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Barbados Port Inc. BARBADOS PORT INC. (BPI) University Row, Bridgetown, Barbados Tel: +246 434 6100 Fax: +246 429 5348 Email: land &MARINE inspiring visual communications



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F or e w O rd

We aim to win – and to help you win, too Barbados is typically regarded as perhaps the best managed small economy in this hemisphere, despite recent challenges linked to the world recession.

Our efforts at improvement therefore evolve constantly, adapting to customer demands, global trends and available resources. Our doors are always open to explore with you how we can work together to meet our mutual needs and to assist in the attainment of the broader vision for the social and economic development of Barbados. We win if you win; and we will never be satisfied if you are not.

Likewise, the Port of Bridgetown remains one of the most

This handbook is intended to be a valued resource to you as a

efficiently operated small ports in the region, known for its

business partner. So let us have that discussion today on how we

dependability, reliability and safety record; and we actually have

can be of mutual benefit to each other.

several international and regional awards attesting to this fact. But it doesn’t stop there. Whether you are in the direct business of cruise or cargo operations, or offering goods or services to the port, in working with us you will always find honest, capable and caring partners.

David Harding Chairman

In an effort to sustain and, indeed, improve the level of service, in

Barbados Port Inc.

the last five years we have focused on several initiatives:

• Commissioning of the new port information system – KleinPort Management • Extensive training for operators, dockers, supervisors and warehousemen • Preparation of a new Port Master Plan: 2010 to 2020 • Development of plans to separate cruise from cargo through the construction of a new cruise facility • Development and routine monitoring of performance



I ntroduction

Port master plan outlines vision for Bridgetown in 2020 Bridgetown Port is Barbados’ only seaport, At least two major expansions have occurred, in 1975 and 1994, since it opened in 1961. Institutionally, the port became the main gateway for international trade. a statutory organisation in 1979. More recently, following The Port does not receive a subvention a successful labour rationalisation programme in 1992, it became a corporatised entity in 2003 under the Companies from the government, and since opening Act of Barbados. in 1961, generates its own revenue to Competitive fund operations and pay all statutory obligations. Over the years, in keeping The history of the port so far has essentially followed 10with the growth of trade and technological year cycles of adjustment to the institutional structure or infrastructure or both. While being a responsible monopoly developments in the maritime industry, the service organisation, the port has absorbed the impact of inflation to ensure that Barbados remains competitive. On the port has undergone many changes, both institutional side, the port therefore continues to work with the infrastructural and institutional. union on ways to enhance productivity.



To enable the port to adapt constantly to changes in the maritime industry, taking advantage of opportunities in the cruise and cargo sectors and also with respect to its other assets, a new Port Master Plan for the period 2011 to 2021 was drawn up.

Master Plan The Master Plan contains specific recommendations with respect to the Deep Water Harbour, shallow draught, lighthouses, reclaimed lands on Spring Garden and the Careenage. Significant recommendations were also made with respect to the institutional aspects of port operations.

Priority areas for action: • Reorganising of operational procedures and implementation of integrated port IT system

• Phasing in changes to space allocation and sheds over a period of time to complete the transition to a fully containerised port. In the long term, only Shed 2 and

• Completion of Berth 5 followed by rehabilitation of Berth 4

the Shallow Draught Harbour Shed will remain in their present positions, while Shed 3 will be demolished to

• Installation of a second container gantry crane • Public/Private sector Participation (PPP) for development of

allow the container crane to reach Berth 3 • Ensuring that the port remains compliant with the latest

non-core properties, namely, the lighthouse properties and

ISPS Code requirements and other international security

Speightstown Pier


• Separation of cruise tourism from cargo handling operations

• Incorporation of private sector partnerships is recommended for selected development initiatives

• Restrictions on people allowed access to the port

The new Port Master Plan will require an investment of an additional US$100 million (excluding cruise sector investment) and will be implemented over a 10-year period. Key to the investment is maintaining the port’s reputation as best in class, both regionally and within the hemisphere.



B arbado s

P ort

I nc .

Board of Directors

David Harding Chairman

Capt George Fergusson

Everton Walters

Michael Weetch

Karen Henry

Neville Rowe





Deputy Chairman

Jonathan Morgan

Keith Wilson

David Douglas

Irvine Best

Calvin Alkins






Management Team

David Jean-Marie Chief Executive Officer

Freida Nicholls Manager, Market Development & Public Relations

Kenneth Atherley

Curtis Smith

Ian Stewart

Anthony Benn

Richard Alleyne

Divisional Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy

Divisional Manager, Human Resources & Industrial Relations

Manager, Terminal Operations

Manager, Security Services

Manager, Marine Services & Harbour Master

Anderson Leacock

Peter Carrington

Albert Soudatt

Karl Branch

Glenn Roach

Manager, Engineering & Maintenance

Manager, Human Resources – Administration


Manager, Management Information Systems

Manager, Quality Assurance

Carol-Lyn Edghill Manager, Internal Audit



C ar e e nag e

Careenage upgrade offers key benefits to yachtsmen Vessel operations at the Careenage in Bridgetown have been greatly improved by enhancements carried out in 2013 in a significant development costing about $1.25 million. These enhancements have attracted more pleasure craft such as yachts, catamarans and fishing boats to come in and make use of the facility. In addition, they will help Bridgetown to accommodate and host the growing number of international yacht races to complement the Barbados sailing calendar.

For owners of vessels berthed within the inner Careenage who wish to leave earlier than the first opening period, two berths

New facilities

are held open in the outer Careenage. Vessels can come out

Both the inner and outer Careenage have been upgraded over

departure. This mode of operation allows the bridge to be used

a six-month period. Metered electricity (210 and 110 volts, 50

as a pedestrian walkway.

the afternoon before and use these berths in preparation for

cycles) has been installed as well as metered water. New berths and anchorages have also been developed.

Acquiring a berth

Lift bridge

Those wishing to acquire a berth at the Careenage must contact

The Careenage office is open to anyone who needs assistance or

contract to be signed.

the Harbour Master’s office. There is a form to fill out as well as a

information regarding Careenage operations. The office is open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm.

Future plans

The old swing bridge, which was replaced by a modern lift bridge

Looking to the future, plans are already in place to promote

in 2006, can be opened up to three times per day, on request.

Barbados as a premium yachting destination. The Barbados

Bridge opening hours are typically 6 am to 7 am, 12 noon to 1 pm

sailing calendar features a series of popular annual events

and 6 pm to 7 pm (GMT minus four hours).

including the Round the Island Race, sponsored by Mount Gay Rum, which is held on Errol Barrow Day (21 January).

In the tourist season the morning opening hours are altered to 8 am to 10 am (GMT minus four hours). The bridge can be opened

From 2014 Barbados is looking to host a number of international

outside these hours for a fee.

yacht races.



I n s id e

T e rminal

O p e ration s

Key role of Terminal Operations in port’s core business The operational nucleus of Barbados Port Inc. – and its main revenue-earning department – is Terminal Operations. It is the port’s biggest department, with a total staff of 240 including dockers and operators as well as shed, traffic and reports staff.

Bridgetown Port is a multipurpose facility, and Terminal Operations staff are required to handle both cruise and cargo ships, taking care of discharging and loading and any other service that might be required. The bulk of their work, however, is handling cargo vessels. Once it has been notified by the shipping agents, the Terminal Operations department plans the berthing of vessels, allocates cargo ships to sheds and supervises operations in the transit sheds and container park. The container terminal handles more than 80,000 teus per year.

Shipping line services Various shipping lines are served on a weekly basis including Tropical, King Ocean, Seaboard Marine, Crowley, American Transport, Geest Line, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd and CMA CGM. Some of these lines carry containers for cruise ships, hence the connection between cargo and cruise.



The Terminal Operations department deals with breakbulk,

Port, which has grown from eight ships

dry bulk and containerised cargo. Containers are unstuffed in

in 2011 to 18 vessels in 2013 with more projected to

the port.

home-port in 2014.

The port’s vessel handling equipment includes a 40 tonne

Port management system

capacity gantry crane and a 104 tonne Liebherr mobile crane. It also has straddle carriers and reach stackers, handling both

The new Klein Systems port management system, introduced

empty and full containers, and fork-lift trucks.

in the past two years, has integrated all major departments and enhanced the port’s record-keeping function, making it easier


and more user-friendly for agents and members of the public to track cargo and barrels.

The growing demand from cruise ship operators wishing to home-port in Barbados has increased the workload of Terminal

The port is looking to enhance its cargo handling equipment

Operations significantly. Its main tasks are baggage handling and

and there is a master plan to make some physical changes to

taking care of provisioning and ship’s stores.

the port to enhance efficiency. Operational staff have received training through the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) in a

The Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in Barbados

variety of fields including docker training, operator training, health

has regular flights to many major cities and this has contributed

and safety, dangerous goods and hazardous materials. Staff

to the new demand for home-porting facilities at Bridgetown

received CMI certification.




P oint

Sugar Point project is sweet news for cruise customers The seed of an idea to separate cruise from cargo was sown as early as 2000 when the development plan for the Port of Bridgetown was being conceived. The idea was that cruise berths could be constructed to the south of the current port, along Trevor’s Way. • New home port terminal That idea grew into plans for a purpose-built cruise terminal with

• Established retail brands

the capacity to fully separate cruise operations from cargo traffic.

