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DIGITAL ENERGY Power Quality FLASH SERVICE NEWS Nr. 03 09 From: GE Digital Energy Customer Care & Support

January 2009 To: GE Digital Energy Service Managers & Business Partners

Concerns: LP 33, 10-40kVA, all series LP33, 40-120kVA, all series Problem:

On the above mentioned UPSs has been experienced the sporadic activation of Emergency OFF (EPO) and thus consequently resulting in the disconnection of the UPS from the Load. In the few known cases, no Emergency OFF contact was connected to the UPS, and in particular a Jumper on the control board, which disables completely the Emergency OFF function, was not inserted. On the UPSs LP33 10-40kVA this Jumper is located on the control board IM 0059, and has the denomination JP8. On the UPSs LP33 40-120kVA this Jumper is located on the control board IM 0094, and has the denomination JP5. Whenever the Emergency OFF function is not used, these Jumpers must be inserted. We kindly ask you to verify at the first occasion (e.g. during maintenance) the presence of this Jumper. Consult the layouts of the control boards in the TSM for it’s location, or the image below. Jumpers JP5 and JP8 have identical positions on IM0059 and IM0094, as shown in the picture on the left, inside the yellow circle. If missing, insert during maintenance, with UPS shutdown. Contact „Support Central“, in case additional information is required !!