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Issue 93, January - March 2019



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Cover picture courtesy of: Msafiri Zawose. Photo: Peter Bennett


Be a part of our 25th anniversary celebrations

Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager: Hillary Mremi Email:

Greetings! It’s my pleasure to welcome you on board this Precision Air flight.

Precision Air Services Plc Diamond Plaza PO Box 70770, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Tel: +255 (0)22 219 1000 Fax: +255 (0)22 286 0725

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This is a special time for Precision Air as we are celebrating 25 years in business. It has been quite a journey – from our beginnings as a private charter air transport company with just one five-seater aircraft to becoming one of the few airlines in Africa that have managed to stay in business for 25 years consecutively – and we are very proud of reaching such a milestone. Of course, such longevity would not be possible without our valued customers. As we say at Precision Air: ‘You Are Why We Fly’. You have been there with us over the years, whether it’s been flying to catch the coastal vibes of Zanzibar or to pitch a business idea in Entebbe, whether to keep in touch with your relatives across East Africa, attend a family wedding or head off on a Kilimanjaro adventure. With that being said, our jubilee celebrations wouldn’t be complete without our loyal passenger. We will be offering a big discount for all our domestic flights until 31st March 2019. You can now fly one way for a fare starting from Tzs. 90,000/- for all flights booked at least two weeks in advance across our network. Our aim is that you are always happy with our services, so please let us know if your recent experience has been anything short of excellent by emailing Don’t forget to register with our frequent flyer programme, Paa Royal, and take advantage of discounts at the best restaurants and hotels in town. Do also visit our website at www.precisionairtz. com for more updates and the best offers. You can also connect with us on our social media pages: Facebook – Precision Air Tanzania Twitter – PrecisionAirTz Instagram – precisionairtz

You Are Why We Fly. Sauda Rajab Managing director and CEO Precision Air Services Plc



Latest from Tanzania’s leading airline Flight discounts to celebrate our silver jubilee 1993-2019


Precision Air is marking its 25th anniversary – and as part of the celebrations the airline is offering a huge discount of Tsh.90,000/- per one way ticket, for all our domestic flights booked at least two weeks ahead of travel, until the end of March. The company, which was founded in 1993 by Tanzanian businessman Michael Shirima, stands out as one of the few airlines in Africa that have managed to stay in business for 25 years consecutively. It began as a private charter air transport company operating a five-seater piper Aztec aircraft, but has grown to become one of the most successful stories in Tanzania and East Africa, now operating a fleet of nine ATR 42 and 72 aircraft. Precision Air currently flies from Dar es Salaam to Arusha, Bukoba, Kilimanjaro, Kahama, Mtwara, Mwanza, Tabora, Zanzibar, Seronera, Nairobi and Entebbe. Commenting on the celebrations, Precision Air’s marketing and corporate affairs manager, Hillary Mremi, said the airline was very proud of the milestone as a Tanzanian brand and the celebrations are not only for Precision Air but for the whole country “This is evidence that we can grow our own local brands and businesses,” said Mr Mremi. “As our beloved president, Dr John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, always tell us, we can achieve anything if we believe in ourselves and work hard. In celebrating our silver jubilee, we are launching a series of special fares that will allow people who have not experienced air transport to have an opportunity to try it. To start with, we are giving people travelling within our domestic network the opportunity to sample our flight at a price starting from TZS 90,000 all-inclusive. This fare will be available through our website only.” Mr Mremi advises everyone to keep an eye on the Precision Air website as such huge discounts could be applied to other flights.


Paa Tanzania

Precision Air achieves IATA audit certification Precision Air has successfully renewed its International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). This is the airline’s sixth certification renewal in a row. The audit is conducted every two years. Precision Air is the only airline and aircraft operator registered in Tanzania with IOSA registration, having joined the programme in 2006. This internationally recognised evaluation system is designed to access the airline’s operational management and control systems. There are eight IOSA disciplines: • • • • • • • •

Organization and management Aircraft engineering and maintenance Flight operations Operations control and flight dispatch Cabin operations Ground handling operations Cargo operations Security management.

The current registration will be valid until 22 September 2020 when the company will undergo another safety audit. Precision Air’s managing director and CEO, Sauda Rajab, said: “These consecutive achievements could not have become the success it is without the support of the management and commitment of our staff. We all bear the responsibility for ensuring that the aviation industry in the country remains safe and efficient and this will result to a better place by connecting people, businesses, tourism and eventually supporting the country’s economy growth.”

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The wish list

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Insulated Wine Bag – Carry In Style GYROFISH Price: US$ 23 Cool way to transport your duty-free.

Mixed Silk Travel Bag Set SARA MILLER LONDON Price: US$ 50 Organise those bits and bobs while you’re on the move.

SS19 The Botanical Circus Stripe XL Washbag JESSICA RUSSELL FLINT Price: US$ 90 · An extra-large veganmade waxed canvas and leather bag


Paa Tanzania

Satchel laptop bag, Labrador ANNABEL JAMES Price: US$ 310 Crafted in luxury leather and waterproof bounded.

Bobby Bizz Backpack STEM Price: US$ 115 Anti-theft backpack.

Anyango Mpinga

Fall in love with designer’s new collection Award-winning fashion designer Anyango Mpinga on the inspiration behind her latest looks and why we should all write our own story in life.


t’s rather fitting that when I talk to award-winning fashion designer Anyango Mpinga she is in Paris, the

compassion and justice,” says Anyango. Such concepts have been ingeniously

Images taken thanks to a collaboration through The Core Fashion Kenya Photographer: Bellamy Brewster Make-Up Artist: Suzie Wokabi Stylist: Brian Babu Models: Claudia T Rondon, Adhel Bol, Kendi Kimathi, Nastia Gutsol

The collection also contains dresses patterned with waves of colour, which, as

translated into fabric in the latest designs

Anyango explains, are also ingeniously

city of love. The Nairobi-born designer

for Anyango Mpinga, the designer’s

suggestive of a love without barriers.

is there for Paris Fashion Week, where

eponymous high-end brand. Flowing silk

“I recorded ‘I love you’ in 25 different

she is revealing her latest collection,

dresses and jackets are patterned with

languages – 10 of them different tribal

themed around the idea of love. It’s not

newspaper print containing quotes about

languages in Kenya and 15 from places

the romantic ‘walking hand-in-hand

equality with images of red humming-

such as Thailand, Morocco and Spain I had

through Tuileries Garden’ kind of love

birds fluttering among them. Anyango

visited on my travels – and I designed the

she is trying to capture, however, but

says: “The hummingbird is a symbol of

print from the sound waves saying those

something more universal.

independence and lightness of being –

words produced.”

“I wanted to explore the unifying factor of love, the way it allows equality,

we should all allow more lightness into our worlds.”

Themes of open-heartedness and sensitivity to others are also prevalent


Anyango Mpinga in Anyango’s business practices. Working

Nairobi-based HAART Kenya, the first NGO

within a global fashion industry that has

dedicated to ending modern slavery in East

been shamed by revelations of human

Africa. She has designed a range of branded

trafficking and other abuses, Anyango has

clothing available online. All profits from

been part of a growing slow fashion move-

sales are being donated to the building of

ment that emphasizes a more conscious

a shelter for under-aged unaccompanied

consumption of fashion products and

female victims of human trafficking.

focuses on a transparent supply chain that is sustainable and ethical. She launched

Flattering for all figures

ANYANGO MPINGA in 2015. Her clothing and

Just as her campaign fights for every

accessories are manufactured by artisans in

woman’s right to freedom, Anyango’s

Turkey, where Anyango has been assured

clothes also seek to empower. Never

of fair wages and good working conditions.

model-thin, Anyango took to wearing her

Her Free As A Human products are made

own designs, which flattered her physique,

in Kenya with partners such as Sandstorm

as a young adult. “I was not a skinny girl. I

Kenya manufacturing her bags.

couldn’t buy everything I liked. Being a good

Charity fashion initiative

artist, I could sketch designs and instruct a tailor to make something for me. I had the

This year Anyango launched fashion

eye. As I got older I started embracing who

Initiative Free As A Human, already

I am. I’m a size 16 or 14 on a good day and I

supported by notables such as Gloria

try to be healthy.”

