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each other... The Basque language sector, a world-class industry

The Basque language sector, a world-class industry

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The BaSque language SecTor, a coMPrehenSiVe induSTry An important economic sector is emerging as a result of the mobility and multilingualism brought by globalisation: "The Language Industry", defined as the market associated to the demand for linguistic products and services generated by any communication process, both internal and external to organisations. 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of a Basque linguistic services company, in collaboration with the Basque Government, launching the first Basque language plan in a company specialised in manufacturing metal parts to promote the use of the Basque language in that entity. Since then, several organisms and companies of all sizes and industrial sectors have joined this initiative and, with the effort of all agents, we have managed to incorporate the Basque language into the workplace. Nowadays, the reality of the Basque and global industry has changed significantly. Companies and entities now act on global stages and markets, therefore they require services and products that allow them to change from monolingual to bilingual management; to be able to communicate and manage information in several languages. This is where the Basque Country Language Industry plays an important role in supporting and accompanying, with specific products and services, any industrial sector company that requires multilingual management in its internal and external communication processes. As well as using Basque and Spanish, Basque society is used to working in other languages. For this reason, the Basque language sector is one of the most competitive and innovative in the world. Working processes are multilingual and businesses offering multilingual services have a significant presence in the (Basque Autonomous Community. Their management levels are advanced and are highly effective and efficient.

competitive and innovative sector

a comprehensive industry

The Basque language industry comprises 500 companies with a turnover of around 600 million euros and they employ over 3,300 people. These figures represent 7% of total turnover for the sector in Europe and 3% world-wide. In terms of geographic distribution, 47% of sector companies are based in Gipuzkoa, 38% in Biscay and 15% in Ă lava. Furthermore, 77% of employees are under 45. The comprehensive nature of the industry comes from having the entire value chain in a very reduced environment; from entities specialising in terminology and lexicography, to translators, interpreters, audiovisual and localisation companies, including publishers, schools, distributors, linguistic consultants, universities and technology centres. In this sense, there are four prestigious universities in the Basque Country with almost 63,000 students and 5,700 teaching staff. This allows the Basque industry to develop a wide range of products and services in translation and interpreting, subtitles and dubbing, event organisation, language training, linguistic consultancy, lexicography and terminology, speech technologies and natural language processing. LANGUNE, the Basque Association of Language Industries, is the organisation whose mission is to boost the Basque sector, enabling cooperation between entities to jointly respond to major challenges facing the sector.

langune. Basque association of language industries In 2008 and with the support of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Gipuzkoa Berritzen - Innobasque, among others, we launched an initiative to promote the language industry in the Basque Country, its purpose was to turn this into a reference for the sector in Europe. To achieve this objective we identified stakeholders in the sector, defined their challenges and launched an initiative aimed at structuring the sector around a structure that would unite all its representatives.

In 2010, the Basque Association of Language Industries was officially set up. LANGUNE has the mission to promote the development and growth of the Language Industry in the Basque Country, providing value service to benefit its members and the sector. Furthermore, LANGUNE aims to become an international reference, known for its strategic importance in the Basque Country.

acTiViTieS | Technology | Training

They represent 7% of total turnover for the sector in europe

acTiViTieS The main objectives of LANGUNE are: - Improve the strategic vision of the sector. - Facilitate entry into new markets-clients. - Foster cooperation between partner entities. - Promote training and adopting new, advanced management models. - Increase R&D&I levels in sector entities. - Attract local, national and European projects that provide added value. For this, LANGUNE provides a series of service to member entities in areas such as technology, improving management, training and marketing promotion and internationalisation. It also offers an additional general service (consultancy, representation, fostering business collaboration and coordination of specific initiatives) inherent to an industrial association:

Technology FOSTER collaboration between the different member entities so that they can develop new added value products and services through new technologies.

iMProVed ManageMenT RAISE AWARENESS in the member entities on the development and implementation of advanced management models and methodologies as a key factor for improving competitiveness.

comprised of 500 companies

Training OPTIMISE the skills and abilities of professionals in the member entities, enabling them to anticipate the needs and expectations of clients in ever increasingly demanding and competitive markets.

