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April 2011 Issue 46

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

Landscape I I April 2011

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Landscape I I April 2011

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iven the latest unfortunate events in Japan with the devastating earthquake, which triggered a tsunami causing widespread destruction including the still unidentified damage to the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

I can’t but wonder if this is nature’s response to the atrocities we are causing to the environment. Like many of you, I was disturbed by the images of the tsunami sweeping through lands and homes taking everything in its way. This is a reminder of how nothing can stand in the way of natural disasters, no matter how prepared we think we are. We have no control over earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, or any of the natural forces, however we can indirectly contribute to an unbalanced environment. In his presentation during Global City 2011 in Abu Dhabi earlier in March, Prof Herbert Girardet, co-founder and Director of Programs for the World Future Council, makes a direct link between the misuse of energy resources in our cities today, the impact on melting glaciers and the direct increase of probability of tsunamis. Earth hour was marked again this year on March 26; I hope many of you participated in turning off their lights for one hour! An appeal by the organizers of Earth Hour 2011: “it’s time to go beyond an hour”… Nada Abdel Khalek

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April 2011 Issue 46

The First Specialised Landscape Magazine in the Middle East

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Landscape I I April 2011

April 2011

18 14 Global City 2011 Abu Dhabi 18 Urbanizaci贸n Parc Barcelona 24 Coherence within the yards of a uae residential garden


30 Green roof creates healing within hospital 38 Two residences in an exclusive neighborhood of S茫o Paulo, Brazil 44 The national tourist route in Trollstingen


50 Women in landscape with Haniya Abi Khuzam


Landscape I I April 2011


w/flow ShUt-off





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Landscape I I April 2011

who’s who

Current position & companyDesign Principal of The VERO Studio - a Dubai based landscape design studio established in 2010

sector projects during my twelve years of working in the UK including Healthcare, Residential, Commercial, Community and Education based projects.

Academic qualifications B.A. Hons. DipLA MLI (Chartered) from Cheltenham University in England.

Describe your Dream Project I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in some amazing projects throughout my career. A dream project for me would involve designing and creating a space which is used successfully and revered by other design professionals - ultimately for that space or project to be described by people as their favourite.

How many years have you worked in the Middle East? Six years living and working in both Dubai and Al Ain. I’m currently living in Al Ain but I’m moving back to Dubai this summer as this is where my new business is located. Which major projects have you been involved with throughout your career? Dubai Maritime City Jumeirah Beach Jumeirah Village South Dubai World Central – Logistics City The Address Hotel – Downtown Dubai Burj Business Park – Private office terrace Saadiyat Island Cultural District – Abu Dhabi Ain Al Fayda - Al Ain Ateshir – Istanbul ADNEC – Abu Dhabi Abuja Film Village in Nigeria In addition to numerous private and public

How do you see the future of the landscape industry in the GCC region developing? The benchmark for landscape design in this region is extremely high with many exceptional hotel, resort, residential and commercial projects having been completed over the past few years. Moving forward I see the following challenges facing our profession: Public Realm Design: There are many outstanding projects and developments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are well designed, well executed and use good or high quality materials but as individual plots they stand alone - in isolation from each other. What is missing is the ‘on the ground’ link at street level in terms of their physical and visual connectivity. It would seem the plot line is

Adrian Matthews

the dominant feature and the disparity between adjacent plots can be quite brutal in design terms. In order for these cities to truly work as a whole and encourage pedestrian movement there needs to be a thoroughly well designed and executed public realm. We are starting to see this with some of the larger scale completed and proposed projects such as Burj Khalifa, DIFC, The Greens, Saadiyat and YAS Islands etc. and from the work of the UPC, but outside their boundary this connectivity is still not or very seldom achieved. Take a walk along a typical streetscape and you can experience mismatched levels and trip

ATESHIR Istanbul Landscape Master Plan

Landscape I I April 2011

Design Codes: I am a great believer in learning from the past and the values in culturally responsive and appropriate design. Travel the world and you will see that there really is a reason why buildings and spaces have evolved, what works and what doesn’t and how people actually use their environment. Having design codes in place which are realistic and achievable are a tremendous asset to the design process and will see us designing landscapes which are more relevant to the realities of the local climate. A contemporary interpretation of what has worked in the past is the continual cycle of design, each generation of design professionals has sought to improve upon the successful elements of its predecessor using the technology and skill available to them at the time. This is as relevant a comment today as it was a hundred years ago. Irrigation demand: Coming from a country where it rains for most of the year and where, when we did get a few days (or weeks), of hot weather a hosepipe ban would be in force, it was then absolutely amazing and mind blowing to come to the Middle East and see people even washing down their drives. Whilst this is an

ABUJA Film Village Nigeria, Competition Master Plan

hazards, footpaths which disappear or force pedestrians onto the road, unaligned dropped kerbs (or even none at crossings), inconsistent design treatments, mismatched paving materials and finishes, protruding service and utility covers and a general lack of design consistency between the plots and the public realm. This isn’t just happening at ground level either – lack of street trees, street furniture, consistent lighting and signage and shading devices are all part of the standard kit which are common elements within cities outside the region and help to stitch the environment together. In a growing city, more often this is the outcome of phased developments, vacant plots etc, but as design professionals we have the ability to make this transition and guide our clients and authorities into thinking outside ‘The Plot’. This is a major design challenge for landscape architects as more developments get completed, plots finish and the city settles. To really see the value in a well-designed and cohesive public realm – visit and observe the successful year round public use of the Jumeirah Walk in JBR in Dubai.

View of oasis street typology at Ain Al Fayda

Water Feature concept for ADNEC Plaza, Abu Dhabi

Landscape I I April 2011

who’s who

NASC Nigeria, Landscape Master Plan

View of the pool at The Address Hotel Downtown Dubai

View of the glass floor fountain at The Address Hotel Downtown Dubai

extreme example of waste, it does highlight the past indifference to the use and consumption of water. The demand for water is huge and real. As landscape architects we now experience every RFP and project briefing demanding that the ‘landscape’ is of low irrigation demand. This coupled with adherence to recent design codes is a real challenge for the profession - which we can meet but only by creating a new and responsive design typology and educating clients about the reality of what they will be seeing in their schemes. Lush tropical planting and swathes of lawn are now the development luxuries and no longer the norm – our designs and renders need to show this. However I do feel that dealing with a restriction which forces intuitive, responsive and appropriate design can really be viewed as a positive outcome for the longer term benefit of the region. Commercial pressures: As landscape designers we have been spoilt in the past – having the opportunity to work on some fantastic and amazing projects, with seemingly endless budgets, little regard for issues of sustainability, maintenance not a consideration and a client with a regard for bigger, better….. and more….more…..more. This has allowed us to flex our design muscles, making sketches and whims a reality – a designer’s playground! The immense time pressures also fuelled our response to the market. Post 2008 / 2009 we have had to become more savvy, be much more intuitive and really use our design expertise to still deliver the aspirations of the 5* lifestyle in this region. The result is that we should really begin to see an emergence of a much better quality of design which is more in tune with its environment and is more commercially responsible in terms of capital

Landscape I I April 2011

investment and life cycle costs. Ultimately this will be seen as a positive outcome for landscape design in the region. Maintaining standards: The downturn in the market, coupled with increasing commercial pressures has put the squeeze on our industry, though fortunately clients in the region still see the value in what we can deliver, but the reality is that they want more for less. Having less money to spend, or having to be wiser with it shouldn’t really mean an excuse for poor design. The standard of what we have delivered should stay the same – it may be the content which is now different. Though the other consideration and upside of the current market is that the competition between developments is now much stronger, so there is greater opportunity to get involved in some high quality schemes therefore we must maintain and continue to exceed the standard of design and delivery to our clients, through doing this maintains the credibility of our role in the design team. Interestingly though, the projects hitting the ground now would have probably been designed, prepared and billed during the last years of the recent boom, so these will really be feeling the VE pinch. What has been designed since 2009 may not be on the ground till next year at the earliest, so it will be interesting to see what, if any changes have taken place during this period. What is your Motto in life? I don’t really have one, but one thing I always try to do is ‘treat with respect’, and apply this to the places I’m in, people I meet, mine and others work, my friends, family and of course the environment.

