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Best Landscaping Practices To create a wonderful landscape, there are certain tried-and-tested practices that you can comply with. These practices not only allow you to make a beautiful landscape, they even guarantee that you do not throw away any money and you are not damaging the environment in any way. Below are some of the leading landscaping practices that you may do in your own home garden. 1. Style your landscape in a way where water is kept well. This doesn't only go for water that flows from your sprinklers but also storm overflows. By having this kind of set-up, you do not spend a lot on watering your plants and you even help keep your community's water at bay. 2. Use fertilizers responsibly. Some people become trigger-happy when it comes to using fertilizers on their gardens. While putting in an excessive amount of fertilizer may be destructive to the earth, using organic fertilizers or even picking plants that are well-accustomed to the local environment will help in holding down the problem. 3. Take it easy on pesticides and weed killers - just like fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers may do a lot more harm than good if utilized irresponsibly. 4. Schedule watering of the plants. Watering the plants early in the morning help in keeping the water much longer than doing it at noon for instance. While thinking of the time for watering the plants might seem like a small thing, it converts to something big when the water supply is put into the equation. Article written by Jenny, hope you like this post and here are 2 more that i have just currently read and liked landscaping st louis and retaining walls installation.

Best Landscaping Practices