Steinem. Her Initiative currently works with

Her understated, androgynous designs

So flattering

Bold use of colours

soon friends started asking her to design clothes for them. Anyango is now a global fashion player, but in a business renowned for its massive egos, she has always been keen to support and collaborate with others. She has attended several international fashion events through the She Trades programme

‘My clothes are designed to create a flowing silhouette. You can wear them even if you put on a few pounds – they are flattering for smaller and bigger figures’

for female entrepreneurs. “It has been so impressive to work with other female entrepreneurs. Everybody shares information and supports one another.” Such camaraderie has been evident in Paris. A collaborative event at Galerie Sakura featured African designers such as Christie Brown from Ghana and Maki Oh from Nigeria. “They’re calling it the friendliest

have a timeless elegance and flatter most

Disenthrallment, where her signature look

showroom in Paris,” laughs Anyango. “Yes,

body shapes. “My clothes are designed to

– the flowing white dress-shirt – is given

there’s competition, but we don’t have to be

create a flowing silhouette,” she says. “You

colonial touches such as boleros, billowing

nasty out there.”

can wear them even if you put on a few

sleeves and ruffled detail and the traditional

pounds – they are flattering for smaller and

wall carvings of ancient Lamu Town are

everyone is going to be so enamoured of

bigger figures.”

echoed in bold print patterns.

her work – and that’s just the way she wants

Her work has always sought to explore

“I have always been fascinated by

ways of promoting a positive body image

history,” says Anyango. “Historic themes

for all women. Her 2016 collection, The

can be reworked to fit our times and create

Proverbial Dreamer used prints adapted

something that is classic and timeless.”

from the scarification patterns of various

The adaptation of the story of Mwana

tribes across Africa which are a source of

Kupona in her work highlights Anyango’s

pride in defiance of conventional concep-

love for Africa and her desire for people to

tions of beauty.

understand it and fall in love with it through

The drawing on traditional African influences is prevalent in Anyango’s work, but

Global fashion player

use the rich multi-cultural heritage to inspire

“People are only starting to open their minds

a modern Africa aesthetic that is forward-

to what the continent has to offer,” she

thinking and open to the world.

says. “We are the authors of our own story.

while her mother is from Kenya spent much of her early life in Nairobi and takes pride in

it. “I don’t go with the grain. If everybody loves my work, I’m doing something wrong.” Hats, boots

The complete look

her collections.

the intention is never to reproduce but to

Anyango, whose father is from Tanzania

Anyango knows, however, that not

If you don’t like the way your story is being portrayed, tell it yourself.” Though her talents as a designer were

her African heritage. A trip to Lamu Island in

clear at an early age, Anyango pursued a

Kenya led Anyango to finding out about the

more conventional path through higher

19th century Swahili poet Mwana Kupona,

education, gaining a media studies degree

who was a voice for women during the slave

and finding work as an events and PR

trade that thrived on the island. Inspired by

manager in Ethiopia and then a radio

the poet’s fearlessness in speaking out, she

presenter in Nairobi. Every day at work she

put together her 2018 collection, Literary

would be dressed in her own creations and

Anyango’s collections can be found at To order any of the designs, including the Free As A Human range, email or complete the form on the website. To follow Anyango’s adventures in the fashion world, visit her Instagram page @anyangompinga.


Kilimanjaro SAR

In peril on the peaks? You know who to call

Paa magazine takes a look at the life-saving work of Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue

mountain, can be ready for take-off in five minutes following a distress call. Kilimanjaro SAR sales representative Maggie Melchior says: “Our team


The chopper arrived in minutes

is on stand-by the minute we receive

had made it to Uhuru Peak, the

and Kathy was flown to the service’s

the call [and] everything is set ready

summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

High Altitude Medicine Clinic in

to go conduct the mission.”

It should have been a moment to

Moshi, just moments away in the

treasure and take in the views from

foothills of Kilimanjaro. Here, Kathy

professionals has been selected as

the roof of Africa, but Kathy was

got the care she needed and was

some of the best in the world at high-

feeling less than celebratory.

soon well enough to resume her

She was struggling to breathe, had

holiday in Tanzania.

n August Kathy Knight-Robinson

very low oxygen levels and could

The team of pilots and medical

altitude rescue and evacuation. They On its way

A rescue helicopter

will pick up the stricken climber – and any guides, porters and medical staff

not stop coughing. Her tour guide

Amazing care

Isa had given her oxygen several

“Falling ill on a remote mountain and

the service’s high-altitude clinic at the

times on the mountain, but now

having to be air evacuated to hospital

NSSF Complex in the heart of Moshi,

recognised Kathy, at the 5,985 metre

can be a scary thing,” Kathy says.

peak, was showing symptoms of high

“However, the whole team at SAR

altitude pulmonary edema, in which

provided me with reassurance and

SAR awards

fluid accumulates in the lungs. It’s a

peace of mind. Thanks for the amaz-

life-threatening condition. Kathy had

ing care – and the amazing views of

to be taken off the mountain and

Moshi from the helicopter.”

Kilimanjaro SAR won four awards at the 2018 Africa Best Employer Brand Award Ceremony. It was named Dream Company to Work For, Best Employer Brand Award, CEO of the Year and Young Professional HR of the Year. SAR also won Employer of the Year 2018 at awards organised by the Association of Tanzania Employees.

receive medical help fast. It would

In such dire circumstances, the

be a three-day hike back to the first

work of the Kilimanjaro Search and

ambulance-accessible roads. Isa

Rescue (SAR) is invaluable. Its special-

knew what he had to do. He called

ised Airbus 350 B3E helicopters, based

Kilimanjaro SAR helicopter rescue.

at Moshi Airport, just 30 km from the


Paa Tanzania

with the climber – and whisk them to

which is staffed by a small group of

guided ascents and this will cover the

specialist local physicians trained

helicopter rescue and the medical

in mountain medicine, trauma and

care at the clinic. Still, Kilimanjaro is

aeromedical rescue and supported

not just there to save tourists. It is

by qualified nurses.

committed to saving lives and will

Kilimanjaro SAR was launched in

always rescue mountain staff includ-

April and has been kept busy with

ing porters, cooks, guides and park

plenty of rescues to make. The rescue

rangers for free if they are in need for

service does fly to Mount Meru, a

immediate rescue.

comparatively stumpy 4,565 metres,

Maggie says: “We rescue whoever

but most of its call-outs are to Mount Kilimanjaro. The roof of Africa may be

is on the mountain. Since they do not The efforts of the service – the

have medical insurance, we consider

a glacier-capped colossus, but the

brainchild of chief executive Ivan

them evacuation as charity so they

route to the top doesn’t require any

Braun, a former professional mountain

do not pay anything and get the

real climbing experience or ability.

guide – to make Kilimanjaro the safest

same service as tourists get.”

As a consequence, its potential risks

tourist destination in Africa include

are often underestimated. Each year,

training mountain guides, porters

around 45,000 people attempt to

and park rangers in first aid and the

conquer Kilimanjaro and while the

basics of mountain medicine. This

vast majority succeed, thousands will

year Kilimanjaro SAR has conducted

and lasting change in the community

be forced to turn back and a small

free first aid training and cardiopul-

it serves. The service works with local

number will die, usually from pulmo-

monary resuscitation (CPR) for more

schools to create a better future for

nary or cerebral oedema brought on

than 400 guides. The intention is then

children living in such a vulnerable

by altitude sickness.

to select the best candidates to go


A rescue in minutes

on to an internationally recognised

A percentage of the revenue of each insurance-claimed rescue is On the spot

SAR team gets busy

donated by Kilimanjaro SAR to its charity, set up to make a sustainable

Not all of Kilimanjaro SAR’s fleet of

and accredited paramedic (EMT

helicopters are involved in rescues. If

Kilimanjaro SAR aims to markedly

or Emergency Medical Technician)

you can afford it and your reasons for

improve that last figure. Before its

training programme and certification,

getting back to Moshi after reaching

arrival, getting a sick climber down

specifically tailored to the organisa-

the summit are no more urgent

from the mountain would usually

tion’s work on Kilimanjaro.

than needing a cold beer or a hot

involve a long and perilous descent in

shower or wanting to carry on with

a stretcher carried by guides. Rescue

Emergency helpline

by air means the altitude sickness-

Once they embark on the ascent,

it offers a unique and hassle-free

suffering climber can be brought

guides can keep in touch with

way to end your adventure. It also

down to an oxygen-rich environ-

Kilimanjaro SAR round the clock on its

offers executive helicopter pick-ups

ment in minutes quickly and safely.

free helpline in case of emergency. A

and drop-offs from any location for

Maggie is understandably proud that

member of the clinical advisory team

private and comfortable travel.

Kilimanjaro SAR has had a 100 per

will be able to determine the severity

cent safety record since it began.

of the case and whether it requires

your Tanzania adventure elsewhere,

helicopter rescue. The guide will also have a Kilimanjaro SAR Patient Assessment Form so he can provide the adviser with medical information on the climber and let the team know their exact position. Africa’s highest mountain attracts people from all over the world keen to challenge themselves. All of them have to have taken out medical or accident insurance to get a place on

Message from Kilimanjaro SAR In case of an emergency on Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru, Kilimanjaro SAR is here to help you. Your safety comes first. Call us free on 0800 713 713.


Zanzibar pizza

Grab a pizza the action! Zanzibar’s favourite fast food draws the crowds to island’s night market


here may be more than a few Italians who beg to differ, but Zanzibar can make its

things you will eat in Tanzania.

include ground beef, chicken and

The best place to sample the snack

mushrooms or avocado with squid

is the night market at Forodhani

and lobster. Vegetarian options

own claim to being the home of

Gardens near the Old Fort on the

include cheese, chopped vegetables

the pizza.

waterfront in Zanzibar’s Stone Town.

and egg.

Not that the dish so popular on the

There are around 30 stalls here selling

If you have a sweet tooth then

islands bears much similarity, beyond

the pizzas, with street chefs pan-frying

you could try mango or the hazelnut

its name, to the definitive oven-baked

their crispy, stuffed snacks with pride.

spread Nutella as your filling – or how

cheese pie. The ‘Zanzibar Pizza’ is

about a Snickers bar with chopped-

closer to a French crêpe or a savoury


pancake. These wondrously tasty

To start with they flatten a ball of

fried pockets of dough that house

dough, layer on another, smaller piece

fry their creations on a hot tava (a

all manner of fillings are a hugely

of dough to reinforce it, then pile on a

large flat or concave frying pan)

popular street snack here and one

wild array of sweet or savoury fillings.

of the most interesting and delicious

Popular savoury combinations

up banana? After folding up the sides, vendors

So tempting

Pizza on the grill

in ghee (clarified butter) until crispy. When they’re ready, the pizzas are slid onto a paper plate and smothered with ketchup or the fresh and fiery mango-chili sauce, depending on how spicy you eat it. The local sauce and the imaginative stuffing combinations distinguish the Zanzibar Pizza from the similar mkate wa nyama (meat bread) of Nairobi or the mutabbaq (stuffed grilled pancakes) made in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and India. The snack is now synonymous with the islands and a night out is not complete without picking up a pizza. There are thought to be in excess of 30 Zanzibar Pizza spots now on Unguja and Pemba.

