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School Leadership     Volunteer  Leadership     RMPA  Leadership     Financial  Overview     RMS  Donors       Events         TransiFons      


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Montessori MaVers  is  a  publicaGon  by  the  Advancement  Office  of  Richmond  Montessori  School.    This  report  honors  parents,   grandparents,  faculty,  staff,  the  Board  of  Trustees,  alumni,  and  friends  who  have  helped  to  make  the  2015  -­‐  2016  school  year  a  success.     We  are  truly  grateful  for  the  generous  outpouring  of  community  support. To  beVer  steward  your  giZs  and  reduce  the  impact  on  our  environment,  we  present  the  Annual  Report  in  an  online  format.    This  format  eliminates   the  producGon  and  mailing  of  nearly  60,000  printed  pages  and  allows  us  to  highlight  our  RMS  community  in  much  more  detail. Every  effort  has  been  made  to  ensure  the  informaGon  contained  in  this  annual  report  is  accurate.    If  we  have  made  a  mistake,  please  accept  our   sincerest  apologies  and  contact  the  Office  of  Advancement  at  741-­‐0040,  ext.  49.


School Mission Richmond  Montessori  School  is  a  premier  Montessori  community  inspiring  academic   excellence  and  nurturing  human  potenFal. School  Values Excellence  in  academics,  leadership  and  accreditaFon; Character  through  personal  empowerment,  integrity,  and  accountability; Authen=city  of  Montessori  curriculum,  philosophy,  and  method; Respect  for  self,  others,  and  the  environment;  and Community  of  diversity,  dynamic  learning,  and  service.


Message from  the  Head  of  School Grainne  Murray Progress  is  inevitable…. The  dedicated  support  of  the  Richmond  Montessori  School  community  is   truly  inspiring.    Rooted  in  our  culture  is  a  very  special  commitment  to   give  back  and  help  guide  the  school  forward.    Parents,  grandparents,   alumni  and  friends  generously  make  giQs  above  and  beyond  tuiFon,   while  many  also  offer  unparalleled  support  as  volunteers.  AddiFonally,   our  students,  faculty,  and  staff  contribute  their  Fme  and  talents  to   benefit  Richmond  Montessori  School  in  countless  ways.   Walk  into  any  classroom  and  the  power  of  a  Richmond  Montessori   School  educaFon  is  on  full  display:  inspiring  educators;    a  vibrant  and   student-­‐centered  curriculum;  capable,  confident  and  engaged   students;  opFmal  faciliFes  for  children  to  learn  and  grow;  and  boundless   opportuniFes  for  creaFvity. Because  of  your  giQs,  our  students  receive  so  much  more  than  excellent   programs  rich  in  Montessori  philosophy.  They  are  the  beneficiaries  of   enhanced  arts  programs  including  new  offerings  and  opportuniFes  in   fine  arts,  theater  arts,  and  a  series  of  visiFng  internaFonal  musicians  to   broaden  students’  musical  perspecFves.  In  addiFon,  your  generosity   supports  many  children  who  could  not  otherwise  afford  the  giQ  of  a   Richmond  Montessori  School  educaFon.  These  children  and  their   families  are  now  members  of  a  worldwide  educaFonal  community  that   celebrates  diversity  in  all  its  forms.  Our  teachers,  a  community  of  lifelong   learners,  are  deeply  grateful  for  the  conFnued  professional  development   that  your  giQs  generously  provide.   As  Head  of  School,  my  role  is  to  ensure  that  we  conFnue  to  honor  our   Montessori  tradiFons  and  values  and  that  we  bring  the  best  of   innovaFon  in  educaFon  to  our  students.    Just  as  the  World  of  Difference   at  Richmond  Montessori  School  will  leave  an  indelible  mark  on  each  of   our  students,  your  giQs  have  made  a  World  of  Difference,  too.  Thanks  to   your  commitment,  we  look  forward  to  the  future  with  great  confidence!



2015-­‐2016 Richmond  Montessori  Team AdministraGve  Team

Montessori Enrichment  Team

Grainne Murray,  Head  of  School Nimila  Banerjee,  Registrar Rebecca  Bell,  AdministraFve  Assistant  /  RecepFonist Jenni  Booker  Baker,  Director  of  Advancement Lane  Burgess,  Director  of  MarkeFng  and  CommunicaFons Dug  Campbell,  Building  and  Grounds  Technician KrisFn  Giacco,  Early  Childhood  EducaFon    Coordinator   Darlene  Marschak,  Director  of  Montessori  Enrichment ChrisFne  McDonald,  Director  of  Studies Jerry  Rodriguez,  IT  Coordinator Suzy  Short,  Advancement  Coordinator Tracy  Wilburn,  Director  of  Finance  and  OperaFons Maureen  Williams,  Director  of  Admission  &  Enrollment  Management

Erin Anderson Meredith  Bailey Lavell  Brown Gary  Flake Kalyn  Gerrity   Felecia  Jefferson Claire  Leake Alicia  Mitsch Becky  Nuckols Melody  Parker Jamie  Robinson Lisa  Rowh



AQer School  Sports  Program

Toddler Program Teacher:    Felecia  Jefferson   Teacher:    Melody  Parker    


Assistant:  Lavell  Brown Assistant:    Meredith  Bailey

Primary Program Teacher:    Ellen  Scango     Teacher:    Mita  Gupta   Teacher:    Taryn  Prior   Teacher:    Julisa  Smith   Teacher:    Kim  Sueon  



Co-­‐Teacher: KrisFn  Giacco Assistant:    Erin  Anderson Assistant:    Dawn  Oefelein Assistant:    Claire  Leake Assistant:    Jamie  Robinson

Lower Elementary  Program Teacher:    Sasha  AlFzer     Teacher:    Stacy  O’Shea     Teacher:    Maria  Rodriguez   Teacher:    Jean  Vencl    


Girls Varsity  Basketball Felecia  Jefferson JV  and  Varsity  Soccer Gianni  Baldini,  Peter  Turkaly Intramural  Elementary  Basketball Nilay  Patel

Specialty Teachers

Assistant: Susan  Kelly Assistant:    Kalyn  Gerrity Assistant:    Sudipa  Mitra Assistant:    Laura  Canady

 Mo Bennee Library  and  Technology   Resource  Center Ann  Dedek,  Lilli  Boyd

Upper Elementary  Program Teacher:        Michelle  FojFk  /  Bree  Linton     Teacher:        Mary  Hogan       Assistant:    Mui  Barron

Music Jeanne Bluford,  Lynnelle  Ediger-­‐Kordzaia

Middle School  Program Humani=es  /  Language:    Mary  Simpson Assistant:                     Lisa  Rowh STEM  Teacher:                   Megan  Knight STEM  Assistant:             Parham  Neal-­‐Pishko