• New celebrity franchises • Dedicated taxi and tour bus transport terminals

Sugar Point has been a planner’s dream; a facility designed on a

• Dedicated facility for local crafts and businesses

fresh sheet of paper to meet all the current and future needs of

• Open to cruise passengers, land-based tourists and Barbadians

port customers. Embracing ideas from a range of stakeholders

• Three-star hotel brand.

and professions, the project uses 15 acres of reclaimed land to conceptualise what will be one of the best cruise facilities in

One of the champions of this project, David Harding, Chairman

the region.

of Barbados Port Inc, said: “This project sets a new bar for cruise destinations. It makes it possible for a broader range

New home for cruise

of stakeholders to benefit from cruise tourism; and the port’s

Glyne Bannister, of SMI Infrastructural Solutions Inc, one of the

Barbados will be reinforced.”

catalystic role in the social and economic development of

investors, says the project will “deliver guests to Barbados and deliver Barbados to guests”, a mantra that encapsulates the spirit

The project will be developed in phases. Phase One will include

of the Sugar Point Development.

all land reclamation activities, construction of two cruise piers, development of the new home port facility and creation of the first

Located between Bridgetown Port and the Fishing Harbour,

phase of commercial and public amenity areas.

Sugar Point will be the new home for the island’s expanding cruise business, providing port-of-call and home-port facilities

Construction is due to commence in late 2013 and the new facility

together with an attractive range of onshore amenities and

should be ready for launch by 2017. Welcome to Sugar Point, the

transport links, including:

Caribbean cruise facility of the future.



Sugar Storage and Handling Facilities Container Trailer Park Port related activities

North Basin


raug llo w D

ht Ha

rbour S

Dra hallo w

ught W



UCL Container Area Container Shed

Flour Mill

Container Park




Berth 5

Berth 4







Entrance Channel Dredged to -13.7m



Location Barbados For more information on Barbados Port, visit



Shed Ber











mation Services

Container Truck Holding Area



Sugar Terminal Bulk Storage



2 miles


BIDC Headquarters



Main Port Entrance

d No. 2 rth 2

m 10

Cross Berth

m 10




10m Port of Bridgetown

Esso Oil Jetty





Grantley Adams International Airport




Educational outreach initiative branded Established in 1996, the Educational Outreach Programme makes a positive contribution to the educational experience of primary and secondary school students and raises awareness of the important role played by Bridgetown Port in the social and economic development of Barbados.

Through organised port tours, students are given an opportunity to observe at first hand the activities of cargo operations and cruise tourism. Over the past 17 years some 30,000 primary and secondary school students have toured Bridgetown Port as part of the school’s curriculum. The students are said to have produced outstanding reports using the information and experience from their tours of the port.

Presentations The second aspect of this programme is presentations to schools on a range of topics, from conventional subjects such as the cruise industry, cruise marketing, cargo operations and the history of the port to 'on demand' topics from the schools, who request presentations on such topics as preparing for the world of work, a strategy for success and advice on studying for exams. Presentations have been made to over 15,000 students through this programme. Following a series of presentations to schools, a booklet entitled ‘Studying for Exams’ was written by the manager, Market



Summer camp The Port Experience Summer Camp – a camp with a difference – is now in its fifth year. Catering for a maximum of 40 children from the port family, the camp provides these children with an opportunity to experience the work carried out by the organisation where their relatives are employed. The six core areas in which the port is involved provide the theme of the two-week Port Experience Summer Camp, namely, port operations, the cruise industry, cargo destinations, exports, the environment and national security.

Mentorship A Mentorship Programme is the newest addition to the Educational Outreach Programme. This segment has been Development & Public Relations, and published by Barbados

formally branded as it emerged from the many presentations

Port Authority in 2003. The texts were distributed to 10,000

being made to schools across the country.

fourth and fifth formers across the country in an initiative endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

The educational enrichment of children continues to inform the initiatives of the port’s Educational Outreach Programme and

Career showcases

is designed to strengthen the role of Barbados Port Inc. in local schools and in the success of the next generation.

Involvement in career showcases is another component of the Educational Outreach Programme. Since the inception of the National Career Showcase, organised by the Barbados Guidance Counsellors’ Association, Barbados Port Inc. has lent its support to this venture. The Port Booth not only presents the traditional careers found at the port, but also challenges students to consider the diverse and emerging careers offered by the maritime industry. Students interact with representatives of several port departments and the exchanges have helped to enlighten students as they seek to chart their career paths. The port’s Career Showcase Team is also invited to participate at individual schools when they stage Career Days.



E n g ineerin g

Service hub of port sets high standard Referred to as the ‘heartbeat’ of Barbados Port Inc, the Engineering Department is an integral component of the overall operations of the port. Being a service-oriented department, Engineering is on call 24

Once this initial training has been completed, department

hours a day. There are three shifts: 7 am to 4 pm, 4 pm to 11 pm

staff will hone their skills relating to specific equipment. The

and 11 pm to 7 am. The main role of the department is to have

manufacturers of larger items such as port cranes will carry out

fully functioning equipment available for operations as needed.

a comprehensive training programme to ensure that employees

Engineering is also responsible for servicing the port's buildings

are equipped with the technical knowledge to maintain this

and properties.

equipment properly.

The Engineering Department is looking to achieve and maintain

One of the port's key operations is the drydocking of tugs. For

a ratio of 80 per cent maintenance to 20 per cent breakdowns

regulatory purposes and according to the agreement signed by

for all port equipment. While these numbers have not yet

BPI, the tugs need to be maintained to a certain standard. These

been achieved, the department is working all the time towards

standards are set and enforced by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.

improving its performance and hopes to reach this ambitious

This is particularly important for the Engineering Department

target in the near future.

because all towage equipment must be strictly maintained. Tugs are checked every other year and there are two engineers on


each tug.

In order to meet the department's main objective, a multi-


skilled initiative has been implemented. Under this project, the department staff is exposed to and fully trained in multiple areas.

Safety is given top priority in the Engineering Department.

Combining skills leads to greater efficiency and this should

Working with the port's diverse range of equipment can

help the Engineering Department attain its goal more quickly.

be dangerous and it is imperative that staff are aware and

Training commenced in 2012 and is being conducted by the

responsible at all times.

Barbados Vocational Training Board. It includes both theoretical and practical components. As at August 2013, about 50 people

As at September 2013, some 40 members of the department

had successfully completed the training and all department staff

had successfully completed the training, and all should be

should be close to completion by 2014.

certified by 2014.





Dynamic terminal gets passengers in party mood First impressions are crucial and the port's dedicated cruise terminal has been widely praised for its dynamic atmosphere and welcoming feel. Cruise passengers are treated to a taste of Barbados moments after they disembark and there are plans to enhance the festive atmosphere during the 20132014 cruise season with local exhibits, musicians and more.



There is always a party going on somewhere in Barbados, and

Arriving passengers are in for a treat thanks to the various

this same mood of 'joie de vivre' is very much evident at the

performances at the cruise terminal organised by the Barbados

cruise terminal. Alongside crucial services such as Customs

Tourism Authority. On days when ships are arriving, visitors are

and Immigration, plant and animal quarantine services and port

entertained by a steel pan and tuk band or other local performers.

health, visitors will find a shopper’s paradise.

Collaborations have been formed with the world-renowned local drummer James Lovell and the local rock band Rock to perform

Welcoming facilities

during the 2013-2014 cruise season. Food samplings are another

The terminal has come a long way from its humble origins as a

to taste local delicacies.

activity taking place at the terminal, giving visitors an opportunity

cargo transit shed. Originally converted in 1985, the building was upgraded in 1994 with air conditioning and extensive shopping facilities.

Excursions The terminal houses additional services for visitors including

The terminal is home to nearly 60 shops offering everything from

a bank, a post office and a branch of the Barbados Tourism

clothing, leather goods and souvenirs to crystal, jewellery and

Authority. Several tour organisers have stalls within the terminal

liquor. In addition to the shops, visitors will find uniquely designed

and excursions and visits to local attractions can easily be

traditional wooden pushcarts with even more crafts, souvenirs


and local produce for sale. Leaving the terminal, visitors will find a number of distinctive, The availability of duty-free shopping has been welcomed by

replica chattel houses selling T-shirts and other local items.

visitors and many items are available at tempting prices.

Reminiscent of traditional Barbadian homes, these brightly coloured wooden structures further enhance the vibrant

Among the newer additions, a particular favourite is the rum-

atmosphere at the terminal.

sampling kiosk, where visitors can learn about the role that rum has played in the history of Barbados.

Home-porting cruise ship calls – 2011 to 2013, January to December Aida Cruises Azamara Cruises Azamara Cruises Discovery Cruises Fred. Olsen Cruises Fred. Olsen Cruises Kristina Cruises Louis Cruise Line Noble Caledonian P&O Cruises P&O Cruises P&O Cruises Princess Cruises Saga Holidays Saga Holidays Sea Cloud Cruises Sea Cloud Cruises



Aida Luna 4 9 Azamara Journey 1 Azamara Journey 1 Discovery 2 Braemar 7 7 Balmoral Kristina Katarina 6 Thomson Dream 5 18 Island Sky 1 Oceana 4 Ventura 10 12 Azura 10 7 Sea Princess 8 Saga Pearl II 2 Quest for Adventure Sea Cloud II 8 5 Sea Cloud 5

2013 9

1 16

14 13

3 2 7




Seabourn Cruises Seabourn Spirit 1 Seadream Yacht Co Seadream I 2 3 Seadream Yacht Co Seadream II 2 4 Silversea Cruises Silver Whisper 6 6 Silversea Cruises Silver Cloud 7 5 Silversea Cruises Silver Spirit 3 2 Silversea Cruises Silver Explorer 1 Star Clippers Royal Clipper 21 19 Star Clippers Star Flyer 1 2 Swan Hellenic Minerva TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 3 TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 2 Windstar Sail Cruises Wind Surf 14 Windstar Sail Cruises Wind Spirit 2 14 Windstar Sail Cruises Wind Star Number of vessels home-porting 2 0 21 18 Total home-porting calls 139 152


10 4 1 3 12 1 7 3 13 3 140


N e w


Port leads the way in technology Barbados Port Inc. has reinforced its emphasis on efficiency and the provision of exceptional customer service by adopting new information technologies. In a phased approach over the past two years, the BPI has

KleinPort MIS, the BPI has undertaken a comprehensive

commenced full-scale implementation of the world-class

programme of staff training. This will ensure that the port

KleinPort management information system (MIS), an integrated

remains globally competitive and on a par with its international

platform designed specifically to optimise port operations.