Inspired Zanzibar Pizza is thought to have originated around a quarter of a century ago when a cook called Haji Hamisi travelled to Mombasa and was inspired by the Kenyan city’s egg chapati, a stuffed pan-fried


Paa Tanzania

The snack is now synonymous with the islands and a night out is not complete without picking up a pizza

meat omelette. On his return to

One of the best-known stalls at

the islands, his twist on the chapati

Forodhani Gardens is Mr Nutella.

became the Zanzibar Pizza. Over

It is run by Salim Mhammed Vale,

the years, more pizza vendors have

who is at the bustling nightly

followed his imaginative example,

food market from 4 pm until after

playfully adding more bizarre filling

midnight. Salim was the first to


introduce Nutella to the Zanzibar

A new popular filling can make your name in the night market.

Pizza mix as a dessert option, hence the name of his stall.

Street food

Fast and tasty

Need to know Prices range from TZS 4,000 (US$ 2.00) for a basic vegetarian pizza to TZS 15,000 (US$ 7.50) for a mixed seafood pizza.



FRESHEN UP YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE IN 2019 With a new year comes the opportunity for a fresh start on your fitness levels. While you certainly won’t be alone committing to a healthier lifestyle in January, you’ll be part of a far more exclusive group if you’re still at it in March. With that in mind, Paa has selected five fitness trends in Tanzania that are sure to turn that exercise dream into a habit.

New heights

Reach your fitness goals in 2019



Join a fitness community When it comes to workouts, there’s some truth to the old adage, ‘Strength in numbers’. Working out in a group, especially if you get to know the people and socialise with them, will not only encourage you to keep coming back but will also give a competitive edge to your training and you’ll start to take on the

Train outdoors The key to sticking with an exercise regime is to find something that makes you feel good – and exercising outdoors is proven to be a real mood-booster. Scientific studies have shown that exercising in a natural environment increases energy and optimism and eases tension. The changes in terrain also make a run or hike outdoors far more testing than a treadmill workout and require a level of alertness

habits of your fit friends. Of course, it has got to be fun – and one club where having a good time is as high on the agenda as posting a good time is The Hash House Harriers of Dar es Salaam. This running group meets every Monday at 5.30 pm at various locations around Dar es Salaam for a run and a walk followed by food and a few drinks. It caters for all levels of runners and regularly organises events for members. It’s a great way to get fit, make new friends and explore Dar es Salaam. For more information visit the club’s Facebook page. Bodyline Health and Fitness Centre, one of the oldest and most popular gyms in Dar, holds a boot camp each Wednesday from 7.15 to 8.15 pm. With plenty of partner workouts and a real camaraderie fostered within the group, this weekly session at the Mayfair Plaza gym is a good way to make friends and build muscle. For more information, visit

and engagement in your mind that is very good for your mental health on top of your physical health. In East Africa we are blessed with a year-round warm climate,

Get a personal trainer

so set out on the twisting streets of

If you’re afraid your will-power will waver in

Stone Town or the white-sand beaches of

the face of testing workouts or you feel you

Zanzibar and get training. Make sure you

need that push to get you to a new level of

have enough water, though, as it can get

fitness, then a personal trainer could be an

very hot and humid. If you’re on holiday

ideal investment. Having a trainer by your

in Tanzania you’ll find hotels that offer

side can provide the encouragement, energy

wonderful outdoor training options. The

and motivation you need to jump-start

Zuri Zanzibar luxury resort in Kendwa, on

your routine. A trainer can also help you

the far northern tip of Unguja, has a ‘wild

set goals, create a plan to accomplish them

fitness’ area (pictured above) in its spice

and celebrate the day you reach them.

garden where guests can exercise, with

Ramadhani Kasanda is a personal trainer at

several stations to create a workout circuit

Colosseum Hotel and Fitness Club Dar Es

of mainly bodyweight exercises such as

Salaam – which is packed with the latest

pull-ups, press-ups and squats. There are

cardio and weight training equipment as well

of encouragement when his clients make

also areas for meditation and yoga. For

as a pool, a spa and squash courts – and says

progress, but he says nothing is as encourag-

details, visit

a big part of his role is providing accountabil-

ing as when clients see for themselves the

ity for his clients. “A lot of them are trying to

effect the training is having. “They feel great

The Protea Hotel Dar es Salaam Courtyard

lose weight or tone their body and I am there

when they see some pounds went down or

also encourages outdoor training with a

to make sure they do the work according

feeling muscles shaped,” he says. For more

jogging and fitness trail around its garden

to a proper workout plan and keep them

information on the Colosseum, visit

and down to the beach.

focused and consistent.” Rama gives plenty


Paa Tanzania

Signing up for little challenges throughout

Fuel your fitness with good food

the year will help keep you focused. It

The more you exercise, the more you’ll want

doesn’t have to be as big as a marathon

to eat well – and vice versa. Eating well and

but little goals give you that extra motiva-

staying hydrated will give you the energy

tion when you need it because you have

levels to keep up with your exercise regimen.

something to work towards. An event which

Among the Colosseum’s wealth of facilities is

offers an achievable target for all levels

the News Café, which has a menu geared to

of athlete is the Heart Marathon in Dar es

those who have worked up a healthy appe-

yoghurt – there are some other great starts

Salaam on 28 April. There will 5k, 10k and 21k

tite. Restaurant manager Sean Schoeman

to the day such as avocado on rye bread and

races starting and finishing at Kaole Road,

says: “We take advice from our fitness

poached eggs on toast, while main meals

Coco Beach. It will be a fun and testing day

centre customers and have a lot of health-

feature Asian-inspired rice bowls for that carb

and you’ll also help raise awareness of the

conscious dishes such as the breakfast super

hit and strawberry and halloumi salad. You

alarming increase in preventable chronic

bowl, steaks, chicken breasts and plenty of

can also pick up freshly made fruit juices and

diseases. Why not enter with a friend or as

salads.” As well as the breakfast bowls – filled

peanut butter, banana and oats smoothies

an exercise class? For more information,

with home-made berry compote and served

blended with Greek yoghurt and crushed


with fresh strawberries, muesli and Greek

ice – the perfect post-workout tonic.

Train for a specific event

‘In seeking a younger look, Mitsubishi’s design team may have overdone the pouting front end...’

By Gary Gimson

Cuddly bear in a grizzly mask


he 2019 Mitsubishi Triton is

everyday workhorse for the those

not so much a new pick-up,

involved in, say, the construction or

more of a facelifted version

agriculture industries.

of the existing model – the kind of

This is particularly apparent in the

mid-life nip and tuck by which an

Triton’s cabin, which has become

ageing Hollywood actress might

ever more off-roader-like – espe-

seek to maintain her screen appeal.

cially in the higher-end models.

In seeking a younger look,

Nevertheless, the interior does a fair

Mitsubishi’s design team may seem

job of striking a balance between

to have overdone the Botox and lip

the disparate requirements of

filler on a newly pouting front end.

both lifestyle and business owners.

Yet it’s actually a big improvement

Here and there you will find new

and gives the ‘new’ Triton a more

flourishes such as soft-touch materi-

aggressive look – something the old

als for the door trim inserts, floor

model seemed to lack.

console and central armrest, but on

New model

balance the Triton remains at the utilitarian end of the market.

between rear-wheel and four-

The new model comes in response

It’s not yet clear which engine

wheel drive while on the move.

to those who felt Mitsubishi had

Mitsubishi will use when the Triton

softened the image of the old

goes on sale in East Africa in the

Triton a wee bit too much. So while

second half of 2019. But its existing

brakes to a variety of road condi-

the vehicle certainly has a more

2.4-litre turbo diesel engine (a

tions. Hill Descent Control and a

muscular outward appearance,

carry-over from the old model)

rear-diff lock are included; and

Mitsubishi has sought to broaden

looks favourite.

they greatly improve the Triton’s

the double-cab’s appeal by making

From a practical point of

the Triton an out-and-out SUV (with

view, the rotary Super-Select

a pick-up capability) rather than an

4WD system lets drivers switch

Paa Motoring / Mitsubishi Triton 18

Paa Tanzania

On the up

Ready to trundle

It also allows the driver to marry engine power, transmission and

off-road performance over the

Images: Mitsubishi Motors

outgoing model. All in all, the Triton doesn’t


Off-road appeal

A change for the better… This updated version launches only four years after the old Triton came to market and Mitsubishi claims to have made around 2,400 changes to the outgoing version. The Triton is an important vehicle for Mitsubishi. Worldwide, the Thailand-built double-cab is the company’s second-biggest seller with some 4.7 million units shipped to around 150 markets since its launch back in 1978.

quite match the refinement of the Mercedes X-Class, but then again it doesn’t come with the German vehicle’s inflated price tag. This is more a competitor for the brilliant Navara or Hilux, but even after some time under the surgeon’s knife the facelifted Triton just fails to reach the high standards in this segment already set by both Nissan and Toyota.

