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Contents 03 // Foreword from PD Ports 05 // Foreword from Tees Valley Unlimited 06 // Introduction

Key industrial centre builds on natural assets

09 // THPUA

A network of skills and expertise

10 // Location map 13 // SABIC 14 // Portcentric

Portcentric initiative a runaway success

17 // Brookfield

New owners for PD Ports

18 // Teesport

New developments keep Teesport thriving

21 // A&P Tees

Tees shipyard goes from strength to strength

22 // Hartlepool

Commercial expansion beckons for Hartlepool port operations

26 // Containers Teesport Commercial Department, Tees Dock, Grangetown, Middlesbrough, TS6 6UD Tel: +44 (0)1642 277564 Fax: +44 (0)1642 277565

30 // Logistics

Head Office, Queen’s Square, Middlesbrough, TS2 1AH Tel: +44 (0)1642 877000 Fax: +44 (0)1642 877056

Logistics providers enhance reputation of Teesport

32 // Offshore

Tees Valley is preferred hub for offshore industry

37 // Ferries

PD Ports

Future is box-shaped at Teesport

Ferries provide vital link for cargo owners

38 // Private quays

Private quays give strength to maritime services sector

39 // People

Port develops new business by encouraging ‘people skills’

44 // Transport Tees & Hartlepool Ports Handbook Sixth Edition was published by:


Land & Marine Publications Ltd

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First-rate connections by road, rail and air

47 // Ensus

Biofuel plant underlines ‘green energy’ status of Teesside

48 // Petrochemicals

World-class handling and storage of liquid bulk chemicals and petrochemicals

50 // Process industry

Process industry continues to dominate local economy

52 // Growth

Changing face of Teesside as new investment brings greater confidence

55 // Port details 59 // Company profiles 65 // Company directory






elcome to the 2011 Teesport handbook. The ports of Tees and Hartlepool, collectively known as Teesport, are part of the wider PD Ports Group, based on the North East coast of England. Teesport is ranked among the top five UK ports by volume and employs hundreds of local people.

PD Ports is a key player both in the UK port industry and in the North East economy. The past 12 months have seen extremely difficult trading conditions in our non-unitised operations as a result of the global economic downturn. This was compounded by the mothballing of Corus Teesside Cast Products (TCP), now Tata Steel, in January 2010. Despite these adverse trading conditions, we have delivered levels of sustainable growth in our container terminals at Teesport. This has resulted in an expansion investment of over £15 million and is the first phase of expanding Teesport’s container terminal capacity to 450,000 teu. Once fully complete, it is estimated that some 50 new jobs will be created within the terminal together with a further 200 new jobs to support the overall supply chain. This will complement the 1,300 jobs that have been directly created over the past five years as a result of portcentric logistics operations in and around Teesport.

DIVERSIFY Another important component of our business strategy to diversify our service offering into new markets is the introduction of a Teesside consortium for building renewable energy supply chain clusters. At Hartlepool and on the Tees we have the skills and the facilities to blend the experience of the past with the vision needed to make this new industrial revolution work. We need to act now to build the facilities and infrastructure for the

wind farm manufacturers if the UK is to develop a sustainable renewable energy manufacturing and logistics sector.

FUTURE While these new developments are vital to ensuring that our business remains fit for the future, our core activities at Teesport, including bulk handling, stevedoring and logistics, remain an integral part of our business. I hope this handbook offers you further insight into our current operations and future developments at Teesport as well as the activities of the industries and terminals so vital to the growth of the port at large.

David Robinson Group Chief Executive Officer PD Ports




Foreword from Tees Valley Unlimited


t gives me great pleasure to introduce the latest edition of the Tees Valley Logistics Handbook.

There is so much going on in our area and plenty of reasons to be optimistic, despite the global economic challenges. Tees Valley Unlimited’s core projects – Middlehaven in Middlesbrough; Central Park in Darlington; and Northshore in Stockton – are making excellent progress, while the organisation is working closely with Redcar & Cleveland and Hartlepool Borough Councils to identify new investment and development opportunities in the areas.

UNIQUE Our transport infrastructure has always played an important role in the Tees Valley economy and our unique offering of first-class road, rail, sea and air links means we’re extremely attractive for businesses. In an ever-increasing competitive global market, our transport services combined with affordable housing, our loyal and skilled workforce and mix of urban, rural and coastal living and visitor attractions has helped lure a number of national and international companies into the area. In fact, in the last three years alone, Tees Valley Unlimited has created and safeguarded 5,000 jobs and attracted almost £800 million of investment.

Whether you require information on locations and properties, workforce and skills or access to financial support, we’re on hand to help. Tees Valley is a premier business location and we’re confident it can offer everything you need to make your business a success.

ENERGY We’re also developing our strengths in the fields of renewable energy, low carbon and wind energy, all of which are priorities for the Government. There are a number of opportunities within these sectors which we’re confident Tees Valley can capitalise on.

Neil Kenley Strategic Investment and Marketing Director at Tees Valley Unlimited



Key industrial centre builds on natural assets to create growth


he River Tees is a natural centre for trade and industry with a broad base of expertise and experience in a surprising number of sectors. Its strength has always been its ability to adapt to changing times – and this is more than ever true today.

The region has always been open to economic opportunities, with investment on a scale rarely seen in the UK. From its traditional activities in the iron and steel industries and shipbuilding, it then encompassed chemical production, all of which led to a huge economic expansion. Later, Tees Valley turned to the offshore industry with the fabrication of rigs and other structures. These sectors are continuing to provide vital revenue streams; but today the main focus is on logistics and distribution services and the building of a renewable energy supply chain cluster –

for example, biofuel plants and support services for the offshore wind farm sector.

Optimism PD Ports is the statutory harbour authority on the River Tees. It has jurisdiction over 11 miles of river, from the Tees estuary to the Stockton Barrage. PD Ports also operates major facilities at Hartlepool Dock and at the Teesport Estate. About 10 per cent of the total tonnage handled on the River Tees is dealt with by these facilities. Terminals on the River Tees receive about 6,000 vessels a year carrying some 40 million tonnes of cargo. Up to 70 per cent of this cargo is liquid bulks for the vast chemical and petrochemical complexes that are located on both sides of the river. Other cargoes include bulk commodities, project cargo, offshore equipment, scrap metal and paper, vehicles, steel, ro-ro traffic and, of course, containers. Container throughput at Teesport reached record levels in 2009, with over 100,000 containers handled at the container terminals and volumes forecast to rise still further in the coming years. At the port facilities both on the River Tees and at Hartlepool there is a great sense of optimism in the future. Market trends may have forced a restructuring of much of the cargo handling sector, but ongoing investment and growth in volumes are a clear sign that PD Ports is setting the right course for these northern ports.

Restructuring In 2009 Teesport took a positive decision to reposition its business to benefit customers while still supporting the current sectors. The internal restructuring focused on separating the two main



types of cargo handling – unitised and bulk – which are now managed in separate divisions. The principal driver of this growth has been the successful venture by PD Ports into the ‘portcentric’ market, in which major retailers have been encouraged to locate large-scale warehousing and distribution centres on the Tees Dock estate.

opened The first was opened by Asda in 2006 to serve its northern UK markets. The success of this initiative has attracted other leading retailers such as Tesco, George and Taylors of Harrogate. Today there is over 1.5 million sq ft of warehousing located on Tees Dock with scope for a further 1.7 million sq ft. Since 2006 Asda estimates it has saved more than 8 million road miles as well as significantly reducing its carbon dioxide emissions. As portcentric operations become a more significant part of port operations – and a key driver of new jobs in the region – this has led to the necessary expansion of one of the port’s container terminals. These operations are also creating a platform to build the long proposed Northern Gateway Container Terminal, which would transform the port into the region’s largest container port.

attracted Teesport has also attracted various new container services to Teesport over recent years, including BG Freight, Feederlink, Samskip and Unifeeder, all of which act as feeder services for the major global container lines. Another key focus for Teesport has been building renewable energy supply chain clusters. Already,

Teesside is home to Europe’s largest bioethanol plant, while Hartlepool has ambitions to become a centre of excellence for the offshore wind farm industry

Future Forecasters of gloom and doom would do well to take a leaf out of the book of Teesport. Despite troubled economic times and a major restructuring of its business, the outlook is very positive indeed, with growth across a variety of sectors and ambitious plans on the table for future diversification and expansion.




A network of skills and expertise


ne of the driving forces behind the vibrant industrial and commercial growth on Teesside is the Tees and Hartlepool Port Users’ Association (THPUA). It has about 40 members from a wide crosssection of activities including cargo handling, offshore work, shiprepair, various private wharves and terminals on the River Tees and the support services that go with a major port.

expertise All this gives the THPUA a broad base for exchanging information and co-ordinating activities among those engaged in port operations as well as companies involved in petrochemicals, steel, general cargo, logistics and other services. It is a broad network offering a great deal of skill and expertise. The aim of THPUA is to promote an efficient and cost-effective movement of goods through the ports of Tees and Hartlepool and to act in the best interests of its members and their customers. In this way, the association is helping to stimulate economic growth at both local and regional levels.

association THPUA has good relations with Teesport and with those who work in and around the port. A particular aim of the association is to promote the River Tees and its business community so as to generate and maintain the flow of cargo. It works with Teesport to ensure a fully funded and appropriate infrastructure to maintain a steady flow of goods in and out of the region. Teesport and THPUA aim to provide an integrated approach to the management of the river.

This has put the port at the forefront of oil pollution response and security awareness. The safety standards on the river are of the very highest. High priority is given to the safety and security of everyone working on or near the river, whether on a regular basis or as a visitor.

commitment Members of the association strive to maintain best practice in all aspects of their operations, thus underlining their commitment to customers and neighbours alike. Although THPUA is centred on Teesside, its vision extends to the wider geographical community as it endeavours to bring the advantages of this part of the North East to a larger audience.



Location map



Portcentric //


Portcentric initiative a runaway success


he ‘portcentric’ approach to cargo handling – now widely used by Teesport – is redefining the way in which importers now distribute their goods to customers across the North of England.

Its success is underlined by the fact that Teesport is actively looking for further available land banks in which to expand this key initiative.

initiative In a nutshell, the portcentric initiative is designed to use Teesport as a central hub for the distribution activities of importers and the supply chains of major retailers. It brings suppliers closer to markets and reduces annual truck miles in the south of the country by tens of millions each year. Distribution centres can vary in size and specification according to the exact requirements of the products being handled. Within the Teesport

Customs-approved area, customers can either design and build their own centres or use a purpose-built facility. Under the portcentric system, goods come off the roads and are shipped direct to Teesport for sorting, repacking and oncarriage to final destination. Key advantages of locating a distribution centre in Teesport include: • Direct container links to the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and Europe • Regular feeder links to European hub ports • No return-to-port container handling • Secure Customs-approved warehousing • Customer-specific facilities • Excellent hinterland transport infrastructure • Wide choice of transport providers and logistics specialists • In-port distribution activities are protected by port’s own security services • Efficient – and expanding – container operations at Tees Dock.

Import centres By 2010 more than 1.7 million sq ft of warehousing for portcentric activities will have been opened on Teesside, both at Tees Dock and at off-port locations. The opening in 2006 of the first distribution centre – at Tees Dock for the supermarket chain Asda Walmart – was a landmark project for both the port and the region. It also paved the way for other major retailers to follow in Asda’s footsteps and realise the benefits of locating their distribution operations close to final destination. Asda’s 350,000 sq ft warehouse was followed in August 2009 by a 1.2 million sq ft warehouse



for Tesco. One of the largest import centres in Northern Europe, this new Tesco facility can hold 130,000 pallets at a time. In locating to Tees Dock, Tesco recognised the value of the portcentric initiative to the supply chain. It was looking for a northern port with a sizeable land bank and Teesport was the only port that could meet its requirements. Other import warehouses have been opened by the clothes retailer George in Darlington (250,000 sq ft), by SABIC UK Petrochemicals Limited (200,000 sq ft) and by the tea and coffee importer Taylors of Harrogate (50,000 sq ft). Both Asda and Tesco have ample space for further expansion. In fact, there is scope for a further 1.5 million sq ft of warehousing. Teesport expects to have 3 to 3.5 million sq ft of warehousing in use by 2013-14, both on Tees Dock and off-port using Teesport as a point of entry.

Containers Of course, these import centres have significantly increased container throughput, with more feeder lines calling Tees Dock. As part of its portcentric package, PD Ports has enabled Asda to save nearly 1.5 million road miles in 2009 through the success of Logical Link, a coastal feeder service that offers a next-day connection between Felixstowe and Teesport. Taylors of Harrogate also states that by shipping its products direct to Teesport and storing them on-site prior to their final short leg journey to Harrogate, the business will significantly reduce its carbon footprint. As part of Tesco’s supply chain, Evergreen has incorporated Teesport into its weekly services

from the Far East with a new transhipment service from Rotterdam via Feederlink. Maersk also ships containers in feeder vessels to Teesport on behalf of Tesco. Feeder operations received another boost in June 2010 with the announcement that Unifeeder will call Teesport from Hamburg and Rotterdam. The key to the success of the import centres is efficient container handling operations at the port; and with plans to expand Teesport Container Terminal 2 and long-term ambitions for a deepwater container port, the outlook for Teesport’s portcentric activities is bright indeed.




New owners for PD Ports


eesport is part of the specialist ports business PD Ports, which has operations across the UK. PD Ports offers a wide range of supply chain services for moving products and materials into and out of the UK – and within the UK – on behalf of customers.

Since November 2009 PD Ports has been owned by the Canadian-based company Brookfield, a global asset manager focused on property, renewable power and infrastructure assets. Brookfield has over $100 billion of assets under management. As one of the world’s largest property investors, its portfolio includes infrastructure, renewable power and real estate assets and businesses in 20 countries. Brookfield’s investment in PD Ports represents its first foray into the ports business, but PD Ports is confident the new owner will provide a stable platform to support its future growth and development.

About PD Ports PD Ports employs more than 1,140 members of staff and generates an annual turnover of over £115 million from its many UK locations. It has operations throughout the UK and at many key ports and logistics centres.

