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Special magic of our tribal culture


Culture Adventure Wildlife Heritage



Find the pure Africa– in comfort and style 6


A magical array of wildlife encounters In association with:

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Charming capital is well worth a stopover


Adventure capital of southern Africa


River adds magic to safari experience


Top-rated wildlife area is a safari heaven


Unspoilt park offers raw safari adventure


Landlocked Zambia’s very own riviera


A rich diversity of wonderful fauna


Delightful surprises in heartland of industry

destination Zambia 2018-19



Special magic of our tribal culture milosk50 / Shutterstock.com

Welcome to the 2018-2019 edition of Destination Zambia. It is exciting to offer you, our readers, the new edition of Destination Zambia – a publication with loads of tourism and travel contacts and information on Zambia. ambia, as most visitors to Africa

Zambia has a wealth of tourism products that

men) and the initiation of young girls who have

agree, is one of the best safari des-

include the rich cultural heritage, natural

come of age (tunamwali). Popular among the

tinations on the continent. This can

heritage sites, museums, monument sites, rivers

Nyau is the great dancer Gule wa Mukulu.

be attested through the various awards that

and lakes. These resources provide innumerable

the camps, lodges and safari guides across the

opportunities for adventure and other thrilling

On the other side of the country is the Likumbi

country have earned over time. Zambia’s wildlife


Lya Mize ceremony of the Luvale-speaking

congregates around rivers and waterholes from

people. Over 100 Makishi (masked men) dancers

May to November, making autumn an excellent

In this edition, we would like to highlight the

take part, all differently attired and performing

time to enjoy a safari.

destination’s diverse portfolio of cultural

different roles and dances to depict their culture

products. Zambia’s people and their cultures

and lifestyle.

In addition to safaris, the country is home to

are highly assorted and animated, with 72 tribes

the magnificent Victoria Falls – one of the seven

living in harmony. Our people are known for their

natural wonders of the world and the only one

own special brand of hospitality, with over 50

in Africa to make the list. It’s no wonder that,

traditional ceremonies taking place annually.

These ceremonies will captivate each tourist as

when Scottish missionary and explorer David

Notable among these are the Kulamba of the

they engage in the ceremony. To attend one of

Livingstone first stood at the roof of the falls, on

Chewa-speaking people, who dwell in the eastern

these ceremonies is to have a unique opportunity

what is now Livingstone Island, he exclaimed:

part of Zambia, and Likumbi Lya Mize of the

to learn and gain a deeper understanding of

“Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by

Luvale-speaking people, in the north-west. Both

yourself and those around you – deepening your

angels in their flight.”

have been recognised by Unesco as an ‘intan-

knowledge of a culturally diverse universe.


gible heritage of humanity to be preserved and enjoyed by all citizens of the world’.

For those attending the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin in March 2018, you are

This year we highlight these two traditional

invited to join us at our stand as Zambia will be

ceremonies, which are naturally twinned, because

the Convention and Cultural Partner for ITB 2018.

they take place on the same day every August. Come let’s explore – the pristine land of The Kulamba is a ceremony of the Chewa chiefs

opportunities beckons!

from Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia who pay homage to their king, Kalonga Gawa Undi, chosen


and appointed from the Zambian chiefdoms. This

Felix S. Chaila

is a unification ceremony of all the Chewa-speak-

Chief Executive Officer

ing people and is marked with Nyau (masked

Zambia Tourism Agency


Find the pure Africa– in comfort and style ambia is one of Africa’s great-

malls and entertainment venues are

remarkably untouched areas of wil-

est tourism destinations, with a

opening up in its towns and cities, helping

derness offering some of the last true

combination of attractions that

to draw in both visitors and new business.

African safari experiences. The national

Lusaka and Livingstone are home to

parks have achieved a delicate balance

international-standard hotels that suit

between accommodating visitors and

Covering 752,000 sq km and with a popula-

both business and leisure travellers, while

ensuring that mass tourism does not

tion of only around 16.5 million, Zambia is

the national parks offer accommodation

affect the complex and varied ecosystems

largely undeveloped and untouched, with

to suit those seeking adventure without

for which Zambia is well known. The

vast areas of pure wilderness and spec-

compromising on comfort and quality.

remote Busanga Plains, for example, are

make it unique among its neighbours.

tacular scenery just waiting to be explored.

one of the most biodiverse areas in the Zambia is blessed with some of Africa’s

region, with hundreds of wildlife and

Zambia is a fast-developing nation, but to

greatest natural wonders, including

birdlife species.

a lesser extent than other countries in the

Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River and

region. It means that visitors can enjoy

South Luangwa National Park. The Victoria Falls, known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya (‘the smoke

The country’s oldest and largest national

that thunders’), is one of the

park is Kafue. Located just a few hours by

continent’s most exciting and

road from both Lusaka and Livingstone,

unique spectacles. Located

it is a destination that remains unaffected

in Livingstone, the falls are

by commercialisation or mass develop-

recognised as one of the seven

ment. Other notable parks are South

natural wonders of the world

Luangwa, often regarded as the country’s

as well as being on the Unesco

best and most popular park and among

World Heritage list. Something

the best in Africa, and Lower Zambezi,

like 500 million litres of water

which boasts an abundant array of

per second passes over the

wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

edge of Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall by volume. While the falls themselves are an awesome sight, the modern, cosmopolitan cities before

they also offer a host of fun activities in

venturing off into the remote wilderness

the area, including the Devil’s Pool and

to enjoy a pure Africa that harks back to

bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls

the golden age of safari.


Zambia can do city life as well as safari

In addition to the falls, Zambia is home

life. In addition to the ever-improving

to some of the finest national parks

infrastructure, new hotels, shopping

in eastern and southern Africa, with




Zambia is populated by many tribal groups who contribute to its fascinating cultural heritage, with genuine tribal ceremonies taking place in everyday life rather than solely for the benefit of tourists. These tribal ceremonies and festivals are held across the country and are worth a visit to experience a side of Zambia not typically associated with the tourist trails. The large number of tribes has resulted in over 70 Bantu languages and dialects across the country. Of these languages, seven – Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Kaonde, Luvale and Lunda – have official status while English, also an official language, is the language of business and the primary teaching medium in schools. In addition to first-rate accommodation, excellent national parks and unforgettable scenery, it’s the people of Zambia who leave the most lasting impression on visitors. Their warm welcomes and broad smiles will ensure fond memories of Zambia – until your next visit, of course.

destination Zambia 2018-19



A magical array of wildlife encounters ambia is richly endowed in terms of

Most of the national parks are accessible all

wildlife reserves. The country has no

year round, although there are exceptions in

fewer than 20 national parks, plus a

the rainy season. Parks with rivers and air strips

further 36 game management areas (GMAs), as

can be accessed by water or by air. Visitors have

well as a bird sanctuary.

an excellent choice of lodges and bush camps located both inside and just outside the main

Only nine of the 20 national parks are fully developed in terms of tourism. The other 11

national parks.

parks can be explored, mostly on a self-drive

South Luangwa National Park

basis, but facilities are basic.

With large herds of elephant and buffalo and high predator densities, South Luangwa is the

The total area covered by the national parks and

nation’s most popular wildlife destination.

GMAs is impressive. They occupy some 40 per

The Luangwa River, a tributary of the Zambezi,

cent of the country’s land area – 232,000 sq km –

supports Zambia’s highest concentration of

equivalent to a medium-sized country in Europe.

hippo and crocodile and the park is home to the endemic Thornicroft’s giraffe. The concept of

All Zambian parks are ultimately controlled by

‘close to nature’ walking safaris was pioneered

the Department of National Parks and Wildlife

in South Luangwa and visitors will find excellent

(DNPW), which in turn is part of the Ministry

game viewing and top quality accommodation

potential. Its proximity to the richer Luangwa

of Tourism and Arts; but a few reserves are

(in and around the park).

Valley wildlife areas gives it the status of an

managed by independent trusts on a day-to-day basis in conjunction with the DNPW.

North Luangwa National Park This pristine and well maintained wildlife area

alternative destination, especially as an exit from the valley. The park offers rare sightings of spectacular roan and sable antelope species.

The aim of the DNPW is to integrate Zambia’s

is the only national park in Zambia where

wildlife policy with its economic, environmental

visitors can see all of the Big Five. Its landscape

Luambe National Park

and social policies so as to make an effective con-

is defined by the Muchinga Escarpment in the

This small park is one of the few national parks

tribution to sustainable national development.

upper areas of the park and Luangwa Valley in

being co-managed by the DNPW and private

The Department aims to achieve an integrated

the lower. North Luangwa has a small popula-

partners. It contains one of the country’s largest

and participatory approach to managing wildlife

tion of black rhino – the only Zambian national

known packs of wild dogs and a significant

resources, especially in the game management

park to have this distinction. Visitors normally

hippo population. There is one camp with

areas, so as to reduce the conflict of interests

fly to and from the park, but it has a few

comfortable accommodation.

between humans and wildlife.

seasonal bush camps.

Tourism in Zambia is based on nature. Most of

Lukusuzi National Park

the country’s biodiversity is contained within its

This park in a mineral-rich part of Lundazi, in

of elephant and black rhino, Mweru Wantipa is

huge wildlife estate, which today accounts for

eastern Zambia, has not fully developed into

rarely visited by tourists now. It has two distinct

about 80 per cent of Zambia’s tourism activities.

a popular tourist destination but has lots of

parts. The Mweru Wantipa marsh and Lake


Mweru Wantipa National Park Once home to the nation’s largest populations


Mweru Wantipa form one part, while the other

wilderness adventure. Kafue can be reached

urban conservation area is ideal for game viewing.

contains miombo woodland and patches of itigi

by road, air and even by water and the park

Mosi-oa-Tunya is one of only two parks in Zambia


contains over 150 mammal species and some

with a population of white rhino, while visitors

480 bird species.

can also view elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, kudu

Nsumbu National Park

and zebra. There is top-quality accommodation

This location beside Lake Tanganyika offers

Nyika National Park

great opportunities for water-based tourism.

Part of a transfrontier conservation area (TFCA)

Nsumbu is renowned for its high numbers of

managed by Zambia and Malawi, the park is

Blue Lagoon National Park

puku and for viewing sitatunga in Nkamba Bay.

located on the Nyika Plateau on the interna-

A paradise for birdwatchers, Blue Lagoon is offi-

For many years Nsumbu has hosted a major

tional border. With its spectacular montane

cially recognised, along with Lochinvar National

fishing competition involving tigerfish, giant

ecosystem, Nyika offers a first-rate tourism

Park, as an Important Bird Area. It is part of the

catfish and Nile perch. Nkamba Bay Lodge offers

experience with incomparable scenery.

Kafue Flats ecosystem.

Lochinvar National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park

Officially recognised as an Important Bird Area,

Believed to contain Africa’s highest density of

Located in northern Luapula Province, 16

this small but fascinating park on the Kafue

impala, this park is a quick and easy getaway

km from the town of Kawambwa. The park is

Flats offers many opportunities to view both

from Lusaka. Anglers have access to catch-and-

bordered by the Kalungwishi River, featuring

resident and migratory birds as well as the

release fishing on the Zambezi.

the three ‘must see’ waterfalls of Lumangwe,

endemic Kafue lechwe (a type of antelope). Key

Kabwelume and Kundabwika. The DNPW has

features include the Gwisho hot springs, the

Lusaka National Park

restocked the park with various species.

drumming rocks and Lochinvar House.

Zambia’s newest national park, 15 km south-

Isangano National Park

West Lunga National Park

This park, with its river and woodland scenery,

Perfect for water-based tourism activities

environment. Easily accessible by road, it is

has a lot of potential for tourism development.

and camping, West Lunga is a clearly defined

one of two parks in Zambia to be populated by

The Lubansenshi River runs through the middle

protected area bordered by rivers.

white rhino. It offers peaceful sightseeing for all

good quality lakeside accommodation.

Lusenga Plain National Park

of the park, which is characterised by miombo trees.

Lavushi Manda National Park

Liuwa Plain National Park

patches of grassland, Lavushi offers the visitor

lower, flooded areas to the upper, dry lands.

an exciting bush experience. Located in Mpika

Located in Kalabo District, in the Barotse Plains,

District, the park is co-managed by DNPW

the park is co-managed by DNPW with private

with private partners and involving the local


Thought to be the only area in Zambia where white rhino once occurred naturally. Today,

December) is a popular feature of Kasanka,

giraffe and tsessebe can be found in the park,

located at the southern end of the Bangweulu

which is part of the Kavango and Zambezi

flood plains. In addition, the park offers sight-

(KAZA) transfrontier conservation area.

Kafue National Park

groups in a spectacular landscape that is also a good wildlife habitat.

Sioma Ngwezi National Park

The annual bat migration (October to

ings of the shoebill stork and sitatunga.

Mosi-oa-Tunya to be established in an urban

zebra, thus providing visitors with a chance to view the annual wildebeest migration from the

Kasanka National Park

east of Lusaka, is the second reserve after

Home to a large population of wildebeest and

With its mosaic of thick miombo woodland and


on the banks of the Zambezi River.

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park Located within the municipal boundary of

The oldest and largest of Zambia’s national

Livingstone town, Mosi-oa-Tunya is home to the

parks, with its great diversity of plant and

Victoria Falls, now recognised by Unesco as a

animal species, is the ideal place for a

World Heritage Site. In addition to the falls, this

BIRD SANCTUARY In 2015 the Zambia Wildlife Authority took control of the Chembe Bird Sanctuary in Kalulushi with the aim of restoring the area to its former beauty and developing it as a tourist attraction. The sanctuary is being fenced and restocked with both birds and animals and there are long-term plans to build lodges at Chembe. destination Zambia 2018-19





Lake Tanganyika

Culture Adventure Wildlife Heritage


Mweru Wantipa National Park

Lake Mweru

Nsumbu National Park

KAWAMBWA Lusenga Plain National Park


KASAMA Isangano National Park

Lake Bangweulu

Nyika Plateau National Park

Lavushi Manda National Park North Luangwa National Park


Kasanka National Park

SOLWEZI West Lunga National Park


Luambe National Park

South Luangwa National Park






Liuwa Plain National Park

Lukusuzi National Park



Kafue National Park





Blue Lagoon National Park


Lower Zambezi National Park

Lusaka National Park


Lochinvar National Park

m Za be

Ngonye Falls


zi ve

MOZAMBIQUE Siavonga & Kariba Dam

Lake Kariba




Sioma Ngwezi National Park




Victoria Falls


Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park


BOTSWANA destination Zambia 2018-19



Charming capital is well worth a stopover Above all, Lusaka is a city that offers visitors a traditional and hearty Zambian

landscape characterised by

welcome. Tourists can expect to find an

broad, tree-lined avenues, Lusaka is one

appealing combination of good accommo-

of the most appealing cities in Africa.

dation, great food and attentive service.

Even for visitors eager to head out to

In terms of accommodation, Lusaka

see Zambia’s amazing wildlife and its

can boast several top-class and inter-

magnificent natural beauty, Lusaka is well

nationally known hotels – including

worth a stopover.

the InterContinental, the Radisson Blu,

africa924 /Shutterstock.com

ith a pleasant year-round climate and an urban

the Southern Sun Ridgeway and the Taj Thanks to its elevation of some 1,300

Pamodzi – as well as a broad range of

metres above sea level, the Zambian

popular mid-range chains such as Best

capital enjoys crisp blue skies and agree-

Western, Cresta and Protea.

able temperatures for most of the year, except in the warm and wet months of

Shopping apart, there is a range of things


to see and do in the Zambian capital. They

When it comes to food, Lusaka has a

LuNaMu) on Independence Avenue and

Getting around the city is generally easy,

wide choice of eateries offering a range of

the Sunday Crafts Market in the car park at

despite a growing number of cars on

cuisine that includes Chinese, Indian and

Arcades, where the friendly vendors enjoy

its roads, while the journey to and from

Italian. The city also has many popular

haggling over prices.

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is

steakhouses serving locally reared beef as

typically fast and trouble-free.

well as the usual selection of chain restau-

Outside the city, the ZAWA-run Munda

rants commonly found across southern

Wanga Environmental Park, with its

Lusaka is an increasingly sophisticated

Africa. Visitors will also find a tempting

botanical garden, makes an ideal family

and affluent city. It has the feel of a rela-

array of Zambian comfort foods to try.

day out.

Shopaholics will not be disappointed in

There is also Chaminuka Lodge, with its

January and February.

include the Lusaka National Museum (or

tively small city, in spite of its population of some 1.8 million in the metropolitan area.

Lusaka. In contrast with the

own well-stocked game reserve and an

recent past – when the city

attractive restaurant, located about 40

lacked even the most rudimen-

minutes north-east of Lusaka; while, in

tary of shopping malls – Lusaka

the opposite direction, Lilayi Lodge offers

now has three malls of a very

something broadly similar in terms of

high standard: Arcades and

eating out in a private wildlife park.

Manda Hill, both on the Great


East Road; and Levy Junction,

Lovers of scaly creatures can admire

on Sadzu Road. Visitors will find

the giant Nile crocodiles and other

all the top retail brands from

remarkable mammals at Kalimba Reptile

South Africa and elsewhere

Park, which also provides opportuni-

in these impressive shopping

ties for fishing in the lakes or enjoying a




BEST WESTERN PLUS LUSAKA GRAND HOTEL No.7 Great East Road, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 239 666 Email: reservations@lusakagrand.co.zm www.lusakagrand.co.zm

Enjoy the grand life in Lusaka Best Western PLUS Lusaka Grand Hotel is located within the cultural melting pot of the bustling capital city of Lusaka, close to the CBD and shopping malls. Each of the hotel’s 92 guest rooms, consisting of standard and executive rooms and Junior Suites, is air conditioned and offers an in-room hospitality tray, free Wi-Fi, electronic safe, DStv and 24-hour room service. There is also free parking, an outdoor swimming pool, free use of the business centre and free access to an off-site gym. The restaurant offers complimentary breakfast and an international à la carte menu including Indian and Chinese cuisine. Light meals, drinks and cocktails are offered at the bar or at the pool deck. There are also three conference venues and a ballroom.