A fair job

Interior looks right




Credit: AMIR

Prime pieces of palm-sized kit you can take wherever you go

Amir clip-on smartphone camera lenses AMIR

Travelambo RFID wallet TRAVELAMBO

Jelly Comb Bluetooth folding keyboard JELLY COMB

Bellabeat Leaf health tracker BELLABEAT

Price: US$ 14.00

Price: US$ 28.00

Price: US$ 90

Price: US$ 103.00

Having a phone that can take pictures is great when you are inspired to capture a moment, but sometimes the camera’s quality can let you down. A handy and hardy solution is these clip-on camera lenses, made of aluminium and glass. The bundle contains a 180-degree fish-eye lens for some arty distortion, a 0.4x super wide-angle lens and a 10x macro zoom lens for detailed close-up shots. The metal housing is also water and dust resistant. The universal clip-on design works with most popular brands of Android phones as well as the latest Apple iPhones.

In this digital age where hackers can use radiofrequency identification (RFID) to pick up electronically stored information, you need a wallet that will block such attempts. This wallet keeps your credit and ID cards safe from remote readers. The genuine leather is lined with RFIDblocking material. It has six card slots, an ID window and a compartment for paper currency.

This is by no means the first folding keyboard, but there aren’t many that can be collapsed down to roughly the size of a large smartphone like this one. The Jelly Comb folding wireless keyboard is made from a durable yet light metal and polymer construction, weighing just under 300 grams. The keyboard is compatible with any capable iPhone, Windows or Android phone.

This health tracker blends fashion with fitness. It can be worn as a necklace or bracelet without looking bulky or obtrusive and syncs with both iOS and Android to collect activity metrics via the companion app. So if you are invited to a prestigious dinner and want a hands-free fitness tracker that won’t look out of place and will track your steps as you work the room, this is it. The Bellabeat also tracks calories burned, sleep quality, stress levels, menstrual cycles and more.


Paa Tanzania

Tile Mate item finder four-pack TILE Price: US$ 135.00

Smartphones come with an app which locates them if they get lost, so wouldn’t it be great if your other tiny cool gadgets were similarly trackable? Well, they can be if you attach a Tile Mate to them. The keychain-sized gadget is just 1.3 inches long and 0.2 inches thick. Simply attach a tracker to any item and you can use the Tile companion app to locate it virtually anywhere. Even without the app, you can still find nearby items by remotely making the Tile vibrate, flash or ring. With this pack you can keep tabs on four of your most prized possessions.

Aeifond Bluetooth smartwatch AEIFOND Price: US$ 24.00

Smartwatches have flooded the market in recent years, but you’ll struggle to find one with a price tag as enticing as this. The Aeifond smartwatch syncs with your Android or iOS mobile device and sends notifications and incoming messages right to your wrist. The device has an attractive LED touch display and you can use a SIM card to make calls right from the watch with no phone syncing required.

Anker Powercore 10,000 mAh power bank ANKER Price: US$ 32.00

To ensure all your pocket gadgets can get a regenerative blast of power wherever you are, a charger like the Anker Powercore is ideal. It’s credit card slim, so can slot in your wallet or pocket. Its 10,000 mAh battery can charge your iPhone multiple times and it benefits from PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology, which optimises charging speed for different devices, so you don’t have to wait around too long for your gadgets to recharge.

Marsboy mini Bluetooth speaker MARSBOY Price: US$ 14.00

Bluetooth wireless technology has been a boon for both headphones and speakers, allowing you to take your music just about anywhere. Headphones can hang around your neck but, until now, speakers on the market have not been as portable. However, this cool cube of tech can fit in your plan and still delivers great sound on a 12-hour battery life. Don’t expect Echo Dot-like AI, but if you want beach-rockin’ beats you can carry in your board shorts, this is perfect.


Paa Competition

Your chance to win some delicious honey produced by the beekeeping ‘mamas’ of Zanzibar If you’re a regular Precision Air flyer, you’ll know that in the last edition of Paa we ran a feature on an all-female team of Zanzibar beekeepers trained by the charity organisation Barefoot College. Not only does this endeavour bring in valuable income for the ‘mamas’ and sustain Unguja’s delicate mangrove forests, but it also produces wonderful-tasting honey. Taking on the complex flavours of the mangrove and spice trees where the bees swipe their nectar, the B.Barefoot Honey has proved a popular delicacy. Many hotels on the island serve it at breakfast and for afternoon tea and supplies at the Barefoot College shop in Kinyasi are selling out faster than they can be produced. However, Barefoot College has very kindly provided two 200 gram jars of honey as well as a


Paa Tanzania

Questions 1. Saruni Mara is run by the first female general manager of a luxury safari property in the Masai Mara. What’s her name? 2. In the Mambamba Bay wetlands, shoebill storks feed on an unusual fish that can also live on land. What is it called?

set of beeswax wraps (Tanzanian Batik cloth impregnated with Zanzibar beeswax as an alternative to plastic wraps for food conservation) for the winner of this issue’s competition. To be in with a chance of winning, answer the three questions right, based on articles in this edition of Paa and email your entry form to along with a selfie of you holding a copy of the magazine. Best of luck!

3. What’s the name of the fashion initiative launched by Anyango Mpinga to highlight the issue of modern slavery? Terms and conditions • • • •

Closing date is 22 March 2019 One entry per person Entrants must be 18 years or over The decision of the organisers will be final. The competition is not open to employees and their relatives of Barefoot College, Paa Tanzania, or Land & Marine Publications Ltd.


Eat yourself well! Simple changes in lifestyle can work better than medicine, says nutritionist Sona


hen clinical nutrition-

industry taking off in the country,

ist Sona Parmar set

most Kenyans are too reliant on

up her practice in the

conventional medicines and see

Westlands district of Nairobi in

taking a course of pills as the only solu-

2006 she encountered widespread

tion, even if symptoms and possibly

reluctance among people in the

side-effects of the drug itself persist.

city to believe that what they ate had any bearing on their health.

Positive difference

Over a decade on and it’s a differ-

“In Kenya most people believe that

ent story. Her clinic, Nutrition By Sona,

if someone gives you medicine it’s a

has helped hundreds of Kenyans

really good thing,” says Sona. “Even

overcome health conditions from

among the growing middle class,

which they had struggled to find

taking a lot of medicine is encour-

relief for most of their lives.

aged. There has to be an alternative

Still, as Soma says, there are

and most people who turn up at my

incidences that reveal she has plenty

clinic have been everywhere else

of work still to do: “I was talking to

without success. Usually within a few

an executive from a large company

weeks of seeing me they are able to

in Nairobi and she was complaining

see a positive difference.”

about her daughter feeling fatigued

Here to help

Sona Parmar

diabetes. Kenya has a high incidence of the disease, with 458,900 cases in the country recorded last year.

Sona sees patients coming to her

Sona puts much of the blame

and stressed out at school. I asked her

with ailments ranging from food

down to Kenyans’ predilection

what she gives her for breakfast and

intolerances and irritable bowel

for sugary snacks to give them an

she told me ‘a block of dark chocolate

syndrome to skin problems and

energy kick during the day. She talks

smothered in margarine’.”

chronic fatigue. She also sees plenty

Simple lifestyle changes

of people with symptoms of Type 2


Fruit is recommended

of clients who have come in with 10-cans-a-day Coca-Cola habits and tells me the story of Maasai Mara

Sona, who is registered with the

people – renowned for their nutrient-

British Association of Nutrition

rich diet – coming to Nairobi for work

Therapists and Nutritional Therapy

and being diagnosed with diabetes

Council, says she still encounters this

after just two years of sampling the

“warped sense of what’s healthy”

city’s fast food culture.

and her mission is to show people that with simple, achievable nutrition


and lifestyle changes they can take

Another common illness is gout.

control of their health.

Many Kenyans, Sona says, do not

The UK-educated nutritionist believes that, despite the wellness

drink enough water and that, coupled with the hot climate, can dehydrate



the body, causing the kidneys to struggle to flush uric acid out of the

Test time

Checking for diabetes

body quickly enough. Both are serious conditions, but guarding against them can be as simple as limiting your sugar intake and drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. The idea that improving your health is in your own hands is the key lesson to be learned from Sona’s one-to-one consultations at the clinic. While she can suggest her clients replace the sugary snacks with fructose-rich apples or advise them to take chromium as a supplement to reduce their craving for sweet food, real change comes only when they commit to a change in lifestyle. Sona’s advocacy of sustainable lifestyle changes means she is not a believer in diets. She is regularly treating clients who have come to her in despair after trying all the latest food plans without success. “There are loads of diets going

The idea that improving your health is in your own hands is the key lesson to be learned from Sona’s one-to-one consultations at the clinic

choices we make every day can lead to either vibrant health or to a never-ending struggle against chronic conditions.” It’s a message that Sona is spreading even wider now with her corporate wellness plans.

on around Nairobi,” she says. “I don’t

She is invited to give seminars

believe in them. Every change has to

in the workplace and advise on

be sustainable. Being forced to eat

analysing the “unhealthy patterns” of

healthy work/life balance, coping

something you hate or avoid foods

a client’s life.

with stress, eating well and even

you love is not going to work in the long run.”