Already in use at about 65 ports around the world, the KleinPort

The establishment of a port-wide Wi-Fi system is under way.

MIS has several components encompassing the key business

Visitors arriving in vessels will be able to purchase internet

functions of the port. This secure, real-time system has been

access directly from the port. Internally, all port staff will also

seamlessly integrated with existing in-house technologies,

be able to access the Wi-Fi network, go through the relevant

enhancing the innovative culture at the port and sharpening the

security protocols and share business information cost-

focus on information integrity and quality control.

effectively and efficiently.

Using the KleinPort MIS, key areas of the port can now

Website launch

communicate with each other immediately and efficiently. This has led to enhanced productivity across departments as

The port launched its new website in September 2013. The

information can now be easily cross-referenced and stored

redesigned website focuses on providing an exceptional

virtually. Significant cost savings have already been achieved and

customer experience, providing information for all persons

the quality of customer service has been significantly improved.

visiting the port including documentation and an online barrel tracking system.

Staff training

The port has made many technological strides since its

The KleinPort MIS is due to be fully incorporated and functional

Information Technology Department was established in 1988.

by the end of 2013, allowing the port to move all operations

Innovation and improvement continue to be priorities for the port

from its old mainframe. In preparing for the adoption of the

as it seeks to become a fully automated, world-class entity.



H ealth


sa f et y

New training initiatives give staff motivation to raise their game Barbados Port Inc. has stringent protocols in place to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all its staff. Significant progress has been made as the port seeks to attain international certification. The port has implemented many initiatives designed to motivate and empower staff. From 2012 to 2013 the level of staff training at all levels has risen steadily and results have been positive. Staff members have become more energised and are better placed to participate in decision-making. This has led to greater accountability and a stronger overall commitment to improving

At BPI this threat is taken very seriously and there is an on-site

service standards at the port.

medical facility equipped to handle the present staff count of about 550. The medical facility offers a confidential, unbiased

The management is pleased with this progress and is confident

service. Each port employee is required to undergo an annual

that the port is heading in the right direction.

medical. In addition, the medical facility provides a range of services including glucose testing, blood pressure monitoring,

Minimising risks

cholesterol testing, tetanus vaccinations, counselling for diabetics

The port adheres to the Health & Safety at Work Act (2005-12),

on issues relating to sickness and work absence, referrals

which puts the onus on the employer or delegated manager to

to specialists as required and recommendations on health

identify health and safety risks and create strategies to minimise

surveillance programmes aimed at raising the general health and

those risks. The environment in any port has the potential to

well-being of the staff.

and the nebulisation of asthmatics. It also offers support

be a dangerous one. Large machinery, dry bulk cargo, an incinerator and other hazardous items pose a threat to the

The Industrial Nurse is trained in basic emergency care and acts

safety of port employees.

as first responder to all medical emergencies.



The Health & Safety at Work Act (2005-12) puts a lot of emphasis

The port recognises that this type of training is

on training. The port has undertaken training in a wide range of

crucial as it is both theoretical and competency based.

areas including occupational safety and health, customer service

Those who complete the entire process will receive a CMI

and supervisory management.

certificate for instructional training and a CVQ certificate for competency.

The focus on training is nothing new as this has been a priority for the port for many years. With the support of the Barbados

CVQ certification is also being introduced in other areas of

Workers Union, the Technical and Vocational Education and

port administration and operations. BPI has embarked on a

Training Council and the Barbados Labour Department, the port

continuous Customer Relations Management programme in

expressed a need for comprehensive employee training and

association with the Caribbean Maritime Institute, with the focus

certification. By October 2013 the port should have completed

on improved customer service delivery.

all requirements for it to be able to function as a Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) centre, enabling the port to carry

In collaboration with the Barbados Fire Service, the port is also

out full certification of its employees. This will include both

undertaking hazardous materials and fire training.

classroom training and on-the-job assessments. While this is being done, classroom training has taken place for

Pilot and cadet training

a number of employees. Some 18 dockers have completed the

There are six persons undertaking the CMI Training for Pilots and

classroom instruction component for the Stevedoring Operations

Cadets. As of August 2013, Year 1 and Year 3 had already been

Level 1 certification and by the end of August 2013 this number

completed with outstanding results. Participants will now be

was expected to reach 42. Supervisors and Foremen Level 3

completing the required short courses as well as Year 2, which

training has also been completed. Classroom training has been

involves six to 12 months' sea time on board a vessel.

conducted by the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI).



M arine

ser v ices

Vital support services for cruise and cargo ships A vital role is performed by the Marine Department of Barbados Port Inc. which provides cruise ships and cargo vessels with their first and last point of contact with the multipurpose Bridgetown Port.

Before they reach Bridgetown, all ships are tracked using the automatic identification system (AIS). This ensures that, on arrival in port, each vessel can expect to find a competent team of pilots, tug masters, line handlers and other essential staff with all the necessary information and equipment to make the ship’s call as smooth as possible. All ships entering Bridgetown are guided to their berthing area by one of the port’s four well qualified pilots. They greet the ships’ captains and give them a layout of the port together with information about their berthing area. In addition to Bridgetown Port, the pilots berth and unberth aviation fuel tankers in Oistins, gasoline and diesel tankers in Spring Garden and cement carriers at the Arawak Cement Company plant in St Lucy.

Record year for port calls In 2013 Barbados set a record, berthing up to seven cruise vessels in port on three occasions. This was achieved thanks to



the availability of additional berthing at the Flour Mill. The port also

turnround times and good safety record that

welcomed eight inaugural cruise ships for the season, which was

have won the port many awards including the Port

a bumper one for Barbados.

Management Association of the Eastern Caribbean (PMAEC) Award for best turnround time.

Off-port-limits services The Marine Department provides a range of essential services

Marine continuity plan

including delivery of fresh water to vessels, fire-fighting,

For the first time in its history the port has six cadets on the

combating pollution; rescue; towage and salvage; and supervising

Caribbean Maritime Institute’s training programme. Previously, its

the environmental health of the port.

pilots and tug masters received their training at sea. The four-year CMI programme will provide the cadets (four deck officers and

Its range of services has been expanded recently because of

two engineering officers) with Officer Level 3 designation. They

the rapidly growing demand from tankers for off-port-limits

will then go on to train on tugs to become tug masters before

services. Barbados has become the port of choice for tankers

rising to the positions of pilot and berthing master.

en route from the Far East to the Gulf requiring breakdown repairs, stores replenishment or a crew change. The Marine

The port also has four apprentices who are being trained for

Department serves these needs two miles offshore. This

on-deck operations on board the tugs. They are graduates of the

demand has come partly as a result of the island’s favourable

Marine Operations programme at the Samuel Jackman Prescod

location, but also largely thanks to the efficiency, quick





Top security team behind ‘safest port’ credential Barbados Port Inc. was again voted the region's safest and most secure port by the Caribbean Shipping Association in 2012. Security is a matter of top priority and procedures are reviewed continuously. The port’s highly skilled security team of over 70 professionals is on hand to ensure a safe environment for those visiting or working at Bridgetown Port and Barbados Port Inc.

Home-porting services

General security procedures

The Port Security team is fully equipped to cope with the

Each year, the port welcomes over 750,000 cruise passengers

the home-porting vessel and there is a dedicated team on hand

and handles the collection of some 80,000 barrels.

to ensure that only passengers booked on that particular vessel

demands of home-porting. A security cordon is placed around

can enter the area. All screening is then conducted on the pier, Credentials are checked rigorously by Port Security to ensure that

giving the ship’s own security staff an opportunity to focus on

only authorised persons are given access.

other things or get some rest while their vessel is in port. At any given time, there may be up to 10 officers securing a home-porting

The port also works closely with local, regional and international

vessel. It is a demanding exercise, especially as the number of

partners to maintain the security of the premises. It has an excellent

vessels using Barbados as their home port continues to grow.

working relationship with the United States Coast Guard as well as the United States Embassy in Barbados. All partners cooperate to tackle the threat of narcotics trafficking, terrorism and sabotage.

Ongoing comprehensive training In response to the evolving security demands, Port Security has

Cruise passenger services

placed great emphasis on training, improved record-keeping and

The protection of cruise passengers is paramount. As the port is

for example, to the cruise terminals for major operators Carnival

a multipurpose facility it is vital that passengers do not stray into

Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean in Miami to observe security

operational areas. Security personnel remain vigilant and, where

protocols and ensure that best practices are being followed locally.

daily calibration of scanning equipment. There are routine visits,

necessary, use dedicated buses to move passengers between ship and terminal. Often, security personnel will be the first point of contact

Comprehensive training was also conducted in 2012 by the

for passengers disembarking or boarding. Port Security can provide

maritime security specialist Halcrow. This exercise culminated in a

details of port services as well as general information about Barbados.

large-scale training exercise on board the ‘Carnival Victory’.