PO Box 35370, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 213 303/5; 254 140/6 Fax: +260 211 254 190 Email: information@chaminuka.com www.chaminuka.com

Originally established in the 1970s as a private retreat, Chaminuka is a luxurious 30-suite lodge. Set in the heart of Zambia’s largest private nature reserve, with 4,000 hectares of untouched land, the reserve boasts a wealth of over 300 species of birds and some 70 species of wildlife. Inspired by an African village, each of the air conditioned suites is decorated in a fusion of contemporary and traditional themes and comes with an en-suite bathroom.


PO Box 31407, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 253 036 Fax: +260 211 252 569 Email: book@chrismarhotels.com www.chrismarhotels.com

Chrismar Hotel offers double, twin, and deluxe executive rooms. All rooms are air conditioned with en-suite bathroom, Jacuzzi tub and shower, tea and coffee facilities and multi-choice TV. There is a beautiful swimming pool in a tranquil garden setting. The hotel offers a bar lounge and the Cattleman’s Grill, an outdoor à la carte restaurant braai, resembling a typical game lodge eatery. A combination of brass, oakwood and granite complement the decor in this

Plot 9965, Makanta Close Off Makishi Road Private Bag E891, Box 655, Postnet Manda Hill, Lusaka Tel : +260 211 221 060 Cell: +260 976 221 060 Email: info@flintstonesbackpackers.com www.flintstonesbackpackers.com

10247 Great East Road, Munali PO Box 38929, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 290 770 Fax: +260 211 292 049 Email: reservations@crestahotels.com www.crestagolfview.com enabled and have tea/coffee making facilities. There is an adjoining convention centre offering four fully equipped conference facilities and two executive boardrooms plus a full service business centre. Manda Hill and Arcades shopping centres are just five minutes’ drive from the hotel.


Flintstones Backpackers is in the heart of Lusaka, conveniently located close to shopping malls, bus and train services, banks and craft markets. There is capacity for 30 dorm spaces, double, twin and en-suite rooms. There is a seating area while waiting for meals and also a fully stocked bar with a pool table and

a dartboard for relaxing after a long day. Other facilities include internet access, satellite TV, laundry services, ample parking with 24-hour security, travel advice, airport transfers and a 24-hour check-in service. The Manda Hill and Arcades shopping centres are just five minutes’ drive from the hotel.


Dunduza Chisidza Crescent, Longacres PO Box 30815, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 213 004 Fax: +260 211 251 760 Email: gardengroup@zamtel.zm www.gardengroupzambia.com

The Garden House Hotel is located on mumbwa road, just a five-minute drive from the city centre. The hotel has 70 self-contained rooms equipped with modern showers and baths. The hotel grounds are large and secure with the ability to accommodate many campers.

stylish, modern restaurant with its own bar and entertainment television. The brasserie is situated in the hotel building and offers a superb menu to suit the most discerning of diners.



Located within easy reach of the city centre, Cresta Golfview Hotel is located next to the Chainama Golf Club, close to Lusaka Airport. Golfview is ideal for business or relaxation and offers well appointed rooms as well as a tropical themed swimming pool and a popular restaurant (serving both Western and Zambian cuisine) and bar. The hotel has 78 air conditioned bedrooms. All rooms are Wi-Fi

The lodge offers an array of activities including morning and afternoon game drives, bush walks, horseback safaris, fishing, a tour of the cheese factory, tennis and snooker. There is also a pool, a Jacuzzi and a sauna.

Plot 173-A, Kansangula Road Lusaka Tel: +260 211 296 666 Email: zamgph@gmail.com www.zamgph.com

Conferences, seminars and weddings are the Garden House Hotel’s speciality. It offers a unique food menu and a well stocked bar. Wi-Fi from the terraces and bar is free.

The Golden Peacock Hotel is located in the Roma area of Lusaka next to the Arcades Shopping Mall. The Golden Peacock was designed as a five-star hotel with all kinds facilities including guest rooms, Chinese/ Western restaurants, conference rooms, gym, swimming pool, multi-function room and bar. There are 146 guest rooms, including 46 senior single rooms, 91 senior standard rooms, six Chinese-style deluxe suites

and three presidential suites. The large restaurant incorporates three different designs: a Western-style dining room, a Chinese dining room and a luxury catering dining room.

destination Zambia 2018-19




Tel (Lusaka office): +260 211 236 401/3; 955 236401 Tel (Ndola office): +260 212 615 368/954; 081 996 www.ethiopianairlines.com

Always putting the customer first Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is one of the world’s leading airlines, flying more than 7.6 million passengers and over 266,000 tonnes of cargo per year, using a current fleet of 92 aircraft and realising revenues of US$ 2.5 billion in 2016. Ethiopian Airlines currently flies to over 56 destinations in Africa, including Zambia. Since the establishment of the first flight to Zambia in 1996, Ethiopian Airlines has developed connections from Lusaka, offering 10 flights on a weekly basis, and daily flights from Ndola. Ethiopian plays a major role in fostering the export activities of Zambia by operating three cargo flights per week. The airline strives to always put the customer first, offering the best services for both passengers and cargo. Ethiopian Airlines has demonstrated this in terms of significant expansion in its route connections, number of aircraft, as well as financial performance during the last several years. Ethiopian Airlines takes innovative steps to ensure that they offer competitive services, highlighted in their slogan: ‘going great lengths to please’. In addition to flying to more destinations in Africa than any other carrier, Ethiopian Airlines also fly across five continents, to more than 100 destinations in total. Passengers can enjoy daily flights from Lusaka and Ndola, coupled with smooth connections to Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America, offering competitive fares and flexible ticket conditions. Passengers benefit from 46 kg baggage allowance, complimentary cuisine and bar, as well as state-of-the-art inflight entertainment systems.



PO Box 32201, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 250 000 Email: reservations.iclusaka@ihg.com www.ihg.com

Situated in the diplomatic and government area of Lusaka and close to the commercial centre, InterContinental Lusaka offers an ideal five-star location for international travellers. There is a choice of Lusaka’s leading restaurants within the hotel. The newly opened Trattoria Pizzeria offers authentic Italian cuisine. The hotel also has a large health club and a 24-hour business centre. There are nine meeting rooms suitable for a range of events,

Kafue Road, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 278 747 Fax: +260 211 251 760 Email: gardengroup@zamtel.zm www.gardengroupzambia.com

from large conferences to private business meetings. The largest room has a capacity of 700 in reception style and the smallest can accommodate 20 people in banquet style. The hotel can also lay claim to the largest conference room and ballroom in Lusaka.


The stylish restaurant provides both à la carte and buffet options and the well stocked bar spreads into a spacious veranda offering a great relaxation venue as well as DStv and a pool table.


PO Box 30093, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 840 435; 840 436 Cell: +260 971 002 010 www.lilayi.com

Lilayi offers 10 spacious deluxe and two family thatched chalets, all with luxurious bathrooms. The deluxe chalets have folding glass doors opening onto a wooden-decked veranda. Family chalets consist of two bedrooms, each en-suite, and a furnished lounge. Amenities include LED satellite television, wireless internet connection, a bar fridge and a tea and coffee station. The restaurant and bar/lounge area has a veranda and sundowner deck overlooking the pool. The restaurant offers a blend of African and contemporary cuisine. For corporate clients

The Kafue Road Garden Hotel is located in Lusaka just off the Kafue Road opposite the Castle Shopping Centre. It is an ideal location for both the business traveller and the conferencing/workshop sector with facilities for up to 120 people available. Set in attractive gardens, the hotel boasts 22 spacious en-suite rooms all with DStv.

PO Box FW02, 61 Munali Road, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 840 292/93 Cell: +260 979 935 588 Fax: +260 211 224 075 Email: longviewlodges@yahoo.com

there is a modern air conditioned boardroom accommodating up to 16 people. Game drives and bush walks are available and a visit to the Elephant Orphanage Project is recommended.

Only 15 minutes from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and close to Chainama Golf Club, Longview Lodge offers a choice of twin, single and double rooms. All are en-suite and air conditioned and equipped with DStv, direct-dial telephone and minibar. Laundry and parking facilities are available and there is 24-hour security. The lodge has a cosy restaurant serving a broad range of meals, including traditional

Zambian dishes. There is a swimming pool, free wireless internet connection, 24-hour room service and special meal requests. Longview has conference facilities for up to 30 people and a 20-seat boardroom with overhead projectors, flip charts, DVD, VCR and TV.

destination Zambia 2018-19




Leopard’s Lane, Kabulonga Lusaka Tel: +260 211 268 802/3/4 Email: 15@thelatitudehotels.com www.thelatitudehotels.com

A different kind of African city hotel Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of south-east Lusaka’s tree-lined avenues, yet less than 30 minutes from the city centre and Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, is Latitude 15°. Providing leisure guests and business travellers with chic city hotels that are as slick and cool as Europe’s finest, Latitude’s unique brand of African boutique hotels are proof that you can create a hip urban hub that is both sophisticated and friendly. Whether you need a pit-stop between safari adventures or you’re in town on business, Latitude 15° has 32 spacious rooms, as well as three two-bed apartments, ideal for those planning a longer stay. When you’re travelling, comfort is crucial so you can expect heavenly beds and luxurious bathrooms with full-size tubs and walk-in showers. The finest linens, 32 inch flat-screen TVs, Nespresso machines and free Wi-Fi help guests enjoy the home-from-home experience. The laid-back, stylish vibe extends to the pool-side terrace, bar, lounge and restaurant, which serves up contemporary, cosmopolitan cuisine in keeping with the hotel’s design details. The private members club, The Other Side, is also open to hotel guests, offering access not only to the swimming pool, spa and gym, but also to a calendar packed with a host of art, fashion and social events. The Works, meanwhile, combines open-plan ‘hot-desking’ with private workspaces, meeting rooms and event spaces, creating a stimulating and versatile environment that offers a welcome change from bland business suites. In addition to the decor, facilities, wining and dining, networking and relaxing, the spirit of Latitude helps it to stand out from the crowd. By working with local artists and producers to showcase the best of Africa, Latitude proudly encourages a connection with a vibrant community of locals and visitors alike.




161 Mulombwa Close, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 805483 Email: info@lusakabackpackers.com www.lusakabackpackers.com

Described by Lonely Planet as a beautiful lodge, Lusaka Backpackers is conveniently located in the central area of Lusaka, only 15 minutes’ walk from both the bus and train station, the town centre banks, shopping malls, craft markets and about a 30 minutes’ walk from most of the embassies. The lodge offers airport pick-up for a small fee, to ensure arrivals into Lusaka are hassle-free. For those travelling through Africa, Lusaka is a great city for a welcome stopover, and Lusaka

House no. 20, Kariba Road, Kalundu, Lusaka WhatsApp: +260 966 303 816 Email: info@natwange.com www.natwangebackpackers.com

Backpackers is the ideal spot to relax. Guests can book a variety of adventures at the travel desk or spend time exploring the city or simply relaxing at the pool. Free (fibre-optic) Wi-Fi is available. Discounts are offered for long term stay.


in Lusaka. Buses run towards the city centre and the staff can help organise transportation, reserve bus tickets and offer advice. Special discounts available for long term stays, group reservations, NGOs and more.


Dunduza Chisidza Crescent, Longacres PO Box 30815, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 251 734 Fax: +260 211 251 760 Email: gardengroup@zamtelzm www.gardengroupzambia.com

The Ndeke Hotel, situated at Longacres, can fairly claim to be Lusaka’s leading family hotel. It boasts 40 double en-suite bedrooms, two family rooms and four singles, all with television and telephones. Meals are varied, with à la carte and two buffet lunches throughout the week. The open-air courtyard atmosphere is a pleasant feature with an elegant bar,

Natwange is a new and cosy backpackers lodging for those looking for fun, relaxing, quiet and awesome accommodation in Lusaka. Natwange Backpackers offers a place to relax, with fabulous rooms, free breakfast in the lovely garden and a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. The staff will do their best to make you feel at home and have an memorable stay in Lusaka. The backpackers is a few minutes’ walk from the best shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife

609 Central Street, Chudleigh, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 290 544; 295 411 Cell: +260 955 750 356; 977 521 123

terraced extension to the restaurant and an avocado tree by the swimming pool. The hotel also provides conference facilities in quiet and comfortable surroundings. The Ndeke Hotel is part of the Garden Group of Hotels.

Palmwood Lodge in Lusaka is an extensive property with beautifully landscaped gardens and lush, manicured lawns. It caters for the business traveller, tourists and families, while also being the perfect venue for events such as corporate functions and family gatherings. Accommodation includes a main lodge, cottage and various motel style units cleverly spaced out around the lodge grounds. The main lodge houses the reception area and a variety of rooms, including doubles and executive doubles.

Access to the executive lounge, various boardrooms and the main conference hall is also from the lodge, which is near the restaurant, bar and pool. The secluded swimming pool is near the restaurant and bar.

NOMADS COURT & LODGES Plot 34474 off Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka 10101, Zambia Tel: +260 211 258 100 Email: info@nomadscourtzambia.com www.nomadscourtzambia.com

Perfect for business and leisure Located deep in the heart of Lusaka, Nomads Court offers the perfect stay for those travelling for business and pleasure. With 57 spacious and stylish deluxe guest rooms and executive suites, Nomads Court & Lodges are sure to accommodate all needs. All rooms are self-contained and include Wi-Fi, temperature control systems, a minibar, satellite TV, (LED Plasma TV), a large work desk, a safe and room service. The property also offers airport pick-ups and drop-offs. In addition to accommodation, there is a business centre that can cater for weddings and other various special events. The hotel restaurant specialises in serving the finest food whilst the spacious outdoor pool is accompanied by a bar that serves light refreshments.

THE LUSAKA HOTEL Cairo Road PO Box 30044, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 229 049 Email: lushotel@zamnet.zm www.lusakahotel.com

The Lusaka Hotel, established in 1926, has the distinction of being the city’s oldest. It is situated in the central business district with easy access to shops. There are 80 air conditioned rooms, all with en-suite facilities, telephone, TV and mosquito protection. The hotel has indoor and outdoor restaurants as well as a lounge and bar. Il Bambino Restaurant caters for up to 80 diners and serves continental and traditional Zambian

cuisine, while the poolside restaurant, The Terrace, can seat up to 50 people. The Terrace offers a coffee shop menu as well as serving grilled dishes. The hotel also offers an outside catering service for up to 250 people.

destination Zambia 2018-19



NOMADS COURT - CHUDLEIGH Plot No. 9708 off Central Street, Chudleigh Tel: +260 211 294 324 / 327; 211 294 329 Cell: +260 955 958 111/2 Email: info@nomadscourtzambia.com www.nomadscourtzambia.com

A comfortable stay in a quiet setting Nomads Court - Chudleigh is a masterpiece built with exquisite architecture and provides a comfortable stay in Zambia’s capital of Lusaka. It is purposely located just outside the city centre in Woodlands, perfect for those guests who prefer a quieter setting in a busy city. The property is less than a 25-minute drive from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and is in close proximity to all major shopping malls in Lusaka, as well as other various attractions. Nomads Court - Chudleigh has 35 well-appointed rooms that are accompanied by a variety of essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. All rooms are air conditioned and have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some rooms also feature a seating area and/or balcony and have a kitchen fully equipped with an oven, microwave, fridge and a kettle. Towels and bed linen are available. In addition, the hotel includes an outdoor pool and lounge area to ensure guests are able to have a relaxing stay at Nomads. Guests can expect a unique dining experience at the restaurant, conveniently situated on the premises for those who want to stay close by in the evenings. The property also offers stunning gardens to relax in a peaceful environment. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the property and free private parking is also available on site.



c/o PO Box 282, Private Bag E10, Lusaka Tel: +260 966 432 700 Email: mail@pioneercampzambia.com www.pioneercampzambia.com

Pioneer Lodge & Camp, Lusaka, is set within 25 acres of miombo woodland. The property is surprisingly good for birds. At the centre of Pioneer is the open thatched bar/restaurant or Chitenge. This is the place to exchange tales of adventure with fellow travellers. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here. Only 14 km from the airport and the Arcades and Manda Hill shopping malls, Pioneer is an oasis out of town,

Arcades Shopping & Entertainment Complex Lusaka Tel: +260 211 254 664 Email: reservations@phlusaka.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

the ideal place to stay at the beginning, in between or at the end of a safari. All eight of the en-suite chalets have verandas with lovely woodland views. They are just a minute’s walk from the main camp and offer a high level of privacy.


of upmarket shops, lively bars, excellent restaurants and a casino on its doorstep. Located only 500 metres from the University of Zambia and opposite the Mulungushi International Conference Centre, the hotel offers a convenient venue for both business and leisure travellers.


Cairo Road, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 238 360 Email: reservations@phcairoroad.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Cairo Road is located in Lusaka’s central business district only 30 km from the international airport. It offers 75 spacious rooms with air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, electronic safes and electronic door locks, telephone and DStv. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the bar is open until 10 pm daily.

Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka offers 100 spacious bedrooms, a restaurant, a bar, a splash pool and two conference venues accommodating 40 delegates each or combined to seat 100 as well as free wireless internet access throughout the hotel. It is ideally situated within the vibrant and bustling Arcades Shopping and Entertainment Complex, with a range

Plot 1887, Kamaila Road, Chisamba Tel: +260 211 212 843 Email: reservations@phsafarilodge.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

Conference facilities comprise two boardrooms and two conference rooms seating 40 delegates each or combined to seat 80. Free wireless internet access is available throughout the hotel.

Located just 35 minutes from the centre of Lusaka and set in a 2,500 acre private game reserve, Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Safari Lodge offers superb facilities for the holiday and business traveller Designed to capture the safari feel, its gum pole and thatch structures blend naturally into the surrounding environment, yet it offers all the best facilities available in any city centre venue.

