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Richmond Montessori School Annual Report 2016-2017

2016-2017 Richmond Montessori Team Specialty Teachers Administrative Team Art
 Mo Bennett

Grainne Murray, Head of School Nimila Banerjee, Registrar
 Rebecca Bell, Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Library and Technology Ann Dedek, Lilli Boyd

Jenni Booker Baker, Director of Advancement Lane Burgess, Director of Marketing and Communications Dug Campbell, Building and Grounds Technician

Music Brittany Brooks, Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia

Michelle Fojtik, Elementary Education Coordinator Kristin Giacco, Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Physical Education Page Brookshier

Darlene Marschak, Director of Montessori Enrichment Jerry Rodriguez, IT Coordinator
 Suzy Short, Advancement Coordinator

Spanish Nelly Tapia & Melanie Ruggieri

Mary Harvard Nolde, Advancement Coordinator Tracy Wilburn, Director of Finance and Operations
 Maureen Williams, Director of Admission & Enrollment Management


Montessori Enrichment Team

Toddler Program Teacher: Felecia Jefferson Teacher: Melody Parker

Meredith Bailey

Primary Program Teacher: Ellen Scango Teacher: Mita Gupta Teacher: Taryn Prior Teacher: Julisa Smith Teacher: Kim Sutton Lower Elementary Program Teacher: Sasha Altizer Teacher: Stacy O’Shea Teacher: Maria Rodriguez Upper Elementary Program Teacher: Bree Linton Teacher: Kalyn Gerrity Middle School Program Humanities / Language Teacher: Science Teacher: Math Teacher: Spanish Teacher:

Lavell Brown

Assistant: Lavell Brown Assistant: Becca Rosas

Gary Flake Felecia Jefferson Claire Leake

Assistant: Laura Canady Assistant: Erin Almquist Assistant: Dawn Oefelein Assistant: Claire Leake Assistant: Jamie Robinson

Alicia Mitsch Becky Nuckols Melody Parker Jamie Robinson Becca Rosas Lisa Rowh

Assistant: Susan Kelly Assistant: Shyamlee Handa Assistant: Sudipa Mitra

Shanthi Wickramasinghe 
 Erin Almquist
 Darlene Marschak

Assistant: Lisa Rowh Assistant: Mui Barron/Brad Hamilton

Mary Simpson Parham Neal-Pishko Megan Knight Melanie Ruggieri

Athletic Coaches Boys Varsity Basketball Nilay Patel Girls Varsity Basketball Gabriella Kazsala JV and Varsity Soccer


Gianni Baldini, Peter Turkaly

School Mission Richmond Montessori School is a premier Montessori community inspiring academic excellence and nurturing human potential.

School Values Excellence in academics, leadership and accreditation; Character through personal empowerment, integrity, and accountability; Authenticity of Montessori curriculum, philosophy, and method; Respect for self, others, and the environment; and Community of diversity, dynamic learning, and service.


Richmond Montessori School 
 Annual Report 2016-2017 School Leadership


Volunteer Leadership


Financial Overview




50th Anniversary




Annual Fund recap and donors


Grandparents and Great Friends Day




The Annual Report is a publication by the Advancement Office of Richmond Montessori School. This report honors parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, alumni, and friends who have helped to make the 2016 - 2017 school year a success. We are truly grateful for the generous outpouring of community support. To better steward your gifts and reduce the impact on our environment, we present the Annual Report in an online format. This format eliminates the production and mailing of nearly 60,000 printed pages and allows us to highlight our RMS community in much more detail. This report recognizes gifts received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this annual report is accurate. If we have made a mistake, please accept our sincerest apologies and contact the Office of Advancement at 741-0040.


Message From the Board of Trustees Chair Allison Held Friends,
 As my family begins its 11th year as a member of the RMS community, I reflect on the many wonderful experiences, friendships, and opportunities the school has offered us over the years. As a parent of a recent RMS graduate and a rising middle schooler, I feel incredibly fortunate that my children have grown up surrounded by such an inspiring community of educators, students, and families who have fueled their academic and personal growth in ways that are difficult to describe, but are evident in everything that they do. I’m proud to be a part of this vibrant community, and particularly grateful for the privilege to work with the dedicated and devoted leaders of our school to ensure its continued success and distinction as the premier Montessori school in Central Virginia. 
 We have many achievements to celebrate during the 2016-1017 school year, most notably: • Achievement of our enrollment goals and a 100% admission rate to top high schools for graduating 8th graders • An enormously successful 50th Anniversary year, culminating in our big Gala, which brought our community and alumni together in celebration of the many milestones and accomplishments of the school over the last 50 years • Establishment of a general endowment fund, seeded from our operating budget, for the first time in the history of the school • The most unrestricted funds raised and participation achieved in the history of the school for the Annual Fund, which supports faculty professional development, tuition assistance, campus maintenance, instruction and curriculum in the classrooms, the Visiting Scholars Program, arts programming and much more • The award of a $100,000 grant from the Moses D. Nunnally Charitable Trust B, in addition to special fundraising, for the Center for Education, Exploration and Discovery (CEED), which provides prepared environments for cutting-edge technology and an innovative curriculum that will offer new educational opportunities for all students • An outstanding interim VAIS accreditation visit and report, which highlighted the many strengths of our school, including the leadership and commitment of our administrative team and faculty, the high quality of the student experience and learning environment, and the strong financial controls and foundation of the school. 
 I am especially grateful for the exceptional leadership and vision of our Head of School, Grainne Murray, and our Board of Trustees, for its enthusiasm and commitment to the continued success of the school, and to providing an authentic Montessori education to our students. We are fortunate to have a strong financial foundation, but tuition revenue alone is not sufficient to maintain the high quality materials, instruction and learning environment that make our school thrive. Your contributions to the Annual Fund are critical to sustain and enhance the academic experience that RMS provides, so I want to thank and recognize those listed in this Annual Report who donated to the school this year. With a goal of 100% parent participation in the Annual Fund, we hope all of our families will consider making a meaningful gift (whether it’s $25 or $2500) in 2017-2018! Finally, a big thank you to the entire school community – faculty, staff, parents, and students – for the many ways you dedicate your time, talent and treasure to make our Montessori school what it is today. It is a truly special place to educate our children, who leave our campus as incredibly thoughtful, kind, considerate, and globally-minded boys and girls ready to make their mark on our communities and beyond. 

Allison Held Chair, RMS Board of Trustees


Message From the Head of School Grainne Murray Abounding gratitude…. There is no other school in Richmond quite like Richmond Montessori School. As a parent, grandparent, alumnus or friend you’ve seen the great value of a Richmond Montessori School education first-hand. From the exuberant inquiry of our youngest learners to the aptitude and poise of our middle school students, a love of learning pervades our entire school. We remain committed to sustaining the particular dimensions of a Richmond Montessori School education—idea-rich classrooms led by invigorated and wellsupported teachers, thought provoking and dynamic curricula, innovative natural learning environments both inside and out, and a global mindset that’s evident in all that we do. The Richmond Montessori School community thrives as a result of the support anddedication of our families and friends. Your commitment of time and resources catalyzes innovation and fuels our students’ academic and personal success. Whether you are volunteering at Winterfest, serving on the alumni association, or making a contribution to our annual fund, you are directly advancing our mission and strengthening our community. During our 50th anniversary year, our annual fund reached new heights with recordbreaking participation and levels of giving. Enrollment continued to grow and we remain the single accredited Montessori School in Richmond! This year has been a particularly meaningful time for reflection and gratitude for the work of those who came before us. Our success today is directly attributed to the loyalty and dedication of, and the foundation laid by, our governing boards, school leadership teams and Montessori educators over the past five decades. The impact of your support is evident throughout our school. I feel truly fortunate to be connected with a skillful and inspiring faculty, confident and diverse students, and original and stimulating visiting scholars who along with you form the fabric of our community. This was an extraordinary year and because of you Richmond Montessori School will continue to make a World of Difference in the lives of future generations to come. Sincerely,

