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Welcome from KTB

6 Introduction Kenya’s tourism sector goes from strength to strength 8 Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers 2nd Level, Heidelberg House, Mombasa Road PO Box 9977-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 604 419/602 538 Fax: +254 (0)20 602 539 Email: Mombasa Office 8th floor, Social Security House, Nkrumah Road, PO Box 83378, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 222 8208 Fax: +254 (0)41 231 2504 Cell: +254 (0)722 315 838 Email:

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10 The Kenyan Coast Welcome to the coast with the most 12 National Parks Rich in Wildlife 48 Location Kenya

East Africa’s powerhouse capital

Features 15 Sun Africa Hotels

33 RedCourt Hotel

17 Sankara - Nairobi

35 Leopard Beach Resort & Spa

19 Safari Park Hotel & Casino

37 Sarova Hotels

21 Heritage Hotels

39 Tribe Hotel

24 Baobab Beach Resort & Spa

41 Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi

25 Kole Kole Resort & Spa

43 Swahili Beach Hotel

27 Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

45 InterContinental Nairobi

29 Lantana Galu Beach

47 Ole-Sereni Hotel

31 Turtle Bay Beach Club

49 Nyali International Beach Hotel

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49 Kaskazi Beach Hotel

33 The Boma - Nairobi

50 The Kenyatta International Conference Centre

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Tourism on a trajectory Investor confidence boosted by new laws and government investments in physical infrastructure


aribu (Welcome) to the eighth edition of the Kenya

Kenya as the preferred MICE destination in the region. The

Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers (KAHC)

launch of the MICE strategy comes hot on the heels of plans

Hotel, Restaurant & Entertainment Guide.

to build an ultra-modern international convention centre at the coastal resort of Mombasa.

It gives me great pleasure to unveil this publication, especially at this critical stage when we have so much to celebrate and highlight. This has been a fantastic year for the tourism

Infrastructural Investments

industry in Kenya.

The rapid expansion of the Kenyan economy has been a very positive development. Over the past few years, the Kenyan

While the political and economic environment is very condu-

government has invested millions of dollars in expanding

cive for the industry, we take pride in the passing of the

the physical infrastructure. This includes an expansion of the

new constitution and the much-awaited Tourism Bill that is

road network, especially in Nairobi, to allow quick and easy

awaiting presidential assent. This will set things in motion to

movement of people from one location to another.

help protect investors in the tourism industry, while at the same time helping to streamline the operation of the sector.

Major airports have also been expanded and refurbished. These include Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Investor confidence

(JKIA), which will have a new passenger terminal and an annual capacity of more than 10 million passengers, and Moi

In spite of the global economic meltdown, tourism has

International Airport in Mombasa, which will have a refur-

continued to register impressive figures and is one of the key

bished passenger terminal.

pillars of the Kenyan economy. This has led to an increased investment in the sector, including new hotel developments in Nairobi and Naivasha.

Tourism Awards Last but not least, the Kenyan tourism industry this year

With Kenya seeking to diversify its tourism product, the

hosted its first-ever Kenya Tourism Awards (KETA) ceremony

recently launched meetings, incentives, conferences and exhi-

to reward industry and innovation in the tourism sector. The

bitions (MICE) strategy will go a long way towards positioning

awards ceremony was graced by, among others, Dr Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UN-WTO). As we launch the eighth edition of the KAHC Hotel, Restaurant & Entertainment Guide, we hope this publication will continue to play its vital role of marketing Kenya as a favourable tourism destination. Once again, Karibu Kenya – Welcome to Kenya.

Mike Macharia, KAHC CEO.



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Diversity and magic of Kenya are just waiting to be discovered J

ambo! It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 2012 edition of the Kenya Hotel, Restaurant &

Entertainment Guide, which we trust will serve your needs in assessing Kenya’s unique accommodation facilities and diversity of mouth-watering cuisine. The tourism sector is always responding to market and environmental changes and the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) would like to appreciate this paradigm shift experienced in the industry to accommodate diversity. With an ever-changing clientele, the need for diversity in product range becomes paramount.

PRODUCTS This guide provides you with a snapshot of Kenya’s best accommodation facilities, finest restaurants and, by extension, the diverse products our country has to offer, from its wellknown traditional beach and bush holidays to new touristic products such as sport and conference tourism. KTB welcomes you to enjoy the diversity of products that Kenya has to offer, as described in this guide.

MAGIC Furthermore, we encourage you to visit and see the magic of Kenya for an unforgettable and enchanting experience. Once again, a very warm welcome to the magical world of Kenya. Karibuni!

Muriithi ndegwa Managing Director Kenya Tourist Board

Tour is t B o ar d


A n In t r o d u c t i o n

Kenya’s tourism sector goes from strength to strength A

s 2011 comes to an end, it has been a truly spec-

the nation as a top-notch and desirable destination. Other

tacular 12 months for Kenya’s key hospitality sector,

key factors have been investment by the hotel sector and,

with record numbers of tourist arrivals and pretty much

of course, a huge vote of confidence in Kenya by the global

full hotels across the entire country – especially during

tourism industry.

the peak season in July and August, coinciding with migration in the Mara and holiday time at the coast.


This welcome trend is a dramatic contrast with the dark days

It is fair to say that Kenya has also been lucky in 2011 because

of 2008-9. The turnround has not been achieved without the

it has benefited from problems in other competitor destina-

efforts of many. In particular, it says much for the tremendous

tions. This is particularly true of the coast, which has gained

marketing effort by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) to promote

from the disruption to tourism in North Africa; but Kenya has also gained from the continued strength of the euro and the corresponding weakness of the Kenya shilling. Sometimes you make your own luck, however, and the Kenyan hospitality industry has resolutely refused to stand still or be downhearted. During 2009-10 it poured money into upgrading and modernising its facilities, working hard to improve staff training and attending to food and beverage issues so that Kenya has become of Africa’s truly great culinary destinations.

Best of Kenya The launch of the Best of Kenya initiative has spearheaded the country’s claim to have not only superb food but also a legion of skilled and knowledgeable chefs who use fresh local ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes that draw upon and fuse the country’s three distinct culinary traditions: African, Indian and European. In Nairobi, despite a series of comparatively recent hotel openings, rooms can sometimes be in short supply. More capacity is on the way. But if the past is any guide, then the additional beds will not quite match the insatiable demand


as Nairobi consolidates its position as East Africa’s thriving

international tourism. Then there are Kenya’s hideaway islands

business capital and leading conference and exhibition centre.

such as Lamu, Funzi and Wazini, offering a totally different atmosphere from the rest of the coast, with no cars and an

Out in the game parks, Kenya’s camps and lodges continue to

unhurried pace of life that has hardly changed for centuries.

offer a top quality product that compares favourably with rival safari-type destinations across Africa. Growing environmental awareness, backed by the good work and encouragement


of organisations such as Ecotourism Kenya, are ensuring

After a truly remarkable year for the hotel sector in 2011,

that Kenya benefits as a nation from this generally high-end

prospects for 2012 continue to look promising despite the

tourism and that this sector acts in a responsible and sustain-

gathering clouds over the global economy. Kenya has proved,

able manner.

in fact, that even in the face of recent economic downturns elsewhere it can prosper by delivering a first-rate tourism


product and a competitive price that stacks up when judged by what is on offer elsewhere.

Down at the coast, hoteliers have also had something of a bumper time. Stretching from Msambweni in the far south to

So if you are looking for a great holiday destination, then

Lamu and beyond in the north, the coast offers hundreds of

look no further than Kenya – so much to see and do in just

kilometres of soft white sand, much of it still untouched by

one country.


N air o bi

Nairobi: East Africa’s powerhouse capital I

t doesn’t always appear promising on arrival at Jomo

This is a city of more than 3 million people; a bubbling melting

Kenyatta International or when trying to get into

pot for most of Kenya’s 40-plus ethnic groups, drawn to its

town along Mombasa Road, but be patient and Kenya’s

bright lights; a place of immense wealth and untold riches lying

capital city and East Africa’s bustling commercial and

directly alongside isolated pockets of great desperation.

airline hub will soon amaze you. This is one of the fastest growing and busiest cities in Africa – one that

Nairobi enjoys a vibrancy not found anywhere else in East

can captivate and shock in equal measure.

Africa. It is a place where business deals are signed and sealed, and where the construction of new apartment blocks,

For many – especially those who come to live here rather than

glass-fronted offices and hotels never ceases. Now comes

just visit – it is a city they are sad to leave and one to which

– and it is long overdue – the creation of an amazing Chinese-

they vow to come back.

built highway system cutting a path through the city and helping to ease Nairobi’s notorious jams and further speed the already frenetic pace of life in a place where visitors are almost overwhelmed by the rush of mankind.

Shopping This is a city of pleasant surprises. Great shopping, restaurants, clubs, bars – you name it, they have it here. It has fancy shopping malls, from the well established Sarit Centre and Yaya Centre to the UN’s own in-house mall, The Village Market, plus newer and more contemporary offerings such as the newly expanded Junction and Westgate, topped off by the recently opened Galleria Mall in Karen. Nairobi retains some elements of its colonial past: its elite schools and colleges; its sometimes difficult-to-join clubs (throwback to a time when the British wanted to keep themselves to themselves); horse-racing at Ngong; golf at Muthaiga, Royal Nairobi or Karen Country Club. All hark back to an earlier age and have changed little over the decades. But the city is not just about the past; it is at the very cutting edge of youth and artistic culture with an internationally


acclaimed music scene. Much of this is informal rather than

with just about every cooking style from the local favourite,

organised, yet easy for visitors to find.

nyama choma (roast meat), to the finest Japanese and Italian eateries to chain diners and ubiquitous coffee shops.


If you want to stay over in this exciting city – and who wouldn’t

Nairobi is justly famous for its hard-revving nightlife. Nairobians

– then Nairobi has hotels to match, from colonial-style proper-

don’t go home early from work to watch TV and tend to their

ties dating back more than 100 years to a range of new and

roses; they like to party and at the weekends one can expect to

dazzlingly impressive hotels. Nairobi claims to have accommoda-

find bars full as people let their hair down and drink their way

tion to suit just about everyone and enough capacity to host the

through Kenya’s various beers – Tusker, Pilsner and White Cap.

largest of international conferences and exhibitions.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is a city of truly exceptional restau-

Be in no doubt, this is a great city – or, as the locals might say,

rants where the quality of cuisine is seldom disappointing and

it’s poa.


T he K enyan C o a s t

Welcome to the coast with the most Kenya’s ocean resorts offer a dazzling range of holiday delights


isitors come to Kenya for a variety of reasons. For many, though, it is the clear blue and irresistibly

inviting waters of the Indian Ocean that are the chief attraction. The Kenyan coast is more or less one long beach – 535 km of soft powdery white sand running at an angle from north to south. Apart from the area around the port city of Mombasa, much of it remains little touched by tourism.

location This long and mostly unspoilt coastline can be divided roughly into four areas. Starting in the south and moving northwards, these are:

quiet Kilifi and the busier Watamu and extends up to the glitzy Malindi. Kalifi, the least developed of the three main

• The south coast (which, incidentally and bizarrely, is an

resort towns, has a particularly attractive creek. Watamu is

east coast) runs southwards from Mombasa to the border

a growing resort with some excellent hotels, while Malindi

with Tanzania and includes the main resort of Diani plus

oozes sophistication with five-star resorts in the jet set

lesser-known destinations such as Tiwi, Galu and Msamb-

style and some fine restaurants. Malindi also has an airport

weni. Beyond the increasingly sophisticated main strip at

offering daily flights to Nairobi and Mombasa.

Diani, which continues to position itself more and more upmarket, there is little development and the area remains

• Lamu (and the surrounding islands and mainland) is the last

a delightfully unhurried backwater dotted with sleepy

of the four coast destinations. Lamu is an island with no

islands such as Funzi and Wasini. The area is reached either

motorised transport. It is also a Unesco World Heritage Site.

from Mombasa’s Moi International Airport or more easily

Lamu has an airport with daily flights to Nairobi and Malindi

via the airstrip at Ukunda. • The north coast (again, geographically speaking, it is still


the east coast) is more developed that the south coast.

Each of these four areas offers something special. Yet many

It runs northwards from Mombasa and has an ill-defined

tourists – especially first-time visitors – often fail to appreciate

northern limit. The main resorts area can be characterised

all the delights of the coast. It is easy to see why when it is

as Nyali, Bamburi and Mtwapa with its expensive creekside

difficult to leave the comfort of a hotel offering great food with

villas and smart restaurants.

impeccable service and the beach just a few metres away.

• Malindi/Watamu: Starting at Vipingo (a world-class golf course dotted with attractive villas), this area covers the

For those who do venture out, however, Mombasa, Malindi, Mtwapa, Diani and Watamu all have a wonderfully vibrant


nightlife with inexpensive and lively bars and nightspots where foreigners will always find a reassuringly warm welcome from locals.

memorable Here, too, visitors can find some of Kenya’s best restaurants, offering succulent seafood plucked fresh from the ocean. Lovers of good food will appreciate the selection of lobster, crab and prawns served in a bewildering selection of cooking styles. Aside from seafood, there is a choice of Italian, Indian and Japanese restaurants plus other types of cuisine. To celebrate that special anniversary, think about taking a dinner cruise by dhow in Tudor Creek or Mtwapa Creek. This is a truly memorable evening and a romantic experience with superb food cooked on board, attentive service and lashings of chilled white wine or thirst-quenching beer with which to wash down the lobster, prawns and other ocean delicacies. This is what keeps tourists coming back to the Kenya coast.


Nat ion al P ar k s

Rich in Wildlife K

enya is regarded as one of Africa’s truly great

Somewhat perversely, several of Kenya best known game

wildlife-viewing destinations and this reputation is

viewing areas are administered not by Kenya Wildlife Service

richly deserved. It is the sheer diversity of the 50 or so

(KWS) but by a local town council. The Masai Mara National

national parks, reserves and conservancies on offer that

Reserve and the Samburu National Reserve are run by Narok

makes Kenya so compelling.

County Council and Isiolo County Council respectively. These two councils set their own admission fees, although the fees

In fact, a visit to just one is not enough to appreciate Kenya’s

generally follow those charged by the KWS.

abundant wildlife, different habits and climatic conditions. This is a country that has it all: from the mighty Tsavo East and

For 2012, fees are set at about US$90 per person per day to

West National Parks (a more or less contiguous area divided

visit Kenya’s most popular KWS-run parks, such as Lake Nakuru

only by the Nairobi-Mombasa highway and railway) covering

National Park and Amboseli, during high season (January to

a combined total of nearly 22,000 sq km, to the tiny Saiwa

March and July to October). By contrast, some top-rate parks

Swamp National Park, just 2.9 sq km in area, home to the

are only US$50 per person per day during low season.

semi-aquatic sitatunga, an animal that is reasonably common elsewhere in Africa but rare in Kenya.

All the major game-viewing areas, and even many of the minor ones, have a selection of camps and lodges from which


to choose – some inside and others dotted along the perimeter or close to the main gate. As a general rule, the standard

No one park or reserve contains all of Kenya’s indigenous

of accommodation is incredibly high, yet there is a range of

species, so it is important to organise an itinerary that takes in

categories to cater for different budgets.

two or three – or maybe more if birding is a particular interest. For those who just wish to sample a safari as part of a wider visit that might include time at the coast, then the Masai Mara

getting there

National Reserve, Amboseli National Park and the Tsavos are

Most camps and lodges offer an all-inclusive package that

especially popular. If it’s a matter of ticking off the ‘Big Five’

includes (very early) morning and afternoon game drives and

as fast as possible, then visiting a comparatively small privately

all meals and, probably, soft drinks. The only items to pay for

run conservancy such as Ol Pejeta might be an option.

on departure are likely to be the bar bill and tips for guides, drivers and other staff. Getting between Kenya’s parks and reserves has never been easier as the nation undergoes a major road-building and repair programme that has transformed visits from Nairobi to destinations as varied as the Mara, Lake Nakuru and Shaba. In addition, there are more and more operators providing flights from Nairobi (both Jomo Kenyatta and Wilson airports) and Mombasa into more and more parks. But the gap between road and air travel has undoubtedly narrowed in recent times. Whichever way visitors choose to travel within Kenya, what awaits them on arrival will be truly spectacular.



Coastline Region

Aberdare National Park

Arabuko Sokoke Forest reserve

Location: Central highlands, west of Mount Kenya; Nyeri District; Central Province Distance from Nairobi: 160 km Size: 767 sq km

Location: Coastal Strip, Kilifi District Distance from Mombasa: 110 km from Mombasa. Can be reached by air via Malindi or Mombasa airports. Size: Forest reserve covers 420 sq km

Mount Kenya National Park Location: East of the Rift Valley. Mount Kenya lies about 140 km north-east of Nairobi with its northern flanks across the equator. Distance from Nairobi: 175 km Size: 2,800 sq km

Mount Longonot National Park Location: Naivasha, Rift Valley Province Distance from Nairobi: 90 km Size: 52 sq km

Kisite Marine National Park Location: Kwale District, Coast Province. The marine park is 6 km from the Kenyan coast (at Shimoni) and 8 km north of the Tanzanian border. Distance from Mombasa: 120 km Distance from Nairobi: 550 km Size: 39 sq km

Kiunga Marine National Park

Nairobi Region

Location: Lamu District, Coast Province Distance from Malindi: 372 km Distance from Nairobi: 976 km Size: 270 sq km

Nairobi Animal Orphanage

Malindi Marine National Park

Location: Nairobi Province Distance from Nairobi: 10 km

Nairobi National Park Location: Nairobi Province Distance from Nairobi: 10 km

Nairobi Safari Walk Location: Nairobi Province Distance from Nairobi: 10 km Size: 117 sq km

Location: North Coast, Malindi Distance from Mombasa: 118 km Size: 213 sq km

Mombasa Marine National Park Location: Lamu District, Coast province Distance from Nairobi: 487 km Size: Park is 20 sq km while the reserve is over 200 sq km

Shimba Hills National Reserve Location: The reserve is 33 km south of Mombasa in the Kwale District of Coast Province. Size: 300 sq km

Tana River Primate Reserve Location: Coast Province Distance from Nairobi: 350 km east Distance from Mombasa: 240 km north Size: 171 sq km

Watamu Marine Park & Reserve Location: North Coast, Malindi Distance from Mombasa: 120 km Size: 10 sq km

Eastern Region Bisanadi National Reserve Location: Adjacent to north-east boundary of Meru, Isiolo district Distance from Nairobi: 348 km Size: 606 sq km

Buffalo Springs& Shaba Location: Northern end of Mount Kenya. Distance from Nairobi: 300 km (to the gate of Buffalo Springs Reserve) Size: 660 sq km of combined reserves

Kora National Reserve Location: Coast Region, Tana District Distance from Nairobi: 280 km Size: 1,787 sq km



Lewa Wildlife Conservancy


Location: Within Laikipia District, on northern slopes of Mount Kenya. Size: 250 sq km

Location: On the equator, in the Laikipia district of Kenya, between the foothills of the Aberdares and Mount Kenya. Size: 360 sq km

Meru National Park Location: Meru District of the east province, north-east of Mount Kenya Distance from Nairobi: 348 km Size: 870 sq km

Mwea National Reserve Location: Mbeere District Distance from Nairobi: 160 km north-east of Nairobi Size: 42 sq km

Mwingi National Reserve Location: Mwingi District Distance from Nairobi: 350 km north-east Size: 745 sq km

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Location: Machakos District Distance from Nairobi: 85 km north-east Size: 20.7 sq km

Samburu National Reserve Location: Samburu National Reserve is situated at the southern corner of Samburu district in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It is bordered to the south by Uaso Nyiro river, which separates it from the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. Distance from Nairobi: 345 km to Archer’s gate (main entrance to Samburu national Reserve) Size: 170 sq km

North Rift Region Laikipia Location: Laikipia district is a wilderness and wildlife haven to the north-west of Mount Kenya, straddling the equator at the heart of Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. The Laikipia plains stretch from the Great Rift Valley to magnificent escarpments that descend into Kenya’s northern rangelands. Distance from Nairobi: 190 km to Nanyuki (Laikipia boundary) Size: Laikipia covers 10,000 sq km and forms the core of the wider 56,000 sq km Ewaso ecosystem.

Marsabit National Park Location: Marsabit District Distance from Nairobi: 560 km north Size: 360 square meters

Nasolot National Reserve Location: West Pokot District, Rift Valley Province Distance from Nairobi: 528 km north-west Size: 92 sq km

Sibiloi National park Location: Lake Turkana, Marsabit District Distance from Nairobi: 800 km north Size: 1,570 sq km

South and Central Island National Parks Location: Lake Turkana, Marsabit District, Eastern Province. Distance from Nairobi: 800 km Size: 5 sq km

Southern Region Amboseli National Park Location: On the border with Tanzania, Loitokitok District, South Kenya. Distance from Nairobi: Namanga (240 km), Emali (228 km) Size: 390 sq km

Chyulu Hills National Park Location: Makueni District, Eastern Province and Kajiado District, Rift Valley Province Distance from Nairobi: 230 km Size: 741 sq km

Tsavo East National Park

Location: Lies either side of the main highway between Kitale and Lodwar Distance from Nairobi: 348 km Size: 1.091 sq km

Location: South-west Kenya, inland from the coast. Distance from Nairobi: 233 km (Mtito Andei Gate) and 250 km north of Mombasa on the main Nairobi-Mombasa road. Nairobi to Voi Gate is 325 km and Mombasa to Voi Gate is 153 km Size: 21,812 sq km

South Rift Region

Tsavo West National Park

South Turkana National Reserve

Hell’s Gate National Park Location: Naivasha, Rift Valley Province Distance from Nairobi: 90 km Size: 68 sq km

Lake Nakuru National Park Location: Nakuru, Rift Valley Province. Distance from Nairobi: 160 km Size: 188 sq km

Lemek Conservancy Location: North-west of Koiyaki and Ol Kinyei and bordering Ol Choro Oirowua to the west. Size: 445 sq km

Mara Triangle Location: Trans Mara District – Western sector, Masai Mara. Distance from Nairobi: 300 km Size: 510 sq km

Masai Mara National Reserve Location: In the Great Rift Valley in southern Kenya. Distance from Nairobi: 247 km south-west. Size: The reserve covers 1,500 sq km and stretches over large open grasslands that are ideal for viewing wildlife.