Landscape I I December Landscape I I April2010 2011


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news & events LowCarbonFuture City

SBA wins the First Prize in International Competition Design of a sustainable city of the future in Yinggehai, on the South Chinese island of Hainan

Low Carbon Future City


n 2005, the Chinese government announced its target to reduce energy consumption per GDP unit by 20% by the year 2010. According to Zhang Ping (Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission), this target has been reached. The Chinese Climate Protection Program pursues the following goals: increasing energy efficiency, developing renewable energies and promoting energy savings, as well as reducing pollutant emissions and strengthening environmental protection (with an investment of 3 trillion Yuan RMB, approx. €300 billion over the next five years). So what would be better than to develop a “future city”, which is marked by a low-carbon, economic and energy design and manages to support the climate protection process efficiently? The planning of a city of the future on the popular tourism island of Hainan represented a complex specification for the architects and city planners at

SBA. Yinggehai, the planning region, is located in the south-west of Hainan and in total covers an area of 176.2 km2. The focus area covers 42.8 km2; it is one of the most saline areas of the region and is mainly used for salt production by the use of salines. The main themes of the “low-carbon city” are the storage and production of renewable energy and its distribution for use according to demand, in terms of a “smart city”. In addition, the aspects of a good work/life balance, low building heights but also high density and eco-tourism are incorporated into the concept. The expectations for a city of the future were set high: a better life, taking into account the sustainability factors of an economic, ecological and socially acceptable interaction with the countryside and the inhabitants/tourists of the new city. The architects developed authoritative guidelines for this. A rural-urban interaction, “glo-cal DNA city” and a city of responsibility. This means that each inhabitant shall contribute their share to the city. Ecological awareness shall

Landscape I I April 2011

characterize and continuously develop the city. The basis for this is provided by the urban design concept of a “theme city”. In addition to the common mixed uses such as living, working, shopping and leisure, the master plan provides for each district a center within the city, with nine “units” each and a defining district function, e.g. environmentallyfriendly industries and ecological living. The city districts shall operate independently on a daily level and be interconnected by special themes. The architecture of the individual buildings takes into consideration the context between city and country. Public and green spaces in the form of squares, parks, green axes and canals make possible a life in a natural environment which all the while retains its urban character. The transportation network closely follows the pattern of the salines. The road cross section favors pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as bus lanes. The concept of local public transport exceeds what is conventionally held as possible. Here the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system will be used. The energy concept uses solar and wind energy as well as rain water, recovery of water resources and energy generation from biological waste. Photovoltaic technology is particularly efficient in this area. With approximately 300 days of sun per year, an energy potential of 1628-1861 kWh/(qma) is possible. The aim is to create a new urban, local and energyefficient city landscape, by introducing a new and appealing architecture. The competition requires the following: environmentally-friendly industries, cultural, information and tourism centers and ecological community buildings, a conference center, exhibitions, marine installations and an offshore financial center. In this way, the city of the future resembles an organism - which continuously reinvents itself.

Landscape I I April 2011

news & events

DM ends 31st Plantation Week celebrations by opening the 7th park

Dubai Municipality ended its celebrations marking the 31st Plantation Week by opening the 7th park in Up Town Mirdiff on Thursday. Khalid Bin Kalban, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Investment Park opened the park in the presence of Eng. Hussein Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality and a large number of senior officials of the Municipality. Earlier in the day, Eng. Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the RTA opened Al Barsha-2 Park. Speaking on the occasion, Al Tayer pointed out the importance of establishing parks in residential neighbourhoods and an interest in and the importance of their role in reflecting the community development aspects. He praised the efforts undertaken by Dubai Municipality in this area, which contribute to strengthening the security infrastructure of the Emirate of Dubai in all respects, pointing out that the availability of public parks with advanced facilities and designs is one of the complementary and necessary elements to achieve strategic objectives.

Al Tayer praised the approach taken by Dubai Municipality in the establishment of such extensive gardens and facilities. Lootah said the park, set up at area of 18,000 square metres, is classified in the group of residential neighbourhood parks and will serve the residents of Al Barsha-2. As part of the activities of Dubai Municipality on the occasion of the 31st Plantation Week new parks were opened during the week at Al Barsha3, Muhaisina, Abu Hail, Al Barsha-1 and Al Sufooh. The parks contain most advanced facilities like jogging track with international specifications, football, volleyball, basket ball, beach volleyball and lawn tennis courts, fitness equipments, rest areas, play areas for kids, shaded and open areas, in addition to a canteen. Also during the week, trees were planted on various locations across the city, in addition to launching green initiatives, including Dubai Award for Horticulture and Gardening. The Municipality also launched campaigns such as Green Roofs and conducted horticulture workshops.

Green Gate awarded the ISO 9001, the ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Green Gate Landscape Gardening L.L.C, Abu Dhabi was awarded ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management and OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety systems. Mr Hassan Al Sabbagh, Green Gate's Managing Director, said: “We are dedicated to providing best practice in Landscape Services on an international scale. In order to do this, we have implemented an Integrated Management 10

System to ensure the highest levels of Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment to establish and maintain a premium service to our customers." Green Gate, was founded in 1998 and has enjoyed enviable growth ever since due to their dedication to providing first-rate landscaping. Their scope of work include a complete range of services, including design, landscaping, irrigation, garden materials, seedling, indoor plants, pools, outdoor lighting.

Landscape I I April 2011

Their mission is to distinguish their business in the hearts and minds of customers as the very best lawn and landscape company in the UAE. In their strive for high quality and excellent service; Green Gate applied and got the certifications which are a model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing. ISO registration is just one of the building blocks for achieving worldclass service.


hunter WIRELESSLY Through wind and hail and blazing sun. Solar Sync is in control. Every day, Solar Sync gathers your local weather data and determines whether or not your lawn needs to be watered. And now available in a wireless version, this revolutionary smart product is even easier to install. It’s not just smart, it’s genius. 11 Landscape I I April 2011

news & events

The New Makita 36V Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden and Agricultural Tools Range‌ Going Green has never been easier. Makita has always been recognized as a world leader in power tools since their launch of the first electric hand planer way back in 1958. Since then, Makita is able to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of power tools worldwide.

Makita also offers a full range of garden and agricultural tools for a wide range of users and applications. Their new 36V Lithium-ion range is an environmentally friendly option over the existing electric and petrol versions currently available and includes a chain saw, hedge trimmer, string trimmer and blower. Zero Exhaust Emission means less impact on the environment, no smelly exhaust fumes and no need for mixing oil with fuel thus avoiding bad mixtures which could cause damage to the engine. Extremely Low Noise means fewer disturbances to the surroundings, quieter operation in residential neighborhoods, schools and hospitals. Low Vibration means more control and less fatigue for the operator resulting

Ceramic tile with embedded LED.


Landscape I I April 2011

in longer work periods. All tools are supplied with the 36V Lithium-ion 2.6ah high capacity battery which allows longer run time and ample power to get the job done! Makita 36V Lithium-ion 2.6ah batteries charge in only 22 minutes this means less down time and more productivity. The new 36V Lithium-ion range is cost effective with very low running costs i.e. no fuel & oil consumption which also means very low maintenance and lowering long-term costs. These are just some of the benefits when using the Makita range of 36V Lithium-ion tools.

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Water-resistance LEDs are integrated within water-proof casings,(IP54) and then each case embedded onto a ceramic tile. LiteTile can be used for indoor environments including kitchens and bathrooms. Flat luminescence method With a company specialized in LEDs, we have developed a form of light diffusion, a resin material and a selection of colours. We have succeeded in creating a brand new luminescence system Made to the standard measurement The size of each tile is 98mm x 98mm. (With the joint, 100mm x 100mm.) it`s easy to combine Litetile with various tiles.


All Garden and Landscaping Contractors, Garden Enthusiasts and Municipalities...

The New 36V Lithium Ion Garden tool range is here.....

AMPLE ZERO LOW EASY Emission Noise Maintenance Power

(Environmentally friendly)

(Less disturbance)

2.6 Ah

BUC250RD (Cordless Chain Saw) 1

Toolless Blade Change and Adjustment


No need to remove socket cover

Brushless DC motor


Rubberized Soft Rear Grip


Electric brake stops chain in 1 second


Lock-off button prevents accidential start


2-speed with variable speed in each range. The trigger pull-length can be adjusted in 2 steps by simple operation of a dial, enabling to select the rotational speed of the blade to suit work site locations.

Ergonomically positioned loop handle


Lock-off button

Automatic chain oiling

Powerful 36V (2.6Ah) Lithium-ion battery BL3626

Universal guard


Grass clipping removal function Equipped with reverse switch for easy removal of grass clippings stuck on the blade; grass clippings can be removed from and around the blade by slow reverse rotation of the blade.

Trigger switch with variable speed control

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Tool comes with 1pc of battery and charger

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Indication lamp for motor Blinking: Motor has been locked. Solid: Overheating; the current limiter will automatically shut off the power to motor.

2-speed selection switch

Automatic oil pump for reliable chain lubrication 8

Indication lamp for battery Blinking: Battery power is low. Solid: Battery power has been completely used up; the battery protection circuit will automatically shut off the power supply to motor.

Variable speed (2-speed)

Increases manoeuvrability and makes horizontal cutting easier 7

LED Warning Lamp for Battery/ Motor protection system (BBC300LRD only)


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Provides more comfort / control while minimizing hand fatigue.

Powerful 36V (2.6Ah) Lithium-ion battery BL3626 Tool comes with 1pc of battery and charger

BUC250RD (Cordless Hedge Trimmer) 1


Well balanced tool design The battery port positioned at the rear end of the tool reduces the stress on the front arm and hand.

