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S E D U T E I U Q N I Daphne, amigas a pesar de la distancia ste año quería hablar sobre una de mis mejores amigas, Daphne Nijkamp. Tiene 18 años y vive en Holanda. Nos conocimos en verano, hace cuatro años y desde entonces hemos sido inseparables. Cuando nos conocimos ella estaba de vacaciones con una amiga, Iris, la cual es otra de mis mejores amigas y también ha venido a Murcia en más de una ocasión. Al principio nos costaba mucho entendernos debido al idioma, pero poco a poco nos fuimos acostumbrando. En octubre, Daphne estuvo en Murcia y fue conmigo al instituto. Aprovechando su visita le hice una entrevista.

just modernized so it is a bit different from your school. I think that is the biggest difference and the kantine, we had a large one and the floor above a big podium. Also on my high school were a few things very important: theatre, dancing, singing and sports. So when you would have a great talent in one of those thing you could follow a special schoolprogram.

Did you like Murcia? Yes, I really loved Murcia! Especially then because it was raining in the Netherlands and the sun was shining in Murcia.

What was the thing impacted you the most? All the food, so many different ones and all so tasty. And I have to admit I love food so mostly I am focussing on that J Also I saw people striking because of low wages. That had a big impact on me because I had never seen something in real life. Alle those people together fighting for wat they want.


Did you enjoy your visit? Yes I really did! I met a lot of nice people at your school and friends of Maria. I learned some new words and met people I had never seen before but are such a big part of Maria’s life.

What was the best thing you liked? Why? I really loved the weather but also the tapas, it is so tasty! The food in Spain I find very delicious Besides the food and weather I also was very excited to see my good friend Maria again and learn and see things of her daily life.

Would you like to come to Murcia again? Why? Definitely! I would like to see my friend Maria again and meet her friends and parents once more. Also try different kinds of tapas and maybe see the new school of Maria.

Did you like our food? Yes! I wish we would have all those meals in my home country. Some of the things we do have but I like them better in Spain. What do you think about our school? Was it similar to schools in Nederland? I find all the people at your school very nice, but not well educated yet in English. In the Netherlands there are also a lot of older people who aren’t that well in speaking English. Besides that I think the younger generation (both in Spain and the Netherlands) are way better in speaking English. I am happy for that so everyone can communicate better with people from different country’s. When I was in high school my school was 33

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