MarKeTing ProMoTion and inTernaTionaliSaTion PROMOTING the strategic and operational capacity of member entities on a global scale, providing them access to a considerable number of business opportunities and greater knowledge of foreign markets.

general SerViceS PROMOTE member entities and the sector as a whole technically, commercially and economically, contributing to advancing and developing the Language Industry. For more information:

liST oF enTiTieS

Ahotsak Euskal Herriko hizkerak eta ahozko ondarea Markeskua Jauregia, Otaola Hiribidea 20600 Eibar +34 943 121 775

The association in favour of the Basque language Badihardugu was created in 2000 and its main objective is to analyse dialects. They have worked along several lines (publishing books, research, grants, working with schools, etc.), but lately their main project has been to compile voices from the Basque Country. This project aims to compile the oral and dialect heritage of the Basque Country. To do this, they are recording all over the Basque Country. These, once edited, will be made available on the Internet.


Ametzagai単a Taldea Zirkuitu ibilbidea 2, 1. pabilioia 20160 Lasarte-Oria +34 943 37 67 16 +34 943 372 772

The Ametzagai単a A.I.E. non-profit entity is the association of three companies from the field of social economy: Adur Software Productions S. Coop., Komunikazio Biziagoa S.A.L., and Antza S.A.L. Its founding objectives consist in cooperating in the development of the activities of each company, researching and developing new technologies, and promoting and developing new projects, taking advantage of synergies. Ametzagai単a has been a technological agent since 1997, it is part of the Basque Science and Technology Network as a Business R&D Unit.

LIST OF ENTITIES Ahotsak - Euskal Herriko hizkerak eta ahozko ondarea Ametzagaiña Taldea Artez Euskara Zerbitzua Asmoz Fundazioa

Artez Euskara Zerbitzua Luzarra 10 48014 Bilbao +34 944 480 000 +34 944 757 229

ARTEZ is made up of a group of professionals with over 20 years of experience. We are pioneers in promoting and developing plans to standardise the Basque language in the workplace. Today the professional team is made up of twenty people and we also have several collaborators. Innovation and the Basque language have been our core lines, always intending to offer outstanding services. We work in three areas: linguistic consultancy, translation and adaptation of administrative documents. Stationary, agendas and office material in Basque. Of these, our main activity is to offer advice to institutions and town councils. We offer the technical advice, training and comprehensive support necessary to make Basque the language of work and service.

Asmoz Fundazioa

Avda. Alcalde José Elósegui 275 20015 San Sebastian +34 943 212 369 +34 943 297 946 Asmoz Fundazioa was created within the Eusko Ikaskuntza Basque Studies Society in 2002. Since then, it designs, manages, develops and materialises both attendance-based and virtual training projects and programmes.



Bitez Logos

Industrial Recalde 1, Edif. Irubide 2ยบ, local 52 20018 San Sebastian +34 943 372 090 +34 943 370 122 Since its inception in 1985, BiTEZ has pioneered the world of translation, integrating into our work process the technologies that have arisen and researching new tools in order to guarantee clients maximum quality and the most advanced services. Since we joined the global LOGOS group in 1999, we have the widest range of language combinations and leading translation services on the market.



Azitaingo Industrialdea 3K 20600 Eibar +34 943 821 780

Codesyntax is a technology based company with more than ten years experience working on the Internet. Our portfolio of services includes developing web projects adapted to our clients' needs, e-marketing services (promotion, positioning, advertising and data analysis), training, design, research and innovation. We work with universities, research institutions and businesses. Moreover, the projects developed by Codesyntax follow the following fundamental principles: design, usability, innovation, multilingualism, positioning, multimedia and a commitment to free software.

LIST OF ENTITIES Bitez Logos CodeSyntax Eizie -Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa

Eizie Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language Zemoria 25 20013 San Sebastian +34 943 277 111 +34 943 277 288

We are the non-profit association of translators, correctors and interpreters of Basque language. We are based in San Sebastian but we unite translators, correctors and interpreters anywhere who use the Basque language as their working language. Today the association has 350 members. What kind of work do we do? News related to translation; reflection and research on translation; information and resources related to the profession; training; publications; promoting translated literature.

Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa

Zelai Haundi kalea 3, Osinalde industrialdea 20170 Usurbil +34 943 377 225 +34 943 365 923 Eleka is a linguistic engineering company which develops multilingual products and services based on linguistic technologies and inserts them into society. Since 2022, it combines language and technology to efficiently manage information and improve communication. Its main lines of work are: translation tools, automatic translators, dictionaries in new formats, voice processing, browsers and correctors



Elhuyar Aholkularitza

Elhuyar Fundazioa

Elhuyar Aholkularitza (consultancy) began as a company in 2002, but since 1991 we have been working as part of Elhuyar Kultur Elkartea (culture association). Historically our goal has been to promote the standardisation of the Basque language in the workplace. Thanks to agreements with the Basque Government in 1991 we began what would be the first Basque language plan in the company Elay in Antzuola. Since then we have managed Basque language plans in around one hundred entities. Since 2000, we have also prepared plans for companies to promote public participation. Furthermore, we have been approved by the Basque Institute for Women Emakunde to provide technical consultancy on equality and we work this aspect in institutions and companies.

Elhuyar was born in 1972 to combine the Basque language and science. Linguistic services are one of the cores of Elhuyar, and its main objective is to offer resources, tools and linguistic services to develop the Basque language. We want to offer comprehensive quality linguistic services taking into account client needs. We offer translations, proof-reading and training. Lexical-terminology resources, corpus, lexicography services and novel, advanced dictionaries, all adapted to client needs. Our objective is to promote research into language technologies and, to do this, we have a R&D unit where, thanks to investing in research and development, we have developed several resources and tools. This has allowed us to renew and improve our services.

Zelai Haundi kalea 3, Osinalde industrialdea 20170 Usurbil +34 943 372 052 +34 943 363 144


Zelai Haundi kalea 3, Osinalde industrialdea 20170 Usurbil +34 943 36 30 40 +34 943 36 31 44

LIST OF ENTITIES Elhuyar Aholkularitza Elhuyar Fundazioa Emun - Lana Euskalduntzeko Kooperatiba Iametza interaktiboa

Emun Lana Euskalduntzeko Kooperatiba Uriburu 9 behea, 227 PK 20500 Arrasate +34 943 711 847 +34 943 793 426 /

As part of the Basque language standardisation process, we are a company that offers linguistic services to develop working in Basque; we have been working on this since 1997. In recent years we have also been trying to diversify our services, a result of this are the resources dedicated to the following areas: immigration and culture. We are a working group made up of over eighty professionals, the most important asset at Emun. A dynamic, upto-date, professional, friendly and committed working group. We offer quality services adapted to our clients' needs, based on innovation and continuous training. As a result throughout the years at Emun we have managed to acquire much knowledge and an effective methodology in the work field. We have become an important reference in the sector thanks to our strategic commitment and our continued growth in recent years. These characteristics and the trends in invoicing are an example of the size and capacity of our project

Iametza interaktiboa

Zirkuitu ibilbidea 2, 1. pabilioia 20160 Lasarte-Oria +34 943 376 716 Iametza Interaktiboa S.L. arose in 2008 from the union of what are today our main partners: Komunikazio Biziagoa S.A.L. ( editor of Argia media), Antza S.A.L. Graphic Communication and Adur Software Productions (ASP). Therefore, at Iametza we combine three lines of business: communication, design and technology. The services we offer include: website and web application development, website maintenance (web maintenance, publishing journals and newsletters, etc.), communication plans, multimedia product development, advising clients and managing different types of subsidies.



KOMALingua Sierra de AndĂ­a 2, Ofic. 26D 01010 Vitoria (Alava) +34 945 170 057 +34 945 191 119

Koma is a linguistic services companies whose main lines of activity are language training, translation, interpretation and linguistic consultancy. With over 10 years on the market, it offers services and operations on a national and international level. We are firmly committed to quality and innovation and the ISO 9001:2008 and UNE 15038:2006 certifications back us up.


Lacunza-ih Urbieta 16 20006 San Sebastian +34 902 012 912

A global leader in linguistic services. In 2012, the Lacunza group now has over 150 professionals of renowned prestige and it offers a wide range of services: English, French and Chinese courses at its 9 centres; courses for companies; organisation of exams (Cambridge); teaching in schools; teacher training and consultancy; translation and linguistic auditing. The Lacunza group is a founding member of the European Association for Quality in Language Services ( and member of one of the largest global linguistic services networks, International House World Organisation (

LIST OF ENTITIES KOMALingua Lacunza-ih Libenet maramara* taldea

maramara* taldea


Tolosa Hiribidea 107, behea 20018 San Sebastian +34 682 729 864 +34 943 639 474 LIBENET is the association of several independent companies in the field of books and the technology sector to offer technological consultancy and services to the publishing industry. LIBENET members are companies with a vast experience in the culture and technology sectors, combining experience and prestige. LIBENET is a digital distribution platform and also offers scanning services, marketing and digital communication, online store development, etc.

