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DIGITAL ENERGY Power Quality FLASH SERVICE NEWS Nr. 04 09 From: GE Digital Energy Customer Care & Support

February 2009 To: GE Digital Energy Service Managers & Business Partners

LP33 Series CE 40-120kVA and UL 30-60kVA The introduction of a new control board version IM 0094C, for the above mentioned UPSs, required a new Firmware version 2.01. (ECN 1265) This version is mandatory for all UPSs which are equipped with control board IM 0094C, i.e. when replacing a IM 0094A with IM0094C, also the Firmware must be updated to version 2.01 or higher. Version 2.01 however, is downward compatible, and can be used also with the previous control board version IM 0094A.

Parameter settings:

Version 2.01 necessitates the following Parameter settings, independent from the control board version: • Parameter 128 must be set to 00050 for the CE units. No change for UL units. • The values of Parameters 234, 235, and 236, which are the calibration Parameters for the Inverter output voltages, (default value 590) must be changed to obtain correct output voltages and measurements. This is due to the fact, that some amplification values of version IM 0094C have higher values.

SG Series UL 500kVA Oscillation problems on the output voltage of paralleled SG-UL 500kVA UPSs. Practically this occurs only in case of short (< 10m) output cable connections between the UPSs and the common parallel system output. Parameters to change in case of the existence of the above mentioned problem: • Parameter 274, new value: 10000 • Parameter 277, new value: 00090 • Parameter 309, new value: 01400

Contact „Support Central“, in case additional information is required !!

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