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Resizing website for different screen sizes An increase in the internet and mobile penetration has led the online retailers to design their eCommerce sites compatible with mobile devices. To increase the visibility of their webstore, online retailers have made separate mobile websites. But with the increase in display technologies, nowadays, mobile devices are coming in different screen sizes.

To confront this issue, online retailers are crafting their sites on responsive web design.The responsive web design allows the web content to resize according to the device’s screen size. The concept of responsive web design emphasizes more on fitting content to various screen sizes instead of shaping the content to fit the value. A responsive web design adjusts the width of the browser and adjust the content accordingly. The coding language transforms the site’s web presence. Since the websites are now accessible through multiple devices, the visitors get the optimal viewing experience. This easy access of information through various devices has led businesses across different sectors to opt for this responsive design. But before opting for it, there are certain issues which online retailers need to consider like what is the difference which the responsive web design makes, how it is going to expand the online presence. Responsive design is definitely going to offer convenience. The content adjusts itself depending on the screen size and this helps in gathering information anytime & from anywhere. It also requires less code & are usually preferred by most of the search engine sites. This ultimately leads to more uniform clicks. Besides from having a compatibility across various screen sizes, it is also helpful in search engine optimization.

SEO BenefitsReducing the bounce rates: If the visitors are not able to access the websites through their mobile devices, they will go back to the result pages. This increases the bounce rates for the website. And ultimately, the Google will reduce the ranking of the site after considering the pattern of the visits to the site.Therefore, responsive web design also helps in optimizing the sites. Leading traffic to one URL: Having a separate mobile site has its own advantages & disadvantages. The owner of the site needs to optimize the URLs of both regular &the mobile sites. But in case of responsive web design, optimization is done only for one URL & this helps in avoiding confusion among the site visitors. Using the prevalent inbound links: Google is using the pre-existing inbound links for ranking the websites in mobile search. Therefore, those sites that are using responsive web design gets higher ranks due to existing inbuilt links. This improves the SERPs functioning thus increasing the visibility among mobile users But having said that, there are a few hindrances while adopting this technology.

CSS media queries limitation:To be compatible with a wide range of devices, the responsive design depends on CSS media queries. But in reality, majority of the devices are not matched with CSS media queries. Resizing images: Image resizing in the responsive web designing needlessly consumes CPU & RAM. Loading speed: Speed of loading sites on the mobile devices is less as compared to desktops. Responsive design doesn’t remove any Java Scripts or HTML codes. This makes the site slower on the mobile devices. The responsive web design is definitely not a passing fad. It is going to stay but the site owners need to be considerate while opting for this technology. 24Seven Cart is owned by LAN Services, LLC, a company based out of San Jose, California. The company is offering an array of e-retailing solutions like eCommerce shopping carts, online storefront, online retail shopping carts. For detailed information about the 24Seven Cart and/or LAN Services, please visit

Resizing website for different screen sizes  

A responsive web design adjusts the width of the browser and adjust the content accordingly. The coding language transforms the site’s web p...