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It’s been sixty-four years since the first Land Rover was driven. It’s time to take a look back to see just how far we’ve come.

Introduction We’ve come quite a long way since the first Land Rover rolled off the assembly line in 1948. Since then, Land Rover has witnessed great change, experienced unforgettable triumphs and achieved more than we could possibly have hoped for. In celebration of our 64th birthday, we present to you: 64 Reasons to Love Land Rover.

Innovation Land Rover has always been a company that values innovation. Our investment in e_TERRAIN TECHNOLOGIES is the latest example— a new technology designed specifically to reduce CO2 emissions and improve efficiency.

Imagination When we introduce the world to a new Land Rover concept vehicle, it means more to us than just presenting a few sketches. To us, every concept vehicle we produce is a window into the heart and soul of our company; our dreams, our aspirations, and most importantly, our future.



“I will never forget all the crazy off-road adventures I had in my dependable D1. Over 189,555 miles and still going!” ‑­Eddie B, Land Rover Owner

‑­Nick J, Land Rover owner

“Four best friends. That Rocky mountain air. Fresh powder. And the sound of your board carving thru the snow. There’s nothing better than knowing you can go anywhere you want when you drive a Land Rover. Adventures make memories, Land Rovers provide adventures. Thank you Land Rover.”



Support Land Rover vehicles and their owners go boldly where most other vehicles would simply never dare to venture. To supplement the vehicles’ robust offroad capabilities, Land Rover also offers owners 24/7 Roadside Assistance, so no matter where they are, help will always be available.

Bravado Sponsored by Land Rover in 1989, The Great Divide Expedition was a 13-day, 1123mile expedition across the treacherous terrain of the Continental Divide. More than 75 percent of the expedition was off-road, igniting the world’s curiosity and passion for adventure, and dramatically showcasing Land Rover vehicle’s off-road capability.

Star “They are for sure the best looking ride on the road...almost makes me feel like a rockstar!” ‑­David M, Land Rover owner


“Gets me fr to the loft

‑­Spencer D, Land Rove

Flawless “We took the Range straight to Utah and it was flawless with rock crawler mode, sand mode, and great gas mileage.” ‑­Keith K, Land Rover owner

rom the lodge t in style.”

er owner

Fearless Spirit Known for its bold expeditions through treacherous, inhospitable terrain, from unforgiving desert to vine-choked jungle, the Camel Trophy Competition chose Land Rover in 1981, for its allterrain capabilities and its fearless spirit, to be the exclusive vehicle used in the competition. After two decades of Camel Trophy, 21 countries were explored by no less than 570 competitors representing 33 different nations. Throughout the 80s, the Camel Trophy went to new and adventurous places: Papua New Guinea, Zaire, Brazil and Borneo.

Ambition In October of 1998, in celebration of Land Rover’s 50th Anniversary and to announce the launch of the all-new Discovery Series II, Land Rover decided on an ambitious test drive, traveling over 18,000 miles across four continents in four months, en route to its debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Luxury In 2011, the world of 4x4 off-roading and luxury collided in Geneva, when the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate edition was unveiled. The Autobiography Ultimate edition is a limited-production luxury SUV that sets an entirely new standard for luxury, coming complete with teak, hand-stitched leather, two Apple iPad速 devices, a mini refrigerator and a 510-horsepower V-8 engine.

Sustainability The Range Rover Evoque uses the most advanced lightweight materials. Aluminum, magnesium and titanium components contribute toward its carbon-efficient footprint. Carefully designed to maximize the use of more sustainable manufacturing materials, each vehicle uses approximately 35lb of recycled plastic and 46lb of natural and renewable materials. Electric Power-Assisted Steering [EPAS] also contributes to making the Range Rover Evoque the most sustainable Range Rover model ever by reducing fuel consumption, and by eliminating the wasted energy in a conventional power steering system.

Memories “We’ve been all over the west, and our Land Rover has taken us there. What I realized is that it isn’t about ‘where you go’. Most times, it’s about who you go with.” ‑­Mike G, Land Rover Owner


“I took a across without

‑­Chris K, Land R

Confidence “With the phenomenal Terrain Response, it has taken me, 4 other people, and 2 dogs through terrain with utmost confidence, in comfort.” ‑­Giancarlo S, Land Rover owner

a Land Rover the arctic circle... t a shovel.”