Its three business interests are: • Port operations – PD Ports is the owner and/ or operator of Teesport and facilities on the Humber estuary, on the rivers Trent and Ouse, and at Medina Wharf in the Isle of Wight. In addition, PD Logistics offers warehousing and distribution services throughout the North East, Humberside and East Anglia • Conservancy – Management of river traffic for the ports of Tees and Hartlepool including navigation and dredging. A modern harbour office looks after the arrival and departure of over 6,000 vessels a year at Tees and Hartlepool. • Property – Includes property and facilities owned by PD Ports and used by third parties on long-term leases; land with potential for development; and port land at Hartlepool docks, especially in the context of the renewable energy sector.



New developments keep Teesport thriving


n tonnage terms, Teesport is the UK’s fourth-largest port, handling almost 40 million tonnes a year of cargo traffic. This ranges from containerised cargo to dry and liquid bulks, steel products, imported vehicles, petrochemicals, project cargo and ro-ro traffic.

terminal and an ever-expanding cluster of import and distribution facilities.

While most of this traffic is handled at private facilities, the focus of activity for Teesport is Tees Dock, on the south shore of the River Tees, about 5 km upriver from the sea. Tees Dock lies at the heart of the 283 hectare Teesport Estate.

The dock has 30,000 square metres of covered warehousing and large paved areas for cargo storage. The wide range of lifting equipment includes five heavy lift Gottwald HMK cranes of 63 to 100 tonnes capacity, 13 reach stackers and two quay cranes.

Versatility The strength of Tees Dock is its versatility. Few other ports can offer such a wide range of services as those available on Teesside. The Teesport Estate has two container terminals, three ro-ro berths, storage areas for cars, a steel export

All berths have a depth alongside of 10.9 metres LAT apart from one ro-ro berth of 8.8 metres depth at the head of Tees Dock.

Linked One of the key advantages of the Teesport estate is its quick and easy connections to the hinterland. Teesport lies just a few hundred metres from the A66 dual carriageway, giving trucks ready access to some of the UK’s least congested trunk roads within minutes of leaving the port. Teesport is also connected to the national rail system and most berths and warehouses on the estate are rail-linked.

Cars Car imports have been a staple business of Tees Dock for many years. Volumes were down by 40 per cent as a result of the 2008 slump in car sales, but since mid 2010 they have started to recover. Tees Dock is equipped with three ro-ro ramps and has storage for 15,000 vehicles. Renault vehicles are handled by CAT UK, which imports car and vans from its main distribution facility in Le Havre. Vessels of Flota Suardiaz call up to three times per week. Vehicles are either stored at Tees Dock or transported by rail to Bathgate in Scotland. At Teesport there is storage for about 9,000 vehicles on 23 hectares of paved area.



Walon UK is the main agent for General Motors at Teesport. It operates a dedicated import centre for Vauxhall cars, which are shipped from GM’s main hub in Zeebrugge on the services of P&O Ferries and UECC services. The vehicles are discharged by Teesport stevedores ready for onshipment to retailers in the North of England and Scotland. There is storage for 6,000 cars.

Changes For many years Tees Dock has been a vital link in the chain for steel exports from the nearby plant of Tata Steel (formerly Corus). There has been a significant drop in volumes since early 2010, when the plant was mothballed; but, nevertheless, Tata Steel remains an important customer of Teesport. Some slabs are still handled to feed the beam mill; the pipe mill in Hartlepool is still operational; and Redcar Ore Terminal still handles large volumes of coal and coke. In addition, many vessels use the deep water in the River Tees to lighten before heading to the Humber.

Teesport, which had become a world leader in handling slab steel for Tata Steel, will retain all its equipment and will have the capability to handle slab steel in the future, should the plant recommence production.

Future power One of the more exciting developments at Tees Dock will be the construction of the first biomass power station on Teesport land. In 2009 the Government approved MGT Power’s 295 MW wood-fuelled power station, to be built on the South Dock area of Teesport. This will be one of the largest biomass plants ever built in the UK, generating enough ‘carbon neutral’ electricity from sustainable sources to power 600,000 homes across the North East. Construction of the £500 million plant is anticipated to start in 2011 and the plant is expected to be fully operational by 2014. This facility will cover 35 acres and will have an expected lifespan of 56 years.



For Teesport, which acts as landlord for MGT Power, the good news is that this new operation will involve bringing 2 million tonnes of wood chips per year to the port. The power plant will be located alongside a deepwater berth, allowing the wood chips to be unloaded directly to a dedicated storage area. The wood chips will be imported mainly from sustainable sources in South America. Critical analysis studies have shown that the development of the station and the import of wood chips by sea is carbon-friendly. Teesport is also talking to various developers with a view to bringing similar operations to Teesport, which has space for an additional two plants of a similar size.

Import centre Without doubt, the principal success story of Tees Dock in recent years has been to act as an import

and distribution centre for some of the UK’s leading supermarket retailers – and now this ‘portcentric’ concept is being taken to the next level.

benefits Already, Asda, George, Tesco, Taylors of Harrogate and others are realising the benefits of basing their import and distribution centres next to the container handling facilities of Tees Dock – and more are expected to arrive in coming years.

Integral role The towage company Svitzer UK has a key role to play in the marine service sector at Tees and Hartlepool. With experience and expertise, backed by quality assurance and safety programmes, Svitzer UK is able to offer a dedicated and efficient service that adds real value for its customers. As the UK’s largest towage and marine services company, Svitzer UK has its head office in Middlesbrough, from where day-to-day towage operations are carried out in the ports of Tees and Hartlepool.

contracted The company’s fleet of five ISM-certified tugs is a strategic mix of Voith Schneider, azimuth stern drive and tractor tugs, allowing it to deal with every type of ship in all weather conditions. Svitzer UK is also contracted by Teesport to provide a ship waste management service, collecting general waste from vessels calling at the port.


A&P Tees


Tees shipyard goes from strength to strength


trategically located beside one of Europe’s busiest seaports, A&P Tees provides a complete shiprepair and refit service. In addition to its two dry docks and two alongside berths, the company offers its services at other locations with the use of riding squads.

A&P Tees has a long history of shiprepair on the Tees. In 2009 the company achieved ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditations, thus underlining its commitment to health and safety, quality management and the environment.

competitive The shipyard’s key assets are competitive pricing and fast, efficient turnrounds. It has achieved this by restructuring into a mainly project management focused operation. The result is low overheads and a flexible operation using a young team with a fresh approach. The shipyard uses both local and on-site contractors to get the job done with maximum efficiency. Facilities at A&P Tees include two dry docks of 175 x 22.2 metres and 120 x 17.3 metres; two alongside berths; dedicated workshops for electrical work, engineering, joinery, plumbing and steelwork; and customer storage areas.

focused Most of the shipyard’s work is focused on dredgers, offshore support vessels, survey ships and tugs. In 2009 it handled 45 vessels in dock or alongside. Emergency repairs, refits, conversions, mobilisations, general repairs, maintenance and fabrications are all performed regularly on site. The company’s ‘afloat’ service provides skilled and experienced engineers, fitters and other tradesmen direct to clients’ vessels on the Tees

and nearby coast. Shipyard personnel will arrange to meet the vessel wherever convenient in order to provide a speedy and professional service.

cruise ship In 2009 A&P Tees handled its first-ever cruise ship. From December 2009 to February 2010 the shipyard carried out a range of work on the boutique cruise ship ‘Hebridean Princess’, of Hebridean Island Cruises. This included refurbishment of the teak deck, engine work, paintwork and overhauling of tenders. Cruise ship contracts are an example of how the shipyard is endeavouring to expand into new markets while also attending to its core customers. A&P Tees has facilities for receiving gas carriers alongside its west jetty and is keeping an eye on the growing Tees-based market in renewable energies.

Hartlepool //


Commercial expansion beckons for Hartlepool port operations


artlepool’s easy lock-free access to the North Sea and its proximity to the southern North Sea oilfields have led to a burgeoning business in the offshore support sector

of forest products include over five hectares of fully surfaced and fenced open areas. There is 8,000 square metres of dedicated warehousing for weather-sensitive timber products from the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia.

Now, this expertise, combined with an ample land base, has opened the way for expansion into the offshore wind farm sector, offering first-rate opportunities for both existing and new operators.

Quay and harbour mobile cranes are equipped with a range of grabs for bulk imports and there are three elevators for grain exports. Limestone and scrap metal are loaded for export using grabs.

Originally built to serve the coalfields of County Durham, Hartlepool Dock, just 6.4 km north of the River Tees, consists of a large tidal harbour with open access to the sea plus a small enclosed dock.


The core activities of Hartlepool are bulk cargo, forest products, steel and offshore services. Purpose-built facilities for the import and storage

The main quays in Victoria Harbour are Victoria Quay (of 150 metres length), Irvine’s Quay, (380 metres) and Deep Water Berth (380 metres). In addition, the North Basin is an enclosed dock with 386 metres of quay and a depth of 3.11 metres over the sill.



Hartlepool Dock has 86,000 square metres of quayside warehousing with dedicated sheds for bulk cargo, forest products and offshore support and mobilisation operations. A combination of ample quay space and quayside depths of more than 8.0 metres LAT have enabled Hartlepool to attract major offshore contracts. Many of the port areas around Victoria Harbour have been transformed in recent years, bringing surplus land into play. Victoria Harbour was previously regarded as a potential mixed-use site with a significant residential housing element; but now it is being targeted for further activities in the offshore wind and support sectors. A total of 90 acres of quayside land is available for development.

Operators Victoria Harbour is home to Heerema Offshore, which fabricates large modules for use in the North Sea. In 2009 JDR Cables opened a new facility at Hartlepool to supply offshore cabling direct to vessels from its quayside plant. The pipe mill of Tata Steel (formerly Corus) has been based in Hartlepool for many years and with the large 84 inch pipe mill from Stockton being transferred to the site in 2006 the towns’s status as a leading manufacturer of pipes has been consolidated. In addition, the petrochemical giant Huntsman operates a paint pigment plant in the town. Mineral miller Omya has imported Norwegian white dolomite stone to its dockside factory for over 20 years. Hartlepool has a long history of major offshore projects that include the handling and storage of over 1 million tonnes of concrete coated pipe for the Ormen Lange gas field pipeline in 2005-2006 and the assembly of 700 metre long pipes to be spooled for laying in the North Sea and offshore in Trinidad for Helix Energy.

In addition, the port regularly receives vessel calls from operators such as Acergy, Sub-Sea 7 and Technip Offshore, which carry out support work in the North Sea oilfields. The heavy load-out facility at Irvine’s Quay in Hartlepool Dock is also used by Heerema to load out its massive modules, constructed within the dock estate, to North Sea barges.

Future Hartlepool is already benefiting from new investment from offshore wind farms, one of the new industries that One North East has identified as a potential source of new jobs. To this end, PD Ports is creating, at Hartlepool, the platform for a cluster of companies with engineering expertise in the offshore energy sector. Although the current economic mood is one of caution, Teesport is endeavouring to inject a sense of urgency and pace in order to win a share of the excellent opportunities now available. In this context, Hartlepool is one of the UK’s premier sites for investment and development.



Future is box-shaped at Teesport


eesport’s container handling facilities have gone from strength to strength in recent years. In 2009 the port’s two container terminals reached the milestone figure of 100,000 containers in one year for the first time. Now, the port is aiming to expand its facilities and develop its handling capacity further, thus paving the way for achieving its long-term ambition to be a container hub for the region.

Terminals Teesport Container Terminal 1 (TCT1) offers direct access to the North Sea from its riverside location. With 300 metres of continuous quay, the terminal is equipped with two wide-span gantry cranes, each providing more than 25 moves per hour.

tct2 Teesport Container Terminal 2 (TCT2), located within Tees Dock, has 360 metres of continuous quay with two gantry cranes of 50 tonnes capacity. The two terminals have a combined capacity of 235,000 teu. The port can handle vessels with a capacity of up to 3,500 teu.

Expansion In tough economic times, the port’s container terminals have outperformed the market and are looking to increase their throughout by 40 per cent in 2010. This has naturally led to expansion plans being revisited and construction of TCT2’s expansion is due to commence in 2010. The first phase of a project to expand Teesport’s container terminal capacity to 450,000 teu will commence at the end of 2010 with completion due in the third quarter of 2011.



This represents an investment of over £15 million, with further phases – subject to volume growth and market stability – potentially involving some £29 million. The port’s overall strategy is to expand port-wide capacity, including ro-ro traffic, to at least 650,000 teu. This will position Teesport as a major player in the container market.

phase The first phase at TCT2 will focus on reconfiguring the existing container terminal layout, including all associated civil works and the installation of new rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs). This will be supported by the introduction for the first time at Teesport of a sophisticated terminal operating system (TOS) that will allow the port to manage the movement and location of containers with a much higher degree of accuracy and efficiency than ever before. Once completed, the new terminal – the largest development at Teesport for many years – will create about 50 new jobs within the terminal and support about 200 more in the supply chain. This will complement the 1,300 jobs that have been created since 2005 as a direct result of the port’s ‘portcentric’ activities.


of cargo closer to final destination and save many tens of millions of truck miles on the roads, not to mention reducing congestion in the South.

Long-term plans for the 1.5 million teu capacity Northern Gateway Container Terminal (NGCT) are still very much in the port’s sights. Slated for construction on the site of the existing TCT1, it would transform Teesport into a major container hub for the North of England.

Having already been granted formal planning approval from the Transport Secretary, Teesport is just waiting for market conditions to develop to give it the green light.

Teesport is the obvious choice for a deepsea container port. In fact, it is the only port in the region capable of handling vessels up to 150,000 dwt. A deviation of eight to 10 hours by vessels from the South Coast ports would bring millions of tonnes

The growing number of feeder lines calling Teesport has been driven mainly by the growth of the ‘portcentric’ activities at Tees Dock. With major retailers such as Asda, Tesco, George and others now importing products destined for the





northern UK via Teesport, several lines such as Feederlink and BG Freight have introduced services to the port. In 2010 the port also attracted Europe’s largest feeder operator, Unifeeder, with three calls per week to Hamburg and Rotterdam. This greatly enhances the network of services which Teesport can offer to importers and exporters in the North East.

feeder PD Ports also offers an east coast feeder service, Logical Link, between Felixstowe and Teesport, using the Unifeeder and Feederlink vessels. This service provides an opportunity to move containers to the northern UK without using the already congested road network. Its principal aim is to aid the ‘portcentric’ activities by providing a regular, economic and flexible service to ship containers from southern hub ports to Teesport.

supply chain This allows retailers to take greater control of the supply chain. About 36 per cent of all containers handled at the port are related to ‘portcentric’ activities. There has also been a significant increase in volumes of waste paper and scrap metal to the Far East. Teesport has also become a minihub for the Baltic States services with Containerships vessels calling twice a week, linking its Baltic and Mediterranean services. Transhipped containers make up about eight per cent of volumes through the port.

