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» Mail, fax or e-mail us the details of your event, including times, dates, prices, address and telephone numbers readers can call for more information. Mail the info to NOISE, Attn: Events, 120 E. Lenawee St., Lansing, MI 48919, fax to (517) 702-4240, or e-mail




ACROSS 1 Skewered meat dish 6 Louvre locale 11 Old market 12 New York city 13 Gaga 14 ‘Spider-Man’ star Maguire 15 Writer Dean 17 Owns 19 ‘The Matrix’ hero 20 Take a load off 23 Harmonize 25 ‘Don’t look _!’ 26 Made hotel reservations 28 Concerning 29 Roil 30 Golf support 31 Giant Mel 32 Seine summer


33 35 38 41

Game official Contradict Detached ‘My Fair Lady’ heroine 42 Exact copy 43 Rockies resort 44 Broken

10 16 17 18 20 21

DOWN 1 Penn of films 2 Big head 3 Volume setting? 4 Florence’s river 5 New Jersey city 6 Tie up one’s boat 7 Full range 8 Umbrella part 9 Bar need

24 25


27 31 33 34 35 36 37 39 40


Utter Must Custom Make amends Pantry Folder’s phrase Fiesta Bowl city Islands strings ‘Entourage’ agent Draw in Poseidon’s domain Label info Singer Fitzgerald ‘Don’t _ stranger!’ Golfer Ernie Sassy talk Wallet bill Nourished

Puzzle rating: Hard


2 FOR $20 For a quick bite of sushi that really hits the spot, check out take-out friendly Akagi Japanese Restaurant in Okemos.

Photo by Tricia Bobeda

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Danielle Cabule of Lansing and her son, Maceo, 18 months, have fun outside their Lansing home Page 04


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Page 09 SPORTS Shining star in week’s worth of sporting news is, surprisingly, the Detroit Lions. Page 08

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Mother’s Day Getaway 2011

Reservations 517.694.8123 Let us help you treat that special someone in your life this Mother’s Day! Saturday May 7th 2011. Beautifully Remodeled ~ Heavenly Beds ~ Mom will receive dinner and Sunday brunch for FREE! Bring the kids to swim, while mom relaxes in the hot tub, sauna or splashes around with the kids. ONLY $98.50 Valued @ $161. Make it a real treat, add Friday May 6th or Sunday May 8th for only &78.50. (room night only)

Enter to win our fabulous email giveaways. FREE Dinner up to $13.00.

Mother’s Day Brunch – Sunday May 8th 11:30am – 2:00pm

Cold Buffet: Café Spinach Salad, Caesar Salad, Valencia Salad, Watermelon Basket Hot Buffet: Eggs St. Nosier, Smoked Bacon and sausage links, Potatoes Marseille, Gnocchi, Provencale Stuffed Tomatoes and much more Hors d’ oeuvres ~ Chef’s Carving Station ~ Omelet Station ~ Kids Buffet ~ Dessert Station

Adults: $21.95 Children 6-12: $6.99 Under 6 FREE

Peter Richards

RESERVATIONS CALL (517) 694-8123 Seating times every half hour 11:30 – 2:00 pm • 6820 S. Cedar St. Lansing MI 48911 EXIT 104 off I-96

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Join us for Mother’s Day Our Special Gift Save Up To $15 Off Mom’s Entree

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Reservations Available

718 Delta Commerce Drive, Lansing (517) 327-0722


Sunday, May 8


no matter how good you get, » For more information and to you run the purchase the 3-Way Singles risk of Club, visit exhausting your friends and fans if you are playing in a smaller scene.” that would shine a light on The idea for the release the scene as a whole and came from Richards helpget people interacting with ing local musicians make fli- it above and beyond paying ers and posters, and noticcover at the bar.” ing there was a need for a Bands involved are artcompilation that showcases ists Richards met playing mid-Michigan artists. shows with his solo bass “The longer I’ve lived in project, Stargazer, or when this community, the more he used to program the obvious it’s become that we music events at Scene are swimming in a sea of Metrospace between 2006 talent. There are hardand 2008. working artists, musicians, He sees the release as and actors all around us ...” a reward for people who he said. “I’ve always been pay attention to local music: interested in promoting the “It’s something unique that local scene, from designing celebrates their support and fliers for bands to putting that turns them on to other out compilation CDs. The bands in the extended scene 3-song single idea grew out that they might not have of that. I wanted something been aware of before.”


It Takes A Village To Make Records (ITAV) is a Lansing-based record label committed to giving the best in mid-Michigan music a vehicle to move forward. Spearheaded by Peter Richards (of Stargrazer and The Nanobots), the label is releasing a series of exclusive singles by bands from Greater Lansing and beyond. Each single, available for download as of this week, serves as a “triple Aside:” 3 bands and 3 songs for 3 bucks. Richards is coining it a “3-Way Singles Club.” “The series is in the spirit of the old single-of-themonth clubs where you’d get a fresh piece of vinyl in the mail every month, except that ITAV’s series will be all digital,” he explained, “So there are no manufacturing costs for the bands.” The first single is free for download, and succeeding singles will be $3 each. Bands involved include Joshua Barton & the Brothers & Sisters, Narc Out The Reds, The Playback, The Hat Madder, Stargrazer, The Plurals, Cavalcade, Jet Lag Superstar, Frank And Earnest, Flatfoot, Sleeping Timmy and more. Richards hopes this helps locals get their music out via an affordable vehicle. “Building sustained excitement for the independent music community has always been a challenge,” he said. “Major labels can blow thousands on life-size cardboard cutouts of pop stars, but for local bands and independent artists, it can be hard to keep people engaged. “No matter how much you love making music, and

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11

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Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11


Suban Nur Cooley, 30, of Lansing is the social media savvy mother of @BabyCooley on Twitter. She’s set up the account for her son, Abyan, who at 1, tweets mostly about tasting new foods and getting his way when it’s nap time. Plenty of new moms give their babies a place to shine on Facebook, filling their profile with photos and updates. But on Twitter, @BabyCooley and the many other babies with Twitter accounts get a voice to document new experiences and make comments to their mothers’ friends online. We asked @BabyCooley himself. How long have you been tweeting? Why did you start? Wait, are these answers supposed to 140 characters long? I feel like I’m breaking the rules by going over! Haha. I started tweeting September 16. The account was created after Julie Burtch, a longtime Lansing resident (and friend of my mum) moved to Detroit and requested that I get my own account. What types of things do you like to tweet about? I tweet about animals, first experiences, snarky baby comments ... you know, the usual baby jibber jabber.


Welcome to life as a parent ... don’t worry: Forget about mom jeans and minivans


Danielle Cabule says her favorite places to take 18-month-old Maceo are Mommy and Me swim class at Lansing Community College and Jumpin’ Jax Bounce Arena in Lansing. An hour or two of full-on play in these settings can tucker out even her little whirlwind of energy and make sure he’s more than ready for a nice long nap or good night’s sleep.



You seem to use the #lovelansing hashtag quite a bit — where are your favorite places to go in #lovelansing? Well, I use the hashtag because I do love Lansing. It’s where I was born. Something John Hughes and I have in common. As for places. I’m definitely an outdoor baby. I like being outside on the River Trail, frequenting the many parks in our city, taking random day trips to Impression 5 or Potter Park Zoo with my mum. Admittedly though, I love going to the Lansing City Market. The vendors all kinda know me so they’ll let me run around and say hi without being annoyed. Do you mostly tweet from your mom’s phone? Those are some pretty impressive fine motor skills you must have. How soon until she gets you your own cell phone? You know, it’s probably a tie between using her laptop or her phone. Seeing as I’m responsible for the demise of her first iPhone, she prefers for me to use her laptop. I dropped it once. Screen went blank. Nuff said. I probably won’t be getting my own device for many, many years. ‘The Emperor’ is a cool hashtag and nickname — where did that come from? The nickname came from The Emperor’s New Groove. My parents liken me to Emperor Kuzco. They feed me, cloth me, take care of me ... but I still get to do what I want, when I want. Also, I have needs, and they must be met. No two ways about it. So, I’m the one who governs things at our humble abode. Well, for now at least. What do you think your reaction will be to looking back on your tweets when you’re all grown up? Hmmm, I’ll either think my mum was the biggest nerd on the planet, or I’ll think she was pretty cool. Only time will tell.


Tricia Bobeda NOISE

Young moms know how to avoid mom jeans. They either reject or embrace the mom haircut, but do so knowingly. But it takes more than stylish denim and a cute haircut to make you a cool mom. We’ve put together a list for Mother’s Day of some local activities you can do that will make your kids think you’re pretty cool. We checked in with #lovelansing’s favorite tweeting toddler, @BabyCooley, to see what he thinks of his social media savvy mom. And trying out yoga classes or spending a day at the science museum making slime are sure to earn you cool points with your kids. We make no guarantees on teenagers.


Making sure your kids think science is cool is simple — just take them to Lansing’s interactive museum Impression 5 Science Center. The hands-on museum is the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon stepping inside giant bubbles, making slime in a laboratory and throwing baseballs to test their speed. There are plenty of day camp options throughout the summer, but you only have until May 15 to check out its latest exhibit. Don’t miss Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body. The exhibit explains the science behind some of the human body’s slimy, smelly and oozy qualities. Go to to learn more about the exhibit or to to see what’s next at the museum.


Danielle Cabule and 18-monthold Maceo goof around at their Lansing home.

Hilaire Lockwood O’Day runs Hilltop Yoga studio in Haslett.

You’re a mother of three — what was your first experience with prenatal yoga? When I was pregnant with my third child, I was practicing yoga and then started in the prenatal class. It was so wonderful just to be able to continue what I was doing and continue it in that fashion, of being pregnant and having a yoga class just for me. It was a nice place to come and just address all the things that are common aches and

pains of pregnancy, a place to focus your mind, breathing. It all helps so much just to get through pregnancy, labor and beyond. What are the benefits of prenatal yoga? The physical benefits are huge. You already know you’re going to get exercise, strength and flexibility. With the prenatal yoga and connecting breath to movement, it gave me a sense of body awareness and an ability to just find some peace of mind, to clear your mind. (My teacher said) birth is a profound letting go. I love that description. Through prenatal yoga, you find that, you find the ability to let go. You have to do that on a mental, physical and emotional level. Doing yoga while you’re pregnant you can really find a deep connection with your baby. You’re never as connected as you are then. I have a 13-year-old, he rolls his eyes at me. What made you decide to start teaching yoga? I did teacher training two years after Fiona, my youngest, was born. To me it was so fabulous and wonderful that I was eager to share that with other moms and moms-to-be. I really love doing it. I’ve been teaching since 2008. I did a teacher training with Janice Clarfield and it just deepened my understanding and reaffirmed what I already knew. What’s unique about the atmo-

sphere in these yoga classes? It’s wonderful when you have other people who are going through the same experience. We start class by talking about what’s going on with the body and the mind. It’s nice to have people to talk to who are going through it. What’s the structure of your Mommy and Me yoga classes? You have to be flexible to go to Mommy and Me and I don’t mean your body. Most women start coming as soon as they can after (birth). They bring their baby and we want to see what we can do. Sometimes babies sleep the whole time, and then we do yoga. And sometimes babies cry, and we don’t do much yoga, we talk. If you need to nurse, go right ahead. You’re in a safe space of other women. As they get a little older there can be interaction. We go up to crawlers. Once the babies can crawl and pull up, it doesn’t become a safe environment for them.