Rubberized soft grip of ergonomic design

Easy handling with Ergonomic multi-grip system 5 step adjustable rear handle (1) Locks at 45 and 90 degrees left and right and at 0 degree. (2) Makes vertical and angled triming easier and faster 900

Vertical trimming



Ergonomically designed, front loop handle Provides higher manoeuvrability more comfort and better control while minimizing hand fatigue.

Center of gravity 2

2.6 Ah


Electric brake stops the blade gently but fast, allowing the user to quickly resume operation.

Low noise level only 86.5dB(A)


Powerful 36V (2.6Ah) Lithium-ion battery BL3626

Horizontal trimming

Tool comes with 1pc of battery and charger.



Shoulder belt (standard equipment) Equipped with shoulder belt for comfortable operation

Cleans up leaves and garden debris easily with air velocity of 84m/s (max) and air volume of 0.073m3/s (max)

2 speed for many applications High/Low push button for two different air volume settings


Angled trimming

Powerful air velocity and large air volume


Electric brake


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Low noise level Low noise level 93dB(A) only

(2) Powerful and fast trimming by setting the dial at “6�, the highest stroke speed of 1,800 min.-1





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P.O. Box: 17133, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, MAKITA GULF FZE United Arab Emirates. TEL: +971 (04) 8860804, FAX: +971 (04) 8860805, 13 Landscape I April 2011 Email:I

news & events

GLOBAL CITY 2011 ABU DHABI: Visionary Values For Sustainable Cities Under the Patronage of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Abu Dhabi hosted earlier in March the Global City 2011 Forum.


ore than 800 delegates and participants attended Global City 2011, Abu Dhabi, making the fifth edition of the forum the most successful Global City to date. Thought-provoking discussion surrounding issues of urban sustainability spurred networking and collaboration at this important event, presented under the Patronage of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, Department of Transport, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Western Region Development Council and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

education, improving healthcare and providing adequate housing to all residents,” he said. “Our city’s objective is to be an important global hub for commerce, culture and art.” He was joined by HE Falah al Ahbabi, GM of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council who reinforced this vision by saying: “Sustainability remains at the foundation of any new development in Abu Dhabi. The key objective for Vision 2030

H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, UAE, welcomed dignitaries, delegates, speakers and members of the press to Abu Dhabi and to the forum, setting the tone for one of the most progressive events on urban sustainability to date: “Abu Dhabi is focusing on developing


Landscape I I April 2011

urban development initiative is to develop Abu Dhabi as the modern, sustainable Arab Capital of the world.“ “The caliber of discussion at this year’s Global City forum was impressive. Some of the new ideas presented represent cutting-edge thinking in the area of urban development,” said Fahad Saeed Al Raqbani, Director General of the Abu

Dhabi Council for Economic Development, when asked about the forum’s impact. “It was exciting to see great strides being made on important issues for the sustainability movement.” Delegates at the Leaders Summit, held in association with IBM, discussed financing sustainable growth, including the emerging trend of public-private partnerships. Further discussion on financing vehicles included an examination of funds such as green funds, sovereign funds, ethics funds and Islamic bank financing, as well as microfinance. Participants came away with solid ideas and the tools to implement them effectively. Keynote addresses provided discussion points and food for thought. Economist, writer and president of PlaNet Finance, Jacques Attali shared his ideas on sustainable cities and outlined a plan for creating urban spaces that mimic nature. In his address on regenerative cities, Prof. Herbert Girardet of the World Future Council examined the relationship between cities and the surrounding areas that supply them with vital resources, arguing that the boundaries of urban ecology should be expanded to include these areas. Other memorable moments came from the Leaders Panel on City Identity, chaired by urban specialist Greg Clark, with HH Prince Abdulaziz bin Mohammad bin Ayyaf, Mayor of Riyadh Region in KSA as one of the esteemed panelists. In the final keynote address, former Washington DC Mayor Adrian M. Fenty explained how private sector approaches can improve service delivery. Fenty, lauded in the Wall Street Journal as the city’s most successful mayor, is known for his innovative approach to governance, running his city as a private sector business. His strategy of keeping things simple, people accountable and costs manageable has garnered him a reputation for being a city leader worth emulating. On Day Three, delegates were impressed by Abu Dhabi’s cultural and architectural landmarks on visits to several of the city’s most iconic sites, including the striking Aldar Headquarters, Yas Island, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Masdar City and Manarat Al Saadiyat. “Masdar is the realization of a vision of the future, and it demonstrates how we can live in harmony with nature’s resources,” said Gino Van Begin, Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI.

Landscape I I April 2011


news & events Zaid Al Hussain Group was recognised as one of the Best Landscape Contractor from Dubai Municipality

Mr Ahmad Abdul Karim, Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department presenting the momento to Mr. Rabih A. Ezzeddine, Regional Director of Zaid Al Hussain Group, UAE.

Zaid Al Hussain Group, a leading company in landscape contracting, was named as one of the of the “Best Landscape Contractor” by the Public Parks & Horticulture Department at Dubai Municipality's 31st Plantation Week Ceremony. The felicitation was given to Zaid Al Hussain Group for the contribution they have extended in the community parks at Pond Park Al Qusais 3rd & Al Safouh Park, Dubai.


uring the ceremony held at the Dubai Creek Park, which was part of Dubai Municipality’s 31st Plantation Week, Mr Ahmad Abdul Karim, Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department presented Mr. Rabih A. Ezzeddine, Regional Director of Zaid Al Hussain Group with the momento for the contribution they have extended in the community parks at Pond Park Al Qusais 3rd & Al Safouh Park in Dubai, UAE. This is the second consecutive award for the group after Dubai Municipality’s Purchase and Contracts Department awarded them "One of the Best Landscape Contractor” for the year 2009. Zaid Al Hussian Group started in Riyadh during the year 1976, since then they have expanded their landscaping business

throughout Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Landscaping is just one element of their diverse business. A team of specialized, highlyqualified engineers and technicians have been selected carefully to undertake the designing, execution and maintenance of gardens. This division contains various departments including: marketing, survey, study and designing, execution, irrigation, agricultural and engineering works, and maintenance to ensure that clients receive a full landscaping package. Zaid Al Hussain Group has full fledge nurseries and trading divisions that cater to the needs of large diversified clients throughout the Middle East.

Free wireless Internet in public parks in Lebanon The Ministry of Telecommunications, the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) and Internet Service Provider Sodetel signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide free wireless Internet services


in public parks and gardens in Lebanon. The first phase of the project is expected to provide 11 public parks across Lebanon with wireless Internet services. The ministry stated that the project will

Landscape I I April 2011

expand to include more public parks and gardens in Lebanon, in agreement with the other signatory entities. Sodetel will provide technical support to the project while ABL will provide the financing.


the flower of unity a spectacular show


An invitation to rediscover the powerful reasons for all human beings to live peacefully together, with a profound respect for cultural diversity, in such a way as to amplify the values that unite us. Including a humble sense of

wonder at the beauty of nature, symbolised by the colours and scents of flowers and plants. An opportunity for dialogue in the Mediterranean which resounds throughout the world.

environment and quality of life Euroflora is a message of friendship and respect for our planet and for humanity. A message that can easily reach the hearts and minds of thousands of people because it is told in that most effective of languages, the language of flowers.

Thousands of rare and beautiful plants and everywhere flowers with iridescent colours and unusual scents. A fascinating itinerary through unexpected settings that transform both indoor and outdoor areas at the trade fair complex into one big garden. The 10th Euroflora is set to be a spectacular event that helps us reflect on some of the most sensitive topics of our time: biodiversity, respect for the environment and our ability to establish a balanced relationship with nature in our everyday lives. A guiding narrative thread that unites the exhibition spaces and fills them with colour.

Fiera di Genova » from THURSDAY, april 21 » through SUNDAY, may 1


play it on website the flower of unity.

new products

Vertical Gardening “Green Walls” Green Walls are found most often in urban environments where the plants reduce overall temperatures of the building. “The primary cause of the heat build-up in cities is isolation, the absorption of solar radiation by roads and buildings in the city and the storage of this heat in the building material and its subsequent reradiation. Plant surfaces however, as a result of transpiration, do not rise more than 4-5 ºC above the ambient and are sometimes cooler.” Living walls may also be a means for water reuse. The plants may purify slightly polluted water (such as Grey water) by absorbing the dissolved nutrients. Bacteria mineralize the organic components to make them available to the plants. Living walls are particularly suitable for cities, as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas. They are also suitable in arid areas, as the circulating water on a vertical wall is less likely to evaporate than in horizontal gardens. The living wall could also function for urban agriculture, urban gardening, or for its beauty as art. Whereas it is built indoors to help alleviate sick building sydrome. TerraScreen™ is the most efficient, effective, and maintenance friendly Green wall system designed specifically for both interior and exterior applications. Often described as living art, TerraScreen™ allows the designer, landscape contractor, or owner to use “plants as paint” to establish a living, breathing focal point, set a mood, or celebrate a season.

