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Winter 2012

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Remarkable Life and Honour a Lasting Legacy A Memorial Service for

Rev. Dr. John R.W. Stott Photo: Ursula Deschamps

will be held on Sunday March 25 at 4:30 p.m., St. Paul’s Bloor St., Toronto, with reception to follow.

Charles Price

Dr. Charles Price of The People’s Church, Toronto will speak. (Location: St. Paul’s Bloor St., 227 Bloor St.E., Toronto)

”Without Langham, I would not have been able to do my studies.” A personal update by Langham Scholar Carluci Dos Santos


first met John Stott in the late 70s early 80s. I was at university, and he was the speaker at a conference organized by IVCF-Brazil. I read his books, and later on I was teaching at some seminaries in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I was using his books to teach Bible courses. I remember reading and using his commentary on the Johannine Epistles for an NT Greek course. Then the seminary wanted me to pursue doctoral studies. The evangelical church in Brazil has grown exponentially, but there hasn’t been enough theological training to keep up with the need and the demand for training. As the church

grows, people want to understand their faith, they want to qualify for ministry. Many leaders in the Church don’t even have a high school education. There are exceptions, but overall the majority of the Church in the Majority World is very grassroots. A lot of the ministers are lay ministers who have other jobs. There is a great need to train people at every level. The institution I was serving at that time was also looking for accreditation. The accrediting body suggested that some of their professors should seek doctoral training. The school actually gave me the push to do this. I knew John Stott as an evangelical scholar and I wanted to do my studies in an evangelical context. I wrote him a letter and he put me in contact with a board member of Langham. That’s how I connected with Langham Partnership years ago. You first have to be accepted by a university or college.

Langham gets applications from all over the world, and every year they choose a few. I had to decline the scholarship the first year because of family matters. I applied again in 2001, and I was accepted to come to Wycliffe College in Toronto. We arrived in Toronto to attend Wycliffe to do a doctorate in Biblical Studies. I chose Old Testament. This was in August of 2002. Bill and Gina Lamb, who were on the board of Langham Canada, picked us up at the airport. They had a team of people who found us a home to live in Toronto, they furnished the home, and they introduced us to the city and the country. A full time doctoral program requires complete dedication and commitment. There is no way I The Lambs celebrate with Carluci at his graduation could have done this without LangWilliam and Gina Lamb, Long-Time ham’s help. The studies have to be Langham Supporters Share your main goal. Without Langham, Why They Love Langham I would not have been able to do Carluci Dos Santos my studies. It would not have been think it’s really the vision. We believe very firmly in the ” possible. It was like a dream come true for me and my family. fact that Evangelicals need to have a good evangelical It was a great privilege. I wrote to John Stott as a role model. I basis – good evangelism – which has a strong academic was very honoured to be embraced by this group in Canada. basis. The whole idea is just absolutely wonderful as far as I graduated on Nov. 5, 2011. Today, I serve with Latin Ameriwe’re concerned. Langham puts legs on something we agree can Mission as Executive Director. I am working on projects to with 100%. It’s been so successful. I know John Stott said invest in theological training in Latin America. that there’s growth in a lot of churches, but not much depth. To have the training that I have has made this possible, to We’re thrilled with the way things are going now with Langconnect with these two worlds. ham Canada. With Stephen, it seems to be working page 3 8


Two New Books Help Majority World Church Grapple with Big Issues


angham is proud of its association with HippoBooks/ HippoLivres, a consortium of publishers from various countries in Africa who are working together to produce books for pastors and seminaries in Africa. Recently, Isobel Stevenson, Canada’s own Senior Editor for HippoBooks, sent off two more new books to the printer. Isobel shares what these two books are about, and how Langham Canada can continue to support these and other Langham Literature projects that are strengthening the Church in the Majority World: African universities are not ivory towers, and professors don’t always have the luxury of a quiet place in which to write or revise their books. Dr Solomon Andria worked on his commentary in the middle of a war zone in Côte d’Ivoire. It helped him to have something to do while he and his wife and a group of students were trapped and

hungry during days of heavy shelling of a nearby army base. “Work kept my mind off my fear and my anger,” he says. It also produced a heightened awareness of the importance of some of the topics Paul addresses in Romans, such as the sovereignty of God, the relationship between Christians and civil authorities, and the need for Christians to learn how to handle their disagreements. Dr Andria’s commentary is the third in the Africa Bible Commentary series. The previous two were commentaries on 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus, and on Galatians. Dr Andria’s was also the first of these commentaries to be originally written in French. It will be published in both French and English. The arrival of the French version is eagerly anticipated as there is a great shortage of Christian books in French, and especially of books by African authors. Its production was truly a multi

out beautifully, he’s got things going again. We just need to make sure we take care of the Scholars. We’re thrilled about the Literature side and the Preaching seminars.”