Port operations summary 2006 to 2012 Vessel Calls 2006 Cruise 445 General Cargo – Deep Water Harbour 629 General Cargo – Shallow Draught 225 Cargo – Bulk Handling Facility (Inc PF) 32 Bulk Sugar 2 Molasses 12 Cargo – Cement Plant 116 Tankers 150 Other Vessels 184 Total Calls 1,795 % Increase / Decrease

2007 486 622 207 24 2 9 108 156 262 1,876 0.05

2008 425 582 171 14 2 11 94 143 361 1,803 -0.04

2009 461 562 165 14 2 11 83 127 404 1,829 0.01

2010 414 504 128 26 3 12 97 149 400 1,733 -0.05

2011 392 446 109 21 2 12 86 139 429 1,636 -0.06

2012 358 404 108 13 2 14 81 144 410 1,534 -0.06

Cargo Handled 2006 Containerised Discharged 832,646 Breakbulk Discharged 160,267 Total Discharged (Imports) 992,913 % Increase / Decrease Containerised Loaded 132,013 Breakbulk Loaded 12,263 Total Loaded (Exports) 144,276 % Increase / Decrease Transhipment Containerised 153,513 Transhipment Breakbulk 8,384 Total Transhipment 161,897 % Increase / Decrease Shifted – Containerised 8,922 % Increase / Decrease Total Tonnage Handled 1,308,008 % Increase / Decrease

2007 841,767 140,167 981,934 -0.01 150,814 13,074 163,888 0.14 152,670 7,822 160,492 -0.01 8,503 -0.05 1,314,817 0.01

2008 803,939 130,168 934,107 -0.05 152,347 11,752 164,099 0 89,820 11,968 101,788 -0.37 10,221 0.20 1,210,215 -0.08

2009 733,735 70,549 804,284 -0.14 132,451 10,491 142,942 -0.13 93,841 20,718 114,559 0.13 7,186 -0.30 1,068,971 -0.12

2010 757,647 86,507 844,154 0.05 134,135 6,166 140,301 -0.02 72,302 16,470 88,772 -0.23 10,970 0.53 1,084,197 0.01

2011 742,277 87,583 829,860 -0.02 138,743 7,435 146,178 0.04 43,889 7,478 51,367 -0.42 6,928 -0.37 1,034,333 -0.05

2012 727,805 74,908 802,713 -0.03 150,145 10,926 161,071 0.10 24,469 6,464 30,933 -0.40 7,005 0.01 1,001,722 -0.03

TEU Handled 2006 Inbound Laden 39,217 Inbound Empty 3,656 Outbound Laden 6,022 Outbound Empty 35,623.75 Transhipment 13,991 Total teu 98,509.75 % Increase / Decrease

2007 39,645.50 2,475 6,924 36,680.25 13,901 99,625.75 0.01

2008 37,924.75 2,225 6,988.25 32,309 7,806 87,253 -0.12

2009 34,670.75 1,047 6,071 33,448.75 7,594 82,831.50 -0.05

2010 35,871.50 1,331 6,150.50 31,278.75 5,798 80,429.75 -0.03

2011 34,926 889 6,376.50 32,092 2,767.50 77,051 -0.04

2012 34,539 690 6,899 28,536.75 1,504 72,168.75 -0.06

2007 719,932 0.13 153

2008 706,788 -0.02 137

2009 778,864 0.10 143

2010 745,175 -0.04 129

2011 726,543 -0.03 119

2012 617,438 -0.15 131

2007 30,845 40,395 2,701 86,183 3,033 744,203 4,585 131,389 8,987 15,179 34,866 2,221 15,680 1,120,267

2008 27,481 54,629 3,550 88,906 3,404 699,218 272 122,682 8,506 16,462 30,243 6,500 1,000 1,062,853

2009 30,302 37,290 800 81,450 1,085 663,750 0 117,977 2,952 10,703 18,305 3,000 9,457 977,071

2010 24,218 40,730 0 88,645 1,952 647,900.58 0 124,963 1,835 9,255 25,400 0 28,075 992,973.58

2011 21,637 44,992 0 83,251 2,053 642,706.87 0 114,236 0 13,632 3,715 2,124 23,325 951,671.87

2012 20,751 51,066 1,498 68,432 700 625,305.36 3,700 78,919 0 16,002 18,816 997 3,079 889,265.36

Cruise Passengers 2006 637,017 % Increase / Decrease Home-porting Calls 165

Bulk Cargo Handled Sugar Molasses Fish Oil/Margarine/Fat Grain/Agribulk Fertilizer Petroleum Products Limestone Cement Hydrated Lime Gypsum/Pozzolan Gravel Cement Plant/Other Iron Ore Dwh Other* Total

2006 31,056 29,160 500 85,636 4,162 742,795 2,500 130,705 10,019 14,612 51,430 3,075 52,222 1,157,872




Unesco puts spotlight on historic appeal of Bridgetown

emergency services, churches and government buildings cluster in close proximity. With its colonial architecture, Bridgetown maintains its old charm and there are many landmarks throughout the city. An iconic monument in Bridgetown is the Independence Arch, built in 1987 to mark 21 years of independence. Another landmark is St Michael’s Church, once recognised as having the widest arched roof in the world. The Jewish Synagogue, also in Bridgetown, is a protected

Barbados has a rich history that spans the generations. In 2011 the area of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison was placed on the prestigious World Heritage List by Unesco.

building and is next door to the Nidhe Israel Museum. Originally built in 1654, the synagogue was destroyed by a hurricane in 1831, rebuilt and then fell into disrepair and was sold. The synagogue was restored in 1983 and is still active.

Parliament Buildings Facing National Heroes Square (formerly Trafalgar Square) are the

The World Heritage List includes 981 properties that have been

Parliament Buildings, dating back over 350 years and home to the

selected by the World Heritage Committee as having ‘outstanding

third-oldest political system in the Commonwealth.

universal value’. Being placed on this list is a significant achievement for Barbados.

In recent years Bridgetown has undergone some changes with the upgrading of the Cheapside and Lower Green area, site of

First port of call

the original City of Bridgetown; construction of the General Post

The capital, Bridgetown, derives its name from the bridge that was

the 1980s; the restoration of City Hall; and the transformation of

built by the original Amerindian settlers. The island was settled by

Swan Street into a pedestrian mall.

Office headquarters; construction of the Central Bank building in

the British in the 17th century and early deeds refer to the area as Indian Bridge and Indian Bridgetown. It was often the first port of

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce has begun a new initiative

call for ships making the transatlantic crossing from Africa.

called ‘Thursday Night Live in the City’ featuring a range of entertainment between Lower Broad Street and Upper Broad

Over the years Bridgetown has evolved into a series of diverse

Street. Most of the businesses stay open until 9 pm on Thursdays,

neighbourhoods in which homes, shopping centres, banks,

giving visitors and local people the opportunity to shop longer.



T o u ris m

Island’s tourism status continues to grow Barbados has firmly established itself as a premium tourist destination. Tourism is the island’s main foreign exchange earner and this sector continues to be an area of focus for the government and people of Barbados moving into 2014 and beyond. With an area of 166 square miles, the island of Barbados is by no

Calendar of events For tourists, there is always something to do in Barbados. The calendar of events features many activities throughout the year including festivals, concerts, sporting events and more. In 2013 alone Barbados hosted yet another lauded Holder’s Season music and theatre festival, an international motor sport event, polo and sailing events, the Crop Over Festival, the Food, Wine and Rum Festival and a concert by the island’s own international superstar, Rihanna.

Cruising into future

means large. Yet it has a diverse appeal, with a range of attractions

An identified area of growth for the tourism industry in Barbados

that promises something for everyone. From great beaches to a

is further development of the cruise sector. Plans are in hand to

vibrant nightlife to fine cuisine, Barbados has developed a thriving

encourage this growth and to reinforce the island’s position within

tourism sector that draws in visitors from across the world.

the global cruise industry.




Beware – shopping in Barbados can be addictive When it comes to the sheer fun and excitement of shopping, Barbados has something for everyone. Cruise passengers, for example, can start shopping from the moment they disembark, because the cruise terminal houses a variety of duty-free shops offering jewellery, crystal, ornaments and souvenirs. On the west coast, Sunset Crest Mall offers a range of boutiques Nearby is the Pelican Craft Centre, where local artisans have a

as well as a department store, a grocery and several kiosks with

variety of goods on display.

unique gift ideas.

Next stop is the capital, Bridgetown, where the streets are

The exquisite new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre features top

lined with a variety of department stores, specialty shops and

designer stores such as Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Ralph

restaurants. They include the department store Cave Shepherd

Lauren. Limegrove has a range of local and international retailers

and the upmarket jewellery stores Diamonds International and

in a layout featuring three distinctly different courtyards with

Colombian Emeralds.

boutiques, restaurants, delis, cafés, bars, gourmet food outlets, an art gallery, a cinema, a spa and salon, and special event spaces.