TerraScreen™ was originally developed specifically to meet the needs of installing a living wall that is instantly lush and easy to refresh and maintain. We recognize that styles change and evolve. TerraScreen™ offer more flexibility than any other green wall system; designed so that the planting may be easily updated thus making the installation more appropriate to the style, season, and environment. TerraScreen™ is manufactured by Tournesol Siteworks, as part of its broader line of unique green building products, irrigation solutions and site furnishings. TerraScreen™ is sold to the trade by Gardens Leader the first company in the Gulf to introduce to the market the Vertical Gardening Technology and have been designing and executing Green Walls and Roof tops since 2008.

Think Green Wall, Think TerraScreen™

UAE: Gardens Leader Trading LLC Tel: +971 4 283 1070 • Fax: +971 4 283 2595 Email:

KSA: M . Z . International


Landscape I I April 2011

Tel: +966 2 682 5481 • Fax: +966 2 639 65 95 Email:

( 3 "7 * /

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Urbanizaci贸n Parc Barcelona By Natasha Tourish


Landscape I I April 2011

arc de la Unitat is located inland amongst different types of residential blocks. The site is among skyscapers some and isolated the other ones, that makes a series of accesses turn up and visual among them that have been taken into account in the proposal.The area of intervention is an area of approximately 6.782 square meters. Those were the pre-existences: a space with little visibility, the

Landscape I I April 2011



location in the inland of a residential block, the existing parking lot underneath, the existing topography and the need to supply with accesses to the underground parking lot existing in the site, as well as to the nursery placed in the park. Consequently, the best way to intervene is to solve the parking and access to the parking lot and


Landscape I I April 2011

Landscape I I April 2011


parks to the nursery and adapt to the perimeter, creating an open space and bright visuals. The difference in elevation between one end and another of the park is resolved with an incline of constant slope (4.5%) on the parking deck. In the scope of this treatment is terraced or banking slopes, with areas of lush vegetation and species diversity of trees and shrubs.The proposal ends up being a single multipurpose space where different elements are adapted to the needs that arise: the pergolas that mark milestones and generators are proposed as areas of shade during the day and provided with light at night, some playground for children, strategically.

Type of Work: Project and Construction management of the development of public space resulting in surface due to the construction of underground parking. Architect: Silvia Alvarez Montesinos Completion Year: 2010 Area: 6.782 square meters (m ²) Budget:  1,413,642.79 euro (€) Sponsor: Council of BarcelonaHorta-Guinardó District (Construction Department) Photography by Carlos Garralaga


Landscape I I April 2011


To make your outdoor living environment a greener and more relaxing place CITISCAPE provides you with total landscaping solutions for planning and designing your surroundings; from site development to landscaping and irrigation works and nurseries as well as providing services such as garden accessories, outdoor lighting and maintenance with comprehensive landscaping care.

L andscaping Head Quarter – ABU DHABI P.O. Box 48303 Tel : +971 2 633 8228 Fax: +971 2 633 8010


DUBAI Branch P.O. Box 72329 Tel : +971 4 329 8644 Fax: +971 4 329 8633

hardscaping ALAIN Branch P.O. Box 15242 Tel : +971 3 767 9311 Fax: +971 3 767 9366

nursery •

QATAR Branch P.O. Box 24531 Doha Tel : +974 4 458 0848 Fax: +974 4 458 0833


SAUDI Branch – K.S.A. P.O. Box 6979 Riyadh 12836 Tel : +966 1 478 9993 Fax: +966 1 473 0544


A Member of:


COHERENCE WITHIN THE YARDS OF A UAE RESIDENTIAL GARDEN By Dr. Rim Meziani and Reem Al Dahmani Landscape Architecture student Abu Dhabi University


he Middle East has a climate reputation for being hot, arid and humid. As the surrounding natural landscape is affected by the climate that has been cast upon, it tries to sculpt itself to find a stable state to coexist; in this case it created an oasis. Due to this prevailing characteristic, landscape fauna and materials are limited as the other regions may not be suitable in withstanding the aura that is not akin to their home.


Small sitting area

As growing up in this environment, it’s easier to get familiar with the local elements and integrating them with the foreign that best suits in constructing the landscape design.

Sitting area


Dining area

MISSION Designing a residential garden was one the independent projects that we have embarked on as landscape architecture students. The plan was to design an outdoor space to an existing residence that includes: a front, side and back yard. On an area of 1890m, the three story residence is located specifically in the neighborhood of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. As there were mere limitations to the design, yet needed considerations were applied in terms of the cultural aspects and values. In this case its a family home so privacy is highly considered. FUNCTIONAL SPACE Primarily the necessary functions for an outdoor living space were distributed in best use of the yard throughout the day as follows: main entrance and front yard: • emphasis in terms of access as they are leading points to the side and back yard. side yard: • known for being neglected so deciding to place a


Landscape I I April 2011

vegetable garden will make use of it. back yard: • sitting areas were positioned in areas exposed to sunlight to allow clients to use the space at optimum times.

the dominant theme. Looking into the master plan the sun shadow confirms the successful location of the living spaces. This is not only an effective design but that can afford outdoor comfort, retreat

and a sense of place as indoors. It allows the users to feel close to each space encouraging them to use it. For this design it was bringing nature to your home with a modern twist

• outdoor dining area was situated close the indoor kitchen to easily provide its needs. • A central lawn that neighbors most of the outdoor spaces. • Screening necessary for privacy pathway: • Linkage trailed to each functional space in a convenient manner and could have more than one approach. DESIGN CONCEPT The design approach selected was modern to compensate the theme of the residential building. After deciding the placement of structures, routes, and needed spaces for efficient circulation and shade, each space was outlined in defined forms to locate each space, from pathways to plant beds, to create visual order. The form chosen was curvilinear to soften the rigid residential architecture. The advantage of this form that it gives a continuous transition throughout the yards as well a relaxing character making it fit for a home design. PLANTATION The plant palette served not only for beautification but also for functional purposes. For this design plants with massive foliage served to screen neighbor views to attain privacy at the same time provide shade, other vertical plant gave accent to the pathways giving it interest. Other also imitate the curvilinear form. With respect to climate to sustain water utility the plants selected grow in short period and withstand adequate watering. The plants heights were grouped at different elevations throughout the garden giving different frames of interest and keeping the garden dynamic .

WPCC protec ts primeval forests. Our first objec tive was to develop the technology to create a composite wood superior to natural wood in order to combat the thoughtless lumbering of forest trees.

OUTCOME As a whole the design holds unity in design and function therefore making it

Landscape I I April 2011


company profile

Akar Technical Services S

anjeev Nangia, Executive Director of Akar Technical Services Co talks to Landscape about the challenges involved with some of their recently completed projects and why he believes the local landscaping industry is already on a par with the rest of the world. Please outline your recent projects, detailing the timeframe, any challenges encountered throughout the project? Some of my recent projects include Al Sharooq Villa complex in Mirdiff, Hotel Jal Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road and Business Village for young Business Leaders. Project Details: Sharooq Villas in Mirdiff are prime properties consisting of 668 Villas and fifty multistory buildings with 2BHK and 3 BHK apartments, which include state of the art community facilities. The overall design has been enhanced by eco friendly landscaping work recently completed by Akar Technical Services Co. LLC. The environment friendly development also treats the Irrigation water with effluent and uses solar powered energy to fuel the automatic operation of the irrigation system. The landscape consists

of a variety of plants, with the majority of them being low water consumption plants and are sustainable in local climatic conditions. The plantation has a mixed variety of flowering plants for all the seasons. It was indeed challenging to landscape this huge area of nearly one million square meters especially when you have to carry out the works in a limited timeframe during the day when the luxury residential community was occupied with residents. However, the project was completed in record time meeting the client’s aspirations of highest quality standards. Hotel JAL Tower at Sheikh Zayed Road: was built to inspire modernity, style and luxury, this new architectural masterpiece, stands elegantly on a 51 storey slick glass tower on the Sheikh Zayed Road, in the heart of cosmopolitan Dubai.  Hotel JAL Tower Dubai is the second five star hotel of the brand to open in the United Arab Emirates. Business Village: The Entrepreneur Business Village, a brand new purpose-built one million sq. ft. facility, is located adjacent to the Clock Tower roundabout in Deira. The Village is one of several initiatives from the MBRE to unlock and cultivate the immense business potential among entrepreneurial Emirati, Arab and resident populations, and provides a comprehensive array of services and facilities to drive business. What factors do you consider before starting a project? Akar derives its strength from customer satisfaction. Therefore it is important that before starting a project, all aspects are carefully planned including re-checking of designs, blending of aesthetics, high quality material of work, mock up approvals followed by planning of site work by project’s team including work programme, manpower, plant and machinery,