Flexible food plans

“Realising that we are making

making suggestions for the work

ourselves sick is empowering,

canteen menu.

because it means we can also make

“It is a way for me to educate

ourselves better,” she says. “I had a

en masse,” she says. “People get the

Sona encourages flexibility in her food

client who was 75 years old and had

chance to ask questions and I really

plans. We know Kenyans are keen

been suffering from migraines for

carnivores, which can put a strain on

50 years. In our consultation she also

the digestive system, but rather than

revealed her father died 50 years ago.

to understand their bodies and to

giving up meat she suggests going

A lot of the causes of these illnesses

help them heal and repair themselves.

without it one or two days a week and

can be emotional. Most people

If you’re waking up to a breakfast of

taking more vegetables with meals

have the answers to their illnesses

dark chocolate and margarine, it may

– and making sure they are ones

inside them. Another client suffered

be time to give her a call.

you like. As she says: “If you don’t like

repeatedly from stomach ulcers. I

carrots, don’t eat carrots.”

found out she was consumed with

Just as people have the power to

worry because her husband had

make themselves better, they are

been sleeping with the nanny. Much

usually at fault for making themselves

of my work is empowering people

ill. A large part of Sona’s work is

to make changes in their lives. The


Paa Tanzania

Eat healthy

Green food is good

feel the message is getting out there.” Sona hopes to enable more people

Get in touch with Sona Address: Medanta Africare, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi Tel: 0737 237082 or 0722 681205 Email:

Five useful health hints Nutritional tips to start you on the road to wellness Although Sona is keen to point out that there are no quick nutritional fixes to wellness and lasting change can only be achieved by cementing these health choices as a new lifestyle, she has selected five simple tips to kick-start a healthier you:

• Go two weeks without wheat.

• Drink more water. “Have at least eight glasses of water a day. You will notice the difference in your skin and energy levels almost immediately.”

• Give your body a break from alcohol. “There is a drinking culture in Kenya. Some people tell me they only drink twice a week, but on those two days they really binge. You don’t have to abstain for a whole month, but your body will thank you for the break.”

• Cut back on your sugar intake. “Avoid cereal bars that may seem healthy but are often loaded with sugar and cut back on carbonated drinks and sugar in your tea and coffee.”

• Go two weeks without dairy. “People who, unknowingly, have food allergies to either or both of these can see chronic conditions such as ‘brain fog’, digestive problems and joint pain disappear.”


Zawose music

Bringing Bagamoyo to the world

Zawose family keeps unique sound of Gogo music alive


safiri Zawose was never going

fans include British pop star Peter Gabriel,

to be anything other than

who produced Hukwe’s last three albums

a musician. He was born in

on his Real World label. Hukwe introduced

he taught his children everything about

a part of Bagamoyo that has become

Wagogo music, arguably the strangest

the music of their ancestors: how to sing in

known as ‘Zawose Village’ because it’s

and most beautiful traditional music in

perfect harmony, play their songs, dance

populated by the collective progeny and

Tanzania, to the world.

and also make and play all the instru-

relations of Msafiri’s father, the inter-

ments that comprise the Wagogo musical

nationally renowned Wagogo musician

Creating a community

Hukwe Zawose.

As his renown increased, Hukwe set up the

many children of their own and the music

Chuo cha Sanaa (National College of Arts)

continues to be passed on through genera-

based in the Dodoma region, Hukwe

in Bagamoyo – which family members like

tions of these musical masters.

was known as a virtuoso player of the

Msafiri attended – and the historic coastal

Msafiri is working to ensure their musi-

ilimba (a traditional thumb piano with an

town was where he also relocated his family

cal and cultural heritage is kept alive

other-worldly sound) with a mighty voice

and created a community to continue his

across Tanzania and Africa through the

stretching over five octaves, from bass to

musical legacy and that of the Gogo people.

Art Promoters Foundation, a developing

Among the Gogo people, pastoralists

falsetto, roaring like a lion one minute, then

repertoire. Now Hukwe’s children have

When Hukwe died in 2003 he left not

music and arts initiative set up in 2009 and

trilling like a bird the next. Tanzania’s first

only an impressive body of work but also

based at Zawose Village, which operates a

president, Julius Nyerere, discovered his

a family of around 20 children by four

recording studio, holds weekly workshops

music on a tour of the country and brought

mothers to carry on his work. He comes

and classes for children to learn Tanzanian

him to Dar es Salaam to play. Other famous

from a society that honours tradition and

dance and ngoma as well offering music and art lessons for those wishing to learn more about Tanzanian traditional culture.

Singular singing The Zawose family has released albums of its own – using the foundation’s recording studio – with multiple vocalists each possessing a velvety sense of harmony and Family affair

confidence borne of singing and playing

Msafiri Zawose

Image courtesy of Msafiri Zawose. Photo: Peter Bennett

together as a way of life. Many of them use


Paa Tanzania

an unusual style of singing called mganga: a type of overtone singing achieved by constricting parts of the throat to create a deep, growling voice that contains subtle harmonies. The family’s instruments are as singular as their singing. Primary instruments heard in Gogo music include the zeze, usually featuring two strings of bicycle brake wire and played with a bow, ngoma drums and the ilimba. Men in Zawose Village can

be seen pounding steel wires taken from

Msafiri is a master of all the signature

old mattresses and car seats to make the

Gogo instruments and can make them as

States, where he was invited for a three-

staggered metal tines of this thumb piano.

well as he plays them. His grandfather, Ubi,

month tour and recorded his major release

Hukwe’s eldest son, Julius, a talented musi-

began teaching him to play the ngoma on

album ‘Mbotela’ at the famous TMG Studios

cian, runs the workshop that produces these

his front porch when he was only 10 years

in Oklahoma. The album title is Swahili for

one-of-a-kind instruments, where bizarre

old. That same year he began to make his

‘regeneration’ and the music represents

and ingenious methods are used to achieve

own ilimba. By the time he hit his teens

Msafiri’s efforts to continue the traditions of

the Wagogo sound. Perhaps most bizarre of

he was playing festivals with his father

his people in the modern world.

all is the use of spider egg sacs as resonators

throughout Tanzania and was part of his

to amplify the sound of the ilimba. These

father’s group, Chibite, which toured Japan.

white, silky caps are harnessed from webs

appeal. His fame spread to the United

With cultures being changed and lost as Tanzania embraces modern music such as the hip-hop-influenced ‘Bongo Flava’,

and stuck on the instrument’s resonating

Solo career

sound holes using saliva as an adhesive and

After his father’s death, Msafiri took a break

seems more important than ever in keep-

left to dry in the sun. Who needs a speaker

from the family to pursue his own career in

ing the country’s traditions alive. His father

when you’ve got spiders?

music. He released a series of albums and

would be very proud.

The close-knit Zawose family has done

Msafiri and the Zawose family’s work

took part in workshops across the world.

much to promote Wagogo music in

Singing in both Swahili and his native Gogo

Tanzania, much of which Msafiri has been

language, Msafiri is keen to represent the

involved in, but he has also been the one

musical traditions of his ancestors in his

to flee the nest and take the music around

work. He is not afraid to give his music a

the world.

modern twist, which has broadened its

For more information about Msafiri, his music and the work of the African Promoters Foundation, visit

Shoebill stork

In search of the shoebill stork Stork with attitude is a ‘must see’ in Mamamba Bay With Precision Air now flying six days a week to Entebbe, here’s an adventure within easy reach of the one-time Ugandan capital that will give you an excellent chance to see one of the world’s rarest and strangest birds – immediately recognisable by its huge, prehistoric-looking bill.


he Mabamba Bay Wetland,

years of name-calling, but that bill is a

hunting technique – carried out

about an hour’s drive from

deadly weapon. At the end is a sharp

mostly at night or in the early morning

Entebbe, is home to around

hook used to catch its prey, which

– and its shy, solitary nature mean it

260 species of bird. The strangest

ranges from Mabamba Bay staples like

can be an elusive creature to spot.

and most spectacular of these

lungfish, tilapia and catfish to snakes,

They are normally silent birds, too,

has to be the shoebill stork,

lizards, rodents and even baby croco-

although they can perform machine-

which thrives in the swamp-like

diles. After taking its prey bodily into its

gun-like displays of bill clattering


beak, the shoebill opens it just enough

Routinely reaching around 5 ft in

for the victim to poke its head out. The

Kill bill

The massive beak is quite a weapon

around their nests. The best chance of finding them

height and with a 7 ft wingspan, it

bird then clamps down again with its

is to book a guided canoe tour in

looks part bird and part dinosaur.

knife-edged beak and decapitates the

Mabamba Bay, one of the Wetlands

Its massive, bulbous bill, which is

thing before swallowing it whole.

of International Importance chosen

straw-coloured with erratic greyish

To catch its prey, the shoebill stays

by the Ramsar Convention, which

markings, is so startlingly egregious

motionless, often for hours, until its

contains a good proportion of the

and prehistoric-looking, it’s as if a stork,

next meal unwittingly gets close

1,000 or so shoebill storks in Uganda.

having lost its beak, has had a couple

enough for a lightning-fast attack. The

Your guide is likely to be a fisherman

of clogs transplanted in its place.

bird’s incredibly large feet help it to

Host of nicknames The birds appear in the artwork of the

maintain its balance in one spot for such extended periods. The shoebill stork’s statue-like


Marsh and lagoon

ancient Egyptians, while Arabs reportedly called the bird Abu-Markhub or ‘father of the shoe/slipper’. Later nicknames have similarly fixated on the massive bill, ranging from the descriptive ‘flying shoe’ to the borderline insulting ‘king whale-head’. It may have inspired thousands of


Paa Tanzania

Other places to see the shoebill You can spot the shoebill in other areas of Uganda such as at Delta Point in Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Semliki Game Reserve.

Five shoebill facts


A shoebill’s broad wings may span up to 2.5 metres from tip to tip. Its flapping rate of approximately 150 flaps per minute is among the slowest of any bird.


Shoebills are specialist predators of lungfish. Their distribution through tropical East Africa seems to coincide with the availability of these fish – and also with papyrus reed beds, their preferred nesting habitat.


