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Daniel Wasserman University of Massachusetts Lowell Dept. of Physics and Applied Physics Lowell, MA 01854 (978) 934-4530

EDUCATION Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering M.A. in Electrical Engineering Dissertation: “Quantum Dots: Mid-Infrared Luminescence, (110) Growth, Single-Dot Luminescence and Cleaved Edge Overgrowth ”

2004 2000

Brown University, Providence, RI Sc.B. Honors in Engineering/Physics 1998 Areas of Concentration: Engineering/Physics, History Honors: Magna Cum Laude , Phi Beta Kappa-1997, top 3% of graduating class, Sigma Xi, with Honors

EMPLOYMENT University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

July 2011

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA Assistant Professor, Associate-Director of Photonics Center

2007 – Present

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Post-Doctoral Research Fellow





AFOSR Young Investigator Award


UML Department of Physics Excellence in Teaching Award

Council on Science and Technolog y Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship, Princeton University


National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship


Francis Upton Graduate Fellowship, Princeton University



TEACHING University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA 

   

Instructor – Introductory Physics (95.141) Develop and present all lectures for 300 -400 student Introductory Physics class. Organize and oversee 8 -10 recitation sections. Develop Exams, organize help sessions, run course website, develop and run in -class demos, produce media clips, and integrate social networking. Instructor – Solid State Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices (95.577) Instructor-Introductory Modern Physics (95.210) Recitation Instructor-Honors Physics I (95.161) Recitation Instructor-Physics I (95.141)

F’09, S/F’10

F’08 S’08-’10 F’09, F’10 F’07,S’09

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ  

Instructor - ELE102 “New Eyes for the World” Course Development and Instruction – ELE 102 “New Eyes for the World” Developed lab for introductory optics course geared towards non -scientists. Designed, developed, organized and held weekly labs for ~30 students.


2007 2004-2006



 “Active Plasmonics for Beam Steering and On-Chip Directional Control”, PI, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Young Investigator Program, 360K.


 “Narrow-band, frequency agile mid -IR filter”, Air Force Research Labs, STTR Phase I, 30K


 “Tunable Mid-IR Metamaterial Filters”, STTR with Triton Systems Inc., 1 36K  “Mid-Infrared Plasmonics for Sensing Applications”, PI, National Science Foundation, 225K.  “Solid State Lighting Energy Frontier Research Center”, University Collaborator with Sandia National Labs, 375K.

2010–2012 2009–2012

 “Mid-Infrared Plasmonic Beam Steering”, PI, Air Force Research Labs, 75K


 ”Mid-infrared Quantum Dot Emitters Utilizing Planar Photonic Crystal Technology”, University Collaborator, Sandia National Labs LDRD, 125K.



“Wavelength selective exothermic materials”, PI, Alloy Surfaces Inc., 95K.


 “nBn Detector Development”, PI, Air Force Research Labs, 55K.


 “Mid-Infrared Metamaterials”, University Collaborator, Sandia National Labs LDRD, 35K.


“Mid-infrared beam steering with plasmonic materials”, PI, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) user proposal.


 “GK-12 Vibes and Waves in action”, STEM Faculty Advisor, National Science Foundation.



CLEO 2010, 2011 (Semiconductor Laser Subcommittee), NAMBE 2009, ITQW 2009, 2011 SPIE Optics and Photonics (Active Materials) Program Committees Proposal Reviewer NSF ECCS, NSF DMR, DOE STTR/SBIR, SNSF, Israeli-US Binational Science Foundation. Reviewer for Phys. Rev. B, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Journal of Applied Physics, Crystal Growth and Design, physica status solidi A, Journal of Quantum Electronics, Nanotechnology, Applied Physics Letters, Optics Communications, Opt. Exp., Opt. Lett. Member of American Physical Society, IEEE, MRS, OSA, SPIE.

