lsj.c om

Selling an item


Seamless Gutters 5” & 6” Gutters


Newspaper Motor Route Delivery Ear n E xtra $$$ Dimonda le/Potterville $1350.00


Licensed • Insured Free Estimates 517-649-2344

Floor Services

General Help Wanted




LOOKING FOR A JOB? HAVE BILLS TO PAY? Waiting 6 months to start your new career isn’t an option? New Horizons has your solution. Ear n your Microsoft , C isco, C ompTia, or Virtualization certifica tion f rom New Horizons right here in C entral Michigan in as little as 10 d ays of training! Private f und ing and career placement is available! Call 1-88-413 -78 76

µBasic structural construction experience handy man, f raming, etc. - preferred.



www.dinningb uilders. com

Computer Sales -Service


µRoad construction knowledge, concrete finis hing, basic construction, equip. oper. exp. needed.


Get The Job Done Right

THOMASVILLE DIN. ROOM HI HIGHLANDER 20 set. Just in time for the FRANC ga-SS 26’’ choke tubes, silholida ys. C ontemporary, ver engraved recvr NIB + solid blonde, oval table, & wheels for bonus. $1300. 989-2 8-56 19 4 SNOW TIRES 40"x6’, extends to 8 ’ C hevy. 245 70 R 17. $400. w/leaf. & 6 chairs, 2 armPh. 517-543-5987 LU G R E S WANTE D A lso , chairs. C hairs have upholholsters, clips & parts for stered off white seats. TaOF 4 tires & wheels; 16" same. And most other old SET COMPUTER REVIVER: ble & chairs in exc. cond. chrome wheels for 8 bolt U pgrades , internet repair, virus, German hand guns. Top $500. 517-333-6732 C hevy 3/4 ton. $600/best. spyware removal, d ata rec. 30 d ay prices paid by a collector. 517-663-4923 Doug, anytime 517-285wrnty. E rik 517-484-6364. Housecalls. 1714. PISTOL GLOCK 40 cal. 4 clips, 3 boxes of shells, case, $475/obo. Call 517HO TRAINS & build ings. 1 8 9-8 7 00. Incl. rolling stock & passenger cars. Also some cars & engines purchased REMINGTON 1100 20 gauge, 2nd hand in ’59. Prices lightweight, ventilated rib, vary. 517-337-0949 new, $800. 517-323-2366

µPublic works projec ts. C lass B license; air brakes. Water, sewer installation, maint. exp. req’d.


BETWEEN HIGH SCHOOL AND C ollege? Over 18? Drop that entry level position. Ear n what you’re worth!!! Travel w/S uccessf ul young business Group. Paid Training. Transportation, Lodging provided. 1-877- 646-5050 DRIVER- GREAT MILE!S NO MC TOUCH FREIGHT! No for ced NE/ NYC! 6 months EMT- PAID TRAINING TO OTR experience. No JOIN elite U .S . Navy. Navy e f lony/DU I last 5yrs. S olos EMT’s. Good pay, wanted. New team pay medical /dent al, promopackages! 8 77-740-6262. tions, $ for school. HS MC grad s ages 17-34. a C ll 18 00-922-1703, M-F 9-3 MC


Holida y Help $14.25 Base-appt FT/PT avail. flex work schedu les around classes and exams. customer sales& service. All ages17+ Call 517-333-1700


Service Directory Barn Work

General Help Wanted





Lawn and Tree Service

R. Knott Services FALL CLEANUP SPECIALISTS • Flower Clipping & Clearing • Garden Cleaning & Tiling • Landscape Beds Cleaned • Eavestrough Cleaning Call • Fall Bush Trimming (517) 993-2052 • Mulch Mowing (517) 694-7502 • Firewood • Residential Snow Removal & Salting NOW BOOKING for Fall cleanups. Free E stimates • Insured Call 989-884-3025

Painting-Papering -Plastering PAINTING PERFECTIONS. Int & ext. Q uality work. Refer ences, f ree est. (517)332-3281 or 290-4187 .


ROOFING REPAIRS REPLACEMENT Since 1975 Licensed - Insured

Roofing-Siding Reliable C onstruction

42 years exp. S pecializing in shingled roof replacements, . Free E st. Lic. & Insur.

