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L A N G U A G E L I N K   V I E T N A M       S U M M E R   P R O G R A M   Are  you  a  qualified  and  experienced  Young  Learner    teacher?   If  the  answer  is  YES  then  LLV  is                                              for  YOU!   If   teaching   children   and   teenagers   is   your   preferred   area   of   EFL/ESL   then  the  Young  Learner  Summer  Program  in  Hanoi  should  be  at  the   top  of  your  list  of  choices  of  work  locaOon  this  coming  June  and  July   2011.   Hanoi   has   been   described   as   the   Paris   of   Asia   with   tree   lined   boulevards,  myriad  of  parks  and  lakes  with  a  now  abundant  choice  of   social  scenes.   The  Language  Link  Young  Learner  Program  will  run  out  of  each  of  our   four  campuses:  Cat  Linh,  Dai  Co  Viet,  Lang  Ha  and  the  new  campus  at   Yen  Phu.     Each   school   is   well   resourced   with   everything   you   need   to   deliver   engaging,   effecOve,   student   centered   lessons.   With   the   addiOonal   support  of  our  experienced  YL  academic  team  you  will  find  adapOng   to   Vietnamese   students   learning   needs   a   friendly   process   and   valuable  addiOon  to  your  personal  porTolio  of  experience.  

Who and  where  are  we?   Language  Link  was  established  in  London  in  1975   and  has  since  grown  into  a  leading  English   language  service  provider  in  Russia,  Uzbekistan,   China  and  Vietnam.    

36 Cat  Linh  Street   Dong  Da  District  

62 Yen  Phu  Street   Ba  Dinh  District  

With five  branches  in  Vietnam  LLV  dominates  the   market  in  the  north  and  is  establishing  a  strong   corporate  presence  in  the  south.  

Young Learners,   children   aged   6   –   10   years   and   teenagers   aged   11-­‐16   years,   account   for   almost   half   of   our   work   and   we   are   well   equipped   to   make   sure   that   they   all   receive   the   best   value   for   their  investment  in  us.   Whichever   school   you   work   from   the   courses   have   a  fully  paced  and  staged  curriculum,  provided  with   all  the  published  support  material  and  a  wealth  of   supplementary   resources   to   compliment   the   course  through  every  stage.  

80A Lang  Ha  Street   Dong  Da  District  

26 Dai  Co  Viet  Street   Dong  Da  District  

Which candidates  are  we  looking  for…   Minimum  Requirements  

…what you  need  to  do…  

Must have  a  recognized  teaching  qualificaRon.  Preference  will  be  given  to  those   candidates  who  possess  a  Cambridge  CELTA  or  Oxford  Trinity  TESOL  120hr  with   observed  teaching  pracRce  and  CELTYL  or  equivalent.  

•     Monday  to  Friday     •       Classes  scheduled  between  8am  and  5.30  or  6pm.     •       Two  classes  AM  and  two  PM.     •       Each  class  will  be  1.5  or  2  hours  long.   •       Full-­‐Rme  teachers  work  up  to  110  contact  hours  per  month.    

Must have  bachelors  degree  in  any  discipline  if  the  candidate  wishes  to  remain   working  aXer  the  Summer  Program.  

•     Prepare  and  adend  Parents  MeeRngs.     •       Weekend  Parents  meeRngs  qualify  for  overRme  payment.  

Must have  a  police  clearance  cerRficate,  dated  within  6  months  prior  to  arrival   from   home   country,   if   arriving   from   overseas   and   intending   to   remain   working   aXer  the  Summer  Program.   Preference   will   be   given   to   candidates   who   have   a   minimum   of   two   years   experience  teaching  young  learners  ESL/EFL  and  those  who  possess  professional   teaching  qualificaRons  with  graduate  qualificaRons  that  are  specific  to  teaching.   Please  provide  the  following  documents  to  support  your  applicaRon   Current  C.V:  highlighRng  YL  teaching  experience  and  qualificaRons:  doc  or  pdf.     Teaching  QualificaRon:  jpeg  or  pdf.   Graduate  QualificaRon:  jpeg  or  pdf  (if  required).   Police  clearance  cerRficate:  jpeg  or  pdf  (if  required).   Passport  informaRon  page:  required  to  support  visa  applicaRon  jpeg  or  pdf.   The  original  copies  of  these  documents  are  required  on  contract  signing  in  Vietnam     All   of   the   above   documents   are   required   without   excepRon   to   obtain   a   work   permit   and   LLV   will   not   offer   employment   if   these   documents   cannot   be   produced   on  contract  signing.  

Teachers can   also   be   asked   to   placement   test   and   contribute   to   resource   development   work   should   their   teaching   schedule   not   reach  110hrs.                                      …and  what  we  provide  for  you     •       Visa  on  arrival   •       Airport  collecRon   •       Taken  to  hotel  organized  by  LLV  for  iniRal  stay   •       OrientaRon,  InducRon  and  Workshops   •       Fully  resourced  staffrooms  and  classrooms   •       Excellent  mentor  and  line  management  support   •       Full  HR  and  Admin  support   •       Guidance  on  accommodaRon  and  social  events   •         Priority  given  to  SP  teachers  for  post  program  vacancies  

Full-­‐Time Overseas  Candidates  

•   $140  expenses  for  InducRon  week   •     $1305  net  per  month  (paid  VND)   •     $15  net  per  night  accommodaRon  allowance  (paid  in  salary)   •     $500  net  compleRon  bonus   •     Up  to  $600  net  flight  allowance  (Rcket/receipt  required)  