Rover Owner

Famous The Land Rover quickly grew from a European cornerstone to an American icon— its image showed up regularly on magazine covers, newspapers and television. Its unique design made it impossible to confuse with any other vehicle, and the Land Rover soon became an American symbol for rugged adventure and luxury.

Heritage Founded on a lineage stretching back to the debut of the first Land Rover in 1948, today’s Defender takes pride of place as the toughest vehicle in the Land Rover range. The original Land Rover won instant recognition for its tough versatility and off-road ability, attributes that equally apply almost two million vehicles later.

History The original Land Rover – and by proxy the original Land Rover brand – wasn’t expected to be a success. The postwar Rover company planned on “The Land Rover” being nothing more than an interim design. But, as with all things Land Rover, the only thing certain about going to new places has been the inherent adventure. This spirit of exploration remains the cornerstone of Land Rover to this day.

Durability The first Land Rover vehicle made its debut in 1948. It was designed with brilliant simplicity for extraordinary ability and unrivalled strength and durability. In fact, six decades on, it is estimated that two-thirds of all these incredible vehicles are still at work – many of them in some of the most extreme conditions and inhospitable places on earth.

Bliss “A perfect day, in a perfect place - with the perfect vehicle.” ‑­Charles E, Land Rover Owner



“Slushy-icy roads on a corner in Tahoe and the absence of a guard rail nearly claimed us all, until our traction control took over and ‘magically’ put me back in control.” ‑­Tony G, Land Rover Owner

‑­Jeff B, Land Rover owner

“Crossing rivers and up long winding rocky roads to the enchanted lands of mountains and streams. Where adventures start and your soul is in sync with the universe. That’s why I love my Land Rover.”



Land Rover LR4 Land Rover LR4. Bold, flexible and astonishingly luxurious. Instantly recognizable as a Land Rover, it features a progressive, contemporary exterior. With an attitude that gives Land Rover LR4 a refined, modern presence on-road and off-road.

Family “I originally got the Land Rover for our dog, because it’s roomy, great to go to our cabin in the high country, and now, lots of room for a stroller, baby stuff and shopping. As a mother, driver, and safety conscious person, I love my Land Rover!” ‑­Joan G, Land Rover Owner

Aspiration “As a kid, I remember seeing this strange looking vehicle in the parking lot at my doctors office. It was unique, it was different, it was me. I vowed from that moment that it would be the only vehicle I would ever drive. In 2005, I was blessed with the opportunity to purchase my own Range Rover.” ‑­Christopher P, Land Rover owner

Progress Land Rover vehicles are perhaps best known for their iconic interior and exterior design. In 2011, the Range Rover Evoque paid homage to the company’s rich past, while taking a bold, jaw-dropping leap forward. Specifically designed to exude the power of presence, the all-new Range Rover Evoque would go on to capture not only the attention of passers by, but also critical acclaim from the auto industry.

Simple Pleasure “One of those stellar moments in life: blue sky, mountains, Land Rover, man, dog. It doesn’t get any better than this!” ‑­Lubby M, Land Rover Owner


“Nothing more to say! It says it all!” ‑­Jim B Land Rover owner

Education The Land Rover Driving School at The Equinox in Manchester Village, Vermont, opened to the public in 1997, was designed to teach fundamental off-road driving techniques. Specially designed courses give students an exhilarating off-road experience and an opportunity to take advantage of the unparalleled capabilities Land Rover has to offer. Additional driving schools were established at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC; Quail Lodge in Carmel, CA; and the Fairmont Le Château Montebello in Canada.

Service In 2008, Land Rover celebrated its 60th anniversary at Buckingham Palace by donating 60 new Land Rover vehicles to the British Red Cross. The impressive capabilities of Land Rover vehicles help make them some of the best options for delivering medical supplies and assisting in natural disaster relief.

Range Rover Evoque This new vehicle’s daring design earned the Range Rover Evoque over 100 awards including Motor Trend’s 2012 Sport/Utility of the Year and the 2012 North American Truck of the Year. At the 2012 New York International Auto Show, the accolades continued as it was also crowned World Car Design of the Year.

Worldly In 2003, the first Land Rover G4 Challenge, a global extreme adventure competition, launched with 16 participating nations. A caravan of specially adapted Land Rover vehicles boldly traversed North America, South Africa and Australia over the course of 28 grueling days. The choice of bright Tangiers Orange as the signature Challenge color was an inspired one. The color looks good in bright sun, rain, dawn, dusk and the dark.

