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Biography of Julia Ann Anglin Daughter of John Carver Anglin

JOHN CARVER ANGLIN John Carver Anglin was born February 16, l818, in Dickinson County, Tennessee. He married NANCY LUCINDA SPEARS about l834. She was the daughter of John Spears. John was a Justice of the Peace during the 1840's and 1850's and married a good number of the local citizens of Dickinson County. The marriage records show him often as one who executed the marriage licenses of those who were wed. John also worked as a blacksmith. No doubt, the destruction done to Tennessee by the effects of the Civil War gave cause to many to move to new and perhaps more promising lands in the west. John Anglin, Henry Hudson and others left Tennessee to settle in Northwest Arkansas in Baxter and Washington Counties where many Anglins lived in the 1870's, 1880's and into the coming of the new century. John Carver Anglin died February 6, 1904, at the age of 86 years, at Weddington, Washington County, Arkansas, and is buried at the Weddington Church Cemetery with his wife. Their children were Andrew Jackson (1835}, John Washington (1837}, Louisa L. (1839), Artamiza Jane (1840), Lucinda E. (1842), Martin Van Buren (1843), Melinda Adeline (1844), Julia Ann (1846), Thomas J. (1848), James K. (1851), Benjamin N. (1852), Willis Solomon (1854), Nancy L. (1856), and Franklin Pierce (1858).

Julia Ann Anglin was born August 2, 1846 in Dixon, Tennessee. She died March 12, 1939 in Weddington Gap, Arkansas. Julia married George Washington Lankford on February 22, 1864. The details of their marriage and children are listed in George Washington's biography. She was the daughter of John and Nancy (Spears) Anglin, an old aristocratic family of Nashville, Tennessee.

George Washington Lankford George Washington Lankford was born September 10, 1842, In Dickson County, Tennessee, near Charlotte, and died October 8, 1986, at Weddington, Washington County, Arkansas. He is buried at the Weddington Cemetery. George married Julia Ann Anglin on February 22, 1864, at Middleton in Dickson County, Tennessee, at the home of Julia's uncle, Jerry Bryant. Their wedding took place during the final months of the Civil War. George was 22 years old at the time and was “wearing the gray" and fighting for the Southern cause under General Robert E. Lee. He served four years in the 29th Regiment from Tennessee. George enlisted as a private on December 10, 1861, at Fort Donelson, in Company D, 49th Infantry (Reel #318), Confederate Army. He was captured when General Grant took Fort Donelson at Corinth, Mississippi, on February 16, 1862. He spent seven months in the hospital in Illinois after his capture. George took the Oath of Allegiance on February 11, 1865. His residence was listed at Dickson County, Tennessee, while he served under General Lee. In 1863, he received his share of his deceased father's estate, which was 75 acres of land in Dickson County, one horse worth $100, a cow and a calf, a sow and pigs, five pork hogs, one bed, and furniture. In 1877, he moved to Benton County Arkansas, where he was a farmer. His physical description was fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 5' 9" tall.

George and Julia were affectionately known as Uncle George and Aunt Julia. He was named for General George Washington. They were both members of the Baptist Church. George and Julia lived on their farm and did all their own work, caring for their chickens, cows, and garden. Julia Ann often prepared meals for large numbers of relatives and friends that visited them. They met during the Civil War in Tennessee. She was fetching a bucket of water at a spring when he came down the hill, When Julia first saw George, she reportedly said, “there's my man." They rode horseback to the wedding ceremony. Neither could read nor write.

When they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary they received a letter of congratulations from President Roosevelt. George was an ardent admirer of the President, being a staunch Democrat. The letter read as follows: I have just learned that on February 22 you celebrated the 70th anniversary. I am extending my hearty congratulations to you and best wishes for your welfare and happiness. Very Sincerely Yours, Franklin D. Roosevelt

Endnotes: submitted by Bebe (Hayes) Garcia, Great-Grandaughter of Julia Ann Anglin Lankford.

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