Grainne Murray Head of School


A message from the Director of Advancement Jenni Booker Baker

Dear Friends and Families of Richmond Montessori School, It is an honor to serve as Richmond Montessori School’s Director of Advancement and I am pleased to report that our community boldly and generously supported the school in 2016-2017. We embarked with enthusiasm as the campaign began, highlighting and celebrating our 50th anniversary year. The Annual Fund was created to build a tradition of giving to complement the offerings of this incredible school beyond what tuition can provide. We chose the theme, The Giving Tree, based on the book by Shel Silverstein. Much like the book, The Giving Tree is about the gift of giving and acceptance, we invited every member of the RMS community to contribute to our Annual Fund Campaign in order to continue our journey into the future. Given that philanthropic support is a reality for all independent schools, we asked each of you to make a decision to make a difference at RMS. Our goal was ambitious, yet achieved - above and beyond our goal of $105,000. Together, we raised over $133,000 for the Annual Fund - what a milestone as the most unrestricted, Annual Fund dollars raised in our school’s history! Together, we made a world of difference! In addition to the Annual Fund and because of your generosity at the 50th anniversary gala, Once Upon a Time: The Story of RMS, the school was able to create increased innovation opportunities on campus through the Center for Education, Exploration and Discovery (CEED). The gala netted $78,551 to support the project. You can read more about our progress with the CEED in this report. Thank you again for your commitment to RMS, our precious students, and for your role in the 2016-2017 Annual Fund campaign. I am confident that together we can continue to reach new levels of excellence because of the generosity of such an incredible community.
 With sincere appreciation of your continued support,

Jenni Booker Baker
 Parent of Sarah, Toddler Class Director of Advancement


2016 - 2017 Board of Trustees Executive Committee Allison Held, Chairperson Tara Casey, Vice Chairperson
 Jerry Larkin, Treasurer Chris Campbell, Secretary
 Grainne Murray, Ex-officio Chris Campbell

Community volunteer

Tara Casey

University of Richmond, Law Faculty

Rob Davenport

C.F. Sauer Co., Business Development

Sonny Gupta

Daybreak IT Solutions, Partner

Allison Held

State Corporation Commission, Attorney/Advisor to the Commission

Jerry Larkin

Genworth Financial, Executive

Aaron McClung

University of Richmond, Director of Development

Lia Mooney

Community Volunteer

Grainne Murray

Richmond Montessori School, Head of School

Elena Parrino

Altria Client Services, Inc., Director/Benefit Investments & Capital Markets

Kay Quagliano

Richmond Animal League, Veterinarian

Falcon Rankins

PhD Students, Educational Research & Evaluation

Shannon Sinclair

University of Richmond, Vice President and General Counsel

Brie Starke

GBW Systems Inc., President

Jenn Walker

Community Volunteer

John Wick

Wells Fargo Bank, Banker

Tom Woodward

Virginia Commonwealth University, Associate Director of Online Learning Programs


2016 - 2017 Volunteer Members of Board Committees Committee on Trustees
 Tara Casey, Chair Jenni Booker Baker

Head Support & Evaluation Committee Shannon Sinclair, Chair

Chris Campbell

Tom Woodward

Advancement Committee
 Rob Davenport, Chair
 Jenni Booker Baker
 Chris Campbell 
 Krista Cametas Jones
 Aekta Chawla
 Aaron McClung
 Kelly del campo Merricks
 Lia Mooney
 Carli Nelson Amy Paisley
 Connie Paisley
 Kay Quagliano
 Pinki Shah
 Tami Toms
 Whitney Van Der Hyde
 John Wick

Allison Held
 Enrollment and Marketing Committee Jenn Walker, Chair Grainne Murray Sonny Gupta Julie Larkin Michelle Fojtik Gabriella Kaszala Christine Hunt Kim Waite Maureen Williams Falcon Rankins

Grainne Murray
 Shannon Sinclair

Finance Committee 
 Jerry Larkin, Chair Elena Parrino
 Bill Lane 
 Brie Starke

Parent Ambassadors & Host Parents 
 Andrea Nikolov

Parent Ambassadors

Gabriella Kaszala

Sonny Gupta

Aekta & Gaurav Chawla

Shealyn Milesh

Lucia Crippa

Emily Scarborough

Aekta Chawla

Lauren & Tim Barry

Heather Caputo

Heather Caputo

Erin & David Peterson

Nicole Rankins

Amber Smirnow & Zach Bir

Esther Choi

Host Parents 
 Carli Nelson Ashley Warren Shealyn Milesh

Maryangela Rubin

Nicole & Falcon Rankins Asha Kays & Michael Havranek Gabriella Kaszala Irina Verlinden Meghan Woodward Jan Farren Amy Paisley Julie & Jerry Larkin

Jen Pike

Britt Farrar

Ed Trageser

Erin Peterson 8

Financials Financial Overview The Board of Trustees is pleased to report a strong financial picture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. The school’s independent auditors, Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP, gave an unqualified audit opinion, indicating that Richmond Montessori School adheres to sound fiscal policies and strict U.S. accounting standards. The Board and administration are committed to fiscally responsible planning. The school’s operations are funded entirely by tuition and school fees. Additional funds are raised each year to provide innovative programming and resources to enhance Montessori experiences for our students.

Fiscal Year 2016 - 2017 REVENUE







Financials Operating Expenses 1%

10% 73%


Faculty & Sta Compensation General Operating Expenses Capital Expenditures Other Educational Expenses

Earned Income 98%



Tuition / Montessori Enrichment Summer Program Interest / Misc. Income

Fundraising Revenues 55% 29%

Annual Fund Richmond Montessori Parents’ Association Endowments Auction




Earned Income $5,000,000





FY 2014-­‐2015

FY 2016-­‐2017

FY 2015-­‐2016

Tui/on / Montessori Enrichment Interest / Misc. Income

Summer Program

FY 2014-2015

FY 2015-2016

FY 2016-17




Summer Program




Interest / Misc.Income




Total Revenue




Tuition / Montessori Enrichment



Expenses $4,000,000





FY 2014-­‐2015

FY 2015-­‐2016

Faculty and Staff Compensa/on General Opera/ng Expenses

FY 2016-­‐2017

Other Educa/onal Expenses Capital Expenditures

FY 2014-2015

FY 2015-2016

FY 2016-2017










Capital Expenditures




Total Expenses




Faculty & Staff Compensation Other Educational Expenses General Operating Expenses