Portuetxe 53b, 109. bulegoa 20018 San Sebastian +34 943 504 206 +34 943 000 125

maramara* taldea was created in 2008 in San Sebastian, in order to offer clients quality linguistic services. We offer translations, proof-reading, transcriptions, subtitles, online and attendancebased courses on language and translation, as well as coaching. Management quality, efficiency and continuous communication with clients are some of our strengths. We also have a design and layout label, Bitanta, that offers creative and corporate image work as well as offering our clients layout designs for their translation work. Among our clients are public and private institutions, companies, communication services, etc. As a guarantee of quality we have been awarded the gold Bikain, UNE 15038 and ISO 9001 certificates, and many more.



HUHEZI Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences Dorleta auzoa z.g. 20540 Eskoriatza +34 943 714 157 +34 943 714 032


Avda. Alava 4 20500 Arrasate +34 94 661 34 67 Founded in 1973, this company is dedicated to linguistic services in the areas of Translation and Interpretation, developing e-learning contents and training for individuals, companies and educational institutions. We have centres in Arrasate, O単ati, Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria.


The Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (HUHEZI), initially created to train teachers who could teach in Basque, plays an important role in aspects related to recovering and developing languages. On one hand, around 1,000 students per year pursue their undergraduate studies in a multilingual context in which the backbone is Basque but Spanish and English certainly have a significant presence. We teach people that will develop their careers in the fields of education and audiovisual communication. HUHEZI also has a strong commitment to recovering minority languages and is fully committed to developing native languages. Since 2006, it offers postgraduate studies in developing native languages and identities. Besides the merely academic aspect, HUHEZI promotes the research and implementation of studies in the field of linguistic standardisation.

LIST OF ENTITIES MONDRAGON Lingua HUEZI - Mondragon Unibertsitatea Pausumedia GKE Plazagunea (Egunea)

Pausumedia GKE

Pinar kalea 6, behea-263 20301 Irun +34 646 974 485 We are an association committed to the values of the third sector of communication: community media, our priority is to promote the creation of communication media in Basque in the Bidasoa region (Irun, Hendaye, Hondarribia, Pausu and Biriatu). As communication is our main line of work, collaborating with other community communication media makes Pausumedia an association committed to developing communicative cooperation projects. Pausumedia arose from the need to create communication spaces to standardise the Basque language in the Bidasoa region. At the same time, we work to promote communication between the different association on both sides of the Bidasoa, as well as the participation of migrants living in our region.

Plazagunea (eGunea)

Martin Ugalde kultur parkea. Gudarien Etorbidea z.g. 20140 Andoain +34 943 590 443

eGunea belongs to the Elkar Fundazioa and is an ICT-based company. It has 12 years' experience. On one hand it offers ICT-related services to the group's publishers and distributors and, on the other, it develops applications and websites for companies in general, and particularly for companies in the fields of education (its client portfolio consists of 90 education centres) and culture.



Rec recording studio

Zuatzu kalea, Urgull eraikina 1,2,3 20018 San Sebastian + 34 943 312 112 + 34 943 312 059 With over 16 years' experience in sound production and postproduction for advertising, film and television, we specialise in sound services programmes ranging from direct sound to their complete postproduction, including dubbing in different languages, making full soundtracks, music and effects, mixes for film, TV, DVD, BluRay surround systems and encoded in different formats. Located in the business park in San Sebastian, Zuatzu, Rec has a dynamic and versatile team, with extensive experience in the audiovisual field.



Technology Park of San Sebastian Paseo Mikeletegi 2 20009 San Sebastian +34 902 760 000 +34 901 760 009 Tecnalia Research & Innovation is a private centre for applied research with the resources, both material and human, necessary to generate technological knowledge. A blend of technology, drive, effectiveness, boldness and imagination.