Artistic In anticipation of the launch of the all-new Range Rover Evoque life size wireframes travelled the globe, bringing cities to life and generating excitement. Touring from Paris, to LA, Bologna, Johannesburg, Geneva, Istanbul, Prague, Madrid. These art installations featured at several high profile events and venues including, Sao Paolo’s fashion week, Range Rover’s 40th anniversary at Sydney Opera House, the Red October Factory in Moscow and Milan Design Week. There was even an interactive audio-visual version of the installation at Grand Central Station in New York.

Protective For Pope John Paul II’s visit to the UK, two specifically converted Range Rover vehicles were created.

Discovery After 23 years in production, the millionth Discovery was built in 2012. The vehicle, a white Discovery 4 (LR4), tackled an 8000-mile expedition to Beijing. This Journey of Discovery aimed to raise ÂŁ1 million for the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to fund a water and sanitation in Uganda.

Conservation For over 60 years Land Rover has worked with conservation & humanitarian organizations around the world. Our five global partners represent a range of activities, spanning scientific research to preserving cultural heritage. We are proud to support the critical work of the Born Free Foundation, Royal Geographical Society, Earthwatch Institute, Biosphere Expeditions and the China Research & Exploration Society. More recently, Land Rover launched a new three-year global initiative with the IFRC entitled ‘Reaching Vulnerable People around the World’ through which Land Rover aims to support IFRC’s life saving work.

Action! The 1999 Defender so perfectly captured the spirit of rugged adventure that a special vehicle was constructed for the blockbuster movie, Tomb Raider.

Fun “My Land Rover is fun to drive, whether it be carpooling the kids or trekking off on an adventure.” ‑­Susan M, Land Rover Owner

Head turning

“Since I got friends alw

‑­Mo C, Land Rover Ow

Unrestricted “A lot of people I know have big expensive fast sports cars and they always brag about them. I usually sit quietly until they finish and say...your car may be fast but mine can go anywhere!” ‑­Adam R, Land Rover owner

my Range Rover Evoque my ways want me to drive.”


Boundary Breaking In keeping with the forward-thinking philosophy that founded Land Rover, a radical, entirely new product category was introduced in 1970. This over-night sensation was the original Range Rover. It had all the capability of a Land Rover with the comfort of an on-road car.

Endurance After a grueling 1000-mile trial to find the best off-road vehicle of the year, Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road named the 2011 Land Rover LR4 HSE 4x4 of the year.

Technology Whatever the surface, Land Rover takes it on with confidence. Our patented Terrain Response system comes standard on all models and gives access to over 60 years of Land Rover allterrain expertise and state-of-the-art dynamic technology. Cruising on tarmac, driving over grass, gravel or snow, taking on mud and ruts, crossing sand and crawling over rocks, Terrain Response* is your own off-road driving expert.

*Terrain Response may not work under certain conditions.

Breathing Room You’ll find proper grown-up seating in the Land Rover LR4. As many as seven adults can travel in complete comfort and enjoy a full-sized, forward facing seat, generous legroom and wide-opening doors for easy access. The flexible, versatile seating layout offers multiple configurations to suit almost every conceivable use.

Craftsmanship The sumptuous, tactile interior provides superb levels of craftsmanship and comfort. Meticulous attention to design and detail is without compromise. The seats, for example, offer outstanding support during long journeys whether on-road or off-road. Materials are truly premium, creating a superior ambience of quality.

Dependability “150,000 miles in this Series IIA since 1985 yet it has never let me down. Behind the wheel I join the ranks of explorers, farmers, landed gentry and plain folks who appreciate a vehicle that traversed the world from jungle to steeplechase and accomplished every task. On each drive I’m part of the legend!” ‑­Charles F, Land Rover Owner

Range Rover Sport It is the definitive luxury sports tourer. Defined by exceptional on-road dynamics, comfort and outstanding breadth of capability. Muscular body styling, a sumptuous interior and the choice of two powerful, exceptionally refined engines. It is the Range Rover Sport.

Tested As Land Rover sells its vehicles in over 169 markets worldwide, its engineers cannot rely on computer simulation alone when developing new models— they prefer to test their vehicles in the great outdoors.

Milestones In May 2007, the four-millionth Land Rover rolled off the production line.

