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Sturdy wire legs hold the baby chick in the egg steady


his is the best time of year to start raising poultry. However, once they’ve been made, this chicken family won’t require as much care as their real-life counterparts. All five designs are made by cutting out and hand sewing felt body parts together with cotton. Each chicken is stuffed with polyester toy filling to shape the body, wings and tail. The stripy hen’s body is made from an old knitted wool jumper that has been felted by washing at 90⁰C. This matts the fibres together to produce a thick, versatile fabric that doesn’t fray when cut. The chicken feet are created by cutting lengths of garden wire with pliers, bending it into shape and then binding several strands of thick yellow cotton around each toe.

DOWNLOAD PATTERN Details and full instructions can be found on our website:

Red felt is used for the hens’ combs and wattles, and small black beads for eyes


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