Boys Varsity  Basketball Nilay  Patel,  Brian  Ford

Physical Educa=on Page  Brookshier


Spanish Nelly Tapia,  Melanie  Ruggieri

Message From  the  Board  of  Trustees  Chair Shannon  Sinclair It  was  over  50  years  ago  when  a  group  of  parents  began  their  mission  of  bringing  Dr.  Maria   Montessori’s  teaching  to  children  at  Richmond  Montessori  School.  Today,  RMS  is  a  fully   accredited  (AMS  and  VAIS)  insFtuFon  providing  excellence  in  Montessori  educaFon  to  children   all  over  Central  Virginia.   The  2015-­‐2016  year  was  a  remarkable  success  for  our  school.  Grainne  Murray,  long-­‐tenured   faculty,  staff  member  and  Assistant  Head  took  the  helm  as  Head  of  School  with  a  dedicated,   talented  administraFve  and  faculty  team.    Grainne  has  led  with  grace  during  a  year  of   transiFon  –  she  has  done  and  will  conFnue  to  do  wonderful  things  for  our  school! Our  academic  excellence,  meaningful  life-­‐changing  stories  of  community  and  learning,  and  our  school’s  financial   prosperity  are  all  due  to  the  hard  work,  dedicaFon  and  energy  of  our  community  of  parents,  teachers,  administrators,   volunteers,  and,  of  course,  excepFonal  children.  I’m  proud  to  be  part  of  such  a  wonderful,  vibrant  school  community.   2015-­‐2016  noteworthy  accomplishments  include:   • Achievement  of  enrollment  goals  and  100%  admission  rate  to  top  high  schools  for  graduaFng  eighth  graders;     • ConFnued  financial  stability  with  the  Annual  Fund  campaign  raising  the  most  it  ever  has  in  the  life  of  the  school;   • Successful  first-­‐year  fundraising  for  a  VisiFng  Scholars  Program; • Enhanced  communicaFons  with  the  school  community  through  e-­‐newsleeers,  an  online  school  blog,  student  videos,   local  media  coverage,  parent  coffees  and  sessions  with  the  Head  of  School;  and • Integrated  school-­‐wide  arts  enrichment  program  with  mulFple  visiFng  visual  and  performing  arFsts. RMS’s  future  success  depends  on  maintaining  a  strong  financial  foundaFon.  TuiFon  revenue  alone  is  not  sufficient  to   maintain  the  academic  and  enrichment  excellence  we  value  so  highly  so  it  is  with  great  appreciaFon  that  we  recognize   those  listed  in  this  Annual  Report  who  gave  to  school  this  year.   This  year,  I  want  to  thank  Aaron  McClung  for  his  year  of  service  chairing  the  Advancement  Commieee  and  for  those  on   the  commieee  who  successfully  planned  and  hosted  our  2016  Spring  Fling  &  AucFon  event.    It  was  a  great  night!     To  our  reFring  board  members,  Duna  Alkhudhair,  Tracie  Omohundro,  Kathleen  Roberts  and  Marc  Wise,  we  are  ever   grateful  for  their  service  to  RMS.    I  also  want  to  welcome  new  board  members  Jenn  Walker,  Brie  Starke,  John  Wick,   Falcon  Rankins,  Elena  Parrino,  and  Sonny  Gupta,  and  I’d  like  to  thank  those  board  members  who  are  conFnuing  their   service  to  RMS,  especially  Allison  Held  who  has  assumed  the  mantle  of  Board  Chair.   There  is  sFll  much  work  to  be  done  and  many  more  stories  to  be  told  at  Richmond  Montessori  School.  I  welcome  and   encourage  all  of  our  new  and  returning  parents,  students,  and  employees  to  dedicate  their  Fme,  talent,  and  efforts  to   the  conFnued  success    of  RMS.   I  look  forward  to  celebraFng  our  50th  anniversary  during  the  2016-­‐2017  academic  year  with  you!


2015 -­‐  2016  Board  of  Trustees ExecuGve  CommiVee Shannon  Sinclair,  Chair Allison  Held,  Vice  Chair Jerry  Larkin,  Treasurer Tom  Woodward,  Secretary Grainne  Murray,  Head  of  School,  Ex-­‐Officio Duna  Alkhudhair     Rob  Davenport     Chris  Campbell     Tara  Casey       Allison  Held       Jerry  Larkin       Aaron  McClung     Lia  Mooney       Tracie  Omohundro     Kay  Quagliano     Kathleen  Roberts     Shannon  Sinclair     Marc  Wise       Tom  Woodward    

Civic Leader C.F.  Sauer  Co.,  Business  Development Civic  Leader University  of  Richmond,  Law  Faculty State  CorporaFon  Commission,  Aeorney  /  Advisor  to  the  Commission Genworth  Financial,  ExecuFve University  of  Richmond,  Director  of  Development Civic  Leader Powhatan  County  Public  Schools,  Principal,  Powhatan  High  School Richmond  Animal  League,  Veterinarian Henrico  County  Public  Schools,  Librarian,  Rivers  Edge  Elementary  School University  of  Richmond,  Vice  President  and  General  Counsel Advance  Health,  President Virginia  Commonwealth  University,  Associate  Director  of  Online  Learning


2015 -­‐  2016  Volunteer  Members  of  Board  CommiSees CommiVee  on  Trustees

Advancement CommiVee

Allison Held,  Chair Jenni  Booker  Baker Rob  Davenport Grainne  Murray Shannon  Sinclair

Aaron McClung,  Chair Jenni  Booker  Baker Chris  Campbell Krista  Cametas  Jones Kelly  Del  Campo  Merricks Lia  Mooney Carli  Nelson Amy  Paisley Connie  Paisley Kay  Quagliano Tami  Toms John  Wick

Finance CommiVee Jerry  Larkin,  Chair Jenni  Booker  Baker David  Hale Deb  Mitra Grainne  Murray Elena  Parrino Tracy  Wilburn Marc  Wise

Head Support  CommiVee Lia  Mooney   Tracie  Omohundro
  Shannon  Sinclair

2015 -­‐  2016  Volunteer  Members  of  Task  Forces AthleGcs  Advisory  CommiVee

Community ConGnuity  CommiVee

Page Brookshier Brian  Ford Gabriella  Kaszala Darlene  Marschak Ellen  Scango Peter  Turkaly Maureen  Williams

Michelle FojFk  &  Karen  Hurlbert,  Co-­‐chairs Sasha  AlFzer Rebecca  Bell Chris  Campbell Erin  Campbell Sonny  Gupta Darius  Johnson Bree  Linton ChrisFne  McDonald Grainne  Murray Melody  Parker Maria  Rodriguez Julisa  Smith Kim  Sueon Maureen  Williams Megan  Woodward

Enrollment and  MarkeGng  CommiVee Duna  Alkhudair Lane  Burgess Tara  Casey Sonny  Gupta Erika  Hollen ChrisFne  Hunt Julie  Larkin Grainne  Murray Erin  Peterson Jen  Pike Falcon  Rankins
 Maureen  Williams


Parent Ambassadors The  Admissions  Office  offers  a  Parent  Ambassador  program  which  provides   peer-­‐to-­‐peer  references  for  both  prospecFve  and  current  families.  Parent  Ambassadors   answer  basic  quesFons,  direct  new  parents  to  the  correct  source  for  informaFon  and  clarify   funcFons  and  pracFces  at  the  school.    Most  importantly,  Parent  Ambassadors  provide  a     warm  and  personalized  welcome  to  RMS.  Hearpelt  thanks  to  our  Parent  Ambassadors  listed   below.   Gabriella  Kaszala Julie  &  Jerry  Larkin Shealyn  Milesh Lia  Mooney Amy  Paisley Melissa  Nelson Erin  &  David  Peterson Falcon  Rankin Pinki  Shah Jenn  Walker Meghan  Woodward

Duna Alkhudhair   Michelle  Avitable   Kay  Bollen   Leemore  Burke   Jody  Cametas Erin  Campbell Aektac  Chawla Esther  Choi   Stephanie  &  Brian  Ford Karen  Hurlbert   KaFe  Houston

Room Parents Room  Parents  generously  give  their  Fme  and  talents  to  support  their  child’s  teacher  and   classmates.    Their  efforts  ensure  classrooms  have  the  assistance  they  need  throughout  the   year.    We  appreciate  your  support  and  your  efforts  to  support  the  students  of  RMS! Rose  Bose Tara  Casey Sarah  Dan Alyssa  Huizar KaFe  Houston

Rebekah McKay Shealyn  Milesh Lia  Mooney Pinki  Shah Brie  Starke


Classroom Volunteers RMS  has  always  possessed  and  relied  upon  a  strong  sense  of  community.    This  defining  trait  is   demonstrated  through  the  essenFal  role  that  volunteers  play  at  school  and  is  conveyed  in  the   way  we  care  for  and  interact  with  others. Thank  you  to  our  amazing  volunteers  who  helped  with  conFnent  days,  gardening,  field  trips,   taking  care  of  classroom  pets,  staffing  the  front  desk,  reshelving  library  books,  and  many,   many  other  things.     John  Borgard Peggy  Borgard Chris  Bossola Vicki  Browne KrisFna  Clemons Chris  Campbell Heather  Caputo Tim  Dietrich Chase  Fisher Ulani  Fisher Jannina  Gahagan Gabriela  Georgiadis Sonali  GulaF Sonny  Gupta Erica  Hollen Jay  Jayakanthan Geeta  Jhaveri Krista  Cametas  Jones

Hania Litaker Jelena  Manic Sunny  Mehlbrech Jane  Nawaz Maureen  Neal Melissa  Nelson Tomas  Perez Briea  Peterson Erin  Peterson Jen  Pike Tanisha  Pope Salima  Rasawalla May  Shaban Jamie  Shewan Rhee  Starke
 Jenn  Walker Michelle  Wang Steve  Woodall Inna  Verlinden

RMS is an incredibly special place, and we’re thankful for the amazing teachers, the leadership team, and the lifelong gift of ‘love of learning’ our children have received.

