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Ecological Soil Stabilisation System


Ecological Soil Stabilisation System




Ecological Soil Stabilisation System

1. Physical description of the product tecoFix® is a 3rd generation soil stabiliser to compact dirt roads and it gives them a hardness similar to cement. It is a polymer derivative, capable of achieving similar results to those obtained in stabilisations with lime and/or concrete, but without the problems of cracking or incompatibility with the natural soil (gypsum or organic matter). We define tecoFix® as a co-polymer ionic, organic, non-polluting emulsion which enables a continuous process in which the preparation of the subbase, the base and the compaction can take place uninterrupted. tecoFix® has the appearance of a viscous white liquid. tecoFix® forms a plastic layer around soil particles and especially clay particles. This facilitates the compaction of the soil and allows any water, which is often found around these particles, to be released from this matrix. During the process the soil can be compacted to a higher density. tecoFix® neutralizes the electrical charges that occur between the soil particles, this allows it to be compacted to the highest degree. This results in increased friction between particles, which is converted into a greater load capacity for the soil.

2. Caution when handling tecoFix® is not toxic or flammable and is harmless when it is diluted in water. It does not require any special precautions during handling. When concentrated it can cause irritation to the skin, however this effect can be reduced by washing the affected area with plenty of water. If tecoFix® comes into contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas of the body wash the area immediately with plenty of water.


Ecological Soil Stabilisation System

3. Preparing for the work 3.1 Preparing the road Before applying tecoFix® you need to prepare gutters and/or curbs, if they are prefabricated, taking road surface layers into account correctly, there will not be any differences between them and the road. If tecoFix® is also used to construct the gutters it is advisable to do it at the same time as the road. 3.2 Information, Machinery and Materials The following information, machinery and materials are required to construct roads with tecoFix®: (a) Information: ALWAYS use the amount of tecoFix® recommended by the company: LandFix Group Calle Bruc, 21 pral 2ª 08010 Barcelona (Spain) Tel +34 93 528 57 00 (b) Machinery • Motor grader equipped with a ripper, although a simple chisel plough or a double action disk or any other type of clod crusher can be used. 3 YES

3 NO


Ecological Soil Stabilisation System

• Rotovator, for better finishes and better levelling of the soil. The use of this machine is recommended, despite the fact that if you don’t have one you could do the same job with the grader and the ripper.

• Tanker truck with a metering bar, to level the product correctly.


3 NO


Ecological Soil Stabilisation System

• A smooth self-propelled vibrating roller of between 12 and 20 tonnes is recommended. 3 YES

3 NO

(c) Materials • Drinking water • A sufficient quantity of tecoFix®. 3.3. Comments (a) The length of the ripper must be equal to or greater than the distance that separates the machine’s wheels. (b) Using the rotovator is not compulsory, but it has been found that the results obtained are better, in terms of aesthetics and hardness. (c) It is very important that the tanker or auto-tank have not previously transported any fatty material (petrol or oils) or faecal waters as it would alter the composition and/or chemical structure of the product. (d) The roller is an essential element for compacting the road; if it does not have the features mentioned above, LandFix Group is not responsible for the results obtained.


Ecological Soil Stabilisation System

(e) It may be necessary to add material at any time; otherwise the desired section levels will not be reached.

4. How do you apply tecoFix® 4.1. Application process The following process is recommended: (a) Scarify between 15 and 20 cm, breaking all the blocks of accumulated material. Remove all stones greater than 10 cm. (b) Fill the tanker with water and pour the required amount of tecoFix® into it. Do not do it the other way round as a significant amount of foam would emerge. (c) Apply the water-product dilution onto the road to treat, paying special attention to: – Not focus on gutters, wasting the dilution calculated for the road. – Correctly blend the product with the water, if you focus on some areas more than others it may appear muddy. (d) Mix the product with the soil, as well as levelling the road to the desired levels. (e) Compact the road when the result of the Proctor compaction test is optimum. If moisture is lost for any reason you can irrigate the ground again to obtain optimum moisture. (f) Another type of optional treatment is not required (e.g. asphalt irrigation) the movement of vehicles in a very short time is recommended (3 to 12 hours depending on the ambient temperature), which will gradually accentuate the compaction of the treated soil.

Ecological Soil Stabilisation System


4.2. Comments (a) The amount of water in the dilution will vary depending on the weather conditions and the terrain (humidity, temperature, etc.), and it may vary from the 3 litres of water to 7-8 litres per 1 litre of tecoFix®

(b) It is essential that the mixing and levelling process is performed immediately after irrigation, as it has been demonstrated that in conditions involving high temperatures (above 30º C) the product may solidify on the surface making it difficult to level the lower layers. (c) You must stop working immediately if it starts to rain during the scarification process, irrigated with the product and levelled. (d) If it starts to rain once the compaction work is complete the road will take longer to restore and therefore must be closed to traffic until it is completely dry. (e) If the ground is exceptionally wet and even the appearance of mud is produced, you have to wait until the road reaches optimum moisture levels to continue working. (There is no time limit). (f) Areas that cannot be reached by the tank can be irrigated manually with a gun, with the same dilution used previously for the rest of the road.

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