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What to Do in an Accident If you drive a car, unfortunately the statistics show that the time may come when you might get into an auto accident. This is an unfortunate fact, but you do need to prepare yourself for the unfortunate event of this happening. Our Orlando personal injury lawyer service is here to help. There are a few simple steps that you can take, to make life easier for yourself if and when you go to court. 1. The first thing you need to think about, is are you hurt. If you answer yes to this question in anyway, wait for an ambulance to come, and do not move at all. By moving around, getting up and exchanging information with the other driver, you are admitting guilt and showing that you are ok. Be sure to call 911 immediately, regardless of if you are injured. In any state, an accident deems a phone call to be made to the authorities. Resist the temptation to "settle without the cops" because you might be seriously injured and not know it yet, if this happens there is no record of any accident and you will be unable to file an insurance claim. 2. If you are ok, or have only minor injuries, it is then time to exchange information with the other drivers. Do this by getting their drivers license number, name address, phone number and any and all information that is on their insurance card. 3. Take photos - use your phone camera to take photos of the accident. Take photos of your car but also take photos of the other person’s car, be sure to take photos of any external stimuli that might have caused the accident. 4. File a police report with the police. Be sure to give them an honest report of exactly what happened in the injury. This is particularly true in Orlando. These are just a few critical steps to take if you are involved in an accident. Call your personal injury lawyer Orlando or your personal injury attorney Orlando when all of this is over, and give them all of your information. Getting in an accident does not have to end your life or your career. Here is our information if you should need it: Paul & Perkins PA 3117 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 540-0122 Our goal is to ensure that you do not miss any paychecks or time from work do to an accident be it in a car or slip and fall in a public place. We are here to help you, if you do have any questions be sure to call us at any time, and a paralegal or lawyer will help you right away. Thanks for reading.

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Here is our information if you should need it: Paul & Perkins PA 3117 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 540 - 0122 Our goa...

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