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Issue 91, July - September 2018

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Fun is the name of the game…


Five steps to heaven



Park Inn by Radisson, Westlands


All things bright and beautiful



Why Andrew is such a happy snapper… 38

Grill House, Dar es Salaam



A symbol of our faith in the future

Renault Duster


Go wet and wild for a fun day out


Enjoy ‘the gateway’ in comfort and style

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45 Paa Royal Benefits

On top of the world…

Lights, camera – festival!


Plant power


Paa Tanzania

43 Paa Meet 46 Route Network 47 Paa Contacts 48 Welcome Aboard Cover picture courtesy of: Andrew Morgan Photography

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A symbol of our faith in the future Greetings! Welcome aboard Precision Air and thank you for choosing to fly with us. On behalf of the Precision Air team, I would like to thank you, our esteemed customers, for your continued support and patronage. We really appreciate you, for without you we wouldn’t be here today. As one of the big stakeholders in the tourism industry, we have a big role to play in conserving the environment. That being said, our first Corporate Social Responsibility event of the year was at Ngarony Village in the Siha District Council between Kilimanjaro National Park and the village. At this event on 11 May we planted a total of 1,000 indigenous trees. The tree planting involved Precision Air staff together with the District Council and the local community. It is our hope that the trees we planted will have a long-lasting impact on the environment and the community at large for years to come. Precision Air has been operating into Kilimanjaro for 24 years, so this was our way of giving back to the society around Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the country’s key tourist attractions. On the other hand, we have recently launched our partnership with Maxcom Africa as our mobile payment aggregator. This partnership will give our passengers more options on how they want to pay for their tickets. Our passengers can now pay for their tickets via 16,000 MaxMalipo pay points across East Africa. Our aim is to increase efficiency in the ticketing process and improve the entire travel experience of our customers. Our aim is to ensure that you are always happy with our services, so please let us know if your recent experience has been anything short of excellent by emailing: Don’t forget to register with our frequent flyers programme, Paa Royal, and take advantage of discounts at the best hotels and restaurants in town. Do also visit our website at for more updates and the best offers; and also connect with us on social media pages: Facebook – Precision Air Tanzania Twitter – PrecisionAirTz Instagram – precisionairtz

You Are Why We Fly. Sauda Rajab Managing Director and CEO Precision Air Services Plc



Latest from Tanzania’s leading airline Precision Air plants 1,000 trees around Mount Kilimanjaro

Precision Air Services Plc has played its part in preserving the environment around Mount Kilimanjaro. This was achieved by a tree planting activity involving Precision Air staff together with the District Council and the local community. A total of 1,000 indigenous trees were planted in Siha in an area between Kilimanjaro National Park and Ngarony Village. Commenting on the event, Precision Air’s marketing and corporate communications manager, Hillary Mremi, said the company felt obliged to protect Mount Kilimanjaro as it had a direct impact on its business.

Precision Air to introduce MaxMalipo payment platform Precision Air has announced a partnership with Maxcom Africa to provide a payment platform for electronic ticket purchases. This will give Precision Air customers the flexibility to buy their flight tickets conveniently through various payment platforms such as mobile payments, banks and MaxMalipo agents. Speaking at the launch, Precision Air’s managing director, Sauda Rajab, said: “The partnership came through as a result of continued efforts to improve the customer travel experience with Precision Air.” And she went on: “Now our customers will have more options on how they wish to pay for their tickets. Our company will continue to explore new, improved technologies that will enhance our customer journey experience and at the same time improve our business processes.” Commenting on the partnership with Maxcom Africa, the airline’s country director, Charles Natai, said that, as a result of this strategic partnership, Precision Air had become the first airline to offer more than 16,000 ticket pay points across East Africa. The partnership will allow Precision Air passengers to pay for their tickets through all mobile phone payment platforms, banks and through 16,000 MaxMalipo agents across East Africa.

“Mount Kilimanjaro is taking good care of us as a company and as a nation through tourism, so we all have the responsibility to take care of our mountain and the environment at large,” said Mr Mremi. Precision Air has been operating into Kilimanjaro for 24 years and, as one of the key stakeholders in the tourism industry, this was its way of giving back to the society around Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the nation’s foremost tourist attractions. Siha District forest officer Lazaro Mwaluko said Precision Air had set a good example for other stakeholders. “It’s time now we take concrete actions to protect our environment so that the future generation can equally enjoy the beauty of our country such as Mount Kilimanjaro and the rest,” said Mr Mwaluko. At 5,895 metres above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

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Bao Box

All images: Saagar Panara. Editing: Vibe Productions Ltd.

All images: Saagar Panara. Editing: Vibe Productions Ltd.

Fun is the name of the game…

Novel café has the perfect antidote to digital dinners


ow many times have you

to provide a platform for friends,

blankets for chilly nights on our

gone out for dinner or

families, workmates and all sorts of


drinks with friends and

social circles which encourages good

The handmade furniture and

ended up checking your phone

old-fashioned bonding. With the

vibrant soft furnishings help to create

throughout the evening? An

increasing integration of technology

a modern, stylish environment that

ingenious new café in Nairobi

in our lives, we felt that people had

is complemented by the ambient

called Bao Box is out to change

forgotten how to truly communicate

lighting and dark walls. A couple of

this, presenting the perfect anti-

and wanted to address this.”

large chalkboards display information

dote to a digital dinner by offering stacks of board games, card games

Board games

and party games to help you enjoy

And so Bao Box was born, with a

some old-school fun with friends

focus on face-to-face interaction

and family.

across dozens of board games along

Officially opened on 29 December last year, Bao Box is one of the newest

drawings in the entrance and behind Bao Box

New in Nairobi

the bar, setting the tone for a fun experience.

with tasty food. “The name stems from the

eateries in Nairobi and the first to

traditional game Bao and we have

combine board games with burgers

tried to be true to our roots with

(and many other tasty treats) to create

almost every element of the café

a cosy hangout space that appeals to

including our tables, kitchen and

people of all ages.

bar,” explains Vishesh. “Most of our

Vishesh Sonigra, co-owner of Bao

about Bao Box and there are quirky

seating has been handcrafted locally

Box, told Paa about the inspira-

and our pillowcases are made from

tion behind the café: “The idea is

kikoy. Additionally, we provide Maasai


Bao Box designed to be shared and can be enjoyed as a mid-game snack or as a meal. There’s no obligation to play any games at Bao Box, so you can just pop in for a bite to eat, although we do recommend playing a game or two for the fun factor. Guests can choose from ‘all day breakfast’ options such as pancakes, omelettes and an English breakfast; ‘munchies’ such as chicken or paneer tikka skewers, nachos, honey lime spicy wings and fries with dips; soups; salads; sandwiches; pizzas; and So how did it all start? “The team behind Bao Box consists of six individu-

only play one per table at a time.

mains such as a beef and cheese

The games menu is divided into

burger, lamb chops and spaghetti arrabbiata. There is a wide choice of

als from backgrounds including bank-

sections to help you pick from the

ing, manufacturing and even kitchen

wide selection available – party, family,

installations,” says Vishesh. “But there

strategy, strategy/family, adventure,

and milkshakes as well as wines,

were two common factors between

children and adult – with each game

spirits and cocktails for an alcoholic

us: a passion to create a unique space

classified as easy, medium or advanced

accompaniment to some of your

unlike any other in Nairobi, with a

so you know what you’re letting

childhood games or new favourites.

dream to provide a platform for people

yourself in for. As well as classics such

to form deeper connections; and a

as Cluedo, Jenga, Articulate and Ludo,

complete lack of knowledge of the

there are games like the adults-only

food and beverage industry!”

Cards Against Humanity, the Game of

The team spent a year planning the café, which finally opened its

Thrones board game and Jumanji.

doors in December last year to a


warm reception. “We have had an

The food and drink menu at Bao

overwhelmingly positive response to

Box features a selection of unfussy,

the concept and we have opened the

good-tasting dishes that are

Play time

Games galore

drinks, too, including hot beverages

Contact details Visit Bao Box on the 8th Floor of Pramukh Towers (next to Standard Chartered Head Office), Westlands Road, Nairobi. Tel: +254 715 226 269 Email: Facebook: Instagram: @baoboxcafe

eyes of many non-gamers who now swear by our games,” says Vishesh. “The best thing about the concept is that we rarely see any phones being used as most people are engrossed in the games and don’t even realise the time is passing by.”

