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Somos Erasmus + En el sur de España, Sevilla f you come to my country you must visit a great city called Sevilla in the South of Spain in the comunity of Andalucia.This city has a lot of important and beautiful places like Sanchez Pizjuan, the Maestranza, Triana Bridge, the Giralda , The Tower of Gold and the most beautiful season in this city the Easter and the bullfighting fair.


We are going to describe some important places in this city. Sanchez Pizjuan is the most beautiful stadium in the city, Sevilla Football club plays in this stadium, in this stadium a lot of concerts and funny activities happens too.There is a group of ultra fans called Biris Norte they support Sevilla Football club and they never give up, maybe they are the best supporters in the Spain Football League. The Maestranza is the biggest bullfighting square in Spain and the most historic too, there are a big door called ‘’La puerta del príncipe’’ a lot of famous bullfighters triumphs.A bullfighter win reputation after his triumph in this square.The bullfightings happens in April in the famous April Fair. Triana Bridge, this bridge connects the downtown with the Triana district, it is also the oldest iron bridge in Spain and it was build by Isabel II. In my opinión this is the pretiest bridge in Spain. The Giralda is the bell tower of the catedral of Santa María de la Sede it is so prety and in the top of it you can see the city of Sevilla. The Easter season is the most emotional moment in Sevilla people from all over the world comes here and see the beautiful Easter Steps like La Macarena , el Cristo de los gitanos, el Cristo de las Tres caídas… Juan García Guillermo Ortíz (Spain)


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