Olare Orok and Motorogi Conservancy Location: Covers an area directly adjoining the Masai Mara National Reserve. Size: 23,000 acres

Siana Wildlife Trust Location: Next to the north-eastern border of the Masai Mara Game Reserve in western Kenya. Size: 150 sq km

Location: South-east Kenya, inland from Mombasa. Distance from Nairobi: 240 km Size: 9,065 sq km

Western Kenya Region Kakamega National Forest Reserve Location: Kakamega District, Western Province. Distance from Nairobi: 418 km (15 km from Kakamega town on the Kakamega-Eldoret highway). Size: 240 sq km

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Location: Kisumu District, Nyanza Province. Distance from Nairobi: 358 km Size: Less than 1 sq km

Mount Elgon National Park Location: On the western border of Kenya with Uganda, in the Trans-Nzoia District of Rift Valley Province. Distance from Nairobi: 420 km Size: 196 sq km

Ndere Island National Park Location: Kisumu District of Nyanza Province. Distance from Nairobi: 432 km Size: 4.2 sq km

Ruma National Park Location: Situated in the Suba District, Nyanza Province Distance from Nairobi: 425 km Size: 120 sq km

Saiwa Swamp National Park Location: Trans Nzoia District, Rift Valley Province Distance from Nairobi: 385 km Size: 2.9 sq km



al P

ar k s


Luxury hotel group offers superior quality S

un Africa Hotels is an expanding chain of some of the finest hotels and lodges in East Africa and one

of the fastest emerging hotel groups in Kenya. Dating back to 1927, the Sun Africa Hotels group owns four properties across Kenya.

Keekorok Lodge Located in the very heart of Kenya’s fabled Masai Mara National Reserve, Keekorok, meaning abundance in the local Maasai language, was constructed in 1962 on an 80 acre site surrounded by an area of permanent springs and lush grassland, habitually teeming with wildlife.

Lake Naivasha Country Club

grounds are unmistakably African, but laid out with an English

Lake Naivasha Country Club became famous in the 1930s as

air. Ideal for conferences or a weekend away from Nairobi and it’s

a staging post for Imperial Airways’ flying boat service from

only a five hour drive from the capital by car. Above all Baringo

Durban to London. The old colonial architecture is solid and

means birds – over 460 species have been recorded here.

comfortable with accommodation in rooms and cottage set in 12 hectares of green lawns shaded by mature acacias and spreading fever trees. The bar is cosy and adjoins an immacu-

Sovereign Suites

lately equipped snooker room. There’s more to Naivasha than

Sovereign Suites is an aristocratic colonial building on six acres

meets the eye and it’s well worth more than one night’s stay.

with a two-acre private fish dam surrounded by lush tea and flower farms.

Baringo Club

The hotel offers conference facilities for 20-200 pax with unlim-

Lake Baringo Club is a neat compact hotel on the lake shore. The

ited WiFi and a quiet and serene environment. The hotel also

architecture has a Spanish flair about it and the garden and the

has a fully equipped spa.

AT A GLANCE... • Hot air ballooning at Keekorok Lodge • Experienced conference, meeting and event organisers • World Luxury Hotel Awards winner Keekorok Lodge • Scenic excursions

S un A f r

ot ica H



S ankara - Nairo


five-star standards and personalised service Deluxe Style ‘I

t’s all about the guest’ is the motto at Sankara - Nairobi. This fine hotel offers the best in contem-

porary luxury, offering a genuine sense of place and all the facilities that modern travellers expect. It provides an ideal range of options for business and leisure guests. Everything about the Sankara Nairobi is well thought out. Guest-rooms and suites are among the most spacious in the city, fitted out to the highest specifications. Each is equipped with high-speed internet connection and an oversized work desk with ergonomic chair, allowing guests to work in peace and quiet.

Using an online preference planner, guests can book a restaurant or spa treatment in advance.

State-of-the-art For entertainment, each room has a flat screen TV with


surround sound and modern audio-visual equipment that

The property offers the best in modern dining with fresh

can be controlled from a plug-and-play panel. The marble

flavours, organic produce and authentic cuisine from

bathrooms come with walk-in rain showers and luxurious

world-class chefs served in an environment of top quality

amenities. The contents of the bar can be personalised and

contemporary design. From the brasserie, showcasing

there is a selection of pillows.

international cuisine, to the open kitchen of the pan-Asian restaurant, Sankara is a perfect place to unwind. Guests can

At Sankara, everyone is treated as an individual. Guests are

enjoy Nairobi’s premier food and wine lounge or an evening

greeted by name on arrival and taken straight to their room.

at the rooftop supper club with views over the city. Sankara is all about relaxing in style. Guests can make a splash in the outdoor pool overlooking the Nairobi skyline, keep fit in the top-floor gym or unwind in the award-winning Angsana spa by Banyan Tree – the first in Eastern and Central Africa.

AT A GLANCE... • Luxury five-star hotel • International business & meeting facilities • Angsana Spa • World-class cuisine



An African paradise S

afari Park Hotel & Casino is a five-star luxury hotel only 15 minutes’ drive from Nairobi city centre. The

hotel is surrounded by 50 acres of beautifully manicured gardens and offers a selection of 204 tastefully furnished rooms with private rear and front balconies. The hotel is the largest conference and events venue in Nairobi, housing more than 20 conference and meeting facilities (both indoor and outdoor) and catering for over 5,000 people. All meeting rooms have a pre-function space, a syndicate room with complete business support service and modern technology.

VENUE In addition to conference facilities, the Safari Park Hotel offers a specialised outside catering service. To date the hotel has catered for several events and local and international conferences at the Nairobi National Park, Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Moi International Sports Centre,

Finally, the atmospheric Nyama Choma Ranch offers a fine

Kasarani, Nairobi Arboretum and the National Museum.

selection of flame-roasted barbecued meats served on skewers against the backdrop of one of the most evocative

The hotel’s five specialty restaurants, each uniquely decorated

stage shows in Africa, the sleek and sensual Safari Cats, a

in traditional themes ranging from the Far East to Europe,

troupe of dancers and acrobats.

offer some of the finest dining in Nairobi. Diners can choose from the Café Kigwa, where Parisian café meets New York deli; or the rustic Italian charm of La Piazzetta, offering deli-


cious home-made pasta and traditionally made pizzas hot

Nightlife at the Safari Park Hotel ranges from the disco buzz of

from the wood-burning oven.

the Cats Club to the Safari Cats to the more soothing ambience of the contemporary Piano Bar and Hemingway’s Lounge. Also

There is also the glamorous Winners Pavilion Chinese

located in the hotel grounds is the Paradise Casino.

Restaurant specialising in delicately spiced seafood; and the authentic Chiyo Japanese Restaurant with its sculptured gardens, rice paper screens and sizzling Tepanyaki counters.

AT A GLANCE... • The Safari Fitness Club & Spa • Five specialty restaurants • Paradise Casino • Largest conference and events venue in Nairobi

far i

P ar k

Hotel & C as




r i ta

Luxury in wild locations H

eritage Hotels is the hallmark of luxurious accommodation, both at the coast and in Kenya’s wildest

locations. The group specialises in delivering top quality service and first-class accommodation throughout Kenya and has proper-

ties in the Great Rift Valley, the Masai Mara National Reserve, Samburu National Reserve and at the coast; in Mombasa and on Lamu Island.

Growing markets Heritage’s business has expanded from the traditional family safari market to children’s safari clubs, honeymoon getaways and water sport activity holidays. The company’s products cover three brands: the upmarket

tions. The Intrepids portfolio offers a flexible range of fly-in or

Explorer, the mid-market Intrepids with its camps and lodges,

chauffeur-driven safaris to Samburu Intrepids, Mara Intrepids,

and the popular Voyager, which encompasses a theme-cruise

and the Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort, which offers

beach resort and a tented camp in Tsavo West National Park.

spectacular views over Lake Naivasha. The golf resort also boasts a superb 18-hole course.

The Explorer flagship properties are the exclusive Mara Explorer Camp in the heart of the game-filled Masai Mara National Reserve and the enchanting Kipungani Explorer on

Voyager Brand

the exotic island hideaway of Lamu.

North of Mombasa, visitors can enjoy Voyager Beach Resort or Voyager Ziwani, both of which offer great value for money,

thrilling mix

with a tantalizing combination of a beach and bush.

Experience the Heritage Hotels’ Intrepids collection at one

Live the Heritage dream and experience the friendly and atten-

of three properties in the country’s leading safari destina-

tive service, which makes Kenya the toast of the safari world.

AT A GLANCE... • Choice of top safari destinations • Wedding & honeymoon packages • The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort • Tented camps & beach holidays

ge H




B aob

ab B e ach R

& e s or t




aobab Beach Resort & Spa’s founding hotel, The Baobab, is on a clifftop overlooking Diani Beach. Set

in 70 acres of indigenous forest, this spacious resort is firmly established as Kenya’s leading all-inclusive hotel. It comprises the Maridadi Wing, with pool-facing and seafacing superior rooms, deluxe rooms and deluxe bungalows; and the Baobab Wing, with sea-facing standard rooms, garden view rooms and superior sea view rooms. There is also a selection of interconnecting rooms, perfect for families.

INTERNATIONAL CUISINE All rooms are air conditioned with balcony, en-suite bathroom, king-sized or twin beds, direct-dial telephone, minibar, electronic safe and satellite TV. There is a wide range of activities including windsurfing, The Baobab has three main restaurants offering a range

water polo and aqua-fit classes. For the less energetic, the

of international, African and seafood dishes. All food and

Swahili lounge has views of the beach and the hotel’s tropical

local beverages are covered by the all-inclusive package until

gardens. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the resort for an

midnight. The Maridadi Restaurant offers a delicious Asian/

additional fee.

Oriental buffet. The main Karibu Restaurant has an extensive hot and cold buffet and is open for breakfast, lunch and

Guests can pamper themselves at the Afya Bora Wellness Club

dinner. Guests can enjoy a drink at the Jambo Pool Bar, while

& Spa, offering the ultimate in well-being and relaxation.

the Tapa Bar serves drinks and snacks throughout the day. The à la carte Marhaba Restaurant, specialising in fresh seafood

The Baobab’s Porini Conference Room has audio-visual equip-

and grills, is perfect for a romantic evening or special occasion.

ment and Wi-Fi access for up to 120 delegates.

AT A GLANCE... • All-inclusive dining with multiple restaurants • Over 700 metres of beachfront • Afya Bora Wellness Club & Spa • High speed Wi-Fi access throughout the resort


PURE Self-indulgence K

ole Kole, part of the Baobab Beach Resort & Spa, enjoys the same commanding ocean views as its

well established and highly regarded sister property. The resort has superior and deluxe rooms as well as luxury suites. All rooms are sea-facing and located in lush tropical gardens around an infinity pool. Each of the superior rooms has two queen-sized beds, en-suite shower/WC, minibar, electronic safe, direct-dial telephone and hair dryer as well as a private balcony or terrace, LCD television with satellite channels, tea/coffee making facilities, bathrobes and fine toiletries. The more spacious deluxe rooms also contain a fourposter king-sized bed. The suites have a private Jacuzzi.

ALL-INCLUSIVE Kole Kole’s all-inclusive package covers meals and light snacks as well as local wines, beers and spirits until midnight. This includes the Jodari Restaurant, the Kipepeo Bar for light lunches, and the Suli Suli Bar. At extra cost, the à la carte Tangezi Restaurant specialises in fresh seafood. Sports facilities are part of the all-inclusive package. They

the latest audiovisual equipment. After the show, guests can

include: children’s club and pool, beach volleyball, tennis,

enjoy late-night drinks and dancing at the Porini Disco.

table tennis, darts, archery, aqua fit/aerobics, shuffleboard and boccia. Also available at extra cost are golf, glass bottom boat trips, snorkelling, big game fishing, windsurfing and


scuba diving as well as Wi-Fi access throughout the resort.

At extra cost, guests can also use the resort’s extensive Afya Bora Wellness Club and Spa, offering a range of therapeutic

Evening cultural performances, acrobatic shows and theme

treatments as well as a fully equipped gymnasium, steam bath

nights are held in the Porini open-air amphitheatre, which has

and hydro bath.

AT A GLANCE... • Luxury rooms with ocean view • Natural setting with tropical gardens • Variety of land and ocean based activities • Porini Amphitheatre with live entertainment


& Kole Re s or t




Fair m

KENYa’s luxury brand H

eadquartered in Toronto, Canada, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is the largest luxury hotel management

company in North America. The Fairmont portfolio in Kenya consists three properties located in the most extraordinary places.

Fairmont The Norfolk A landmark in the city since opening its doors in 1904, Fairmont The Norfolk has welcomed royalty, statesmen and stars alike. This celebrated hotel continues to provide a sophisticated respite from the bustle of the downtown business district. From spacious guest rooms set around tranquil courtyards to relaxed terrace dining, and the famed lobby bar that is a perma-

cured lawns and landscaped gardens, the spectacular views of

nent fixture on the Nairobi social scene, Fairmont The Norfolk

neighbouring Mount Kenya are, quite simply, breathtaking.

occupies a unique place in both Kenya and its capital’s history. Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club’s dining experience

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Kenya’s most famous retreat, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari

embraces both elegance and entertainment from the casual temptations by the pool side, to more formal evenings in the hotels signature Tusks Restaurant.

Club straddles the equator. Spread over 100 acres of mani-

Fairmont Mara Safari Club A tented sanctuary lying at the foot of the Aitong Hills, the Fairmont Mara Safari Club is surrounded on three sides by the Mara River, on the edge of the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve. Accommodation at the Fairmont Mara Safari Club is completely at one with the natural environment, offering a captivating retreat set in green lush surroundings.

AT A GLANCE... • World-wide reputation for excellence • Three Kenyan properties located in magnificent locations • Numerous activities available and superb cuisine

ont Hote

es ls & R

or t




Flexible home living with five-star services


n ta


ocated close to the protected Kaya Kinondo Forest and surrounded by indigenous flora, Galu Beach is

considered one of the most spectacular and unspoilt beaches on the Kenyan coast. Guests at Lantana Galu Beach will find all the facilities of a newly built contemporary holiday home – ideal for guests who want to avoid the rigid format of a hotel and organise their own time and space. The design of the property is inspired by Swahili architecture, with open-plan living spaces flooded with natural light and natural ventilation from coastal breezes. There is a choice of serviced holiday homes to suit various requirements, with villas, apartments, bungalows and penthouses all available on a self-catering or on a meal plan basis.

Beach-side pool Set in landscaped gardens with spectacular views over the beach, the beach front pool is a perfect place to relax and

Being on the beach, water sports are in abundance. Activities;

sunbathe. There is a paddling pool for children.

including snorkelling, scuba diving, kite surfing, windsurfing and jet skiing are available on request.

Activities Open all day for residents to use freely, the large airy gym is


equipped with the latest fitness machines. Next to the gym is

The on-site convenience store has a range of items so that

a massage and beauty studio offering relaxing treatments and

residents can cook their own meals in their fully functional

therapies including holistic massages, aromatherapy facials

and modern kitchens. Those who want to eat out can take

and nail treatments.

advantage of Lantana’s beachfront restaurant, Le Café.

AT A GLANCE... • Beach-side restaurant and bar • Excellent for families and groups • Penthouses with outdoor Jacuzzis • Range of accommodation

na G

alu B e a c h

r Tu







ECO-rated family resort T

he eco-rated Turtle Bay Beach Club is the leading player in the all-inclusive holiday market and has

proved popular with both families and couples seeking quality accommodation at an affordable price. It is located at Watamu, just 25 km south of Malindi and inside a national marine park.


AT A GLANCE... • All-inclusive resort • Voted ‘Best Family Hotel’ by TripAdvisor in 2010 ®

Turtle Bay has 145 rooms comprising delightful standard

Guests can also enjoy a special evening at the à la carte Blue

en-suite accommodation: club rooms, Swahili-style Lamu

Turtle Restaurant.

rooms and ocean-front rooms. The Beach Club is justly famous for its tasty and wholesome breakfasts as well as its

Turtle Bay provides excellent water sports in the adjacent Marine

extensive buffet-style lunch and dinner. The poolside snack

Park as well as a chance to view an exotic array of tropical fish.

bar is the place for informal eating, as is the Pizza Garden.

Environment The Turtle Bay Beach Club is silver rated by Ecotourism Kenya – the only coast property to receive such a high rating. At Turtle Bay guests can feel satisfied that they are making a difference and contributing to the protection of the natural environment, traditions and culture – the things that make a visit to Kenya so special.

Family-run hotel provides personalised service D

ating back to 1975, the Heron Hotel maintains the charm of bygone days and continues to be a

family-run hotel, with a welcoming atmosphere and personalised service. This three-star facility has recently been renovated with modern facilities to meet the expectations of international visitors. A key advantage of the hotel is its location close to the

There are 105 comfortable guest rooms, each with an en-suite

heart of Nairobi, with easy access to the business district, yet

bathroom. The hotel’s many fine amenities include a popular

removed from the hustle and bustle.

al-fresco restaurant, conference facilities, satellite TV, a swimming pool, a sauna, a modern business and communica-

AT A GLANCE... • Great value for money • Convenient location

tion centre, a convenience shop, a travel desk and plentiful parking spaces. The Heron Hotel is popular with business guests, budget travellers and families and prides itself on offering some of the best-value accommodation in Nairobi.

C lub

& T he Her on H






hotel designed for business and leisure travellers.

• All profits fund the Kenya Red Cross

A fully owned subsidiary of the Kenya Red Cross (KRC), The

• Located between the airport and city centre

winning combination of attractive architecture and modern facilities, The Boma Nairobi is an innovative

Boma is a sister property to the four-star RedCourt Hotel, KRC’s first hotel venture, which opened in 2008. The Boma

Nairobi is the next step, a five-star hotel and conference centre, due to open in early 2012, with all profits again funding KRC’s aid work.

Amenities Ideally located between the airport and the city centre, yet in quiet surroundings, The Boma has 149 rooms - deluxe, superior and suites all furnished in a chic and stylish manner with an array of amenities such as wireless internet, flat-screen TV, iPod docking station and minibar. Guests at The Boma can eat, drink and sleep well at day’s end, knowing they are supporting a good cause.

hotel’s key role in support of a good cause L

ocated just off Nairobi’s Mombasa Road, close to the city centre and within easy reach of Jomo Kenyatta

International and Wilson airports, the RedCourt Hotel appeals to a wide variety of guests. The hotel is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kenya Red Cross and all proceeds go towards the society’s funds, which makes settling the bill that little bit more satisfying.

Other facilities include 59 standard rooms, a fully equipped business centre and a secretariat room. Modern conferencing

The eight meeting rooms and two executive boardrooms are

equipment includes digital signage at the entrance to confer-

ideal for conferences, seminars, private dinners and banquets.

ence rooms and remote-controlled screens and projectors.

AT A GLANCE... • Close to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport • Modern conference facilities


eo T h dc Re

Kenya Red Cross opens innovative five-star hotel

Bo rt ma Ho tel N a

The Restaurant Mundial offers both à la carte and buffet menus featuring delicious international cuisine. The Afya Garden Bar is ideal for a daytime snack, while the Makutano Lounge Bar is a sociable venue in the evenings.

ir ob

tel i&R e dC our t Ho







South Coast’s finest O

ne of the south coast’s finest properties, Leopard Beach Resort & Spa, has undergone a major trans-

formation in recent years. Located on Diani Beach and set in 25 acres with tropical gardens, the resort is surrounded by coral coves. The resort has 158 tastefully furnished rooms, all en-suite. The bathrooms were totally renovated in 2011 and are now complete with rain showers. Every room comes with air condi-

and glass-bottomed boat, floodlit tennis, volleyball, water

tioning, multi-channel satellite TV, telephone, tea & coffee

polo and table tennis. There is an 18-hole golf course a few

making facilities, hairdryer and minibar. There are 70 standard

minutes’ walk from the resort.

rooms, 20 superior garden-view rooms, 48 sea-facing superior rooms, seven suites, three luxury villas and 10 Chui class cottages, all with fine ocean views.

Sanctuary The Uzuri Spa, opened in 2006, is set in six acres of tranquil

Eating places include the Horizon Restaurant for table d’hôte

forest. The Uzuri Spa & Fitness Forest offers a luxurious

meals which includes weekly beach barbecues and African

combination of original African products and European-style

nights; Coco Mchana for à la carte luncheons al fresco; Chui

treatments. There is a comprehensive range of treatments

Grill, a Chaîne des Rôtisseurs establishment; a pizzeria on the

for men and women, from TheraNaka massage therapies,

ocean’s edge; and a poolside bistro bar. Meal plans range

specially designed for Uzuri, to TheraVine and anti-aging

from half board (with lunch or dinner), the gourmet plan with

facials, hydrotherapy, body wraps and, of course, waxing,

a la carte dinner and FBPlus with drinks included at mealtimes.

manicures and pedicures. Uzuri has six treatments rooms, an adults-only swimming pool with Jacuzzi, a Technogym with

The resort has one of Kenya’s best water sports centres,

steam bath and sauna and, the latest addition, a yoga and

offering a PADI diving school, diving excursions, windsurf

aerobics pavilion.

school, kite surfing, kayaking, pedalo hire, deepsea fishing In the evening, guests can dance to live bands or enjoy folklore performances at the Mahogany Lounge & Disco. For meetings and seminars, the resort has first-rate conference facilities and equipment for up to 100 participants.

AT A GLANCE... • Awarded ‘Kenya’s Leading Resort’ at the World Travel Awards 2011 • Uzuri Spa & Fitness Forest • Ideal family retreat • Water sports adventure centre


Res or t & S p a


KEnya’s leading hotel group

S ar o


ith eight properties located throughout the country, Sarova Hotels, Resorts & Game Lodges is one of

Kenya’s leading hotel groups

Sarova Stanley: Sarova Stanley is Sarova’s flagship property. Opened in 1902, with 217 spacious and elegant rooms and located in Nairobi’s business district, Sarova Stanley is a city landmark. The hotel’s Thorn Tree Restaurant is Nairobi’s most famous pavement-side meeting place. The hotel’s new Thai-Chi restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine. The Exchange Bar was once the home of the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Sarova Panafric: Set on a hill overlooking the city, the Sarova Panafric has 164 rooms, 45 apartments and four themed suites. Popular with visiting executives, it is an ‘isle of calm’ in

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge: Located within Lake Nakuru

the capital’s busy business district. The Flame Tree brasserie

National Park is the Sarova Lion Hill, comprising 67 chalets

serves superb food as well as offering great views of the city.