INVITED TALKS Physics of Quantum Electronics 2011, Snowbird, UT, “Enhanced Funneling of Light Using Epsilon Near Zero Metamaterials ” AFOSR Nanophotonics Program Review, Cambridge, MA, “Mid-IR Plasmonics and ENZ Metamaterials” SPIE Optics and Photonics 2010, San Diego, CA, “Active Mid-IR Plasmonics” Physics of Quantum Electronics 2010, Snowbird, UT, “Mid-IR Plasmonics” Photonics West 2010, San Francisco, CA , “Mid-IR Emission from InAs Quantum Dots” 3 rd International Workshop on Quantum Cascade Lasers: Monte Verita, Switzerland, “Mid-IR Electroluminescence from InAs Quantum Dots” 2 nd International Workshop on Quantum Cascade Lasers: Bari, Italy “Nonlinear Quantum Cascade Lasers” Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structures: Albuquerque, NM “Stimulated Electronic Anti-Stokes Raman Emission from QC Lasers” Materials Research Society, Fall: Boston, MA “(110) Quantum Dots: Growth, Single-Dot Emission and Cleaved-Edge Alignment”


January 2011 December 2010 August 2010 January 2010 January 2010 September 2008 September 2006 May 2005 November 2005

INVITED SEMINARS Yale University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering: Mid-Infrared Plasmonics

April, 2011

Triton Systems Inc. Technical Seminar: Mid-Infrared Plasmonics

August 2010

Society of Applied Spectroscopy, New England Chapter, Seminar Ser ies: “Mid-Infrared Plasmonics and Nanotechnology”

February 2010

BAE Systems Inc. Technical Seminar: The UMass Lowell Mid-IR Photonics Lab

October 2009

Brown University Optics and Optoelectronics Seminar Series: “Mid-IR Photonics” Physical Sciences Inc. Technical Seminar: Mid-IR Photonics

May 2009 November 2008

UMass Boston Seminar Series, “Mid-IR Photonics”

May 2009

Materials Science Seminar Series, University of New Hampshire “Mid-IR Photonics” Lowell Regional Physics Alliance “UMass Lowell Photonics Center: Hands on Physics for Local Students”

May 2008 April 2008

Alloy Surfaces, Boothwyn, PA: “Mid-IR Photonics”

February 2008

UMass Lowell, Center For High Rate Nanomanufacturing Seminar Series “Mid-IR Photonics”

February 2008

SELECTED CONTRIBUTED TALKS (2007-PRESENT) CLEO 2010, San Fransisco, CA: Mid-Infrared Plasmonic Beam Steering Photonics West 2009, San Jose, CA: “Directional control of Mid-Infrared Propagating Surface Plasmons

May 2010 January 2009

2009 APS March Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA: Active control of mid-infrared propagating surface waves META Conference, Rochester, NY: Loss Mechanisms in Mid-Infrared Plasmonic grating Structures CLEO 2008, San Jose, CA: Electrically tunable mid-infrared plasmonic structures

March 2009 October 2008

Optics East, Boston, MA: Doping tunable mid-infrared plasmonic gratings Lincoln Labs Technical Seminar “Mid-IR Photonics”

Sept. 2007 October 2007

May 2008

UNIVERSITY AND DEPARTMENTAL SERVICE UML Dept. of Physics Undergraduate Committee


UMass Lowell Committee on Teaching and Learning


UML Dept. of Physics Graduate Committee


UML Strategic Planning Committee, Undergraduate Education Subcommittee


UML Chapter Society of Physics Students, Facul ty Advisor


UML Graduate Physics Association, Faculty Advisor


Physics Department Publicity Committee


Steering Committee, Lowell Regional Physics Alliance


OUTREACH  Planned, developed, and ran Physics Activity Days at the UML Photonics Center. 20 Lowell High Students visited the Photonics Center for a science activity, a tour of the facilities, and LN2 ice cream.  Gear Up Science Activity: Build Your Own Hard Drive

May 2008, 2010

 Taught Lowell High Physics Class “Physics of the Curveball”

November, 2007

 Princeton University: Developed, organized, and ran Engineering Activity Days (2006, 2007) for Lawrence, Trenton high school students, organized activity tables for Science and Engineering Expo (2004-2006).


October, 2007 2004–2007


Troy Ribaudo (Ph.D, 3/2011) David Adams (Ph.D 5 t h year), expected graduation 12/2011 Joshua Mason (Ph.D 4 th year), expected graduation 5/2012 Kevin Anglin (3 rd year) David Slocum (2 nd year) Shaun Smith (Current UML Undergraduate) Eric Nagy (Current UML Undergraduate)


Krongtip Termkoa (Ph.D, 2010) Karen Freitas (M.S., 2008) Christopher Reidy (B.S. 2008, Oregon State University Ph.D student) Melissa Spencer (B.S. 2008, Lincoln Labs) Zachariah Johnson (B.S. 2010) Cynthia Mitchell (Current UML Undergraduate) John Lipiello (Current UML Undergraduate) Tom Sinisi (Current UML Undergraduate)