-­‐Parent quote  from  the  RMS  Parents  Ma<er  Survey


Financials Financial Overview The  Board  of  Trustees  is  pleased  to  report  a  strong  financial  picture  for  the  fiscal   year  ending  June  30,  2016.    The  school’s  independent  auditors,  Dixon  Hughes   Goodman,  LLP,  gave  an  unqualified  audit  opinion,  indicaFng  that  Richmond   Montessori  School  adheres  to  sound  fiscal  policies  and  strict  U.S.  accounFng   standards. The  Board  and  administraFon  are  commieed  to  fiscally  responsible  planning.    The   school’s  operaFons  are  funded  enFrely  by  tuiFon  and  school  fees.    AddiFonal  funds   are  raised  each  year  to  provide  innovaFve  programming  and  resources  to  enhance   Montessori  experiences  for  our  students.

Fiscal Year  2015  -­‐  2016 REVENUE







Opera=ng Expenses 1%

10% 73%


Faculty &  Staff  CompensaGon General  OperaGng  Expenses Capital  Expenditures Other  EducaGonal  Expenses

Earned Income 97%


TuiGon /  Montessori  Enrichment Summer  Program Interest  /  Misc.  Income

Fundraising Revenues 1%



Annual Fund Richmond  Montessori  Parents’  AssociaGon Endowments




Earned Income $5,000,000




$0 FY 2015-­‐2016

FY 2014-­‐2015

TuiFon /  Montessori  Enrichment Interest  /  Misc.  Income

FY 2013-­‐2014

Summer Program

FY 2015-­‐2016

FY 2014-­‐2015

FY 2013-­‐2014

TuiFon /  Montessori   Enrichment




Summer Program




Interest /  Misc.Income




Total Revenue





Expenses $7,000,000




$0 FY 2015-­‐2016

FY 2014-­‐2015

Faculty and  Staff  CompensaFon General  OperaFng  Expenses

FY 2013-­‐2014

Other EducaFonal  Expenses Capital  Expenditures

FY 2015-­‐2016

FY 2014-­‐2015

FY 2013-­‐2014

Faculty &  Staff   CompensaFon




Other EducaFonal  Expenses




General OperaFng   Expenses




Capital Expenditures




Total Expenses






Fundraising Revenues $150,000




$0 FY 2015-­‐2016

FY 2013-­‐2014

FY 2014-­‐2015

Annual Fund Richmond  Montessori  Parents’  AssociaFon

Endowments Step Two  -­‐  Gym

FY 2015-­‐2016

FY 2014-­‐2015

FY 2013-­‐2014

Annual Fund








Richmond Montessori   Parents’  AssociaFon




Step Two  -­‐  Gym




Total Fundraising






Endowments In order  to  provide  essenFal  qualiFes  of  a  Richmond  Montessori  School  educaFon  –  diversity  and  excellence  in   teaching,  the  Board  has  established  several  endowments.  The  yield  from  the  various  endowments  support  programs   and  projects,  while  the  principal,  prudently  managed,  will  give  the  school  a  solid  foundaFon  for  the  future. Endowments  available  for  contribuFons  include  the  Della  Mae  Reese  Jefferson  Scholarship  Fund,  the  Wise  Family   Endowed  Fund,  the  Martha  Mabey  Endowment  for  the  Arts,  the  Training  Educators  and  More  (TEAM)  Endowment  and   the  Capital  Facility  Endowment. Cash  giQs/pledges  of  $50,000  or  more  given  within  a  three-­‐year  period  are  required  to  establish  a  permanent  named   endowment  or  scholarship  fund.   Della  Mae  Reese  Jefferson  Scholarship  Fund The  Della  Mae  Reese  Jefferson  Scholarship  Fund  was  established  in  2003  in  honor  of  the  mother  of  RMS  teacher,  coach   and  mentor,  Felecia  Jefferson.    Because  Della  Mae  would  oQen  tell  her  children  to  “care  about  others,”  the  fund  was   created  by  an  iniFal  giQ  from  Felecia  and  her  siblings.  It  was  fully  funded  in  2008.      Interest  from  the  principal  is   awarded  annually  by  the  Financial  Aid  Team  to  current  RMS  students  who  have  demonstrated  financial  need. Martha  Mabey  Endowment  for  the  Arts The  Martha  Mabey  Scholarship  Fund  was  established  in  1996  to  honor  former  three-­‐Fme  Head  of  School,  Dr.  Martha   Mabey,  Emeritus.    Part  of  this  endowment  fund  includes  a  $500  scholarship  that  is  awarded  at  graduaFon  to  a  current   RMS  Middle  School  student  for  pursuit  of  visual,  literary  and  performing  arts  study.  In  addiFon,  approximately  5%  of   this  endowment  fund  is  uFlized  each  year  towards  the  arts  component  of  the  RMS  VisiFng  Scholars  program. Training  Educators  and  More  (TEAM)  Endowment Established  in  2004  through  a  major  giQ  from  RMS  parents,  Jim  and  Estelle  Broduer,  this  endowment  funds   professional  development  opportuniFes  for  RMS  staff  and  faculty. Capital  Facility  Endowment Established  in  2012  through  a  major  giQ  from  RMS  grandparent  Ben  Humphreys,  Sr.,  this  fund  will  help  to  ensure  the   upkeep  of  our  faciliFes. The  Wise  Family  Endowment Established  in  2015  through  a  major  giQ  from  RMS  parents,  Marc  and  Laurel  Wise,  this  endowment  is  to  fund  financial   aid  for  students.

Thank you, RMS, for offering my children stellar education and wonderful experience. I am pleased with their progress. In fact, they amaze me with their curiosity and creativity. They are independent, and driven, and eager to learn. Each and every day they look forward to going to school. -­‐Parent quote  from  the  RMS  Parents  Ma<er  Survey 15










Martha Mabey



Wise Family Endowment Fund



Capital Facility Endowment



The DMRJ  fund  provided  $19,000  in  FY  2015-­‐2016  to  support  a  porFon  of  tuiFon  and  costs  for  RMS  students  with   demonstrated  financial  need.    In  June  2016,  the  Martha  Mabey  Endowment  for  the  Arts  provided  a  $500  merit   scholarship  to  support  one  RMS  middle  school  student’s  pursuit  of  excellence  in  art,  music,  drama,  and  creaFve   wriFng.

Martha Mabey  Endowment  for  the  Arts   Scholar Lilly Sutton Trinity  Episcopal  School   InternaFonal  Baccalaureate  Program

Endowment Donors Della  Mae  Reese  Jefferson  (DMRJ) Felecia  Jefferson Nancy  Rizor Jane  Thomasson Deborah  Toms May  Toms Rose  Williams Martha  Mabey  Endowment  Fund  for  the  Arts Mary  S.  D.  and  James  Crawford Clara  San  Soucie