(64 standard rooms and three suites) overlooking the

There is a poolside restaurant for more informal dining. The

flamingo-fringed lake. The Flamingo Restaurant serves

hotel also has first-rate conference facilities.

wonderful buffet-style cuisine.

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa: Located just

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge: The Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

north of Mombasa, this 338-room resort justly claims a prime

comprises 85 thatched chalets, four junior suites and one presiden-

position on one of East Africa’s finest beaches. The hotel’s

tial suite set in the Shaba Game Reserve. The Surpelei Restaurant

beachside Lido Grill serves sizzling steaks and freshly caught

overlooks the pool and serves a wide variety of cuisine.

seafood, while the 24-hour Minazi Café is a bistro-style eatery with some of the coast’s best pizza. The Pavilions offers

Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge: Offering a total of 62

buffet-style dining with culinary themes.

standard rooms and two suites, the Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge is located in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary inside

Sarova Mara Game Camp: The Sarova Mara is a cluster of

Tsavo West National Park.

75 luxury tents (51 standard, two family and 20 superior club tents) in the Masai Mara National Reserve. There is a wide

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge: The Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge

range of excellent cuisine at the Isokon restaurant, including

is made up of 96 rooms on stilts linked by elevated gangways

spectacular barbecues.

and overlooking a waterhole in Tsavo West National Park.

AT A GLANCE... • Eight properties in unique locations • State-of-the-art conferencing • Spas & wellness • Romantic retreats

ot va H



A boutique hotel designed for modern-day travellers

Tr ib


ucked away from the city centre in the lush suburbs of Nairobi, the Tribe Hotel offers the ultimate in

luxury and tranquillity. Drawing inspiration from its African heritage, the interior of the hotel features items of art, craftwork and furnishings from all over the continent. Each of the 137 rooms is designed to whisk guests away from the average mundane hotel room into a world of chic design with an emphasis on detail and luxury. The Tribe is ideal for guests who want intimacy and comfort with an accent on personal service. From free high speed internet access to complimentary minibars, limousine airport transfers, express check-in and check-out, guests can be sure the Tribe Hotel understands the individual needs of travellers. The hotel’s Executive Resource Centre offers a high level of functionality, design and technology. Conference rooms can accommodate up to 140 delegates and facilities include free stationery, 50-inch LCD screens, secure parking and a reliable concierge.

Kaya Spa

ingredients and specially sourced international imports. The

Guests can enjoy being pampered in the hotel’s Kaya Spa,

extensive menu features grilled meats and vegetables and the

which makes use of specially developed treatments to bring a

exclusive wine list perfectly complements the flavours of Jiko.

sense of harmony to body and mind. The charming and serene surroundings of the Tribe undoubtThe newest addition to the Tribe, the Jiko Restaurant, empha-

edly place it among the most striking and luxurious boutique

sises the glamorous yet sophisticated ambience of the hotel.

properties in Africa, guaranteed to meet and exceed the

Its contemporary international cuisine focuses on fresh local

needs of any guest.

AT A GLANCE... • Emphasis on detail and luxury • Exclusive Kaya Spa • Jiko Restaurant with executive chef • Located in Nairobi’s diplomatic district




Traditional warmth and hospitality in NAIROBI



et within 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens in Westlands, one of Nairobi’s most upmarket areas,

Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi embraces the historically warm Kenyan hospitality in an environment that is traditional and sophisticated. Smart wooden furniture is well appointed in the spacious guest rooms that are decorated with soft, warm colour and luxurious chairs, linen and towels. All the 171 rooms have tranquil views of the gardens ensuring a peaceful and calm escape from the bustling city of Nairobi. Catering to the needs of both business and leisure travellers, the property has a range of services and facilities to make guests as comfortable as possible. There is high speed wireless internet throughout the hotel, a state of the art business centre and a health club. Due to the central location within Nairobi, modern equipment and efficient service it’s no surprise that Southern Sun Mayfair is an increasingly popular venue for conferences and high profile events. The eight conference and meeting rooms can accommodate 20 to 350 guests. Each conference is planned to

For more informal dining the hotel also has a Golden Spur

suit the client, from themes to customised menus and all receive

Steak Ranch, a family restaurant which serves a selection of

the dedicated attention of the professional events team.

steaks, delicious burgers and a salad valley. Spur Steak Ranch is open between 11 am and 11 pm daily.

The Oasis Restaurant

A charming and sociable area of the hotel is the pool with

Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm, The Oasis Restaurant is

deck and terrace where guests can unwind and enjoy bever-

renowned as one of the finest restaurants in Nairobi and

ages, business lunches and light meals with friends.

offers a friendly and informal atmosphere. The menu includes mouth-watering daily breakfast buffets and à la carte or buffet dinners.

AT A GLANCE... • Rooms with garden views • The Oasis Restaurant and Golden Spur Steak Ranch • Health club • Conference & meeting rooms

ut h

er n

S un Mayfai

ir o r Na




Innovative resort development on Diani Beach A

harmonious blend of East African and Arabic architectural influences, the vibrant Swahili Beach Hotel

has been designed with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure minimum ecological impact while providing unparalleled comfort.





AT A GLANCE... • Oceanfront spa and health food outlet • 8-tier cascading pool with swim-up pool bar • Choice of four restaurants

Furnished in contemporary Swahili style, the resort has 142 air conditioned guest rooms including 16 executive suites, 104 superior guest rooms and 18 standard rooms.

• Water sports centre with accredited PADI dive operators

Each of the four restaurants offers a selection of formal and

The dedicated seafood restaurant has panoramic ocean views.

casual dining. The Speciality Restaurant serves a fusion of Indian

There is also a casual dining beachfront restaurant and snack bar.

and Swahili flavours in a contemporary Asian-style atmosphere.

The Spa & Fitness Centre is on the seafront with access to its own cove and pool. There are six treatment rooms staffed by experienced masseurs and beauticians.

Eco-friendly In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the resort, the lush tropical greenery has been maintained and supplemented with exotic and indigenous trees, shrubs and tropical palms.





In t e r

World-renowned hotel chain in landmark location A

n impressive landmark hotel in Nairobi, InterContinental is a renowned oasis of comfort for business

travellers as well as for those wanting to experience the wonders of East Africa. The hotel has 376 en-suite rooms, all tastefully decorated with comfortable furnishings. Those familiar with the InterContinental brand will know that this hotel chain is recognised the world over for offering a consistently high standard of accommodation and service. Kenya’s parliament buildings are just a short walk from the InterContinental Hotel and the Kenyatta International Convention Centre is next door, while Nairobi National Park, Museum Hill and the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage are all within easy reach.


are various options available for guests in order to help them

For a taste of authentic Indian cuisine, the hotel’s Bhandini

forget the stresses of the day. The heated swimming pool is

Restaurant serves delicious delicacies prepared in an open

inviting and refreshing, and the hotel also has a sauna, a steam

kitchen. For al fresco dining, the intimate La Prugna D’Oro,

room and a gym with an isotonic range of techno equipment.

located on the terrace, overlooking the pool, serves fresh Italian

Alternatively, residents can try their luck at the casino or enjoy

cuisine each evening.

live entertainment.


The business centre is open 24 hours each day and has a range of facilities to ensure that guests stay well connected, including

The management of the InterContinental knows that, after

a courier service, high speed internet, executive suites and

a hard day’s work, business travellers like to unwind. There

secretarial services.

AT A GLANCE... • Convenient city centre location • Authentic Italian and Indian restaurants • Spa, health and fitness centre and heated swimming pool • Day care and children’s activities

C o n t i n e n ta

ir o l Na



Upmarket hotel offers the best of both worlds


-S e r


ocated just off Mombasa Road, Ole-Sereni is the only hotel bordering a national game park. Its name

is derived from the Maasai language and means ‘place of tranquillity’.

Traditional Ole-Sereni captures the essence of Nairobi, combining the best features of a modern city hotel with a traditional wildlife lodge. Guests can view animals in their natural surroundings from the restaurants, bar, swimming pool and other parts of the property. Also overlooking the park is the Waterhole Snack Bar, offering With state-of-the-art interiors and efficient, spot-on service

ice cream and snacks.

for all guests, the hotel offers 134 exquisitely furnished, air conditioned rooms and suites spread over three floors.

Another popular dining option is the luxurious Eagle’s Bar & Grill Room, on the fourth floor, which offers fine dining with

Guests have an opportunity to relax and unwind in the

entertainment each evening.

rooftop heated swimming pool, overlooking the park, and at the gym and sports lounge.

Restaurant and bars

Conferences and meetings Ole-Sereni is well able to take care of all conferencing requirements. Its conference rooms are available in a range of sizes,

The hotel has excellent restaurant and bar facilities including

from the large Pride Conference Centre, with an impressive

the Big Five Restaurant & Bar, which serves Mongolian, Italian,

capacity of 500 people, to small boardrooms fitted with

Indian and Chinese cuisine. The Big Five is located on the first

modern equipment.

floor, overlooking the waterhole in Nairobi National Park and

Duma Health Club Launched in September 2011, the Duma Health Club is an allencompassing fitness haven with state-of-the-art equipment, a full-service spa and a sauna.

AT A GLANCE... • Pride Conference Centre • International hotel bordering a national game park • Free Wi-Fi in the public area • The Big Five Restaurant & Bar

eni H







Romantic hotel with exceptional facilities O

verlooking the entry to the port of Mombasa, the Nyali International Beach Hotel occupies a prime

location along the beautiful Kenyan coast. The hotel has a choice of air conditioned rooms, from the


at i


al B

e ach

l Hotel ote H & K as kazi B e ach

AT A GLANCE... • Conference & business centre • Aqua Bar & Restaurant

Palm Wing sea-facing rooms to executive suites. All rooms are equipped with cable TV and wireless internet access.

The Sails Restaurant offers an inspiring mixture of local and continental cuisine. Mvita Grill serves the freshest seafood

In the evenings, guests can unwind with a drink in the plush

in a romantic setting. For more informal dining the Fountain

lounge bar before dining in one of the hotel’s five restaurants.

Lounge serves light bites. Aqua Bar & Restaurant has seafront panoramic views and Sheesh Mahal is a contemporary restaurant offering the epitome of Indian cuisine. The hotel also boasts intensive conferencing facilities, a nightclub, beach bar & sports centre, a beauty salon and offers an impressive selection of recreational activities.

A setting of endless TropIcal Paradise T

he four-star Kaskazi Beach Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury and is situated on the pure white sand of

Diani Beach and overlooking the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The setting is one of endless tropical paradise, with coconut trees, white sands and opalescent waters. The hotel has been designed in Moorish style and then built in a horseshoe shape

hairdressers and souvenir shop are all conveniently located on

in order to create privacy as well as providing guest rooms

site. The cocktail bar, lounge and TV room offer relaxing areas

with spectacular ocean views.

in which to unwind and enjoy a wide selection of beverages. Afternoon tea is served each day at 4 pm.

Guests are greeted on arrival in the large open reception area with a chilled welcome drink. A well-stocked boutique,

There is a large and centrally located swimming pool where guests can cool off from the hot equatorial sun. Meals can


also be served at the poolside.

• Aladdin’s Grill Room Restaurant

The Kaskazi Beach Hotel caters for all culinary tastes and require-

• Guest rooms with ocean views

ments. There is an à la carte restaurant (Aladdin’s Grill Room) and an everyday buffet restaurant (Karibu) on a beautiful terrace.

ce C

en tre


en fer n o al C n o i t The Kenyatta Interna

HOSting major local and international events L

ocated in the heart of Nairobi and just 25 minutes away from the international airport, The Kenyatta

International Conference Centre (KICC) is the established venue and the organiser of choice for large-scale

separate conferences on the same day. The KICC Corporation

regional conferences and exhibitions.

has a professional team of well trained staff who always strive to surpass client’s expectations.

This impressive facility has hosted major world conferences including; the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Africa Chapter Conference, the Inter-

One-stop shop

parliamentary Union summit in 2008, the 2010 IFBL Congress,

Apart from Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibi-

the Pan-African Media Conference, the 56th Commonwealth

tions (MICE) facilities, the centre also offers catering services,

Parliamentary Conference, the ICANN Conference, the

a smart business centre and ample parking for over 2,000

ISOCARP Conference and a public speech in 2010 by US Vice

vehicles. By constantly ensuring innovation, value for money

President, Joe Biden.

and ease of accessibility it is no surprise that KICC has become a world-renowned exhibition venue.

Situated in 1.7 hectares within Nairobi’s central business district, KICC has the capacity to hold large and small-scale

Following the number of international conferences and events

events, both indoors and outdoors. State-of-the-art equip-

hosted in Kenya in recent years, the country’s ranking in the

ment, comfortably air conditioned rooms and a pleasing

conferencing industry has been rising exponentially and now

ambience all add to the appeal of this impressive venue.

the country stands at third position in Africa, closing in on South Africa and Egypt that occupy positions one and two.

Facilities All meeting rooms are ultra-modern with inbuilt and portable simultaneous translation equipment, which has been used for various UN Security Council meetings and other International forums. The KICC view tower gives delegates a unique experience of viewing Nairobi city at 360 degrees. It is also an ideal venue for dinners and cocktail events. KICC hosts up to 40 major local and international events each year, with the capacity and facilities to accommodate five

AT A GLANCE... • World-class venue for high-profile events, conferences and seminars • Impressive state-of-the-art facilities • Air conditioned conference rooms • Parking for over 2,000 vehicles




t io

p Ma





Us er s’ Guide



Users’ guide




Here is the new easy-to-follow list of symbols to denote


sing the Kenya Hotel, Restaurant & Entertainment Guide just got even easier.

various key facilities available at the properties featuring in this Guide.

GOLD-RATED – Gold Eco-rating is an indi-

The purpose of these icons is so that users can see, at a glance, the main services on offer. For a more in-depth look at an individual hotel, resort, lodge, camp or club there is also a short


write up about the property and a list of its unique features.

cator that a facility has achieved superior and replicable levels of excellence in responsible resource use, environmental conservation and socio-economic investments.

The idea is that readers can quickly and efficiently identify

SILVER-RATED – Silver Eco-rating demon-

where each property is located, find up-to-date contact details and easily differentiate between KAHC members.

strates a move towards excellence; awarded to R ECO-RATED SILVE

Facilities highlighted are those currently available to guests.

facilities that show innovations in responsible resource use, environmental conservation and social-economic investment.


BRONZE-RATED – Bronze Eco-rating is the entry level and demonstrates a facility’s

Some of the hotels, lodges and camps listed in this guide have official eco-ratings from Ecotourism Kenya with an


awareness and commitment to environmental

appropriate symbol to denote the property’s exact eco-classi-

conservation, responsible resource use and

fication. These properties are recognised for the best practices

socio-economic investment.

in environmental conversation, sustainable resource utilisation and socio-economic investment. Properties are rated gold,


silver or bronze.

Members of Ecotourism Kenya properties subscribe to the general environmental aims

Ecotourism Kenya members are also given the appropriate

and objectives of the association.

logo to denote that the owners of these properties subscribe to the general environmental aims and objectives of the asso-

Visit the Ecotourism Kenya website

ciation but may not as yet have an official eco-rating.

(www. for more information.





A &Beyond Kichwa Tembo Masai Mara Tented Camp AfroChic Diani Boutique Hotel Alliance Naro Moru River Lodge Almanara Luxury Villas Amani Tiwi Beach Resort Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge Amboseli Sopa Lodge Ashnil Aruba Lodge Ashnil Mara Camp Ashnil Samburu Camp

73 59 68 59 59 68 68 68 73 73

B Bamburi Beach Hotel Baobab Beach Resort & Spa Baobab Holiday Resort Blue Bay Village Blue Post Hotel

59 59 59 59 54

C Campers Haven & Jamboree Resort Central Park Hotel Coral Key Beach Resort Crowne Plaza Nairobi

60 54 60 54

D Diani Reef Resort & Spa Diani Sea Lodge Diani Sea Resort Driftwood Beach Club

60 60 60 60

E Eden Roc Hotel Eden Village Watamu Beach Elephant Pepper Camp Elsa’s Kopje Emerald Beach Resort & Spa Enashipai Resort & Spa Entim Camp

60 60 73 73 61 54 73

F Fairmont Mara Safari Club Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Fairmont The Norfolk Fairview Hotel Fig Tree Camp Flamboyant

68 54 54 54 73 61

G Gishungo Apartment Hotels 61 Governors’ Camp 73 Governors’ Il Moran Camp 74 Governors’ Private Camp 74 Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort 68

H Hemingways Resort


HillPark Hotel Hilton Nairobi Hotel Titanic

54 55 61

I Ilkeliani Camp Impala Safari Lodge Innscor Kenya InterContinental Nairobi

74 69 79 55

J Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort Joy’s Camp Jumuia Conference & Beach Resort

55 61 74 61

K Kahama Hotel Karen Blixen Coffee Garden & Cottages Karen Country Club Kaskazi Beach Hotel Keekorok Lodge Kentmere Club KICC Kicheche Mara Camp Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge Kilili Baharini Resort & Spa Kilima Camp Kinondo Kwetu Kipungani Explorer Kitich Camp Kivi Milimani Hotel Kiwayu Safari Village

61 55 78 62 69 78 79 75 69 62 75 62 62 75 55 62

L Laico Regency Hotel Lake Baringo Club Lake Elementaita Lodge Lake Naivasha Country Club Lake Naivasha Resort Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge Lake Nakuru Lodge Lantana Galu Beach Larsens Camp Leisure Golf Club Leisure Lodge Resort Leopard Beach Resort & Spa Leopard Rock Lodge Lewa Safari Camp Lion in the Sun Resort Little Governors’ Camp Loisaba

55 55 69 55 56 69 69 62 75 78 63 63 69 75 63 75 70

M Maanzoni Lodge Makwetu Resorts Mara Explorer Camp Mara Intrepids Camp Mara Leisure Camp

56 63 75 75 76

Mara Serena Safari Lodge Mara Simba Lodge Marble Arch Hotel - Nairobi Masai Mara Sopa Lodge Milele Beach Hotel Mnarani Club Mombasa Beach Hotel Mombasa Continental Resort Mombasa Sai Resort Mpata Safari Club Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas Muthaiga Country Club Mvuli House

70 70 56 70 63 63 63 63 64 70 64 78 56

N Nairobi Club Nairobi Safari Club Nairobi Serena Hotel Naivasha Simba Lodge NAS Airport Services Ngulia Safari Lodge North Coast Beach Hotel Nyali International Beach Hotel Nyumbu Camp

78 56 56 70 79 70 64 64 76

O Ocean Sports Resort Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge Ol Tukai Lodge Ole-Sereni Hotel Olumara Camp Outspan

64 70 71 56 76 56

P Pa Pweza Adamsville Beach Suites Panari Hotel Park Villa Hotel Parklands Sports Club Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa Plaza Beach Hotel Presbyterian Guest House & Conference Centre

64 57 57 78 64 64 57

R RedCourt Hotel Reef Hotel Rhino River Camp Rock Resort Kisumu Rondo Retreat Centre Royal Mara Safari Lodge Royal Reserve Safari & Beach Club

57 65 76 57 71 71 65

S Safari Park Hotel & Casino Sai Rock Hotel Salama Beach Hotel Samburu Game Lodge Samburu Intrepids Camp Samburu Sopa Lodge

57 65 65 71 76 71



b e r In d e x

Sanctuary Olonana Sandies Tropical Village Sankara Nairobi Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge Sarova Mara Game Camp Sarova Panafric Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge Sarova Shaba Game Lodge Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa Saruni Samburu Sentido Neptune Beach Resort Sentido Neptune Palm Beach Resort Sentido Neptune Paradise & Sentido Neptune Village Resort Serena Beach Hotel & Spa Serena Mountain Lodge Severin Safari Camp Severin Sea Lodge Shimba Siana Springs Tented Camp Southern Palms Beach Resort Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi Sovereign Suites Sun n Sand Beach Resort Sunset Hotel Sunrise Resort Apartments & Spa Surfside Villas Swahili Beach Sweetwaters Tented Camp

76 66 57 71 76 57 71 71 72 66 72 66 66 66 66 72 76 66 72 77 67 58 58 67 58 67 67 67 77

T Tawi Lodge The Ark The Lord Errol Restaurant The Sarova Stanley The Sleeping Warrior Camp The Tamarind Group Tin Tin Restaurant Tortilis Camp Travellers Beach Hotel & Club Treetops Tribe - The Village Market Hotel Tsavo Mashariki Camp Turtle Bay Beach Club

72 72 79 58 77 79 79 77 67 72 58 77 67

U Upper Hill Country Lodge Utalii Hotel

58 58

V Voi Safari Lodge Voyager Beach Resort Voyager Ziwani

72 67 77

W Windsor Golf Hotel & CC



N air o bi & R e gio n s

Blue Post Hotel

Central Park Hotel

PO Box 42-01000, Thika Tel: +254 (0)20 252 9332-4; 208 0606 Cell: +254 (0)721 578 245, 733 426 300 Fax: +254 (0)20 252 9330 Email:

PO Box 26181-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 800 7021/2; 316 803/4 Cell: +254 (0)71 403 6666 Fax: +254 (0)20 221 1431 Email:

Location: Thika-Muranga Highway, 45km from Nairobi City


Established in 1908, Blue Post Hotel has been purposely located between two natural water falls; namely Chania and Thika. For nature lovers the hotel garden forest is home to a variety of indigenous trees, found only in East Africa at the Blue Post forest. An impressive diversity of bird species can also be found here.

Location: Sheikh Karume Road, central Nairobi


Additional Facilities: Coffee Shop, parking, animal park, nature walks, museum, shop, horse riding, rafting, weekend live entertainment

Additional Facilities: Coffee shop, wireless internet, health club, beauty parlour, parking, business centre



PO Box 25574-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 274 6000 Cell: +254 (0)717 830 333; 717 830 334 Fax: +254 (0)20 274 6100 Email:

Moi South Lake Rd, Naivasha Tel: +254 (0)51 213 0000 Cell: +254 (0)713 254 035 Email: Location: Naivasha

Location: Upper Hill, Nairobi


Crowne Plaza Nairobi is a modern, elegant and luxurious five-star hotel located in Upperhill. Many prestigious companies, banks and embassies surround the property. The hotel has two dynamic restaurants: Baraza (open all day) and Sikia (for fine dining). For a more relaxed ambience the Alabaster Coffee Lounge and Babalu’s Lounge are ideal casual venues.