A world-class conference centre with full audiovisual and communication facilities for up to 80 delegates is available as well as free wireless internet access. The friendly staff ensure that a stay at Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Safari Lodge will be memorable in every aspect.

destination Zambia 2018-19




Arcades Shopping & Entertainment Complex Tel: +260 211 375 800 Email: reservations@phlusakatower.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Tower offers a vibrant balance of corporate and leisure amenities. This chic hotel features 137 rooms, including four executive, 30 twin deluxe and 103 king deluxe rooms. All rooms enjoy an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, electronic door locks, electronic safes, satellite TV (DStv), tea and coffee making facilities, telephones with local and international direct dialling, as well as free Wi-Fi. The hotel’s ninth-floor

19029 Great East Road, Private Bag E10, Box 382, Arcades, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 368 900 Fax: +260 211 368 949 Email: reservation.lusaka@radissonblu.com www.radissonblu.com

restaurant and bar offer expansive views over the city and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet or à la carte, depending on the number of guests). Two meeting rooms and three boardrooms are available. Nearby attractions include restaurants, bars and shops, beauty salon and casino.


able to cater for up to 400 people. Chuma Grill Restaurant and Bar is the hotel’s choice of African fusion dishes with an all-day buffet and option of private dining. Guests can relax and enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, enjoy a meal at the poolside bar, a day at the spa or a good workout at Pace Health club, free to hotel guests.


31/32 Farm 4300, Kafue Road PO Box 350143, Chilanga, Lusaka Telephone: +260 966 9162 59; +260 211 847 965 Email: info@sandyscreations.net www.sandyscreations.net

Sandy’s Creations offers delightful accommodation with 32 exquisite double chalet rooms and 11 modern self-catering family suites. All rooms have air conditioning, minibar fridge, satellite TV, safe, tea and coffee facilities, private bathroom, room service, laundry and free Wi-Fi. All rooms are built around the beautifully landscaped gardens on a pristine 20 acre site. Chalet rooms offer fine views of the big lagoon-

In the heart of the city’s business district stands the upscale Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka. The five-star, 142-room hotel is the nearest international hotel to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. The rooms are fully air conditioned, and the seven superior rooms have a private deck overlooking the beautiful pool. The hotel has a choice of six elegant meeting rooms and a boardroom, with the large dome

Corner Church Road & Independence Ave PO Box 30666, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 251 666 Fax: +260 211 253 529 Email: ssridgeway.reservations@tsogosun.com www.tsogosun.com

shaped swimming pool. On-site facilities include modern conference venues, restaurant and bar, wellness spa, travel agent and a variety of shops and businesses. Guests are spoilt for choice with tasty food and drink. Why not enjoy a sizzling grilled steak at the lodge restaurant or a healthy energising smoothie at the Mint Lounge Cafe?

Southern Sun Ridgeway is ideally located just 4 km from the city centre and 27 km from the airport. The hotel has 155 tastefully decorated rooms, all with air conditioning, en-suite bathroom, radio and telephone, internet connection, TV and tea/coffee facilities. The Musuku Restaurant has a scenic view and alfresco dining on the terrace is a popular choice. The bar is the perfect setting for a casual lunch or

pre-dinner drink. The hotel also contains shops, a South African Airways office, a bureau de change, a Proflight office and a Barclays Bank outlet. For business travellers, the hotel has secretarial services and conference rooms for groups of between eight and 200 people. The Banqueting Room can accommodate up to 150 people. Guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool or a workout in the gym.

Chill out at Mama Tembo Cheza Start and end your Zambian safari at MTTZ’s Lusaka guesthouse, a private one-bedroom cottage with every comfort, set in five forested acres. We call it MT Cheza, which means a place to “chill out” in Nyanja. We provide airport transfers, tours and meals, and can arrange custom safaris throughout Zambia and beyond.

MTT Zambia LTD Guest House PO Box 131, P/Bag E385, Postnet Kabulonga, Lusaka Tel: +260 (0) 962 831 707 • Email: leslie@MTTSafaris.com

www.MT T Safaris.com



Church Road, PO Box 35450, Lusaka 10101 Tel: +260 211 254 455 Fax: +260 211 250 995/254 005 Email: pamodzi.lusaka@tajhotels.com www.tajhotels.com

Corner Church Road/Kabelenga Road PO Box 30297, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 372 000; +260 211 372 050 Fax: +260 211 372 020 Email: res@stayeasylusaka.co.zm www.tsogosunhotels.com/stayeasy/lusaka

Stayeasy is a budget hotel recently built in the Levy Junction Shopping Mall. Accommodation consists of 130 standard single and twin rooms All rooms are fully air conditioned and have satellite TV offering 15 channels plus tea and coffee facilities, a work desk with a lamp, a safety deposit box and a hairdryer. An iron and ironing board are available on request. The hotel has a bar, an outdoor swimming

pool and a boardroom facility for up to 15 people, complete with standard equipment. The colourful and vibrant restaurant serves breakfast daily and there is a good selection of local restaurants for lunch and dinner.


drinks. Taj offers a distinctive dining experience that explores the nuances of the finest Indian and international cuisines.


Plot PP, Mukwa Drive, Eureka Park Lilayi, Lusaka Tel: +260 962 489 097 Email: twangaleparklsk@gmail.com www.twangale01.businesscatalyst.com

Twangale offers serenity and luxury in Lusaka, just a short drive from shopping malls and the Central Business District. This charming hotel offers excellent accommodation, with suites, executive rooms and deluxe rooms available for guests. Each room is elegantly designed, with amenities needed to make sure every guest has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Set in the heart of Lusaka’s business district, the luxurious Taj Pamodzi Hotel offers spacious comfort and modern amenities. Accommodation consists of 193 elegant and centrally air conditioned rooms and suites. Among its other facilities, the hotel has five meeting rooms, including a boardroom that can accommodate between 25 and 600 people. From the casual all-day coffee shop to formal fine dining, guests can look forward to a wide selection of dishes and refreshing

Plot Number 848 Lagos Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka Tel: +26 097 176 3508 Email: info@wandererslusaka.com www.wandererslusaka.com

The restaurant offers a mouth-watering menu, with a wide variety of dishes and the well-stocked bar is the best place to unwind after a busy day. Twangale is equipped to host a variety of meetings and events, including weddings and corporate events.


Shop 52, East Park Mall, Great East Road, Lusaka Tel: +260 978 227 095; +260 955 777 095 Email: zambezijewels@gmail.com

One of the newest lodges in Lusaka, Wanderers Lodge offers quality accommodation and camping facilities at affordable prices. The lodge’s clean, modern rooms have access to Wi-Fi and parking is available on site. The large gardens offer camping opportunities and guests also have access to the swimming pool at sister property Lusaka Backpackers. Mechanics are on hand to sort out any vehicle issues if you are travelling around Zambia by car.

The lodge also enjoys a good location close to Lusaka’s restaurants and shops.


No 25, Duty Free Lounge, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, Livingstone Tel: +260 979 767 003 Email: zjcgems@gmail.com

Fine gemstones from Zambia Based in Livingstone, ZJC Gems Ltd sources beautiful and unique gemstones for use in hand-made jewellery. Tarun Chanana and the passionate team at ZJC Gems Ltd hand-pick each gem to ensure that every stone is perfect. Once the stones are set into a piece of jewellery, their beauty truly shines.

Exclusive and stylish jewellery hand-crafted in Zambia

Each gemstone chosen by ZJC Gems Ltd has its own story and is formed over millions of years. The gemstones will last forever, making each piece of ZJC Gems Ltd jewellery extra special. Once it has been mined, washed, cleaned and crafted into shape with beautiful facets, the stone is ready to become part of an exquisite item of hand-crafted jewellery, suitable for an investment or a unique gift.

The Lusaka-based company Zambezi Jewels offers an elegant designer collection of exquisitely hand-crafted jewellery, watches and other articles in precious metal studded with dazzling precious and semi-precious gemstones. Customers can indulge in the passion of Zambezi Jewels, the mystique and tradition of hand-crafted African jewellery, the adventure of romancing the stone and the grandeur of Africa. Some of the pieces made by Zambezi Jewels incorporate birthstones, which are believed by some to have special properties such as healing and good fortune. Traditionally, it was believed that each of the 12 birthstones must be worn strictly according to the birth date of the wearer for the special properties to have any effect. Today, however, they are usually worn simply as pieces of jewellery for their own particular colour and reflective properties. destination Zambia 2018-19



Adventure capital of southern Africa o trip to Zambia can be

The falls and their surroundings have

regarded as complete with a

helped Livingstone to establish its

visit to Livingstone, home to

reputation as the ‘adventure capital of

the mighty Victoria Falls.

southern Africa’, with thrilling activities such as white water rafting on the River

Known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya – ‘the

Nile, bungee jumping off the Victoria

smoke that thunders’ – the Victoria

Falls Bridge and helicopter rides over the

Falls are Zambia’s number one tourist

Zambezi and Vic Falls ready to welcome

attraction and one of the seven natural

any thrill-seeker to Zambia.

wonders of the world. Unesco has rightly declared the falls a World Heritage Site to

A popular activity for visitors is the

be preserved and enjoyed by the people

chance to take a dip in Devil’s Pool, a rock

of Zambia and of the world.

pool on the very edge of the falls. When force of the water rushing past you and

wide and 103 metres high, Victoria Falls

on down the huge drop to the next stage

is classified as the world’s biggest fall of

of the river. This can only be done in the

water, with a flow rate of 10 million litres

drier season, from mid August to mid

per second in the peak season. Little

January, when the river levels are lower,

wonder that explorer and missionary

but it’s a thrilling and spectacular way to

David Livingstone was so impressed by

experience Victoria Falls.

the falls, he declared: “Scenes so lovely

Sam DCruz / Shutterstock.com

you’re at the rock pool, you can feel the Measuring an incredible 1,708 metres

Accommodation in Livingstone is excel-

might have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”


lent, with many award-winning luxury

If white-knuckle adventures aren’t your

traveller. There is no lack of hotels, safari

idea of fun, there are plenty of other

lodges and camps in the area, ranging

options in the region to suit those who

from backpacker hotels to five-star

enjoy life at a more leisurely pace.

properties, with options to suit a variety

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, which

of budgets.

properties available for the discerning

contains the falls, is also home to a range


elephant, and makes for an interesting game drive. The Livingstone Museum, the Maramba Cultural Village and the Railway Museum are all worth visiting, while, back on the water, a sunset cruise is a special and romantic way to end the day.

GUDKOV ANDREY / Shutterstock.com

GUDKOV ANDREY / Shutterstock.com

of game, including zebra, giraffe and


destination Zambia 2018-19




PO Box 60151, Livingstone Tel: +260 978 777 044/5/6/7 Email: victoriafalls@avanihotels.com www.avanihotels.com

The Zambezi Sun, located on the edge of the eastern cataract of the Victoria Falls, reflects the richness and diversity of Zambia’s heritage and captures the very soul of Africa – unpretentious, fun and welcoming. With its warm, earthy architecture, inspired by a walled African village, and simple finishes highlighted in bright mosaics and fabrics as well as intoxicating Zambian artworks and accessories, the Zambezi Sun is set to turn any stay into a memorable experience.

PO Box 61160, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 327 452 Email: chundukwariverlodge@gmail.com www.chundukwariverlodge.com

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Lunch is served alfresco at a poolside grill, while the indoor buffet restaurant serves breakfast and dinner. In addition to relaxing by the pool or sipping a cocktail, guests can enjoy a day full of activities.


216 Mosi-oa-Tunya Road, Box 61170, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 323 432; +260 972 250 154 Email: info@adventure-africa.com www.adventure-africa.com

Guests can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the Brasserie Restaurant, sip a cocktail in the sunken pool bar or take pleasure in a delicious à la carte meal at the Cattleman’s Grill Restaurant.


Fawlty Towers Lodge has 24 rooms including deluxe suites, standard twin/double en-suite rooms, family rooms and dormitory accommodation. It is centrally located, conveniently just over the road from a shopping centre; but behind its walls remains secluded and away from the busy town. The lodge has a relaxed atmosphere, with lush green private gardens shaded by mango trees, a crystal-clear swimming pool and its own bar and restaurant.

The in-house activity centre, where over 20 local activities can be booked, guarantees to offer the best deals in town and to beat any other lodge or booking centre. In addition, there are free shuttles to the Victoria Falls every day.

KING LEWANIKA LODGE c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

34 Kanyanta Road, Livingstone PO Box 61088, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 324229 Email: res@backpackzambia.com www.backpackzambia.com

Jollyboys offers a wide range of accommodation, including en-suite double rooms, four-bed en-suite rooms, triple rooms and camping options. There is a communal lounge area and restaurant on site for guests’ use, in addition to a bar, secure parking and a swimming pool. Laundry

Victoria Falls, to see rare and endangered white rhino up close or to take advantage of the many adventure activities that this adventure capital has to offer. Chundukwa is also a paradise for bird lovers, with over 100 species recorded so far in and around the lodge.


Box 4035, Sichango Road Livingstone Tel: +260 213 323 141 Email: booklvn@chrismarhotels.com www.chrismarhotels.com

Chrismar Hotel Livingstone is on the border of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. The hotel offers an opportunity for its guests to experience affordable luxury accommodation in a world-class environment. This four-star hotel has 99 rooms, all with air conditioning, Jacuzzi tubs, wireless internet access and TV.

Situated half an hour from Victoria Falls and Livingstone, Chundukwa River Lodge is a nature lovers’ retreat; a bush-style boutique property that blends naturally into the riverine forest. Each eco-style chalet is built on stilts over the water and comes with en-suite bathroom and commanding views of the Zambezi. A stay at Chundukwa River Lodge offers the peace and tranquillity that come from waking up each morning to azure-blue skies and a river running by. It’s a perfect way to discover

services are available at an extra charge. Lockers and luggage storage are available to ease the travelling experience and a free daily shuttle runs between the accommodation and Victoria Falls.

One of Africa’s greatest secrets, Liuwa Plain is unspoilt and exclusive, home to the famous Lady Liuwa lion pride and the second biggest wildebeest migration in Africa. On this broad grass canvas, the annual floodwaters host a pageant of wild beauty that throbs to the beat of the royal drums. The only permanent camp in the national park, King Lewanika Lodge offers an exclusive and intimate safari experience for those seeking the rare and undiscovered landscapes of Africa.

Explore by foot, boat or vehicle, discovering this area with the expertise of award-winning guiding team. The six luxury villas (including a two-bedroom family villa) all have private decks overlooking the vast savannah, where guests can watch Africa’s spectacular wildlife displays.


Plot no. 205/206, Lusaka Road PO Box 60886, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 322 096 • Fax: +260 213 322 096 Cell: +260 955 780330; 977 881567 Email: reservations@limbolodge.com www.limbolodge.com

Limbo Lodge is a great place to stay for guests looking to experience all that Livingstone has to offer. The name Limbo, meaning ‘village’, describes the atmosphere and general layout of the lodge. There are several thatched chalets, with a spacious central gathering area. Accommodation consists of 10 unique ethnic-style chalets, each with en-suite bathroom. Located just 15 minutes from the


Victoria Falls, the lodge organises a variety of tours and adventure activities throughout Livingstone. Other facilities include free internet access, a restaurant providing tasty Zambian and foreign dishes, an executive minibar, a swimming pool and conference facilities.



PO Box 60629, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 324 730 Email: livingstonebackpackersoffice@gmail.com www.livingstonebackpackers.com

Livingstone Backpackers is a family-run hostel with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It caters for the traveller’s needs, whether taking advantage of all the high-adrenalin activities Livingstone has to offer or relaxing by the pool with an ice-cold beer. Situated in the heart of Livingstone town, it is only five minutes’ walk from the bus station and close to shops, markets, the museum, bars and the airport, as well as the Mosi-oa-Tunya

PO Box 60988, Livingstone Tel: +260 966 289 005 Email: villagepoint.mambova@yahoo.com www.mambovarapids.com

National Park and the majestic Victoria Falls. Facilities include a crystal-clear swimming pool, climbing wall, hot tub and self-catering kitchen. Accommodation is available in dorms, double rooms, double en-suites and campsite. All rooms are equipped with fans and mosquito nets.

Mambova Rapids Lodge, located on the banks of the Mambova Rapids, on the Upper Zambezi, has a distinctly Zambian bush feel. Only 72 km from Livingstone and 12 km from the Kazungula border post, the lodge faces Ilombe Island, with its excellent opportunities for birdwatching and game viewing. Open all year round and ideal for large

groups, the lodge accommodates 32 people in thatched chalets equipped with mosquito nets. Everything is on hand for a perfect self-catering holiday. Camping facilities are available for guests and their staff.


PO Box 60957, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 324 189 Email: reservations@marambariverlodge.com www.maramba-zambia.com

Maramba River Lodge is located in Mosi-oaTunya National Park on a bluff overlooking the river, just 4 km from the Victoria Falls. The safari tents offer en-suite bathrooms and mosquito nets, all under thatch. All the rustic, thatched chalets have creative mukwa and wrought-iron fittings, en-suite tiled bathrooms, mosquito proofing with treated nets, ceiling fans, internal safe and views over the Maramba River or floodlit waterhole.

Maramba also caters for traditional camping, with lawns for pitching tents, two ablution blocks, picnic tables and barbecue stands. Maramba Riverside Restaurant and Bar has tiled and wooden decking right on the river and offers a full à la carte menu.


Lukulu, c/o PO Box 35256, Lusaka Cell: +260 967 101 421 (Zambia) Cell: +27 82 253 1814 (SA) Email: bookings@matoyalodge.com www.matoyalodge.com

Nestled in Zambia’s Western Province Barotseland, near Lukulu, in the midst of waterberry trees, Matoya Fishing Lodge offers six thatched chalets which comfortably accommodate 12 people, a spacious dining area, lounge, swimming pool and a wooden deck that extends out onto the Zambezi River. Each chalet enjoys its own breathtaking view of the upper Zambezi. Rooms are air conditioned and luxuriously furnished.



PO Box 60129, Livingstone Tel: +21 3 327211 Cell: +260 965 715 442 Email: info@mungaecolodge.com www.mungaecolodge.com

Afro-centric in design, the Munga Eco-Lodge has many innovative features for the culture enthusiast and the environmentally conscious tourist. It is strategically located halfway between the Livingstone city centre and the Victoria Falls. The buildings are made of rammed earth walls and thatched roofs surrounded by a natural bird-filled canopy of thickets, trees and grasses. There are four spacious chalets containing a large en-suite bedroom, a private

The lodge offers a variety of local as well as international cuisine. Fishing is undertaken on customised 17 ft glass fibre boats. The fleet of five boats, powered by 60 hp four-stroke motors, can accommodate two fly fishermen or three lure anglers, accompanied by a guide.