Fundraising Revenues $300,000





FY 2014-­‐2015

FY 2016-­‐2017

FY 2015-­‐2016

Annual Fund Richmond Montessori Parents’ Associa/on Auc/on

Endowments Step Two -­‐ Gym

FY 2014-2015

FY 2015-2016

FY 2016-2017

Annual Fund











Step Two - Gym








Total Fundraising




Richmond Montessori Parents’ Association


Endowments In order to provide essential qualities of a Richmond Montessori School education – diversity and excellence in teaching, the Board has established several endowments. The yield from the various endowments support programs and projects, while the principal, prudently managed, will give the school a solid foundation for the future. Endowments available for contributions include the Della Mae Reese Jefferson Scholarship Fund, the Wise Family Endowed Fund, the Martha Mabey Endowment for the Arts, the Training Educators and More (TEAM) Endowment and the Capital Facility Endowment and the school’s general endowment fund. For donors wishing to make a gift to RMS to establish a named endowment, a $100,000 gift is required. If, however, the purpose of the named endowment is scholarship, a new endowment may be created at a $50,000 minimum threshold. For donors wishing to make a gift to RMS to start a new unnamed endowment, a gift of $50,000 is required. For gifts below these minimum values, Board approval will be required to create a new endowment. In these situations, efforts will be made by the Advancement Office to direct the gift into an existing endowment prior to bringing any proposals to the Board of Trustees. For more information on contributing to an established endowment fund or to learn more about creating a new one, please contact the Advancement Office at 804.741.0040 ext. 27. Della Mae Reese Jefferson Scholarship Fund The Della Mae Reese Jefferson Scholarship Fund (DMRJ) was established in 2003 in honor of the mother of RMS teacher, coach and mentor, Felecia Jefferson. Because Della Mae would often tell her children to “care about others,” the fund was created by an initial gift from Felecia and her siblings. It was fully funded in 2008. Interest from the principal is awarded annually by the Financial Aid Team to current RMS students who have demonstrated financial need. Martha Mabey Endowment for the Arts The Martha Mabey Endowment for the Arts was established in 1996 to honor former three-time Head of School, Dr. Martha Mabey, Emeritus. Part of this endowment fund includes a $500 scholarship that is awarded at graduation to a current RMS Middle School student for pursuit of visual, literary and performing arts study. In addition, approximately 5% of this endowment fund is utilized each year towards the arts component of the RMS Visiting Scholars program. Training Educators and More (TEAM) Endowment Established in 2004 through a major gift from RMS parents, Jim and Estelle Broduer, this endowment funds professional development opportunities for RMS staff and faculty. Capital Facility Endowment Established in 2012 through a major gift from RMS grandparent Ben Humphreys, Sr., this fund will help to ensure the upkeep of our facilities. The Wise Family Endowment Established in 2015 through a major gift from RMS parents, Marc and Laurel Wise, this endowment is to fund financial aid for students.




Change in fair market value







Martha Mabey



Wise Family Endowment Fund



Capital Facility Endowment



Phase 2 Gym



General Endowment



The DMRJ fund provided $19,000 in FY 2015-2016 to support a portion of tuition and costs for RMS students with demonstrated ďŹ nancial need. In June 2016, the Martha Mabey Endowment for the Arts provided a $500 merit scholarship to support one RMS middle school student’s pursuit of excellence in art, music, drama, and creative writing.

Martha Mabey Endowment for the Arts Scholar Lily Miller Trinity Episcopal School International Baccalaureate Program


RMS’ 50th Anniversary: What a Year! In 2016-2017, RMS celebrated a huge anniversary: Its 50th year! Throughout the year, our community celebrated with a spirit campaign and RMPA-sponsored special events culminating with a 50th Anniversary Gala, Once Upon A Time: The Story of RMS. Thanks to the extraordinary leadership of the RMS staff, the 50th gala committee and event co-chairs Carli Nelson and Pinki Shah, the event received rave reviews and raised significant funds, $78,551, for the school’s new initiative, the Center for Education, Exploration and Discovery (CEED). In addition to the Gala being a wonderful success, the school also asked three-time Head of School, Dr. Martha Mabey, to write a book about RMS’ history, from her perspective. The book, A World of Difference: Richmond Montessori School, 1965-2017, written by Dr. Mabey, will be kept at RMS to share for all of those who follow in our footsteps. We are pleased to provide the Introduction to the book in this report.


A World of Difference Community Art Project Commemorating RMS’ 50th Anniversary Our school educates children to be citizens of a global society that naturally celebrates diversity. To honor this philosophy as Maria Montessori envisioned a hundred years ago, Ruchi Gupta, current parent and artist, was commissioned to create an all-school artwork project to celebrate RMS’ 50th anniversary. With the help of RMS Art Teacher Mo Bennett and 300 RMS students, a pottery world map installation was created. Ms. Mo worked with P3 to middle schoolers to create little figures in clay, that were representative of our students. Toddlers and Primary students helped lay texture on the clay that was later cut into a world map with the help of our middle school students. During Winterfest, many families helped to create little figurines in clay for this project and later upper and lower elementary students helped in coloring and glazing them. Everything was fired in the school kiln and later installed by Jeff Kaiser. 
 We are sincerely grateful for Ruchi and everyone involved in the project. 
 Artist Ruchi Gupta and son, Samyak


An excerpt from A World of Difference: Richmond Montessori School, 1965-2017 written by Dr. Martha Mabey, former RMS Head of School The Beginning When Maria Montessori, the first female medical doctor in Italy, opened the Casa dei Bambini, or Children’s House, in a low-income district of Rome she discovered something remarkable. If taught in a certain way, using materials she created, neglected children living on the streets could be as academically successful as “normal” children. An educational miracle was born. The year was 1907. Existing schools were nothing like the one Dr. Montessori created. Traditional practices focused on a teacher who lectured and students who sat quietly in rows of desks. Dr. Montessori’s students who were as young as three, moved about freely, following their own interests and using materials that were different, too—what today we call “manipulative” or “hands on.” 
 Dr. Montessori’s belief in how children learned was far from traditional. In fact, hers was the first wide-spread approach to take children seriously. Even very young children, Montessori said, thrive in a setting that’s prepared with concrete learning materials. As a result, they become independent, self-reliant, motivated to follow their own interests, peaceloving and able to change the world. The World Paid Attention By 1910, with teachers trained by Dr. Montessori herself, schools bearing her name opened throughout Europe, in North and South America, and, finally, on every continent but Antarctica. When her book, The Montessori Method, was published in English in 1912, five thousand copies were sold in four days. The Montessori Method was indeed born. Today often without giving her due credit, “Early Childhood” programs are taken for granted. In thousands of preschools many of her practices are followed without ever mentioning her name. Even when calling their schools “Montessori-like,” Maria Montessori’s enormous contribution to the education and well-being of millions of children all over the world remains officially unacknowledged. To guarantee that the movement followed her strict standards, in 1929, Dr. Montessori established the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in Amsterdam with her son, Mario. Today, a child who transfers from a Montessori school in Mexico to one in India will feel comfortable because these standards ensure that the new classroom is like the one left behind. Growth and decline in the United States Montessori caught on quickly in the United States, propelled by prominent advocates and glowing media reports. A major factor for the excitement, too, was a glass walled, fully equipped Montessori classroom at the San Francisco World’s Fair of 1915. Within the classroom two dozen children between three and six years old worked daily at their tasks, seemingly oblivious to the thousands of visitors who stared at them through the glass walls.