Additional Facilities: Spa, cultural museum, coffee lounge, health club, business centre, lake, close proximity to Hells Gate Park, birdwatching

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

Fairmont The Norfolk

PO Box 35, Nanyuki Tel: +254 (0)62 203 1300/15 Fax: +254 (0)20 221 6796 Email:

Harry Thuku Rd, PO Box 40064-00100 (GPO), Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 226 5000 Fax: +254 (0)20 221 6796 Email:

Kenya’s most famous retreat, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, was originally the private haven of movie star and founder William Holden. The club is spread over 100 acres of manicured lawns, trout-filled streams and landscaped gardens. Recently refurbished, all 120 guest rooms have a fireplace and spectacular views of nearby Mount Kenya.

Location: Nairobi


A landmark in Nairobi since opening its doors in 1904, The Norfolk (now named Fairmont The Norfolk) has welcomed royalty, statesmen and stars alike and today the hotel continues to provide a sophisticated respite from the bustle of the city’s downtown business district.

Additional Facilities: Golf, fishing, horse riding, table tennis

Additional Facilities: Health club, heated swimming pool, beauty parlour, shop

FairView Hotel

HillPark Hotel

Bishop’s Rd, PO Box 40842-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 288 1000 Cell: +254 (0)720 604 428 Fax: +254 0)20 272 1320 Email:

Lower Hill, PO Box 46037-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 272 4312/3/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 271 6768 Email: Location: Nairobi’s Upper Hill

Location: Bishop’s Road, Upper Hill


Located within the splendour of the Rift Valley and by the shores of Lake Naivasha, Enashipai Resort & Spa is close to some of Kenya’s key attractions. With a modern spa, heated pool, modern conference centre and complimentary facilities, the resort offers mind and body rejuvenation. The resort is the perfect destination for business or pleasure.

Additional Facilities: Business centre, health club, shop, beauty salon, bank, parking

Location: Nanyuki


A building of imposing architecture, The Central Park hotel is located in the bustling downtown Nairobi. The hotel prides itself on cleanliness and superior customer care. The hotel is conveniently located within close proximity to a bank, supermarkets, bus and railway stations.

The Fairview – ‘the country hotel in town’ – is set in five acres of landscaped gardens, five minutes from downtown Nairobi. Owned and managed since 1946 by one family, the Fairview is a charming blend of past and present. Guests are usually business people and independent travellers. Additional Facilities: Parking, travel agent, shop, five restaurants, business centre


Discreetly tucked away in Nairobi’s Upper Hill, next to the World Bank, the HillPark Hotel is sure to appeal to visitors who enjoy the quiet comfort of a country home. The HillPark Hotel is conveniently located only a six-minute drive from the city centre and 10 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Additional Facilities: Business centre, beauty salon, room service

N air ob



Intercontinental Nairobi PO Box 30353-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 320 0000 Fax: +254 (0)20 320 0036 Email:

Location: Nairobi CBD, five minutes from KICC

Location: Uhuru Highway, opposite Uhuru Park, Nairobi

Hilton Nairobi is ideally located in the heart of the business and shopping area of Nairobi, a five-minute walk from the Kenyatta International Conference Centre. Enjoy superb service and facilities ranging from 287 comfortable rooms, a choice of restaurants and bars, meeting and banquet rooms, to a health club with outdoor heated pool.

For over 40 years InterContinental Nairobi has remained the city’s leading upscale international hotel. The rooms and suites offer spacious accommodation, facilities and service for frequent business and leisure travellers. 376

336 Karen Rd, Karen, PO Box 163-00502 Tel: +254 (0)20 351 7804; 20 213 0464 Cell: +254 (0)733 616 206; 722 848 043 Email:

Location: Westlands, Nairobi The Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi is a uniquely equipped hotel with exquisite plant-filled atrium gardens. The hotel is situated 10 minutes from the city centre and 45 minutes from the airport. Formerly known as the Landmark Hotel, the hotel has maintained its international standards and is designed to satisfy the varying needs of business and leisure travellers.

Additional Facilities: Parking, disabled facilities, Indian restaurant, Italian restaurant, themed evenings


PO Box 14287-00800, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 444 8713/7 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 5818/8977/6159 Cell: +254 (0)733 601 613/4 Email:

Location: Karen


Enjoy the nostalgia and romance of Kenya at Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Restaurant & Cottages. This small, exclusive hotel is set in the heart of Karen. Built around 1908, the building was originally the farm manager’s house of the Swedo African Coffee Company. Additional Facilities: Tamambo Karen Blixen Restaurant

Additional Facilities: Outside catering, gardens, 24-hour room service, shop, beauty salon, business centre

Kivi Milimani Hotel

Laico Regency Hotel

Off Ralph Bunche Rd, PO Box 20681-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 272 2358; 271 1245 Cell: +254 (0)723 491 064; 735 491 064 Fax: +254 (0)20 272 4685 Email:;

Loita St, Uhuru Highway, PO Box 57549-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 221 1199 Fax: +254 (0)20 221 7120 Email: Location: Nairobi

Location: 2 km from Nairobi city centre


e gion

PO Box 30624-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 279 0000; 228 8000 Fax: +254 (0)20 225 0099; 222 6477 Email:

Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi



Hilton Nairobi

Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, electronic safes, 24-hour room service, shuttle bus service, shops, lounge, business centre, wireless internet



Kivi Milimani Hotel offers self-contained en-suite rooms with garden and pool views, all stylishly decorated and with verandas. The contemporary restaurant specialises in delicious African and Continental cuisine. Menus filled with innovative ideas are offered on an à la carte, table d’hôte or buffet-style basis.


Set in the heart of Kenya’s capital city, the Laico Regency Hotel is a part of the Laico Hotels & Resorts group. This is an elegant hotel offering discreet luxury and exquisite cuisine. The hotel is 15 minutes from the airport. Conference facilities include seven conference halls. There are four restaurants and three in-house bars.

Additional Facilities: Business centre, parking, luggage storage, outdoor banqueting, cocktail venue

Additional Facilities: Jazz bar, 24-hour room service



PO Box 102124-00101, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 445 0636/639/712/738 Fax: +254 (0)20 445 0735 Email:

PO Box 102124-00101, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 234 577/8; 20 234 5458 Fax: +254 (0)20 234 5459 Email:

Location: Kambi ya samaki, Nakuru-Kabarnet Road

Location: Moi South Lake Road, Naivasha

Lake Baringo Club is a neat compact hotel on the lake shore. The architecture has a Spanish flair about it and the garden and the grounds are unmistakably African, but laid out with English air. Lake Baringo is a mecca for bird watchers - over 460 species of bird have been recorded. Ideal for conferences or a weekend away from Nairobi and its only a five hour drive from the capital.

Lake Naivasha Country Club became famous in the 1930’s as a staging post for Imperial Airways’ flying boat service from Durban to London. The Old Colonial architecture is solid and comfortable with accommodation in rooms and cottage set in 12 hectares of green lawns shaded by mature acacias and spreading fever trees.

Additional Facilities: Boating, hair dryers, gift shop, highspeed internet, multi-cuisine restaurant


Additional Facilities: Business centre, boating, shop, multi-cuisine restaurant, tea/coffee making facilities, safe deposit lockers, spa, in-room telephones with voicemail


N air o bi & R e gio n s

Lake Naivasha Resort

Maanzoni Lodge

Off Moi South Lake Rd, PO Box 1184-00606, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 272 8775 Cell: +254 (0)721 700 775 Fax: +254 (0)20 272 3517 Email:

PO Box 611-00204, Athi River Tel: +254 (0)20 269 9600/1/2 Email:; Location: Mombasa Road, near Machakos turn off The lodge currently comprises 64 deluxe, elegant cottages and has planned expansion for 32 more. All cottages are groud-level with private verandas surronded with evergreen gardens and exotic flowers.

Location: On the shores of Lake Naivasha,


Lake Naivasha Resort, a former English colonial farmhouse, consists of 20 rooms and four family cottages set in a serene environment. The grand colonial-style property is set amid gardens of roses that stretch up to the lake edge. The friendly staff create a ‘home-away-from-home’ atmosphere.


Additional Facilities: Maanzoni View Snack Restaurant & Bar, five conference halls, team building facilities

Additional Facilities: Horse riding, birdwatching, camping, boating, fishing

Marble Arch Hotel - Nairobi

Mvuli House

PO Box 12224-00400, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 2677 989 Cell:+254 (0)722 209 633 Fax: +254 (0)20 2677 990 Email:

PO Box 12181-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 607 983; 607 957 Fax: +254 (0)20 607 751 Email: Location: Nairobi

Location: Lagos Road, off Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi Located in the heart of Nairobi, Marble Arch Hotel - Nairobi provides a friendly, relaxed and hospitable atmosphere. Hotel has three conference halls for between 20-250 guests and offers outside catering and breakfast meetings. 41

Additional Facilities: Coffee shop, parking, business center, internet


Nairobi Safari Club

Nairobi Serena Hotel

PO Box 43564-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 282 1000 Cell: +254 (0)722 209 842; 722 208 782; 733 251 333/4 Fax: +254 (0)20 222 4625; 221 5137 Email:;

Kenyatta Ave, PO Box 46302-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 282 2000, 313 800 Fax: +254 (0)20 272 5184 Email: Location: Nairobi

This stylish hotel is located in the heart of Nairobi and offers accommodation in tastefully designed suites. As Kenya’s only allsuite hotel, it is ideal for both local and international conferences.


Renowned for its high standards of efficiency, hospitality and service, the Nairobi Serena Hotel is the flagship of the Serena Hotel Group. Set amid lush tropical gardens with panoramic views over the park and the downtown skyline, the Serena is an oasis of serenity amid the bustle of one of Africa’s most vibrant capitals. Additional Facilities: Health club, air conditioned rooms, business centre

Additional Facilities: Sauna, steam bath, massage parlour, shop, parking, business centre, heated swimming pool


Located at the junction of Mombasa and Lang’ata Roads, the Mvuli House is conveniently positioned for Nairobi’s city centre and for both Jomo Kenyatta International and Wilson Airport. Mvuli House is a bed and breakfast-type establishment offering 49 en-suite rooms – 46 doubles and three singles. All are fitted with TV and direct-dial telephone. Additional Facilities: Parking, business centre

Location: Nairobi’s central business district, 18 km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport 146

Maanzoni Lodge caters primarily for the corporate market and business travellers.

Ole-Sereni Hotel


PO Box 18187-00500, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 390 1000; 503 6000 Cell: +254 (0)720 143 502 Fax: +254 (0)20 828 564 Email:

PO Box 14815-00800, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 445 2095 Cell: +254 (0)722 207 761 Fax: +254 (0)20 445 2102 Email:

Location: 5 km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Location: Near Nyeri town in central Kenya

Situated by Nairobi National Park, Ole-Sereni brings to life five-star brilliance that seamlessly blends city life with the rugged splendour of the wild. Guests enjoy viewing the various wild animals from the Big Five restaurant, the Water Hole bar and the Ngong pool bar. On the fourth floor the Eagles Grill room and bar is an exclusive fine dining area.

This country hotel set in beautiful, lush 45-acre rolling gardens, abounds with recreational activities. The serene beauty enchanted Lord Baden-Powell and his wife Lady Olave, and he spent his last three years in a cottage named Paxtu. The property is the base hotel for Treetops.

Additional Facilities: Forex counter, shop, 24-hour room service, business centre, travel desk


Additional Facilities: Coffee shop, tavern pub, Paxtu Museum, cultural village, nature walks, excursion to Solio Rhino Sanctuary

N air ob


Park Villa Hotel

PO Box 4372-00506 Tel: +254 (0)20 394 6000 Cell: +254 (0)725 694 600/1/2; 733-694-600/1/2 Fax: +254 (0)282 8985 Email :

PO Box 1000-50205, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 203 6433 Fax: +254 (0)20 554 1216



e gion


Location: Webuye This remote hotel is located in Western Kenya on the Great North Road in the town of Webuye. The property is ideal for business travellers with excellent business, conference and meeting facilities. Visitors can be taken around to watch the spectacular Webuye Waterfalls of the Nzoia River.

Location: Mombasa Road, 5 km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport The Panari Hotel is ideal for those in transit because it’s situated just five minutes away from the airport and ten minutes from Nairobi city center. The hotel provides an excellent conferencing and event venue and has banquet facilities catering for up to 2000 guests.


Additional Facilities: Parking 20

Additional Facilities: Business centre, ice skating rink, health club, Shooters & Dips Night Club, auditorium, parking

RedCourt Hotel

Presbyterian Guest House & CONFERENCE CENTRE

Red Cross Rd, Off Mombasa Rd PO Box 26601-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 390 4000; 604 528 Cell: +254 (0)728 606 476/8; +254 (0)738 973 512/3 Fax: + 254 (0)20 604 520; 608 681 Email:,

Muhoho Ave, South C PO Box 27573-00506, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 607 144; 60397 Email:

Location: Near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Location: Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi


Presbyterian Guest House & Conference Centre is a reasonably priced property just 4 km away from the city centre. Famed for its conference facilities, the property has a main hall that can accommodate up to 500 people and also two smaller halls of 100 each.


Additional Facilities: Parking

This four-star property offers a modern conference centre with a selection of eight conference rooms, two executive boardrooms and its own restaurant. The main Mundial Restaurant is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Makutano Lounge Bar and the Afya Garden Bar are ideal for unwinding and socialising. Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, parking, garden, business centre, shop, 24-hour room service

Rock Resort Kisumu

Safari Park Hotel & Casino

PO Box 100, Daraja Mbili, Kisumu Tel: +254 (0)722 855 822 Email:

Thika Rd, PO Box 45038-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 363 3000; 856 2222; 356 8644 Cell: +254 (0)722 205 683; 733 333 713 Fax: +254 (0)20 363 3919; 856 1584 Email:

Location: Along Kisumu-Busia Highway Rock Resort Kisumu is located facing the magnificent views of the Kisumu Valley. Guest rooms are tranquil, comfortable and generous in size – each with breathtaking views of the rocky valley. The property is just 10 minutes from Kisumu Airport and 20 minutes from Kisumu city centre.

Location: Opp. Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani

Additional Facilities: Parking, air conditioned rooms 42


Safari Park Hotel is an oasis of tranquillity, offering luxurious accommodation, beautifully landscaped gardens with an inland beach and a tropical swimming pool. The world-class conference centre has 20 meeting rooms and recreational facilities. The property has five restaurants that offer international, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisine. Additional Facilities: Shop, coffee shop, discotheque, casino, parking, jogging track, tennis, squash

Sankara Nairobi

Sarova Panafric

PO Box 1638-00606 Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 420 8000 Fax: +254 (0)20 420 8888 Email:

PO Box 30486-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 276 7000 Fax:+254 (0)20 726 356 Email: Location: Nairobi

Location: Westlands, Nairobi


Sankara Nairobi combines international five-star standards with personalised service and authentic new African flavour. The tranquillity of the spacious hotel rooms, stunning rooftop pool and world-class spa create the perfect environment for guests to relax and unwind, while the tempting choice of dining areas and carefully designed meeting spaces put the property at the centre of Nairobi’s vibrant social and business life. Additional Facilities: Spa


Imposingly set in a pleasant residential suburb of Nairobi, the Sarova Panafric commands a panoramic view of the Kenyan capital. The hotel is famed for its excellent local and international cuisine, sumptuous buffets, tantalising barbecue and extensive à la carte menu. It is also home to the Flame Tree Restaurant, dubbed ‘the finest restaurant in town’. Additional Facilities: Wellness centre, business centre, children’s club, 24-hour room service


N air o bi & R e gio n s

Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi


Cnr Msapo Close/Parklands Rd, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 368 8000 Cell: +254 (0)722 204 599; 722 205 508 Fax: +254 (0)20 3748 823 Email:

PO Box 102124-00101, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 234 5453/4/5/6 Fax: + 254 (0)20 234 5457 Email: Location: Limuru Road, Redhill, Kiambu, Nairobi

Location: Westlands, Nairobi


Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi is one of Nairobi’s best known landmarks. This historic four-star hotel enjoyed its first heyday in 1945 and has recently been extensively refurbished to offer modern facilities yet still retain the understated charm and elegance of yesteryear.

Sovereign Suites is an aristocratic colonial building on six acre land with a two acre private fish dam surrounded by lush tea and flower farms. The hotel marks the debut of a new luxury hotel under the Preferred Hotels - Boutique Hotel.

Additional Facilities: Lounge, parking (150+ cars), disabled facilities, shop, beauty salon

Additional Facilities: Business centre, shop, high-speed internet, multi-cuisine restaurant, safe deposit lockers, spa, tea/coffee making facilities, in-room telephones with voicemail

The Sarova Stanley


Corner of Kimathi St & Kenyatta Ave PO Box 30680, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)64 30 638 Fax: +254 (0)64 30 481 Email:

PO Box 215, Kisumu Tel: +254 (0)35 41 100/2 Fax: +254 (0)35 22 745 Email:


Location: Kisumu

Location: City centre, Nairobi


Flagship of the Sarova Hotels Group, The Sarova Stanley is Nairobi’s oldest hotel, built in 1902, with a rich and proud history. The Sarova Stanley has undergone an intensive programme of renovation. The hotel has three restaurants: the famous Thorn Tree Café, the Thai Chi, for authentic Thai cuisine, and the al fresco Pool Deck Restaurant.


Located just five minutes from the centre of Kisumu and 15 minutes from Kisumu Airport, the three-star Sunset Hotel stands in an attractive landscaped garden bordering the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary. Guests staying at the Sunset Hotel have an uninterrupted view of Lake Victoria. As its name suggests, the Sunset Hotel attracts visitors from all over the world who can view the magnificent sight of the setting sun. Additional Facilities: Outside catering

Additional Facilities: Shop, health club, business centre

Tribe - The Village Market Hotel


PO Box 300-00621, Village Market, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 720 0000 Email:

2nd Ngong Ave, Upper Hill PO Box 40842-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 288 1600 Fax: +254 (0)20 288 1599 Email:

Location: Gigiri, Nairobi



Set in the leafy suburb of Gigiri, just 10 minutes from Nairobi city centre, the hotel offers a combination of convenience, security and an unparalleled range of shopping and entertainment options for both tourists and business people visiting the city. The property has 142 rooms, lofts and suites plus a presidential wing, penthouse and apartments. Additional Facilities: Spa, shop

Location: Nairobi


Upper Hill Country Lodge offers exceptional value in the Kenyan capital. Accommodation is affordable without any compromise on comfort, safety, quietness or cleanliness. Owned and operated by Fairview Hotel the lodge reflects three generations of experience in the hospitality industry. Additional Facilities: Parking, vending machine

Utalii Hotel

Windsor Golf hotel & CC

PO BOX 31067-00600, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 856 3540; 856 1201/2/7, 245 8627 Cell: +254 (0)722 205 891/2; 733 600 584; 733 410 005 Fax: +254 (0)20 856 0514 Email:;

PO Box 45587, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 856 2300; 356 5501-4 Cell: +254 (0)722 203 361 217 Fax: +254 (0)20 856 0160/1; 356 5506 Email:

Location: Thika Road, Nairobi

Location: Nairobi

Utalii Hotel is located 8 km from Nairobi city centre and is easily accessible from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The hotel offers a peaceful country environment set in spacious and beautiful gardens. Excellent cuisine is offered with both à la carte and table d’hôte menus available.

Victorian-design buildings set within colourful landscaped gardens, overlooking a fusion of indigenous forest and a championship golf course, define the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club as East Africa’s premier resort. This is an environmental haven for wildlife and birdlife with man-made water features.

Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, coffee shop, tennis, parking, disabled facilities, live entertainment, children’s club, business centre, outside catering


Additional Facilities: Golf, golf lessons, health club, tennis, discotheque, shop, squash, beauty salon



AfroChic Diani Boutique Hotel

Almanara Luxury Villas

Golden Beach Rd, Diani Beach, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)733 645 564 Email:

PO Box 5468-80401, Diani Beach, Mombasa Tel: +44 (0)1932 351 937 (UK Office); +254 (0) 20 213 8501 Cell +254 (0)703 695 651 Email:

Location: Northern area of Diani Beach

Location: Diani Beach

All rooms at AfroChic Diani Boutique Hotel are individually designed with flavours of Africa. The exclusive dining concept allows guests to feel totally at home – no set meal times, no queues and no rules. Fancy breakfast by the beach? No problem. 10



This property is glamorous but relaxed and also distinctively African.


Situated on Diani Beach, Almanara offers six Executive Villas and one Presidential Villa complete with personal chef and maid services, combining five-star service with the cultures of Africa offering guests a genuinely bespoke experience. Also on site at Almanara is Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant which offers a selection of fresh seafood. Additional Facilities: Cloud Nine Health Spa, KiLeo Water Sports Centre ((Kite and Windsurfing, Scuba Diving), Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi, air conditioned villas, personal chef, butler services

Additional Facilities: Private beach

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort PO Box 1877-80400, Ukunda Tel/Fax: +44 (0)8450 772 247 Email: Location: Tiwi Beach, South Coast A private paradise set on 20 acres of lush tropical grounds; the resort is an eco-friendly haven boasting its own private beach, with all the comforts of the modern day. With 206 rooms and suites, Amani Tiwi Beach Resort offers a mix of exciting activities and warm hospitality. Welcome to ‘Paradise under African skies.’ 206

Bamburi Beach Hotel

Baobab Beach Resort & Spa

Mombasa-Malindi Rd, PO Box 83966, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5611/7 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5900 Email:;

PO Box 32-80400, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)20 205 7093/8 Fax: +254 (0)20 205 7092 Email: reservations@ Location: Diani Beach

Location: Bamburi Beach


Additional Facilities: Inter-connecting family rooms, diving, water sports, coffee shop, tennis, beauty salon, Italian speciality beach-side restaurant, seafood & Swahili cuisine deck restaurant, live entertainment

The Bamburi Beach Hotel is conveniently located on the north coast and within reach of the international airport at Mombasa. This hotel offers the all-inclusive concept and is set amid lush tropical gardens, with extensive white sandy beaches overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean.



The Baobab Beach Resort & Spa is set within 80 acres of tropical gardens, overlooking the alluring beaches of the Indian Ocean. The resort consists of three luxurious properties – The Baobab, The Mardadi and Kole Kole. Additional Facilities: Water sports, diving, tennis, spa, live entertainment, excursions

Additional Facilities: Parking, Jacuzzi, squash, live entertainment, beauty salon


Baobab Holiday Resort

Blue Bay Village

PO Box 99527-80107, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 800 5498 Cell: +254 (0)720 631 113 Email:

PO Box 162, Watamu Tel: +254 (0)42 32 626 Fax: +254 (0)42 32 422 Email:

Location: Bamburi Beach

Location: Watamu

Baobab Holiday Resort is located off the new Malindi Road, on Mombasa’s north coast opposite the famous Bamburi Nature Trail, only 10 minutes’ walk from the beach. Accommodation at Baobab Holiday Resort ranges from luxury air conditioned rooms, to self-catering apartments ideal for families. All rooms have a high standard of decor and include air conditioning, safe, TV and minibars.

