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回首2009 中华·甲子大典,普天同庆 新华·踏歌而行,阔步迈进 传承中,吐故纳新、博采众长,更创宏图伟业 飞跃中,纳吸百川、志存高远,再写杏林新篇


Looking back on 2009 The whole nation joined in the jubilation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of China Xinhua Hospital strode forward accompanied by stamping of feet Learning wisely from strong points and taking in the fresh, we shall create a magnificent undertaking Accepting widely from all quarters and holding strong ambition, we shall write a new chapter This book is dedicated to those who always care and support Xinhua Hospital

Preface by 院长寄语

Hospital President



Accompanied by melodious music of New Year’s bell, we bid

importance, with “Xinhua Grand Lecture”, “Xinhua TV”

farewell to PRC first circle of sixty-years, and the first ten-years of

injecting new vitality to the culture of hospital.

the new century.

activity themed as “Passionate Xinhua Inspires You and Me” added warm and beautiful colors for 2009.

我想“激情”可能是最恰当的词语。“跨越”、“突破”、“感动”……一组组滚烫的关键词记 录着我们新华人一年的奋斗与探索、汗水与欣喜。

2009年是新华迈入发展快车道的又一年。我院以全面贯彻落实科学发展观为指导,抓 住新机遇,把握新特点,聚焦新重点,寻求新突破,坚持科学发展、和谐发展、率先发 展为主旋律,大力推进改革与创新,全力打造“新华”品牌,医教研、管理取得跨越式发 展,医疗质量明显提高,病人满意度大幅提升,学科建设科学协调发展。顺利进入上海 市“5+3”规划序列,全面负责新华医院(崇明)的建设和规划工作。“迎世博窗口服务

The appraisal

2009 is a year worth pondering and remembering. If there is a proper word to describe Xinhua Hospital in 2009, I think it might

“Accompanied by lilting sound of spring breeze, sing a triumphal

be “passion”. Such hot keywords as surmount, breakthrough,

song in the New Year.” 2010 is the World Expo year that will

touching recorded one-year’s endeavor and exploration, labor

attract worldwide attention. It is also the final year to accelerate

and joy of Xinhua people.

the implementation of "Eleventh Five-year" plan. Xinhua Hospital is experiencing the golden times of large-scale development

2009 is another year in which Xinhua Hospital developed in

with good opportunities. According to the requirements of

the fast lane.

Based on the guidance of comprehensively

“transform ideas, adjust structure, maintain growth and promote


implementing the scientific concept of development, the hospital

development”, we must adhere to the nature of public hospital,


seized new opportunities, took advantage of new features,

attach greatest importance to safeguarding people’s health,


focused on new point and searched for new breakthrough.

fully implement the reform of medical and health system, further


Adhering to the theme of scientific, harmonious and advanced

emancipate the mind, conduct active exploration, dare to

development, the hospital vigorously promoted reform and

innovate, work in a down-to-earth manner, so as to continuously


innovation, and spared no efforts to build "Xinhua" brand.

improve service quality and implement flow reengineering,


The work of medicine, education, research and management

constantly promote the construction of "great discipline, great


developed by leaps and bounds, with medical quality and

research, great education, and great logistics", accelerate the


patients’ satisfaction improved significantly, and the construction

building of major projects, laying a sound foundation for "Twelfth

of disciplines developing scientifically and coordinately. Being

Five-year" plan.

探索,敢于创新,扎实工作,持续改善服务质量和实施流程再造,不断促进“大学科、 大科研、大教育、大后勤”的建设,加快落实重大项目建设,为“十二五”规划启动实施 奠定良好基础。

我们坚信,新华人将以锲而不舍、励精图治、敢为人先、勇于实践的精神状态,同心同 德,乘势而上,共同建设新华美丽家园。

one of the Shanghai “5+3 plan”participants, the hospital will take full responsibility of construction and planning of

We firmly believe that Xinhua people will continue to work with

Xinhua Hopsital (Chongming). A serious of activities featuring

perseverance, innovation, and courage, and spare no efforts to

“Welcoming World Expo”, including “Window Service 100-day

contribute to the development of the hospital. Taking advantage

Competition”, was held vigorously. The “new three-fives”

of favorable situation, let’s build a beautiful homeland of Xinhua

program was launched. The hospital traveled by “international

with one heart and one mind.

recruitment flights” to recruit excellent talents globally for 2010年,风景这边独好!


教授 新华医院 院长

the first time. The content construction was attached great

In 2010, the scenery is uniquely fine here!

Prof. Xu Weiguo M.D Ph.D President of Xin Hua Hospital

Contents 目 录






第一部分 | 业大·精于勤

第二部分 | 术专·攻于备

第三部分 | 廪盛·形于治

第四部分 | 德广·行于思

第五部分 | 志坚·铭于心

运行概述 Operation Information

医教研发展与建设 Medicine, Education & Research

精彩回眸 Brilliant Review

精神文明和文化建设 Culture Construction

展望2010 Expectation








Discipline Construction

103 展望 Expectation










医院管理年 医疗质量万里行

100 第一届党代会










Hospital Briefing

12 组织架构

Management Structure




Overall Performance

人员结构 Staffing

16 财务情况


Key Disciplines Nursing





Medical Education Scientific Research Programs

Important Events Honors and Awards Medical Quality Inspection Tour International Exchange Development of Xinhua Gruop Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) Brand Building

Hospital Culture Social Work 1st CCP Congress

Part One 第一部分


运行概述 Operation Information

Great Cause Diligent 一路风雨兼程,凝神聚智, 一朝辛勤耕耘,麦秀两歧, 新华,以坚韧不拔的信念,矢志不移的决心, 继往开来,成就大业。 With full heart and mind, we went through trials and hardships After ploughing and weeding, we reaped rich harvest Holding indomitable faith and staunch determination Xinhua hospital will carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future

Hospital Briefing 医院概述


In 2009, under the leadership of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of

Education Commission. As the constitutional parts of MOE key disciplines of

Medicine, Shanghai Health Bureau and Shanghai Shenkang Hospital

Shanghai Jiaotong University School of medicine, the disciplines of cardiology

Development Center, Xinhua Hospital practiced and studied in depth the

and orthopedics are going well on schedule. The Deaf Disease Molecular

scientific concept of development, firmly grasped the principal of "patient-

Biology Laboratory was founded, which reinforced the foundation for the

centered", adjusted strategic plan, made overall arrangements, stressed on

construction of ENT, the key discipline of Shanghai Jiaotong University School

improving medical quality, and strengthened internal management. The major

of Medicine, and Ear Science Institute. 7 people have successfully received

index showed leap-forward growth, operational performance and medical

the programs of MOE’s “New Teachers”, Shanghai Science and Technology

quality improved continuously, discipline construction developed rapidly, patient

Commission’s “Outstanding Discipline Leaders”, Shanghai Education

satisfaction improved remarkably, infrastructure construction came into full

Commission’s “Dawn Scholars”, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission’s

scale, the supporting task of Grade III hospital in suburban areas moved

“Youth Venus”, and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission’s “Youth

steadily, achieved successfully the forth year objectives and tasks of “11th Five-

Venus Following Plan”. 16 people have won such honors as National Excellent

Year Development Plan”, which laid a solid foundation for the good, fast and

Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination, special scientific research fund for

sustainable development of the hospital.

selecting and training outstanding young teachers of Shanghai colleges and universities, Wang Kuancheng Medicine Incentive Fund, the first and second


In 2009, according to the requirements of MOH “Medical Quality Improvement

prize of Shanghai Jiaotong University back-up personnel of "Morningstar Plan",


Inspection”, the hospital further enhanced the three-level management

etc. The ratio of doctoral tutors to departments’ directors/vice directors rose

model consisted of president, administrative departments’ heads and clinical

from 35.8% of 2008 to 56.6% of 2009.

优化,病人满意率显著改善,基本建设推向全面高潮,支持郊县三级医院建设稳步进展,圆满完成医院“十一五发展规 划”第四年的目标任务,为医院实现又好又快可持续发展奠定扎实基础。

departments’ directors, improved medical quality and performance, optimized service flow, rigorously enforced law-regulated practice, strengthened system

The hospital has established 126 longitudinal scientific research programs,

construction, and took active measures to safeguard medical safety. The

among them one is the “Project 863”of the Ministry of Science and Technology;

hospital received high appraisal in Hospital Management Year Campaign/

24 are National Natural Science Found of China, 40 scientific research

Medical Quality Improvement Inspection by Shanghai Health Bureau. In

programs set up by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 20 scientific

addition, the hospital accepted the supervision by MOH on behalf of Shanghai

research programs set up by Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai

and achieved excellent results. The hospital ushered in a brand new historical


Health Bureau, and received a total amount of 19.093 million yuan for scientific

period of leap-forward development.

research。Other research programs received are: 10 horizontal programs with a


In 2009, the total number of OPD and emergency patient visits reached

obtained throughout the year, including three third prizes of 2009 Shanghai

2,856,292, up 13.0% from the previous year; the total number of discharged

Medical Science and Technology Progress Awards won by Liu Zhenguo’s

patients was 59,479, climbing 17.4% compared with that of last year; the

“Research on the relationship of Parkinson's motor complication occurrence

number of operations on inpatients was 35,381 , an increase of 21.8% from the

and non-dopamine receptor phosphorylation and their signal transductions”,

previous year; the bed occupancy rate was 122.33%, up 4.43%; the bed turn-

by Dai Liyang’s “Treatment of thoracolumbar burst fracture”, by Wu Yeming’s

over rate was 48.44 times / bed , rising 7.05 times / bed in comparison of that

“Laparoscopic minimally invasive correction surgery for children with congenital

of previous year; the average length of stay was 9.21 days, shortened by 0.93

malformation of digestive tract”, and one third prizes of 2009 Shanghai

days; the percentage of the drug income to the total revenue accounted for

Combined Chinese and Western medicine Science and Technology Award

2009年,新华医院全面贯彻落实卫生部“医疗质量万里行”活动的具体要求,进一步强化院长、部门负责人和科室主任三 级管理模式,提高医疗质量、增强医疗绩效、改善医疗服务,优化服务流程,严格依法执业行医,加强制度建设,积极 采取措施保障医疗安全。在上海市卫生局 “医院管理年”和“医疗质量万里行”督查中获得好评,并代表上海市接受卫生部

fund of 6.041 million yuan. Four various types of scientific research awards were

术人次为35381人次,同比增长21.8%;床位使用率为122.33%,同比上升4.43%;床位周转率为48.44次/床,同比上升 7.05次/床;平均住院日9.21天,同比缩短0.93天。药占比43.18%,同比降低3.6%。评价医院运营绩效的主体指标连续 第二年列为同级同类医院前列,住院与门诊单价继续有效控制在同级同类医院平均水平以下。

2009年,新华医院认真组织实施医院“十一五”发展规划,采取一系列有效措施,有序的推进了我院学科战略性结构调整进 程,极大地推动了我院的学科建设工作。我院领衔的国家教育部重点学科儿科学正顺利开展工作,并作为“211工程”第三期

43.18%, down 3.6% from last year. The major index for evaluating operational


performance ranks forefront among the hospitals at the same level for two


consecutive years. The unit price of inpatient and outpatient were effectively

室揭牌,为上海交通大学医学院级重点学科耳鼻咽喉-头颈外科和耳科学研究所的建设进一步夯实基础。先后有7人次获得 国家教育部“新教师”项目、市科委“优秀学科带头人”计划、市教委“曙光学者”计划、市科委 “青年启明星”计划、市科委 “青

controlled below average level among the hospitals at the same level. In 2009, Xinhua Hospital earnestly implemented the "Eleventh Five-Year"


Development Planning and adopted a series of effective measures, thus orderly


promoting the strategic structural adjustment of discipline and greatly pushing forward the construction of discipline. The discipline of pediatrics, which is a


leading program granted by MOE and led by Xinhua Hospital, is going smoothly under way. It is also established as the Phase III key construction program of


“Project 211”. The neonatal surgery led by Prof. Cai Wei is included in the


Phase II construction program of Shanghai University Creative Team of Shanghai






won by Wu Min’s “The key technology development, pharmaceutical research

democratic, tolerant and

and clinical application of nano-volatile oils TCM preparation”. A total of 598

harmonious hospital in a

papers have been published throughout the year on scientific and technical

creative way. In line with





journals of the statistic source, among them 61 papers included in SCI. 6

“Welcoming World Expo”,



monographs have been edited.

the hospital carried out




医德泽、仁爱博大的人格风范和精神境界,并升华执著忠诚的科学 精神和以人为本的人文精神,使新华精神发扬光大。2009年医院在

a series of activities of With the reform in strategic transition period, the hospital promoted modern

“Hundred Days’ Window

and scientific management. HR management carried out strategic operation,

Service Contest for the

performance management was optimized to be fair and reasonable, discipline,

World Expo”, offering

inspection and auditing conducted supervision effectively, project construction

humanized service of “small details, great wisdoms” and further strengthening

progressed rapidly, information technology ensured efficient operation, multiple

the sense of responsibility to participate, service and contribute to World Expo.





expansion went on steadily, financial management promoted standard funding,

The window service department won the honors of Creation Group of Shanghai



full-cost accounting has been launched, logistic work attached importance to

Health System World Expo Service Brand and one of the first batch of Shanghai



strong support, Science & Education Building, Health Care Complex Building

Health System World Expo Service Brand. “Xinhua Grand Lecture”, “Xinhua

and other construction work advanced on schedule. The hospital orderly

TV”, “Passionate Xinhua Inspires You and Me” and other activities injected new

allocated funds for housing allowances and achieved the target of handing out

vitalities to hospital culture. The hospital held a grand celebrating activity for the


the allowances in two years, which benefited 1,527 staff with a total fund of 46.7

centenary birthday of Prof. Guo Di, the pioneer of child healthcare cause and


million yuan. The hospital fully supported the construction of Xinhua Hospital

founder of pediatric developmental behavior in China, which carried forward

(Chongming). At the beginning of 2009, a basic thorough self-examination

the spirit of medical ethics, benevolence, persistence, royalty and humanity

was conducted and the “Suggestion on talent development and management

in the masses of staff. In 2009, good results have been attained in Shanghai

工作已于年内全面启动,后勤工作注重保障有力,科教大楼和干 部保健综合楼等项目施工按计划如期完成建设进度。医院有序安排 专项资金发放房贴,顺利完成了2年内解决住房货币补贴的惠民目 标,医院共投入资金4670万元使1527名职工获得专项补贴。全力




structure for the construction of Grade III Chongming general hospital” took

democratic appraisal of professional morals. The hospital won the honors of



shape. Making every effort to promote this practical and beneficial project, the

the 14th Shanghai Civilized Unit, the 9th Shanghai Health System Civilized



hospital successively sent management personnel and professional backbones

Unit, Shanghai Health System Cultural Construction Advanced Unit, Shanghai



to support management and construction of Chonming Hospital, and held job

Learning-oriented Enterprise, and Shanghai Medical Staff Ten Good Cultural

fairs in Chongming to recruit medical talents to implement the construction of

Brand Award.



discipline and talents step by step. The hospital actively held social welfare activities with Xinhua characteristics. As

区医师培训”慈善公益项目,以提高我国贫困地区医务人员的专业 新华医院的对外学术交流工作得到持续推进,全年出国、出境参







The external academic exchanges moved forward sustainably. Throughout the

the head unit of MOH newborn hearing screening group, the hospital set up a

year the hospital has send 141 batches of 173 individuals abroad to take part in

screening network with Shanghai characteristics. On the launching ceremony

international conferences, training and academic exchanges; 1550 individuals

of newborn hearing screening project in Tibet, the hospital donated screening

have attended domestic academic conferences; 33 batches of 108 medical

instruments worth 25,000 yuan. A set of cochlear implant devices was donated

experts from 15 countries like USA, Germany, Japan and other countries and

to a local deaf kid. The hospital contacted Shanghai Charitable Foundation

regions have been received by the hospital; 5 batches of 22 students from the

and Lao Ding Hotline on Shanghai Morning Post several times to raise money

University of California, Washington University School of Medicine, and Hong

for poverty-stricken severe patients. Joint with five-star sports radio, the hospital





Kong Polytechnic University have been accepted for practice. During the year,

held large scale charity consultation activity on National Fitness Day. The 17th



the hospital successfully held such major international and domestic meetings

batch of Morocco-aiding medical team were set up and sent out. In the first half



as “Shanghai Forum on Cardiac Rhythm”, “Shanghai Xinhua International

of the year, Xinhua Hospital charity project of “doctor training in middle-western

Children’s Respiratory Forum”, “The Third National Conference on fatty liver

regions” was launched to improve the professional level of medical staff in poor



disease and Forum of Mainland, Taiwan and Macau”, “The Second International

areas. 30 people became the first batch of trainees free of charge. This program

Symposium on vitreoretinal diseases”. One long term Cooperation Agreement

expanded channels and contents of public warfare by education, and enhanced

between School of Xinhua Clinical Medicine and McMaster University, Canada.

the reputation of Xinhua Hospital.

70000美元捐助款,用于耳聋患儿人工耳蜗手术补助。我院美籍 客座教授John F. Rosen教授荣获上海市人民政府颁发的2009年度 “上海市白玉兰纪念奖”。

UPS Company donated $70,000 to fund cochlear implant surgery for deaf children. Visiting Professor John F. Rosen won 2009 Shanghai Magnolia

2009 is a year composed of passion and determination. Xinhua Hospital

Memorial Award granted by Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

achieved a comprehensive upgrade, developed leaps and bounds and gained

In 2009, surrounding the central task, Xinhua hospital consolidated the results

rich harvests. Xinhua Hospital will earnestly study and practice the scientific

of cultural development, pushed forward the construction of spiritual civilization

outlook on development, firmly stick to the basic principal of keeping public

and professional ethics, concerned about the interests of the masses, expanded

nature, make efforts to alleviate the problem of " difficult and expensive medical


the channels to announce hospital’s affairs, paid attention to people’s livelihood,

treatment", deepen reform, develop connotation, enhance construction, continue


inspired the enthusiasm of medical staff, promoted to build a healthy, progressive,

to strive to realize the developmental goals of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan".

2009年,新华医院围绕中心工作,巩固文化建设取得的成果,进 一步推动精神文明和行风建设,关心群众利益,扩大院务公开,

开展“迎世博窗口服务百日竞赛活动”等系列活动,充分体现“小细 节,大智慧”的人性化服务,进一步增强职工参与世博、服务世


Xinhua Hospital Annual Report 2009 10


Management Structure 组织架构


Party Committee Office

宣传科(精神文明办公室) Propaganda Department(Spiritual Civilization Office)


Discipline/Inspection/Audit Office


Labor Union/Women’s Committee/Youth League


President Office





Medical Affairs Office Nursing Department

Health Insurance

Accompany & Care Center


院 长 书 记

Hospital President and Party Secretary

Department of Human Resources



Department of Scientific Research

OPD Office



Financial Department

Reception Office



Patient Service Center (Outpatient & Emergency Department)


Quality Control Department

Window Services Office

Overall Performance 总体运营

手术例数 35381 例 Total number of surgial pateints 2008 / 29042

6339 / 21.8%

8862 / 17.5%

床位周转率 48.44 次/床 Turn-over rate 2008 / 41.39

7.05 / 17.0%

8818 / 17.4%

床位使用率 122.33% Occupancy rate 2008 / 117.12

247030 / 12.2%

平均住院日 9.21天 Average length of stay 2008 / 10.14

急诊人数 590370 人次 Total number of patients visits to emergency service 2008 / 508599

81771 / 16.1%

药占比 43.18% Ratio of drug income to operating income 2008 / 44.79

门急诊人数 2856292 人次 Total number of outpaietns and emergency patietns 2008 / 2527491

328801 / 13.0%


Nosocomial Infections Control


Performance Management Office

入院人数 59585 人次 Total number of hospitalized patients 2008 / 50723


Information Management Office


Engineering Department


Security & Safeguard Office


Equipment Supplies



出院人数 59479 人次 Total number of discharged inpatients 2008 / 50661

5.21 / 4.4%

Logistic Service Center



Continuous Education Office


Expansion Department(Group Office)


Shanghai institute for Pediatric Research


门诊人数 2265922 人次 Total number of outpatient visits 2008 / 2018892

-0.93 / -9.2%

-1.61 / -3.6%

Clinical Medical College


School of Continuous Pediatric Education




Staffing 人员结构

人员分布|Staff Structure 总计 Total 2763人 / 100%

医生 818人 / 29.6% Doctors

医技人员 305人 / 11.0% Medical Technicians 行政管理人员 109人 / 4.0% Administrators

护理人员 1171人 / 42.4% Nurses

工勤人员 223人 / 8.1% Logistie Workers 其他 137人 / 4.9% Others

学历结构|Educational Structure 护理人员 Nurses

医生 Doctors

硕士研究生 5人 / 0.05% Master


博士研究生 197人 / 24.08% Doctor

本科 135人 / 11.61% University Graduates

硕士研究生 361人 / 44.13% Master

大专 641人 / 55.04% College Graduates

本科 260 人/ 31.79% University Graduates

中专 390人 / 33.30% Special Secondary School Graduates



Financing 财务情况

医院收入|Hospital Income

单位/万元(10,000 Yuan) 与上年比较增长

财务状况|Financing Statement 2009年 总收入Total Income: 161484

总收入Total Income


医疗 Medical Service


药品 Medicine


财政补助 Subsidy


其他 Others


2008年 总收入Total Income: 127838

180000 161170




140000 127838




医疗 86204 Medical service

医疗 64214 Medical service

药品 67007 Medicine 财政补助 6292 Subsidy

药品 54224 Medicine 财政补助 6785 Subsidy

其他 1981 Others

其他 2615 Others



医院支出|Hospital Expenditure

单位/万元(10,000 Yuan) 与上年比较增长


40000 294

2009年 总支出Total Expenditure: 161170



总支出Total Expenditure


人员 Staff payment


公用 Public Use


其它 Others


2008年 总支出Total Expenditure: 127031


总支出(万元) Total Expenditure(10,000 Yuan) 总收入(万元) Total Income(10,000 Yuan) ● 2008年 ● 2009年


● 2008年 ● 2009年

业务收入(万元) Income(10,000 Yuan) ● 2008年 ● 2009年

收支结余(万元) Balance(10,000 Yuan) ● 2008年 ● 2009年 人员 46977 Staff payment

人员 36579 Staff payment

公用 111395 Public Use

公用 87647 Public Use

其它 2713 Others

其它 2331 Others



Part Two 第二部分


医教研发展与建设 Medicine, Education & Research

Specialized Profession Rigorous 启古纳今,用创新超越自我,新华风华意气轩昂; 广博采搜,以精诚诠释健康,医术繁衍福泽四方。 Exhaling the old and inhaling the new We surpass ourselves with innovation Xinhua Hospital is at its full bloom Adopting extensively and collecting widely We interpret health with sincerity Happiness and longevity abounds through medicine

Discipline Construction 学科建设

| 上海市儿科医学研究所 | Shanghai Institute for Pediatric Research ● 基本概况 上海市儿科医学研究所成立于1978年,是上海市第一个以研 究儿童生长发育、儿科疾病为重点,兼有医疗、教学和预防任 务的应用医学研究机构。现任所长:蔡威教授。目前设有小儿 内分泌/遗传代谢病、细胞遗传、免疫/肿瘤、儿童保健/环境医 学、围产医学、新生儿外科、消化营养、组织工程以及神经肌 肉疾病病理分子诊断等研究室,并设有生物化学、生物分子、 细胞、免疫等技术平台。进入二十一世纪以来,以出生缺陷的 早期诊断和治疗为研究重点。

2009年上海市儿科医学研究所共有职工56名,其中高级研究 人员15名。现有博士生导师5名、硕士生导师7名。

Basic Information Founded in 1978, the institute is the first one in Shanghai for applied medicine focusing on the study of growth and development in children and pediatric diseases,integrating medical treatment, education and prevention. The current director is Prof. Cai Wei. At present, it boasts research offices of Pediatric Endocrinology/ Genetic Metabolic Diseases, Cellular Genetics, Immunology/ Cancer, Child Healthcare/Environmental Medicine, Perinatology, Neonatal Surgery, Digestive Nutrition, Tissue Engineering and Pathological Molecular Diagnostics of Neuromuscular Diseases, as well as technological platforms of Biochemistry, Biomolecular Sciences, Cytology and Immunology. Since the beginning of 21st century, much attention has been paid to the research on early diagnosis and treatment of birth defects. The institute has 56 staff including 15 senior researchers. 5 persons are doctoral tutors and 6 are master instructors.

SHANGHAI INSTITUTE FOR PEDIATRIC RESEARCH ● 年度工作情况 科研项目: 2009年儿研所获局级以上新列纵向科研项目16项,其中获国 家自然科学基金资助3项,市科委重点项目、上海市自然基金 项目、上海市优秀学科带头人计划以及上海市启明星计划资助 各1项,上海市卫生局项目4项等。共获资助经费260余万元。 完成各级各类科研项目结题10余项。

论文著作: 2009年度发表学术论文40余篇,被SCI收录11篇,主编学术著作 1部。根据中国科学技术信息研究所公布的结果,由顾学范,王 治国等撰写,发表在中华预防医学杂志(2004, 38:99-102)上 的“中国580万苯丙酮尿症和先天性甲状腺功能减低症的新生儿 疾病筛查调查”论文,获“中国百篇最具影响国内学术论文”。


Annual Work Report Research programs: the institute obtained 16 newly-established longitudinal research programs at bureau level or above in 2009, among which 3 were funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 1 of Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, 1 of Shanghai Outstanding Discipline Leader Program, and 1 of Shanghai Venus Program, and 4 of Shanghai Health Bureau with a total fund of over 2.6 million yuan. More than 10 scientific research programs have been finished at various levels. Academic papers: over 40 academic papers were published, 11 academic papers were included in SCI, and 1 work was edited.According to the results published by China Science and Technology Information Institute, the thesis titled “Screening for phenylketonuria and congenital hypothyroidism in 5.8 million neonates in China”, which was written by Gu Xuefan and Wang Zhiguo published in Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine(2004, 38:99-102), was awarded the honor of “China's 100 most influential domestic academic papers”.


Academic exchange: one national academic conference was held.


16 person-times and 22 person-times participated in international and



domestic academic meetings respectively. Continuous education: four sessions of state-level continuous education courses were held.

举办国家级继续教育学习班4期。 “Journal of Clinical Pediatrics” editorial office: in accordance with


the purpose of the journal, it has issued 12 sessions on schedule


focusing on clinical medicine and increased its pages to 100 while


guaranteeing its quality. One English thesis was added to each


session. In 2009, the journal was awarded the fourth East-China

中国科技论文统计源期刊、中文核心期刊、中国生物医学核心期 刊及美国《化学期刊》、波兰《哥白尼索引》等收录外,2009年

Excellent Journal. In additional to China Science and Technology Statistics Source Journal, Chinese Core Journal, Chinese Core Journal of Biomedicine, US Chemistry Journal, Poland Copernicus Index, the


journal was included in Chinese Science Citation Database in 2009.


Its influence index reached 0.869 in 2009 version of Wangfang JCR.


Programs developed: the institute took on about 40% workload of


neonatal screening of Shanghai. In 2009, the institute screened

儿8万余例,筛查疾病4种,筛查出疾病145例,早期治疗有效降 低了遗传代谢病的危害。临床串联质谱筛查检测增加40%,共检 出有机酸、氨基酸和脂肪酸代谢疾病126例。开展遗传性代谢病

more than 80,000 newborns for four kinds of diseases, with 145 cases screened out. Early treatment reduces the hazards of genetic metabolic diseases. Clinical tandem mass spectrometry screening test increased by 40%, with 126 cases detected in organic acids,


amino acids and fatty acid metabolic disorders. Over 300 cases of


20 items of genetic diagnosis of hereditary metabolic diseases were


carried out, including phenylketonuria, tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency,

前基因诊断50余例。开展外周血染色体核型分析检测3687例,产 前羊水细胞染色体核型分析255例(异常核型率2.31%),产前血 清学筛查 2893例。完成肌肉活检病理诊断45例,新生儿及婴儿 头颅B超诊断3000余例。

glycogen storage disease, methylmalonic acidemia, NiemannPick disease, multiple carboxylase deficiency, liver degeneration, spinal muscular atrophy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy, etc. In addition, the institute completed 50 prenatal genetic diagnosis of amniotic fluid, 3687 karyotype analysis of peripheral blood test, 255 prenatal karyotype analysis of amniotic fluid cells with 2.31% rate of abnormal karyotype, 2893 prenatal serological screening, 45 muscle biopsy diagnosis, and 3000-odd neonatal and infant skull B ultrasonic diagnosis.