Landscape I I April 2011

logistics, safety and quality check procedures. Being in the field of landscaping brings an added responsibility to adhere to all environmental friendly procedures. How much influence does the client have in the planning process i.e. do they outline their vision to you or do you suggest ideas/themes for the landscaping. At Akar, we believe in forming relationships with our clients to help them build and expand on their visions. We care for our clients just as we care for our plantings - To facilitate growth! In the process, we share all our expertise to encourage the client to make the best choice in the overall interest of the project. How does Akar Technical Services Co. ensure they are preserving water and not wasting it in their irrigation systems? Water conservation is key in landscaping. It’s not only important to have landscape design done with optimum water utilization but it’s also important to place systems in day to day operations to effectively monitor and control and make full utilization of high tech control systems. With the effective use of the modern irrigation control system it is easy to save water consumption by 30 percent or more. Wherever is required, Akar helps the client to select the low water consuming plants complimenting the local climatic conditions, treatment of the planting medium to maximize water retainability and selecting irrigation control systems and imparting training to effectively use these methods in routine. In your opinion, what does the local landscaping industry need to do to become on a par with the rest of the world? The local landscape industry similar to all other infrastructure works is already on a par with the rest of the world, but having

said this, it’s a big responsibility to move ahead at the same pace and continue to adopt improvements. A continuous learning process is essential to stay on a par with rest of the world. The Dubai Government and other agencies and local media play a key role in the awareness and benefits this industry can create on the general aesthetics and the environment of the city. Akar has been always committed to the growth of “Excellence” in these capabilities. How has your business adapted since the economic recession? Like the entire world, all big and small companies are affected by the challenges of recent times. Akar

is committed to building an organization capable of executing challenging contracts of any complexity and size and admired for total commitment to excellence and growth of our employees. Akar is a part of the Al Ansari group of companies in the region for the last 35 years and has therefore witnessed many economic cycles. It was easy for Akar to adapt to new economic realities, which are going to stay for a long time now. The goodwill and reputation of meeting high quality standards and timely delivery of our projects has helped us to maintain our client’s confidence and be awarded repeat projects.

Continues to set the standard for excellence and innovation...

Hard Landscaping • Stamp Concrete Pavement• Mosaic • Street Furniture • Signage • Softscape • Sports Fields • Irrigation • Modern & Computerised Irrigation Systems • Water Features • Swimming pools & Ponds • Landscape lighthing Akar Technical Services Co. LLC is one of leading landscaping and electrmechanical contracting company in Dubai...Offers a wide range of services including construction and maintenance of landscaping, irrigation and swimming pool. Akar Technical Services Co. (LLC)

(A member of Al Ansari Group of Companies, Oman) Tel +971 4 296 3955 Fax +971 4 296 3954 Email

Akar Tech adv.indd 1

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international designs

Green roof creates healing within hospital by Natasha Tourish


Landscape I I April 2011

Currently under construction, Palomar Medical Center West-a new 360-bed hospital in San Diego is being transformed into a healing garden that is not only calming for hospital patients and visitors but is environmentally restorative for the site.


O Architects in collaboration with Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects set out to create a “healing environment” with two equally important components – a humane place of healing for patients, and a model of sustainability in the larger environment. “Nature promotes healing,” says Frances T. Moore, AIA, LEED AP, Associate Principal at CO Architects. “Evidence shows that access to nature reduces stress associated with the typical clinical environment and has a positive healing effect on patients.” ‘The garden roof created the opportunity to accommodate a 1.5-acre green roof and public terrace. Its undulating form houses the most technologically intense part of the hospital while bringing nature closer to the patients in the Tower above,’ said Andrew Spurlock, FASLA, Principal, Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects. Through close collaboration with the landscape architect, green roof consultant, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and steel fabricator, this roof is an example of the thorough integration of architecture, landscape, systems, and program, and the ultimate integration of nature and technology. Garden Context: Nature The master plan is built around a central garden mall. A landscape pedestrian walkway extends the length of the site to create a strong framework connecting all elements of the campus. The landscape structure of the Master Plan places the most active and social gardens near each facility, and quieter, more reflective spaces in more distant but

Landscape I I April 2011


international designs When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water. Benjamin Franklin

connected locations. The largest and most developed gardens are the Horizontal Gardens at the Hospital where the mall flows into and through the Tower lobby to a large Central Garden. Three acres of Horizontal Gardens include an arrival garden, a parklike gathering space, five intimate gardens, internal courtyards and a hilltop view garden. The Vertical Gardens “From the beginning, there was a strong desire to bring natural and social types of

gardens up into the buildings. The initial diagrams tested the possibility of a two- or three-story organization that gave all patient rooms a visual connection to landscape gardens. The resulting walking distances were too great; functions that required immediate adjacency were dispersed. The challenge, then clearly defined, was to bring the qualities of a horizontal garden hospital to a vertical organization. In the case of Palomar West, that meant 11 stories.” Said Mr. Spurlock. He continued: “The rooftop has a community room and garden with a panoramic view of the surrounding valley and hills. To bring elements of the natural world to patients and staff in the technological world of the D&T, garden courtyards intersect the large, twostory floorplates. The fully glazed courtyards not only bring garden views deep into the D&T wing, but also act as natural lightboxes. Water shortages in hot climates “As with all projects in Southern California, the issue immediately came up of how a building can justify an extensive green roof—or the other terrace gardens, considering the ongoing shortage of water throughout California. Low rainfall and high transpiration rates are part of the reasons very few green roofs have been completed south of the Bay Area. The design team interviewed several experienced consultants and brought in Rana Creek to develop the approach to sustainability as well as the integration of nature with healing, and nature with technology and mechanical systems of the green roof. “At their urging, the design team began to look at the green roof playing a functional healing role in treating on-site wastewater. “This would address the water use issue head-on. The team completed a preliminary design to treat cooling tower water with a wetland on the roof to reduce alkalinity, and then use the treated water to irrigate the on-grade gardens,” said Spurlock.


Landscape I I April 2011

FACT BOX Types of soil: The soil is engineered lightweight growing media contains scoria, sand and humus, designed to drain quickly. Planting design concept: All plant species are native to southern California, and chosen to make this a regenerative, sustainable landscape. It will continue to reseed itself and become self-sustaining. Plant palette: Arctostaphylos glandulosa; Festuca brachyphylla; Leymus condensatus; Salvia clevelandii; Penstemon heterophyllus; Penstemon spectabilis; Yucca whipplei; Eriogonum fasciculatum; Eriophyllum confertiforum; Mimulus longiflorus; Aristida purpurea; Bouteloua gracilis; Zauschneria Californica; Achillea Millefollum; Salvia Apiana Biotrays: Use of new technology that were used in San Francisco California Science Institute to retain the steep slope of the green roof. The biotray is a biodegradable product. Irrigation: Below grade drip irrigation system. Netafim’s drip and micro-irrigation products incorporate advanced water conservation practices and technologies for enhanced landscape irrigation. Water is applied directly to the plant’s root zone to optimizing water usage. Undulating roof: Create interesting form with different plant types. Planting palettes between valley and ridge are different to accentuate the undulating roof. Sustainable: storm management, heat island effect Healing the environment: important of views from the nursing tower over the site to distant hills and mountains. Green Roof provides a foreground landscape. Design: Provides a setting for the café terrace at the third level with views, especially to the mountain to the east. Green Roof is part of the plan for the garden hospital and integrating nature and technology.

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ISO 9001 : 2008

Tel: +971 2 6274818 Fax +971 2 6274817 • P.O.Box: 73878 Abu Dhabi, UAE • Website: 33 Landscape I I April 2011

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·Contributes to healing gardens ·Brings nature to people at all levels of the hospital ·Integrates technically with Diagnostic and Treatment ·Retains and slows runoff ·Uses reclaimed water from municipal system ·Provides habitat ·Reduces heat island ·Provide evaluation opportunity in inland Southern California

·Reduces overall site water use ·Reduces wastewater runoff ·Deeply integrates technical and natural processes ·Provides scarce wetland habitat ·Provides cutting edge research into natural process for treating water

(Using Reclaimed Water from a Municipal Source)


Landscape I I April 2011

(Using On-site Wastewater from Cooling Tower Water Source)

The green roof that is under construction will be irrigated with reclaimed water from the municipal water district. The roof will incorporate both outdoor terrace garden that is part of the dining facility and 60,000 sf extensive green roof. The extensive green roof will be planted with naturalized and native plants that will provide habitat and spectacular foreground view to the surrounding hills from garden terraces and patient rooms.

“Through close collaboration, the team first designed a closed-loop ecological water treatment system for the cooling tower water. Instead of sending wastewater to the municipal sewer system, the blow down water from cooling tower would be sent to the 60,000 sf extensive green roof over the D&T wing to support a diverse wetland planting community. The 1.5 acre green roof could treat the total 5 million gallons per year. Using principles of biofiltration and nutrient recycling, this roof would in turn remove the salt from wastewater through natural processes and return the water to the ground level for irrigation. With Rana Creek’s ability to calculate the approximate level of treatment with

this process, the feasibility study demonstrated substantial savings in water use that would offset nearly 60 percent of the need for potable water for irrigation and would save the hospital significant water and sewer fees.” “The Owner’s concerns included the appearance of this large roof garden and discomfort being the first to build of this type of roof in North America,” said Spurlock. Other major concerns included the intrinsic insects and fungi in the natural system and the perception that they could be a health issue. Ultimately, despite the financial advantage of this system, the obstacles could not be overcome, and the wetland will not be built.


