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HHCS Handheld US, 456 SW Monroe Ave, Suite 106, Corvallis, OR 97333, Phone (541) 752-0313,

Ver 7.60

Yuma The versatile TDS Yuma rugged tablet computer is a fully functional computer that brings full office capabilities to the field. The Yuma rugged tablet’s mobile package features Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Win 7 Pro, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, Global Positioning System (GPS) and two geotag enabled cameras. The Yuma is expandable via two USB 2.0 slots—a 34 mm Expresscard and SDIO slot. The 7-inch sunlight-readable WSVGA touchscreen display is ideal for a host of mapping and form-based applications Standard accessories include: Stylus pen, Tether for stylus pen, Hand strap, Extended cap, AC power kit, Two standard batteries, Two screen protectors, Display cleaning cloth Options


Yuma Base Unit


Yuma 1Gb/32Gb SSD, Windows Vista.Intel Atom 1.6Ghz Yuma 1Gb/32Gb SSD, Windows Win 7.Intel Atom 1.6Ghz


ACCAA-701 ACCAA-909 ACCAA-103 ACCAA-104 ACCAA-659 ACCA-662 ACCAA-658 ACCAA-206 ACCAA-252 ACCAA-351 ACCAA-352 ACCAA-253 ACCAA-800 ACCAA-353 ACCAA-756 ACCAA-757

Yuma office dock Yuma office dock & extended batteries: special package price Yuma extended batteries Yuma standard batteries Yuma AC power kit Heavy duty vehicle charge kit Yuma vehicle charger kit Yuma extended cap Yuma hand strap assembly Yuma screen protector ultra clear Yuma screen protector anti-glare Stylus tether Stylus pen Display cleaning cloth Tactical vehicle mount Yuma pole mount w/radio hook

Batteries Chargers

Caps Misc.

HHCS Handheld US, 456 SW Monroe Ave, Suite 106, Corvallis, OR 97333, Phone (541) 752-0313,

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Yuma Handheld US Ver 7.60