Stores and services

The nearby Chattel House Village is a shopping development with

Several modern shopping centres have sprung up across the

a unique style, featuring a cluster of buildings designed to look like

island. The largest is the Sheraton Centre, on the south coast,

traditional Barbadian chattel houses. The village is home to a range

with some 120 stores and services as well as a multiplex cinema

of shops offering souvenirs and locally made jewellery, plus a café.

and a food court offering local, regional and international cuisine. Meanwhile, Barbados has seen an increase in the number of Lanterns, opposite the popular Tapas restaurant, is another

farmers’ markets. In addition to locally grown fruit and vegetables,

shopping centre. It has banking services, a food court, a health

these markets offer locally made goods ranging from bags to

store and outlets such as Häagen-Dazs ice-cream and a Subway

pottery and paintings. The popular Brighton Farmers’ Market is

sandwich shop.

held every Saturday.

The newly redesigned Sky Mall in Haggatt Hall is home to Burger

Whatever your shopping requirements in Barbados, you can be

King, Payless, a large grocery store and other retail outlets.

sure to find a store that can meets all your needs.






Island’s rich cultural heritage goes on show Barbados is renowned for its vibrant culture and dedication to the arts. Over the years the island has produced many talented artists in all kinds of areas including poetry, writing, dance, song, culinary skills and craftwork. Their work can be seen at the many local art galleries or on stage at cultural festivals.

Fenty. Other popular musical artists include the emerging band Cover Drive, the widely celebrated group Krosfyah, soca artists Rupert ‘Rupee’ Clarke, Alison Hinds, and more. Irving Burgie, who wrote the words for the Barbados National Anthem, is also recognised for producing the music and lyrics of the iconic ‘Banana Boat Song (Day-O)’, one of the Caribbean’s bestknown melodies. Barbados also continues to make its mark in the world of sport. Culture and sport have been closely linked throughout the island’s history, with cricket being the most popular sport here and across the Caribbean region. The Barbadian all-rounder Sir Garfield Sobers has been hailed as one of the world’s greatest cricketers and his contribution to the sport is legendary.

Cultural festivals There are festivals throughout the year showcasing the diverse and unique culture of Barbados. The Celtic Festival, in May and June, celebrates the heritage of the early European settlers (Welsh, Irish and Scottish); the Holetown Festival, in February, presents the history of Barbados through art, craft, food, music, fashion and drama; and the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), in October and November, showcases Bajan culture and creativity through drama, dance, literature, Well-known Barbadian writers include the essayist John

visual arts and photography.

Wickham, the novelist George Lamming (best known for ‘In The Castle Of My Skin’) and poet Edward Kamau Brathwaite, winner

Highlight of the festival calendar is, of course, the Crop Over

of the 1994 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and a

Festival, which begins in May and reaches its climax on the first

professor of comparative literature at New York University.

Monday in August. Dating from the days of slavery, this 12-week celebration is characterised by folk songs, traditional calypsos,

Musically, Barbados has attained worldwide fame as the

masquerades and revelry. These activities culminate in a huge

birthplace and home of international music star Robyn Rihanna

all-day street carnival known as Kadooment.




Paradise for divers with a great choice of sites Diving enthusiasts have long considered Barbados a premium destination. With over 40 dive sites to choose from, ranging in depth from 25 to 150 ft, Barbados has a great selection of underwater spots for amateurs and professionals alike. On any given day, a diver may observe sea urchins, spotted

One of Barbados’s top dive sites, the ‘Stavronikita’, is a 365 ft

snake eels, star fish and scorpion fish, to name a few.

cargo ship that was sunk deliberately by the government to act as an artificial reef. Better known as ‘The Stav’, the wreck lies

Some of the most beautiful corals and reefs can be found off

upright and intact on a sandy bed and is of particular interest to

the west coast. Dottin’s Reef, a popular dive site, has a range

advanced divers. Owing to its size and depth, this impressive

of sea life including spectacular foureye butterfly fish. Sponges,

wreck needs five or six dives in order to see everything.

perhaps the most beautiful in the Caribbean, can be seen at other dive sites on the west coast, adding a vibrant glimpse of orange,

Turtles – a special attraction for many divers – can be seen all

yellow, green and purple to the reef scene.

around the island, close to the shore. Barbados is home to a healthy population of hawksbill and leatherback turtles. Once


endangered by overfishing, these wonderful creatures are now protected and carefully monitored.

Several shipwrecks at specific locations around the island enhance the diving experience in Barbados. Covered in gorgonias, corals, sea fans and sponges, these wrecks


are spectacular habitats. Most of them can be found in the

There are several dive operators, qualified dive masters and

picturesque Carlisle Bay Marine Park, the resting place of several

instructors on the island who will provide equipment, advice

wrecks of varying ages and sizes including the ‘Berwyn’, ‘Bajan

and guided tours and give informative briefings about the

Queen’, ‘C-Trek’, ‘Ellon’ and ‘Cornwallis’. Divers and snorkellers

marine environment and species one can expect to encounter

can access the wrecks from the beach.

on each dive.

The Marine Park is ideal for a night dive with an opportunity to see

The aim is to ensure that everyone has an extremely enjoyable

basket starfish, octopus, shrimp and many other sea creatures.

diving experience.



H arrison ’ s

C a v e

‘Must see’ caves are better than ever Some of the most beautiful and spectacular geological features of Barbados can be seen at Harrison’s Cave, regarded by many as one of the great wonders of the world.

closure, Harrison’s Cave was reopened to great fanfare in 2010. Features now include walking trails, glass-fronted elevators with spectacular views, and a beautiful new visitor reception centre.

Cave tours Daily visitor numbers have grown significantly since the caves were reopened. There are now seven tours on offer. They include the

Located in the parish of St Thomas, in the centre of the island,

Eco-Adventure, for people over 16 years old, featuring a trek along

this huge underground cave system is a ‘must see’ for visitors

a set nature trail. Visitors can observe the abundant tropical flora,

to Barbados. Originally opened as a visitor site in 1981, it has

see native birds and even catch a glimpse of the green monkey.

been greatly enhanced as a tourist attraction following a recent programme of investment.

Inside the cave system, the breathtakingly beautiful crystallised limestone caverns are alive with flowing streams, deep pools of

In 2010 the Government of Barbados made a significant

clear water and towering columns. White flow stones and beautiful

investment in upgrading the caves and, following a temporary

stalactites and stalagmites adorn the interior.

B oardwalks

Upon the boardwalk, down by the sea... One of the island’s most popular locations, for local people and tourists alike, is the south coast boardwalk in Hastings, Christ Church, completed in 2009.

sand and bolstered by granite boulders. Providing a convenient alternative way for pedestrians using this section of the coastal road, the boardwalk is also a place where local people and visitors can exercise, take pictures, dine, meet with friends or simply relax.

Success In 2011, following the outstanding success of the Richard Haynes

In 2012 the south coast boardwalk was officially named the

Boardwalk as a local amenity, another boardwalk was constructed

Richard Haynes Boardwalk after the distinguished politician and

along the west coast of the island.

businessman, Sir Richard ‘Richie’ Haynes, former minister of finance and leader of the opposition, who died in June 2013.

Each boardwalk has proved to be a welcome enhancement to the beach. People of all ages visit the boardwalk daily for all kinds of

This extensive structure has been carefully constructed to minimise

reasons and it is not uncommon to see couples, hand in hand,

the impact on its natural environment, stretching deep into the

taking an early morning or twilight stroll.



H ortic u lt u re

Island of f lowers is a ‘must’ for garden lovers Renowned for its beautiful beaches and ever-perfect weather, Barbados also has an abundance of exquisite flora. The national flower of Barbados is the dwarf poinciana, also

blooms. Flowers from the Flower Forest won a silver medal at the

known as the Pride of Barbados. It is one of the symbols on the

prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London in 2012.

Barbados coat of arms. The flower is in bloom almost the whole year round and its fiery red and yellow – and occasionally also

The Andromeda Botanic Gardens cover six and a half acres and

pink – colours can be seen all over the island.

contain about 650 horticultural species from a variety of sources including the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Five gardens The island has five gardens that are open to the public all year

Orchid World, in St George, has a fine collection of orchids, with thousands of plants from all over the world on display.

round, showcasing the range of flora that can be found in Barbados.

Welchman Hall Gully, in St Thomas, has an abundance of tropical plants and trees and also provides a habitat for Barbados green

The extraordinarily beautiful Hunte’s Gardens, in the parish of


St Joseph, feature a natural amphitheatre. The Flower Forest, also in St Joseph, is a haven for tropical flora and award-winning

The Barbados Horticultural Society’s annual flower and garden show, during the last weekend in January, is a major event on the island’s horticultural calendar. Plants, vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers are exhibited for judging and in addition there are many items for sale including plants, craftwork, jewellery, original paintings and pots. Those visiting the island in January and February should take advantage of the Barbados Horticultural Society’s open garden programme, in which private gardens are opened to the public on a Sunday afternoon between 2 pm and 6 pm.



R eal


Ideal time to buy your own piece of paradise Barbados has long been considered a premium destination, both for visiting holidaymakers and for persons looking to relocate. This has contributed to a healthy and strong real estate market with demand for properties across the island.

history of social and political stability, together with an excellent infrastructure, are other contributing factors that have reinforced the island’s image as a good investment opportunity.

Range of properties There are properties available for sale or rent across the island, ranging from small, intimate properties to sprawling luxury villas. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of condominium developments, especially beachfront apartments.

Barbados has many characteristics that make the island appealing for real estate investment. The sun, sea and sand are

Local real estate experts, too, are seeing a change in the

enhanced by the island’s rich history and vibrant culture. A long

architecture of new developments. While some of them retain the traditional look and feel of Barbadian homes, there has been an emergence of modern, contemporary architecture as well.