Section of the Wetland Green Roof Ultimately, this concept is not being implemented and the green roof that is under construction is a conventional green roof using municipal reclaimed water for irrigation. Treating Wastewater with the Roof Mr Spurlock added: “Statistics show a substantial amount of potable water is used as make-up water in cooling towers. Palomar West Hospital is expected to generate approximately 5 million gallons of wastewater from the cooling towers, which would normally be disposed of as in the municipal sewer system. A great opportunity exists to offset this wastewater consumption and reuse it for landscape irrigation. However, the blow down water from the cooling tower contains high concentrations of dissolved salts due to evaporation of the makeup water by the cooling tower system. Salt concentration can be harmful to many plants and irrigation systems.

For further information: Innov8 Products FZC, Sharjah, UAE. T: +971 (0) 6 5578051 M: +971 (0) 56 102 1747 E: Landscape I I April 2011


playground Have you become bored with stationary exercise bikes and indoor treadmills on which you run for miles and still stand at the same place? Feel like your movements are restricted in an enclosed room and you want to be able to cleanse your lungs with fresh oxygen while you’re working up a sweat? If so, then the solution is right outside your front door.

Take it outside…


t’s true that we are all being conditioned to everything becoming remote-controlled, hi-tech and automated. Although the convenience and genius of it is wonderful, it is makes it easy to forget that the simple alternatives are often the best. And there is no better example of this than in the health and fitness industry, where high tech gadgetry is now the accepted standard at gyms and fitness clubs. But the tide is beginning to change... more and more people are appreciating the benefits of working out in the great outdoors, using simple and inexpensive outdoor fitness equipment and simply getting their daily dose of fresh air. In countries like Korea, Japan, Germany, America and Australia you can find outdoor fitness equipment and or ‘exercise stations’ in use at almost every park, and in schools, universities, community centers and at beach resorts. Based on the principle of body weight as a resistance instead of using weights, outdoor fitness equipment provides a complete fitness and recreational


Landscape I I April 2011

workout; building upper body, leg and back strength, enhancing agility, flexibility and endurance. Installed individually or as a cluster of exercise stations spaced along a fitness trail, the equipment is built robust to ensure its endures the extreme conditions of the Middle East. In partnership with the world renowned Korean company Meglio UnionLand, the team at Raymond Sport bring the best of the gym to the great outdoors. With sleek, intuitive designs complementing any natural setting, the superior range of outdoor fitness equipment provide a tailored workout for children, teens and adults of all fitness levels. Get Active, Get Fit and Take it outside today. Watch this space as The Public Garden at Al Mirfa, Abu Dhabi Western Region Municipality is set to become the showpiece of outdoor fitness in the UAE of 2011. For more information contact Chandra Sekaran at Raymond Sport on +971 4339 1331 Ext 104 or email him at – www.

SHAPING THE FUTURE OF FUN AND FITNESS al setting, r u t a n y n plement a uipment is built m o c o t d e Design fitness eq ages and stages f o e g n our ra people all e their future. e r u s n e o p tough t s can sha s e n it f l a of physic


Certified Member of I.P.E.M.A

Meglio Unionland is a certified member of I.P.E.M.A (International Play Equipment Manufacture Association)

ABU DHABI - +971 2 641 1403

37 I April 2011 BAHRAIN - +9731 729Landscape 3981 I DUBAI - +971 4 339 1331

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ão Paulo, Brazil, is the largest city in South America and the fourth largest in the world, with more than 18 million people living in the metropolitan area and 11 million in the city alone. Although the Jesuits who founded the city in 1554 named São Paulo, Portuguese for Saint Paul, today’s residents are descendants of immigrants from many other countries.

Two residences in an exclusive neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil

Since the mid-19th century, when the city began expanding rapidly as a result of coffee growing on surrounding plantations, the capital of the state of São Paulo has grown continually and blossomed into Brazil’s industrial and financial center. Traditionally, most of those successful industrialists settled in a neighborhood called Jardim Europa (Europe’s Garden), where the streets are laid out organically with large houses and gardens that resemble the classic European style. The contrast between these classy and wealthy neighborhoods and the typical poverty-stricken streets could not be starker; these poorer neighbourhoods form the most central parts of the city and remain one of the city’s most unfortunate characteristics. However, as in any other part of the world, these manicured neighborhoods add beauty to the city and the landscape design for each one of the private residences that constitute. In São Paulo, landscape designer Isabel Duprat is a well-known


Landscape I I April 2011

By Jimena Martignoni

professional whose work focuses on these kinds of residential projects. Two of them, located in Jardim Europa, show creative designs, sometimes intimate and sometimes more open, where water is an important factor.

Glass House

Area: 1.182m2 Date of completion: March 2008 Location: Jardim Europa, São Paulo-SP This project is based on the use and design of the “leftover” spaces that remain vacant on the sides of the different components of the house. Part of the house was renovated and extends along the south linear side of the lot, leaving an empty narrow strip which is enclosed by one of the party walls; added perpendicular to the renovated wing is a new construction made of glass, which visually integrates with the garden. On both sides of this new addition, the garden is laid out as both a passive and an active area, respectively; the east side becomes the passive one and the west side incorporates the swimming pool and its decks. The visual connection between the south back garden and the east garden is achieved by means of an artificial meandering stream that

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Dubai Diyafa Road, Satwa Tel: 971 4 3453171 Fax: 971 4 3451035

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Landscape I I April 2011


international designs

appears in both spaces, flowing at ground level, and seems to naturally go across the lot and the house. Alongside this stream, spreads a dense planting plan whose lay out is different in both gardens. In the back garden, the water line is framed only on one side, with shade species and groundcovers, and on the opposite side offers a paved walking area; in the east garden, which can be reached by going through the renovated building, the stream is framed at both sides by groundcovers, herbaceous and palms, thus generating a very luxuriant composition. The third space or west garden is the largest and more open. Because one of the requests which the owner had was a 20 meter-long swimming area, the designer divided the space of the garden and took the largest side to outline a swimming pool. This 20 meter side is the only straight edge of the pool; the

Yellow House

Area: 1.900m2 Date of completion: November 2007 Location: Jardim Europa, S達o Paulo-SP At the time Isabel Duprat was called to make a proposal, the owner of the house had purchased a second lot, adjacent to the one of the house, adding some complexity to the existing conditions of the site. The level of the new addition was more than one meter higher than that of the original lot, for this reason the biggest challenge of this project turned out to be the integration, both physical and visual, between the two. One of the most important goals of the designer was to preserve open vistas from the house to the new lot, which would become a focal area of the garden, and an important visual connection from this new space toward the building. On the other hand, another main issue was the creation of an architectural element that would act as the connecting component between the two areas and which would appear as part of the original design. In order to respond to this necessity, Duprat designed a linear pergola which runs along the back facade of the house, reaching the back garden; the white columns that make this pergola repeat the original design of the ones that belong to the original facades, and the roof is made of wooden beams, on top of which vines and other plants grow profusely. This space acts as an elevated linear greenhouse because it is covered with a glass panel that retains the heat and helps these plants to grow faster, thus creating a dense green canopy on top of the pathway. On one side, this pathway is enclosed by the guest rooms and some other new spaces that serve the main house and, on the opposite side, it opens up toward a central meadow-like area; the end of the walkway coincides


Landscape I I April 2011

opposite edge is developed as a series of three continuous curves which seem to enter the water as different small gardens. A wooden footbridge is the only piece that interrupts the aquatic surface and connects with the rest of the garden, which is a lawn area only planted on its edges and dotted with white granite pieces that mark the entrance to the house’s public areas. Part of the swimming pool becomes an indoor pool; therefore the view of the garden and water is especially significant from the house. The planting plan incorporated some of the existing old trees and palms and added some others to outline the limits of the garden. Textures, shapes and some color combine very soberly in this project and offer a warm and consistent image. Some of the species are Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Strelitzia augusta, Spathyfilum canaefolium, Liriope muscari, Pinanga kuhlii and Aglaonema crispum. The presence of water, sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious, helps to create a very refreshing and relaxing ambiance.

Landscape I I April 2011


international designs

with the elevated garden, which was created by taking over most of the second lot and which is differentiated from the central garden by a stone retaining wall. This wall, as well as the pool edges and all new floor surfaces, were built with red sandstone to match that historically used for this area of the city and parts of the entrance of this house. This Brazilian stone, natural to São Paulo’s countryside, was frequently used for street and outdoor paving in the 1930s and 1940s. Right next to this wall, a swimming pool establishes another point of contact between the elevated garden and the central widespread plane of lawn. Outlined by one curvilinear side, coinciding with the wall and a tropical-looking border of flowers and shrubs, and an opposite straight side, this pool was finished with green tiling which makes it look almost as a natural extension of the lawn. Behind the pool, and some steps higher, the elevated garden presents a very dense planting plan based on mostly subtropical trees, palms, shrubs, groundcovers and herbaceous species, all of which generate a natural screen that provides privacy for the neighbors from the adjacent streets.