517-646-9945 1-800-887-1795

Stump Removel BENJAMIN STUMP REMOVAL (Formerly Bill’s S tump Removal). Prompt service, f ree estimates. Insured. 517 285-7 8 31, 517 625-5652

STUMP SERVICE • Fast Expert Service • Low Rates, FREE Quotes • Tree & Brush Removal • Gates & Backyards No Problem


DINING SET solid oak, excellent cond., buffet w/ lighted china cabinet on top, table w/6 chairs, 1 lg. leaf. Measures over all 4’x6’. Perfec t for the coming holida ys. $1800. 517-694-4636.

Schools and Training


4 buildings w/12,000 sq.ft.of quality used furniture,antiques,collectibles. HUGE SELECTION, GREAT VALUES. WE ARE WORTH THE DRIVE! Layaway terms available.We buy estates. 2 milesW.of Hastings at M37/M43 Sun.12-5pm • Mon.-Th.10-6pm Fri.10-8pm • Sat.9-5pm



SEASONED OAK 5-10 minimum. Call 989-268-543 1 or 1-877-863-943 9

HealthcareHospital Equip.



517-897-3317 517-646-9108 51

Tree Service Tree Removal Services Total Tree Care Since 1980

(517) 857-2333 Expert Trimming & Removals Thinning, Elevating, *Fully Insured* Dead Limbing & Shaping *Free Advice* 60 ft. AERIAL WORK TRUCK Kyran VanSickle Owner/Certified Arborist

517-321-8222 800-843-6561 FREE ESTIMATES LJ-0000870776-01


WINDS OF CHANGE Tree S ervice. Mark Beutler Lic. & Ins. Free E stimates 517-214-0364, 517-672-0785

ONLINE: B uy, Sell, Research and get Shopping Advice 24/7 at:

Shop when you want! Visit for vehicles in the Lansing area. Chevrolet

Antique-Classic Cars T-BIRD LANDAU ’64 $14,000/REASON 26,000 all original, beautifu l shape

ABLE OFFER 269-763-9223

CHEVY SUBURBAN LT 1500 2002 $5400 5.3L, all pwr, new tires, wheel barings & f uel pump E xcellent cond. 517-525-0445 BOX VAN, 1990 $1500/BEST High mi., many new parts, new tires. Fair condit ion. 517-331-0542

BMW 323 i 1999 $6,900 6 cyl, S unroof, 156,000mi., White, excellent cond. 517-749-5577

Ford RANGER, 2001 Low miles, loaded, Good condit ion.

Buick LEA S BRE, 2000 108K, runs & d rives excellent.

$3950 517-285-9236

RIVIERA, 1998 $4,800/OBO 146K mi. Tan, leather int. S upercharged motor. E xcellent condit ion. 517-669-1397

$8995/BEST cab. 517-230-7117

4wd, extended

2000 E -150 VAN $12,000 Wheelchair acc. w/side lift . Black, grey int., 72K mi. 269-968-4423 F-350 DRW, 2000 $22,000 50K mi. C rew cab, 7.3L dies el. Loaded. Banks brake. E xcellent condit ion. 517-420-4959

LESABRE, 1999 $4,800 Only 88K mi. 1 owner, well kept, clean, leather. Good condit ion. 517-898-9217


RENDEZVOUS CX 2006 $11,900 6 cyl, 18 to 24 MPG, Pwr S eats, 72000 mi., Red 517-646-6062

IC VIC LX 1999 $5,390 (FIRM) 4 cyl, Driver Airbag, 45,500mi., Green 517-884-5660

BUIK C LUR EC EN X C L 2009 $25,900 C hrome pkg. White. 14K mi. Drv C onf pkg. Warr. Mint cond. 810-841-1396

IC VIC EX 2004 128K mi., 4 d r. auto, new tires E xcellent cond

Cadillac DEVILLE 1997 8 cyl, Lthr, 98000mi., Maroon. Good condit ion

$4,100 517-719-1162

Tim 517-290-6798

Jeep-Eagle WRANGLER P S ORT, 2010 $22,900 4K mi., S oft top, V6, 6 sp., 2 sets of tires/wheels E xcellent condit ion. 517-646-7225

Chevrolet O C BALT LT 2007 O C P U E $7999 52500mi, 4cyl, Red, Auto start, nonsmoker, CLEAN 517-719-8765


Lincoln LS V8 2003 $8,995 8cyl, Lthr, 112,250mi,Blk, new Eagle Zrated tires 517-204-4254