Unlimited For a price of KES 1,000 the whole table can play unlimited games from the café’s selection of over 200 – perfect for a group of you looking to build a real estate empire in Monopoly, take over the world in Risk or show off your general knowledge in Trivial Pursuit. Make sure you all agree on a game, however, as you can

The handmade furniture and vibrant soft furnishings help to create a modern, stylish environment that is complemented by the ambient lighting and dark walls


Idyllic islands

Five steps to heaven

Tanzania’s most idyllic islands We all know that Tanzania offers an array of tropical islands packed with some of the best beaches and activities in Africa – so it seems only right to draw your attention to the best of the bunch. Offering tranquil shores along with top tourist attractions, here is a list of our top five:

Changuu Best for: Wildlife and exploring historic ruins This piece of paradise lies about 30 minutes by boat from Zanzibar. It is often referred to as Prison Island as it was once home to slaves put there by an Arab trader to prevent them escaping. Today it is described as one of the most peaceful islands on earth thanks to its pristine waters and private white beaches. Changuu is popular among tourists, who appreciate the opportunity to see the peacocks and feed the local colony of giant Aldabra tortoises, some of which are over 100 years old. A guided tour of the historic prison is a ‘must’. 10

Paa Tanzania



Best for: Marine life and quiet beaches

Best for: A private escape with outdoor activities

Mafia lies just 160 km south of Zanzibar and is the largest island in the Mafia Archipelago. Surprisingly, Mafia is relatively unknown to people outside Tanzania. It’s a quiet island with unspoilt beaches free of hustlers. The reefs around Mafia are teeming with over 460 species of marine life including whale sharks and sea turtles – ideal for snorkelling, diving or fishing. In the centre are the remains of an old lagoon that is now home to numbers of hippo. The smaller islands of the archipelago such as Bwejuu and Mbarakum are also fun to explore. These are full of ruins that are now home to a wide variety of animals including monkeys, wild pigs and fruit bats.

Located just 50 km from Zanzibar, Pemba can be overlooked by tourists because of its smaller size. The island has just a few hotels, so if you’re looking for a quiet getaway then Pemba is ideal. This hilly island is rich in vegetation, offering an ideal opportunity for a spot of hiking. The Ngezi Forest Reserve on the west coast has some wonderful walking trails with an entrance fee of US$ 5 to help conserve the rainforest. Alternatively, go diving in the Pemba Channel, between Zanzibar and Pemba, with opportunities for both experienced and first-time divers to admire the coral reefs and see the hammerhead sharks.


Tanzania’s best islands


Idyllic islands


A popular choice


Unguja (Zanzibar)

Best for: A relaxing day at the beach

Best for: Tourist attractions and water sports

If you’re staying in or around Dar, then Mbudya, just a short journey by boat from Kunduchi Water Park or the Slipway Shopping Centre, offers a refreshing alternative for the day. Many local people visit Mbudya from time to time to escape the bustle of the city. The island is protected by the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve and for visitors from outside Tanzania there is a fee of US$ 10 for adults and US $5 for children. It’s well worth the small fee if you plan to spend the whole day here. As on most other Tanzanian islands, there are opportunities for snorkelling and hiking; but the beaches of Mbudya are so blissful that many people are happy to spend their time sunbathing on the white sand and cooling down in the clear waters. You can bring your own picnic food and drink to last you through day; while the island has an outlet selling fresh local lobster and chips as well as cool drinks.

Unguja, also known as Zanzibar Island, is Tanzania’s largest and most popular island. Offering much more than just a stopping point or even a day trip, Zanzibar is a complete destination in itself. There are numerous accommodation options and people often spend days at a time here. There are so many great ways to spend your time, from relaxing beaches to beautiful nature parks. If you’re someone who loves a busy itinerary, then you won’t be let down by the range of popular attractions Unguja has to offer. For animal lovers, there are community projects like the Cheetah’s Rock Conservation and Rescue Centre and the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre. Alternatively, head to one of the many museums or art galleries that dot the island. In terms of beaches, the island has plenty. Nungwi, at the northern end of Unguja, is a palm beach idyll where you can catch a glimpse of the hawksbill sea turtles in a tidal lagoon. If you’re into water sports, then Kendwa or Paje on the east coast are perfect for an afternoon of scuba diving, snorkelling or kite surfing.


Under the sea



All things bright and beautiful Gemstones of East Africa East Africa is well known as a major source of diamonds. Unbeknown to many, however, our region is a natural source for many other gemstones, too. Paa has put together a handy guide so that you can impress your friends and family with fun and informative facts about these precious jewels.




Colour: Blue to violet.

Colour: Rose pink to purplish red.

Type: A rock-forming mineral.

Type: A rock-forming mineral, part of the garnet group.

Colour: Usually blue, but fancy sapphires can be yellow, orange, green or even a mixture known as parti sapphires.

History and origin: Tanzanite is found only in Tanzania. The precious stone was discovered by prospector Jumanne Ngoma in 1967 in the Mirerani Hills near Arusha.

History and origin: Found mainly in Tanzania, Kenya, the United States and Brazil. It was first discovered in North Carolina in 1893.

Popularity: The second most popular blue-coloured gem after sapphire. Natural texture: Hard but can be scratched. Average price per carat: About US$ 425.

Popularity: Highly desirable and popular, particularly in the jewellery industry. Natural texture: Reasonably hard but with a tendency to split. Average price per carat: From about US$ 40.

Type: An aluminium and oxygen compound referred to as a corundum. History and origin: Found mostly in Tanzania, India, the US and Thailand. Sapphires were discovered in Montana in 1865. Popularity: The most precious and valuable blue gemstone to date. Natural texture: Extremely hard and durable. Average price per carat: From US$ 50 to over US$ 10,000 depending on the type.


paa In-flight Magazine




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Ruby Colour: Pink, blood-red and purple. Type: An aluminium and oxygen compound referred to as a corundum. History and origin: The first recorded transport and trade of rubies occurred in 200 BC in China. Today rubies are mined in many countries including Thailand and Australia. They were discovered in Tanzania after the Second World War. Popularity: Very rare, highly desirable and the most valuable gemstone of the corundum family. Rubies are usually more valuable than diamonds. Natural texture: Extremely hard and brittle. Price per carat: From US$ 100 to US$ 1,000 for a light-coloured ruby and US$ 300 to US$ 3,000 for a bright-red to purple ruby.




Colour: There is a large variety of coloured and colourless zircon.

Colour: Large variety of colours.

Colour: Pure spinel is colourless but can also come in a variety colours, predominantly pink, red, purple and blue.

Type: A rock-forming mineral. History and origin: As the oldest mineral on earth, zircon can be found in Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar. There are samples from Australia dating back over 4.4 billion years. Popularity: Zircon is often underrated as it makes an impressive diamond simulant. Bluecoloured zircon is the most popular. Natural texture: Fairly hard, but care must be given when wearing jewellery containing zircon. Price per carat: Dependent largely on colour. Top blue gems with fancy cuts can reach US$ 200 while cheaper colours and cuts can average between US$ 75 and US$ 150.

Type: Crystallised compound containing various elements, largely aluminium, magnesium and iron. History and origin: The most common variety of tourmaline, known as schorl, has been recognised since at least the 15th century. Today, multiple varieties can be found in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique. Popularity: Very popular due to its wide range of colours. Natural texture: Fairly hard, uneven and brittle. Price per carat: Price varies tremendously depending on the variety and quality. ParaĂ­ba tourmalines can reach tens of thousands of dollars, while cheaper cuts and colours are priced at between US$ 50 and US$ 750 per carat.

Type: A crystallised compound of magnesium and aluminium. History and origin: Spinel has been recognised since medieval times and was once known as the balas ruby or simply lal. Today, spinel can be found in Tanzania, Madagascar and Kenya among other places in the world. Popularity: Well-formed spinels are in high demand, particularly if they are red or blue in colour. Natural texture: Spinel is only slightly softer than a ruby. It is among the most durable gemstones to date. Price per carat: The deep-red variety, known as the ruby spinel, is the most valuable, followed by cobalt blue and bright orange. These top colours average about US$ 950, while cheaper colours range from US$ 200 to US$ 500 per carat.