Commercial real estate Over the years, Barbados has also proved popular with international businesses and other commercial interests seeking to set up in the Caribbean. Barbados has a wide range of commercial properties and office space available.

Global market The global financial situation has impacted the real estate market worldwide. Overall, the Barbados market has remained strong, but there has been a reduction in prices, leading to many local real estate experts categorising it as a buyer’s market at present. Now is an excellent time to invest in real estate in Barbados. After all, who doesn’t want to own a piece of paradise?



O f f shore

b u siness

As a business venue, Barbados ticks all the boxes Barbados has been praised for its solid reputation in the world of business – a reputation that extends to both the local and offshore business sectors.

international businesses over the years in areas such as financial services and manufacturing.

Excellent infrastructure In order to create an environment conducive to the promotion of international business, Barbados has invested in setting up the

The island’s sound financial system, welcoming environment and

infrastructure required for businesses to operate. This includes a

stable history have made it an appealing venue for many business

sophisticated telecom capability.

interests and this has led to a particularly strong offshore sector over the years.

Skilled workforce

Stable is an adjective most commonly used when discussing

Barbados has always placed great emphasis on education as

Barbados, especially in the areas of business and commerce.

part of its ongoing development. This has led to the creation of

Being a smaller economy, Barbados has worked hard to

a highly skilled, well educated workforce – thus adding to the

establish a positive reputation within the global business sector.

island’s appeal as a business destination.

These efforts have borne fruit as the island has attracted many



L egal

s y ste m

Legal system has a regional focus The Judicial System of Barbados reflects English Law and British Commonwealth tradition and prides itself on having a firm commitment to the rule of law. The judiciary is composed of magistrates’ courts and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is Barbados’s highest

Caribbean Court of Justice

judicial body and includes the High Court and the Court

Previously, the court of last resort for Barbados was the Judicial

of Appeals.

Committee of Her Majesty’s Privy Council in London. Over time, however, the need for a Caribbean court of last resort was

There are some 800 attorneys practising in Barbados, many

expressed at regional level and following the signing of the revised

of whom studied within the region. This has led to a largely

Treaty of Chaguaramas, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ)

indigenous legal system that is equipped to understand and deal

was established on 14 February 2001.

with the unique challenges of the region. In 2003 the Parliament of Barbados passed the Caribbean Court The Supreme Court of Barbados is housed in a large, modern

of Justice Act and the Constitution (Amendment) Act. These were

building designed to accommodate both criminal and civil courts

brought into force in 2005, marking the replacement of the Privy

as well as other facilities.

Council with the CCJ as the court of last resort.



P u rchasing

Improved purchasing system boosts efficiency The operations of Barbados Port Inc. encompass a wide range of activities and involve a large number of specific tools and equipment. In order to maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity, it is important that all materials used by the port are accurately tracked and that anything that is required is obtained in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is the role of the Purchasing Department, an integral area of

This centralised purchasing system has proved an effective means of monitoring the port’s inventory and managing costs.

Categories The Purchasing Department serves all areas of the port under three main categories: Stationery, Spares and Ablution (cleaning supplies). In addition to an in-office purchasing officer, there are three people who work in the store room including a night attendant who is there after hours in case something is needed. Activities at the port never cease, so it is important to have full coverage.

The process

BPI that sits within Finance but liaises with every port department.

Typically, if a department requires something to be bought

From something as small as a pencil to large cranes and other

and delivered, there are two options. Either the department

machinery, the Purchasing Department is responsible for

can source a supplier for the required goods or services or the

obtaining it and getting it to the port.

Purchasing Department can search for the required items. Once a supplier has been found, a requisition is submitted for approval. A purchase order is then sent to the supplier once approval has been attained. The goods or services are delivered and the port makes payment to the supplier.

Datastream 7i Currently, the port’s purchasing system is partly manual and partly electronic. Progress has been made towards a fully automated system with the introduction of the enterprise asset management system Datastream 7i, widely used in various industries around the world. Those port areas with the most purchasing requests – the engineering department and the workshop – are currently on Datastream 7i and the aim is to attain full incorporation by 2014.



S hip

R egistr y

World-class standards upheld by ship registry The Barbados Maritime Ship Registry (BMSR) is recognised around the world as a high quality, servicedriven ship registry that consistently maintains and upholds all the international standards and conventions. The BMSR has regularly been included in the prestigious Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ‘White List’, which represents quality flags with a consistently low detention record.

Globally competitive Some 90 countries around the world have ship registries. The BMSR advertises in publications worldwide and uses other

In addition to this achievement, Barbados was among the first

opportunities and means to promote the benefits of joining.

five countries to gain the United States Coast Guard’s Qualship 21 recognition in 2005 and has maintained a top 10 ranking

The BMSR has its head office in London and the organisation

ever since.

also has offices in other major cities.

Another recent achievement has been the ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006), which came into force on 20 August 2013.

Service driven There are currently 144 ships and 34 yachts on the BMSR, equivalent to a total tonnage of approximately 1.3 million. Customer service is a priority for the BMSR and its staff are trained to assist shipowners with queries from anywhere in the world. In the event of an emergency at sea, the BMSR ensures that someone is on call 24 hours a day and a regular bulletin is issued to keep ship managers abreast of policy news from the

For more information on the BMSR, visit

International Maritime Organization (IMO).




Port of Barbados business directory USEFUL ADDRESSES BARBADOS AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING CORPORATION Tel: 428-0250 Fax: 428-0152 (Fairy Valley) Fax: 426-0694 (Princess Alice Highway) Email: Fairy Valley, Plantation House, Christ Church BARBADOS CHAMBER of COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Tel: 434-4750 Fax: 228-2907 Email: 2 Braemar Court, Deighton Rd Brittons Hill, St Michael BARBADOS COAST GUARD Tel: 429-7152 Fax: 228-9876 Email: Barbados Coast Guard HMBS Pelican, Spring Garden BARBADOS HOTEL & TOURISM ASSOCIATION Tel: 426-5041 Fax: 429-2845 Email: PO Box 711C, Bridgetown BARBADOS INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Tel: 427-5350 Fax: 426-7802 Email: Pelican House, St Michael BARBADOS TOURISM AUTHORITY Tel: 427-2623 Fax: 426-4080 Email: Email: PO Box 242, Bridgetown, St Michael Caribbean Maritime Institute Tel: +876 924-8150/9 Fax: +876 924-8158 Email: Palisadoes Park, PO Box 8081 Kingston CSO, Jamaica CARIBBEAN TOURISM ORGANIZATION Tel: 427-5242 Fax: 429-3065 Email: Ground Floor Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael CENTRAL BANK of BARBADOS Tel: 436-6870 Fax: 427-9559 Email: Tom Adams Financial Centre Spry Street, Bridgetown, St Michael CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT Tel: 310-2300 Fax: 421-2029 Email: 2nd Floor West Wing, Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St Michael Email: Police Headquarters FAIR TRADING COMMISSION Tel: 424-0260 Fax: 424-0300 Email: Good Hope, Green Hill GENERAL POST OFFICE Tel: 436-4800 Fax: 429-4118 / 429-8178 Email: Postmaster General, GPO, Cheapside, St Michael



GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE Tel: 427-6220 Fax: 436-1317 Email: Bay Street, St Michael IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT Tel: 426-1011 Fax 426-0819 Email: Careenage House, The Wharf, Bridgetown, MINISTRY of AGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPMENT Tel: 434-5010 Fax: 428-7777 Email: Graeme Hall, Christ Church MINISTRY of ECONOMIC AFFAIRS and EMPOWERMENT, INNOVATION, TRADE, INDUSTRY & COMMERCE Tel: 310-1300 Fax: 425-1106 Email: 3rd Floor, East Wing, Warrens Office Complex, St Michael MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFAIRS & FOREIGN TRADE Tel: 431-2200/04 Fax: 429-6652/228-0838 Email: Culloden Road, St Michael MINISTRY of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT Tel: 310-2200 Fax: 424-2506 Email: 1st Floor, West Wing, Warrens Office Complex, Warrens, St Michael MINISTRY of TOURISM Tel: 430-7500 Fax: 436-4828 Email: Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre Two Mile Hill, St Michael MINISTRY of TRADE, INDUSTRY & COMMERCE Tel: 427-5270/76 Fax: 431-0056 Email: Reef Road, Fontabelle, St Michael MINISTRY of TRANSPORT & WORKS Tel: 429-2191 Fax: 437-8133 (Administration) Fax: 430-0760 (Technical Section) Pine East-West Boulevard, The Pine, St Michael NATIONAL CONSERVATION COMMISSION Tel: 425-1200 / 02 / 12 Fax: 424-9415 Email: Codrington House, St Michael PLANT QUARANTINE Tel: 426-1222 Fax: 426-6927 Email: Crumpton Street, Bridgetown PORT HEALTH Tel: 426-3953 Fax: 426-2058 Deep Water Harbour, Bridgetown Port, Bridgetown ROYAL BARBADOS POLICE FORCE Tel: 430-7189 Fax: 429-8755 James Street, Bridgetown SHIPPING ASSOCIATION OF BARBADOS Tel: 427-9860 / 64 Fax: 426-8392 Email: 2nd Floor Trident House, Broad Street, Bridgetown