Container services at Teesport Company


Call Tees Other ports on rotation

K Line Denholm-Barwil Saturday Gothenburg, Aarhus, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Leixos, Lisbon, Felixstowe Feederlink Denholm-Barwil

4 calls South Shields, Grangemouth, per week Immingham, Felixstowe, 3 x FXT Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, 1x RTM Southampton

CMA-CGM Denholm-Barwil Saturday Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, Immingham, Teesport, Grangemouth MSC


BG Freight GAC OBC


Antwerp, Grangemouth

Sunday Rotterdam, Grangemouth Wednesday

Containerships Containerships UK 1 call per week Med Service

Tilbury, Rotterdam, Piraeus, Istanbul, Izmir, Salerno, Rades

Containerships Containerships UK 3 calls per week St Petersburg, Helsinki, Baltic Service Klaipeda, Gdansk, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Tilbury, Ghent, Aarhus, Riga Samskip Denholm-Barwil Saturday

Hull, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge

Unifeeder Johnson Stevens Tuesday Hamburg, Rotterdam, Agencies Wednesday Felixstowe, South Shields, Grangemouth, Immingham P&O Ferries P&O Ferries

6 per week Zeebrugge 3 per week Rotterdam

Logistics //


Logistics providers enhance reputation of Teesport


he rise of Teesside as a regional logistics centre is due in no small part to the wide choice of specialist companies now operating in the area.

They range from modest-sized haulage companies to complex multimodal operations and, today, importers and exporters in Tees Valley have come to rely on this key sector. In fact, the provision of logistics and haulage services is one of the area’s fastest growing sectors. Tees Valley is already blessed with excellent and hassle-free links by road, rail, sea and air. Now, with more and more cargo owners taking advantage of the region’s good connections,

there is a stronger-than-ever demand for fast, efficient and reliable logistics services. One of the main factors in this growth is Teesport’s good location within easy reach of high-density conurbations such as Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and with regular rail connections to the North West and Scotland. Leeds is only 70 minutes away by road and Newcastle can be reached in less than an hour. In addition, the ‘portcentric’ activities at Teesport have led to an intensification of transport and logistics activities.

Operators Tees Valley is home to a wide range of logistics and trucking companies offering specialist cargo handling services as well as conventional haulage: • AV Dawson operates a multimodal freight terminal at its riverside location in Middlesbrough. With its own fleet of 200 trailers, the company handles a diverse range of cargoes including steel, project cargo, loose bulk products such as fertiliser, aggregates and scrap, as well as a significant volume of containers and retail goods. Its facilities include a 480 metre quay on the River Tees and the Ayrton International Rail Terminal, where the company provides integrated intermodal services as well as storage and warehousing. Through other group companies also based on its Middlesbrough site AV Dawson can also offer ships agency, industrial blasting and painting, risk management services and trailer hire. AV Dawson’s commitment to providing ever more efficient services is emphasised by its flexible and innovative product handling and supply chain solutions which have resulted in lead-time and financial savings for both its traditional



clients in the automotive and construction equipment and oil and gas markets, and more recently in Teesside’s growing biofuels, renewable energy and waste sectors. • LV Shipping Ltd is a logistics, shipping and transport specialist offering multimodal solutions to customers in the UK and worldwide. As part of the Dutch-owned LV Group, the company provides road haulage and distribution services across Europe. Its fleet includes 24 Euroliner trailers to serve markets in Scandinavia. Its 130,000 sq ft premises at Teesport Commerce Park are complemented by modern storage facilities with inventory control systems – ideal for customers requiring a large store for transit or spare parts for dispatch worldwide and can be easily used as fabrication sheds. Its packing service is approved by FC0858. LV Shipping also specialises in long and wide loads and project cargo. • Bulmers Transport is a family-owned haulage and logistics company specialising in bulk cargo and containers. It operates from a fully secured 11 acre site embracing a full container depot facility with empty container lift capability and a total of 3,000 teu storage capacity; container repairs and sales; and a workshop for the servicing and repair of trucks and trailers.

PD Logistics PD Logistics, owned by PD Ports, is a major UK logistics provider using air, road, rail and sea transport to serve its ever-growing customer base in the chemical, metal, automotive and retail sectors. Offering a comprehensive supply chain designed to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers, PD Logistics has extensive warehousing across the UK and a large fleet of trucks for smooth and efficient haulage of freight.

PD Logistics operates a 150,000 sq ft warehouse at Tees Dock as part of its UK-wide network. In total, the company offers warehousing and distribution services at 13 locations in the North East, on Humberside and in East Anglia, including Felixstowe. PD Logistics is also active in the container market, handling mainly paper and general commodities as well as serving heavy industry.



Tees Valley is preferred hub for offshore industry


he Tees Valley continues to be a first choice for investment in the offshore industry, building on decades of expertise and experience following the boom years of exploration and fabrication in the 1970s. Extensive facilities can be found on both sides of the River Tees and at Hartlepool. They include single-user facilities and multi-user sites along with a wide range of service and support companies. Once again, Teesside is witnessing a growth in offshore activities, with the opening and expansion of various new facilities. In particular, this is being driven by an expansion in the offshore wind power sector.

Wind power The Government is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 20 per cent and this has opened the way to the development of wind farms in the North Sea.



Three of the larger developments – Dogger Bank, Forth and Hornsey – are close to Teesside and Teesport is looking to win a substantial slice of this business. Offshore wind farm projects require vast areas of land for the assembly and manufacture of turbines. In this context, Hartlepool’s Victoria Harbour has the potential to be a major player in the offshore wind and offshore support sectors. This could bring sustained economic growth and jobs to the town. A large degree of offshore expertise already exists in Hartlepool, which has plenty of land suitable for development in the wind farm sector.

JDR Cables A significant development in Hartlepool was the opening in 2009 of a 100,000 sq ft manufacturing facility operated by JDR Cable Systems Ltd, a leading provider of subsea power cables, umbilical systems and marine cables for the energy sector. In fact, it is the only site in the UK designed specifically to manufacture subsea power cables for the oil and gas sector and the offshore renewables market. Located alongside a deepwater quay, this facility incorporates two carousels to supply cables weighing up to 2,200 tonnes. Cables can be spooled directly from the factory to offshore cable-laying vessels. In July 2010 the company announced a 116,000 sq ft expansion of its Hartlepool facilities to cater for the demand for its cables,

Heerema The offshore fabrication company Heerema is another successful operation based in Hartlepool. The company has 28,000 square metres of fabrication area at Victoria Dock and a further 48,000 square metres at Greenland Road.

Heerema is involved in fabrication of offshore oil and gas installations, drilling facilities, integrated decks and modules, jackets and substructure, pipelines and heavy structural steel projects.

Tees Dock Teesport’s facility, further upriver at Tees Dock, has the only deepwater quay on the river, able to berth even the largest offshore support vessels. The quay is used for loading heavy reels and project cargo and for overside transfers of structures built at upriver wharves to deep-draught vessels. Further upriver lies Teesport Commerce Park, owned and managed by PD Ports. This 48 hectare multi-user site is home to about 20 companies including LV Shipping, a multimodal specialist that has developed a niche market for marine and offshore projects. The main cargo handling quay is the 120 metre long Heavy Lift Quay, which is on long-term lease to the offshore vessel operator CTC Marine. The




quay is equipped with a 180 tonne capacity Manitowoc heavy lift crane, which also undertakes third party contract lifts.

North Sea Supply Base Further still upriver, in Middlesbrough, the three massive fabrication halls of AV Dawson’s North Sea Supply Base are a well-known landmark. Measuring 65 metres long by 40 metres wide by 45 metres high, these halls provide some 15,000 square metres of shed space, 5,000 square metres of warehousing and office accommodation for up to 500 people. The facility has nine overhead cranes within the fabrication halls and is supported by quay cranes lifting up to 200 tonnes.

one-stop The North Sea Supply Base is a one-stop shop for all kinds of onshore and offshore engineering projects including the decommissioning of offshore structures in partnership with local fabrication and waste management companies. It has a comprehensive range of fabrication, haulage, heavy lift and railhead facilities as well as warehousing and wharfage. North Sea Supply Base is also the permanent home to companies involved in the sub-sea and project forwarding sector, scaffolding and access systems, specialists in blasting and marine coatings.

Able UK Able UK Ltd is a recognised leader in the decommissioning of offshore structures (including ships) and a significant developer of land across the north of England. At Able Seaton Port the company operates the Teesside Environmental Reclamation and Recycling Centre (TERRC), one of the largest of its kind.

Located on the north side of the Tees estuary, this 126-acre facility has a 25-acre flooded basin and dry dock. Able UK has developed the TERRC facility as a multi-user centre. In addition to offshore and marine construction and decommissioning, it is used for conventional port operations, bulks, aggregates and rock armour and for a variety of marine fabrication works.




Ferries provide vital link for cargo owners


erry services from Teesport continue to provide a vital link for cargo owners and manufacturers on both sides of the North Sea.

P&O Ferries has been operating services into Tees Dock for over 20 years and now offer six sailings a week to both Zeebrugge (Belgium) and three a week to Rotterdam. These fast and frequent services enable cargo owners in the North of England and southern Scotland to get their goods to markets in mainland Europe in a timely and efficient manner. Meanwhile, the arriving ferries provide a valuable link into principal UK markets for exporters in the Benelux countries, Germany, Italy and Spain.

growth In recent years, Teesport has provided additional ro-ro berths to match the growth of ferry services provided by its single ferry operator, P&O Ferries. Volumes had declined slightly since 2008, but largely owing to the port’s burgeoning portcentric activities, were experiencing slight growth by 2010, handling raw and manufactured chemical products from Wilton. Ro-ro operators have a choice of two berths at Tees Dock with a third available at the Riverside Ro-ro Terminal at the eastern end of the Teesport estate.

Convenient The Zeebrugge ferry arrives at about 11.00 hours and the Rotterdam ferry at 13.00 hours. Both depart for the Continent at 21.00 hours, thus allowing shippers to get their trailers to Teesport in time for the overnight crossing. Products can be on the shelves within 24 hours of leaving the factory in the UK or on the Continent.

These services offer time savings to shippers of up to 24 hours compared with conventional lo-lo container services. Each ferry has three decks that can be loaded simultaneously, while containers can be doubled stacked on the main decks.

investment Over the years, Teesport has matched P&O’s investment in new ferries with additional berths, gatehouse facilities and information technology. Equipment includes 13 46-tonne capacity reach stackers, which serve both the ferry terminal and container berths. Up to 880 units a day can be loaded and discharged at Tees Dock.



Private quays give strength to maritime services sector


uch of the success of Teesside’s maritime services sector is due to its extensive range of private operators, many of whom have riverside facilities on both sides of the Tees.

a depth alongside of 3.5 metres LAT, allowing vessels up to 110 metres in length and 5,000 dwt to berth.

AV Dawson

LV Shipping is one of the fastest growing multimodal transport and logistics companies in Tees Valley. At Teesport Commerce Park, the company operates a deepwater berth and a road haulage depot. Its core business is road haulage and distribution using its own fleet of trucks and trailers.

At Dawson’s Wharf the multi-service company AV Dawson Ltd operates rail terminals, river berths, a road haulage fleet and warehousing. The site also includes the North Sea Supply Base, with its three large fabrication halls. As well as handling large volumes of scrap metal for export, AV Dawson is a vital link in the supply chain for the Ensus bioethanol operations. In preparation for the handling of wheat imports, the company is building an 82,000 sq ft grain warehouse and is investing in a new Gottwald crane with a large capacity grab. AV Dawson also hopes to attract more business in the offshore wind energy sector. The company is expanding its northern quay by 150 metres and deepening its berths to 8.5 metres to handle the new generation of offshore support vessels.

Able UK Able UK operates eight facilities in Tees Valley, of which four are port and dock facilities on the River Tees. These facilities combine logistics with environmental services, marine fabrication and decommissioning of onshore and offshore structures.

Portrack Seafreight At Bamletts Wharf, cargo handling services are provided by Portrack Seafreight Ltd, which handles about 300,000 tonnes a year of bulk, bagged and palletised cargo. The wharf has

LV Shipping

The nine acre site also includes 130,000 sq ft of warehousing with overhead cranes of up to 60 tonnes capacity and fork-lift trucks of up to 25 tonnes, specialising in container loading.

services LV Shipping is at the forefront in providing complex transport services. The company has a lot of experience in large-scale project shipping and management involving the whole shipping and transport chain, from vessel charter through to installation. LV shipping also has in-depth understanding and experience in ship chartering and ship agency and is the ideal partner for those seeking to charter vessels and provide comprehensive service and support, delivered by a qualified Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers personnel.

comprehensive LV shipping is able to offer a comprehensive shipping and engineering package incorporating vessel chartering, precision lifting and a sea fastening package comprising design supply and fabrication, lift engineering and installation of major packages.




Port develops new business by encouraging ‘people skills’


ecognising the link between the development of its employees and the business as a whole, PD Ports has put in place various training and personal development programmes for more than 1,100 staff as well as ensuring that safety is its number one priority.

Safety record The operational efficiency of Teesport is underpinned by an exceptional safety record. The port claims to have the highest health and safety standards in the industry and has won accolades for its safety statistics, which improve year on year as a result of good co-operation by all the company’s employees. A recent development was the introduction of a mandatory educational video that is shown to all visitors and guests at the Teesport estate. This gives details of the measures that have been taken to ensure the safety of both visitors and port workers.

Education Ongoing education plays a vital role in the ports’ success. In conjunction with PD Ports, Teesside University has recently launched a foundation degree aimed specifically at people in the ports industry. The course is organised on a part-time basis over two years. In addition, PD Ports keeps a close eye on the professional development of its employees and provides many opportunities to promote this.