Andrew Morgan Photography

Why Andrew is such a happy snapper… South African-born photographer Andrew Morgan has spent most of the past decade exploring East Africa with a camera in his hands, capturing unforgettable images of everything from Maasai herdsmen to romantic weddings to gourmet food at some of the region’s top restaurants. He tells Paa about being inspired by his father, his love of Tanzania and his top tips for taking your best-ever photo.

quality and definitely an award winner. It wasn’t until 2015 that I entered it into a competition and received third place in the cultural category in the ‘Nature’s Best Photography Africa’ awards. Q: What’s a typical day photographing a wedding? A: Well, the first thing I can say is that no two weddings are ever the same. But in general I will have all my gear ready and cleaned beforehand, but check it all again on the morning of the wedding to make sure everything is charged and I have my memory

Q: Tell us a little about yourself

ends as a sports photographer while

cards empty. I generally like to start at

A: I grew up in South Africa on

at university. In 2008 I left university

least two hours before the ceremony

a small farm surrounded by pine

to become a full-time sports photog-

to capture details like the dress and

forests, near a little village called

rapher, but it didn’t work out and in

jewellery and hair and make-up. I shoot

Haenertsburg. I couldn’t have asked

2009 I went back to work running a

most of the day with a documentary

for a more beautiful place to grow

logistics company. In 2010 I started

approach and carry this through the

up. I was brought up in nature, going

shooting professionally again, but

day with a few posed portraits like the

to game reserves on weekends and

didn’t go full-time again until 2011. I

group photos and couple shoot.

holidays and riding mountain bikes,

haven’t looked back since. Q: Is there a particular type of

motorbikes and water-skiing on the nearby dam.

Q: When and why did you move to

photography you prefer?


A: I love shooting weddings

Q: Your father was also a keen

A: I moved to Tanzania in 2009 to

photographer. How did this

run a logistics company after my first

inspire you?

attempt at being a full-time photog-

A: As far back as I can remember

rapher had failed.

my father was always interested in

and every wedding is a different Top shot

Andrew’s favourite and Paa’s cover

adventure. At the moment I am shooting a lot of lodges and hotels, though, which I’m really enjoying as it combines all sorts of genres. In a

photography. He was always taking

Q: What is your single favourite

hotel shoot I do portraits of the staff,

beautiful wildlife pictures on our trips

photo that you’ve taken?

architecture, interiors, landscapes

to the bush and later took photos of

A: I have so many different photo-

and, if it’s a safari lodge, then the

us playing sport, too. I think my inter-

graphs that are favourites for all

wildlife, too. So shooting lodges and

est in photography started earlier,

sorts of reasons, but I suppose if I

hotels is very interesting.

but it was in about 2006 that I first

had to choose only one it would be

borrowed my father’s film camera

a photo I took in 2010 of a Maasai

and lens to go on a safari. Then in

herdsman with his goat. It was taken

2007 my parents bought me my own

in the Ngorongoro Conservation


Area on my first safari in Tanzania with my fiancée. We stopped at a

Q: How long had you been taking

Maasai village on the way from the

pictures before going full-time?

Ngorongoro Crater to the Serengeti.

A: I started seriously in 2007 when

It was just a portrait of a man and his

I got my first digital camera and I

goat. When I showed my father he

started working part-time on week-

told me it was National Geographic


Paa Tanzania

Q: Any top tips for amateur

yet seen. That’s where I want to

photographers looking to a full-

photograph next!


From birds to beaches

time career? A: I guess the biggest tip would be

Q: What equipment do you use?

to keep at it. It’s difficult to get ahead

A: A few years ago I was lucky enough

in photography these days with so

to become a brand ambassador for

many photographers out there and

Sigma lenses. The brand is incred-

so many people having easier access

ible and has some of the best lenses

to a camera. But the more you keep

available for all cameras these days. I

at it the more you will learn. One

have used a variety of different camera

great benefit in our modern world is

brands and at the moment I use Nikon

that there are so many places to find

but am just as comfortable shoot-

resources to learn and to get inspira-

ing with Sony or Canon. I also use

tion. Apps like Instagram, Pinterest

some other accessories, like a drone

and Facebook can be full of inspira-

and underwater housing, and at the

tion, as well as some websites that are

moment I am using a Godox lighting

fully dedicated to photography like

system for my off-camera flashes.

500px or MyWed. Q: Any particular place you would Q: Your favourite place in Tanzania

like to photograph but haven’t

to photograph?

had the opportunity yet?

A: Tanzania is such a beautiful coun-

A: As mentioned before, there are

try with so many amazing locations.

still many places in Tanzania I would

It wouldn’t be fair to choose only

love to photograph, but outside of

one. I think, instead, I would say that

that I would love to shoot more of

my favourite place to photograph

East Africa. I feel in my almost 10 years

in Tanzania is the place I’ve not yet

here I have seen so little and hope

been. Tanzania has so much to offer

that I will have the opportunity to

and there is so much of it I’ve not

photograph more.

Get in touch If you’d like to find out more about Andrew or discuss your photography requirements, you can contact him on: Tel: +255 (0)772 841 783 Email: Instagram: @andrewmorganphoto Facebook: @AndrewMorganPhotography Web: Web (for dedicated wedding photography):


Advertorial Feature

A better quality of service DataVision International celebrates 20 years as Tanzania’s foremost data collection firm


ataVision International,

With expertise and experience that

with its head office in

dates back over two decades, we are

Dar es Salaam, was

positioned as the best-established

founded and registered under

and most reliable data collection and

the companies law of the United

management firm in mainland Tanza-

Republic of Tanzania in 1998.

nia and Zanzibar. This achievement

Our company offers profes-

is a result of our continuous research

sional consulting services in

and development (R&D) meant to

information and communication

improve efficiency and effectiveness

technology (ICT), management

of business operations. In the area

information systems, website and

of data collection and management

mobile applications, statistics

our R&D, which started in 2003,

and research, payments and card

greatly focused on re-engineering

services and training services.

the existing processes with the aid of

Anytime, anywhere

appropriate enabling technologies to enhance data quality, reliability,

Using its professional expertise and

timeliness and cost effectiveness. The

experience, DataVision International

efforts yielded resulted in the devel-

is able to collect quality data from

opment of protocols, guidelines and

anywhere in Tanzania at any time.

integrated web and mobile services.

This allows clients to remotely

This package has been integrated

monitor the ongoing process from

with necessary practical methods of

their offices anywhere in the world.

training and managing personnel

Our services include data entry, data

used to undertake fieldwork.

collection, data management and analytics.

Top-quality services By combining its wide experience in data collection, data entry and data management services with modern technology and strict field protocols and discipline, DataVision has changed the data collection landscape in Tanzania.


Paa Tanzania

William Kihula Deputy CEO and Director of Research and Statistics Services

Advertorial Feature

Working hard DataVision’s enumerator

Development of Tikiti®

security features, such as access

different magnitudes and complexi-

authorisation control, client-server

ties to a range of clients ranging

DataVision International, also being

encryption, synchronisation of data

from government institutions and

an ICT Company, recognises the

and questionnaire between the app

international organisations to non-

powers of technology in enabling

and online server and much more.

government organisations and more.

processes. This necessitated the

There is also a web version of Tikiti®

Given our professional and

need to integrate data collection and

offering remote development and

integrity-driven professional qualities,

management processes with techno-

mobile deployment of survey tools

for the past 20 years we have been

logical tools to enhance speed and

and the ability to edit survey tools

able to accomplish over 100 data

mobility of the processes, hence why

and send updates via mobile tools. It

collection and management services

DataVision developed Tikiti®. This is

can also view and work with raw data

to various clients. As a sign of satisfac-

an in-house, paperless data collection

once uploaded.

tion for our services, more than half of

application developed using web and

these clients have become long-term

mobile technologies. The application

Selected projects

enables data to be collected using

For the two decades of its exist-

grown to a level of undertaking joint

electronic devices and shared via the

ence, DataVision has been able to

work solicitation.

