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The Business of Swiss Farmers A short insight into the world of fenaco

For Premium Quality Swiss Food Products Have you ever had the chance to eat one of those juicy AGRI-NATURA steaks, taste the ready-made crispy salads or those crunchy golden French fries from McDonalds? Do you know the Ramseier natural fruit juices, the mountain fresh Elmer Citro or the sparkling Sinalco drinks? All these products have one thing in common: they are produced by fenaco. fenaco processes and sells fruit, potatoes, vegetables and grapes, as well as bread grain, various vegetable oils (sunflower, rape seed and corn), meat products and eggs. fenaco, together with LANDI, purchases its agricultural primary products directly from local producers, thus helping to secure their futures. It processes the raw materials in its own facilities, producing high quality, wholesome Swiss food products. These are either supplied fresh as semi- or fully-processed foods directly to hotels and restaurants or to the refrigerators and shelves of wholesalers and retailers ready for sale to the customer. 2

Turnover Food Products 1.3 billion CHF (26%)

fenaco generates an annual turnover of 1.3 billion Swiss francs in the food sector. Affiliated limited liability companies, such as RAMSEIER Suisse Ltd., Caves Garnier Ltd., Union Fruits Ltd., Steffen-Ris Ltd., Ernst Sutter Ltd., the frigemo group and many others, contribute to this result.


In Partnership with the Farmer Do you know who develops and distributes new seeds for productive crops? Who ensures that Swiss farmers have a choice of a full range of fertilizers and can supply them in sufficient quantities? Who produces premium animal feed at the lowest possible prices? Who makes certain that pigs are bred humanely and successfully? To grow and sell premium quality food products to satisfy consumers’ demands, Swiss farmers need to have access to high quality primary products and the means of production, such as high-yielding seeds, specific and effective fertilizers, suitable pesticides or agrochemical substances and nourishing stock feed. The acquisition, processing and sale of these products, and other indispensible means of production, are among the core activities of the LANDI cooperatives and fenaco. 4

Turnover Agricultural Products 1.4 billion CHF (29%)

UFA seeds and LANDOR, Agroline Ltd., UFA Ltd., Haefliger Ltd., Anicom Ltd. and several other limited liability companies provide the full spectrum of production inputs for farmers and generate a turnover of almost 1.4 billion Swiss francs per annum.


From Producer to Consumer fenaco plays an important role in the Swiss food production chain and contributes significantly to its success. The Volg, Visavis and «frisch-nah-günstig» retail outlets in rural areas, as well as the growing number of TopShops at the AGROLA gas stations, are important members of this chain. Thanks to these retailers and their wide range of attractive products, fenaco is able to offer food products directly from the farmer to the customer. This means, practically from the field into your kitchen. Is there a better guarantee for maximum freshness and quality? LANDI shops are growing in popularity. As their increasing turnover shows, customers appreciate the attractive selection and quality of LANDI products.


Turnover Retailing 1.3 billion CHF (26%)

In retailing, fenaco realizes an annual turnover of over 1.3 billion Swiss francs, at wholesale prices. Various companies contribute to this result, including the marketing organizations Volg Konsumwaren Ltd. and LANDI Schweiz Ltd.


An Investment in Energy and Mobility Would you like to know how fenaco and LANDI got into the fuel business? Here’s the story. Some decades ago, the tractor started to displace the horse in the fields, leading to a sudden switch in demand away from animal feed towards diesel fuel. The first fuel stations were born, built in local villages where the booming «mechanical horses» could quench their thirst for liquid fuels. Today, a network of over 400 AGROLA fuel stations is distributed throughout Switzerland. Dozens of LANDI and AGROLA sales offices not only sell fuel for cars and trucks, but also heating fuel and CO2 neutral wood pellets for domestic heating.


Turnover Fuel and Heating Products 1 billion CHF (19%)

In the energy business, fenaco has a turnover of almost one billion Swiss francs per annum. AGROLA Ltd. and many LANDI retailers are involved in the business of meeting the energy needs of a mostly rural population.


The Business of Swiss Farmers Who do you think owns fenaco and what are its objectives? fenaco is a business concern of Swiss farmers and their LANDI retailers. fenaco and LANDI constitute a cooperative group of companies, the fenaco-LANDI Group. Its main objective is to maximize production of agricultural products in Switzerland and thereby ensure a productive long-term future for Swiss agriculture. The objective ist achieved not just through hard work. fenaco invests on average over 150 million Swiss francs every year to maintain, upgrade and build new processing and business facilities, to enlarge and modernize its distribution channels and points of sales for agricultural products.


fenaco Turnover 5 billion CHF

fenaco generates a turnover of 5 billion francs per annum and has a workforce of over 7500 employees. The majority of the members of the Board of Directors that control and manage the company are practicing farmers. You can find additional information about fenaco by clicking onto


Headquarters fenaco Erlachstrasse 5, P. O. Box 3001 Bern Phone +41 (0) 31 308 91 11 Fax +41 (0) 31 308 93 05

Regional headquarters


French speaking area fenaco Route de Chardonne 2 P. O. Box 144 1070 Puidoux Phone +41 (0) 21 946 02 02 Fax +41 (0) 21 946 02 22

Central Switzerland fenaco Obstfeldstrasse 1 P. O. Box 6210 Sursee Phone +41 (0) 41 926 11 11 Fax +41 (0) 41 926 11 12

Central Valley area fenaco Erlachstrasse 5 P. O. Box 3001 Bern Phone +41 (0) 31 308 91 11 Fax +41 (0) 31 308 93 05

Eastern Switzerland fenaco Schaffhauserstrasse 6 P. O. Box 344 8401 Winterthur Phone +41 (0) 52 264 21 21 Fax +41 (0) 52 212 79 57