Community Teesside is home to a particularly close-knit port and maritime community in which members regularly engage in dialogue and constructive discussion on issues that affect all operators in the region.

The principal mouthpiece for this is Tees & Hartlepool Port Users’ Association, which represents a wide range of marine interests in Tees Valley and lobbies Teesport on issues affecting the port community.

contribution In addition, Tees & Hartlepool branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) is one of the most active in the country. It makes a continuous contribution to the local transport and port community, overseeing an education programme leading to professional qualifications. In its mission to drive up standards, ICS also arranges health and safety courses, supports the local seamen’s welfare organisations and meets once a month to discuss port-related issues. ‘People power’ is one of Tees Valley’s greatest assets, being highly trained and well motivated.

Transport //


First-rate connections by road, rail and air


port’s effectiveness is only as good as its hinterland connections – and for Teesport and its customers, these transport links are among the best in the UK. An extensive network of railways and uncongested roads, along with a large regional airport, provides the ideal accompaniment to the port activities of Tees and Hartlepool, ensuring that cargo is sent quickly on its way with a minimum of fuss.

Road There are few delays or hold-ups on the fastmoving roads around Teesport. Hauliers and cargo owners using Tees Dock have easy access to the national road network via the A66 dual carriageway, located just outside the port gates. This provides fast and congestion-free access to the A19, A1(M), M1, M6 and M5 trunk roads.

Rail One of the chief advantages of Tees Valley is its excellent rail infrastructure. In fact, Tees Valley

has more rail-linked sites – with ready access to the national network – than any comparable area in the North of England. Today, this asset is more precious than ever as freight owners look to rail transport – and related intermodal services – to provide them with regular and reliable connections throughout the UK. The East Coast main line connects Darlington with Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Doncaster and London. It offers fast transit times to Scotland, the Midlands, the South of England and other destinations. In addition, Middlesbrough is linked with Manchester, Manchester Airport and Leeds via the trans-Pennine route. In the near future, with gauge improvements on the way, Tees Valley will be able to handle high cube containers without restriction, thus adding to its competitiveness. These improvements are expected to be in place by 2013.

Rail-linked sites Tees Valley has a series of rail-linked industrial sites located on or near the River Tees. Several of the larger sites are occupied by specialist companies offering intermodal and support services: • Teesport’s cargo handling facilities are served by intermodal rail services with direct access to Teesport’s ferry and container terminals. • Tees Yard rail hub, operated by D B Schenker, has ample land for logistics partners to carry out intermodal operations. • Freightliner has its own terminal on the Wilton International chemical production site. • AV Dawson Ltd operates the Ayrton International Railhead and Store, a major distribution hub with 30,000 square metres of rail-linked warehousing. This six hectare facility has reception facilities and warehousing for dry



bulk goods, a weighbridge, cranes of up to 40 tonnes capacity and rail-linked storage. From its railhead and quayside facilities AV Dawson operates its own diverse transport fleet including specialist steel carriers, abnormal load services, and bulk tippers, as well as flatbed and curtain sided trailers for long steel and palletised goods. A new twice weekly container train service beginning in November 2010 will increase annual volumes through the terminal by an additional 150,000 tonnes. Most of the facilities of Teesport are rail-linked including the Tees Dock complex of quays, storage areas and warehouses. Cargo can be handled under cover at various sheds with overhead cranes and extensive storage areas.

Rail operators Rail freight services are provided by D B Schenker and Freightliner Ltd. D B Schenker is the preferred rail freight partner of Teesport and the principal mover of heavy freight in the Tees Valley, transporting aggregates, coal, steel and petrochemicals. D B Schenker also operates regular multi-user container services, using Teesport as a hub for its intermodal maritime movements.

linked Teesport is linked to the D B Schenker network. This provides connections to most parts of the UK including a daily container service to Mossend, Glasgow, and to Grangemouth; and a daily service to Workington in Cumbria. Arrival times are next day or better. Freightliner Ltd is the UK’s largest haulier of maritime containers, providing trunk rail services between key ports and inland rail freight interchanges. In the Tees Valley, its operations are

centred on the Wilton Freightliner Terminal, which operates 24 hours a day, with a daily direct service to the port of Felixstowe. Freightliner handles about 35,000 containers a year through its Wilton terminal.

Air Like many regional airports, Teesside’s Durham Tees Valley Airport (DTVA) has experienced tough market conditions in recent years. However, it is fighting back with a range of initiatives to build passenger numbers and freight volumes. Scheduled passenger services are operated by Aer Lingus (Dublin), Eastern Airways (Aberdeen and Southampton), Flybe (Jersey), KLM (Amsterdam) and Ryanair (Alicante). The airport also handles charter flights.

urgent DTVA is ideal, too, for time-sensitive freight handling and is used regularly for urgent traffic. Located just 15 minutes from three major trunk roads, DTVA has excellent links to the immediate region. The airport has a 2,291 metre runway that can receive almost any aircraft in operation, including AN-124s and Boeing 747s. With no slot constraints and an efficient handling operation, DTVA is a competitive option for air freight. Plans are also under way to develop the Skylink International Business Park, next to the airport, offering some 2 million sq ft of commercial land with particular emphasis on airport-related business and freight companies.




Biofuel plant underlines ‘green energy’ status of Teesside

he reduction of carbon dioxide in transport fuels is regarded as a key strategy in meeting the twin challenges of energy security and climate change.


These investments support over 2,000 jobs in the UK’s farming, logistics and manufacturing industries and have accelerated the development of the North East UK region as a new green industrial hub.

Taking a giant leap in this direction is the bioethanol plant operated by Ensus at Wilton International.

The operation is immense, with about 150 trucks arriving each day with animal-grade wheat.

The Ensus plant is Europe’s largest cereal grain biorefinery. It uses locally grown animal feed wheat to produce an annual total of more than 400 million litres of bioethanol, 350,000 tonnes of high protein animal feed, and 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide for use in soft drinks and food production.

With UK-grown wheat remaining in surplus, Ensus has a ready supply of feedstock. The plant is also one of the EU’s largest producers of animal feed.

The plant produces enough biofuel to meet onethird of the UK’s bioethanol demand under the UK’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) and generates carbon savings equivalent to taking 300,000 cars off the road.

• Ideal location with infrastructure, utilities, access to port and import/export competencies

Starting in 2006, the Ensus Group raised £250 million to build the Ensus 1 plant at Wilton and related parties have invested a further £60 million.

Partners of Ensus include Glencore, Katzen International, SembCorp, Shell, Simon Carves, Vopak and Yara. Ensus has 10-year agreements with Shell for the ethanol and with Glencore for the animal feed. Yara takes all the carbon dioxide and uses it in the manufacture of fizzy drinks.

Why Teesside? • North East England has a wheat export surplus

• A highly controlled manufacturing process was essential and Teesside has expertise in chemicals industry.

savings Studies show that the Ensus bioethanol plant achieves carbon dioxide savings of about 70 per cent compared with petrol. In fact, the process yields environmental benefits at every stage. Biorefining ethanol produces competitively priced animal feed. It also reduces the reliance on imported soymeal. The Ensus plant reached full capacity in August 2010 and is looking to expand its operations still further in order to meet the demand for greener fuels.

PetrochemICALS //


World-class handling and storage of liquid bulk chemicals and petrochemicals


eesside is blessed with truly world-class facilities for the handling and storage of liquid bulk chemicals and petrochemicals. As a vital link in the supply and distribution chain, these facilities play a key role in one of Europe’s largest process clusters.

Storage tanks with a total capacity of more than half a million cubic metres are located on both sides of the River Tees, along with a network of waterfront berths and logistics facilities. Many of the tanks on the north shore are linked by subriver pipeline with the large concentration of plants at Wilton International on the south shore.

SABIC As part of one of the world’s sixth largest petrochemical producers, SABIC UK Petrochemicals has a vast array of facilities both at its North Tees and Wilton sites. Various external customers make

use of the infrastructure and logistics services provided by SABIC UK Petrochemicals. These include: • Four jetties at its North Tees site and two jetties at Teesport • Many storage tanks ranging in capacity from 1,000 to 10,000 tonnes • Storage cavities and related equipment north of the Tees including brine-winning operations. Safety is a priority and SABIC works continually hard, both globally and on Teesside, to secure world-class safety and environmental records. The company has been praised for its performance in these key areas.

Simon Storage Simon Storage operates two wholly owned sites on the River Tees offering comprehensive terminal and facility management services for liquid bulks. The two sites at Seal Sands and Riverside have a combined capacity of about 280,000 cubic metres and provide storage for 60 to 70 chemical and petrochemical products for both UK-based and international companies.

top tier Owing to the nature of the products handled, both terminals have been designated Top Tier sites under the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulations. The Seal Sands terminal, near the mouth of the River Tees, has 111 tanks with a total capacity of 219,995 cubic metres. It offers specialised facilities including stainless steel tanks, pressure storage for gases and a vapour recovery unit for gasoline. The terminal has two jetties with a maximum draught of 10.4 metres for vessels up to 35,000 dwt. In addition to good road con



nections and a dedicated rail terminal, there are direct pipelines to Wilton International, North Tees and Billingham. Simon Storage can provide its customers with bespoke services like blending, load consolidation and breaking of bulk.

riverside The Riverside Terminal is located seven nautical miles upriver from Seal Sands. Now expanded to 22 storage tanks, with a total capacity of 65,150 cubic metres, this terminal also handles and stores a wide range of products, with particular expertise in methanol, acetone and methyl methacrylate. Special facilities are on hand for loading road tankers with volatile and hazardous liquids. The terminal has one jetty for vessels up to 4,500 dwt. The site is linked by pipeline to Billingham.

Vopak UK Vopak UK is represented by four strategically located marine terminals: London, Teesside, Ipswich and Windmill (Barry). At Seal Sands, Vopak Teesside operates one of the UK’s largest dedicated chemical, gas, fuel and biofuel storage facilities, with 160 tanks providing a total capacity of about 287,000 cubic metres. Vopak serves clients across the North East, principally in the chemical, gas, fuel and biofuel sectors. The Seal Sands terminal handles over 90 individual products including base chemicals, feedstocks, solvents and monomers. In addition to storage of chemicals, Vopak Teesside, has introduced fuel-related storage to its terminal. A fully automated road loading system for both petrol and diesel was introduced on 1 July 2010. This state-of-the-art facility is said to be one of the quickest and safest of its kind in the region. Each year, Vopak handles millions of tonnes of products on Teesside, receiving about 550 vessels

and loading some 35,000 road tankers. Its three deepwater jetties can accommodate vessels up to 45,000 dwt and 200 metres in length. Vessels are normally turned round within 24 hours, chemical road tankers in under an hour and fuel tankers in less than 30 minutes. Safety continues to be a top priority for Vopak. As well as conforming to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards, the terminal has comprehensive safety systems in place and has Top Tier classification status under COMAH regulations.

Process Industry //


Process industry continues to dominate local economy


eesside’s chemical and petrochemical processing industry dominates both the physical and economic landscape of the region, with major sites located on both sides of the River Tees.

Just south of the river, the Wilton International complex (formerly ICI) is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of chemical process manufacturing companies. Other clusters can be found at Billingham and Seal Sands, on the north side of the river, where most of the large petrochemical plants and storage facilities are located. This constantly changing industry continues to be the main economic driver in Tees Valley. About 70 per cent of the cargo handled by Teesport is related to the process industry. More than £2.5 billion has been invested at Wilton International in recent years. Many of the world’s leading chemical and manufacturing companies have operations on this site, including Ensus, Huntsman Polymers, Lotte Chemical,

SABIC UK Petrochemicals and Yara Industrial. The site is also home to more than 80 engineering and support companies. Wilton International has been owned since 2003 by SembCorp Utilities Teesside Ltd. Designed for heavy industrial use, such as chemicals and process plants, it is one of only a few sites in Western Europe to be given special development status. New companies hooking up to the resources and facilities of Wilton International can have confidence in the long-term future of the site and the potential it offers for business growth.

Promotion The North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) was established in the mid 1990s to represent and promote all these assets. It has become the focal point of the region’s biotechnology, commodity, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and speciality sectors. With over 430 members and 120 associate members, NEPIC has a strong voice at regional, UK and European Union government level. NEPIC member companies employ some 34,000 people directly while indirectly providing income for a further 280,000. The organisation sees its mission as creating jobs, acting as a catalyst for investment, highlighting the region’s excellent skills in this sector and ensuring the smooth running of supply chains across the region. NEPIC has also continued to nurture the strong relationship between the process industry and the supply chain sector – a vital element in the success of the industry. For example, it works closely with PD Ports to keep the infrastructure as effective and efficient as possible. The process industry plays a vital role in attracting research centres to the region, which now contains five recognised centres of excellence.



One of these is the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), located within Wilton Centre, where NEPIC also has its head office. The Wilton Centre, next door to Wilton International, is Europe’s largest process industry research centre.

Benefits Wilton International has key advantages that have enabled it to attract significant investment. They include infrastructure, on-site utilities, easy access to materials and services, location near a major seaport, logistics links, economic stability and skilled local labour. All tenants at Wilton have access to the shared infrastructure, support and utility services supplied by SembCorp Utilities UK. This arrangement keeps down costs and allows manufacturers to focus on their core activities and to stay competitive. In addition, there is ready access to a wide range of raw materials and feedstocks. Electricity and steam are supplied by the 175 MW Wilton Power Station, the modern gas-fired Teesside Power Station and the 30 MW SembCorp Biomass Power Station, the UK’s first ‘wood to energy’ power station, which uses 300,000 tonnes a year of landfill wood as fuel.