Plot 2110 Mosi-oa-Tunya Road, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 324 630 Email: reservations@phlivingstone.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

courtyard and an outdoor lounge. Meals include local, international and fusion cuisine. There is also a bar on site. The biological swimming pool is a major attraction. Wi-Fi and internet services are also available.

Protea Hotel by Marriott Livingstone, situated only 10 minutes from the Victoria Falls and next to the Falls Park Shopping Complex, offers 80 deluxe rooms with air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, electronic safes and electronic door locks, telephone and DStv. A restaurant, bar and swimming pool are available, as well as conference facilities including two venues accommodating 40

delegates each or combined to seat 100. The hotel also offers free wireless internet access. Nearby leisure activities include bungee jumping, white water rafting, fishing, helicopter rides, golf, game viewing, gorge swing, a crocodile park, restaurants, shopping and much more.

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Livingstone Tel: +260 213 327 060 Email: reservations@royalchundu.com www.royalchundu.com

281 Mosi-oa-Tunya Road, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 320 981 Email: info@pumulanizambia.com

Pumulani Livingstone or Pumula (which in various Bantu dialects means to rest, to sleep, to take it easy, to relax) is centrally located on the Mosi-oa-Tunya Road and is just 130 metres from the centre of Livingstone and 9 km north-east of the Victoria Falls. Its en-suite double, twin and single rooms offer luxury accommodation that caters for business travellers and tourists. Pumulani Livingstone is close to all of Livingstone’s main amenities and

activities and Livingstone International Airport is only a 15-minute drive away. Other facilities include Wi-Fi, tea/ coffee-making facilities plus airport transfers and shuttle services


c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

coffee facilities, mosquito nets and hairdryers. The main building features a spectacular raised bar/lounge, indoor and outdoor dining area, wine cellar and deck. An infinity pool with deck is on the edge of the Zambezi and a spectacular sundowner deck is a perfect venue for relaxing.

TAITA FALCON LODGE PO Box 60012, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 321 850 (Booking Office); +260 213 327 046 (Lodge) Email: taita-falcon@microlink.zm www.taitafalcon.com

Taita Falcon Lodge is a bush lodge perched 230 metres above the Zambezi on the edge of the Batoka Gorge and 11 km from the Victoria Falls. Owner-run, it prides itself on personal service for each and every guest. With only seven chalets, the lodge offers an intimate stay or an exclusive venue for smaller groups. Each spacious chalet has its own private garden and outdoor shower. There is a swimming pool and boma where, in winter, ‘braais’ are hosted around an open fire. The large viewing deck and adjacent lounge

play host to meals and pre-dinner drinks, with expansive views downstream and miles beyond. Taita is the perfect place to enjoy peace and tranquillity in the most dramatic of settings, but also close enough so that guests can enjoy any of the vast range of activities in the area.

THE DAVID LIVINGSTONE SAFARI LODGE & SPA PO Box 60052, Riverside Drive Off Sichango Road, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 324 601/10 Fax: +260 213 324 615 Email: lodge@dlslandspa.com www.thedavidlivingstone.com

David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa is an exclusive five-star lodge with top-class facilities. Guests can see the spray from Victoria Falls. The lodge has 77 air conditioned en-suite rooms including five signature suites. All rooms have a private balcony overlooking the Zambezi River. The lodge has an infinity pool overlooking the river; a spa and gym; and a bar and restaurant with fine views and superb catering.


Each suite is beautifully furnished with bright, colourful decor, mosquito nets, air con and fans. Both lodges have restaurants, inside and outside lounges, deck-dining, boma dining, bar areas, swimming pools all looking out over the river.


c/o Sanctuary Retreats 267 Oak Avenue, Randburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 438 4650 Email: reservations.safrica@sanctuaryretreats.com www.sanctuaryretreats.com

The 12 luxury tree houses and two private chuma family houses of Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma are built into the living canopy of giant ebony trees lining the bank of the Zambezi. With its location in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, peace and tranquillity reign supreme and the riverbank teems with birdlife. Each room is equipped with en-suite facilities plus air conditioning, overhead fans, minibar, tea/

Situated 30 km upstream from the mighty Victoria Falls, Royal Chundu is the only lodge along the Zambezi, not to share its waterways with any other operators. Guests can enjoy 15 km of river exclusivity. Royal Chundu is also the first Relais & Chateaux property in Zambia and it consists of two lodges: River Lodge (10 suites) on the mainland of Zambia, and Island Lodge (four suites) which is set on a private island in the middle of the Zambezi. Royal Chundu is the proud winner of the World Travel Awards ‘Best Safari Lodge in Zambia’ Award for the past five years in a row.

The lodge is ideal for individual travellers, families and honeymoon couples; while business guests have access to the new on-site Victoria Falls Conference Centre. The conference centre has modern facilities and a Bedouin-tented patio area overlooking a waterhole in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Set on a hill bordering the Mosi-oaTunya National Park and overlooking unspoilt bush, Stanley Safari Lodge is only 3 km from the Victoria Falls. The views are splendid: the spray of the falls in the distance, the mighty Zambezi River and on top of that yet another beautiful African sunset. From either the main garden, the infinity pool or from the privacy of one’s room, the views are unmatched. The 10 uniquely designed chalets

are constructed of teak and local stone and consist of open-fronted or more colonial-style brick and tiled rooms which are closed. Stanley Safari Lodge is an elegant and luxurious getaway.



PO Box 60469, Livingstone Reservations: +27 72 517 4880 Office: +260 211 391 051 Email: reservations@theriverclubzambia.com www.theriverclubafrica.com

c/o Postnet 631, Private Bag E891, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 260 279 Email: info@siankaba.net www.siankaba.net

The Islands of Siankaba lodge is a forest retreat with seven secluded chalets, each with a view of the Zambezi River. All of this is located on two untouched islands in the middle of the Zambezi between the Victoria Falls and Botswana’s Chobe National Park. The Islands of Siankaba has been developed as a five-star lodge, sleeping just 14 guests. The two islands are linked by a suspension bridge leading to an overhead walkway in

the tree canopy. Activities include guided birding and tree walks on the main island’s nature trail, sunset river cruises and dugout canoe trips. The lodge has also developed a reputation for excellent food and wines.


A host of activities await young and old, on the property as well as in the nearby area. It is an idyllic retreat for families, honeymooners or those on a safari circuit in southern or East Africa.


c/o Wilderness Safaris, Post Net 118 P Bag E835, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 70952 www.wilderness-safaris.com

Mosi-oa-Tunya Road, Livingstone, Zambia Tel: +260 978 777044/45/46/47 Email: victoriafalls@minor.com; zambia.reservations@suninternational.com www.anantara.com

The Royal Livingstone Hotel at Victoria Falls is a unique experience that will continue to replay itself in your heart and mind for years to come. Situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, and overlooking the thundering Victoria Falls, The Royal Livingstone Hotel offers guests five-star accommodation in an unrivalled African setting. As part of Sun International’s exclusive SunLux Collection, The Royal Livingstone has been consistently recognised by TripAdvisor,

For a perfect mix of idyllic relaxation and adventure travel, along with unbeatable sights, The River Club is the ultimate destination. The club consists of 11 spacious, private suites, all individually nestled within the tree line that borders the magnificent Zambezi River, complete with dramatic views.

having been awarded both a Certificate of Excellence and an induction into the Hall of Fame. In addition to its enviable position overlooking one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the hotel has been designed to recreate the luxury and excitement of David Livingstone’s era.

Overlooking the mighty Zambezi River and some of its islands, Toka Leya Camp is situated in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. 12 spacious en-suite safari-style tents (including three family tents) with expansive decks soak up the dramatic views and active wildlife. Wooden walkways snake between the units and main area, limiting our footprint on this pristine area. The camp’s dining, lounge and bar areas offer ample space for relaxation and are complemented by an infinity pool, with meals

served on the sundeck, the pool deck and dining room all overlooking the Zambezi.


Private Bag 31, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 327 450 Email: reservations@tongabezi.com www.tongabezi.com

Tongabezi Safari Lodge is located on the banks of the Zambezi River, just upstream from the Victoria Falls. Most of the rooms are open-fronted and the decor is African, with attractive fabrics and fittings. The lodge can accommodate up to 22 guests in five river cottages, four open-fronted houses and one enclosed cliff-top house. There is also a garden cottage, which is perfect for families. All rooms have views over the Zambezi.

The cliff-side swimming pool overlooks the river. Boat trips are available, including sundowner cruises, canoeing and fishing trips as well as excursions to the nearby Victoria Falls.



PO Box 61294, Livingstone Tel/Fax: +260 213 327 455 UK & Europe: +44 1379 873 474 Email: reservations@waterberrylodge.com www.waterberrylodge.com

PO Box 60407, Sichango Road, Livingstone Tel: +260 213 320 606/08; +260 968 320 606 Email: waterfront@safpar.com www.thevictoriafallswaterfront.com

The Victoria Falls Waterfront is beautifully situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, with views of the spray from Victoria Falls in the distance. The Lodge offers a range of different accommodation consisting of a large, shady campsite, the adventure village (permanent tents) and comfortable en-suite chalets, some of which are river facing. The very popular restaurant and bar have fabulous river views and Pepinno’s delicious wood–fired

pizzas are the best in the area. There are two swimming pools on site, plus a shop, a bar, a restaurant, an internet café, Wi-Fi connection, TV lounge and a large activity centre.

Waterberry Lodge is 35 minutes from Livingstone, in a lovely, secluded position on the banks of the spectacular Zambezi River, with views to the Zambezi National Park on the opposite bank. The small, friendly and informal lodge is famous for its staff, food, gardens and tranquil riverbank setting. Within easy reach of Victoria Falls, yet away from all the hustle and bustle of Livingstone, it’s a perfect base for visiting

the amazing Falls and enjoying the wide range of activities around Livingstone, before heading off to explore wonderful Zambia.

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River adds magic to safari experience s the closest national park to

that the wildlife remains safe, even in the

Lusaka, and one that combines

dense forest that lines the Zambezi.

quality accommodation with a carefully managed ecosystem, Lower

On the outskirts of the park are three

Zambezi National Park is a safari-goers’

game management areas, Rufunsa, Luano


and Chiawa, which extend the wildlife area even further and act as a buffer zone

This mid-sized park in southern Zambia

around the park.

sits opposite Zimbabwe, separated from the impressive Mana Pools National Park by the Zambezi River, which flows

Camps and Lodges

through the two parks and creates one

In terms of accommodation, there is a

large and varied ecosystem.

range of camps and lodges in and around Lower Zambezi National Park including

The river provides a home and suste-

a choice of intimate and comfortable

nance for a variety of creatures, including

properties in superb locations. Some of

hippo, crocodile, elephant and buffalo,

these properties have won

and there are opportunities for visitors

awards – a sure sign that

to get close to the river’s inhabitants

the tourism sector here

on a canoe trip or sundowner cruise.

is dedicated to offering

The edges of the river are fringed with

visitors a truly reward-

thick greenery, with flood plains and

ing experience in Lower

hills further away from the river. These

Zambezi National Park.

dramatic and varied landscapes offer a key opportunity to explore a range of habitats in true African safari style. The driving force behind preserving Lower Zambezi National Park as a top safari destination is Conservation Lower scouts, funds many patrols and helps the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to protect the delicate ecosystem of the park. The organisation deploys both foot and aerial patrols to ensure


Sean Heatley / Shutterstock.com

Zambezi, which manages a team of


Box 46, P/Bag E981, Manda Hill, Mushika Lower Zambezi National Park Tel: +260 211 291 791 Email: reservations@anabezi.com www.anabezi.com

Anabezi’s sister camp Amanzi opened in 2015 for travellers who prefer a more rustic feel. Amanzi Camp is situated right on the banks of the Ngwenya channel. The name Amanzi means ‘water’ in the Tonga language and draws inspiration from the site’s intimate position on the Zambezi. The camp consists of four tents, each on a raised teak deck. The tents have an indoor shower and bathroom as well as a private sitting area and balcony overlooking the river.

The camp is intimate yet private, with the tents generously spaced and connected with a raised walkway to the main area. Two of the tents are configured to function as a family tent, making it perfect for small groups and families wanting to share the experience. The main area has a pool that shares the bank with the river and is surrounded by a teak sundeck.

ANABEZI LUXURY TENTED CAMP Box 46, P/Bag E981, Manda Hill, Mushika Lower Zambezi National Park Tel: +260 211 291 791 Email: reservations@anabezi.com www.anabezi.com

Anabezi Luxury Tented Camp is a 20-bed camp on the Zambezi River in Lower Zambezi National Park. The lodge sits on a ridge overlooking the Zambezi and the Mushika River flood plain. The vibrant game population is constantly visible from the camp. Owing to its remote position in the national park, the lodge is the epitome of an African bush experience. There are 10 spacious luxury tents, connected by raised wooden walkways with the dining area and

the game viewing deck. This makes it safer to walk between the accommodation units and communal areas. There is a large swimming pool offset from the game viewing deck and a fire pit where guests can sit under the stars.


Lower Zambezi Valley Tel: +27 33 342 7498 Email: reservations@bainesrivercamp.com www.bainesrivercamp.com

Here, guests can experience one of Africa’s last remaining true wilderness areas in style. It’s only 40 minutes by air from Lusaka to this intimate safari camp in the game-rich and unfenced Lower Zambezi Valley. An alternative to tented accommodation, each of its eight individual suites and the private two-bedroom family cottage are elegantly decorated, with uninterrupted views over the Zambezi River. There is a choice of land and water-based safari activities, and the camp’s dedicated team will plan your days to suit your preferences.

Complemented by sumptuous cuisine, Baines’ River Camp defines Zambian luxury safari without the fuss.


PO Box 30972, Lusaka 10101 Tel:+260 211 261 588 Fax: +260 211 262 683 Email: info@chiawa.com www.chiawa.com

Owned and operated by the Cumings family, this ‘Best in Africa’ award-winning camp and guiding team lives up to its reputation for imaginative delivery and consistently high standards in all aspects. It occupies a magnificent location on the banks of the Zambezi River, under a grove of evergreen mahogany trees, in the heart of Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park. Accommodation is in safari tents on wooden

decks, with king-sized beds swathed in mosquito nets and Egyptian cotton linens. A thatched lounge/bar area with upper and lower viewing decks and lots of furniture is complemented by a dining room overlooking the Zambezi.

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c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

Nestled on the banks of the Chongwe River, wild beauty surrounds this family friendly camp and its nine classic en-suite tents. The tents are light and airy with either a king-sized or two single beds, and are equipped with enough luxuries to ensure your stay in the bush is exceptional. Under a spreading canopy of winter thorn trees, the main area features a campfire overlooking the river, a lounge and

c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

dining area, and a well-stocked bar. Overlooking the beautiful rivers, with the mountains of the escarpment providing a dramatic backdrop, you don’t need to leave camp to view wildlife. Expect a constant flow of elephant visitors through camp, and a chorus of hippos, birds and frogs every night.

PO Box 38837, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 755 720 Skype: kanyemba Email: info@kanyemba.com www.kanyemba.com

c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

and a well-stocked bar. Guests may dine in the privacy of their suites or in the main area. Nestled the meeting point of several rivers, this region is a haven for wildlife and birdlife. Watch the daily parade of wildlife around camp, or explore the region with our superb array of land and water-based activities.


at one of the two swimming pools. Kiambi, meaning ‘first’, is situated on the Kafue River. Kiambi Safari Lodge offers both road and boat transfers from Lusaka to anywhere on the Lower Zambezi.

Mount Hermon Safari Cottages consists of furnished, air-conditioned family and honeymoon cottages with beautiful river views and the option of self-catering facilities. Guests can enjoy use of a bar, restaurant, pool, playground, three campsites and many bush trails.

Mount Hermon Safari Cottages also offers game drives to the iconic Lower Zambezi Game Park, boating, fishing, island camping and lunch, and village tours to the twin baobab trees.


Cell: +27 79 524 8709 Email: info@mvuulodge.com www.mvuulodge.com

Tel: +260 211 231 466 www.munyemeshi.com


enjoy the extensive library and lounge. Each evening, guests are treated to Kanyemba’s award-winning Italian fare, with the freshest of home-grown ingredients. Kanyemba also owns and operates a small, intimate bush camp on its privately owned Kanyemba Island.

25110 Malabanyika, Lower Zambezi, Chiawa Tel: +260 966 76 9379 Email: info@mounthermonsafari.com www.mounthermonsafari.com

MUNYEMESHI RIVER LODGE The lodge is nestled less than 10 km from the Lower Zambezi National Park in an indigenous area just waiting to be experienced. Frequent visits from the surrounding wild animals give Munyemeshi River Lodge a unique edge on other properties. The luxurious self-catering chalets are spread along the banks of the Zambezi River, each with a beautiful view. The en-suite chalets have access to fully equipped kitchens with hot water, gas stoves, freezers

Nestled on the banks of the Zambezi River only two and a half hours from Lusaka, lies Kanyemba Lodge. This discreetly located lodge comprises six air conditioned stone and thatch rondavels and a thatched family unit of three suites with a modern en-suite bathroom, a walk-in wardrobe and a large private veranda looking on to the Zambezi. The restaurant and bar also overlook the river and provide a spacious communal area, while upstairs, guests can relax and


PO Box 360073, Kafue Tel: +260 966 655 878; 977 876 003; 977 186 106 Email: info@kiambi.com www.kiambi.com

The choice of accommodation here ranges from eight spacious tented chalets on raised wooden platforms with en-suite bathrooms, fans, bar fridges and private verandas to newer chalets that are air conditioned. All chalets have spectacular views and are furnished with Rhodesian teak and top quality bedding. The impressive lodge bar has perhaps the best view of the Zambezi. With a wide range of activities on offer, guests are spoilt for choice. Alternatively, guests can simply relax

a dedicated staff will help create a safari experience tailored to your group’s needs. The Chongwe area is famous for huge male elephants and while chilling on the deck, you are likely to see elephant wandering around the grounds or crossing the river. Impala, kudu and many other species come to the water to drink.