Shanghai Clinical Medical Center for Pediatric Surgical Malformation Rectification

上海市小儿外科畸形临床医学中心于2002年3月建立,经5年建 设,于2007年8月顺利通过终期考核,现正进行第2个五年规划 工作。小儿外科专业是国内首批硕、博士培养点,学科现有高级

Shanghai Clinical Medical Center for Pediatric Sur gical Malformation Rectification was established in March 2002. After 5 years constructing, the center was passed the final acceptance


Shanghai Key Laboratory of Environment and Child Healthcare

“上海市环境与儿童健康重点实验室”是上海市科委2005年1月批 准立项建设的重点实验室之一,也是目前国内唯一专门从事环境

inspection successfully in August, 2007, and got its second 5 years



funding for constructing. The discipline of pediatric surgery is the



first training center set in China for the training of master degree


and doctorial graduates. It boasts 28 staffs with senior professional


master degree graduates and 83 graduates have been trained at


intervention of neonatal malformation with the diagnostic and treatment ideology of delivery room surgery initiated, diagnostic and treatment of difficult and complex malformation, minimally invasive surgery in children, pediatric exercise rehabilitation and pediatric


interesting, academic goal and research emphasis, it formed three research branches: effects of physical &chemical environment on children’s health, effects of social-economic environment on children’s health, and cumulative effects of heredity and environment on children’s health. And we have made brilliant achievements in

四年来,实验室采用课题组长负责制(PI)管理模式进行科学运 作,使重点实验室的管理上了一个新台阶。通过引进国内外人

children’s environment health science research. Over the past four years, the lab adopted principal investigator (PI)

surgical nutritional support, and preponderance and special features


responsibility system, and this scientific management mode advanced

of the discipline have been established. Considering the number


our management to a higher standard. By taking such measurements

of patients from outpatient and emergency, and the number of operation, the scale of clinical practice of the center had been achieved the highest status last year.

人员20人,其中教授9人、副教授7人。四年间承担科研项目35 项,总科研经费1850多万元,培养研究生27名。

as introducing domestic and overseas experts to join in our research team, sending our researchers to further study in advanced lab, the lab has built up a strong research team of crossed multi-discipline with high-efficiency and rational professional structure. Until now, the lab

科畸形临床中心实验室,现已建立了分子生物学实验室、胃肠动 力学实验室、尿流动力学实验室、组织工程学实验室及胃肠营养

In 2009, the center took on 2 research programs granted by the


National Nature Fund, 1 selective funding program by Shanghai


clinical epidemiology, learning, memory and brain function test, neuroscience and animal model establishment. Considering research



It has established five scientific research platforms, including


been filled at home. It takes the lead in the fields of the early


key lab that focuses on children’s environmental health in China.

titles, 5 of them are tutors for doctorial graduates and 9 tutors for



Commission in January, 2005. It is the first as well as the only

environmental chemical pollutants and elements analysis, molecular

the center. Since its establishment 25 technological blank have


one of the key labs approved by Shanghai Science and Technology




Shanghai Key Laboratory of Children’s Environmental Health is

has 20 researchers, including 9 professors and 7 associate professors. 2009年新立科研项目8项,包括国家自然科学基金项目2项,上

Committee for Science and Technology. And with other fundings


granted by Shanghai Health Bureau and Shanghai Jiaotong


University, we got over 10 million RMB for research. Ninty papers from the center were published last year, 12 of them were adopted by SCI.


After four years’ construction and development, we have made outstanding achievement with 35 on-going scientific research projects, over 18.5 million RMB funds and 27 postgraduates cultivated. In 2009, 8 new programs were set up with total funds about 2.00 million RMB: 2 projects granted by National Natural Science Fund, 1

At the same time, the edition of Pediatric Surgery were successfully

project granted by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 2

published. The center got a finse ranking reward and a second

projects of international cooperation study and 1 project of national

ranking reward Shanghai Committee and Science separately as well.

key lab-open study. 40 scientific articles were published in domestic

It has build up such characteristic laboratories as the Laboratory of

and international academic journals, of which 11 papers have been

Molecular Biology, the Laboratory of gastroenteritic Dynamics, the

indexed by SCI, 2 academic books have been published.

Laboratory of Ureth Dynamics and Laboratory of Tissue Engineering, and the Laboratory of Alimentary nutrition which has laid a solid foundation for carrying out basic researches and clinical tests and examinations.





| 专病诊治中心 | Special Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center

● 上海交通大学颅神经疾病诊治中心

Cranial Nerve Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University


In 2009, 19 Special Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Centers, the


first batch of Shanghai Jiaotong University, officially opened. Linked


by a university and integrating several hospitals, these centers will


become the largest diagnosis and treatment centers in Shanghai.


There are 3 centers led by our hospital. They are Colorectal Cancer


Diagnosis and Treatment Center (Cui Long as the Director, also


Chief of Anorectal Surgery), Cranial Nerve Diseases Diagnosis


and Treatment Center (Li Shiting as the Director, also Chief of


up excellent treatment system and team. The center is a joint

Neurosurgery), Premature Children Retinopathy and Pediatric Eye


platform of cranial nerve diseases diagnosis and treatment, which


implements and promotes medical technical specifications, jointly


tackles difficult problems, shares case resource, jointly trains

带的多医院诊治中心,首批专病诊治中心中有3个诊治中心以我 院为牵头单位宣告成立,分别是结直肠癌诊治中心、颅神经疾病 诊治中心和早产儿视网膜病变及小儿眼病诊治中心。

结直肠癌诊治中心主任由我院肛肠外科主任崔龙担任,颅神经疾 病诊治中心由我院神经外科主任李世亭担任,早产儿视网膜病变 及小儿眼病诊治中心由我院眼科主任赵培泉担任。

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center (Zhao Peiquan as the Director, also Chief of Ophthalmology).

Led by Xinhua Hospital, the center is composed of Renji Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, No.1 People’s Hospital, No.9 People’s Hospital and No.3 People’s Hospital. Li Shiting, Chief of Neurosurgery, serves as center’s director. By integrating resources and complementing each other’s advantages, the center brings into play technological advantages and research strength of various hospitals, and sets

talent echelon, and institutionalizes academic exchanges. Such efforts gradually form characteristics and advantages of each hospital, laying foundation for establishing a world-class cranial

● 上海交通大学结直肠癌诊治中心

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University

nerve diseases diagnosis and treatment center. In 2009, the

Led by Xinhua Hospital, the center is composed of Ruijin Hospital,

and treatment by holding large-scale volunteering medical

center spreads knowledge of cranial nerve diseases prevention consultations and popular science lectures, showing on CCTV

Renji Hospital, No.9 People’s Hospital, No.1 People’s Hospital, No.6

“Health Way” and STV “Consultation with Famous Doctors”.

People’s Hospital and No.3 People’s Hospital. Cui Long, Chief of Anorectal Surgery, serves as center’s director. Taking advantage of characteristics and strength of various hospitals, the center has set up colorectal cancer clinical database, colon cancer specimen bank and blood sample database. The center also carried out family screening of hereditary colorectal cancer and hereditary spectral mapping, established and promoted standardized flow of colorectal cancer diagnosis and treatment. The center strives to jointly tackle key problems in the fields of early diagnosis, surgery, comprehensive treatment pre-and-post surgery, and basic research of colorectal

● 上海交通大学早产儿视网膜病变及小儿眼病诊治中心 该中心由我院牵头联合第九人民医院、瑞金医院、仁济医院和上 海儿童医学中心组成,中心主任由我院眼科主任赵培泉担任。中 心充分发挥学科特色竞争优势,建立早产儿视网膜病变筛查培训 中心,对上海地区开展早产儿视网膜病变的筛查工作,对华东乃 至西北等地区的早产儿视网膜病变患儿及其它小儿视网膜疾病开 展手术治疗,继续保持小儿玻璃体视网膜疾病诊治的国内领先地


cancer, forming characteristics and strength of each hospital. The



first Shanghai Xinhua International Anorectal Surgery Forum



received praise from insiders.


量,建立结直肠癌临床数据库、肠癌标本库和血样本库,开展家 族遗传性大肠癌的家系筛查和家族遗传谱绘制工作,建立并推广 结直肠癌规范化的诊治流程,力求在结直肠癌的早期诊断、手术 治疗、术前术后综合治疗、基础研究等领域进行联合攻关,发挥

Premature Children Retinopathy and Pediatric Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Led by Xinhua Hospital, the center is composed of No.9 People’s Hospital, Ruijin Hospital and Shanghai Children Medical Center. Zhao Peiquan, Chief of Ophthalmology, serves as center’s director. Keeping leading position in treating pediatric vitreoretinal diseases in China, the center gives full play to competitive priorities of discipline characteristics, sets up training center for screening premature children retinopathy, carries out surgical treatment of premature children retinopathy and other pediatric retinal diseases in East China and North-West China. Since the founding of the center, it has held two sessions of statelevel continuous education courses featuring “standardized treatment of premature children retinopathy and pediatric eye disease and its progress”, training nearly 100 clinical ophthalmologists from all over the country.

中心内各医院的特色和强势。2009年举行第一届上海新华国际肛 肠外科论坛,获得了业内人士的一致好评。




| 医疗技术与服务平台 | Technological Platform for Medical Service


心脏介入诊治部 心脏介入诊治部成立两年来,不断开发新技术,手术量翻了 一番,年介入手术量达1800余例,其中冠脉介入治疗600余 例,射频消融400余例。现常规开展冠心病及外周血管疾病的 介入诊治、电生理检查及各种快速性心律失常的射频消融治 疗、各种永久起博器及CRT和ICD按置、先天性心脏病的介入 治疗等技术。


内窥镜诊治部 2009年消化内窥镜诊治部内镜诊治病例数达到30000余例,在 上海市内镜界名列前茅。常规开展内镜粘膜切除术(EMR)、 食管静脉曲张皮圈结扎术小儿异物内镜下取出术等。开发单气 囊小肠镜检查新技术,成为国内最早引进该项检查的单位;开 展急诊肠道支架置入治疗结直肠肿瘤急性肠梗阻,在有效缓解 梗阻症状的同时,也成为根治手术前的暂时治疗和晚期肿瘤患



血液净化部 血液净化部2009年共完成血液净化治疗近32000人次,较 2008年增长13.2%。常规开展血液透析、血液透析滤过治 疗。2009年重点开展血液净化治疗新技术,如:血液灌流 (hemoperfusion,HP),大大降低了维持性血透患者的各种并 发症,显著改善维持性血透患者的生活质量;将持续性血液净 化(continuous renal replacement therapy,CRRT)技术用于 危重患者的救治,使危重患者救治成功率明显提高。我院的维 持性血透患者中乙、丙肝阳转率显著低于全市平均水平,在卫 生部、卫生局和市血透质量控制中心等多项检查中得到肯定。


准分子激光治疗部 2009年近视激光手术量与去年同期相比增长35.8%,常规开展 普通近视准分子激光原位角膜磨镶术(L ASIK)和准分子激光 上皮下角膜切削术(L ASEK),开展新技术、新疗法:通过激 光分区切削扩大激光手术治疗范围;有晶体眼后房型人工晶体 植入术(ICL),完整搭建屈光手术的眼外(角膜激光)和眼内 (晶体)平台,对高度近视手术治疗方案趋于多元化发展。先 后获得上海市重点学科建设项目资助1项,上海市卫生局中医药 科研基金1项,上海市科委医学引导类科研基金1项。


Department of Cardiac Interventional Diagnosis and Treatment: The department, Since the founding of it for two years, has been constantly developing new technologies and the annual number of operations has doubled with more than 1,800 cases of interventional procedures including more than 600 cases of coronary intervention, 400 cases of radiofrequency ablation. Now the regular diagnosis and treatment performed in the department include the interventional treatment of coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular disease, electrophysiological examination and treatment of a variety of rapid arrhythmia RF ablation, installation of a variety of permanent pacemakers and CRT and ICD and the interventional treatment of congenital heart disease, etc.

Department of Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment: In the year 2009, the department performed more than 30,000 cases with digestive endoscopies and was ranked the top five in endoscopic sector in Shanghai. Generally the department carries out endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), EVL of esophageal varices and the removal of foreign object from children by means of an endoscope and so on. New technologies developed include single-balloon colonoscopic examination which is first introduced to China by our hospital; the emergency treatment of colorectal tumor with intestinal obstruction intestinal stent, which effectively alleviates obstructive symptoms and at the same time has become an effective means for the temporary treatment before radical surgery and palliative care for advanced cancer patients.

Department of Blood Purification The department in 2009 completed a total of nearly 32,000 cases of blood purification therapy, rising 13.2% from the year of 2008 and it carries out regularity hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration therapy. In 2009 the department focused on the development of new techniques of blood purification therapy such as blood perfusion (hemoperfusion, HP), which has greatly reduced maintenance hemodialysis patients with a variety of complications and significantly improved life quality of the patients; used the technology of continuous renal replacement therapy, CRRT for the treatment of critically ill patients so that the success rate of treatment of critically ill patients has been raised significantly. The seroconversion rate of maintenance hemodialysis patients in our hospital with hepatitis B and C was significantly lower than the average level in the city of Shanghai. The the achievements have been affirmed by the Ministry of Health, shanghai Health Bureau, Shanghai Hemodialysis Center during their evaluations.

Department of Excimer Laser Treatment In 2009, the number of myopia laser surgeries increased 35.8% in comparison of that in the same period of the previous year and it generally carries out eximer laser in-situ keratomileusis on normal myopia (LASIK) and laser subepithelial keratectomy (LASEK) and has developed such new technologies and new therapies as expanding the scope of laser surgery by laser zoning artherectomy; a phakic posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation (ICL), built up a complete platform for the ocular refractive surgery (corneal laser) and intraocular (crystal), developed develop more diversified therapy plans for surgical treatment of high myopia. It has won 1 project funded by Shanghai Key Discipline Construction Project, 1 project by Shanghai Health Bureau for Chinese Medical Research Fund, and 1 project by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission for Medical Guidance Research Fund.


放射介入诊治部 2009年度开展介入手术400台,工作量较去年增加30%。开展多 项新技术新项目:糖尿病足的血管成形术、各种组织的活检术, 儿科介入放射治疗等。儿科介入放射治疗是我院放射介入诊治部 的特长,吸引着全国各地儿科病患前来就诊。2009年3月,放射 介入诊治部病房正式成立,设床位6张,放射介入诊治部病房的 设立使该诊治部的学科发展步入快速发展的轨道。


体检中心 体检中心是为社会公众日益高涨的健康需求而特设的服务平台, 体检中心设备先进、流程便捷、医检分离,提供一站式服务,体 检项目套餐多样化、人性化,体检档案全部实现信息化管理。该 中心集医院所有医疗资源于一身,竭诚为广大公众提供包括健康 体检、健康咨询、健康管理、入学入职体检、职业病体检等一系 列服务,并为检后进一步诊治或医疗需求提供绿色通道。2009 年,体检中心进一步借助新华医院的品牌效应,将服务范围从本 市向“长三角”地区乃至全国快速延伸,体检业务量大幅增加。


日间病房 日间病房是目前全市规模最大的集诊断、手术、治疗、康复、健 康教育为一体的“日间-短程手术病房”。设有床位60张,其中包括 特需床位8张,具备独立的入院接待室、出院接待室。各科开展 病种约50余种,每月手术例次在500-900台之间,使得平均住 院天数、平均医疗总费用与以往同期比较有非常显著下降,大大 缓解了患者的“住院难,手术迟”问题。同时也切实减轻患者及其 家庭的经济负担和陪护精力,术后三天的电话跟踪随访、24小时 电话接待医疗咨询的周密服务更进一步保障了病人的健康恢复, 深受广大病人欢迎和认可。


特需病房 特需病房以各专科专家教授、主任医生技术特长为后盾,为全 院各临床科室的患者提供优质的医疗服务。病房本着“全程化、 个性化、人性化服务”的宗旨,提供诸如预约、定餐、咨询和 随访等多类型服务。2009年,特需病房针对产妇及其家属的产 后健康教育和陪护需求,采取理论与实践操作相结合的辅导模 式,不仅提供书面宣教资料,更进一步进行婴儿沐浴、抚触、 喂养等操作演示。使产妇及家属有机会进行实际演练,同时得 到及时的专业指导。

Department of Interventional Radiotherapy In 2009 the department performed 400, intervention operations and the work performed by it increased 30% over the last year. It has developed a number of new technological programs as Diabetic Foot angioplasty, biopsy on a variety of tissues, pediatric interventional radiotherapy. The featured pediatric interventional radiotherapy of the department attracts pediatric patients across the country to come for the treatment. In March, 2009, it established a ward with 6 beds. The establishment of the ward has made the department enter a rapid development in the construction of its discipline.

Physical Examination Center The center is a special service platform to meet the growing needs of the public for healthcare. Equipped with advanced equipment, the center provides one-stop service with convenient process, separated medical care from , physical examination, diversified packages and humanity, full information management of the medical files as well. The center use all the medical resources of the hospital to offer a series of heath examinations for the public including health examinations, health counseling, health management, physical examination before attending school and working unit and the examination of occupational disease. And it has opened green channel for further treatment and the needs of medical care. In 2009, further using the name brand Xinhua Hospital, the center’s medical services is ranging from the city to the "Yangtze River Delta" region and rapidly extending to the entire country and the medical business volume has been increasing significantly.

Day Ward With 60 beds including 8 beds for special needs, isolated reception rooms for patient admission and discharge a Day Ward is currently the city's largest ward integrated with diagnosis, operation, treatment, rehabilitation, health education for patients undergoing day surgery. The ward accommodates the patients from different surgical departments with about 50 kinds of diseases and 500-900 operations per month, bringing down the average hospital days, significantly reduced the average cost medical of the patients in comparison of those in the same period before and greatly relieving the patients’ “difficulty to be hospitalized and have late surgery". And at the same time the financial burden on patients and their families and accompanying and nursing work are effectively reduced. The ward makes follow-up call three days after operation, receives round clock calls for medical consultation in order to further ensure the patient's recovery and the service is welcomed and recognized by the patients.

Special Ward The Special Ward, backed with the experts, professors and chief doctors with technical expertise, provides quality health care services for all the patients from all clinical departments of the hospital. The wards, following the purpose of providing such an appointment of "entire process, individualized and humanized service", offers various types of service as pre-appointment, meal order, counseling, follow-up and so on. In 2009, the ward, taking a guidance mode combined theoretic with a practical operation with regard to pregnant women and their families in the respect of post-natal health education and care guide, not only provide a written missionary information but also gives demonstrations of baby bathing, touching, feeding and other operations so that the pregnant women and their families could have the opportunities to carry out practical exercises and at same time receive timely professional guidance.



Key Disciplines 重点学科

| 儿童保健学科 | Child

| 儿科学 | Pediatrics

● 国家重点学科

The key program at national level ● “211 工程 ” 重点学科

the key program of “Project 211”


The Department of Pediatrics is the key program at national


level and the key program of “Project 211”. It is comprised


of Xin Hua Hospital (including Shanghai Children’s Medical Center) affiliated departments of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surger y, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, internal and surgical departments of newborns, Child Healthcare and Genetic Endocrinology and Metallic Diseases, covering all the subspecialties of pediatric system.

Shanghai Key Medical Discipline 儿童保健学科拥有临床流行病学研究、学习记忆及脑神经功能 测试、环境化学污染物及元素分析测试、神经生物学技术和模 型动物构建五个平台,理化环境与儿童健康、社会环境对儿童 健康影响及遗传与环境交互作用对儿童生长发育作用三个研究


established 10 study groups, with 20 researchers including 9


The discipline has established five scientific research platforms,

Cardiology Department, surgical treatment of congenital


heart disease by Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Department,


the treatment of difficult leukaemia by the Department of


including clinical epidemiology, learning & memor y and brain function test, environmental chemical pollutants and elements analysis, molecular neuroscience and animal model establishment. It also formed three research branches: the study of the effects of physical & chemical environmental factors on

Department of Genetic Endocrinology Metabolism, neonatal


hearing disorder screening with the largest number of samples


by the Department of Child Healthcare, etc. and programs of its



and children’s health, the discipline of child healthcare has professors and 7 associate professors.

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, neonatal screening by the


Centering on the topic of the relationship between environment

方向,在环境与儿童健康研究领域中成绩卓著。 Outstanding achievements have been made in the programs of interventional diagnosis and treatment developed by Pediatric

● 上海市医学重点学科

children’s health, the study of the effects of social-economic environmental factors on children’s health, and cumulative effects of heredity and environmental factors on children’s health. Brilliant achievements have been made in the scientific research of children’s environment health.

瘤、新生儿内外科、儿童保健、遗传内分泌代谢等专业组成,基 In 2009, 25 programs at different levels have been obtained,

In 2009, the numbers of outpatients of the child health

including 973 project, National Nature Science Fund, projects of

department has increased to 37000 per person-times, up 13.9%


Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Education

compared with that of 2008. In addition to regular clinic tasks,


Commission with total funds of 6.77 million RMB. It has won 1

the department also set up some special clinics, such as language


third prize of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Progress


Awards, applied for 10 Invention Patents and 8 New Practical


Patents, been authorized 6 New Practical Patents, published 123 2009年,新获得973课题、国家自然科学基金及上海市科委、 教委项目等局级以上纵向课题共25项,总经费达677万元;获 得2009年上海医学科技奖三等奖1项;新申请发明专利10项,

papers, of which 25 were accepted by SCI.

disorder, anorexia and enuresis, etc. During 2009, five programs with total funds about two million RMB were set up: one project granted by National Natural Science Fund, one by Construction Fund of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Thirty-one scientific articles were published, of which eight papers have been indexed by SCI.

实用新型8项,授权实用新型专利6项;发表论文123篇,其中 SCI收录25篇。




| 临床营养科 | Clinical

| 心血管内科 | Cardiology


After 15 years of development, the department of clinical nutrition

● 上海市医学重点学科

Shanghai Key Medical Discipline

has grown up to a clinical department covering clinical nutrition

● 上海交通大学医学院重点学科(第三期)

support and dietar y management from a team of only three

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine’s Key Discipline (Phase III) ● 国家重点学科组成单位

doctors. There are currently 14 registered staffs in the department, six of whom are clinical doctors including two with senior titles, two holding Master’s degree, three holding Doctor’s degree, one


doctoral tutor and one master supervisor. Eight postgraduates and


doctors have been trained and obtained their degrees.

Constituent Units of National Key Discipline

The department accommodates 78 beds. There are 30 doctors,

成的涵盖整个医院营养管理的临床科室,目前在编人数14位, 其中医生6位,博士3位,硕士2位,高级职称2位,博导和硕导

The department has accumulated rich experience in treating

among whom 9 hold senior titles, 2 are doctoral tutors, 3 are master’s


pediatric special digestive diseases, such as short bowel syndrome

instructors, 11 hold doctor’s degree and 12 hold master’s degree. Director

(SBS), intestinal fistula and intestinal lymphangiectasia (IL),

of the department Li Yigang acts as vice-chairman of Society of


and other chronic intestinal failure associated with severe

Cardiovascular Diseases of Shanghai Medical Association. New


malnutrition. Up till now, 36 cases of SBS and 5 cases of IL have


technologies have been applied, such as biventricular pacing,

been successfully cured. New techniques have also been applied


catheter ablation of chronic atrial fibrillation, interventional therapy


of congenital heart disease, three-dimensional mapping system &


merge under the guidance of ablation of ventricular tachycardia

经验,迄今已成功救治36例小儿短肠综合征和5例严重全小肠淋 巴管扩张症患儿。经周围置中心静脉导管、空肠造口或经皮内镜 胃造口置管等新型营养途径技术已在我院临床广泛应用。对儿童 肥胖的干预治疗方面已有一整套的规范措施和方案,承担上海市 公共卫生体系建设三年行动计划中的“上海市学生肥胖群体性防 治与学校健康促进”项目。

widely in the hospital, such as PICC (peripheral intravenous central catheter) insertation, PEG/PEJ (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy/jejunostomy ). A whole set of standard measures and plans for intervention therapy of obese children have been


established. The project of “obesity prevention and health


promotion of Shanghai pupils” funded by three-year-action plan of


Shanghai public health system construction was obtained. 2009年,完成《中国儿科肠内和肠外营养支持临床应用指南》



The department formulated “clinical guidelines on pediatric enteral


and parenteral nutrition support of China”, which filled the gap in this field. Three SCI papers have been published. Eight papers

影术1500人次,PCI术 800人次;射频消融术300人次 ;ICD/ CRT置入术:4人次;起博器置入术:150人次。

cardiomyopathy, coronary heart disease and other organic cardiac catheter ablation of ventricular tachycardia, many of which holding leading positions in China.

In 2009, the number of interventional treatment increased substantially over last year. The number of coronary angiography reached 1500, PCI reached 800, radiofrequency catheter ablation reached 300, ICD/CRT reached 4, pacemaker reached 150.

have been published in domestic core journals. 聘请2位国外知名教授为我院客座教授,定期学术交流,指导医

Two famous foreign professors were invited as guest professors,


who will take charge of periodically academic exchanges and instruct doctors in clinical and experimental work.


Four doctors

and one master have graduated.

科研项目1项,院基金科研项目2项。发表SCI论文4篇。 This year, the department obtained 1 program of National Natural Science Foundation, 3 programs of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 1 program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and 2 of Xinhua hospital. 4 SCI papers were published.




| 骨科 | Orthopedics

| 耳鼻咽喉-头颈外科 | Otolaryngology

Head & Neck Surgery

The number of outpatient and emergency visits totaled more than 129,000 in 2009. Surgical cases exceeded 3300, covering lateral

● 上海交通大学医学院重点学科(第三期)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Key Medicine’s Discipline (Phase III) ● 国家重点学科组成单位

● 上海交通大学医学院重点学科(第三期)

skull base surgery, neurotologic surgery, middle ear surgery, neck

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of

surgery, nose surgery, etc. Reconstruction of the carotid artery after

Medicine’s Key Discipline (Phase III)

removal of a large tumor in the skull base and repair of a defect in the lateral skull base with free flap were carried out for first time.

Constituent Units of National Key Discipline

Case of cochlear implantation increased significantly this year. The department became one of the cochlear implantation base that was approved by Ministry of Public Health and Handicapped Union of

科室拥有常设床位60张。医生19人,其中正高职称4人, 副高职

The department accommodates 60 beds. There are 19 doctors,

称7人;博士研究生导师3人, 硕士研究生导师1人;已获得博士

among whom 4 hold senior titles, 7 hold deputy professional


titles, 3 are doctoral tutors, 1 is master’s instructors, 9 hold


doctor’s degree. The department covers such sub-specialties

China. In 2009, Ear Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine was founded in our hospital, with Prof. Wu Hao serving as the director. Being one of the “New Three Fives” Projects of Xinhua

as trauma, spine, joints, and orthopedic reconstruction, etc.

Hospital, the institute introduced Dr. Yang Tao from the University of


The level of the treatment of adult congenital hip diseases has

Iowa, and appointed him as director of Molecular Biology of Hearing


reached domestic leading position.

and Deafness Laboratory. It also appointed Prof. Huang Zhiwu from Wuhan University, the only doctoral supervisor on audiology in China,


as director of Hearing Center. Prof. Wang Zhengmin, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was invited

In 2009, the department has obtained 1 program granted by

as reputation head of the institute.


National Natural Science Foundation, 1 by Shanghai Science


and Technology Commission, 1 by Shanghai Health Bureau. One


The Ear Institute obtained 12 major projects at state, provincial and

dissertation won the award of “Shanghai Excellent Dissertation


ministerial level with a total research fund of RMB 5,25 million. 6

for Doctor ’s Degr ee” and was nominated for “Excellent


papers were published by foreign journals included by SCI, with total

Dissertation for Doctor’s Degree of China”.


impact factor of 29.3. The department successfully held 2009 seminar

中国残联指定的人工耳蜗植入基地。 Seven SCI papers were published. “The study on treatment of thoracolumbar burst fractures” was awarded the third prize of 2009 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Progress Award.


on new advances of oto-nasal skull surgery of National Continuous Education Courses, and Advanced Training workshop of Temporal Bone Anatomy, etc.


Professor Wu Hao continued to serve in the Standing Committee of


Chinese Medical Association Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery


Branch, and the next chairman of Shanghai Academy. Prof. Yang Jun


served as youth members. Prof. Huang Zhiwu served as vice- head of


the audiology group. Prof. Xiang Mingliang served as vice- head of the Head –Neck Surgery group.