PRESS AND PUBLICITY November 2009, Nashua Telegraph, “Pop goes the Physics Class”: Article focusing on my integration of popular movie clips into Physics I lectures. October 2009, AFOSR Press Release, “ Air Force invests over $14M for 2010 Young Investigators Research Program”: Details of AFOSR Young Investigator Award. February 2009,, “Quantum D ots as Mid-Infrared Emitters”: Article summarizing results published in Appl. Phys. Lett. article demonstrating room temperature electroluminescence from self assembled InAs quantum dots. UML Press Releases and Publications: 2008 UML Research Magazine, UML Shuttle April 2008, UML Alumni Magazine Summer 2010.


“Enhanced Light Funneling Through Subwavelength Apertures Using Epsilon Near Zero Metamaterials”, D. Slocum, D.C. Adams, V.A. Podolskiy, and D. Wasserman, submitted for publication


“strong absorption and selective thermal emission from mid-infrared metamaterials”, J.A. Mason, S. Smith, and D. Wasserman, submitted for publication.


“Active voltage tuning of mid-infrared plasmonic structures”, K. Anglin, T. Ribaudo, X. Qian, W.D. Goodhue, S. Dooley, E.A. Shaner and D. Wasserman, submitted for publication.


“Toothed mid-infrared metal-insulator-metal waveguides”, K. Anglin, D.C. Adams, T. Ribaudo, and D. Wasserman, in preparation.


“Beam evolution and shaping in corrugated plasmonic structures”, S. Thongrattanasiri, D.C. Adams, D. Wasserman and V. Podolskiy,Optics Express, 19, 9269 (2011).


“Observation of Rabi-Splitting from Surface Plasmon Coupled Conduction-State Transitions in ElectricallyExcited InAs Quantum Dots”, B.S. Passmore, D.C. Adams, T. Ribaudo, P. Davids, W.W. Chow, S.A. Lyon, D. Wasserman, and E.A. Shaner, Nano-Letters, Jan. 2010.


“Selective Thermal Emission from Patterned Steel Substrates”, J. Mason, D.C. Adams, Z. Johnson, S. Smith, A.W. Davis, and D. Wasserman, Opt. Express, 18, 25912 (2010).


“Plasmonic mid-infrared beam steering”, D.C. Adams, S. Thongrattanasiri, T. Ribaudo, V. Podolskiy, and D. Wasserman, Appl. Phys. Lett., 96, 201112 (2010).


"High-optical-quality nanosphere lithographically formed InGaAs quantum dots using molecular beam epitaxy assisted GaAs mass transport and overgrowth", X. Qian, S. Vangala, D. Wasserman, and W.D. Goodhue., J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 28(3), C3C9 (2010).


10. “Mid-infrared doping tunable transmission through subwavelength metal hole arrays on InSb”, B.S Passmore, D.G. Allen, S. R. Vangala, W.D. Goodhue, D. Wasserman, and E.A. Shaner, Optics Express, 17 10223 (2009). 11. “Active Control and Spatial Mapping of Midinfrared Propagating Surface Plasmons”, T. Ribaudo, S.S. Howard, C. Gmachl, X. Wang, F.-S. Choa, and D. Wasserman, Opt. Express, 17, 7019 (2009). 12.

“Spectral and spatial investigation of mid-infrared surface waves on a plasmonic grating”, T. Ribaudo, D.C. Adams, B. Passmore, E.A. Shaner and D. Wasserman, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 201109 (2009).

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“Uniform InGaAs quantum dot arrays fabricated using nanosphere lithography”, X. Qian, J. Li, D. Wasserman, W.D. Goodhue, Appl. Phys. Lett. 93 231907 (2008).


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“Electroluminescence from III-V self-assembled quantum dots”, D. Wasserman and S.A. Lyon, Book Chapter for "The Handbook of Electroluminescent Materials", edited by Prof. D.R. Vij, Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University, India, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, U.K (2004).

REVIEWS 1. “Active Mid-Infrared Plasmonic Beam Steering”, D. Wasserman, SPIE News Room, September, 2010, ( 2.

“Active Surface Plasmons: Tuning of surface plasmons leads to new optoelectronic devices”, D. Wasserman, Laser Focus World, January (2008).



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