Private and exclusive, the Cassia (one bedroom) and Albida (two bedroom) suites offer sublime luxury and service. Outdoor baths, private plunge pools and dedicated butlers join with the pristine natural setting to create a deluxe experience that only Chongwe can do. The suites are perfect for honeymooners or those seeking extra luxury. Under a spreading canopy of winter thorn trees, the main area features a campfire overlooking the river, a lounge and dining area,

Contoured around a frame of wild wood, the design of this two-storey, four-bedroom private house is a celebration of its pristine natural setting. The interior blends seamlessly into the bush, with lounge furniture carved from a fallen tree and a stream studded with river rocks flowing past. This is the perfect camp for families or friends travelling together. There is ample space to unwind and relax together, and

and cutlery. Guests can join the Munyemeshi team on guided tours for an unforgettable journey through the African jungle.

Superbly set on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, Mvuu Lodge (meaning ‘place of the hippo’) is rugged, yet gentle, comfortable yet one with nature. Only 18 km from the Lower Zambezi National Park, the lodge offers activities to suit everyone’s needs, including game drives by boat or vehicle, sundowner cruises, environmental awareness walks, canoe safaris, fishing (for tigerfish), birding, photography, star gazing and, of course, total relaxation. There are seven luxury en-suite fixed tents and three comfortable self-catering fixed tents. The seven campsites are situated

close to the lodges and are nestled in thick bush under a canopy of indigenous trees.



c/o PO Box 30972, Lusaka 10101 Tel +260 211 261 588 Fax: +260 211 262 683 Email: info@chiawa.com

c/o Postnet 498, Private Bag E891, Manda Hill, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 114 073 Email: nigel@adventurewildsafaris.com www.mwambashiriverlodge.com

Deep in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park lies Mwambashi River Lodge. It accommodates 18 guests in large safari tents built on raised wooden decks with en-suite facilities. All tents have private balconies with views over the river. Mwambashi is renowned not only for its fabulous location but also for its friendly service. There is always something special on offer at Mwambashi, whether it’s a bush dinner, sundowners on the river or a day

of exhilarating game viewing, canoeing the delightful channels or landing a first tigerfish. Activities include day and night game drives in open 4x4s, boating and fishing on the river and channels, guided walking and birdwatching. All are accompanied by guides.

Owned and operated by the Cumings family, Old Mondoro is a beautiful, intimate and private safari camp in a spectacular and remote location. Situated deep inside the park in lovely walking country with great game viewing, Old Mondoro is a back-to-the-bush experience with opportunities for elephant, leopard and seasonal wild dog sightings. The camp’s three professional guides offer a full range of activities such as day and night

game drives, walks, canoe trips and game viewing by boat. A canvas and reed lounge area, or sitenje, with timber decks overlooks a maze of islands in the Zambezi River.


c/o Post.Net Box E017 P/Bag 283, Crossroads, Lusaka Tel: +260 976 579 155 Email: reservations@sausagetreecamp.com www.potatobushcamp.com

Potato Bush Camp is set in an idyllic location on the banks of the Zambezi River, in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park. This intimate, family-friendly property accommodates 10 guests in three large canvas and rosewood safari tented rooms and one two-bedroom family tent. All rooms have large verandas, double hammocks and a private plunge pool, and are serviced by a personal Muchinda (butler). All rooms are

connected to the main lounge and dining and bar area via raised timber walkways. Guaranteed private guiding activities, including game drives (day and night), boat cruises, birding, canoeing, walking safaris and fishing, are available. African fusion cuisine is served in surprising locations.


Cell/WhatsApp: +260 979 587 822; +260 973 377 426 Email: info@redcliff-lodge.com; hugo@redcliff-lodge.com www.redcliff-lodge.com

Redcliff Zambezi Lodge is situated in a remote and mountainous part of the Zambezi valley, between the eastern boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park and the Mozambique border, just below the Mpata Gorge. Redcliff, and its surrounding area, is known for its pristine nature and excellent fishing. The lodge can accommodate 16 guests in en-suite twin and family chalets nestled under beautiful shade trees. Facilities



c/o P Bag CH42, Chelston, Lusaka Tel: +260 979 486 618 Tel/Fax: +260 211 840 682 Email: reservations1@royalzambezilodge.com www.royalzambezilodge.com

The five-star Royal Zambezi Lodge, on the banks of the majestic Zambezi River, offers world-class fishing, unrivalled game viewing, magnificent sunset river cruises, professionally guided canoeing trips and one of the only spas in Zambia. The lodge’s professional guides and well trained staff are local to the area and love to share their passion for the Zambezi Valley. The Royal Zambezi Lodge has earned an international reputation for its excellent fishing opportunities, especially for tigerfish. Resident

include a pool, DStv, Wi-Fi, cellphone reception and a fully stocked bar. All activities, except walking safaris, are done by boat as the lodge can only be reached by water. Guests can either fly in to Luangwa/Feira strip or drive in to the designated parking area.

c/o Post.Net Box E017 P/Bag 283, Crossroads, Lusaka Tel: +260 976 579 155 Email: reservations@sausagetreecamp.com www.sausagetreecamp.com

experts are on hand to take guests on fishing excursions and are happy to introduce novices to the excitement of the sport. Another way to experience the Zambezi is to drift silently down the river in a canoe, exploring the hyacinthstudded channels and enjoying a close-up view of elephant, buffalo, hippo and birds.

Celebrating over 20 years of operation in the Lower Zambezi National Park, Sausage Tree Camp is a world-renowned safari property The camp accommodates 18 guests in seven newly-built luxury suites and the two-bedroom Kigelia House, all discreetly positioned along the river bank and serviced by a personal Muchinda (butler). The main lounge and dining and bar area feature a large teak deck for soaking up panoramic views

of the game-rich flood plain and connects to a 25 m lap pool via raised timber walkways. African fusion cuisine is served in unique locations and guests can enjoy guaranteed private guiding activities including game drives (day and night), boat cruises, birding, canoeing, walking safaris and fishing.

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Top-rated wildlife area is a safari heaven he Luangwa Valley is not only

are completely undeveloped. North

one of Zambia’s greatest wildlife

Luangwa is similar to its sister parks in

areas but also one of the best in

terms of landscape, although visitors can

Africa, remarkably well preserved and

find rhino here, unlike in South Luangwa.

rich in flora and fauna.

There are just four bush camps in North Luangwa, operating in the dry season

Lying between the eastern escarpment

from June to October. The terrain of

of the Luangwa Valley and the Luangwa

North Luangwa makes it ideal for walking

River, a major tributary of the Zambezi,

safaris and there is a good range of

the Luangwa ecosystem comprises four

wildlife in the park.

national parks: South Luangwa, North Luangwa, Luambe and Lukusuzi.

Luambe National Park covers just 254 sq km and was previously run privately.

South Luangwa

Today, it offers a remote safari experi-

Of these national parks, South Luangwa,

and lion in the area and very reasonable

covering 9,059 sq km, is arguably Zambia’s

entrance fees. There is just one lodge in

jewel in its crown, with a really fine selec-

Luambe, so visitors will never have to

tion of animals, birds and vegetation. It

compete with hordes of safari vehicles

was here that the walking safari was pio-

when exploring.

ence with a growing number of elephant

neered and these ‘up close’ experiences are still highly valued by visitors today.

With a lack of facilities and investment, Lukuzi National Park is probably the

South Luangwa can be accessed easily

The other three parks in the valley are

least visited park in the Luangwa Valley.

from the nearby Mfuwe Airport, which is

much smaller than South Luangwa and

Wildlife numbers are not as high as in the

served by local and international carriers.

region’s other parks, but Lukuzi offers an

North Luangwa, Luambe and Lukuzi

opportunity for the truly adventurous to

national parks are less easily reached

have a slice of Zambia all to themselves.

than South Luangwa, due to their remoteness and lack of developed roads, but

The valley as a whole is home to several

preparation and perseverance will no

endemic or near-endemic subspecies,

doubt pay off and open

such as Thornicroft’s giraffe, Crawshay’s

up these unexplored

zebra and Cookson’s wildebeest. Other


animal species, including lion, leopard, crocodile and hippo, are present in high numbers in Luangwa Valley along with hundreds of recorded bird species.



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PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 770 055 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

Bilimungwe is a trail camp nestled in a riverine forest along the picturesque banks of the Luangwa River. Set in a remote and unspoilt area, the camp is an ideal base for walking safaris. The camp is made up of four reed and thatch chalets, all with en-suite shower, toilet and double vanities. The chalets are situated on the edge of the bush and are regularly visited by wildlife. The chalets have either king-sized or queen-sized double

c/o Shiwa Safaris Ltd PO Box 1, Shiwa Ng’andu Tel: +260 976 970 444 www.shiwasafaris.com

beds with large mosquito nets and an individual rechargeable lighting system. The rustic dining area and fully stocked bar are constructed on raised decking with views of Bilimungwe’s permanent waterhole and abundant game.


predominately for walking safaris, but the camp offers limited game and night drives. Walks normally last four to five hours and are conducted by highly experienced guides and accompanied by an armed ZAWA scout.


PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 77 00 55 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

Chamilandu Camp offers comfort, class and beauty in one of the Luangwa Valley’s prime remote river locations, yielding a diversity of wildlife and attracting abundant wildlife. Chamilandu takes a maximum of only six guests in unique tree-house chalets that are elegantly designed with a blend of modern classic decor. They provide a bird’s-eye view over the Luangwa River and the Nchindeni

Buffalo is a seasonal bush camp in North Luangwa National Park – one of Africa’s last unspoilt wilderness areas. The camp is open from early June until early November. The recommended stay is from three to five nights. It is situated some 100 km off the Great North Road, but is also accessible by air. There is an airstrip just 12 km from the camp. The camp comprises five en-suite guest chalets. Three of the chalets are built on stilts, overlooking the Mwaleshi River. The area is

c/o Remote Africa Safaris Ltd PO Box 5, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 185 Email: reservations@remoteafrica.com www.remoteafrica.com

Hills. Walking safaris are a constant mix of awe and information, excitement and inspiration. Catering for all safari tastes, the camp offers morning walks and combinations of day and night game drives.

Chikoko Tree Camp, together with Crocodile River Camp, make up the Chikoko Trails: Remote Africa Safaris’ small and exclusive ‘walking only’ camps in South Luangwa National Park. Located beside the seasonal Chikoko Channel, the three thatched en-suite chalets are elevated 3 metres above ground level. Topped by reed matting, providing shelter from the sun, and open-fronted, the chalets offer a vantage point to observe the area and its game and birdlife. Guests are poled across the Luangwa River

by boat, and from there all activities are on foot. Porters carry in luggage and supplies and Chikoko Tree camp is fully staffed with a highly experienced walking guide, armed National Parks scout, chef and other general camp staff.



PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 770 055 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

Chindeni Camp lies on the apex of a permanent oxbow lagoon, offset by the Nchendeni Hills. Raised on wooden decking, Chindeni’s four en-suite tented chalets are sheltered by a shady ebony grove. Each chalet has its own private raised veranda with views over the resident game and the serene yet breathtaking tranquillity of the lush and wide lagoon. This is an ideal spot for both the avid and intrepid game spotter and more sedentary visitors who

c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

want to observe nature and lazily watch the abundance of game that parades before them. With accommodation for eight guests, this secluded camp provides the perfect location for the ultimate bush experience.


c/o Remote Africa Safaris Ltd PO Box 5, Mfuwe Email: reservations@remoteafrica.com www.remoteafrica.com

is always open and serves ice-cold drinks throughout the day. In addition there is a campsite which caters for campers and overland trucks with parking areas, fireplaces, power points, hot showers and ablutions.


of these small bush camps have excellent game densities and offer guests a great opportunity to experience the bush on foot in isolated and natural surroundings. Combine a stay with other Remote Africa Safaris camps for the ultimate safari experience. Seasonal operating dates are 1 June to 31 October.

c/o Kafunta Safaris PO Box 83, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 046 Email: bookings@luangwa.com www.luangwa.com

Guests can see elephant, hippo, giraffe, bushbuck, puku and banded mongoose. There are fascinating game drives and walking safaris led by outstanding naturalist guides.


This small, personalised camp lies under a grove of mahogany trees on the Luangwa River. Island Bush Camp offers rustic accommodation in reed huts, with individual hot showers and running water. Each stilted chalet, with open frontage, has a private veranda overlooking the river. Just two hours’ drive south of Kafunta, the camp is located in a very remote game-rich

area in the park’s southern section. Exclusive walking safaris are the main activity. The whole camp is reconstructed each year and is open from June to October.


PO Box 83, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 046 Email: bookings@luangwa.com www.luangwa.com

Kafunta River Lodge is set in a riverside forest on the bank of the Luangwa River overlooking South Luangwa National Park. Accommodation consists of eight chalets and two luxury suites of the highest standard. Built on wooden platforms under a thatched roof, the mahogany floors and walls give a natural beauty to the luxurious interiors. Central to the chalets is a bar and dining area. Built around a semi-evergreen wild mango tree and thatched in the

Crocodile River Camp stands on an old river bank overlooking a large and usually dry oxbow lagoon. Nestled among massive ebony trees, the three chalets are built entirely of natural materials. Both Crocodile River Camp and Chikoko Tree Camp provide the full support of a chef, general camp staff, some of the most experienced walking guides in the valley and an armed scout. All luggage and supplies are carried into and out of camp by porters. Both


PO Box 125, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 038 Email: info@flatdogscamp.com www.flatdogscamp.com

Flatdogs Camp is an excellent and affordable owner-managed safari camp overlooking the Luangwa River and South Luangwa National Park. There is a range of exciting and differently styled accommodation to suit all needs: the Jackalberry Treehouse or the Crocodile Nest for adventurous families or friends travelling together; the cool stone-andthatch chalet rooms, ideal for first-time travellers; and the spacious safari tents with views of the river or lagoon.

ideal location provides direct access into one of the most game-rich areas of the national park. Along with the six luxurious villas (including a two-bedroom family villa), Chinzombo boasts 60 acres of private land, creating a wilderness haven all its own.


Tel: +260 2162 46074 Cell: +260 977 175 172 Email: reservations@crocvalley.com www.crocvalley.com

Croc Valley Camp is aimed at the budget traveller as well as offering a self-catering and full-board experience. The camp is set in an oasis of calm on the bank of the Luangwa River. The camp fits effortlessly into the surrounding riverine habitat with wonderful views. It is not uncommon to see elephants crossing the river and strolling through the camp on a regular basis. Between safaris, in the midday heat, the large swimming pool provides the perfect place to relax and cool off. The bar

Twice recipient of ‘Best New Property in Africa’, Chinzombo brings luxury, style and elegance to the Luangwa Valley. This wildly luxurious camp stays true to its bush origins with canvas walls, grass accents and spacious living areas that melt into the tranquil river setting. A grove of ancient trees spreads atop Chinzombo, offering serenity and comfort in each of the secluded villas. Curving along the banks of the Luangwa River, the whole camp offers views of the daily wildlife parade stopping by for a refreshing drink. This

PO Box 57, Mfuwe Email: info@kaingo.com www.kaingo.com

traditional style, it offers panoramic views over the river and the national park. Guests can be sure of excellent game viewing and birdwatching from the lodge. The lodge also offers a superb infinity pool, a natural hot tub and an inviting spa.

Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp are the creations of the Shenton family, which has a proud history of three generations of wildlife conservation in southern Africa. Kaingo Camp consists of six stylish chalets, open to the river, with en-suite facilities and soaring skylights open to the stars. Each chalet has an outdoor bathtub and a private deck overlooking the magnificent Luangwa River. A special feature of Kaingo is the unique individual decks built out over the river in front of each chalet. The trademark of Shenton Safaris is the ingenious network of photographic hides offering

exhilarating opportunities for close-up views of hippo, elephant and other wildlife. Visits to these hides are part of the three daily game viewing activities offered by the camp.

destination Zambia 2018-19




c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

Perched high above the confluence of the Luwi and Luangwa Rivers, Kakuli’s offers impressive vistas of the river’s abundant visitors below. Sit around the lounge’s campfire watching as elephants, buffalo and puku stop by the waterhole below. The five spacious tents (including a two-bedroom family tent) allow guests to immerse themselves into the river experience of South Luangwa. Huge

PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 77 00 55 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

pods of hippos congregate below, and birdlife abounds around the tents. The area is renowned for some of the best game viewing opportunities in Zambia with resident prides of lion, leopards and other hidden wonders. This stretch of the Luangwa is bustling with predators and safari activities.


Box 95, Mfuwe Tel: +260 965 156 181 Email: info@lioncamp.com www.lioncamp.com

overlook a grassy plain with abundant wildlife where the drama of wild Africa is the stage. Run by renowned safari guide Phil Berry, Kuyenda carries the essence of the old Africa now lost.


It is a fully serviced camp (except laundry). The walking is in one of the most lagoon-rich areas of the Luangwa and hence the game is superb.

Luangwa North Camp is located on the bank of the Luangwa River within the North Luangwa National Park. It offers five bungalows, each with a terrace overlooking the river. All buildings are constructed two and a half metres above the ground, and are connected by footbridges, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the lodge’s services and its views in total safety. The English-speaking guides are assisted by experienced local scouts and trackers. The lodge has an enormous

terrace of more than 300 square metres and views over the Luangwa River, where guests can see buffalo, hippo, elephant and even lion. Lunch is served in the shade of the restaurant, with its exceptional views, while candle-lit suppers are accompanied by the sounds of the African night.


c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net


plain, a private shaded deck and a netted front that can be tied back during the day. The whole camp is elevated and solar powered with lighted boardwalks linking the rooms to the main area where a fireplace, bar, swimming pool and large viewing deck provide a variety of areas to relax and unwind.