Janet MacFarlane, 41, of Haslett started doing yoga nine years ago when she first moved to Michigan. “Yoga has been my oasis,” MacFarlane said. “It’s where I find and I hope others can find that place where they center themselves. I firmly believe that when you are strong for yourself, when you take care of yourself, you can only be stronger for those who need you the most.” For Janet, that means her three children. She started doing yoga after her second child was born and continued through the pregnancy of her third. “It’s hard to balance everything, but that’s what yoga is, it’s about finding balance,” she said. MacFarlane now teaches prenatal, Mommy and Me and power yoga at Hilltop Yoga, which has studios in Haslett and in Old Town. She talked with NOISE about the impact yoga can have on moms and moms-to-be.

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11


You and your husband both do yoga. Do your children (ages 13, 8 and 4) do yoga, too? My youngest, Fiona, is looking forward to kids yoga. We’re doing a kids class this summer and she’s old enough now. They’re all curious whenever I do yoga and attempt to do all sorts of (poses).

Visit to learn more about the drop-in classes or check out Janet’s blog about balancing yoga and motherhood at

Looking to tote your kids around town in something a little less ... ummm ... hideous than a bulky minivan, try these stylish choices:

THE CADILLAC CTS SPORT WAGON The car can haul more cargo than an average sedan but a little less than a full size SUV. You might not be able to carry quite as much of your kid’s soccer equipment, but it sure does look cooler than a traditional minivan. It’s also mostly designed and built at the Lansing Grand River Plant, so you can drive around town with the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from helping provide local jobs. The CTS Sport Wagon was named one of Car and Driver’s “10 Best Cars” for 2010.

VOLKSWAGEN JETTA SPORTWAGEN Another transformer, the SportWagen boasts 67 cubic feet of storage, which matches or exceeds the capacity of many other wagons. The SportWagen comes with leatherette seats, which makes cleaning up after spilled cereal and muddy cleats simple. The Jetta wagon is a spin off of the traditional Jetta sedan, also a family-friendly car, and gets 33 MPG on the highway. It was ranked No. 1 in the compact wagon category in 2011 by U.S. News and World Report.



Not nearly as bulky as most of the SUVs, minivans and wagons on the market, the Fit’s roomy backseat can handle two carseats or lanky teenagers with ease. It’s every-inch-counts design gives it more room in the cargo bay than some much larger wagons. You can tell the little guys in your life that the cars in Transformers have nothing on your Fit, since it’s stowable back seat means it’s capable of hauling almost anything. Bonus? It gets 35 MPG, so you won’t be filling up the gas tank between every trip to ballet and baseball practice.




Spotlight: F R I DAY» C O U N T RY M U S I C



Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11




Dance-happy Bullwhip Considering country music’s recent “Girls’ Night Out: Superstar Women of Country,” special squashed the NBA’s Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks playoff game in ratings, it seems country music is only gaining in influence and popularity. Those looking for a dose of country in Lansing can get it at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon, which brings in a wide variety of twangy artists every weekend, from Nashville players to rockin’ country bands. Catch Lansing-based Bullwhip, a spirited five-piece country outfit Friday. Matt Foreman (guitar, vocals), Jim Lill (guitar, vocals), Amanda Esch (vocals), Steve Foreman (bass, vocals) and Jeff Dietrich (drums) put their own spin on Top 40 country tracks and sprinkle in smartly-written originals, always full of party-happy flavor. » Bullwhip » 9 p.m. Friday, May 6 » The Whiskey Barrel Saloon, 410 S. Clippert St., Lansing, 351-5690 » $5 » Plan on it: The band returns to the Whiskey Barrel May 13-14

Anne Erickson




Dance the Night Away, Lansing Police South Precinct Gym, 3400 S. Cedar St., Lansing, 483-4311, 7-10 p.m. first Thursdays of the month. First Thursday night dances for ages 50 and older. Music by Charlie and the Tune-as.






Friends of Michigan Midwives Fundraising Concert, Gone Wired Cafe, 2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, 853-0550, www.friendsofmichiganmidwives. org, 6-9 p.m. May 5. Musical entertainment and silent auction to raise funds to advocate for increasing access to outof-hospital midwifery in the state of Michigan. Cost: $12 in advance, $15 day of.



12 -9 PM

OVER 50 ITEMS BUFFET STYLE Breakfast Items & Omelet Station, Roasted Beef Au Jus Carving Station, Irish Beef & Poultry Items, Homemade Waffle Bar with all the toppings, Dessert Bar with assortment of Cheesecakes, Pies & Cakes.




Dr. Anthony Youn, Schuler Books & Music, Meridian Mall, Okemos, 349-8840,, 7 p.m. May 5. Nationally famous plastic surgeon and author of “In Stitches: A Memoir” will give a talk and signing. Cost: free.


re • threads Buy. Sell. Trade.

So this Mother’s Day, treat her to a special brunch,


noon-3 p.m. May 5. Unlock the mysteries of DADGAD, the guitar tuning that lends itself so well to Celtic music, with singerguitarist Sarah McQuaid. Register for the 1 p.m. workshop or see Sarah perform a free concert



Mom has fed you so many times...


BLUES Frog and the Beeftones, Unicorn Tavern, 327 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing, 485-9910, 10 p.m. May 5. Cost: free.

FOLK DADGAD Guitar Workshop and Concert with Sarah McQuaid, Elderly Instruments, 1100 N. Washington Ave., Lansing, 334-5812, events/calendar.htm,

SERVING ALL YOUR FAVORITES FROM 9 AM-3 PM Adults $19.99 • Kids 4-10 $7.99 • Under 3 Free ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET STYLES!

Bring in this ad and receive

10 off


your purchase of $50 or more.

Join us at: Eastwood Towne Center • 517-484-2523 LJ-0100091026

Now Open! Buying Clothes 7 Days a Week • Modern/Vintage • New/Recycled • Fashion & Accessories Follow us on

517.574.4819 543 e. Grand River monday-saturday 11-7 sunday 12-5


Spotlight: F R I DAY» L I V E M U S I C

at noon. Cost: $40 workshop, free concert.

Fight childhood obesity and child abuse.

JAZZ Lisa Smith, 621, 621 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, 230-9103,, 8-11 p.m. May 5. OPEN MIKE Open mike with Ingham County Social Club, Irish Pub & Grill, 1910 W. Saginaw St., Lansing, 482-3916, 9:30 p.m. May 5. Cost: free.

Presented by LSJ Media


R E C I TA L S Suzuki Program Spring Concert, MSU Community Music School, 841 Timberlane St. #B, East Lansing, 355-7661, www.cms., 5:30 p.m. May 5. Cost: free. VA R I E T Y Bobby Standal, Ryan’s Roadhouse, 902 E. State St., St. Johns, (989) 224-2550, 7-11 p.m. May 5. Cost: free.

Don Middlebrook, La Senorita, 2706 Lake Lansing Rd, Lansing, 485-0166, 6-9 p.m. May 5. Cost: free. NE Thing Goes, Colonial Bar and Grille, 3425 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing, 882-6132, 9 p.m. May 5. Cost: free. Rob Klajda, Claddagh Irish Pub, 2900 Towne Centre Blvd., Lansing, 484-2523, 9 p.m. May 5. Cost: free. Steve Elgas, Potbelly Sandwich Works, 233 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, 203-4278, 6-8 p.m. May 5. Cost: free. Trevor Compton, Waterfront Bar and Grille, 325 City Market Drive, Lansing, 483-7460, 6-9 p.m. May 5.


Waverly Middle School presents “Decades of Music Legends,” Waverly Middle School, 620 Snow Road, Lansing, 321-7240, 7 p.m. May 5. Cost: $5, $3 for students.


Girls Night Out Beauty & Shopping Extravaganza, Atrium Event Center, 2685 Jolly Road, Okemos, 336-6900, 6-9 p.m. May 5.


Lifted @ The Loft Cinco de Mayo Fiesta featuring Salsa Verde, Loft @ Harem Urban Lounge, 414 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing,

... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead



Prog rock band tours With a band name like … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead, it’s a no-brainer this isn’t your everyday rock band. The Austin, Texas-based indie outfit built up its fanbase playing radical, riotous live shows night after night — the kind that have you losing your hearing for three days, even with ear plugs. While a lot has changed since the guys first got together in the late ‘90s, that live energy has stayed consistent. Fans will witness it in person when the band hits The Loft in Lansing Friday for its first-ever Lansing show. This year has been a whirlwind for the group: It released a new album (“The Tao of the Dead”), played “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and scored a high-profile gig at South by Southwest in Austin. Musically, their interesting blend of punk rock oomph and prog rock fantasy keeps them moving forward. » …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead, Surfer Blood, True Widow » Doors 7 p.m. Friday, May 6 » The Loft (above Harem Urban Lounge), 414 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, 267-7898 » Tickets $17 in advance via; $20 day of Anne Erickson, 9 p.m. May 5. Cost: $5 for 18 and older. “Spring Fling” Weekend, Courthouse Square, across from 148 E. Ash St., Mason, 676-1046,, May 5-8. The 28th Annual Spring Fling Weekend presented by The Mason Area Chamber of Commerce. Courthouse Show on the Square Saturday from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. For a full list of weekend events visit website.


Dan MacLachlan, Mark’s Watershed, 5965 Marsh Road, Haslett, 999-7433, 6-10 p.m. May 5. Cost: free.

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11


Michigan Farmer’s Market Celebration at the Capitol Finish!

“Little Women,” Mason High School, 1001 S. Barnes St., Mason, 676-9055, ext. 100,, 7 p.m. May 5-7. Cost: $11, $9 for middle school and high school students, $7 for elementary students and younger. “Vincent in Brixton,” Riverwalk Theatre, 228 Museum Drive,





Down Lions look good post-draft Time Surprise! The bright

BUY 1 Dinner Entree, GET 1 Dinner Entree FREE! (of equal or lesser value)

Our pop culture experts tell us what’s on their radar


With Purchase of Two Beverages am

7730 W. Saginaw Hwy., Lansing - 323-2110 2701 E. Grand River, E. Lansing - 351-0421 7800 W. Grand River, Grand Ledge - 622-2167 Coupon not valid with any other offer including $2,$4,$6,$8 menu. Expires 5/31/11.


&+'% -#(,. +(/'

)$! "**

452( >) ;6B=$6' :'%) ! 16$A=$B- /7 2,*85 08.+44.+*.(( ''')&6CA@699&<A=#)#"& 3@=9D A<!!9=DA 96A?

Keweenaw Pasties |

Former owner of Keweenaw Pastie Shop of Grand Ledge has joined the staff of the Eagles Nest Restaurant, located inside the Fraternal Order of Eagles #1039 4700 N. Grand River Ave. Public Lansing, MI 48906 Welcome!


Closed Monday Tuesday-Friday 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. - 12 Noon You’re welcome to dine in or take them home and share them with your family.



t’s been a mighty busy news week: the most hated man in the world was killed, tornadoes ripped Middle America apart and two British people got married really early in the morning, I think. It’s likely that playoff hockey, basketball, the NFL draft and early season baseball were probably low on the priority list of things to keep abreast of recently. Before I release you to partake in your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, I’ll relish in the obligation of catching you up on sports happenings with a bit of title-based arithmetic, abstract thought and some mention of public defecation. Got all that? Aaaaaaand go.