Who’s Who in Langham Canada? An introduction to the faces and the “virtual offices” of Langham Partnership Canada. Stephen Andrews is chair of Langham Partnership Canada. He is also an Anglican Bishop in the Diocese of Algoma. Stephen served as a student assistant to John Stott in 1984-86. Today, his Langham duties include building up Langham’s presence and strength in Canada, discerning and welcoming Langham Scholars Stephen Andrews to Canada and participating in the global partnership of Langham partners that build this ministry of literature, preaching and scholarship. His office is in Sault Ste. Marie, but he is frequently in the Toronto area. Jane Mesich acts as treasurer for Langham Partnerhship Canada. Jane processes Langham donations, reports to the board on financial matters and liaises with the Administrator for Langham Partnership Canada on various matters, as well as staff at St. Paul’s Bloor St. in Toronto where Langham donations are received. Jane’s office is also in Sault Ste. Marie.

national experience: Dr Andria comes from Madagascar, and wrote the book in Côte d’Ivoire and France. It was translated into English in Benin, and the English was edited in Canada. Soon it will be available in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Benin, and in Canada and the US through Zondervan. Thank you for all your donations which helped to fund the writing, translation and editing of this book. Please continue to support the production of the next commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations, being written in French by a theologian from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr . Yusufu Turaki teaches at a seminary in Jos in Nigeria, a city that is often torn by conflict between Christians and Muslims. He is also someone who has thought long and deeply about the sin in his own life

Karen Stiller is Administrator for Langham Partnership Canada. This role was created in 2011, and is currently the only paid position in the Langham Partnership Canada family (one day a week). This position arose out of a desire to build Langham’s presence in Canada, participate more fully in the global Langham partnership, and create a higher profile Karen Stiller in Canada for Langham Canada, through more regular contact with donors as well as an enhanced media profile. Karen works from her office in Port Perry, Ontario. (905-982-0697) The Langham Board is comprised of 10 dedicated leaders, committed to carrying on John Stott’s vision to equip the Church of the Majority World. The current Langham Partnership Canada Board is: Rt Rev’d Dr Stephen Andrews (Diocese of Algoma); The Rev. Canon Dr. Barry Parker (St. Paul’s Bloor St, Toronto); Prof. David E. Matthews (University of Waterloo); Rev. Dr. A Donald MacLeod, (Research Professor of Church History,Tyndale Theological Seminary); Elizabeth Denbeigh; Dr. George Sumner (Principal of Wycliffe College); Dr. Mark Bowald (Redeemer University College); Peggy Peacock; Dr. Peter Robinson (Wycliffe College) and Jane Mesich (Chartered Accountant). page 4

and in the life of his community. Convinced that our shallow understanding of sin means that we don’t know what to do about it, he has written a book with the startling title, The Trinity of Sin. He argues that three pairs of root sins underlie all the different sins we commit. Using the Holy Scriptures as spade and axe, he digs down to examine these roots sins of self-centredness and pride, greed and lust, and anxiety and fear. Then he looks at the fruit they bear in our lives and communities. Yusufu focuses on key issues in African culture as he explains the Bible’s teaching about sin and shows how different members of the Trinity can help us as we wrestle with different types of sin. n Please pray that like the great commentaries on Romans in the past, Dr Andria’s commentary will have a transforming effect on the church in Africa and around the world. Pray that Dr.Turaki’s book will help its readers understand the roots of sin in their lives, and the wonderful freedom that Christ provides.


What you can do to help spread the vision of Langham Partnership Canada this Winter

Why does Langham Partnership Canada have two mailing addresses?

• Pray for the church in the Majority World, that it would grow in depth and strength, even as it grows in numbers. • Pray for Langham Scholars around the world; for the publishing efforts of Langham Literature; and for Langham Preaching as it presents preaching workshops around the world. • Tell three friends about the work of Langham Partnership Canada, and encourage them to visit our website at www. • Post the link to this newsletter (from our website) on your social media network to encourage others to read about the work of Langham. • Speak to your Church about Langham Partnership Canada. LPC is an ideal fit for outward looking congregations who view the Church as global, inter-connected and, of course, growing!


reat question! In our very streamlined organization, we are grateful to accept the assistance of staff at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Toronto, to receive and process your generous donations. When Langham supporters mail in donations, they arrive at the Bloor St. address, and into the capable hands of administrative staff at that location. All other correspondence or inquiries sent by mail are sent to the Sault Ste. Marie office. Langham is grateful that technology allows this primarily volunteer-run organization to work efficiently from different offices.


Help John Stott’s Vision Grow

“Without Langham, I would not have been able to do my studies.” –Carluci Dos Santos

Langham Partnership Canada was established so that John Stott’s vision for equipping Majority World pastors with scholarship, training and literature could thrive for generations to come. You are invited to remember this giant of the faith by investing in the future of the global church. It is a fitting memorial to John Stott’s own heart.

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Langham Partnership Canada Winter 2012 Newsletter  

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Langham Partnership Canada Winter 2012 Newsletter  

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