But by 1929 American interest had fizzled. Language barriers, World War I travel limitations, anti-immigrant feelings, and the criticism of a few influential educators—especially John Dewey and William Kilpatrick-- who thought Montessori was not “social” or “creative” enough—all contributed to the decline of Montessori schools in this country. Montessori returns to America It took nearly forty years for Montessori education to return to the United States; and it took a young teacher named Nancy McCormick Rambusch, searching for an alternative to traditional American schooling, to make it happen. When Nancy Rambusch met Mario Montessori in the mid-fifties and told him she wanted to open a Montessori type school in the States, he said, “there are no Montessori type schools, only Montessori schools.” He then urged her to take the Montessori teacher training and bring the Montessori Method back to the U.S. And so she did. Nancy Rambusch and the Whitby School In September 1958, in collaboration with a group of prominent families, Nancy Rambusch opened Whitby School in Greenwich, Connecticut, one of the largest Montessori schools in this country and one that has been visited by RMS teachers wanting to know more about educating Upper Elementary and Middle School students in the Montessori Way. Mario Montessori also appointed Dr. Rambusch to serve as the U.S. representative of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Six months later, in 1960, she founded the American Montessori Society (AMS) in New York City. There were now two major centers of Montessori teacher training and administration. AMI and AMS Differences By the early sixties, a distinctly American version of the Montessori Method had taken shape. In 1961, Time magazine featured Dr. Rambusch, Whitby school, and the American Montessori revival in its May 12 issue. Additional publicity in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Saturday Evening Post, and the publication in 1962 of Dr. Rambusch’s book, Learning How to Learn, led to dramatic growth in the number of Montessori schools and students in this country. The parents in Richmond, Virginia, who wanted a Montessori school in their city fifty years ago, would have been delighted with either an AMI or AMS teacher. Both trainings seek to ensure that they have each child’s interests at heart. During the first few years of RMS’s existence, the teachers were all AMI trained teachers from Ireland. The school now employs a mixture of both AMI and AMS certified teachers. This is the story of Richmond Montessori School.

Pictured on the next page: Top row: Claire Leake, Alan Rubin, Gala Committee, Grainne Murray, Rajanya Petersson, Harshna Gupta, Jim Vavricek, Johan Petersson
 Middle row: Johann Petersson, Amanda Gording, Glenn Goring, Aekta Chawla, Gaurav Chawla, Nicole Rankins, Jen Pike, Megan Woodward, Aekta Chawla, Mary Harvard Nolde Bottom row: Lauren Wright, Ryan Smartt, Britt Farrar, Bill Farrar


RMS’ 50th Anniversary: What a Year!



Happy Birthday RMS! The Richmond Montessori School Parents Association hosted the RMPA Dance as a birthday celebration for RMS, complete with birthday cake!


The Center for Education, Exploration and Discovery (CEED) Over the 2016-2017 year, the school received a $15,000 gift from a current RMS family as well as a $100,000 grant from the Moses D. Nunnally Charitable Trust B in support of the CEED initiative. These gifts, on top of the $78,551 raised from the 50th Anniversary Gala, allowed the school to begin the process of elevating technology and innovation opportunities for RMS students. We are pleased to provide an overview of the CEED initiative and the funds expended in 2017. At a time when educational leaders are realizing the inadequacies of a standard one-size fits all educational approach, Richmond Montessori School provides a global-minded, time-tested, proven pedagogy that emphasizes independence, collaboration, freedom of movement, freedom of choice and adaptability. The Center for Education, Exploration and Discovery (CEED) has been designed in honor of Dr. Maria Montessori’s passion for science and innovation, which greatly influenced her revolutionary approach to education. Montessori herself was a visionary who embraced technological advances and today we view technology and design as a complement to the Montessori curriculum. The purpose of the CEED is to nurture children’s natural curiosities, cultivating their inherent love of literature while encouraging them to become lifelong readers and effective users of information. The program’s resources empower students to develop critical reasoning and problem-solving skills which allows them to independently navigate, evaluate and analyze print and online resources, and expands their competencies with contemporary technologies.
 The CEED curriculum extends beyond the Montessori classrooms providing a rich and diverse collection of books and other media resources. The goal is to allow students the freedom to access these resources in a timely manner in a way that supports their research and interests. The CEED inspires creativity, free dialogue, data research, collaborative projects, creative writing, materialized abstractions, and interpretive inquiry. Our vision expands the current Media Resource Center to two spaces that are adapted to serve the diverse RMS student population of children ranging in age from two to fourteen. The spaces will allow for ergonomically designed furniture, freedom of movement, creativity and innovation, and will foster the child’s natural love of learning. In this constantly advancing digital age, we seek to fully maximize the potential of our students at the intersection of technology and education and our mission is to carry forth Dr. Montessori’s vision of education as preparation for life. While we are eternally grateful to the Moses D. Nunnally Charitable Trust and to all of our individual leadership donors, the reality is that our vision for the CEED includes premium, high cost programming and renovations– to the tune of more than $750,000. With closer to $200,000 raised, we have adjusted to an implementation plan that fits within our current funding. We are thrilled that this is the most RMS has fundraised for a project not considered a part of a capital campaign! As such, the funds raised thus far are truly transformational for our community and the CEED initiative will continue to evolve over the course of the current school year as infrastructure and plans come to fruition.


The Center for Education, Exploration and Discovery (CEED)

Establishing a solid infrastructure is critical to the success of any school improvement plan. During the summer of 2017, resources were directed to curriculum design, teacher training, technology and design upgrades, and facilities design as follows:

56% ($112,000) Technology Infrastructure and Programming • 10 MacBooks were issued to the 3 Upper Elementary classes • 40 new MacBook Pros for student use (South CEED and Middle School) • 12 new iPads were purchased for 4 Lower Elementary classrooms • 5 iPads were purchased for the Primary classrooms • 3 new computer stations for student research added to the south campus library • 4 new promethean boards (South CEED, Middle School, STEM Lab) • Maker Space in South CEED • Technology and Design curriculum development and training • New literacy program and resources for lower and upper elementary programs • New Middle School library and an increase in the collection to include 1,000 volumes

44% ($87,000) Facilities Design and Renovation • New furnishings and soft renovation in south campus library; created an early reader room • Transition of former Seminar Room to the South CEED including redesign of space and new furniture • Furnishings for elementary literacy materials • North Campus new kitchen serving 4th-8th grade students


Special Thanks to our 50th Anniversary Supporters 50th Anniversary Sponsors

50th Anniversary Gala Committee

Mass Mutual

Executive Committee

Sandhu Group LLC

Carli Nelson, Co-Chair & Auction Chair


Pinki Shah, Co-Chair & Decorations & Logistics Chair

Elliot Tire

Whitney Van Der Hyde & Ed Trageser, Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Simplicity VoIP

Jenni Booker Baker, RMS Director of Advancement

RBC Wealth Management, Brian and

Heidi Alvarez

Eric Kinney

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Deb & Sudipa Mitra

Diane Hurwitz

DeLuca Gelato

Dixon Hughes Goodman

Devils Backbone Brewing

Drift/Riot Jewelry


Dug Campbell

Eric & Rebekah McKay

Ed Trageser & Sudha Jayaraman

Eric & Whitney Van Der Hyde

Einstein Bagels

Eric Kinney & Monika Kukar-

Elliott Tire and Auto


Engineering for Kids

Faceworks Day Spa

Carreras Jewelers

Falcon & Nicole Rankins

Carter & Sheila Burkey

Fox's Pizza Den

Center of the Universe

Gail Courville

Chad & Amy Paisley

Geeta Jhaveri

Charlie Twedell

General Cigar Company

Cheesecake Factory

George Wright


Gianni Baldini

Children's Museum of Richmond

Governor Terry McAuliffe

Chris Campbell

Grainne Murray

Chris Dudding & Antonjia Kovac

Grove Avenue Piano

Christen & Ryan Courville

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Christy & Brenda Moseley

Health & Wellness Coaching, LLC

Chuy's Tex Mex

Health Warrior

Club West Med Spa

Henrico Police

Clyde & Tami Toms

Heritage Printing Service

Coldstone Creamery

Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa

Commonwealth Pediatrics

Home Depot

Comtel Managed Solutions LLC

Home Sweet Home

Connie & Tom Paisley

Home Team Grill

CORE Gymnastics

Hugh & Lucy Boyd Edmunds

Courville Kids

Independence Golf Club

Couture Beauty Lounge

James River Orthodontics

Crunch Gym

James River Transportation

Cudas Footwear

James Whelan & Maria Rubial

Daniel Komorowski & Britta



Jasmine Turner, ’07

Danny & Shealyn Milesh

Jason & Kelly del Campo

Darlene Marschak


David & Erin Peterson

Jay Raju

David Alvarez & Heidi Field-

Jenni Booker Baker


Jen Pike


Jenn & Brian Walker

Corporate and Individual Sponsors Jennifer Moon

Matt Harris & Bea Gonzalez

Pie Five Pizza Company

Jerry & Julie Larkin

Maureen Neal

Polydeck Screen Corporation

Jim & Stephanie Harenchar

Maureen Williams

Ramakrishnan & Lavanya Kavaserry

John Townsend



John & Peggy Borgard

Melody Parker

Rashkind Saunders & Co.

