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Academic year 2014-15 was a successful year of change and growth for us at Langsdale. We completed our move to our temporary home in the former Law Library in the H. Mebane Turner Learning Commons in summer 2014, and both students and library staff and faculty responded well to the transition. We saw growth in a number of areas of usage and we upgraded access services in mobile, wireless and large-scale printing. We began a series of faculty conversations on their current scholarship and partnered with the Achievement and Learning Center’s Writing program to sponsor workshops and events to promote our research and writing support. We are excited about the plans we’ve made for the “new” Langsdale; our renovated building, which we hope will open in January 2018, providing patrons with more collaborative learning spaces, flexible seating and enriched technology. Lucy Holman Director of Langsdale Library

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ACCESS “Your help really made all the difference in the world to an historian conducting research.� Amy Zanoni, History PhD student, Rutgers University

Following the move to the Learning Commons, Langsdale Library continues to strive to provide our visitors - both remote and in library - with access technologies. This year, we saw growth in desktop and laptop use within the library, as well as impressive numbers for remote access of archival materials.

digital archival files from UB’s Special Collections accessed



54,604 users

118,129 sessions


page views


The library strives to provide an effective and sufficient study space for our patrons. This year, we have seen numbers that are fairly similar to years past. We have settled into our new space, continuing to serve the variety of patrons who visit our facilities, be they students from UB or another instutition, or members of the general public seeking a space in which to learn.

"I have lived in the Baltimore area my whole life, and have never been to the University of Baltimore before. We were very grateful and impressed with [the faculty] and the resources, and appreciated being allowed access. It's nice to know there is a publicly accessible facility with archives of local history.� Abbie Schaub, documentary film researcher


questions answered

207,976 visitors

21,633 individual study sessions


group study sessions

The library’s collection continues to grow. In the 2014-2015 year, the library has added archival, digital and other objects. At the same time, space for future growth has been made through archiving and withdrawl of a variety of items.

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12,003 intercampus & interlibrary loans received

22,280 materials borrowed and renewed

70 hours of video preserved


new electronic and print titles added

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“Without your help and input my success would have been minimal. I made a 99 for the final paper. I could not have done it without you!” Wanda Dale UB undergraduate

One of our largest goals is to educate ourpatrons. This includes providing them with materials and insight for their research and learning. This year, our instruction continues to grow both in sessions tailored for individual courses and in instruction for the core curriculum. We also partnered with the ALC on writing and research consultations.


library instruction sessions


WRIT 300 courses served


reference questions answered

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2015 Annual Report  

Langsdale Library's annual report for 2014-2015