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duction and distribution on the basis of feedback from the market place. You can succeed in marketing if it provides the customer what they want, in the right place, doing that is

Marketing is a field comparatively novel, but truly

early 1920. The need of marketing evolved

me imperative to find a solution. Thus born mar-

strange thing has also always been one of the oldest

as a historical process. With the industrial revolution,

keting needs Current Know in advan-

professions of humanity. The for-

which gave a great impetus to the

ce what the customer wants to buy,

mal study of "exchange processes and relationships," which we call "marketing" and sometimes "marketing" or "marketing" had its beginnings in the

mass production of goods, speed of sales could not keep up with the speed of manufacturing. Thus began to apply large amounts of products and it beca-

not just the items that make it convenient; Organize a distribution system that is coupled to the habits of our industry; Decisions pro4 4

available and the precise amount needed. The marketing is a perfectly planned sales effort and helps increase sales velocity, according to the pace of manufacturing

Advantages of Marketing Social researchers have different views on the meaning and social value of marketing. Most of them agree that marketing is essential for both the manufacturer and

important role in the "affluent society." But there are others who believe that the practice of marketing mana-

However, the fact that even developing countries have focused on the production, are now in need of marketing, indica-

planning. In Brazil, the government is sponsoring a marketing campaign to encourage feeding infants with breast milk. Eas-

gement creates a line of "scammers" who succeed in

tes that this is the central point of the marketing effort.

tern European countries have also embarked on a

persuading a gullible public, inno-

Thus, we find that in a country like

frenzied marketing activity to capture

the consumer, when society has reached the stage of mass production and plays a more

cent and unsuspecting, to purchase items, as later discovered, did not even need.

India, the government is making use of the concept of marketing to promote family

some of the Asian markets, particularly for its chemicals and engineering.

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customers. By contrast, in

Difference Between Marketing

marketing starts with the potential client and then plan and produce what they want. Thus, all activities are designed to give manufacturing customer satisfaction. In selling, the focus is on the needs of the seller, while the marketing focus is on consumer needs.

and Sales The sale is only one aspect of marketing. It is an exchange of goods

Mr. Kotler, recognized authority on marketing,

adaptation and coordination of product, price,

marketing management defined as "the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to produce the desired exchange

promotion and place, to get an effective response. " Marketing management is a planned and organized approach to

with audiences that are targeted, in order to achieve personal gain or mutual , which relies heavily on the

carry out terms of trade. Planned and organized methods in any field are known as

or services valued. The sale has been produced what was convenient to produce, after which you take a look around us to see how you can sell to potential

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Marketing and consumer Since the birth of marketing as a separate discipline, it has recognized the fundamental role exerted by the consumer society. In a competitive market there are many brands and manufacturers trying to win the favor of the consumer, and therefore it is important to know, study and understand the motivations, the

requirements, the demands of consumers, which are imperative that the company can

dary social groups, as finally expressed as those wishes can be met. Anyone interes-

mer. Entrepreneurs and leaders not only recognize that all marketing deci-

avoid. He has repeatedly claimed that the final objective of the distribution system of a society is to satisfy the desires of the public

ted in meeting the needs of the consumer must understand what motivates people to buy a service and reject another. In recent years, the

sions, but also of many executive decisions are directed towards the consumer. As production is an additional way to provide and bring the

and that there is an urgent need for adequate know-

behavior specialists teamed with marketing person-

goods to the consumer's needs and in turn marketing

ledge of what those desires as are mediated by primary and secon-

nel and established a completely new discipline: the study of the consu-

is the source of all values currently employed. Sales managers and scholars, are in a unique position in relation to consumer research because on one hand can directly observe consumer behavior and obtain data with which to make generalizations on the other hand can use the results of theoretical analysis in a practical way

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Analysis of market opportunities The airline "BIG AIR", looking for the near future a greater insight into the regional aviation market way to harness the idle capacity of an aircraft, usually on land, and the increasing demand for passenger and cargo. This is determined to achieve the goal of increased market share and to this end apply necessary marketing strategies for their achievement. Selection of the target market Measuring de-

mand is clearly established with the current demand for air travel. Therefore it is not necessary for now hiring specialized consultants or marketing firms. Future demand is given by the discovery of the benefits of air travel

tation and target market relationship Given the generality of product that the company markets it is necessary to cover the entire market of passenger traffic between the cities of Patagonia. Market positioning. "BIG AIR", is the onl y com p a ny operating in this

(time savings and increased safety) and the drop in fares due to competition from other companies. The latter is not directly applicable in this region, but not

southern region of the country. Given its efficiency in meeting schedules, which allows passengers to set or foresee their meetings and gatherings in other cities security on

discarded to the profitability of the business. Market segmen8

flights, as it has not had serious problems in their airplanes, because it has a guaranteed maintenance service by the experience of their workers and friendliness of all the staff of the company, it is widely preferred among the passengers. These facilities have been passed orally between passengers and the general public so it has not been necessary an aggressive policy of propaganda.

A firm in the market economy

In the consumer -driven approach,

mer. The rationale for this approach

keting is known as SIVA (Solution, In-

survives produce the goods that people are willing

consumer wants are the drivers of all strategic mar-

is that there is no reason to spend on R & D (research

formation, Value, Access). This system is basically the

to buy. Consequently, the determination of the consumer demand is vital for a company's future viability 's, and even existence as a going concern. Many companies today have a customer focus (or market orientation). This implies that the company focuses its activities and products on consumer demands. In general, there are three ways to do this: the custom er oriented approach, the approach of identifying market

keting decisions. No strategy is pursued until it passes the test of consumer research. Every aspect of market supply, including the nature of the product itself, is driven by the needs of potential consumers. The starting point is always the consu-

and development) funds developing products that people will not buy. History attests to many products that were commercial failures in spite of being technological breakthroughs. ] A formal approach to this customer-focused mar-

four Ps of name and reworded to provide a customer focus. The SIVA Model provides a demand / customer-centric alternative to the wellknown 4Ps supply model (product, price, place, promotion) of marketing management.

changes and focus on product innovation. 9




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