本年度共获得国家级及省部级重点重大项目12项,总经费525万;发 表SCI论文6篇,总影响因子29.3。成功举办了国家级继续教育学习 班、2009年耳鼻颅底外科新进展研讨会、颞骨解剖高级训练班等 。

学科带头人吴皓教授继续任中华医学会耳鼻咽喉-头颈外科分会常 委,并任上海学会侯任主委;杨军教授任青年委员;黄治物教授任听 力学组副组长,向明亮教授任头颈外科学组副组长。




| 泌尿外科 | Urology

● 上海交通大学医学院重点学科(第三期)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine’s Key Discipline (Phase III)

| 神经外科 | Neurosurgery

There are 17 doctors in urology department, among whom 6 hold


senior titles and 7 hold deputy professional titles. The department


covers three sub-specialties: prostate disease, urological oncological disease and urinary stone disease. The department has 1 doctoral tutor, 4 master’s instructors, 14 holding master’s

内膜剥脱术、颅内外动脉搭桥术、球囊扩张椎体成形术、周围神 经松解术等多项手术。

degree, 10 holding doctor’s degree. 2009年神经外科继续保持快速发展势头,医疗业务规模、医疗 In 2009, medical workload of Urology Department maintained


growth momentum, with the number of outpatient visits and


inpatient admissions hitting record high and average length of stay


continuing to decrease. More than 170 large scale operations


have been done. The number of renal cell carcinoma radical surgery increased by more than 80% compared with that of 2008. In addition to conventional surgeries and advanced surgeries, the department performed laparoscopy extensively. 50 cases of various laparoscopic surgeries have been done in 2009. The department continued to open Andrology clinic on the morning of Thursdays with 30 person/times visits. Over 1000 cases of urinary

● 上海交通大学医学院重点学科(第三期)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine’s Key Discipline (Phase III)

The department accommodates 39 beds. There are 13 doctors, 2009年度获得上海市科委国际合作项目1项、上海市自然科学基 金1项、上海市教委基金1项、交大医学院级项目2项,总经费达 到80万元。发表论文23篇,其中SCI论文4篇。

among whom 4 hold senior titles, 2 hold deputy professional titles. Various areas of neurosurgery are covered, including intracranial arterial endarterectomy, intracranial arterial bypass surgery, balloon Kyphoplasty, peripheral nerves lysis, etc. In 2009, the department maintained the momentum of rapid development, with its medical service volume, special features


stone surgery have been performed, the number of PCNL surgery

and academic influence further improved. The establishment of


increased more than 20%.

Cranial Nerve Disease Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University promoted the development of various subspecialties. The sum

博士生导师1人,硕士生导师4人,学科拥有研究生学历14人,其 中博士学位10人。

In 2009, the department secured 1 program of Shanghai Science

of operations approached 2000 cases, including more than 700

and Technology Committee, 1 of Shanghai Jiaotong University

cases of cranial nerve diseases, 400 cases of cerebrovascular


School of Medicine. One program of Shanghai Science and


Technology Committee was passed by expert review.

diseases, and 400 cases of peripheral nerve diseases. The numbers of microvascular decompression surgery is ranked as number one in Shanghai and number three in the country.

特大型手术量超过170例,其中肾癌根治手术较2008年增长超过 80%。除了继续开展常规开放手术、高难度手术以外,规模性开 展腹腔镜手术,2009年共进行各类腹腔镜手术50例。男科门诊 (周四上午)门诊量不断攀升。2009年泌尿系结石手术达1000余 例,其中PCNL手术量增长超过20%。

In 2009, the department secured 1 International Cooperation Program of Shanghai Science & Technology Commission, 1 program of Shanghai Nature Science Fund, 1 program of Shanghai Education Commission, 2 programs of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. The total amount of fund reached 0.8 million yuan. Twenty-three papers have been


published, 4 of which have been accepted by SCI journals.





| 整形外科 | Plastic

| 皮肤科 | Dermatology


The department accommodates 18 beds. There are 16 doctors,

● 院级重点学科

Hospital’s Key Disciplines

● 院级重点学科

among whom 2 hold senior titles, 5 hold deputy professional

Hospital’s Key Disciplines

titles, 3 hold doctor’s degree, 1 is master’s instructor. Professor Yao Zhirong is elected as the chairman of Pediatric Dermatology Society of Chinese Dermatology Association,and the deputy


The department accommodates 14 beds. There are 7 doctors,

director of Shanghai Dermatology Association.

among whom 1 is master’s instructor , 1 hold senior titles, 2 hold

级职称5名,博士学位3名,博导1名。学科带头人姚志荣教授 2009年当选中华医学会皮肤性病学分会儿童皮肤病组组长,上 海市医学会皮肤病分会副主任委员。

deputy professional titles, 1 hold doctor’s degree, 1 is doctoral tutor. As for medical work, the department continued to maintain and In 2009, the department received 5,189 out-patient and emergency

develop the advantages in pediatric dermatology, at the same

visits, hospitalized 657 patients (up 55.96% compared to last year),

time, strengthen and promote the treatment of adult dermatology. 2009年皮肤科在医疗方面,继续保持和发扬在儿童皮肤病学领 域的优势,促进对成人皮肤病的诊治。全年门急诊总量近26万 人次。出院450人次,较去年增加了40.63%。2009年率先在上 海市开展指甲病理的检查,并增设了皮肤组织的部分免疫组化 及特殊染色,提高了病理诊断的水平;引进最先进的器械,开 设皮肤科激光美容部,对色素性疾病、血管瘤、多毛症等多方 面疾病进行治疗。开展遗传性皮肤病产前诊断3例,成为目前国 内相关项目开展例数最多的单位,同时开展了特应性皮炎的研 究,现已收集病例达1700余例。

The total number of out-patient and emergency visits approached


260,000. The number of patients discharged was 450, up


40.63% compared with that of last year. In 2009, the department

and performed 675 operations (up 39.18% compared to last year). Large-scale operations increased by 64.42%. The average length of stay is 6.66 days. Subspecialties of the department include Repairing and Reconstructive Surgery, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic

took the lead in Carrying out nail pathological examination in


Surgery and Laser surgical therapies. Eight new technologies have

Shanghai, adding partly immunohistochemistry of skin tissue


been developed, such as individual and sequential treatment of


infantile hemangioma, repair and reconstruction of massive pediatric


wounds and injuries, compound of embolo-sclerotherapy and

and special staining, which improved the quality of pathologic diagnosis. The most advanced equipment was introduced in the newly-established Laser Beauty Department to treat pigment diseases, hemangioma and hirsutism, etc. The department also performed three cases of prenatal diagnosis for genodermatosis, which ranks No.1 in China. Meanwhile, researches on atopic dermatitis were carried out, with more than 1700 cases collected.

巨大创面创伤修复、蔓状血管瘤介入与栓塞硬化综合治疗、早期婴 儿唇腭裂修复、小儿先天性手畸形早期皮瓣修复矫正、无痕重睑、 内外眼角开大、改良巨乳缩小术等8项新技术。

intervention to treat arterial malformations, early-stage repairs of new-born lip and palate cleft, early-stage flap diorthosis of congenital hands malformations, scar-free blepharoplasty, open-up surgeries of inner and outer canthus, as well as modified reduction mammaplasty of macromastia, etc.

治疗各种难治性血管瘤及血管畸形、小儿先天性畸形的整复、各种 难治性创面的修复、体表肿瘤的切除修复、性器官整形、乳房整形

The features of the department are as follows: complex and difficult


hemangioma & vascular malformations, congenital infant anomalies, unhealed wounds and trauma injuries, resection of soft-tissue tumors,


repairing and reconstructions of sexual organs and breasts, minimallyinvasive facial cosmetic surgeries and laser therapies, etc.

One laboratorial research crosswise program was obtained funded by Ministry of Health. Four papers were published in domestic corecitation journals.




| 普外科 | General


普外科拥有95张床位,医生总数35,其中博导3名,硕导5名,高 级职称人数29,副高级职称人数25,11人拥有博士学位。 下设胆道、胃肠、甲状腺乳腺、血管、肝胆脾胰、腹壁疝亚专业, 胆道外科率先在国内提出胆囊癌、胆管癌的综合治疗规范,率先在 上海地区开展单孔腹腔镜胆囊切除术,胆囊癌国家自然科学基金获 得项目数位居全国第一。胃肠外科在无瘤操作及淋巴结清扫方面, 得到国内外同行的赞许,是“十一五”国家科技支撑计划“胃癌综合 治疗临床研究”的成员单位。在腹腔镜胃癌根治性切除、双镜联合 治疗胃肠肿瘤方面走在全国的前列。 2009年普外科获批国家自然科学基金、市科委、卫生局的纵向科 研项目9项,经费数达234万元,发表SCI论文7篇。

| 产科 | Obstetrics The department has 95 medical beds with a total number of 35 doctors, among them 29 have senior professional titles, 25 have sub-senior professional titles, 11 have doctorate degree, 3 are tutors of doctoral students and 5 are tutors of master's degree students. The department has such subspecialties as biliary tract, gastrointestine, thyroid and mammary surgery, blood vessels, hepatobiliary pancreas spleen, abdominal wall hernia. It took the lead in the country to put forward the combined specifications for the treatment of gallbladder and bile duct cancers. It is also the first to carry out haplopore laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the Shanghai. It ranks the first in the country to have got the programs set by the National Natural Science Fund for its gallbladder cancer program. Gastrointestinal surgical team is highly praised by domestic and foreign counterparts in the absence of tumor operation and lymph node dissection, and also a member unit of National Science and Technology Support Scheme of the state "Eleventh Five-Year" in "Clinical Study on Integrated Treatment of Gastric Cancer". The department is taking the lead in the country in laparoscopic radical resection of gastric cancer, combined therapy of gastrointestinal cancer with double laparoscopes. In 2009, the department obtained 9 nine longitudinal research projects respectively from National Natural Science Fund, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Health Bureau with an operational fund of 234 million yuan. Seven papers have been published on SCI.

产科为上海市危重孕产妇抢救中心和产前诊断中心,拥有44张 床位,医生人数为18人,高级职称1名,副高职称5名,硕导1

2008年新华医院新生儿科独立建制后,重症监护室和新生儿 病房完成了重建,设有国内一流水准设施的NICU 床位24张。 2008年被上海市卫生局批准为上海市危重新生儿会诊抢救中


There are two sub-disciplines: prenatal diagnosis and critical maternal


diagnosis of Down’s and chromosomal abnormalities, prenatal diagnosis


of hereditar y metabolic diseases, diagnosis and early intervention of


fetal structural partly abnormalities, and prenatal diagnosis of fetal achondroplasia. The number of delivery reached 2988 person times,


increased by 9.4% compared with previous year. The department also


treated 99 critical maternal to give birth in its precinct and went out for consultation 25 times. Two scientific research programs of the hospitals and one of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine were granted. 18 overview papers were published,

| 消化内科 | Gastroenterology


The department has 56 designated beds, 26 doctors, 54% of them have senior professional titles. It has set up the endoscope center, and specialist clinical service for the treatment of liver diseases and irritable bowel disease. It also establishes 2 professional websites of Chinese fatty liver as ‘’ and inflammatory bowel disease as ‘’, which play roles

first-class medical facilities in the country. Approved by Shanghai Health Bureau,


in continuing education of medical personnel and information consultation of

it became Shanghai Consultation and First-aid Center for Critical Ill Newborns

士9名,硕士11名, 7位医师具有国外留学或进修的经历。设有

with senior professional title, 9 with PhD Degree and 11 with Master Degree, 7


patients. As the chairman of Fatty Liver and Alcoholic Liver Disease Study Group of Chinese Liver Disease, it takes a leading place in the prevention, diagnosis


and therapy of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It holds the 1st China Viral

physicians with overseas training background. It has WHO Collaborating Center


Hepatitis and Fatty Liver Summit, takes part in the establishment of new Guide

for Neonatal Healthcare, National Research Center for Neonatal Screening



and Genetic Metabolic Diseases, Shanghai Diagnosis and Treatment Center for


Hearing Disorder in Children, etc, and has become a key department for clinical


carried out prenatal screening for Down's, abnormal ultrasound screening,


of its 24-bed NICU and neonatal ward were completed and equipped with the

in 2008. There are more than 20 neonatal specialists, including 8 physicians


rescue. Cooperated with Institute for Pediatric Research, the department”和“炎症性肠病”两大网站,为



whom 1 holds senior title, 5 hold deputy-senior title, 1 is master’s supervisor, 2 hold doctoral degree.

前已开设内镜诊治中心和肝病专科门诊、肠易激综合征门诊等 Since the department independently reestablished in 2008, the reconstruction

and prenatal diagnosis. Now it has 44 medical beds, 18 doctors among



| 新生儿科 | Neonatology

The department is approved as Shanghai center for critical maternal rescue

care, teaching and research. In 2009, discipline leader Prof. Zhu Jianxing was elected as vice director of

to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and carries out the clinical research of fatty liver combined with viral hepatitis. In 2009, 3 research items have been funded


by National Natural Science Foundation of China or Science and 2 items by


Shanghai Technology Commission. More than 50 Chinese papers and 5 English papers have been cited by SCI.

Perinatal Medicine Society of Chinese Medical Association.



| 神经内科 | Neurology 科室拥有常设床位56张,医生13人,其中高级职称占53.8%。 设有帕金森病及运动障碍疾病、脑血管专病及痴呆和癫痫特色 专病门诊。在帕金森病人的诊断、治疗及随访方面建立了系统 的管理资料库。神经内科下属的神经电生理室开设普通脑电 图、24小时动态脑电图、肌电图、脑干诱发电位以及脑血管 多普勒超声检查等,其中小儿及青少年24小时动态脑电图检 查特色在上海市具有很大影响力。利用科室特色多次开展帕金 森病、老年痴呆及脑血管病的医患交流会,并开设科室网站 (。2009年度获上海市科委基金2项,上海 市教委基金1项,完成课题4项。发表论著23篇,其中SCI 2篇, 中华级6篇。获2009年度上海市医学科技进步三等奖1项。

| 急救中心 | Emergency The department has 56 designated medical beds, 13 doctors and 53.8% of them have senior professional titles. It has featured special disease clinics for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, cerebrovascular disease and dementia and epilepsy. It has established a systematic management database in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the patients with Parkinson disease. The department’s neuroelectrophysiological room conducts such examinations of regular EEG, 24-hour active EEG, EMG, brainstem evoked potential and Doppler ultrasound of cerebral vessels, in which 24-hour active EEG check in children and adolescents has a lot of clout in Shanghai. The department has held a number of physician-patient exchange meetings on Parkinson's disease, senile dementia and cerebrovascular disease and established its website ( In 2009 it has obtained 2 programs by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Fund, 1 program by Shanghai Education Commission Fund, completed 4 research programs with 23 articles published including 2 published on SCI and 6 on national level journals, and has been awarded 1 prize of the third prize of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Advancement Award in 2009.

职称2人,是上海市重点学科组成单位之一。2009年建立早产儿 视网膜病变筛查培训中心,在上海地区开展早产儿视网膜病变的 筛查工作;开展大量婴幼儿复杂玻璃体视网膜手术,对小儿玻璃 体视网膜疾病诊治水平保持国内领先地位;开展对小儿先天性眼 病的诊治探索,创新性开展先天性白内障手术的新入路研究,临 床效果喜人。2009年度获上海市科委课题1项、上海市卫生局课 题2项,发表学术论文19篇,其中SCI 论文1篇。召开了首届国际 玻璃体视网膜疾病高峰论坛和眼科临床经验交流会,成功举办两 次国家级学习班——《白内障手术中的康复和屈光理念》及《常 见婴幼儿视网膜病变及小儿眼病诊治新进展》。

The departments, with 40 designated beds; 32 doctors, including 5 with senior professional titles and 2 with sub-senior titles, is one of the units of the key disciplines of Shanghai. In 2009, it established in Shanghai area screening and training center for retinopathy of prematurity and carried out the screening of retinopathy of prematurity and performed a large number of complicated vitreoretinal operations on infants and young children. The department maintained a leading position in China in diagnosis and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases in children. It carried out exploration on the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric congenital eye diseases and innovatively conducted research on a new approach in congenital cataract surgery having got gratifying clinical effects. In 2009 it has obtained 1 programs by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, 2 programs by Shanghai Health Bureau with 19 articles published including 1 published on SCI, convened the First International Summit on vitreoretinal disease and clinical experience-sharing sessions on ophthalmology, successfully held two national-level training courses: "Concept of Intraoperative Rehabilitation and Refraction in Cataract" and " New Advancement of the Diagnosis and Treatment of common retinopathy and Eye Disease in infants and Young Children".

士生导师2名,硕士生导师2名。学科在临床内科各专业的基础 上,以从事老年期疾病的诊治、监护、预防、提供高质量的医疗 保健服务为特色,以开展老年生命科学研究、培养高层次老年医 学人才为宗旨。全年成功抢救危重病人109例。承担内科教研室 的“诊断学”、“内科学”及“老年学”等教学任务。作为交大医学院 新华临床医学院的全科教研室,2009年成为全国全科医师培训基 地,已培训全科医师50名,其中优秀毕业生4名,并获得2009年 “唯爱天使杯”上海青年全科医师技能大赛第一名。2009年度获得 国家自然科学基金课题1项,上海市科委重点课题1项;按期结题 市级课题2项。


年急诊量达205969人次,再创新高。多次参与市内突发重大事件 的抢救工作,做到急救、创伤和ICU的三位一体,受到社会各界 的好评。急诊实行预检分诊制度受到业内广泛关注,明显提高急 诊室资源的利用。2009年获得上海市科委国际合作项目“车辆前 碰撞中儿童乘员头颈部伤害的生物力学研究” 、交通大学医工结 合项目“肿瘤靶向性药物载体叶酸两亲化合物的研制”和交大医学 院科研项目“脂多糖对胰岛细胞功能和氧化应激的影响”,并与英 国圣乔治医学院合作开展心肌缺血标记物-IMA的跨国临床研究, 发表统计源期刊论文15篇,SCI录用1篇。

The department has 100 medical beds with 42 doctors, among them 36% have middle and senior professional titles, 2 are tutors of doctoral students and 2 are tutors of master's degree students. Based on various disciplines in clinical medicine and for the purpose of conducting the life science research of the aged people and training high-level medical personnel in Getiatrics, the department provides high-quality health care services for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the gerontic diseases. The department successfully rescued 109 critically ill patients in the year and was committed to teaching of "Diagnostics", "Internal Medicine" and "Getiatrics" and other teaching tasks set by the Teaching and Research Division. As the Teaching and Research Division of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Xinhua Clinical School of Medicine, the department become a national training base for general practitioners in 2009 in which 50 general practitioners have been trained, 4 of them are outstanding graduates, and in 2009 finished in the first place " Love Angel Cup" of the Skills Contest of Shanghai Young General practitioners. In 2009 it has obtained 1 program By National Nature Science Fund, 1 key program by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Fund and completed on schedule 2 key programs at municipal level in 2009.

The department has 50 designated medical beds with 51 doctors, among them 21% have senior professional titles. The number of emergency visits this year amounted to 205,969, having broken the high record again. The center was involved for many times in unexpected rescue events in the city and spoken highly of by all sectors of the society at home for its trinity method for optimization management in trauma care, first-aid and ICU care. The introduced pre-emergency triage system drew extensive attention from the medical industry and significantly increased the use of resources in the emergency room. In 2009, the center obtained Shanghai Science and Technology Commission’s international cooperation project of " Biomechanics Study on the Head and Neck Injury in Child Passengers Caused from Vehicle Front Collision", a Jiao Tong University’s medical and engineering integrated project of "the Development of Targeting Drug Carrier of Tumors of folic acid amphiphile " and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine’s research project of "Effects of LPS on Islet Cell Function and Oxidative Stress"; and with the joint effort of St. George's Medical School of UK, carries out he cross-clinical research program of myocardial ischemia marker-IMA . It has published 15 articles on the journals of statistical sources and 1 paper on one journal of SCI.


科室拥有常设床位35张。现有医生16人,其中高级职称占 31.3%。全年手术1203例,其中特大手术和大手术的比例占 80%以上。2009年成功开展了“主动脉夹层合并主动脉瓣膜病变 的分期Hybrid手术”、“升主动脉—头颈部血管旁路与弓部血管 内支架介入术”“一站式杂交技术”治疗主动脉弓部瘤、“小体重

The department has 35 designated beds; 16 doctors, including 31.3% of them with senior professional titles and performed 1203 operations and more than 80% of them were large and major procedures in 2009. It successfully performed such operations as " staging Hybrid operation on aortic dissection with aortic valve disease", " stent arch interventional surgery on ascending aorta - the head and neck vascular bypass and endovascular vessels", "one-stop hybrid technology" in the treatment of aortic arch tumor, " open heart surgery on a


2.5KG child with pediatric complex congenital heart disease"," synchronizing


radical surgery on aortic coarctation combined with ISD", "pulmonary


lobectomy with all video-assisted thoracoscope " and other innovative surgeries, and achieved good therapeutic effect. In 2009 it has obtained 1 program


by National Nature Science Fund 2 programs by Shanghai Science and


Technology Commission Fund with 10 articles published including 2 published


on SCI, and with joint effort of the Department of Cardiology, the Pediatric Heart center has been established so that the specialty of cardiovascular disease of our hospital is developing faster.

| 检验科 | Clinical

| 老年医学科 | Getiatrics 科室常设床位100张。现有医师42名,其中高级职称占36%,博


| 心胸外科 | Cardiothoracic

| 眼科 | Ophthalmology 科室拥有常设床位40张;医生32人,其中高级职称5人,副高级



检验科现有专业技术人员 72人、其中博导1名、硕导1名、高 级职称2名、副高职称6名。科室设有快速反应实验室、临床生 化、临床免疫、临床微生物、临床血液、临床检验和分子生物学 六大亚专业学科。在临床免疫学、流式细胞术、分子诊断等方面 形成了自己的特色。率先在国内开展流式细胞术进行白血病免疫 分型和微小残留病监测、荧光原位杂交诊断肿瘤融合基因等诊断 技术。科室整合资源成立快速反应实验室,满足临床一线的诊治 需要。科室注重检验质量管理,各项质控参加卫生部临检中心 和国际机构组织的室间质评均获优秀。2009年共发表SCI论文三 篇,总影响因子超过10分,在研课题数5项,其中新立项上海市 科委基金项目一项、上海市教委项目一项、院基金一项,科研经 费80余万元。

The Department of Clinical Laboratory is composed of 72 staff, among whom 1 is doctoral tutor, 1 is master supervisor, 2 hold senior title, 6 hold deputy professional titles. The department covers six divisions, including rapid response laboratory, clinical biochemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, clinical hematology, clinical examination and molecular biology. It has formed its characteristics in clinical immunology, flow cytometry and molecular diagnosis. It took the lead in China to carry out the detection of immunophenotyping and minimal residual disease of leukemia by flow cytometry, and tumor fusion gene by fluorescence in situ hybridization. A Rapid Response Laboratory was build up to meet the needs of clinical diagnosis. Making great efforts to improve testing quality, the department participated and got excellent results in external quality assessments organized by the Ministry of Health Laboratory Centers and other international institutions. In 2009, three papers have been published and indexed by SCI, with impact factors of 10. Five research programs are being developed with a total fund of 0.8 million, including one newly granted by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, one by Shanghai Education Commission and one by the hospital.





2009年医院护理工作本着“以病人为中心, 以质量为核心,以满意为标准”的宗旨,积 极开展护理服务的内涵建设。围绕“加强沟

| 护理管理 | Nursing


● 加强护理管理队伍培训 倡导科学管理 举办《护士长管理学习班》,围绕“加强沟通、强实专业,推进 护理管理”主题,引导护士长注重从本质上提升护理质量内涵, 在护理队伍中提倡“精益精神”。

通、强实专业,推进护理管理”的主题,举 办护士长管理学习班,在护理队伍中提倡 “精益精神”。加强护理教育,提高护理队伍 综合实力,今年共选送258位护理骨干外出 参加学习。积极开展护理科研,成功申报 2009年度交大护理课题3项,院级护理课题 7项,在核心期刊上发表护理论文72篇。为加强对病人高危风险评估,强化安全管理,实施护士长、总护士 长、护理部三级监控,保障了护理安全。在今年的国家卫生部“医疗质量万里行”和上海市卫生局医院管理年

● 加强高危风险评估,强化安全管理 护理部修订了“压疮、导管、跌倒”防范预案,对每位入院病人 进行高危因素的评估,实施护士长、总护士长、护理部三级监 控;完善转运交接流程;建立使用“手腕带”识别制度;建立“危 急值”报告制度,保障护理安全。

● 完善“中心”建设 解决病人疑难问题 1. 静脉监控中心:




减少并发症的发生。2009年PICC维护门诊共维护病人1506人 次,院外三级医院会诊14人次,在解决PICC置管病人后顾之忧

In the year of 2009, the Nursing Department of the hospital carried out actively the connotation construction of nursing services on the basis of the tenet of "patient-centered, quality as the core and satisfaction as the criteria", organized nursing management training courses for head nurses with the themes of “enhancing communication,

的同时,为医院带来了良好的社会和经济效益,同时也提升了 新华护理品牌,得到了会诊单位的高度赞扬。 2. 特殊、疑难、危重护理会诊中心: 本着服务临床的宗旨,2009年中心会诊专家开展护士培训6

improving professional skills, promoting nursing management" and encouraged the nurses to strive for the “Spirit


of Perfection”. The department sent a total of 258 backbone nurses to study out of the hospital on the purpose of


strengthening nursing education and the improvement of the overall strength of the nursing team this year. It actively


carried out nursing research and successfully submitted 3 programs in nursing by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2009, 7 nursing programs at hospital-level and published 72 papers in the core journals in nursing. The department conducted the high-risk assessment among the patients, strengthened safety management, implemented the three-


level control on head nurses, chief head nurses and nursing department to ensure care and security. The department


had achieved good results during the evaluation program of “A Million Miles of the Quality Medical Care” by the Ministry of Health and “Hospital Management Year” by Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau. On the "May 12 Nurses’


The “Nursing Management Training Courses for Head Nurses” with the themes of “enhancing communication, improving professional skills, promoting nursing management" is organized in order to lead head nurses to focus on the improvement of connotation of nursing quality and encourage the nurses to strive for the “Spirit of Perfection”.

Strengthen the High-risk Assessment and Improve Safety Management Nursing Department has revised the prevention plan for "pressure sores, catheters and falls", conducted assessment of risk factors for each inpatient; implemented the three-level control on head nurses, chief head nurses and nursing department; further improved the transit and transfer process; established "wrist band " identification system; set up the " critical value "reporting system to ensure nursing care safety.

Improve the Construction of the "centers" and Solve the Difficulties of Patients 1. Intravenous Monitoring Center: the training courses were held with the theme of "standardizing operations, enhancing the brand" to standardize nursing operations and the incidence of complications were reduced. In 2009, PICC nursing clinics provided a total number of 1506 patients with the nursing care and 14 patients in the other Grade Three hospitals with nursing consultations, and resolved actual difficulties of the PICC catheter inserted patients while a good social and economic benefits were not only achieved but also Xinhua care brand was promoted, thus being highly praised by the medical institutions that had received the consultations. 2. Nursing consultation center for the patients with special, difficult and critical disease: with the purpose of serving the clinical departments, the center experts for consultations in 2009 held 6 training courses with up to 1320 trainees, provided 4 critically ill patients with consultations, solved the clinical nursing problems and met the requirements of medical care and played a certain role in the development of the hospital.

Day ", the department held the first Xinhua Nurse Grand Prix to Welcome World Expo", fully demonstrating Xinhua

Nursing Exchange

nurses spirits, excellent overall quality and the enthusiasm of active participation in the Expo and showing Xinhua

The team members of nursing news actively wrote news reports, and timely passed forward the nursing highlights and features of the hospital to the media with 14 articles being published in 2009, having showed the Xinhua nursing care style built up the Xinhua nursing care brand.

nurses’ elegant demeanour.


● 对外交流

Enhance the Training of Nursing Management Team and Promote advocacy and Scientific Management



| 护理特色 | Nursing


● 提供贴心服务 增进人文关怀 特需病区提供婴儿沐浴、抚触、喂养等操作演示。使产妇及家属 有了更感性的认识,同时得到及时的专业指导。病区的这种极具 特色和温情体贴的服务获得了一致好评。 整形外科追求更新的护理理念,以适应病人和社会的需要。在护理 过程中大家注重患儿家长的心理护理,将人文关怀穿插至其中。 普外科使用温馨展板,以图文并茂的形式向患者及家属介绍病房 设施、便民措施、办理出入院的手续点,使住院患者能一目了 然,快速的熟悉环境。

● 展现天使风采 护士礼仪形象展示、世博知识问答、护理操作技能展示、护理沟 通技巧展示、个人才艺等环节,将新华护士良好的精神面貌、优 秀的综合素质及积极参与世博会的热情展现得淋漓尽致,充分展 示了新华护士的风采。

On the "May 12 Nurses’ Day ", the department held the first Xinhua Nurse Grand Prix to Welcome World Expo" through the display of nurse etiquette image, the Expo quizzes, presentation of nursing skills and communication skills, personal talent and so forth, fully demonstrating Xinhua nurses spirits, excellent overall quality and the enthusiasm of active participation in the Expo and showing Xinhua nurses’ elegant demeanour.

