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|| Home to President Nelson Mandela who played a major role in ending the apartheid, and one of the fastest developing economic countries in Africa

|| One of the main host cities during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the World Design Capital for 2014

 Population: +/- 53 mil  Surface: 1.22 mil


 Capitals: Pretoria (executive) | Bloemfontein (judicial) | Cape Town (legislative)

 Population: +/- 3.7 mil  Surface: 2,445 km2  Key Languages: English | Afrikaans | Xhosa One of the most diversely cultural cities in the World

There are 11 official languages spoken in South Africa


1. Search for available AIESEC UCT (Country: South Africa) TN forms on 2. Read through the forms that you are interested in. 3. Open the link to the application form (There is one on every TN form) and fill it in - DO NOT APPLY VIA EMAIL! 4. Wait for the account manager to contact you regarding your interview

5. If you are accepted, follow the instructions given by the account manager and we will see you in Cape Town soon

 You will be picked up from the Cape Town Airport (If you arrive by other means such as bus or train, you will be picked up at an arranged destination) and taken to your accommodation.  When you arrive you will need to take care of admin like rent (see ACCOMODATION|FOOD|TRANSPORT ON THE NEXT PAGE), food, and logistics.  When you are leaving you can request for the AIESEC UCT ICX TEAM to help you get transport. You would need to do this well in advance though.


AIESEC UCT is still developing so we do not have the resources to provide any food, accommodation, or transport for interns. Most of the time, neither do the NGOs that we work with. i.e. We will not provide groceries/food and neither will the organization that you would be working for. You would also have to arrange your own transport during your internship.

*All currency conversions are based on the currency in May 2014.

 A 20 minute trip on a minibus taxi costs 8 South African Rand ( +/- 1 Euro)

A Minibus Taxi in Cape Town

 A monthly train ticket costs +/- 250 South African Rand (+/23 Euro).  Taxi cab services cost 10 South African (+/- 0.8 Euro) per kilometer.  Hiring a car is expensive. Can be cheaper if you pool money together with other interns. A Taxi Cab in Cape Town

Cost: 2500 - 3500 South African Rand (+/- 180 - 250 Euro) per intern per month.*  Usually a shared room with multiple AIESEC interns.  Most accommodation providers require rent paid upon arrival (Some accommodation requires a 1-2 month deposit)

 Relatively cheap compared to European and South American countries.  If you don’t buy anything fancy you can spend around 40 South African Rand (+/- 3 Euro) on food per day , *  Less if you cook your own food (every accommodation that we organize has a kitchen and a place to wash clothes or a nearby Laundromat).

 An accommodation contract has to be signed before arrival


A short list of some of the most popular tourist sites in Cape Town



The go-to destination for anyone keen to spend a night club-hopping

Recently selected as one of the natural world wonders

*There is a heavy amount of pick-pocketing on Long Street. If you visit it at night, we highly recommend that you do not go with anything of high value especially if you plan on partying there

CAPE POINT Where the Atlantic ocean meets the Indian ocean

CLAREMONT A popular party destination for students in Cape Town.

CAMPS BAY Home to some of the most affluent people in South Africa

OTHER BARS/CLUBS Cubana in Greenpoint Lower Main in Observatory

MUIZENBERG BEACH A popular surfing venue and a great place to spend a free day

Zevoli’s in Rondebosch Shimmy Beach Club by the Waterfront

CASTLE OF GOOD HOPE A historical landmark from the early days of the Cape of Good Hope

ROBBEN ISLAND The prison where Nelson Mandela spent the majority of his sentence for fighting against the apartheid




German speaking AIESEC Interns work in customer services to improve the product quality that Amazon produces.

AIESEC interns assist CHOSA with networking, office work, and child care




iKamvaYouth Western Cape

AIESEC interns work on office work while assisting with general administrative work

AIESEC interns work in the iKamvaYouth offices on administrative work and tutor high school students



SHAWCO There are 3 types of internships which involve evaluations, sports programs, and fundraising. Website:

BRIGHT START AIESEC interns assist with office work and take care of impoverished children in the Hout Bay community

These are AIESEC events that all GCDP interns must attend while in Cape Town. * Applicants have to sign a contract confirming that they will attend all of these events before arriving in Cape Town



A gathering of AIESECers from AIESEC UCT with interns who have recently arrived in Cape Town.



AIESEC interns help with teaching children and running projects

Interns who are in Cape Town showcase their culture by showing the people of the city what kind of food, clothes, music and other cultural items they use in their country


LEAD SESSIONS Brief Sunday afternoon gatherings where AIESECers in Cape Town get together with interns to discuss leadership and it’s role in their internships


The people who are in charge of making the internships happen ďƒžIf you do your internship in Cape Town one of the team members will be assigned as your AIESEC Buddy ďƒžThe email addresses below are provided for emergency contact. Only use them for urgent matters

Mbongeni Ncube Email:

Langalakhe Mahamba-SIthole LC Vice-President: Incoming Exchange Email: Phone: +27-83-381-3032

Nokulunga Mthembu Email:

Chamlesh Kissoondharry Email:

Ines Kim Email:


Thanks for Reading AIESEC UCT Reception Booklet 2014-2015

AIESEC UCT Reception Booklet 2014-2015  

The reception booklet for any AIESECers keen to do internships in Cape Town in South Africa

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