Lincoln 2009 TOWNA C R IS GNATURE LIMITED $26,800 17K, cream white w/beige lthr heated seats. Perfec t. E xcellent condit ion 517-238-5001

Mazda MPV LX 2005 $7,250 6 cyl, 3rd Row S eats, 80,500mi., Gray 517-347-7802

Mini Vans HANDICAP VANS D ESU , BOUGHT & O S LD Mini & f ull size 5751 S . C eda r - Call Dale 517-882-7299

Oldsmobile ALERO 2004 $4,900 4 cyl, PW, PL, AC, ABS, 65,000mi., White 517-282-7568

Pontiac 1998 TRANSPORT 7 PASS VAN $2995 N ew tires, battery, excellent upkeep, 1 owner. Good C ondit ion 517-647-2443

Sport Utility Vehicles HONDA ELEMENT LX 2004 $9500 Green. AWD. Auto. One owner. Garaged. 77,620 mi. 989-928-3643

Trucks FORD 350 CUSTOM DIESEL 1991 $3500 Work Truck, 12x8 fla tbed, 153K mi., new brakes Very good cond. 517-204-0901 CHEVY CREW CAB LS 2006 $17,400/OBO Liner, topper, 52K mi. E xcellent cond. 989-284-4127, 989-284-5198

DODGE DURANGO LIMITED 2004 $11,500/OBO 8 cyl Hemi, Lthr, DVD, 77500mi., Gold 517-655-3672 FORD F150 XLT 1997 $2750 6 cyl,P/S ,P/B,A/T,A/C Aad vanced cap w/side doors. 517-896-9630

Vans HANDICAP VANS D ESU , BOUGHT & O S LD Mini & f ull size 5751 S . C eda r - Call Dale 517-882-7299

Automobiles Wanted A C R DON’ T WORK Or is crashed! Tired of spending money? Will pay you Cas h Toda y & tow away f ree! Call 517-505-2098 VEHICLSE WANTD E DEAD/ ALIVE Top $$ paid, Free towing. Same d ay pickup. 7 Days. 517-487-8704

Junk Cars Wanted BUYING JUNK CARS 7-da ys per week!!!

$50-$500 269-420-2676

A C R DON’ T WORK Or is crashed! Tired of spending money? Will pay you cash Toda y & tow away f ree! Call 517-505-2098 PAYING TOP $ For j unk cars, trucks or vans. C lean yard = happy wife. 517-543-0825, 517-588-1518 BENJAMIN & SON A1 TOWING WANTED Junk cars, vans & trucks. Top $ paid . 517-372-9737 BUYING JUK N A C RS & TRUCKS. Also misc. metal. $200-$800. 7 d ays a week.

Running or not. 269-788-2034

With more than 8 million car shoppers each month, we have the right buyer for you.

Find the right car for you.


General Help Wanted

Homes For Sale

Vacant Property

UNITED PROPANE AND FUEL PARTNERS, NEW TOWN, NORTH DAKOTA Truck Drivers, Tire Technicians, C S tore C lerks, S ervice Department Personnel, Full Time positions with great benefits and excellent ad vancement opportunities. Husband and wife teams encouraged to apply. Housing is available. Applications located at www .c e n e x un it e d .c om and should be e-mailed to united @cenexunited .com MC

FREE FORECLOSURE LIST - DELTA TWP. 5 acres. R E DUCED. Heavy industri al, IN GS Over 400,000 propergreat location. Sale or ties nationwide. Low dow n lease. Land C ontract availpayment. Call now. 800able. $139,000. 2600 S now 880-2517 Rd. 586-772-2759 or 810MM 772-6561.

WANTED: LIFE AGENTS Ear n $500 a d ay - Great agent benefits - C ommissions paid d aily - Liberal underwri ting Lead s, lead s, lead s. Life Insurance license required. Call 1888-713-6020 MC

TWO SPACES (SIDE- BYSIDE) in the Garden of Apostles, includes 2standa rd vaults located at Eastl awn Memory C emetery in Okemos, MI Tod ay’s Price $5,980 Sale Price $3,300 (480)414-2909


Buy this 3bed/ 2 bath with over 1,100 sf for only $599/mo.!* Includes all appliances and washer/ d ryer. Offer ed by Kensington Meadows in Lansing (888)262-1683 Financed amt. $18,972 at 10.5% APR, 15 yr term. Pmt. includes dis c. site rent in 1 st year. Financing arranged through S un Homes S ervices. NMLS # 333675 E xpires 10-30-10. WAC EHO