LIST OF ENTITIES Rec recording studio Tecnalia IK4-Tekniker Tisa Gipuzkoa


Apdo. 44, Otaola 20 20600 Eibar +34 943 206 744 +34 943 202 757

Tekniker-Ik4 is a technology centre that is part of the IK4 alliance. In recent years, Tekniker has invested in many resources to advance current technologies that have enabled us to support and advance applications, such as intelligent content management, with extensive experience in consultancy and implementing the complete technological monitoring process; systems to support decision making, an example of this are the prototypes we have developed to support doctors in decision making by capturing, aggregating and analysing the most relevant information from heterogeneous sources; or natural human-machine interaction with a guide robot. For all this we advance and apply semantic technologies (knowledge representation), natural language processing techniques, user modelling and visualisation techniques.


Avda. Libertad 17, 3ยบ 20004 San Sebastian +34 943 431 157 +34 943 422 124 tisa-traduccion@ Founded in 1975, Tisa is a reference in the Basque Autonomous Community. It offers linguistic services specialised in translation and interpretation and it has over 35 years experience. Tisa has a team of 140 people, with 35 language combinations and a vast experience in the field of translation and interpretation. Tisa has all the human and material resources necessary to diligently, efficiently and professionally provide the services required by our clients. All the services provided are subject to professional secrecy for which we have a confidentiality agreement. Tisa operates in the three provinces of the Basque Autonomous Community.




University of Deusto Grupo LinguaMedia Avenida de las Universidades 24 48007 Bilbao +34 944 139 000

The LinguaMedia research group at the University of Deusto work on studying oral and written language, as well as digital media. The LinguaMedia lines of research fall under areas of international interest such as the development of digital humanities, linguistic technologies, preserving and exploiting cultural heritage, promoting minority languages and multilingualism in the context of European interculturality.


Pยบ Manuel Lardizabal 1 20018 San Sebastian +34 943 015 076 +34 943 015 590 Faculty of Computer Science of the University of the Basque Country . At the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of the Basque Country our main objective is research applied to the Basque language, but our activity also covers research on other languages and product development. To undertake these tasks, we have created a multidisciplinary working team: 32 computer technicians, 8 linguists, 3 research technicians and one administrative assistant. Among the products developed by the group, the most well known are the spell check Xuxen, the automatic translator OpenTrad, Euskal Wordnet, the corpus of science and technology (ZT Corpus) or the corpus of syntactic annotation (EPEC). We have also participated in several European projects: Meaning, Kyoto, Paths. In the product section you can find more detailed information and all the resources, tools and products we have created and try our demos.

LIST OF ENTITIES University of Deusto LinguaMedia Group UPV/EHU IXA Group UPV/EHU AHOLAB Signal Processing Laboratory UPV/EHU Faculty of Arts

UPV/EHU Signal Processing Laboratory Urkijo Zum. z.g. 48013 Bilbao +34 94 601 3969 +34 94 601 4259

Aholab is the short name of the Signal Processing Laboratory of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). The laboratory is located in Bilbao and since 2005, we are a recognised research group of the Basque Research Network. The laboratory belongs to the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (DET) in the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao (ETSI). We are a university research team and focus our research in the areas of text to speech conversion, speech and speaker recognition and speech processing in general.

UPV/EHU Faculty of Arts Paseo de la Universidad 5 01006 Vitoria +34 945 013 178 +34 945 013 201 Letren Fakultatean (EHU) hizkuntza desberdinak irakasten eta ikertzen dira, adibidez: euskara, gaztelera, ingelesa, frantsesa, alemana, eta abar. Itzulpengintza eta interpretazio ikasketak ere eskaintzen dira. Hau guztia aurrera eramateko laborategi espezializatuak eta baliabide tekniko aurreratuenak daude. The Faculty of Arts (UPV) offers teaching and research in several languages, such as: Basque, Spanish, English, French, German, among others. It also offers courses in translation and interpretation. For this it has specialised laboratories and advanced technical resources.



UPV/EHU Speech Interactive

Faculty of Science and Technology. University of the Basque Country. Sarriena s/n 48940 Leioa +34 94 601 2715 The research group in recognition of forms and speech technology of the University of the Basque Country has twenty-five years of proven experience in all aspects related to developing automatic speech recognition and understanding systems. It has also made developments in technologies related to automatic language identification, adaptation to the speaker or automatic document classification. We also work on automatic translation based on statistical methods and specialise in voice translation. And finally in an area of the future such as dialogue systems and voice-based interfaces. Our working languages are Spanish, English and Basque, a language for which we have made specific developments. We conduct leading research in collaboration with research groups from other Spanish, European and American universities.


