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Somos Erasmus + DARKNESS IN THE CITY OF LIGHT & ITS CONNECTION TO 9/11 ATTACK he night of the 13th of November 2015 the heart of Paris was hit by massive terrorist homicides committed by Jihadists, managing not only to destroy human lives but also the European nonchalance.

2003 by developing bonds with the Al-Qaeda which seems to have stopped. Their target is summarized in creating a Caliphate which will extend to the countries of the Middle East and their citizens will obey the Islamic Law. Extreme violence and atrocities are their way of enforcement.


Although the city had already received terrorist-like attacks earlier during 2015, they were unable to foresee the magnitude of the tragedy. The number of the victims is estimated at least tο 1 29 while the number of the injured reaches 352. More specifically, seven independent attacks took place consisting of 6 shootings against the crowd as well as 3 explosions. All these in less than 30 minutes!

The tragedy of the 13th of November, thus, caused changes which require adaption to a new geopolitical reality. Although it wasn't an isolated event, it is considered psychologically and politically the European equivalent of the 9/11. On the 11th of September 2001 a terrorist attack was carried out against the United States of America. Nineteen terrorists who are connected with the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda took over 4 airplanes in order to perform suicide attacks that targeted great symbols of the USA the World Trade Centre. The first attack took place early in the morning of Tuesday and aimed the north tower. The first airplane hit the target instantly killing hundreds of people and 18 minutes later a second plane crashed on the second tower putting USA on alert. The third plane crashed on the west side of the Pentagon resulting in 165 dead civilians who were in the building. A little later a fourth plane crashed in an open area in Pennsylvania was announced although this was a failed attempt as initial target seems to have been the Capitol or the White House and this incident was averted probably due to the attempts of the passengers on board. “The day that changed the world” is probably the phrase that has been said more than any other in order to describe the impact of the terrorist attack organised by Al-Qaeda and was destined to become a milestone for the ending of one era and the beginning of a new one whose characteristics are still today observ-

At 21:20 the action began with the first explosion by a suicide bomber outside the Stade de France, where a friendly match between France and Germany was taking place, followed by a second detonation a few minutes later. Minutes later, there was an attack on restaurants with 19 dead in the city centre, near the Place de la Nation. Next, at the Bataclan theatre a new attack took place during the live concert of a well-known rock band. Last move of the terrorists was a third explosion near Stade de France.The responsibility of the event was undertaken by the terrorist organisation Islamic State (ISIS) through internet announcements. Their moves though thoroughly organized had no specific goal except to wreak panic. They also congratulated their 8 “brothers”, the kamikaze. Essentially, as they themselves have said, what led them to attack was the French policy, air incursions into their lands and abusive comments against Islam. Let’s see what the Islamic State is all about: it is a terrorist organisation founded in 47

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