The Blue Bay Village is situated some 2 km from Watamu and 23 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast and overlooks the marine park. The property forms part of the iGV Club. All rooms, which have makuti roofs, have satellite TV and video. There is a choice of rooms: standard; standard with air conditioning; deluxe and suite.

Additional Facilities: Business centre, room service, air conditioned rooms


Additional Facilities: Fresh water swimming pool, volleyball, table tennis, canoeing, tennis, diving, snorkelling, horse riding


C o as t Ho


Campers Haven & Jamboree Resort

Coral Key Beach Resort

Malindi Rd, Mombasa Cell: +254 (0)720 240 991 Email:

Casuarina Rd, PO Box 556, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)42 30 717/718 Fax: +254 (0)42 30 715 Email:

Location: Bamburi Beach Campers Haven & Jamboree is located moments from the beach. Guests can pitch their own tents or rent one of the many already there. Additionally visitors can stay in the guest accommodation. Rooms are also available.

Location: Malindi

Additional Facilities: Live music



Coral Key Beach Resort is located in Malindi and comprises 44 rooms under makuti roofs, all designed using local styles and themes and set in luxuriant gardens. For all-inclusive guests, the main restaurant offers a buffet service of light, tasty and quality meals blended with international specialities and themed evenings. Additional Facilities: Spa, tennis, diving, volleyball, diving, fishing, beauty treatments, shop


Diani Reef beach Resort & Spa

Diani Sea Lodge

PO Box 35-80400, Ukunda Tel : +254 (0)40 320 2723; 320 3308 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 2196; 320 3067 Email:

PO Box 37-8400, Ukunda Cell: +254 (0)711 387 199 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 3439 Email:

Location: Diani Beach

Location: Diani Beach

Set in 34 acres and nestling in the pristine white sands with 380 metres of beachfront overlooking the Indian Ocean, the luxurious and award-winning Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. The Condé Nast Johansens Luxury Spas 2009 publication has commended the resort for having one of the world’s finest spa experiences.

Diani Sea Lodge is an all-inclusive property located on the white sandy shores of Diani Beach, 30 km south of Mombasa. Accommodation consists of 151 bungalows and 10 comfortable rooms in a charming cottage. All rooms are air conditioned, have en-suite facilities and feature handmade Lamu-style furniture.


Additional Facilities: Freshwater swimming pool, children’s pool, shop, health centre, tennis, mini golf, diving

Additional Facilities: Spa, shops, children’s club, tennis, squash


Diani Sea Resort

Driftwood Beach Club

PO Box 37-8400, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)40 320 3438 Cell: +254 (0)711 387 028 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 3439 Email:

PO Box 63-80200, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)42 212 0155 Cell: +254 (0)721 724 489; 734 747 133 Fax: +254 (0)42 213 0712 Email:

Location: Diani Beach

Location: Silversands Beach, 10 minutes from Malindi Airport

Diani Sea Resort is located on the white sandy shores of Diani Beach, 30 km south of Mombasa. The resort stands on a 10-acre plot with exotic gardens sloping to the sea. The main building contains entrance hall, dining room, lounge and a conference room.


Additional Facilities: Live music, evening entertainment, tennis, squash, water sports, diving, fishing

Additional Facilities: Wheelchair-friendly, beauty salon, shop, diving

Eden Roc Hotel


PO Box 350, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)42 20 480/1/2 Cell: +254 (0)720 909 853; 732 233 043 Fax: +254 (0)42 20 333 Email:

PO Box 2078-80200, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)735 135 967 Cell: +254 (0)715 488 279 Email: www: Location: Watamu

Location: Malindi


Informal, friendly, with excellent food and a relaxed ambience, The Driftwood is the last of the original-style Kenya coast hotels situated on the lovely Silversands Beach. Accommodation consists of 23 standard rooms, two luxury cottages and three villas. All rooms have air conditioning.

The Eden Roc Hotel is a family-owned holiday destination dating back to 1957 with a long history of providing luxury and comfort. It is composed of two main buildings and bungalows spread over a large tropical park. Apart from being a holiday resort, Eden Roc Hotel also hosts conferences – with two conference halls and a boardroom. Additional Facilities: Water sports, diving, snorkelling, nature walks, horse riding, dhow sailing, excursions

Eden Village is located along a white sandy beach that extends for 7 km from Jacaranda area of Watamu to Mayungu.


The marvel of the landscape, the friendly atmosphere and the informality of the resort, makes Eden Village Watamu Beach the perfect place to relax. Additional Facilities: Massage



PO Box 205-80109, Mtwapa, Mombasa Cell: +254 (0)787 602 851; 705 221 207 Email:

PO Box 53-80400, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)40 320 2033, Cell: +254 (0)720 843 585 Fax: +254 (0)40 3202 223 Email: Location: Diani Beach

This luxury resort is nestled in 14 acres of tropical gardens on the famous Shanzu Beach. All air conditioned rooms have private balconies, mini refrigerators, direct-dial telephones, electronic safes and ensuite bathrooms. The property benefits from two swimming pools and guests have the choice of four restaurants and three bars. Additional Facilities: Water sports, snorkelling, deep-sea fishing, boutique, disabled facilities, daily entertainment, baby-sitting & child minders, close proximity to a golf course and historic sites


Flamboyant is a family home where guests return time and again for its unparalleled service and friendly atmosphere. Set in a lush tropical garden, overlooking the beautiful beach of Diani on the south coast of Mombasa, Flamboyant is the perfect retreat for an exotic and a romantic escapism. Flamboyant offers all-inclusive services and personal attention from dedicated personnel. Additional Facilities: Tennis, squash, snooker, air conditioned rooms, safe in guest rooms, free Wi-Fi

Gishungo Apartment hOTELs

Hemingways Resort

PO Box 84251-80100, Mwembe Tayari Rd, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 222 1789; 41 200 7271 Cell: +254 (0)739 778 974 Email:;

Mida Creek Drive, PO Box 267-80202, Watamu Tel: +254 (0)42 233 2724; 42 233 2373 Cell: +254 (0)722 205 917; 733 411 112 Fax: +254 (0)42 233 2256; 42 233 2181; 42 2332255 Email: Location: Watamu Marine Park

Location: Near Hotel Sapphire, Opposite Guru Nanak Temple, Mwembe Tayari Road, Mombasa



EmErald Beach Resort & Spa

Location: Shanzu Beach, North Coast Mombasa




Gishungo Apartment Hotels is located in the middle of Mombasa town. It has fabulous rooms with a rustic look, yet affording the comforts of modern living. Located in the city centre, it presents a stunning combination of artificial and natural elements with elegant air conditioned rooms.


An oasis of peace and calm, nestling on one of the world’s top 10 beaches, for rest and relaxation few places on earth compare to Hemingways Resort, Watamu. Every one of the Hemingways’ beautifully appointed rooms offers delightful views of the Indian Ocean and endless white sand beach. Additional Facilities: Spa, tennis, shop, library, business centre, fishing, dhow, glass bottom boat, snorkelling

Additional Facilities: Ample parking, stand-by generator

Hotel Titanic

Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort

PO Box 85177-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 522 370 Cell: +254 (0)726 363 437; 736 259 629 Email:

PO Box 73-80400, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)40 320 3730 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 3551 Cell: +254 (0)721 672 111; 734 600 922 Email:

Location: Biashara Street, Kilifi Hotel Titanic, run by Platinum Resort and Spa Ltd, is situated in the heart of the creekside town of Kilifi. There is lots to experience at this coastal paradise and guests are guaranteed warm hospitality and wonderful service. 32

Additional Facilities: Outside catering (banquets/parties/ receptions)

Location: Diani Beach


Jacaranda Indian Ocean Beach Resort is a luxury resort situated 40 km south of Mombasa in an unrivalled setting. Designed in Swahili style, the resort has 100 air conditioned white- washed, makuti-roofed village styled rooms. The rooms have balconies, with some offering spectacular views. Additional Facilities: Tennis, diving, beauty treatments

Jumuia Conference & Beach Resort

Kahama Hotel

PO Box 46-80109, Mtwapa Tel: +254 (0)20 354 8318 Cell: +254 (0)710 288 043; 738 713 444 Email:

PO Box 10626-80101, Mombasa Tel : +254 (0)41 548 5395 Cell: +254 (0)733 771 133; 729 487 446 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5066 Email:;

Location: Kanamai Beach (30 km from Moi International Airport)


Set on the beautiful Kanamai Beach with 300 metres of uninterrupted coast, Jumuia is the perfect getaway for business conferences, family holidays, weddings and honeymoons. In addition to standard guest rooms, there is a 100-bed facility suitable for the cost-conscious. The resort is non-alcoholic and non-smoking Additional Facilities: Snack bar, sports facilities (football, volleyball, water volleyball, water polo, aqua aerobics)

Location: Bamburi Beach


Kahama Hotel is a well located, small cosy hotel offering low cost but luxurious rooms and Swahili penthouse apartments set in palm tree tropical grounds with a large swimming pool. The hotel also has a great sports bar with DJs, live bands and four cinema screens showing live satellite sports. Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, solar hot water, internet café, parking, free Wi-Fi, sports bar


C o as t Ho


Kaskazi Beach Hotel PO Box 135-80400, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)40 320 3725 Cell: +254 (0)715 400 370 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 2233 Email: Location: Diani Beach


Known for its good service, the Kaskazi Beach Hotel is located amid lush tropical vegetation. All rooms have sea views, en-suite bathrooms and balconies. Buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the main Karibu Restaurant. The à la carte restaurant Aladdin’s Grill Room serves a variety of fish and meat dishes. Additional Facilities: Shop, hair salon, massage, diving, air conditioned rooms

Kilili Baharini Resort & Spa Casuarina Rd, PO Box 93, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)42 212 1264 Cell: +254 (0)770 206 500; 702 999 566 Email: Location: Silversand Beach, 5 km from Malindi Airport


Kilili Baharini is an exclusive complex, hidden within the greenery. It is the ideal place for complete relaxation and to experience an unforgettable part of Africa. There are 29 air conditioned, luxurious guest rooms, three prestigious suites, three junior suites, five swimming pools, two bars, a restaurant, a beauty and health spa and a fabulous white beach. Additional Facilities: Spa, beach gazebo private dinners, breakfast served on the veranda, afternoon tea


Kinondo Kwetu

Kipungani Explorer

PO Box 5445, Diani Beach Tel: +254 (0)40 330 0031 Cell: +254 (0)710 251 565 Email:

PO Box 74888-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 444 6651; 444 7929 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 6600; 444 6533 Email:

Location: Galu Beach

Location: Kipungani Channel, south-west of Lamu Island

Home to Ida and Filip Andersson, Kinondo Kwetu is often described as a ‘home away from home’ – a paradise on the Kenyan coast. With various forms of accommodation, all surrounded by green shady gardens and just a few steps from the white sandy beach, Kinondo Kwetu can cater for up to 38 people.

Kipungani Lamu is an incredibly romantic destination. The deserted beach is ideal for walks, as a wedding venue, or seafood beach dining. The property has a rustic luxury with makuti (thatch) and palm-mat bandas combined with kingsized beds and hammocks. Guests can laze by the pool, indulge in water sports or enjoy a cruise on a dhow.


Additional Facilities: Diving, motor/ sailboats, snorkelling, tennis, stables, beauty treatments, sauna

Additional Facilities: Water sports, fishing, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, nature walks, health spa, excursions

Kiwayu Safari village

Lantana Galu Beach

PO Box 55343-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 0891; 600 0107; 600 8475 Cell: +254 (0)723 598 858; 735 598 858 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 6990 Email:

PO Box 5728 - 80401 Tel: +245 (0)40 260 4434 Cell: +254 (0)714 315 151; 738 650 828 Email: Location: Galu Beach, Diani, South Coast

Location: 30 km North of Lamu


Kiwayu is a natural, simple but luxurious and secluded retreat. Established in 1973, the property is owned and run by the Pelizzoli family. The theme at the camp is informality; a swimming costume, kikoy (sarong), hat and sunglasses are all that guests need. The restaurant offers first-class cuisine, a mixture of Italian, Mediterranean and Swahili dishes. Additional Facilities: Water sports, snorkelling, fishing, excursions around the Kiunga Marine Reserve


Set in beautifully landscaped gardens which extend to the beach, Lantana Galu Beach comprises of a collection of elegantly furnished and serviced holiday villas, apartments, bungalows and penthouses. Each home is fitted and equipped with everything that a modern home would require with added space, more privacy and comfort. Additional Facilities: Shop, water sports, spa, Wi-Fi



Leopard Beach Resort & Spa

PO Box 84383, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)40 320 2620; 320 2011/4 Cell: +254 (0)733 333 309; 722 206 968 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 2046 Email:

PO Box 34-80400, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)20 204 9271/2; 20 204 9270 Fax: +254 (0)40 3203 424 Cell: +254 (0)724 255 280; 733 202 721 Email:

Location: Diani Beach, South Coast

Location: Diani Beach

‘Truly Leisure, Truly Paradise’ is the motto at Leisure Lodge. The resort has recently been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification, marking a major milestone in the hotel’s history. Accommodation is lavishly designed, with the focus on comfort and privacy.

This superbly renovated beach resort and spa on dazzling Diani Beach is the epitome of Swahili-style luxury, international cuisine and endless leisure choices. An ideal travel destination for incentives, it also boasts an adventure centre offering lots of activities and a multi-faceted conference centre. Accommodation comprises cottages and honeymoon suites, sea-facing superior and standard rooms.


Additional Facilities: Spa, tennis, water sports

Lion in the Sun Resort

Makwetu Resorts

Marine Park Rd, PO Box 1056-80200, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)42 213 0066 Email:

PO Box 34268-80118, Nyali, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 353 3752 Cell: +254 (0)720 609 584/739 609 584 Email:

Location: Malindi

Location: Nyali

Once one of the Kenya coast’s most exclusive and most majestic homesteads, the Lion in the Sun is now a unique exciting retreat just outside Malindi. The property is also one of only six exclusive Henri Chenot centres around the world and for those who are interested, the Chenot philosophy of well-being is fully integrated into the guest’s stay.




Leisure Lodge Resort

Additional Facilities: Casino, golf, diving, water sports, glass bottom boat, fishing, tennis, shops, wellness centre, beauty salon, business centre




Additional Facilities: Spa, personal butler service

Makwetu Resorts comprise 12 self-catering apartments and six studio rooms all of which are en-suite and air conditioned. Both the apartments and studios are suitable for either short or long-term let and can be booked on selfcatering, bed and breakfast or half-board. 20

Additional Facilities: Gardens, parking, air conditioned rooms

Milele Beach Hotel

Mnarani Club

New Malindi Rd, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 211 8312 Cell: +254 (0)729 403 649; 734 600 665 Fax: +254 (0)20 800 9013 Email:

PO Box 1008, Kilifi Tel: +254 (0)20 807 0501-4 Cell: +254 (0)727 288 166; +254 (0)733 333 579 Fax: +254 (0)20 807 0505 Email:

Location: North coast of Mombasa

Location: Kilifi

Milele Beach hotel, the first non-alcoholic, non-smoking Beach Hotel in East and Central Africa, is set within nine acres of colourful tropical gardens overlooking the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The hotel captures the traditional Swahili architecture in an environment of white sandy beach and soothing breeze against the tropical palms.

Mnarani Club is situated on the cliffs of Kilifi overlooking the Indian Ocean – a fantastic location in a peaceful and picturesque part of the north Kenyan coast. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is always personal. The property was recently voted one of the top 10 bargain hotels in Africa by Travelers’ Choice®.


Additional Facilities: Wellness centre, business centre, coffee shop, ice cream parlour, parking, baby-sitting

Additional Facilities: Private beach, sailing lessons, squash, crazy golf, spa, diving school

Mombasa Beach Hotel

Mombasa Continental Resort

Mt Kenya Rd, PO Box 90414, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 471 861-5 Fax: +254 (0)41 472 970 Cell: +254 (0)72 220 3143/4 Email:

PO Box 10649-80101, Bamburi, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 219 1750-2 Cell: +254 (0)73 443 3433; 73 492 7927 Fax: +254 (0)20 219 1753 Email:

Location: Mombasa

Location: Bamburi Beach

Built on a cliff to capture the allure of Kenya’s Indian Ocean, Mombasa Beach Hotel offers the ideal beach holiday. Each of the balconies of the 150 air conditioned rooms and seven VIP suites allows visitors an uninhibited view of the ocean’s expanse as well as the tranquil tropical gardens.

Mombasa Continental Resort is a fresh and exciting establishment that reflects the beautiful history of Mombasa, combining all the influences that created the Swahili language and culture.

Additional Facilities: Tropical gardens, basketball, indoor games, water sports; sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, diving


Additional Facilities: Diving, water sports, excursions, air conditioned rooms, discotheque, disabled facilities


C o as t Ho


Mombasa Sai Resort

Msambweni beach House & private villas

PO Box 85111-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)720 958 033 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 6289 Email:;

PO Box 51-80404, Msambweni Tel: +254 (0)20 357 7093 Cell: +254 (0)723 69 7346, Fax: +254 (0)20 213 7599 Email:

Location: Bamburi Beach


Mombasa Sai Resort is conveniently located on the North Coast of Mombasa among the other major hotels on the Bamburi Beach and short distance from all the major restaurants, clubs, entertainment and shops. The resort caters for couples and families who want a beach holiday in a quiet and personalised hotel that is reasonably priced and provides all basic amenities.

Location: Msambweni, South Coast


Additional Facilities: Shop, air conditioned rooms, parking, lounge

Additional Facilities: Parking

North Coast Beach Hotel

Nyali International Beach Hotel

PO Box 89926-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 203 7784/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 202 3523 Cell: +254 (0)722 209 458; 733 409 430 Email:

PO Box 90581, Nyali, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 4471 551; 41 4471 460 Cell: +254 (0)727 228 344; Fax: +254 (0)20 264 8200 Nairobi Office; Tel: +254 (0)20 444 3578/9 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 43583; Cell: +254 (0)710 607 365 Email: Email:

Location: Kilifi


North Coast Beach Hotel is an all-inclusive club offering a one-price holiday on the coast of Mombasa. The lively resort is located 40 minutes from Moi International Airport. The service and the Kenyan smile set the trend for excitement and romance which keeps guests coming back year after year.

Location: Nyali


Additional Facilities: Water sports, diving (close to the Great Nyali Reef), close proximity to Nyali Golf Course

Ocean Sports Resort

Pa Pweza Adamsville Beach Suites PO Box 34269, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 0340 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 0343 Cell: +254 (0)727 531 259 Email:

Location: Watamu Privately owned and managed, Ocean Sports Resort is a perfectly unique destination, with exquisite views of the Indian Ocean. The ambience is friendly and unpretentious and guests are looked after by enthusiastic staff. A small, stylish and sociable beach resort for free spirits and families. Additional Facilities: Disabled facilities, bike/kayaks rental, fishing, diving, snorkelling, horse riding, shop, beauty treatments, tennis, parking

Location: Mombasa


Pa Pweza’s architectural design blends Swahili and Arab culture with a contemporary feel. The Pweza Restaurant is a modern brasserie that delivers friendly attentive service, delicious food and cocktails. Additional Facilities: Wellness centre, business centre

Pinewood Beach resort & spa

Plaza Beach Hotel

PO Box 90521, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 208 0981/ 2 Fax: +254 (0)40 330 0045 Email:;

Bamburi Beach, PO Box 88299, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5321/4 Fax:+254 (0)41 548 5325 Email: Location: Bamburi Beach

Location: Galu Beach, next to Diani Beach


The four-star Nyali International Beach Hotel opened in 1946 and has a reputation for hospitality and excellence. Located 10 km from Mombasa and set in 20 acres of tropical gardens, the hotel has retained its charm.

Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, live entertainment, beauty salon, shop, business centre.

PO Box 208, Mida Creek Road, Watamu Cell: +254 (0)724 389 732 Fax: +254 (0)42 32 266 Email:


Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas are in a quiet, unique setting on a stretch of completely unspoilt sandy beach surrounded by 28 acres of natural land. The property is designed in Lamu style with whitewashed intricate features, high-beamed ceilings, makuti roofs and locally hand-carved furniture.

Pinewood Beach is a multi-award-winning boutique beach resort where natural beauty and inspired design are merged to create a perfect holiday destination. The property recently received the ‘Best Bargains, Africa’ award from TripAdvisor. The new in-house Aqualand now offers one of the most comprehensive water sports facilities on the coast. Additional Facilities: Spa, four restaurants, TV lounge, business centre, forex counter, safari desk, swim-up bar


Situated on the gleaming white powder sands of Bamburi Beach, the Plaza Beach Hotel offers the amenities and comforts of a small, luxurious, ‘boutique style’ executive hotel. The main restaurant serves themed buffet-style dinners, with a variety of tropical and international cuisine, while the speciality restaurant features à la carte dishes and seafood. Additional Facilities: Business centre, massage parlour, shop, beauty salon



Reef Hotel

Royal Reserve Safari & beach Club

PO Box 82234, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 471 771-2 Cell: +254 (0)722 270 769 Fax: +254 (0)41 471 349 Email:

PO Box 34190-80118, Nyali Post office, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 357 6575; 20 205 7155 Cell: +254 (0)734 624 320; 722 205 220 Email: Location: Kikambala Beach, Mombasa North

Location: Nyali, north Mombasa




Reef Hotel is one of the most popular international beach resort hotels in Kenya. The property is family-friendly, relaxed and offers affordable alternatives for holiday, business or conference guests. Guests enjoy lavish buffets for lunch and dinner, and on theme nights, romantic candle-lit dinners. There are also weekly barbecues.