Andi Osters | Columnist for


“Problems are plaguing the (Red Wings) that hasn’t surfaced all season: namely, discipline.”


-99 8)' *!%!/39 4 3,6.0/!, 5!386 52!,)0 $3+) 1))8 2)*.,)*

May 10, 2011

‘Guilt By Association’


73# :/$ & 73# ("/$


spot this week is Detroit football


Daily 3 -3 . Valid Only at 3 Denny’s Locations Below pm


Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11




Dinner includes: pasty, coleslaw, and dessert

Starts at 5pm • Join Us!

You’re looking at the author and wondering, “That Marcia Clark?” Yep, it’s that Marcia Clark. The lead prosecutor on the illfated O.J. Simpson trial has been quietly making a name for herself as a writer, penning TV dramas and a column for the Daily Beast, and now she’s released the first of an anticipated series of legal thrillers featuring Rachel Knight, a tough, intuitive district attorney in Los Angeles. This not a genre I typically read, but I was lucky enough to attend an author dinner with Clark in which she completely won me over. The woman is S-M-A-R-T and witty, and likes a drink as much as her heroine does. Her thriller is much like she is — clever with a wry sense of humor, and full of behind-the-scenes details. While the novel has some of the weaknesses of debut novels, overall it’s a fun, guilty-pleasure read that’s perfect for summer.



LIONS DEFENSE + NICK FAIRLEY = GNARLY (I haven’t used one of those words in at least a decade.) The NFL draft concluded this past weekend, with the now infamous lockout restored and a 2011 season in dire straits. Let’s pretend like we’re all not fuming mad about the insane length of time it’s taking to reach a new collective bargaining agreement — and review the Lions’ draft picks. Basically, Detroit killed it. We picked up defensive tackle Nick Fairley, a monster of a man who, when paired with Ndamukong Suh, will increase the chances that an opposing quarterback may soil himself, which makes for great television. Hello, Monday Night Football! The Lions also snagged another WR and a running back – both of which only serve to increase depth and provide a healthy (fingers crossed) Matt Stafford with options on offense. Rest easy, fans, if the 2011 NFL season ever starts, we might be decent.


After a thorough trouncing of their first round opponent, the Red Wings flew to California following a lengthy rest

and promptly got their plane turned back around facing a two-game deficit to the San Jose Sharks. Whoops. Problems are plaguing the team that hasn’t surfaced all season: namely, discipline. That and a distinct inability to capitalize on opportunities have Wingers worried. The Sharks have looked sharper, more aggressive and less frazzled leading up to Game 3. A home stand for Detroit is critical this week — and with octopi flying, I’ll take the Wings. Here’s hoping we’re headed West after Friday night with everything all square at 2.


With the Detroit pro team doing more golfing than gaming these days, it’s hard for me to get excited about NBA hoops. However, if there was one series you might flip TNT on for: it’s happening now. And apparently, a great many people are tuning in: ratings for the NBA playoffs this season are through the roof. The Miami Heat is up 2-0 on the Boston Celtics in an Eastern Conference semifinal series that should be the Finals. Really, I’m just hoping Miami and Los Angeles keep winning. LeBron and Kobe in the Finals would only help to increase the NBA take on the ratings and might inspire those of us who can’t stand professional basketball a reason to watch. I’ll be holding my breath. Andi Osters, 28, is a Michigan State graduate.

Two people eat cheap for just 20 bucks



Holt High School Theater Gaîté Parisienne and original works by Gregory M. George

Friday & Saturday May 6 & 7, 7: 0 0 p.m. Sunday May 8, 2:00 p.m.

» 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays-Thursdays » 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays » Noon to 8 p.m. Sundays

For tickets go to

The shrimp tempura set includes five pieces of tempura shrimp and vegetables, pasta salad, green salad and steamed rice. Below, a six-piece California roll with crab salad mix and avocado.


2 FO R $ 20 » A K AG I JA PA N E S E R E STAU R A N T

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11



For speedy sushi, try Akagi Akagi Japanese Restaurant is another gem in the Okemos strip mall hidden behind Marsh Road. Why I never went to this area until recently is beyond me. So far I’ve been 2-for-2 with fantastic ethnic food.

The scene

If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience, you’ll want to visit one of the other places in the Lansing area that caters to that. Akagi is the spot for takeout or for a casual, affordable meal. There’s nothing flashy about the place, but it’s authenic and satisfying. The restaurant has only a couple of tables so takeout may be less of a hassle. Make sure you check the hours before you visit. Agnes and I made the mistake of going right as they were closing after lunch. They were kind enough to squeeze us in, but we had to take it to-go. The food was packaged in Styrofoam containers and set in a plastic bag, and included plenty of soy sauce packets and napkins. Past revie ws online

The food Akagi has your essential Japanese cuisine, including sushi. Almost all dishes and combinations include salad, pasta salad, rice and/or miso soup, but the soup is not included with takeout orders. Adding the miso soup is $1.05 extra, which is a little bit of an inconvenience. For those dining in, green tea is served. Lunch specials are posted on the counter with photos, all of which look appetizing. We decided to share the shrimp tempura set and a California roll. The shrimp combination comes with five pieces of deep-fried shrimp, five pieces of deep-fried

vegetables, green salad, pasta and steamed rice. The white rice was a heaping serving, with sesame sprinkled on top. The tempura was especially good. The California roll was divided into six pieces, with Akagi’s own crab salad mix and fresh avocado. Dinner specials also are available, with different items on special on different days. A popular selection on Fridays and Saturdays is the Akagi combo, four pices of California roll, four pieces of sashimi, two pieces of shrimp, three pieces of vegetable tempura, teriyaki chicken, green salad, pasta and steamed rice — all for $13.70.




Esther Gim

The damage

$18.95 (including tax)

Next time

In the future, I’ll visit when they’re not about to close, of course, so I can dine-in. During the lunch hour, two rolls of sushi (California, shrimp tempura, salmon avocado, eel or spicy tuna) is $7.95, and comes with miso soup.

See previous restaurant reviews online at



Jennifer Shepherd



MCT Direct

playing matchmaker or your friends are trying to hook you up with a nice acquaintance.



You’re being pulled in two directions at once, thanks to a schizophrenic moon. You might be thinking about a former flame while, at the same time, you’re pursuing a brand new flirtation.

Mars is increasing your need for instant gratification. If your sweetheart has to work late, you’ll demand that he or she call in sick to spend time with you.

You’re feeling restless about your own achievements and wondering if you need to make a change.


(DEC. 22 - JAN. 19)

(MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11



(APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

(JULY 23 - AUG. 22)

(AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22)

A passionate full moon is bringing hidden feelings to the surface. You could be tempted to make a confession to someone.

You’re enjoying your lover without worrying too much about tomorrow. A sensual moon has you focused on loving touch and intimate moments.



(MAY 21 - JUNE 21)

(SEPT. 23 - OCT. 23)



Pay more attention to your intuition and emotions. The moon is encouraging you to get in touch with what you really feel instead of being “efficient” and “hard working” every moment of the day.


(JAN. 20 - FEB. 18)

You could encounter someone Deal with schedules, budAn on again, off again rela- whose force of personality gets, and lists this week. tionship could pick up steam and sense of humor astound Saturn is reminding you that as Venus increases the sexual you. The moon is stirring up sometimes you have to work intensity. You’ll be wonderpowerful feelings of attracwithin certain restrictions. ing if this person might even tion to a new friend, colbe a soulmate. league or neighbor.


(JUNE 22 - JULY 22)

Don’t be intimidated by technology, even if your cell phone, your GPS system, and your DVD player give out on you at once.



You could be under pressure to date someone other people want you to be with. Maybe your parents are

Don’t worry if you’re in hermit mode. The moon is making you extra sensitive, and it’s important for you to heal and find balance.

(OCT. 24 - NOV. 21)


(FEB. 19 - MARCH 20)

Jennifer Shepherd is an astrologer and syndicated columnist.

Lansing’s Only All Nude Showbar

Wet T-Shirt Contest $100 Prize $25 Just for Entering! ★ THURSDAYS – Amateur Night

$500 Prize


10 | NOISE



$5.00 Off Cover 1000 W. Jolly @ MLK, Lansing


Some restrictions apply SEX IS OUR BUSINESS AND WE AIM TO PLEASE! ®

Lansing, 482-5700,, 7 p.m. Thursdays, 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays, through May 8. A coming of age story, re-imagining the life of Vincent Van Gogh. Cost: $14, $12 for students and seniors.


“Spring Fling” Weekend, Courthouse Square, see Thursday, May 5.


“Beauty and the Beast, Jr.,” The Revue, 301 N. Main St., Nashville, 749-1229,, 7 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sundays, May 6-15. Cost: $10, $8 for students and seniors, $5 for kids 12 and younger.

Fri 05.06.11


“Graffiti: The Second Installation” opening reception, Scene Metrospace, 110 Charles St., East Lansing, 319-6832,, 6-9 p.m. May 6.


BLUES George Friend, John “T Bone” Paxton and RJ Spangler, LeRoy’s Classic Bar and Grill, 1526 S. Cedar St., Lansing, 482-0184, 9:30 p.m. May 6. Cost: cover. Stan Budzynski and 3rd Degree, Unicorn Tavern, 327 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing, 485-9910, 9 p.m. May 6-7. Cost: free.

COUNTRY Bullwhip, Whiskey Barrel Saloon, 410 S. Clippert St., Lansing, 351-5690,, 9 p.m. May 6. Cost: $5 for under 21, free for 21 and older. FOLK Lyn Sawicki, Coffee and Friends Cafe, 5100 Marsh Road, Suite C, Okemos, 347-0962,, 6-8 p.m. May 6. ROCK Group Therapy, Irish Pub & Grill, 1910 W. Saginaw St., Lansing, 482-3916, 9 p.m. May 6. Free. Homespun, Colonial Bar and Grille, 3425 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lansing, 882-6132, 9 p.m. May 6-7. Cost: free. Jedi Mind Trip, Rick’s American Cafe, 224 Abbot Road, East Lansing, 351-2285,, 10:30 p.m. May 6. Cost: cover.

VA R I E T Y Bobby Standal, Wrought Iron Grill, 317 S Elm St # 201, Owosso, 989-472-9025, 8-11:30 p.m. May 6. Cost: free. Jamboozle, Center Stage, 1785 W. State Road, Lansing, 482-2280, 8:30 p.m. May 6. Free. Scott Seth, Edmund’s Pastime, 101 S. Washington Square, Lansing, 371-8700, 9 p.m. May 6. Cost: free.

Greater Lansing restaurants and bars have unique specials, and shops and galleries have extended hours and offer events.

Smooth Daddy, Moriarty’s Pub, 802 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, 485-5287, 10 p.m. May 6-7. Cost: free. Sunset Club followed by Jon Mickleson, Lansing City Market, 325 City Market Drive, Lansing, 483-7460, noon-1 p.m. May 6. Cost: free. The Kathy Ford Band, Williamston Eagles, 835 High St., Williamston, 894-1296, 8 p.m. May 6. The Squids, Coach’s Pub & Grill, 6201 Bishop Rd, Lansing, 882-2013, 9 p.m. May 6. Cost: cover. Ying and Yang, Leo’s Spirits & Grub, 2085 W. Grand River Ave., Okemos, 349-1100, 9 p.m. May 6. Cost: free.


Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan presents “Decades: Moving Moments,” Holt High School, 5885 W. Holt Road, Holt,, 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday, May 6-8. Cost: $12, $10 for students.


Cliff McChesney Art Walk in Williamston, downtown, Williamston, 655-1549,, 4-8 p.m. May 6 and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. May 7. Cost: free.


Happendance Multi-Media Improv Jam, Happendance Studios, 3448 Hagadorn Road, Okemos, 333-3528,, 8-10 p.m. May 6. Happendance will be alive with the magic of spontaneous art-making during this evening of improvisation. No experience necessary. Part of the Happendance First Fridays series. Cost: free. Lansing First Fridays, Lansing area, www.lansingfirstfridays. com, 5 p.m. May 6. On the first Friday of every month,

“Dear Reggie,” Dansville Middle School Gym, 1264 Adams St., Dansville, 8 p.m. May 6-7. Presented by the Dansville High School Drama Club. Cost: $10 for premium tickets, $7 for adults, $5 for students. “Little Women,” Mason High School, see Thursday, May 5. “Vincent in Brixton,” Riverwalk Theatre, see Thursday, May 5.

Sat 05.07.11


Artist demonstration, Mackerel Sky Gallery of Contemporary Craft , 211 M.A.C. Ave., East Lansing, 351-2211,, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. May 7. Demonstration of the making of hand sawn brass and and nickel wind chimes and ornaments. Cost: free.


Teddy Bear Tea, Ledge Craft Lane, 120 S. Bridge St., Grand Ledge, 627-9843,, 3-4 p.m. May 7. For kids 3-8, during Victorian Day; call to reserve a spot. Cost: free.


Contra Dance, Unitarian Universalist Church, 855 Grove St., East Lansing,, 7:30-8 p.m. May 7. Ten Pound Fiddle dance, featuring caller Darlene Underwood. Beginner lesson at 7:30 p.m., followed by dance at 8 p.m. Cost: $10, $9 for members, $5 for students and first-timers.


Charity Art Auction to benefit Mid-Michigan Food Bank, Grand Ledge Opera House, 121 S. Bridge St., Grand Ledge, (989) 493-1926, http://mmfbcharity,

Wildflower Festival with Art Sale, Harris Nature Center, 3998 Van Atta Road, Okemos, 349-0188, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. May 7.


ACOUSTIC Jon Solitro, Coffee and Friends Cafe, 5100 Marsh Road, Suite C, Okemos, 347-0962,, 7-9 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. BLUES Stan Budzynski and 3rd Degree, Unicorn Tavern, see Friday, May 6. I N S T R U M E N TA L Guitar Recital, Marshall Music Co., 3240 E. Saginaw St., Lansing, 337-9700,, 1:30 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. JAZZ Tamara Mayers, LeRoy’s Classic Bar and Grill, 1526 S. Cedar St., Lansing, 482-0184, 9:30 p.m. May 7. Cost: cover. R E C I TA L S Suzuki Piano Recital, MSU Community Music School, 841 Timberlane St. #B, East Lansing,

Brodberg Band, Lansing City Market, 325 City Market Drive, Lansing, 483-7460, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. Collision 6, Rick’s American Cafe, 224 Abbot Road, East Lansing, 351-2285, www.ricksamerican, 10:30 p.m. May 7. Cost: cover. Elkabong, Center Stage, 1785 W. State Road, Lansing, 482-2280, 8:30 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. Episode, Sir Pizza Grand Cafe, 201 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing, 484-4825, 8 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. Pete Trappen, Leo’s Spirits & Grub, 2085 W. Grand River Ave., Okemos, 349-1100, 9 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. Scott Seth, Courthouse Pub, 160 W. Maple St., Mason, 676-6941, 9:30 p.m. May 7. Cost: free. Smooth Daddy, Moriarty’s Pub, see Friday, May 6. Steve Elgas, Edmund’s Pastime, 101 S. Washington Square, Lansing, 371-8700, 9 p.m. May 7. Cost: free.


Boogie Dance Jam!, Ruhala Performing Arts Center, 1846 Haslett Road, East Lansing, 337-0464, www.RuhalaCenter. com, 7 p.m. May 7. A celebration of the music of Baldori and Seeley. Cost: $12, $8 children and students. Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan presents “Decades:

Mothers Day

“Spring Fling” Weekend, Courthouse Square, see Thursday, May 5.

Victorian Day, Downtown, Grand Ledge, 676-1589,, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. May 7. Events include a teddy bear tea, maypole dance, high tea, pie judging contest, quilt show, kite flying, artisans and craftspeople, a Victorian wedding, Cost: no charge for most things, nominal fee for others.


“Beauty and the Beast, Jr.,” The Revue, see Friday, May 6. “Dear Reggie,” Dansville Middle School Gym, see Friday, May 6. “Little Women,” Mason High School, see Thursday, May 5. “Vincent in Brixton,” Riverwalk Theatre, see Thursday, May 5.

Sun 05.08.11


“Parallels: Works by John Diephouse and Lori Zurvalec” opening reception, East Lansing Public Art Gallery, Hannah Community Center, 819 Abbot Road, East Lansing, 337-1731,, 1-2 p.m. May 8. Cost: free.


R E C I TA L S All School Recital, MSU Community Music School, 841 Timberlane St. #B, East Lansing,,, 3 p.m. May 8. Cost: free. VA R I E T Y Pete “Big Dog” Fetters, Stobers Bar, 812 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, 487-4464, 10 p.m. Free.


Mother’s Day in the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden, MSU 4-H Children’s Garden, corner of Wilson and Bogue, East Lansing, 355-5191 ext. 1327,, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. May 8. This is a self-guided event. Cost: free.





FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO OR CALL: Laura Jackson at 517-281-0708


Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan presents “Decades: Moving Moments,” Holt High School, see Friday, May 6.


Craft Show, Union Street Center, see Saturday, May 7.


“Beauty and the Beast, Jr.,” The Revue, see Friday, May 6. “Vincent in Brixton,” Riverwalk Theatre, see Thursday, May 5.

Parkwood YMCA

Wine Tasting Event /#386*?FA C?F -MA +>--

Join us for a special brunch celebrating our Mothers

%K)>9< 0($!658?5!:; ?;* 6!J(;5 ?3,5!:; =($!;


+O"' D?L( D?;6!;$ 0*@A I?65 D?;6!;$

N'% .?J;35 E!JJ6

Reservations recommended

7JJ 98:,((*6 =(;(&!5 5#( 1?8LH::* BC47 7;;3?J 29(; 78<6 4?<9?!$;



Japanese Relief Benefit Concert presented by Hiroko Nagahata, Delta Presbyterian Church, 6100 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing, 321-3569,, 7 p.m. May 7. Donations will be collected for relief efforts.

VA R I E T Y Blind Ambition, Eaton Pub & Grille, 214 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, 543-8882, 9 p.m. May 7. Cost: free.



Gallery Walk, MSU Kresge Art Museum, corner of Auditorium and Physics Roads, East Lansing, 355-7631, www.artmuseum., 1 p.m. May 8. Free.

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11

Hillbilly Fashion Show, American Legion Post 502, 220 S. Ovid St., Elsie, (989) 862-4888, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. May 7. Tickets may be purchased at Dorman Gallery. Cost: $10 donation.

ROCK Homespun, Colonial Bar and Grille, see Friday, May 6.

Moving Moments,” Holt High School, see Friday, May 6.


5-10 p.m. May 7. Bid on exclusive artworks and meet local artists. Cost: Free admission.

355-7661,, noon May 7. Cost: free.

11 | NOISE


more!;&:8<?5!:; information call G:8For <:8( ,?JJ 517.827.9680 ")6,4&6,3!4+

111 E. Michigan Ave. | Downtown | 517.371.4000






Deck, Patio or Porch



Garage Parking

Carport Parking

Internet Access


Fitness Center


Swimming Pool



● ●

Tour local and national apartment communities with this online guide and relocation source.

Washer/ Dryer

Air Conditioning

Featured Community

On-site Laundry


Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11

Special Offer Coupon

Check out our listings at



Clearview Apartments


$530 - 700


$250 - 340

East Lansing

Castle Pointe Apartments



1, 2 & 3


East Lansing

Homestead Apartments


$649 - 769



East Lansing

Hunters Ridge


$815 - 1475

1, 2 & 3



Lakewood Apartments


$517 - 812




Nemoke Trails


$606 - 825




Old Orchard Apartments


$440 - 620




Canal 2 Apartments


$660 - 860



Woodland Lakes Apartments





Canal Club Apartments


$620 - 800




Delta Square


$545 - 590




Summerhill Estates



Efficiency, 1 & 2



Trappers Cove Apartments


$530 - 780




Woodbridge Manor Apartments






Beacon Lake Apartments


$649 - 849



St Johns

Autumn Ridge Apartments


$550 - 690


$550 - 690

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To place your ad visit or call 377-1111

12 | NOISE


WANTED STANDING TIMBER Paying top prices. With over 30 yrs exp. We are in great demand for large walnut trees at this time. 269-377-3578.

GRASS HAY $3.00 per bale. Delivery available. 517645-2313 GRASS HAY 4X4 bales, no rain, stored inside. $22 per bale. 517-420-8467.

ANNUAL PLANT SALE Williamston: 3210 Meech Rd. Sat. May 21st 8am4pm. Large selection of garden grown Perennials. JOHN DEERE X729 with 62 5 FT. (KING CUTTER) 3 pt. in cut and a 47in snow blowhitch Disk Harrow. Used 4 er. 50 bushel vacuum systimes. $300. 517-646-0529. tem. 517-420-5706

7’ SOLID OAK, corner ent. MUST SELL COLLECTION of MOSSBERG 12 GAUGE, center, $135; 36" Sony unique handpainted rocks, pump, only shot 5 rounds, Trinitron TV, w/ bowling balls, walking security model, $175 517headphones, $115. 517sticks & soforth. Great flea 726-0504 316-1181 market money maker. Moving, must sell. Call 517-321-4567. WINCHESTER 94, 32 Win Special. Pre ’64, $300. REMINGTON 742. .30/06 WANTED: UNWANTED semi-auto w/ 3x9 Simappliances, air conditionmons scope, tack driver, ers, cars, trucks, vans, $350. WINCHESTER RANGfarm machinery, lawn ER, 12gu pump, 2¾" & 3" 2001 VICTORY V92C Motormowers, campers, hot vent rib, $200. cycle (1500cc Cruiser) water tanks, aluminum or SPRINGFIELD 30/40 craig $4,000/obo. Sears Radial steel boats, aluminum winsporterized, shoots great, Arm Saw $150. 10 pc. patio dows or doors, aluminum $200 or all for $900. set, beige w/cushions toppers, any types of alu7 PC WHITE WICKER PORCH 517-202-4786 $300. Ph. 517-278-6797. minum or steel siding, FURNITURE Excellent 4 wheelers, go carts, trailshape. $500. 517-589-8430. ers, batteries. BACKYARD SHEDS & MORE All picked up for Free. 989-834-2028 A BED QUEEN PILLOWTOP Call 517-628-2818 mattress set, new in plastic, $200. Call 517-410-4921. FRANKLIN STOVE/ FIRE Can deliver. PLACE A ll cast iron w/fireplace gas log fire inPAINTINGS ORIGINAL sert. Excellent cond. FRAMED acrylic/canvas. A AARDVARK ANTIQUER $500/bo. 517-628-2506 be12" & up. Bright MI scenes, paying cash for guns, tween 9am-4:30pm patios & so-forth. Starting jewlery, furniture, art & at $50. 517-332-3161 unusual & bizarre items. FREE - Drop off used oil any- UTILITY/CAR 517-819-8700 TRAILER, time. Rapids Oil Change, QUALITY FURNITURE 5X10 995, 77x10 1095 also 816 S Main St., Eaton RapGrandfather clock $800, 83x18 car hauler $1995. ids, MI. 517-663-3133 sleeper sofa $350, chair & (517)490-3176 BREWER SALVAGE ottoman $300, & misc. Buying junk cars, batterhousehold items. Please KASCO HIGH VOLUME ies, converters, all non ferSUBSCRIBE TODAY call for appt. 517-285-5820 POND AERATOR Call 989rous metals. 517-803-0288 Okemos. 593-3118.