web. The mobile version of Tikiti® is

provide the highest standard of data

capable of online and offline data

collection, management services

Selected clients

capturing with industry-standard

and data management services of

DataVision has accomplished a

customers with whom we have

number of projects with several clients on the mainland and in Zanzibar. These clients include the Ministry of Education Tanzania, Parliament of Tanzania, Prime Minister’s Office of Tanzania, Ministry of Health Tanzania, TAMISEMI, Department for International Development (DFID), USA Development Gateway Inc., United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), USA Research Triangle International (RTI), United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Ecorys, AghaKhan Foundation, and many more. So if you are looking for a reliable and stress-free working partner for assignments of data collection and management in rural and urban settings of Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar, then DataVision International is your answer. For more information on DataVision International visit our website: or call us on +255 22 270 1845/6 or +255 754 869 302


Day trip

Go wet and wild for a fun day out Kunduchi Water Park


hat better way to cool down in the blazing sun than by going to a water

park? Located only half an hour from Dar es Salaam, the Kunduchi Water Park is the perfect place for a family day out, with slides, pools and activities galore to make for a memorable day. Spread across six acres and located right next to the beach, Kunduchi Wet ’N’ Wild Water Park is one of the largest entertainment and leisure complexes in the region, combining water attractions with sports facilities, go-karting, restaurants and more.

Slides The site has a multitude of fun water attractions to keep you entertained all day. There are more than 25 different slides including flumes, multi-row slides and smaller ones for younger guests. Many of the larger slides are high up with a chance for great views of the surrounding area before the

Family fun

Cool down at Kunduchi

adrenalin rush as you hurtle down towards the splash pools at the bottom. If you’re feeling energetic, the Rain Dance stage gives you an oppor-


Paa Tanzania

tunity to show off your best moves

slides or splashing in the pools, the

good time. The water park can also

with your friends. For a more gentle

park has a pool bar and a refreshment

be hired for events such as weddings,

experience, you can float along the

bar serving a range of soft drinks in

birthday parties, music festivals and

lazy Rufiji River in a rubber ring; while

the shade of a baobab tree. There are

fashion shows, making the most

the many pools offer a perfect place

frequent barbecues, too, for a variety

of the large space and well-kept

to relax with friends and family.

of freshly grilled meat dishes. A new

For younger visitors, the attractions

restaurant called Mbudya is due to

include a playground and sandpit as

open soon, specialising in grilled

well as a large climbing frame with

food. There will also be in a shisha

slides in one of the park’s many pools.

lounge and a sports bar.

There is also a go-kart track on site where you can round off a day of fun


with a thrilling race against friends

In addition to general admission, the

and family.

water park is available for hire. It can

The water park has various places

Wet ‘N’ Wild

Ready, set, go!

grounds for a noteworthy celebration or event.

be used to host groups and events

where you can grab a drink and a

for a memorable day with friends,

bite to eat to keep you refreshed

colleagues or classmates. For corpo-

throughout the day. For a relaxed

rate functions such as team building

dining experience, the main restau-

days, there is a dedicated team on

rant, Kambarage, overlooks the lovely

hand to help create a customised

gardens and serves Indian, Chinese

experience and to ensure that the day

and continental dishes à la carte. To

runs smoothly and that participants

quench your thirst after riding the

get to know each other and have a

Spread across six acres and located right next to the beach, Kunduchi Wet ’N’ Wild Water Park is one of the largest entertainment and leisure complexes in the region

Helpful information Weekday entrance fee: Adults TZS 12,000. Children TZS 11,000 Weekend entrance fee: Adults TZS 13,000. Children TZS 12,000 Public holiday entrance fee: Adults and children TZS 15,000 Opening hours: 9.30 to 18.00

How to get there From Dar es Salaam head north on Bagamoyo Road. Turn right opposite Haven of Peace Academy and continue for 1.6 km. Turn right at Mtongani Junction and continue for 2 km. Turn left and the entrance is 87 metres ahead. For more information, visit:


Staying in Entebbe

Beach break 2 Friends Beach Hotel

Enjoy ‘the gateway’ in comfort and style As the main point of entry for international flights into Uganda, Entebbe has a broad range of accommodation to suit the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the town each year or transit through Entebbe on their way to explore the wider country. Here are some of our top picks for places to stay in Entebbe.


Paa Tanzania


A great place to visit

Transport yourself to a tropical oasis surrounded by lush greenery with views across Lake Victoria, all just 10 minutes from Entebbe International Airport. 2 Friends Beach Hotel is a popular choice for safari-goers on their way to or from a visit to Uganda’s wonderful national parks – and is also a good place to spend a few days enjoying the scenery and exploring what Entebbe has to offer. 2 Friends has 16 spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, including standard rooms, pool view rooms and lake view rooms as well as two rooms designed for guests with reduced mobility. All rooms at 2 Friends come with TV, fan, private bathroom, mosquito net and free Wi-Fi as well as daily housekeeping. The hotel also has day rooms for visitors – popular with guests travelling on late flights out of Entebbe or looking to relax on the shores of Lake Victoria while in town. During a stay at 2 Friends guests can enjoy a dip in the hotel’s pool; tuck into a tasty meal at the beach restaurant and bar, which also hosts barbecues and live music; or hire a bicycle and explore the local area. Nearby attractions include the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and the Victoria Mall.

Image: Kevin Nicholson

Central and convenient Best Western Premier Garden Hotel Entebbe For those who like to be close to the action yet enjoy a tranquil getaway, Best Western Premier Garden Hotel Entebbe offers the best of both worlds. Located next to Victoria Mall, with plenty of shops and eateries as well as a 3D cinema, guests can make the most of the mall’s facilities or take it easy in the hotel and relax in the botanical gardens nearby. Best Western Premier Garden Hotel Entebbe has 51 air conditioned rooms, with all amenities for an enjoyable stay, whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, including tea and coffee facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi and in-room movies. All rooms come with a private balcony on which to enjoy the morning newspapers or an evening sundowner. Dining at the hotel takes place in the light and airy Garden Restaurant, with a fine range of international cuisine. A breakfast buffet is included in the room rates to give you the best start to a day of meetings or exploring. The onsite bar, The Ark, is well stocked with spirits, wine and beer and offers a cosy atmosphere in which to relax and toast the day.

Boutique bliss

City comfort

Karibu Entebbe

Lake Heights Hotel

Consistently voted one of the best hotels in town, Karibu Entebbe has built a fine reputation and a loyal client base over its six years of operation. Guests can be sure of a friendly welcome and personalised service at Karibu Entebbe, which is a former presidential home with only seven rooms.

A good choice for business guests and tourists alike, Lake Heights Hotel offers guests a comfortable, clean and stylish stay in a peaceful location in Entebbe.

Owners Leslie and Kevin and the Karibu Entebbe team take pride in offering clean, stylish accommodation and good service throughout the hotel and restaurant. Leslie is also the head chef, serving up delicious Mediterranean-inspired food that uses ingredients grown onsite and purchased fresh from local markets. Guests can choose from lake view rooms or garden rooms, all of which are spacious and unique with hand-built beds. Lake view rooms offer the sight of wonderful sunsets over Lake Victoria, while garden rooms look over the lush greenery with its abundant birdlife (over 30 species have been spotted in or around the hotel gardens). In addition to the birds, the friendly resident dogs – Rocky, Rango and Bella – are part of the Karibu family and help keep the property safe and secure.

Lake Heights offers 33 individually designed rooms that feature everything you need for a ‘home away from home’ experience: DStv, desk, comfortable beds and fresh linen, air conditioning, tea and coffee facilities and complimentary toiletries. Guests have the option of standard, executive or executive self-contained rooms, in addition to superior suites. Wheelchair-friendly rooms are also available. The purpose-built conference room can be used for a variety of events, from intimate meetings to product launches to small conferences, all within easy reach of the airport and central Entebbe. Free parking is available at the hotel for all delegates along with free Wi-Fi, conference pads, pens and mineral water, flip charts, a screen and a podium for hosts. Leisure facilities include a swimming pool, a gym, fitness classes and a spa offering a variety of massages. The hotel’s rooftop restaurant serves steakhouse-style cuisine with views over Lake Victoria for a memorable end to the day.