Royal Reserve Safari & Beach Club is set within the tranquil neighbourhood of Kikambala and offers furnished selfcatering, air-conditioned holiday apartments. The property also caters for weddings, conferences and corporate events. 46

Additional Facilities: Beach, tennis, volleyball, children’s club, nearby golf course, hair salon, massage parlor, excursion

Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, crazy golf, three swimming pools, sports bar, tennis, Jacuzzi

Sai Rock Hotel

Salama beach hOTEL

New Mombasa-Malindi Rd PO Box 83063-80100 Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 7644 / 5 Cell: +254 (0)726 270 036; (0)734 270 036 Wireless: +254 (0)20 801 3597 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 7646 Email:;

PO Box 296-80202, Watamu Tel: +254 (0)42 233 2057/8; 233 2275 Cell: +254 (0)722 204 131 Fax: +254 (0)42 233 2289 Email: Location: Mida Creek, Watamu

Location: Bamburi Beach


Sai Rock Hotel is situated on Bamburi Beach with breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean. In a beautiful setting of an architectural masterpiece, this exclusive hotel was built using a subtle blend of coastal and modern architecture. Additional Facilities: Air conditioned rooms, Jacuzzi, spa, business centre, beauty salon, massage, shop, water sports


Salama Beach Hotel is located in Watamu’s Mida Creek. Set in lush gardens the atmosphere reflects a delightful private home, with luxury accommodation in tastefully decorated Swahili-style rooms. The elegant restaurant offers a range of local and international dishes complemented by choice of bars. Additional Facilities: Glass-bottomed boat, canoes, bikes, diving, tennis, pizzeria


C o as t Ho


SANDIES TROPICAL VILLAGE PO Box 68, Casurina Rd, Malindi Tel: +254 (0)42 212 0444 Fax: +255 (0)42 213 1872 Email: Location: Silversand Beach, five minutes from Malindi


Sandies Tropical Village is an exclusive four-star resort with a lovely beachfront. The property is a charming oasis of tranquillity and elegance with all the advantages of the all-inclusive service. Dining options include a buffet or an à la carte menu at the main restaurant; snacks and drinks available throughout the day at a choice of three bars. Additional Facilities: Water sports, diving, daily and evening entertainment programme, spa, baby-sitting, doctor

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa

SENTIDO Neptune Beach Resort Bamburi, PO Box 83125, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5701/3 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5705 Email:;

Mombasa/Malindi Rd, PO Box 90173-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5926/9; 20 212 8000 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5652 Email:

Location: Bamburi Beach

Location: Bamburi Beach


Set in 22 acres of tropical gardens, with palm trees and fish ponds, Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa features one of the finest and longest beaches in East Africa. The Pavilions Restaurant is the main dining restaurant offering exceptional buffet-style cuisine with amazing nightly themed cuisine.


Additional Facilities: Spa, shop, excursions, tennis, volley ball, business centre

Additional Facilities: Diving, fishing, snorkelling, massage, business centre, boutique

SENTIDO Neptune Palm Beach Resort

Sentido Neptune Paradise & Sentido Neptune Village resort

PO Box 696, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)40 330 0046 Cell: +254 (0)716 016 000; 731 609 881 Fax: +254 (0)20 354 9979 Email:;

Galu Beach, PO Box 696, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)20 354 9971/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 354 9979 Email:;

Location: Galu Beach


The Sentido Neptune Palm Beach Resort is located at Galu Beach, on Mombasa’s south coast. Laid out as quaint cottages and designed in traditional style, all rooms have balconies, double beds, telephones, room safes and en-suite bathrooms. The main restaurant serves a buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are served with meals as part of the all-inclusive package.

Location: Galu Beach


Serena Beach Hotel & Spa

Severin Sea Lodge

PO Box 90352-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 354 8771-4 Cell: +254 (0)733 584 500-2; 727 424 201-3 Email:

Bamburi Beach, Malindi Rd, PO Box 82169-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5001-5; 20 286 4247/8; 20 2004153/4 Cell: +254 (0)733 645 444; 722 284 682; 710 536 097; 733 645 444, Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5212 Email:

Location: Mombasa


Sentido Neptune Paradise & Sentido Neptune Village Resort are located 32 km south of Mombasa in 25 acres of landscaped gardens stretching down to one of the best beaches in East Africa. There is a choice of cuisines, including theme nights served in two main restaurants and two à la carte grills. Additional Facilities: Tennis, putting green, bowling, massage room, business centre, watersports, fishing, diving

Additional Facilities: Boutique, diving, watersports, business centre


The Sentido Neptune Beach Resort is located on the silver sands of Bamburi Beach, offering the serenity of a true ocean retreat with easy access to the historical heart of Mombasa. Delicious local and international dishes are served in the large open-air and covered dining areas. There is a beautiful free-flow pool just a few steps away from the beach.

Serena Beach Hotel & Spa offers an oasis of tranquillity while delivering a unique mix of high-action water sports, sybaritic sun worship, world-class cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Styled to resemble an ancient Swahili village, the hotel is set in extensive palm-shaded grounds and centred on a sky-blue swimming pool with a thatched bar and crystal waters cascading into a tiled market square. Additional Facilities: Water sports, shop, diving, health club, spa, inter-connecting family rooms

Location: On Bamburi Beach R ECO-RATED SILVE


Severin Sea Lodge is located directly on the shores of the Indian Ocean on Bamburi Beach. The hotel has been constructed in traditional Swahili style with accommodation in round bungalows. The main buildings and two swimming pools are harmoniously located within a vast grove of palms. Additional Facilities: Shop, internet café, gelateria, massage, library, table tennis, diving, water sports




Southern Palms beach resort

Sun N Sand Beach Resort

PO Box 363, Ukunda Tel: +254 (0)40 320 3721; 320 3360/4 Cell: +254 (0)72 220 3166; 73 333 3366 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 3381 Email:

Off Mombasa/Malindi Rd, PO Box 2-80109, Mtwapa Tel: +254 (20) 205 7950/1/2/3 Cell: +254 (0)722 204 799; 204 333 Fax: +254 (20) 205 7954 Email:

Location: Diani Beach

Location: Mtwapa

Southern Palms Beach Resort is situated on stunning Diani Beach, about 35 km south of Mombasa. This four-star resort was built and opened in 1992 and has subsequently earned a reputation for its warm hospitality. The property boasts two large free-form swimming pools – one with complete with a Jacuzzi.

Set among 18 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with stunning beach frontage, Sun n’ Sand Beach Resort is located on Kikambala Beach, Mtwapa. The hotel’s business centre offers services as well as conference facilities. Guests have a choice of six restaurants, including themed dinners, à la carte seafood and Italian and Chinese cuisine.


Additional Facilities: Beach volleyball, football, water sports, water aerobics

Additional Facilities: Golf (nearby), water sports, diving, glass bottom boat, fishing

Sunrise Resort Apartments & Spa

Surfside Villas

PO Box 34180-80118, Nyali, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 357 6010/1 Fax: +254 (0)20 357 6017 Email:

PO Box 81821-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 233 2199 Cell: +254 (0)733 865 291 Fax: +254 (0)41 222 5661 Email:

Location: Nyali Sunrise Resort Apartments & Spa is located in the upmarket beach-side area of Nyali, just north of Mombasa. All apartments are two-bedroomed and include private balcony, sitting room, two toilets and a shower room, air conditioning, a full kitchenette, sitting room and are fitted with a wireless internet connection. 52



Additional Facilities: Spa, traditional Thai massage parlour, business centre, ice cream parlour

Location: Bamburi


Surfside Villas forms part of Surfside Beach Club and is located at Bamburi, about 12 km north of Mombasa. Guests are accommodated in beautiful self-contained and fully furnished two-bedroom villas. Each villa is air conditioned and features a spacious lounge, dining room and well equipped kitchen as well as a swimming pool and beach bar. Additional Facilities: Discotheque, fishing, shop

Swahili Beach

Travellers Beach Hotel & CLUB

PO Box 5202-80401, Diani Tel: +254 (0)20 651 531/2; 552 887; 828 598 Fax: +254 (0)20 651 519; 552 887 Cell: +254 (0)733 834 325; 722 610 549 Email:

PO Box 87649-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5121/6 Cell: +254 (0)720 648 708 Fax: +254 (0)41 548 6109 Email:;

Location: Diani Beach

Location: Bamburi Beach

Swahili Beach is an innovative five star resort development offering a harmonious blend of architectural influences from the east African coast, Arabia, India and Zanzibar. 142

The property has been built using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure minimum ecological impact.


Additional Facilities: Coffee shop, spa, water sports, business centre

Additional Facilities: Shop, water sports, diving school, ramps/grips in the bath for the handicapped

Turtle Bay Beach Club

Voyager Beach Resort

PO Box 10-80202, Watamu Tel: +254 (0)42 233 2003; 233 2080; 233 2226 Cell: +254 (0)721 830 604; 734 601 066 Fax: +254 (0)42 233 2268; 233 2345 Email:

PO Box 34117-80118, Reef Rd, Nyali Tel: +254 (0)20 444 6651; 444 7929 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 6600; 444 6533 Email: Location: Nyali Beach, 7 km north of Mombasa

Location: Watamu Marine National Park



Travellers Beach Hotel & Club is located on a white sandy beach just 12 km north of Mombasa and prides itself on being the finest all-inclusive club in the area. The Suli Suli Grill and Bahari Grill serve informal meals during the day. Dinner is served in the main restaurant overlooking the pool.

Located on one of the top five rated beaches in the world, Turtle Bay offers excellent water sports facilities in a National Marine Park which hosts an abundant variety of fish and marine life. Appealing to a wide range of visitors, it’s no surprise that this friendly hotel attracts visitors back year after year. Additional Facilities: Business centre, excursions, shop, tailor, bikes, tennis, diving school, water sports, parking


Voyager Beach Resort is a ship-themed resort ‘moored’ on a stunning beach. The ‘cruise ship’ docks at different ports every evening, with themed cuisine and ‘on-board’ family entertainment, including classic Broadway musicals. The resort is ideal for family groups, young ‘sailors’, honeymoon couples, as well as older seafarers. Additional Facilities: Children’s club, water sports, diving, close proximity to historic sites, glass-bottom boat, massage, tennis, volleyball, salon, boutique, weddings


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Alliance Naro Moru River Lodge

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge

PO Box 18-10105, Naro Moru Tel: +254 (0)724 082 754; +254 (0)623 1047 Email:

PO Box 48690, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)45 622 361, 622 622 Fax: +254 (0)45 622 430 Email:

Location: Mount Kenya




The Alliance Naro Moru River Lodge is set in the foothills of Mount Kenya and is a base for climbers. The lodge stands on the equator between Nyeri and Nanyuki at an altitude of 1,982 metres. Set in beautiful tropical gardens, it offers excellent trout fishing and is a paradise for birdwatchers. Two restaurants offer a range of cuisine. The lodge has a team of guides to take guests up Mount Kenya to Point Lenana. Additional Facilities: Mountain climbing, game drives

Location: Amboseli National Park



Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge has a spectacular setting in a copse of giant acacia trees beside a natural spring in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. With its Maasai architecture, the lodge has been designed to harmonise perfectly with the environment. Additional Facilities: Game drives, sundowners, community visits, tribal dancing

Amboseli Sopa Lodge

Ashnil Aruba Lodge

PO Box 72630-00200 Tel: +254 (0)20 361 6000 Cell: +254 (0)72 220 6328; 73 361 0060 Fax: +254 (0)20 375 1507 Email:

PO Box 90738-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 2166 338/9 Cell: +254 (0)722 414 487 Fax: +254 (0)20 216 6340 Email:

Location: On the Edge of Amboseli National Park

Location: Tsavo East National Park

In the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro resides the Amboseli Sopa Lodge. Set in 200 acres of land, the property is not far from where Ernest Hemingway lived when writing ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’. Amboseli National Reserve is home to the Maasai community, over 400 species of breeding birds and is abundant with rare and wonderful wildlife.

Ashnil Aruba Lodge is named after the Aruba dam – a body of water that attracts abundant wildlife in Tsavo East National Park. All guest rooms have a terrace overlooking the Aruba dam. Various exciting activities are offered at the lodge, including game drives and guided nature walks.


Additional Facilities: Shop, garage, gas station, car wash bay

Additional Facilities: Parking, disabled facilities, climbing

Fairmont Mara Safari Club c/o Harry Thuku Rd, PO Box 58581-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 226 5000; 226 5555 Fax: +254 (0)20 221 6796 Email: Location: Masai Mara National Reserve


A tented sanctuary lying at the foot of the Aitong Hills, Fairmont Mara Safari Club is surrounded on three sides by the Mara River at the edge of the Masai Mara National Reserve. Accommodation at Fairmont Mara Safari Club is completely at one with nature, offering a captivating retreat set in lush surroundings. Each of the luxurious tents overlook the Mara River. Additional Facilities: Library, game drives, bush dinners, walking and balloon safari

Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort Tel: +254 (0)50 500 47/8 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 6600; 444 6533 Email: Location: Eburru Mountain – Great Rift Valley, Naivasha


The Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort borrows its name from the valley. It sits majestically on the mighty Eburru Mountain and each room shows a facet of the valley’s dynamic vistas. Built around an 18-hole golf course, the lodge offers various types of accommodation from private villas to luxury rooms. Additional Facilities: Golf, excursions, hot water springs, birding, horse riding, nature walks, children’s club, boating

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Impala Safari Lodge


PO Box 85479-80100, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)20 210 8174 Cell: +254 (0)713 817 115 Email:;

PO Box 102124- 00101, Nairobi: Tel: +254 (0)20 234 5463/64/65 Fax: +254 (0)20 234 5466 Email:


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Location: C-14-Keekorok, Masai Mara National Reserve

Location: 5 km from the Tsavo East National Park entrance Impala Safari Lodge is located in Voi, 334 km from Nairobi and 151 km from Mombasa, and has spectacular views across the Sagala Hills. The property is tastefully designed and offers both cottages and tents with a lounge and rooms ideal for families or friends who want to stay together in a secluded private setting.


Located in the very heart of Kenya’s fabled Masai Mara National Reserve, Keekorok, meaning abundance in the local Maasai language, was constructed in 1962 and is surrounded by permanent springs and lush grassland, habitually teeming with wildlife. 99

Additional Facilities: Game drives, birdwatching, nature walks, sundowners

Additional Facilities: Business centre, shop, high-speed internet, multi-cuisine restaurant; safe deposit lockers, spa, tea/coffee making facilities, in-room telephones with voicemail

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge PO Box 48690, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)45 340 000 Fax: +254 (0)45 622 470 Email: Location: Tsavo West National Park



Located in the heart of Tsavo West National Park, with its huge population of elephants, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge was the first to be built in a national park and has long been a favourite of international tourists. The lodge has a terrace from which guests can view the spectacular African sunsets. Additional Facilities: Game drives, excursions, shop, nature walks, live entertainment, beauty treatments, library

Lake Elementaita Lodge

Lake Naivasha Sopa RESORT

PO Box 561, Nakuru Tel: +254 (0)51 850 863/833 Fax: +254 (0)51 850 863 Email:

PO Box 72630-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 361 6000 Cell: +254 (0)722 206 328; 733 610 060 Fax: +254 (0)20 375 1507 Email:

Location: Nakuru


The Lake Elementaita Lodge was formerly known as the Kekopey ranch and was built by the English settler Lord Galbraith Cole in 1916. It still retains the features and atmosphere of an early colonial home. Now managed independently, the property has a good reputation for hosting functions of all kinds with highly professional services and facilities.

Location: Southern Shores of Lake Naivasha



Additional Facilities: Outside catering, nature walks, horse riding, game drives

Additional Facilities: Parking, disabled facilities

Lake Nakuru Lodge

Leopard Rock Lodge

PO Box 561, Nakuru Tel: +254 (0)20 2733695/6; 51 850 228 Fax: +254 (0)20 273 3698 Email:

c/o PO Box 34464-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 0031 Cell: +254 (0)733 920 082; 736 333 100 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 0031 Email:;

Location: Great Rift Valley



Situated on the southern shores of Lake Naivasha, secondlargest of the only two freshwater lakes in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort is an impressive property with a dramatic backdrop. The lake is a stage for some magnificent storms and was named Nai Pasha (rough water) by the Masai tribes.

Lake Nakuru National Park has achieved an international fame as a birdwatchers’ paradise and an animal sanctuary with white and black rhinos. The eco friendly lodge blends in with the surroundings. There is accommodation for 170 people in family rooms, deluxe rooms and suites. The property is known for its hospitality, competent staff, great cuisine, outside catering, bush barbecues, African nights and sundowners. Additional Facilities: Game drives, shop, horse riding

Location: Meru National Park


Leopard Rock Lodge is an ecologically upmarket safari lodge built on 3.5 km of river frontage. It is situated on the equator in the heart of George and Joy Adamson country. The lodge is one of a kind, unfenced, open to wildlife and often visited by giraffes, elephants, lions and buffalos. Additional Facilities: Game drives, walking guide, museum, Jacuzzi, shop


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Mara Serena Safari Lodge

PO Box 1348, Nanyuki Tel +254 (0)62 31 072 Email:

PO Box 48690, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)50 22 253; 22 137 Fax: +254 (0)50 22 382 Email:

Location: Nanyuki



Its remote location, in a 61,000 acre private wildlife conservancy, makes Loisaba Lodge a unique and tranquil safari experience. Loisaba Lodge is perched on the edge of a plateau facing Mount Kenya, with each of the seven en-suite guest rooms offering extraordinary views of the surrounding landscape. Each of these rooms opens onto its own private deck. In addition, Loisaba has two sets of starbed locations: Kiboko and Koija Starbeds.

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve



Additional Facilities: Tennis, spa, game drives, shop, community visits, horse riding, bush walks, camel trekking

Additional Facilities: Hot air ballooning, community visits, game drives, nature walks, shop, business centre, library

Mara Simba Lodge

Masai Mara Sopa Lodge

c/o PO Box 66601-00800, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)50 22 590 Fax: +254 (0)50 50 308 Email:

PO Box 72630-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 361 6000 Cell: +254 (0)72 220 6328; 733 610 060 Fax: +254 (0)20 375 1507 Email:

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve


Set on a high ridge in the Masai Mara National Reserve, the Mara Serena Safari Lodge offers spectacular views. Mara Serena is a modern interpretation of a traditional African village of domed huts, spaced apart to allow guests an uninterrupted view of the landscape.

Mara Simba Lodge was conceived as the ultimate lodge in the Masai Mara National Reserve. Overlooking a dramatic bend in the Talek River, with grounds extending for almost 1 km along the river bank, the lodge is designed to complement its natural setting. The restaurant offers an excellent choice of meat dishes and vegetarian menus.

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve



Additional Facilities: Walking safaris, bush dinners

Masai Mara Sopa Lodge is located on the furthermost eastern corner of the Masai Mara National Reserve on a hillside of the Oloolamuita Valley. The lodge blends in perfectly with its surroundings and the interior style reflects traditional Maasai culture. In Maasai the word ‘sopa’ means ‘welcome’ and at Mara Sopa all guests are ensured the very warmest of welcomes. Additional Facilities: Parking, disabled facilities

Mpata Safari Club

Naivasha Simba Lodge

20th Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way PO Box 58402-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 221 7015; 224 4987; 310 867 Cell: +254 (0)72 240 2249; 733 067 4284 Fax: +254 (0)20 310 859; 222 9420 Email:

PO Box 66601-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 434 3960-2; 444 4401-2 Fax: +254 (0)20 434 3963; 444 4403 Email: Location: Lake Naivasha

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve


Located on top of Oloololo Escarpment overlooking a majestic panorama of Masai Mara.Comprising of 11 suite and 12 deluxe cottages spaced with each other for the maximum privacy. In addition, all the suite cottages have an outdoor Jacuzzi.


Additional Facilities: Shop, health centre, sauna, beauty treatments, tennis, nature walks, boat rides

Additional Facilities: Cultural visits, nature walks, hot air ballooning, fishing, beadwork

Ngulia Safari Lodge

Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge

Ground Floor, Utali House, Uhuru Highway PO Box 42013, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 344 201/2/5; 311 474-9; 229 751/2; 224 4173 Fax: +254 (0)20 222 2661 Email:

PO Box 24133-00502, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 0457; 600 5108; 600 5980 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 5008 Email: Location: Between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks

Location: Tsavo West National Park


Opened in 2003, Naivasha Simba Lodge comprises 70 standard rooms all overlooking one of Kenya’s most dramatic and best-known Great Rift Valley lakes. Each room has en-suite facilities, a private balcony and overhead fan. The lodge’s restaurant serves mouth-watering food from around the world in a buffet-style format.

Ngulia Safari Lodge is located in Tsavo West National Park on the edge of the Ndawe Escarpment with panoramic views of the sweeping plains. The nearby waterhole is floodlit to allow guests to see nocturnal animals, including leopards, coming to quench their thirst. A special gallery enables hippos to be viewed underwater. Additional Facilities: Birdwatching


Located midway between Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, Ol Donyo Wuas Lodge is on a private 275,000 acre group ranch that looks up to Kilimanjaro and over fabulous savannahs. Ol Donyo Wuas is small and intimate, with only 10 suites including a family suite, private lounges, private plunge pools and beautiful ‘star bed’ rooftop sleep-outs. Additional Facilities: Horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, community visits, massage, day and night game drives

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Rondo Retreat Centre

Off Rhapta Rd, Westlands, PO Box 45403-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 444 5514 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 8493 Email:

PO Box 2153-50100, Kakamega Tel: +254 (0)56 30 268 Cell: +254 (0)733 299 149; 735 894 474 Fax: +254 (0)56 31 057 Email:

Location: Amboseli National Park

Location: Kakamega Forest, 20 km from Kakamega

Located in the heart of the Amboseli National Park, Ol Tukai Lodge is a high-class tourist resort and one of the best spots in the world to see elephants and other wildlife. The lodge offers wonderful views of Mount Kilimanjaro, and its design was inspired by the beautiful topography to take advantage of the flat plains on one side and the acacia forest on the other.

Kakamega Forest is the only rain forest in Kenya. Trinity Fellowship, a non-profit-registered society, runs Rondo Retreat within the forest. The restaurant provides tasty meals and after-dinner coffee is provided in the sitting room. In the afternoons, tea is served on the veranda.


Additional Facilities: Hiking trails, stunning viewpoints, guides

Royal Mara Safari Lodge

Samburu Game Lodge

PO Box 260-00621, Village Market, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 883 046; 201 8169 Fax: +254 (0)20 712 3357 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)20 204 5835; 204 5836; 204 5845 Reservations: +254 (0)20 236 5225; 210 8795 Fax: +254 (0)20 204 7203 Email:

Location: Mara North Conservancy

Location: Samburu National Reserve

Situated directly on the Great Migration route, Royal Mara Safari Lodge offers a thrilling safari experience. The wealth of game around the lodge is perfect for guests wanting to discover the Big Five. The lodge makes every dining experience unique, with dinner served in a variety of locations, from the dining room overlooking the hippo pool to barbecue bush dinners in the open savannah.