Landscape I I April 2011

Landscape I I April 2011


international designs

The national tourist route in Trollstingen T By Mario Pisani


Landscape I I April 2011

he Trollstingen tourist road is a six hour long drive from Oslo or a four hour journey from Trondhein. Due to their grandeur, the mountains surrounding the area in the centre of Romsdale have been termed Congen (King), Dronningen (Queen) and Bispen (Bishop), a nomenclature which clearly points to the dominant majesty and splendour of these rocky outcrops. This is dramatic scenery focusing on the Stigfossen Waterfall

platform allowing full enjoyment of the extraordinary views. The project designed by Reiulf Daniel Ramstad Architects demonstrates an excellent combination of nature, its panorama and architecture. Reiulf Daniel Ramstad Architects is an architectural studio which has produced a number of interesting projects including the new church in Knarvik, an elegant minimalist work conceived in timber and stone with a particularly

interesting play of natural light in its interior. The whole complex consists of a series of spaces dedicated to the visiting tourists who arrive at this still virgin and un-spoilt destination. In the hotel project, Reiulf Daniel Ramstad Architects have carefully modelled the elements of the building in a fascinating and novel relationship with the surrounding landscape, without in any way renouncing to the zeitgeist of our time and the use of

which embellishes the mountainside facing the Isterdalen Valley. Half way through the journey one encounters an even more evocative landscape set between the deep dramatic fjords characteristic of the region. As the road climbs gradually to reach a height of over 800m travellers can enjoy superb views from the Belvedere viewing stop point. This site is only accessible during the summer months and even in this period, at this altitude, one is still likely to encounter layers of snow. During the winter months the climate is constantly inclemently cold making access difficult. The project which I have recently visited consists of a hotel, restaurant, together with a series of bridges, passageways and waterfalls, all carefully laid out and designed, leading on to a panoramic viewing

Landscape I I April 2011


international designs contemporary materials. The project focuses on further enhancing of the visual experiences of visitors. Apart from its well mannered adherence to the site and context, this architectural intervention evokes a particularly strong sense of the narrative of the place, while always leading visitors to reach particular and interesting vantage view points. The complex reflects the architects overall philosophy of exposing tension between local and global, natural and artificial, while always intelligently utilizing all the visual qualities and experiences of the site. This is also an architecture which looks towards the future. Detailed attention has been given to the use of the different materials, both in terms of their relationship to the site and also bearing in mind their functional aspect to raise each visitors’ experience of


the site to the level of a particularly emotional venture. Architecture must clearly distinguish the threshold between the natural and the manmade, especially when the site has the dynamic ‘el camino’ of water flowing to an open sea destination, in contrast to

Landscape I I April 2011

the dramatic static rocky surroundings which may in turn be read as the final ‘posada’. In the case of this project, it is these various equations between journey and destination which render it a unique architectural spatial and visual experience.

Landscape I I April 2011


international designs





WOVEN PLANTER BAGS WITH ROUND BOTTOM AND EXTRA STRENGTH HANDLES Now with the non laminated polypropylene planter bags from Europe being introduced in to the Middle East market, buyers, landscape architects, project managers and wholesale, retail nurseries should be very cautious when considering purchasing any planter bag that is manufactured from polypropylene and in particular this type of planter bag without the adequate u/v protection in both the yarn, lamination and sewing thread. A planter bag manufactured in polypropylene fabric without u/v treated dual lamination, fully u/v treated extra strength handles and u/v treated sewing thread will give only one result-DISASTER. Photos below are planter bags made from polypropylene fabric with little or no u/v protection and had a life span of 6 months in the Middle East climate.

Easy-Fill TM Planter Bags are fully guaranteed to withstand the harshest climates world wide.

Always insist on Easy-Fill TM Planter Bags and not imitations or cheap copies.

A Top Quality Easy-Fill TM Planter Bags on forklift. 52 40 48

Landscape I I April 2010 32December Landscape 20112010 October Landscape II IIApril 2010




PLEASE CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER DIRECT FOR THE LOCATION OF YOUR NEAREST DISTRIBUTOR Unit 4, 105 Inspiration Drive Wangara 6065 Perth, Western Australia Ph: + 61 8 9302 5200 Fax: + 61 8 9302 5266 Email: LandscapeI I IWeb: April 2010 Landscape I August 2009 Landscape I33 I December 45 Landscape I I October Landscape I I April2010 2011

41 53 49

women in landscape Spending my childhood in the mountains made me closer to nature, and maybe more attentive to its beauty.

Women in Landscape with Haniya Abi Khuzam Please tell us about your family and educational background? I was born in Beirut in 1985 and grew up between al Shouf and Beirut with an initial interest in art before pursuing my degree in Landscape Architecture. I come from a family of designers and scientists, my father is an architect and my mother is an art teacher. My sister is also a landscape architect and my uncle is a mathematician. My influences were therefore very positive. I graduated on the Deans Honors list at the American University of Beirut and in 2007 I was selected by the university to attend the UNESCO International Student Conference in South Korea.


Landscape I I April 2011

The project was about examining a green belt in Ganghwa, a small village in South Korea that was being recreated to preserve the area. The objective was to link the programs of urbanization, agriculture and natural systems. This experience provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with 40 other Landscape Architecture students from around the world. I also participated in some work exhibitions including my piece ‘The Closet’ from the University workshop referred to as ‘Spaces’. The piece involved a disused space in Beirut that allowed for the event of a temporary intervention. My concept involved nostalgia

It involves an analysis of existing social, ecological and geological conditions, and as a designer I have the chance to combine all of those aspects in an artistic way and produce the desired outcome. Landscape is inspiring. Environmental responsibility, sustainability and water conservation are the big issues affecting the landscaping industry at the moment. How do you ensure these key factors are incorporated into your work without sacrificing on the overall design and layout of a project? As a landscape designer my priorities before starting the design process are to study the environment and analyze the natural context where the site is located. That at a later stage is incorporated into the design on many levels; by using indigenous plants and avoiding plants that require a lot of water. Other aspects I take through the placement of a Closet and mixed media and allowed me to challenge my skills as an artist. I joined Green Concepts in 2008 in Dubai where I had the chance to work with a number of designers and on big scale projects. I’m currently working with my sister in her own company CONCEPTS s.a.r.l. a landscape company established in 2004 by Zeina Salam and Leila Abi Khuzam, landscape designers and graduates of the American University of Beirut (AUB).

into consideration are using water efficiently by including low water consumption techniques like drip irrigation, rainwater collection as well as searching for environmentally friendly solutions. Sometimes the design layout requires the use of material that might harm the environment directly or indirectly although they are either economical or esthetically appealing. It’s my role as a landscape designer to raise the client’s awareness on this mater and to provide sustainable alternatives to these materials. Do you think that the scarcity of water in the UAE has put pressure on landscape architects to create more hardscape with arid desert plants and trees that can withstand the heat? Water scarcity is affecting the UAE and the gulf in particular but it is now spreading worldwide due to

Solid Wood Floors

What inspired you to get involved in the landscaping industry? Landscape architecture has always been for me a combination of architecture, art and agriculture. Spending my childhood in the mountains made me closer to nature, and maybe more attentive to its beauty. Landscape architecture is such a rich major.

Engineered Wood Floors Laminate Floors Gym/Sports Floors Raised Access Floors PVC/Vinyl Floors Composite Decking

Repair of Wood Floors Composite Wood Decking Timber Decking Metal Works


Landscape I I April 2011


women in landscape climate change. It is our responsibility as landscape designers giving our everyday contact with nature, to expand this awareness to clients in regions that are newly suffering from water scarcity problems. Xeriscape is a concept that goes along with these principles and that should be considered more often in arid areas. It is important to mention that replacing softscape by hardscape is not the solution. This being said the ratio between the two could change according to the climatic context barring in mind the environmental requirements. If so, do you agree that the need for water conservation and less irrigation will have a negative impact on your creative abilities when it comes to designing ‘green’ landscape? I do agree that having limited resources could affect the overall design, and the garden might look less green and might be considered for some people less appealing. However I personally think that a designer is more challenged by these environmental limitations. Creativity can solve any problem and bring out new green ideas. Creativity doesn’t have limits. Which project have you been most proud of in your career to date and why? Every project gets a piece of my heart. It is hard to pick just one, because every project brings up a new challenge and experience on both a professional and personal level. Every project opens up a new perspective. If you could create your dream project, what would it entail? My dream project would be to create a network of open spaces across Beirut city. This network would link all abundant elements like the Beirut River, left over spaces, existing public parks, etc the linkage

would give life to the river turning it into a meaningful connecting component rather than a dividing factor. More breathing spaces would come into existence allowing for various activities ranging from outdoor activities to arts. A similar revival would be applied to the old railway to turn it into a natural track and why not a bicycle track. The track would exist in perfect harmony with the surroundings and would give the people a chance to walk freely in their city, enjoy fresh air and appreciate nature and realize how its presence affects us physically and physiologically. My dream project goes beyond the mere creation of green and open spaces. It aims to introduce an art component to help in the formulation of an identity for the region and to allow for different activities for the recreational purposes and communal integration.

