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ASÍ SOMOS Bilingual Program y experience In my high school there is a bilingual program, which I belong to. It began in the year 2015, when my classmates and I started high school. We have too subjects in English. This year we are studying Natural Science and Citizenship Studies. Last year we studied Technology and Natural Science.

a week. There we did all the activities in English. We learnt about English customs and habits. We had sport activities and lessons too. It was very interesting. Next year we might go to London! I hope so.

We do a lot of activities in English, for example last March we spent a week in “CAR”, in San Javier. It is a school where we stayed for

Alicia Reinaldos Gomila . 2ºE E


I am learning a lot of English and I think it is a very positive option to study in secondary school. I strongly recommend it !!

Language immersion week in English in Los Narejos. The 14 of April, the high school of Francisco Salzillo organized a language immersion for the pupils of the bilingual program. In my opinion, It was an entertaining excursion with a lot of positive things: the 88

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