Education and Research

● 在职教育 开展三基培训和考核:全院护士考核合格率达100%;开展 CPR培训:举办“心肺复苏基本生命支持术”比赛;开展全院业 务学习和联合护理查房,全年共5760人次参加。

● 护理科研再上新台阶 2009年成功申报交大医学院护理科研专项基金3项:《专科护 理终末质量评价指标体系研究》(陈海燕)、《PDCA循环在 标准预防措施执行中的应用》(陈佩)、《6sigma改进模式在 优化术后入ICU患者转运安置流程的研究》(张萍)。 2009年全院护士在国家各类护理核心期刊发表论文共72篇。


The Special Ward gives demonstrations on baby bathing, touching and feeding and other operations so that the pregnant women and their families can have a better perceptual knowledge, and at the same time receive timely and correct professional instruction. Their warm and thoughtful service has won great acclaim. The department of Plastic Surgery is devoted to the pursuit of updated nursing philosophy to meet the needs of patients and the public. They focus on the psychological care to the parents of the sick children with humanistic care all the way in nursing process. The Department of General Surgery gives the patients and their families an illustrated introduction on board to the ward facilities, convenient measures, procedures for admission to and discharge from the hospital so that the hospitalized patients can be at a glance and quickly familiar with the environment.

Show Angels’ Elegant Demeanour


| 护理教研 | Nursing

Provide hearted services and promote humanistic care

On-the-job Training The training on the “3-bases” is carried out and Assessed: all the nurses have passed the assessment with a qualification rate of 100%.CPR Training is carried out: A contest of " basic life support techniques in cardiopulmonary resuscitation " is held. Hospital-wide professional training and joint nursing care rounds are carried out: 5760 person times attend the events during the whole year.

Nursing Research Reaches to A New Level The Department in 2009 successfully submitted 3 special funded programs in nursing research by Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine including " Study on Final Quality Evaluation Index System for Specific Nursing" ( Chen Haiyang), "PDCA Circulation Used in the Implementation of Standard Preventive Measures" (Chen Pei), "Study on Improved Model of 6sigma applied in the transport and the resettlement process for the Patients from optimized operation into ICU care" (Zhang Ping). The nurses of the hospital published 72 papers in the state various core journals in nursing.



Medical Education 医学教育

| 新华临床医学院 | School

of Xin Hua Clinical Medicine

● 教学基本情况 ● 教学专题性条目




奖,38项个人奖,其中6 名学生获上海市优秀毕业生奖;6 名

1. 儿科学被评为国家级精品课程




奖;8 名学生获上海交通大学三好学生奖;5 名学生分别获校




课2097学时。组织本科阶段考试79场,完成112人临床实习。本科阶段参加授课的老师共308名,其中:硕士学历114 名,占37.0%,博士学历78名,占25.3%;主任医师104名,占33.8%,副主任医师123名,占39.9%。长学制第三阶段 学生42名,由32名导师指导,其中硕导29名,博导3名。 组织落实教学质量监控专家(8名)和管理人员对临床医学专业学生的理论课、见习带教、实习小讲课、教学查房、病

生干部等称号;3名学生分获国家奖学金、上海奖学金、宝钢奖 学金;1名学生获交大医学院十佳女大学生奖,2名学生获交大

2. 耳鼻咽喉科学系成立









史撰写的教学质量督导。其中:专家测评150人次,测评了17名理论课授课教师和15名见习、实习带教教师。组织培养 性讲课8次,专家组73人次对11位新教师的试讲情况进行点评。安排示范性讲课4次。抽查了333份实习医师病史。组织




● Education Items 1. Pediatric awarded as National Quality Course In August 2009, based on selection at different levels, the pediatric course led by Prof. Sun Kun was awarded as National Quality Course and Shanghai National Quality Course. This is the result from years efforts of Pediatric Teaching and Research Office, and also a new starting point. 2. Department of ENT founded There are 343 students at school in 2009, including 109 five-year clinical medicine major students, 71 seven-year clinical medicine major students, 2 eight-year clinical medicine major students, 59 four-year medical nutrition major students, 102 three-year clinical medicine major (junior college upgraded to undergraduate college) students. 16 teaching-research offices completed teaching task of 66 undergraduate courses totaling 4252 class hours, among which 55 are compulsory courses, 11 are optional courses, theoretical courses occupies 2155 class hours, probation courses occupies 2097 class hours. 79 exams were held for undergraduate students. 112 students have completed clinical practice. 308 teachers took part in undergraduate education, among them 114 (37.0%) hold master degree, 78 (25.3%) hold doctor degree, 104 (33.8%) are chief physicians, and 123 (39.9%) are vice chief physicians. 32 tutors instructed 42 long-term-system phase 3 students, among them 29 are master tutors and 3 are doctorial tutors. Eight experts and administrators were organized to implement supervision and instruction on the education quality in aspects of theoretical teaching, probation and teaching, practice and lectures, clinical rounds, case writing for clinical medical students. 150 man-times of faculty evaluation by experts of 17 theoretical teachers and 15 probation and practice teachers have been completed. 8 trial lectures were arranged, in which 73 man-times comments by experts were made to 11 new teachers. 4 demonstration lectures were arranged. 333 cases by interns were checked randomly. 3047 man-times of performance-based teacher evaluation by students have been carried out on 144 theoretical teachers and 58 probation teachers. Four periodicals of “Feedback Messages of Clinical Medical Teaching” were compiled. 60 2004-grade 5-year students majoring in clinical medicine took part in the second selection activity of Xin Hua “Top Ten Excellent Preceptors” and “Top Ten Intern Doctors”. 41 clinical teachers guided thesis writing, 21 experts holding deputy senior or above title were involved in assessment, and 10 experts participated in thsis defense lasting two days. XINHUA HOSPITAL ANNUAL REPORT 2009

In 2009, eleven students went to overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to study. 5 group awards and 38 individual awards were obtained, among which 6 students won the title of Shanghai Outstanding Graduate, 6 students won the title of Shanghai Jiaotong University Outstanding Graduate, 1 student won the title of Shanghai triple-A Outstanding Student, 8 won the title of Shanghai

To optimize teaching resources, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Department of ENT was founded in May, 2009. With Prof. Wu Hao as the dean, the department is affiliated to School of Xin Hua Clinical Medicine. On June 20 and June 21, the department held the first meeting and set up Committee of teaching

Jiaotong University triple-A Outstanding Students, 5 students won

experts and Steering Committee of teaching experts. The meeting

the title of Outstanding Youth League Member, Outstanding Youth

also organized collective lesson preparation for 2005-grade clinical

League Cadre, Outstanding Party Member, Outstanding Party Cadre,

medicine 8-year (undergraduate to doctor) ENT teaching.

Outstanding Student Cadre at school level. 3 students secured scholarship at state, municipal and BaoSteel level. 1 student won the title of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine “Top Ten Female Student”, 2 students won the title of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Excellent Summer Social Practice Individual. 6 students won awards in various essay competitions. 123 students graduated this year, including 64 five-year students, 25 seven-year students, 32 nutrition major students, 2 eight-year students. Employment rate attained 98.4%.



| 儿科继续教育学院 | School

of Continuous Pediatric Education

| 继续教育 | Continuous

Medical Education Residents/Specialists Training

● 住院医师/专科医师培训工作 至2009年底,我院住院医师规范化培训人数为125名,专科医 师培训人数为49名。全年组织住院医师规范化培训轮转出科考 核289人次;“三基”培训105学时。组织07、08届住院医师心电 图、放射读片和急救ICU技能年度考核。 2009年5月,继续教育办公室牵头组织我院内科、外科、全 科、心内科、神经外科申报专科医师培训基地,并经上海市毕 业后教育委员会评审通过。目前,我院共有14个普通专科培训 基地和12个亚专科培训基地。普通专科培训基地包括内科, 外科,妇产科,儿科,急诊科,神经内科,皮肤科,眼科,耳 鼻咽喉科,儿外科,麻醉科,医学影像科,医学检验科,全科 等,承担上海市住院医师规范化培训任务。

● 儿科继续教育学院主要工作 1. 儿科住院医师培训 新华医院现有儿科培训对象共38人。学院安排09届11名(儿内 6名、儿保1名、儿外3名、营养1名)住院医师轮转计划及督促 轮转计划的落实;每月组织出科理论考试;组织落实儿科住院 医师培训项目共18项。 2. 儿童意外伤害培训项目 组织举办了第四期国家级继续教育《儿童常见意外伤害预防与 救护》学习班,30学时。参加学习班总人数35人,大多为基层 医院医生及全科医师。

Major Work of School of Continuous Pediatric Education 1. Pediatric Residents Training There are 38 persons of Xin Hua attending the training at present. Eleven 2009-year resident doctors (including 6 majoring in pediatrics, 1 in child healthcare, 3 in pediatric surgery and 1 in nutrition) were arranged to implement rotation plan. Theory exams were held every month. A total of 18 pediatric residents training programs were implemented. 2. Child Accidental Injury Training Program The fourth session of state continuous training course on “Prevention and Rescue of Common Child Accidental Injuries” was held, with 30 class hours.35 doctors participated in this course, mainly from grass-root hospitals.

Continuous Medical Education

● 继续医学教育工作 全院中高级职称专业技术人员继续教育验证数629份,达标率 100%。全年举办继续医学教育项目40项,其中包括国家级项目 23项,国家级儿科学基地项目14项,市级项目3项。学习班共招 收学员2361名,外省市学员所占比例为53.5%。全年组织院级学 术讲座350次,上岗培训、外出学习备案403人次。

今年参加同等学历申请硕士学位全国综合统一考试学员46人, 其中16人通过外语水平全国统一考试,5人通过学科综合水平 全国统一考试;第二阶段资格审查17人;开题7人,答辩11 人。15人获得学位证书。

● 儿科学系系部主要工作 协助上海交通大学医学院教务处安排05级八年一贯制临床医学 专业《儿科学》教学,组织统一备课、新教师试讲;组织《儿 科学》课程考试的出题、组卷、阅卷及试卷分析;组织了新华 医院、儿童医学中心等八家上海交通大学医学院附属医院的共 17名专家对每位担任05级八年制授课的老师进行了共22次教学 督导;组织交大医学院37名儿科住院医师阶段考试;完成临床 医学专业五年制免试直升学生中培养选拔儿科专业临床型研究 生的申报及录取工作。(共录取14名,其中新华9名)。


3. Refresher Master Course for Wenzhou Medical College 46 students took part in National Comprehensive Examination of Equivalent Education Level for Master’s Degree this year, among whom 16 passed National Foreign Language Examination and 5 passed National Examination of Discipline Comprehensive Level. 17 students accepted second-phase qualification investigation, 7 students finished thesis proposal, 11 students defended their theses, and 15 students obtained degree certificate.

Major Work of Pediatric Discipline

2009年8月11日,首期崇明卫生人才导师制培训班正式开班。培训 班将按计划连续举办三期,每期为时一年。培训班学员由崇明县卫

The department assisted academic affairs office of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine in arranging the teaching of “Pediatrics”for 2005-grade 8-year clinical medicine majors, including coordinating lesson-preparation, auditing new teachers, setting, going over and analyzing exam paper. The department organized 22 teaching supervisions for each teacher of 2005-grade 8-year courses, inviting 17 experts from 8 affiliated hospitals of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine (including Xin Hua Hospital and Shanghai Children Medical Center). 37 pediatric residents from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine affiliated hospitals took phase exams. The department also trained and selected 5-year students majoring in clinical medicine. 14 students, including 9 from Xin Hua have been enrolled in clinical-type post-graduate program majoring in pediatrics.

现聘副高及以上职称并具备硕士生导师资格的医师担任导师,对学 员实施“一对一”导师制培养。根据培养目标的要求,导师将负责指 导学员的临床专业技术和论著撰写。首期培训班学员共10名。

| 研究生教育 | Postgraduate

On August 11th 2009, the first session of Chongming Health Talents Tutorial Training opened formally. According to plan, three consecutive sessions will be held, each lasting one year. With “one-on-one” tutorial training system, the trainees are recommended and selected by Chomging Health Bureau, all holding attending physicians or above titles. The Continuous Education Office designated physicians who hold deputy senior or above titles with master instructor qualification as the tutors. According to the requirements of training objectives, the tutors guide the students to learn clinical expertise and write monograph. 10 students attended the first session of training.


○ 招收2009级研究生72名(22名博士生、74名硕士生); ○ 招收2010级推荐免试硕士生18名; ○ 授予研究生学位62名(18名博士、44名硕士); ○ 新增研究生导师35名(17名博导、18硕导); ○ 博士生虢灿杰(导师李定国)荣获2009年度“上海交通大学求是 研究生奖学金”。 ○ 博士生李生慧(导师沈晓明)、博士生蒋盛旦(导师戴力扬)的 学位论文获全国优秀博士学位论文提名。

629 continuous education verifications have been done to personnel holding middle/senior titles, with attainment rate of 100%. 40 programs of continuous medical education were carried out, among which 23 were at state level, 14 were of state pediatrics base projects, 3 were at municipal level. A total of 2361 students were enrolled, with 53.5% from other provinces. 350 academic lectures were held in the hospital. 403 person/ times were recorded for induction training or out-for-learning.

Chongming Health Talents Tutorial Training

● 崇明卫生人才导师制培训班

生局推荐、选送,具备主治医师及以上职称。继续教育办公室指定 3. 温州医学院硕士研究生课程进修班

Up to the end of 2009, 125 residents and 49 specialists have been brought into standardized training. 289 person/times took rotation completion exams. “Three-basic” training totals 105 class hours. 2007-year and 2008-year residents have took part in annual exams of ECG, radiological film-reading and emergency ICU skills. In May 2009, integrating the departments of internal medicine, surgery, general medicine, cardiology and neurosurger y, the Continuous Education Office applied for specialist training base, and passed through the evaluation by Shanghai After-Graduation Education Commission. At present, we have 14 general specialist training bases and 121 sub-discipline training bases. Shouldering the commission of Shanghai resident standardized training, the general specialist training bases include internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency, neurology, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, pediatric surgery, anesthesia, medical imaging, medical laboratory, and general medicine.

○ 72 2009-year graduate students were enrolled, including 22 doctoral students and 74 post-graduate students ○ 18 2010-year postgraduates exempted from entrance examination were enrolled ○ 62 students were granted degree certificate, including 18 doctoral degree and 44 master degree ○ 35 tutors were added, including 17 doctoral tutors and 18 master tutors ○ Doctor Guo Canjie (Li Dingguo as the tutor) was awarded 2009 Shanghai Jiaotong University Seeking-Truth Post-graduate Scholarship ○ Dissertations of Dr. Li Shenghui (Shen Xiaoming as the tutor) and Dr. Jiang Shengdan (Dai Liyang the tutor) won the nomination award of National Excellent PhD Dissertation 48


Scientific Research Program 科研项目

| 新立科研项目 | New

RhoA/ROCK促巨噬细胞活化在糖尿病动脉粥样硬化中的作用及其机制研究 The role and mechanism of RhoA/ROCK on the activation of macrophage in diabetic atherosclerosis 14-3-3蛋白与肾脏尿素转运 14-3-3 proteins and kidney urea transport

瘦素和雌激素在锥体骺板生长代谢中的相互作用研究 An investigation of the interaction between leptin and estrogen in growth and metabolism of vertebral growth plates

新立科研项目总计126项,新立项目总经费1909.3万元。 A total of 126 research programs have been established with an investment of 19.093 million yuan. 国家科技部863计划 Project 863

国家自然科学基金项目 National Nature Science Fund

携带干扰素基因的内皮祖细胞靶向治疗肺癌的实验研究 The research of endothlial progenitor cells transfected by INF gene target therapy of lung cancer

1项 / 40万

内容涉密 Confidential

李济宇 Li Jilyu

24项 / 584万元

不同生长特性的听神经瘤细胞对听神经瘤生物学行为的影响 The influence of cestibular schwannoma cells with different growth on tumor behavior

吴皓 Wu Hao

功能性克隆导致多基因遗传性耳聋大前庭水管综合征的新致病基因 Functional cloning of new causative genes involved in multigenic hearing loss EVA

杨涛 Yang Tao

哮喘易感基因的两个SNP位点及其组合与支气管平滑肌细胞收缩和分泌功能关系研究 Association of two SNPs in the genes susceptible to asthma and their combination with contration and secretion of airway smooth muscle cells

鲍一笑 Bao yixiao

长期缓释生长因子的胶原基质片诱导膀胱再生的实验研究 Bladder Regeneration Induced by Bladder Acelluler Matrix Graft with Long-term Releasing of Growth Factor 孕早期环境雌激素暴露对子代大鼠基因甲基化及食物过敏影响的分子机制研究 The impact of prenatal environmental estrogen exposion on DNA methylation its potential role in food allergy in a rat model

耿红全 Geng Hongquan 蔡威 Cai Wei

葡萄糖-6-磷酸酶基因新错义突变对酶蛋白功能及其降解的研究 Novel missense glucose-6-phosphtase mutations affect protein function ,stability and degradation

邱文娟 Qiu Wenjuan

FGF1干预ROS诱导Fox0转录活性变化与EPCs功能的关系 FGF1 modulates EPC function and FoxO transcriptional activity induced ROS

陈书艳 Chen Shuyan

哮喘中Notch1对T细胞分化作用的调控研究 The regulation of Notch1 on T cell differentiation in asthma 遗传修饰构建粘液瘤病毒/MSCs载体靶向胆囊癌治疗的实验研究 Experiment study on the genetic-modified construction of the mesenchymal stem cells vector for myxoma virus and its effect on the targeted therapy of gallbladder carcinoma

郭雪君 Guo Xuejun 全志伟 Quan Zhiwei

胆囊癌细胞亚群的克隆分选及异质性分析 The cloning sorting and heterogeneity analysis on the subtype of gallbladder carcinoma cell

刘颖斌 Liu Yingbin

建立“促MET”校生镜以诱导骨髓源性肝细胞定向分化对肝纤维化的防治作用研究 Establishment of mesenchymal-epithelial-transition inducing niche enhances differentiation of bone marrow-derived liver stem cell toward hepatocyte and prevents hepatic fibrosis

李定国 Li Dingguo

左心室组织中不同分布位置的TNF-a在容量超负荷所致左心室离心性重构过程中作用的研究 A comparative study of the effect of left ventricular differentially distributed TNF-α on left ventricle extracellular matrix degradation and remodeling in volume overload miR-9对oxLDL激活人单核/巨噬细胞生物学功能的调控 Functional role of miR-9 in mediating oxLDL stimulated human monocytes and macrophages avβ5整合素与RhoA/ROCK信号转导通路介导肠缺血再灌注诱发肺损伤的机制研究 Role of αvβ5 Integrin and RhoA/ROCK signal transduction pathway in lung injury induced by intestinal ischemia/reperfusion

陈源文 Chen Yuanwen 王长谦 Wang Changqian 毛燕飞 Miao Yanfei

caspase-8在Fas凋亡信号传导通路中的调控作用研究 Research on the regulative role of caspase-8 in Fas apoptosis signal transduction pathway

李玉峰 Li Yufeng

妊娠期压力对子代神经发育影响的流行病学及相关基础研究 The epidemiologic and basic researches related to the effects of prenatal stress on pups' neurological development

徐健 Xue Jian

TRPC6参与CPB术后肾损伤的发生及再rhEP0肾保护效应中受调制作用的机理研究 Potential mechanisms of TRPC6 participating in acute renal injury after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery and modulated in renal-protective effect of rhEPO XINHUA HOSPITAL ANNUAL REPORT 2009

黄海东 Huang Haidong

miR-181a介导转化生长因子β1作用的机制及其在大鼠肝纤维化进程的功能研究 The functions and significance of transforming growth factor-β1 related miR-181a in rat liver fibrosis

Research Programs Developed

刘晓明 Liu Xiaoming

探索治疗再生障碍性贫血的新途径-mhCD38基因转染骨髓间充质干细胞 Transfection of human mesenchymal stem cells with mhCD38 gene as a novel approach in the treatment of aplastic anemia 探索基因改造后大肠杆菌M1061对结肠癌肝转移灶治疗的实验研究 Exploring the therapy of liver matastasis foci by E.coli M1061 which gene was modified 教育部博士点基金(博导类) Doctorate Program Fund of Ministry of Education (class of doctoral tutor) 上海市新生儿迟发性耳聋的监测研究 Shanghai late-onset hearing loss newborns monitoring study

李新峰 Li Xinfeng 肖海波 Xiao Haibo 陶 荣 Tao Rong 姜宏华 Jiang Honghua

吴 皓 Wu Hao

陈同辛 Chen Tongxin

2项 / 7.2万

RhoA/ROCK在糖尿病动脉粥样硬化中的促巨噬细胞活化作用及其机制研究 The Research of RhoA/ROCK's Function on Macrophage Activation Exacerbating Diabetic Atherosclerosis 梯度多孔β-TCP复合抗生素、骨诱导活性蛋白作为修复感染性骨缺损的移植材料的基础研究 the basic study of gradient porosity β-TCP impregnated with antibiotics and bone induced protein for repairing infect bone defect 上海市科委基础研究重大项目(子课题) Major program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (sub-topic)

简蔚霞 Jian Weixia 李 海 Lihai

1项 / 50万

大前庭水管综合症基因克隆及分子机制研究 Gene discovery and molecular mechanism study of hearing loss associated with Enlargement of Vestibular Aqueduct 上海市科委信息领域重大项目 Major program of Information Division of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission 特大型城市居民全程健康协同服务医疗联合体-三级医院示范(子课题) Medical consortium of collaborative health service for super-large urban citizens – a model of Grade III hospital (sub-topic) 上海市科委基础研究重点项目 Key Projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

杨 涛 Yang Tao 1项 / 100万 徐卫国 Xu Weiguo

7项 / 225万元

计算机辅助血压、血糖动态特性与心血管疾病关联性的研究 Research of the relevance of CVD and the dynamic characteristic of computer-assisting Bp & blood glucose 糖尿病EPCs血管修复功能损伤相关microRNA的筛选鉴定及功能研究 The microarray of the diabetic EPCs and their function on vascular repair.

汪保灿 Wang Baocan

2项 / 12万

EB病毒感染的脐带血树突状细胞对CD4+CD25+Treg细胞活化和功能的影响 The effect of cord blood dendritic cells infected with Epstein-Barr Virus on the activation and function of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells 教育部新教师基金 New teachers fund of Ministry of Education

简蔚霞 Jian Weixia

大肠癌癌前病变分子机制和易患性分子标志物的研究 Study of susceptibility biomarkers and Molecular mechanism in Colorectal cancer precancerous lesion 熟地平颤汤治疗帕金森病异动症分子细胞学机制研究 The molecular and cellular study on the dyskinesia of Parkinson’s disease treated with Sudi Pingchan Soup

段俊丽 Duan Junli 孟 舒 Meng Shu 崔 龙 Cui Long 刘振国 Liu Zhengguo

骨髓间充质干细胞对COPD慢性炎症损伤的干预作用及机制探讨 The intervention of mesenchymal stem cells in chronic airway inflammation of COPD rats

徐卫国 Xu Weiguo

胃癌发病风险系数模型的建立 Establishment for the ratio of onset Risk Model in Gastric Carcinoma

刘颖斌 Liu Yingbin

基于双源CT的二尖瓣三维运动特征分析及其用于手术设计的可行性研究 Preliminary Study on Mitral Valvular Motion and its usage for Surgery Design based on DSCT imaging

孙 锟 Sun Kun



上海市科委自然科学基金项目 Shanghai Nature Science Fund

5项 / 50万

神经母细胞瘤自然消退相关基因的定位研究 Positioning study about the related gene of spontaneous recession of neuroblastoma

周 莹 Zhou Ying

胃癌腹腔镜手术气腹后血液循环动力学的改变对肿瘤转移的影响 张 勇 Effects of the changes of hemodynamics after the pneumoperitoneum established by laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy on the tumor metastasis Zhang Yong 人工诱导突变的尿素转运体B在尿毒症大鼠肠上皮细胞表达及功能研究 Expression and function of mutant urea transporter B in intestine epithelial cells in uremia rats. 大鼠肝纤维化进程中转化生长因子β1相关miR-181a作用机制的研究 Effects of translation growth factor-relating miRNA: miR-181a on rat liver fibrosis

蒋更如 Jiang Gengru 汪保灿 Wang Baocan

智力低下的分子遗传机制研究 Study on the molecular genetic mechanism underlying mental retardation

陶 炯 Tao jiong

上海市科委优秀学科带头人计划项目 Outstanding Discipline Leaders of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission microRNA对oxLDL激活人单核/巨噬细胞生物学功能的调控 Functional role of microRNA in mediating oxLDL stimulated human monocytes and macrophages

2项 / 80万 王长谦 Wang Changqian

小鼠缺氧缺血性脑病胚胎干细胞移植治疗的电生理研究 Electrophysiological study on the treatment of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy in mouse by transplantation of embryonic stem cell-derived cells 上海市科委青年科技启明星计划项目 Youth Science and Technology Venus Talent Plan of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission 常见溶酶体贮积病的临床和基础研究 clinical and basic investigation of the lysosomal storage diseases with high prevalence 上海市科委青年科技启明星计划 (跟踪) 项目 Venus Following Plan of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission 全麻药对儿童智力影响的基础与临床研究 The effects of general anesthetics on children's intelligence: the basic and clinical research. 上海市科委医学重点项目 Key program of Bio-Medical Division of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

马 杰 Ma Jie

1项 / 15万 张惠文 Zhang Huiwen

1项 / 20万 王英伟 Wang Yingwei

3项 / 85万

李济宇 Li Jiyu

超大样本前列腺增生症手术疗效的系统研究及评价 The systematic assessment of the operation efficacy in benign prostate hyperplasia patients

齐 隽 Qi jun

上海市科委医学引导项目 General program of Bio-Medical Division of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission 具有生物活性和抗感染作用的梯度多孔生物陶瓷的研究及应用 the study and application of bioactive and anti-infectious bioceramic with gradient porosity 前列腺癌病灶检测及侵袭性预测的影像新技术比较研究 Comparative study on new radiological modalities in the detection and aggressiveness assessment of the prostate cancer 趋化因子受体CCRS调控心脏移植物血管病变的机制研究 The role of chemokine receptor CCR5 in cardiac allograft vasculopathy regulation

蒋雷生 Jiang Lensheng 3项 / 30万 赵 黎 Zhao Li 陈亚青 Chen Yaqing 梅 举 Mei ju

上海市科委纳米专项 Nano-specific grogram of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

3项 / 140万

纳米技术在帕金森病运动并发症治疗中的应用研究 The research of Nano technology on the treatment of Parkinson’s diasease with motor complications

刘振国 Liu Zhenguo

纳米结构载药金属支架在胆管癌治疗中的应用技术研究 The application technique study on Drug-loaded nano-structured metal stents in the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma

全志伟 Quan Zhiwei


上海市科委研发公共服务平台项目 R & D Public Service Platform Program

施伟斌 Shi Weibin

1项 / 90万

我国城市胎儿期环境重金属污染物暴露现状调查及生物样本库建立 The investigation of maternal exposure to heavy metals in cities over China, and the establishing of bio-specimen bank 上海市科委实验动物研究项目 Animal studies program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission 慢性乙型肝炎合并脂肪肝小鼠模型的建立 Establishment of mouse model for chronic hepatitis B complicating fatty liver

颜崇淮 Yan Chonghuai

2项 / 45万

范建高 Fan Jiangao

对大型实验动物不同麻醉方法的比较评价研究(子课题) Comparison and evaluation of different anesthesia methods for large experimental animals

赵 璇 Zhao Xuan

上海市科委非政府间国际合作项目 Non-governmental international cooperation program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

1项 / 15万

车辆前碰撞中儿童乘员头颈部伤害的生物力学研究 The biomechanics study on the head and neck of 4-8Y child occupants injury in automobile frontal impac 上海市科委中药现代化专项 Traditional Chinese Medicine Modernization Program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission 中医药治疗儿童抽动障碍规范化临床路径研究 Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) treatment standard analysis for children of tic disorder. 上海市科委科技特派员专项 Science and technology correspondent Program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

心电特征提取算法及波形过滤系统的研究 Algorithm for ECG feature

潘曙明 Pan Shuming 1项 / 10万 吴 敏 Wu Min 1项 / 10万 李毅刚 Li Yigang

上海市科委医疗器械领域重点定向项目(子课题) Key orientation program of medical devices of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (sub-topic)

Kupffer细胞HO-1过表达阻断肥大细胞脱颗粒抑制供肝源DC成熟的前置(preconditioned)状态在移植后诱导免 疫耐受中的作用 The role of the pre-condition state which is Kupffer cell HO-1 over-expression blocked mast cell degranulation and then inhibited donor liver DC mature in the induce of immune tolerance after transplantation

张力诱导椎间盘细胞凋亡的内质网应激机制 Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Mechanism Induced by Tensile Force for the Apoptosis of Intervertebral Disc Cells

携肿瘤抑素靶向超声造影引导射频消融治疗肝转移癌及抑制肿瘤滋养血管的实验研究 Experimental Research of Portability Tumstatin targeted ultrasound contrast-guided radiofrequency ablation in treating Metastatic liver cancer and suppressing tumor nourishing blood vessels

肾功能相关生化指标诊断试剂的质量对比研究 The quality comparative study on diagnostic reagents of renal function-related biochemical markers

1项 / 20万 沈立松 Shen Lisong

上海市科委择优录取项目(子课题) Merit-based admission program of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (sub-topic)

1项 / 15万

超微创漏斗胸矫治手术方案矫形器械的设计和临床应用研究 The design and clinical application of new orthotic device in the super-micro invasive treatment of funelchest

李国庆 Li Guoqing

上海市科委白玉兰人才基金 Magnolia Talent Fund of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

5项 / 15万

树突状细胞与肥大细胞之间的相互作用及其在过敏反应中的意义 The significance of interactions between dendritic cells and mast cells in allergic reaaction.