Message from  the  RMPA  President Jenn  Walker GreeFngs  RMS  Community! It’s  hard  to  believe  another  school  year  has  passed,  but  as  the  saying  goes,  Fme  really  does  fly   when  you’re  having  fun.  We  enjoyed  a  wonderful  year  at  RMS  because  each  of  you  gave  your  Fme   and  energy  to  make  it  such  a  success. The  RMPA  sponsored  events  throughout  the  year,  bringing  our  community  together.  Harvest  Fest  marked  our  first  big  family   event  of  the  school  year.  Thanks  to  Erin  Campbell  and  her  awesome  commieee,  there  was  plenty  of  fun  had  by  all.  The  warm   day  was  absolutely  perfect  for  enjoying  games,  inflatables,  and  a  cool  treat  from  the  King  of  Pops.  Shealyn  Milesh  and  Esther   Choi  brought  a  bit  of  our  childhood  to  RMS  movie  night  with  a  screening  of    “ The  Sword  and  the  Stone”  and  bueery  popcorn.   We  also  hosted  “ The  Spring  Soiree”  dance.  The  star  studded,  red  carpet  affair  was  well  aeended.  It  was  wonderful  to  see   students  from  toddler  through  middle  school.  The  fun  night  of  dancing  was  such  a  perfect  way  to  usher  in  spring  at  RMS.   ChrisFne  Lowry  outdid  herself  once  again,  bringing  us  together  for  the  end  of  year  family  picnic.  Even  the  weather   cooperated.  I  loved  watching  the  kids  run  around  the  playground,  the  soccer  field,  and  the  Wishing  Woods.   MaryAngela  Rubin  brought  her  energy  and  creaFvity  to  the  hospitality  commieee,  showing  our  teachers  and  faculty  how   much  we  appreciate  them.  During  teacher  appreciaFon  week,  she  decorated  each  classroom  door  with  a  beauFful  quote,  as   well  as  provided  lunches  and  tasty  treats  for  the  faculty  and  staff.  She  and  her  holiday  elves  surprised  each  faculty  and  staff   member  with  a  beauFful  plant  and  a  giQ  card.  She  also  provided  lunch  for  everyone  who  worked  during  the  parent  teacher   conference  days.  KaFe  Houston,  with  the  help  of  Darlene  Marschak  and  her  Enrichment  staff,  provided  childcare  for  RMS   parents  on  conference  day.  KaFe  spent  her  day  at  RMS,  watching  and  entertaining  our  kids  while  we  met  with  their  teachers.   It  was  a  long  day,  so  we  greatly  appreciated  her  Fme. RMPA  fundraising  had  another  successful  year,  thanks  to  all  of  our  dedicated  students  and  parents.  Sarah  Dan  once  again   managed  “Pizza  Fridays.”  Briea  Petersson  partnered  with  local  bookstore  bbgb  to  bring  us  a  very  successful  book  fair.  Casey   Stapleton  brought  Freed  Spirit  back  for  school  photos  and  arranged  for  them  to  come  a  day  early  to  offer  family  sixngs.  Mary   Koval  managed  the  Box  Tops  program. We  conFnued  our  focus  on  community  building  throughout  the  year.  With  the  help  of  Shealyn  Milesh,  we  once  again  hosted   Coffee  Fridays,  giving  parents  an  opportunity  to  catch  up  with  some  old  friends  and  meet  some  new  faces.  As  a  way  to   celebrate  Grainne’s  first  year  as  Head  of  School,  Ryan  Browning  collaborated  with  teachers,  students,  and  parents  to  create  a   beauFful  book  showcasing  Grainne’s  many  roles  at  RMS,  which  he  presented  to  her  at  the  Spring  Fling  AucFon. Lastly,  I  want  to  recognize  the  awesome  RMPA  execuFve  leaders:  Vice  President,  Erin  Campbell;  Treasurer,  Ed  Trageser;  and   Secretary,  KaFe  Houston.  Their  leadership  and  support  were  instrumental  in  making  the  year  such  a  success. Thank  you  to  each  and  every  one  of  you  for  such  a  FABULOUS  year!  It’s  you,  our  community,  who  make  RMS  such  a  wonderful   place.


2015-­‐2016 RMPA  Leadership   Jenn  Walker,  President Erin  Campbell,  Vice  President KaFe  Houston,  Secretary Ed  Trageser,  Treasurer

RMPA Chairs

Mary Koval,  Box  Tops  for  EducaFon Briea  Petersson,  Book  Fair Shealyn  Milesh  &  Esther  Choi,  Community  RelaFons KaFe  Houston,  Conference  Day  Child  Care Casey  Stapleton,  Class  Photos ChrisFne  Lowry,  Family  Picnic Erin  Campbell,  Harvespest Maryangela  Rubin,  Hospitality Sarah  Dan,  Pizza  Fridays


Richmond Montessori  Parents  AssociaGon  

RMPA Opera=ng  Revenues  and  Expenses Revenues

RMPA 2015-­‐2016  Budget  Program  Expenses  (%) 6%

Dues Income:    $12,690




Net Fundraising  AcFviFes:    $10,837 Pizza  Fridays  -­‐-­‐  67% School  Pictures  -­‐-­‐  16% Book  Fair  -­‐-­‐  13% Box  Tops  -­‐-­‐  1% MarFn’s  A+  Rewards  -­‐-­‐  2% Other  -­‐-­‐  1%


Expenses:  $17,284 Family  Picnic  -­‐-­‐  25% Harvespest  -­‐-­‐  23% Teacher  AppreciaFon  -­‐-­‐  16% Winterfest  -­‐-­‐  15% Social  FuncFons  -­‐-­‐  15% Conference  Day  Lunches  -­‐-­‐  6%

16% Family Picnic Teacher  AppreciaFon Social  FuncFons

23% Harvespest Winterfest Conference Day  Lunches

Amount remaining  for  restricted  giving:    $6,242

RMPA Dues Every  year,  as  part  of  your  child’s   enrollment  contract,  $50  in  dues   are  paid  to  the  RMPA.    Dues  cover   all  RMPA  family  and  friend-­‐building   events  including  Harvespest,  the   Family  Picnic,  Conference  Day   Child  Care  and  other  special   events.    All  acFviFes  are  provided   free  of  charge  and  are  designed  to   build  a  stronger  RMS  community. All  parents  are  members  of  the   RMPA  and  are  encouraged  to  join   us  for  these  acFviFes.  


Annual Fund  Recap Support  for  Richmond  Montessori  School  staffing  and  daily  operaFons  is  generated  enFrely  through   tuiFon.    As  a  result,  100%  of  funds  raised  for  the  Annual  Fund  directly  benefit  RMS  students.    Every  giQ   sends  a  powerful  message  that  our  faculty  and  curriculum  make  a  world  of  difference  in  the  lives  of  our   students. The  Annual  Fund  is  the  most  essenFal  fundraising   effort  at  any  independent  school  and  involves  all   members  of  the  community.  The  Annual  Fund   ensures  that  RMS  has  the  resources  it  needs  to   provide  a  rich,  robust  Montessori  –centric  academic   program    -­‐  from  the  classroom  to  the  library,  from   technology  instrucFon  to  the  playing  field,  from  the   theatre  stage  to  the  art  studio,  from  toddlers  to  the   eighth  grade.  The  Annual  Fund  supports  the  resources  essenFal  to  the  RMS  program  and  has  a  direct  and   posiFve  impact  on  every  student,  faculty  and  staff  member. The  annual  fund  provides  funding  to  projects  and  programs  that  are  beyond  the  scope  of  our  tuiFon   income  and  support  the  mission  and  strategic  plan  of  Richmond  Montessori  School  in  the  following   areas.  Your  support  helps  us  to: •   Enhance  the  classroom  environment  to  ensure  that  each  child’s  unique  educaFonal  needs  are  met   and  that  our  students  conFnue  to  reach  their  highest  potenFal  academically; •   Provide  professional  development  for  our  faculty  and  staff  to  keep  them  challenged  and  growing  as   educators; • Provide  Specialty  Programming  in  the  visual  arts,  performing  arts,  extracurricular  acFviFes  and   physical  educaFon  to  ensure  that  these  classroom  experiences  are  as  unique  as  the  Montessori   classroom  experience;  and •   Provide  tuiFon  assistance  so  that  families  have  access  to  a  RMS  educaFon. 
 Our  Fiscal  Year Pledges  and  giQs  can  be  made  to  RMS  during  our  fiscal  year,  which  runs  from  July  1-­‐  June  30.  GiQs  to  the   annual  fund  are  tax-­‐deducFble  to  the  full  extent  allowed  by  law.    