LOCAL TYPIST NEDED immedia tely. $400PT/$800FT Weekly. Flexible schedu le. Training provided. Call **WHAT A FIND IN BAILEY 800-438-6820. MC NE IGHBORHOOD!** U nique 4 BR., 2 ba upda ted home, 2136 overall sq. f t. in prime historic area. Walk to town & university, best schools. A Must see! 225-281-0516. MLS# 15848

Cemetery LotsMonuments CHAPEL HILL CEMETERY 2 side by side lots, in the Trinity S ection. $3000/obo with Deed. 231-898-3843.

East Lansing

Apartments For Rent


15 Medical Billing Trainees N eeded!

St. Johns

Hospitals & Insurance C ompanies Now Hiring!

N o E xperience? N eed Training?

GRAND LEDGE - Downtown. 1 bd rm. upper. Near Opera House. $425, 517-627-7554

Local Car eer Training & Job Placement


ACCORD PROPERTIES S tudios , 1 & 2 Bd rms. Lansing /E . Lansing Area. 517-337-7900

1 8

Old Orchard Apts. Holts Best Value

PRICE REDUCED S t. Johns!! MOVE IN O C NDITION. $109,000. 3 BRs, 1 1/2 baths. 1st flr laundry. Newly remodeled bathroom. Gas/Wood if r eplace. Appliances incld. Fenced in backyard. Large storage shed. 989-640-1136.

Business Opport. Self Employment ASM ES BLE MAGNT E S & CRAFTS f rom Home! YearRound Work! E xcellent Pay! No E xperience! Top US C ompany! Glue Gun, Painting, Jewelry, More! Toll Free 1-866-844-5091 MM

Investment Property

$100 moves you in! "0" application fee & "0" sec. depos it

4 RENTAL HOUSE FOR sale Must S ell! E xcellent income opportunity! Call 517-719-4204/989-233-7063

1 or 2 bd rms Apts. Call us toda y! 517-694-897 5 condit ions apply

Land For Sale BEAUTIFUL CLEARED LOT 2 1/2 acres, 174’ lakefr ont property. W. of S t. Ignace. With buildings , good well & septic. Will sell for 50% or less than appraised value. 906-430-1074 or 1-800448-6285.

Lots 8

ACRE WOODED LOT on private d rive in upscale subd. Located between Lansing & Grand Led ge . $80,000 TERMS. C all 517627-7972.

Mobile Homes For Sale DOUBLE WIDE MOBILE HOME in Bradent on, FL. Heated pool, all maintenance included. $12,500. Call 517-641-6317 for more infor mation. HOLT 2 bd rm., $3,500. Little work needed. Financing available. 866-694-0821.

Homes For Sale 635 JENE S T . 2 bd rm., 1 bath, 750 sf, 1 car garage, close to all schools. Move in condit ion. Great starter or rental home. Priced to sell $39,900. 517-819-2931.

PRICE REDUCED $1000 ST. JOHNS- Mobile Home Park, exc. cond. 2 bd., d bl. wide liv. rm. Newly-built wrap-around porch, great to sit outdoors! Fenced area for pet. Lg. 12’x20’ wood shed w/shelving, cheery kitchen, new plumbing. A real gem! NOW $5,995! 989-224-8564

Selling an Item? See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL



Great Location near I-96 Huge Walk-In C losets Laundry Rooms, Pool (517) 394-0550 C ondit ions Apply. www.woodb ridgelea ST. JOHN-S INCOME BASED 2 BDRM. TOWNHOME.S Beautifu l Park setting. C lose to schools & shopping. Laundry hookup. SUNTREE APARTMENTS 1100 S unview Dr. 989-224-8919 EHO

Apartments MSU-LCC-Cooley HOUSING DISCRIMINATION? Call The Fair Housing C enter at: 1-877-979-FAIR.


NEAR - 1 bd rm available. Rent $525, $525 sec. + application fee. U tilities included. No pets. Call 517-675-5143, leave message.

Apartments East Lansing WORRY-FREE INES OR LIVING

At Abbott Parkside S enior C ommunity û Large 1 & 2 bd rm apts for $695-800 û FREE HEAT! û Fun resident activities ûPrivate building with elevator system û Very C lose to all major shopping & entertainment û C overed parking available û Professiona l S taff Call toda y-- Apartments are going FAST!