AGE OLD UTICA ANTIQUES MARKET May 7-8 K of C Grounds, 21 mile Rd., 1 mile E. of Van Dyke. Sat. 8-5, Sun. 8-4 $5 admission, FREE PARKING 586-254-3495

QUEEN SIZE TEMPURPEDIC LENNOX FURNACE, $500; mattress. Like new. AskAC COMPRESSOR/COIL, ing, $1,200/best. Paid $800; Wood Stove, $125. $3,000. 517-719-4211 Excellent. 517-543-5325


BUYING COMIC BOOKS Large or Small Collections Call 231-798-3097

CASH FOR ANTIQUE furn., toys, slot machines, clocks, jewelry, sterling silver, old coins, artwork, etc. 517-202-2570.

A PERFECT PET FOR YOU Toy breeds, Shorkies, Shih-Nese, Pom-Tese, & Teddy Bears. Non shedding, vet checked. $400$550. 517-404-3045

CASH FOR GUNS, Art, Antiques, Jewelry, musical in- MALE PEARLY COCKATIEL Approx. 1 1/2 yrs old, 95% AUSTRALIAN struments, Valuables. Call SHEPHERD trained, asking $85. Call 517-204-2004/517-663-3931 PUPPIES AKC Parents on Debbie 517-740-7216. site, 3 red merle, 2 males & 1 female $500. 616-891CASH PAID D iabet ic test 1058. strips. Area’s original, oldest buyer. Friendly & fair. 517-505-2726, 888-639-6179 BASSET HOUND BLACK and white, 12 weeks, pure bred, shots, wormed, CASH PAID $300.00. (517)648-3568 Up to $20 per 100. Call 517-292-0991 2 MALE CATS D eclawed, neutered, 6 yrs & 9 yrs old, BEAGLE PUPS 3 litters, purebred, shots & owner moving. Cats need wormed. Have parents 5 WANTED STANDING TIMgood home. 517-541-9411. wks old-8 mos old, $150BER Paying top prices. $200. Alma. 989-463-4286. With over 30 yrs exp. We ABYSSINIAN KITTENS CFA, are in great demand for rare, beautiful, very loving. large walnut trees at this BEAGLE PUPS AKC born $350. 734-587-3033 time. 269-377-3578. 2/14. 3 white/tan males; 2 B&W females. $150/each. ADORABLE PUPPIES CKC ALSO, 8 mo. old pups, AKC Toy Poodles, Morkies PomMale $50 & non-reg. fePoo’s, Shi-Poo’s, Teddy male, $25. 517-574-8890 Bears. $450- $600. BICHON FRISE PUPPIES! 517-404-1028. Perfect family pet! No shedding or odor. AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD NEW & USED windows & CKC, Health guaranteed. PUPS. Ready May 11. Vet doors. All sizes, vinal sid517-663-2256. chkd., parents on site, ing, Make offer, low prices. $450. 517-908-0171. 517-204-4949. BOXER PUPPIES 8 wks. old, ready for good homes! AUSTRAILIAN SHEPHERD $500 w/papers or $350 FEMALE, blue, shots, without. All females. For wormed, 16 wks, $500. 734more info: 517-303-5097. 476-6892.

CHESAPEAKE BAY PUPPIES 3 colors, parents on site, ready 5/17, females $300, males $250. 989-525-5545. CHIHUAHUA PUPPY 8 wks. Female, $250 517-371-4416

HAVANESE 2 YRS, 2 nice Havs to be rehomed. Great coats and personalities. $400. (517)719-0197

DELIVERY DRIVERS For local delivery routes. Class A CDL required. 40-60 hrs./week. Apply in person, 8a.m.-4p.m. Arctic Glacier, 5635 Commerce St., Lansing.

CHIHUAHUA PUPS AKC In time for Mother’s Day. Shots & wormed. $300- HEELER CROSS PUPS 517726-0786 OR 517-726-0706. $400. 517-782-4983,

COCKER SPANIEL BLACK, LAB PUP AKC black male OUTBOARD MOTORSShots & wormed. 8mo, Beautiful coat. Good U S E D 2 through 25HP, 269-998-0925 with children, house brosome longshaft, some ken, loveable, pure bred, elec. start, 2 line presrecords, crate trained, fol- LAB PUPPIES AKC Blonde,. sure tanks, 517-663-0576 lows commands of sit, 6 wks, males $300, females come and sometimes stay. $350. 517-764-0090, 745Good with other dogs. SEA KING 15’ BOAT Red 8478. $250.00 (517)749-2062 deck, white hull, 25 hp Merc, less than 20 hrs on PUPPIES Ready to go COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES! LAB motor, $1850. 517-896-6250 May 6. Both parents excelGood colors. lent hunters or great fami$300 & up. Shots, wormed ly pets. $200. 517-719-0076. 989-426-3866 Karen. COCKER SPANIEL PUPS Vet checked, shots & wormed. $350-$450 517-861-7086

MINIATURE AUSTRAILIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES Blue Merle, very cute, 1st shots & dewormed, both parents on site, $450. 989-386-4024 MINI LONG HAIRED D A S C H U N D pups. 3 females. $300. 517-643-5974

COLLIE PUPPIES SABLE, 8 weeks old, purebred, OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE Pups, IOEBA Reg. Shots & $250.00. (989)587-6548 wormed. Males & females, $700. 517-240-2101 "EWOK" PUPS(Cavapoos) Low/no shed. Under 20 lbs. grown. Vet checked. $300- POMERANIAN PUPPIES 1 female AKC, $500. 1 male, $350. 517-784-5225/517$350. 1st shots, wormed. 392-0608. Jackson. 269-763-2102. GERMAN SHORTHAIR PUPS Toy size. POINTER, 1 yr. old male. POODLE Ready now. Shots, Good bloodline. $50. 517 wormed, adorable! $300. 202-1387. 517-202-4156 GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES 6 males, 4 females, shots & POODLES Mini, raised in our wormed, $300. Call 517home, health guarantee, 857-2187. Jackson. $300-$350. 517784-5225, 517-392-0608. GOLDEN-DOODLE PUPSmales. Shots, wormed TOY POODLE PUPPIES vet@ $500. 989-763-7202. $200. Call 989-875-4319. GOLDENDOODLE PUPS OFA. CKC. Box, bell trained, 5 TOY POODLE PUPPIES 7 colors, health guar., shots, wks old, 1st shots & ready for good homes 616wormed, $350. Call 989459-8544. 427-3205. GOLDEN RETREIVER PUPS AKC, shots, wormed, raised indoors, great w/kids, ready May 7, $500, 989-277-5609 GOLDEN RETRIEVER AKC female, $500. Vet certified. Home 517-676-0415 or cell 517-281-8561. GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS AKC Shots, wormed, parents on site. $300. Call 989-236-5135 GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS AKC Vet checked, shots & wormed, $400-$450. Call 517-223-9239 LABS CHOC., BLACK, Yellow, 4 weeks, AKC Registered, Champion lines, Dew claws, parents on site, vet checked, wormed, $300.00. (989)763-1218

Drivers: Train in 15 Days. Driver Trainees Needed For Schneider National Carriers. Local CDL Training. No Exp. Needed. Weekly Hometime! Call Today! 1-800-882-7364

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT ’03 HONDA VTX 1300 10,000 mi., Candy Apple Red, saddlebags, windshield, other extras, $4000. 517-896-6250 2006 YAMAHA SILVERADO classic. 1100cc. 714 mi., perfect condition. Lots of extras. $7500. 517-627-9279 OR 517-202-2794 2008 SUZUKI GSX R600, like new, 1400 miles, all stock parts, $6800/obo. Call 2679235. HARLEY 2009 SUPERGLIDE Black, 3,500 mi., $2,000 in extras. Spotless. $10,800. 517-337-9616/517-230-2665 HONDA CRF-100, 2006 Red, never ridden. Comes w/helmet & boots. $1,300/best. 517-374-8746.

Public Policy Associates, Inc. is seeking an Admin Asst for our Lansing office. FT position w/ competitive pay + excellent benefits pkg. One yr of office experience required. MS Office skills necessary. For additional information and to apply, go to: www.publicpolicy. com/careers.html

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN Experienced techs with minimum 4 state certs needed in a well known, busy full service repair shop. If you are ambitious, and are a team player willing to put customers first, call us! Pay depends on 2003 SPRIGDALE, 28’, experience, with pay guarTRAVEL Trailer. Like new. antee and benefits ofQueen bed. $5,500. 517TOY POODLE PUPS AKC, fered. Call 269-217-4719 882-2571 Black, shots. Wormed. 12pm-8pm Have parents. $200-$300. 517-647-6573. 24’ SAFARI TREK, 1998 - 6.5 Business is booming at Diesel. Excellent condition. our new car dealership! VICTORIAN BULLDOG PUP$38,000. 517-694-1389, afWe are looking for the idePIES 9 wks. Vet chkd. 1 feter 1p.m. al candidate with experimale, 1 male. VBA reg. ence as a service writer at $1000. 517-977-4740. WANTED: CAMPER TO rent a new car dealership. Must for week of 7/8 to 7/17. be computer savvy with Must sleep 6 w/bathroom. knowledge of ADP as a Top pay! Charlotte area. plus. You must be energet517-803-6626 ic, possess a positive attitude and be motivated to earn an above average income. Please email resume to: jpteamone 5 YR. OLD, GOOD, QUIET or fax resume TRAIL Mare or 4H prosto 248-404-6976. pect. $800. 517-726-0786 or 517-726-0706 DEALERS RESOURCES INC., the leader in F & I develophas an opening for SUBSCRIBE TODAY ment an experienced Finance Manager in the greater Lansing area. If you are a qualified F & I Manager please send your resume in confidence to Dealers Resources Inc., 660 Griswold Northville, MI. 48167.




Assistant/Associate Professor-Molecular Diagnostics - Ferris State University. Serve as Faculty and Clinical Coordinator for the Molecular Diagnostics Program. This position will finalize the development of the Molecular Diagnostics program during the initial year of appointment. In subsequent years, in addition to the coordination duties, responsibilities will include teaching, student advising, and lab management. Required: Doctorate/PhD in Molecular Diagnostics (or related field) or in-progress with expected completion within 2 years of appointment. Two years experience in the molecular diagnostics field or related lab work. To apply, access the electronic applicant system by logging on to http:// Ferris State University is sincerely committed to being a truly diverse institution and actively seeks applications from women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups. An Equal Opportunity /Affirmative Action employer.