A shoebill often benefits from living alongside hippos. These huge amphibious mammals bulldoze channels through papyrus swamps, allowing the shoebills access to otherwise inaccessible feeding areas. They also force fish to the surface, making them easier for the birds to capture.

4 from one of the local communities who will know his way around the

anywhere in the vicinity. Guides will also be able to point

Shoebills take a wide variety of prey in addition to fish, including frogs, snails, water snakes, turtles, waterbirds and baby crocodiles. There is even an unconfirmed report of shoebills feeding on a baby lechwe antelope.


A shoebill may hatch two or more chicks, but seldom raises more than one. Stronger chicks will bully their weaker siblings, depriving them of food and sometimes killing them outright. This brutal practice also occurs among eagles. The younger chicks are a form of insurance: back-ups in case the eldest fails to survive.

small channels of marsh-filled water

out the wealth of birdlife beyond the

and lagoons as well as the best places

shoebill stork species at Mabamba.

to spot the shoebill. Fishermen used

Expect to see goliath herons,

to hunt the shoebill stork – the sight

spur-winged white-winged warblers,

of the bird was believed to cast a bad

gull-billed terns, whiskered terns,

omen on their fishing endeavours –

grey-headed gulls, papyrus gonoleks,

but most have now been won over by

yellow-backed weavers, northern

the income brought in by tourism and

brown-throated weavers, white-

they work to preserve the birds and

winged black terns, pygmy geese,

opportunities for enthusiasts and you

the wetland.

malachite kingfishers, papyrus canar-

may get to see a shoebill in flight.

ies, northern brown-throated weavers,

Once you reach the wetlands you will

Carruther’s cisticolas and blue-headed

transfer to a canoe. While there is no

coucals among many others.

guarantee you will see a shoebill, the

Preying on lungfish The guides will be happy to pass on nuggets of local knowledge, such

There’s a good deal of choice when

Standing still

Shoebill waits for prey

guide’s expertise means chances are

as Mabamba Bay being named after

it comes to guided tours of Mabamba

high. It’s an unmissable opportunity to

‘emamba’, the word for the African

Bay, but if you have flown into

see this startling creature in the wild.

lungfish it is so rich in. The lungfish

Entebbe, the tour company Mabamba

is a creature to rival the shoebill in

Shoebill Tours makes it easy by picking

strangeness. It’s a fish, but has two

you up from your hotel. There’s an

lungs and can breathe air – very useful

early start to maximise the chance of

when water levels in the swamps fall.

catching the shoebill when it’s stalking

It is even able to put itself into a state

the mudfish or frogs of the swamps.

of suspended animation and sleep out

To reach Mabamba there is the option

of water for up to two years. However,

to go by road or take a more scenic

its life expectancy is far shorter if a

boat trip across Lake Victoria. The latter

shoebill stork, its main predator, is

will give plenty of early birdwatching

The Mabamba Shoebill Tours may be booked daily from Sunset Entebbe hotel, 25 Church Road, Entebbe, or any other city-centre hotel at no extra cost at 7.30 am or at a time of your choice. The tour takes about four hours. The cost for one to three people is US$ 150 plus an extra US$ 30 for any additional person. The local council has introduced a special entry tax of 25,000 Uganda shillings per person, payable upon entering the wetlands. To book, email or call +256 776 323 501


Tanzania’s greenest hotels, camps and lodges Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort & Spa Zanzibar

sophisticated heating, ventilation and

used to buy a cup of coffee at the

air conditioning system to reduce

hotel’s Vanilla Lounge or put towards

energy consumption and produce

your bill when you check out.

photovoltaic panels to harness solar

eco-friendly measures extend to its

This new hotel, just outside historic

energy, regenerative drive elevators

business facilities. The conferencing

Stone Town and a quick drive from

and an energy-saving heating and

and event venues here have energy-

the airport, has eco-friendly sustain-

cooling system coupled to ground

efficient air conditioning, lighting

ability at its core.

source heat pumps. A black water

and technology and delegates can

plant allows all water to be reused

make use of eco-friendly stationery,

luxury 106-key hotel is packed

for irrigation, toilet flushing, floor

recycled paper and a carbon-neutral

with energy-saving features for

washing, etc.


Managed by Verde Hotels, the


Solar energy

maximum sustainability. It has a

renewable energy. There are 604

Guests are encouraged to be a part

Paa Tanzania

The hotel offers levels of luxury

of these ecological measures. Anyone

to match its green credentials.

working out at the hotel’s gym will be

Its 106 rooms are accented with

contributing to its power supply via

Zanzibari art and decor, with private

the energy-generating cardio equip-

balconies looking over the coast or

ment. The hotel will even reward

the mangrove forests. The hotel has

guests for being involved in sustain-

two restaurants – using responsibly

ability on site. Eco-friendly behaviour

sourced ingredients – plus a swim-

such as using the stairs instead of the

ming pool, a spa and a game room.

lift, correctly sorting waste in rooms,

This family-friendly hotel is a dry hotel

reusing towels and taking a walk or

and features a children’s outdoor

jogging to the marina and back earns

game area, an indoor play room and a

you Verdinos, tokens which can be

splash pool for young bathers.

Paa Stay / Tanzania’s greenest hotels 30

The Hotel Verde Zanzibar’s

Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge Engaresero

World beyond

The time-tested ways of the Maasai

to meet the locals and experience

are environmentally sustainable and

their pastoral ways of living.

beneficial to protect wildlife and

With the camp just a few kilome-

this new eco lodge and campsite - it

tres from Lake Natron, guests will

was opened in 2015 - aims to slot

also meet giraffes and zebras each

in as seamlessly as it can amid this

morning as they pass the lodge on

traditional way of life.

their way to the lake for water.

Located in Engaresero, a small

Three meals a day can be provided

Maasai village in Northern Tanzania

from the open-air kitchen, which,

which the United Nations has

like the rest of the lodge’s facilities,

designated a Globally Important

runs completely on solar power. The

Agricultural Heritage Systems site,

lodge’s water supply comes directly

Maasai Giraffe Campsite and Lodge

from mountain springs nearby.

is one of East Africa’s most unique

Reaching the lodge is a four-hour

places to stay. The small camp, cater-

bus drive from Arusha or you can fly

ing for up to 30 people, is focused on

in. There is an airstrip just 600 metres

sustainable tourism.

from the camp.

Guests stay in tents or lodges with

A tantalising glimpse

If you want a wild experience that

private bathrooms and veranda views

tiptoes its ecological footprint and

of Ol Donyoi Lengai mountain. The

affords incredible opportunities for

village offers plenty of opportunities

game viewing, this is it.

Matemwe Lodge Zanzibar Matemwe Lodge is set in a beautiful environment – 12 thatched villas perched on an outcrop overlooking a shallow, coral-fringed lagoon on the quiet north-east coast of Zanzibar Island – and does its utmost to protect it. Environmental principles are taken seriously here. Much of the furniture is made from recovered driftwood and the hot water and electricity are supplied by solar power. Responsible tourists will no doubt enjoy the Mnemba Island Marine Conservation area, just opposite the lodge, home to nesting green turtles and over 600 species of coral reef fish. Diving is excellent here and Matemwe Lodge has a PADI dive centre offering trips to the island as well as snorkelling, sea kayaking and kite-surfing. The lodge is owned by Asilia Africa, renowned for its commitment to conservation and its high standard of service. Staff are delightfully friendly and the four Retreat Suites have their own butlers.


Maasai Mara

‘I am happy to be a role model for young Maasai girls’ Cecilia Rono has become the first female lodge manager in her own community, running the boutique Saruni Mara this beautiful preserved wilderness

the opportunity. I am happy to be a

her home. She is very proud of her

role model for young Maasai girls and

heritage; and its people play an

also Kenyan girls, letting them know

important role in bringing the Mara

that their dreams are also valid.”

to life for guests at the lodge. Guests are guided by Maasai warriors,

a portfolio of deluxe, intimate

who eagerly share their ancient

safari lodges in Kenya’s private

customs and local knowledge of the

conservancies, from Samburu to

landscape and wildlife.

the Masai Mara, has shown Cecilia

Cecilia says: “So many guests

a founding member of the Mara

but if they don’t see the Big Six –

North Conservancy, a breathtaking

including the Maasai and their rich

74,000-acre private wilderness


culture – they don’t feel complete.

bordering the Masai Mara National

We are proud of our culture and for

Reserve and shared between 12

began working as a house-

the guides to take guests out on our

lodges and 788 Maasai landowners.

keeper at Saruni Mara, the

‘Warrior Academy’ to show them the

It provides jobs, income, training and

management knew they had

surviving skills in the bush, such as

guidance for the local Maasai people.

a star in the making. And so it

which plants can be used as medicine

Her hard work, diligence, attention

has proved. She now runs the

or deodorant. We always make our

to detail and warm personality as a

boutique lodge, making her the

guests marvel at the passion we have

housekeeper meant that Cecilia was

first female general manager of a

for our culture.”

soon promoted to the Wellbeing

Mara and possibly in Kenya. That she runs Saruni Mara, nestled

Lovely sight

Forging her own path

Paa Tanzania

Space, the Mara’s luxury spa centre, and was trained at the esteemed

While Cecilia is keen to show off the

Centro Benessere Stresa Spa, part of

in a secluded valley in the heart of

traditions of her people to guests,

the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées

the Masai Mara, is extra-special,

she has had to take on the patriarchal

on Lake Maggiore in Italy. In 2013 she

because Cecilia is a Maasai and calls

elements of Maasai society to pursue

became the assistant manager of

her career dreams.

