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Surveying Video Tutorials  Learn something new every day! Surveying Video Tutorials submitted by members of Land Surveyors United Community ­ Over 400 tutorials inside this one link. Enjoy!

Total Station Simulator

How to calculate slope angle from a map

see azimuth & known back sight BS method Continue >>

Student video showing how to calculate slope angle from a topographic map. TeamGeo ­ Katikati College 2008 Thanks to Sarah W, Abigail, Hayley S Continue >>

Georeferencing Maps For AutoCAD, GIS, Or Surveying Software

50+ Autocad Videos­ Land Surveyor Videos

How to create Georeferenced backgound maps from image files to use in AutoCAD, GIS or surveying software. Very useful for project planning and consolidating hi… Continue >>

All Surveying Videos Tagged 'autocad' | Collaborative knowledge community for Professional Land Surveyors and continuing education. Land Surveying will never die… Continue >>

50+ Surveying History ­ Land Surveyor Videos

700+ Surveying Videos from the Field­ Land Surveyor Videos

All Surveying Videos Tagged 'history' |

All Surveying Videos Tagged 'surveying' |

Collaborative knowledge community for

Collaborative knowledge community for

Professional Land Surveyors and continuing

Professional Land Surveyors and continuing

education. Land Surveying will never die… Continue >>

education. Land Surveying will never d… Continue >>

Hundreds of Surveying Tips ­ Land Surveyor Videos

100+ Surveying Lectures ­ Land Surveyor Videos

All Surveying Videos Tagged tips | Collaborative

All Surveying Videos Tagged lecture | Collaborative

knowledge community for Professional Land

knowledge community for Professional Land

Surveyors and continuing education. Land Surveying will never die. C… Continue >>

Surveyors and continuing education. Land Surveying will never die… Continue >>

140+ Mapping Videos­ Land Surveyor Videos

Over 200+ GPS Land Surveyor Videos

All Surveying Videos Tagged mapping |

Collaborative knowledge community for

Collaborative knowledge community for

Professional Land Surveyors and continuing

Professional Land Surveyors and continuing

education. Land Surveying will never die.

education. Land Surveying will never die… Continue >>

Contribute today! Continue >>

Survey Point #4 True to Magnetic Bearings

Measured Survey using Tape and Offset

Convert True bearings to magnetic bearings using declination Continue >>

This video is one of a series of four training videos that have been created by the Scotland's Rural Past project to provide guidance on different archaeologic… Continue >>

GPS Surveying (Session 01) GPS Surveying (Session 01) Continue >>

Leica 1200 ­ Station Setup (resection) How to carry out a Resection using the Leica 1200 Total Station...... Continue >>

surveying leveling Example

Surveying Traverse Computations in 10 Steps

surveying leveling Example Continue >>

This video illustrates 10 steps required for computation of Plane Coordinates from the Distances and Interior Angles measured along a

Distances and Interior Angles measured along a closed traverse. Continue >>

Sun Compass Shadow Stick Method

Horizontal Curves Example Problem

So your lost in the woods, and find yourself in a survival situation. You did not bring a compass, in

Problem Statement: Find the stationing at a point along a horizontal curve when given the interior

order to find your way back to town you need to find No... Continue >>

angle, the radius, and the stationing at the beginning of th… Continue >>

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