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Some (but not all brands) Cellular Settings for Connecting to Mobile Devices Provider Technology Phone APN

Cingular GSM/GPRS Motorola V551 Bluetooth isp.cingular *99***1#

Dial String

Nextel Sprint TDMA/iDEN CDMA/1xRTT All 3G Phones N/A N/A N/A s=2 N/A N/A

Special Modem Commands &f&d2&c1+cgdcont=1,"IP","isp.cingular" User Name Password CINGULAR1 Data Plan Provider Technology Phone APN Dial String

AT&T GPRS/Edge AT&T *99***1# *99#

Special Modem Commands (+cgdcont=1,"IP","proxy") User Name Password Data Plan

T-Mobile Verizon GSM/GPRS CDMA/1xRTT Sony T 610 *99# *99***1# #777 *99***2# *99***3#

N/A N/A N/A N/A Unicell

US Cellular *99# *99***1# *99*#

&C0&D0$QCMDR=3 10 digit phone vzw

Cell One


Dialup number: #777

User Name: Password: Alltel


Cingular Nextel Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Technology GSM/GPRS TDMA/iDEN CDMA/1xRTT GSM/GPRS CDMA/1xRTT Phone Motorola V551 Bluetooth All 3G Ph...

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