We believe it is the perfect fit to allow her to explore her cognitive abilities and to provide support for her motor skills. The calm environment was a stark contrast to most other preschools that are very high energy and often loud. -­‐Parent quote  from  the  RMS  Parents  Ma<er  S20 urvey

2015-­‐2016 Annual  Fund  Alloca=ons 2%



30% TuiFon Assistance Professional  Development Curriculum  /  Programming Specialty  Programming  /  AthleFcs VisiFng  Scholars Community  Building FaciliFes Technology The  Nest  School  Store



15% 4%


2015-­‐2016 Donor  Giving (Percent  of  Total  Funds  Raised)



7% 7%

Board Parent Staff Alumni Grandparent FoundaFon Corporate Friend


48% 19%

1% 4% 21

Richmond Montessori  School  Annual  Fund  Donors  2015-­‐2016

1965 Society

Falcon Club

$10,000 and  up

$1,000 to  $2,499 David  Alvarez  and  Heidi  Field-­‐Alvarez Christopher  Bossola  and  Allison  Held Stefan  and  Jody  Cametas Orion  and  Mary  Colfer Rob  and  Susan  Davenport Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Brad  and  Vicki  Haneberg William  and  KrisF  Lane Aaron  and  ChrisFna  McClung Grainne  Murray Chad  and  Amy  Paisley Peter  and  Kay  Quagliano Jay  Raju  and  Sujatha  Ramamurthy Paul  Salvucci  and  Kay  Bollen ChrisFne  Lowry  and  Shannon  Sinclair Minny  Southammavong Rhee  and  Brie  Starke Clyde  and  Tami  Toms Brian  and  Jennifer  Walker John  and  Susanne  Wick

John Jones  and  Krista  Cametas  Jones JS  of  Montpelier  LLC Salvatore  and  Elena  Parrino Jim  and  Judy  Reid

Maria Montessori  Circle $5,000  to  $9,999 Central  Virginia  Land  and  Timber  LLC Hugh  Edmunds  and  Lucy  Boyd Massey  FoundaFon

Interna=onal Circle $2,500  to  $4,999 Chris  and  Lia  Mooney Jennifer  Pike Eric  and  Whitney  Van  Der  Hyde Marc  and  Laurel  Wise Anonymous  (2)


Raised:    $116,799 Blue  and  Green  Club $500  to  $999 James  and  Ann  Astrove John  and  Casey  Stapleton Beacon  Forensic,  P.C. Azi  and  Allison  Talibi Maehew  and  Jacqueline  Cohen Target  CorporaFon Tim  and  Kelly  Dietrich Mae  and  Claire  Werner Ed  and  Janica  Farren Michael  and  D'jaris  Woody Ron  and  Jannina  Gahagan Ash  and  Mita  Gupta Karoly  and  Gabriella  Kaszala Maehew  and  Sharon  Kirsner Stephanie  Lewis RBC  FoundaFon  -­‐-­‐  USA Ryan  and  Elizabeth  Thalhimer  Smare  Charitable  Fund  of   The  Community  FoundaFon  Serving  Richmond  and  Central  Virginia

Wishing Woods  Circle $250  to  $499 Amazon  Smile Charlie  and  Mo  Bennee Jenni  Booker  Baker  and  Stephen  Baker Alan  and  Leemore  Burke Chris  Campbell Jeff  and  Phuong  Chulick Alan  Dow  II Jonathan  and  Sarah    Frank Harriee  Frank Sonny  Gupta  and  Harshna  Patel-­‐Gupta Mark  and  Mary  Houston Atma  and  Indu  Iyer Dave  and  JoAnn  Jones Eric  Kinney  and  Monika  Kukar-­‐Kinney Dorothy  Kinney David  Kurzawa  and  Mary  Bigelow Jerry  and  Julie  Larkin Christopher  and  Bree  Linton Bill  Mowry  and  Darlene  Marschak Alan  and  Maryangela  Rubin Larry  and  Emily  Scarborough Edward  Trageser  and  Sudha  Jayaraman Sidhartha  and  Jocelene  Wilson Tom  and  Meghan  Woodward Anonymous


RMS Circle up  to  $249 Sasha  AlFzer Neil  and  Amishi  Amin Erin  Anderson Maehew  Avitable Gianni  Baldini Soumitra  and  Nimila  Banerjee Beth  Barnes Mui  Barron Ron  and  Rebecca  Bell Jeanne  Bluford Elizabeth  and  Tyler  Boyd Page  and  Todd  Brookshier Lane  Burgess Steve  and  Erin  Campbell Dug  Campbell Laura  and  Jim  Canady Tony  and  Heather  Caputo Christen  and  Ryan  Courville Peter  Coutlakis  and  Wei-­‐Ming  Hsu Jordan  Cram  and  Duna  Alkhudhair Ann  Dedek Harinder  and  Rachel  Dhindsa Alan  Dow  and  Tara  Casey Lynnelle  Ediger-­‐Kordzaia  and  Alexander  Kordzaia Gary  Flake Bryan  and  Nichole  Fogleman James  and  Michelle  FojFk Tony  and  Becky  Frank R.  Terrell  and  Michelle  Frey William  and  Meenoo  Fugate Kalyn  and  Chris  Gerrity Tony  and  KrisFn  Giacco Shirley  Graham Rohan  Gupta Jonathan  and  Kimberly  Hahn Pearlena  Hill Mary  Hogan Jeffrey  and  Luz  Hoover John  and  Maggie  Houston Lyn  and  Jo  Hurd Sally  Hurlbert Diane  Hurwitz Felecia  Jefferson

Norma Keeping Susan  Kelly Megan  and  Seth  Knight Richard  and  Mary  Ann  Komorowski Claire  Leake  and  Julemar  Augusto  Silva Ranelle  MacKey  and  George  Stokes Mark  and  Melissa  Marinello Bruce  and  Kelly  Mathern Kelsey  T.  Mathern Robert  and  Mary  Maxwell Roger  and  ChrisFne  McDonald Tommy  and  Dianne  Merricks Jason  Merricks  and  Kelly  del  Campo  Merricks Danny  and  Shealyn  Milesh Amy  Miller Deb  and  Sudipa  Mitra Alicia  Mitsch Maureen  Neal Parham  Neal-­‐Pishko Garree  and  Carli  Nelson Becky  and  Joel  Nuckols Jake  and  Margaret  O'Shea Stacy  and  Tom  O'Shea Dawn  and  Philip  Oefelein Buddy  and  Tracie  Omohundro Stan  Orchowsky  and  Sarah  Woodhouse Tom  and  Connie  Paisley Melody  Parker Derek  Pei  and  Shu  Chen Jose  Perez David  and  Erin  Peterson Taryn  and  Michael  Prior Falcon  and  Nicole  Rankins Mae  and  Kathleen  Roberts Jamie  Robinson Jerry  and  Yamira  Rodriguez Maria  Rodriguez Lisa  Rowh Walter  and  Melanie  Ruggieri  Neder Ellen  Scango Heather  Schofield Andrew  and  Molly  Schutrumpf


Corporate and  Founda=on  Supporters

Narinder and  Ami  Sethi Suzy  Short Mary  Simpson Julisa  Smith David  Stokes  and  Julia  Rice-­‐Stokes Kimberley  Sueon Joseph  and  Ruby  Tan Nelly  Tapia Joseph  and  Suzanne  Toler Johnny  and  Karen  Townsend Beth  Tweedie Jim  and  Jean    Vencl Mike  and  Joan  Werner John  Wick   Tracy  Wilburn Jessica  Wilburn Parker  Wilburn David  Williams  and  Sarah  Zapolsky Maureen  Williams Vivian  Wood Mary  Ann  Wright Yudong  Xing  and  Na  Yin Anonymous

 Amazon Smile Beacon  Forensic,  P.C. Capital  One Massey  FoundaFon MicrosoQ RBC  FoundaFon  -­‐-­‐  USA Target  CorporaFon The  Community  FoundaFon  serving  Richmond   and  Central  Virginia Anonymous


RMS celebrates  the  many  roles  our  donors  play  in  the  life  of  our  school. Parents David  Alvarez  and  Heidi  Field-­‐Alvarez Neil  and  Amishi  Amin Beth  Barnes Ron  and  Rebecca  Bell Christopher  Bossola  and  Allison  Held Alan  and  Leemore  Burke Stefan  and  Jody  Cametas Chris  Campbell Steve  and  Erin  Campbell Anthony  and  Heather  Caputo Jeff  and  Phuong  Chulick Maehew  and  Jacqueline  Cohen Christen  and  Ryan  Courville Jordan  Cram  and  Duna  Alkhudhair Alan  Dow  and  Tara  Casey Ed  and  Janica  Farren Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford William  and  Meenoo  Fugate Ron  and  Jannina  Gahagan Sonny  Gupta  and  Harshna  Patel-­‐Gupta Brad  and  Vicki  Haneberg Jeffrey  and  Luz  Hoover Mark  and  Mary  Houston John  and  Krista  Cametas  Jones Karoly  and  Gabriella  Kaszala Eric  Kinney  and  Monika  Kukar-­‐Kinney Megan  and  Seth  Knight David  Kurzawa  and  Mary  Bigelow Jerry  and  Julie  Larkin Claire  Leake  and  Julemar  Augusto  Silva Christopher  and  Bree  Linton Aaron  and  ChrisFna  McClung Eric  and  Rebekah  McKay Danny  and  Shealyn  Milesh