PO Box 60616, Livingstone Tel: +260 973 105 189 Email: info@feelingafrica.com www.feelingafrica.com


Luangwa River Camp is a 10-bed camp situated opposite the Luangwa Wafwa in the Upper Lupande GMA. It has all the creature comforts of a five-star camp, yet with all the intimacy, tailored activities and flexible mealtimes to be expected from a bush camp. It is like nothing else on offer in the Luangwa Valley. The camp is unique with its decor of locally crafted and hand-made details. The main area is elevated by between 1 metre and

Lion Camp is a stylish, independent lodge located in the northernmost reaches of the park with abundant and uncongested game viewing on its doorstep. Experienced and knowledgeable guides lead game drives, walking safaris and night drives. The lodge is undergoing a major renovation in 2017. When it reopens in May 2018, the new Lion Camp rooms will retain their ‘tree house’ aesthetic, with canvas walls and thatch roof but with even more comfort. All the rooms have spectacular panoramic views of the


c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

Luangwa Bush Camping is an exclusive experience with Robin Pope Safaris, walking with the best of guides, dipping deeper into the bush from the fixed camps by camping out for a couple of nights, with dinner and stories around the fire and simple but delicious food. There are stand-up tents, mattresses on the ground, sheets and blankets, wash basin, shared 60 litre bucket shower, bush loo, full bar and food service.

the abundant wildlife that comes to drink at the river and is the focal point of the camp. Walking safaris from the Kapamba are exceptional, with numerous trails following the course of the river.


PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 77 00 55 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

Kuyenda Camp is nestled among shady trees on the bank of the Manzi River and is open from June to November. This camp is the ideal base from which to experience the continual unfolding of Africa’s dramatic wilderness at close range. Accommodation is in four authentic thatched rondavels. Each chalet contains a large spacious double bed or twin beds, mosquito netting and en-suite ‘open to the sky’ facilities including shower, toilet and wash basin. The central dining area, lounge and bar

Kapamba Camp is situated in a prime location at a picturesque spot, about 6 km up the Kapamba River, where guests can experience unforgettable sundowners while dipping their feet in the shallows. Each of the camp’s four chalets is individually designed to offer beautiful views of the river. The open-fronted style ensures that guests can enjoy uninterrupted game viewing from the privacy of their own room. Overlooking the Kapamba River, the well positioned deck offers an ideal viewing point for

c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe, Zambia Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

3 metres on wooden decks, affording great views to the park and river. The swimming pool is sunk into the deck on two levels, with a waterfall adjoining the two pools (one for swimming and the other for seating).

Designed by Neil Rocher, Luangwa Safari House is an extraordinary private house for up to eight guests, comprising four large en-suite bedrooms situated about 1 km from Nkwali Camp. The house is built in traditional style from weathered leadwood and faced with locally cut stone. The property is set on the edge of a seasonal lagoon with a backdrop of the Chindeni Hills. The game, including elephant and giraffe, use the area to feed and water throughout

the day. Inside, the house is much more contemporary and has a very individual feel. The house has its own swimming pool and guests are provided with private vehicles, guides and an armed scout for walking safaris.



c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

Set in a grove of ancient mahogany trees, Luwi Camp is a walking haven offering the chance to explore the bush up close and personal. Discover the South Luangwa in the most experiential way, with our knowledgeable guides sharing the wisdom and wonders of the bush as you make your way by foot. Luwi Camp overlooks the surrounding floodplains, with wildlife frequently wandering past. From the Luwi hide, watch rhythms of the bush unfold in the lagoon below.

PO Box 126, Mfuwe Tel: +260 974 595 838 Email: info@marulalodgezambia.com www.marulalodgezambia.com

The five guest chalets overlook the floodplains, and are designed to immerse guests into the bush experience. From the comfort of your chalet, listen to the symphony of hippos, frogs and birds that surround the camp.



c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

Flanked by a grove of towering ebony trees on one side and the Luangwa River on the other, Mchenja offers luxury in the heart of the national park. Every day, adventure and luxury come together in the Mchenja guest experience. The five tented villas (including a two-bedroom family villa) feature spacious bathrooms, large windows and a bath overlooking the Luangwa River. The tents perfectly blend comfort and luxury without losing the sense of the bush. Mchenja is the perfect camp at which to end

PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 770 055 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

a safari, providing a luxurious finish to the bush experience. Alternatively, it is also a wonderful standalone destination for those seeking more luxury and pampering.


Day and night-time safaris with an experienced and knowledgeable guide are provided daily. Mfuwe Lodge stays open during the Green Season. The lodge is best known for the elephants that walk through reception each year from October to December, making their way to the wild mango tree in the courtyard.

PO Box 25, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 116 Email: info@mushroomlodge.com www.mushroomlodge.com

The shower is under a tree and the toilet is a bush loo with a wooden throne. Meals of a high standard are served under the open sky. A final night at Tena Tena or Nsefu completes the safari.


Mushroom Lodge and Presidential House is located inside South Luangwa National Park. The lodge has six double chalets built on the edge of the lagoon in a grove of African ebony trees. Each en-suite chalet comes with either twin or double bed options, a spacious lounge and a minibar. Facilities include two showers, outside and

inside, per chalet, plus a bath and separate toilet. Verandas on each chalet overlook the lagoon for safe and close-up viewing of birds and wildlife. There is an open-air dining area with barbecue facilities, a swimming pool, lounge platforms and massage facilities.


c/o Remote Africa Safaris Ltd PO Box 5, Mfuwe Email: reservations@remoteafrica.com www.remoteafrica.com

Mwaleshi Camp is an enigmatic walking camp that accommodates six guests within North Luangwa National Park. Situated on a scenic bend of the Mwaleshi River, 10 km from the Luangwa confluence, this is a place of peace and simplicity, contrasted with great wildlife action. The excitement of watching hyenas hunting puku in front of camp, or observing herds of buffalo and Cookson’s wildebeest on foot, are some of the great experiences of Mwaleshi Camp. A day trip to the Mwaleshi Falls upstream of the camp has been rated by

Mfuwe Lodge is 3 km from the main gate of South Luangwa National Park and just a 45-minute transfer from Mfuwe International Airport. Each of the 18 thatched chalets overlooks one of the lodge’s two lagoons, which attract abundant game activity by day and night. Guests can enjoy early morning and evening game drives, plus delicious dinners, perhaps eaten by candlelight under the African stars while listening to lions coughing in the distance. Guests can also pamper themselves with a choice of treatments in the Bush Spa.


c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

The RPS Mobile Walking Safaris have long been known as the best wilderness experience of South Luangwa. After a night at Nkwali, a maximum of six guests drive to the north of the park where they will walk for five days, covering about 10 km a day, following the Mupamadzi River. The fully serviced mobile camp is extremely comfortable and well equipped with walk-in tents and full bedding.

If you are looking for an affordable safari in Zambia, Marula Lodge offers fantastic value right on the edge of South Luangwa National Park. The lodge’s comfortable rooms, riverside tents and dorm accommodation are perfect for those looking for wonderful wildlife at reasonable rates. The lodge’s safaris are on par with the best, and the staff are renowned for friendly Zambian service.

PO Box 57, Mfuwe Email: info@kaingo.com www.kaingo.com

one travel writer as a top highlight in Zambia. Combine a visit here with the other camps in the Remote Africa portfolio and create a truly unique and unforgettable safari. Seasonal operating dates are 15 June to 31 October.

Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp are the creations of the Shenton family, which has a proud history of three generations of wildlife conservation in southern Africa. Mwamba Bush Camp is a three-hour bushwalk or 20-minute drive from Kaingo. It takes six guests in three reed-and-thatch chalets, designed with two soaring skylights providing an experience sleeping under the stars. The bungalows have huge outdoor en-suite bathrooms with flush toilets and hot bucket showers. Lighting is solar-powered and the absence of generator noise means nothing

interferes with the morning chorus or the midnight howls of the hyena. The bush-style dining and bar area is set under the shade of ebony trees entwined with python vines.

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c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

Nkwali Camp is located on Robin Pope’s private land overlooking the Luangwa River and the National Park. There is accommodation for 12 guests in cool and spacious en-suite chalets made of thatch and woven bamboo and all with excellent views of the river. Elephants often cross the river and guests can observe them from the large thatched bar and lounge area on the main terrace. The area is also renowned for leopard and giraffe sightings. The thatched dining room sits in a parkland of

c/o Robin Pope Safaris, PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

large riverine trees and is located quite close to a waterhole that often attracts game during breakfast. Activities from camp are focused on walking, game drives and night drives.


Plot 3126, Great East Road, Chipata Tel: +260 216 222 905 Email: reservations@phchipata.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

and lagoon, often resulting in thrilling wildlife sightings from the comfort of a lounge chair.


A private kitchen and chef, along with a valet, ensure that meals can be served where and when guests like. To enhance the exclusive experience, guests also have a private guide and safari vehicle for game viewing.

Formerly a private presidential retreat, Sanctuary Chichele Presidential Lodge occupies a hilltop location in the heart of the national park. It offers a stylish country house atmosphere with discreet service, outstanding cuisine and second-to-none game viewing. Accommodation consists of 10 air conditioned rooms with en-suite bathroom, which houses a bath and shower. The rooms enjoy

panoramic views of the plains. The lodge also features an interconnecting room, perfect for families. Other facilities include a swimming pool and curio shop. All meals are à la carte, with a good selection of dishes.


c/o Remote Africa Safaris Ltd PO Box 5, Mfuwe Email: reservations@remoteafrica.com www.remoteafrica.com

c/o Sanctuary Retreats 267 Oak Avenue, Randburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 438 4650 Email: reservations.safrica@sanctuaryretreats.com www.sanctuaryretreats.com


A restaurant with an outside terrace area, bar and swimming pool are available as well as conference facilities for up to 100 delegates providing a superb environment for conferences, seminars, workshops, corporate functions, cocktail parties and product launches. The hotel also offers free wireless internet access.

c/o Sanctuary Retreats 267 Oak Avenue, Randburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 438 4650 Email: reservations.safrica@sanctuaryretreats.com www.sanctuaryretreats.com


Named after the elusive puku that inhabits the flood plain in front of the camp, Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp is landscaped into a secluded ridge overlooking the flood plain. This is a small and intimate 14-bed camp with seven spacious canvas safari tents, all offering splendid views of the flood plains below. Each has a teak veranda with shady pergola, a lavish bathroom with bath and indoor and outdoor shower

Protea Hotel by Marriott Chipata is located on the outskirts of Chipata town, three hours’ drive from South Luangwa National Park and only 130 km from Lilongwe. Ideal for both leisure and business travellers, the hotel offers 40 bedrooms with air conditioning, tea and coffee making facilities, electronic safes and electronic door locks, telephone and DStv.


c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

Robin’s House lies on the edge of Nkwali Camp. This private luxury house is ideal for families, honeymooners and guests looking for privacy. Set apart from the camp and on the bank of the Luangwa River, Robin’s House has fine views of the river and the animals that come to drink. There are two large bedrooms (a double and a triple), each with its own bathroom, and a central sitting room and dining room.

The camp lies in the heart of the undeveloped Nsefu sector and so offers remoteness and seclusion.


c/o Norman Carr Safaris PO Box 100, Mfuwe Tel: +230 525 04354; +230 525 04359 Email: travel@timeandtideafrica.com www.timeandtideafrica.com

Nestled beside a river lagoon, Nsolo has an intimate, peaceful feel that welcomes guests to unwind and immerse in the ebbs and flows of life in the bush. One of the original camps in the South Luangwa, this site was chosen for its fantastic wildlife concentrations and abundant birdlife. Each of the five beautiful guest chalets have a design inspired by the riverside setting. Private wooden decks overlooking the bush

Nsefu was Zambia’s first photographic safari camp and, today, is still one of only two camps in the game-rich Nsefu Sector, South Luangwa. Nsefu accommodates 12 guests in the original rondavels, which have been extended and also offer spacious en-suite bathrooms. Each room has a clear view of the river. The bar, tucked in beside a huge extinct termite mound, overlooks a waterhole that is popular with game, especially leopard.

with views over the floodplains. All meals are table d’hôte, with a wide selection of dishes and served outdoors whenever possible, often around the campfire. There is a full range of game drives in the national park in 4x4 vehicles.

Tafika Camp is an authentic bush camp offering warm hospitality and a superior safari experience with amazing game viewing. Located just outside the Nsefu sector of South Luangwa National Park, Tafika is the home and base camp of John and Carol Coppinger’s owner-run company, Remote Africa Safaris. With six spacious chalets (including one family chalet), all built from natural materials, Tafika can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests. Built round the trunks of sausage trees, these thatched chalets all have en-suite facilities

with the showers open to the stars. Guests can enjoy walking safaris, day and night game drives and unique mountain biking and camp hides. Combine a stay with other Remote Africa properties for the ultimate safari experience.




c/o Robin Pope Safaris PO Box 80, Mfuwe Tel: +265 179 5483/4491 Email: info@robinpopesafaris.net www.robinpopesafaris.net

Situated in the Nsefu Sector, Tena Tena sits under a thick grove of mahogany trees. On a double-tiered river bank, each room enjoys its own private view over the Luangwa River. The six-tented bush camp remains true to its sense of being a ‘temporary home’; the rooms are spacious but cosy. The tents are on the top of the two-tiered river bank hidden under the lush canopy, set between leadwood poles. Each tent is adapted to its specific location to maximise privacy, with gorgeous views across

Great East Road next to St. Francis Hospital, PO Box 550 142 Katete, Zambia Tel: +260 979 176 960 Email: tikoeducation@gmail.com www.tikondane.org

the river. The camp is entirely solar-powered, (with back-up generator). There is a variety of ways to appreciate the wildlife, from exciting walking safaris to day and night game drives. Meanwhile, for a cultural experience, a visit to the Kawaza Village is not to be missed.


Become part of the Tiko family and help others

Plot 589, PO Box 35, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 247 Email: info@thornicroft-lodge.com www.thornicroft-lodge.com

Thornicroft Lodge is a small independent lodge run by people who adore wildlife and care about the environment. The lodge is set in a beautiful location on the bank of Luangwa River, home to wallowing hippos and bathing elephants, and makes the most of its wonderful surroundings without compromising on comfort. While here, guests can explore the untamed wilderness of South Luangwa with unforgettable dawn, sunset and night drives in open 4x4s with some of Africa’s best safari guides. The main lodge is a spacious thatched semi-circle of

Tikondane Community Centre started 18 years ago. From the beginning, the local people were involved in the programme of health education, literacy and other skills that lead to sustainable agriculture, in addition to the ‘19 Steps Out of Poverty’ project. But, at the centre are the visitors for whom there all kinds of accommodation, ranging from basic camping to a luxury ‘Chief’s Rondavel’. sophisticated comfort. It’s an open-plan area that houses the dining area, indoor braai, lounge and bar. Accommodation is in one of the river-view chalets or lagoon-view tents.



c/o Kafunta Safaris PO Box 83, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 046 Email: bookings@luangwa.com www.luangwa.com

Three Rivers Camp is located at the confluence of the Luangwa, Kapamba and Lusangazi rivers in South Luangwa. The camp consists of five spacious and elegant tents decorated with natural materials and earthy hues. Each tent has large gauzed windows, which offer extensive views of the Luangwa River and nearby lagoon. The distinctive feature of each room is the private elevated platform, which lets guests absorb the stunning views during the day or sleep under the stars, surrounded only

PO Box 2, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 020 Cell: +260 977 600 556 Email: info@trackandtrailrivercamp.com www.trackandtrailrivercamp.com

by the sights and sounds of the African bush. The camp’s dining area is set on the banks of the river, where guests can observe the hippos and crocodiles or enjoy the starry night sky at dinner. Game drives and bush walks are available, with the chance to spot giraffes, elephants and more.


Track & Trail River Camp is a privately owned lodge located in a breathtaking spot on the bank of the Luangwa River, overlooking South Luangwa National Park and just five minutes from the main entrance. The owner-run lodge specialises in photo safaris and offers morning and night game drives and walking safaris with professional wildlife photographers and safari guides. The main lodge, facilities (which include an elevated swimming pool, spa and gym)

and accommodation are scattered along the river frontage. The lodge offers nine chalets: four double storey en-suite chalets with private balconies and river views; three chalets on the river front with private verandas; and two elevated and secluded chalets, ideal for romantic getaways.


PO Box 53, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 026 Email: info@wildlifezambia.com www.wildlifezambia.com

Wildlife Camp offers affordable packages, with rustic en-suite chalets, a secluded tented camp, a bush camp for overnight walking safaris and a campsite, all situated on the bank of the Luangwa. This owner-run camp is situated on land owned by the Wildlife & Environmental Society of Zambia, with 60 per cent of all accommodation and camping proceeds being donated to the education of Zambian children. There are nine chalets, all with a veranda where guest can relax and watch the wildlife. The tented camp, with

At the centre of Tiko is the veranda, where everyone meets for fun and to practice African dancing. There are cultural safaris to local villages, ghost dancing and the initiation rite of the Chewa men. Recognised by Unesco for its cultural significance, the ‘Great Dance of the Chewa Tribe’ is restricted to official traditional occasions by His Royal Highness Chief Mbang’ombe, who has given Tiko exclusive permission for its guests to watch the rehearsals at night in the villages. Even when rehearsing, the men who wear the Nyau costume are not seen as men, but as ghosts and feared for their magic powers.

PO Box 91, Mfuwe Tel: +260 216 246 041 Cell: +260 978 770 055 Email: info@bushcampcompany.com www.bushcampcompany.com

five en-suite tents, is located beyond the campsite. The bush camp has four twin tents and is located on the peninsula of the game management area. It offers guests the chance to experience an overnight walking safari.

Zungulila Bushcamp’s four tented chalets, situated on raised platforms with thatched roofs, overlook a plain alongside the Kapamba River. Zungulila is a charming camp that embodies the essence of old Africa and a bygone era, but with all the modern amenities – hot and cold running water, solar lighting and individual plunge pools on each veranda. Big herds of buffalo and elephant and predators and prey alike come to the plain, making it

tempting just to stay in camp; but morning walking safaris or game drives and afternoon or evening game drives are always on offer.