John & Krista Cametas Jones

Methodwood Working & Design

Ratepro Mortgage

John & Sarah Van Der Hyde

Little Scholars

Ravenchase Adventures

John & Zan Wick

Look Boutique Salon

RBA West - Richmond Baseball

John Rolfe Animal Hospital

Lottie Belle Lingerie

Jonathan Silverman & Elizabeth

Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia

Rebecca & Ron Bell


LuLaRoe Lori Fawkes, LLC

Red Salon Organics

Jose & Alyssa Huizar

Lush Cupcakes, LLC

Rejena Carreras

Josh and Hilary Czarda

Mama Cucina

Rhett & Brie Starke

JP Hospitality

Marco De Leon

Richmond Olympiad

Juan Diego Baltodano & Raquel

Maria DeLong

Richmond Squirrels

Mark & Katie Houston

Rip Van Wafels

Martha Mabey

Rob & Susan Davenport

Mary Henderer

Robert &Terri Fleming-Davis

Mass Mutual Financial Group

Rock Bottom Brewery

Master Cho's Tae Kwon Do

Ruchi Gupta

Matt & Ruba Borgard

Ruiyi & Kelly Zhang

Mezeh Restaurant

RVA Nest

Michael & Kara Augone

RVA Physical Therapy & Sports

Michelle Fojtik



Ryan & Amanda Browning

Mita Gupta

Ryan & Elizabeth Smartt

Monkey Joe's

Sally Bagley

Mosaic Catering & Events

Sandhu Group LLC

Need Supply Co.

SEE Boutique

Neemit & Pinki Shah

Serenity Farm

Neil & Amishi Amin

Shagbark Restaurant

Nicholas Trachter & Augusta Levy

Shamin Hotels

Nicolle & Barbara Milesh

Shannon Sinclair & Christine Lowry

Norma Keeping

Shore Dog Café

Om On Yoga Studio

Sidhartha & Jocelene Wilson

One Breath at a Thyme

Simplity VoIP

P2 & Henna Sandhu


Page Brookshier

Sonny & Harshna Gupta

Parham Neal- Pishko


Peter & Armistead Henderer

Southern Belles

Peter & Kay Quagliano


Peter Chang Restaurant

Stefan & Jody Cametas


Stella & Dot, Lauren Wright

Montoya-Baltodano Judy Johnson Kabana Rooftop
 Kalyn & Chris Gerrity Karoly & Gabriella Kaszala Katie Dupree Keagan's Irish Restaurant Kilmarnock Antique Gallery Kim Waite King of Pops Kinney Electrical Kona Grill Kristin Giacco
 Kristy Wright Kroger Laila & Shay Mehta Lakeside Studio and Murals Lalo's Cocina Bar & Grill Lane Burgess Larry & Emily Scarborough Larry Constantine Lauren Wright, ’02 Lehja Lemaire Restaurant Leslie Roberts Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Lia & Chris Mooney Lindl Corporation



Corporate and Individual Sponsors Steve & Erin Campbell

The Riding School at James River Equestrian Center

Studio Copal

Tunstall Talegaonkar Ultimate Karate Academy

Sugar Shack Donuts

The Valentine Museum


SVN - Cornerstone Commercial

Todd Goldsmith Custom

Vicki & Brad Haneberg

Tara Casey & Alan Dow

Tom & Amerika Davis

Virginia Gold Cup

Taylor Thompson

Tom & Meghan Woodward

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Ten Thousand Villages

Total Wine & More


Thairapy Salon

TowneBank Mortgage


The Answer Brewpub

Tracy Wilburn

Weinstein JCC

The Fresh Market

The Veil Brewing

William & Meeno Fugate

The Hive Salon

The Westin Richmond

Williams and Sherrill

The Jefferson Hotel

Tim & Dory Doyle

Willow Oaks Country Club

The John Marshall Hotel

Tim & Lauren Barry

Winterfield Veterinary Hospital

Auction Advertisements


Della Mae Reese Jefferson Endowment

Hugh and Lucy Boyd Edmunds

Felecia Jefferson

Commonwealth Pediatrics Rob and Susan Davenport Robert Davis and Terri Fleming-Davis JP Hospitality Eric Kinney and Monika Kukar-Kinney Jason Merricks and Kelly del Campo Merricks Maureen Neal Need Supply Co. Tom and Connie Paisley Philosophie Falcon and Nicole Rankins Rashkind Saunders & Co. Ratepro Mortgage Leslie Roberts RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab SVN - Cornerstone Commercial THairapy Salon TowneBank Mortgage Sidhartha and Jocelene Wilson Lauren Wright ’02

Jane Thomasson

Wise Family Endowment Marc and Laurel Wise

Auction Sponsorships Platinum Sponsor Mass Mutual Financial Group Silver Sponsor Sandhu Group LLC Broadwood LLC John Jones and Krista Cametas Jones Bronze Sponsor BB&T Comtel Managed Solutions LLC Elliott Tire and Auto Brian and Stephanie Ford James River Orthodontics Eric and Whitney Van Der Hyde Host Committee Sponsor Peter and Armistead Henderer Edward Trageser and Sudha Jayaraman

Deborah Toms May Toms

Alumni Giving Anna East Baldwin ‘86 Daniel Burke ‘09 Emily Burke ‘10 Kerry Burke ‘99 Adrian Ciucci ‘01 Alan Cluverius ‘00 Kristin Deane Giacco ’84 Will Toms ‘09 Jasmine Turner ‘07 Jessica Wilburn ‘11 Lauren Wright '02

Melody’s Toddler Garden Ms. Melody Parker, Lead Toddler Teacher Stephen and Missy Chiles Timothy and Dory Doyle Walter and Melanie Ruggieri Neder P2 and Henna Sandhu Eddie and Lara Smith Louie and Sarah Stewart Eric and Whitney Van Der Hyde Brian and Ashley Warren


