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Brian Ord Lives and works in Tynemouth, Northumbria, UK

‘Impossible Interiors &Exteriors’ ‘Life is a dream, keeping us from sleep’ Oscar Wilde The phrase ‘Impossible Interiors’, attempts to describe the nature of Brian Ord’s most recent work. Involving impossible interiors & exteriors, this new two dimensional work has evolved in recent years, from decades of sculptural activity. The works originate as small scale hand worked collage, appropriated from a wide variety of printed sources. These collages are then photographed at high definition & digitally printed, sometimes on a different scale, directly onto canvas. The canvases are then reworked with a range of materials and techniques, including polyester resin & oil paint. The original starting material often involves recent architectural imagery or household interiors of various kinds. The illusionistic end products attempt to comment on issues involving the contemporary house & home, and are in particular, a political comment on the futile pursuit of domestic perfection They are also a parody of the original appropriated source material. Influenced by early renaissance paintings, with their imperfect attempts at perspective, they attempt to draw comparisons with the distortions now created by the over efficient use of modern wide angled camera lenses.The work is influenced by cinema, as much as it is by photography, sometimes echoing the shape of the screen via the canvas. Some of the titles & imagery also reflect this. Although these works primarily echo the unattainability of domestic utopia, recently they have also involved hotels, referencing similar escapist fantasies.

An interview by Barbara Scott, curator and Katherine Williams, curator


Hello Brian and welcome to LandEscape. Before starting to elaborate about your

artistic production and we would like to invite our readers to visit http://www.nearts.co.uk in order to get a wide idea about your mulifaceted artistic production, and we would start this interview with a couple of questions about your multifaceted

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LandEscape Art Review, Special Edition  

LandEscape Art Review, Special Edition  


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