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Unspoilt park offers raw safari adventure s the oldest and largest national

has resisted mass tourism and develop-

Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp, and four of

park in Zambia, it is perhaps

ment. The park contains only a handful

the Big Five can be found nearby.

surprising to hear that Kafue

of lodges and camps, many of them well

National Park remains largely under-

established and relatively small, ensuring

In addition to big game, visitors have

explored and unaffected by mass tourism.

minimal impact or damage to the delicate

an opportunity to catch sight of some

ecosystems of the park.

of Zambia’s most unusual inhabitants,

This true African safari destination is

including pangolin, aardvark, caracal,

located three to four hours by car from

Taking its name from the river that flows

bush baby and more. While wildlife

Lusaka and also within easy reach of

for more than 250 km through the park,

numbers in Kafue are not excessive, the

Livingstone, making it an ideal place to

Kafue presents a range of habitats and

sheer variety of species will be enough

combine with visits to the capital and

landscapes, each with its own flora and

to impress even

Victoria Falls. There are airstrips, too, in

fauna. The Busanga Plains, in the north

the most seasoned

Kafue if travelling by road is not your pre-

of the park, are a centre for wildlife


ferred option. Despite its advantageous

and birdlife diversity. The plains flood seasonally, leaving the area inaccessible for over half of the year. In the dry season, however, a variety of wildlife, including elephant, impala and lion, can be found in the Busanga Plains.

Biodiversity The Kafue River itself is another hot spot of biodiversity, with hippo and crocodile in profusion and many other animal and bird species common to the area. Arguably the best way to explore the river is by boat, with cruises generally location, visitors to Kafue are likely to be

available all year round. Anglers can

impressed by the untouched nature of the

take advantage of the river’s plentiful

park as well as by the variety of flora and

supply of fish, although restrictions may

fauna and by the accommodation options

apply to the amount of fish they can

that are available, all of which make the


park a worthwhile destination in which to enjoy the raw safari experience.

In the southern half of Kafue are the Nanzhila Plains, a remote area that

Unlike many other parks in the eastern

exemplifies the untouched nature of the

and southern African regions, Kafue

park. There is just one camp in the area,


KAFUE NATIONAL PARK BUSANGA BUSH CAMP c/o Wilderness Safaris Post Net 118, P Bag E835, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 740 363 Email: enquiry@wilderness-safaris.com www.wilderness-safaris.com

Busanga Bush Camp lies in the heart of the Busanga Plains, a vast mosaic of expansive grassy seasonal flood plains that extend to the horizon. When the mist rises off the flood plains as they dry up in winter, lovely sunrises and sunsets are experienced here, while the flood plains and dambos teem with wildlife and birds. Hidden on a tree island of sycamore fig trees, the camp has four well appointed en-suite tents, each with a veranda to take in the sweeping

views. The lounge and bar area is under canvas with an uninterrupted view out over the plains.


Kafue National Park Tel: +260 974 424 013 Email: info@mukambi.com www.mukambi.com

Fig Tree Bush Camp breaks the mould of the traditional safari. Guests can enjoy all the intimate facets of a classic bush camp, but with a fresh and exciting approach. Guests can stay in one of the four safari tents raised on platforms. Each tent overlooks the lagoon and has a private view of the plains behind. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom and personal veranda. Fig Tree Camp is named after the majestic fig tree under which guests dine, relax and unwind.

The camp advocates responsible tourism and aims to use materials which are environmentally friendly without compromising on guest comfort. The camp is powered by solar energy.


Kafue National Park Cell: +260 977 774520 (Debbie) Email: hippolodgeinfo@gmail.com www.hippolodge.com

Hippo Lodge is situated on the Kafue River and provides two types of accommodation: thatched chalets or luxury safari tents with open-air en-suite stone bathrooms. All accommodation is provided with hot water from wood-fired boilers. Gourmet bush cuisine is prepared by a trained chef and served in an open dining room overlooking the river. There is a fully stocked bar as well as a swimming pool.

Guests can enjoy game drives, walks and fishing activities or simply relax by the pool. The main attraction is natural hot spring. There is an airstrip lies less than 2 km from the lodge.

KAINGU SAFARI LODGE c/o PO Box 160, P/Bag E891, Post.Net Manda Hill, Lusaka Tel: +27 110 83 971 Email: info@kaingu-lodge.com www.kaingu-lodge.com

Set in an area of pristine wilderness, KaingU Safari Lodge offers a magnificent safari experience in the heart of the African bush, with top-quality cuisine and luxurious tents. KaingU is a small and intimate camp with six tented chalets and one family safari house. KaingU offers a unique stay for travellers who want to experience the unspoilt wilderness, meet the warm-hearted people of Zambia and enjoy the wildlife undisturbed.

The 22,440 sq km Kafue National Park is one of the last true wilderness areas. Activities include game drives in the park, boating (a special highlight on this unique stretch of river), game and nature walks, out-ofcamp dining, canoeing and fishing.

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PO Box 29, 10101, Itezhi Tezhi Email: info@konkamoya.com www.konkamoya.com

Konkamoya Lodge is located on the banks of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi in the south of Kafue National Park. Konkamoya (meaning ‘follow the wind’) consists of five luxurious tents furnished in colonial style, ensuring a highly personal experience for a maximum of 15 guests. Game viewing is undertaken in either an open vehicle, by foot or by boat and is an ideal location for game watchers, birders and anglers.

Tel: +27 824 165 894 Fax: +27 12 993 2095 Email: info@leopard-lodge.com www.leopard-lodge.com

Guests are taken out around the lake shores for fishing, for a sundowner or even on camping excursions to the company’s other fly camps within the park. Access to the lodge is via the Ngoma airstrip.

Leopard Lodge is a family-run, secluded elegant game lodge, located on the banks of the Kafue River in a game-managed area of Kafue National Park. The lodge is known for its excellent game viewing, with elephant, lion and leopard often seen around the property. Wildlife viewing is done either in a game drive vehicle, on foot, in a canoe, from a boat or from the lodge’s deck that extends over the Kafue River.

The lodge consists of six well appointed luxury chalets which are individually sited to ensure privacy. Leopard Lodge is committed to responsible tourism and conservation of the environment, while creating opportunities for local people and businesses.

LUFUPA TENTED CAMP c/o Wilderness Safaris, Post Net 118 P Bag E835, Lusaka Tel: +260 97 774 0363 Email: zambia@wilderness.co.zm www.wilderness-safaris.com

Lufupa Tented Camp is situated in the northern sector of Kafue National Park, near the confluence of the Lufupa and Kafue rivers. The camp comprises nine en-suite Meru-style tented units each with a wooden deck. A central area, complete with a boma, fireplace, dining area and small plunge pool, lies on the edge of the broad Kafue River. Activities (at extra cost) include day and night nature drives exploring prime game viewing areas adjoining the Lufupa Channel.

Boat trips reveal the hippo population of the area complemented by a constant array of colourful waterbirds, reptiles and lush riverine vegetation. Guided walks are also on offer.

MAWIMBI BUSH CAMP Tel: + 263 4 861286 Cell: +263 783 137 783, +263 772 261 831 Email: info@mawimbibushcamp.com; mawimbibushcamp@gmail.com www.mawimbibushcamp.com

Mawimbi Bush Camp is situated on the bank of the beautiful Kafue River in the Kafue National Park in Western Zambia. The camp is four hours’ drive from Lusaka and features three large luxury canvas tents. Each has its own en-suite bathroom consisting of ecological toilets, a wash basin and a bucket shower that is supplied with hot water on demand. All rooms are mosquito proofed, with two beds in the main area of the tent with a covered entrance veranda overlooking the river for perfect game viewing and relaxing. The tent is

tastefully furnished with all basic necessities and decorated in subtle African themes. The Kafue River is perfect for canoeing, which is the main activity offered. Wilderness game walks and drives in the Kafue National Park are also organised each day and are a ‘must’ for all lovers of the African bush.



Email: mcbridescamp1@gmail.com www.mcbridescamp.com

c/o Kafue Camps & Safaris, Mumbwa Tel: +260 972 179 266 Email: info@kafuecamps.com www.kafuecamps.com

Mayukuyuku Bush Camp is just 8 km from the tarmac road for easy all-year-round access, even with a two-wheel-drive vehicle. It is situated right on the Kafue River, with spectacular views. There are four en-suite tents under thatched roofs with open-to-the-stars bathrooms, private veranda and hammock overlooking the river. Accommodation is either full board or all inclusive with activities and park fees included. As Mayukuyuku (meaning ‘water hitting rocks’)


is so small, wildlife often passes right though the camp. Guides are highly trained in all aspects. There is also a small campsite a short distance from the main camp. This camp is situated right in the park, not in the game managed area. There is no single supplement.

McBrides’ Camp is located in one of the last true wilderness areas of Zambia, at the confluence of the Mushingashi and Kafue rivers. Cleverly built around established wildlife paths, the camp is regularly visited by animals such as elephant, hippo and lion. The camp managers, Chris and Charlotte McBride, have spent many years in the bush and are passionate about wildlife. Chris has written several distinguished books about lions. The camp specialises in walking safaris and river trips by boat. Chris and Charlotte accompany guests and share their knowledge of the flora and fauna. Accommodation consists

of eight private thatched two-person chalets with en-suite bathrooms. Each chalet has a unique view, either of the river or the bush.



Mumbwa West Game Management Area PO Box 30258, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 600 538 Email: mufungata@gmail.com www.mu-fungata.net

Mu-Fungata Safari Lodge is located on the Kafue River. All eight cottages are built along the river and have en-suite bathrooms, riverfront verandas with electricity and separate shower and/or bath, toilet and hot water. The bar and dining areas also overlook the river, providing spectacular views from a sheltered viewing area with comfortable seats. There is also a campsite with shower and

Kafue National Park Tel: +260 974 424 013 Email: info@mukambi.com www.mukambi.safariscom

toilet block and a viewing deck, which has been constructed downriver from the lodge. A family cottage for two couples plus children is available. The lodge offers opportunities for game viewing (on foot, by vehicle or by boat), birding and fishing on the Kafue River.


c/o Jeffery & McKeith Safaris PO Box 32056, Lusaka Tel: +260 97 62 15426 Email: info@jefferymckeith.com www.jmsafaris-zambia.com

mammals. The park also hosts a wonderful variety of birds. Together with good food and friendly staff, the comfortable accommodation will make any stay unforgettable. Mukambi is affordable, open all year round and can be easily reached. Transfers can be arranged.


Musekese Camp, home of the owner-run and guided Jeffery & McKeith Safaris, will move to its new site in 2016. The new site is set in a spectacular area of the park known to those lucky enough to visit it as ‘Eden’. The new site will build on the splendour of its surroundings, nestled within a large stand of mature riverine trees, providing perfect shade for a cold afternoon drink. The ancient trees preside over a permanent water-fed dambo, home to prolific wildlife densities (arguably the

best in the Kafue), all in plain view of camp. The camp itself comprises just four well appointed safari tents, complete with comfortable and locally sourced furnishings. Small, extra touches plus expert guiding ensure Musekese is quite unlike any other camp in the Kafue.

NEW KALALA CAMP Kafue National Park Tel: +260 213 263 179; 290 914 Fax: +260 211 290 162 Email: petsas@newkalala.com; info@newkalala.com www.newkalala.com

Kafue National Park Tel: +27 72 536 133 Email: res@nanzhila.com www.nanzhila.com

Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp is the most southerly lodge in Kafue National Park and accommodates just 12 guests. There are three well appointed thatched cottages and three Meru-style safari tents, all with en-suite facilities. The main lodge is a raised grass structure (insaka) with a teak deck and comprises a lounge, dining area, bar and veranda shaded by a jackalberry tree.

and is able to give visitors the attention they need. The staff at the camp are ready to show guests the Busanga Plains. Karen Blixen said: “If there was one thing I could do again, it would be to go on safari.” Guests can be one of the privileged to experience the unique remoteness of Mukambi Plains Camp.


Kafue National Park Tel: +260 974 424 013 Email: info@mukambi.com www.mukambisafaris.com

Located centrally in Kafue National Park, Mukambi Safari Lodge is right on the bank of the Kafue River. Viewing decks, accommodation and swimming pool overlook the river. An easy and casual atmosphere with the flexibility of a small lodge makes the days varied and exciting. There are game drives, boat and fishing trips along with walking safaris on which guests are likely to see elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, puku, hippo and many other

Mukambi Plains Camp is small-scale, luxurious, remote and accessible for only four months each year. The camp has four big safari tents with en-suite open-air bathrooms. Each tent has breathtaking views over the Busanga Plains. This is how a safari is meant to be. Accommodating a maximum of eight guests, the camp is small-scale with an eye for detail

The Nanzhila area is host to a variety of plains game and is also home to roaming packs of wild dog and leopard. Nanzhila is also a birders’ paradise. Out of the 500 bird species recorded in the park, the majority are found in the south, including the black-cheeked lovebird, which is endemic to the region.

New Kalala Camp has a wonderful setting on 50 acres of rocky terrain in Kafue National Park bordering the Kafue River and overlooking Lake Itezhi-Tezhi. Accommodation at New Kalala consists of 13 chalets, a campsite and conference facilities. New Kalala offers privacy as well as lavish hospitality, good service and first-rate game viewing. Mountain rabbits and monkeys are among the animals seen regularly at New Kalala.

The restaurant has a private veranda facing the lake, allowing guests to witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. New Kalala offers a perfect getaway for world travellers, adventure tourists and local people looking to escape the bustle of city life.


c/o Wilderness Safaris, Post Net 118 P Bag E835, Lusaka Tel: +260 977 403 63 Email: enquiry@wilderness-safaris.com www.wilderness-safaris.com

Located on a tree island in the centre of the breathtaking Busanga Plains is stylish Shumba Camp. Its six luxury tented units are spacious, en-suite with both indoor and outdoor showers, and all raised on wooden platforms with spectacular views of the surrounding plains. The bar and dining area is shaded by spectacular fig trees and boasts magnificent vistas over the open wildlife-rich plains. The camp’s main deck is a perfect place to star

gaze or relax after your evening meal. The area is a magnet for a wealth of plains game, followed by lion, wild dog and cheetah.

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Landlocked Zambia’s very own riviera

A further alternative for accommodation in the Lake Kariba region is to book a houseboat. These boats come with a full crew who will take care of all the cooking and cleaning so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Houseboats tend to accommodate between six and eight guests and offer the opportunity to cruise the lake and take in the beautiful scenery or indulge in some fishing. Bream and tigerfish are commonly found in the lake – but hippos and crocodiles are present,

ake Kariba is the largest man-

a lake. Little wonder it’s such a popular

too, so that swimming in Lake Kariba is

made body of water in the

destination for short breaks and

not encouraged.

world by volume, measuring

weekend getaways due to its relative

223 km in length and 40 km in width.

proximity to Lusaka and favourable

A visit to the Dam Wall is a popular

It offers visitors the chance to enjoy


activity for visitors to Lake Kariba due to

a riverside retreat in landlocked

the sheer size and scale of the structure,



which reaches 128 metres in height and

The town of Siavonga, on the shores

Adding to its attractiveness as a desti-

side and a sheer drop on the other.

of Lake Kariba less than three hours

nation, Siavonga has a good selection

from Lusaka, is the country’s very own

of quality mid-range accommodation,

riviera, with generally good weather

almost all of which is on the lake shore.

all year round and stunning views over

Most of these properties have comfort-

the lake. The sheer size of Lake Kariba

able rooms along with private beaches

makes it seem more like the ocean than

and opportunities for water sports.


offers fantastic views of the lake on one



PO Box 630162, Choma Tel: +260 97 666 752 Email: reservations@lake-viewzambia.com

Chikanka is a privately owned 600 acre island located about 10 km south-west of Chete Island and 8 km from the mainland. The lodge is made up of three twin-bedded chalets, each equipped with flush toilets and hot and cold water, mosquito nets and battery-powered lights There are good selfcatering facilities including a fully equipped kitchen and the services of a full-time cook, plus a fridge, freezer, gas stove and braai. There is also a large thatched dining room, a sundeck and a small swimming pool.

PO Box 1, Siavonga Tel: +260 211 511 168 Cell: +260 978 869 126 Email: eagles@siavonga-zambia.com www.eaglesrestresort.com

A rowing boat and two-man canoes are provided for fishing trips in the bay and around the island. Other activities include birdwatching.


PO Box 5, Siavonga Tel: +260 211 511 148 Email: lakesafari@gmail.com www.lakesafari.com

The Terrace restaurant serves home-cooked meals including freshly caught bream, but also locally reared beef, lamb and pork. The hotel owns a variety of boats for hire for trips up the lake for fishing, floating facilities, and pedal boats for cruising around the bay.


All three conference rooms are also fully air conditioned and seating arrangements for up to 300 delegates are optimised for maximum sound and visual input.

Siavonga Tel: +260 978 731 623, +260 211 511 136 Email: gardengroup@zamtel.zm www.gardengroupzambia.com

the crocodiles glide slowly past and take in the natural beauty of Lake Kariba. The lodge is an ideal base for fishing or for trips to Chikanka Island (see separate listing). Sunset cruises can also be arranged.

The recently refurbished Leisure Bay Lodge at Siavonga is located on the shore of Lake Kariba. The property’s 20 double en-suite rooms are all fitted with air conditioning and DStv. The lodge provides a comfortable scenario for seminars, workshops, a weekend getaway or a longer holiday. Spacious conference facilities are available, while the sparkling pool overlooks the lake. Guests can take a canoe out on the lake for spectacular sunsets or visit the dam wall.

The hotel also offer a beach, swimming pool, restaurant, beach site, boat cruises, a boat house and jet skiing.



Lotri Bay, PO Box 135, Siavonga Tel: +260 979 278 676; +264 812 139 660; +264 965 423 188 Email: villagepoint.mambova@yahoo.com; nessylewis@yahoo.co.uk www.village-point.com

Plot 283, Sinadambwe Road PO Box 115, Siavonga Tel: +260 211 511 283 or 511 218 Email: info@manchinbaylodge.com www.manchinbaylodge.com

Manchinchi Bay Lodge is located on a secluded peninsula in Siavonga. It offers 30 fully air conditioned double rooms, all en-suite, equipped with bar fridges and satellite TV. All rooms have private verandas providing both privacy and superb lake views. The Breezes restaurant offers fine cuisine in an elegant setting. The Fisherman’s Folly cocktail bar is a great place to meet friends.