Message from the Richmond Montessori Parents Association Erin Campbell, President Hello, RMS Families! A big thank you to all of you for another amazing year at Richmond Montessori School. We could not have done this without your time, effort and commitment. I am pleased to share the community building activities the RMPA sponsored throughout the 2016-2017 school year! We kicked off the school year with Harvest Fest in October. Thank you to Katie Houston, Esther Choi and their talented committee for making this a fun event for the entire family. We had a roller skating party in November, complete with a taco dinner and birthday cake. With the help of Shealyn and Danny Milesh, we had a festive movie night in December. In February, Maryangela Rubin turned Parsons Hall into a lucky bingo hall for Bingo Night. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a birthday-themed dance in March. We ended the year with our fun family picnic coordinated by Jackie Cohen. Maryangela Rubin knocked it out of the park chairing our Hospitality Committee. She showed our teachers and faculty how much we appreciate them throughout the year. RMPA fundraising had a successful year thanks to all of our dedicated students and parents. Michael Augone ran “Pizza Fridays”. He did an amazing job managing the orders every week. Another awesome addition to our fall fun-raising was the Pumpkin Patch on north campus organized by Ann Hubbard. Vicki Browne coordinated our partnership with local bookstore bbgb to bring us another successful book fair. Dory Doyle chaired the committee for the Falcon Family Cookbook. With the help of Casey Stapleton, Freed Spirit returned for school photos and family sittings. Shealyn Milesh led our Box Tops program again this year. To continue our focus on community building, we hosted Coffee Fridays on north campus. Shealyn Milesh brought us coffee and sweet treats every month. We celebrated staff members that have been with RMS for 20+ years by presenting them with an RMS charm at the 50th Anniversary Gala. Erin Peterson coordinated this thoughtful effort. I want to recognize the awesome RMPA executive leaders. A big thank you to each of them for their leadership and support. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your ideas, support and volunteer time. This is what makes RMS such a special place. Sincerely,

Erin Campbell! RMPA President


Richmond Montessori Parents Association 2016-2017 RMPA Leadership RMPA Officers Erin Campbell, President Katie Houston, Vice President Esther Choi, Secretary Ryan Browning, Treasurer

RMPA Chairs Harvestfest - Katie Houston & Esther Choi Picture Day - Casey Stapleton Movie Night - Shealyn & Danny Milesh Hospitality - Maryangela Rubin Pizza Fridays - Michael Augone Conference Day Childcare - Katie Houston Friday Coffees - Shealyn Milesh Book Fair - Vicki Browne Bingo Night - Maryangela Rubin Family Picnic - Jackie Cohen Box Tops - Shealyn Milesh Cookbook - Dory Doyle


Richmond Montessori Parents Association 3%

RMPA 2015-2016 Budget Program Expenses (%)



22% 15%


20% 16% Family Picnic Teacher Appreciation Social Functions Conference Day Childcare

RMPA Dues Every year, as part of your child’s enrollment contract, $50 in dues are paid to the RMPA. Dues cover all RMPA family and friendbuilding events including Harvestfest, the Family Picnic, Conference Day Child Care and other special events. All activities are provided free of charge and are designed to build a stronger RMS community. All parents are members of the RMPA and are encouraged to join us for these activities. 31

Harvestfest Winterfest Conference Day Lunches

Annual Fund Recap All about the Annual Fund The Annual Fund is RMS’s most essential fundraising effort and involves all members of the community. It provides the vital difference between what is ordinary and what is extraordinary about the RMS experience. Its impact touches all aspects of our exceptional program, providing resources and opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. We ask our school community to consider RMS a top philanthropic priority by giving loyally and generously to the School. Support of the Annual Fund ensures that our programs continue to enrich the lives of our students and faculty.
 Why it Matters The Annual Fund is the most essential fundraising effort at any independent school and involves all members of the community. The Annual Fund ensures that RMS has the resources it needs to provide a rich, robust Montessori –centric academic program from the classroom to the library, from technology instruction to the playing field, from the theatre stage to the art studio, from toddlers to the eighth grade. The Annual Fund supports the resources essential to the RMS program and has a direct and positive impact on every student, faculty and staff member. The annual fund provides funding to projects and programs that are beyond the scope of our tuition income and support the mission and strategic plan of Richmond Montessori School in the following areas. The theme of this year’s annual fund is Imagine the Possibilities. Our Fiscal Year Pledges and gifts can be made to RMS during our fiscal year, which runs from July 1- June 30. Gifts to the annual fund are taxdeductible to the full extent allowed by law. RMS Annual Fund Giving Levels & Donor Recognition Clubs 1965 Society

$10,000 +

Maria Montessori Circle


International Circle


Falcon Club

$1,000 - $2,499

Blue and Green Club


Wishing Woods Circle


RMS Circle

up to $249

RMS Advancement FAQs What specifically did funds from the 2016-17 Annual Fund underwrite for this academic year? • Professional Development: faculty training and credentialing, continuing education program in School Leadership, access to professional monthly webinars offered by the American Montessori Society • Curriculum/Programming: New/replacement Montessori materials and enhancements to all classrooms and adding TWO brand-new classrooms • Specialty Programming: Visiting Scholars Program, arts and cultural programs, Model UN program • Community Building: 50th Anniversary school events, our Spirit Campaign • RMS Facilities: South Campus facility refreshes and updates (Seminar Room, Library) and renovation of

the North Campus

Middle School hub. • Technology: Upgraded technology, projectors, makerspace materials, new laptops, iPads and materials based on innovation within the curriculum. • Access: Tuition Assistance for families

My family is already paying tuition. What does my child get when we make financial contributions to RMS? Your financial contribution to the Annual Fund supports the people and programs that make Richmond Montessori the terrific school it is: talented and dedicated teachers, small classes, experiential learning every day, library and instructional resources, technology and advancements, enriching arts and athletics programs. RMS relies on a combination of tuition income, charitable donations, income from auxiliary programs and interest income to offer the best possible Montessori education and experience for students and their families. Without the Annual Fund, integral components of our rich and robust program would be compromised. Charitable gifts are a necessary part of every independent school’s healthy financial profile. If independent schools were run more like big business, couldn’t they charge the full cost and avoid having to ask for gifts? RMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution. Unlike a for-profit business, which aims to make money, RMS aims to provide our students with the very best education. By nature, high-quality schools are labor-intensive and people-oriented. In order to provide the best programs and competitive compensation to our outstanding faculty and staff, we continually evaluate and assess tuition increases, auxiliary programs like camp and effective fundraising initiatives. And, unlike tuition, contributions to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible and allow each family to give at a meaningful level to which they are able. How much should I give to the annual fund, and how much of a difference can my gift make? Ideally, current parents identify RMS as one of their top philanthropic priorities and recognize that their contributions make a significant impact. Annual Fund gifts range from $20 to over $20,000. But above all, we encourage participation in the Annual Fund the most. Our toddler – 8th grade school has fewer supporters than larger K-12 independent schools and therefore it is even more critical to have a higher percentage of supporters. Your gift, when added to those of hundreds of other supporters, can have a large impact. Your participation encourages others to give and sends a message to our community that RMS makes a difference. Every gift counts! Every gift matters! Should I give if I receive financial aid? 
 Even though many families make financial sacrifices to pay their tuition, it is still important for every member of our community to participate in the Annual Fund at some level. Which is more important, the annual fund or the annual Spring Fling event? 
 They are both important, and they serve different purposes. The Annual Fund supports the general operating budget while the annual Spring Fling event proceeds are typically restricted to a certain project or fund as determined by school needs. RMS hopes that everyone will consider supporting both of these important initiatives this year. When should I make my annual fund gift or pledge? 
 The earlier we receive your gift, the earlier we can put it to work for our students. We encourage all families and friends to make their pledges by December 31, though payments are accepted until the end of our fiscal year, which is June 30, 2018. Keep in mind that you may pledge your gift and make monthly installment payments as needed. We are happy to structure your gift over our fiscal year! Contact the Advancement Office to set up a pledge payment schedule. Is RMS eligible for employer matching gifts? 
 Yes, RMS is grateful to the many corporations that support the School through generous matching gift programs. Please ask your employer about Matching Gift Programs that support K-12 schools. This is a great way to double and sometimes triple your gift to RMS.