Set in 10 acres in Samburu National Reserve and on the slopes of the Ol Olokwe Mountain, Samburu Game Lodge is a place for guests to experience true wilderness and serenity. All of the 61 cottages, rooms and suites are decorated using the finest materials and fabrics. All have en-suite bathrooms and private balconies overlooking the river.


Additional Facilities: Shop, live entertainment, game drives

Additional Facilities: Walking safaris, hot air ballooning, community visits

Samburu Sopa Lodge

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

PO Box 72630-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 361 6000 Cell: +254 (0)72 220 6328; 73 361 0060 Fax: +254 (0)20 375 1507 Email:

PO Box 7094, Nakuru Tel: +254 (0)51 850 288 Fax: +254 (0)51 221 0836 Email: Location: Lake Nakuru National Park

Location: Samburu National Reserve




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Ol Tukai Lodge

Additional Facilities: Game drives, live entertainment, shop



Samburu Sopa Lodge is built overlooking the wildliferich banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River within the Samburu National Reserve. The lodge is on raised ground, allowing panoramic views of distant Samburu Hills on one side and Mount Kenya on the other. The public areas are airy and spacious with views of the surrounding terrain.


Lake Nakuru, in the heart of the Rift Valley, is one of Kenya’s famous soda lakes. The surrounding park is full of birdlife, including hundreds of pink flamingos. There is also a rhino sanctuary where visitors can see white and black rhino, an endangered species. Sarova Lion Hill offers a unique vantage point.

Additional Facilities: Game drives

Additional Facilities: Game drives, sundowners, wellness centre, shop, sauna

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

PO Box 72493-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)43 203 0223/250 Fax: +254 (0)43 203 0007 Email:

PO Box 440, Isiolo Tel: +254 (0)64 30 638 Fax: +254 (0)64 30 481 Email:

Location: Taita Hills Sanctuary

Location: Shaba Game Reserve

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge is a unique concept elevated on stilts, overlooking a waterhole and linked by suspended walkways. At night, the waterholes are floodlit, ensuring an uninterrupted view of the daily procession of visitors below. The restaurant features delicious international and local cuisine, usually in the form of a sumptuous buffet.

Located in the heart of the Shaba Game Reserve, 100 km north of the equator, the Sarova Shaba Game Lodge is an oasis of flora and fauna with spring water cascading through the grounds. Accommodation is in luxury thatched chalets, all en-suite and with views over the Uaso Nyiro River.

Additional Facilities: Game drives, nature walks



Additional Facilities: Wellness centre, community visits, nature walks, camel safaris


L odge s

Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge

Saruni Samburu

PO Box 72493-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)43 203 0301/650 Fax: +254 (0)43 203 0007 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)50 22 424 Email:

Location: Taita Hills Sanctuary

Saruni Samburu is a design lodge located on Kalama Conservancy, bordering Samburu National Reserve. Surrounded by 95,000 hectares of wildlife conservancy and perched on top of a spectacular viewpoint, Saruni Samburu is a breathtakingly spacious safari lodge. Saruni Samburu has a sister lodge in the Masai Mara.

Location: Kalama Conservancy, bordering Samburu National Reserve

Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge offers luxury accommodation and amenities and is the ultimate base from which to explore the magnificent Taita Hills Sanctuary. The lodge is designed in the style of a German fortress, recalling the First World War Anglo-German conflict in this area. 60


Additional Facilities: Live entertainment, shop, nature walks, game drives, excursions


Serena Mountain Lodge


PO Box 48690-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (61)203 0785 Cell: +254 (0)733 203 078 Fax: +254 (61)203 0858/3 Email:

PO Box 14815-00800, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 445 2095 Cell: +254 (0)722 207 761 Fax: +254 (0)20 445 2102 Email:

Location: Mount Kenya National Park, 193 km from Nairobi

Location: Shimba Hills National Reserve

In the heart of a rainforest lies Serena Mountain Lodge, famed as the only “tree-hotel” on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Guests enjoy the mountain air, the tranquillity of the forest and a colourful cavalcade of wildlife, as well as a chance to scale the icy peaks of Africa’s second-highest mountain.

Shimba is located 45 minutes’ drive from Mombasa. Nestled in the tropical rainforest, the wooden tree lodge is surrounded by indigenous trees and overlooks a waterhole. Shimba is cool, refreshing and the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest and the soothing trickle of water flowing from a spring.


Additional Facilities: Mountain climbing, treks, bush breakfasts and lunches, rooftop dinners, tree-planting program, water’s edge viewing bunker, gallery dining room

Additional Facilities: Wooden walkway, jungle bar, wedding venue, bush breakfasts, guided walks, cultural tours

Tawi Lodge

The Ark

PO Box 1206-00502, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 230 0943 Cell: +254 (0)733 625 399; 722 745 552 Email:

c/o Harry Thuku Rd, PO Box 58581-00200, CSQ Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 216 940 Fax: +254 (0)20 216 796 Email:

Location: Amboseli National Park



Additional Facilities: Game drives, night drives, wellness centre, guided bush walks, ‘Warrior for a Week’ activities

Location: Aberdare National Park

Tawi Lodge offers stylish accommodation and also aims to contribute to the promotion of a harmonious development for the wildlife and the Maasai along the corridor between Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills. Additional Facilities: Game drives, night drives, birdwatching, massage, wine cellar


The Ark provides a perfect vantage point to sit and quietly contemplate the beauty of its surroundings. Its biblical name is reflected in its wooden structure, accessible only via a drawbridge and offering cabin-style rooms located on different decks. The lodge overlooks the Yasabara salt-lick waterhole – a natural magnet for local wildlife. Additional Facilities: Walking safaris, game drives, hang gliding, picnic lunches


Voi Safari Lodge

PO Box 14815-00800, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 445 2095 Cell: +254 (0)722 207 761 Fax: +254 (0)445 2102 Email:

Ground floor, Utali House, Uhuru Highway PO Box 42013, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 344 201/2/5; 311 474-9; 229 751/2; 224 4173 Fax: +254 (0)20 222 2661 Email:

Location: Aberdare National Park (Mt. Kenya Region)


This game-viewing lodge, built on stilts, offers cosy accommodation with a magnificent view of Mount Kenya. Treetops is currently undergoing a refurbishment and will be closed between October 2011 and January 2012. When the lodge re-opens all rooms will be ensuite. Additional Facilities: Shop, photographic hides, view decks, outdoor lectures at the jungle bar, game drives, full day moorland excursions

Location: Tsavo East National Park


Built high on a hillside overlooking the Tsavo East National Park is Voi Safari Lodge, one of the most innovatively constructed wildlife retreats in the whole of Kenya. There is a special hide for camera enthusiasts, enabling photographers to take close-up images of game animals that are quite oblivious to human presence. Additional Facilities: Game drives, airstrip


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&Beyond Kichwa Tembo Masai Mara Tented Camp

Ashnil mara Camp PO Box 10557-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 356 6970; 497 1200/15 Cell: +254 (0)717 612 499; 716 705 709 Fax: +254 (0)20 356 6974 Email:;

c/o &Beyond, Private Bag X27, Benmore 2010, SA Tel: +27 (0)11 809 4441, Fax: +27 (0)11 809 4400 Email: Location: Ololololo Escarpment, western border of the Masai Mara National Reserve


In addition to excellent game viewing, &Beyond Kichwa Tembo lies directly in the path of Africa’s spectacular Great Migration within the Masai Mara National Reserve. Warthog wander among the spacious safari tents, each with en-suite bathroom. Kichwa Tembo is renowned for its warm local hospitality and delicious pan-African meals.

Location: Maasai Mara National Reserve


Additional Facilities: Game drives, birdwatching, lectures by a Maasai naturalist, night drives, guided walking trails, community visit, sundowners, hot air balloon

Additional Facilities: Massage

Ashnil Samburu Camp

Elephant Pepper Camp

PO Box 10557-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 356 6970/1 Cell: +254 (0)717 612 499 Fax: +254 (0)20 356 6974 Email:;

PO Box 743-00517, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 3090/1; 600 4053/4 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 4050; 600 3066 Email: Location: Masai Mara

Location: Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Samburu




Ashnil Samburu Camp sits in Buffalo Springs Game Reserve, which takes its name from an oasis of crystal-clear water at the western end of the reserve. It is separated from Samburu National Reserve by Ewaso Nyiro River and is less hilly and dense yet equally attractive.


Situated within the Masai Mara North Conservancy, this eight-tent bush camp is tucked away in a prime Kenyan wildlife area. Surrounded by the Mara’s ubiquitous game, it is a seasonal camp that is taken down for a month or so each year during the rainy seasons.

Additional Facilities: Shop, garage, car wash bay

Additional Facilities: Game drives, night drives, guided bush walks, community visits, sundowners

Elsa’s Kopje

Entim Camp

PO Box 743-00517, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 3090/1; 600 4053/4 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 4050; 600 3066 Email:

PO Box 64196-00620, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 202 7125/6 Cell: +254 (0)733 258 120 Email:

Location: Meru National Park

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve

Elsa’s Kopje is named after Elsa the lioness, made famous by George and Joy Adamson in their biographical book and film ‘Born Free’. The camp comprises 10 en-suite open-plan cottages. One of the 10 cottages is a spacious new honeymoon suite, which is spread over three levels.

This unfenced luxurious and intimate camp has been designed to enhance the surrounding environment. All en-suite tents have magnificent view of the plains beyond and the Mara River. There is a cosy lounge area with a small library, separate bar and dining area, which is open-fronted, allowing guests the unmatched experience of eating meals while watching the wildlife.

Additional Facilities: Game drives, guided bush walks, bush breakfasts, fishing, massage



Additional Facilities: Game drives, hot air balloon, sundowners, community visits, walking safaris

Fig Tree Camp

Governors’ Camp

PO Box 40683-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 4795; 600 6085; 600 5067 Cell: +254 (0) 722 202 564; 733 621 532 Fax: +254 (0)20 265 1890 Email:

PO Box 48217-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 273 4000/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 273 4023/4 Email: Location: Banks of the Mara River

Location: Banks of the Talek River, Masai Mara National Reserve


A stunning camp on the banks of the Mara River, offering unrivalled position for wildlife spotting all the year round, and close to the action during the annual wildebeest migration. The 40 luxury tents are beautifully designed and carefully crafted and include en suite shower and a veranda.

Part of the adventure at Fig Tree is that guests can choose to stay in either a tent or a cabin. All rooms and tents have a private balcony and views over the national reserve. The Royal Tents are the latest addition to the camp, complete with four-poster beds and butler service. Additional Facilities: Games drives, shop, tree house, hot air ballooning



Created in 1972, Governors’ Camp set new standards in luxury for a tented camp and nestles in the small forest along the banks of the Mara River. Each morning a breakfast feast is prepared over blazing coals: mountains of bacon and eggs, fresh pastries, exotic fruits and freshly brewed Kenyan coffee. Additional Facilities: Game drives, hot air ballooning, community visits, excursions, walking safaris


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Governors’ Il Moran Camp

Governors’ Private Camp

PO Box 48217-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 273 4000/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 273 4023/4 Email:

PO Box 48217-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 273 4000/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 273 4023/4 Email:

Location: Banks of the Mara River

Location: Banks of the Mara River

Governors’ Il Moran Camp is small and intimate, with added touches that make it ideal for those who want that extra bit of luxury. The camp is situated along the banks of the Mara River, right in the heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve, with the best game viewing right on your doorstep.

Governors’ Private Camp is for those who want something exclusive. The camp can only be booked by one family or group at a time. As its name suggests, it is private. It means that up to 16 people can have the experience of staying on a beautiful bend of the Mara River all to themselves. 8

Additional Facilities: Game drives, hot air ballooning, community visits, excursions, walking safaris


Additional Facilities: Game drives, hot air ballooning, community visits, excursions, walking safaris

Ilkeliani camp

Joy’s Camp

PO Box 64196-00620, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 202 7125/6 Cell: +254 (0)733 258 120 Email:

PO Box 743-00517, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 3090/1; 600 4053/4 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 4050; 600 3066 Email:

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve

Location: Shaba National Reserve

Ilkeliani is located in a small river glade in central Mara. The Spacious guest tents are all en- suite, well spaced and sited along the Talek River, thereby ensuring maximum privacy. Ilkeliani Camp’s well furnished bar-lounge and viewing deck overlook the plains and hills, from here guests can enjoy watching the emerging wildlife in the plains and spectacular sunsets.

Joy’s Camp is situated in Shaba National Reserve and is named after the world-renowned conservationist Joy Adamson. An elegant oasis in the arid lands of Samburu, Joy’s Camp is built on the site of Joy Adamson’s tented home. The 10 chic canvas bedrooms are set on raised floors with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

Additional Facilities: Game drives, hot air balloon, community visits, night drives, walking safaris



Additional Facilities: Game drives, guided bush walks, sundowners, community visits, Joy Adamson Museum


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Kicheche Mara Camp

Kilima Camp

Chameleon Tours/Kicheche Camp PO Box 1013-00502, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 249 3569/12; 20 240 5586 Cell: +254 (0)736 888 055; 700 888 055 Fax: +254 (0)20 260 1418 Email:

c/o Escapades Ltd, PO Box 1206-00502, Karen, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 208 1747 Cell: +254 (0)733 625 399 Email: Location: Masai Mara Triangle/banks of the Mara River

Location: Masai Mara North Conservancy NZE ECO-RATED BRO




Kicheche Mara Camp is located in Acacia Valley, hidden in a picturesque valley in a prime wildlife area. Game viewing starts right from the camp itself. This is a classic, intimate, luxury bush camp completely unfenced.



Additional Facilities: Game drives, community visits, nature walks

Additional Facilities: Spa (traditional Maasai/continental beauty therapies), weeding, outdoor hot shower/baths, wine cellar, mess tent, family tents (sleeping up to five people)

Kitich Camp

Larsens Camp

PO Box 743-00517, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 4053/4; 600 3090/1 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 4050; 600 3066 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)20 204 5835; 204 5836; 204 5845 Reservations: +254 (0)20 236 5225; 210 8795 Fax: +254 (0)20 204 7203 Email:

Location: Matthews Mountain Range (North Kenya)

Location: Samburu National Reserve

The Matthews Mountain Range rises up out of the desert; a chain of peaks covered in dense dewy forest. In a remote valley, Kitich Camp overlooks a river glade within the lush indigenous forest. Kitich Camp’s cosy lounge and spacious new deck overlook the floodlit river glade. From here guests can enjoy watching the wildlife emerge from the forest at dusk.

With just 20 tents, Larsens Camp offers an intimate and luxurious African safari experience. The camp is located in Samburu National Reserve, which enjoys year-round warm temperatures and offers some splendid views. All tents are sited along the west bank of the river and decorated with modern features in a classic style.


Additional Facilities: Game drives, birdwatching, champagne breakfasts, sundowners

Additional Facilities: Game drives, guided forest walks, river swimming, birdwatching, cultural visits



Lewa Safari Camp

Little Governors’ Camp

PO Box 743-00517, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 4053/4; 600 3090/1 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 4050; 600 3066 Email:

PO Box 48217-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 273 4000/5 Fax: +254 (0)20 273 4023/4 Email:

Location: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Location: Banks of Mara River

Lewa Safari Camp has a stunning location, with outstanding game viewing and spectacular views of Mount Kenya. The camp is based within the private 65,000 acre wildlife conservancy of the Lewa Wilderness Trust. The conservancy reinvests all profits generated from tourism (including Lewa Safari Camp) into conservation.

Little Governors’ Camp is located around a large watering hole alive with animals and birdlife. Getting to the camp is an adventure in itself, as guests first have to cross the Mara River by boat, then walk a short distance, escorted by armed guards, through the forest. Meals are of a high standard, served outdoors during the day or inside a candle-lit dining tent.



Additional Facilities: Game drives, horse riding, camel riding, birdwatching, fishing



This intimate eco-lodge has a fantastic location overviewing the Masai Mara and is an ideal base to enjoy the real African wildlife experience in comfort and style. The camp offers several activities including; game drives, guided bush walks, hot air ballooning, visit to Maasai manyatta, fly camping, archery and sundowners.

Additional Facilities: Game drives, hot air ballooning, community visits, excursions, walking safaris

Mara Explorer Camp

Mara Intrepids camp

Tel: +254 (0)20 444 6651; 444 7929 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 6600; 444 6533 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)20 444 6651; 444 7929 Fax: +254 (0)20 4446600; 444 6533 Email:

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve, banks of the Talek River. Just 45 mins from Nairobi.

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve, banks of the Talek River. Just 45 mins from Nairobi.

Set on its own private peninsula, this exclusive camp has just 10 tents and offers the best in luxury living, reminiscent of the old African safari style, where no creature comfort is spared. The Masai Mara is famous for its black-maned lions and the annual migration of wildebeest, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Mara Intrepids Camp is set on the vast grasslands of the Masai Mara with the Talek River flowing past. This spacious tented abode has a signature view of the endless Mara plains. Ideal for families, the camp offers just 30 tents, including new two-bedroomed family tents complete with a spacious lounge and an outside deck.

Additional Facilities: Game drives, airstrip, nature walks, fine dining, out-door baths, bush dinners, hot air ballooning, weddings, community visits, swimming at sister camp



Additional Facilities: Game drives, airstrip, bush dinners, hot air ballooning, weddings, nature walks, children’s club, spa, visits to Maasai manyattas, sundowners, birding


C amp s


Mara Leisure Camp

Nyumbu Camp

PO Box 48995-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 557 009 Cell: +254 (0)737 799 990/2 Fax: +254 (0)20 556 126 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)20 208 4918; 815 5969; 269 7453 Cell: +254 (0)73 460 0625 Fax: +254 (0)20 434 7258 Email:

Location: Banks of Talek River/Masai Mara National Reserve

Location: Ngila plains at the edge of Masai Mara Game Reserve

Mara Leisure Camp is an exclusive boutique camp located along the Talek River at the confluence of the Masai Mara’s four game viewing areas on the northern boundary of the Masai Mara National Reserve. This makes all areas of the park accessible for game viewing including night game drives, bush walks and cultural visits.

This eco-friendly camp has custom-designed tents equipped with hot shower and flushing toilets. Game viewing starts right from the camp itself and the location is ideal to experience the wildebeest migration. Game drives take place either in the Nyumbu Trust Conservancy, the Masai Mara National Reserve or the Olare Orok Conservancy.


Additional Facilities: Parking, 4x4 Land Cruisers, disabled facilities

Additional Facilities: Game drives

Olumara Camp

Rhino River Camp

PO Box 16550-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 236 3741; 20 808 1827; 20 802 2071 Fax: +254 (0)20 418 0318 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)20 386 4831/2; 359 8871 Cell: +254 (0)732 809 287 Email: Location: Meru National Park

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve


This stylish camp has been specifically designed to blend with its natural surroundings, set at the Olare Orok River. A rope suspension bridge across the river affords an adventurous entrance to the camp. With only eleven tents we are on one on one with our guests and all game drives are conducted in the masai mara game reserve.

A collection of eight luxury cottages built out of sumptuous caramel canvas and sustainable hardwood, raised on platforms above the gently flowing Kindani River, make Rhino River Camp a quiet, exclusive experience. Each room has its own private ‘zen’ area where guests can meditate, read or simply unwind. 8

Additional Facilities: Game drives, walking safari, Sundowners, bush lunches and dinners

Samburu Intrepids camp

Sanctuary Olonana

Tel: +254 (0)20 444 6651; 444 7929 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 6600; 444 6533 Email:

PO Box 41789-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 695 0002 Cell: +254 (0)733 824 599 Fax: +254 (0)695 0320 Email:

Location: Samburu National Reserve, Northern Kenya


Samburu Intrepids is located in Kenya’s dry northlands on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River. The camp has spacious tents with private verandas facing the river; there are also two family suites. Visitors can witness the Samburu’s special five – reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, beisa oryx and the gerenuk – as well as Africa’s big cats and over 300 species of bird. Additional Facilities: Game drives, nature walks, children’s club, camel rides, hiking at Mt Ololokwe, cultural safaris in a Samburu village, astro-tourism (astronomy), family tents

Location: Bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve


Sanctuary Olonana is an award-winning tented camp on a private stretch of the Mara River, at the foot of the impressive Siria Escarpment close to where the famous last scene from ‘Out of Africa’ was filmed. Game concentration is high and during the wildebeest migration the action happens on the camp’s doorstep. Additional Facilities: Game drives and nature walks

Sarova Mara Game Camp

Severin Safari Camp

PO Box 48690, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)50 223 86/22194 Fax: +254 (0)50 22 371 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)41 548 5001-5; 20 286 4247/8; 20 2004153/4 Cell: +254 (0)733 645 444; 722 284 682; 710 536 097; 733 645 444, Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5212 Email:

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve Sarova Mara Game Camp offers an opportunity to experience a luxury tented safari. Guests who don’t mind an early start can watch sunrise over the Mara from a hot air balloon and see the wildlife awakening in the savannah before landing for a sumptuous bush breakfast. 75

Additional Facilities: Game drives, hiking, walking safaris, mountain bikes, fishing, massage, community visits

Additional Facilities: Hot air ballooning, walking safaris, bush dinners, visits to Isokon Maasai Culture Village, bird watching, walking safaris, mini golf, archery, table tennis, catch-release fishing, kayaking, darts, board games

Location: Tsavo West National Park



Severin Safari Camp offers guests a unique combination of adventure, wellness, personal service and culinary highlights amid the Kenyan wilderness. The camp is not fenced and therefore perfectly integrated in the landscape. Experience amazing scenery and animals during game drives, enjoy a delicious bush lunch or relax during a massage in the Kenbali Spa. Additional Facilities: Baraza Conference Tent, Kenbali Spa, Out of Africa Restaurant


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Sweetwaters Tented Camp

Utumishi Co-op House, 1st Floor, Mamlaka Rd PO Box 41163-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 271 0542/271 0544 Cell: +254 (0)718 243 461; 788 811 847 Fax: +254 (0)20 271 0544 Email:

PO Box 48690, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)62 31 970 Fax: +254 (0)62 31 965 Email: Location: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve NZE ECO-RATED BRO


Set in the midst of freshwater springs bordering the vast expanse of the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve, Siana Springs is built in the Siana Conservancy that belongs to the local Maasai. Tents are set in groves of indigenous trees with resident troops of colobus monkey, hyrax and bushbuck.