SUGAR TERMINAL DEEP WATER HARBOUR Tel: 426-1653 Fax: 426-1695 Email: Deep Water Harbour, Harbour Road, St Michael VETERINARY SERVICES Tel: 427-5073 Fax: 429-2143 Email: The Pine, St Michael

air freight Aeromarine (b'dos) Limited Tel: 420-7076 Fax: 428 1763 Email: Grantley Adams Int'l Airport

BUSINESS SERVICES Regional Business Systems INC Tel: 429-1510 Fax: 429-9665 Email: PO Box 1231, Bridgetown

COLD STORAGE BICO LTD Tel: 430-2100 Fax: 426-2198 (Administration) 228-4923 (Cold Storage) 430-9548 (Ice Cream Orders) Email: Harbour Industrial Park, St Michael



AIR CANADA Tel: 428-5077 Fax: 420-7019 Email:

C.O. WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION LTD Tel: 436-3910 Fax: 427-5336 Email: PO Box 871E, Lears, St Michael

AIR JAMAICA Tel: 228-6601 Fax: 228-6627 Email: Shop 18 City Centre Mall, Bridgetown AMERICAN AIRLINES Tel: 428-4120 Ext 231 Fax: 420-7078 Email: Grantley Adams International Airport Christ Church BRITISH AIRWAYS Tel: 420-4719 Fax: 420-5142 Email: Grantley Adams International Airport Christ Church, PO Box 6058 CARIBBEAN AIRLINEs Tel: 428-1651 Fax: 427-4295 (Bridgetown) Fax: 428-1762 (Grantley Adams International Airport) Sunjet House, Fairchild Street, Bridgetown CARIBBEAN AIRWAYS Tel: 428-1950 Fax: 428-1652 Email: Grantley Adams International Airport, Christ Church LIAT Tel: 428-8888 Fax: 427-6950 (City) Fax: 420-7354 (Airport) Email: VIRGIN ATLANTIC Tel: 436-2110 Fax: 228-6377 Email: Hastings, Christ Church

BANKS First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Tel: 431-4500 Fax: 429-5734 Email: Lower Broad Street, Bridgetown FIRST CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANK Tel: 367-2300 Fax: 424-8977 PO Box 503 Warrens, St Michael Republic Bank (Barbados) Ltd. Tel: 431-5700 Fax: 429- 2603 Email: 1 Broad Street, Bridgetown

INNOTECH SERVICES LTD Tel: 425-2065 / 425- 2987 Fax: 425-2324 Email: ISL Complex, Lots A, B & C Warrens Industrial Park, St Michael MARENCO LTD Tel: 425-1756 Fax: 421-6577 Email: 2 Blowers, St James RAYSIDE CONSTRUCTION LTD Tel: 417-8300 Fax: 425-5291 Email: Malvern Lodge, Green Hill, St Michael

CRAFTS BEST OF BARBADOS LTD Tel: 421-6900 Fax: 421-6393 Email: Welches, St Thomas GLASS CREATIONS INC Tel: 426-5358 Fax: 426-1663 Email: Unit 4A Building 6, Pelican Industrial Estate, St Michael MEDFORD CRAFT WORLD Tel: 425-1919 Fax: 425-1919 Email: White Hall, St Michael ROOTS & GRASSES Tel: 431-0588 Email: 3 Pelican Craft Centre, Harbour Road, St Michael ROSCO TEES Tel: 436-8937 / 427-2911 Fax: 436-9553 Email: Wildey Industrial Park, St Michael

CRUISE TERMINAL BRIDGETOWN CRUISE TERMINAL Inc Tel: 431-0386 Fax: 431-9032 Email: Bridgetown Cruise Terminal, Deep Water Harbour, Bridgetown Port, St Michael

Area code for Barbados: +1 246

CUSTOMS BROKERS BIG P CUSTOMS BROKERS A S & LT Tel: 424-2369 Fax: 438-0890 Email: Codrington Road, St Michael CENTRAL CUSTOMS AGENCY LTD Tel: 426-5214 Fax: 436-4877 Email: Upstairs Rainbow Paper products Prescod Boulevard, Harbour Road, St Michael CONSOLIDATED CUSTOMS BROKERS Tel: 427-2915 Fax: 426-2357 Email: Rosebank House, Fontabelle, St Michael MARINE TRADING Tel: 426-1292 / 429-5106 Fax: 429-8121 Email: Black Rock Main Road, St Michael T S GARRAWAY & COMPANY LTD Tel: 426-5422 Fax: 426-5427 Email: Cavans Lane, Bridgetown

ENVIRONMENTAL Delcan Tel: +905 943-0416 Fax: +905 943 0400 625 Cochrane Drive, Suite 500, Markham Ontario, L3R 9R9, Canada

EQUIPMENT REGIONAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS Tel: 426-1510 Fax: 429-9665 Email: Kensington Court, St Michael

FISH/SEAFOOD WHOLESALE Morgan’s Fish House Tel: 420-2324 Fax: 420-2040 Email: Gibbons Industrial Park, Christ Church

HAULIERS CONTAINER SERVICES LTD Tel: 228-2529 Fax: 426-7845 Email: Fontabelle, St Michael HILL MILLING COMPANY LTD Tel: 429-5591 Fax: 436-0411 Email: Roberts Tenantry Road, Haggatt Hall St Michael HINDS TRANSPORT SERVICES Tel: 437-1960 Fax: 418-6657 Email: Kendall Hill, Christ Church INCE TRANSPORT SERVICE Tel: 429-4819 Fax: 228-1658 Email: Two-Mile Hill, St Michael JMI (CARIBBEAN) LTD Tel: 429-2488 Fax: 427-8648 Email: Lower Estate Factory Yard, St Michael

NANCO TRANSPORT SERVICES LIMiTED Tel / Fax: 436-4370 Jackmans, St Michael

FISHING CHARTERS BARBADOS Tel: 429-2326 Fax 428-7915 Email: 50 Ridge Ave Durant’s, Christ Church

VERE KING TRANSPORT Tel: 422-2459 Fax: 422-2468 Email: Cemetery Lane, Road View, St Peter

CRUISE MANAGEMENT LTD Tel: 430-0900 Fax 430-0901 Email: The Shallow Draught, University Row, St Michael

WILLIAMS EQUIPMENT Tel: 425-5000 Fax: 417-9140 Email: Warrens, St Michael

HERITAGE TOURISM BARBADOS NATIONAL TRUST Tel: 426-2421 Fax: 429-9055 Email: Wildey House, Wildey, St Michael

INSPECTION Certispec International Inc Tel: +604 939 7070 Fax: +604 939 7055 2701B Esplanade street, Port Moody, BC V3H 3P4, Canada

INSURANCE COMPANIES GUARDIAN GENERAL INSURANCE LTD Tel: 430-4600 Fax: 427-9038 Email: Enfield House, Collymore Rock, St Michael INSURANCE CORPORATION OF BARBADOS LTD Tel: 434 6000 Fax: 426-3393 Email: Roebuck Street, Bridgetown

PLEASURE CRAFT OPERATORS ATLANTIS SUBMARINES (BARBADOS) Inc Tel: 436-8929 Fax: 436-8933 Email: The Shallow Draught, PO Box 394, Bridgetown BIG GAME FISHING Tel: 424-6107 Fax: 421-7582 Email: 28 Prior Park Terrace, St James CHANTOURS CARIBBEAN INC (AIR AND SEA) Tel: 432-5591 Fax: 432-5540 Email: Sunset Crest Plaza 2, St. James COOL RUNNINGS – CATAMARAN CRUISES Tel: 436-0911 Fax: 429-2596 Email: Ground Floor Carlisle House Hincks Street, St Michael EL TIGRE CATAMARAN SAILING CRUISES Tel: 417-7245 Fax: 421-7582 Email: 28 Prior Park Terrace, St James

COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD Tel: 426-0320 Fax: 429-6204 Email: 2nd Floor Trident House Broad Street, Bridgetown Fast Transit Shipping ltd Tel: 431-0037 Fax: 431-281 Email: James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown

OCEAN ADVENTURES Tel: 435-5285 Fax: 435-5919 Email: 31 A Mario Drive, Rowans Park North, St George

ERIC HASSELL & SON LTD Tel: 436-6102 Fax: 429-3416 Email: Carlisle House, Hincks Street, Bridgetown

SMALL CATS CATAMARAN SAILING CRUISES Tel: 421-6419 Fax: 421-7582 Email: 28 Prior Park Terrace, St James

GODDARD’S SHIPPING & TOURS Tel: 426-9918 Fax: 426-7322 Email: Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael

Action Charters Stilettoo Tel: 429-8967 Fax: 418-0002 Email: Abbersoyle Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church

H. JASON JONES & CO LTD Tel: 429-7209 Fax: 429-2011 Email: Kensington Court, Fontabelle, St Michael

THRILLER OCEAN TOURS Tel: 231-8300 Fax: 428-8787 Email: 14 Durant’s Golf Course, Christ Church

Hanschell Inniss Ltd Tel: 426 6550 Fax: 427 6938 Email: Goddard's Complex, Fontabelle, Bridgetown

WHY NOT SAILING CRUISES, WASN’T ME SAILING CRUISES CR’ERO ENTERPRISES CO LTD Tel: 262-3792/429-8580 Fax: 429-8580 Email: 2 Danbrook, Rockley, Christ Church

PUBLIC RELATIONS PRMR Inc Tel: 438 7592 Fax: 425 0551 Email: PO Box 389, Bridgetown, Barbados