Full-­‐Ome Local  Hire   •     As  above  without  flight  or  accommodaRon  allowance   Local  Hire  Part-­‐Ome   •     Up  to  60  hours  per  month   •     $20-­‐$26  per  hour     •     $250  net  bonus  


ASP 1  –  Responding  to  job  posRng  from  overseas   ASP  2  –  Responding  directly  with  OVIA   ASP  3  -­‐    Local  candidates  in  person  interview  

With more  opportuniRes  and  and  more  applicants  every  year   the   HR   recruitment   team   have   been   looking   for   ways   to   provide   as   many   applicants   as   possible   a   fair   chance   of   achieving  their  goal.  With  the  introducRon  of  the  state  of  the   art                                  Online  Video  Interview  ApplicaRon  we  think  we   have  achieved  our  goal.   For  all  overseas  applicants  there  is  now  no  need  to  go  through  the  mulRple  e-­‐mail   exchange   and   someRmes   weeks   that   it   takes   to   organize   a   telephone   or   Skype   interview.   Candidates   can   simply   follow   the   link   provided   in   all   internet   communicaRon   with   the   recruitment   team   and   provided   they   have   an   internet   connecRon,  webcam  and  microphone  they  can  record  the  answers  to  the  quesRons   provided  and  the  recruitment  team  can  respond  within  2-­‐3  working  days.    

ASP 1  –  OVERSEAS  CANDIDATES   1.  Submit  the  following  documents  for  consideraRon   •  Cover  Leder   •  Up  to  date  C.V.     •  PDF/Jpeg  copy  Teaching  qualificaRon   •  PDF/Jpeg  copy  Graduate  qualificaRon   •  PDF/Jpeg  copy  of  Passport  informaRon  page  

ASP 2  –  OVERSEAS  CANDIDATES   1.  2.  3.  4.  5. 


Await response  from  recruitment  team  


PosiRve response  will  invite  interview  and  request  use  of  OVIA   1.  or  suitable  date  and  Rme  for  telephone  or  Skye  interview.   2.  Interview   3.  Successful  candidates  receive  offer  in    Pre-­‐Service  Agreement   4. 

4.  5. 

Use link  provided  to  respond  with  OVIA  with  C.V.  sent  to  recruitment   Await  response  from  recruitment  team  2-­‐3  working  days   Successful  candidates  will  be  requested  to  submit  documents  as  ASP  1   Second  interview  arranged  if  felt  necessary  to  expand  and  confirm   Successful  candidates  receive  offer  in  Pre-­‐Service  Agreement  

ASP 3  –  LOCAL  CANDIDATES   Send  C.V.  directly  to  recruitment  team  and  await  response   Date  and  Rme  arranged  for  interview   Interview  at  LLV  head  office  providing  all  original  copies  of  documents   Candidates  noRfied  of  result  in  person,  by  phone  or  e-­‐mail  as  agreed    

A ‘Rough  Guide’  for  Successful  Candidates  Arrival  and  InducRon   All  successful  candidates  will  be  provided  informaRon  on  visa  collecRon,  airport  collecRon  and  what  to  expect  on  iniRal  arrival.    

Language Link Vietnam Summer Program 2011 Pre-Service Agreement –

Overseas Hire Full-time (Up to 110 hrs)

Teacher’s full name: This is to confirm that you have been offered a teaching position with Language Link Vietnam. (LLV). This document is a summary of the terms and conditions’ offered and does not constitute a contract. You will be asked to sign an official contract by the school before starting work. Please sign and return a jpeg/scanned copy to LLV to confirm receipt of the offer.

LLV School

To be determined by scheduling upon arrival at one of our four schools at either 36 Cat Linh, 24 Dai Co Viet, 80A Lang Ha or 62 Yen Phu Street in Hanoi

Period of Employment

2 Months from June 1 2010 – July 31 2010

Induction and Start date

Workshops commence week beginning 23

Induction Payment

$140 net to attend 12 hours of workshops

No. of contact hours per month

Up to 110hrs including cover classes and parents meetings.

Salary and Bonus

$1305 net + $500 net bonus

Visa provision

$60 reimbursed at conclusion of program


Up to $600 for flight to arrive in Vietnam for the program. Flights purchased prior to the agreement to not qualify nor do separately purchased outbound flights.

Accommodation Provision

$15 net per day from the 1 of June paid together with salary




May 2011


Upon contract signing you must have the following documents otherwise LLV cannot support your visa application and therefore legal working status. Original degree Original teaching certificate In signing this document, you are confirming that you are in good health, with no existing physical, mental or medical conditions that would prevent you from fulfilling all the requirements of this post for the full term of your contract. I have read and understand and agree to the terms and conditions set out above. I understand that this Teacher Service Agreement does not constitute a formal employment contract. I will be asked to sign an official Contract from LLV before starting work, an example of which I have been shown.

Teacher’s signature: ……………………………………


For HR Teacher Recruitment Services: ……………………………..


Strictly Private and Confidential

These links  will  help  you  get    a  beder  picture  of  what  to  expect  from  what  to   expect  from  life  in  Hanoi  and  all  the  local  info  you  need  to  keep  you  on  track.    

Young Learners Summer Program 2011  

Language Link Vietnam Young Learners Summer Program 2011

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