Developments While investment has naturally taken a hit since 2008, there have been success stories, too, with several new plants coming on stream including the largest bio-ethanol plant in Europe. The Ensus plant, opened in 2010, produces bioethanol from wheat for use as an alternative to oil in petrol-driven vehicles. Each year, the plant produces 400 million litres of bioethanol as well as 350,000 tonnes of animal feed and 300,000

tonnes of carbon dioxide, used in the drinks industry. SABIC’s new £250 million low density polyethylene (LDPE) plant at Wilton – the largest of its type in the world – is running well and increasing its production rates. The massive cracker and butadiene operations have undergone major overhauls and project work to improve efficiency, output and overall competitiveness. There are plans, too, for a heavy oil plant at Wilton. This is expected to generate 2,500 jobs in the construction phase and to provide up to 450 jobs in the long term, plus an additional 1,600 jobs in support and service companies. This will also generate a need for new port facilities at Teesport to cope with an estimated 400 additional vessel calls per year. When fully operational, the new plant will process 10 million tonnes of oil a year, producing high quality low sulphur diesel, naphtha and kerosene fuel for jet aircraft.



Changing face of Teesside as new investment brings greater confidence


he landscape of the Tees Valley is being reshaped by multi-million-pound regeneration programmes. This is the outward sign of a substantial flow of inward investment that is preparing the way for future prosperity in the region.

One of the driving forces behind this investment is Tees Valley Unlimited (TVU). A partnership of public, private and voluntary bodies, TVU co-ordinates activities, appropriate to a city region level, designed to enhance the economic performance of the whole region. From early 2010 a more joined-up approach has been adopted by key agencies, thus giving a major boost to the delivery of business investment support and major redevelopment and regeneration projects in Tees Valley.

As part of the overhaul of these vital services, Tees Valley Regeneration (TVR) – the UK’s largest urban regeneration company – became part of TVU. TVR was launched in 2002 with the task of bringing jobs, investment and redevelopment to the area. This new structure was backed by the five Tees Valley local authorities and the public sector partners One North East and the Homes and Communities Agency.

Projects The Business Investment and Development teams at TVU provide a comprehensive service to ensure the rejuvenation of the area’s five boroughs and is second to none in offering advice and support to those looking to locate to the region. Highlights on the regeneration front include Middlesbrough College; Terrace Hill’s Hudson Quay 1 and 2 developments at Middlehaven; Infinity Bridge, which crosses the River Tees at North Shore; Darlington College at Central Park; and the Temenos sculpture. In addition, the Business Investment team is said to have created and safeguarded 5,000 jobs and to have attracted £794 million of investment since 2007. The first of five proposed Tees Valley Giants, the Temenos sculpture at Middlehaven, in Middlesbrough, was completed in early 2010. Funded by The Northern Way government initiative, the One North East regional development agency, Arts Council England, the Northern Rock Foundation, Middlesbrough Football Club and BioRegional-Quintain, this huge installation by sculptor Anish Kapoor and structural designer Cecil Balmond is said to be the world’s



largest public art initiative. Costing £2.7 million, the Temenos sculpture measures 110 metres in length and almost 50 metres in height.

Middlehaven Middlehaven is viewed as central to Middlesbrough’s ongoing growth and regeneration. The RiversideOne project will transform the derelict Middlehaven Docks area between Riverside Stadium and the Transporter Bridge into a sustainable community with modern residential, leisure, education and commercial facilities. RiversideOne is said to be the largest planned zero carbon development in the UK, setting new standards in urban regeneration. The developer, BioRegional Quintain Ltd (BQL), is a leader in the sustainable community development business.

new district Once complete, RiversideOne, with 750 dwellings, will provide Middlesbrough with a new district in which people can live, work and relax. Overall, the Northshore scheme has the potential to generate up to 4,500 new jobs as well as homes. Future plans include the creation of new offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, leisure facilities and a new campus for the University of Durham. Work is also under way at Northshore on the award-winning £15 million Infinity Bridge over the River Tees, regarded as a major step in the transformation of the area. This double-arched bridge, a central component of the Northshore scheme, is the brainchild of TVU and Stockton Council with support from One North East, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and the private company Balfour Beatty.

The HCA has invested over £25 million in preparing Northshore for large-scale mixed use development. In addition, nearly £80 million has been invested in colleges in the Tees Valley.

Growth Partners across Tees Valley are committed to the growth and development of the area and this new-look service will ensure that commitment is continued. It is hoped that the transition will benefit people and businesses in the area and will help cement Tees Valley’s place as a leading business and visitor destination.



Port Details Location The ports of Tees and Hartlepool are located on the north-east coast of England. Teesport: 54°36’N, 1°10’W Hartlepool: 54°42’N, 1°12’W. Tees Dock is on the south bank of the River Tees, 5 km from the sea. Hartlepool Dock is 6 km north of the River Tees and faces south into Hartlepool Bay.


Berths Length Depth Info

General cargo 2 400 m 10.9 m

Vessels up to 50,000 dwt

Steel 2 230 m 10.9 m

Vessels up to 50,000 dwt


Freight only

2 in Tees Dock 180-200 m 8.8-10.9 m 1 on River Tees

Bulk Terminal 1 215 m 10.9 m

Vessels up to 60,000 dwt

Teesport 2 294 m Container Terminal 1

Ship-to-shore gantry cranes

7.5 m and 8.5 m

Teesport 2 360 m 10.9 m Container Terminal 2

45 t ship-to-shore gantry crane Vessels up to 2,500 teu

Teesport Oil 3 (2 operated 550 m 9.5 m Jetties by SABIC) and 6.5 m

SABIC berths can handle vessels up to 198 m and 100 m

Teesport 3 450 m 4.9 m Commerce Park and 5.5 m

Base for various offshore-related service companies

Heavy Lift berth 1

Operated by CTC Marine

120 m

8.0 m


Berths Length Depth

Victoria Harbour


825 m

6.2 m to 7.9 m

North Basin


390 m

5.1 m



There are other berths related to engineering and offshore construction. Seal Sands is a major petrochemical complex on the north bank of the River Tees.

Airport Durham Tees Valley Airport, 29 km from the docks, offers daily flights to London Heathrow and other UK destinations as well as to Continental Europe. Newcastle Airport is 48 km away.

Anchorage Teesport: Vessels may anchor in Tees Bay, east or south-east of the Tees fairway buoy. Anchoring is prohibited near pipelines and caution is advised during sustained onshore winds. Hartlepool: Vessels may anchor in Hartlepool Bay, north-east of Longscar buoy, but this presents exposure to easterly gales.

Approach Teesport: From Tees fairway buoy to 450 metres inside South Gare the depth is maintained at 14.7 metres LAT. From 450 metres inside South Gare to No 15 buoy the depth is 13.3 metres. From No 15 buoy to North Tees No 3 jetty the depth is 9.9 metres. Hartlepool: The approach channel is 1.1 km long with a minimum width of 65 metres. There is a leading light and a lighted buoyed entrance channel. The channel is maintained at 5.0 metres LAT.

Authority PD Ports, Queen’s Square, Middlesbrough TS2 1AH Tel: +44 (0)1642 877000 Fax: +44 (0)1642 877056




Shiprepair A&P Tees operates two dry docks and provides a wide range of other services including quayside repairs. River Tees Engineering & Welding offers a general vessel repair service including emergency repairs.

Stevedoring All cargo handling operations are carried out by PD Ports.

Storage Teesport: Three quayside transit sheds totalling nearly 30,000 square metres plus large areas of open storage. Plug-in points available for reefer containers. Hartlepool: Over 86,000 square metres of quayside shed space including dedicated warehousing for forest products.

Tides Teesport: Spring range is 4.6 metres; neap range is 2.3 metres. Hartlepool: MHWS 5.4 metres, MHWN 4.2 metres, MLWS 0.8 metre, MLWN 1.8 metres. Spring range is 4.6 metres, neap range is 2.4 metres.

Waste Svitzer Marine Ltd operates a daily garbage collection service for shipping on the River Tees using a motorised barge. This service is provided on behalf of PD Ports and is covered by a Harbour Office levy on waste disposal. Hartlepool: disposal available on request.

Water Fresh water is available at most berths in Tees and Hartlepool.



Svitzer Marine Ltd provides a 24-hour towage service in Teesport and Hartlepool. From its base in Middlesbrough the company operates a fleet of five tugs comprising one 70 tonne bp ASD tug, one 60 tonne bp tug, one 60 tonne bp tractor tug and two 40 tonne bp Voith tugs. Four of these vessels are equipped for fire-fighting to FiFi 1 standard and two carry oil dispersant.

Prevailing winds are south-westerly. The approach to the ports is exposed to winds from N to SE. Local forecast available from Tyne Tees Coastguard.

Working hours Working hours are 06.00 to 22.00. Night and weekend working available by arrangement.



Company profiles • Able Seaton Port is a 126 acre facility with a 25 acre deepwater flooded basin/dry dock. Services include offshore and marine construction and decommissioning together with conventional port capabilities, bulks, fertilisers, rock armour and aggregates and marine fabrication works.

A&P Tees

For more information see page 24.

A&P Tees has a long history of shiprepair on the Tees. It provides a complete shiprepair and refit service as well as offering its services at other locations with the use of riding squads.

Facilities at A&P Tees include two dry docks; two alongside berths; dedicated workshops for electrical work, engineering, joinery, plumbing and steelwork; and customer storage areas. For more information see page 21.

AV Dawson

Multimodal freight operator AV Dawson Ltd operates a rail connected distribution hub, warehousing complex and offshore support yard at three linked sites on the south bank of the River Tees.

Able UK Ltd Able UK Ltd owns and operates four riverside facilities that combine logistics with a wide range of other services. • Billingham Reach Industrial Estate (BRIE) is an industrial and marine base. Its core activities are leased warehousing and storage, waste management and sea dredged aggregates and, more recently, power generation. The 560 metre quay has a depth of 5.8 metres LAT. • Clarence Port is a 47 acre industrial site on the north bank with a 130 metre berth and excellent road, rail and river access. It is being developed as a location for power generation and for vehicle import, storage and distribution centre. • Middlesbrough Port is a fully serviced facility with fabrication storage, warehousing and office accommodation. It can be leased as a total site or in individual units. The 40 acre facility has 1,000 metres of deepwater quays and a 260 metre fitting-out quay with a depth of 7.0 metres LAT.

AV Dawson handles over 400,000 tonnes of bulk and breakbulk products each year. There is 300,000 square feet of rail linked warehousing. Daily freight trains as well as in excess of 100 ships call at its River Tees terminals each year Added value activities include container handling and storage, vanning and devanning, packing, picking and materials control as well as just-in-time delivery to destination using the Dawson haulage fleet. AV Dawson also operates the Ayrton International Railhead and the North Sea Supply Base. Through other group companies also based on its Middlesbrough site AV Dawson can also offer ships agency, industrial blasting and painting, risk management services, and trailer hire For more information see pages 30, 35 & 38




Bulmers Transport Bulmers Transport Ltd is a family owned haulage and logistics company specialising in container haulage, bulk powders, liquids and distribution and owns and operates one of the biggest and newest truck fleets on Teesside, with over 150 trucks (DAFs, Mercedes, Renaults, Scanias and Volvos) and a versatile fleet of trailers. From its base in Middlesbrough, Teesside, the company is well placed to serve the whole country. It also operates from Hull, Immingham, Tilbury, Harwich, Purfleet and Felixstowe. Bulmers employs over 275 personnel, including drivers, mechanics and container repair staff. All the company’s drivers are trained in-house. The company works directly with shipping lines, particularly at Tees Dock. Its Teesside depot offers a range of container and trailer repair, lifting and storage services on a 24/7 basis. Bulmers plays a key role in the UK logistics market with customers across a range of industry sectors.

By Land: To compliment its air network within Europe, Camair offers a shortsea service for Scandinavia and a road/rail network for mainland Europe offering daily departures for all its FTL, rail, groupage, express pallet and parcel networks.

Casper Shipping Ltd Casper Shipping is the number one shipping agency on the River Tees and one of the biggest in the North East. With its head office located in Middlesbrough, it has offices in Grangemouth, Hull and Immingham. The company has a wealth of shipping experience in bulk liquid, dry bulk and offshore services. In addition to port agency services, the company handles Customs clearance, documentation, freight forwarding, chartering and has a specialist demurrage department. Casper Shipping is a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, carries ISO 9001 2008 and Investors in People certification. It was the first company in Europe to be audited by the Chemical Distribution Institute.

Camair Freight Solutions Camair Freight Solutions Limited is an independent freight handler with a global reach, serving all the world’s major markets via its own offices and those of its quality approved partners.

Established in 1872 by Danish brothers Hans and Harald Casper, Casper Shipping is a modern company that remains firmly rooted in the traditions of its founders.

Camair offers a complete multi/intermodal product that can easily be tailored to customer needs. The company prides itself on a friendly and personal bespoke product both around the corner and across the globe. By Air: Camair offers a global facility for both inbound and outbound cargo, but despite world-wide recognition the company is still proud of its historic links with the North East and having recently secured exclusive handling and clearance rights within the region Camair is keen to ensure that the advantages this presents are quickly passed on to local business. By Sea: Camair’s highly experienced team make sea freight movement plain sailing for FCL, LCL or breakbulk shipping through charter, consolidation or scheduled services, for hassle-free delivery door-to-door.

Ensus Group Ensus has operated one of the world’s largest cereal grain biorefineries at Wilton on Teesside since 2009. Locally grown animal feed wheat is refined to produce over 400 million litres of bioethanol, 350,000 tonnes of high protein animal feed, and 300,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide for use in soft drinks and food production each year. This operation supports over 2,000 jobs in the UK’s farming, logistics and manufacturing industries, and has

accelerated the development of the North East UK region as a new green industrial hub.

GBA offers the automotive industry a total package covering all aspects of vehicle handling, from arrival and inspection through to final dispatch to the dealer or end-user.

For more information see page 47.

Operating from most UK ports including Teesport, GBA is the UK liner agent for United European Car Carriers and acts as liner agents for Flota Suardiaz which operates regular sailings from the port. GBA’s personalised and innovative approach to meeting customers’ individual business needs provides optimum solutions incorporating the best synergies within the complete logistics chain.

GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd

GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd is the UK arm of GAC Shipping, a leading global independent provider of shipping, marine and related services, and is responsible for all port agency and offshore operations throughout the UK GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd has proved itself as one of the UK’s leading marine agency companies. Its core activities include tanker port agency, offshore agency, liner agency and project related agency services. GAC Shipping (UK) Ltd has been at the forefront of change in the industry, successfully developing relationships with customers and expanding its range and scope of services to fulfil individual customer needs and to achieve significant cost benefits. GAC started operations in the 1950s in Kuwait and today employs more than 8,000 personnel in nearly 300 locations worldwide.

shipping & transport

LV Shipping Ltd LV Shipping Ltd is a logistics, shipping and transport specialist offering multimodal solutions to customers both in the UK and worldwide. The company is part of the Dutchowned LV Group, a worldwide freight forwarder with its head office in Vlaardingen and 10 offices in the UK. In addition, LV Shipping offers extensive project management services as well as resourcing of manpower and equipment, with expert handling of out-of-gauge cargoes. Through its Customs management services, LV Shipping offers fast and efficient import clearance services at most UK major ports and export clearance services at all UK ports. LV Shipping operates trailer services to Europe and Scandinavia. It also covers the Middle East, the Far East, the Indian subcontinent, Australasia and the Americas. The company has its own fleet of vehicles to provide haulage and distribution services in the UK.

GBA Group

The multimodal nature of the business is completed by LV Air Cargo, which offers a range of scheduled air services operated by a team of professionally qualified staff.

GBA is a market leader in the provision of finished vehicle logistics services to motor manufacturers and shipping lines offering a unique quality driven ‘end to end’ service.

For more information see pages 31 & 38

With services including port terminal management, technical services and PDI, used vehicle processing, specialist stevedoring, port agency, liner agency, freight forwarding, cargo surveying, car transportation, Customs clearance and superintending services, GBA’s experience and expertise is continually receiving rewards from its customers for quality of service.





62 and more than 8 million litres of waste a year without a single environmental incident. Services are offered in the ports of Blyth, Seaham, Tees & Hartlepool, Tyne & Wear and Whitby.

Portrack Seafreight Ltd

Portrack Seafreight Ltd provides a range of cargo handling services in the Teesside area. Its main activities are wharf operations and contract labour. Portrack handles about 300,000 tonnes a year of bulk, bagged and palletised cargo at its 24-hour private facility, Bamletts Wharf, which can accommodate vessels up to 110 metres in length and 5,000 dwt with 3.5 metres depth alongside at low tide. The wharf is equipped with a Sumitomo 40 tonne mobile crawler crane, fork-lift trucks, Bobcats and a weighbridge.


The wharf handles exports of bagged fertilisers – and some imported raw materials – for Terra Nitrogen.

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) was founded in 1976 and ranks among the world’s top six petrochemical companies. The company is a world leader in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene and other advanced thermoplastics, glycols, methanol and fertilisers.

On the contract labour side, Portrack is used especially by Teesport to handle steel products, new vehicles and other items.

The company operates in more than 40 countries with over 33,000 employees. Its overall production was 59 million tonnes in 2009.

Portrack has 16 multi-skilled stevedores plus 14 trained drivers for discharging vehicles.

The Saudi Arabian Government owns 70 per cent of SABIC shares with the remaining 30 per cent held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

It also provides contract labour for industrial clients. Email:

In Europe, SABIC has 13 world-scale production facilities – including SABIC UK Petrochemicals Limited on Teesside – manufacturing innovative plastics, polyethylenes, polypropylenes and chemical products. For more information see page 13.

Recyc-Oil Ltd Recyc-Oil Ltd is a fully licensed oil recycling and environmental services business providing a full ‘cradle to grave’ service for recycling oily liquid waste such as waste oil, bilge water, engine sludge, cutting/soluble oils, oil and water mixtures and oily water. The company offers prompt and reliable collections throughout the north-east of England with its fleet of waste oil collection tankers and the waste oil barge, ‘Erimus Star’. The barge operates on the River Tees from the Tees Barrage to Government Jetty at the river mouth, making it possible to discharge waste oil at all the jetties on the River Tees.

Svitzer UK Svitzer UK is part of the Svitzer Group, a leading global towage and marine services provider, which currently operates some 600 vessels in over 35 countries worldwide. It has been providing safety and support at sea since 1833. At present the activities of the group are:

The company, which trades as Garrity & Co, has been operating since 1980 and handles more than 350 vessels

• Terminal and offshore towage


63 • Harbour towage • Ocean towage • Salvage • Emergency response and rescue operations • Jetty services • Pollution control. The Svitzer Group is also a market leader in providing towage and marine services to oil and gas terminal operations with over 70 Svitzer vessels providing safety and marine support worldwide. In the UK Svitzer has over 700 employees, operates over 90 vessels including 85 tugs in 18 ports. It provides towage and marine services to 12 oil terminals and one LNG terminal.

Vopak Vopak Terminal Teesside Ltd is part of Royal Vopak, the world’s largest independent tank storage provider, with 80 terminals in 31 countries. The sharing of knowledge across this large network provides key benefits to the group’s customers. Vopak offers customers a comprehensive range of tank sizes, facilities and services at four strategically located terminals in the UK: London, Teesside, Ipswich and Windmill (Barry). At Seal Sands on Teesside the company operates 160 tanks of total capacity of 287,000 cubic metres. For more information see page 49.

The Svitzer Group is part of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. For more information see page 20.

Tees Valley Unlimited Tees Valley Unlimited (TVU) is a partnership of public, private and voluntary bodies that co-ordinates activities designed to enhance the economic performance of the whole region. It was formed out of Tees Valley Regeneration in 2010. Its mission is to stimulate long-term economic growth by creating new opportunities for development and investment in Tees Valley. The organisation has a vast pool of local knowledge available to anyone looking to relocate in the area. It also works with other agencies to achieve both physical and social renewal throughout Tees Valley. For more information see pages 5 & 52.


Agility Logistics

Services key

8-9 Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way Stokesley TS9 5QT

1. Airports 2. Bulk Liquid Storage 3. Bunkering 4. Car Handling & Transport 5. Cargo Inspectors 6. Consulates 7. Container Repair and Storage 8. Container Transport Operators 9. Cranes and Crane Hire 10. Customs and Excise 11. Diving Contractors 12. Economic Development 13. Hotels 14. Marine Consultants 15. Marine Electronics 16. Marine Engineers 17. Marine Surveyors 18. Mooring Services 19. Offshore Services 20. Pilots 21. Port and Harbour Authorities 22. Ships Agents/ Freight Forwarders 23. Ship Brokers 24. Ship Classification 25. Ship Owners 26. Ship Riggers 27. Ship Repairs/ Conversions 28. Ship Suppliers/Bunkering 29. Stevedores 30. Storage 31. Towage 32. Trade and General Maritime Organisations 33. Transport 34. Transport (Heavy Lift) 35. Wharf, Jetty and Terminal Operators

Tel: 01642 718200 Fax: 01642 718201 Services: 34, 22

Ainscough Crane Hire Ltd

Riverside Park Road Middlesbrough TS2 1UT

Tel: 01642 219271 Fax: 01642 222636 Services: 19, 35, 30, 34

A&P Shipcare Ltd Tees Offshore Base, South Bank Middlesbrough TS6 6UH

Tel: 01642 464024

Abnormal Load Engineering Ltd

Longhill Industrial Estate Windermere Road Hartlepool TS25 1NX

Tel: 01642 661111 Fax: 01642 612422

Tel: 01429 267884 Fax: 01429 861989

Services: 9

Services: 33

Allen Diving Services

C M Shaw LTD

Tel: 01752 813658 Fax: 01752 813658

Clarence Row Stockton on Tees TS18 2HD

Abnormal Load Services (International) LTD

New Building 4th Floor 4 Quai d'Arenc 13325 Marseille, France

Tel: +33 4889 19000 75 King Williams, London Street London EC4N 7BE

Tel: 0207 7398 3900 Fax: 0207 8343814 Services: 25

Cobra Middlesbrough Ltd North Road Middlesbrough TS2 1DQ

Tel: 01642 240684 Fax: 01642 246811

Tel: 01642 606668 Fax: 01642 617845


Services: 22

Services: 35, 33, 30

6th Floor, South Quay Plaza 189 Marsh Wall London E14 9SH

CAMAir freight solutions

Cockfield Knight & Co Ltd

Tel: 0207 5367300 Fax: 0207 5367400

The Cargo Terminal Durham Tees Valley Airport Darlington DL2 1LU Tel: 01325 335600

15-16 Bridge Street East Middlesbrough TS2 1NA


Services: 22

Services: 21c, 22c, 10a

P O Box 22, Malleable Way Portrack Lane Stockton on Tees TS18 2PB

Caravel Liner Agencies (Darlington) LTD

Services: 25

Tel: 01642 617441 Fax: 01642 617025 Services: 28

Atlantic Engineering (UK) LTD

1-3 Lodge Street, Darlington Co Durham DL1 1TD

Tel: 01325 351518 Fax: 01325 481536 Services: 22

Depot Road Middlesbrough TS2 1LE

Casper Shipping LTD

Tel: 01642 248525 Fax: 01642 221950

Cleveland Business Centre 1 Watson Street Middlesbrough TS1 2RQ

Services: 19

Autocarriers LTD Graythorp House Portrack Grange Close Portrack Industrial Estate Stockton on Tees TS18 2PU

Tel: 01642 608602 Fax: 01642 671232 Services: 3

Aveco (Teesside) LTD The Graving Dock, Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS3 8AT

Tel: 01642 224994 Fax: 01642 248138 Services: 27, 15

B & W Lifting Unit 2e, Vaughan Court Bolckow Rd Ind Estate, Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 7BJ

Services: 26

BCL (Shipping) LTD

Tel: 01642 243662 Fax: 01642 243936 Services: 22

CAT (UK) Services LTD Vehicle Compound, Teesport Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 1642446550 Fax: 01642 469934 Services: 4, 35

Cleveland Crane & Plant Hire Ltd 20 Tame Road Lawson Industrial Estate Middlesbrough TS3 6LL

Tel: 01642 230390 Services: 9

Cleveland Potash Ltd Tees Dock Terminal Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 457131 Fax: 01642 454184 Services: 35

Moreland Street Hartlepool TS24 7NL

Services: 35, 34


Services: 11

Clevestone Trans LTD

Services: 33, 8

BP CATS Terminal Seal Sands Road, Seal Sands Middlesbrough TS2 1UB

Tel: 01642 546404 Fax: 01642 331219

Tel: 01429 279731 Fax: 01429 864414 Services: 34

Cliff Reynolds Whitby Street Hartlepool TS24 7AB

Tel: 01642 230111 Fax: 01642 231651

Cockfield Knight & Co Ltd (Consulate for Germany) 15-16 Bridge Street East Middlesbrough TS2 1NA

Tel: 01642 230111 Fax: 01642 231651 Services: 6

Concorde Container Line LTD 8 The Innovation Centre Staffordshire Technology Park Beaconside, Staffs ST18 OAR

Tel: 01785 212164 Fax: 01785 212165 Services: 25

ConocoPhillips Petroleum (UK) Ltd Teesside Operations, Seal Sands Middlesbrough TS2 1UH

Tel: 01642 546411 Fax: 01642 546096 Services: 35

Containerships (UK) LTD Teesport Container Terminal Teesport, Middlesbrough TS6 7SA

Tel: 01642 468592 Fax: 01642 770737 Services: 22, 8, 25

Contaz Line Hal Yolu cad. no:5 Bay Plaza kat:9 Kozyatagi, Istanbul Turkey 81120

Tel: +902 165787272 Fax: +902 165734866 Services: 25

Cordell Group LTD 159-160 High Street Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1PL

Tel: 01642 662400 Services: 19

Corrpro Companies Europe LTD Adam Street, Bowesfield Lane Stockton on Tees TS18 3HQ

Services: 35

Bulkhaul LTD

Tel: 01429 272049 Fax: 01429 891833 Services: 28

ABX Logistics UK LTD

Brignell Road Riverside Park Industrial Est. Middlesbrough TS2 1PS

CL Prosser & Co Ltd

Services: 16

Tel: 01642 230423 Fax: 01642 236946

Normanby Wharf, Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS3 8AT

Cory Brothers Shipping Agency LTD

Services: 27, 15

Watkins Close Burnt Mills Industrial Estate Basildon, Essex SS13 1TL


Tel: 01268 723000 Fax: 01268 724000

Services: 35, 19, 30

C Herring & Son LTD

Tel: 01473 286079 Fax: 01473 286291

A&P Tees LTD

Tel: 01642 806080 Fax: 01642 655655

Services: 16, 4

Tel: 01642 292299 Fax: 01642 242004

Tel: 01482 796214 Fax: 01482 707650

Billingham Reach Industrial Est. Haverton Hill Road Billingham TS23 1PX

Tel: 0191 2595549

Cliff Road, Ipswich Suffolk IP3 0PS

Services: 27

Tel: 01642 464024 Fax: 01642 460075

P.O. Box 720 Whitley Bay NE26 9BN

Sotherby Road Middlesbrough TS3 8BS

1501 Hedon Road, Hull Humberside HU9 5NX

Teesport Commerce Park Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS6 6UZ

Bushell, Nicol, Wawn & Son

Middlesbrough Road Stockton on Tees TS17 7BN

Tel: 01642 467900 Fax: 01642 467900

A V Dawson LTD


Company directory

Services: 34, 22

Acergy Group LTD Acergy Campus, Tarland Road Westhill, Aberdeen AB32 6JZ

Tel: 01224 718200 Fax: 01224 715129 Services: 18

Services: 35

Services: 33, 8

Bulmers TRANSPORT Ltd Cleveland House Eston Road, Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 6UA

Tel: 01642 462608 Fax: 01642 462932 Services: 7, 8, 33

Tel: 01642 241166 Services: 35

Tel: 01642 614106 Fax: 01642 614100

16 Belasis Court Belasis Hall Technology Park Billingham TS23 4AZ

Tel: 01642 567930 Fax: 01642 566501 Services: 22


66 Crawford Oil (Exploration) Services Ltd 22 Gypsy Lane, Nunthorpe Middlesbrough TS7 0DX

Tel: 01642 324821 Fax: 01642 327997

Diffusion Alloys LTD

Festina Transport

Teesport Commerce Park Dockside Road, South Bank Middlesbrough TS6 6UZ

Margrove Park Farm, Margrove Park Saltburn by the Sea TS12 3BZ

Tel: 01642 457011 Fax: 01642 467024

Services: 19

Services: 19

CTC Marine & Leisure

Direct Labour Services LTD

25 Macklin Avenue Cowpen Lane Industrial Estate Industrial Estate Billingham TS23 4BY

Tel: 01642 230123 Fax: 01642 566807 Services: 28

CTC Marine Projects Ltd Coniscliffe House, Coniscliffe Road Darlington DL3 7EE

Lackenby House, Tees Dock Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 466714 Fax: 01642 463170 Services: 29

