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The Ultimate Nike is good because it has foot warmers and icepacks. It is also good for skating. It has a mini radio and a bouncy ball on the side. Garret

My shoes are good for the snow because they have heaters inside so your feet don’t get cold. There is a button on the end of the shoes to turn them on and off. It has a mini oven to bake cookies and there is an Ipod in it. Brendan

My shoe is a normal shoe. I designed it with hearts, stars and diamonds. The heel on this shoe is two inches tall! So be careful when you walk.


My shoe has a foot warmer and fur inside. People will want to buy this shoe because it is very warm! This shoe can be bought in purple and pink. Madison

Girl power

This shoe helps keep your feet warm when it is cold outside. It has a heater all around the inside of the shoe.


My shoe has a built in foot warmer. In the pink sequence circles are MP3 players. It also has a TV on the back. This shoe can turn into roller skates.

Roller skates button.

Simply You


The High Heel boot is designed with a star on the heel. It also has a heart and lines on the top for added decoration. The inside is filled with sheep’s wool and arch support. There is also a foot massager!


My shoe is awesome because it can hold any thing. It is a foot warmer and cooler. It can turn into roller or ice skates. It also plays music!



This is the working shoe and it helps you work in the garden. The shapes help kids that use them to work faster. It also has CD holder on the top.


The Ultimate Shoe was made to keep your feet warm! There is a foot warmer on top. This shoe can give you drinks and your feet will be fuzzy because of the football turf it is covered with.


This shoe is the Spaceship Shoe. It has a mini popcorn machine and a mini TV. You can watch TV while you walk! There is also a foot warmer on the bottom. These shoes are made by Nike. David

My shoe has a tracker on the back of it. The tracker find’s out where I am. There is also a skate button you push and the shoe becomes an ice skate. The skate take’s the shoe to wherever I am at. This shoe also comes with a CD player.





This shoe has a pop machine, a radio and shocks so you can jump higher. In my pop machine you can buy Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. The radio can be used to listen to anything. The shocks can also turn into a foot warmer.


FREE POP COME ON! DR.Pepper and Mountain Dew

This boot has a CD player. It also has roller blades and a foot warmer. There is also a foot cooler in it so you don’t get to hot!.


Hello dude

Pop machine

My shoe has a built in TV, snack bar, mp3 player , trampoline, roller blades, pop machine, movie theater, a foot warmer, toy car and rocket boosters. Nathanial

My boots have gel pads in the bottom. They have inside massagers and the black part feels like a goose feather pillow. The pink part feels like silk! When you press the red heart you get heat. The pink heart it gives you air conditioning.


This shoe throws firecrackers and it has a big robot on the top. There are also roller blades that turn into rockets. There is a plasma screen TV, a game place and a movie theater. The robot is wearing a Chiefs jersey and fireworks shoot out the back.


Kansas city chiefs


4th Grade Shoe Designs  
4th Grade Shoe Designs  

After reading Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing the 4th grade class designed their own shoes.