Landscape Maintenance W o r k e r s needed. Minimum 3 years experience. Must have valid Michigan drivers license. Also hiring landscape workers with valid CDL license. Fax resume to 517-322-3104 Lawn Mowers, Landscapers, and Secretarial Positions. Must have driver’s license. Also Fertiziler Tech, Small Engine Mechanic and Sales positiona available. Apply at 3003 W. Saginaw. Ph. 517-887-4985, fax resume 517-887-5009. Now Accepting New Plasma Donors Earn up to $100 cash this week while saving lives in addition to meeting the donation criteria you must provide a valid photo I.D., Proof of your current address and your Social Security or immigration card to donate. Talecris Plasma Resources, 322 S. M.L.King Blvd Lansing 517-272-9044


SUMMER WORK flex. sched., $14.25 baseappt, cust. sales/service, no exp necessary, will train, conditions apply, all ages 17+ Apply now, start after finals! 517-489-5354

- The Michigan Electric Cooperative Association (MECA) seeks a highlymotivated individual to join its fast-paced, professional work environment. The Executive Assistant will be responsible for providing a professional level of support to the MECA staff in a manner that reflects positively on the association. Applicants must possess an associate’s degree in the secretarial sciences and 5+ years experience supporting executive-level staff in an association, governmental, or corporate environment, demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, possess excellent organizational skills and the ability to present a positive professional image when interacting with the association’s directors, member managers and staff. This position will afford the individual a flexible work schedule involving less than 20 hours per week. To be considered for this position, please submit a letter of application, wage expectations and a minimum of three professional references to info@ by May 20, 2011. MECA is an equal opportunity employer.


Nat’l sales co. now hiring OPHTHALMIC fun and energetic people TECHNICIAN to join growing sales team. Busy ophthalmology Paid training, transp. & practice is looking for a P/T lodging provided. Must be technician to work in our free to travel. Start today. Lansing and Owosso offices. Call Adam, 678-458-2829. Technical experience in either ophthalmology or optometric office preferred. Salary is DOE. Please fax resume to 517-393-5050.

PURCHASING AND INVENTORY MANAGER Management of procurement and contracts, vendor relationships, and inventory processes for Granger Waste and Energy Services. Related bachelor’s degree and certification. At least three years of management-level experience. Please send resume to or Personnel Manager - Granger, P.O. Box 24067, Lansing, MI 48909.


Cleaning/Water Techni cian - We clean and dry buildings that have been damaged by fire or water. Experience a plus. Clean Driving Record Required. Please email resume to Or fax to 517-322-3004.





Michigan Health Council Seeks a program coordinator. Responsibilities include marketing and development activities, develop and implement member comm. plans, monitoring online programs, etc. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, database and MS Office knowledge, customer service skills, and critical thinking required. Email resumes to: Subject line: MHC Program Coordinator




800-234-1719 800-234-1719

Planning & Analysis Specialist Key Responsibilities: • Provide information to management and assist cost centers during budgeting, planning and forecasting process • Prepare financial statements • Analyze variances and key operating statistics and prepare reconciliation vs. actual, forecast and prior year’s results • Maintain and enhance financial models used for forecasts and strategic initiatives • Prepare presentations for senior management, executive management, and various third parties • Complete Special projects and non-routine assignments as may be required by management • Maintain job-related knowledge and skills through continuing education and job development


4 years minimum experience. Great pay with benefits. Fun place to work. Fax Resume to 810-653-2665 or email to:

Lansing Area custom woodworking fabricator seeking quality skilled tradesman for a fulltime entry level position. Job responsibilities would include: in house fabrication of custom cabinetry and countertops. Some knowledge needed in using wood working equipment & tools and basic cabinetry components. Offering full time employment with comprehensive benefit package negotiable. Please send resume to: woodcraftsmanjobs


LOST OR STOLEN Emerald & Diamond wedding ring set. No questions asked. Huge reward. 517-285-1046

Landscape Maintenance Supervisor needed. Must have at least 10 years experience in this field, along with management skills and supervising employees. Must have valid michigan drivers license. Fax resume to517-322-3104.

Requirements: • Bachelor’s Degree • CPA/MBA helpful but not required • Two to four years experi- MASONS RESTORATION ence in finance or acMASONS/BRICKLAYERS. counting Tuck pointing, brick and • Experience in GAAP and block laying, caulking. We financial statement prepahave positions open in ration Lansing, Grand Rapids and • Strong proficiency in MiFlint. Pay to match expericrosoft Excel, Microsoft ence, very competitive Word and Microsoft Power wages. Can start immedipoint ately. Call Dave at 517-202• Experience with financial 2677. systems (SAP preferred) • Ability to work at both detailed analytical level and at summary level on METAL ROOF projects and assignments INSTALLER with speed and accuracy • Ability to prioritize variWe are looking for a ous projects and requests, full time metal roof which may be in progress installer. We offer simultaneously competitive • Effective oral and written wages, health communication benefits, and a chance to grow. Please visit www. emergentbiosolutions. We expect all com/Careers/ to apply. applicants to meet the Requisition #1459. following criteria SMALL LANSING AREA law office seeks Legal Secretary for full time position. Some experience necessary. Email resume and cover letter to:

∂ 5 year construction experience ∂Absolutely no fear of heights ∂No drug use ∂Your own hand tools and pouch ∂Valid Drivers’ License

Fun & Outgoing People Wanted! Retail Associate/Optician Incredible opportunity in a fast growing progressive environment for a full-time upbeat sales professional. We offer competitive pay, great benefits, promotion from within and a five day work week with Sundays off, we could be the employer for you! Please submit your resume to: Rx Optical, Retail Operations, 1700 S. Park Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001.

∂Reliable transportation ∂Some metal brake experience ∂Ability to get along ∂Positive attitude ∂Ability to be out of town one week per month ∂No unpaid child support ∂No Felonies Please send your resume to resume4american@ gmail ∂.com Contact John Carter (517)719-0486 with any questions. SUBSCRIBE TODAY



CAVALIER KING CHARLES Pups AKC, 8 wks. old, 1st shots, wormed. Beautifully marked. $650.989-427-3205

PART-TIME LINUX ADMIN ISTRATOR needed. Must be Linux expert with experience configuring Apache and backing up and restoring MySQL. Clustering with Heartbeat and Pacemaker great to have. Prefer experience with Ubuntu. $25/hour.

13 | NOISE

BOXER PUPS Males & females. shots & wormed. Beautiful pups! 269-9980925

Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11

To place your ad visit or call 377-1111


Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11

To place your ad visit or call 377-1111

DENTAL ASSISTANT Seeking FT experienced Dental Assistant, digital xray, patient care and computer experience a must. Endo/Implant exp. helpful. Hrs. Mon thru Thurs 9-5 Fri 9-2. Full comp package, wtih optional benefits. Email resume to Kevin@ General Dental Practice seeks extraordinary individual, experienced in dental front office with exemplary customer service skills. Looking for positive attitude and the ability to smoothly handle requests - is this you? M-Th 7am5:30 pm (occasional Friday), benefits. Your talents should include: -The ability to collect money -Answering the phones with a smile and going the extra mile to make our patients happy -Leaning new skills quickly -**Fantastic customer skills a must! - Detail oriented - Ability to prioritize tasks Preference will be given to candidates with dental practice management software experience. Equal Opportunity Employer. Drug-free work environment. Fax resumes to 517-332-2780.





CLIENT CARE COORDINATOR Home Instead Senior Care, the world’s trusted source for non-medical services and home care for seniors seeks a multi-talented, professional and caring individual. Position involves managing quality assurance with extensive one on one interaction with our clients and families. This individual will also institute all aspects of our initial service set-up. This candidate will possess superior communication skills and a winning attitude. This position offers a competitive salary plus incentive pay. email resume and salary history to: hr@homeinsteadmi. com

INGHAM REGIONAL ASSISTED LIVING Are you considering a career in nursing? Working for our Assisted Living may help you acquire the points needed for acceptance into a program. We currently employ several caregivers that have been accepted into a nursing program. Resident Care Givers FT/PT all shifts; previous direct care experience preferred however, will train the right person. Dietary Server FT/PT Serving meals, dining set up, kitchen details Apply in person at 6429 Earlington Lane, Lansing 517-321-3391 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

14 | NOISE




HOSPICE ADVANTAGE IS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Per Diem RN’s and Home Health Aide’s (CNA) years of Hospice exp.

- with 2

Full-time MSW - with exp with Hospice or terminal illness Per Diem Chaplain

We offer: µ 401k program w/match! µ Mileage reimbursed at $0.51 per mile! µ Paid weekly! µ Full benefits pkg. for FT only! Please forward your resume to: or by fax 517-8868471. EOE

COMPLETELY REFURBISH - FREE HEAT & WATER. Auto Owners/Waverly. Quiet ED MOBILE HOME RENT desirable neighborhood. TO OWN. Gorgeous lake Lg. clean 1 & 2 bdrm. No living Quiet enjoyable livpets. From $550. 517-712ing on a pristine lake & 4915, 202-3234, 323-1153 sandy beach in Mecosta, MI. It will be a great home to live in & also a perfect HOUSING vacation home. Only 1K DISCRIMINATION? down & less than $500 mo. Call The Fair Housing Call now for appt. 517-256Center at: 1-877-979-FAIR. 7936 or 248-990-1388. OLD TOWN-(3)-1 bedroom Apts. $485-590. Small to extra large. (1)-2 Bedroom with sunroom, $675 All appliances and U T I L I T I E S PAID. Quiet nice neighborhood. 517-202-6035.

Coding & Billing Trainees Needed!

Hospitals & Insurance Companies now hiring!

No experience? Need Training?

Local Training & Job Placement

1-888-589-9681 Dental hygienist needed for Webberville office afternoons MondayThursday, approx 18 hours per week. Please fax resume to 517-521-4893.

LifeWays seeks:

PT - Accounting Specialist

CHARLOTTE LUXURY APARTMENTS Saddleback Ranch. 2 bdrm., 2 full baths. Move in specials. Pet friendly. DEEPDALE MEMORIAL For more information call: GARDENS - 2 cemetery 517-272-1000 or visit: lots/2 spaces, 2 vaults, 2

See website www. for further details. Cover letters /resumes may be submitted to Kerry Klee-Tiesman, HR Director, 1200 N. West Ave., Jackson, MI 49202 or email hr@lifewayscmh. org. No phone calls. Deadline to apply: 5/15/11. EOE.

markers. $5K. 517-676-1803

Medical Assistants. One full-time opportunity available at our Ob-Gyn offices in Lansing and St. Johns. We are looking for the ideal candidate who possesses a minimum of 1-3 years experience as a Med Asst in an Ob-Gyn office, is a quick learner, can perform both clinical and clerical duties, and possesses excellent interpersonal skills. EMR experience is a plus! 4 RENTAL HOUSES F O R SALE - fully occupied, can We offer a competitive salsell each house on a L.C. or ary and benefit package. outright. Excellent income MMP, P.C. opportunity! Call 517-719Attn: HR (OBG-1104270) 4204 or 989-233-7063 1540 Lk Lansing Rd; Ste G05 Lansing, MI 48912 Fax: (517) 913-7021

Dr’s & Hospitals are hiring well trained MA’s

No Experience Needed Local Training & Job Placement available.