Diving Supervisor Services 89 Granville Avenue Hartlepool TS26 8NB

Tel: 01287 632962 Fax: 01287 632962 Services: 33

Freight Transport Association Hermes House, 2 Manor Road Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5PX

Tel: 01132 589861 Fax: 01132 586501

Tel: 01642 743300 Fax: 01642 743303 Services: 7, 8, 33

Darchem Engineering LTD


G Stiller (Transport) LTD

Services: 19

Darlington Borough Council

Duncan Adams LTD

Economic Regeneration & Tourism Town Hall, Darlington Co Durham DL1 5QT

Tel: 01325 388660 Fax: 01325 357157

Services: 33

Tyne Dock, South Shields Tyne & Wear NE34 0AB

Tel: 01914 967523 Fax: 01914 967536

Services: 12

Services: 33

David Fox Transport

Durham Lifting LTD

1a Bolckow Road, Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 7BN

Tel: 01642 469552 Fax: 01642 452238 Services: 34

Davison Engineering North East Ltd Unit 2 A Malleable Way, Portrack Stockton On Tees TS18 2 QX

Britannia Test House Britannia Business Park Riverside Road Middlesbrough TS2 1HB

Tel: 01642 240672 Fax: 01642 247709 Services: 27

Durham Tees Valley Airport Darlington, Tees Valley DL2 1LU

Ridgeway, Aycliffe Business Park Newton Aycliffe County Durham, DL5 6SP

Tel: 01325 313140 Fax: 01325 304096

DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd Lakeside Business Park, Carolina Way Doncaster DN4 5PN

Tel: 087 1405000 Services: 8, 33

Dee Cee Freight Services LTD Kinkerdale Road, Teesport Middlesbrough TS6 6UE

Tel: 01642 464466 Fax: 01642 464222 Services: 30, 33

ENSUS The Granary, 17a High Street Yarm TS15 9BW

Tel: 01642 794040 Fax: 01642 794041

Exel Tankfreight LTD Tame Street, Haverton Hill Billingham TS23 4ER

Tel: 01642 700197 Fax: 01642 560244 Services: 33


Denholm Barwill Ltd

Church Road Stockton on Tees TS18 2LY

Keel House, Tyne Dock South Shields Tyne & Wear NE34 9PY

Services: 33

Tel: 01914 549829 Fax: 01914 549844 Services: 22

Denney Diving 54 Esplanade, Redcar TS10 3AG

Tel: 01642 486666 Fax: 01642 483507 Services: 11

Dennis Dixon LTD Tilbury Road, South Bank Middlesbrough TS6 6AW

Tel: 01642 456336 Fax: 01642 462959 Services: 33

Tel: 01642 617171 Fax: 01642 611815

Faraday Centre Unit 3, Stephenson Court Skippers Lane Industrial Estate Middlesbrough TS6 6UT

Tel: 01642 467236 Fax: 01642 454197 Services: 19

Feederlink Shipping & Trading B.V. P O Box 53050, 3008 HB Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 1049 12666 Fax: +31 1042 95205 Services: 25

Economic Development Section Brian Hanson House, Hanson Square Hartlepool TS24 7BT

Tel: 01429 523511 Fax: 01429 523516

Tel: 01642 637500 Fax: 01642 637501

Services: 18

Services: 22, 23

GAC-OBC Shipping Ltd (Consulates for Denmark, Norway & Finland) OBC House, Sabatier Close Thornaby, Stockton on Tees TS17 6EW

Tel: 01642 637500 Fax: 01642 637501 Services: 6

Tel: 01472 246500 Fax: 01472 348751

Services: 7

Hartlepool Borough Council

Lock Office, Slake Terrace Hartlepool TS24 0RU

E.R.S. Workforce Ltd

Services: 29

Services: 33

Hartlepool Marina

Davron Services LTD

Tel: 01642 224469

Tel: 01642 484663 Fax: 01642 489937

GAC House, Sabatier Close Thornaby, Stockton on Tees TS17 6EW

Services: 16, 19, 27

Tel: 01642 468733 Fax: 01642 468609

Station Square, Station Road Redcar TS10 1RD

GAC Shipping LTD

Services: 1

Unit 31, Teesport Commerce Park Middlesbrough TS6 6UZ

Tel: 01642 762534 Fax: 01642 750147

Services: 12

GBA Group of Companies

Commerial Street Middlesbrough TS2 1JN

4 Fleck Way Teesside Industrial Estate Stockton on Tees TS17 9JZ

Services: 33

Tel: 01325 332811 Fax: 01325 332810

Tel: 01642 606057 Fax: 01642 603560

Hambleton Group LTD

Hartgrove Brothers

Cleveland Terminal, Trunk Road Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 7SD

Services: 11

Tel: 01914 107811 Fax: 01914 925520

Services: 10

Services: 30

Tel: 01429 421462 Fax: 07850 265264

Tel: 01740 630461 Fax: 01740 630529

Tel: 01642 440111 Fax: 01642 459080

Freightliner LTD

Services: 28

Drum Industrial Estate Chester-le-Street Co Durham DH2 1AY

Eustace House, Teesport Middlesbrough TS6 7SA

Services: 33

Tel: 01325 390500

Iron Masters Way, Stillington Stockton on Tees TS21 1LB

H M Revenue & Customs

Alexandra Dock North Meridian House, Grimsby DN31 3UA

Services: 4, 22

GCA Trankmasters UK BV Tees Dock, Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 457672 Fax: 01642 440359 Services: 22

Gillie and Blair 178 New Bridge Street Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear NE1 2TE

Tel: 01912 323431 Fax: 01912 328255 Services: 23

Graypen Suite 4, Able House Billingham Reach Ind. Est. Billingham TS23 1PX

Tel: 01642 560057 Fax: 01469 552904 Services: 22, 23

H & P Freightways LTD Ascot Drive, Haverton Hill Road Stockton on Tees TS18 2QF

Tel: 01642 604206 Fax: 01642 604260

Tel: 01429 865744

Hartlepool Marine Engineering Parsons Business Centre Brenda Road Hartlepool TS25 2BJ

Tel: 01429 867883 Fax: 01429 865427 Services: 16

Heerema Hartlepool LTD Greenland Road Hartlepool TS24 0RQ

Tel: 01642 340200 Fax: 01642 340208 Services: 19

Hewden Reach Crane Hire Billingham Ind Estate Haverton Hill Billingham TS23 1PX

Tel: 01642 853737 Fax: 01642 853797 Services: 9

Huntsman UK Ltd Polyurethanes Building PO Box 99, Wilton Redcar TS10 4YA

Tel: 01642 834953 Services: 2

Imperial Tankers LTD Teesside Depot, Haverton Hill Road, Billingham Stockton on Tees TS23 1QA

Tel: 01642 370525 Fax: 01642 370526 Services: 33

InBond LTD Eaglescliffe Logistics Centre Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe Stockton on Tees TS16 0RW

Tel: 01642 867000 Fax: 01642 867060 Services: 30, 22

Services: 22

Ineos Nitriles

H C Controls

P O Box 62, Seal Sands Middlesbrough TS2 1TX

Wetherby Close Portrack Interchange Business Park Stockton on Tees TS18 2SL

Tel: 01642 671681 Fax: 01642 676100 Services: 19

Tel: 01642 546464 Fax: 01642 546446 Services: 35


67 Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers c/o OBC Shipping Ltd, OBC House Sabatier Close, Thornaby Stockton on Tees TS17 6EW

Tel: 01642 637500 Fax: 01642 637501 Services: 32

Intertek Testing Services Ltd Seal Sands, Middlesbrough TS2 1UB

Tel: 01642 680248 Services: 5

Isotank Services LTD Limerick Road, Dormanstown Redcar TS10 5JU

Tel: 01642 488521 Fax: 01642 489883

Linweld Kennedy LTD


Nippon Express

PD Logistics

Marsh Road, Middlesbrough TS1 5JS

Pennine House, Concorde Way Preston Farm Industrial Estate Stockton on Tees TS18 3TL

Airport Freightways, Freight Village Newcastle International Airport Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear NE13 8BH

Cowpen Lane Industrial Est Billingham TS23 4DB

Tel: 01642 245151 Fax: 01642 224710 Services: 19

Tel: 01642 882211 Fax: 01642 882233

Lifting and Cooling Ltd

Services: 19

Lindsey Park, Bowburn North Ind Est Durham DH6 5PF

Tel: 01913 779777 Fax: 01913 773131 Services: 16

LV Shipping Ltd Teesport Commerce Park Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS6 6UZ

Tel: 01642 440744 Fax: 01642 440799

Services: 7, 33

Services: 22, 19, 35

J Hewitt Crane Hire LTD

MPI Offshore Ltd

Teesport Commerce Park Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS6 6UZ

Tel: 01642 467482 Fax: 01642 458640 Services: 9

J M Codd 10 Tunstall Avenue Hartlepool TS26 8NF

Tel: 01429 235255 Fax: 01429 235255 Services: 33

Jade-Tees Line Ltd Postfach 1755, D - 26357 Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Tel: +49 421 168730 Fax: +49 421 1687325

Resolution House, 18 Ellerbeck Court Stokesley Business Park Stokesley TS9 5PT

Tel: 01642 742200 Services: 19

M P Storage & Blending LTD Deepwater Wharf, Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS3 8AS

Tel: 01642 244125 Fax: 01642 231780 Services: 30

Mammoet (UK) Ltd Northumberland Business Park Cramlington, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NE23 7RH

Tel: 01912 500170 Fax: 01912 500170

Services: 25

Services: 18, 35, 34

Jentone Freight Ltd

Manchester Airport

14-15 Tame Road Lawson Industrial Estate N Ormesby Middlesbrough TS3 6LL

Tel: 01614 893000

Tel: 01642 213655 Fax: 01642 232922 Services: 33

Johnson Stevens Agencies LTD 2 Abbey Road, Barking Essex IG11 7AX

Tel: 0208 5916 200 Fax: 0208 5942 161 Services: 22

Johnson Stevens Agencies LTD China Shipping House Walton Avenue, Felixstowe Suffolf IP11 3HG

Tel: 01394 678678 Fax: 01639 4676646 Services: 22

Koppers (UK) LTD/ Carbon Materials & Chemicals

Olympic House Manchester M90 1QX Services: 1

Marine Electrical Services South Tees Business Centre South Bank,Middlesbrough TS6 6TL

Tel: 01642 438446 Fax: 01642 438557

Tel: 01642 611040 Fax: 01642 614048 Services: 32

Marton Hotel & Country Club Stokesley Road, Marton Middlesbrough TS7 8DS

Marske Site Services

Services: 13

Services: 35

Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley Business Park Stokesley, North Yorkshire TS9 5JZ

Liner Shipping (UK) LTD

Tel: 01642 718950 Fax: 01642 718947

Lingfield Warehousing LTD Lingfield Point, McMullen Road Darlington, Co Durham DL1 1RW

Tel: 01325 359795 Fax: 01325 488172 Services: 30

Services: 19

McAusland & Turner LTD Room 4, Eustace House Teesport, Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 469371 Fax: 01642 460805 Services: 17

Nor-Cargo LTD Scandic Terminal, North Moss Lane North Moss Lane, Stallingborough North East Lincs DN41 8DD

Tel: 01469 575700 Fax: 01469 572930 Services: 22

Middlegate Europe LTD

North East Chamber of Commerce Trade and Industry

Haller Street, Hedon Road Hull, Humberside HU9 1RZ

Tel: 01482 226460 Fax: 01482 586198 Services: 33

Middlesbrough Borough Council Public Protection & Planning P O Box 65, Vancouver House, Gurney Street Middlesbrough TS1 1QP

Tel: 01642 245432 Fax: 01642 728960 Services: 12

Missions to Seafarers Flying Angel Club, Kinkerdale House Tees Dock, Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 460244 Fax: 01642 460994 Services: 32

MJR Controls Units 4 & 5, Stapylton Court Bolckow Industrial Estate Grangetown, Middlesbrough TS6 7BL

Tel: 01642 206647 Fax: 01642 206975

Aykley Heads Business Centre Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TS

Tel: 0191 3861133 Fax: 0191 3861144 Services: 12

Northern Environmental Management 12 Yarm Road Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3NA

Tel: 01642 611514 Services: 14

North East Contract Services Ltd Howdon Terminal, Willington Quay Wallsend, Tyne & Wear NE28 6UL

Tel: 01912 626116 Fax: 01912 340888 Services: 7, 16, 22, 26, 29, 30, 32, 33, 35

Nutec Centre for Safety LTD Haverton Hill Industrial Estate Billingham TS23 1PZ

Tel: 01642 566656 Fax: 01642 563224

Services: 15

Services: 19

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) S.A.