Apartments Lansing $99 DEPOSIT S outh Lansing. Very clean 2 bedr ooms, new upgrades , $550/$580. 517-393-9307. ASPEN HOLLOW APTS Now Leasing 2 bd rm apts starting at $560/mo. Call or stop by toda y! 1402 Georgetown Blvd. 517-393-5444 AUTO OWNERS/ WAVERLY Lg. clean quiet deluxe 1&2 bd rms, f rom $525, no pets. Free heat. 517-7124915, 202-3234, 323-1153

Apartments Suburbs 1st Month Rent FREE when you sign a 12 mo. lease! Forest View Apts, Haslett * Immedia te Occupancy * C ozy 1 bd rm apts $560 * PET WELCOME * S ingle level bldg w/ private entries * Washer/Dryer hook ups in utility room * Vaulted ceiling in living room * S torage access * Lovely wooded setting * C lose to everything Call toda y for info and tour! 517-349-2250 C ondit ions apply.



Q uiet community with spectacular lake views. Move in specials. Located btwn E . Lansing & Jackson. Off US127 in Mason!

517-676-87 8 7 DEER CREK MANOR IN WILLIAMSTON S tudio starting at $405 1 bd rm starting at $520 2 bd rm S tanda rd starting at $620 2 bd rm Deluxe starting at $720 2 bd rm Luxury starting at $790 Hurry, they are going f ast! Call C yndi 517-285-83 43 GRAND LEDGE 2 bd rm. if r eplace, garage, central air, washer & d ryer, $750$775. 517-282-9669 or 517-349-8000

Apartments Suburbs

Homes For Rent 2124 PLEASANT VIEW 2 bd rm., f ull bsmt., garage, fenc ed yard, $750+ util. (517) 482-8771

POTTERVILLE C olonial E states, 2 bd rm $460. No pets. 517-543-7990. WAVERLY & WILLOW S pacious 2 bd rms. Free heat & water. Q uiet building. 517-303-6680 ~ Great Apartment ~

Duplexes Townhomes GRAND LEDGE LG 2 bd rm Townhouse, 1.5 bath, f ull bsmt, garage, $695+ utilities. Newly remodeled. 517-339-2486


BDRM HOME 625 Cav anaugh, Lansing. C ute & cozy. $600 mo. Call 517349-9436.

3616 DONALD ST. Lansing. S mall 2-3 BR., f ull bsmt., nice yard, good neighborhood. $600 + utils. WITH GOOD CREDIT. No S ec. 8. (Dogs extra). No cats, no smoking. Af ter 5pm 517285-3336

733 N . JENISO,N Lansing, MI 48915: Beautifu l 2 bd rm., 1 bath. Hard wood lf rs. Incl. f ridge & oven. Well insulated w/new windows. C lose to S t. Lawrence & near L C C / C o o l e y . $15/application fee. GRAND LEDGE: U pda ted lg. $600/mo. 517-331-1182. 1200 sf., 2 BR., + bsmnt., laundry hookup. 1.5 bath, 2 ST. 2 bd rm., story w/garage, lg. kitchen 919 S . HOLMES $550 per mo. + utils. 1059 & bd rms,. w/balcony. N. LARCH ST. 2 BR, $550 Fresh paint, newer carpet. mo. + utils. Near busline. 2 No big dogs . Includes BR apt., $550 mo., all utils trash, lawn & snow. $740 + incld. Rooms w/private util. 517-853-6307 bath, $350 all utils. incld. Call 484-5619. H O L T : 2 bd rm, 1.5 bath 2 story townhome, partially fin. bsmt w/laundry hookAFFORDABLE HOMES 1-4 up, dec k, air, newer paint bd rms, S ection 8 OK. & carpet, incl sewer, waPets OK. Move in speter, trash, lawn, snow recial! Flexible terms moval. Cat or very small available. $395-$1095. dog ok. $715 + sec. dep. 517-651-1374 517-853-6307.