Lakeside luxury Protea Hotel by Marriott Entebbe A stone’s throw from the airport yet on the shores of Lake Victoria, the four-star Protea Hotel by Marriott Entebbe enjoys a privileged location combined with an elegant design. With a beautiful palm-fringed pool overlooking Lake Victoria, manicured gardens and ample facilities, Protea Hotel by Marriott Entebbe is a great place to relax and unwind. In addition to the pool, guests have access to fitness facilities, including cardio equipment and weights, and there are complimentary fitness classes. If you’re visiting on business, the hotel has four event rooms for up to 250 people and offers tailored group packages for conferences and events. The hotel’s 73 rooms and 12 executive suites are elegantly designed to harmonise with the warm, inviting decor of the hotel. Many rooms have views over Lake Victoria, while deluxe rooms and suites come with private balconies to make the most of these views. The hotel’s Tides restaurant serves delicious food à la carte as well as daily specials. The breakfast buffet is extensive and one of the best in the city, while main courses include specialities such as tilapia and Nile perch. To finish the day, the terrace is a great place to wind down and enjoy the ambience.



On top of the world… Zip line adventure offers a bird’s-eye view of the baobabs Ever wanted to soar like an eagle across the tops of baobab trees? Tanzip Zipline has made this possible with its eco-friendly new zip line experience. Situated in Mto wa Mbu village, the adventure site comprises five exciting zip lines and six unique eco-platforms, providing you with enough thrills to last the whole day. By Amy Laubach 28

Paa Tanzania


ocated in the Arusha region,

the perfect addition. And so Tanzip

Tanzip Zipline excitingly

Zipline was created.

describes itself as the coun-

try’s very first zip line adventure.

Ideal location

Its founder, Lawrence Mafuru,

The zip line adventure park nestles at

came up with the idea of a unique

the base of the Great Rift Valley Wall

eco-adventure that would add a

on the northern circuit safari route,

new facet to Tanzania’s thriving

just a few minutes from the main

tourism industry.

road that leads to major national

Lawrence grew up in the village

parks like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro

of Mto wa Mbu and worked as a

and Tarangire. With breathtaking

mountain guide before starting his

views of the Maasai Steppe and the

own non-profit tour company in 2010.

Rift Valley as well as surrounding lakes

He always dreamed of offering more

and wetlands, it’s the ideal location

adventures to safari-goers in Tanzania

for a skyline activity like zip lining.

and this, combined with his experi-

The course has five exciting zips and

ence in the tourism sector, led him

six unique platforms providing a thrill-

to the belief that a zip line would be

ing adrenalin rush accompanied by

Preparing for the zip line experience: • Wear closed toe shoes (hiking boots are recommended) • Tie long hair back • Wear long shorts or trousers • Remove all items from your pockets and leave them at the secure Tanzip Zipline office • Heavy canvas or leather gloves are recommended – if you don’t have any, you can buy them for US$ 5 at Tanzip • Hats aren’t advisable as they could fly off. • For more information, visit:

spectacular views of the treetops.

the Tanzip office. The Maasai Boma

The tour begins at the office in

Culture Tour provides the oppor-

Mto wa Mbu, where participants

tunity to visit an authentic boma

are given a safety briefing and fitted

and learn about the Maasai tribe,

with a harness before venturing on

while the Mto wa Mbu Village Tour

to a scenic open-air ride through

consists of a walk along the bustling

the Maasai land and arriving at the

village streets, making banana

adventure park. After completing the

beer and visiting local artists, farms

course, participants can relax with a

and plantations before enjoying a

refreshing drink in the Viewpoint Bar

traditional Tanzanian lunch. Tanzip

before heading back to the Tanzip

also offers a bike ride to the shores of

office to view the photographs taken

Lake Manyara, a half-day hike to the

during their skyline adventure.

Rift Valley Plateau and a challenging


hike through Lake Miwaleni, with an optional waterfall trek.

If you fancy viewing the area from ground level, Tanzip also offers a couple of different tours starting at

Buckle up!

Adrenalin rush


Zanzibar International Film Festival

All images: Peter Bennett

Lights, camera – festival! As East Africa’s largest and longest-running film festival reaches its 22nd year, Paa takes a look at what we can expect to see at this year’s Zanzibar International Film Festival


he 2018 Zanzibar Interna-

in East Africa. DISCOP is a company

tional Film Festival will be

focused on bringing together buyers,

held in Stone Town and

sellers and producers of film, TV,

happen. Speaking up for others when

digital and video gaming content

we can no longer stay silent requires

surrounding areas from 7 to 15 July. As always, the nine-day annual


Returning for its 22nd year

injustice and cannot speak out themselves, perhaps for fear of what might

across Africa and the Middle East. By

courage, says ZIFF, and this year it

event will be packed with film screen-

hosting this event at its festival, ZIFF

would like to celebrate how the film

ings, workshops, concerts, exhibitions

hopes that African cinema will have

industry has changed the lives of

and press events.

the chance to be seen and heard –

many over the years.

In the wake of the festival’s landmark 20th anniversary a couple

hence the title of its theme.

of years ago, with its greater focus on



the topic of cinema, the theme for

Furthermore, ‘Speak Up and Be

this year’s ZIFF is ‘Speak Up and Be

Heard’ has a deeper meaning than

‘She Directs’ Workshop: 8 to 12 July

Heard’ (‘Sema na Usikike’ in Swahili).

simply bringing awareness to the film

This will be marked by the film festi-

industry. ZIFF believes that films can

val’s hosting of DISCOP Zanzibar in

give a voice to those who may be

an attempt to boost the film industry

crushed under oppression, power or


Paa Tanzania

Acting Workshop with Jacky Ido and Bikiya Graham Douglas: 9 to 11 July ‘Imagine East Africa on Screen’: Three-day screenwriting workshop

This year the Ladima Founda-

Other activities include the screening

offer the winning film a distribution

tion and the Africa in Motion Film

of ‘Mossane’ (Safi Faye, Senegal, 1996)

contact for the African continent.

Festival (AiMFF) will present a variety

and ‘Fatma 75’ (Selma Baccar, Tunisia,

of programmes over the course of

1976) which have been restored,

ships, and with no shortage of

the nine days highlighting women’s

digitised and subtitled in English.

filmmakers, film-lovers and tourists in

contributions to film and filmmaking in Africa in an attempt to shed light


and correct the major gender imbal-

Among other awards, ZIFF will be

ances within the industry. Among a

partnering with the Robert Bosch

whole host of activities, the Ladima

Foundation and AfriDocs to award

Foundation will present its flagship

the Golden Dhow for best documen-

project, the Adiaha Award for Best

tary. This prestigious award carries

Documentary by an African Women

with it a scholarship to a top film

Filmmaker, presented annually at ZIFF.

school in Germany for the semester.

This award carries with it a cash prize

STEPS, the documentary production

and the winning film will be screened

company behind the innovative free

at AiMFF in Scotland later in the year.

streaming platform AfriDocs, will also

With so many awards and partner-

attendance, this year’s festival looks Talented

Women of film

set to be as spectacular as ever as it celebrates its 22nd birthday.

Visit to see the official selection of films for 2018 and to find out more about ZIFF.


Bug repellents


A natural remedy to keep bugs at bay


he dry season is upon us, which means the cooler weather is officially here to stay. Although the weather in these months

consists of sunny days, cooler nights and very little rain, it also means that bugs, insects and creepy-crawlies can be found in every corner of the country. Paa has put together a guide to help you avoid those pesky bites, annoying flies and other nasty insects – without having to cover yourself in sticky repellent spray – by using the simple and natural remedy of plants. Having the right plants around can actually prevent

Lavender Basil Repels: Mosquitoes Houseflies Fleas Moth

Repels: Mosquitoes Houseflies

Why does it work?

overpowering scent that bugs dislike,

Although humans love the smell of

particularly mosquitoes.

Why does it work? Basil contains strong oils and an

insects from pestering you while adding beautiful

lavender, bugs hate it and will do

colours to your home. Certain plants have essential

anything to avoid being near it.

oils, scents and chemical substances that act as a

How to use it effectively: Simply grow it in your garden, but

natural bug repellent, warning off unwanted pests

How to use it effectively

make sure the soil is well drained, as

like mosquitoes, gnats and flies.