Ocean Express LTD

40 Eugene Pittard, CH-1206 Geneva, Switzerland Services: 22, 25

N T Whitfield Transport LTD Tel: 01642 603309 Fax: 01642 615136

Marine Office, East of England Region 3rd Floor, Victoria House Pearson Court, Teesdale Park Thornaby TS17 6PT

Services: 22

Services: 18b

Maritime & Coastguard Agency

Tel: 01642 546040 Fax: 01642 546241

Services: 22

Tel: 01325 355141 Fax: 01325 487053

Portrack Lane, Stockton on Tees TS18 2NR

Port Clarence Works, Huntsman Drive Port Clarence, Middlesbrough TS2 1SD

Tel: 0208 2901717 Fax: 0208 2905454

Whessoe Road, Darlington Co Durham DL3 0QT

Services: 15

Tel: 01642 469371 Fax: 01642 325355

Compass House 36 East Street, Bromley Kent BR1 1QU

Mech Tool Engineering Ltd

Tel: 01912 864477 Fax: 01912 868318

Services: 33

NEPIC (formerly Teesside Chemical Initiative) Aurora Court, Riverside Park Road Middlesbrough TS2 1RY

Tel: 01642 868680 Fax: 01642 868683 Services: 12

Neta Training Group

The Courtyard, 86 Worsley Road Winton, Eccles, Manchester M30 8LS

Tel: 01617 895088 Fax: 01617 896762

Services: 1

Nicholsons Transport LTD Burnside House, ICI West Gate Chiltons Avenue Billingham TS23 1JD

Tel: 01642 556622 Fax: 01642 551144 Services: 7, 8, 30, 33

Tel: 01642 877000 Fax: 01642 877056 Services: 21, 29, 35

PD Teesport Commercial Department, Tees Dock, Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 277564 Fax: 01642 277565 Services: 21

Peter Cook Transport LTD Belmont Industrial Estate Belmont, Durham DH1 1ST

Tel: 0191 3864323 Fax: 0191 3860805 Services: 33

Petroplus Refining Teesside LTD Petroplus House, St Mark's Court Teesdale Stockton on Tees TS17 6QW

Tel: 01642 736000 Fax: 01642 736000 Services: 35

Plant & Consumable Services LTD Reed Street, Gladstone Industrial Estate Mandale Road, Thornaby TS17 7AF

Tel: 01642 605555 Fax: 01642 671814 Services: 19

Portrack Seafreight Ltd The Grange Business Centre Belasis Avenue, Billingham TS23 1LG

Tel: 01642 363598 Fax: 01642 360255

Prestons of Potto

Able House Billingham Reach Industrial Estate Billingham TS23 1PX

Tel: 01642 565544 Fax: 01642 565577 Services: 5

One North East Stella House, Goldcrest Way Newburn Riverside Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear NE15 8NY

Tel: 01912 296200 Fax: 01912 296201 Services: 12

Tel: 01482 795141 Fax: 01482 708255

Tel: 0870 1221488 Fax: 0191 2143363

Head Office, Queens Square Middlesbrough TS2 1AH

Oil Inspections LTD

Tel: 01642 616936 Fax: 01642 612431

Woolsington, Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne & Wear NE13 8BZ

PD Ports, Logistics and Shipping

Services: 29

P & O Ferries

Newcastle International Airport

Services: 30, 33

Services: 223

Pennine Avenue North Tees Industrial Estate Middlesbrough TS18 2RJ

Services: 19

Tel: 01642 877301 Fax: 01642 564061

King George Dock, Hedon Road Hull, Humberside HU9 5QA

Potto, Northallerton North Yorkshire DL6 3HX

Tel: 01642 700243 Fax: 01642 700081 Services: 33

R F Richardson Transport LTD 4-6 Tame Road Lawson Industrial Estate Middlesbrough TS3 6LL

Tel: 01642 243563 Fax: 01642 210254 Services: 33

Ravenstock MSG LTD Teesport Commerce Park Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS6 6UZ

Tel: 01642 463463 Fax: 01642 465465 Services: 30

Services: 22, 25

Recycl-Oil Ltd

P S A Transport Ltd

Murdock Road East Middlesbrough Industrial Estate Middlesbrough TS3 8TB

Eustace House, Teesport Middlesbrough TS6 6UE

Tel: 01642 462727 Fax: 01642 462676

Tel: 01642 242792 Fax: 01642 217748

Services: 22, 33

Services: 2

Parsons Containers LTD

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

Salters Lane, Sedgefield Industrial Estate Sedgefield, Co Durham TS21 3EE

Tel: 01740 629999 Fax: 01740 629989 Services: 7

Chief Executive Department Belmont House, Rectory Lane Guisborough TS14 7FD

Tel: 08456 126126 Services: 12


68 Reed Boardall Cold Storage Ltd

SembCorp Utilities Teesside Ltd

Swedish Church (Consulate for Sweden)

Transport & General Workers Union

Bar Lane, Boroughbridge York YO51 9NN

PO Box 1985, Wilton International Middlesbrough TS90 8WS

386 Linthorpe Road Middlesbrough TS5 6HA

Transport House, Fry Street Middlesbrough TS1 1HA

Tel: 01423 321313 Fax: 01423 325024

Tel: 01642 459955 Fax: 01642 212704

Tel: 01642 819878 Fax: 01642 820912

Tel: 01642 242314 Fax: 01642 254145

Services: 6

Services: 32

Tarmac Northern LTD

Tyne Tees Bunkering

Cochranes Wharf, Cargo Fleet Lane Middlesbrough TS3 6AU

c/o F Peart & Company Ltd Baltic Street, Hartlepool TS25 1PW

Tel: 01642 240204 Fax: 01642 217450

Tel: 01429 860308 Fax: 01429 233833

Services: 30

Rexel E M S LTD Brig House Business Village Riverside Park Road Middlesbrough TS2 1RT

Tel: 01642 232090 Fax: 01642 247694 Services: 189

Richards Marine Products LTD 10 High Street, Yarm on Tees TS15 9AE

Tel: 01642 780054 Fax: 01642 781306

Services: 33

SGS Oil, Gas & Chemicals Petroservice House, Macklin Avenue Billingham TS23 4BY

Tel: 01642 561612 Fax: 01642 564420 Services: 5

Services: 35

Simon Storage LTD

Tarmac Shipping

Seal Sands, Middlesbrough TS2 1UB

Tarmac Wharf, Teesport Middlesbrough TS6 6UF

Tel: 01642 546775 Fax: 01642 546076 Services: 2, 30, 35

Services: 14


Rinnen UK LTD

Junction Works, Normanby Rd South Bank, Middlesbrough TS6 6SR

Laing Close, Bolckow Industrial Estate Grangetown, Middlesbrough TS6 7EA

Tel: 01642 453744 Fax: 01642 460881

Tel: 01642 463000 Fax: 01642 463111

Services: 33

Services: 8

River Tees Engineering & Welding LTD

Smith Hogg & Company Ltd Office 26B, Dock Office, Cleveland Road Hartlepool, TS24 0UZ

Tel: 01642 455001 Fax: 01642 430492 Services: 35

Tata Steel (formerlyCorus) Teesside Works, Steel House Redcar TS10 5QW

Tel: 01642 404040 Fax: 01642 404552 Services: 35

Tees Alliance Group Ltd

Tel: 01429 273157 Fax: 01429 270693

Haverton House, Haverton Hill Road Billingham TS23 1PZ

Tel: 01642 226226 Fax: 01642 245544

Services: 22, 23

Services: 16, 19

Southern Electronics

Tees Bay Pilots

Services: 16, 27

Cliffords Fort, North Shields Tyne & Wear NE30 1JE

The Pilot House, Breakwater South Gare, Redcar TS10 5NX

Tel: 01912 574981 Fax: 01912 576958

Tel: 01642 485648

The Slipways, Normanby Wharf Dockside Road, Middlesbrough TS3 8AT

River Tees Port Health Authority 79 Borough Road Middlesbrough TS1 3AA

Tel: 01642 243129 Fax: 01642 252665 Services: 32

Road Haulage Association LTD Roadway House, Littlewood Drive West 26 Ind. Est. Cleckheaton BD19 4TQ

Tel: 01274 863100 Fax: 01274 865855 Services: 32

Rosenvinge & Company Ltd

Services: 15, 19, 27, 28

Speedy Unit A2, Bentley Avenue Cowpen Bewley Industrial Estate Billingham TS23 4BU

Tel: 01642 561611 Fax: 01642 566032 Services: 18

Spliethoff's Bevrachtingskantoor B.V. Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 204 488400 Fax: +31 204 488500

Tel: 01642 565500

Services: 20, 33

Tees and Hartlepool Pilotage Company Ltd 17 Queens Square Middlesbrough TS2 1AH

Tel: 01642 877000 Fax: 01642 877027 Services: 20

Tees Inshore Engineering Cochranes Wharf, Dockside Road Middlesbrough TS3 6AU

Tel: 01642 217363 Fax: 01642 231883

Services: 3

UBC LTD P&O Ferries' Offices, Roro Berth Tees Dock, Grangetown Middlesbrough TS6 6UD

Tel: 01642 453512 Fax: 01642 467333 Services: 33

UECC 17 St. Helen's Place, London EC3A 6DG

Tel: 0207 6282855 Fax: 0207 6282858 Services: 25

United Transport Tankcontainers Victoria House, Pearson Court Pearson Way, Teesdale Stockton on Tees TS17 6PT

Tel: 01642 674226 Fax: 01642 673558 Services: 33

VINCI Services Ltd, McGill Division Vinci House, Macklin Avenue Cowpen Lane Industrial Estate Billingham TS23 4HF

Tel: 01642 379400 Fax: 01642 379429 Services: 19

Vopak Terminal Teesside LTD Seal Sands, Middlesbrough TS2 1UA

Tel: 01642 546767 Fax: 01642 543600

Services: 19

Services: 2, 30, 35

Tees Licensed Foyboatmens Ass. Ltd

W G Readman LTD Cochranes Wharf, Cargo Fleet Middlesbrough TS3 6AW

Services: 25

Kinkerdale Road, Teesport Middlesbrough TS6 7UD

Tel: 01912 980059 Fax: 01912 376638

Stephenson Transport

Tel: 01642 454494 Fax: 01642 454494

8 Beeford Close, Billingham TS23 3YJ

Services: 18

Services: 35

Services: 22

Tel: 01642 560314 Fax: 01642 560314

Tees Valley UnLIMITED

W H Bowker (Int) LTD

Seaton View House Double Row, Seaton Delaval Tyne & Wear NE25 OPP

S & M C Transport LTD 28 High Street Stockton on Tees TS18 1SF

Tel: 01642 678709 Fax: 01642 604214 Services: 33

SABIC UK Petrochemicals North Tees Site, Seaton Road Port Clarence, Middlesbrough TS2 1TT

Tel: 01642 731222 Fax: +1642 731217 Services: 2, 35

Sarens (UK) LTD Dinsdale House, Riverside Park Road Middlesbrough TS2 1UT

Tel: 01642 621621 Fax: 01642 621620

Services: 33

Stockton on Tees Borough Council Economic Development Department Gloucester House, 72 Church Road Stockton on Tees TS18 1TW

Tel: 01642 393939 Fax: 01642 526048 Services: 12

Sub Aqua Diving Services 17 Tame Road, Lawson Industrial Estate Middlesbrough TS3 6LL

Tel: 01642 230209 Fax: 01642 252282 Services: 11

Tel: 01642 242641 Fax: 01642 241912

Cavendish House, Teesdale Business Park Stockton on Tees, Tees Valley TS17 6QY

Littlefair Road, Hedon Road Hull, Humberside HU9 5LP

Tel: 01642 632000 Fax: 01642 632001

Services: 33

Services: 12

Teesside Warehousing LTD 4 Fleck Way, Teesside Industrial Estate Stockton on Tees TS17 9JZ

Tel: 01642 762534 Fax: 01642 750147 Services: 30

Towne Lifting & Testing Co Pennine Avenue North Tees industrial Estate Stockton on Tees TS18 2RJ

Tel: 01482 706557 Fax: 01482 706533

Waterhouse & Yare Ltd 17 Whitby Road, Nunthorpe Middlesbrough TS7 0HU

Tel: 01642 311039 Fax: 01642 312871 Services: 5, 17

Wilton Group Port Clarence Offshore Base Port Clarence Road, Port Clarence Middlesbrough TS2 1RZ

Tel: 01642 546611 Services: 16, 19

Wilton Marine Services Ltd

Services: 9

Sutton & Son St Helens Ltd

SamSkip LTD

Wilson Street, Bon Lea Industrial Estate, Thornaby Stockton on Tees TS17 7AR

Services: 26

Tees Bay Business Park, Brenda Road Hartlepool TS25 2BU

Tel: 01642 606160 Fax: 01642 606460

Trans-Store Dockside Road, Middlesbrough TS3 6AH

Tel: 01429 224000 Fax: 01429 224111

Western House, Hadleigh Road Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 0HP

Tel: 01473 222000 Fax: 0147 3230083 Services: 25

Services: 33

Svitzer UK Tees Wharf. Dockside Road Middlesbrough, TS3 6AB

Tel: 01642 258300 Fax: 01642 246370 Services: 31

Tel: 01642 611035

Tel: 01642 244975 Fax: 01642 246161 Services: 30

Services: 19

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Ltd. cations li b u P Marine nd and a L t a Powell


andm l @ l l e ow


dition e e lesterp : s l i i h a t m n i 02 or E ertise 9 v 2 d 5 a 7 o T 0) 1206 ( 4 4 + Tel:

inspiring visual communications 1 Kings Court, Newcomen Way, Severalls Business Park, Colchester, Essex, UK, CO4 9RA

Tel: +44 (0)1206 752 902 • Fax: +44 (0)1206 842 958 • Email:

The Complete logistics package If you’re looking to expand or relocate your logistics company, you can have it all in one of the fastest-growing logistics hubs in England. Tees Valley in North East England has a first-class logistics infrastructure headed by Teesport and including Durham Tees Valley Airport. The A1, A19 and A66 trunk roads provide fast and efficient north-south and east-west connections and serve the urban roads which carry the lowest amount of traffic, consume the least amount of fuel and provide the fastest commuting times in the UK. Excellent rail links across the country are matched by the superb freight facilities, operating rolling stock and connecting Tees Valley to all parts of the UK and destinations further afield.

Availability and value There is an extensive choice of instantly available premises and sites, ideal for developing new distribution facilities, all in a location described by Lonely Planet as the “most exciting, beautiful and friendly region in the whole of England”.

Workforce Around a million and a half people of working age can be found within 30 miles of Tees Valley. The workforce is hard-working and loyal, with staff here putting in more overtime than in any other part of the UK and with one of the lowest turnover rates in the country. It’s the skills that keep companies coming to the area.

Support in Tees Valley If you are looking to relocate, locate or expand in the area, Tees Valley Unlimited has all the information and advice you need. Our Business Investment Team has a wide skills set and a broad range of expertise coupled with extensive local knowledge and connections. Whether you want to know more about the sites and premises, the workforce or the kind of financial support that is available, our team can help.

The Business Investment Team

Tees Valley Unlimited, Cavendish House Teesdale Business Park, Stockton TS17 6QY Tel: 01642 632000 Email:

Tees Valley Logistics Handbook  

Tees Valley Logistics Handbook

Tees Valley Logistics Handbook  

Tees Valley Logistics Handbook