Power The Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and LR4 engines provide outstanding power, torque and refinements, and harnesses the latest technology to deliver outstanding drivability and performance. With available supercharged engines, the already robust 375-horsepower 5.0-liter V8 in these models jumps to an astonishing 510-horsepower.

Military Grit From the beginning of its production, the Land Rover lent itself to military use. The British War Department took delivery of Land Rover vehicles as early as 1949.

Desire “If you were to say to me what sums up the Range Rover Evoque in terms of its essence, what is its appeal… desire, I want one, I’ve gotta have it.” ‑­Gerry McGovern Land Rover Design Director

Exhilaration The Range Rover Sport, Land Rover’s most performance-oriented vehicle to date, is outfitted with a range of engines including a supercharged option that provides an even more dynamic and exhilarating driving experience.

Entertainment The Infotainment System represents a major step forward for Land Rover. It features enhanced sound systems across the model range, a generation of electrical architecture that allows easier connection of external devices and WhiteFire速 wireless technology, which works with the optional Rear Screen Entertainment System.

Limited Editions Every Land Rover vehicle is crafted with a discerning eye for detail. This unwavering dedication to the finest craftsmanship is driven to an even higher standard with our Limited Edition vehicles, which take the concept of luxury a step further by offering another level of individuality and distinctiveness. These are the vehicles that venture to push through and redefine the boundaries of excellence.

Defender With over two million vehicles sold in 130 countries since 1948, the Land Rover Defender has been the spiritual link with the 60-year-old aluminum stopgap. While it was still being sold in the US, the Defender turned heads wherever it went because of its purpose-built design and refusal to incorporate more modern cues that tend to homogenize much of the 4-wheel drive vehicle market. More of the original Land Rover survives in the Defender than in any other vehicle.

Heroic With superior off-road capability, a high carrying capacity and four-wheel drive, Land Rover vehicles were soon adopted by the emergency services for use as ambulances, fire engines and police vehicles. The ability to get to remote areas when required made them a popular choice, and like military customers before them, the world’s emergency services requested vehicles that were a little different from standard.

Presence What better place is there than Times Square to exhibit a vehicle designed to make people stop and stare? If the Range Rover Evoque could captivate crowds in the heart of Manhattan, it could gain the attention anywhere. And so it did during a television commercial shoot that truly extolled the power of presence.

Land Rover LR2 The LR2 features the legendary Command Driving Position, an intrinsic part of all Land Rover vehicles design, which brings a sense of control over the road, gives better visibility over the traffic ahead for spotting hazards, and helps with maneuvering and parking in urban environments. The driver’s seat is also optimized for comfort and support with six-way adjustment, all amounting to a driving experience that empowers the driver.

Simplicity The beautifully simple engineering of the original Land Rover is apparent in the design of the Huey, the first pre-production Series One. With a canvas roof to keep out the elements and the potential to strip the vehicle down to a basic shell, the original 80-inch Series One was simple and effective. Huey is the oldest preproduction Land Rover vehicle in existence.

Roots Since the first Series One rolled off the line in 1948, Land Rover vehicles have been made in Solihull in the west Midlands. Although production of the LR2 has now moved to Halewood near Liverpool, and other factories around the world, the spiritual home of Land Rover will always be Meteor Works on Lode Lane, Solihull.

Tenacity During the global press launch for the Range Rover Sport in Catalonia, the vehicle proved it phenomenal grip and ability in a demonstration that saw it climbing and descending an extremely steep rock face. The vehicle was stopped half way up and a journalist’s watch was placed behind the rear tire to demonstrate the electronic park brake’s anti-roll feature and the vehicle slowly resumed its slow crawl up the slope.

Icon The Range Rover was the world’s first vehicle as good on-road as off-road and a milestone in the development of the SUV. Later known as the Classic, the original Range Rover of 1970 continued in production for more than 25 years. It was succeeded by the P38a in 1994 before the crown was passed to the all-new Range Rover 2002. Sold all around the world, from London to Los Angeles, Sydney to Shanghai, Turin to Tokyo, the Range Rover remains the iconic choice for the luxury vehicle consumer.

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64 Reasons To Love Land Rover  

We’ve come quite a long way since the first Land Rover rolled off the assembly line in 1948. Since then, Land Rover has witnessed great chan...

64 Reasons To Love Land Rover  

We’ve come quite a long way since the first Land Rover rolled off the assembly line in 1948. Since then, Land Rover has witnessed great chan...