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As winter is upon us, it is time for you to start thinking about how you are going to protect your landscaping during the colder months with the help of terra stone landscaping. To help you out, here are some things you can do to ensure that your landscape design Toronto looks great and remains protected during the winter: - Replace your fall plants with Christmas greens, as Christmas greens will be better suited to survive the harsh conditions of winter. While doing this consider adding in some holly and Red Dogwood to complete a Christmastime theme. -Practice proper maintenance on any landscaping equipment you have, including mowers. If you are able, drain any remaining gas from gas-powered equipment, and consider changing or draining the oil. You also might want to insulate landscaping equipment or store it in a warm environment during the winter to keep it protected. -- When clearing snow off branches, do so in an upward direction. If you use a downward stroke, you may risk breaking limbs that are already weak and under pressure. If a branch has iced over, leave it alone until the ice has thawed.

- Before ground freeze sets in, spread some mulch or leaves around the bases of your plants to keep them insulated and protected. • - The winter is a great time for pruning shrubs and other deciduous plants, as once the leaves have fallen, you will have an easier time seeing and accessing branches. When making pruning decisions consider not only dead branches, but also crossed branches and branches that are out of place. - Hold off on pruning during the very cold months, but do not forget to prune in the late winter before the new growth cycle starts. - Roses should be protected by creating soil mounds at the base, and this is done to protect the crown. Keep soil mounds small, as larger mounds will invite pests, such as mice. - Consider cutting your lawn during the winter to allow the ground to breathe. Cut grass, even if dead, will also promote healthy growth and better water retention once the weather warms up. If you would like to learn more tips for protecting and supporting your landscaping during the winter, you might want to collaborate with a company that specializes in landscaping in Toronto.

A company that specializes in landscaping in Toronto will also be able to assist you with difficult landscaping tasks all year long, including the installation of hardscapes and pavers and general landscaping maintenance. For more information about landscaping contractors Toronto visit Article Source -

Care for Your Landscape Design Toronto in the Winter  

As winter is upon us, it is time for you to start thinking about how you are going to protect your landscaping during the colder months with...