Washtenaw County Government Ann Arbor, MI Medical Director

$100 moves you in!

8 ACRE WOODED LOT at end of private street, W. of Lansing. Near St. Joseph Hwy. & Broadbent Rd. Underground utils. $70,000. Buyer must extend Pine Ridge Dr. & join neighborhood assoc. 517-627-7972.

ACCORD PROPERTIES Studios, 1 & 2 Bdrms. Lansing /E. Lansing Area. 517-337-7900 ST.JOHNS-INCOME BASED 2 BDRM. TOWNHOMES. Beautiful Park setting. Close to schools & shopping. Laundry hookup. SUNTREE APARTMENTS 1100 Sunview Dr. 989-224-8919 EHO


Duplexes & Home Starting at $725. Move in specials, pet friendly. For details 517-272-1000 or visit:

MASON/DANSVILLE COUN TRY LOTS 3.3 acres in scenic area. Potential walk-outs. Great country living, yet close to towns & Provides professional diexpressway. Columbia & BEECHFIELD Efficiency thru rection in the development Hanna Rds. 517-525-1131. 2 bedroom, $325-$560. of medical public health Utilities included. Taylor policy and program planRealty 517-272-1512. ning. Salary: negotiable. For more information and completion of an on-line CAPITOL VIEW- 420 W. Otapplication form at tawa. Lg 1 BR, clean, safe. http://www.ewashtenaw. Air, choice oak flrng or org or by visiting the fully carptd. Lndry, 1 blk Washtenaw County HuCapitol. Heat-wtr pd. $525 man Resources Depart517 896-2455/517 322-2456 ment, 220 N. Main Street, WANT A CHANGE Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. OF SCENERY ? CARY APTS. S. LANSING. 1 & We will pay to relocate 2 bdrms., $470-$570 mo., your home to our heat, water, sewer & trash community! included. 517-202-3964. $199 Starting Site Rent NO APPLICATION FEES! DELUXE APARTMENT RENT Contact Kensington Starts at $550 util incl. Also Meadows person to help with lawn TODAY as sites are work at reduced rent PLUMBING SALES LANSING limited! 517-482-8196 Distributor seeking 1-888-605-2237 Outside Sales person. DOWNTOWN LOFT Plumbing knowledge, good Expires 6/30/2011 EHO 1 bdrm. loft, wood floors, communication skills stainless appliances, launrequired. Send resume to dry, secured garage parkT.A. Gentry Supply, ing. Starting at $850/mo. 2096 N 112th 517-482-8771 or 517-719St. Holland MI 49424 5600. ATTN: Patrick Gentry

COME EXPERIENCE Living at Lansing Manor "A Quiet and Caring Senior Community" Located directly behind the Lansing Mall, Lansing Manor offers 1 Bedroom residences for Persons 62 years of age or disabled. Rents are income based Pets are welcome. Call today for your personal tour of this lovely community. 517.321.5058 TTY (800) 662-1220 Lansing Manor does not Discriminate on the basis of

GRAND LEDGE - 4/plex. EX- LANSING HOME FOR rent CELLENT NEIGHBORHOOD, with full bsmt & garage. walk to downtown shops & Neat and clean, new paint, parks. Lg. fenced yard, no new carpet & some hardpets. 1 bdrm. $425 incldg wood floors. $725-$825 mo. all utilities, except elect. Call 517-641-7271 or 517Dennis: 517-348-6124. 214-7648. MASON A GREAT PLACE TO L I V E . 223 W. Cherry. 2 bdrm ranch, quiet, C/A, bsmt., deck, yard care. No pets. $675mo. 517-676-5666

"0" application fee & "0" sec. deposit 1 or 2 bdrms Apts.

DEEPDALE CEMETERY 2 lots, section 3, Memorial Gardens near Mausoleum. Ph. 517-625-6445.

(2) PT - Consumer Support Associate

Medical Assistant Trainees Needed!

Holts Best Value

Call us today! 517-694-8975 conditions apply

CHAPEL HILL MEMORIAL GARDENS, Lot 194D, spaces 3 & 4, in Victory Gardens. $2,200/both. Valued at, $2,720.734-250-3762

FT - Director, Community Relations

Old Orchard Apts.

EAST LANSING: 2.5 bdrm, 1.5 bath, fireplace, air, bsmt, carport, $725. 351-9321 or 333-1250

WATER VIEW PLACE - executive condos for rent. 2 & 3 bedroom, 1500-2200 SF, 3 levels w/ attached garage and lots of storage. Located on river in downtown DeWitt next to park and walking trails. Please call Tim at 517-282-0500.


2 bdrm., 1200 sq.ft., 1.5 baths, full bsmt., laundry, air, garage. $675+ util. Call 517-719-5600 or 517482-8771.

∫ Disability

1 & 2 bdrm., newly remodeled homes. Nice, quiet neighborhoods. New high efficiency furnaces & water heaters. Pets okay. $550 & $725/mo. + utilities. 517-712-5238 1712½ NEW York St. Lansing Nice 2 bdrm. Washer Dryer hookup in bsmt. New flooring in bathroom & kitchen. $550 + util. 517-372-8129 AFFORDABLE HOMES 1-4 bdrms, Section 8 OK. Pets OK. Move in special! Flexible terms available. $395-$1095. 517-651-1374 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


12064 Maywood 3 bedroom (upstairs loft), 1 bathroom, full basement, 1300 sq. ft. log home. $775+. 517-575-2668 517-622-6059 sundancefamilyhomecenter .com

HASLETT- 6127 GREEN RD. Pond view/ country setting. Many updates. 2 bdrm., 1 bath, appliances, fireplace, garage, some utilities, pets possible. Tina 517-339-3038.

OKEMOS GOOD LOCATION in Good Subdivision 4 bdrms, 2.5 bath, +- 3000 sq ft., excellent executive home. Appliances, big yard, Lease/Buy Now. or later. $1850/mo. Available Now. 517-381-9808 REGENT, 139 2 bdrm., 1.5 bath, lg. fenced yard, air, laundry in bsmt., garage. $775+ util. Avail. May 1. 719-5600 or 482-8771

ST. JOHNS Why Rent?? Lease to Own!!! Only $526 Per Month* / includes Lot Rent 3 Bed/1 Bath - New Carpet & Appliances The Meadows of St. Johns (989)224-7707

BIRCH LAKE ELK Rapids. Seasonal 3 bdrm. cottage w/July & August availability. Internet, cable, firepit, grill included. Great swimming, all sports lake. $700/wk. Call Steve: 517256-5657


RENT! SOUTHEAST LANSING 3 HOUGHTON LAKE- 2 bdrm bdrm., 2 baths, loft, bsmt., cottages, clean & com3 bed/ 2 bath homes. air, deck, quiet neighborFIRST MONTH FREE and fortable, use of rowboat. Over 1200 Sq. Ft. hood. No pets. $765 + de$200 security dep. when $375 wk. Call 517-468-3672. *Payments start as low posit. 517-393-8970 Tim. you sign a 12 mo. lease! as $599. Forest View Apts, Haslett • All Appliances * Cozy 1 bdrm apts $560 LAKE MITCHELL Cadillac, • Washer/Dryer * PET WELCOME lakefront home, sleeps 10, • Central Air * Single level bldg w/ pri100’ frontage, sandy bot• Outside storage shed vate entries tom, 12’ fishing boat, • Pet Friendly * Washer/Dryer hook ups $1200/wk. 517-712-9528 • Holt Schools in utility room All Credit Considered! * Vaulted ceiling in living NO APPLICATION FEES room DEWITT 3 BR., 2 1/2 baths, Reduced sec. deposit * Storage access garage, 2 fireplaces, C/A, Contact us today! * Lovely wooded setting $1250 mo. Available June Inventory Limited! * Close to everything 1st. 517-669-1077. 1-888-258-2412 Expires April 15, 2011 Call today for info and tour! DEWITT- NICE 3 bdrm., 2 Offer Expires 4-30-11 517-803-2648 COMMUNITY ROOM IN bath, air, finished bsmt., EHO, *WAC Conditions apply. B ath available for rent. garage, appliances. LocatPerfect for smaller events: ed at 1104½ Chimney Hill. meetings or parties, near GRAND LEDGE Q uiet 1 Available June 15. $775 +. LANSING-1629 N. GENESEE I-69 Expressway. Call 517bdrm., $455 includes heat, Call 517-669-9820. 3 bdrm. home in nice West 641-6244 or email at for nonsmoking responsiSide neighborhood, 2 car ble individual, no pets. DIMONDALE 2 BDRM., air, garage, new paint & car517-627-9085. garage, bsmt., appliances, pet. Full bsmnt., fenced deck. $800 + utilities. 517yard. Close to St. Law646-0789. No pets. rence & downtown. $850+ util. Call Soji: 517-230-0728 HASLETT & OKEMOS EATON RAPIDS Immediate $0 deposit occupancy 3 bdrm duplex, Large 2 bdrms. LANSING-3104 MILDRED 2 bdrms up, 1 down, newer from $495. carpeting, freshly painted, ST., Newly remodeled in Ph. 337-1133 & out, 2 BR, 1 ba in nice N. includes stove, neighborhood, tor & garage. $650 mo., ref. Lansing & deposit req’d., 6 mo. fenced in backyard. $600 mo. + utils. 517-930-0627 lease. 517-930-7104 lv msg.



-----------------MASON 2 & 3 bdrm. fireplace, central air, washer/ dryer. From $750. 517-282-9669 517-349-8000 ------------------

E. LANSING-ATTRACTIVE, quiet 2 bdrm., newly painted, fireplace. Newer kitchen appl. Energy eff. furnace, air, ceiling fans. Storage. No dogs. $695+ util.,ref.&dep.517-337-1007.

LANSING - 4 bdrm house, 1 & 2 bdrm apts. $500-$800. Local owner cell 989-5501181.



Shop when you want! Visit for vehicles in the Lansing area.

Buick LESABRE 2004 $11,990 50,000 miles, leather, chrome wheel!!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot 517-394-7844

CHEVY VENTURE 2002 $2700/OBO Runs & looks good, air, power dual sliders, CD-DVD player. 517-487-8704

CHEVY EQUINOX LS 2005 only 27,000 miles!!!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot

CONCORD, 1993 68K mi. Excellent condition.

PONTIAC MONTANA 2000 $3,600 6 cyl, Lthr, 129000 mi, White, reliable transp 517-410-1517

HONDA ELEMENT EX 2003 $8,990/OBO 4WD, Auto, CD, Sunroof, 110500mi, Pampered 517-896-9897

HANDICAP VANS USED, BOUGHT & SOLD Mini & full size 5751 S. Cedar - Call Dale 517-882-7299

FORD ESCAPE XLT 2006 $12,900 6 cyl, Pwr Seats, 62000, Red, well maintained 517-655-6490

$2700 517-927-5933

Ford FORD EXPLORER XLT 4X4, 2002 $4900 V6 auto, 150K, great shape. 517-339-2849 or 517-881-1498

LUCERNE CXL 2006 Loaded, 12,000 mi.