Due to its sweet fragrance and

wet soil can attract gnats and plant

bug-fighting properties, lavender has

flies. Alternatively, combine fresh

been placed around the home for

leaves with water and vodka to make

hundreds of years to keep the insects

an insect repellent spray. It will have

away. Simply hang bouquets of laven-

little or no odour compared with the

der around the house where bugs

strong-smelling sticky sprays you can

could linger, or grow it in your garden

buy at the store, while also saving you

to keep the bugs at bay. Alternatively,


make your own lavender oil and add it to your pulse points or mix it with your favourite body spray for extra power.

Marigold Repels: Mosquitoes Aphids


Hated by bugs

Why does it work? Aphids, mosquitoes and even rabbits are put off by the smell of marigolds. How to use it effectively Plant marigolds throughout your borders. Not only will they keep bugs away from all your plants, but marigolds also encourage other plants


Paa Tanzania

to grow at a faster rate, especially roses. Furthermore, marigolds are an ideal plant to combine with others to keep the bugs away, Grow French marigolds with tomatoes to repel green and black flies.

Mint Repels: Mosquitoes Ants, Flies

Rosemary Repels: Mosquitoes Flies Why does it work?

Other tips • Use less perfume and body products when outdoors. • Up your Vitamin B intake. • Keep your house clean and free of food spills and crumbs.

mosquitoes, flies and even cats.

• Sprinkle cinnamon around likely points of entry for bugs within the house.

How to use it effectively

• Keep dryer sheets in your pockets when you go outdoors.

The strong aroma of rosemary repels

Grow it in containers yourself and use as a cooking ingredient in your home

Why does it work? Bugs dislike the

to keep the insects away. To make an

Why does it work?

strong aromatic oils contained in mint

insect repellent body spray, boil dried

It’s not exactly clear why bugs are

stems, flowers and leaves.

rosemary with water. Once cooled,

so repelled by bay leaves, but it’s

strain the liquid and keep it in the fridge

thought that their strong smell and

between uses until it loses its smell.

essential oils are what repels bugs

How to use it effectively Grow it at the bottom of your garden. Be sure to plant mint in pots rather than in the ground as it is an invasive plant and, once established in your garden, can be difficult to remove. Alternatively, combine peppermint oils with rubbing alcohol for a homemade insect repellent. Equally, spread dry mint leaves or mint tea bags around as a deterrent.

and even mice.

Bay leaf

How to use it effectively

Repels: Flies Moths Earwigs Roaches, Ants

away quite effectively by placing

Both fresh and dried bay leaves will repel bugs. You can keep the bugs the leaves strategically around your house. This can also be effective for other common household pests like spiders and moths.


Colour, comfort and top tech By Kirsten Alexander

A top pick

Park Inn by Radisson

Park Inn by Radisson combines comfort and style to create a homely environment that doesn’t hold back on eye-catching design features Paa Stay / Park Inn by Radisson, Westlands 34

Paa Tanzania

Precision Air anytime soon,


comfort and style to create a homely

whether it be for business or

environment that doesn’t hold back

pleasure, a multitude of hotels

on eye-catching design features.

await you with styles, budgets and

While the colour palette might not

locations to suit your individual

be to everyone’s taste – think bold

preferences. One of Paa’s top picks

primary colours mixed with natural

for a stylish city hotel in a great

tones – it makes the hotel stand out

location that won’t break the bank

from the crowd and brings a lively

is Park Inn by Radisson, Westlands.

feel to the establishment.

f you’re flying to Nairobi with

The hotel’s striking exterior makes

Park Inn by Radisson combines

it an icon of the popular Westlands


district of Nairobi. Westlands is full

There are 140 rooms to choose from,

of hotels, restaurants and clubs so

each one spacious and designed with

standing out is a must – and Park Inn

the modern traveller in mind. Guests

by Radisson does just that.

can enjoy an interactive entertain-

Shaped like a tablet (of the

ment system, free Wi-Fi, in-room

technology kind), this hotel screams

dining and complimentary tea and

modernity before you even enter

coffee. There is also an accessible

the bright reception that welcomes

room, which features a roll-in shower

visitors, with the friendly staff and

and wider doorways for easier access.

vibrant interiors.


Rooftop pool

with a drink or light meal. Next to Attic is the rooftop outdoor

Guests have two options for dining

pool, in addition to a fully equipped

at Park Inn by Radisson: the Live Inn

gym that can be accessed free of

Room Restaurant and the Attic Roof

charge by hotel guests. There is

First opened in 2016, Park Inn by

Top Bar. The Live Inn Room is the

onsite underground parking for up to

Radisson, Westlands has become a

hotel’s main restaurant and serves

200 cars and airport transfers can be

popular choice with business and

delicious local and international

easily arranged at reception.

leisure travellers alike, which is high-

cuisine, with meat, fish and vegetar-

lighted in the TripAdvisor ‘Certificate

ian offerings, as well as a barbecue

place to host meetings, conferences

of Excellence 2018’ award that the

on the terrace (weather permitting).

and events due to its excellent loca-

hotel received thanks to numerous

Located on the 11th floor of the hotel,

tion in Westlands and comprehensive

positive reviews from guests on the

the Attic Bar is one of the best places

review website.

in Nairobi to sit and enjoy the view

Positive reviews

Park Inn by Radisson is the perfect


Free for guests

facilities. The hotel has five meeting rooms, ranging in size from 20 to 145 square metres, so it can accommodate anything from small, intimate meetings to conferences, events and cocktail receptions. In addition, the event terrace on the first floor, with a capacity of 260 people, is ideal for banquets or events.

Park Inn by Radisson Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi Tel: +254 70 9498 000 Email: Web:


Eat meat and be merry By Kirsten Alexander


f there’s one thing that unites

the finest ingredients, that will leave

East Africans it’s our love of

you longing to make a return visit.

meat – and lots of it. Whether

it’s nyama choma, mshikaki,


steak or chicken, we just can’t

Guests can enjoy a variety of steaks

get enough. So why not spend

including rump, sirloin, fillet, rib-eye

an evening enjoying some of the

and T-bone, all AAA-grade beef from

finest meat that Dar has to offer at

South Africa, as well as lamb and pork

Grill House on Haile Selassie Road?

chops, beef ribs and pork ribs. The

Grill House is a haven for meat

excellent combo meals are perfect if

Grill House is a haven for meat lovers, bringing together the best of Tanzanian and South African cuisine Even though Grill House specialTasty

ises in steaks, ribs and grills, there are

lovers, bringing together the best

you can’t decide between the huge

of Tanzanian and South African

variety of dishes, with options such as

bites, fish dishes and even vegetar-

cuisine with a varied and exciting

ribs and calamari, prawns and chicken

ian choices, so no one will be left

menu of delectable dishes and fine

wings, and sirloin and calamari. Each

out. From the classic fish and chips

wines. Specialising in the finest meat,

of these is served with Grill House

to the cauliflower and broccoli bake,

including matured AAA-grade beef

sauce, onion rings and a side of

vegetarian burger to vegetable

as well as lamb, pork and chicken,

your choice from the menu, which

skewers, even the fussiest eater will

Grill House knows how to conjure up

includes French fries, steamed rice,

find something to please his or her

mouthwatering dishes, made with

creamed spinach and green salad.

taste buds at Grill House.

Meat and more

Paa Dining / Grill House, Dar es Salaam 36

Paa Tanzania

plenty of other options for lighter

The restaurant also offers an extensive house wine list, sourcing tipples from 20 regions to pair perfectly with

from across the world and can be accessed on request. If wine is not your thing, why not

your chosen dish. A lot of thought

enjoy a well-made cocktail from a

and care goes into selecting these

selection that includes such classics

wines, including red, white, rosé and

such as Cosmopolitan, Long Island

sparkling, to ensure they complement

Iced Tea, Old Fashioned and Marga-

the sumptuous Grill House cuisine

rita; or choose an ice-cold beer such

deep-fried ice cream served with

and make your meal a memorable

as Kilimanjaro, Tusker or San Miguel

chocolate syrup and whipped cream

affair. Various wines are available by

from Grill House’s local and interna-

– a dessert that just has to be tasted.

the glass, with a wider selection by

tional selection. In addition, there is a

the bottle.

wide selection of spirits available as

Premium wines

well as soft drinks. To finish off the evening – if you

In addition to the house wine list, the

have space left after your main

restaurant has a ‘reserve wine cellar’

course, that is – why not try one

with extra-special bottles which the

of Grill House’s tempting desserts?

staff will help you to choose. These

There’s a seasonal fruit salad for a

premium wines have been sourced

light bite, as well as an indulgent

Tuck in!