Homes For Rent LANSING 1803 DONORA, lease to own, 2 bd rm/ 1 bath, hard wood lf oors, appliances included. WD hookup 2 car det atched garage, $650/mo + $650 dep. No pets/d rugs. 517749-2482. LANSING 230 Francis, S mall 1 bedr oom, 1 bath home. S torage shed. 517-622-6059 or www.sunda ncefa milyhomecenter. com

LANIS G N 2 BDRM/1 BATH Home for $18,900. Payments as low as $120/mo. Call Now 800-240-0578 LANSING HOME 2 story 3 bd rm., o f r mal dining ,new kitchen, Call 517-641-7271 or 517214-7648. LANSING SOUTHSIDE 3 bd rm., w/ garage, large backyard. S ection 8 welcome. C lose to schools. $650+ depos it. LC avail. 517-393-5188, 616-527-2008

MASON 600 E C olumbia. 2 bd rm., 1.5 baths, lg. yard, $750+ util. a C ll 517-482-8771.

BE A HOME OWNER Rent to MASO:N MOVE IN own. Owner will fina nce. S P E C I A L . 2 BR, 1 bath BEECHFIELD E f f iciency thru Land C ontract available. shared bsmt. with locked 2 bedr oom, $325-$540. ST JOHNS – Call 517-202-3121. storage/laundry, air, fenU tilities included. Taylor Only $340/Mo! Lease to ced backyard . $610 mo. Realty 517-272-1512. Own! Your Own Home! HASLETT - 5705 Potter, 517-230-3885,517-202-1781 CUTE 1 BDRM. C ountry Over 1,500 sq.ft . New near lake. Large 2 bd rm. home in DeWitt area. Car pet & Paint ~ Many 1.5 bath, fir eplace, central DELUXE APT. RENT starts $550/mo. + dep. & util. No more to choose f rom!! air. U tility room with $550 util incl. Also person pets or smoking. 669-9455. THE MEADOWS washer/d ryer hookup. No to help care for apts. at re(989) 224-7707 pets, $595/mo. incl. water. d uced rent 482-8196 DAKIN 1022 3 bd rm., gar., Call 517-372-8000 or 517bsmt., enclosed porch, ap349-8345 pliances, e f nc ed yard , $750 O C LEMAN AVE. 1 BE DDOWNTOWN + utils. JEROME 1315 ReROOM DUPLEX NEAR 2 bd rm., 1100 sf, hard modeled lg 3 bd rm. apt., INGHAM MEDICAL HOSPI wood floors, laundry. HASLETT appliances, porch, fenc ed TAL $400 PE R MONTH $600+ util. 482-8771. GREAT VALUE yard, no pets, $700 + heat. PLUS U ILITIES T AND AFFORDABLE OFFICE 2 Bd rm w/ Balcony $510 517-372-4504. POSIT, LOTS OF CLOSET SUITES in East Lansing. "0" Deposit! SPACE, DECK. NO PET.S From 200 to 4,000 sq. f t. In517-337-1133 (517)281-1236 48910 cludes utilities & j anitorial EATON RAPIDS IVAN WOODS services; Free use of con11727 Bunker Hwy, EXECUTIVE DUPLEX S E 1 bd rm., FREE HEAT fer ence rooms and busi2 bd rm., 1 bath, 1408 sq. sid e . 2 bd rm., 1 bath, 2 car Active living for 55+. ness center equipped with f t., 2 story f armhouse. KIWANIS VILLAGE garage, vaulted ceiling, S tarting at $499 per mo. copier and f ax. 517-351Full michigan bsmnt. A senior community 62 air, fir eplace, 1st floor 517-323-2800 3335. $650/mo. + utilities. years of age or dis abled of laundry, breezeway & www.executiveof f iceprk.c 517-622-6059 any age. Located in Madec k. All on 3.5 quiet priom or son, MI is currently acvate acres. $975++. 517LANSING www.sunda ncefa milyhome cepting application for 1 256-5607 3322 W. Michigan. 1 bd rm., OKEMOS OFFICE/ RETAIL bedr oom apartments. 1st floor , $525 + electric. • 2 offic es w/ 550 sq.ft . U nits of barrier f ree des ign HOLT CLEAN! 3BR, 1.5BA, Laundry. total $550 + util. per mo. may also be available. For W/D hookup, Dishwasher, Call 517-482-8771 • 1000 sq.ft . $1000 per mo. affor able housing starting Air, Private Drive, Yard , all inclusive at $417 S hed. No smoking or pets. A E TON RAPIDS • 2000 sq.ft . $1500 per mo. Call 517-676-6890 $750/mth includes water & 6288 Nye Hwy., 3 bd rm., all inclusive. TDD # sewer. 