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Some common conversation´filler´phrases to use

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A mi también Me too, so do I. Used to express agreement, or a similar like of something. A mi tampoco. Me neither, neither do I. Use this phrase to agree that you don't like or care for something. Estoy de acuerdo. I agree. Literally, I'm in agreement. This is generally to express an agreement to a plan or idea of some sort. ¡Como no! Of course! This is a very enthusiastic way of saying Yes! ¡Por supuesto! Of course! Like the English 'of course', this implies something that is almost common knowledge, or understood to be. No cabe duda. No doubt about it. Literally, no room for doubt.

Con mucho gusto. With pleasure. Say this one with a smile on your face. Puede ser. Maybe. It could be. This is one of several ways to say maybe in Spanish. Tal vez. Maybe, perhaps. Another way to say maybe is quizas Por otro lado. On the other hand. al contrario. on the contrary. This has more bite than por el otro lado Espero que no. I hope not. Say this for something you hope doesn't happen, or isn't so. Espero que si. I hope so. You can also say espero que... and the add whatever you hope will happen.

Filler Phrases  
Filler Phrases  

Some usefule phrases to use in conversations