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Billy Lane   Adbuster     Article:­‐shit.html       With  my  last  breath     Came  death   Now  I  reside  in  the  ground   With  no  hope  to  be  found   Now  I  begin  my  endless  endeavor   To  lay  here  forever   My  final  request  was  easy   However  some  may  consider  it  cheesy   A  shallow  graved  was  my  desire   With  a  tree  over  me  so  my  spirit  could  grow  higher   Although  I  am  dead     My  spirits  will  always  be  shed   To  the  ends  of  the  earth     And  most  importantly  to  the  place  of  birth   Where  life  is  beginning   I  will  always  be  grinning   So  although  I  am  dead   I  will  spread     Through  this  new  tree     1. What  is  the  poem  about?   2. Is  the  rhyme  scheme  effective?   3. What  does  the  speaker  want?   4. Can  you  guess  what  the  article  was  about?   5. What  are  the  speaker’s  emotions?          


about the afterlife

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