Saruni Samburu and just three years

“Management in my culture was regarded to be a man’s job,” she says.


a route to the top. Saruni Mara is

come to the Mara to see the Big Five,

n 2007, when Cecilia Rono

luxury safari property in the Masai

Sunset in the Mara North Conservancy

Working for Saruni, which has

later got the top job at Saruni Mara. Cecilia’s ambitions remain keen in

“I have proved them wrong, that even

her management role and she has

women are smart and can manage

set an inspirational example among

anything and everything when given

her workforce of the potential for

professional development. Among her achievements since taking over have been keeping the lodge’s environmental footprint as light as possible in the Mara-Serengeti

‘Under my management last year we moved from Silver to Gold eco-rating’

ecosystem. “I like being in charge,” she says. “I have a fantastic team and owners that support my work. I have brought

are five elegant cottages, one family villa and one private villa. Each room is themed, with choices including the Love Shack, the Photographer’s Studio and the Observatory. Cecilia ensures each guest is carefully looked

Mara since they are our tomorrow,”

after and has an experience tailored

she says. “This is amazing to me.”

to his or her interests.

The conservancy is one of the most

“Before arrival, I get to know

a lot of motivation to my staff, being

populated wildlife areas in the Masai

my guests’ personal favourites in

one of their own, opening their

Mara. It is home to Leopard Gorge, a

terms of food, facilities and activity

minds to understand that at Saruni

vital birthing and maternity ground

preferences,” she says. “I am the face

we have a lot of opportunity if you

for the big cats, as well as Lemek Hills,

of Saruni Mara, so to spend time with

work hard. Under my management

an important refuge for highly threat-

my guests, hosting them and making

last year we moved from Silver to

ened African wild dogs. During the

Gold [eco-rating], which is something

Loita Hills migration, from December

that I am very proud of.”

to May, thousands of local wildebeest

Green projects

Zebras to see

sure their stay is amazing is one of my favourite parts of the job.”

head here for grazing land. The opportunities for wildlife

Cecilia’s love of the Mara North

viewing still amaze Cecilia. “At the

Conservancy is clear and her role

moment along the valley we have a

at Saruni Mara, in the heart of the

mini migration of topis together with

conservancy, gives her an exclusive

hundreds of zebras and wildebeest,

opportunity to commit to its environ-

which is unbelievable,” she says. “I

ment, wildlife and local communities.

also like the wild dogs – and where

She is involved in Saruni projects to

else can you see them apart from

sustain the delicate ecosystem and to

Olokirisiai Hills?”

ensure future generations of Maasai


After a day tracking magnificent

understand their role as custodians of

creatures across the conservancy,

the land. “We organise the planting of

guests have plenty of creature

trees in schools and take the kids on

comforts in place for them at Saruni

game drives to see the beauty of the

Mara. At the small, deluxe lodge there

For more information on Saruni Mara and the other lodges in the Saruni portfolio, visit

Advertising Feature

Ngorongoro gets UNESCO geopark status All images by Walter Mairo

Ngorongoro Lengai Unesco Global Geopark aims to boost tourism while preserving the wonders of the Arusha region


n 17 April 2018, Tanzania became

to be supported by the 10th European

the first sub-Saharan African

Development Fund, will prime its attractions

country to contain a Unesco Global

for tourists – who should come in even

Area Authority (NCAA), which will manage

greater numbers.

the Geopark, are also keen that the benefits

Geopark. The status was granted to a 12,000 sq km geologist’s and palaeon-

Conservator of Ngorongoro Dr Freddy

tologist’s dream in the Arusha region in

Manongi says: “Geo tourism is very popular

the north of the country festooned with

[around] the world. This is an opportunity for

breathtaking natural features, including

Tanzania to tap into the world economy.”

opportunities in the tourism market.” Unesco and the Ngorongoro Conservation

extend to the 200,000 human inhabitants who call the region their home.

‘Guardians’ role of the Maasai

fossil remains of our earliest ancestors and

As well as the tourists, the geologically

The geopark lies just south of Lake Natron in

an active volcano that fires out black lava.

diverse region should garner more scientific

the Rift Valley, in the heart of Maasai country.

interest, attracting more studies to unearth

For the Maasai the region is a sacred place.

even more startling finds.

The park takes its name from two of its most

A boon for tourists and scientists The Ngorongoro Conversation Area has been

Engineer Joshua Mwankunda, head

striking sights – the Ngorongoro Crater and

given the international status and expanded

of the Cultural Heritage Department in

active volcano Ol doinyo Lengai – which

to create The Ngorongoro Lengai Unesco

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority,

mean ‘Gift of Life’ and ‘Mountain of God’

Global Geopark. The hope is that endorse-

says: “Researchers will come into our country

respectively in the Maasai language. The tribe

ment from the United Nations Educational,

to carry out geological and cultural studies

keeps vigil over the region’s wonders while

Scientific and Cultural Organisation will

that will bring in foreign currency to Tanzania.

herding cattle amid its verdant grasslands.

corral the area’s stand-out attractions such as

Such research will undoubtedly unveil

Olduvai Gorge, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake

other attractions that will surely become

The NCAA is keen to encourage the role of the Maasai, and other pastoralist

Natron as an ideal tour itinerary in this remote area on the way to the Serengeti National Park or Lake Manyara National Park. The financial injection that comes with the status, the geopark is the first of its kind

Know the earth better – what the Geopark will bring to the region • Educational lectures to help visitors understand the earth better, such as how craters were formed and human evolution. • Build local tourism economy by purchasing traditional artefacts from the communities. • Protect the environment and local culture. • Interact with Maasai people and learn about their lives. • Beautiful views across the volcanic ranges and craters. • Trek some of Tanzania’s highest peaks, including Oldonyo Lengai and Mount Lolmalasin. • Fantastic opportunities for wildlife spotting.


Paa Tanzania

More great wildlife spotting is to be had at Lake Natron. The soda lake’s 120-degree waters make it inhospitable to most, but Lesser Flamingos love the algae it produces and flock there in their millions. An incredible sight. These attractions already have a considerable touristic cache in Tanzania, but the size of the Unesco Geopark means many more worthy attractions within its boundaries will benefit by association. communities in the region such as the

The Olduvai Gorge, a steep-sided ravine

Among the huge list are the Empakai and

Datoga and Hadzabe, as guardians of the

in the Rift Valley, is one of the most famous

Olmoti craters, Maasai manyattas, the River

geopark and involve them in decisions on

palaeontological sites in the world. Its

Munge, the elephant caves of Karatu, the

sustainability and conserving these areas of

exposed volcanic beds have yielded fossils

Olkarien Gorge, Nasera Rock, the Eyasi warm

geological heritage.

of early man as well as Middle and Late

water spring, Lerai Forest and the Leaky

Stone Age artefacts.


Visitors will see why the Masaai so venerate the land the geopark covers. It is

Just 45 km south of the gorge is Laetoli,

twice the size of the already established

another key palaeontological site. It was here

Ngorongoro Conservation World Heritage

the earliest traces of mankind’s existence

Site, stretching to the Serengeti National Park

were found in a set of footprints 3.6 million

in the north, Lake Natron to the east, Great

years old and preserved in volcanic ash.

Rift Valley to the south and Maswa Game

The Ngorongoro Crater was caused

Reserve to the west, and is packed with

three million years ago by a super volcano

awe-inspiring features.

erupting with a blast so ferocious that it

Among them is Oldonyo Lengai,

caved in on itself. Over the next millennia

Tanzania’s only active volcano. When it

the resulting caldera caught rain water and

blows it is the only volcano to produce an

lush vegetation developed and then came

almost silicone-less natro-carbonite lava

the animals. Now the area is a colosseum of

which can appear black in sunlight rather

diversity with all the Big Five and the rare

than the glowing red of usual eruptions.

black rhino to be seen.

Conservator of Ngorongoro Dr Freddy Manongi

More information For more information on the work of the NCAA and questions on tourism or scientific study in the Geopark, email


Paa staff spotlight

No pain, no gain at Graduate Sales Bootcamp Precision Air believes in developing its employees as they are the ones who take care of its cherished customers. The airline, which was established 25 years ago, believes that developing staff is not enough and it is of paramount importance it develops a community. With this aim in mind, Precision Air sponsored the 4th annual edition of the Graduate Sales Bootcamp founded and led by Dr Darlene Mutalemwa of Mzumbe University. Every year Dr Mutalemwa identifies graduates who are hungry and humble enough to work for the best employers in Tanzania. 

Characters The programme is attended by graduates in business, economics, law, environmental engineering, medicine and virtually any other major. The young attendants are trained on the lost art and science of “direct sales” and then placed on challenging road assignments that shape their characters for a lifetime. To develop the young graduates Dr Mutalemwa has chosen sales coach Enzo Graziano. Enzo has served some of the largest FMCGs, banks, financial institutions and international players in Africa. His training methodology is based on the foundational sales values of humility and self-denial. He helps people embrace what he calls “the gift of pain” by infusing the joy of serving with humility.  36

Paa Tanzania

The sales trainer believes in the “power of being a nobody”. While training the Precision Air management team on sales leadership, Enzo said: “If you think you are special, you will spend the rest of your life trying to prove a point, but when you understand that you are nothing before God and before

your community, you spend your life trying to serve someone to count a little bit more”.

First job The airline intends to be a sponsor of the Graduate Sales Bootcamp for years to come and help more than 1,000 graduates find their first job by the year 2025.

