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Launching the Advanced Content & Image Management Feature for 24Seven Shopping Cart Software

Every business, whether dealing in wholesale or retail, wants to expand their business operations from one place, city or country to another. Multiplying the business operations has its own innate requirements. Building up additional capabilities require extra human resources, technical expertise and need to administer infrastructure, operations, finances etc. The latest trend of taking a business online definitely possesses certain advantages as compared to a physical store. Nonetheless, trade tricks to manage an online business are bit different and require a different set of skills. Managing an online business necessitates the owners to learn to administer the contents like products, images, files or videos of their web stores. Looking over the contents of the web store consists of managing the multiple layout templates, intuitive user interfaces, multiple product and relative categories, automated order processing, mechanized payment & shipping integration, capabilities to manage products’ multiple prices and all its relative settings for allowing to activate the features. 24Seven Cart is an endogenously built eCommerce platform by a California-based LAN Services LLC. This feature laden eCommerce platform offers varied functionalities in its content management system (CMS). Web store owners have the ability to manage the web store’s content through an innate editor. They can even link their web store to other websites, accommodate refine panels for sorting the products, optimize at the web store level. Additionally, CMS in 24Seven Cart also facilitates adding extra web pages under multiple headings and adjust their placement on the web page. Moreover, retailers are able to upload the multiple product images, banner images, image on the home page and resize them accordingly. The image zooming functionality offers more visual clarity regarding the fine details of the products. Similarly, web store owners have the ability to standardize the mail templates for the mails to send to customers. LAN Services 5655 Silver Creek Valley Road, Suite 436 San Jose, CA 95138, United States Email: Toll-free: 1-877-294-8739 Website:

Launching the advanced content & image management feature for 24seven shopping cart software  

The long-standing issue of managing the content and images on the web stores is finally resolved by LAN Services with the launch of 24Seven...