陈同辛 Chen Tongxin

有关NMDA受体信号转导在帕金森病运动并发症研究的课题合作 The signal truduction of NMDA receptor in Parkinson's disease with motor complications

刘振国 Liu Zhenguo

耳科学、耳神经科学及侧颅底外科高级研讨班 Advanced workshop on otology, neurootology & lateral skull base surgery

中国人群常染色体显性多囊肾病遗传异质性和表现差异的研究 The study on the phenotype variation and genetic heterogeneity in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease 第十四届世界神经外科大会 XIV World Congress of Neurological Surgery

上海市教委重点项目 Key scientific research program of Shanghai Education Commission G蛋白偶联受体及传导通路在帕金森病运动并发症发病机制中的作用 The G-couple receptors and transductor pathyway in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease with motor complication

杨 军 Yang Jun 齐 隽 Qi Jun 马 杰 Ma Jie

1项 / 15万 刘振国 Liu Zhenguo



上海市教委科研基金项目 Scientific research program of Shanghai Education Commission

3项 / 24万

上海市临床药学科研项目 Scientific research fund of Shanghai clinical pharmacy

脊髓电刺激治疗脑缺血的实验研究 An experimental study on spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of cerebral ischemia

仲 骏 Zhong Jun

基于HIS上的代谢综合症ADR自动监测、评价、反馈的研究 Study on Automatic ADR Monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback System Founded on HIS in Metabolic Syndrome Therapy

PHA2和原发性高血压患者WNK基因突变研究 Study on WNK gene mutations in PHA2 and essential hypertension patients

IVIG通过IRF-8介导对脐血来源树突状细胞分化及功能影响的机制研究 The mechanism study of IVIG affecting the differentiation and function of cord blood-derived DC by IRF-8 上海市教委曙光学者计划项目 Morning Sunshine Scholars Program of Shanghai Education Commission

钱继红 Qian Jihong 1项 / 15万

先天性耳聋大前庭水管综合征分子致病机理研究 Study of molecular pathogenic mechanism of genetic hearing loss associated with enlarged vestibular aqueduct 上海市卫生局科研基金项目 Scientific research program of Shanghai Health Bureau

杨 涛 Yang Tao

10项 / 30万

系统监测CYP3A表型和基因型对儿童B系急性淋巴细胞性白血病疗效评估的意义 The relationship between phenotype and genotype of CYP3A and efficacy evaluation of pediatric B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 朗格汉斯细胞组织增生症基因型与临床类型及预后的关系 Study of relationship between gene expression and prognosis and distinct clinical types of Langerhans' cell histiocytosis QIMT和QAS技术评价肥胖儿童颈动脉内中膜厚度及弹性研究 Evaluation carotid intima–media thickness and elasticity in childhood obesity with QIMT and QAS technology

应力及BMP对肌腱附着点结构重建的影响 Influence of stress and BMP on the reconstruction of enthesis

张 健 Zhang Jian 余 红 Yu Hong 金 晔 Jin Ye 王栋梁 Wang Dongliang

胆囊癌中肿瘤抑制基因ING1通过表观遗传学对相关基因表达进行调控的研究 Study on Gallbladder tumor suppressor gene ING1 regulating the expression of ralative gene by Epigenetics 黏液瘤病毒对胃癌治疗作用的研究 Research of Myxoma virus on the treatment of gastric cancer

张 翀 Zhang Chong

龚 伟 Gong Wei 顾 钧 Gu Jun

脂多糖通过NF-κB诱导Ⅱ型肺泡上皮细胞损伤的作用机制研究 Study on mechanism of action on injury primary rat alveolar type Ⅱ epithelial cells induced by ipopolysaccharide via NO/NF-κB 基于统一通信平台的临床呼叫模式的研究 Research on clinical calling pattern based on unified communication platform

朱晓东 Zhu Xiaodong 陈 睦 Chen Mu

串联质谱技术对干血滤纸片类固醇激素谱的分析研究 Analysis of steroid hormone profile in dry blood spots by tandem mass spectrometry

韩连书 Han Lianshu

多种酰基辅酶A脱氢酶缺乏症基因型与临床表型及维生素B2治疗反应的相关性研究 Genotype-Phenotype and Riboflavin Responsive Study of Multiple Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

邱文娟 Qiu Wenjuan

上海市卫生局科研基金青年项目 Youth scientific research program of Shanghai Health Bureau

4项 / 8万

应用流式微球芯片技术分析炎症和血管生成因子在早产儿视网膜病变患儿眼内的表达 Cytometric bead array analyses of ocular expressions of inflammatory and angiogenesis cytokines in eyes with retinopathy of prematurity 骨髓间充质干细胞对COPD慢性气道炎症损伤的干预作用 The role and mechanism of mesenchymal stem cells in chronic inflammation of COPD rats 短肠综合征患儿远期营养状况和肠道代偿情况评价 Nutrition and intestinal compensatory assessment in children with short bowel syndrome : a long-term follow up study 中国育龄女性人群FMR1基因突变携带率研究 Research of FMR1 Mutation Carrier Frequency in Chinese Women of Childbearing Age 上海市卫生局中医药科研项目 Scientific research fund of Chinese medicine of Shanghai Health Bureau 中药葛根素滴眼液在预防青少年近视中的作用 Preventive effect of puerarin on myopia in children


汪朝阳 Wang Chaoyang 宋 琳 Song Lin 王 莹 Wang Ying 季 星 Ji Xing 1项 / 2万

朱 煌 Zhu Huang

2项 / 6万

上海市培训基地医院临床药师参与临床用药决策现状调查分析 Survey and analysis of the situation of clinical pharmacists participating drug scheme decision in training-base hospitals in Shanghai

上海交通大学医工交叉类科研项目基金 Medicine-Engineering Fund of Shanghai Jiaotong University

刘海涛 Liu Haitao 卜书红 Bu Shuhong

6项 / 51.1万

基于微喷成型技术构建结构可控的功能梯度块型抗感染活性人工骨的研究 the study of fabrication of structure-controllable, bioactive and anti-infectious bioceramic with gradient porosity based micro-spraying shaping technique

李 海 Li Hai

基于医院HIS系统基础上的ADR和药物相互作用自动监测、报告及反馈系统 Automatic ADR and Drug Interaction Monitoring, Report and Feedback System Founded on HIS

陆晓彤 Lu Xiaotong

纳米医学对重大皮肤疾病的早期诊断与靶向治疗机制的研究 Research of nanometer medical science on early diagnosis and therapeutic mechanism of severe skin diseases

姚志荣 Yao Zhirong

早期乳腺癌综合及靶向影像诊断研究 The integrated and targeted imaging diagnosis of early breast cancer

陈亚青 Chen Yaqing

肿瘤靶向性药物载体叶酸两亲化合物的研制 The advanced development of folacin acid amphipile as tumor target medicine 基于经皮供能的反馈式人工肛门括约肌重建研究(合作者) Research on the technique of transcutaneous power supply for the reactive artificial anal sphincter reconstruction (collaborator) 上海交通大学PET小动物科研项目 PET small animal fund of Shanghai Jiaotong University

翁子毅 Weng Ziyi

4项 / 25万

胆碱能抗炎机制在限制热量摄入延缓脑梗死发生中的作用研究 The research of the effect about of cholinergic anti-inflammation mechanism in Delayed cerebral infarction by limiting calories intake 基于细胞凋亡显像的非酒精性脂肪性肝病 Novel diagnostic index research of non alcoholic liver disease based on apoptosis imaging 基于小动物PET/CT平台的抽动障碍发病机制与中药干预治疗的实验研究 TIC disorder Experimental Study on pathogenesis and intervention treatment of traditional Chinese medicine based on small animal PET/CT platform 肿瘤SUV值对肿瘤放疗靶区勾画的影响 SUV analysis for the GTV delineation

欧敬民 Ou Jingmin

段俊丽 Du Junli 范建高 Fan Jiangao 吴 敏 Wu Min 蒋马伟 Jing Mawei

上海交通大学医学院院级科研项目 Scientific research fund of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

18项 / 63万

COX-2抑制剂联合化疗药物对膀胱癌细胞株抑制作用的基础研究 Experimental research of combined COX-2 inhibitors and chemotherapeutic agents treatments in bladder cancer cells

沈海波 Shen Haibo

细胞内基质金属蛋白酶-2在氧化应激损伤胰岛β细胞作用中的初步研究 Role of intracellular matrix metalloproteinases-2 in oxidative stress injurying pancreatic islet beta cells

陈雪茹 Chen Xueru

三叉神经后跟纤维的解剖与电生理研究 An anatomical study on trigeminal nerve root and electrophysiological monitoring during the microvascular decompression operations

万 亮 Wan Liang

提高三叉神经痛手术疗效的应用技术研究 A clinical study on microvascular decompression in order to improve the surgical outcome for the patient with trigeminal neuralgia

李心远 Li Xinyuan

小鼠淋巴结内胃癌细胞micro-MRI研究 Cellular magnetic resonance imaging:in vivo imaging of gastric cancer cell in lymph nodes of mice

任 刚 Ren Gang

转录因子PU.1与慢性粒细胞急性变机制研究 Investigation relationship between transcription factor PU.1 and the blast crisis transformation mechanism of chronic myeloid leukemia

马立元 Ma Liyuan

脂多糖对胰岛细胞功能和氧化应激的影响 The effects of LPS on function and oxidative stress in islet cells

miR-17-92家族对TNFα刺激下内皮细胞生物学功能的影响 Roles of miR-17-92 cluster in TNFα-stimulated endothelial cell biological function Maspin基因在胆囊癌转移中的作用研究 Study of the effect of Maspin in gallbladder cancer metastais

葛勤敏 Ge Qinmin 张亚臣 Zhang Yachen 董 平 Dong Ping



3T HR-MRI比较骨质疏松与骨关节炎骨微结构 Micro-architecture of trabecular bone: comparison of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in vivo with MR imaging at 3.0T. Annexin-Ⅱ与tenascin-C在胃癌细胞中作用机制的研究 Research on the mechanism of Annexin-Ⅱ and tenascin-C in gastric cancer cells 搏动血流灌注对体外循环术后肾脏血流动力学及血管内皮功能的影响 The influence of pulsate blood perfusion in the renal hemodynamic and vascular endothelium function post cardiopulmonary bypass 气骨导助听器对严重传导性耳聋儿童助听效果的研究 The benefit of compared using air with bone conductive hearing aid for severe conductive hearing loss children 细胞周期各亚期对Fas诱导细胞凋亡的敏感性研究 The sensitivity of different phase of cell cycle in Fas-mediated apoptosis

沈 云 Shen Yun

| 人才项目 | Talent


顾 钧 Gu Jun

2009年度有7人次入选各级各类人才培养计划 Seven persons have been included in training programs at various levels and categories in 2009

朱家全 Zhu Jiaquan

上海市优秀学科带头人 Seven persons have been included in training programs at various levels and categories in 2009

李 蕴 Li Yun

上海市优秀学科带头人 Shanghai Outstanding Discipline Leaders

王长谦 Wang Changqian 马 杰 Ma Jie

李玉峰 Li Yufeng

上海市科委青年科技启明星人才计划 Youth Science and Technology Venus Talent Plan of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

癫痫患儿丙戊酸群体药代动力学和药代/药效结合模型的研究 The study of the population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics model of valproate of epilepsy of children

何大可 He Dake

上海市科委“启明星”跟踪计划 Venus Following Plan of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission

检测FGFR3基因突变进行产前诊断胎儿软骨发育不全的研究 The study on the prenatal diagnosis of fetal achondroplasia by detecting the FGFR3 gene mutation

王 磊 Wang Lei

上海市教委曙光学者计划 Morning Sunshine Scholars Program of Shanghai Education Commission

张惠文 Zhang Huiwen 王英伟 Wang Yingwei 杨 涛 Yang Tao

采用功能性磁共振评价网络成瘾对青少年脑功能的影响 Evaluation of the effects of internet addiction on adolescent brain function by functional MRI

徐 健 Xu Jian

教育部新教师基金 New Teachers Fund of Ministry of Education

简蔚霞 Jian Weixia

生物素酶及全羧化酶合成酶缺乏症的基因研究 Study of gene mutation for biotinidase deficiency and holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency

叶 军 Ye Jun

教育部新教师基金 New Teachers Fund of Ministry of Education

李 海 Li Hai

上海交通大学医学院院级药学科研项目 Pharmacy fund of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

2项 / 6万

氟康唑与咪搭唑仑联合应用对儿童镇静疗效的影响 Combined Use of Fluconazole and Midazolan in Children and their influence on sedative effect

陆晓彤 Lu Xiaotong

射干合剂中有效成分的测定及其抗炎机制与机制研究 Shegan mixture in the determination of active ingredients and studying of anti-inflammatory mechanism and mechanism 上海交通大学博士点科研项目 Doctorate Program Fund of Shanghai Jiaotong University

2项 / 4万

EB病毒感染的脐带血树突状细胞对CD4+CD25+Treg细胞活化和功能的影响 The effect of cord blood dendritic cells infected with Epstein-Barr Virus on the activation and function of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells 上海市新生儿迟发性耳聋的监测研究 Shanghai newborns late-onset deafness monitoring studies

关于改善目前新华宁养院宁养服务的可行性探索 Feasibility exploration on improving current hospice care of Xinhua Hospice

金莹莹 Jin Yingying 吕静荣 Lv Jingrong

上海交通大学医学院院级人文社会科学研究项目 Humanities and Social Sciences Program of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

综合性医院行政中层干部绩效考核方法研究 Research on the performance evaluation method of administrative middle-level cadres in general hospital 医院提升便民服务中心品牌满意度的方法探索 Exploration of improving the satisfaction of hospital’s convenient service center brand XINHUA HOSPITAL ANNUAL REPORT 2009

唐跃年 Tang Yuenian

交大医学院新“百人计划” “New 100 Talents Plan” of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine 张拥军 Zhang Yongjun

丁芳宝 Ding Fangbao

交大医学院“优秀青年教师” Excellent Youth Teachers of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine 梁军号 Liang Junhao

张惠文 Zhang Huiwen

陶 荣 Tao Rong

上海高校选拔培养优秀青年教师科研专项基金(10人) Special Scientific Research Fund for Selecting and Training Outstanding Youth Teachers of Shanghai Colleges and Universities (10 persons) 超声中心 Ultrasound Diagnosis

程 娟 Cheng Juan

内分泌科 Endocrinology

简蔚霞 Jie Weixia

3项 / 2万

呼吸内科 Respiratory

朱裴钦 Zhu Peiqin

消化内科 Gastroenterology

葛文松 Ge Wensong

黄 强 Huang Qiang

急救中心 Emergency

汤璐佳 Tang Lujia


陈治宇 Chen Zhiyu

孙 锟 Sun Kun

老年医学科 Geriatrics

施 珍 Shi Zhen

中医科 TCM

周亚兵 Zhou Yabing

吴 韬 Wu Tao

麻醉科 Anesthesia

刘晓明 Liu Xiaoming

放射科 Radiology

叶 彤 Ye Tong



| 论文发表| Published


共发表SCI论文 61 篇,SCI发表情况 A total of 61 papers have been published and indexed by SCI 论文名称 Topic


影响因子 第一作者 Influence Factor First Author

通讯作者 Corresponding Author

Differential bone metabolism between postmenopausal women JOURNAL OF BONE AND 6.443 with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis MINERAL RESEARCH

蒋雷生,张自明 Jiang Leisheng Zhang Ziming

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Changes of substance P-immunoreactive nerve fiber innervation OSTEOPOROSIS density in the sublesional bones in young growing rats at an early INTERNATIONAL stage after spinal cord injury


柳 达 Liu Da

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Effects of spinal cord injury and hindlimb immobilization on BONE sublesional and supralesional bones in young growing rats


柳 达 Liu Da

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Quantitative analysis of the duration of slow conduction in the JOURNAL OF reentrant circuit of ventricular tachycardia after myocardial CARDIOVASCULAR 3.798 infarction ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY

李毅刚 Li Yigang

李毅刚 Li Yigang

Development of intestinal bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in breast- CLINICAL NUTRITION fed neonates


陈津津 Chen Jinjin

蔡 威 Cai Wei

Potential treatment of liver-related disorders with in vitro expanded DIFFERENTIATION human liver precursors


杨 颖 Yang Ying

盛慧珍 Sheng Huizhen

Bed- and room-sharing in Chinese school-aged children:Prevalence Sleep Medicine and association with sleep behaviors


李生慧 Li Shenghui

沈晓明 Shen Xiaoming

RNA interfering connective tissue growth factor prevents rat hepatic JOURNAL OF GENE stellate cell activation and extracellular matrix production MEDICINE


李光明 Li Guangming

李定国 Li Dingguo



孙 超 Sun Chao

李定国 Li Dingguo



兰 玲 Lan Ling

李定国 Li Dingguo


高 宇 Gao Yu

沈晓明 Shen Xiaoming


郑俊克 Zheng Junke

盛慧珍 Sheng Huizhen


殷 峻 Yin Jun

殷 峻 Yin Jun


戴力扬 Dai Liyang

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Transptantation of urokinase-type ptasminogen activator genemodified bone marrow-derived liver stem cells reduces liver fibrosis in rats Transplantation of bone marrow-derived hepatocyte stem cells transduced with adenovirus-mediated IL-10 gene reverses liver fibrosis in rats

Research Awards

期刊名称 Journal

Response to #Early mercury exposure (with ethylmercury) could ENVIRONMENTAL include 3-day olds: Is that the case in China?# - Commentary RESEARCH

上海医学科技奖 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awards

三等奖 hird Prize

吴晔明 Wu Yeming

上海医学科技奖 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awards

三等奖 Third Prize

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

上海医学科技奖 Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Awards

三等奖 Third Prize

刘振国 Liu Zhenguo

Erasur e of the pater nal transcription pr ogram during DEVELOPMENTAL spermiogenesis: The first step in the reprogramming of sperm DYNAMICS chromatin for zygotic development METABOLISMEfficacy of berberine in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL Conservative Treatment of Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures A Longterm Follow-up Results With Special Reference to the Load Sharing SPINE Classification

上海中西医结合科学技术奖 Shanghai Science and technological Prize of Chinese Integrative Medicine

三等奖 Third Prize

吴 敏 Wu Min

Expression of Leptin and Its Functional Receptor on Disc Cells SPINE Contribution to Cell Proliferation


赵长清 戴力扬 Zhao Changqing Dai Liyang

Plain radiography versus computed tomography scans in the SPINE diagnosis and management of thoracolumbar burst fractures


戴力扬 Dai Liyang

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Single-level instrumented posterolateral fusion of lumbar spine with betatricalcium phosphate versus autograft - A prospective, randomized study SPINE 2.793 with 3-year follow-up Insulin Potentiates the Proliferation and Bone Morphogenetic Protein2-Induced Osteogenic Differentiation of Rat Spinal Ligament Cells via SPINE 2.793 Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase and Phosphatidylinosito AND Resveratrol inhibits EMMPRIN expression via p38 and ERK1/2 BIOCHEMICAL BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH 2.648 pathways in PMA-induced THP-1 cells COMMUNICATIONS

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

李 海 Li Hai

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Genotype and mating type analysis of Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii isolates from China that mainly originated from non-HIV-infected patients Anterior cervical fusion with interbody cage containing betatricalcium phosphate augmented with plate fixation: a prospective randomized study with 2-year follow-up

获得发明专利授权 Authorized Invention Patents 获得实用新型专利授权 Authorized New Practical Patents

申请发明专利 Applications for Invention Patents 申请实用新型专利 Applications for New Practical Patents




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黄周青 王长谦 Huang Zhouqing Wang Changqian



冯晓博 Feng Xiaobo

姚智荣 Yao Zhirong



戴力扬 Dai Liyang

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Anterior instrumentation for the treatment of pyogenic vertebral EUROPEAN SPINE osteomyelitis of thoracic and lumbar spine JOURNAL


戴力扬 Dai Liyang

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

A review of prognostic factors for surgical outcome of ossification of EUROPEAN SPINE the posterior longitudinal ligament of cervical spine JOURNAL


李 海 Li Hai

戴力扬 Dai Liyang



论文名称 Topic

期刊名称 Journal

影响因子 第一作者 Influence Factor First Author

High glucose promotes collagen synthesis by cultured cells from rat cervical posterior longitudinal ligament via transforming growth factor-beta 1



李 海 Li Hai

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Low bone mineral status in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis



李新峰 Li Xinfeng

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Modic changes: a systematic review of the literature



张跃辉 Zhang Yuehui

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Evaluation of traumatic spinal canal stenosis in thoracolumbar burst fractures - A comparison of three methods for measuring the percent canal occlusion



戴力扬 Dai Liyang

戴力扬 Dai Liyang

Dissection of No. 13 lymph node in radical gastrectomy for gastric carcinoma



沈定丰 Shen Dingfeng

沈定丰 Shen Dingfeng

HTRA1 variant increases risk to neovascular age-related macular degeneration in Chinese population



赵培泉 Zhao Peiquan


Effects of prolonged kanamycin administration on cochlear anatomy and auditor y brainstem response thresholds in chickens

向明亮 向明亮 Xiang Mingliang Xiang Mingliang

Thyroid hormone regulates the expression of SNAP-25 during rat brain development


Management of petrosal veins during microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia



仲 骏 Zhong Jun

李世亭 Li Shiting

An improved protocol that induces human embryonic stem cells to differentiate into neural cells in vitro



周君梅 Zhou Junmei

陈学进 Chen Xuejin

Quality of embryonic bodies and seeding density effects on neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells

Cell Biol Int


周君梅 Zhou Junmei

陈 方 Chen Fang

Two coding single nucleotide polymorphisms in the SALL1 gene in Townes-Brocks syndrome: a case report and review of the literature



梁 瑛 Liang Ying

蔡 威 Cai Wei

An intrasellar rhabdomyosarcoma misdiagnosed as pituitary adenoma



仲 骏 Zhong Jun

仲 骏 Zhong Jun

Somatostatin elevates topoisomerase II alpha and enhances the cytotoxic effect of doxorubicin on gallbladder cancer cells



全志伟 Quan Zhiwei

全志伟 Quan Zhiwei

Kyphosis recurrence after posterior short-segment fixation in thoracolumbar burst fractures




通讯作者 Corresponding Author

张洪梅 苏 青 Zhang Hongmei Su Qin


期刊名称 Journal

影响因子 第一作者 Influence Factor First Author

王向阳 戴力扬 Wang Xiangyang Dai Liyang

Long-term cognitive functions in neonatal short bowel syndrome patients



黄 娟 Huang Juan

蔡 威 Cai Wei


王向阳 Wang Xiangyang

Intralabyrinthine schwannomas: Symptoms and managements



贾 欢 Jia Huan

贾 欢 Jia Huan


通讯作者 Corresponding Author

No advantages of Gamma nail over sliding hip screw in the management of peritrochanteric hip fractures: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials



蒋盛旦 戴力扬 Jiang Shengdan Dai Liyang

Cloning and characterization of the rabbit POU5F1 gene



石建军 Shi Jianjun

盛慧珍 Sheng Huizhen

Posterior fossa abscesses secondary to dermal sinus associated with dermoid cyst in children



杨波 Yang Bo

Congenital absence of multiple ribs



陈惠金 Chen Huijin

陈惠金 Chen Huijin

Biomechanical effect of the extent of vertebral body fracture on the thoracolumbar spine with pedicle screw fixation: An in vitro study Effectiveness of peer education in HIV/STD prevention at different types of senior high schools in Shanghai, People's Repubilic of China


王向阳 戴力扬 Wang Xiangyang Dai Liyang

Untitled - The author reply



陈惠金 Chen Huijin


International Journal of STD & AIDS


沈理笑 Shen Lixiao

黄 红 Huang Hong

Relationship between methylation status of multi-drug resistance protein(MRP) and multi-drug resistance in lung cancer cell lines



柳瑞军 Liu Ruijun

钟 竑 Zhong Hong

Study on peer-led school-based HIV/AIDS prevention among youths in a medium-sized city in China



黄 红 Huang Hong

黄 红 Huang Hong

Eosinophilic cystitis in nine children



刘 明 Liu Ming

刘 明 Liu Ming

Surgical treatment of calcaneal fractures with use of betatricalcium phosphate ceramic grafting



蒋盛旦 戴力扬 Jiang Shengdan Dai Liyang

Effect of S-adenosylmethionine on total parenteral nutritionassociated cholestasis



刘怡晟 Liu Yisheng

刘怡晟 Liu Yisheng

The pharmacokinetic profiles of dexamethasone and methylprednisolone concentration in perilymph and plasma following systemic and local administration



杨 军 Yang Jun

吴 皓 Wu Hao

Multi-centered clinical study on effects of nano-Amomi paste in treating Children's anorexia



吴 敏 Wu Min

吴 敏 Wu Min

Holmes' tremor caused by midbrain cavernoma



仲 骏 Zhong Jun

仲 骏 Zhong Jun

A homozygous mutation in a Chinese man with Crigler-Najjar syndrome type II and a family genetic analysis



陈光榆 Chen Guangyu

吴建新 Wu Jianxin

Refinement of CARTO-guided substrate modification in patients with ventricular tachycardia after myocardial infarction



李毅刚 Li Yigang

李毅刚 Li Yigang

Effect of Shengmai Injection on cardiac function and inflammatory reaction in patients with acute coronary syndrome

张亚臣 Zhang Yachen

张亚臣 Zhang Yachen

Natriuretic peptides, antidiuretic hormone and hyponatraemia after acute craniocerebral injury



张文川 李世亭 Zhang Wenchuan Li Shiting


张亚臣 Zhang Yachen



金惠明 Jin Huiming

Effect of Shengmai Injection on Vascular Endothelial and Heart Functions in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Complicated with Diabetes Mellitus



| 继续教育项目| Continuous

Education Programs



2009 Xin Hua Hospital State Continuous Medical Educational Programs: 23 items

2009 Xin Hua Hospital State Continuous Medical Education Programs of Pediatrics Base: 14 items

项目名称 Program 急救护理高级技能理论与实践 Theory and Practice of Advanced Emergency Nursing Skills 多重肿瘤影像引导下的放射治疗 Radiation Therapy Guided by Multiple Tumor Imaging 创伤骨科新理论新技术学习班 Courses on New Theories and Technologies of Orthopedic Trauma

项目负责人 Leader 陈 佩 Chen Pei 吴国华 Wu Guohua 戴力扬 Dai Liyang

项目名称 Program 儿童常见意外伤害预防与救护 Prevention and Rescue of Common Child Accidental Injuries 现代小儿耳鼻咽喉-头颈外科新进展 Progress in Modern Pediatric Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 新生儿遗传性代谢病筛查 Newborn Screening for Inherited Metabolic Diseases

影像技术新进展在儿科的最新临床应用 Newest Clinical Application of Imaging Technology Progress in Pediatrics

李玉华 Li Yuhua

早产儿最优化管理学习研讨班 Symposium on Optimized Management of Premature Infants

肛肠外科新技术研讨会 Symposium on New Technology of Anorectal Surgery

崔 龙 Cui Long

儿科重症监护护理管理 Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing Management

尿路结石基础研究及微创治疗新进展 Basic Research on Urolithiasis and Advances in Minimally Invasive Therapy

齐 隽 Qi Jun

儿童发育行为问题及障碍的临床新对策 New Clinical Countermeasures for Child Development Behavioral Problems and Obstacles

泌尿道重建和再造的临床应用进展 Progress in Clinical Application of Urinary Tract Reconstruction and Recycling