Amy Miller   Deb  and  Sudipa  Mitra Chris  and  Lia  Mooney Garree  and  Carli  Nelson   Jake  and  Margaret  O'Shea Dawn  and  Philip  Oefelein Sonny  and  Amy  Paisley Salvatore  and  Elena  Parrino David  and  Erin  Peterson Jennifer  Pike Jay  Raju  and  Sujatha  Ramamurthy Falcon  and  Nicole  Rankins Alan  and  Maryangela  Rubin Walter  and  Melanie  Ruggieri  Neder Larry  and  Emily  Scarborough Heather  Schofield Narinder  and  Ami  Sethi Jamie  Shewan ChrisFne  Lowry  and  Shannon  Sinclair Ryan  and  Elizabeth  Smare Minny  Southammavong John  and  Casey  Stapleton Rhee  and  Brie  Starke Kimberly  Sueon Azi  and  Allison  Talibi Joseph  and  Ruby  Tan Edward  Trageser  and  Sudha  Jayaraman Eric  and  Whitney  Van  Der  Hyde Brian  and  Jennifer  Walker John  and  Susanne  Wick Sidhartha  and  Jocelene  Wilson Tom  and  Meghan  Woodward Michael  and  D'jaris  Woody Anonymous  (3)

Percent Parent  ParGcipaGon  by  Grade

75 50 25 0


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Faculty and  Staff

Maehew Avitable Alan  Dow  II Hugh  Edmunds  and  Lucy  Boyd R.  Terrell  and  Michelle  Frey Shirley  Graham Pearlena  Hill John  and  Maggie  Houston Lyn  and  Jo  Hurd Sally  Hurlbert Dave  and  JoAnn  Jones Dorothy  Kinney Richard  and  Mary  Ann  Komorowski Stephanie  Lewis Robert  and  Mary  Maxwell Tommy  and  Dianne  Merricks Tom  and  Connie  Paisley Jim  and  Judy  Reid Joseph  and  Suzanne  Toler John  Wick  I Vivian  Wood

Sasha AlFzer Erin  Anderson Nimila  Banerjee Mui  Barron Rebecca  Bell Mo  Bennee Jeanne  Bluford Jenni  Booker  Baker   Elizabeth  Boyd Page  Brookshier Andrena  Brown Lane  Burgess Dug  Campbell Laura  Ann  Dedek Lynnelle  Ediger-­‐Kordzaia   Gary  Flake Michelle  FojFk Kalyn  Gerrity KrisFn  Giacco Mita  Gupta Mary  Hogan Felecia  Jefferson Susan  Kelly Megan  Knight Claire  Leake   Bree  Linton Darlene  Marschak ChrisFne  McDonald Sudipa  Mitra Alicia  Mitsch Grainne  Murray Parham  Neal-­‐Pishko Becky  Nuckols Stacy  O'Shea Dawn  Oefelein Melody  Parker Taryn  Prior Jamie  Robinson Jerry  Rodriguez Maria  Rodriguez Lisa  Rowh Melanie  Ruggieri  Neder Ellen  Scango Suzy  Short Mary  Simpson Julisa  Smith Kimberley  Sueon Nelly  Tapia Jean  Vencl Tracy  Wilburn Maureen  Williams 27

Board of  Trustees Duna  Alkhudhair     Chris  Campbell     Tara  Casey Rob  Davenport     Allison  Held     Jerry  Larkin     Aaron  McClung     Lia  Mooney     Tracie  Omohundro   Kay  Quagliano     Kathleen  Roberts   Shannon  Sinclair     Marc  Wise       Tom  Woodward

Alumni Krista Cametas  Jones KrisFn  Giacco Rohan  Gupta
 Kelsey  T.  Mathern Jessica  Wilburn Parker  Wilburn David  Williams

Past Grandparents Norma  Keeping

Former Trustees   Soumitra   Banerjee Bill  Lane Kelly  Mathern Buddy  Omohundro Clyde  Toms Mary  Ann  Wright

Former Faculty  and  Staff Maureen  Neal

Friends James and  Ann  Astrove Gianni  Baldini Diane  Hurwitz

Past Parents Peter  Coutlakis  and  Wei-­‐Ming  Hsu Jonathan  and  Kimberly  Hahn Atma  and  Indu  Iyer Stan  Orchowsky  and  Sarah  Woodhouse Andrew  and  Molly  Schutrumpf Johnny  and  Karen  Townsend Marc  and  Laurel  Wise Rob  and  Susan  Davenport Mae  and  Kathleen  Roberts Buddy  and  Tracie  Omohundro Grainne  Murray Soumitra  and  Nimila  Banerjee Jay  and  Michelle  FojFk Tony  and  KrisFn  Giacco Ash  and  Mita  Gupta Kimberly  Sueon Tracy  Wilburn

Honorary and  Memorial  Gies

Directed Giving

In Memory  Of: Vincent  Navarre   by  Gianni  Baldini

8th Grade  Parent  Legacy  Gie Ron  and  Rebecca  Bell Christopher  Bossola  and  Allison  Held Harinder  and  Rachel  Dhindsa Tim  and  Kelly  Dietrich Bryan  and  Nichole  Fogleman Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Jonathan  and  Sarah  Frank Karoly  and  Gabriella  Kaszala Eric  Kinney  and  Monika  Kukar-­‐Kinney Maehew  and  Sharon  Kirsner Peter  and  Kay  Quagliano Paul  Salvucci  and  Kay  Bollen Kimberley  Sueon Azi  and  Allison  Talibi Joseph  and  Ruby  Tan

In Honor  of: Laura  Canady   by  Ryan  and  Elzabeth  SmarV   Dug  Campbell   by  MaVhew  and  Jacqueline  Cohen Sylvie  and  Ezra  Dow   by  Alan  Dow  II Brian,  Stephanie,  AusGn  and  Sarah  Ford   by  Joseph  and  Suzanne  Toler Felecia  Jefferson     by  Anonymous Mita  Gupta     by  Anonymous   by  David  Stokes  and  Julia  Rice-­‐Stokes Stacy  O’Shea     by  Anonymous

Visi=ng Scholars  Program David  Alvarez  and  Heidi  Field-­‐Alvarez Steve  and  Erin  Campbell Laura  and  Jim  Canady Tony  and  Heather  Caputo Maehew  and  Jacqueline  Cohen Ed  and  Janica  Farren Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Sonny  Gupta  and  Harshna  Patel-­‐Gupta Ash  and  Mita  Gupta David  Kurzawa  and  Mary  Bigelow Mark  and  Melissa  Marinello Bill  Mowry  and  Darlene  Marschak Eric  and  Rebekah  McKay Deb  and  Sudipa  Mitra Garree  and  Carli  Nelson Chad  and  Amy  Paisley David  and  Erin  Peterson Jay  Raju  and  Sujatha  Ramamurthy Alan  and  Maryangela  Rubin Larry  and  Emily  Scarborough Narinder  and  Ami  Sethi Ryan  and  Elizabeth  Smare John  and  Casey  Stapleton Rhee  and  Brie  Starke Anonymous  (2)

Imani Hill   by  Pearlina  Hill Virginia  Knight   by  Lyn  and  Jo  Hurd Martha  Mabey   by  Mary  Ann  Wright Parham  Neal-­‐Pishko  and  Ron  Ackerman   by  Maureen  Neal CharloVe  Nelson   by  GarreV  and  Carli  Nelson ChrisGne  McDonald   by  Diane  Hurwitz Andrew  Perez   by  Jose  Perez Luca  Ruggieri   by  Robert  and  Mary  Maxwell Kim  SuVon   by  David  Stokes  and  Julia  Rice-­‐Stokes   Jean  Vencl     by  Ryan  and  Elzabeth  SmarV Quinn  Werner   by  Mike  and  Joan  Werner The  Middle  School  Team   by  Eric  Kinney  and  Monika  Kukar-­‐Kinney The  Woodward  Boys   by  Jim  and  Judy  Reid