UPV/EHU Basque Institute

Avda. Abandoibarra 3 48009 Bilbao +34 946 018 100 contenidos/in Created in 1996, the Basque Institute of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea aims to study the Basque language: grammar, vocabulary, use in the social field, scientific terminology, etc.

LIST OF ENTITIES UPV/EHU Speech Interactive UPV/EHU Basque Institute UPV/EHU DREAM - Donostia Research Group on Education and Multilingualism UZEI Basque Centre for Terminology and Lexicography

UPV/EHU DREAM Donostia Research Group on Education and Multilingualism FICE, Tolosa Hiribidea 70 20018 San Sebastian +34 943 015 576

The Donostia Research group on Education and Multilingualism (DREAM) conducts research on various aspects of multilingualism in educational settings. It focuses on the analysis of linguistic and communicative competence in the languages used in the school curriculum and within the family. The DREAM group, based at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/ EHU), is internationally renowned for its publications, presentations and papers at international conferences. The group has a clear interdisciplinary character, with experts in minority languages and multilingual education, multiculturalism and language of immigrant students, linguistic landscape, statistics and evaluation, family counselling and school, teaching and school organisation and linguistic analysis.

UZEIBasque Centre for Terminology and Lexicography Aldapeta 20 20009 San Sebastian +34 943 473 377

UZEI is a non-profit organisation founded in 1977. In order to standardise the corpus of Basque it offers quality linguistic services. The main lines of work at UZEI are to establish and disseminate Basque languages for special purposes, analyse the evolution of Basque lexicon and collect and investigate the corpus of Basque lexicon. Following those lines we have developed several projects, products and research related to linguistic engineering in Basque and Spanish.



Vicomtech - IK4

Mikeletegi Pasealekua 57, Parque Tecnol贸gico 20009 San Sebastian +34 943 309 230 +34 943 309 393 Vicomtech-IK4 is an applied research centre for Interactive computer graphics and multimedia. The Department of Speech and Natural Language Technologies aims to research and develop advanced speech and language processing techniques to transfer innovative applications to the language industry and satisfy the multi-sectorial needs of human-machine interaction and/or management of multilingual multimedia contents characteristics of the information society. The mains lines of activity of the group are speech processing, natural language processing and dialogue systems. Since 2001, the department has experience in participating in and coordinating industrial and research projects a regional, national and European level.


Bakun Itzulpen eta Argitalpen Zerbitzuak Narkis Balentziaga 2, 20749 Arroa Behea +34 943 148 306 +34 943 897 380

Translation and publishing on demand. At Bakun, translation is our speciality, but we also engage in a wide range of publishing work: books, magazines, leaflets, guidebooks, websites, etc. Right from the very beginning, quality has been the cornerstone of our work. Therefore, in addition to dozens of translators, the company also has seven professional proof-readers responsible for ensuring the quality of all our end work, whatever the format.

LIST OF ENTITIES VIicomtech - IK4 Bakun Itzulpen eta Argitalpen Zerbitzua Elduaien Language Academy

Elduaien Language Academy Avda. Martín José Iraola 8, 3º Izda. 20400 Tolosa 943670052 +34 943 671 275

Over its 40 years of experience in the field of language teaching, Elduaien has followed a policy of constant improvement and has widened its scope to the point where today it offers a large number of language classes (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Basque, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Modern Greek) as well as Spanish for foreigners and school reinforcement classes. We have a wide range of courses on offer in order to meet the student’s requirements, priorities and prospects: The academy: classes are given in our own centres from 7:00 to 22:00 and these may be one-to-one or in a group: These are courses aimed at companies that wish their employees to be trained in the field of languages. Extracurricular classes in schools: our teachers travel to schools to give classes during the time reserved for extracurricular activities. Summer: in order not to lose the rhythm of the course or give one’s knowledge of the language a boost, the academy offers the following: intensive courses. Children's play centre. Spanish for foreigners: the duration of these courses, which are aimed at foreign students, varies according and the programmes are especially designed for groups of adults or young people. Reinforcement classes for groups: These groups are created to reinforce school studies. 



LANGUNE Mikeletegi Pasealekua 56, 3ÂŞ planta Oficina 301 | 20009 San Sebastian Tel.: +34 943 309432

Langune Catalog  

The catalog of Langune

Langune Catalog  

The catalog of Langune