Succulent dishes

tiramisu or chocolate fondant. But perhaps the star of the show is the

Grill House 1391 Haile Selasie Road, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 765 222 701 Email: Web:


If ever there was a new car ideally suited to East Africa then the Duster could well be it

By Sam Gimson

Riding high on a low budget


hen is a Renault not quite a Renault? Answer: when it’s built

in Romania by Dacia. And this is the case with

fairly limited new-car market. For those unfamiliar with the marque, Dacia has earned a reputation in Europe and North Africa for basic ‘low rent’ vehicles that appeal

Renault’s new-look Duster SUV,

primarily to the budget-conscious.

which is sold elsewhere as the

Thankfully, this downmarket image

Dacia Duster. The explanation

is fading, which is why Renault is

is that Dacia is part of Groupe

happy to sell Dacia cars under its

Renault and, I guess, it’s easier just

own brand name in certain non-

to rebadge a Dacia rather than try

European markets.

to create a new brand in what is a

As a result, in addition to the

Paa Motoring / Renault Duster 38

Paa Tanzania


A new-look SUV

Renault Duster, we have the Renault

automatic emergency braking. The

Logan and Renault Stepway – also

much better equipped E3 would

available to buy here in East Africa –

be the choice of many buyers. It

which are both Dacias in reality.

comes with goodies such as cruise

Here and elsewhere, the Duster is

air conditioning, electric windows

rugged, no-nonsense off-roader.

all round, reversing camera, central

And if you’re on a tight budget and

locking and tinted windows.

looking for a smallish, sturdy, high-


From Dacia to Renault

Dealers in East Africa CMC Formula, based in Dar es Salaam, is the Renault dealer in Tanzania, while in Nairobi there are two Renault dealerships, one on Waiyaki Way and the other on Mombasa Road, operated by Simba Caetano Formula.

control, seven-inch touch screen,

marketed as a competitively priced,

Rather unattractive 16-inch steel

riding town and country runabout

wheels are standard on the E1,

then the Renault Duster would fit

while 16-inch alloys are fitted to the

the bill. In fact, if ever there was a

E2 and E3 variants.

new car ideally suited to East Africa then the Duster could well be it.


With its 210 mm ground clearance

The Duster is offered in East Africa

and reinforced suspension, this

with three engine choices: a dCi 1.5

crossover SUV glides effortlessly

litre, 110 PS diesel engine fitted to a

over uneven surfaces and in 4x4

six-speed gearbox and four-wheel

configuration offers incredible

drive; and two petrol engines that


come in two-wheel-drive format

The Duster model has been

only: a 1.6 litre with a five-speed

around for a while now, but this

manual gearbox; and a 1.5 litre

latest facelifted version, launched

which comes as an automatic and is

at the Frankfurt Motor Show, comes

the same power train that can also

with key improvements on the

be found in much more expensive

original while retaining most of its

cars such as the Nissan Qashqai or

winning ways.

Infiniti Q30.

Trim levels

bargain-basement-priced Duster

So what do East African buyers get

is a used Japanese import – and

for their hard-earned shillings? First,

who’s to say that a cherished and

they get a Renault badge rather

well-equipped Toyota RAV4 or

than a Dacia. The Duster comes in

Nissan X-Trail isn’t a better option

three trim levels: E1, E2 and E3. The

overall. At the end of the day,

E1 version is rather basic, with LED

however, there’s something special

daytime running lights, height-

about driving a brand-new car off

adjustable front headrests and

a dealer’s forecourt and, for some,

seatbelts, a stop-start system and

this would be the deciding factor.

Of course, the alternative to the


Next issue Look out for the next issue of Paa Magazine where we discover the best places in Tanzania to practise a spot of yoga. So be prepared to relax, unwind and become more Zen!

Next issue / Yoga 40

Paa Tanzania

Paa Meet

Precision Air staff profile What is your name? Consolata Shonyela.

Where are you from? Mbeya.

Where do you live? Buza, Dar es Salaam.

What is your job title? Assistant accountant – sales and cargo accounting.

Can you give us a description of your job role? I receive sales returns, manual documents and refund reports, download and submit all electronic sales data files to ensure efficent processing and I receive the monthly Cargo Revenues Report. I also review, verify and validate all outward and inward billings and rejections from and to other cargo interline partners, ensure timely billing of cargo revenues and accounting of all cargo, courier and mail revenues. I will follow up with the stations and agent courier returns and documents not received to ensure completeness and accounting of all courier baggage vouchers (CBVs), reconcile the general ledger inward billing cargo control account and ensure resolution and closure of reconciling items for month closure. Lastly, I manage accountable passenger sales and courier revenue document stock.

How long have you worked for Precision Air? Four years.

My favourite Precision Air destination is Mwanza, not only because of the constant good weather but also for having a tourist attraction of hills, rocks and Lake Victoria

What is your favourite part of the job? Controlling and managing accountable passenger sales and courier revenue document stock to ensure stock availability and no revenue loss associated with stock out and unaccounted for utilisation.

Your favourite Precision Air destination – and why? My favourite Precision Air destination is Mwanza, not only because of the constant good weather but also for

having a tourist attraction of hills, rocks and Lake Victoria, one of the largest lakes in Africa. One of the most famous rocks in town is Bismarck Rock. [I like] the lovely jumble of rocks in the lake and the Jiwe Kuu or Dancing Rocks. You can also have a boat trip on Lake Victoria.

Do you have any hobbies? Watching movies, travelling, gardening and cooking.


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Paa Tanzania


Paa Royal Benefits

Benefits that will make you feel like royalty Precision Air is always looking to give its customers an exclusive and memorable service experience; and the Paa Royal benefits programme is part of that mission. The membership categories* are as follows:

Jade Member benefits

Silver Member benefits

Upon enrolment, members will be given their unique Paa Royal number, which they must always show whenever they buy tickets as well as during check-in at the airport. After flying three times or more, members will be given a Jade membership card. With the card, they will be recognised as members of the Paa Royal Programme.

After attaining Silver membership level, the member will be issued with a Silver membership card which he (or she) must show at all Precision Air point of sales in order to receive the recognition that he deserves. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he will automatically receive points earned to his account.

Other benefits of Jade membership:

Members will be entitled to special treatment and priority treatment whenever they travel.

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at the passenger’s arrival destination • An opportunity to get a free ticket within the Precision Air’s network after accumulating enough points in their account. *Please note that, in each membership category, if a member is unable to maintain the required number of flights in a year, he or she will be downgraded to their tier level achieved in that current year.

Other benefits of Silver membership: • Free 5 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation in those times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line.

Gold Member benefits After attaining the Gold membership, members will begin to experience royal and exclusive treatment whenever they fly. Members will be opened up to a new world of opportunities and experiences and, of course, receive more rewards. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he (or she) would automatically receive points earned to his account. Other benefits of Gold: • Free 10 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line • Priority waitlist/airport standby each time you want to travel and your selected flight is full.

Tanzanite Member benefits When members reach Tanzanite member they attain ultimate royalty. We will always strive to give these royal members an exclusive and memorable flight experience. At this level, members will already be used to royal treatment; royalty will be their way of life. Other benefits of Tanzanite: • Free 15 kg excess baggage every time the member travels on a PW-operated flight • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Confirmation on any flight if a member is prepared to pay Y class fare, regardless of the flight booking status • Priority waitlist/airport standby whenever you want to travel and your selected flight is full • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line. • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s destination.


