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E-Commerce solution for Tally Tally has existed for years now. By continually innovating and reinventing itself, this accounting package has made life easier and simpler for millions of enterprises. Now, it is all equipped to do more. While Tally has been always associated with financial aspects such as book keeping, taxation, inventory management, balance sheets and purchases, it has now gone much beyond just maintaining accounts for businesses. Today, in order to cater to the current trends and demands, Tally is enriched by integration with e-Stores. Whether you have a design house, jewellery shop, an apparel store, book shop or a general grocery store – all of these businesses need to have a web presence if they wish to multiply their sales. With fierce competition already existent in every sector, restricting your business only to a ‘brick and mortar’ store while an increasing percentage of population is online 6-8 hours a day spells lowered profitability for your business. The only way to get better of this restriction is to have an online presence in form of an e-store. The only hitch that is making a large number of business owners sidestepping from having a website in addition to a retail presence is the heightened demands for management of the two databases simultaneously. Considering the mundane and clerical task that goes in maintaining data, keeping the inventory posted and having real time updates on sales and stocks, it needs a lot more than “managing”. These challenges can be well taken care of by integrating your Tally ERP software with 24Seven Cart, the most reliable and user friendly E-Commerce solution. In order to enhance functionality of Tally ERP, integration with 24Seven Cart offers better store management features, in terms of inventory management as well as finance management. Once the integrated system is operational on your computer, you can feed product details to 24Seven Cart platform and handle all store related tasks such as uploading pricing details, stocks, product variants, discounts and all others. When you make all these changes, the other operations of your store are not affected because 24Seven Cart works in the background and does not interfere with any other program on the store. The major advantage of using 24SevenCart is that you save a lot of time – avoid double data entry. Most of the managerial operations can be done in a single go. For example, if you need to make a common update for all the products listed on your store, you only have to make the update once and all other products are automatically updated. So, within a few minutes, your entire store inventory can be fed with new data.

24SevenCart adds a lot of other functionalities to Tally ERP 9 software. It offers a simple checkout feature that also stores all visitor information regarding their activity on the website as well as personal details. This is an automatic process that goes on round the clock. The functionality of 24Seven Cart integrated online store is enormous. With the amount of time that you save on managing your store, you can focus on taking your business to greater heights and in the process, you can save money and increase profitability.

E-Commerce solution for Tally  

Today, in order to cater to the current trends and demands, Tally is enriched by integration with e-Stores. In order to enhance functionalit...

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