110% Club  Donors RMS  110%  Club  recognizes  Annual  Fund  donors  who  have  increased  their  giQ  by  at  least  10%   over  their  previous  year’s  giQ.     Christopher  Bossola  and  Allison  Held Stefan  and  Jody  Cametas Orion  and  Mary  Colfer Jordan  Cram  and  Duna  Alkhudhair Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Jonathan  and  Sarah  Frank Harriee  Frank William  and  Meenoo  Fugate Ron  and  Jannina  Gahagan John  and  Maggie  Houston Karoly  and  Gabriella  Kaszala Dorothy  Kinney Maehew  and  Sharon  Kirsner Jerry  and  Julie  Larkin Tommy  and  Dianne  Merricks Grainne  Murray Maureen  Neal

Jake and  Margaret  O'Shea Derek  Pei  and  Shu  Chen Jennifer  Pike Peter  and  Kay  Quagliano Falcon  and  Nicole  Rankins Jim  and  Judy  Reid Mae  and  Kathleen  Roberts Paul  Salvucci  and  Kay  Bollen Jamie  Shewan Shannon  Sinclair  and  ChrisFne  Lowry   David  Stokes  and  Julia  Rice-­‐Stokes Joseph  and  Suzanne  Toler Edward  Trageser  and  Sudha  Jayaraman Beth  Tweedie Mike  and  Joan  Werner Anonymous  


Unfold our  Future  Donors The  Unfold  Our  Future  capital  campaign  raised  funds  to  support  our  campus  expansion.     It  was  an  investment  in  our  future  -­‐-­‐  a  promise  to  our  families  that  there  will  be  a  seat  for  their  child   if  they  wish  to  pursue  a  Montessori  educaFon  through  Middle  School.     We  are  grateful  to  those  who  conFnue  to  honor  their  commitment  to  the  Unfold  Our  Future  Campaign.

Altria Rob and  Susan  Davenport Dominion  FoundaFon Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Genworth  FoundaFon Charles  and  Susanne  Gregory Steve  Grossman  and  Cheryl  Miller Ash  and  Mita  Gupta Jose  and  Alyssa  Huizar Ben  and  Amy  Humphreys Ben  Humphreys,  Sr. Roger  and  ChrisFne  McDonald Deb  and  Sudipa  Mitra Grainne  Murray Maureen  Neal Daniel  and  Dena  Neuwirth Salvatore  and  Elena  Parrino ChrisFne  Lowry  and  Shannon  Sinclair Verizon  FoundaFon Rodney  Willee  and  Lydia  Pulley

I wanted a place where the process of learning was flexible and celebrated. I think RMS will be that. -­‐Parent quote  from  the  RMS  Parents  Ma<er  Survey


In-­‐Kind GiZs Richmond  Montessori  School  receives  support  in  many  ways.    In-­‐kind  donaFons  are  one  way   members  of  the  RMS  community  support  our  vision  and  values.     Many  thanks  to  those  who  chose  to  support  RMS  through  in-­‐kind  giQs!    

Amy and  Chad  Paisley   Anokha Balliceaux bbgb,  Tales  for  Kids Belle  and  James Birds  at  Noon  -­‐-­‐  Ruchi  Gupta Jeanne  Bluford Bombshell Breakthru  Beverage  Group Dennis  and  Victoria  Browne Can  Can  Brasserie Carli  and  Garree  Nelson Carreras  Jewelers Carytown  Bicycle  Company Children's  Museum  of  Richmond Chris  Campbell Jimmy  and  Samantha  Chou Conch  Republic  RVA DugWood  -­‐-­‐  Dug  Campbell F.  W.  Sullivan's Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Fox's  Pizza  Den Ash  and  Mita  Gupta Hardywood  Park  CraQ  Brewery  -­‐-­‐  Erik  and  Rebekah  McKay Hilton  Richmond  Hotel  &  Spa  /  Short  Pump Jeffrey  and  Luz  Hoover Independence  Golf  Club James  River  TransportaFon JoAnn  Jones Jumpology  Trampoline  Arena Niraj  and  Anjali  Kalore Daniel  Komorowski  and  Briea  Petersson Ledbury Maggiano's  Liele  Italy Mango  Salon Maymont  FoundaFon McCormack's  Big  Whisky  Grill Chris  and  Lia  Mooney Need  Supply  Co.  -­‐-­‐  Chris  Bossola  and  Allison  Held


Victor and  Sheila  Olesen Salvatore  and  Elena  Parrino Philosophie  -­‐-­‐  Ruba  Borgard Pinki  and  Neemit  Shah Richmond  Flying  Squirrels RMS  /  Fox  Hall  Soccer  Complex RMS  Art  Department Ruth  Chris  Steakhouse Salon  33 Salon  Vivace Science  Museum  of  Virginia Danny  and  May  Shaban Amit  and  Alpa  Sharma Shine  Blowdry  Bar Sky  Zone  Trampoline  Park Southern  Seasons John  and  Casey  Stapleton Theresa  Steward Studio  Copal Robert  Sui  and  ChrisFne  Hunt Tazza  Kitchen The  Berkeley  Hotel The  First  Tee  -­‐  Greater  Richmond The  Richmond  Symphony The  ValenFne  Richmond  History  Center The  WesFn  Richmond Clyde  and  Tami  Toms Nicholas  Trachter  and  AgusFna  Levy Vagabond  -­‐-­‐  David  and  Erin  Peterson Brian  and  Jennifer  Walker Weinstein  JCC Wild  Ginger Rodney  Willee  and  Lydia  Pulley Willow  Oaks  Country  Club Oskar  Zagorodnyy  and  Ausrine  Kuktelionyte Anonymous

Happy Occasion  Club Thank  you  to  those  who  honored  a  child  by  giQing  a  book  to  the  RMS  library  through  the   Happy  Occasion  Club! Lindsay  Blackwood   Ruba  and  Mae  Borgard Kevin  and  Stacey  Bove Leemore  and  Alan  Burke Jody  and  Stefan  Cametas   Nate  Casey Luca  Cerux   The  Chapman  Family   The  Choi  Family Jackie  Cohen ChrisFan  Hunter  and  Ryan  Courville Tara  Casey  and  Alan  Dow The  Fisher  Family Sanjay  and  Sohini  Garg Scoe  and  Erika  Hollen Jeff  and  Luz  Hoover

John and  Maggie  Houston Mark  and  KaFe  Houston The  Hubbard  Family   Alyssa  and  Jose  Huizar Deitra  Lambert Fred  and  Sunny  Melbrech   Sudipa  and  Deb  Mitra   The  Mooney  Family Jane  Nawaz   Carli  and  Garree  Nelson   Connie  Paisley   Salima  Rassiwalla   Alpa  Sharma Elizabeth  and  Ryan  Smare Julia  Rice-­‐Stokes  and  David  Stokes The  Xing  Family


On April  29,  2016,  RMS  parents,  teachers,  and  friends  gathered  at  Hardywood  Park  CraQ  Brewery  for  an   evening  of  fun  at  the  RMS  Spring  Fling  and  Auc=on!    The  AucFon  raised  $19,740  and  over  $13,000  was   designated  to  support  the  VisiFng  Scholars  Program. A  big  “thank  you”  to  Eric  and  Rebekah  McKay,  Owners  of  Hardywood,   for  offering  this  unique  venue  to  host  our  event. Special  thanks  to  Carli  Nelson,  Amy  Paisley,  and  Pinki  Shah,   members  of  the  AucFon  ExecuFve  Commieee,  for  their  hard  work  to  make  this  event  a  success!