2016-2017 Annual Fund Allocations 1% 14% 26%

Tui/on Assistance Curriculum / Programming Facili/es School Spirit

Professional Developme Visi/ng Scholars General Endowment




3% 18%

2016-2017 Donor Giving (Percent of Total Funds Raised)



7% 7%

Board Parent Staff Alumni Grandparent Founda/on Corporate Friend

48% 19%

1% 4%

Richmond Montessori School Annual Fund Donors 2016-2017 Corporate and Foundation Supporters

Blue & Green Club: $500-$999

 Amazon Smile Beacon Forensic, P.C. Capital One Massey Foundation Microsoft RBC Foundation -- USA Target Corporation The Community Foundation serving Richmond and Central Virginia Anonymous

James and Ann Astrove Beacon Forensic, P.C. Matthew and Jacqueline Cohen Alan Dow II Brad and Vicki Haneberg Mark and Mary Houston Jose and Alyssa Huizar David and JoAnn Jones David Kurzawa and Mary Bigelow William and Kristi Lane

1965 Society: $10,000 and up

Amy Miller

Hugh and Lucy Boyd Edmunds

Newfound Corporation

John Jones and Krista Cametas Jones

Brian and Amy Paisley

JS of Montpelier LLC

Sujatha Ramamurthy

Jim and Judy Reid

Falcon and Nicole Rankins George and Karri Richardson

Maria Montessori Circle: $5,000 -$9,999

Neemit and Pinki Shah

Rejena Carreras

Ryan and Elizabeth Smartt

Massey Foundation

Ben Southammavong

Tom and Connie Paisley

Minny Southammavong

Franklin P. and Arthur W. Perdue Family Foundation

Joseph and Suzanne Toler

Richmond Montessori Parents Association (RMPA)

Michael and D’jaris Woody Lauren Wright ‘02

International Circle: $2,500-$4,999 Central Virginia Land and Timber LLC

Falcon Club: $1,000-$2,499 Michael and Kara Augone

Steve and Erin Campbell

Chris and Lia Mooney


Rob and Susan Davenport

Grainne Murray

John and Peggy Borgard

Brian and Stephanie Ford

Jennifer Pike

Christopher Bossola and Allison

Ron and Jannina Gahagan

Peter and Kay Quagliano


Arnab Gupta and Harshna Patel-Gupta

Shannon Sinclair and Christine

Stefan and Jody Cametas

Daniel Komorowski and Britta Petersson


Chris Campbell

Aaron and Christina McClung

Rhett and Brie Starke

Jason Merricks and Kelly del Campo

Clyde and Tami Toms


Eric and Whitney Van Der Hyde Brian and Jennifer Walker John and Susanne Wick John and Martha Wolf


Wishing Woods Circle $250-$499

RMS Circle up to $249

Todd and Dian Adams

Viren and Anna Abelak

Amazon Smile

Ahold Financial Services

Stephen Baker and Jenni Booker Baker

Erin and Andrew Almquist



Zachery Bir and Amber Smirnow


Wade and Lindsay Blackwood

Matthew Avitable

Jeanne Bluford

Sally Bagley

Al and Margaret Broaddus

Gianni Baldini

Ryan and Amanda Browning

Anna East Baldwin ’86

Capital One

Soumitra and Nimila Banerjee

Carreras Jewelers

Mui Barron

Gaurav and Aekta Chawla

Ron and Rebecca Bell

Probodh and Simran Chiplunkar

Charlie and Mo Bennett

Jeff and Phuong Chulick

Matthew and Ruba Borgard

Wayne and Lisa-Jane Clark

Roseann Bove

Tom and Amerika Davis Alan Dow and Tara Casey Tyler and Elizabeth Boyd Todd and Page Brookshier Jonathan and Teresa Downs James and Michelle Fojtik

Andrena Brown

Felix Garcia and Kathryn Holloway

Lane Burgess

Sonali Gulati

Daniel Burke ‘09

Jerry and Julie Larkin

Emily Burke ‘10

Christopher and Bree Linton

Kerry Burke ‘99

Thokozeni Lipato and Jori Carter

Dirk and Carolyn Burgess

Boodie McGurn

Dug Campbell

Garrett and Carli Nelson

Jim and Laura Canady

Jake and Margaret O’Shea

Anthony and Heather Caputo

Philip and Dawn Oefelein

Stephen and Missy Chiles

Sarvin Companies LLC

Philip and Esther Choi

Larry and Emily Scarborough

Adrian Ciucci ‘01

Mary Simpson

Alan and Sherise Cluverius ‘00

Billy and Sallie Thalhimer

Tim and Michal Coffey

Jon and Kimberly Waite

Larry and Patricia Constantine

Tom and Meghan Woodward

Ryan and Christen Courville Joshua and Hilary Czarda Robert Davis and Terri Fleming-Davis Ray and Rachel del Campo Marie DeLong Wardell and Mary Driver Alexander Kordzaia Lynnelle Ediger-Kordzaia Hugh Edmunds and Monica Parcell William and Brittany Farrar


Edwin Farren III First Giving Gary Flake William and Meenoo Fugate Sanjay and Sohini Garg Tony and Kristin Giacco ’84 Glenn and Amanda Goring Christopher Grab and Kari Lou Frank Shirley Graham Ash and Mita Gupta Abhishek Malhotra and Shyamlee Handa Matthew Harris and Bea Gonzalez Michael Havranek and Asha Kays Stuart and Mickey Held Mary Henderer Peter and Armistead Henderer Tom Henderer Pearlena Hill Wei Hsu Jonathan and Ann Hubbard Cheyanne Hunter Sally Hurlbert Diane Hurwitz Raj and Jinita Felecia Jefferson Geeta Jhaveri Judy Johnson Raymond and Mary Kane Karoly and Gabriella Kaszala Norma Keeping J. Kelly and Susan Kelly Tim and Erin Kelly Dorothy Kinney Richard and Mary Ann Komorowski Kroger David and Mary Kurzawa James and Deitra Lambert Robert and Randi Larkin
 Richard and Patricia Linton Rick and Susan Long

Julemar Augusto Silva and Claire Leake

Jerry and Yamira Rodriguez

Lance and Karen Smith

Bill Mowry and Darlene Marschak

Maria Rodriguez

John and Casey Stapleton

Mathnasium of Richmond

Lisa Rowh

Kimberly Sutton

Mary Maxwell

Alan and Maryangela Rubin

Azi and Allison Talibi

Eric and Rebekah McKay

Walter and Melanie Ruggieri Neder

Will Toms ‘09

Danny and Shealyn Milesh

Stewart and Dottie Russell

Johnny and Karen Towsend

Samer and Ferha Mirdawi

Tom and Victoria Russell

Edward Trageser and Sudha

Deb and Sudipa Mitra

P2 and Henna Sandhu


Alicia Mitsch

Ellen Scango

Jasmine Turner

Hassan and Jane Nawaz

Sherry Scarborough

Brian and Ashley Warren

Maureen Neal

Heather Schofield

Dick and Charlotte White

Parham Neal-Pishko

John Schofield

Mary & John Wick, Sr.

