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From the link between organic and tecnology, an innovative project

In last decades there has been a growing interest in “ancient grains” from farmers, nutritionists, researchers, food industries and consumers. Certainly, so different categories have been moved by much different reasons. Farmers are attracted by the opportunity ti increase their income, food industries are always looking for new products to be brought into trade, some groupes of consumers are willing to pay high prices for innovative and organic products. Starting from the previous considerations and from the strong bond which links us to our land, on the 5 September 2008 was officially born the cooperative society Valle Scienza and the project LANGALLETTA D'ALBA, with the intention of producing high quality cereal puffed thins sarting from typical and fine cereals, transforming them whole grain.


In the High Langa, towards Liguria, not not in the same Langa of great wines, members of the cooperative society Valle Scienza, rediscovered the ancient cereal variety of those lands, the “deserta langarum�, in the middle of woods, fields , meadows, cultivating with biological methods, spelt and ancient Piedmontese corn increasing the value of the of High Langa and reinventig thins.

far, but some biocereals

With a simple and innovative tecnology of assembly of the grains, which allows the whole grain cereals transformation, we get a integral, biological, dietetic and natural product, since the only ingredients are: grains of cereals as they come from the field, very little water, and only in some cases, a pinch of sea salt.

The cooperative society Valle Scienza currently has 20 members, and works in a a structure of 1 500 square meters, divided in laboratory production, finished goods inventory, warehouse packaging, and 2 cold stores for cereals storage.

Magistra Langarum 1 00% puffed spelt thins Re Vittorio 1 00% puffed corn thins made with the processed whole grain

Le Lune Gialle Le Risate Pignoletta Le Piemontesi Le Gran Padane Guriot Multigrain

variety “Ottofile Rosso” Le Saracene 1 00% buckwheat uncoated Le Perle Nere Mixture of two different varieties of corn black 1 00% millet 1 00% brown rice from Piedmont 1 00% corn thins made with the variety “Pignoletto Giallo” 50% spelt from Langhe 50% brown rice from Piedmont 50% corn from Piedmont 50% brown rice from Piedmont 50% spelt from Langhe 50% corn from Piedmont Mixture of 7 cereals

Valle Scienza - The science of taste  

Valle Scienza and the project LANGALLETTA D'ALBA, with the intention of producing high quality cereal puffed thins sarting from typical and...

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