As a woman in a male dominated profession, what has been your experience working in this field in the Middle East? When it comes to professional practices, I personally don’t feel the difference between male and female. This being said, as a woman I need to overcome any kind of threat or distinction that I could face (and I did face) in the Middle East. Mostly any kind of obstacle is overcome by knowledge, practice and self-confidence. Last but not least women always add a sensitive touch to the work environment. How do you see your field developing in the Middle East and do you have any concerns, advice, opinions regarding this? It’s on the rise for sure. Today more landscape companies are being established in the region, it is becoming more and more present and included in developing projects. I am recently working on more diversified projects in Lebanon and the Middle East. Although most projects concern the private sector, this is a start, hoping that it will spread more into the public sector. Municipalities should invest more in this field and recreate the idea of public gardens that would also represent public spaces. Moreover, the developing of the landscape sector is very positive, but the designer should start being more responsible towards their milieu. What advice would you give other women wanting to enter this profession, both here and overseas? This is a delicate profession; it allows you to witness the beautiful change in nature. Designing a garden is like raising a baby; it starts with a seed and grows into something beautiful, something living. Every flower has a character, every tree has a meaning, all together represent the harmony and the peace nature offers us everyday. One needs to be passionate, appreciative, and sincere with nature to be able to succeed in this field.


Landscape I I April 2011

THIS IS A CHAIR ‌it just takes a special eye to see it

The most innovative design starts with a designer’s vision. Exhibitors at INDEX understand that great design is much more than simply assembling, arranging or editing, it is something that is felt! Showcasing products and services that range from traditional to quirky, opulent to minimalist, exhibitors at INDEX provide all the creativity and inspiration needed for the next upcoming project. To become an exhibitor email us at, call us on +971 (0)4 438 0355 or visit our website


22 - 25 October 2011 | Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, Rashid Hall, Maktoum Hall | Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Landscape I I April 2011


new projects


+971 2 634 8495

Project Number & Name




Closing Date

34/2011 Reservoirs & Main Irrigation Lines Construction Project


Department of Municipal Affairs - Al Ain Municipality T: (+971-3) 763 0212 E:

Construction of reservoirs and main irrigation lines for a municipality.

April 17,2011

TPR11285-SA Green Plains & Plants Maintenance Works


Eastern Province Municipality – Emara (Dammam) E:

Carrying out maintenance of green plains and plants for a municipality.

May 1, 2011

5/1432-SA/17 Public Gardens & Irrigation Networks Construction Project


Northern Border Municipality T: (+966-4) 662 1264/4661 1500

Construction of public gardens and irrigation networks for a municipality - Third Contract.

May 7, 2011

78-SA/4 Open Areas Equipping & Forestation Project


Northern Border Municipality T: (+966-4) 662 1264/4661 1500

Carrying out equipping and forestation of open areas for a municipality - Contract 2.

April 23, 2011

22/2011 Irrigation Networks & Landscaping Project


Department of Municipal Affairs – Al Ain Municipality T: (+971-3) 763 0212

Implementation of irrigation networks and landscaping/ beautification of the front-side area of Government Schools for a municipality.

4000000356061219-SA Public Gardens & Children Games Construction Project


Hail Municipality T: (+966-6) 533 5000/532 7393

Construction of public gardens and children games for a municipality.

April 24, 2011

40000087001015019-SA Gardens & Green Plains Construction Project


Najran Municipality T: (+966-7) 522 3600

Construction of gardens and green plains for a municipality.

April 23, 2011

4000000336031219-SA Park Construction Project-21


Hail Municipality T: (+966-6) 533 5000/532 7393

Construction of park for a municipality.

May 8, 2011



Project Name




Consultant/ Contractor

Fairmont Hotel & Serviced Apartments Project-1

Construction of Fairmont Hotel & Serviced Apartments.

National Investment Corporation (Abu Dhabi)


Dewan Architects & Engineers (Abu Dhabi)

40.8 Million

Al Wakrah Stadium Project

Construction of Al Wakrah Stadium with a capacity of 45,120 seats.

Qatar Football Association (QFA)



286 Million

Qatar University Stadium Project

Construction of Qatar University Stadium with capacity of 43,500 seats.

Qatar Football Association (QFA)




2030 Tower Project - Sowwah Island

Construction of 20-storey 2030 Tower in Sowwah Island

Endless Real Estate Investment Company (Abu Dhabi)



46 Million

Northgate Shopping Mall Project

Construction of Northgate Mall comprising shopping units, a supermarket, cinema, and food and beverage outlets.

Al Afaq Real Estate Equinox W.L.L (Qatar)


Associated Consultants Engineers - ACE (Qatar)

412 Million

Campuses Construction Project - King Saud University for Health Sciences (KSUHS)

Construction of three campuses for King Saud University for Health Sciences (KSUHS) at different locations.

National Guards Health Affairs Directorate Dar Al Handasah (Shair & Partners)/ 1.6 Billion Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Binladin Group (Saudi Arabia)

Development of Nasamat Al-Riyadh residential scheme Nasamat Al-Riyadh Residential Development comprising of villas and apartments, a recreational sports centre, Project social club, large shopping mall, schools, medical facilities and mosques.

Talaat Moustafa Group (Egypt)

Zuhair Fayez Partnership Saudi Arabia Consultants / Saudi Binladin Group (Saudi Arabia)


1.9 Billion

Non-Process Buildings Project - Borouge 3 Complex

Lump sum turnkey (LSTK) engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to build non-process buildings at Borouge 3 complex.

Borouge Pte. Ltd. (Abu Dhabi)


Bechtel (International) Company Limited / ALPINE (Abu Dhabi)

111 Million

Janayin Al Hamala Residential Units Construction Project

Construction of Janayin Al Hamala residential units comprising (1,500 Nos.) villas with total built-up area of 434,000 square metres.

Manara Developments (Bahrain)



1.325 Billion

Carrying out dualisation of the 750-kilometre-long road between Ministry of Transport & Communications Adam and Thumrait. (Oman)



52 Million

Carrying out an extension to the existing passenger terminal at New Doha International Airport.


Six Construct Ltd. (Qatar)

690 Million

Adam - Thumrait Road Dualisation Project Passenger Terminal Extension Project - New Doha International Airport

New Doha International Airport Steering Committee (Qatar)

Broadband Network & Voice Connectivity Implementation Project

Implementation of broadband network and voice connectivity to Iraqi Telecommunications & Post Company 50,000 homes. - ITPC (Iraq)


Huawei Technologies Ltd. (China)

20 Million

Fujairah Oil Storage Terminal Expansion Project

Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the expansion of an oil storage terminal in Fujairah.

GPS Chemoil (Dubai)


Jurong International Consultants (Abu Dhabi)/ Nico International Hydrospace (Fujairah)

130 Million

King Abdullah Sports City Project

Construction of King Abdullah Sports City.

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)

Saudi Arabia

Arup (UK)

10 Billion


Landscape I I April 2011

The International Trade Exhibition for Garden, Landscaping and Outdoor Living

10 – 12 May, 2011 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Landscape I I April 2011



April 2011 WOOD SHOW 5-7 April 2011 Dubai (UAE) Garten 14-17 April 2011 Stuttgart (Germany) Gardening Australia-Brisbane 15-17 April 2011 Queensland (Australia) Gardening & Landscaping 29 Apr.- 1 May 2011 Estonia May 2011 Project Qatar 2011 02-05 May 2011 Doha (Qatar) Garden+Landscaping 10-12 May 2011 Dubai (UAE) Hardware+Tools ME 10-12 May 2011 Dubai (UAE)

June 2011 48th IFLA World Congress Zurich (Switzerland) 27-29 June 2011 Demopark + demogolf 26-28 June 2011 Thuringia (Germany) August 2011 WAVES Pool | Spa | Bath International Expo AUGUST 10-12, 2011 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi September 2011 Light Middle East 12-14 September 2011 Dubai (UAE)

October 2011 TOOL JAPAN Oct. 13-15 2011 Makuhari Messe (Japan) Piscina BCN 18-21 October 2011 Barcelona (Spain) INDEX 22-25 October 2011 Dubai (UAE) GULF LANDSCAPING 2011 24-25 October 2011 Abu Dhabi (UAE)

IPM Dubai 26–28 September 2011 Dubai (UAE)

GIE+Expo 28-30 October 2011 Louisville (USA)

Pool & Spa Asia 21-23 September 2011 Bankok (Thailand)

AGRO EXPO 2011 30 Oct.-01 November 2011 Muscat (Sultanate of Oman)



Side view




Filter Clean water Backflush water Unfiltered water

Clean Water Out

3 unit front view Dirty Water In OUT

Flush Water Drain Backflush Valve

Filtration Process –Inlet opens allowing a flow of water from the



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