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Somos Erasmus + A rock legend arrokh Bulsara or widely known as Freddie Mercury, which was his stage name, was a major influential factor of British rock and his music legacy shall remain forever.

reer. Freddie's sexuality was controversially discussed and criticized by many music experts. Despite his marriage with Mary Austin, Mercury expressed his homosexual feelings and finally they broke up. He was a firm supporter of homosexuality and participated in many protests. His rather intense sexual life led him to serious health problems. In 1987 it was announced that he suffered from Aids. However, he didn’t announce it to his fans and kept on making live performances. He left his last breath on 24 November 1991


Freddie Mercury was born on 5 September 1946 in the British colony, Zanzibar. Being born in an African island little Freddie could not develop his musical talent a lot and his musical inclination could not be recognized. Consequently, Freddie moved with his family in India in order to study in a British school. His talent was rather quickly recognized and he was finally involved in studying music taking up piano lessons. Furthermore, he took part in many school performances and was distinguished from his fellow classmates, then he formed his very first band: The Hectics. In 1963 he attempted to return back to his homeland but the political turmoil and the constant protests led him to England, where he moved a year later. Freddie studied Music in Ealing Art College and with the completion of his studies he joined several amateur bands like Ibex. His re co gnition wa s achieved through the formation of Queen. Queen initially consisted of Brian May, Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury.

His music legacy influenced rock history and his controversial personality is a role model for the next music generations. Andreas Trapalis (Greece)


Queen's recognition was immediate making great hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, Another one bites the dust, Don’t stop me now, songs that made it to the top of the English charts. Freddie also was the composer of the unique rock opera Bohemian Rhapsody and other meaningful songs. In his compositions he used a variety of music kinds ranging from opera to rockabilly, something which was rather peculiar and innovative. Freddie was also known for his ability to perform exceptionally well in live performances thus impressing the audience. Mercury attempted a solo career as well without making anything special. Freddie's personal life was quite calm without any extravagances throughout his ca68

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