Mary Harvard Nolde

Andrew and Molly Schutrumpf

Shanthi Wickramasinghe

Joel and Becky Nuckols

B.S. and B.K. Sekhon

Jessica Wilburn ‘11

Tom and Stacy O’Shea

Narinder and Ami Sethi

Tracy Wilburn

Melody Parker

Jamie Shewan

Maureen Williams

Nilay and Sarah Patel

Suzanne Short

George Wright

David and Erin Peterson

Jonathan Silverman and Elizabeth Wolf

Mary Ann Wright

Johan and Rajanya Petersson

Dan and Jerry Smartt Julisa Smith

Yudong Xing and Na Yin

Michael and Taryn Prior


Unfold our Future Donors The Unfold Our Future capital campaign raised funds to support our campus expansion. It was an investment in our future -- a promise to our families that there will be a seat for their child if they wish to pursue a Montessori education through Middle School. We are grateful to those who continue to honor their commitment to the Unfold Our Future Campaign. Alan and Leemore Burke

Ben and Amy Humphreys

Rob and Susan Davenport

Roger and Christine McDonald

Brian and Stephanie Ford

Grainne Murray

Charles and Susanne Gregory

Maureen Neal

Steve Grossman and Cheryl Miller

Mark and Kristin Wickersham Rodney Willett and Lydia Pulley


50th Auction Supporters & In-Kind Gifts Richmond Montessori School receives support in many ways. In-kind donations are one way members of the RMS community support our vision and values. Many thanks to those who chose to support RMS through in-kind gifts! 9 Round - Midlothian

Adrian Ciucci

Kabana Rooftop

Academy of Music

Club West Med Spa

Ramky and Lavanya Kavaserry

Airbrush Tanning by Karen

Jack and Hannah Copeland

Keagan’s Irish Restaurant

David Alvarez and Heidi Field-

CORE Gymnastics

Kilmarnock Antique Gallery


Christen and Ryan Courville

King of Pops

Amazing Books

Gail Courville

Eric Kinney and Monika Kukar-

Andrew Carney Photography

Couture Beauty Lounge Studio 21


Apex - MD


Daniel Komorowski and Britta

Astro Jump



Sally Bagley

Rob and Susan Davenport

Kona Grill

Baker’s Crust Artisan Kitchen

Tom and Amerika Davis


Gianni Baldini

Dear Neighbor

Lakeside Studio and Murals

Juan Diego Baltodano and Raquel

DeLuca Gelato

Lalos Cocina Bar & Grill


Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Jerry and Julie Larkin

Tim and Lauren Barry

Drift-Riot Jewelry


bbgb, Tales for Kids

Chris Dudding and Antonija Kovac

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Ron and Rebecca Bell

Brian and Janne Erbe

Lindl Corporation

Bikram Yoga

Faceworks Day Spa

Little Scholars

BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse

Fox’s Pizza Den

Look Boutique Salon

BOHO Cycle Studio

William and Meenoo Fugate

LuLaRue - Lori Fawkes, LLC

Bonefish Grill

General Cigar Company

Lush Cupcakes

Bricks 4 Kidz

Chris and Kalyn Gerrity

Mama Cucina

Brittany Brooks

Grove Avenue Piano

Master Cho’s Tae Kwon Do

Todd and Page Brookshier

Sumeet and Ruchi Gupta


Ryan and Amanda Browning

Jim and Stephanie Harenchar

Methodwood Working & Design

Alan and Leemore Burke

Matt Harris and Beatriz Gonzalez


Butler Portraits

Health Warrior

Nicolle and Barbara Milesh

C.F. Sauer Company

Peter and Armistead Henderer


Cabo Fish Taco

Henrico Police

Deb and Sudipa Mitra

Stefan and Jody Cametas

Heritage Printing Service

Monkey Joe’s

Camp Cody

Home Sweet Home

Jennifer Moon

Camp Twin Creeks

Mark and Mary Houston

Chris and Lia Mooney

Dug Campbell

Jose and Alyssa Huizar

Christy and Brenda Moseley

Carreras Jewelers

Independence Golf Club

Garrett and Carli Nelson

Alan Dow and Tara Casey

James River Transportation

Om On Yoga Studio

Center of the Universe

Felecia Jefferson

One Breath at a Thyme

Cheesecake Factory

John Rolfe Animal Hospital

Brian and Amy Paisley

Children’s Museum of Richmond

JP Hospitality

Melody Parker

Chuy’s Tex Mex


Beverly Perdue

Peter Chang Restaurant

Todd Goldsmith Custom


Clyde and Tami Toms

Polydeck Screen Corporation

Total Wine & More

Falcon and Nicole Rankins

Charlie Twedell

Ravenchase Adventures

Ultimate Karate Academy

Red Salon Organics


Rip Van Wafels

John and Sarah Van Der Hyde

Rock Bottom Brewery

Virginia Gold Cup

RVA Nest

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

SEE Boutique


Shamin Hotels

Brian and Ashley Warren

Shore Dog Cafe

Weinstein JCC

Jonathan Silverman and Elizabeth

Williams and Sherrill


Willow Oaks Country Club

Shannon Sinclair and Christine

Winterfield Veterinary Hospital




Lauren Wright ‘02

Ryan and Elizabeth Smartt

Young Chef’s Academy


Ruiyi and Kelly Zhang

Southern Traditions Home Rhett and Brie Starke Studio Copal Tunstall Talegaonkar Ten Thousand Villages The Answer Brewpub The Jefferson Hotel The John Marshall Hotel The Richmond Symphony The Riding School at James 
 River Equestrian Center The Valentine Museum The Veil Brewing The Westin Richmond


Happy Occasion Club Thank you to those who honored a child by gifting a book to the RMS library through the Happy Occasion Club! Harleen Sandhu

Connie Paisley

Tara Casey and Alan Dow

Scott and Erika Hollen

Emily and Larry Scarborough

Mark and Katie Houston

Raquel Montoya-Baltodano

Elena Parrino

Matthey and Michelle Avitable

Chris, Lia and Danny Mooney

Sudipa Mitra

Christina and Damon Pendleton

Jose and Alyssa Huizar

Missy and Steve Chiles

Cerutti Family

Jane Nawaz

Dawn Oefelein

Elizabeth and Ryan Smartt

The Parents of Bailey Lambert

Lindsay and Wade Blackwood

Sunny and Fred Mehlbrech

Matthew and Michelle Avitable

Mr. and Mrs. Jerey Hoover

The Latimer Family

Sujatha Ramamurthy

Nikhil Menon and Shilpa Sridhar

George Van Der Hyde

Jody and Stefan Cametas

Czarda Family

Rachel and Woody Woodhouse

Frances and Nate Casey

The Grandparents of Lanie and

Tim and Dory Doyle

Ella Houston

Leemore and Alan Burke

Anjali Kalore


Grandparents and Great Friends Day RMS opened its doors to those special people in our students’ lives – Grandparents and Great Friends - on November 22, 2016. Just over 200 grandparents and great friends visited the RMS campus to see their special child’s classroom and share in their Montessori experiences. Guests enjoyed a one-on-one introduction to the classrooms on North and South campuses, professional photos with their special child (ren), a delicious soup kitchen in Parsons Hall and a super fun Book Fair presented by the RMPA! We look forward to welcoming everyone back next year!


Class of 2017 Graduates

Rachel Barnes

Celia Conn

St. Gertrude High School

Cabbell Haneberg

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School

Trinity Episcopal School

Kate Hurlbert

Andrew Linton

Trinity Episcopal School

Glen Allen High School Center for

International Baccalaureate Program

Human Development and Education

Imani Hill 
 Appomattox Regional Governor’s School

Lily Miller

Anna Turkaly

Trinity Episcopal School
 International Baccalaureate Program

Trinity Episcopal School


Photography David Peterson Design Lane Burgess

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and may be emailed to: 
 The Office of Advancement mhnolde@richmont.org. Richmond Montessori School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

499 N. Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23229 www.richmont.org