齐 隽 Qi Jun

上海新华儿童呼吸国际论坛 Shanghai Xin Hua Hospital International Forum on Child Respiratory

临床儿童营养评估及干预指导 Clinical Assessment and Intervention Guidance of Child Nutrition

盛晓阳 Sheng Xiaoyang

儿童皮肤病学临床与进展 Child Clinical Dermatology and its Progress

白内障手术中的康复和屈光理念 Rehabilitation and Refractive Concept in Cataract Surgery

盛耀华 Sheng Yaohua

复杂型先天性心脏病的影像诊断学新进展 Progress in Diagnostic Imaging of Complex Congenital Heart Disease

神经内镜及小儿神经外科新进展 Progress in Neuroendoscope and Pediatric Neurosurgery 义齿修复中合重建与TMD Denture Repair Construction and TMD 新生儿学临床诊疗新进展学习班 Courses on Advances in Newborn Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment 儿童铅中毒防治新进展学习班 Courses on Advances in Child Lead Poisoning Prevention and Treatment 儿科疾病超声诊断学习班 Courses on Ultrasound Diagnosis of Pediatric Diseases

马 杰 Ma Jie 蒋丽萍 Jiang Liping 朱建幸 Zhu Jianxing 颜崇淮 Yan Chonghuai 陈亚青 Chen Yaqing

儿童血液/肿瘤疾病临床研究热点及难点 Research Focus and Difficulties of Children Blood/Tumor Diseases

顾龙君 Gu Longjun

耳科学、耳神经外科学及侧颅底外科学新进展学习班 Progress in Otology, Neuro-otology and Lateral Skull Base Surgery

吴 皓 Wu Hao

机械通气技术临床应用与进展 Clinical Application and Progress of Mechanical Ventilation Technology 儿童环境医学研究新进展学习班 Courses on Research Progress in Children Environmental Medicine 危重病急救医学与进展 Progress in Critical Emergency Medicine 遗传性代谢病诊治进展 Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Inherited Metabolic Diseases 消化道外科机械吻合技术的临床应用 Clinical Application of Mechanical Anastomosis and Gastrointestinal surgery 常见婴幼儿视网膜病变的诊治新进展  Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Retinopathy in Infants and Children 室性心律失常和心源性猝死 Ventricular Arrhythmia and Sudden Cardiac Death


宋志芳 Song Zhifang 沈晓明 Shen Xiaoming 宋志芳 Song Zhifang 顾学范 Gu Xuefan 全志伟 Quan Zhiwei

儿科危重病的循环管理 Cycle Management of Pediatric Critical Illness

项目负责人 Leader 陈敏怡 Chen Minyi 吴 皓 Wu Hao 顾学范 Gu Xuefan 孙建华 Sun Jianhua 傅丽娟 Fu Lijuan 金星明 Jin Xingming 鲍一笑 Bao Yixiao 姚志荣 Yao Zhirong 孙 锟 Sun Kun 陈树宝 Chen Shubao

儿科临床药学新进展 Progress in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacy

张 健 Zhang Jian

小儿麻醉学进展 Progress in Pediatric Anesthesiology

陈依君 Chen Yijun

《儿科高级生命支持》培训班 Courses on Pediatric Advanced Life Support

王 莹 Wang Ying

儿科临床护理技术新进展 Progress in Pediatric Clinical Care Skills

王霞敏 Wang Xiamin

新华医院2009年市级继续医学教育项目(共3项) 2009 Xin Hua Hospital Municipal Continuous Medical Education Programs: 3 items 项目名称 Program 社区儿童意外伤害急救进展  Progress in Child Accident Emergency in Community 二尖瓣及主动脉瓣成形术进展  Progress in Mitral and Aortic Valvuloplasty 姑息医学在社区卫生服务中的应用  Application of Palliative Medicine in Community Health Service

项目负责人 Leader 陈敏怡 Chen Minyi 梅 举 Mei Ju 沈 伟 Shen Wei

赵培泉 Zhao Peiquan 李毅刚 Li Yigang



Part Three 第三部分


精彩回眸 Brilliant Review

Flourishing Age Obedient 一载自奋,硕果累累,同心同德共创品牌; 正德兴业,情意隽永,全心全意服务大众。 One-year’s endeavor yields rich fruits We build our brand with one heart and one mind Strengthen our integrity and prosper our undertaking We serve the masses whole-heartedly

Important Events 大事记 O1


2月 Feb. 我院小儿神经外科成功完成一例高难度延髓肿瘤手术。


Little Tibetan kid La Zhen who suffered from congenital intestinal


atresia was successfully cured in pediatric surgery department.

2月 Feb. 普外科成功施行我院首例双镜下联合胃部分切除术+ 肝脏肿瘤射频消融术,该手术为普外科的顶尖新技 术,标志着我院腔镜手术水平已达国内先进水平。

1月18日 Jan. 18 新春佳节来临之际,院党政领导探望在我院接受治疗

As the New Year approached, party and administrative leaders visited old


cadres hospitalized in our hospital and forwarded cordial greetings from


Municipal Party Committee, People's Congress, government, CPPCC and Xinhua People

科病房,为白血病患儿送上新春的真挚关怀与问候。 1月23日 Jan. 23 我院朱建幸教授被聘为新成立的上海交通大学新生儿 医学协作网的主任,全面负责协作网的运行、各医院 间的协调、项目设计等工作。

“Winter Sunshine” warming action organized by Municipal Youth League began. Deputy secretary of Shanghai Youth League Xia Kejia, leaders of the hospital, and warm-hearted citizens went to children's hematology ward, sending sincere care and greeting to leukemia kids. Prof. Zhu Jianxing was appointed as the director of newly established Shanghai Jiao Tong University Neonatal Medicine Collaboration Network, shouldering overall responsibility of network operation, inter-hospital coordination, program design, etc.

1月26日 Jan. 26 市卫生局党委副书记黄红、交大医学院副院长钱关

Deputy party secretary of Shanghai Health Bureau Huang Hong, vice


president of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Qian


Guanxiang, Huang Gang and other leaders conveyed greetings to the staff who stood fast on their duty during Spring Festival.

1月 Jan. 我院成为首批“上海市危重新生儿会诊抢救中心”之一。

Our hospital was designated as one of the first batch of “Shanghai Consultation and Rescue Center of Critical Neonatal”.

1月 Jan. 我院肛肠外科的结直肠癌诊治中心、神经外科的颅神 经疾病诊治中心和眼科的早产儿视网膜病变及小儿眼 病诊治中心三个专业分别入选上海交大医学院首批19 个专病诊治中心。

Three specialties of our hospital were enrolled in the first 19

General Surgery department successfully completed the first case of combined microscopic gastrectomy and radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors, which is top new technology of general surgery, indicating laparoscopic surgical skills has reached domestic advanced level.

2月10日 Feb. 10 杨浦区呼吸道传染病防治工作现场交流会在我院召 开,对我院在流感等传染病监测方面做出的一贯努力

1月18日 Jan. 18 书记夏科家、医院领导及爱心市民来到我院儿童血液


Yangpu District held on-the-spot meeting on prevention and control work of respirator y diseases in our hospital, speaking highly of the efforts and results of communicable disease (such as influenza) surveillance of the hospital.

2月 Feb. “电子申请单”使用工作在全院推开,显著提高了医生 的开方效率,减少了病人的等候时间。

“E-application” was promoted in the whole hospital, markedly improving the efficiency of doctors’ prescribing and shortening waiting time of patients.

2月19日 Feb. 19 上海市危重新生儿会诊抢救中心首次协调会在我院召

The first coordinating meeting of Shanghai Consultation


and Rescue Center of Critical Neonatal was held in our


hospital. Attendees included leaders of Yangpu Health Bureau, Hongkou Health Bureau, Baoshan Health Bureau and Maternal and Child Healthcare Institute.

2月20日 Feb. 20 我院第九次职代会圆满结束,号召全院职工抓住机

The ninth Employee Congress was successfully held,


calling for the entire staff to seizing opportunity, focusing and promoting development.

2月20日 Feb. 20 我院举办2009年科主任学习班暨党校第54期培训班,

2009 training course of department directors and 54th


Party School was held, emphasizing quality, science

Special Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Centers of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. They are Colorectal Cancer

2月23日 Feb. 23

Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Cranial Nerve Diseases Diagnosis


and Treatment Center, Premature Children Retinopathy and


Pediatric Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center.

and education, development. On the invitation of our hospital, vice procurator general of Yangpu People’s Procuratorate Li Xiang delivered a feature speech of “Risk Prevention of Criminal Law in Medical Field”.

2月23日 Feb. 23

1月26日 Jan. 26

2月20日 Feb. 20

1月18日 Jan. 18 1月6日 Jan. 6


O2 February

completed a difficult surgery of medullary tumors.

1月6日 Jan. 6


Pediatric Neurosurger y department successfully

1月 Jan.

2月20日 Feb. 20



2月23日 Feb. 23

4月11日 Apr. 11


Lead-poisoned children from New Sanhe Village Yunhe


Led by our hospital, Shanghai Nephrology Team of


Town Pi Prefecture Jiangsu Province received lead-


North-East Area was founded. Shanghai Health

excretion treatment in our hospital.


Bureau deputy party secretary Huang Hong attended the founding ceremony, Xinhua Hospital vice president

2月27日 Feb. 27 医院举办党支部书记培训班暨第55期党校,特邀交大 医学院党委书记孙大麟、上海市教卫党委副秘书长黄 也放、组织干部处处长蔡桂其参加。


The training course of party branch secretaries and 55 Party School was held. Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Party Secretary Sun Dalin, Shanghai Education and Health Party Committee vice secretarygeneral Huang Yefang and chief of organization & cadre department Cai Guiqi were invited.

Wu Yeming unveiled the nameplate. 4月 Apr. 第七届全国小儿骨科会议举行,我院吴守义教授被授

the 7th National Pediatric Orthopedic Conference was


held, Prof. Wu Shouyi was conferred “Outstanding Achievement Award”.

4月 Apr. Head-nurse Management Class came to a successful


conclusion. 4月 Apr. 全国新生儿疾病筛查专家委员会成立,我院沈晓明 教授、吴皓教授、顾学范教授分别担任组织管理组 组长、听力诊断治疗组组长和遗传代谢疾病治疗组 组长。

National Expert Committee of Neonatal Screening was founded. Prof. Shen Xiaoming, Prof. Wu Hao and Prof. Gu Xuefan acted as the leader of Organization Management Team, Hearing Diagnosis and Treatment Team, and Inherited Metabolic Disease Treatment Team respectively.

2月27日 Feb. 27



2月23日 Feb. 23

3月4日 Mar. 4

3月4日 Mar. 4 我院举行“三八”妇女节庆祝大会。

5月3日 May 3 杨浦区陈安杰书记、吴乾渝副区长率杨浦区相关职能

“March 8 Women’s Day” Celebration Rally was held.

部门领导来我院检查甲型H1N1流感防控工作,对我 院工作表示肯定和满意并提出进一步防控要求。

3月 Mar. 上海交通大学医学院耳鼻咽喉科学系正式成立,我院

Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery


of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

5月8日 May 8

was founded. Prof. Wu Hao acted as the dean.

我院举行“5.12”国际护士节庆祝大会暨“迎世博,首届 新华护士风采大奖赛”。

3月 Mar. 我院耳鼻咽喉-头颈外科采用颅内外动脉搭桥

By an intra-and-extra cranial arterial bypass surgery, a


rare and large skull carotid aneurysm(6*8*9cm)was

5月 May


completely removed. The patient could get out of bed


5 days after the surgery.


3月16日 Mar. 16 我院举行深入学习实践科学发展观活动动员大会,要 求高度重视、认真动员、解放思想、加快发展。

The hospital held mobilization assembly of studying and practicing scientific concept of development, demanding to attach great importance, make earnest mobilization, emancipate the mind and speed up development.

Led by Yangpu District party secretary Chen Anjie, Yangpu District vice governor Wu Qianyu, a group composed of leaders of various functional departments went to our hospital to inspect the prevention and control work of A H1N1 influenza, speaking highly of the work and proposed further requirements.

O5 May

“May 12” International Nurses’ Day” Celebration Assembly and “Welcoming World Expo, 1st Xinhua Nurses Glamour Contest” was held.

Training on prevention and control knowledge of A H1N1 influenza was held. Director of medical affairs office Li Jinsong and Director of respiratory department Guo Xuejun hosted emergency training for relevant personnel.

3月26日 Mar. 26 由交大医学院党委书记孙大麟同志带队的深入学习实 践科学发展观活动调研组来我院开展集体调研。



4月 Apr. 心内科李毅刚教授领衔的起搏与电生理小组,成功为 一位有严重冠脉狭窄的八旬老人实施了导管射频消融 术,开拓了我院射频介入治疗的新领域。


Led by Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Party Secretary Sun Dalin, a research team of studying and practicing scientific concept of development came to our hospital to conduct group research. Led by Prof. Li Yigang of Cardiology Department, a Pacing & Electrophysiology team successfully completed radiofrequency catheter ablation for an eighty-yearold man suffering from severe coronary artery stenosis, which blazed new way in RF intervention.

4月11日 Apr. 11

5月3日 May 3 5月8日 May 8



6月 June

6月25日 June 25

6月 June

5月27日 May 27 我院成功进行沪上首例经脐单孔腹腔镜胆囊切除术。



6月18日 June 18 肿瘤科举办第二届多重影像引导下放射治疗继续教育 研讨会。

The first case of trans-umbilical single-hole laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Shanghai was successfully completed in our hospital. Hosted by oncology department, the 2nd continuous education seminar on multiple image guided radiotherapy was held.

8月14日 Aug. 14 8月17日 Aug. 17

7月 July 普外科成功施行一例巨大后腹膜脂肪肉瘤根治术。

6月25日 June 25 我院积极调配力量,开设“手足口病病房”,6月26日收 治首位手足口病患儿。

a radical mastectomy of a huge retroperitoneal th

Foot and Mouth Disease Ward. On June 26 , the first

6月 June The hospital earnestly carried out self-examination and self-correction of “small treasury”. 6月 June 我院儿内科风湿免疫专业全面投入运转。

Rheumatic immune specialty of pediatrics department was put into full operation.

6月 June 普外科成功举办首届新华外科论坛。


By actively mobilizing forces, the hospital set up Hand, patient was admitted.


General Surgery Department held the first Xinhua Surgery Forum.

7月 July 第二届新华眼科临床经验交流会在我院举行,全市20 余家医疗机构近200名眼科同仁参会交流经验。



Cardiothoracic surger y department successfully removed a rare huge chondrosarcoma.

7月 July 曾在我院接受义肢安装的四川地震灾区患者邓宇再次

Deng Yu from earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan, who


once installed artificial limbs in our hospital, came again to get treatment of Shanghai Kangxin Prosthesis Factory.


Xinhua Healthcare Complex Building was listed as

8月12日 Aug. 12


Shanghai Major Project for two consecutive years.


Forum on Medical Quality and Safety was held,

Overall construction work started at the end of June.


demanding to continuously improve medical quality


The hospital introduced SMS convenient service,

8月14日 Aug. 14


officially starting using SMS Queuing Notification


System in consultation area and infusion area.



Prof. Huang Wengui, senior expert of hospital infection


prevention and control from Taiwan, was invited to our hospital to give lectures.

医学院党委书记孙大麟、上海申康医院发展中心主任 陈建平、市卫生局副局长李卫平等领导陪同调研,李 宣海一行对我院学实活动给予高度评价。

7月 July 我院心内科成功为一位罕见主动脉无冠窦-右房瘘患者

Cardiology Department successfully per formed


interventional closure therapy for a rare case of aortic non-sinusal and right atrial fistula.

7月 July 我院成功完成首例经脐单孔腹腔镜肾囊肿去顶减压

The first case of trans-umbilical single-hole laparoscopic


renal cyst decompression was successfully performed, enabling laparoscopy truly become non-scar surgery.



and firmly establish awareness of safety.

7月 July

7月7日 July 7


The 2nd Xinhua communication meeting on ophthalmology clinical experience was held in our hospital. Nearly 200 ophthalmologists from 20 medical institutions attended the meeting.

7月 July

6月 June


General Surgery department successfully performed

Accompanied by Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine party secretary Sun Dalin, Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center Director Chen Jianping, Shanghai Health Bureau vice chief Li Weiping, Shanghai Education and Health Party Committee party secretary Li Xuanhai led a team to conduct investigation on the activity of studying and practicing scientific concept of development and recent advances of the hospital and gave positive appraisal.

8月17日 Aug. 17 我院举行2009年精神文明建设暨“迎世博窗口服务百 日竞赛”总结表彰大会,对获得市、局级荣誉称号的 王英伟、药剂科等个人和集体进行表彰。

Summarization and Commendation Meeting of 2009 Spiritual Civilization Construction and “Welcoming World Expo, Window Service 100-day Competition” was held, awarding Wang Yingwei and other 16 individuals, as well as Pharmacy department and other groups that have won honors at municipal or bureaucratic level.



8月20日 Aug. 20

9月~12月 Sept.~Dec.

杨浦区宗明区长、马杰富副区长带领区有关职能部门 和江浦街道领导深入我院科技楼施工现场及周边区 域,进行实地调研,协调我院科技楼施工过程中碰到 的难题。

Yangpu District governor Zong Ming, vice governor Ma Fujie led a team composed of leaders of various functional departments and Jiangpu Neighborhood went on a field research in the construction site of Science and Technology Building and surrounding areas, coordinating difficulties encountered in the construction process.

8月21日 Aug. 21 我院特邀上海市临床输血质控专家李志强教授来我院

Prof. Li Zhiqiang, expert on quality control of clinical


blood transfusion, was invited to hold training on knowledge of reasonable use of blood.

8月 Aug. 会。上海市副市长沈晓明、卫生部副司长张德英、市 卫生局副局长王磐石等出席会议。



Commissioned by the Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute, the hospital sent 6 physicians to follow the Space Test team and went to every trial base, taking charge of medical care.

10月8日 Oct. 8 肛肠外科崔龙主任运用新术式“APPEAR”手术,完成国

Anorectal surgery department adopted “APPEAR”,


completing the first domestic case of ultimate anus-



preserved operation 10月10日 Oct. 10 临床心理科举办“世界精神卫生日”宣传周活动,为临 床心理工作在我院的开展起到了良好的推动作用。




Our hospital held the first expert team seminar of HOM Hearing Screening Work. Shanghai vice mayor Shen Xiaoming, HOM vice chief Zhang Deying, Shanghai Health Bureau vice Director Wang Panshi attended the meeting.

Department of clinical psychology held awareness week activities of “World Mental Health Day”, playing a good role in promoting clinical psychological work in the hospital.

9月3日 Sept. 3 在“上海市全科医师规范化培养2006级毕业生典礼暨 唯爱天使基金奖励资助仪式”上,我院9名06级学员成 为上海市首批32名获得卫生部全科医师规范化培养合 格证书的学员。

On the occasion of “2006-grade graduation ceremony of Shanghai general practitioner standardized training” and “funding ceremony of ‘Angel of Love Fund’”, nine 2006-grade students obtained certificate of MOH general practitioner standardized training among the first batch of 32 students in Shanghai.

9月4日 Sept. 4

10月10日 Oct. 10

10月15日 Oct. 15

10月19日 Oct. 19

10月15日 Oct. 15


Middle-aged doctors’ seminar on pediatric academic



development was held, emphasizing pediatric brand-


building. 9月10日 Sept. 10 我院召开“部署甲型H1N1流感防控工作”紧急会议, 要求各部门高度重视,进一步加强甲流防控工作。

The emergency meeting of “prevention and control work of A H1N1 influenza” was held, requiring all departments to attach great importance and further strengthen the work.

9月14日 Sept. 14

Leaders and experts of MOH “Medical Quality Improvement Campaign” team went to our hospital to carry out inspection and guidance, giving valuable advice and asking the hospital to further implement rectification according to the requirements of MOH.

10月19日 Oct. 19 医务部组织,临床一线、重点科室医务人员进行

Organized by Medical Affairs Office, medical staff on


the frontline and of important departments received H1N1 vaccine.

我院召开深入学习实践科学发展观活动总结大会,交 大医学院深入学习实践科学发展观活动督查联络组组 长符诗高作重要讲话。

Summarization Assembly of studying and practicing scientific concept of development campaign. Fu Shigao, leader of inspection and liaison team from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine made an important speech.

9月 Sept. 我院优秀青年人才培养计划取得重大成效,选拔出17 名青年入选2009年度“优秀青年医学人才”及“优秀青 年医学人才后”培养计划。

The talent-training program of outstanding young people achieved significant results, with 17 people enrolled into 2009 training program of “outstanding young medical personnel” and “outstanding postyoung medical personnel”.

10月 Oct. 心内科成功进行一例罕见类型室速射频消融术,患者 每分钟260次心跳即刻恢复正常。

Cardiology department successfully performed a rare case of radiofrequency ablation. The patient with 260 times per minute heartbeat went back to normal instantly.

11月 Nov. 我院朱建幸教授当选第七届中华医学会围产医学分

Prof. Zhu Jianxing was elected as vice chairman of 7th


Perinatology Society of Chinese Medical Association.



11月 Nov. 我院李毅刚教授当选上海医学会心血管专业委员会

Prof. Li Yigang was elected as vice chairman


of Cardiology Committee of Shanghai Medical Association.

8月21日 Aug. 21


8月 Aug.

9月 Sept.



11月12日 Nov. 12 上海交大医学院耳科学研究所聋病分子生物实验室在 我院成立,市卫生局黄红副书记为实验室揭牌。

Deaf Disease Molecular Biology Laborator y of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Ear Science Institute was founded in our hospital. Shanghai Health Bureau vice party secretary Huang Hong veiled the nameplate.

11月19日 Nov. 19 医院举行党委中心组扩大学习暨新华大讲堂第一次 讲座,邀请上海市教委审计处吴小蕾处长作《重视 审计工作,增强干部责任意识》专题辅导讲座。

Party central team (enlarged) class and 1st Xinhua Lecture was held. Wu Xiaolei, director of Auditing Department of Shanghai Education Committee, was invited to give a featuring lecture titled “Emphasis on audit work, enhance cadres’ sense of responsibility”.

11月20日 Nov. 20 卫生部北京老年医学研究所所长黎健教授应邀来院进

Prof. Li Jian, director of MOH Beijing Gerontology


Institute, was invited to give lectures on key issues


about tender writing of National Nature Fund.

11月27日 Nov. 27 杨浦区委书记陈安杰一行,来我院召开区委推进 重大项目专题会议,并现场视察我院拓展项目。

Yangpu District party secretary Chen Anjie led a team to our hospital to hold special conference on promoting major projects, and made an on-site inspection of expansion projects.

11月 Nov. 我院举办“2009髋关节超声技术(Graf法)学术研讨

2009 Symposium on Hip Ultrasound Technology (Graf)


was held in our hospital. A training was also carried out simultaneously.

11月 Nov. 我院肛肠外科推出周六、周日全日门诊服务,方便广 大病人尤其是上班族来院就医。



Anorectal surgery department introduced full-day service on Saturday and Sunday, making it convenient for vast patients, especially office workers to seek medical treatment.

12月 Dec. 中国妇幼保健协会选举产生第一届理事会领导班子,

Chinese Maternal and Child Healthcare Association


elected its first council leadership. Prof. Shen Xiaoming


of Environment and Child Health Laboratory was elected as vice president.

11月 Nov.

11月19日 Nov. 19 11月12日 Nov. 12




Honors and Awards 荣誉榜

| 集体| Group


全国思研会思想政治工作先进集体:新华医院党委 Advanced Group in Ideological and Political Work of National Thinking and Research Meeting: Party Committee of Xin Hua Hospital 2007-2008年度第十四届上海市文明单位:新华医院 2007-2008 14th Shanghai Civilized Unit: Xin Hua Hospital 2007-2008年度第九届上海市卫生系统文明单位:新华医院 2007-2008 9th Shanghai Health System Civilized Unit: Xin Hua Hospital 上海市迎世博优质服务贡献奖:新华医院 Shanghai “Welcoming World Expo” Quality Service Award: Xin Hua Hospital 上海职工迎世博窗口服务行业立功竞赛世博服务卓越奖:新华医院 Excellent Service Award of Shanghai Staff “Welcoming World Expo” Window Service Meritorious Competition: Xin Hua Hospital

上海交通大学教职工“祖国万岁”合唱比赛特别演出奖:新华医院合唱队 Shanghai Jiaotong University “Long Live Motherland” Workers Choral Competition Special Performance Award: Xin Hua Hospital Chorus 杨浦区甲型H1N1流感防控工作先进集体:新华医院 Yangpu District Advanced Group in A/H1N1 Flu Prevention and Control Work: Xin Hua Hospital

2008年度上海市节能先进单位:新华医院 2008 Shanghai Energy-saving Advanced Unit: Xin Hua Hospital 2008年度上海市爱国卫生健康先进单位:新华医院 2008 Shanghai Patriotic Hygiene and Health Advanced Unit: Xin Hua Hospital

| 个人| Individual


2008年度上海市社区、企事业单位献血工作考核优秀集体:新华医院 2008 Outstanding Group in Blood Donation Work of Shanghai Communities and Enterprises: Xin Hua Hospital

2009年度国家级精品课程:孙锟 2009 National Quality Course: Sun Kun

上海市卫生系统文化建设先进单位:新华医院 Shanghai Health System Cultural Construction Advanced Unit: Xin Hua Hospital

上海市卫生系统第十二届“银蛇奖”二等奖:王英伟 2nd Prize of Shanghai Health System 12th “Silver Snake Award”: Wang Yingwei

上海市学习型企事业单位:新华医院 Shanghai Learning-oriented Enterprises: Xin Hua Hospital 上海市医务职工第七届文化艺术节优秀组织奖:新华医院 Outstanding Organization Award of 7th Shanghai Medical Staff Culture and Art Festival: Xin Hua Hospital 上海市医务职工十佳文化品牌:新华医院振兴中华读书活动 Shanghai Medical Staff Ten Good Cultural Brand: Xin Hua Hospital “Revitalizing China” Reading Activity 上海市工人先锋号:新华医院便民服务中心 Shanghai Pioneer Award: Convenient Service Center 2008—2009年度上海交通大学“五四红旗团支部”:新华医院外科团支部 2008-2009 Shanghai Jiaotong University “May 4th Red Flag Youth League”: Department of General Surgery 上海市卫生系统首批世博服务品牌奖:便民服务中心 Shanghai Health System First Batch of World Expo Service Brand Award: Convenient Service Center 2006-2008年度上海市卫生系统先进集体:儿内科重症监护室 2006-2008 Shanghai Health System Advanced Group: PICU 上海市文明班组:药剂科 Shanghai Civilization Team: Department of Pharmacy

上海市新长征突击手:丁罡 Shanghai New Long March Pacesetter: Ding Gang 2009年度上海市育才奖:吴皓 2009 Shanghai Personnel Training Award: Wu Hao 宝钢教育奖(优秀教师奖):全志伟 Baosteel Education Award (Outstanding Teacher Award): Quan Zhiwei 2007年—2008年度上海市合作交流与对口支援工作先进个人:白强 2007-2008 Shanghai Cooperation, Exchange and Counterpart Support Work Advanced Individual: Bai Qiang 第四届上海市“医务青年管理十杰”:周斌 4th Shanghai “Top Ten Medical Management Youth”: Zhou Bin 2007—2008年度上海市优秀青年志愿者:潘伟华 2007-2008 Shanghai Outstanding Youth Volunteers: Pan Weihua 上海市优秀护士:黄萍、吴谷奋 Shanghai Excellent Nurses: Huang Ping, Wu Gufen

上海市医务职工精神文明十佳好事:泌尿外科 ——“我们都是一家人” Shanghai Medical Staff Spiritual Civilization Ten Good Deeds: Department of Urology (We are a family)

上海市投入产出调查先进个人:程明 Shanghai Input/Output Survey Advanced Individual: Cheng Ming

上海市医务职工“迎世博”大合唱比赛“最佳风采奖”(一等奖):新华医院合唱队 Shanghai “Welcoming World Expo” Medical Staff Choral Competition Best Demeanor Award (First Award): Xin Hua Hospital Chorus

2007-2008年度上海市绿化先进个人:张著 2007-2008 Shanghai Greenage Advanced Individual: Zhang Zhu




Medical Quality Inspection Tour 医院管理年 医疗质量万里行

| 个人| Individual


上海市卫生局先进工作者、行政记大功一次:王英伟 Shanghai Health Bureau Advanced Worker, One Administrative Merit Record: Wang Yingwei


2006-2008年度上海市卫生系统先进工作者:白强 王雪峰 吴皓 赵培泉 2006-2008 Shanghai Health System Advanced Worker: Bai Qiang, Wang Xuefeng, Wu Hao, Zhao Peiquan


2008年上海教卫党委系统社会主义精神文明建设十佳好人好事提名奖:陈强 2008 Shanghai Education and Health Party Committee System Socialist Spiritual Civilization Construction Ten Good Persons and Deeds Nomination Award: Chen Qiang




● 加强制度建设 严格贯彻执行

2007-2008年度上海市卫生系统精神文明建设优秀组织者:罗玲 2007-2008 Shanghai Health System Spiritual Civilization Construction Excellent Organizer: Luo Ling


2008—2009年度上海交通大学优秀团干部:钱嵘 2008-2009 Shanghai Jiaotong University Outstanding Youth League Cadre: Qian Rong


2008—2009年度上海交通大学优秀团员:陈峰、孙晋渊、李艳 2008-2009 Shanghai Jiaotong University Outstanding Youth League Member: Chen Feng, Sun Jinyuan, Li Yan


上海交通大学医学院优秀教师:钱继红 Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Excellent Teacher: Qian Jihong


2009年度杨浦区迎世博窗口服务行业百名服务明星:唐慧芝 2009 “Welcoming World Expo” Yangpu Window Service 100 Stars: Tang Huizhi


第七届“杨浦十大杰出青年”提名奖:潘伟华 7th Yangpu Top Ten Outstanding Youth Nomination Award: Pan Weihua





● 强化质量管理 确保医疗安全 医院每月对临床科室六本台帐进行检查,发现问题及时和科室沟

第七届“杨浦青年创新奖”:邹鹿鸣 7th Yangpu Youth Innovation Award: Zou Luming


新华临床医学院“十佳实习带教老师”:李月华、胡颖、郏琴、金杰、杨敏、董平、王伟、李佳蕊、陈海南、董晓艳 Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Xinhua Clinical Medicine Top Ten Excellent Preceptors: Li Yuehua, Hu Ying, Jia Qin, Jin Jie, Yang Min, Dong Ping, Wang Wei, Li Jiarui, Chen Hainan, Dong Xiaoyan


2008年度上海交通大学护理学院优秀带教老师:李卫宁、刘霞 2008 Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Nursing Excellent Preceptors: Li Weining, Liu Xia 2008年度优秀护士长:吴谷奋、张萍、陆伟明、顾巧云、童雪蓉、陈继红 2008 Excellent Head Nurses: Wu Gufen, Zhang Ping, Lu Weiming, Gu Qiaoyun, Tong Xuerong, Chen Jihong 2008年度优秀护士:王翠、朱子军、傅瑛华、陈秀明、沈丽峰、周卫萍、杨慧、王孝婧、俞静、姜琳、李晓燕、程游华、 黄胜峰、徐玉荣、薛芸、阮瑛 2008 Excellent Nurses: Wang Cui, Zhu Zijun, Fu Yinghua, Chen Xiuming, Shen Lifeng, Zhou Weiping, Yang Hui, Wang Xiaojing, Yu Jing, Jiang Lin, Li Xiaoyan, Cheng Youhua, Huang Shengfeng, Xu Yurong, Xue Yun, Ruan Ying



● 进一步探索临床路径试点工作 2009年卫生部陆续发文推广实施单病种临床路径管理,我院组织 力量认真学习卫生部文件和路径标准,研究实施细则,积极加强 环节质量管理。结合上海申康医院发展中心要求,对已经开展的 眼科、普外科、产科、泌尿外科4个科室实行单病种临床路径管 理和考核。现已完成《临床路径中变异因素分析及改进措施》课 题,并获得2009年上海申康医院发展中心课题《临床路径评价指 标及改进措施研究》。


Medical quality and safety is the core of hospital management, and permanent theme of medical work. In 2009, in light of the requirements of Hospital Management Year Campaign/Medical Quality Improvement Inspection, the hospital conscientiously carried out various work and received high appraisal in Hospital Management Year Campaign/ Medical Quality Improvement Inspection by Shanghai Health Bureau. In addition, the hospital accepted the supervision by MOH and achieved excellent results.

