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Beijing International Double Bass Festival 第五届北京国际低音提琴音乐节 2010

The 5th Beijing International Double Bass Festival 2010

Supported by Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing International Double Bass

北京国际低音提琴音乐节 首届低音提琴中国作品展演

Festival (BIDBF), founded in 2005, is held jointly by China Conservatory, the Chinese Society of Bassists and the National Center for the Performing Arts. BIDBF has become

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a fiesta for double bass performers, educators, instrument makers, music-lovers. As the founder, Professor Hou Jun-xia, is currently the Artistic Director of the festival, who is also the President of Chinese Society of Bassists, Director of Orchestral Instruments Department at China Conservatory, and Executive Director of China Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.


International Double Bass Competition, Chinese Work Exposition for Double Bass


and serious of concerts and master classes will be held during the festival. There will


be also lectures and seminars on the topic of double bass playing, teaching, instrument making, repairing and maintenance. Aiming to promote the development of double bass playing and teaching in China, BIDBF is working to build up the bridge between Chinese

作品展演。 低音提琴中国作品展演的奖项包括:演奏奖(一等奖、二

double bass society and world double bass societies, to strengthen the communication


among the bassists from different music schools and orchestras worldwide and to


encourage the performance and composition of Chinese work for double bass. As an international double bass festival, BIDBF has invited numerous world renowned double bass performers and educators, including Duncan McTier (U.K.), Daniel Marillier (France), Jeff Bradetich(U.S.), Peter Buckoke (U.K.), Tom Knific (U.S.), Nagashima Yoshio (Japan), Joel Quarrington(Canada), Miloslav Jelinek(Czech), Klaus Trumpf(Germany), Roman Patkoló(Germany), Eric Hansen(U.S.), Bassiona Amorosa ensemble from Germany, Jan Jirmasek(Czech), Giorgi Makhoshvili(Georgia),Ljubinko

中国作品)。 北京国际低音提琴音乐节组委会和艺术委员会,负责首届 中国作品展演的组织工作,评审委员会负责展演的评选工作。 北京国际低音提琴音乐节,将把中国作品展演作为音乐节 的重要组成部分定期举办。每届中国作品展演,都将以对中国

Lazic(Serbia), Andrew Lee(U.S.), Han Han Cho( Taiwan,China), Xu Li ( Macao,China),


Zhang Xiao-di(China), Patrick Charton(France), Roland Wilfer(Germany), Andreas


Dorfler(Germany), Marco Nolli(Italy),Chi Yang(U.S.). BIDBF has drawn a large number of participants, including double bass players, educators, students from many music schools and orchestras, and dozens of media, home and abroad. This festival is making a big splash and becoming one of the major international double bass festivals.

2010第五届北京国际低音提琴音乐节首届低音提琴中国作 品展演,正式命名为《叶正凯杯》!

CSB 2010  

double bass convention, Beijing 2010

CSB 2010  

double bass convention, Beijing 2010