517-507-3887 1.5 bath, 1531 sq. f t. 517-256-1389 (800) 649-3777 ranch style home. Propane heat. HOLT 517-622-6059 Large 2 bd rm. d uplex. www.sunda ncefa milyhomecenter. Nice yard. W/D hookup. com $650 water & sewer included. No pets. 517-694-1899. GRAND LEDGE DOWN MASON TOWN 1500 sf., perfec t for C ertain condit ions 2 & 3 bd rm. fir eplace, OKEMOS SCHOOLS/ MAGRAND LEDGE store, offic e or studio, $495 central air, washer/ S ON Minutes f rom MS . U 2 714 E . Maple. 3 bd rm., 1.5 PLUMTREE per mo. + utilities. Call d ryer. $750-$900. bd rm., 1.5 bath, complete- bath, 2 car garage, lg. 517-886-5579. 517-282-9669 ly remodeled, on 2 acres. yard. $975+ util. 482-8771 517-349-8000 Att’d 1 car garage. 1685 S tillman. $775+ util. S ecEHO tion 8 welcome. For more info. 517-930-1575 MASO-N -FREE HEAT! 1 & 2 bd rms, $99 S ecurity e d HOMES FOR S . SIDE very nice, clean, 3 bd rm., 1.5 posit, Vouchers accepted, S .E . LANSINGDEWITT- POLEBARN quiet 2 bd rm., $475, bath, kitchen appliances, RENT! S pacious 1,000 sq. f t. 40’x60’, concrete floor , washer/d ryer hookup. central air, garage, if nis hWater/S ewer/Trash incl. electric. Payments starting as 517-388-0584. ed bsmnt., storage room, Pet-fr iendly . 517-244-0672 11’x14’ sliding door . low as $599/mo. lg. laundry room w/WD $600/mo. 3 Bed / 2 Bath, hookup. $850+ utilities. No Broker owned. a C ll Patti: All Appliances, W/D, MASON LARGE 3 bd rm., pets. 517-394-6774 WAVERLY AREA 517-881-7376 CA, Holt Schools , o d w nstairs apt. Fireplace, Large 1 bd rms. starting at Pet Friendly . e d c k, basement. $775 + $475. Garage rent $80/mo. No Application fees ! WEBBERVILLE2 bd rm. utilities. 694-1755 d ays, 517-214-6798 REDUCED S ecurity d uplex, 2 car garage, 676-9178 wkends . C ell 505Deposits. $725/mo. 517-521-3242 or 5875 wkends & nights. Call S un Homes at 810-923-0910. Kensington Meadows OKEMOS- CUT,E VERY PRIToda y! 1-888-258-2412 VATE, 1 bd rm., enclosed www.kensingtonmeadows. com garage & dec k. U pgraded E xp. 10-30-10 EHO 1ST MONTH FREE RENT! kitchen, bath & new wood flrs are brightened by skyOak Hill Apartments light & open l f r plan. FireAn elder ly community 2 bd rms., place & automatic garage 1037 LENORE (elder ly is defined as 62 ~LANSING~ newly carpeted & painted, door opener a plus. Incl. years of age or dis abled of 1-4 BDRMS $575 mo. Call 517-420-7594. lower level storage and any age) located in Ionia, Available! S ection 8 OK. WD hookup. Lg. wood e d MI is currently accepting $450-$850. Call Mark at 1547 ROOSEVELT ST. lot. $785. 517-899-0417. applications for 1 bedr oom 517-482-6600 2 bd rm., 1.5 car garage, lg. apartments. U nits of barribackyard, $650+ utilities. er f ree des ign may also be PORTLAN D APTS Call 517-372-8129. available. Rent is based on income. For affor d able LAN S IN G - 2 bd rm houses Apply toda y... Move Tohousing call (616) 527C lean 3 BR, 2 & 2 bd rm d uplexes and morrow! Fast Approval! GRAND LEDGE 8900. This institution is an bath, garage, e f nc ed yard, apts. $600-$675. Local a C ll 517-647-4910 for a tour E qual Opportunity Provid close to town & schools, owner cell 989-550-1181. of your new home. Locater. E qual Housing Opportuall new carpet. No pets. ed j ust minutes west of $1075 mo. 517-862-2220. nity. TDD #(800) 649-3777 Lansing.

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