Strengthen and implement institutional construction According to the requirements of MOH Hospital Management Year Campaign and latest relevant provisions of the state, the hospital revised and edited "collection of the medical work institution" (2009 version) and handed out to every medical staff, compiled “definition of surgical classification and surgeon permission” to strengthen management of surgeon permission, and revised “supplementary provisions on strengthening drug withdrawal management”, “Xinhua Hospital requirements and standards of practicing change of newlyenrolled and resigned staff”, “Xinhua Hospital interim provisions of out-going practicing management”, “Xinhua Hospital medical rescue emergency plan for public emergencies”, “treatment emergency plan inside hospital for major emergencies”, “Xinhua Hospital standards of medical rounds for 3-level physicians”, “Xinhua Hospital authorization regulations for studying physicians”, “regulations of studying physicians management”, “regulations of neonatal birth certificate management”, etc.

Strengthen quality control of medical sectors to guarantee medical safety The hospital checks 6 accounting books of clinical departments monthly, and communicates timely with them if finds problems so as to improve work. A platform was also established to collect and feedback the mutual appraisal between clinical and technology departments every month to enhance the communication between them. Every Quarter, the hospital held hospital-wide commenting on medical quality to inform medical operation, analyze causes of typical medical events, comment on rational use of antimicrobial agents, and introduce exam results of nosocomial infection control.

Explore the experiment work of clinical path In 2009, MOH issued documents successively to promote the implementation of single disease clinical path management. The hospital studies seriously the MOH documents, clinical path standards and implementation rules to actively strengthen quality management of sections. According to the requirements of Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, Four departments, including ophthalmology, general surgery, obstetrics and urology, have implemented single disease clinical path management and took exams. The program of “variation factors and improvement measures in clinical path” have been finished and won the program of “research on evaluation index and improvement measures of clinical path” by 2009 Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Center.



International Exchange 国际交流

7月~8月 July~Aug.

香港理工大学护理和康复专业的18位学生来我院临床 科室实习。




会圆满召开,近300名来自国内外专家学者出席, 会议 就结直肠疾病的发生发展以及治疗的新进展新思路新 技术进行了交流。


10月17日至20日 由我院主办的2009上海新华儿童呼

Oct. 17~20


1月 Jan.


UPS Company donated $70, 000 to fund cochlear



implant surgery for deaf children.


4月 Apr.


Prof. Okike O.N. from Massachusetts University went to



our hospital to conduct academic exchange.



学Okike O.N.教授





4月2日 Apr. 2

新西兰奥克兰城市医院的Penny Fitzharris博士和奥克兰

Dr. Penny Fitzharris from Auckland City Hospital and



理工大学的Kath McPherson博士来我院参观并发表学

Dr. Kath McPherson from Auckland University of




5月 May

6月 June

Technology, New Zealand visited our hospital and delivered speech, providing suggestions on such issues



英国伦敦圣乔治医院David C Gaze博士,应上海市科

as research design, English papers writing, subscribing, revising, and corresponding, etc.

Nov. 17



美国科罗拉多健康科学研究中心儿童保健学K Michael

Prof. K Michael Hambidge, a Child Healthcare



Sciences expert from Colorado Health Sciences Center

Nov. 27

美国德州贝勒医学院儿童营养研究中心主任Dr. Dennis

Dr. Dennis M. Bier, Director of Children Nutrition



M. Bier应世界健康基金会的邀请访问我院。

Research Center of Texas Baylor College of Medicine

Nov. 27


paid a visit and gave a lecture in our hospital.

visited our hospital on the invitation of World Health Foundation.

7月 July

7月 July

我院客座教授John F. Rosen荣获上海市人民政府颁发

Visiting Professor John F. Rosen won 2009 Shanghai


Magnolia Memorial Award granted by Shanghai


Circulation Medicine Prof. TOYOAKI MUROHARA from


Nagoya University, Japan gave a lecture on prevention

题进行探讨。 7月28日 July 28

我院院长徐卫国、副院长陈睦、党委副书记顾琦静 一行四人应摩洛哥卫生部的邀请,并受上海市卫生 局的委托,前往摩洛哥探望我院在阿加迪尔的医疗 队队员。

和检验科。 徐卫国院长会见加拿大麦克马斯特大学校长Peter George先生。


students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in nursing and rehabilitation went to our hospital to practice in clinical departments. 2009 Shanghai Xinhua International Anorectal Surgery Forum & New Technology and Methodology Workshop was held successfully. 300 experts from home and abroad attended the meeting discussing issues on occurrence and development of colorectal disease, new advances, concepts and technologies of treatment. 2009 Shanghai Xinhua International Children’s Respiratory Forum was hosted by our hospital. Over 400 experts from USA, Japan and other countries went to Shanghai, exchanging views on advances and focuses of children’s respiratory research. Party secretary Sun Kun, vice president Wu Yeming and leaders of HR, Scientific Research and School of Clinical Medicine paid a visit to USA and Canada, reaching preliminary cooperation intentions with several universities and hospitals in the fields of scientific research, education, clinic, etc. The team also interviewed overseas personnel. The 2nd Xinhua Digestion Forum and Sino-Japan Digestive Endoscopy New Technology Seminar was successfully held. On the invitation of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and emergency center of our hospital, Dr. David C Gaze from Saint. George Hospital, London, UK visited emergency center and laboratory department. President Xu Weiguo met with Canada MacMaster University President Mr. Peter George To promote PBL teaching mode and strengthen training of medical talents, School of Xinhua Clinic Medicine and Canada MacMaster University formally signed cooperation agreement, establishing a long term partnership.

Municipal People's Government.

and treatment of elderly hypertensive disease.

On the invitation of Morocco MOH and commissioned by Shanghai Health Bureau, a 4 member team led by president Xu Weiguo, vice president Chen Mu, and deputy Party secretary Gu Qijing went to Agadir, Morocco to visit medical team members sent by our hospital.




Development of Xinhua Group 集团发展

2009年,集团规模进一步扩大,集团对成员单位的服务和支持 功能也进一步延伸,通过资助二十项校级课题;建立导师制医 疗骨干培训;评选年度集团成员单位优秀服务标兵;展开“迎世 博”护理知识竞赛等举措,支撑了集团的学科建设,增强了集团 的凝聚力和影响力。 全面承担崇明县医疗资源纵向整合,按照上海区域卫生规划的要 求,全力支持崇明卫生事业的建设,并依靠市、县两级政府的支 持,尽力推进这一惠民工程。继续支持新华医院集团崇明堡镇人 民医院的新华儿童医院堡镇分院的运行,为崇明儿童患者提供便 捷的诊治途径。为更好服务上海周边地区的百姓,开拓更广泛的 医疗市场,我院与舟山、海门、张家港、常熟、桐乡、嘉善、 余姚、泰兴、兴华等地区完成异地医保定点单位签约,并通过医 院管理公司平台,形成长期稳定的对口支援和合作,不断提升我 院品牌在上海周边地区的辐射和影响力。通过市场拓展和内部挖 掘,医院体检业务量与营业额较2008年增长一倍。

In 2009, with the expanding in scale, Xinhua Group further strengthened service and support for its members. By funding 20 programs at school lever, setting up tutorial training for medical backbones, selecting annual outstanding service pacesetters of member units, holding “Welcoming World Expo” competition of nursing knowledge and other work, the group not only supported discipline construction, but also enhanced cohesion and influence of the group. According to the requirements of Shanghai regional health planning, Xinhua Group assumes full responsibility of Chongming medical resources vertical integration, and spares no efforts in the construction of Chongming health cause. The group continues to support the operation of Xinhua Children’s Hospital Buzhen Branch of Chongming Buzhen People’ s Hospital, providing convenient treatment approach for Chongming children. To better serve the people in Shanghai surrounding areas and open a wider range of medical market, our hospital signed contract of fixed-point unit off-site medical insurance in Zhoushan, Haimen, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Tongxiang, Jiashan, Yuyao, Taixing, Xinghua and other areas, and set up long-term stable relationship of counterpart support and cooperation by the platform of hospital management company, which continuously upgrades the influence of Xinhua brand in Shanghai surrounding areas. The volume and revenue of physical examination has doubled compared with last year through expanding market and tapping internal potential.

| 业务支持 | Medical


2009年新华医院向集团成员单位儿童医学中心、市三医院、新华 医院(崇明)、崇明堡镇医院派遣专家近一千五百人次,诊治病

In 2009, Xin Hua Hospital Group sent 1,500 person-times of medical experts in 17 specialties (including Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Child Healthcare, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology Head and Neck

人数达二万人次,涉及儿内科、儿外科、 儿保科、儿骨科、耳鼻

Surgery, Ophthalmology, Emergency, Obstetrics and Gynecology,


Respiratory, Cardiology, Neurology, Radiotherapy, Endocrinology,

科、放疗科、 内分泌科、消化内科、血液内科、放射科、普外科

to Shanghai Children Medical Center, Shanghai No.3 Hospital


Gastroenterology, Hematology, Radiology, and General Surgery) Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) and Chongming Buzhen Hospital, treating 20,000 person-times patients, supporting their development constructively.

| 共享与拓展 | Mutual


8月15日、12月27日集团召开了新华医院集团第一届第十次理事 会和第二届第一次理事会,理事会投票一致通过同意新华医院 (崇明)为新华医院集团成员单位,并调整了部分理事、常务理 事和监事。

On August 15th and December 27th, Xin Hua Hospital Group held the 10th session of the 1st Xin Hua Group Council and 1st session of the 2nd Xin Hua Group Council respectively. The meeting voted and agreed unanimously to admit Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) a member of Xinhua Group. The meeting also adjusted some directors, executive directors and supervisors.

| 集团内成员单位发展情况 | Development

of Group Members

儿童医学中心 Shanghai Children Medical Center

市三医院 Shanghai No.3 Hospital

门急诊病人数2009年1126401人 比2008年1035376人 增长9.19% The number of OPD and ER patient visits in 2009 was 1126401, up 9.19% from 2008(1035376).

根据三院医疗需要,我院在继续派遣心血管内科、妇产科专业学 科带头指导并参与临床工作同时,新生儿科朱建幸主任每周赴三

According to the medical needs of No. 3 Hospital, core hospital continued to send discipline leaders of Cardiology and Obstetrics


and Gynecology. Director of Neonatology department Prof. Zhu

门急诊病人数2009年557812人 比2008年488960人 增长14.08% The number of OPD and ER patient visits in 2009 was 557812, up 14.08% from 2008(488960).


Jianxing went to No. 3 Hospital every Wednesday to give technology

出院病人数2009年15016人 比2008年14730人 增长1.94% The number of patients discharged in 2009 was 15016, up 1.94% from 2008(14730).

出院病人数2009年17589人 比2008年16090人 增长9.32% The number of patients discharged in 2009 was 17589, up 9.32% from 2008(16090).

12月2日,徐卫国院长率相关职能部门主任一行与崇明县卫生局 沈卫国局长、邢健书记一起,到堡镇人民医院进行调研,并对堡

On December 2nd, together with Chongming Health Bureau Director

手术病人数2009年7895人 比2008年8064人 下降2.1% The number of operations performed in 2009 was 7895, down 2.1% from 2008(8064).

手术病人数2009年4846人 比2008年4902人 下降1.14% The number of operations performed in 2009 was 4846, down 1.14% from 2008(4902).


Shen Weiguo, Party Secretary Xing Jian, president of Xinhua Hospital

平均住院日2009年10.58天 比2008年10.44天 上升0.14天 The average length of hospitalization in 2009 was 10.58, up 0.14 day from 2008(10.44).

平均住院日2009年11.43天 比2008年12.35天 下降0.92天 The average length of hospitalization in 2009 was 11.43, down 0.92 day from 2008(12.35).

新华医院(崇明) Xinhua Hospital (Chongming)

崇明堡镇医院 Chongming Buzhen Hospital

门急诊病人数2009年781186人 比2008年686876人 增长13.73% The number of OPD and ER patient visits in 2009 was 781186, up 13.73% from 2008(686876).

门急诊病人数2009年360708人 比2008年291218人 增长23.86% The number of OPD and ER patient visits in 2009 was 360708, up 23.86% from 2008(291218).

出院病人数2009年31485人 比2008年28435人 增长10.73% The number of patients discharged in 2009 was 31485, up 10.73% from 2008(28435).

出院病人数2009年16130人 比2008年15915人 增长1.35% The number of patients discharged in 2009 was 16130, up 1.35% from 2008(15915).


手术病人数2009年6970人 比2008年6657人 增长4.7% The number of operations performed in 2009 was 6970, up 4.7% from 2008(6657).

手术病人数2009年3035人 比2008年3071人 下降1.17% The number of operations performed in 2009 was 3035, down 1.17% from 2008(3071).


research, etc. Meanwhile, three newly-graduated outstanding young


doctors selected by Yuyao No. 2 People’s Hospital started 3-year

平均住院日2009年11.5天 比2008年11.9天 下降0.4天 The average length of hospitalization in 2009 was 11.5, down 0.4 day from 2008(11.9).

平均住院日2009年9.89天 比2008年10.29天 下降0.4天 The average length of hospitalization in 2009 was 9.89, down 0.4 day from 2008(10.29).


training and clinical guidance, supporting their discipline construction positively and

Xu Weiguo led a team composed of leaders of relevant functional departments to Buzhen People’s Hospital, giving guidance on software construction in creating “Grade Two Class A” hospital. On December 3rd, led by Yuan Haihong, president of Yuyao No. 2 People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Province, 15 directors of clinical departments went to our hospital to receive 12月3日,由浙江省余姚市第二人民医院袁海鸿院长带领的全院


2-day training. Leaders of some functional management departments and clinical departments gave lessons on such issues as medical quality, discipline construction, department management, scientific

resident training in the training base of our hospital.




Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) 崇明建设

根据市政府的整体部署,在崇明将通过提升区域医疗中心等级的方式,组建一所三级医院。我院接受市政府的指派全面负责崇明三级医 院创建工作。根据建设目标,新华医院(崇明)的规模将达1000张床位,并于2011年10月投入运营,2012年迎接三级医院评审验收。 In light of the overall deployment of municipal government, Hongming will set up a Grade III hospital by lifting the level of a regional medical center. On the assignment of the government, our hospital will bear the full responsibility of setting up a Grade III hospital in Chongming. According to the construction target, Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) will accommodate 1000 beds. In October 2011, the hospital will be put into use. In 2012, the hospital will receive the review of Grade III hospital accreditation. President Xu Weiguo led a 20-person management team to Chongming to conduct investigation. Leaders of Chongming government and Health Bureau attended the seminar.

1月5日 Jan. 5


2月19日 Feb. 19


2月25日 Feb. 25


Shanghai Suburban Grade III General Hospital Construction Project was launched.

4月24日 Apr. 24


The signing ceremony of Chongming Grade III General Hospital Construction Project was held in Chongming. Xu Weiguo, president of Xinhua Hospital and Peng Guifang, director of Chongming Health Bureau signed “Agreement of Chongming Grade III General Hospital Construction Project”.



卫国院长和崇明县卫生局局长彭桂芳,代表双方签定 《崇明三级综合医院创建协议书》。

6月29日 June 29


9月18日 Sept. 18



多个部门负责人来新华医院(崇明)实地视察医院待开 发用地等情况,听取崇明创建三级医院的工作汇报并作 重要指示。

12月1日 Dec. 1

上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院(崇明)举行创建 三级医院首次人才专场招聘会。县委书记彭沉雷、县 长赵奇出席会议,崇明县人事局等相关部门负责人现 场提供政策咨询和答疑。有10位学科带头人和医疗骨 干与医院签订了引进人才意向书。


The leadership of Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine was founded.

Accompanied by Fan chenjie, president of Chongming PPC, Cai Wei, vice president of Shanghai PPC and chairman of Shanghai Agriculture and Industry Party, investigated Xinhua Hospital (Chongming). Shanghai vice mayor Shen Xiaoming led a team composed of leaders of Shanghai Development of Reform Commission, Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center and other departments went to Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) to conduct a survey on lands to be developed, listen to the reports on setting up Grade III hospital in Chongming and make important instructions. Xinhua Hospital (Chongming) affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine held the first job fair for setting up Grade III hospital. Chongming Party secretary Peng Chenlei and governor Zhao Qi attended the meeting. Leaders of Chongming Human Resources Bureau and other relevant departments went on site to provide policy advices and Q&A. 10 discipline leaders and medical backbone signed letters of intent of introducing qualified personnel with the hospital.



Brand Building 品牌建设

| 便民服务中心 | Convenience

| 重大工程 | Major

Service Center


我院医疗保健综合楼及小儿外科临床医学中心楼和市血液中心杨 浦血站两个项目被列为2008、2009年度上海市重大工程。医疗 保健综合楼项目建筑面积35506平方米,主楼20层,总高约93.35 米;小儿外科临床医学中心楼和市血液中心杨浦分站项目建筑面 积17920平方米,主楼8层,总高约42.95米。上述2项工程计划总 投资32000万元。医疗保健综合楼项目已于2009年9月开工,小 儿外科临床医学中心楼和市血液中心杨浦分站项目计划将于2010 年6月开工,两个项目计划将于2011年12月全面竣工建成。

医疗保健综合楼建成后,将进一步推动综合医疗及干部保健学科 和老年学科的发展,成为医教研为一体,硬件、软件一流的干部

● 靠前服务让就诊更便捷 为不同类型的患者提供各类贴心服务。为

病员为本 服务至上

Patient-centered Service

计划来院就诊的患者提供多种形式的预约 挂号服务。为已到达医院的患者提供门诊 开诊实时动态信息。为有疑问的患者开设 便民服务热线,接受各类咨询、投诉和诊 疗预约。

为实现上海卫生系统“设置便民服务中心, 提供便民服务”的迎世博服务承诺,医院按 照“环境设施现代化、门诊管理信息化、服 务流程人性化”的要求,创建了上海市市级 综合医院中面积最大、功能最齐全的多功能

● 一站式服务使就诊更高效 从“方便管理”到“方便病人”,便民服务总台 提供检查预约、门诊和住院预约、检查报告 查询、意见建议受理、各类行政事务办理等 服务,方便患者,避免了患者在就诊过程中 在各医技诊室和窗口的反复排队。门诊办公 室在大厅设立值班室,对于患者在就诊过程 中发生的诉求力争现场接待解决,避免患者 往返,使得医患关系更加和谐。

● 主动服务让就诊更温馨 便民中心开设外语、手语服务窗口,为特 殊人群提供个性化的服务。中心的员工主 动了解来院就诊的外地病人的回程时间, 尽早安排,为患者节约了住宿等在沪逗留 就诊期间的成本开支。对于 需预约多项检查患者,服务 台的工作人员根据患者的实 际需要,对多项目检查的检 查时间和项目进行统筹安排 和整合协调,尽量安排患者 在一天内完成相关检查。


的便民服务平台,中心深化服务理念改革, 改善服务流程,最大限度地为患者提供人性 化的服务。2009年先后获得上海市“迎世博 品牌奖”、上海市“工人先锋号”等荣誉。 To realize the pledge of welcoming World Expo service of Shanghai health system, which requires to set up convenient service center and provide convenient service, the hospital built a convenient service platform which is largest in scale and fullest in function among municipal general hospitals in Shanghai. The center deepens reform of service concept, improves service flow, and does its best to provide patients with humanized service. In 2009, the center won the honors of “Shanghai Welcoming World Expo Brand” and “Shanghai Pioneer Award”.

Front Service makes clinic more convenient


The center provides different patients with various warm services: register appointment service for up-coming patients, dynamic clinic message for arrived patients. A hot-line is also set up for patients with questions, receiving enquiry, complaint and appointment.


One-stop service makes clinic more efficient


From “management-convenient” to “patientconvenient”, the convenient service desk offers appointment for exam, appointment for clinic and hospitalization, enquiry for exam report, reception for suggestions and various administrative affairs handling, which avoids repeat queuing in medical technology and window service departments. Outpatient department set up a duty room in the hall to solve the problems encountered by patients on the spot so as to avoid busy running about, making the relationship between doctors and patients mor e harmonious.

Initiative service makes clinic warmer

The center established windows of foreign language and hand language service, providing personalized service for special persons. The staff would take the initiative to ask the return time of patients from other parts of the country so as to arrange in advance and reduce their costs of their stay in Shanghai. For those patients who need to make appointments for several exams, the staff would make overall planning of the schedule and arrange the exams in one day if possible.



小儿外科临床医学中心楼建成后,不仅为上海市小儿外科畸形临 床医学中心的持续发展创造了条件,也为儿内科改善就医环境和 诊治条件,将有利于新华儿科品牌得以发扬光大,继续造福于广


The Health Care Complex Building as well as Pediatric Surgery Clinical Center and Yangpu Blood Station of Shanghai Blood Center were listed as 2008 and 2009 Shanghai Major Projects respectively. With a total height of about 93.35 meters, the Health Care Complex Building covers an area of 35,506 square meters and accommodates 20 floors. With a total height of about 42.95 meters, the Pediatric Surgery Clinical Center and Yangpu Blood Station of Shanghai Blood Center covers an area of 17,920 square meters and accommodates 8 floors. The total investment of these two projects is 320 million yuan. In September 2009, The Health Care Complex Building started construction. Pediatric Surgery Clinical Center and Yangpu Blood Station of Shanghai Blood Center will start construction in June, 2010. The two projects will be fully completed in December, 2011 according to schedule.

良好的社会环境,同时也大大提升了新华医院的社会形象。 Integrating medicine, education and research and equipped with first-class hardware and software, the Health Care Complex Building will further promote the development of comprehensive medicine, and discipline of cadre health and geriatrics. In medical treatment, a service content will be formed with three-dimensional emergency, around-the-clock clinic, concentrated items, full-coverage functions and high-class service. In science and education, it will become a base for discipline construction and talent training, supporting scientific innovation of cadre health discipline. Pediatric Surgery Clinical Center will not only create opportunity for the scientific development of Shanghai Clinical Medical Center for Pediatric Surgical Malformation Rectification, but also improve the environment and condition of pediatric medical treatment and continue to benefit the broad masses of people, which is conducive to the protection, preservation and development of the well-known brand of Xinhua pediatric discipline. Yangpu Blood Station of Shanghai Blood Center will definitely promote the development of voluntary blood donation in northeast corner of Shanghai, creating fine social environment for creating harmonious society and easing the pressure on blood stations. Meanwhile, the social image of the Xinhua Hospital will be greatly enhanced.



Part Four 第四部分 德广·行于思

精神文明与文化建设 Culture Construction

Broad Virtue Thoughtful 回首征程,激情满怀,感悟昂扬生命; 与时俱进,坚定信念,惠泽百姓万家。 Looking back on the past with full emotion We come to realize the high-spirited life Keeping up with the times We strengthen our firm to favor numerous people

Hospital Culture 医院文化


activity. In 2009, “Revitalizing China” Reading Activity was


awarded Shanghai Medical Staff Ten Good Cultural Brand in the

展,不断扩大读书活动的覆盖面和影响力。 2009年,我院在精神文明和文化创建工作中坚持“以人为本“的服 务理念,与医院发展紧密结合,努力做到与时俱进、传承创新。

7th Shanghai Medical Staff Culture and Art Festival.

In 2009, sticking to the service concept of people-oriented in spiritual civilization and cultural construction, the hospital works hard to advance with the times and blaze new trails in light of hospital’s development.


The hospital was awarded “Shanghai Health System Cultural


Centering on the “11th Five” development plan, we strengthened the


Construction Advanced Unit” in the competition of Shanghai


building of Xinhua Brand by broadening channels, bringing forth new


“Welcoming World Expo”, we carried out the construction of spiritual


civilization and medical ethics in a broad, deep, and solid manner to

Spiritual Civilization Committee and Shanghai Health System


Ideological and Political Research Association.

线,更加广泛、深入、扎实地开展精神文明和医德医风建设,争 创服务品牌,强化世博意识,进一步增强职工参与世博、服务世 博的责任感和使命感。

ideas, enhancing vitality, and highlighting characteristics. Based on

create service brand and strengthen the awareness of “World Expo”,


staff to participate and serve World Expo.

HOSPITAL CULTURE 内涵丰富的讲座是医院文化活力的重要表现。经过一年多的筹划, 新华大讲堂在12月正式开讲。第一堂课邀请上海市教委审计处吴

进取、勇于创新、甘于奉献的职业精神,进一步激发全体员工的 工作激情,教育引导广大员工发现和学习身边的先进人物和感人

The appraisal activity themed as “Passionate Xinhua Inspires You and Me” added warm and beautiful colors for 2009. To vigorously carry forward the spirit of professionalism, enterprising, creation and dedication of Xinhua people, further inspire the passion of the whole

Xinhua Grand Lecture Lectures with rich contents are important expression of cultural vitality


advanced persons and moving stories, create a rich atmosphere of

of the hospital. After over-one-year preparation, the first Xinhua Grand


advocating, learning, striving to be advanced, and promote sound and


rapid development of the hospital, the hospital carried out appraisal


activity themed as “passionate Xinhua inspires you and me” in

cadres’ sense of responsibility”. Xinhua Grand Lecture will invite well-


December 2009. The activity is composed of “passionate department”,

known experts and first-class scholars to give high-quality and high-level


Lecture was held in the middle of November. Wu Xiaolei, director of Auditing Department of Shanghai Education Committee, was invited


to give a featuring lecture titled “Emphasis on audit work, enhance



“Passionate Xinhua Inspires You and Me ”




Advanced Unit, which was co-hosted by Shanghai Health System

which further intensified the sense of responsibility and mission of the

● “激情新华,感动你我”评选

● 新华大讲堂

Health System 2nd Hospital (Health) Cultural Construction

talks, providing the majority of staff with feast in the fields of medicine,


education, research, management and humanity. We will build the


Xinhua grand lecture into a cultural brand with Xinhua characteristics.