MARINE TRADING Tel: 426-1292 / 429-5106 Fax: 429-8121 Email: PO Box 425, Black Rock Main Road, Bridgetown Ocean air transport services ltd Tel: 425-7385 Fax: 425-7399 Email: Brighton Warehouse Complex, Brighton, Black Rock, St Michael Renwals Inc Tel: 435-6666 Fax: 435-2666 Email: R. L. Seale Building, Barbarees Hill, St. Michael


Robulk Agencies (b'dos) Inc Tel: 228-8575 Fax: 228-8591 Email: James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown

WILLIE’S DIVING AND MARINE SERVICES INC Tel: 424-1808 Fax: 425-1060 Email: BB24012 Lower Black Rock, St Michael

SEA FREIGHT AGENCIES BARBADOS LTD Tel: 429 9688 Fax: 429 5107 Email: 1st Floor Atlantis Building, Shallow Draught University Row, St Michael

SHIPS’ AGENTS (CARGO) BLUE WATERS SHIPPING LTD. Tel: 436-6102 Email: James Fort Building, Hincks Street Bridgetown BOOTH STEAMSHIP COMPANY (B’DOS) LTD Tel: 427-5131 Fax: 426-0484 Email: PO Box 263, Prescod Boulevard, Bridgetown Cargo solutions international (barbados) Ltd. Tel: 228-4277 Fax: 436-8908 Email: Suite 201-1st Floor, Bldg. #4 Harbour Business Park, Harbour Road, St Michael

WINDWARD AGENCIES LTD Tel: 425-7402 Fax: 425-7399 Email: Brighton Warehouse Complex Brighton, St Michael

SHIPS’ AGENTS (CRUISE) BOOTH STEAMSHIP COMPANY (B’DOS) LTD Tel: 436 6094 Fax: 426 0484 Email: PO Box 263, Prescod Boulevard, Bridgetown



D I R E C T O R Y Area code for Barbados: +1 246

Dacosta Distribution Tel: 430-4804 Fax: 431-0051 Email: Dacosta Mannings Complex, Brandons, Bridgetown GODDARD’S SHIPPING & TOURS Tel: 426-9918 Fax: 426-7322 Email: Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael MARINE TRADING Tel: 426-1292 / 429-5106 Fax: 429-8121 Email: PO Box 425, Bridgetown




Carlton & A1 Supermarket Tel: 417-7675 Fax: 424-6975 Carlton, Black Rock, St Michael

BRIDGETOWN PORT TAXI CO-OP SOCIETY Tel: 431-0605 Email: Harbour View, Bridgetown

ANDROMEDA BOTANICAL GARDENS Tel: 433-9384 Fax: 433-9384 Email: Bathsheba, St Joseph

Emerald City Supermarket Tel: 416-7675 Fax: 416-3333 Email: Six Roads, St Philip Super Centre JB’s Tel: 426-9830 Fax: 431-9668 Email: Sargeant’s Village, Christ Church

PLATINUM PORT AGENCY INC Tel: 431-8929 Fax: 436-8908 Email: Suite 201, 1st Floor, Building 4, Harbour Business Park, St Michael

Super Centre Big B Peronne Plaza Tel: 435-7927 Fax: 435-7209 Email: Worthing, Christ Church


Super Centre Warrens Tel: 417-5200 Fax: 417-5252 Email: Warrens, St Michael

TROPICAL SHIPPING Tel: 426-9990 Fax: 426-7750 Email: Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael

SHIPS’ CHANDLERY ANCHOR SHIP CHANDLERY Tel: 436-6550 Fax: 427-6938 Email: Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael GIBBS L E & COMPANY LTD Tel: 426-1250 Fax: 436-6423 Email: 7 Cheapside, Bridgetown

STEVEDORES BOOTH STEAMSHIP COMPANY (B’DOS) LTD Tel: 436-6094 Fax: 426-0484 Email: PO Box 263, Prescod Boulevard, Bridgetown CARGO HANDLERS LTD Tel: 430-4824 / 5 Fax: 431-0878 Email: Da Costa Mannings Complex Brandons, St Michael ERIC HASSELL & SON Tel: 436-6102 Fax: 429-3416 Email: Email: Carlisle House, Hincks Street, Bridgetown GODDARD’S SHIPPING & TOURS Tel: 426-9918 Fax: 426-7322 Email: Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael MARINE TRADING Tel: 426-1292 / 429-5106 Fax: 429-8121 Email: PO Box 425, Bridgetown SEA FREIGHT AGENCIES BARBADOS LTD Tel: 429-9688 Fax: 429-5107 Email: 1st Floor Atlantis Building, Shallow Draught University Row, St Michael



Trimart Supermarket Tel: 430-8000 Fax: 429-5223 Email: Email: Haggatt Hall, Mall Internationale, St Michael Popular Discount Tel: 227-1102 Fax: 425-3740 Email: Spooners Hill, St Michael People’s Market Tel: 418-4540 Fax: 435-1295 Email: Tudor Bridge, St Michael Pricesmart Tel: 417- 6278 Fax: 417-9428 Email: Warrens, St Michael Shop Smart Inc Tel: 432-8528 Fax: 432-7347 Holders Terrace, St James Save A Lot Value Mart Tel: 420-1912 Harvest Plaza, Oistins, Christ Church Liquidation Centre Tel: 431-0880 Fax: 431-9115 Bay Street, St Michael

SUPPLIERS BARBADOS SMALL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Tel: 228-0162 Fax: 228-0613 Email: Pelican Industrial Park, Bridgetown SANI SERVICES Tel: 429-5989 Fax: 429-4542 Email: Lower Dayrells Road, St Michael CRANE & EQUIPMENT LTD Tel: 427-5438 Fax: 437-7274 Email: Bond 8 Lower Estate, St George

INDEPENDENT SEAPORT TAXI SERVICE Tel: 426-0090 Careenage, Bridgetown

BARBADOS WILDLIFE RESERVE Tel: 422-8826 Fax: 422-8946 Email: Farley Hill, St Peter


FARLEY HILL NATIONAL PARK Tel: 422-3555 Farley Hill, St Peter

BARBADOS LIGHT & POWER COMPANY LTD Tel: 436-1800 Fax: 228-1396 Email: PO Box 142, Garrison Hill, St Michael

THELAN INC [FLOWER FOREST BOTANICAL GARDENS] Tel: 433-8152 Fax: 433-8152 Email: Richmond, St Joseph

BARBADOS WATER AUTHORITY Tel: 429-6164 Fax: 421-8804 Email: Manor Lodge Complex, Green Hill, St Michael

FOLKESTONE MARINE PARK & VISITORS CENTRE Tel: 422-2871 Fax: 432-2793 Email: Church Point, Holetown, St James

LIME Tel: 292-5050 Fax: 436-5036 Email: PO Box 272, Bridgetown

GUN HILL SIGNAL STATION Tel: 429-1358 Fax: 429-9055 Fusiliers Road, Gun Hill, St George

Esso (Barbados) SRL Tel: 426-2181 Fax: 436-8984 Email: Holborn, Fontabelle, Barbados

HARRISON’S CAVE Tel: 438-6640 Fax: 417-3709 Email: Welchman Hall, St Thomas

SUNBEACH Tel: 430-1569 Fax: 228-6330 Email: 11th Ave Belleville, St Michael

HIGHLAND ADVENTURE CENTRE Tel: 438-8069 Fax: 426-8687 Email: Highland, Cane Field, St Thomas


MALIBU VISITORS CENTRE Tel: 425-9393 Fax: 425-8371 Email: Brighton, Black Rock, St Michael

FOSTER & INCE CRUISE SERVICES INC Tel: 431-8915 Fax: 429-3059 Email: Suite 201 First Floor Building No 4 Harbour Industrial Park, St Michael TRAFALGAR TRAVEL LTD Tel: 427-0332 Fax: 228-6896 Email: PO Box 60C, Goding House, Spry Street, Bridgetown

MOUNT GAY VISITORS CENTRE Tel: 425-8757 Fax: 425-8770 Email: PO Box 208, Bridgetown ORCHID WORLD Tel: 433-0306 Fax: 433-0774 Email: Groves, St George

GODDARD’S DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY Tel: 426-9918 Fax: 426-7322 Email: Goddard’s Complex, Fontabelle, St Michael

SUNBURY PLANTATION HOUSE Tel: 423-6270 Fax: 423-5863 Email: Sunbury Plantation House, Sunbury, St Phillip

JOHNSON’S TOURS Tel: 426-5181 Fax: 429-3528 Email: Sunny Isle Complex, Worthing, Christ Church

Tug builders

ST. JAMES TRAVEL & TOURS Tel: 432-0774 Fax: 432-2832 Email: GH House Trents, St James

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem Tel:+31 183 63 92 67 Fax: +31 183 63 77 62 Email: PO Box 1, 4200 AA Gorinchem, The Netherlands


SUNLINC BARBADOS Tel: 436-1710 Fax: 436-1715 Email: 36, 7th Ave, Prior Park Terrace, St James

BARBADOS WORKERS' UNION Tel: 426-3495 Fax: 436-6496 Email: Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St Michael

WEST INDIAN INTERNATIONAL TOURS LTD Tel: 435-7051 Fax: 435-7071 Email: Worthing Main Road, Christ Church

NATIONAL UNION of PUBLIC WORKERS Tel: 426-1764 Fax: 436-1795 Email: Dalkeith Road, St Michael

BARBADOS PORT INC. (BPI) University Row, Bridgetown, Barbados Tel: +246 434 6100 Fax: +246 429 5348