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Illustration portfolio Lidia GarcĂ­a Rojo

El oso. The bear. Acrylic painting, a study of the light, athmosphere and color palette.

Riki. Acrylic painting, from a predefined color palette.

Mexican style Ex-voto. Acrylic illustration trying to emulate the religious mexican paintings. Instead of dedicating it to a saint, in this one I give thanks for my grandmother’s delicious cooking.

Dead end. Acrylic painting, study of a character at noon time in an open space.

Amigas. Friends. Couple of acrylic paintings about friendship.

Mozart. A sample of gouache illustrations inspired by the film “Amadeus� directed by Milos Forman.

Mozart. More samples inspired by the film.

Sketch book and character design

Sketches. Sample of china ink sketches,pen, pencil and anilines on notebooks.

Sketches. Searching specific characteristics.

Characther development. Work based on a description of certain traits and archetypes and carried out from a natural observation.

Samples of different techniques applied

Steel Engravings inspired in the idea of heaven, limbo and hell.

My tiny microphone. Litography on offset plate.

Illustrations made with rubber stamping. Personal interpretation of synesthesia used in Arthur Rimbaud’s poem, “Voyelles”.

Bussiness card design Samples of different rubber stamps and the final choice above these lines. The client is a sound engineer and dj selector.

Jazz poster. Collage made with colored cards and painted papers.

Experimental Techniques Illustrations. Small experiments framed on slides, playing with the intervention of light and transparency.

Vectorial design.

Visual metaphor. Illustrated from the expression “Heavy load”.

Vectorial Illustrations. Selection of silkscreen printing projects for T-shirts, badges and tote bags.

Postcards 15 x 10 cm. Selection of designs printed as postcards for the Education Fair of Barcelona.


Island State of Mind. These photographs are a selection from a personal report I made traveling alone through some islands. They try to give an idea of how i view life through the composition, color and story telling, wich I thing it’s a perfect complement for illustration.

Baldwin Park, Maui.

Hidden beaches in Hana, Maui.

Hana Cemetery, Maui.

House made of volcanic rock in Lanzarote

Roads in Kauai.

Resting in Baldwin beach park, Maui.

Waterfall jumps in Hana Highway, Maui.


portfolio lidia ilustración

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