评选方式进行广泛宣传,做到全院上下人人知晓,人人参与。创 新投票方式,有书面投票、手机短信投票和网络投票三种方式, 欢迎社会公众共同参与。


staff, guide the broad masses of workers to discover and learn from

“service pacesetter”, “outstanding youth”, and “moving Xinhua”. By weekly meetings, posters, website, newspapers and other channels, the hospital carried out extensive publicity of this event. Three creative ways of paper, SMS and network voting were adopted. Everybody was motivated to know about and be involved in this event.

● 振兴中华读书活动获“上海市医务职工十佳文化品牌” Revitalizing China Reading Activity awarded ”Shanghai Medical Staff Ten Good Cultural Brand”


Since 1999, the Labor Union of the hospital established a sound


and effective institutional mechanism of reading activities by


forming networks based on labor union sections of different


departments. As to team study, the reading activity was extended to Youth Federation, Residents Association, Female Doctor


Association, Good-Nurses Land and other organizations. In recent


years, the activity was further extended to departments and teams,



continuously expanding the coverage and influence of reading




The Study and Practice of the Scientific Developmental Outlook

1 2

坚持将转变思想观念贯穿始终 在分析检查报告以及整改落实方案中都将如何进一步解放思想列为 第一瓶颈问题和着力破解的重点。

根据《中共中央关于在全党开展深入学习实践科学发展观活动的意见》、《中共上海市委关于在全市 党员中开展深入学习实践科学发展观活动的实施意见》精神以及上级党委的部署和要求,医院党委结 合自身实际情况,找准科学发展观与医院发展的结合点,选准学习实践活动的切入点,在边学边改上 下功夫,扎实完成了学习调研、分析检查和整改落实三个阶段的各项工作任务,达到了提高思想认 识、解决突出问题、创新体制机制、促进科学发展的要求。

党委充分利用报纸、网站、宣传栏、简报等多种载体积极宣传学习实践活动,整个活动中医院共出简 报18期,媒体报道132篇次,扩大了学实活动的知晓度,营造了活动的浓厚氛围。我院开展的学习实 践科学发展观活动,将“六个坚持”贯穿始终。

坚持将发展是第一要务贯穿始终 学习调研阶段的八个研究课题全部围绕医院发展;荐言献策讨论的 中心议题紧密结合医院、学科的发展;分析检查报告总结出的六大 问题都与发展息息相关;整改落实的44个计划项目、23个创新项



坚持将“以人为本”贯穿始终 八个调研课题、六大瓶颈问题、67项整改落实项目,在关于提高病 人满意度,解决职工切身利益问题中占很大比重。

4 5



坚持将创新理念贯穿始终 整个活动期间,共计推出创新性措施19大项,制定创新性制度15 项。建立了新型的流程性组织,使病人能够享受“一门式”、“多功

higher-level Party committees , and in combination of the actual situation of its own, the Hospital Party


Committee found out the integration point of hospital development the scientific developmental outlook,


selected the right entry point for the study and practice activities, worked hard on changing while learning


and completed the all tasks on a more solid basis of the three period of the work on study and investigation, analysis and assessment, rectification and implementation so that the ideological understanding was raised,


the outstanding issues resolved, the institutional mechanisms innovated and the disciplines developed. 本次深入学习实践科学发展观活动,院党委紧扣医院工作,“深剖 The hospital Party Committee took full advantage of newspapers, websites, bulletin boards, newsletters and


other carriers to actively promote the study and practice activities during which 18 issues of newsletters were


printed and 132 reports published on the media, having expanded the knowledge of the study and practice activities and created a strong atmosphere of the event. The hospital stuck to the "Six Adherences” during the activities of the study and practice of the scientific developmental outlook.


Always Adhere to “People-oriented”

There are eight research subjects, six bottleneck problems, 67 rectification and implementation projects, which account for a large proportion in improving patients’ satisfaction and solving immediate interests of staff.

Always Adhere to “Pay Great Attention to Practical Effectives”

Always Adhere to “Follow the Mass Line”


Deeply Study and Practice the Scientific Developmental Outlook and the plan and requirements of the

All the topics of the 8 eight research projects during the period of the study and investigation were defined on the hospital development basis; the central subjects under discussion on giving opinions and making suggestions were on the discipline development basis; In analysis and assessment report, six major problems which are closely related to the development were summed up; 44 projects of rectification and implementation and 23 innovative projects were put forward on breaking bottleneck problem basis to ensure the fast and better development of the hospital.



Committee implementation Opinions to Carry out Activities for All the Party Members of Shanghai to

Always Adhere to That Development Is the First Important Thing



to Deeply Study and Practice the Scientific Developmental Outlook " and the " CPC Shanghai Municipal

In the analysis and assessment report and the plan of rectification and implementation, how to further emancipate the mind was listed as the first bottleneck problem which needed to be tackled.

The end-result is always focused on the "practice" and achieved the "effectives" to ensure that the rectification measures have been adopted and obtained practical results. During the event a total of 8 rules and regulations were amended and 25 new ones established.


According to the spirit of " CPC Central Committee’s Opinions to Carry out Activities for the Entire Party

Always Adhere to Change ideas and Concepts

学发展上水平、人民群众得实惠”的目标,有力地促进了医院又好 又快的发展。

The staff members were organized to have 47 discussions, more than a thousand of city citizens interviewed, 156 opinions from the staff in 19 major aspects collected. 49 investigations were conducted by the leading body and Party member leading cadres and 8 investigation reports were written by the members of the leading body.

Always Adhere to “Innovate Ideas ”

During the whole event, a total of 19 major items of innovative measures have been introduced, 15 items of innovative system developed. A new type of process has been established so that patients can enjoy "one-door-style", "multi-functional" and "informational" services; the traditional approaches used for the survey of patient satisfaction were improved. A professional organization was invited to carry out a large scale of sample survey, and youth league members were organized to take actions titled "Woodpecker" to help improve satisfaction. Through the introduction of "attending physician responsibility system" and with the assessed units divided into small groups, the level of performance management were greatly upgraded. During the event of deep study and practice of the scientific developmental outlook and focusing on the hospital work, the methods used the Party Committee of the hospital of "deep analysis, high standard and treasuring practical results " were spoken of highly by superior leaders and affirmed by the Party members and the masses. The target set by the Central Party Committee of that "Party members and cadres have received education, scientific development has reached to a higher level and the people has got real benefits" was basically hit, effectively promote sound and fast development of the hospital.



| 世博同行 | Go

with World Expo

2009年是上海世博会筹办的关键之年,也是冲刺之年,我院领导 高度重视“迎世博”工作,医院全员参与,达成共识,将迎世博工作 与学习实践科学发展观、创建文明班组等主题活动相结合,围绕迎 世博公共文明指数测评标准及医院管理年的要求,真抓实干,勇于 创新,不断优化就医流程和就医环境,扎实推进迎世博工作,医院 先后获得上海市迎世博优质服务贡献奖,上海职工迎世博窗口服务 行业立功竞赛世博服务卓越奖以及上海市医务职工“迎世博”大合唱 比赛“最佳风采奖”,我院便民服务中心获上海市卫生系统首批世博 服务品牌奖。

● 迎世博窗口服务百日竞赛显成效 为贯彻落实上海市迎世博窗口服务行业工作要求,提升医院各窗口 服务基本素质、专业技能和服务水平,扎扎实实做好提高病人满意 度工作。我院自4月1日起,在全院窗口单位开展了“迎世博窗口服 务百日竞赛”活动,参赛的40个班组,积极转变服务理念,在窗口 服务细节和个人行为文明等方面积极查找不足之处,通过对种种 “小细节”改善,努力实现服务重心前移,为病人提供更优质、更温 馨、更便捷的门诊服务。全体新华人带着参与世博、奉献世博、共 享世博的热情,以全新的面貌、崭新的窗口服务形象,为新华营造 了一道道优质服务的靓丽风景线。

The year of 2009 is the key year for the organization of the World Expo in Shanghai, and also the year of the sprint to the opening of the World Expo. The leading body of our hospital attaches great importance to the work of “welcoming World Expo" and all the staff members of the hospital have participated in the work and reached to consensus that the work should be combined with the themed activities of the study and practice of the scientific developmental outlook, creation of civilization groups. In order to meet the demands of evaluation index of public civilization for the World Expo work and the requirements of hospital management year, the hospital intensified the work and innovated, continually optimized the medical care processes and medical environment, worked hard to promote the work for the World Expo and won the contribution award for its quality services to the work of the World Expo 2010, Shanghai, the “Excellent Award” of the window service industry workers’ contest for meritorious service and the award of " the Best Elegant Demeanour" of the "World Expo" chorus of Competition attended by the medical staff in Shanghai as well, The the hospital’s Customers Convenience Service Center of the hospital was among the first batch of those who won the World Expo Service Brand Award. Hundred Days’ Window Service Contest for the World Expo Has Brought Noticeable Achievements In order to meet with the job requirements of the window service sectors for the World Expo, Shanghai, the hospital enhanced the basic quality, expertise and service standards of hospital’s each window service and intensified to the work to improve patient satisfaction. since April 1, our hospital has launched hospital-wide the " Hundred Days’ Window Service Contest for the World Expo " activities among all the window units with 40 groups participating in the events. They have actively transformed service concept to find the shortcomings in aspects of window service details and personal behavior in civilization to provide patients with better quality, more warmth, more convenient services through the improvement of all kinds of "small details" and the enhancement of the service quality. A beautiful quality service landscape has been created in the hospital thanks to the all the Xinhua people’s participation in the work of the Word Expo, dedication to the World Expo, the enthusiasm towards the World Expo with new face, new window service image.

4月5日 Apr. 5


4月~5月 Apr.~May

院团委主办“点亮青春,世博同行” 世博知识竞赛,该


活动提高了我院青年人对世博会的关注度和知晓度,对 我院开展“迎世博窗口服务百日竞赛”活动起到了积极的 推进作用。

5月1日 May 1

上海市卫生系统迎世博倒计时一周年活动在我院举行。市 卫生局局长徐建光,申康医院发展中心党委书记施荣范, 市卫生局党委副书记黄红等领导参加。在全市推广新华医 院等医疗机构创设的310个迎世博创新服务项目。

5月8日 May 8

我院举行“5.12”国际护士节庆祝大会暨“迎世博,首届新 华护士风采大奖赛”。

我院妇委会特邀上海市读书指导办公室副主任、东方讲 坛特聘讲师刘砚国老师来院作《精彩世博,文明先行》 专题讲座。

3月11日 Mar. 11


3月 Mar.




The Women Commission of the hospital specially invited Liu Yan-guo,

Civilization First" at the hospital The hospital held a promotion meeting on "Xinhua Hospital Welcomes the World Expo, Stresses Rituals and Create Window Civilization Groups."

Xinhua Hospital’s World Expo thematic network officially opened to fully reflect the important measures taken by the hospital to follow the spirit of the " Action Plan of 600 Day Work for the World Expo".

3月 Mar.

我院团委和江浦路街道牵头,组织临床医学院青年学生 积极投入了迎世博交通文明志愿者服务日活动。

Led by the hospital’s Youth League and Jiangpu Road Community Office, the students from School of Xinhua Clinical Medicine were called together to take an active part in the volunteers’ Service Day for Traffic civilization for the World Expo.

4月~7月 Apr.~Jul.


Hundred Days’ Window Service Contest for the World Expo was kicked off

领导小组,由徐卫国院长担任组长,吴皓副院长和顾 琦静副书记担任副组长,致力于提升窗口服务水平, 提高病人满意度。


The Ceremony of the First Anniversary of the Countdown to the World Expo, Shanghai was held in our hospital by Shanghai Health System. XU Jian-guang, director of Shanghai Health Bureau, Shi Rongfan, Party secretary of Shen-Kang Hospital Development Center and Huang Hong deputy Party secretary Shanghai Health Bureau attended the event. 310 welcome-the World Expo programs initiated by Xinhua Hospital and the other medical institutions have been spread in the city. The celebrations of "May 12 International Nurses Day" and “Welcome World Expo, the first Grand Prix of Xinhua Nurses’ Elegant Demeanour." were held at the hospital. The hospital invited Wang Ruixing, teacher form Yangpu District CDPF to give a sign language training at our hospital for the World Expo.

6月1日 June 1


The hospital held “Sending World Expo Wish Card” activity. Party secretary Sun Kun, vice president Shan Genfa and hundreds of staff took part in this activity.

6月 June


6月 June





7月 July

我院团员青年积极响应杨浦区委“世博先锋行动在一线” 号召,参与到清洁家园的主题活动。

deputy director of Shanghai Guidance Office for Reading Books and Lecturer of East Forum to deliver a lecture titled "Wonderful World Expo,

The hospital’s Youth League hosted the Expo Knowledge Contest themed at "Stimulate Youthful Energy, go with the Expo". The event has increased the concerns and awareness of young people in our hospital of the Expo and played a positive role in the promotion of Hundred Days’ Window Service Contest for the World Expo.


5月 May


3月4日 Mar. 4

The hospital medical staff provided free medical advices to the masses during the Health Service Day of Yangpu District Health System with the theme of "Welcome the World Expo, Improve Health, Better Life".

9月22日 Sept. 22 11月13日 Nov. 13

The hospital’s Security Department invited police officers from the Department of Traffic Police Detachment of Yangpu District to give all security personnel an operative training on "Welcome the World Expo, and Striving for the Creation of Civilization Windows and security personnel’s Etiquette, Manners, Gestures to Guide Vehicles." In respond to the call of Yangpu District Party Committee for "the World Expo Pioneers Work at the Front-line", the youth league members of the hospital participated in the activities themed at the cleaning of homes in the region.


The Pharmacy Department held the short act contest on the window service scenarios to welcome World Expo.


The Nursing Knowledge Contest, 2009 of Xinhua Hospital Group themed at "Welcome World Expo" not only reflected nurses’ style and talent, but also offered a learning opportunity for them to reinforce nursing knowledge and the Expo knowledge.

示了护士的风貌和才华,也强化了护理人员对世博知识 和护理知识的学习。

12月 Dec.

The First Aid room of Emergency Center launched a welcomeWorld Expo lecture on " You and Me with the World Expo”.

院党委组织全体党员和入党积极分子参加“世博先锋行 动”百万党员践行文明承诺活动。

The Hospital Party Commission organized all party members and Party activists participated in the event of "Wrold Expo pioneers’ Action" on one million party members to carry out a civilized pledge.

in our hospital and the Leading Group was established with President Xu Weiguo as the group chief , vice president Wu Hao and deputy secretary Gu Qi Jing as the deputy chief to upgrade of window service levels and improve patient satisfaction.



May 23rd is the centenary birthday of Prof. Guo Di, the pioneer

Committee, Huang Hong, vice party secretary of Shanghai

of child healthcare cause and founder of pediatric developmental

Health Bureau, Wang Weiping, executive vice president of Fudan

behavior in China. Xinhua Hospital held a grand celebrating

University, Sun Dalin, vice party secretary of Shanghai Jiaotong

activity for him.

University and party secretary of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Zhu Zhenggang, vice president of Shanghai

Wan Gang, vice president of CPPCC and Minister of National Science and Technology Ministry, Chen Zhu, Minister of MOH, and Han Zhen, Shanghai vice party secretary and mayor sent congratulatory letters. Shen Xiaoming, Shanghai vice mayor, and Cai Wei, vice president of Shanghai PCC attended the ceremony. Attendees also included: Ma Dexiu, party secretary of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Li Xuanhai, party secretary of Shanghai Education and Health Committee, Shou Ziqi, director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Yang Qing,

Jiaotong University and president of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Spencer Su Li, director of international affairs of American Academy of Pediatrics, leaders from other universities and hospitals, pediatrics experts from all over the country, students of Prof. Guo Di, representatives of Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Children Medical Center, Shanghai Institute for Pediatric Research and Pediatrics Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. Over 400 people participated in the celebration.

director of Women and Children Department of MOH, Chen Anjie, party secretary and People’s Congress Chaiman of Yangpu

| 百岁寿诞 | Centenary


Dedicating his whole life to developing and promoting the cause of

District, Zong Ming, governor of Yangpu District, Xu Jianguang,

children healthcare, Prof. Guo Di made outstanding achievements

director of Shanghai Health Bureau, Zhu Zonghan, chairman

and tutored a great number of students. In recognition of his

of Children Healthcare Society of China Preventive Medicine

outstanding contribution to the cause of pediatric medicine , Zhu

Association, Hu Qingli, former Deputy Director-General of WHO,

Zonghan, chairman of Children Healthcare Society of China

Mo Fuchun, vice party secretary of Shanghai Education and

Preventive Medicine Association, awarded Prof. Guo Di Lifetime

Health committee, Wang Qi, vice director of Shanghai Education

Achievement Award for the Cause of Children Healthcare.

5月23日,我国儿童保健事业开拓者和发育行为儿科的创始人郭迪教授迎来了一百岁的生日,医院为郭迪教授 举行了隆重的百岁寿庆活动。

全国政协副主席、科技部部长万钢,卫生部部长陈竺,上海市委副书记、市长韩正发来贺信,上海市副市长 沈晓明、上海市政协副主席蔡威等市领导到会祝贺,出席寿庆活动的还有:上海交通大学党委书记马德秀、 上海市教卫党委书记李宣海、上海市科学技术委员会主任寿子琪、国家卫生部妇幼司司长杨青、上海杨浦区 区委书记、人大主任陈安杰、区长宗明、上海市卫生局局长徐建光、中华预防医学会儿童保健分会主任委员 朱宗涵、前世界卫生组织(WHO)副总干事胡庆醴、上海市教卫党委副书记莫负春、上海市教育委员会副主 任王奇、上海市卫生局党委副书记黄红、复旦大学常务副校长王卫平、上海交通大学党委副书记、医学院党 委书记孙大麟、上海交通大学副校长、医学院院长朱正纲、美国儿科学会国际部主任Spencer Su Li,以及来 自各兄弟院校和医院的领导、全国各地医院的儿科专家代表、郭迪教授的学生及新华医院、上海儿童医学中 心、上海市儿科医学研究所、上海交通大学医学院儿科学系等四百余人参加了庆祝活动。

郭迪教授一生致力于开拓和促进我国儿童保健事业,成就卓著,桃李天下,在儿科学界享有崇高威望,为表 彰他对我国儿科医学事业做出的杰出贡献,中华预防医学会儿童保健分会主任委员朱宗涵特别授予郭迪教授 儿童保健事业终身成就奖。




Social Work 社会工作

| 各类义诊活动暖人心 | Warm-hearted

charity events

3月3日 Mar. 3


3月7日 Mar.7


On 10th National “Ear Health Day”, charity consultation was held in our hospital.


Morocco-aiding medical team nd


On March 22 , a new batch of Morocco-aiding medical team set


out, which is the 17th medical team sent by our hospital in the past


30 years. Their spirit of dedication and hard-working impressed the local people. They are known as the “folk ambassadors” of Sino-


Moroccan friendship.

Yunnan-aiding medical team 上海市第十一批赴滇扶贫青年志愿者接力队凯旋,我院放射科医师刘

The 11th batch of Shanghai Yunnan-aiding youth volunteers returned.


Doctor Liu Ming of Radiology department completed his half-year


work in Shangri-la People’s Hospital of Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

我院房颤热线(15800524261)开通两个月来为患 者提供了大量服务。

Cardiology department held popular science lecture on AF. During the two-month operation of AF hotline (15800524261), the department served vast patients.

5月5日 May 5


The first health education for asthma patients themed as “facing


the truth of asthma” was held.

5月5日 May 5

为迎接“第11个哮喘日”,我院呼吸内科联合长海医 我院举办杨浦区大型哮喘义诊活动。

To welcome the 11th “Asthma Day”, joint with Changhai Hospital, Pulmonary Hospital, Yangpu Central Hospital and City East Hospital, respiratory department held large scale asthma charity consultation in our hospital.


On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the founding of five-


star sports radio and the first National Fitness Day, joint with five-

8月8日 Aug. 8



star sports radio, our hospital held large scale charity consultation activity themed “health people, vigorous Shanghai”.


Prevention and Treatment of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease 2009年入春以后,手足口病疫情来势凶猛,我院派出多批医疗队

Since 2009 spring, the epidemic of hand, foot and mouth disease


became more ferocious. Our hospital sent several medical teams to


Henan, Jiangxi provinces to guide the work of preventing and treating the diseases, which received high praise.


Xinhua Hospital Philanthropy Project of Doctor Training in Middle-West Regions 为提高我国贫困地区医务人员的专业水平,我院与上海市医药股份

To improve the professional level of medical personnel in poverty-stricken


areas, our hospital started Xinhua Hospital Philanthropy Project of Doctor

启动,通过授人以渔,进一步拓展公益活动的载体和内涵。该项目 面向云南、贵州、广西、四川、西藏、陕西、宁夏、甘肃、内蒙 古、新疆、青海、辽宁、吉林和黑龙江等地区。招收学员为在二级 甲等以上医院工作,具有本科毕业或以上、主治医生或以上、45岁

Training in Middle-West Regions. Joint with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company Limited, this program expanded channels and contents of public


Cardiology department held popular science lecture on heart


disease themed as “You and I care heart”.

10月 Oct.


Ophthalmology department held lectures and free screening on eye


disease themed as “warm Elderly Day”, treating more than 200 patients.

10月23日 Oct. 23


Xinhua branch of Peasants and Workers Democratic Party


organized party members to hold charity consultation in


11月21日 Nov. 21

warfare by education. Students are physicians-in-charge or above who

or above in such areas as Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Xichuan, Tibet, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Liaoning, Jilin


and Heilongjiang. The training courses are key disciplines at hospital level or above. The first batch of trainees came to our hospital during August 2009 to August 2010. Those enrolled can get a certain amount of subsidy.

(Chongming) and better serving vast Chongming people. Youth League Committee organized medical volunteers of


ophthalmology department held charity consultation in Jianxin residential area of Wujiaochang neighborhood, doing practical work for inconvenient old patients suffering from eye disease.

master a certain standard of English, work at Class II Grade A hospitals


Chongming, supporting the construction of Xinhua Hospital


hold undergraduate degree or above, aged no more than 45 years old,



9月 Sept.

11月 Nov.


Youth League Committee organized young medical experts held


charity consultation in Lujiazui neighborhood, which is one of


the “health express to community” activities undertook by young volunteers lasting many years.

Hospice spreads concept of hospitalpice 2009年宁养院成功举办市级继续教育项目《临终关怀在社区服务

In 2009, Hospice successfully held municipal continuous medical


education program “application of hospitalpice in community service”, spreading concept of hospitalpice in medical personnel of community medical institutions.




1st CCP Congress 第一届党代会

所取得的成绩,同时对新一届党委提出新的更高的要求。他号召 全体党员和医护员工在新一届党委的带领下,深入贯彻落实科学 发展观,按照本次大会确立的目标,抓住机遇,把与时俱进、解 放思想、实事求是的思想路线贯穿到医院整体事业发展中,推进 医院全面协调可持续发展。

highly of the achievements of 13th Xinhua Hospital Party Committee in the past nine years, and put forward new and higher requirements for the new committee. He called on all party members and medical staff to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development under the leadership of new party committee, seize the opportunity in accordance with the goal of this congress, permeated the overall development of hospital in the ideological line of advancing with the times, emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, so as to promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable


development of the hospital.


The 14th party committee and 7th discipline inspection commission held their


first meetings, and elected secretary and vice secretary. Sun Kun was elected


as secretary of party committee, Gu Qijing as vice secretary of party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission concurrently.


The first CCP Congress of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine grandly held 12月25日,中共上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院第一次代表 大会隆重举行,大会由主席团执行主席徐卫国同志主持。医院

On December 25th, the first CCP Congress of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine was grandly held, hosted by executive chairman of presidium Xu Weiguo. Gu Qijing, vice secretary of


13th party committee and secretary of 6th discipline inspection commission,


introduced the drafting and revising of the work report of 13th party committee


and 6th discipline inspection commission, the process of selecting candidates for the new party committee and discipline inspection commission and the


report of qualifying party member representatives. On behalf of the 13th party


committee, party secretary Sun Kun delivered a report titled “Adhere to the


scientific concept of development, strive to develop by leaps and bounds in new era”, reviewing the major achievements and basic experiences in the past nine


years. The 13th party committee has worked for nine years since its founding


in 2000, during which the hospital has developed rapidly and push forward

力显著提高的九年。九年来,医院党委在上级党委的正确领导 下,充分发挥党组织的政治核心作用,带领全体党员和全院职 工,解放思想,开拓创新,团结奋进,拼搏奉献,使医院业务 持续增长、质量不断提高、服务日趋完善、实力日益增强,品

reform continuously with overall strength significantly increased. During the past nine years, under the correct leadership of higher party committee, the party committee of Xinhua Hospital brings the central political role of party organizations into full play. All party members and entire staff are guided to

● 中共上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院 第十四届委员会委员名单(按姓氏笔画排序) 全志伟 孙 锟 吴晔明 吴 皓 陈 睦 徐卫国 顾琦静 党委书记:孙 锟 党委副书记: 顾琦静 Members of 14th Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Committee of Chinese Communist Party (In order of surname strokes) Quan Zhiwei, Sun Kun, Wu Yeming, Wu Hao, Chen Mu, Xu Weiguo, Gu Qijing Party secretary: Sun Kun

Vice party secretary: Gu Qijing

● 中共上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院 第七届纪律检查委员会名单(按姓氏笔画排序) 王雪峰 李文华 邵 红 顾琦静 程 明 纪委书记:顾琦静 纪委副书记:邵 红

emancipate minds, blaze new trails, forging ahead in unity, work hard and make sacrifice, so as to increase work volume, improve service, enhance


7 persons were elected as the members of the 14th party committee and 5

Members of 7th Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Commission for Discipline Inspection of Chinese Communist Party (In order of surname strokes) Wang Xuefeng, Li Wenhua, Shao Hong, Gu Qijing, Cheng Ming


persons as the members of discipline inspection commission by secret ballot.

Secretary of discipline inspection commission: Gu Qijing


strength, build brand and realize historic leap. The congress passed the reports of two committees and relevant resolutions.

On behalf of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Tang Guoyao,


vice party secretary and secretary of discipline inspection commission of


Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine made a speech, speaking


Vice secretary of discipline inspection commission: Shao Hong



Part Five 第五部分 志坚·铭于心



展望2010 Expectation

Strong Will Conscientious 水有源,便滔滔不绝; 木有本,而枝繁叶茂。


2010年,是全面实现“十一五”时期医院发展目标关键性的一年,是全面落实科学发展观,深入推进医疗 卫生体制改革的重要一年,是全世界关注的上海世博会召开的焦点之年,2010年,机遇与挑战共存。

展望2010, 革故万象而更




Water flows steadily and endlessly when it has source Trees grow sturdy and luxuriant when they have roots Looking forward to 2010

在医院宏伟的发展蓝图指引下,新华人必将以更饱满的热情,更加旺盛的干劲,更加团结的氛围,为 医院的“十一五”规划画上一个圆满的句号,为医院的发展奏出全新的华彩乐章。

Everything takes on a new aspect We will carry on predecessors’ task and make a greater success Bidding farewell to the emotional 2009, we usher in a hopeful year of 2010 in spring breeze.

The year of 2010 is a crucial period to implement hospital’s developmental goals of “11th Five-Year Plan”. It is of importance to comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development and further promote the reform of health system. While opportunities and challenges coexist, it will attract world’s attention when Shanghai holds World Expo.

The nowadays Xinhua Hospital is forging ahead with unprecedented passion and motivation on the road of development and construction. We must maintain the current momentum of all-round leap-forward development, and at the same time create a fine environment for sustainable scientific development.

Guided by the grand blueprint of the hospital, Xinhua people must work with full enthusiasm, vigorous energy and united atmosphere, to draw a successful conclusion of the “11th Five-Year Plan” and perform more magnificent movement for the development of the hospital.



新华人 精于勤 攻于备 形于治 行于思 铭于心 传承与开拓 腾飞2009 新华感动无数 Xinhua people are diligent, rigorous, obedient, thoughtful, and conscientious We inherit the essence and open up new areas In 2009 we made rapid advance Xinhua Hospital had countless moving moments


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