AddiFonal thanks   to  our  sponsors:


Auction Patrons Duna Alkhudhair David  and  Heidi  Alvarez Neil  and  Amishi  Amin Craig  and  Lori  Anderson Erin  Anderson Michael  and  Kara  Augone Meridith  Bailey Jenni  Booker  Baker Soumitra  and  Nimila  Banerjee Ron  and  Rebecca  Bell Mo  Bennee Carter  and  Kelly  Berry Jeanne  Bluford Mae  and  Ruba  Borgard Chris  Bossola  and  Allison  Held Tyler  and  Lili  Boyd Ryan  and  Amanda  Browning Molly  Buford Lane  Burgess Chris  Campbell Dug  Campbell Steve  and  Erin  Campbell Gaurav  and  Aekta  Chawla Esther  Choi Mae  and  Jackie  Cohen Orion  and  Mary  Colfer Marty  and  Heather  Conn Ryan  and  Christen  Courville Rob  and  Susan  Davenport Ann  Dedek Alan  Dow  and  Tara  Casey Lynnelle  Ediger Hugh  Edmunds  and  Monica  Parcell Lael  Edmonds Stan  Edwards Jan  Farren Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Jonathan  and  Sarah  Frank Basil  Georgiadis KrisFn  Giacco Sonali  GulaF  and  Geeta  Jhaveri Ash  and  Mita  Gupta Sonny  and  Harshna  Gupta Brad  and  Vicki  Haneberg

Mark and  KaFe  Houston Glenn  and  Karen  Hurlbert Raj  and  Jinita  Jain Sudha  Jayaraman Felecia  Jefferson Susan  Kelly Eric  and  Monika  Kinney Dan  Komorowski  and  Briea  Petersson Mary  Koval Dave  Kurzawa  and  Mary  Bigelow James  and  Deitra  Lambert Neil  and  Nicole  Lambert Jerry  and  Julie  Larkin Chris  and  Bree  Linton ChrisFne  Lowry  and  Shannon  Sinclair Darlene  Marschak Aaron  and  ChrisFna  McClung ChrisFne  McDonald Eric  and  Rebekah  McKay Daniel  and  Shealyn  Milesh Debapriya  and  Sudipa  Mitra Chris  and  Lia  Mooney Grainne  Murray Maureen  Neal Parham  Neal-­‐Pishko Garree  and  Carli  Nelson Jake  and  Margaret  O'Shea Stacy  O’Shea Dawn  Oefelein Buddy  and  Tracie  Omohundro Chad  and  Amy  Paisley   Melody  Parker Sal  and  Elena  Parrino David  and  Erin  Peterson Johan  Petersson  and  Rajanya  Petersson Lars  Petersson  and  Hildegard  Petersson Taryn  Prior Kay  Quagliano Jay  Raju Mae  and  Kathleen  Roberts Alan  and  Maryangela  Rubin Walter  and  Melanie  Ruggieri Kalyn  Salinsky Kristy  Santelli


Ellen Scango Larry  and  Emily  Scarborough NiFn  and  Ami  Sethi Neemit  and  Pinki  Shah Suzy  Short Dean  Simpson Ryan  and  Elizabeth  Smare John  and  Casey  Stapleton Rhee  and  Brie  Starke Kim  Sueon Azhar  and  Allison  Talibi Nelly  Tapia Andy  and  ChrisF  Tate Clyde  and  Tami  Toms Edward  Trageser Peter  Turkaly  and  Kim  Panzarella Jim  and  Jean  Vencl Eric  and  Whitney  Van  Der  Hyde Jenn  Walker John  and  Zan  Wick Tracy  Wilburn Maureen  Williams Tom  and  Meghan  Woodward

Winning Bidders David Alvarez  and  Heidi  Field-­‐Alvarez Steve  and  Erin  Campbell Laura  and  Jim  Canady Maehew  and  Jacqueline  Cohen Ed  and  Janica  Farren Brian  and  Stephanie  Ford Sonny  Gupta  and  Harshna  Patel-­‐Gupta Ash  and  Mita  Gupta David  Kurzawa  and  Mary  Bigelow Darlene  Marschak Eric  and  Rebekah  McKay Deb  and  Sudipa  Mitra Chad  and  Amy  Paisley Jay  Raju  and  Sujatha  Ramamurthy Alan  and  Maryangela  Rubin Larry  and  Emily  Scarborough Narinder  and  Ami  Sethi Ryan  and  Elizabeth  Smare John  and  Casey  Stapleton Rhee  and  Brie  Starke Anonymous

Grandparents and  Great  Friends  Day RMS  opened  its  doors  to  those  special  people   in  our  students’  lives  –  Grandparents  and  Great   Friends  -­‐  on  November  24,  2015.  Just  over  200   grandparents  and  great  friends  visited  the  RMS   campus  to  see  their  special  child’s  classroom   and  share  in  their  Montessori  experiences.  The   day  began  in  the  Lynn  C.  Humphreys  Performing   Arts  Center  where  Grainne  Murray,  Head  of   School,  welcomed  our  many  guests.   Grandparents  and  friends  were  treated  to  an   adorable  musical  performance  by  our  primary  students  and  RMS  student  ambassador,  Ryon   Sinclair,  shared  some  of  her  favorite  things  about  the  school.  Guests  then  enjoyed  a   one-­‐on-­‐one  introducFon  to  the   classrooms  on  North  and  South   campuses,  professional  photos  with   their  special  child  (ren),  a  delicious  soup   kitchen  in  Parsons  Hall  and  a  super  fun   Book  Fair  presented  by  the  RMPA!    

We look  forward  to  welcoming   everyone  back  next  year!



Class of  2016  Graduates

Jack Bell Trinity  Episcopal  School

Alex Dietrich Maggie  L.  Walker  Governor’s  School

Elijah Bossola St.  Christopher’s  School

Isabelle Fogleman Glen  Allen  High  School Center  for  EducaGon  &  Human  Development

Hannah Frank Douglas  Southall  Freeman  High  School


Dylan Dhindsa Trinity  Episcopal  School InternaGonal  Baccalaureate  Program

Aus=n Ford St.  Christopher’s  School

Balazs Kaszala Douglas  Southall  Freeman  High  School Center  for  Leadership,  Government  &   Global  Economics

Ian Kinney John  Randolph  Tucker  High  School InternaGonal  Baccalaureate  Program

Grace Quagliano Trinity  Episcopal  School

Zack Kirsner St.  Christopher’s  School

Leigh Salvucci Open  High  School

Jeanie Nam Trinity  Episcopal  School InternaGonal  Baccalaureate  Program

Lilly SuSon Trinity  Episcopal  School InternaGonal  Baccalaureate  Program

Conrad Tan Mills  E.  Godwin  High  School Center  for  Medical  Science

Cameron Talibi St.  Christopher’s  School


2016 -­‐2017  Leadership Board  of  Trustees ExecuWve  Commi<ee Allison  Held,  Chair Tara  Casey,  Vice  Chair Chris  Campbell,  Secretary Jerry  Larkin,  Treasurer Grainne  Murray,  Ex-­‐officio Chris  Campbell   Tara  Casey     Rob  Davenport   Sonny  Gupta   Allison  Held     Jerry  Larkin     Aaron  McClung   Lia  Mooney     Elena  Parrino   Kay  Quagliano   Falcon  Rankins   Shannon  Sinclair   Brie  Starke     Jenn  Walker     John  Wick     Tom  Woodward  



Civic Leader University  of  Richmond,  Law  Faculty The  C.F.  Sauer  Company,  Business  Development Daybreak  IT  SoluFons,  Partner State  CorporaFon  Commission,  Aeorney  /  Advisor  to  the  Commission Genworth  Financial,  ExecuFve University  of  Richmond,  Director  of  Development Civic  Leader Altria  Client  Services,  Inc.,  Director  /  Benefit  Investments  &  Capital  Markets Richmond  Animal  League,  Veterinarian PH.  D.  Student,  EducaFonal  Research  &  EvaluaFon University  of  Richmond,  Vice  President  and  General  Counsel GBW  Systems,  Inc.,  President Civic  Leader Wells  Fargo  Bank,  Banker Virginia  Commonwealth  University,  Associate  Director  of  Online  Learning  

RMPA Erin Campbell,  President KaFe  Houston,  Vice  President Esther  Choi,  Secretary Ryan  Browning,  Treasurer

CommiSee Chairs Harvespest,  Esther  Choi  &  KaFe  Houston Conference  Day  Child  Care  -­‐  KaFe  Houston Hospitality,  Maryangela  Rubin Book  Fair,  Vicki  Brown End  of  Year  Family  Picnic,  Jackie  Cohen Pictures,  Casey  Stapleton Pizza  Day,  Mike  Augone

Photography Lane Burgess Tom Woodward Design Lane Burgess Suzy Short Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and may be emailed to: â&#x20AC;¨ Jenni Booker Baker Director of Advancement Richmond Montessori School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

499 N. Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23229

2016 RMS Annual Report  
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