Lake Safari Lodge is situated on Lake Kariba and is the ideal location for holidays, workshops, conferences and seminars. All 50 en-suite rooms are air conditioned and have a patio or balcony overlooking the lake. All rooms offer one king or two double beds, accommodate a maximum of three guests and have refrigerators. The restaurant, bar and pool all have excellent views. There is an outdoor swimming pool and 24-hour internet connection.


Sinazongwe Tel: +260 97 666 7752 Email: reservations@lakeview-zambia.com www.lakeview-zambia.com

Situated on the shores of Lake Kariba, Lakeview Lodge offers affordable and comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation close to the village of Sinazongwe. The lodge is set in well established gardens and comprises three five-sleeper chalets, all overlooking the lake. Lakeview Lodge also offers camping facilities. The pool and dining area at Lakeview Lodge provide a wonderful setting in which to relax and enjoy spectacular sunrises, watch

a campsite situated among the trees complete with hot and cold showers and toilets. Eagles Rest is also the home of the 20 metre houseboat ‘Bateleur’, which sleeps up to 12 and has a crew of four.


Siavonga Tel: +260 211 511 249 Cell: +260 97 777 0480 Email: info@karibainns.com www.karibainns.com

Lake Kariba Inns sits on a hillside overlooking Lake Kariba and offers 50 rooms comprising seven villas, 15 executive rooms and 28 standard rooms. Each has DStv and split air conditioning. Well known as a conference destination, Lake Kariba Inns offers four state-of-the-art conference rooms, all set in well established and tranquil gardens. The hotel has a fully equipped business centre with Wi-Fi.

Eagles Rest Resort is situated on the shores of Lake Kariba and close to Siavonga. Set in four hectares, the resort is nestled in a secluded wooded area on the shores of the lake with beach frontage and magnificent views of the Matusodona Mountains. All chalets are fully mosquito proofed and air conditioned. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the swimming pool has a shady patio. There is a thatched bar on the beach where guests can relax with a beer. There is also

The swimming pool overlooks the lake and there are conference facilities for up to 60 people and up to a 100 for banqueting, cocktails and receptions. The cruiser ‘Manchinchi’ provides guests with a variety of options to enjoy the lake.

Village Point is a small and wonderfully simple eco-style property set off the beaten track in 20 hectares at Lotri Bay, about 40 km by road along the shore of Lake Kariba from Siavonga. Built in 2005 by the late Jamie Hope, the lodge offers a variety of accommodation for up to 16 guests, ranging from four stylish two-storey luxury chalets with beautiful lake and mountain views to an eco-village with bush shower.

The lodge is mainly self-catering, but full board can be arranged in advance. Camping is allowed and tents can be hired from the lodge. Guests can enjoy the many species of birdlife, bush walks and fishing. The lodge also provides a special non-commercial Tonga village tour.

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A rich diversity of wonderful fauna Zambia’s Northern and Central Provinces are two of the country’s most remote areas – and consequently, when it comes to tourism, both are largely undeveloped. For those who do venture into these untouched areas, however, there are some worthwhile finds waiting to be discovered. he Central Province is located

of animals and birds, including sitatunga

just above Lusaka Province, bor-

and puku antelope, hippo, elephant and

dering a further seven provinces


as it stretches up and round to the

about a 12-hour drive from Lusaka, but

eastern border with the Democratic

The national park and associated

the town also has its own airport with

Republic of the Congo. While parts of

Bangweulu Wetlands represent one of

direct flights to and from Lusaka.

the province are a stone’s throw from

the most biodiverse areas in Africa, with

Lusaka and can be reached with rela-

over 100,000 near-endemic and specially

The main attraction in this province is

tive ease by road, its north-eastern

adapted black lechwe antelope living

Nsumbu National Park on the western

parts are a little more challenging

in the wetlands. Other fauna in the area

shore of Lake Tanganyika. This remote

because of the lack of a developed

include crocodile, hippo and buffalo as

park is steadily recovering from a period

transport system.

well as flamingo and shoebill.

of decline in the 1980s and 1990s, with improving numbers of animals that

Kabwe is the capital of the province,

Kasanka is perhaps best known for its

include elephant, hippo, eland, warthog

which is divided into 11 districts. The

annual bat migration, between October

and crocodile.

Serenje district is home to Kasanka

and December, when several million

National Park, the country’s first privately

straw-coloured bats fly into Kasanka to

Nsumbu is home to the annual Zambia

run game reserve and home to a variety

roost and feast on wild fruit. This event

National Fishing Competition, with

is believed to be the largest migration of

species such as Nile perch, goliath tiger-

any species on earth, outnumbering even

fish, lake salmon and catfish found in the

the great wildebeest migration elsewhere

waters of Lake Tanganyika. Lucky anglers

in East Africa.

may also catch sight of the highly prized golden perch.

Northern Province


In addition to anglers, the lake attracts

The Northern Province is even more

divers, and the country’s own PADI dive

remote than the Central, offering a real

centre is to be found at Ndole Bay Lodge.

‘off the beaten track’ feeling, but not

The clear water and variety of fish make

without a handful of interesting attrac-

this a great destination for sub-aqua

tions. Kasama, the provincial capital, is




Private Bag 12, Mpulunugu Email: isangabay@gmail.com Tel: +260 966 646 991; 0973 472 317 Email: bookings@isangabay.com www.isangabay.com

Isanga Bay Lodge is a place to relax and enjoy the spectacular views over the vast ocean-like Lake Tanganyika and savour the delights of the calm waters while swimming, snorkelling, kayaking or fishing. In terms of accommodation, there are three chalets located on the beach and three rondavels set in the lodge gardens with fine views of the lake. In total the lodge sleeps just 20 people. All guest rooms have en-suite bathrooms with hot showers.

c/o Shiwa Safaris Ltd, PO Box 1 Shiwa Ng’andu Tel: +260 976 970 444 www.shiwasafaris.com

Isanga Bay Lodge is situated 18 km from Mpulungu. The boat trip from Mpulungu to the lodge takes about 30 minutes in good weather. The lodge is also accessible by road from Mbala using 4x4 vehicles.


Mpika Cell: 097 8198198 (SMS more reliable) Email: info@mutindozambia.com www.mutinondozambia.com

Canoes and motorboats can be also be hired with guides from here.


SHOEBILL ISLAND CAMP Bangweulu Wetlands, Northern Zambia Email: res@shoebillislandcamp.com www.shoebillislandcamp.com

With panoramic views over the swamps, Shoebill Island Camp takes its name from the rare and enigmatic shoebill stork that can be seen in the area. The camp offers accommodation in safari tents under thatch roofs and reed cottages; each with two beds, an en-suite shower and flush toilet. There is also a campsite here for those who prefer a real bush experience. Boating can be arranged in banana boats or dugout canoes, taking guests deep into the swamps in pursuit of the elusive shoebill.

Located on the plateau 30 km west of the Luangwa Valley in Muchinga Province, Mutinondo Wilderness is ideal for people who love peace and tranquillity in the bush. The area consists of 10,000 hectares of privately owned land encompassing pristine miombo woodland, granite inselbergs, crystal-clear rivers to swim in and drink from and picturesque waterfalls and dambos. The lodge has four chalets, bar and dining

facilities. Each building is unique with its own view and character: two standard chalets, one spacious chalet and one family chalet. There is also an adjacent campsite set on the edge of a wooded rocky outcrop, and a self-catering camp on the Mutinondo River, 11 km away with one grass-walled chalet and campsite.


Cell: +260 961 124 917 Tel: +260 977 711 434 Email: info@ndolebaylodge.com www.ndolebaylodge.com

Nestled among lush tropical vegetation, Ndole Bay Lodge offers visitors a singular African experience on the shore of a unique lake. Situated just outside Nsumbu National Park, the lodge allows access to an untamed wilderness while still having the freedom of a private beach safe to swim from. The lodge is built entirely from natural materials with thatched roofs. All rooms are discreetly situated within the riparian vegetation opening onto an exclusive beach.

There are various activities available at Kapishya and on the estate including river floats, game drives, visits to the manor house, horse-riding and bird walks. The property also welcomes selfcaterers and campers.


c/o Kasanka Trust Ltd PO Box 850073, Serenje Email: res@kasankanationalpark.com www.kasankanationalpark.com

Luwombwa Lodge is located on the banks of the Luwombwa River in the western half of Kasanka National Park. Overlooking the meandering waterway, fringed with evergreen forest, the en-suite chalets can accommodate up to five people. With a dining area and fully equipped kitchen, guests can sample cuisine prepared by the Kasanka chefs, or simply bring their own food to be prepared by the team.

Kapishya is a secluded six-chalet lodge with 12 beds (families can be accommodated four to a room). The main attraction of Kapishya is its natural sulphur-free hot springs. The property is situated on the estate of Shiwa Ngandu (The Africa House) and is set on the bank of the Mansha River. Kapishya has a bar and a restaurant. The lodge has 220 volt electricity available 24 hours a day.

Shiwa Ngandu Estates PO Box 1, Mpika Tel: +260 973 311 246 www.shiwangandu.com

The central thatched area serves as a dining and bar area and there is a fully stocked bar with competitive prices and a large pool for cool dips between serious relaxation.

Shiwa Ng’andu is an English-style mansion house built in remote central Zambia by an eccentric Englishman, Sir Stewart Gore Brown, and depicted in the book ‘The Africa House’ by Christina Lamb. Sir Stewart died in 1967. Shiwa then fell into disrepair. But in 1999 it was bought by his grandson and returned to its former glory. Shiwa House accommodates four to five couples. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are simple with original hardwood furnishings

and paintings. Fireplaces are lit every night and the atmosphere at Shiwa is unique. The food is good, simple and wholesome and the beautiful gardens are kept in their former glory.


c/o Kasanka Trust Ltd PO Box 850073, Serenje Email: res@kasankanationalpark.com www.kasankanationalpark.com

Wasa Lodge lies on the edge of Lake Wasa in the eastern half of Kasanka National Park, just 12 km from the park entrance at the tarmac road. It is ideally suited for visiting the hide at Fibwe (just 15 minutes’ drive or two hours’ walk away) and has fine views. Puku, hippo and sometimes sitatunga can be seen from the lodge. Kasanka also hosts the largest mammal migration on earth, with 10 million bats visiting the park yearly. Wasa Lodge is in

a prime location to experience the bats, enjoying close proximity to the bat forest. The lodge also has a central hub that houses a bar, dining room, reception and veranda overlooking the lake. All of the intimate chalets have en-suite bathrooms and are thatched in a traditional style.

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Delightful surprises in heartland of industry he Copperbelt Province is an area

airlines, so transit through Kenneth

of Zambia famous for copper

Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka is

mining. The province includes

not always necessary.

the Zambian section of the Copperbelt, which also stretches into the neighbour-

Kitwe is the regional hub and Zambia’s

ing Democratic Republic of the Congo,

second city, having gained its present-

and is made up of five distinct towns:

day status after rapid development in

Kitwe, Ndola, Chingola, Luanshya and

the 1950s as a result of the upsurge in


copper prices. Kitwe is a pleasant town with shopping malls, attractive scenery and a handful of accommodation options, although tourism here is largely undeveloped. Ndola, the country’s third-largest town, has undergone extensive development compared with some other towns in Zambia. It is home to the Jacaranda Mall, offering a good range of shops and restaurants, as well as the Copperbelt Museum, which makes for a worthwhile visit while in the area to learn about the region’s famous mining sector.

The Copperbelt is a vital source of income for Zambia. Depending on global commodity prices, it can generate more


than 80 per cent of the country’s wealth.

Chingola, with its old-style shops and an

The industrial nature of the Copperbelt

abundance of greenery, is arguably the

60 km from the town is the Chimfunshi

means that few international tourists

most picturesque town in Copperbelt. Its

Wildlife Orphanage, home to over 100

venture into this area and accommoda-

best-known attraction is Nchanga Golf


tion is aimed largely at business visitors,

Course, which dates back to the 1940s

although leisure travellers will doubtless

and recently hosted the Zambia Open

Luanshya and Mufulira are less developed

find something to suit their needs.

Golf Championship. The course and

than the other three towns in the region,

clubhouse have been restored to their

although Luanshya makes for a decent

Visitors to the Copperbelt can fly into

former glory thanks to efforts by Konkola

stopover on the way to Copperbelt and

Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Interna-

Copper Mines, which owns the club, and

Mufulira has a reasonable choice of

tional Airport in Ndola, which is served

Nchanga is now regarded as one of the

accommodation for those visiting on

by various local and international

best courses in southern Africa. About





22 Frazer Crescent, Riverside PO Box 22165, Kitwe Tel: +260 212 229 748 · Fax: +260 212 230 557 Cell: 096 784 895; 780 320 www.eagleguesthouse-kitwe.com

Eagle Guest House is a family owned and run property in Kitwe hosted by Modi and Peter Jackson. It is set in a quiet crescent within easy reach of all the major attractions. Each guest room is tastefully furnished and fully screened against mosquitos, with Posturepedic mattresses and satellite TV. Facilities include a swimming pool, a spacious lounge and veranda area, a bar and internet.

Obote Avenue PO Box 21800, Kitwe Tel: +260 212 222 444 · Cell: 0977-817023 Fax: +260 212 225 036 Email: reservations@edinburgh.co.zm www.edinburgh.co.zm

Breakfast and dinner are prepared specifically for the individual preferences of guests.


Ndola Tel: +260 212 651 000/2/3 Email: mukhotel@zamtel.zm; mukhotel@microlink.zm www.mukubahotel.com

Guest rooms provide a peaceful environment, with double, twin, suite and family options available. Each room comes with flat-screen TV and tea and coffee facilities. Wireless internet is available at no extra cost.


The Sportsman’s Bar at the Presidential Pavilion serves drinks and offers a range of games. The Chondwe Restaurant seats 120 people and is famous for its sumptuous gourmet meals. The hotel also has excellent conference facilities.

Plot 1857, Kabundi Road, Chingola Tel: +260 212 312 810 Email: reservations@phchingola.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

There are 13 luxury suites available, either opening onto the indigenous garden or overlooking the swimming pool. Each suite has an en-suite bathroom.


Protea Hotel by Marriott Chingola has 40 air conditioned rooms with tea and coffee making facilities, electronic safes and electronic door locks, telephone and DStv. The excellent restaurant offers a selection of local and international cuisine, with alfresco dining on the covered terrace and the hotel’s split-level bar is the perfect place for a relaxed get-together. Free wireless internet access available.

Conference and banqueting facilities are available for up to 120 delegates, while the gardens make an ideal venue for weddings, private functions and events. Sport and leisure activities include swimming and the nearby championship golf course at Nchanga.


20 Pamo Road, Parklands, PO Box 21058, Kitwe Tel: +260 212 222 168 · Fax: +260 212 226 477 Cell: +260 955 782 778 Email: reservations@sherbourne.co.zm; sherbo@coppernet.zm www.sherbourne.co.zm

Ndola/Kitwe Dual Carriageway Tel: +260 212 626 200 Email: reservations@phndola.co.zm www.proteahotels.com

Protea Hotel by Marriott Ndola is a contemporary three-star hotel in a privileged position, with convenient access to the dual carriageway that links Ndola to Kitwe. African chic meets warm Zambian hospitality in 80 spacious rooms (58 double deluxe and 22 twin deluxe) complete with modern amenities including satellite TV, air conditioning, a telephone for local and international direct dialing, tea and coffee making facilities, electronic safes, electronic door locks and

Set in 16 acres, Mukuba Hotel is a ranchstyle retreat 10 minutes from Ndola city centre and just 4 km from the airport. Known as the ‘Gem of the Copperbelt’, the hotel has a charm and quality that keep guests returning time and again. Throughout the grounds a resident herd of impala wander, which charm and entertain guests. In terms of accommodation, there are 52 well appointed rooms that have been designed to provide comfort and convenience.


26/28 Mpezeni Avenue, Kitwe Tel: +260 212 224 266/277 Fax: +260 212 230 389 Email: mukwa@zamsat.net; info@mukwalodge.co.zm www.mukwalodge.co.zm

Originally a beautiful colonial house, Mukwa Lodge is situated just two minutes’ drive from the centre of Kitwe and 45 minutes from Ndola International Airport. Although the lodge is close to the centre of the city, the sound of traffic is almost non-existent and it is a secure haven of peace and tranquillity. The lodge offers luxury accommodation and a fully licensed restaurant for visitors or business executives.

executive suites and one honeymoon suite. There are smoking and non-smoking rooms and rooms for guests with disabilities. In terms of fine dining, the Isle of Skye restaurant serves food throughout the day. For drinks, try the Highlander Bar or the Caledonia Bar.


Plot Y 842, Ndola Dual Carriageway PO Box 23125, Kitwe Tel: +260 212 251 134; 212 251 136 Email: info@mobahotel.com www.mobahotel.com

Opened in 2011, the Moba Hotel & Convention Centre is a contemporary hotel with a sense of warmth and friendliness. Situated along the Ndola-Kitwe highway, five minutes’ drive from Kitwe’s central business district, the hotel overlooks lush green countryside and the Kafue River.

Hotel Edinburgh was built and opened for business in 1960, just before Zambia’s independence. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s it ranked among the highest placed in southern Africa for its design and quality of service. The hotel provides 24-hour room service, fully secured car parking, a casino, a swimming pool and Wi-Fi in all guest rooms. The hotel consists of 76 en-suite rooms including a presidential suite, two luxury suites, two

Wi-Fi. Conference facilities include two boardrooms and three conference rooms with capacity to seat 250 guests. Complimentary use of all standard business facilities and amenities is included. A stylish restaurant and bar, as well as swimming pool and free secure parking are available to all guests.

Sherbourne is a collection of properties in Kitwe offering a wide range of lodging options, including self-contained rooms, family flats and corporate apartments. The main guesthouse, annexe and flats are conveniently situated in the suburb of Parklands, a beautiful residential neighbourhood just 10 minutes’ walk from Kitwe town centre. The apartments are located in Nkana West, five minutes’ drive from Kitwe town centre.

The properties are aimed at guests looking for a place to rejuvenate in a secluded and relaxed environment. Guests can start their day with a complimentary full English breakfast. Lunch and dinner are available from the delectable restaurant and fully stocked bar. All rooms are air conditioned with free Wi-Fi, digital satellite TV and 24-hour security.

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