Route Network

Precision Air route map UGANDA Entebbe

Abu Dhabi


KENYA Nairobi


Seronera (Serengeti) Kilimanjaro Arusha

Mwanza Kahama Tabora


Dar es Salaam






Paa Tanzania



Paa Contacts

Your nearest Precision Air office anywhere in the world TANZANIA DAR ES SALAAM HEAD OFFICE

Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot no 162 / 38, Mirambo Street / Samora Ave, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)22 219 1000 Contact Centre (Reservations): +255 (0)787 888 409 / 408 / 417 Email:


NIC HDQ Building, Samora Ave / Pamba Road, PO Box 70770, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)22 213 0800 / 212 1718 Fax: +255 (0)22 211 3036 Email:


(For users of VISA and MasterCard) Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot no 162 / 38, Mirambo Street / Samora Ave Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)686 177 458 / (0)689 669 446 Fax: +255 (0)22 211 3036 Email:


Boma Road, opposite TTLC, Safari Hotel Building, PO Box 1636, Arusha Tel: +255 (0)27 254 5489


Bukoba Office-GSA, Bukoba Machinery and General Supplier, Bukoba Centre Kawawa Road Tel: +255 (0) 28 222 0545 / 222 0204 Mob: +255 (0) 713 316 806 / (0) 787 616 806


KNCU Building, Ground Floor, Old Moshi Road Tel: +255 (0)272 753495 / 753498 Mob: +255 (0)787 800820


Tanu Road, Posta Building, PO Box 1066, Mtwara Tel: +255 (0)23 233 4116 Mob: +255 (0)787 818 442 / 767 818 442


Kivukoni Road PO Box 211, Musoma Tel: +255 (0)28 262 0713 Mob: +255 (0)787 792 336


Along Kenyatta Road, Plot no 002, Mwanza Tel: +255 (0)28 250 0819 / 250 0204 Fax/Tel: +255 (0)28 250 1054 Mob: +255 (0)784 402042 Sales Office Mobile: +255 (0)784 968427





Argentinierstrasse 2/4 A-1040 Vienna, Austria Tel: +43 1 585 3630 Fax: +43 1 558 536 3088

Suite 1302, 109 Pitt Street Sydney, Australia Email:


Beechavenue 104 1119 PP Schiphol, Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)20 520 0280 Fax: +31 (0)2 6 23 0151

Bravo Murillo 101, Planta 6 Oficina 3, 28020 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 (0)91 458 5560 Fax: +34 (0)91 344 1726

Park Hill, J.E Mommaertslaan 16B 1831 Diegem, Belgium Tel: +32 (0)2 712 0584 Fax: +32 (0)2 725 8392 Mobile: +32 (0)47 770 9971










NSSF Building, opposite CRDB Bank PO Box 858, Shinyanga Tel: +255 (0)282 763 737 Mob: +255 (0)282 763 737 Mlandege, Muzammil Centre PO Box 961, Zanzibar Tel: +255 (0)24 223 4521 Fax: +255 (0)24 223 4520 Email:

Barclays Plaza, 7th Floor, Loita Street PO Box 50990-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 327 4282 / 4290 / 4297 Mob: +254 (0)724 76 0736 / (0)20 236 7684 / +254 (0)736 046 595 Airport: +254 (0) 733 934 795 / 731 530 000 Email:


OR Tambo International, International Departures Terminal A, AVIAREPS Counter Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 783 6415


Rogers Aviation Tel: +269 (0)77 38799 Mob: +269 (0)333 9512 / 340 0279


C/o Kenya Airways IPS Building, Jubilee House Ground Floor, Parliament Square Tel: +256 (0)312 360 000 Fax: +256 (0)414 256 472 Mob: +256 (0) 782 992 911 / 725 99211 / 772 760 268

Precision Air, 11 rue Auber 75009 Paris, France Mob: +33 (0)6 21 824 908 Reservation: +33 (0)1 534 35397 Fax: +33 (0)1 5343 7919

Josephspitalstrasse 15 80331 München Germany Tel: +49 (0)895 525 3373 Fax: +49 (0)895 450 6842


Kaiserstrasse 77 60329 Frankfurt / Main Germany Tel: +49 (0)69 770 673 010 Fax: +49 (0)69 770 673 235


7 Stadiou Street Athens 10562 Greece Tel: +30 (0)210 9341 500 / 501 Fax: +30 (0)210 934 1620 Email:


Precision Air GSA APG Ireland 27 Lower Ormond Quay Dublin, Ireland Reservations: +353 (0)1 804 5100 Email:

Riddargatan 17 114 57 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)8 55 5 69100 Fax: +46 (0)8 24 1888

Badenerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich Switzerland Tel: +41 (0)44 286 99 01 Fax: +41 (0)44 286 99 00


The Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue, 26th Suite 2620, New York, NY 10174, USA Tel: +1 (0)201 484 8036 Fax: +1 (0)201 526 7846


APG Global Highbridge House, 581 Bath Road Longford, West Drayton Middlesex, UB7 0EW Reservations: +44 (0)844 482 2313 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)786800640 +254 (0)20 3274297 / 82 / 90 Email: /


Tel: +255 (0)22 2860701-9 Email: Precision Air Services PLC


Welcome Aboard

Safety and well-being on board PASSENGER SAFETY Precision Air takes passenger safety very seriously. Aviation safety isn’t just the pilot’s or the cabin crew’s job – it takes all of us. It is easy for our natural sense of caution to be dulled in our modern environment, where things don’t go wrong very often. Whether in the air or on the ground, your life and the lives of your family members could some day be saved if you make it a point, in every situation, to create a mental plan of action in case of emergency. Here are some important tips to help you enjoy your travel experience with Precision Air – in flight and around the airport.

EXIT ROW SEAT A passenger who is allocated an emergency exit seat: A. Must be both willing and physically able to open the exit doors in an emergency B. Must completely understand the printed emergency evacuation techniques C. Must be 16 years old and above.

PAY ATTENTION TO PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING Although the information seems repetitious, the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft that you fly on and the seat you are in.

CARRY ON BAGGAGE There are strict rules about what you can bring on board an aircraft. Because:

Carry-on bags must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please confirm with Precision Air rules before your travel to avoid delays. *Remember: All carry-on baggage must be left behind in an evacuation.

SAFETY ONBOARD Boarding and leaving an aircraft requires your full attention. As you move to and from the aircraft, you may be in a busy area with many other passengers and cargo, moving vehicles, other aircraft, slippery walkways and/or stairs.

RESPECT YOUR CREW AND FELLOW PASSENGERS Everyone has the right to safe and secure travel. That is why Precision Air employees and the aviation authority will not tolerate any behaviour that interferes with the flight or puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

SEATBELTS Seatbelts must be fastened during take-off, landing, during turbulence and any time the crew deem it necessary. Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need in case of emergency. If you are responsible for an infant or a child, you must first ensure that your own seatbelt is properly fastened, then secure the child and, if it is an infant, secure the child’s or the infant’s restraints.

A. Not all aircraft have space to store your carry-on baggage.

Important note: There are a number of events involving air turbulence that highlight the importance of keeping seatbelts fastened throughout the flight.

B. In an accident, baggage in the aisles makes it harder to get out of the aircraft quickly.

Though rare, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to both passengers and crew.


Paa Tanzania

It’s a good idea to keep your seatbelt fastened even when the seatbelt signs are not on.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND PREGNANCIES If you have a medical condition and may need assistance during your travel, kindly ask the Precision Air offices or agents about procedures before your flight. If you are pregnant, you will need to fill a Precision Air medical form, to be signed by your doctor, to confirm that you are OK for travel. For further details, kindly ask while booking your ticket from our sales offices and/or customer services.

PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Use of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP4 players, iPads, etc are not allowed during take-off, landing, taxiing, descent and climb. Precision Air prohibits the use of some electronic devices during flight because they emit signals that can interfere with the aircraft's instrumentation. Some of the items prohibited include cellphones, radios, remote-controlled games/toys, laser pointers, iPads or tablets that transmits frequencies, portable printers, walkie-talkies, scanners and laptops. These items need to be stowed away for these phases of the flight to avoid injuries in case of an emergency.

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Paa Tanzania – issue 91  

The inflight magazine of Precision Air. PrecisionAir is a public listed Tanzanian airline, which is a leader in providing scheduled flight s...

Paa Tanzania – issue 91  

The inflight magazine of Precision Air. PrecisionAir is a public listed Tanzanian airline, which is a leader in providing scheduled flight s...

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