Additional Facilities: Camel treks, nature walks, birdwatching, shop, business centre

Additional Facilities: Game drives, night drives, nature walks, children’s club, spa

The sleeping warrior camp

Tortilis Camp

PO Box 25621-00603, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)735 408 698; 720 242 084; 727 067 418 Email:

c/o PO Box 743-00517, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 600 3090/1; 600 4053/4 Fax: +254 (0)20 600 4050; 600 3066 Email:

Location: Soysambu Conservancy, Nakuru, Rift Valley Surrounded by 20,000 hectares of the private Soysambu Conservancy, the Sleeping Warrior Camp is just a short drive to Lake Nakuru National Park. With just six rooms, the camp offers personalized service and a tailor made safari experience. Our romantic getaway, includes a starbed, large terrace and outdoor bathtub for two. 6

Additional Facilities: Guided walks, volcano climbs, day & night game drives, lakeshore exploration, balloon safaris, bush lunches, sundowners

Tsavo Mashariki Camp PO Box 353-80300, Park Rd, Voi Tel: +254 (0)43 203 1444 Cell: +254 (0)729 179 443; 735 842 043 Fax: +254 (0)43 203 1444 Email:; www: Location: Tsavo East National Park - Voi


Built from natural materials and equipped with hot shower and flushing toilets, Tsavo Mashariki is a private and cosy camp which is ideal for families. In the evening guests can enjoy dinner around the campfire under a blanket of stars. The location is ideal for those wanting a safari experience in either Tsavo East or West National Park. Additional Facilities: Campfire, transfer service, game drives, nature walks, airstrip

Voyager Ziwani PO Box 74888-00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 444 6651; 444 7929 Fax: +254 (0)20 444 6600; 444 6533 Email: Location: On the border of Tsavo West National Park


Clustered around a waterhole and set in the pristine calm of its own private reserve, Sweetwaters Tented Camp is in a class of its own. Accommodation is provided in 39 luxuriously appointed tents. Each tent has a thatched roof, an en-suite bathroom and its own veranda with views over the waterhole.

Built on the slopes of Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Voyager Ziwani gives you breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro and its secondhighest peak, Mawenzi. The tented lodge is set on a private ranch bordering Kenya’s largest national park, Tsavo, which is home to over 200 bird species. Additional Facilities: Game drives, nature walks, children’s club, fine dining, night drives, ranch tour of the Gicheha farm, WW1 “Sniper Tree” site

Location: Amboseli



The variety and scale of the African landscape can be appreciated at Tortilis Camp, an award winning eco-tourism camp in Amboseli with breathtaking and unrivalled views of Mount Kilimanjaro. The 18 luxuriously designed tents (including one family tent and a private house with two en-suite bedrooms and a private seating/dining area) are located in a grove of verdant flat-topped acacia trees. Additional Facilities: Game drives, guided bush walks, bush breakfasts, sundowners, community visits, massage parlour


C lub s Karen Country Club

Kentmere Club

Karen Rd, PO Box 24817, Karen Tel: +254 (0)20 388 2802 Cell: +254 (0)733 606 950 Fax: +254 (0)20 884 088 Email:

Limuru-Tigoni-Banana Rd, PO Box 39508-00623, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 202 1369; 358 5511 Cell: +254 (0)722 276 357, Fax: +254 (0)20 202 0076 Email:

Location: Karen

Location: Kiambu West District

Often considered one of the prettiest courses in Kenya, Karen Country Club is an 18-hole, par 72 course set among beautiful gardens with a rich birdlife. Founded in 1937 the club is located next to the house of Karen Blixen (author of ‘Out of Africa’). The club is famous for its beautiful lawn terrace where guests can enjoy a delicious lunch after a round of golf and look out over the course.

Sometimes described as the ultimate settlers’ club, the Kentmere at Tigoni is located in the heart of the highlands amid tea and coffee plantations some 30 km from Nairobi. The Kentmere is generally recognised as the least spoilt of the old colonial country clubs and is the very essence of what an English club should be.


Additional Facilities: Golf, tennis, squash

Additional Facilities: English-style pub, outside catering, excursions, gardens

Leisure Golf Club

Muthaiga Country Club

PO Box 84383, Mombasa Tel: +254 (0)40 320 2011 Fax: +254 (0)40 320 2046 Email:

Muthaiga Road, PO Box 16526-00620, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 260 3690/1 Cell: +254 (0)722 200 785; 734 605 055 Fax: +254 (0)20 260 3693 Email:

Location: Diani The Leisure Golf Club at Diani on Mombasa’s south coast is a 6,084 metre (6,632 yard) 18 hole, par 72 championship course. The club is a venue for a number of top international golf tournaments. The full-size driving range has a chipping green and bunker for practice. There is a well stocked pro shop and the clubhouse has all facilities including food and all types of beverages. Additional Facilities: Golf, driving range

Location: Muthaiga Road, opposite Saudi Arabian Embassy


The long established Muthaiga Country Club opened on New Year’s Eve 1913 and has since occupied a special place in Africa’s affections. With its distinctive blend of culture, comfort and charm, the Muthaiga Country Club has established itself as one of the most distinguished and popular members’ clubs in East Africa. Additional Facilities: Business centre

Nairobi Club

Parklands Sports Club

PO Box 30171-00100, GPO Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 272 5726-9 Cell: +254 (0)722 203 649; 733 363 628 Fax: +254 (0)20 272 0096 Email:;

Ojijo Rd, Parklands, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 374 5164 Fax: +254 (0)20 745 971 Email: Location: Nairobi

Location: Ngong Road/Haile Selassie Road Junction


Nairobi Club is a private members’ club, owned by its members. Members who realised the need for a homely establishment in the heart of Nairobi established the club in 1901. The club is the second-oldest and most popular establishment of its kind in Kenya. Additional Facilities: Tennis, cricket, squash, bowling, hockey, billiards, aerobics, massage, sauna, steam room


Parklands Sports Club was established in 1906 and has since grown in terms of facilities and membership. Today, the club has reciprocal membership with a number of clubs in both Kenya and overseas. There are conference facilities for up to 25 people. The Twiga Centre is suitable for larger functions and can hold more than 100 people. Additional Facilities: Squash, snooker, tennis, hockey, health club, steam room, sauna, massage


Ot he


Innscor kenya


Maasai Rd, Off Mombasa Rd PO Box 27724-00506, Nairobi Tel. +254 (0)20 23 638 33; 35; 40; 41| Cell: +254 (0)720 993 000; 734 924 735 Email:

Harambee Ave, PO Box 30746-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 224 7277 Fax: +254 (0)20 310 223 Marketing/Front Office: +254 (0)20 221 4535; 20 224 7290 Email:

Location: Nairobi and Mombasa Innscor has a variety of brands that cater for people of all ages and backgrounds. The company owns renowned brands including Galito’s, Creamy Inn, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn and Bakers Inn. The focus is on product quality, customer service, affordability and a vibrant culture. Galito’s offers an impressive selection of great tasting chicken. Creamy Inn is the place for delicious coffees and ice creams. Pizza Inn serves some of the finest pizzas in town and Chicken Inn offers mouth-watering Southern-style breaded and spiced rotisserie chicken with salads, rolls or fries.

Location: Nairobi Located in the heart of Nairobi Central Business District and within walking distance of several five-star hotels. The Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) is a perfect venue for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and special events. With a combination of offices and meeting rooms, the KICC has hosted many international conferences and is one of Nairobi’s most famous landmarks.

NAS Airport Services

The Lord Errol Restaurant

PO Box 19010-00501, JKIA, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 827 900; 20 697 2000 Cell: +254 (0)722 205 287; 733 618 482 Fax: +254 (0)20 822 323 Email:

89 Ruaka Rd, Village Market, PO Box 999, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 712 2433; (0)712 1308 Fax: +254 (0)20 712 1142 Email:

Location: NAS Airport Services was founded in 1949 and is now part of Servair, the world’s 3rd largest airline caterer and the largest in Africa. Servair, with HQ in Paris is universally recognized for its know-how and workforce where quality, innovation, attentiveness and fine cooking are unanimously shared values. For in excess of 60 years, NAS have supplied international and local airlines with a fully integrated catering operation from preparation to loading and off-loading.

Location: Nairobi Named after the 22nd Lord Erroll, the central character in ‘White Mischief’, The Lord Erroll is one of Nairobi’s top eateries. The Verandah is the perfect al fresco dining experience and at weekends it is an especially popular lunchtime venue. With its wood panelling and photographic memorabilia, the Highlander Bar pays homage to a bygone era. International dishes are prepared in The Conservatory while The Claremont serves classical French cuisine.

The Tamarind Group

Tin Tin Restaurant

PO Box 74493- 00200, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 272 8090/1/3/4 Cell: +254 (0)73 364 1627; 72 220 4358 Fax: +254 (0)20 272 4209 Email:

Lower Ground Floor, KICC, Harambee Ave PO Box 58077, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 229 093 Fax:+254 (0)20 213 815 Email:

Location: Nairobi and Mombasa The Tamarind Group owns and operates some of Kenya’s best-known brands in the hospitality sector, comprising interests in restaurants, entertainment and accommodation. These include: the Carnivore, with its charcoal-grilled exotic meat; the Tamarind Restaurant, the leading place at the coast for lovers of seafood; the Nairobi Tamarind; and the Tamarind Village. The group operates two seagoing dhows which set sail each day from the Tamarind Restaurant.

Location: Nairobi Established in 1978 and situated in the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District, Tin Tin Restaurant has earned an enviable reputation among food connoisseurs around Kenya. The sumptuous menu represents years of hard-earned experience and dedication to quality. Visit them to experience the exhilarating taste, breath-taking splendour and impeccable service at one of Nairobi’s longest-standing restaurants.


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airobi is not only Kenya’s capital and largest city but is the largest metropolis in East and Central Africa.

Located about 500 km from Mombasa, Nairobi is the gateway and economic hub of the East African region. Most major companies and international organisations are headquartered in this vibrant city, commonly referred to as ‘the green city in the sun’. Nairobi offers a vibrant mix of entertainment, water sports, golf, gambling and family fun – a lush and tropical fantasy land deep in the city that is also positioned as the region’s economic pillar. The entertainment scene in Nairobi offers a wide range of choices depending on the tastes and preferences of the individual. Here, most entertainment spots are located within close proximity of each other while at the same time being

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reason why you should not get out there and rejuvenate your cultural, artistic and adrenalin-pumping senses.

With these in mind, it is now an open secret that the Kenyan entrainment scene has come full cycle. In this new edition, we welcome you to sample Kenya’s vast entertainment menu that

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Chief Executive Officer

ment, food, family and friends! We welcome you, and this

Pubs, Entertainment & Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK)

P e ra k



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petrol station)


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PO Box 2453-00100, Nairobi location: THIKA ROAD Contact Person: MUIGAI Tel: +254 (0)720 891 144 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)724 937 077 Email:


club LEGEND Rongai



Tel: +254 (0)20 271 1772 Cell: +254 (0)700 897 070 Email: gitonga@buffetpark-tamasha.

CHANGES PUB 1st/2nd floors, Building-Mpaka Plaza, Mpaka Rd PO Box 14727-00800, Nairobi Location: WESTLANDS Contact Person: DIANA MUTHONI Tel: +254 (0)735 894507 Email:


LOCATION: MOMBASA ROAD (Total petrol station) Contact Person: ASHWIN GANDHI Tel: +254 (0)722 327 676 Email:

Location: UMOJA MOI DRIVE Contact Person: MAIRURA

Tel: +254 (0)722 259 974 Email: jmairura@dominionvegfruits. com



r obi


location: KENYATTA AVENUE (Kobil

Tel: +254 (0)712 390 699 Email:




BLANCO’S SPORTS GRILL Tel: +254 (0)721 605 146; 736 793 363 Email:




Hurlingham Plaza, Arwings Kodhek Rd PO Box 566-00100, Nairobi Location: HURLINGHAM PLAZA Contact Person: MARY WANGARI Tel: +254 (0)20 273 6386 Cell: +254 (0)722 817 777 Email:



PO Box 55381-00100, Nairobi Location: KOINANGE STREET Contact Person: ALVIN JONES Tel: +254 (0)202 215 014 Email:;

location: NGONG RACE COURSE Contact Person: IMMACULATE


Contact Person: DAVID MOKAYA

Tel: +254 (0)722 742 372 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)727 471 336 Email:

COCO JAMBO RESTAURANT PO Box 4010-00506, Nairobi location: ARWINGS KODHEK/CHAKA PLACE Contact Person: FRANK MBOGO Tel: +254 (0)20 387 5002 Cell: +254 (0)722 514 601 Email:

LOCATION: WESTLANDS/ CHIROMO JUNCTION Contact Person: RICHARD Tel: +254 (0)722 520 191 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)721 259 331 Email:



Contact Person: HABIB KONGO


Tel: +254 (0)722 512 512; 722 816 076 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)733 775 141 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)723 605 842 Email:



PO Box 39005-00623, Nairobi LOCATIOn: OJIJO ROAD, PARKLANDS Contact Person: KAHAMA Tel: +254 (0)20 374 9870 Email:

Kinoo country club


Tel: +254 (0)721 844 685 Email:

KLUB VIBRO Contact Person: DAVID MOKAYA Tel: +254 (0)722 742 372 Email:


Tel :+254 (0)733 745 224 Email:

LEGEND lounge PO Box 75442-00200, Nairobi location: BARICHO ROAD Contact Person: STEVE Tel: +254 (0)712 390 699 Email:

MANG HOTEL Contact Person: TIMOTHY KINUTHIA Tel: +254 (0)20 340 692 Cell: +254 (0)722 515 058 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)723 591 588 Email:

Mooreland restaurant

LOCATION: NGARA (Opp. Stima Plaza) Contact Person: ROBERT

Tel: +254 (0)721 117 754 Email:

Contact Person: THUO KIMANI

MWENDAS cocktail PUB

Tel: +254 (0)20 223 0836 Cell: 0722 747367 Email:



Tel: +254 (0)726 760 002 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)720 999 021 Email:


P e ra k N a i r o



Tel: +254 (0)722 730 941 Email:



Tel: +254 (0)722 306 977 Email:

NEW FLORIDA DISCO PO Box 42558-00100, Nairobi LOCATION: MOI AVENUE Contact Person: ALVIN JONES Tel: +254 (0)20 221 5014 Email:





LOCATION: WABERA STREET PO Box 9156-00100, Nairobi Contact Person: STEVE KAIPMA Tel: +254 (0)720 596 083 Email:


location: LANGATA Contact Person: LOPO/ SAID FARAJ

Tel: +254 (0)704 791 000; 724 984 568 Email:

REDCUBE RESTAURANT location: KAREN (Total petrol station) Contact Person: TERRY MUNGAI

Tel: +254 (0)722 524 264 Email:

SHEEBEEN restaurant location: UPPERHILL Contact Person: JAMES MWANGI

Tel: +254 (0)20 375 5267/8 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)20 271 3412/3 Cell: +254 (0)721 719 173 Email:



Contact Person: MRS.GANDHI


Tel:+254 (0)733 606 003 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 713 630 Email:





Tel: +254 (0)20 386 1698 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 519 541 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)723 990 329 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)720 596 083 Email:

20 Tom Mboya St, PO Box 60445-00200, Nairobi LOCATION: KAREN Contact Person: LILIAN Tel: +254 (0)722 789 472 Email:

2nd floor, Soin Arcade, Muthithi Rd, Westlands, Nairobi LOCATION: SOIN ARCADE, WESTLANDS Contact Person: DENNIS NJAGI Tel: +254 (0)722 538 443 Email:




TAIDY’S RESTAURANT PO Box 54480-00200 LOCATION: MAAI-MAHIU ROAD, NAIROBI WEST Contact Person: KILONZO Tel: +254 (0)20 607 002 Cell: +254 (0)721 651 001 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)700 897 070 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)20 221 4640 Cell: +254 (0)722 753 850 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 512 184 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 779 215 Email:



WALLET PUB PO Box 4131-00200, Nairobi Location: TOM MBOYA STREET Contact Person: THUO KIMANI Tel: +254 (0)20 230 836 Cell: +254 (0)7227 473 67 Email:





Tel: +254 (0)724 414 412; 72 879 997 Email:

Tel: +254 (0)722 961 797 Email:


Contact Person: CYRUS MUKE


33, Lunga Lunga Rd, Industrial Area PO Box 78490-00507, Nairobi LOCATION: LUNGA LUNGA INDUSTRIAL AREA Contact Person: ELESH Tel: +254 (0)20 536 779; 536 781 Email:;



Tel: +254 (0)725 411 135 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)20 224 0236 Cell: +254 (0)722 747 367 Email:



P e ra k



Location: BOMBOLULU Contact Person: JAMES MAINA

PO Box 532-80109, Mtwapa Location: MTWAPA Contact Person: IAN PAUL Tel: +254 (0)721 894 718 Email:

Tel: 722821682 Email:

BAR BAR Location: MALINDI Contact Person: ZAINAB YUNUS

Tel: 721902933 Email:


Tel: Email:


PO Box 82662-80100, MombasaMalindi Road, Bamburi Location: MOMBASA Contact Person: JASWINDER SINGH Tel: +254 (0)41 548 7727; 548 7202 Cell: +254 (0)701 446 088 (Safaricom); 734 126 699 (Airtel) Reservations: +254 (0)733 621 275 (Mrs. Hasham) Fax: +254 (0)41 548 5861 Email:

Location: MALINDI Contact Person: ERIC MWASHIGADI



Tel: +254 (0)733 628 986 Email:




Birgis Complex, near Nakumatt, Nyali Location: NYALI Contact Person: PAUL LOHAY Tel: 721542953 Email:;

PO Box 2060-80100, Mombasa Location: MTWAPA Contact Person: KAMAU Tel: +254 (0)722 726 630 Email:

CAFÉ MOCHA Location: NYALI Contact Person: BIJAL

Tel: +254 (0)735 410 820 Email:


Ground floor, Nakumatt, Nyali PO Box 95566-80106, Mombasa Location: NYALI Contact Person: GABRIEL Tel: +254 (0)723 113 113 Email:

CANTON MALAYSIAN RESTAURANT Castle Hotel Car Park PO Box 88267, Mombasa Location: MOMBASA Contact Person: LUCY KHOR Tel: +254 (0)733 939 228 Email:


Location: Bamburi Contact Person: Emmanuel Mmeku

Tel: +254 (0)722 416 573 Email:



bas a


New Malindi Road, Kisauni PO Box 42641, Mombasa Location: MOMBASA Contact Person: W. NG’ANG’A Tel: +254 (0)723 717 600 Email:


Cement-Mtamboni Road (next to Vescon Estate), Bamburi PO Box 98685, Mombasa Location: BAMBURI Contact Person: MICHAEL KINYANJUI Tel: +254 (0)723 818 130 Email:

MALINDI SEA FISHING CLUB Location: Malindi Contact Person: PAMELA DUFF

Tel: +254 (0)723 159 845 Email:




PO Box 42641, Mombasa Meru Road, next to Splendid Hotel Location: MOMBASA Contact Person: W. NG’ANG’A Tel: +254 (0)723 717 600 Email:

FLORIDA NIGHTCLUB & CASINO/KALABAZA RESTAURANT PO Box 99714-80100, Mombasa Location: LIKONI Contact Person: ALVIN JONES Tel: +254 (0)722 728 343 Email:

G-10’S DISCO PO Box 83341-80100, Mombasa Location: NYALI Contact Person: JITEN MALDEN Tel: +254 (0)733 635 711 Email:




Location: NYALI Contact Person: C. MUSYOKA

Location: Malindi Contact Person: ERIC MWASHIGADI

Tel: +254 (0)713 773 061 Email:


PO Box 34147, Mombasa Location: BAMBURI Contact Person: ANTONNIO Tel: +254 (0)735 452 686 Email:




Location: NYALI Contact Person: ANTONNIO

Tel: +254 (0)722 410 033 Email:

Location: SOUTH COAST Contact Person: HAZEL

Tel: +254 (0)720 877 140 Email:

Location: MTWAPA Contact Person: RITA ZARNACK

Tel: +254 (0)722 411 168 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)723 436 000 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 411 713 Email:


P e ra k M

omb a s a

NYALI CINEMAX Main Nyali Road, PO Box 82675, Mombasa Location: NYALI Contact Person: SHITUL SACHNIA Tel: +254 (0)733 729 310 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)719 730 042 Email:

ROBERTO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Nyali Cinemax, Mombasa Location: NYALI Contact Person: ROBERTO MIANO Tel: +254 (0)723 332 667 Email:

SAFARI INN BAR & RESTAURANT PO Box 382-80109, Mtwapa Location: SHANZU Contact Person: RUDOLF HEFT Tel: +254 (0)722 671 475 Email: safariinn.meetingpoint@yahoo. com

PAPILLON GARDEN BAR VILLA PO Box 86291-80100, Bamburi, Mombasa Location: BAMBURI Contact Person: GUNHILD OSER Tel: +254 (0)729 753 654 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 511 559 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)726 838 433 Email:



Tel: +254 (0)722713628 Email:

TAMUTAMU ENTERPRISES TamuTamu Dishes, Mombasa-Malindi Rd, Mtwapa PO Box 95614-80106, Mkomani, Mombasa Location: MTWAPA Contact Person: SUREYA.A ROBLE Tel: +254 (0)724 620 705 Email:


PARTY PLOT RESTAURANT Port Reitz Road PO Box 90659-80100, Mombasa Location: BAMBURI Contact Person: A.BHAT Tel: +254 (0)722 884410 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)722 464 456 Email:

Mombasa, Malindi Road, North Coast (near Nakumatt Nyali Shopping Centre) PO Box 82491-80100 Location: MOMBASA, MALINDI ROAD Contact Person: Walter Reif Tel: +254 (0)20 202 4330; 20 260 7356 Cell: +254 (0)722 411 873 Email: Facebook: Tembo Entertainment Plaza


House of Entertainment PO Box 96191-90110, Mombasa Location: LIKONI Contact Person: JOSHUA ARONI Tel: +254 (0)722 836 562 Email:




Mtwapa Creek, Mombasa Location:MTWAPA Contact Person: FRANCIS WEKESA Tel: +254 (0)700 720 388 Email:

WILD WATERS PO Box 82630, Mombasa Mamba Village Road, Nyali Location: NYALI Contact Person: VIPUL PATHAK Tel: +254 (0)729 753 654 Email:


KAHC Kenya Hotel, Restaurant & Entertainment Guide 2012  

A complete destination guide for Kenya, containing information on the best hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs Kenya has to offer. Published...

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