Paa Royal Benefits

Benefits that will make you feel like royalty Precision Air is always looking to give its customers an exclusive and memorable service experience; and the Paa Royal benefits programme is part of that mission. The membership categories* are as follows:

Jade Member benefits

Silver Member benefits

Upon enrolment, members will be given their unique Paa Royal number, which they must always show whenever they buy tickets as well as during check-in at the airport. After flying three times or more, members will be given a Jade membership card. With the card, they will be recognised as members of the Paa Royal Programme.

After attaining Silver membership level, the member will be issued with a Silver membership card which he (or she) must show at all Precision Air point of sales in order to receive the recognition that he deserves. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he will automatically receive points earned to his account.

Other benefits of Jade membership:

Members will be entitled to special treatment and priority treatment whenever they travel.

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at the passenger’s arrival destination • An opportunity to get a free ticket within the Precision Air’s network after accumulating enough points in their account. *Please note that, in each membership category, if a member is unable to maintain the required number of flights in a year, he or she will be downgraded to their tier level achieved in that current year.

Other benefits of Silver membership: • Free 5 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation in those times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line.

Gold Member benefits After attaining the Gold membership, members will begin to experience royal and exclusive treatment whenever they fly. Members will be opened up to a new world of opportunities and experiences and, of course, receive more rewards. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he (or she) would automatically receive points earned to his account. Other benefits of Gold: • Free 10 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line • Priority waitlist/airport standby each time you want to travel and your selected flight is full.

Tanzanite Member benefits When members reach Tanzanite member they attain ultimate royalty. We will always strive to give these royal members an exclusive and memorable flight experience. At this level, members will already be used to royal treatment; royalty will be their way of life. Other benefits of Tanzanite: • Free 15 kg excess baggage every time the member travels on a PW-operated flight • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Confirmation on any flight if a member is prepared to pay Y class fare, regardless of the flight booking status • Priority waitlist/airport standby whenever you want to travel and your selected flight is full • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line. • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s destination.


Route Network

Precision Air route map UGANDA Entebbe Bukoba Mwanza Kahama Tabora

KENYA Nairobi Seronera (Serengeti) Kilimanjaro Arusha


Dar es Salaam






Paa Tanzania

Paa Contacts

Your nearest Precision Air office anywhere in the world TANZANIA DAR ES SALAAM HEAD OFFICE

Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot no 162 / 38, Mirambo Street / Samora Ave, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)22 219 1000 Contact Centre (Reservations): +255 (0)787 888 409 / 408 / 417 Email:


NIC HDQ Building, Samora Ave / Pamba Road, PO Box 70770, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)22 213 0800 / 212 1718 Fax: +255 (0)22 211 3036 Email:


(For users of VISA and MasterCard) Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot no 162 / 38, Mirambo Street / Samora Ave Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)686 177 458 / (0)689 669 446 Fax: +255 (0)22 211 3036 Email:


Boma Road, opposite TTLC, Safari Hotel Building, PO Box 1636, Arusha Tel: +255 (0)27 254 5489


Bukoba Office-GSA, Bukoba Machinery and General Supplier, Bukoba Centre Kawawa Road Tel: +255 (0) 28 222 0545 / 222 0204 Mob: +255 (0) 713 316 806 / (0) 787 616 806


KNCU Building, Ground Floor, Old Moshi Road Tel: +255 (0)272 753495 / 753498 Mob: +255 (0)787 800820


Tanu Road, Posta Building, PO Box 1066, Mtwara Tel: +255 (0)23 233 4116 Mob: +255 (0)787 818 442 / 767 818 442


Kivukoni Road PO Box 211, Musoma Tel: +255 (0)28 262 0713 Mob: +255 (0)787 792 336


Along Kenyatta Road, Plot no 002, Mwanza Tel: +255 (0)28 250 0819 / 250 0204 Fax/Tel: +255 (0)28 250 1054 Mob: +255 (0)784 402042 Sales Office Mobile: +255 (0)784 968427





Argentinierstrasse 2/4 A-1040 Vienna, Austria Tel: +43 1 585 3630 Fax: +43 1 558 536 3088

Suite 1302, 109 Pitt Street Sydney, Australia Email:


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Park Hill, J.E Mommaertslaan 16B 1831 Diegem, Belgium Tel: +32 (0)2 712 0584 Fax: +32 (0)2 725 8392 Mobile: +32 (0)47 770 9971










NSSF Building, opposite CRDB Bank PO Box 858, Shinyanga Tel: +255 (0)282 763 737 Mob: +255 (0)282 763 737 Mlandege, Muzammil Centre PO Box 961, Zanzibar Tel: +255 (0)24 223 4521 Fax: +255 (0)24 223 4520 Email:

Barclays Plaza, 7th Floor, Loita Street PO Box 50990-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 327 4282 / 4290 / 4297 Mob: +254 (0)724 76 0736 / (0)20 236 7684 / +254 (0)736 046 595 Airport: +254 (0) 733 934 795 / 731 530 000 Email:


OR Tambo International, International Departures Terminal A, AVIAREPS Counter Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 783 6415


Rogers Aviation Tel: +269 (0)77 38799 Mob: +269 (0)333 9512 / 340 0279


C/o Kenya Airways IPS Building, Jubilee House Ground Floor, Parliament Square Tel: +256 (0)312 360 000 Fax: +256 (0)414 256 472 Mob: +256 (0) 782 992 911 / 725 99211 / 772 760 268

Precision Air, 11 rue Auber 75009 Paris, France Mob: +33 (0)6 21 824 908 Reservation: +33 (0)1 534 35397 Fax: +33 (0)1 5343 7919

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Precision Air GSA APG Ireland 27 Lower Ormond Quay Dublin, Ireland Reservations: +353 (0)1 804 5100 Email:

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Badenerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich Switzerland Tel: +41 (0)44 286 99 01 Fax: +41 (0)44 286 99 00


The Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue, 26th Suite 2620, New York, NY 10174, USA Tel: +1 (0)201 484 8036 Fax: +1 (0)201 526 7846


APG Global Highbridge House, 581 Bath Road Longford, West Drayton Middlesex, UB7 0EW Reservations: +44 (0)844 482 2313 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)786800640 +254 (0)20 3274297 / 82 / 90 Email: /


Tel: +255 (0)22 2860701-9 Email: Precision Air Services PLC


Welcome Aboard

Safety and well-being on board PASSENGER SAFETY Precision Air takes passenger safety very seriously. Aviation safety isn’t just the pilot’s or the cabin crew’s job – it takes all of us. It is easy for our natural sense of caution to be dulled in our modern environment, where things don’t go wrong very often. Whether in the air or on the ground, your life and the lives of your family members could some day be saved if you make it a point, in every situation, to create a mental plan of action in case of emergency. Here are some important tips to help you enjoy your travel experience with Precision Air – in flight and around the airport.

EXIT ROW SEAT A passenger who is allocated an emergency exit seat: A. Must be both willing and physically able to open the exit doors in an emergency B. Must completely understand the printed emergency evacuation techniques C. Must be 16 years old and above.

PAY ATTENTION TO PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING Although the information seems repetitious, the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft that you fly on and the seat you are in.

CARRY ON BAGGAGE There are strict rules about what you can bring on board an aircraft. Because:

Carry-on bags must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please confirm with Precision Air rules before your travel to avoid delays. *Remember: All carry-on baggage must be left behind in an evacuation.

SAFETY ONBOARD Boarding and leaving an aircraft requires your full attention. As you move to and from the aircraft, you may be in a busy area with many other passengers and cargo, moving vehicles, other aircraft, slippery walkways and/or stairs.

RESPECT YOUR CREW AND FELLOW PASSENGERS Everyone has the right to safe and secure travel. That is why Precision Air employees and the aviation authority will not tolerate any behaviour that interferes with the flight or puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

SEATBELTS Seatbelts must be fastened during take-off, landing, during turbulence and any time the crew deem it necessary. Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need in case of emergency. If you are responsible for an infant or a child, you must first ensure that your own seatbelt is properly fastened, then secure the child and, if it is an infant, secure the child’s or the infant’s restraints.

A. Not all aircraft have space to store your carry-on baggage.

Important note: There are a number of events involving air turbulence that highlight the importance of keeping seatbelts fastened throughout the flight.

B. In an accident, baggage in the aisles makes it harder to get out of the aircraft quickly.

Though rare, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to both passengers and crew.


Paa Tanzania

It’s a good idea to keep your seatbelt fastened even when the seatbelt signs are not on.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND PREGNANCIES If you have a medical condition and may need assistance during your travel, kindly ask the Precision Air offices or agents about procedures before your flight. If you are pregnant, you will need to fill a Precision Air medical form, to be signed by your doctor, to confirm that you are OK for travel. For further details, kindly ask while booking your ticket from our sales offices and/or customer services.

PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Use of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP4 players, iPads, etc are not allowed during take-off, landing, taxiing, descent and climb. Precision Air prohibits the use of some electronic devices during flight because they emit signals that can interfere with the aircraft's instrumentation. Some of the items prohibited include cellphones, radios, remote-controlled games/toys, laser pointers, iPads or tablets that transmits frequencies, portable printers, walkie-talkies, scanners and laptops. These items need to be stowed away for these phases of the flight to avoid injuries in case of an emergency.

Profile for Land & Marine Publications Ltd.

Paa Tanzania – issue 93  

The inflight magazine of Precision Air. PrecisionAir is a public listed Tanzanian airline, which is a leader in providing scheduled flight s...

Paa Tanzania – issue 93  

The inflight magazine of Precision Air. PrecisionAir is a public listed Tanzanian airline, which is a leader in providing scheduled flight s...