TAURUS 2005 $3,500/OBO 6 cyl, Pwr Seats, 120000mi., air, Black 517-349-8458


CTS 2003 Only 48K miles, well maintained Capitol Cadillac

$12,692 1-800-615-1660

DTS 2003 300 horsepower, V8, Northstar Capitol Cadillac

$9,592 1-800-615-1660

DEVILLE 2005 Loving care that shows Capitol Cadillac

$10,993 1-800-615-1660

DEVILLE 2003 White Diamond, moonroof Capitol Cadillac

$6,892 1-800-615-1660

CTS 2008 AWD, Cadillac Certified Warranty Capitol Cadillac

Oldsmobile BRAVADA, 2001 $5800/BEST 119K mi. Champange gold. Loaded, new tires. Good condition. 517-402-3524

THUNDERBIRD 2005 $29,000 50TH ANNIVERSARY. FL. Car, garaged, 14500mi. MUST SEE! 517-819-8917


$22,994 1-800-615-1660


Pontiac TRANS AM CONVERTIBLE 2001 68K miles!!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot

Hyundai ELANTRA GT 2004 $5,700 fuel-efficient, Lthr, 121500mi., Black 908-821-6207

GRAND AM 2001 Runs greeat, looks great! Capitol Cadillac

Jaguar S-TYPE 2000 Leather, moon, loaded Capitol Cadillac

$12,990 517-394-7844 $5,991 1-800-615-1660

Porsche $8,992 1-800-615-1660

CAYENNE S 2008 $41,500 38550 mi. Black ext., Beige int., LOADED. Great cond. 517-303-4700

S-TYPE 3.0 2005 $12,999/BEST 47K mi., V6, 3.0L, leather, 18" wheels, silver. 517-927-1048


Saturn ION 2007 auto, air, great gas!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot

$7,590 517-394-7844

CORVETTE 2001 $16,500 Red, auto., chrome whls, glass top, low mi. Serious Inquiries only. Exc cond. 773-593-7743

COMMANDER SPORT 2008 $17,499 4WD, 3rd Row Seats, 55000m, Blk ext., int VERY CLEAN! 517-303-5100

AURA 2008 Value priced,Gas Saver Capitol Cadillac


IMPALA LT 2008 SAVE!!!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot

WRANGLER SPORT, 1999 4x4, lifted, has extras. Excellent condition.

VUE 2003 Great gas mileage Capitol Cadillac


CAMARO 2000 Red, V6, 51,000 miles

$11,990 517-394-7844 $5500 989-224-7683

2006 CORVETTE 269-781-4149.

Chrysler-Plymouth PACIFICA 2004 loaded!!!! chrome wheels, sharp!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot CONCORDE LXI 2001 Leather, moon, sharp Capitol Cadillac

$9,890 517-394-7844 $4,793 1-800-615-1660

Sport Utility Vehicles

PT CRUISER GT 2003 $6,990 GT Turbo - all the options! Leather, moon, auto 517-410-9607

LESABRE CUSTOM 2000 $3,950 6 cyl, very clean,newer tires ,143000mi., White 517-202-9653 $14,900

Mini Vans

$6,500/BEST 517-676-4709

Kia KIA AMANTI 2005 $8500/OBO Must sell. 4 dr. Luxury Sedan, loaded, new brakes & battery, nonsmoker. Dave 517-285-6626

Mercury GRAND MARQUIS LS 2000 $6500 FULLY LOADED, Silver, MSTA, 50000 mile, very clean 517-582-0904



SL 2 2002 $3,000 Gray, 30+ mpg, 195,000 mi, cruise, many updates 517-712-9706

Sport Utility Vehicles CHEVY AVALANCHE 2005 4x4 extra clean save!!!! Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot

$15,890 517-394-7844

BUCK RENDEZVOUS CXL 2004 leather, moonroof Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot


CHEVY TRL BLAZER 2004 4x4 just 76,000 miles Call Glenn Buege Satellite lot




$12,990 517-394-7844

BLAZER 4X4 2000 $3700 Fully loaded, w/some updates, well maintained 517-316-3877, 810-240-4099 GMC YUKON XL DENALI 2003 $13,900 6 liter, Lthr, 77000mi., Tan, clean, loaded 517-927-5426 CHEVY TAHOE 2003 $10,750 All available options, leather, sunroof, new tires Excellent condition 517-420-8792 FORD EXPEDITION EDDIE BAUER 2008 $36,000/BO 8 cyl, Nav System, Lthr 41534mi., White 517-899-9933

Toyota RAV4 2004 $10,100 One owner, AC, cruise, pwr win/dr-Blue Excellent cond. 517-749-6650

Trucks FORD RANGER 1977 $3550 Pickup truck w/shell, 4 sp stand. shift, no rust at all. 76,000 mi. 517-485-3855

Vans HANDICAP VANS USED, BOUGHT & SOLD Mini & full size 5751 S. Cedar - Call Dale 517-882-7299

Automobiles Wanted CAR DON’T WORK Or is crashed! Tired of spending money? Will pay you Cash Today & tow away free! Call 517-505-2098 VEHICLES WANTED DEAD/ALIVE Top $$ paid, Free towing. Same day pickup. 7 Days. 517-487-8704 CORVETTES WANTED 1953-1972, Competitive buyer. Any condition. 1-800-850-3656 AUTOS & TRUCKS WANTED We will pay top dollar for any unwanted vehicle. Free fast pickup. 517-487-8600.


LEGACY 2.5 I-PREM, 2011 $18,900 22,000 mi. Blue, AWD. 30MPG highway. Excellent cond. 517-242-6978


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Automobiles for Sale


Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11


Buy, Sell, Research and get Shopping Advice 24/7 at:


Now on Thursdays MAY. 05 – MAY. 11

(!<+ D;49 ;F< (@>4I;47& FAST FIVE PG13 Thur – 11:05, 12:00, 2:00, 2:55, 4:50, 5:45, 7:40, 8:35 Fri – Sun – 11:05, 12:00, 1:05, 2:00, 2:55, 3:55, 4:50, 5:45, 6:45, 7:40, 8:35, 9:35, (10:30, 11:30) PROM PG Today – Sun – 11:00, 1:30, 4:00, 6:30, 9:00 HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL in 3D PG Digital 3D Pricing Applies Thur – 2:30, 4:40, 6:50, 9:05 Fri – Sun – 7:50p HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL in 2D PG Thur – 11:10, 12:20, 1:20, 3:30, 5:40, 7:50 Fri – Sun – 11:10, 1:20, 3:30, 5:40 DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT PG13 Thur – 11:35, 2:05, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Fri – Sun – 9:45p, (11:25) MADEA’S BIG HAPPY FAMILY PG13 Thur – 1:00, 2:25, 3:40, 5:00, 6:25, 7:35, 8:55, 10:00 Fri – Sun – 1:00, 3:40, 6:25, 8:55, (11:20) WATER FOR ELEPHANTS PG13 Thur – 10:45, 1:20, 4:05, 6:55, 9:40 Fri – Sun – 11:35, 2:20, 5:15, 8:00 AFRICAN CATS G Today – Sun – 11:30, 1:55, 4:20, 6:45, 9:10 RIO in 3D PG Digital 3D Pricing Applies Today – Sun – 1:40, 8:40

SOUL SURFER PG Thur, Fri – 12:45, 3:20, 6:15, 8:50 Sat, Sun – 3:20, 6:15, 8:50 HOP PG Thur – 10:50, 1:05, 3:45, 6:05, 8:30 Fri – Sun – 11:30, 12:40 SOURCE CODE PG13 Thur – 5:05, 7:25, 9:45 Fri – Sun – 11:50, 2:10, 4:35, 7:25 SCREAM R Thur – 8:20p Fri – Sun – 9:55p STARTS FRIDAY THOR in 3D PG13 Digital 3D Pricing Applies Tonight at Midnight Fri – Sun – 12:10, 2:45, 5:20, 7:55, (10:30) THOR in 2D PG13 Tonight at Midnight Fri – Sun – 12:30, 2:05, 3:05, 4:40, 5:40, 7:15, 8:15, 9:50, (10:50) SOMETHING BORROWED PG13 Tonight at Midnight Fri – Sun – 11:10, 1:45, 3:25, 4:30, 6:05, 7:20, 8:45, 10:00, (10:45, 11:45)

RIO in 2D PG Today – Sun – 11:15, 3:55, 6:20

JUMPING THE BROOM PG13 No Tuesday Bargain Pricing Tonight at Midnight Fri – Sun – 11:00, 1:35, 4:15, 7:00, 9:40, (11:00)

HANNA PG13 Today – Sun – 11:25, 1:50, 5:10, 8:25, (11:05)

THERE BE DRAGONS PG13 Fri – Sun – 1:20, 4:10, 6:50, 9:30, (11:25)


in IMAX 2D PG13

Special Engagement Pricing Applies No Tuesday Bargain Pricing LAST TIMES THUR – 1:05, 3:45, 6:30, 9:15


in IMAX 3D PG13

Special Engagement Pricing Applies No Tuesday Bargain Pricing TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT Fri, Sat – 11:00, 1:30, 4:05, 6:40, 9:15, 11:50



(9@=* H I*<7*7

Check for details May 5, 7, 8 – Spartacus May 9 – Their Eyes Were Dry May 10, 12, 14, 15 – The Sound of Music May 13, 14, 15 – Tron May 14 – MET: Die Walkure

&&&#(%%%$%&%'*#)!" G@76F;;+ 1;F<* 5*<6*9 '."A)N'A''$$




,K G/8C&


Daily 10am – 1pm, M-Th 1pm – 6pm Excludes IMAX, DIGITAL 3D, Special Events, Holidays


No children under 6 after 6pm in R rated films All Shows Presented in DLP Digital Cinema except as noted (#); ( ) = Fri & Sat late shows

I4-JD >*@9*9 %*67 @ -;=:9*#*<7!3* *D* *E@= (;9 L476 ,K >4-J7&


(9;= L476

Not valid with other offers, insurance or toward contact lens professional fees. Must present bribe to receive $29 exam. Expires 7/31/11 #10072






280G M.??&

I4-JD >*@9*9 7@3*7 @ -;;I .?? >4-J7 ;< 6#*!9 *D*F*@9 :49-#@7*& Not valid with other offers or insurance. Not valid on prior or in-process orders. Must present bribe to receive $100 toward $250 minimum purchase of SEE prescription eyewear. Expires 7/31/11 #10073

B2!<%I* 3!7!;< I*<7*7


Spring Home Remodeling Projects Are Affordable at MSUFCU! 803$ 53.,0%$3$1) 20-1+ -+ 70# -+4


%"$!# '*&/ (. )0 !6 301)"+

Build your deck, update your bathroom, or renovate your kitchen without breaking your budget. MSUFCU’s Home Improvement Loan offers you the low-cost financing you need.

Payments of less than $25 a month! ** • Low 8.90% APR* • $1,000 minimum loan amount • No application fee or prepayment penalty

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Example Monthly Payments**


48 months



48 months



48 months


517-333-2222 • 800-678-4968 Federally insured by the NCUA LJ-0100086491

E 4A70 A8 <. @-B@3B33 A=1 86?L027 7< 2+A=,0C 9276AK :A708 >AG ?0 +*,+0: A=1 I*KK ?0 1070:>*=01 ?G *=1*5*16AKF8 2:01*7 82<:0C EE JHA>;K0 8+<I= *8 .<: K<A=8 <. M3D@@@D M-D@@@ A=1 M3@D@@@ .<: /N ><=7+8 A=1 *8 86?L027 7< 2+A=,0C

Lansing - Live Loud  

Lansing - Live Loud

Lansing - Live Loud  

Lansing - Live Loud